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Ron Paul For President

January 23, 2012 by  


I am a regular reader of The Bob Livingston Letter™ and I was wondering if you have endorsed Ron Paul yet and if not why?


Jack Seckel

Dear Jack Seckel,


Best wishes,



Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • steve

    I don’t see Ron Paul helping this country get out of this mess and that is why the voting # don’t show it for him and never have. And I can see him having his son as VP and I don’t care for him at all.

    • Free Mind

      And I don’t see that your comment is relevant. Like most clueless Americans your comment is based on feeling rather than logic.
      So, you ‘don’t like” Rand Paul? Who would you pick? Brad Pitt?
      Go crawl back in your cage and wait for Obama to give you your free food.

      • Anthony

        I agree with you free mind, Most people make their decisions based on feeling rather than logic. Instead of doing the careful research that is required to make a Ron Paul decision, they listen to their friends and others who are against him and support there claims without and viable knowledge! Anyone who truly knows how our money works, and that its printed out of thin air with a percentage of debt attached knows that our current system is set up to enslave the people that are tied to it, Ron Paul knows this, and so do those who support him. There isnt a single other candidate that will shut this system down and implement a new one. That is the HOPE that we need to rebuilt this great nation! RON PAUL 2012!

        • R from Nevada

          right on anthony

          • sandy

            Ditto! Ron Paul is the only one with common sense. He will work to get us out of this mess, by helping people understand their right to liberty. How people just don’t understand this to begin with is beyond me. I can only imagine that it is because our government has done a good job of brainwashing and indoctrinating society.

        • CloudWalker

          If you look at his voting record in Congress you will see that Ron Paul is FOR the American people. He has no agenda to ‘big business’ and will help each and every one in the Middle Class. He is a logical choice to help the country reclaim the life styles we have lost with the last several Presidents. It is time to make America the GREAT country she has been and can be again, don’t you think?

          • Andee

            He is the best candidate to comfe forth since Lincoln, perhaps Kennedy for most of us know he was killed by our leaders because he would not play in their courts all the time…nevertheless, he is gone and now we have another chance for a truly good and fine candidate in Ron Paul..go Paul go!!!!

        • Devil Dog, USMC,DAV


          • Brady

            I served during the stupid ‘Nam era and you mister Marine should read the Constitution and then honestly tell me Ron Paul is a nut.The President was sworn in to uphold the law and who was the last President to do that.All he is saying, we have lost our Liberties and Freedoms do to the fact the Federal gov’t has gotten too big.

            The Federal gov’t responsibilities are to provide a monetary system and a defense of our country.They blew the monetary system in 1913 by passing an illegal ratification to allow a private company like the Federal Reserve print money.Plus,why do we have 900 bases all over the world,which 300 are secret.This isn’t a defense of our country ? We were not to be the policemen of the world.

            So,Mr.marine,get your facts right before you make such uneducated posts.Ron Paul is for downsizing the gov’t and to bring our money back and follow the Constitution.Does that sound nutty ??

          • Blue Devil

            Devil Dog — I served with the 88th Division in WWII. Look up their combat record, if you care. I also support Ron Paul, and I am certified sane and competent!

          • heath griffis oswego ny

            I consider you dumb dog! Do some research before you start running your mouth…

          • Andee

            What have you done for our country that is so great and noticeable..have you given an arm or a leg; if so, I will be quiet, but until then, I would ask that you study the other three candidates…all three are big spenders and big government..that is clear as a bell…I do not see Biblical principles in any of know the Principles that this once great nation was settled under and for….please take the time and read up on the other three…I bet you change your mind.

        • Vic

          I am not an American, but well said Anthony.

      • Ted Crawford

        Free Mind????
        Why do the vast majoriety of you who support Dr. Paul feel the need, as do most Progressives, to attempt to belittle and demean those who feel differently than you?
        The over zelouse, seemingly at time even mindless devotion to Dr. Paul is eerily reminiscent to that given to Obama in 2008! The more I read from Dr. Pauls supporters the more confident I become that my belief that he must not be allowed anywhere near any seat of power is the correct one!

        • ChristyK

          Don’t let some bad apples ruin your views on Ron Paul who is an honorable, honest man who truly cares about this country. Free mind started with a reasonable if somewhat insulting comment but ended up with unnecessary insults. Unfortunately our public school system doesn’t teach logic and debating so most americans resort to insults. It gives everyone a bad name.

          Ron Paul supporters, please use facts and logic, not insults to support Ron Paul. The insults drive people away. It is hard enought to convince people of the truth of his message when they have been taught otherwise from birth. We don’t need personal insults driving people away from the cause of liberty and truth.

          • Antony

            Thank you ChristyK,

            I try to say the same in comment sections when similar remarks are made. We need to be vocal, definitely, but civil in all dealings. Facts and manners boost candidates, but nasty remarks and insults just turn people off… and NOT just the person to whom the remarks were made.

        • Anthony

          Ted you must open your eyes! Its not Ron Paul that we are voting for….its what he believes in! The problem with our country lies within our monetary system (Federal Reserve). Its is the top of the pyramid…its like going to the doctor with a broken leg and telling him to look at your arm! If the doctor wraps up your arm and puts a brace on it will it help your leg? You see all the other candidates talk about the problems we have……but none except Paul will even talk about what is feeding all of our problems. If the people want their country back we have to go to the source of the problem! The Federal Reserve! If you want to wake-up Get the Book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.

          But I must warn you once you wake-up you can never go back! That’s what Ron Paul really means when he say “once somebody comes to our side to vote they never go back!

        • Fred Van Liew

          Why not go to and read what Ron is actually saying and has done? Novel idea. To call Ron Paul supporters “Progressives” is to be clueless about its meaning. It is hard not to snipe at those who parrot media propaganda while staying uninformed of the truths. Yes, that takes initiative to find the Truth, as it is in short supply in politics. You can find it on the KevinTrudeau show,, and its archives. Ron Paul is the real deal, and until we want the real deal, we will continue to get those who read prompters and speeches well, even though they are not sharing beliefs or their heart, just entirely to get elected.

          • Scott

            Ted never said that Ron Paul supporters are progressives. He compared the zealotry of some Ron Paul supporters to that of “most progressives”. And I agree. Some of the pro-Paul comments posted here and elsewhere make me wonder. If his supporters are that mean and condescending, how do you think that reflects on him?
            However I don’t think the mean-spirited posts are based on dedication to the candidate. IMO, it’s a person’s “internet personality”, and it can be seen anywhere online. “You dare to disagree with ME?! You sorry piece of @#$^, I’m gonna $%&*@ your mindless little ^%#&%!!!”
            Chill out people, and let’s have a reasoned discussion without the insults.

        • Brian

          Perhaps it is you that has a problem if you decide who to vote for based on comments by supporters instead of the positions and record of the candidate. But now we know how America got into this mess.

        • David H.

