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Ron Paul Has No Intention Of Quitting

April 25, 2012 by  

Ron Paul Has No Intention Of Quitting
Ron Paul says his campaign is picking up steam despite a lack of media coverage.

While many people are convinced that Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul should throw in the towel, Paul still believes he can clean house come November.

“You don’t quit because you happen to be behind,” Paul said during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“It doesn’t get the attention we think it deserves,” Paul said about his campaign. “I think the campaign is going very well. A lot of people like to write us off. We’re making in-roads in the structure of the Republican Party.”

Paul was asked if his campaign was more about bringing up issues then actually winning, and he answered with his own question: “Why can’t it be both?”

Paul is fed up with the Feds — Republicans and Democrats alike. He said that Republicans want to balance the budget in 30 years, but it could be done in three. Paul believes that Mitt Romney is a part of a crowd of Republicans and Democrats who are, “much closer than people realize. There’s not that much difference when you come to policy.”

When asked if he could get enough delegates for the Republican nomination, he responded: “Theoretically I can. …You can’t ever tell. …A little over half the votes have been counted.” He was quick to point out that another third of the votes come from California and Texas, the latter being the State he represents.

The Texas Representative still likes his chances and believes that he could get enough of the Democrat and independent vote to win in November.

“When you put my name up against Obama, I can do better than Romney,” he said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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    I agree persistence will win it …and i’,m all for Dr Ron Paul or Barack Obama if Paul not in the game.

    • Sirian

      Now that statement makes about as much sense as a three dollar bill, GILLY.


        Maybe my aussie sense confuses you Americans…but basically I support Dr Ron Paul to lead your Republicans, however if your silly Republican supporters dont support him and support Mitt Romney, then I’m not going to support Mitt as President as he obviously does not support RON PAUL policy…he supports the same old same old goings on…that makes him an unappropriate candidate because he in untrue to the truths which many of you republicans talk about but wont do. On the other hand we already have a Mitt Romney as a President..called Barack Obama, So why change from Democrates to Republican liers when your getting Democrate liers now.. Thats my reason for the logic of a $3 bill. . Dr RON PAUL OR OBAMA. The ball is in your court now.Support Dr Ron Paul or your really going to support Obama via Mitt.

      • dufas magnet

        Obviously he meant that if Ron Paul is a factor in the electoral process, he will vote for him.. Otherwise, in relation to the other screw head (Romney) then his vote goes to Obama.. Big words often supply answers to little minds.

      • Wayne Morgan

        Hang in there Ron. You are the next President. Gillysrooms must be an opium den, that guy is high on something.

    • Gary L

      If not Paul then Obama???WTH

      • Alice

        I will not vote for Obama. He destroyed and transformed U.S. Everyone can see these changes.

      • dufas magnet

        Your an idiot Alice !! The only reason you see this is because OBAMA is Potus.. Had McCain been elected then you would have believed that HE screwed America.. Can you comprehend this message? We were already in ‘screw’ process after Bush left his mark and ANYONE who took charge was going to have an uphill battle, it just so happens Obama drew the short straw and had to TRY to get us out of an impossible situation.. He failed (just as McCain would have failed.. just as anyone who took the reigns in 2008 would have failed) That first, the Pubs refused to support Obama then fools like you decided the pubs were right so you and your ilk began drinking the ‘haterade’ caused Obama to fail miserably. So your rant is so much BS because anyone in the position of president in 2008 would be considered a loser because of uppity hags like you.. Dipwad!

      • Alex Frazier

        dufas, I beg to differ. I don’t support either side. I support whoever the best candidate is. I couldn’t stand McCain.

        But Obama’s problems are not Bush’s problems. Bush passed the Patriot Act. For that, I think he should be hanged. But Bush had nothing to do with the National Defense Authorization Act. Bush spent $5 trillion over eight years. Obama spent the same in three. Bush left us in Iraq, with a small force in Afghanistan. Obama has had us in Iraq (until recently), Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Somalia, and a few other places. That’s not Bush’s fault. Bush cut taxes. Obama has tried every possible trick he has up his sleeve to tax the wealthy, as though they somehow don’t have a right to keep what they make like everyone else.

        Obama (not the Democrat, but Obama) is a bad president. He is actively stripping us of our rights. He is inflating our currency to oblivion. He is trying to redistribute the wealth not merely of the “1%,” but of every wealthy person who has ever taken a risk and put money on the line in order to improve their lot in life. He has taxed and regulated businesses to the point of bankruptcy. He has fought tooth and nail with anti-gun lobbies to take away our right to keep and bear arms. He has mandated laws that violate the religious freedom of churches. He has passed legislation that undermines our right to due process and to protest our government. He has participated in exacerbating racial tensions on at least two separate occasions. The list goes on.

        Don’t be a fool. It’s not about Republican or Democrat anymore. It’s about freedom. We all have to stand united in a common purpose. No matter who it is that gets in office, we need to hold them to Constitutional standards and insist that they carry out their term of office in a manner befitting an elected official under oath. Obama hasn’t done that. He needs to go. Not because he’s a Democrat. Not because I like a Republican. But because he’s a bad president.

        Bush is long gone. It’s time to put the blame where it belongs.

    • Average Joe

      My vote will be going to Ron Paul whether he is the Republican nominee or not….even if I have to write him in with a crayon. For me, it is Ron Paul or no one….I am not voting for any evils….lesser or otherwise.

      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • Carl Manning

        I like Ron Paul/Judge Andrew Napolitano very much. Judge Andrew Napolitano would also make an excellent Attorney General for cleaning up the District of Criminals. I would also love to see a ticket with Ron Paul/former Ohio Congressman – James Traficant(D) who stood up to the Zionists and AIPAC who own our politicians and government. He went to jail under trumped up charges by these same scoundrels. Ron Paul and James Traficant are political allies. Ron Paul was one of the few Congressmen who stood up for Traficant when the US Congress only wanted to give Traficant 30 MINUTES to represent himself against the trumped up charges against him by the Zionists who were out to destroy him. Traficant’s out of jail now, and he is itching to fight these bastards who are guilty as sin for causing 911.

        A Ron Paul dream team administration would include Traficant as VP, Judge Andrew Napolitano as Attorney General(the list of Traitors guilty of High Treason is daunting, but I think he’s up to the task; maybe he can start with Roger Ailes at Faux News!), Larry Klayman as Deputy Attorney General or Solicitor General, Lou Dobbs as Press Secretary, Ludwig von Mises Economist, Thomas Woods, as Secretary of the Treasury, and either Army LtC Terry Lakin (former political prisoner of Barack Obama), Army Maj Gen Paul Vallely (supported LtC Lakin) or USAF Major General McInerney (also supported LtC Lakin) or LtCol USAF Dr. Bob Bowman (911 Truther) as Secretary of Defense.

        The CIA, FBI, ATF, NSA, and many other alphabet government agencies will need to be investigated for High Treason by a Ron Paul administration. Ron Paul as President should do the American government and the American People a long-needed favor: He should initiate legislation to make the Department of Justice an independent arm of the government elected or appointed by the State Legislatures and/or the People. He should seek the Repeal of the 17th Amendment whereby Senators will have to once again be elected and answerable and subject to immediate recall by their State legislatures. The 16 trillion dollars unaccounted for by the FED must be investigated thoroughly and the FED must be ended. There will be CIA and government officials heavily implicated in these crimes including former Presidents, the current President, the current Secretary of State, and even a current Presidential candidate and legions of Wall Street criminals. Congressmen and Senators will also be implemented in these crimes and payoffs. 911, TWA Flight 800, the USS Liberty, Waco, The FBI Murrah Building, the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations, the Vince Foster assassination, the Ron Brown assassination, the Marilyn Monroe assassination, the JFK Jr assassination, the Lt Quarles Harris assassination, the DC Madam assassination, Obama Forgerygate, the assassinations of Donald Young and Larry Bland, two of Obama’s gay lovers, the proper investigation and prosecution of Fast and Furious, and the Communist infiltration of our government all need to be investigated and dealt with in the most harsh manner possible. Only a Ron Paul administration can ever make this possible.

        THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS SET YOU FREE. The more government lies we never demand to investigate, the more we will continue the inexorable fall into the abyss of tyranny.

      • tncdel

        Then you waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

      • Average Joe

        Ron Paul has stated twice ovr the last year (when asked by the media about his choice for VP) that he hadn’t given it much thought, but that he sure does like Judge Andrew Napolitano. I guessing that the judge will be his choice…and a very good choice from my viewpoint. In the event that anything (God forbid) were to happen to Ron Paul during his term….Someone likeminded will be filling his shoes and continuing his goals towards personal freedom and liberty.
        I will have to admit….I have a fantasy…..Jesse Ventura heading up the DOD…… I can see it now……
        Jesse: “Bring the troops home….those countries are on their own We ain’t babysittin’ those candy asses anymore….If anyone screws with us….your entire country will glow in the dark within 24 hours….If you can’t control your dissidents….we will solve the problem for you….by proccess of elimination, if you get my drift….playtime is over…Oh….and BTW…..U.N…..pack yer crap and get out…..we’re tired of your crap too!”

      • Average Joe

        Keep telling yourself that…and maybe someday…you’ll believe it….
        The way I see it…is this….voting for Romney is the same as voting for Obama…no matter which wins…we still get the same “business as usual” policies…, I think I’ll direct my vote…where “I” believe it will do the most good….but you keep playing the “Party” game and let me know how that works out for you…. I’ll wager you get SSDD.
        My VOTE…my conscience….Deal with it.

      • Carl Manning


        Yeah, Jesse Ventura as Secretary of Defense would be excellent, too. That would be hilarious to see him tell those warmongering Neocon nutjobs to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine because 911 was a government inside job and hideously evil lie, and “YOU GUYS KNOW IT”! It would be nice to see Jesse Ventura push for an investigation into the assassination murder of Paul Wellstone, the Minnesota Senator that pissed off Neocon nutjob and 911 co-conspirator, VP Dick Cheney, when he wouldn’t leave 911 alone. Wellstone knew the government’s official story was a lie, and he was starting to ask questions that were making VP Cheney uncomfortable. He was one of only 23 Senators who voted against war with Iraq. He paid for it with his life in a plane crash taken down by a high-intensity microwave radiation laser gun that fried all the circuits in the plane as it was approaching its landing, a mere 7 miles from the airport, which as observers on the ground noted caused the plane to subsequently fly crabbed and cockeyed and crash. Yeah, you guessed it; the FBI covered this one up, too…

      • Carl Manning


        Senator Paul Wellstone’s assassination death also flipped the Senate to the GOP side to advance the Neocon/Zionist agenda and insure the continued coverup of 911.

