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Ron Paul: ‘Government Has Zero Moral Authority To Legislate Against Violence’

December 27, 2012 by  

Ron Paul: ‘Government Has Zero Moral Authority To Legislate Against Violence’
Do schools need armed gaurds?

The Nation is still mourning the terrible loss of life that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., nearly two weeks ago. And the debate about how to prevent future mass shootings, particularly in schools, continues with emotional—and often irrational—suggestions from individuals and organizations all over the country.

Coming to the conclusion of his Congressional career and after a failed bid for the Presidency, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) has been noticeably out of the media spotlight for a number of weeks. But as everyone from the National Rifle Association to leftist anti-gun groups throw in two cents about how the Nation should proceed in the conversation about guns, mental illness and violence, the Libertarian icon took to his Congressional website recently to plea for rational discourse.

Paul points out the misguided logic that both the political right and left have employed in trying to understand how America should proceed:

Predictably, the political left responded to the tragedy with emotional calls for increased gun control.  This is understandable, but misguided. The impulse to have government “do something” to protect us in the wake national tragedies is reflexive and often well intentioned.  Many Americans believe that if we simply pass the right laws, future horrors like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting can be prevented.  But this impulse ignores the self evident truth that criminals don’t obey laws.

The political right, unfortunately, has fallen into the same trap in its calls for quick legislative solutions to gun violence.  If only we put armed police or armed teachers in schools, we’re told, would-be school shooters will be dissuaded or stopped.

Paul goes on to make the same case he has for more than three decades: More government regulation is not the answer. Putting aside emotion, the veteran Congressman points out that the tragic killing of the children at Sandy Hook mustn’t be used as the political lynchpin for increased Government tyranny in the United States.

He writes:

[D]o we really want to live in a world of police checkpoints, surveillance cameras, metal detectors, X-ray scanners, and warrantless physical searches?  We see this culture in our airports: witness the shabby spectacle of once proud, happy Americans shuffling through long lines while uniformed TSA agents bark orders.  This is the world of government provided “security,” a world far too many Americans now seem to accept or even endorse.  School shootings, no matter how horrific, do not justify creating an Orwellian surveillance state in America.

The point, Paul contends, is that the violence Americans are witnessing on a near daily basis is the result of decades of “moral and intellectual decline.” Furthermore, can Americans trust a government that kills thousands of people overseas with unmanned drones each year to have the moral authority to implement legislation to keep them safe from the occasional deranged gunman in the homeland? Paul’s answer: They absolutely cannot unless they’re willing to live in a totalitarian state.

Read Paul’s full message here.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • cawmun cents

    They are willing to live in a toatalitarian state….I live in California…I am quite ashamed to admit…..-CC.

    • Vicki

      “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” – Declaration of Independence.

      • Warrior

        Here’s an excerpt from today’s Dan Mitchell’s column in which he portrays the “lefts” newly modified Declaration.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people should be made equal, that they are endowed by their government with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are jobs, healthcare and housing.–That to secure these rights, Governments must rule over the people, deriving their just powers from the consent of the elite, –That whenever the people becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the Elite to alter or to abolish it, and to institute more Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect the power and control of the elite. …We, therefore, the Representatives of the political elite, in faculty lounges, Assembled, appealing to the United Nations for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of government, solemnly publish and declare, That the American people ought to be governed by the United Nations; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Constitution, and that all political connection between them and the Founding Fathers, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as highly-taxed and dependent States, they have full Power to levy taxes, disrupt Peace, contract new departments and agencies, regulate Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which the political elite may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of the establishment media, we mutually demand your Lives, your Fortunes and your sacred Honor.”

      • cawmun cents

        Transient causes indeed…..government involvement in the housing market has left many homeless,and their regulatory domination of the populace has left many jobless.
        Now there are an entire generation of homeless,jobless people to have the government serve…unfortunately they have to tax everyone else to get it done.It just helps them institute a communist government that can take care of everyone…..that same old way it always has…by decreasing the number of citizens sharply.Hence the need to disarm the citizens,which makes all that possible.
        Fear not,they do this with honorable intent.Party members will be well taken care of,until there is dissent,then they can join the rest of the decreasing population.
        Just ask anyone….eddie47d,Flashy,Robert Smith,…..they are all card carrying members,and have no fear of instituting this type of government.
        They will be well treated until their usefulness runs out……

    • Bruce

      lets not forget the GUN VIOLENCE our government is GUILTY of.
      How will they protect us from THEMSELVES?
      The government is guilty of a LOT OF GUN VIOLENCE.
      How do we FIX THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?
      How can WE be safe from them.??????
      Seems like that is the only answer take the guns away from the government and give them to the military.
      Then WE as citizens will be safe from gun violence at the hands of our government.
      Ban them right away.