          Either you don’t know what a progressive is or you think of as a term to use to belittle Ron Paul supporters! In either case, calling Ron Paul a progressive just shows your ignorance! A progressive is a person or group with the ideal to circumvent the Constitution in order to change America’s political and economic system from what the founding fathers had set up! Ron Paul has fought for decades to preserve Constitutional government while people like Romney and Santorum and Gingrich have ignored the Constitution in order to advance their ideals!! If you are going to use the term “progressive”, use it to describe the candidates who are progressives, not a true conservative such as Ron Paul!!

        • mac

          Unfotunately, sir, when you speak of mindless devotion, you must refer to yourself.. I think it was Einstein that said that doing the same thing over and over again is the very definition of insanity. We have been puttng these people in office for decades and they always compromise our liberty. Yet you want to do the same thing that has been done for decades, that has worked only for losing liberty and creating a larger aand larger police state. You obviously are a big government enthusiast. You apparently know nothing of Mr. Paul, and know nothing of small government. Since I never was a Paul follower until this year, I DID DO my research with full diligence, I will never vote for another conservative socialist again. You may do so, and I will not call you names as you have I. I will not ask why you choose to keep drinking tha poison kool aid. Those things are your own responsibility. One thing I will do, the next time you cry about intrusive government is tell you, once again, the definition of insanity ( and chuckle at the absurdity of your complaint), so you can recall your mental status.

        • Bruce Porter Sr

          So you are happy with the status quo? You have got to work hard to show me any difference between the Kenyan and any of the other republicans. Heck, Romney is indistinguishable, except, of course, skin color. So I submit to you that a vote for Romobama is simply a racist vote. There is no real difference in their big government (marxist) theology…whoops, politics. The Grinch is a chameleon, and goes to the highest bidder….check his record of non-accomplishment and double dealing.
          I have been asked to run for office by both parties long ago, however, being ordained and a politician was kinda like being a “holy devil” so I passed, my salvation being more important to me.
          I’m also a combat wounded Airborne Ranger, Special Forces (Green Beret), so I have fought in one of our non declared illegal (under that instrument that all politicians except Dr Paul hate, the Constitution) wars. Aren’t you getting sick and tired of the banks getting rich sending us to fight various wars for no particular legitimate reason? Gotta stop…I might get emotional and cry on my Purple Heart that made LBJ millions.

        • T-RAV_9

          The fact that more and more people are talking about Ron Paul is not at all making him like Obama in 2008. The reason people are talking about him is because he is real. He wants to solve the real issues in America rather than tell the public that they will be solved with no intention of doing it. If you notice the media is bashing Ron Paul and the public likes him. With Obama the media was in live with him and that is what made the people love him. But now the people are seeing right through the nonsense and propaganda and opening thier eyes and they can sense that the real answer is Ron Paul. Just doing the research yourself and not depending on the media can do alot. His love for the constitution and hi knowledge of the monetary system can turn this country around. RON PAUL 2012

        • Andee

          Are you feeling a bit down in the dumps? Do you feel a pity party for yourself? Is it so wrong to have a sincere passion for a truly good candidate in your mind? Is it wrong to take time to truly study a candidate before you become passionate and believe in his strengths, acknowledge his weaknesses and then, well, we all have the latter, but sometimes we need to step back and realize that perhaps in our own, narrow minds, that just perhaps we have misjudged and mischaracterized a person for being on the right side of things for year in and year out. God Bless You and I hope you will ask the Lord to open your mind to see the true picture out there in this most critical of times.

      • Jack

        Well said

      • Andee

        Ha, Ha…

    • domingo isip

      Ron Paul’s expressed policy of zero tax on earned income alone is enough
      to generate private investments to kick-start the American economy. But of course this policy is tied to a foreign policy of non-intervention in the affairs of nations. Meaning no foreign aid, unnecessary military bases such as those in Korea, Germany, etc., closed; and departments like Education, EPA, Interior, etc., defunded.

      You have to understand all these issues before you can see how Ron Paul can help the country get out of its mess.

      About the voting numbers: You have to be patient. The numbers are rising. And if the numbers do not rise to the point of making him the nominee, be
      glad he has started to change the direction of this country to regain our
      lost opportunities for a better life.

      Think. Try to learn common sense economics. Let the creative juice in you percolate and flow . . .

      • Andrea

        Except that we as a nation don’t have the time to awaken all these apathetic or ignorant folks. While they argue over minutia regarding Dr Paul’s platform, the elites are pulling out all the stops to maintain the staus quo. They push lousy candidates into the equation to sidetrack these lazy minds and disrupt the process. Make no mistake about it, the only candidate that will even remotely help this nation and its people is clearly Ron Paul. To compare his candidacy with Obama’s shows how loosely folks understand the situation. Obama did nothing for America prior to his worthless election. Look at Ron Paul’s record in Congress for 20 yrs….. If this election goes any other way, America is lost – likely forever. Good Luck.

        • Jack

          Andrea, Your post sums up the situation very clearly. Thanks!

    • Chris

      Though I disagree with you about Ron Paul changing things, I dont’ really care for his son either.
      How ever I dont think that any other canidate is going to make things better, infact I would put money on it that things are going to get alot worse. Big Government is bad for everyone, in a sence it is a dictatorship. it has been proven time and time again that big government becomes a dictatorship.
      I wish you well.

    • Craig

      Steve, just curious, if you don’t like Ron and Rand Paul, wich crook in action, war mongering, CFR member, bail-out loving, Fed loving,big government,New world order sponcering, candidate do you like????

      • Alex Frazier


        If I can’t have Paul, I’ll take the one that robs me in the most conspicuous way, so I at least know what to complain about.

        • Steve

          So you would vote for B.O

      • Andee

        WOW!!! What a mouthful and done so curtly, so briefly!! I often get diarrhea of the mouth so I admire you!

    • Alex Frazier

      Steve, Ron Paul doesn’t have the numbers behind him because he runs on a much smaller budget, provided exclusively from his supporters. He is also constantly snubbed by the news media. He is ignored in the debates. And the media takes every opportunity they can to confuse the message of his platform, which is easy to do since the complexity behind his economic policies are way above most people’s heads.

      If the news media gave Ron Paul the kind of support they are giving Mitt Romney, Paul would be leading by a landslide right now. In the first two states alone he managed a third place win almost neck and neck with Santorum and Romney, and in New Hampshire, he was in a strong and secure second place. In both, with Santorum in Iowa and Huntsman in New Hampshire, they only took decent positions because of their dedicated efforts in those particular states. Take that out of the equation since neither Santorum nor Huntsman did very well outside of those two states, and Ron Paul is practically in a two man race. Gingrich has been practically off the map until now. But South Carolina was predominantly for Gingrich from the start. It was not an unexpected win. For all intents and purposes, we can call South Carolina Newt Gingrich’s Iowa.

      • Ron Paul is 100% for the Constitution. All three of the other remaining candidates have voted for legislation that violates it.

      • Ron Paul has a 30-year unblemished record of voting Constitutionally.

      • Ron Paul doesn’t entertain or take money from lobbyists.

      • Ron Paul is pro-life. He’s the only one of the candidates to attempt legislation that would actually overturn Roe v. Wade; to wit, the Right to Life Act, which declares life as beginning at conception.