      • dufas magnet

        Great response Joe!.. I too am tired of hearing, “The lesser of two evils”.. “Anybody but Obama”.. “Is this the men’s restroom?”.. My vote goes to Ron Paul as well.. I like ‘old’ people.. I like ‘minding our own damn b’ness’.. And just like Ike.. I like Ron Paul!! 2012..

      • DAVID

        it gives me hope that RON PAUL is still in the game; and more AMERICANS know who he is and what he’s about. i voted for RON PAUL in 2008, i’ll vote for RON PAUL in 2012. hopefully AMERICA will wake up and see, the others are just business as usual. MR. CONSTITUTION, RON PAUL in 2012

        • T i m

          Giving your comment to PERSONAL LIBERTY DIGEST is wonderfull. WE MUST ALL take it far beyond that . We must all use our full contact lists , and push DR. RON PAUL to every one we all know , and them to every one they know . The R N C has given the election to Romney in several southern states . Bush SENIOR endorsed Romney last fall , therefore all the sheep are following in blind faith . U S A Today news said 2 weeks ago Obama will beat Romney with NO PROBLEM . We must all tell everyone to not listen to M S M . Use your own mind . Do not follow in blind faith ….SEE THE REAL TRUTH . I continue to support Ron Paul . My name is T i m

          • Susie Liberty


            Hope it’s ok to post a link on here! Is an ‘interesting’ way to truly/legally keep up with how OUR vote was cast! (And that’s particularly true in Texas – with our black boxes.)

            Would have sent this to Bob Livingston, but could NOT find a good ‘contact’ method last night when I was making the supreme effort…


          • T i m

            My name is T i m , I was glad to see the video , EVEN SO , we must be very care ful , to read the small print about where this stuff comes from . Ted Turner owns C N N ??????????? He is against Ron Paul . There are several opinions out says Obama campaign has orchestrated campaign adds against Romney and now that Santorum is gone , some of those might be dirrected at Ron Paul . Some of the Democratic stuff has been decribed as very endearing to the Republican candidate , then last second , the Republican person getts slammed . A bit of reverse spycholigy . I hope all Ron Paul supporters get the word out , ESPECIALLY IN THE SOUTHEAST . Bush family has endorsed Romney . Welfare population and teachers union is going to be hard to reach . T i m

          • Gea

            Hopefully, the facts about pied piper Obama will become more known (his sympathies for supremacist ideologies of Islam and Communism), and people who believe in freedom and human rights will finally realized that they have been head in 2008.

            ANY man who bows to Saudi king, whose subjects devised and committed crimes of 9/11, and whose government supports Islamists around the world is NOT FIT toi be a President of ANY Western nation, and particularly not of USA. Either Ron Paul or Romney are far better bet than this nice man Barry Hussein Obama who cannot help it but support Islamists and communist causes of creating the “most perfect” society in which human rights would be crushed.

            Obama is a nice guy who should be writing his books and not make US soldiers and US and Western civilization unsafe by helping white wash Islam and Koran by CAIR and OIC, and financing Muslim Brotherhood which wants to annihilate Israel and murder Jews. Hopefully, Jews will realize that his words mean nothing when it comes to safety of Israel from attacks of Arabs, and not help him win.

    • jimmy the greek

      Have you lost your mine ? obama ? You need to look on the net for a radio show called Australia calling i used to get it over the Internet Derrick McTomas used to run it .Good right winge people they are .

    • jimmy the greek

      Gilly’s Rooms here is the right spelling Australia Calling with Derrick MacThomas he is one or your country men that still has a brain

  • Vicki

    My vote will be for Ron Paul even if I have to write it in.

    • Erin

      I will be writting him in as well! Ron Paul 2012!!!

      • tncdel

        Obama will be grateful, but America won’t.

    • Bruce

      my vote will be for Ron Paul even if I have to right him in.
      Many of my friends also agree.
      Don’t let the media help Romney get the nomination.
      The media also liked Obummer……
      Whatever the media wants we should do the opposite.
      The media is no longer our friend, they are the PROPIGANDA branch of the GOV now.

    • tncdel

      Then you waste your vote, and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

      • dufas magnet

        You sound like a friggin’ parrot tncdel.. Who’s pocket book are you in?

      • http://google rose

        It is not a waste when you vote for who you want. I will not let thugs intimidate me into voting for somebody I don’t want for president. Saying it is a waste of a vote is the thugs way of instilling fear into the minds of people to get them to vote the way they want them to vote.

  • Bobby

    What confuses me, is how people think that Romney can beat Obama. Romney has near-zero appeal outside of his own party – and heck even we don’t like him. Meanwhile Ron Paul is drawing thousands and thousands of young people into stadiums just to hear him speak. He appeals to progressives, liberals, and independents because of his Consistency, and Foreign Policy, and Financial Mastery. Go Ron Paul – we are winning (where it counts)

    • BigBadJohn

      AGREE! I WILL NOT vote republican just to vote republican – I have been lied to a burned too often, the last one was Bush. However – I WILL write in Paul.

      • tncdel

        Then you waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it.

    • Congress Works For Us

      It’s pretty straight forward. There will be a lot of people voting against Obama in November, regardless of who is on the ballot. Or, in the case of certain familiy members, they wont vote for President at all. Either way, Obama loses.

      • tres sjw

        Congress Works For Us, quite a nice commentary name for this group, is right about the mindset of many intending to vote Obama out come November, AND he doesn’t want his supporters to back away from the political process, because it doesn’t do him or his supporters good. His possible objective is to get someone else in the next election to reinforce and get elected for his same ideology. He knows his son can and will; if we RP supporters get ticked off by the concept of any other GOP nominee, we are only gonna be hurting ourselves as the weight we gained with RP and his ideology goes away. It is very hard to get a President ideologically to appeal to everyone, something not all understand or want to understand. There is NO TRUTH in politics, as there will always be disparate ideas among all politicians trying to get along without killing each other. Voting Rules/The Electoral college exists in our favor by forcing us into two political parties. Lasty, and quite realistically, all the GOP needs to do is maintain House majority and take over the Senate to keep any elected President in check.

      • marsupial

        Uh, actually, pretty universally they work against us. Maybe a less ambiguous way of putting it would be to say we are congress’ boss. I like the concept, though.

      • T i m

        SIR / MA’am , you are wrong . It is not correct Obama looses no matter what . Do not forget , the welfare population is bigger than ever . Amnesty is growing welfare by the thousands per month , add the teachers union to it , same as last election . The Republicans are not doing anything to stop it . Everyone on this site must scream to the REPUBLICAN R N C , AND THE ELECTION COMMISION , and the media ……….. get the black out off DR. PAUL . Bush Senior endorsed Romney last fall , that has all the sheep following Bush Sr. in blind faith , because DADDY BUSH SAID SO . U S A Today news paper said 2 weeks ago monday , …OBAMA WILL BEAT ROMNEY , WITH NO PROBLEM . ????????? My name is T i m . I continue to support Dr. RON PAUL . B T W , CONGRESS DOES NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE . They are supposed to . State Rep in my area , said at beginning of campaign , last fall , he will not endorse any one , he will support who ever the nominee is . HE DOES NOT CARE WHO THE BOSS IS . I wanted to fire him on the spot . This was before Bush Sr. endorsed Romney . Shortly after that the governor of my state endorsed Romney . MOST OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WAS WAITING FOR DADDY BUSH TO GIVE HIS OPINION . Romney is going to continue where Obama is . Won’t make any difference . t i m

  • JimJ1

    The Dr. Ron Paul, Restore America Now budget plan can be viewed in full on the official website. The media hasn’t reported it….you can educate yourself. Cuts $1 trillion in year one (and leaves that money in the people’s hands to spend…not our inefficient federal government hands) and balances the budget in 3 years. Get some balls…vote and work for Ron Paul.

  • Dwight Mann

    I saw the interview on MSNBC, and Paul tore these economists apart with common sense arguments. It was wonderful, and this is why I fully support RP, and no one else. . .

  • nanc

    I also will vote for Ron Paul even if it is a write in.

    • tncdel

      Bragging about your stupidity doesn’t make it more admirable. Then you waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

      • dufas magnet

        “Then you waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face”…

        “Then you waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face”…

        “Then you waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face”…

        … There! Let it be known that we’ve got a political parrot in the midst and he’s just as boring as his quote.. Go find a forum that’s more suited to your rambling idiocracy, stupid..

      • crystals10

        Your stupidity doesn’t seem to slow you down any…. you just keep repeating the same BS.
        You are a troll, so STFU. We all know about how these elections have been rigged, but this will be great to see Dr. Ron Paul elected By the People. Wonder what kind of outcome your planned rigging will go then ? The American People will NOT tolerate Odumbo for another four years, and I am quite sure we would never tolerate Richie Rich for pres
        either ! This leaves the one and only good choice…. R O N P A U L !!!!!!! Read it and weep trolley, read it and weep…..

  • Milo

    I think some of the RP supporters worship RP like he is GOD. RP is not GOD.

    • TIME


      No one thinks that Dr. Ron Paul is a GOD, its just so good to hear the TRUTH, thats what people like about Dr. Ron Paul. The TRUTH, as it really seems to hurt so many ignorant fools who will just go along to get along.

      Dr Ron Paul is more like a spring rain that clears the air of the pollen’s, { meaning we who are awake find it refreshing to hear something other than 100% total Bull Sh*t once again from the same old DC spin machine. Gimme – Gimme – Gimme! }

      Peace and Love, even to the totaly ignorant fools of the world.

    • JimJ1

      …..and better yet, Ron Paul is NOT Romney or Obama….vote Ron Paul 2012!

    • Meteorlady

      Worship? I don’t worship anyone. I greatly respect Dr. Paul. He’s one honest and hardworking representative and has fought the same battles for a long time. He is extremely intelligent and knows about our budget problems and his plan makes sense.