      • JJM123

        It is our Constitutional Right and Responsibility to be armed as well or better than the government we have constructed to serve us. The obvious that our forefathers were concerned about is that otherwise the servant is likely to decide to become the master.

      • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        I thought about it years ago and even emailed my hundreds of contacts, in the U.S.,Canada and overseas that GOVERNMENTS should be disarmed, including NO Standing MILITARY. The Swiss have the Right idea.-NO Standing army and only the citizens possess arms…….. their govenment is very compliant and co-operative and they are never in a war!!!

        • Bruce

          The Swiss have the Right idea.-NO Standing army and only the citizens possess arms.
          I agree, all citizens would be in the military but inactive. So why not also deputize every other person so we don’t need as many cops either?

      • Gary L

        Armed, we are citizens. Unarmed, we are subjects. It is just that simple.

      • Vicki

        Our forfathers distinctily disliked the concept of a standing army. What they did think was necessary to a free state was that the people be in a well regulated (well trained in current usage) militia.

        To further this condition the federal government has a law. US Code Title 10 section 311.
        “(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied
        males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section
        313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a
        declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States
        and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the
        National Guard.
        (b) The classes of the militia are -
        (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard
        and the Naval Militia; and
        (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of
        the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the
        Naval Militia.”

        You will notice that by that definition easily ~50+ MILLION of you are already in the militia. This is one of the funnier details of the liberal rant that you can’t have a gun cause you are not in a militia.

        You ARE in the militia.
        Liberals are just wrong.

      • eddie47d

        Vickie; If Liberals are so wrong then who determines which citizen is in the Militia? I’ve run across a few hot headed gun owners who I wouldn’t want anywhere near me or fighting for this country. Owning a weapon doesn’t pin a sheriff’s badge on anyone! Besides that I have never heard anyone say you can’t own a gun because you are not in a Militia!

      • vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “Vickie; If Liberals are so wrong then who determines which citizen is in the Militia?”

        I gave you the law. I know legalese may be difficult to read but that one seemed pretty straight forward

        eddie47d: “I have never heard anyone say you can’t own a gun because you are not in a Militia!”

        That is only because you are very new to the debate. Militia membership is a standard progressive excuse for why people can not have firearms suitable to military use. The rather famous Miller case in the 1930s was just such a debate.

    • ibcamn

      my daughter and i lived in Palm Springs near to Cathedral City and we moved because of the violence and crime was so bad.I use to have to chain(logging)my motorcycle to the back of the frame on my truck to keep it from being stolen!!So. Cal. is just nasty!and don’t be sorry for it,make a change,you will feel a lot better!..but yes California is bad for everything(healthcare to voting)that state is going to be Mich. shortly!

    • Benjamin Fox

      What the idiots in government don’t realize, is that it isn’t a mental problem but, a spiritual problem. Man is three part being, body, spirit and soul and mental illness only deals with two of the pieces and not the most important one, the spiritual. No God, then no hell, no punishment, then do what is right in your own mind. Kicked God out of the schools and then they ask where was God? Immoral will do what is immoral.

      • eddie47d

        What Crusade are you on? How many people have died in wars in the name of God?

      • vicki

        Eddie47d. How many people have died in wars in the name of government?

      • Gordon


        Democide: Death by Government

        “A monopoly of violence by the government itself.
        The true purpose of gun restrictions and disarmament legislation is to monopolize the use of force into the government itself: to hold the people of the world into a perpetual state of surrender to those who control the guns- the governments.”

        In the last century:

        1/4 billion people were killed outside of war….

        6 times more than were killed by their governments than those killed in war.


        Our founding fathers repeatedly warned us about this and wrote the Constitution to protect us.

    • Gordon

      Try Rand McNally= see all those dots with names by them? Those represent groups of people who chose to live together. Pick one, and move.

  • Harold Olsen

    Though I consider Ron Paul to be a nut job, this is one time when he is absolutely correct.

    • Vicki

      You are not making a good case by saying that you agree with a nut job.

    • johno

      I hear many say that Paul’s a nut job and I can’t figure out why. Straight forward, good morals, unwavering principles, common sense. We need more of these type of ‘nut jobs’.

      • vicki

        Denigrating the messenger is a standard Alinsky tactic for dealing with political opposition. Though not as messy as Stalin’s solutions it still can have negative impact on the victims life.