      • Ron Paul is a declared born again Christian. Romeny is a Mormon and Santorum a Catholic. Newt, being a Southern boy, is probably Southern Baptist. Ron Paul is the only one whose policies fully reflect his faith.

      • Ron Paul intends to cut the budget in very real and achievable ways. While the other candidates posture, Ron Paul already plans to eliminate a lot of the overseas expenses in terms of unnecessary military spending and foreign aid. He also plans to eliminate five government agencies that not only suck up a lot of tax payer money, but that are oppressive in terms of business and freedom.

      • Ron Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve and eventually shut it down. In so doing, we can potentially preserve our currency and put an end to inflation, which is the government’s way of taxing us when it can’t tax us. Most people are simply too ignorant to realize that prices aren’t going up. The value of our money is going down.

      • Ron Paul was the man around which the Tea Party first started. Other GOP groups have usurped the movement to their own ends. But Paul is the impetus for the group at its inception.

      The list goes on and on. There is NO candidate who comes close to wanting to do what it is that he not only wants to do, but that he can accomplish. Most of his ideas are Constitutionally achievable without Congress.

      Ron Paul is everything the GOP claims to want. Gingrich and Romney are everything they claim to hate. But somehow, Paul is a nutjob, despite being everything the people are asking for. Romney was the winner before the race ever started, though Romney is a moderate, not a conservative, has flip-flopped on every issue important to the Republicans, and is for all intents and purposes a lighter version of Obama. Newt is the clear conservative alternative to Romney, ignoring, of course, his repeated infidelity, lobbying, ethics violations, etc.

      How anyone can come to the conclusion that someone other than Ron Paul should be our choice of candidate is beyond me.

      So don’t think that Ron Paul’s numbers are low because of any poor policy. His numbers are low because the media is trying to stifle his campaign. They have ignored him from the word go. The really amazing part of his campaign is that despite the media’s efforts, he still took over 20% of the vote in Iowa and over 30% in New Hampshire. And his number nationwide are not actually low. Relative to his numbers in the 2008 campaign, he’s actually climbing significantly.

      Do a little research my friend. Don’t be a sheep following the flock.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Excellent post.

        God Bless Ron Paul & may He keep him safe.

      • Andee

        This was a super post; it said most of everything that we “passionate” supporters of Ron want to always say, to scream perhaps, shout it to the heavens..which reminds me, knee power will help here I just bet!

        Take a moment and also consider this…Congress does not like it, government employees hate it…CUT the latter 50%..boy we do not need 99 people serving two, do we? Salaries of legislators down, they pay for their own retirement, insurance, etc., when they are out, they do not continue to receive perks from the government…what is wrong with that and lastly, he stated if elected my salary will be $39,000 plus a not have the exact what is wrong with that figure? DC people are so overly paid and DC is overly staffed…go RON PAUL…

      • Andee

        I recently learned something, well almost learned something for I am not sure I understand it…before the caucus of the involved states and the primary voting started, many delegates were on Ron’s side; then somehow, Romney got them..I am told that if Romney does not garner enough delegates then they go bye bye and those once Ron delegates would revert back to him…anyone know what I am talking about?

      • Andee

        Now the Tea Party group is so out of touch with reality, they do not even acknowledge him..they are, or at least some groups are, touting NEWT..were they ever sane? I left the group a long time ago when Palin was being touted..she is beautiful, smart and did a good job in Alaska, but with her supporting Newt, it is good she did not run…she is like the rest of the Republicans.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Ron Paul acks like Roben Hood But only wears a white sheet over his head

      • Dorthy

        Cindy, you got that right. Ron Paul will lose because of his ideas on foreign policy. You can not make America weak.

        • Brian

          Offensive military campaigns against non-threats do not weaken us. If Ron Paul’s foreign policy is the dangerous policy why is it the policy of everyone else is the policy that has placed us in peril?

        • Patrick

          There are a zillion posts here, so pardon if I duplicate, but DOROTHY, your remark about Ron’s foreign policy is one of the main problems we have in this country RE the election process and what people should do before they make any decisions.
          I’m talkin’ HOMEWORK. If you don’t do the research, you cannot make sound, information-based statements. Don’t confuse this with what you hear from the media, fergawdsakes.
          Ron Paul’s position is to “return to a foreign policy that puts America’s security first; not fighting wars, policing, and ‘nation-building’ all over the world. Our troops are too valuable to be needlessly put in harms way to serve other nation’s interests.” And further, with over 900 military installations in over 150 countries, our “National security has been compromised because our troops are spread too thin. They belong home, defending America.”
          The above quotes are from the Ron Paul “Super Brochure,” and should give you, Dorothy, and others who are unaware of these facts relative to Dr. Paul’s foreign policy, pause for concern about what you have been thinking.
          PLEASE do your homework!


        • Andee

          Just because we are not out fighting wars does not mean we are weak; Paul feels and if you think about it..why should we be intervening in others’ countries? That is their land and their people, their culture, their time and their freedom or no freedoms…if they would ask, or if a true need were there we would help. Ron believes that we should take care of America first and foremost and that is true..there is nothing wrong with having our military home..they could be used at the borders to protect us; he is ex military and what he knows is no doubt a lot more than what we know about the entire world of foreign policy…for it is a heck if a lot more than fighting a war that was and is none of our business..consider this too, he would keep America’s oil at home and not sell it off to China or give them drilling rights here…nor would he be giving our money to Brazil to take our jobs, ruin their country further and not handle the monies as intended. He would not be giving Pakistan millions and then see our flag being burned just a few days after receiving the second round of millions..that is not foreign aid…that is stupidity ….plumb stupidity to do such things as mentioned.

      • Warthog0

        Fisherman…I’m trying to learn as much about all of the candidates as I possibly can, that is why I came to this blog. Can you shed some light on your assessment regarding your Robin Hood portrayal of Dr. Paul, as I believe that the Robin Hood character was more of a progressive liberal than a constitutional libertarian. RH stole from the rich and redistributed to the poor, quite a different animal. I would imagine that the Dr. Paul would not condone any stealing and redistributing of any sort, as I would not either, as it is theft no matter what. Preventing the actual theft is another subject whatsoever, one that Dr. Paul’s supporters are constantly referring. He is also against stealing from the poor and middle class and redistributing to the rich, which is the status of the situation. The gangbanksters of the world are indeed manipulating the world economy under different guises in each country, the FED and IMF in our country is case in point. Not only are they not a government agency, they do not represent nor protect the wealth of the country. They represent the gangbanksters, and wall street and the cabal that works for them and pass themselves as our government. We all know the names; Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank Of America, Citigroup, Travelers, as if they were characters of our fairy tales and nursery rhymes of our youth, for it fact, is precisely what we have been fed, fairy tales and bubbe-meises. This is so transparent and obvious to all but the recently born. As to the white sheet comment, I would like for you to present to all the basis of your research, other than the MSM attempt to paint Dr. Pall as a hobgoblin of racism, far from it. At the same time provide your own research(an easy task) with respect to the out and out racism and hatred of the American people and more pointedly the white citizenry of this country by the current tenants of the white house. I sincerely hope by the way that their beautiful children have escaped and not been infected by their parents malignant and despicable disease. I would appreciate any information you have that would paint a different picture for me of Dr. Paul. While you are at it, if you want to include any positive information or negative information of the current tenants of the white House, would be great. and yes by all means while you are at it if you choose to grace these pages with any information to the candidate of your choice that compares or supersedes Dr. Paul’s. You would be contributing to my becoming a responsible American voter. you would enlighten a great number of our citizenry that sit like wooden or stuffed toy in front of a TV and listen to a ventriloquists dummy being manipulated by the puppeteers.