      No, I don’t worship him and there is only one God.

      • Gea

        I met Ron Paul when in US Congressional Building and he was explaining to young journalists his views. Very intelligent man, except for his foreign policy regarding human rights. While most American bases should be closed, so should be access to US by the Islamists. Foreign “aid” in weapons should also stop and so should ALL arms trading which is unfortunately one of the most lucrative business for US arms industry.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      It’s called SELF INTEREST. Paul is the only one who will do anything about the deficit and bring our troops home. I have family over there

    • Steve E

      RP is definitely not God, and every RP supporter knows that. RP speaks the truth and the truth comes from God.

    • Kc Cook

      No, your right, he is not God. But God is 100% behind him and come November the result of that power will be seen.Amen

      • castaway

        I will pray that you are correct.

      • charlie

        KcCook ,,, do you have any Biblical proof that God is 100% for Ron Paul ?

      • BH

        @Charlie: A lack of references to Ron Paul in documents written 1900+ years ago is irrelevant. I, for one, figure than anything written by anyone in a blog is intended to be their opinion only, unless they specifically say otherwise.

      • charlie

        BH, is the Constitution a law document ? ,is The Bible a Law document ? is your or my opinion a law word ? … Lack of reference is a lack of intelligence of subject matter …
        Proven Truth 3 thousand years old is still proven Truth today…

    • dufas magnet

      …. And neither is your munch buddy Romney!.. But Ron Paul knows an American citizen from a Corporation, so get off your high horse and stop slinging ineffectual guilt trips on people who CHOOSE where their vote goes.

  • John Acord

    This is a clear signal that Ron Paul will run on a third party ticket after he leads his delegates out of the Romney Coronation in Tampa. He has sufficient support from republicans and independents and disaffected Democrats to pull off a win in November. Regardless, it will be an opportunity for the Paul program to be fully vetted by the American electorate.

    • Congress Works For Us

      I guarantee you that will not happen, because he will in the blink of an eye destroy his son’s political career, and he isn’t that kind of man. Not that Rand wants a political career necessarily, but his dad still isn’t going to do this. WIshful thinking on your part maybe.

      • JimJ1

        Ron Paul is a man of conviction and his message will be vindicated….as it already has with those who wish to become informed and for those who recognize that our political status quo elites have sold us a non sustainable bill of goods. For some, it must be very difficult to understand well informed conviction. Rand can take care of himself regardless…the Paul’s are our watchmen and truth tellers. Live with that fact and live in liberty.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        I disagree…..Rand Paul will have a career regardless….and when the false 2 party system finally dies, he will come out on top.

        The biggest problem with this country is uninformed voters…..along with rigged elections

    • Meteorlady

      I hoping all here have heard of American Elect. They are promising that they will have a candidate one the ballot this November. How? They are doing it via the internet. You sign up and take a quiz and they match you with a candidate that is closest to your views. So far Ron Paul is their man.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        I signed up….but I heard if you are planning to be a delegate not to because it will disqualify you
        Ron Paul was ahead on Americans Select last time I checked.

      • KIC

        Beware of this group. You MUST check out who is doing this. I believe they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Go to to see the list of who is doing this.

        Also, I’m pretty sure that if Ron Paul went with their nomination, he would be required to have a VP that is a Democrat. For some reason, I can’t seem to find where that was again. I should have bookmarked it. I’m sorry I don’t have an actual reference for you on that. He would not be able to select the person that he truly wants.

        I believe that this is a distraction. There is big money behind this just to get their candidates on the state ballots, so that alone makes it suspect. Please, do some more research before you support them.

        God bless.

      • KIC

        I finally found it again. Here’s the link for the rules which says in the first paragraph “Each Presidential candidate shall have time after completion of the primary ballots to select a Vice Presidential candidate from a different political party and to comply with all requirements of these Rules.”

        I hope you find this helpful.

      • Danielc

        to KIC: He could Nominate a Libertarian then as that wopuld be ‘another party’ other than his own,… technically

      • Carl Manning

        Should Ron Paul decide to go this route, the best Democrat he could nominate for VP would be James Traficant, former Congressman from Ohio who went to prison for standing up against the Zionists in the Jewish Criminal Mafia who control our Congress via AIPAC and have firmly ensconced themselves in our Executive Branch by infiltration. Traficant knows they were also behind 911 after they had firmly penetrated the Executive Branch in major positions of power. James Traficant and Ron Paul are political allies in that they stood up to the Establishment system for the American People. They both know the federal government is utterly evil to its core and have tirelessly pushed to investigate these criminals in the District of Corruption. Traficant is a no-bs stand-up guy. Both he and Ron Paul are among the select and rare few Congressmen that can truly be worthy of the title, “REPRESENTATIVE”, and are among the extremely select few who literally meant every word they professed before Almighty God when they swore an oath before Him to protect the Constitution. It is no surprise whatsoever that the Communist Propaganda MSM has characterized James Traficant and Ron Paul and indeed all TEA Partiers and patriots as nutjobs. He was railroaded to prison by the Zionist-owned MSM. James Traficant actually ran again as an “Independent” for Congress in 2010 even after Ohio had completely butchered his district. He knows what’s up with these criminals in DC with the impending police state and impending economic implosion, and he’s got fire in his belly to fight these sorry evil bastards. He knows Waco was a criminal act of the federal government. Traficant, unlike the vast majority in the Congress, is too legit to quit defending the American People from tyranny. He freed Demjanjuk from an Israeli Zionist government that was about to put an innocent American man in jail for life with falsified evidence, and he paid for it with a prison term. If that isn’t a REAL PATRIOT, I don’t know what is. He also wants the Departments of Energy and Education abolished, and he wants to kill the Income Tax. That’s my kind of Democrat! He knows the current “progressive” tax is a page right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

  • smithington

    We should all vote for Ron Paul and tell everybody we know to do the same. Please donate to his campaign so that we can take back America and save the future of our children and grandchildren…this may be the only chance we have (No, I don’t work for Ron Paul).

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Carol

    The sad thing about all of this is. If you vote for a third party, all the votes against Obama will be split and he will get back in office. It’s a sad fact, but a true one. In my lifetime, I’ve seen it happen. I feel really sad for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. May God help us.

    • Meteorlady

      See that’s the same outdated thinking that has gotten this country into the mess we are currently in. Vote Democrat or Republican or the Republicans or Democrats will loose.

      Why not take a step back, vote your mind and forget about the two party system and the corrupt that is an intrigal part of them. Both parties have been bought and sold, they should start wearing sponsorship shirts and hats so we know who paid for them and how pulls their strings.

      I have a friend that is high up in the Romney campaign and I cannot believe the stories he tells. It’s sad that our “democratic” voting has become a contest run by the media and media consultants so we buy a candidate like a box of cereal.


      • tncdel

        You’d waste your vote and inadvertently hand Obama a 2nd term. Perhaps common sense is not your forte, but that’s the gist of it. Another form of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

      • Average Joe

        Considering that you keep posting the same illiteraterant over and over….. are you sure you are qualified to speak about common sense?
        Was that on your talking points list this morning…..dang…they should have given you more than one phrase to work with…they tend to forget that folks like you…don’t have orginal thoughts….if it ain’t on the talking point list….it doesn’t exist….keep the spam up…your actually getting the hang of copy and paste…fun huh?

      • dufas magnet

        That’s not tncdel’s point AJ.. The point he’s trying to make is the point that all right wing pubs make.. “Tell a lie enough times and eventually someone will believe it”.. His limited vocabulary is merely incidental, his orders to bore us with pathetic rhetoric is his boss’ mission. Pay little to no attention to the troll.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Romney = Obama so what’;s the difference?

      Independents are larger than democrats or republicans so 3rd party victory is inevitable in the future. These parties are too much alike in policy

      • tncdel

        If you don’t know, then you need to educate yourself. Romney is virtually the polar opposite of Obama on illegal immigration. MORE SO THAN RON PAUL.

        So too on abortion. And almost his complete opposite on business, government spending and everything else.

        Ron Paul is a great “armchair quarterback.” But Romney has actually “been there and done that” when it comes to business.

        Romney made a boatload of money turning failing companies around. What has Ron Paul actually done in business? See:

        Further, Romney as governor of the then bluest of blue states not only managed to BALANCE THE BUDGET [something Ron Paul speaks about], but also did so WITHOUT Raising taxes!

        I hate to see Ron Paul supporters throwing hissy fits saying they’re going to write in Ron Paul’s name even though they know it will help Obama to a 2nd term.

        We need to instead UNITE against the common enemy.

    • George C.

      Carol, your logic is based on propaganda and it works. The reason for voting is to have the opportunity to voice your opinion about who you think the best person is for the job of president. So then you DON’T vote for who you want in office? And how is that supposed to be such a good system of electing the government? Everyone says I wasted my vote on someone who can’t win. I think YOU wasted YOUR opportunity to voice your opinion because you did not vote for who you wanted in office. The problem is everyone wants to be a member of a party so they feel compelled to support the party, unfortunately the “party” DICTATES to you who to vote for. In that case your vote is no your choice but the party’s choice. My vote will go to Ron Paul or Gary Johnson regardless of whether or not they can win. Perhaps if everyone REALLY voted their conscience things would be much different.

    • Jazzabelle

      Carol wrote: “If you vote for a third party, all the votes against Obama will be split and he will get back in office.”

      And the 2-party system (specifically, the Republican Party this time around) will take a spanking and learn from it (hopefully). If they won’t learn, they’ll keep losing elections … but the insiders aren’t that stupid. When they see that their rank-and-file won’t swallow a Romney when they can smell a Ron Paul, the party establishment will give the people what they want. You know, the free market at work. The one the Republican Party always talks about.

      • dufas magnet

        “When they see that their rank-and-file won’t swallow a Romney when they can smell a Ron Paul, the party establishment will give the people what they want”…

        If ONLY the GOP operated like that, I’d have a hell of a lot more respect for them. I hope the phrase, “Your dreaming” won’t be necessary jazz, but the last time I sniffed, Pubs didn’t seem to be that intelligent. They want the man they chose and to hell with anyone who disagrees. Why else would they continue to hype Romney even though after X amount of months his only advancements have been from the dolts who gave up and tossed him their endorsements not truly realizing that those who voted for them did so because they DIDN’T want Romney. Who’s to say then that those ‘endorsements’ will have any real meaning (except with the media). If I voted for Gingrich or Santorum and they failed then endorsed this slug, that doesn’t mean my final vote would go to Romney because I was prodded by a ‘loser’. I don’t know Ron Paul’s strategy, but I like it because it CAN work.