  • Larry King

    Ron Paul is 100% correct and even tho much of his statements are what i consider whacko this is one time he said all the right words. Sadly because of some of his previous ideas most in the NUT HOUSE in DC will not support him…

  • JimH

    “criminals don’t obey laws”. That means laws that hinder the “law abider” will make us that much easier of a target.
    People talk about “common sense” gun laws. So far I haven’t heard any.

    • ibcamn

      right,it’s the responsibility of the gun owner to act responsible.and yes almost all the gun laws are or are going to hinder what gun owners can and cannot do.liberal’s think they know best,but progressives think they know it all!that’s why we have so many problems and grips!

      • Jayden

        There are lots of irresponsible people in the world, but not nearly as many as the responsible ones. We need to bring a condemation towards those whom are more irresponsible concerning their use of firearms and basicly start weeding those folks out. Gun control is a big flop. Those communities that do practice this within western culture, find themselves in worse shapethan those whom excerise more resposibility. Heck, any privilage or reposibility when abused can become more evil. But if you take all the guns from law abiding citizens, you not only assure that criminals will be the only ones with guns, you will assure an easy path for more victimization by removing random obsticles to the path of would-be agressors! Not very smart at all. Until humans take care of themselves better and are more resposible, we will need to be more vigilant and be better prepaired.

    • Vicki

      JimH writes:
      “People talk about “common sense” gun laws. So far I haven’t heard any.”

      I’ve heard of one.
      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Constitution of the United States of America.
      It’s not just common sense, its the SUPREME LAW of this land.

      • JimH

        Hi Vicki, I stand corrected. Good call.

      • vicki


    • old hill billy

      vicki: thanks appreciated info

  • STEVE E.

    If they banned guns, the unions will get a waiver from it. And they won’t confiscate them from the non conformist southern states without conflict.

    • Gordon

      NOTE= It is Middle America. It’s not just the “southern” and “redneck” perceived populace that knows that weapons are intended by our Founding Fathers to be THE deterrent to tyranny and government oppression. Just as they (FF) themselves were oppressed and coerced by the British military and therefore wrote specifically that 2nd Amendment.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    I think I’ve got another suggestion to save money when your army personnell come back home from fighting the Taliban, they should be offered jobs in the police forces and the current police should be drastically reduced in numbers as they are becoming sillier by the week and need to go live in the real world or maybe sent off to fight in foreign lands themselves instead of picking and harrassing your citizens as I read all the stupid actions against your citizens.

    • ibcamn

      i think the big problem would be,p.t.s.d.(healthcare issues) and would they want the job and then the unions would make a new branch to the policemans union(more union $$) blah blah blah…ect..see the point i’m getting at?that would be near impossible and would piss of a lot of police and so on and so on….we have program’s that hire vet’s now and that is slow moving at best!intension’s are good but highly unlikely!

  • Tigerous

    If there were no guns anywhere, it would be hatchets or swords or arrows or knives or clubs or rocks or fists and whomever had more and bigger would victimize others. The problem is not in things, it is in us and our cultural underpinning of violence. Absent some long-term fix to that, we need to improve our flaccid mental-health “system”. Start with better screening of 7th grade kids for behavioural issues, monitoring of those meeting certain thresholds, re-evaluation in 9th grade with further monitoring as appropriate and final assessment in 11th grade, with ongoing monitoring, supervision, counseling/therapy, and medication per clinical pathways, or institutionalisation as a last resort for those in the “at-risk” category. It would cost money for improved training and expanded ranks of mental-health clinicians, but probably not more than a few Solyndra scams. it would pay back many times the cost in terms of tragedies avoided, better understanding of our population’s mental health, and peace of mind for the country as a whole. Not a perfect plan (some kids never make it to the 11th grade and the ACLU would stroke out at it’s intrusiveness into kids’ psyches), but far better than what we have.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia

    In another posting today I also made another suggestion to save money in both taxes and expenditure by using all the guns you have in your American society, you dont need the police or the army to defend yourselves. I think you could save $trillions if some of your patriotic citizens took it in turns to act as community police to maintain law and order, so saving enough money in no time to pay out your national debt. I think you should suggest this idea to Congressman John Boehner and to your President to help solve your taxing problems with the fiscal cliff.

    • cawmun cents

      But then the criminal element of society would be treated unfairly by the citizens and disappear entirely putting millions of lawyers out of work.Politicians as we all know are comprised mostly of retired lawyers and judges,so that would severely curtail our need for such a large government,correct?Heck the court system of this country generates so much cash for the state and federal governments that what you are suggesting would put them out of business.
      That is why it would never work in the minds of the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals,or what we used to call the White House.
      They would rather use strangulatory laws to take away your freedoms and act as if they are accomplishing it in good faith,rather than let the citizens take care of their own.
      That way they can fool you into thinking that it is good for your wealth to decrease,and their control over it to increase,for the common good of mankind,correct?
      Meanwhile they live lavishly and suck your coffers dry,while you think you are taking care of the masses,who remain at the same level of poverty they started at.
      Hmmmm….havent I seen this before somewhere?