        • Brady

          WarthogO-Your post was brilliant !!!

      • Andee

        Gee! You misspelled Robin! Never saw a white sheet over Ron’s head, cannot even imagine one but I sure can on Santorum and Romney..perhaps you were just tired when you wrote this..

    • patrick J Driscoll

      Does anybody stop to think that the reason Ron Paul is being left out of most of the discussions of canidates is that everyone is pointing out the non things the other canidates are doing and all their missdoings. No one pays attention to Dr. Paul because they cannot find anything derogatory to say about him. I am hoping people will come to their senses and realize what is going on and start to look at the real person we want in the white house.

      • Brian

        Naw, he’s being ignored because the Establishment fears him.

      • Andee

        Me too! He needs more media coverage but of course that will not happen; he is too good, too fine and too honest! The RNC will stick us with one of the other stooges, you know those that just sit there and run the country on big money, over taxation and too many employees who do nothing but think of ways to line their own pockets..that is the RNC for them and complain,perhaps if enough of us do, they will start thinking .. or is there a way to wind them up so they start thinking and truly want to do the best for the nation?

    • http://yahoo scout

      Steve, you are part of the problem……

    • Bill

      Hello, it not personality you know. If it is, then the people with romance with their government might as well vote for the same as they did in 2008. Get off the teenage infatuation with a person and apply reason. That’s why you were born with a brain, use it.

    • http://yahoo ted

      the only home that ron paul should be running is maybe the old folks home. sign him up before obama puts them all out of business. we need a true patriot who loves his country and who knows our history and most of all is a true believer of how ron reagen ran things. come on board all u ron paul people and newt will lead us into a better nation.

      • lostinparadise

        Hahhahahahahahaha LMAO

      • Laurie Tudor

        Thank you for your invitation, however I have sworn off off of establishment candidates. I would rather write in Ron Paul than throw away my vote one more time on either a Republican or democrate candidate. have been a republican all my life, things never changed, I guess I was a libraterian all along who didnt want to wast a vote, and for that I apologize to you all.

        • Andee

          Me too. Listen! The polls, in WY, open at seven a.m. In 2008 our one electoral vote was cast at 8:00a.m. Tell you anything? We need the electoral college gone.

      • Brady

        You want someone who ran the office like Reagan ? Well,just so you know,when Reagan took over office the deficit was 900 billion and when he left office it was over $3.7 trillion.Initially,he cut taxes one time,but after raised taxes 3 or 4 times.

        So,you want someone like him ?? I think not !



      • Devil Dog, USMC,DAV


      • Andee

        Wisdom, character, responsibility, accountability, morals, values and ethics..most important in a person no matter who he is or what he is..Ron has those and I read today that our CIA supports Ron as does Israel..would you like to take your negativity back of Ron..and the military, who can say too much against them..they support Ron with campaign support as well as lifting him up as they can..Need I type more?

    • Andee

      Wanting to get out of the is that not doing some magnanimous for our country..that means they have no business (AGENDA 21, which is their baby), in our country to tell us how to live, dress, talk and eat; rescind the Patriot Act which is as unconstitutional as can be; that is not a big deal, well it is …when it says you can be thrown in jail if you carry more than $10,000 with you or throws people from across the ponds into a holding cell with bread and water carrying a legal passport as well as being an attorney that can practice in the Staes..yeah, he even fought a case against the USA and won it…or how about getting rid of the mockery, the assaults, rape and fondling of we the people by the TSA..dogs do just as good of job and no immoral behaviors and threats; how about revamping and ridding ourselves of the insane Janet Napitilano…I swear she has nothing more to do than sit around and think of how to further hurt and abuse we Americans…that is not much is it? Then, educate our students and give the control back to the States..hmmm. that isn’t much either when the FEDS now want to throw out our early history for homosexuality education..perverse is it not? I truly do not know where you are coming from, perhaps you just do not see Ron for what he truly is…he is supported and endorsed by the CIA, Military and Israel…and Bob ….and we that want our freedoms back and the Constitution being placed back in the front lines of our nation again, with our flag being honored and the National Anthem being sung with respect instead of bellowed out as if a wild bull were singing it…nope, that is not much is it..that is and was our foundation…the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence..we are living under Tyranny now…how about repeal the NDAA law?

    • Aminata Evora

      I will not vote for Ron Paul not because i don’t like him; he is selling America to his enemies, he embarrasses us in front of the whole world by saying we are responsible to what happen to us in 911 attacked; i am againt in foreign policy. He does not talk like a president, he does not sound like a president! I will be scare to death to have someone like him as neighbor because if i was in danger or attack by someone he wouldn’t come to my rescue!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Paul does not have big money behind him and in this day and age that does not cut it for national office. This situation is componded/reinforced but the conservative court’s ruling on the Citizen’s United case. Corporations are people….give me a break!

  • Patricia

    Ron Paul is the most consistent runner in his beliefs about our civil liberties, our rights and our Constitution. He is honest, has integrity and is overall the people’s choice. Go Ron Paul!

    • http://n/a sheepdog

      Agree fully with everything you said except for him being “the peoples choice”. Unfortunately, the majority of people are now the combination of government employees, union members, liberal nut cases, welfare recipients, misguided do gooders and worthless occupier types. Also, he does not have the backing of the machine so has no chance. RP knows all this, but is steadfast in presenting his views hoping to make people think. God Bless him.

      • ChristyK

        You say that Ron Paul has no chance, but he is the only chance of beating Obama. Ron Paul is consistently polling near 20%. Very few Ron Paul supports will switch and vote for Gingrich, Romney, or Santorum if they are the nominee, so a vote for Gingrich, Romney or Santorum is a vote for Obama. Most supporters of the other 3, even if they dont’ care for Ron Paul, will vote for Ron Paul instead of Obama because they are “anybody but Obama” voters. Ron Paul will get a large majority of the independents and will even pick up anti-war and personal liberty democrats. He is our best bet to beat Obama. Saving our Republic is a nice bonus.

      • Michael McGuckin

        Sheepdog you left out Conservative nutcases.

      • Pepper

        By “the people’s choice” I think he might mean “the choice of people who have woken up and started paying attention” and our job is to keep waking people up!

        • Andee

          Awakened, there is no such word as awoken…

    • R from Nevada

      I am with you Patricia

    • Jack

      I agree 100%, He says what he believes in and does not flip flop. He is afraid of No mus lam sheik and bows to no one. Who appointed us the savior of the world anyway?

    • Andee

      AMEN! If I could figure out how to get a larger font.I would fill this whole box with his name..he is consistently good, decent and follows the Constitution which used to be the law of the land.