      • Jazzabelle


        Yes, the party establishment is smart enough for that. They do what they do (as you described) because it’s worked so far. When it stops working, they’ll adjust their strategy so they can keep winning elections.

  • Anna

    Ron Paul may not be God, but he has common sense and tells it like it is. Something America needs badly.

  • Anna

    p.s. And he has my vote.

  • JimJ1

    Fox reports-INEVITABLE that Ron Paul will be on the ballot in Tampa.

    When will Romney do the correct thing and drop out.

    • hambone

      Romny wont drop out as long as the media has him as the front runner.
      they make it seem as though no one else is in the race and that he has tied up most of the deligates. Which of course isn’t true. Go Ron Paul.

      • Ron b

        We no that the media is bought & paid for. Rommny will only give us the same globalist ideas…if we want real change, DR. RON PAUL is the answer.

    • jopa

      Romney should not even be on the ballot since he was born in Mexico and there is talk about him picking Rubio for Vice president and he was born in Cuba.It just maybe Paul on the ballot after all.

      • Jay

        Oh God, here come those wacky birthers again!

  • Gea

    A lot of what Dr. Ron Paul says is good and intelligent. However, he should read Koran and Hadith to understand that Western civlizeation IS UNDER an attack from Islamists who can just hop on the plane and come to cause trouble in our midst. Islamic teachings of Koran and Hadith are the ROOT cause of terrorism around the world, and ignorance of this can help in their creation of Caliphate and destruction of the West, as they are already doing in Europe wehre 50 millions of Muslims immigrated from dysfunctional Muslim ruled countries and also in Australia where there are many NOGO zones ruled by Islamists. Loot at Detroit that had become like some Arab city, where Christians get arrested for free speech, while Muslims allowed “honor” murder and burkhas!

    Read Koran and Hadith to understand how Islam inspires hate of non-Musolims, pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny and murder for Allahu Akbar. After all, the terrorists of 9/11 were mostly Saudi subjects who did not scream Hail Mary, Our Father, Shema ISrael or OM when plunging plances into WTO, but Allahu Akbar, which had become a war cry of all murders done by Islamists, including Ameican born and raised Muslim pshychiatrist at Fort Hood, who murdered 13 of his collegues. While this guy is still hidden in jail, the soldier who went beserk in Afghanistan is already charged! Why? Because Obama catered to Islamists, and whitewashes Islam as “peacefulo” religion and prevents US solders of doing their job in defeating Islamists. Islam MUST REFORM to make it compatible with US Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CAit, OIC and other Muslim organization should stop white washing Islam and REFORM it to stop spreading hatred against US.

    • JimJ1

      Dr. Paul is well educated on Hadith and Koran AND on Christianity. GEE, Gea, what do you propose our politicians do? Kill millions of Muslims or be prepared, as Dr. Paul is to DEFEND this country. And I live in Detroit….Detroit’s problems aren’t an Arabic problem in nature. But, you spout off all you want with false strawman scenarios, as it is your right in this great land.

      • Gea

        Most Muslims have never read Koran and Hadith and do not know its vile ideology of hate, just as most Germans after WWI did not read Mein Kampf to understand where Hitler was leading them with his delusional Jew hatred. Islam MUST REFORM to become compatible with the US Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Most Muslim-majority countries had not sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but their diplomats are still allowed to come to US and DEFAME the ONLY democracy in the Middle East. at the UN in New York.

        If US wanted to stop terrorism, it should not grant visas to those diplomats whose countries do not recognize human rights and let them go home to work on their corrupt dysfunctional countries. Why is US President bowing to Saudi king, whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 and whose oil-sheiks finance terrorist outfits and supremacist ideology teachings in our midst?!

      • Gea

        Why do you think that Ron Paul is educated about Koran? I see no evidence of this… His foreign policy of non-engagement would leave Hitler in power in WWII, and you may not have the luxury of expressing your thoughts on this forum if Nazi supremacist ideology wins, just as people cannnot express their thoughts in ANY sharia run country. Suadis beheaded a witch last December,and they stone adulters, hang gays, lash women for driving or NOT wearing hiijab! There is not place for supremacist ideology of Islam in ANY CIVILIZED society and Islam MUST REFORM. Read Koran and Hadith to see for yourself. Ignoring facts will not save US!

      • Meteorlady

        BEA – maybe your candidate should be Alan West. He’s definitely educated and he’s definitely smart. In fact you can go here and see Mr. West in action against a Muslim who is trying to discredit him.

        Nezar Hamze is the Executive Director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

        Allan West is a Congressman from Florida . Mr. Hamze waded into this discussion with congressman West in attack mode with typical Muslim misinformed bravado.

        Do you know any career politician who has the background and guts who could have handled Nezar better?

        You can just see it: N. Hamze thought he would be dealing with a another typical American PC pantywaist politician who panders to anyone and any cause to get a votes.

        He made one little mistake – He kicked the tar baby in the thicket while walking into the perfect ambush and was unable to withdraw.

      • JimJ1

        My poor Gea…first you refer to Detroit and its Arab problem. Dr. Paul looks to cure illness as a physician does…by diagnosis. You further state that most Muslims have never read Hadith and Koran….so how could they be corrupted by its message. There are Jihadists no doubt and the Muslim community SHOULD seek to eliminate those that pursue armed harm to others. Just as we should. Dr. Paul does NOT have a non engagement agenda as you state. Dr. Paul wants us to trade and speak with all nations without government based entangling alliances (as our forefathers warned us against becoming engaged in). People then have more of a chance to deal with each other….thus, forming bridges and making conflict less likely. Yes, there are bad and evil people in the world. If our bombs had maimed and killed your children you may also become radicalized. Again, do you propose that our politicians kill millions of Muslims to solve the problem. By the way Gea, being against military interventionism in other nations is NOT dis engagement. Take some time to educate yourself on Dr. Paul. You may just Google him and spend a day at it, read his books and/or visit Have a good day please.

    • Meteorlady

      GEA – when asked during an interview what Dr. Paul would do if we were attacked he said he would go to congress and get permission to go to war. That’s pretty straight forward I would say. As for interfering in another soveriegn country’s civil war – he wouldn’t unless it was spilling over to us.

      • Gea

        I agree that Ron Paul would be much better than either Bush or Obama, but I am not sure he understand the danger of Islamists and knows what is written in Koran and Hadith, which inspired 9/11. IT was NOT anything that US did or did not do, but the ideology of delusional hate written in Koran and Hadith, as Matthias Kunzel rightly pointed out in his b book on Jihadists, Jew-hatred and roots of 9/11. He also noticed a great similarity between Nazi supremacist ideology and Islam. IT is not coincidence that Amil al Husseyni, the Mufti of Jerusalem, spend WWII n Berlin egging Hitler on to hurry up with extremination of Jews. This Nazi war criminal (who also organized 2 Muslim SS divisions) was let go unpunisahed by the British and French in 1946 because of Arab oil. If American becomes sustainble and makes oil irrelevant in our lives, those supremaist ideooogies sprung from Arabia in 7th century will sink back into the sands of history.

        Thos who do not know history are bound to repeat it!

      • Steve E

        For our country to go to war, it must be declared by Congress. That is what RP and the Constitution states. Can’t fault RP for adhering to the Constituution.

      • Jazzabelle

        Gea wrote: “Those who do not know history are bound to repeat it!”

        A very ironic statement coming from someone who seems to think that radical Muslims were behind 9/11.

      • dufas magnet

        Just like in WWll, Roosevelt did not attack Germany, Italy or Japan.. He let them kick each other to death (sending only supplies as a war effort to the starving and arms to the allies) Only AFTER we were attacked by the Japanese and as a result, Germany declared war on us did we spring into action.. This is Ron Paul’s legacy. These countries have been warring amonst themselves for centuries, there is no other country who can stop this and if they dare then they too become enemies.. Let these idiots destroy each other THEN we can come in as peace givers and save the non-military citizens. Otherwise we’re no better than they are with our war-mongering philosophy and for what? To take their oil as our own so that WE can dictate it’s market value..?

    • smithington


    • Rhonda Reichel

      Yep the Koran does say that….ever read the Talmud or listened to the Rabbis in Israel…they think gentiles are like dumb cattle born only to serve them….so what’s the difference?

      Point being that the Arabs never bothered us until we started meddling in their countries back in the 50′s… can’t dispute that. Remember the Shah of Iran….the puppet we put in place after we ousted their democratically elected leader Mossedech—He wouldn’t give Britain and the US his oil for peanuts so they got rid of him and installed a puppet.

      You need to wise up and see that all these wars for “American INTERESTS” do not benefit the comman man.

      • charlie

        Rhonda , the Arabian oil fields were developed and brought into production by the American oil companies way back when the Arabs did not know a Drilling Rig from a drill pipe , of course the oil companies got the oil as cheap as they could and secured “Their” oil field ,,, with all “corporations” , money is the name of the game and crude oil is black gold which is “real” money ,,, paper is not real money…
        It’s all about time, tools and technology and all the Arabs had was time ,,,get the picture???

    • charlie

      The King of America as called out in The Mayflower Compact Rules All … Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Vote for Ron Paul , he will honor The King of America…

  • http://mozillafirefox Tom K

    If Dr. Ron Paul is not elected, then heaven help us America is finished. I have been on this earth too long and saw what we had, and what we got now, nothing but heartache.

    • Meteorlady

      Then it would be time to secede and start defending our rights as soveriegn countries.

      • Deerinwater

        Okay! you lead off! I’ll be right behind you.

      • Steve E

        And the states that succeed can form together as another nation for protection and use the US Constitution as a federal guide. Except these states would actually adhere to this Constitution.

      • crystals10

        Now we’re talking about doing something sensible ! We need to send a message loud and clear that we will not put up with any more of Washington’s lies, bribes, secrets, scandalous behaviors, passing bills in the wee hours of the morning without asking the American people,and countless other crimes being committed under our noses. I am all for seceding, it is our state’s right to do so. Excellent point Meteorlady.