    • ibcamn

      we have constables,but even they cost money and get greedy!same with volunteer fireman!and the police aux.

  • Tony Kammerer

    Ron Paul is right to an extent (as usual).
    Proposals to lift restrictions that disallow school staff/teachers/visiting parents exercising their rights of self defense (carry concealed as many do daily outside of schools) would reduce government infringement and remove the lure of “gun free zones” to maniacs who see them for what they really are, “defenseless victim zones”.

    • Ron Pariseau

      My Daughter is 5th Grade Teacher in Masachusetts, she has a 10 year old student who has a, “PAROL OFFICER!” I have no idea why, but I worry about her all the time, I have offered her a self-defense course on how to disarm a armed intruder, I also want her to take a LEAGL Gun course, and get a CCW, learn how to safely use it, I want her to take an class room evassion class on how to safe guard her children and get them out of the building howver possible. Her school Principle was just on Local TV saying what a great security system they have at the school. Let Me tell you this, “HE LIES”! There are NO locks on the front doors, there are NO video cameras at the front doors, the class room doors DO NOT LOCK! What kind of security is this? She is afraid to voice her ideas, as one Teacher was just put on administrative leave for bringing up her safety concerns. THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT CONCERNED TEACHERS! I gave a my Daughter a list of this to present, being a fraid for her job, I told her to send it anonomously. Give it to me and I will have a frined in California send it What the hell is wrong with people today? They cannot see where the problem is, and they cannot see how to at least help fix part of it! All they ant to do is blame LEGALLY LICENSED GUN OWNERS! Remember this Tony, when all the guns are taken a way, the Drive-by shooting, the COP and Firemen killings, the schoo invasions and killing of inncoent children, gangs shooting each other up (I think this should a be a mandetory law to allow gangs to kill each other!) all these bad things will continue to happen UNTIL< you get the INSANE, VIOLENT MOVIES AND VIDEO GAMES under control, and keep the INSANE where they belong, in institutions, DO NOT let Felons out of jail due to over crowding, In CT our Governor did that, and a Family in Cheshire what raped, mudered and house set on fire. YUP! our Dudley Go-Gooder Governor screwed up!
      Our State Congess also did away with the Death Penalty, bad idea, if to costly, I will volunteer to pull the switch on the Electric Chair, no problem at all. The one good thing is, GOD will sort it all out!

  • B ill

    As a legal gun owner, I think one answer to all this mayhem is to absolutely ban the manufacture, sale and distribution of assault rifles and hi capacity cartridge magazines. A
    sportsman doesn’t need a rapid firing assault rife to kill his prey (unless the hunter is a poacher). Assault rifles are strictly for Police SWAT teams and the military…That’s it….I have been a gun owner for years and have no problems with a STRICT ban on assault rifles. And instead of having armed guards in the schools, why not reinforce all entry doors
    with steel plates so the intended shooter cannot enter the school to begin with. Any attempt to blast his/her way into the school will immediately alert the school personnel to call the authorities.

    • Ron Pariseau

      In regards to secure doors, the Sandy Hook School had security doors, LOCKED! The “kid” (insane individual), broke thru the glass and unlocked the door, went to the office, confronted the Principle, killed her, and proceeded to go to the back class rooms (I do not quite know the significants of this) and proceeded to kill 20 innocent, beautiful, wonderful children and 6 Hero Teachers.

      He killed his Mother in bed, the ONLY ONE who could have alerted the Authorities. He practiced at the school for a long time, he was seen slithering down the Hall walls, and NO ONE picked up on it, NO ONE! IF, a trained Security person (Police person or other) had a gun in their possession, this would not have happened!

      • Skyler

        All strange acting people should be closely watched and listened to.

      • Gordon

        SKYLER that’s the thinking that makes the liberals declare military personell and Constitutionalists and 2nd Amendment advocates as “terrorists”.

    • http://midcontent brand inspector

      B ill, better ban all car motors over 3.5 go cart motors, since killer cars kill the most people. The assult rifles is just another socialist/media BS term. It isn’t the style of the gun, it is the mental moron operating the machine, just like cars don’t kill people no matter the power unit, it is the freak behind thevwheel. B ill you can not count you wooden stick gun or a water pistol as beign a gun owner. As for enforcing the entry points to a school, what a damn joke, short of a plate steel entry point, ehich would cause death to all kids because they can not swing it, spoken like a true socialist government loving clown. Anything liberials support is alway turned into a snafu at best.