    • Andee

      Bob , Commenters,

      I was reading back through some of my posts..urg…Bob, we need a place to edit our posts for say 15 minutes to clean up our mess that we create because our fingers are doing the walking and not doing a good job of it!!Ha, Ha..well, it is a thought…

      • libertytrain

        I use Firefox as my browser and it automatically points out – underlining in red my spelling errors in emails and posts like this….not that I notice all my mistakes but it helps. And it won’t tell me if I wrote the wrong usage like “there” instead of “their” – but again, it really helps

  • http://None Frank Zieser

    Ron Paul is a dreamer who is fifty years behind the times.
    Newt is the only Republican who can beat Obmama.
    GO NEWT!!!!!

    • Shirley

      What good is it to just beat Obama and not have anything else to offer. Newt is a member of the Futurests Org. the alter to Progressives, they both have the same goals…..Globalist Economy

    • Ted Crawford

      Saddly I have to agree with you. Dr. Paul’s correct that we should never have abandoned our reliance on the Gold Standard, and that the Federal Reserve should never have been created! The problem is they were abandoned and created and the whole World followed us into that idiotic economic utopia. Without a hugh, multi-national agreement we dare not attempt to return! His Foreign Affairs and National Defence positions would have worked well in the 19th. century and even for the first couple of decades of the 20th.! They are totally inadaquate for any modern nation that would be a world policy maker!

      • ChristyK

        If we don’t make the big changes that Ron Paul is talking about (and no other candidate is), there will not be a Republic left, much less a world leader. Nobody (except Paul) is talking about how bad our debt is, how much of our debt is short-term and therefore how our interest is likely to go up quickly (like Europe), how that will lead to money printing which will lead to the world dropping the dollar as the world reserve currency. When the dollar is dropped we will see hyper inflation (see Weimar Republic & Zimbabwe). The country will either cease to exist or will change to a 3rd world dictatorship. We must reduce spending, increase liberty, and increase self-sufficiency to save our nation. Only Ron Paul speaks the truth. Don’t trust this nation to the liars.

        • Ted Crawford

          I’m afraid that I view the election of Dr. Paul as just another, in a series over the past two or three decades, knee-jerk response to our problems. I’m far more concerned, however with the election of a proper Congress. A properly lead and inspired Congress has far more real power than any President, by Constitutional design. The problem, of course is it takes longer and it’s far harded to accomplish that!

          • Antony

            Ted, I’m not sure how Paul’s 30+ years of the same exact positions and being right over and over during that time can be called a knee-jerk reaction. All it shows is that people are finally waking up to reality and recognizing the only available course to steer clear of the impending cliff brought about by the FED, collectivism and Washington corruption. We do not have years to turn the ship.

            I agree we have to turn Congress in the same manner, but Paul can and will SHOW how a true conservative (libertarian) can maximize freedom and prosperity by eliminating all those unconstitutional executive orders, make plain who are the TRUE RINOs in congress and bring back statesmanship and true republicanism to the White House.

            As for your FED argument, I’m not sure you know this, but he sees no reason to do away with the FED overnight, as seems to be your implied argument. He wants to repeal the legal tender laws, so that gold, silver and competing currencies can be lawful. This will allow Americans to choose their store of value. Why would anyone choose to hold Reserve Notes?? These would go away slowly and the fed would die off naturally.

          • Bill

            Ted, I agree with you. I don’t think Ron would be threatening the congress to pass this “right now” so that we can get this nation under more dictatorial control, (my words)It is up to the president to sign off on any law that would be submitted to him/her. I don’t think Ron would be in your pocketbook forcing you to do things that were against the constitution. No other candidate even comes close. Why do you think the “conservative” talk radio, the media, woman groups and other socialist don’t want him there? It’s to push their own agenda down the throats of ever one but them. They are hoping that if he is severely marginalized people will forget about his message. The message of Liberty and Freedom is just too big and strong for people who want to enslave others for their selfish pursuits. Just watch any 2 year old child’s response to limitation of their freedom. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. We freedom loving adults are the same way with a similar response when freedom, guaranteed, is imposed on us.(Try prison or house arrest to help understand if this is not clear)

      • Allan12

        “World Policy Maker”. That my friend Ted Crawford, is part of the faulty thinking of the past 100 years. Whether you call it world policy maker or policeman of the world, because only by being the world’s policeman can any nation, powerful or not, “control” or “make” world policy – i.e. be a dictator to the world. I think it is better to treat all nations as truly independent “free” and “sovereign” nations, with whom we trade to our mutual benefit. As a “somewhat” side note, the falling value of the U.S. dollar has a huge impact on the rising price of basic commodities like food to the citizens of other nations, leading to their hatred of us.

        So I have to agree with Ron Paul’s position, both with regard to the FED and his position on foreign policy.

        With regard to foreign policy, Ron Paul has not said he would dismantle our defense, only get us off of foreign land. Turning the argument around, I would hate to have the troops of any foreign nation on military bases in America, like we place on other countries.

        Now I don’t know for sure, but I suspect, because it would strengthen our defense,that Ron Paul would spend money to upgrade and research improved military technology, much like Reagon upgraded our defense technology.

        • Andee

          Anyone know who Rush is supporting not that it really matters.

      • Bill

        wouldn’t be a “world government” advocate would you?

    • R from Nevada

      I dissagree with you Frank,Newt is a globalist A member of the CFR

    • Donald LaFACE

      Voting for Gingrich is craziness..I have followed that man inadvertantly as well as on purpose since his entry into the political game,,and he’s pure mean…He talks big..but then he always had,,that man is bad news..Our choices this time are limited..and logic dictates Ron Paul..

      • Andee

        The facial contortions, body language and eye contact tell it all about a candidate and Mitt – well his eyes are even evil as are the Obummer’s eyes; his body language speaks mounds about him; Newt is a little harder to read..he is truly a professional at it all..he gets the eye contact, knows when to smile and look serious, knows when to interject a bit of humor if needed, his hands do not talk too much or too little..but he is evil..I have not always followed him but I sure have been doing my reading on each of the candidates..Mitt is downright scary!

    • Pepper

      Actually Ron Paul is 50 years ahead of the times. He sees what is going to happen to our once great Republic if we don’t have the courage to turn things around while we still can.

      When you’re in a car going 80mph towards a cliff you need to change drivers. But you don’t need a driver who will still go the same direction but only 75mph. You need somebody who is going to slam on the brakes and turn around.

      • Steve

        Yea and make drugs legal so it’s not so scary right. Yea just get high and get to work well when ya feel like it (.)(.)

        • Allan12

          Steve, do you REALLY believe about Ron Paul what you just said? Just because he believes in personal freedom and thereby believes in legalizing drugs does not say he thinks more people should use them or would use them or that using them is a useful smart thing to do!

          Reality suggests any time you attempt to limit access to any item, you increase the black market (crime element) associated with that item. Look at the short-lived prohibition era in America. Legalizing all drugs would make that commodity safer to get, would bring drug users out of the shadows and more available for getting help with their problems without the murders associated with drugs now and the cost of attempting to police drugs. Tobacco use in America has naturally declined over the last 100 years despite its remaining legal. Don’t be so afraid of legalizing other substances.