        • T i m


    • Rhonda Reichel

      Good point….actually God WILL BLESS US if we elect a godly man like Paul

      It is finished if he doesn’t get elected.

      • charlie

        King Jesus IS God , see Matthew 28 ,,, the supreme law of the land ? IS the supreme law of Commerce ,,,hint: Man was created from the dirt ,,, all commerce comes from the dirt ,,,hint: land is dirt… How simple can King Jesus make it ??? get understanding by accomplishing Acts 2:38 in “Truth” and facts… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

    • Susie Liberty

      Seems to me that numerous adms and congressional delegations have paved the way for this prez and his Globalist Bd of Directors. AND if we do NOT reverse course? Forthwith? We will witness/are witnessing the Fall of the Republic.

      Just as planned…for a very long time now…

  • DavidL

    I would never vote for the chameleon, the etch-a-sketch man, the liar, Mitt Romney. Ron Paul is the only republican candidate who has integrity and is the least fact-challenged running in this plutocracy clown show. If he doesn’t win the nomination he should go third party. Either take a stand for your conscience and your principles, or stop talking about hypocrisy in all the others and admit to yourself that you are one of them.

    Ron Paul!!!

  • Kerry

    The only news story that should be on 24/7 is Obama is not a US Citizen! Period! Therefore he should be shot dead along with his entire family & illegal cabinet and all appointees made illegally! He is a Muslim extremist, he is and by Constitutional Law an illegal alien since he never got a birth certificate other than his Kenyan one and his dual citizenship with Indonesia allows him into countries to continue his jihad against America! Therefore not being a US Citizen nor president does not give him any protection from death except by laws he does not even care about either, so open season and every secret service agent is guilty of TREASON along with the entire Congress for aiding and abetting a felon! If he was a legal US Citizen plus a Natural Born Citizen there would be no concern! Anyone who VOTED for the FRAUD & USURPER has also committed TREASON!Also note Romney and Santorum are not Natural Born Citizens and can not run for office both are US Citizens and therefore are committing TREASON as all who vote for either one of them! Does anyone believe in the Constitution anymore or should the draft be re- instated so you must swear an oath to protect it from all enemies foreign and domestic like this enlisted disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran has done! Obama is a foreign enemy of America, his wife is a domestic enemy of America and his entire cabinet are enemies of the state! Do your duty Americans and march on DC and remove this fraud from the whitehouse and demand anyone that is a lawyer to be dismissed from Congress and every Congressman that knowingly has info on Obama being an illegal alien should hang! What more can an American say or do for his country?

    • Gea

      This is nasty comment about the President of US. We are not Islamists and we do not murder people! Obama is a nice family man but he was iunflulenced greatly when as a boy of 6-10y old, he lived in Indonesia, with his Marxist Muslim stepfather, who worked for and oil company. Thus Obama caters to everybody and uses takiiyya allowed under Islam when living among non-Muslims.

      He gave a touching speech in the Holocaust Muslims commemorating murder of 6 millions Jews by the Nazis, and then gives $1.5 billions to Musolilm brotherhood who want to perpetuate second Holocauts and exterminate all Jews. Then he also appoints a Samantha Powers, who wants to invade Israel to “liberate Palestinians”. Obama talks from both sides of his mouth and is endangering not only US soldiers but also US and Western civlizaton. He cannnot help if but we can in November. ANYBODY sitll running for office of the President would be better!

      • Carol

        Gea, Kerry’s comment wasn’t nasty – it’s the truth. Treason warrants a punishment of death and all illegals in Washington who are enemies to America deserve the death penalty.

        Obama swore to uphold the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the land. He did once tell the truth when he said he worked hard and needed vacations. He has worked very hard, between vacations, golfing, and partying, in shreading all of our rights, liberties, and sovereignties. That’s treason against the American people, and all who work for him are committing treason, including the MSM and the TSA perverts and predators.

      • charlie

        Obama was put in office in violation of The Constitution AND ,,, Deuteronomy 17:15…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

      • Steve E

        If we kill treasonous people like we are suppose to do as outlined in the Constitution, Then there would be a lot less treason.

      • charlie

        Good point Kerry ,,, your point is backed up by Matthew 15:24 , but don’t forget Mercy and forgivness WHEN ask for,,, Obama IS NOT one of the Children of Jacob Israel…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Shot dead?….that’s rather harsh isn’t it? He should however be tried for fraud if he’s not a citizen or a dual citizen as I suspect he is. Better than impeachment too because ALL the unconstitutional laws he signed would be null and void.

    • dufas magnet

      “Anyone who VOTED for the FRAUD & USURPER has also committed TREASON!”..

      What a total nincompoop!! Yeah, back in 2007 – 2008 all those who voted for Obama said, “Hey, we saw his bogus birth certificate, we know he’s an illegal and he won’t do a damn thing for this country but, we WANNA be treasonous… ‘Anybody but a Pub’..” What kind of an idiot ARE you? Just like you and your ilk voted for Bush because you thought he was the right man as he convinced you with his words, now your saying we should all have disregarded the words of Obama and saw him as he truly was? Why weren’t you there on a pedestal telling us we were being fooled? Proving to us that Obama was a (what did you call him?) a ” Muslim extremist fraud & usurper who’s doing jihad against America! “.. That’s because you didn’t know it at the time (even if it is true).. You only saw a queen ‘B’ and a has-been dummy and chose the, “Lesser of two evils”.. Only in hindsight do we realize our mistakes and those who speak with foresight are considered idiots and are dismissed so don’t shovel that BS because you NOW know it may have been a mistake. Dufas!! And I take your slime remark about me or anyone else who voted for Obama being treasonous personally and tell you I think YOU are what’s wrong with this Nation. YOU! PERSONALLY!!

  • http://google john p.

    if paul stay’s in the running he will take away votes from romney .
    and Obama will have his second term because of ron paul staying
    in the running . what is wrong with this guy he lost .

    • Deerinwater

      Leverage? political equity to spend later? Lead from the rear?

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Nope….we are if he doesn’t get in there

      We only have this one chance or the constitution is destroyed.

      • charlie

        Rhonda,,, Bush told you and others that the Constitution was just a piece of paper … “They” have ignored that piece of paper for years now ,,,UNTILL,,,some one with knowledge of “The Law” they cannot destroy prays “Real” Law into place to back up The Constitution ,,, BUT,,, the false prophet churches and the “powers” in corrupt government are working on doing away with The Law Book of King Jesus, but fear not ,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

    • TML

      John p. says, “if paul stay’s in the running he will take away votes from romney .
      and Obama will have his second term because of ron paul staying
      in the running . what is wrong with this guy he lost”

      Not when you consider the fact that Ron Paul attracts people of all ages, race, and political parties. Considering the FACT that even many liberals and Democrats have registered Republican just to vote for this man in the nomination, proves that in a general election, votes would also be taken away from Obama. Considering this, and other factors I pointed out below… there is no correlation to prove causation that you cite here.

    • EyesWideOPEN

      “if paul stay’s in the running he will take away votes from romney and Obama will have his second term because of ron paul staying in the running . what is wrong with this guy he lost”…

      So, what your implying John, is there will not be enough votes for Ron Paul but too many to elect Romney? And you know this how? The media? Some dipwad radio has been? How many forums like this have you visited? How many voters on those forums declared “Ron Paul 2012″..? Even pubs are saying this.. Dems are saying this and Indies are saying this.. Romney has a full cafeteria of followers.. Ron Paul is getting stadiums.. Where do you get the news that voting for Ron Paul will insure that Obama gets a second term? If Ron Paul out sources either the pub vote or the dem vote then it will be they who are preventing HIM a landslide. Sure there’s millions of welfare moochers but look at their true numbers: Roughly 8% of the total population in the United States. as reported by: so, are you saying these people are a threat? from the 92% or so that aren’t on welfare? There are also millions of Blacks who have said Obama hasn’t helped them become equal citizens either (not welfare moochers but men and women who deserve equality). As far as the double vote/dead man vote thing, that too can’t over ride the totality of legal voters. In fact these stats are used to scare the voters, give them the idea that their vote doesn’t count thus indicating that they should refrain from voting by their hopes but by party. We CAN elect Ron Paul so long as the corrupt electoral is eliminated. This so-called ‘party’ was created in a period where citizens couldn’t get out and vote thus their reps voted in their stead (supposedly) as to their desires.. Since then this electoral gang has voted according to their profit margins. There are just as many dems who want Obama out as there are pubs and from them, the indies will outsource all the moochers, fraudsters and aliens because, none of them wants Romney either.. Open you eyes and you can see.

  • Deerinwater

    One thing is quite certain at this point, the American people are going to witness Ron Paul strategy and his quality of political acumen with the results of end game play. It will not be the very final results but it will conclude this election cycle. I seriously question if he will engage in another General election. Next midterm results will offer us a better view of end game results and his effect on National politics.

    Ron Paul keeps smiling like the “cat that ate the canary” , he’s got something up his sleeve. Sometimes I think that I might know what it is and then I think “Naw!”,never happen. I would not advise anyone to underestimate the man. While what he is selling most American’s are clearly not ready to buy.

    • castaway

      Are you sure most Americans are not ready to buy?

  • stevor

    Good since he is the ONLY HOPE for CHANGE since romney is a mini-obama and another PUPPET of the same Elite that OWN obama.

  • http://aol Wayne

    Ron Paul may truly be a brilliant man but is foreign policy is totally insane. A write in vote or a third party run by Ron Paul is a recipe for disaster, it will give President Obummer 4 more years as a lame duck in which to totally destroy our Republic.

    • TML

      Wayne says, “Ron Paul may truly be a brilliant man but is foreign policy is totally insane.”

      Ceasing to deal with other nations with threats of violence, and instead deal with honest trade and diplomacy (not appeasement) is a foreign policy of peace and prosperity. Tell me, what is insane about that?

      Wayne says, “A write in vote or a third party run by Ron Paul is a recipe for disaster, it will give President Obummer 4 more years as a lame duck in which to totally destroy our Republic.”