      • eddie47d

        I see Brand Inspector is bringing up the old car trick that people die in car accidents so what’s wrong with a little death with guns. Gee mommy I need my gun fix and you can’t stop me! I suppose if someone is dying from a heroin overdose you’d shoot them up with more heroin! No you take the damn needle away from them!

      • Bill

        Hi Brand
        And while we are at it, we should ban obesity because it kills a 1000 times more people than guns. We could have the local liberal papers publish the names of fat people just to shame them. And we could ban McDonalds hamburgers

        I would prefer to keep my AK47 and I will give up McDonalds

      • Gordon

        Great Eddy. How do you suppose that the guns be taken away from ONLY the criminals and insane?…. without violating the 2nd Amendment? Nothing has worked yet……

        including giving fines and revoking driver’s licenses for DWIs who still drive dangerously.
        Would you outlaw all cars because a small % of the population uses them to kill people?

  • Skyler

    Kick the dogs long enough and they will indeed turn on you with avengence.

  • http://goggle Dale sorenson

    Some one tell me why this gun problem has to be one sided by those for control and those against control. Do we have to be as nuts as the “shooter” ? Blame the movies, videos,violence,cars that kill,drugs,money…anything but the gun. December 15 1791 the
    2nd amendment was adopted.There is no one alive today that can describe a gun of that
    day Times have changed…so have guns, I sincerely believe NO ONE out side of the military should own an AK-7—Bushmaster or automatic weapon that sprays bullets (fed by clips holding multiples of ammo}. You say guns do not kill..disturbed people with guns
    do…that’s a fact. The bag limit of a six-shooter is six compared to a bushmaster which is much higher. Let’s stop our yelling at each other ..listen to both sides and address this
    problem of our love affair with guns. We are supposed to be mature..not in first grade…but the other day somebody was.. ’nuff said..!

    • Bruce

      if we give up our guns or any portion of them, we have crippled the constitution to the point where it can be eliminated completely. we (the people) are the defenders of the constitution. Do not allow anyone to “chip away at it” we are surrounded by our enemies, they live beside us and next to us, we invited them to “come live with us” now we have a problem, those that live among us don;t like how we live and want us to change to suit them. WRONG WRONG WRONG, should we shred our constitution so we can have shera law here? that would be so stupid, but what do our enemies push for? we certainly should not do as our smiling “trojan horse” occupying enemy requests. The slave wants to be the master. And we are set up as the worlds only light on a hill” we need to stay as we are the one point of real freedom in the world. The only “speed bump” in the way of global domination by the enemies of American’s personal Freedoms. We have way way way more enemies than we have friends in this world. Many nations smile at us and do business with us but secretly wish our total and complete demise. Many groups are working feverishly on just this goal to see the west go face down for good. Many are willing to lose most of their own populations to achieve these blood covered goals. Has anyone noticed we are reaching peak food production while the breeding rates of some 3rd world countries are taking off like a moon rocket. What do you plan on doing with all those 9 billion people, when you have one year of no rain? How long before the world is consumed in food riots? Why does North Korea need a million man standing army? if not to help with the invasion of America by the group of American hating countries that have been assembled for the upcoming invasion of North America. Can we stand against the rest of the UN? us against the world? not without every American owing a military grade assault rifle with a BIG clip and a large box of ammunition, just like the Swiss model, where there have been no wars for a long time. And who have a very low crime rate. Everyone is armed so who will you try to rob? What is the crime rate is Swiss land? and how does having a gun in every house affect the crime rate there? There are no gun free zones there, for a nut to go nuts in. UC has gun free zones that seem to attract shooters that want to kill without being killed. aren’t gun free zones really mass murder zones? please fix your local sign that says gun free zone to say mass murder zone. And encourage your friends to think “freely” and shut off that TV, it lies to you, and confuses you to the truth, every day. Those that own the media think they can control your mind, Stalin said he who owned the US media controls the minds of all Americans. So who does own the media and what if his agenda? News used to be about telling the truth now it is just a propaganda arm of the government who’s first allegiance is to another country or government style. , but owned by people not in the government. So who is trying to steer this country? a citizen or a foreigner? and what way is this country being steered? ?right into a sturdy Oak tree?
      keep thinking free and shut off the media.

  • johno
    This explanation of the need for weaponry is the best I’ve come across.


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