          Just so you know, I am 61 years old and have never used nor would I ever use any drug not prescibed to me by recognized member of the medical profession, and even then I would question all potential side effects. I think you need to trust people to act in their own best interests, as long as their actions don’t significantly increase your risks.

          • Mark in LA

            Of course he believes it, he saw it on Bill O’Reilly’s show and he knows Bill never lies.

      • Andee


        Good analogy! Very good! It is time, as if never before, that the sheeple get their heads out of their …… and read, study, research and study some more on these candidates..if you all would and if our friends would, they would come to vote Ron in one way or the other. It is seldom that the electoral college votes the will of the people; hence, they need gone..the RNC needs new blood, the DNC needs new blood and perhaps the capability and wanton desire to be human, caring and quit bringing fear into our precious America..God Bless America…

    • Dorthy

      Newt Gingrich has got it right when he says Obama has got to be beat.
      People, listen to his ideas. He tells you what has got to be done, to fix Washington Dc. What he will do the next day in office, is to do away with all of those zars. He goes on with things that will happen
      right after he enters the white house. He will waste no time.

      • Andee

        Newt would likely get rid of the Czars; however, he is big government and big spending…he is a member of the CFR and you need to read about that and what they are about..also the Bilderbergs…

    • Brian

      Yet in poll after poll Ron Paul are neck and beck with Obsma and Newt never comes close.

      • Andee

        If the media were fair, if the media would do its job as they are supposed to, Ron would be way out in front of flip flopper Mitt, big spender Santorum and big government Newt…truly he would…so it is up to we citizens to get the word out…I try to comment on as many lines as I can..always the same basic message as you see me posting here…for our nation, under our God, vote for Ron…he is for “We the People.” That is most important of all…………

    • Jibbs

      Voting for Newt, is like giving whiskey, car keys and loaded guns to pre-teen boys.

      • Andee


        What a comparison!!!!

    • Bill

      For G_ _ _ sake, look up the record of this guy.

    • RadiantT

      The only time that matters is Constitution time! All those that believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights have outlived their usefulness should leave this nation. Maybe Israel will let you in, doubtful.

      Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • Andee

      CFR member, big government, big spender Newt…supported the TARP bailout, the unfunded mandate and better do your research; he would make one heck of a good statesman but not President..the triangle out there now is @#%:, Newt and Romney..all three have the same characteristics..disobey the Constitution and dare the people to do a thing about it…

    • Andee

      Frank, why do we want to beat Obama with another Obama only one that he is cute, heavy set and a member of CFR and carries the same packages of what will be done as the Obummer does? Explain that to me…I forgot one thing…Obummer has these ears that he teases himself over..Newt does not have those and does not use a teleprompter..these are the basic and noticeable differences as I can see it.

  • Dave Pierce

    RON PAUL is the only choice for President of these US. The time is right for his constitutional form of govt. and foreign policy and for ending the FED and returning the US to the gold stamdard which is the only money policy allowed by the constitution. IT’S TIME TO BRING OUR TROOPS HOME ONCE AND FOR ALL FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD BACK TO WHERE THEY BELONG PROTECTING OUR NATION AND NOT OTHER NATIONS. tHE us IS BROKE AND CAN NO LONGER AFFORD KEEPING TROOPS IN OTHER COUNTRIES OR FIGHTING NEVER ENDING WARS IN FAR OFF LANDS THAT DO NOTHING BUT USE UP OUR BRAVE MILITARY FAMILIES AND DO NOTHING TO INCREASE OUR SAFTEY. VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      Dr. Pauls idea to create an American version of the Maginot Line would work even less well than did the original one!

  • Larry Oakley

    Hi Steve:

    While we like some of Ron Paul’s ideas, Rosanne @ I agree that he should not be president. Newt on the other hand has the guts to take President Obama and his workers’ bad mouthing and respond appropriately. For example, he is able to give his opinion of the media’s failures as demonstrated in the recent debate, which we believe was a key reason for his win in SC. If he becomes president, we feel that he should use the abilities of Rick Santorim and perhaps Ron Paul for the good of the country. Rick would make a very good VP in our opinion, for example.

    • Bill

      Newt doesn’t have the slightest chance of beating Obama, far less than Ron Paul. While the evangelists are good people, they are by far a small minority in America. Newt in a general election would be lucky to carry even South Carolina. Other minorities, black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian & Islamic Americans will not go more than 10-15% of their numbers to him. Obama would love to have Newt to run against. A little tough talk now doesn’t cover up years of problems with many categories of ethics for him. If he cheats on several wives and doesn’t have a problem with it, what will he do to America? Clue,see how he fed from the trough in the mortgage agency. Just one example.

      • Steve

        What make’s you think that these groups would vote for RP?

    • Antony

      Newt is a politician’s politician. He is a slick character and this has been shown throughout his political career. This cannot be overstated. You are being handed a choice of packaging offered by the elite and the media. Do not be fooled by pretty words and a diverted goal. Beating Obama cannot be the primary goal for true conservatives. Obama is a puppet of collectivism and nothing more… but so is Newt. So please don’t fall into the same trap laid every election cycle to choose the lesser of two evils… All you end up with is evil.

      Look to one’s ACTUAL voting record. NOT their words. This is politics 101.

    • Andee

      I respect your view; however Santorum and Newt are big government and big spenders…just check out their voting records and who and what they belong to..the organizations…when you rightly and fully understand the membership in the CFR, I bet you will change your minds.

  • D.

    Ron Paul is the last hope America has for restoring our Constitutional Republic. All the rest are bought and paid for by the puppet Masters who realize that a majority of civilization is “brain dead”. I’ts not about Republican or Democrat. It’s about waking up to the truth people. If you fail to embrace the truth, you will see tyranny destroy us…..

    • Bill

      D. , you are so right. I am a lifelong republican that is willing to vote for any honest person with good ideas, no matter the party affiliation. The old line Republicans are scared by Ron Paul and don’t understand him. Most of them will never switch over to him. They don’t realize that in a general election , it is not just Republicans voting. Ron Paul would pull in most of the Republicans, a “majority” of the independents, and surprise, would grab a majority of the young voters and conservative democrats away from Obama. To the folks in Florida, pls don’t feed this Gingrich foolishness anymore votes. A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Obama.

  • Floorguy

    They have you confused on the teams playing the game

    Republican v. Democrat
    Progressive v. Constervative….

    No! It is We the F’n People v. the Federal, State & local government.
    Status quo v. the people.

    • Antony

      You’re on the right track, Floorguy. When you boil it all down, it is INDIVIDUALISM vs COLLECTIVISM.

      That simple.

  • Betty Hopkins

    In my opinion NOW it is not only who is best for the USA, but WHO is best for the USA that CAN beat Obama.

    • ChristyK

      If Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum win, the only thing in your life that will change from Obama is the rhetoric. They are all for big government in your life. All, except possibly Santorum, are world government people (CFR, Bilderberg, etc.). All would continue excesive wars all over the globe with no soldiers left to defend our borders. All would continue to increase the debt which is currently higher than our GDP. All would continue to destroy our liberty. They all support the Patriot Act (warrantless wiretaps) and NDAA (indefinite detention of Americans without trial). I don’t see how any of them would improve our lives or our country at all.