      Afraid not… that is a logical fallacy. As I’ve pointed out many times before, in rich detail… cum hoc ego propter hoc (with this, therefore because of this). Historically, a third party rarely wins elections, however, to assume that a third party run is a spoiler of a two part system is nonsensical. For one to say that a third party run would hand the election to Obama, is like saying a third party run would hand the election to Romney. It would depend upon the who you would support (Obama or Romney) to view it in this way, in which, correlation does not prove causation.

  • KenNTennessee

    My problem with Ron Paul is that he’s been in Congress for years, yet has been ineffective. He talks a good game, but show me the bills that he has introduced to improve the situation, there are none. No bills to eliminate waste, to reduce the size of government, to reign in out of control agencies like the EPA, BATFE, etc. He’s all talk and no action. He’s had years of opportunity, yet has done nothing but complain. Why do we think he’d be any different as President?

    • TML

      KenNTennessee says, “My problem with Ron Paul is that he’s been in Congress for years, yet has been ineffective. He talks a good game, but show me the bills that he has introduced to improve the situation, there are none.”

      That isn’t true in the least. He talks the talk and walks the walk. So, here are the bills he has introduced to improve the situation.

      “Why do we think he’d be any different as President?”

      As President, he will have mandate and much more push and pull to pass the legislation that will improve the situation.

    • charlie

      What have the others done ???

    • Susie Liberty

      Because We the People would finally have spoken. Well, let me put it another way – but louder: BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE SAID REVERSE COURSE, FORTHWITH!

  • TML

    “You don’t quit because you happen to be behind,” Paul said

    Paul was asked if his campaign was more about bringing up issues then actually winning, and he answered with his own question: “Why can’t it be both?”

    When asked if he could get enough delegates for the Republican nomination, he responded: “Theoretically I can. …You can’t ever tell. …A little over half the votes have been counted.” He was quick to point out that another third of the votes come from California and Texas, the latter being the State he represents.”

    That’s what I like to hear.

    I’ve even been in debates recently with liberals, in arguments over their support of Obama, and some of them, when I brought up Ron Paul, even admitted they hope he gets the nomination, and are even planning to vote for him in the Texas primary.

    • nc

      tml, I am a Democrat and more liberal than most Republicans and the Conservatives here.Two of Mr. Paul’s main positions are that our troops should be brought home and that Isreal or no foreign country should dictate OUR foreign policy! Both of those are also President Obama’s positions and not positions I have heard from the REpublican front runner. On these two points alone I could not support the Republican front runner and I admit there are many other reasons.

      Naturally, I am for any legal plan that will weaken the Republican position and prevent another 4 to 8 years of Republican Platform policy that failed to serve this country well the last time we were subjected to it under bush. If voting in their primary helps, so be it. I would bet that some Republicans and Democrats have done it in the past!

      Mr. Paul has been as true to his convictions as any politician I have witnessed in my 60 years (76 yr.s old) of observing American politics. I don’t agree with all of it but I admire his convictions to fight for it. BUT, he chose to align himself with the Republican Party much more than they have rewarded him as a national candidate. 10-20% of their primary vote!!!! What does that tell his supporters about how concerned that party is about his “convictions”! I hope he runs as a third party candidate should he fail to win the Republican party nomination! . 90 to 1 odds are awfully hard to overcome! 80-90% of voting Republicans have said ” somebody else besides Paul” in just about every primary.
      That doesn’t sound much like home to me>

      • TML

        Nc says, “our troops should be brought home and that Isreal or no foreign country should dictate OUR foreign policy! Both of those are also President Obama’s positions”

        Based on what we have seen from Obama, I find this to be incorrect in practice, particularly about bring our troops home, even though he might say so.

        Nc says, “prevent another 4 to 8 years of Republican Platform policy that failed to serve this country”

        Has Obama not continued these policies which have failed to serve this country? After all, he extended the Patriot Act started under Bush Jr., signed the NDAA into law, kept secret prisons open which were started under Bush Jr. where war crimes were committed (despite promises to the contrary), expanded the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan (he ran on the platform of bringing our troops home immediately and then soon after being elected, order thousands more troops to these places), conducted unjustified unilateral military action against a sovereign in Libya, bombed Yemen, seeks even now to intervene against a sovereign in Syria, placed needless sanctions on Iran even though they are allowed to develop nuclear energy under the Non-Proliferation treaty… nearly double the nation debt in just 3 years… I could go on, but I think the point is, the failed policies have been continued, and obviously has nothing to do with whether a President hold the label of Democrat or Republican.

        Nc says, “BUT, he chose to align himself with the Republican Party much more than they have rewarded him as a national candidate…. What does that tell his supporters about how concerned that party is about his “convictions”!”

        I don’t think he “aligned” himself with the Republican Party, as he is clearly against the grain to the status quo, and has often stated, even in public debate, that the Republican party has gone astray from their historical roots, particularly in the area of foreign policy and smaller government, with a focus on personal liberties and State rights.

        I think this is the reason why Democrat or Republican no longer matters. It’s essentially become meaningless.

        • T i m

          DR. PAUL is right on track . BRINGING THE TROOPS HOME IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO . Some one attacks AMERICA from abroad , how long would it take to get the troops home to do what ever is needed . CONGRESS WOULD BE FORCED TO RECALL THE DRAFT , AND MOST COLLEGE STUDENTS WOULD BECOME MILITARY OVER NITE . I say BRING THE TROOPS HOME DR. PAUL . My name is T i m

      • TML

        In addition to the list of Obama’s actions and policies, lets not forget the ordered assassination of an alleged traitorous American on foreign soil without charge or trial… putting the NDAA into practice before it was even signed.

        Another thing you might find interesting, since Obama signed the NDAA into law, is that Romney also said he would have signed it.

      • Jay

        Excellent, TML! Your arguments are sound, and you have trounced mr. nc.

        Btw, nc; you really should refer to yourself and your party according to proper label; Progressive Socialists, and not, Democratic Liberals; as you are as far from the original than you can possibly imagine! Another words; you wish! Posers!!!

    • Susie Liberty

      Same here, TML. I truly believe the Corporate Media has intentionally mislead the American Voter, and they have no idea how strong the Support is…. The Media knows, but the Voter has had the truth hidden from them, in my opinion. (And I surely get tired of saying, “in my opinion”.)

  • James

    God bless this man (if I believed in that kind of God.)

    • charlie

      James , will you tell us who your God/god is ???

  • Rafael

    Ron Paul must keep on giving his message to the people: Gold as support to the dollar, close the Federal Reserve Bank, privatization of the education and so on, otherwise a tomato will cost 100 dollars, pretty soom.

  • jopa

    It sure is a sad day in America when the MSM control just about all aspects of any message by a candidate.There are so few that have even heard Paul’s message and the news media just ignored him as if he doesn’t exist in 90% of their broadcasts.They would mostly show where the top two or three are standing in the polls and and a brief description of their message.The vast majority of people just don’t have the time to research and identify with a particular candidate and some of the great messages of Paul will all be in vain and future candidates will also suffer the same fate with our media as it is.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Ron Paul for REAL CHANGE, a balanced budget and get rid of the Federal Reserve, I.R.S., dept.of Illegal Education and 4 other worthless Departments, get rid of 40 Million ILLEGAL’S freeing up 12-14 Million jobs for Americans, close our Borders and get rid of the disease’s that they are bringing into our country that took the lives of 20,000 Americans in 2010 and get rid of the Illegal Murderers who Murdered over 11,000 Americans and save the American Tax Payers over $500 Billion that could pay for Social Security and Medicare. Don’t forget Romney will not repeal the three bills that Congress and Obamination passed to take away our 1st and 5th Amendments Ron Paul will and he was only one of three who did not vote for those bills. Romney is all ready Flip Flopping on Illegals whats next Obamination care death bill???? Ron Paul the only American running for office all the others are Socialists or Communists.

    • Rafael

      If you talk about economics then you should not say this:”close our Borders and get rid of the disease’s that they are bringing into our country that took the lives of 20,000 Americans in 2010 and get rid of the Illegal Murderers who Murdered over 11,000 Americans”. Because illegals bring prosperity to any country included this one and where do you come up with those figures, don’t be ridiculous. What about Fast & Furious, farmers are suffering because there is no hand labor.

      This is taken from an economist Walter Block from his book “Defending the Undefendable” look it up. “The Mexican “wetbacks” are a case in point. Few groups
      have less knowledge of the labor market in the United States,
      and less money for traveling to more lucrative jobs. Not only do
      employers from southern California travel hundreds of miles to
      find them, but they also furnish trucks or travel money to transport
      them northward. In fact, employers from as far away as
      Wisconsin travel to Mexico for “cheap labor”.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course he’ll never quit …. as long as he has so many delusional people like those who posted comments above. I don’t know who’s worse – between the Romneycare RINO and the old crackpot Ron Paul. All I know is that I wouldn’t vote for either one; unless it were between Obama and one of these two GOP lemons.

    • castaway

      Earl, you would not dare speak that way if we were all in the same room together.

    • charlie

      Earl, most anyone can criticise , but can you please point out some of our delusions so we can reach a point of “Truth” and be as smart as you New Yorkers that can,t even figure out who blew up three buildings in the same day…

  • http://Sondra Sondra Clark

    Ron Paul made the statement at one of the so-called debates- “I don,t know why we are arguing, we all take the same oath” It must have been tongue in cheek because he is the only one that adheres to the Constitution. Isn’t it time We the People DEMAND the hired help in all our capitols live up to the oath they take to the Constitution? Don,t we owe that to the million plus that have fought & continue to fight & die for our freedom?
    With Ron Paul in the White House it will be a step in the right direction but we need to do our bit.

  • tncdel

    Although Ron Paul has no chance of getting the GOP nomination, he has the political leverage to make or break Romney. And Paul should use that leverage to best advantage, by brokering a deal with Romney for the Secretary of the Treasury post plus power to orchestrate the Romney administration’s policy on government spending, in return for supporting Romney.

    Otherwise many Ron Paul supporters will stupidly hand Obama a 2nd term by wasting their votes writing in for Ron Paul.

    • BH

      Or, Vice President. Think about it. He fits the composite character of a modern American VP to a “T”. In recent history, nearly all VPs have had reputations (deserved or not) of being dumb or crazy or both. It helps protect the president from assassination if his VP would seem from the perspective of a potential enemy to be even less desirable. Candor — a Ron Paul strength — is also a plus for a VP. He can deliver a message that the president himself might not want to say, but needs said. He would be a counter-balance to liberal records and leanings of Romney.

      And he would deliver vibrant young help to the campaign against Obama. As well as votes from independents and even some Democrats.

      • tncdel

        VP is largely a figurehead. Secretary of the Treasury coupled with a brokered promise from Romney to let Paul orchestrate his administration’s policy on government spending would be a position of actual power.

    • TML

      tncdel says, “And Paul should use that leverage to best advantage, by brokering a deal with Romney for the Secretary of the Treasury post plus power to orchestrate the Romney administration’s policy on government spending, in return for supporting Romney.”

      I don’t think you understand Ron Paul or his supporters if you think he should be a sell-out.

      tncdel says, “Otherwise many Ron Paul supporters will stupidly hand Obama a 2nd term by wasting their votes writing in for Ron Paul.”

      This cum hoc ego propter hoc (see my posts above) has gotten to the point of being a collective argumentum ad nauseam fallacy as well… repeated over and over, without any substantiation behind it, but no matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t become truer than it was in the first place. It’s amazing how simplistic ignorance anchors itself in the minds of people through media sound bites.

      With the fact that Romney is most often seen as being no different than Obama in his policies (Romneycare equivalencies to Obamacare, and Romney would have signed the NDAA into law, just to name a couple) to even worry about it is merely a zeal toward ones own Republican Party, despite the policies it holds.

      Nah, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Ron Paul, and would not necessarily hand over the election to Obama. Ron Paul attracts many people from all political parties, and so it stand closer to reason that if Romney does not get the election, then it is from his own short comings as a candidate, the same as it would be the short comings of Obama if Romney got the election, and not a cause of people voting for Ron Paul.

      • tncdel

        I myself wrote in for Ron Paul in 2008. But I learned from my mistake that, for the good of our nation, we must sometimes set aside our personal “druthers” and settle for much less than we want. If Paul gets a position of power in Romney’s administration, that is how e can make lemonade out of a lemon. Otherwise Obama wins.

      • TML

        tncdel says, “I myself wrote in for Ron Paul in 2008.”

        Glad to hear it, but…

        tncdel says, “But I learned from my mistake that”

        What on earth makes you think that was your mistake? He didn’t even run third party in 2008, so are you saying you should have voted for Mc Cain? How is that for the good of the country? The mistake wasn’t yours; the mistake was by those who voted for someone other than Ron Paul merely on grounds that you cite here, or zeal toward their own party despite its principles and policies.

        tncdel says, “for the good of our nation, we must sometimes set aside our personal “druthers” and settle for much less than we want.”

        Nah, for the good of the nation we must always remain steadfast on principle, and vote for those principles wherever we find one who best represents them.

        tncdel says, “If Paul gets a position of power in Romney’s administration, that is how e can make lemonade out of a lemon. Otherwise Obama wins.”

        And what if Paul doesn’t take a position of power in Romney’s administration? What would be the viable difference between Romney and Obama.

        Sorry, but I think you’ve just lost faith. Never say die, lol.

    • T i m

      You are ssoo wrong . RON PAUL , in it to win it .

  • David

    If RP was on the ticket as VP, I would vote for Obama. If RP was at the top of the tickey, I’d vote for Ron Paul. I think Ron Paul should run 3rd party with Rand as VP.

    • BH

      Um, I’m not sure about your logic. What if (which is rather likely), Ron Paul is not a part of any ticket — he influences the party platform, but little else during this election cycle. And assume that he does not choose to run on a third party platform (because it would hurt his son, he has tried that without impact, whatever reason(s)).

      You would vote of Obama over Romney? Really? Or are you saying you would vote for Romney, but not if he was to choose RP as his running mate? I can’t say I understand….

  • Average Joe

    Good news for all…Newt “The Salamander” Gingrich has announced that he is giving up his bid for the Oval Office, effective May 1. and that he will likely throw his support behind Mitt “The Twit” Romney….
    Isn’t this the same guy who has been telling us for about a year now in all of those national ad campaigns (not to mention tens of millions of dollars)…how much of a slimeball that Mittens is and why Mittens is unfit to be the leader of the free world? And now he’s a supporter? Can anyone say…..hypocracy at it’s finest?
    The race is now down to Mutt…er …Mitt and Ron Paul…..
    Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TML

      Awesome news!

      “And now he’s a supporter? Can anyone say…..hypocracy at it’s finest?”

      Indeed it is.

    • tncdel

      If anyone’s a troll, it’s you, not me. Were do you get off calling me a troll just because YOU keep saying the same thing, so it needs the same common sense rebuttal?

      Or are you a covert paid Obama blogger trying to incite Ron Paul supporters to have a hissy fit and waste their vote so as to gain BO a 2nd term?

      • Average Joe

        It’s obvious that you are new around here…or you wodn’t say such silly things…..Nope, I’m a Ron Paul Supporter…tried and true and have been for the better part of 15 years. As for calling you a Troll, I think the foo chits….you are here to spew the party line…nothing more, nothing less….you aren’t here for honest debate…you are here to put forth the “party line” in hopes of saving the sorryazz party…from it’self. The “party” has a choice now…they can get on board with Ron Paul…or they can lose the election…their choice….not ours. Ron Paul supporters are not going to budge…as far as we are concerned….the “Party” is over….and we’re going back to work…saving our Republic from Tyrants….So, now….you have a choice…join in…or lose the election…Mitt can’t win without our support…and he ain’t got it.
        Ron Paul 2012!

      • Pat Riot

        TNCDEL, I have to agree with Average Joe here. I’ve gone through your posts here and you do spout the party line (Republican) more than you engage in critical thinking and debate. I would bet you get most of your news and opinion from the MSM instead of digging for it on the internet and formulating your own opinion. This is glaringly apparent in your “views” on Ron Paul’s mental capacity and Constitutional policies. I would urge you to take an objective look at the man and what he stands for (not to mention his consistency), and then come back with your own opinion. If you still don’t like him and think Romney is the answer to your prayers, more power to you. At least then you will have enough information about Ron Paul that you won’t look so much like a Fox News/Newsmax strawman on a mission to diminish and denegrate the man. As for wasting our vote if voting for Ron Paul, it has been said elsewhere on here that voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil, but if everyone would vote on conscience and principle, even if it means writing in their choice, we would find an America revived virtually overnight. Just food for thought.

  • tncdel

    I’d like to see Romney pick Allen West as his VP, and appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury with power over the Federal Reserve. Although VP is largely a figurehead post, West will stop Obama from again getting a free pass from 12 million black voters.

    Even if West only manages to siphon off a couple million of those 12 million votes, in the closely contested election predicted that could mean the difference in whether or not Obama wins or loses.

    • T i m

      Ron Paul neds to stay right where he is and continue on . Mr. West is NOT the right choice , black or white does not matter . Romney is expected to pick Marco Rubio , which is still another useless choice . DR. PAUL KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING .

      • tncdel

        Then, if your claim is true, Dr. Paul is a puppet of the New World Order, since your claim indicates that, rather than inadvertent stupidity, he is deliberately trying to dissolve our borders and destroy our nation’s sovereignty. For that’s what his ultra-soft stance on illegal aliens amounts to.

        Don’t say I said that. YOU did. My contention is that he does so stupidly. But you want to say he knows what he’s doing.

        • T i m

          Do not twist what I said to suit yourself . That is NOT WHAT I SAID . AMERICA HAS BEEN part of the G – 2 0 world government ALL PAST CENTERY . Read it yourself . Read the definition printed on the dollar bill you have in your pocket . DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT . Rick Perry said it before he was told to quit . AMERICA MUST GET OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS WORLD GOVERNMENT . John Kenndy tried to default on the FEDERAL RESERVE DEBT , before he was killed . Kennedy wanted to do all the things then , everyone is complaining RON PAUL wants to do . The bush family has endorsed Mitt Romney , therefore all the sheep are expected to follow daddy bush in blind faith , because daddy bush said so …..RON PAUL IS RIGHT ON TRACK . NOW sir , RON PAUL can not dissolve AMERICA’S BORDERS . OBAMA HAS ALREADY TAKEN CREDIT FOR THAT . OBAMA TOLD MEXICAN PRSIDENT RIGHT AFTER LAS ELECTION , HE WOULD DO EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO SUPPORT THE MEXICAN PEOPLE WHO ARE IN AMERICA . THIS WAS ADVERTISED ON THE WORLD NEWS , IS WHY I KNOW ABOUT IT . Today the amnesty is growing the welfare population by 1 0 0 0 ‘s per month . EVERY RECORDED WAGE EARNER IN THE NATION , DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN , IS PAYING THE WELFARE POPULATION , THROUGH SOCIAL SECURITY . RON PAUL is right on track . T i m

      • BH

        Black and white don’t matter to me. They don’t matter to you. Unfortunately, in a terrible travesty, a great injustice, they do matter to an awful lot of voters. Exit polls suggest at least 90%, and probably more like 95%, of black voters voted last presidential election based mainly on race.

        • T i m

          Yes Sir , you are correct . NOW , let us see what happens this november , what with the welfare population being bigger than it has ever been , and democratic party growing welfare by 1 0 0 0 ‘s per month . Add the teachers union to it . Same as last election . U S A Today news paper said , OBAMA WILL BEAT ROMNEY WITH …NO PROBLEM . ??????????????

      • T i m

        You are correct B H . Next election the welfare population and the teachers union will vote democrat , same as last time . U S A Today news paper said monday 2 weeks ago , O bama will beat Romney with no problem . , In my opinion the welfare population is to big to fight . T i m

      • BH

        @tncdel: I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that Ron Paul has an ultra-soft stance on illegal aliens. Here is a link to the page on his website that is titled “Secure Our Borders”.

        The Libertarian Party has had platform planks that could easily be described as “an ultra soft stance on illegal aliens”. But guess what? Ron Paul is without doubt a libertarian — he puts liberty, freedom, at the top in his political perspective. But he is not a doctrinaire libertarian. He is a libertarian conservative, who recognizes the need to defend American culture.

  • Buck

    I don’t have much I can do for RON PAUL but I will never quit him , I will vote for him on my up coming NC ballot and for the national election even if he is not nominated . The party elites will never nominate a man they fear but we can vote for him any way . Do not let the press and the party elites from either major party tell you who you have to vote for . Someone please tell RON PAUL to pick ALLEN WEST for his vice president , that will make more people sit up and take notice of his presence , being totally ignored by the fearfull MSM. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT !!!