      • Antony

        Once again, CristyK… You are spot on!

      • http://yahoo ted

        has anyone watched the debates? when ron paul speaks the rivals laugh. what do u think if he becomes president, nothing will get done because he is a person who has lost touch with reality. and everyone knows it. pull all our troops out of the rest of the world, yea russia, china and all the radical muslim countries would love that. in 20 years we would no longer exist. and for ron paul having a better chance of beating obama,he cant even beat anyone left in the existing group. lets get real and vote for a man that loves his country more then he loves his for newt and will be back to the great reagen years.

      • Brady

        CristyK-Great Post !!

      • Andee

        Santorum, while in office, voted for every debt ceiling hike, every monetary increase that came across his desk..he is big government and big spender…beware, beware for he is the fox that is in the hen’s house!!!

        Wonder what would happen if Ron ran independent..would he make it by splitting the vote or would the Obummer get in?

  • Mark

    Republicans and Democrats have ruled this country exclusively for over 60 years now. Is this country in better or worse shape than before the two party system? Do you have more or the same freedoms they did 60 years ago?

    Stop wasting your votes! Think outside of the box of the news media! Stop the madness VOTE Independent!


  • Jeff Thomsen

    The most meaningful step we can take toward Consciousness is when people are no longer corporations and corporations are no longer people. This is taken from my book The Humanitarian Code. Look for it soon. Go Ron Paul!

    • Michael

      Amen Jeff.

    • Andee

      I agree with you Jeff wholly and thanks for posting! Take a look at what I am going to write you all…see what you think..perhaps, if this is true, we need to re install the first Constitution. Lincoln was our last President of the Republic, he declared Martial Law and continued it long after the war was over. In that time frame, a new Constitution was employed… is the difference it made…it made each and everyone of us chattel assets to the US government; when we sign a BC, we sign our children over to them if they so desire to impeded upon what we feel are our rights as parents. The first Constitution was The Constitution for the United States of America; the second was The Constiution of the United States of America…this one made us a huge corporation…think we need to go back if indeed, and it is on the Search engines as being so, to the first one?What do you all think?

  • E.W.

    unequivocally – adv. completely clear, without the possibility of doubt -

    so, it’s completely clear that Bob did not commit. unequivocally is not an answer. It’s an adverb to another definite conclusion.

    That’s unequivocally evasive.

    I’m still wondering……….whether he endorses Ron Paul or not.

    • Ted Crawford

      While, clearly, he and I completely disagree, Bob Livingston has succinctly, repeatedly,and unashamedly advocated for Dr. Pauls vision! It boggles my mind that any who come here often would even think to question his loyalty! WOW!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear E.W.,

      I have for many years written that Ron Paul is one of a very few of the true statesmen left in Washington, D.C. I wholeheartedly, unabashedly and unashamedly believe Ron Paul should be the next president. Does that clarify for you?

      Best wishes,

      • Terrie

        My husband and I are recent Ron Paul supporters, after extensive reading and reading about the issues and the stated solutions by the different candidates. Everyone is right about Ron Paul being the constant American Constitutionalist. WE THE PEOPLE – BILL OF RIGHTS, not rob from the working public and pad your offshore bank accounts. They should have truth in advertising RON PAUL vs GOLDMAN SACKS *look at everyone’s major contributors. Everyone take your knowledge and go to the media and write and write and write, WRITE RON PAUL IN EVEN IF HE DOES NOT GET ANY BIG BANK BACKING I mean the Republician Nomination Remember “WE THE PEOPLE”. SAVE AMERICA FOR OUR FUTURE. Don’t sign it all over to the banks without a fight! All plans are not perfect but one of the rules of Ron Paul’s plan is transition, bringing many scholars of economics, military border secutity, verifing the Constitutionalness of any proposal before implementation! Freedom of the individual, not freedom JUST for the people that can afford to file incorporation paperwork to remove any financial responsibility from their actions! GO RON PAUL 2012!

      • Andee

        Thanks for the clarification..glad you are into our postings too!!

    • Andee

      Me too!!!

  • http://N/A Bill Deupree

    I believe Ron Paul deminstrates more integrity than the total of the others. Integrity? Yes, integrity. I place integrity at the top of the list of attributes of a successful president. If you have integrity you can always find people with wisdome to fill positions. I think integrity is at one end and ‘big ego’ at the other end. I believe a person with a bid ego is much more likely to make selfish decisions(some leading to corruption)than a person recognized as having a lot of integrity.

    • Andee

      Integrity, honorable, respectful, mindful, responsible, moral, ethical, straight forward…these are more important in a candidate than most any other credential..these come with being a Christian and not being ashamed of it..this wonderful candidate posseses all of these, remains humble and in true service to his State of Texas..they should be very proud of him..I am and I am not from Texas….he uses common sense and avoid PC which has literally split our nation; homosexuality has weakened it and Putin told the Obummer this on the Obummer’s first visit to Russia…

  • Scott

    I am just wondering how a “regular reader” of this newsletter not know that you (Bob) endorse Ron Paul for President.

    • Ted Crawford

      I’m reminded, in this case, of something I once read, saddly I don’t remember where or who said it but it seems very approiate here! “A message can travel around the World in a fraction of a second, but that last 1/4 of an inch between the eardrum and the brain often takes a lifetime”

      • Andee

        You just might find it on search…

  • Jerry

    Something that I find interesting is that all you hear about Ron Paul is about his “fanatic supporters”. If our patriotic position of wanting liberty for all the people in the US makes us fanatics…then I am one of them.

    The talk about Ron Paul is that….just talk. If anyone who is a naysayer against Paul did just some research they would clearly see that he is the only candidate that is serious about restoring our freedoms. Not just his….all of us. His record proves this and he has been consistent in his quest to restore liberty.

    Remember that freedom is the principle this country was founded upon and it is bigger and more important than any one man, including Ron Paul. It should matter not that Ron Paul is running for president but that he beleives in liberty just as you and I do. I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate that wants all of us to be free and no matter how you want to debate it or call it names…I choose freedom 7 days a week and twice on Sundays. Restoring liberty should be at the top of the list for everyone that subscribes to the Personal Liberty Digest and Ron Paul is seeking the presidential nomination to restore it.

    • Andee

      Nicely written…

  • eheno

    Also for us – in Europe – I see Ron Paul as the last chance for the whole world to be able to fight the governments (read global businesscompanies) progress of enslavement of the people. New world order as they call it.
    But even with Ron Paul it will be extremely difficult to reverse this progress. It seems like people are content as long as they get the entertainment and bread (Julius Caesar). I think our whole educating system is backing the path we are on to dictatorship – it seems like people doesn’t like to think – and maybe have forgotten it – maybe because the telly is doing that for them.(Correctly – they belive it)

    Still free (Non-EU)

    • Andee

      Thanks for this post Eheno! I have friends in London, S. Africa, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Yugoslavia (Montenegro), Uruguay…they all are in RPs corner to help bring the world back also…he cannot do it alone; we need a proper and smart Congress, both Houses.