  • Dave

    [ Ron Paul Has No Intention Of Quitting ]
    That is because he is an idiot with money to burn. His sheeple(the paulinistas) will be continuing with their head up the butt follow along. No surprise here.

    • Average Joe

      Wow, did you come up with that brilliant comment all by yourself…or did you get help from a child under 5? C’mon, you can be honest here.

      Never insult anyone by accident.
      Robert A. Heinlein

    • Pat Riot

      Paulinistas? Sheeple? This coming from someone who regurgitates semantic phlegm-balls of media-manipulated diatribe and vitriol? Keep posting, Dave. You are truly helping the thinking crowd here by demonstrating how the inane don’t think beyond cute little quips, puns, and wholly unimaginative insults…

  • mike

    I would vote for Ron Paul…if he were dead. Seriously.

  • Rocketman

    Considering that a lot of the state delegates at the Republican National Convention are going to be lined up behind Paul it would be stupid of him to back out now. I believe that Paul is the only Republican that can beat Obama and I’m voting for Paul, even if he doesn’t get the nomination. Romney is nothing but Obama-lite.

    • nc

      Rocketman, based on the lack of substantial increase in the percentage of votes that Paul has received as more and more candidates abandoned the race and the fact that some of those who abandoned have already endorsed Romney along with other influencial Republicans, what do you really believe the odds are that Dr.Paul can get the nomination at the Republican onvention? I can see where they are MORE than the odds that he could win the general election. Do you really believe that the national polls are that far off? Only the ultra conservative Rasmussen poll could miss it that much! They missed the 2010 Hawaii Senate race by 40% POINTS. You have to love a poll disclaimer that reads “OUR POLLS HAVE A MARGIN OF ERROR OF PLUS OR MINUS 40 POINTS.”

  • Pat Riot

    I too will be voting for Ron Paul… EVEN IF I HAVE TO WRITE HIM IN!!! I am starting to hear this everywhere I go now in my travels around the U.S. It is refreshing to see the “slumbering giant” that is the bulk of the American people finally waking up. We might be slow to anger, but beware when we have finally had enough. Right now I would say most Americans are truly pissed off… Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

  • wnettles

    Ron Paul will be getting my vote in November, whether he is the Republican nominee or not. I will not vote for Obama, or any Republican incarnation of Obama.

  • GDC


    • Jay

      Hmm, not quite the political slogan we had in mind, GDC(god-damned-christians). But keep working on it…!

      On another note, would you consider helping us make a difference – Every Dollar Counts! Please visit Ron, and make your donations count. Thank you!

      • T i m

        I do not know who I am talking to , Jay or gdc , DO NOT CURSE MY GOD . IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON , GO HIDE UNDER A ROCK , DO NOT CURSE MY GOD . RON PAUL is right on track . If you are a DEMOCRAT ON WELFARE , that might be the reason for your foul mouth . DO NOT CURSE MY GOD . ….MY NAME IS T I M

      • Jay

        Tim, moniker GDC, stands for; god….christians. Chill out, not my moniker.

    • BH


      Your post says nothing at all about Ron Paul. It does say a lot about yourself:

      1. Your monicker is an insult. This is a reflection on your character.
      2. Your monicker is profane. Another reflection on your character.
      3. You believe that people should be locked up against their will simply because they have different beliefs than you do. This puts you in interesting company: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, and Fidel Castro come to mind.
      4. You believe that our current broken system (Federal Reserve, big banks profiting from the middle class, Wall Street and large business control of politicians of both parties, etc.) is impossible to change, so anyone who suggests a genuinely different approach is mentally sick, delusional, and psychotic

      • T i m

        I am not going to put your name on my screen except for the last word as you say CHRISTIAN. BIBLE SAYS EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW < EVERY TONGUE CONFESS , JESUS CHRIST . I am not going to spend time reading your opinion , until I can see you change your call sign . If you refuse to do so , you are already dead . My name is T i m

  • crystals10

    Go R O N P A U L 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!

    The People say…. Y E S

    That’s ALL that matters

    • T i m

      Crystal , YOU ARE MIS INFORMED . THE PEOPLE DO NOT ELECT THE PRESIDENT . According to C N N definition of a state delegate , The delegate signs a plege of allegience to the party , to VOTE FOR THE PERSON WHO BEST REPRESENTS THE WILL OF THE PARTY . ….THE PEOPLES CHOICE DOES NOT MATTER . Romney said last fall , during the 1 st I O W A practice vote , he was not concerned with peoples choice vote . Said he was desperate to win all the state delegates as possible . LOOK IT UP YOURSELF . I heard it live on the world news is why I know about it . There are over 2 0 0 0 delegate positions , nation wide , for 1 party . According to the rules I have read , a person must have over the majaority , to stay in the campaign . Seems , this election cycle , THAT WILL BE DETERMINED AT THE FLORIDA CONVENTION , IN AUGUST , UNLESS ONE GIVES UP TO THE OTHER . ..RON PAUL IS DOING A LOT BETTER THAN THE MEDIA ADMITS . DEPENDING ON WHO YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO . …Most of the sheep are lining up behind Romney , because THE BUSH FAMILY SAID SO . U S A Today newspaper said last month , ROMNEY CAN NOT BEAT OBAMA . In my opinion , the welfare population is to big to beat . Add the teachers union to it , same as last election . OBAMA IS DEPENDING ON THE WELFARE POPULATION AND THE TEACHERS UNION FOR RE ELECTION . Lots of state delegates come out of the welfare population . It seems so IRONIC Obama does not have a challenger from his own party . THAT MEANS THE DEMOCRATIC VOTING BASE AGREES TO LET OBAMA CONTINUE TO DESTROY AMERICA AND CHRISTIANITY . ………..ALL BECAUSE OF THE WELFARE POPULATION . ..BIGGER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN . My name is T i m .

  • Musicman 10

    Recent discovery of documents in Boston Mass. Oboma born in kenya? Official Documents Found!?

    • crystals10

      Could you please elaborate on your comment ?

  • http://none Ace Mcloving

    Well now I feel a good comment coming on and that is that Ron Pauls supporters has not yet shown up yet but those supporters that support any one but Ron Paul ARE DICKWADS. GDC you need to pull your head out of your proverbial A–.hole

  • Andrea Lyle

    I will vote for Ron Paul if I have to write him in. Mitt Romney has already consented to being a puppet for the NWO. The man has no concern for our liberty or freedom.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian Libertarian

    I have said it before in a previous post and i will repeat it here: Israel and Zionists in the U.S. will choose the President of the U.S. and it is MOST DEFINATELY NOT going to be Ron Paul, mainly be cause he will stop the welfare/fraud payments of BILLIONS of dollars to the Rothschilds and Israel

    • T i m

      If RON PAUL does not win , IT IS BECAUSE BUSH SENIOR SAID SO . BUSH family has endorsed Romney . Bush SR. said past fall , Romney will be president . I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT RON PAUL . ….THE BUSH FAMILY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME . Marco Rubio will not make any difference . U S A Today said 2 weeks ago , Obama will beat Romney with NO PROBLEM . In my opinion , the welfare population is to big to fight . ADD the teachers union to it , same as last time . Gov. in my state has endorsed Romney , against the will of the people . THE SHEEP ARE FOLLOWING THE BUSH FAMILY IN BLIND FAITH ……. Romney will continue the REPUBLICAN AGENDA , business as usual . Same as what Obama is doing . Obama is depending on the welfare population , and the teachers union , same as before . My name is T i m

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    With the only remaining decent candidate, Newt Gingrich, out of the race, that now leaves the GOP with only two lemons – a McGovern-like crackpot AKA MoRon Paul, and a RINO – Obamney. The latter will undoubtedly be the nominee and perhaps the next POTUS. Think about the GOP and RNC, and wonder if the 2012 election is perhaps rigged for an unfavorable outcome. And of course, it is frustrating and sounds fishy that so many people will listen to the GOP establishment and vote for the RINO Obamney. Why not look at history and remember that in 1980 and 1984, we had a bold outspoken solid conservative nominee who won in two landslides. But in 1976, 1996 and 2008, we had Ford, Dole and McCain, respectively. These weak moderates lost to the Democraps. And this Romneycare RINO appears even more liberal than the 3 abovementioned losers. That’s why I say “Why ROMNEY?” – meaning “Why Repeat Old Mistakes – Not Educated Yet?”

    I was at the voting precinct in Woodside, NY last Tuesday, but there wasn’t much turnout. Surprisingly, Rick Santorum was still on the ballot despite withdrawing from the race. It was great to cast a vote against the Romneycare RINO and crackpot Ron MoRon Paul. (in contrast, we heard that these two lemons were the only ones on the ballot in states like Virginia.) ….. Well, now I can honestly say: Don’t blame me. I voted for Santorum!!

    • Ace Mcloving

      Mr Number one dumb a– Earl all you have to do is pull your head out of the place where the sun never shines and go back to the uninformed place you come from you must have voted for Obama the traitor from Africa which makes you a traitorous butt head we need to put you up on charges and execute you along with the other treasonous traitors.

    • Gea

      Could we have an electible Third Party candidate who could defeat our Caliph-in-Cheif AND Rumney? Perhaps some courageous and smart individuals suddenly shows up and through Internet gets enough traction to win over lemons ;-)?! Even though I do not care for Rumeny, at least he would not be dangerous to the Western civilization of Barak Hussein Obama is with his helping Isralmists in Egypt and caving into them in Afghanistan, while pretending to lead a war on terror. Obama must be retired from the White House, in spite of his talking nice and telling everybody what they want to hear, including very witty performance at the Gridiron dinner last weekend.

      • T i m

        There is not enough TIME to get a good message to the masses from a 3 rd party pperson . RON PAUL was going to last election and decided it was not a good idea. 3 rd party has got to win 2 4 0 0 delegates in 6 months to be on ballot . …I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT RON PAUL .

  • Gang Buster 2012


  • Gang Buster 2012

    Gingrich is somewhat like Mccain…..They are both of the wall.Vote Ron Paul or you may end up with another person almost as bad as Obomba!!!!!!!


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