  • Anthony

    I’m glad to see people are starting to wake-up! But there still are a lot of sheep out there……even some on this post that are totally clueless to what is happening!

    • Andee

      If there is any doubt as to what the Three Criminals would do, look at this scenario or rather bills that are in place … then you will vote for Ron and go out and work for him also.’

      1) UNs Agenda 21, written in 1992 and fast being implemented around the world; it is 40 chapters long, read it…it shuts down the entire world as far as farming, ranching, business and having any personal freedoms left..even can tell you if you can have a car; then add EX. Order 13575, which by the way, the House could have objected to it but did not,just one Rep had to do this to keep us free of its encumbrances, it can tell you just what you will drive, what you will do, where you will do it, how far you can travel and more; add the NDAA to this in which most Republicans voted for it in both Houses…that says the military can take us into custody for no real reason, incarcerate us and we will not see a to FEMA camps if deemed to be so…if you read these in their entirety, you will see why Ron wants to do away with the NDAA, Patriot Act, TSA, Homeland, the UN and reduce the size of government…this is a horrific job to take on..he needs “We the People,” behind him all the way, we need a good and strong House and Senate..if any of you are that person, get busy and run..even if you lose, you have been outreaching and teaching of what is going on and what is wrong with America as well as the world…ban the Fed Reserve…

  • Louis Lemieux

    There is a limit to individual freedom. Anyone can use his freedom to step on his neighbor’s freedom. My freedom stops where my neighbor’s freedom starts and this is not always easy to figure out. That’s the reason we have governments and laws and the more complicated society gets the more government grows. Libertarians do not understand this very well.

    • eheno

      Theres a difference between freedom and force. Stepping on other people are not freedom – thats a violent act.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Very often our laws will determine what is permissible and what is not permissible in our complicated society. People do not always agree on the limits of individual freedom. That’s why we need rules and regulations. The best way to protect individual freedom is through collective freedom like voting in a democratic society.

        • Bill

          Louis Lemieux, where are you coming from! We do not and should not have a democracy. the country was set up as a representative government. Democracy is where the Majority of the VOTERS but the majority of the people into any position they care to. Hardly a democratic process. If 11 people get together and they want to vote on something that only affects them and they want to abide by the majority rule then let them vote. We were given certain rights via the constitution and a majority of the people voting cannot overturn those right. (unless there is corruption in the supreme court) Did you go to school in another country?

    • Andee

      We understand that well; however, we Americans do not need more and bigger government..return the powers to the States where it belongs and the States should return the powers to each county within that State..the Executive Branch has very limited powers and they have unjustly overstepped them in a horrendous manner making our country gravely ill and full of fear..fear leads to depression and depression leads to domestic troubles big and small; we are seeing some of that now with the increase in abductions and killing of our babies and toddlers, taking our spouse’s life, etc.

  • Mel G. Nelson

    Before 1776 the countries of the world got into and out of wars without any help or interference by the USA.
    Since world war I our own elected government “employees” have been succesful in convincing a majority of voters that the world needs the USA to straighten out any “wayward” country, with whatever amount of USA resources necessary.
    If the sight of a forklift truck raising its prongs up to the level of the cargo door of a military aircraft just back from overseas to unload caskets covered with American Flags then perhaps:
    The sight of men and women who survived a bullet or bomb who have been fitted out with plastic or iron arms and legs might wake up enough voters.
    If thats not enough to convince enough voters, perhaps the vision of a son or a daughter or a grandson or a grandaughter trying to run on iron legs and a couple of pieces of leaf spring for feet may do it.
    Whoever thinks our country’s resources and blood are necessary to keep “world order” please reconsider.
    Mel G. Nelson

  • http://na Russ Laycox

    Ron Paul is a good man. He is right on about economic matters but his foreign policy ideas are dangerous and would lead to the demise of our great nation. Also if he still believes all heroin, cocaine, etc., should be legalized that is another strike against him. I like his son Rand, as he seems very smart and capable, but he does not seem to have the naivete of his father. Whoever the Republicans nominate we should get behind becase it will be a disaster if Obama has four more years to wreck out country. Razorback Russ

    • Bob

      Well said Russ. Ron Paul is well suited for Secretary of Treasury. As with all of the candidates, he has some very good views, but some of his views are a little much and/or dangerous. Not one of the present group of candidates is perfect, but none of us are. Use the talent where it is best suited….economics in the case of Dr. Paul, with some influence/voice on other Constitutional issues, but not the final word. Also echo earlier comments on the need to elect a stronger constitutional based Senate and House to support a new President. It will be an interesting season.

      • Bill

        A little too shallow in your thinking. Whom else would you recommend other than his son.

    • Michael

      Russ you do realise that while we are busy incarcerating our own citizens, at a cost to taxpayers of $40,000 per year, for drug violations. The so called war on drugs costs $40 Billion a year. All of this while we are spending $80 Billion a year defending the current govt. Of Afghanistan Where 90% of the worlds opium is grown. This makes no sense, Ron Paul does.

      • Steve

        We should not make all grugs legal but MJ should be the others we should have large fines for and not allow them to go on gov assistance without passing a drug test

    • Anthony

      “Paul’s foreign policy ideas are dangerous and would lead to the demise of our great nation”

      Russ I’m afraid you have that backwards….its the foreign policy we have now that is leading to the demise of our once great nation!

    • Laurie Tudor

      If you fear my freedom, I cant guarentee your either I will write in Ron Paul, and pray there are enough of you semi-conservatives to get rid of obama. good luck.

  • Art LeBeau

    To all who read the Livingston Report do your homework before you have someone decide for you. I have done quite extensive research and RON PAUL is the only true constitutional conservative.

    Please read exactly what he says and writes — it is in tune with the Constitution. The so called controversial ideas, read what he says and you will see it lines with the Constitution — most controversy belongs to the states –_states rights”. No we do not need to demean each other –just the facts, Joe Friday.

    Please pray for our Country and the best choice, and yes for me it is
    Dr. Ron Paul as I have followed him for many years of my 77 on earth.
    Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO>
    May I add that Ron was called “zany” — well I will vote for a “zany” man, just look what the “sane” ones have done in the last 60 years!

    • Steve

      Ronald Reagen

    • Richard M

      Well said, Art LeBeau!

    • Andee

      We many can be zany together for those other than zany have brought this nation quite closely to its knees…God Bless America

  • http://personellibertydigest Bonnie

    I have listened intently to all of the candidates, their views etc.
    Most of what they have to say, says very little about anything we should be concentrating on as Americans living and struggling in a troubled America. This should not be a beauty contest, or about who can slam who better than the other guy!
    Ron Paul is the only candidate and man that speaks about America’s real and serious problems, and has a plan to change things for the better. He is honest and humble and no-one has a leash on him.
    He and his thinking is not comitted to or tied strictly to the government or their failed policies. He is the only candidate that has served our country, which gives him true insite about war, and the sad ramifications and expences of war. After listening to Ron Paul, I felt compelled to ask myself one final question,
    “Who would Jesus vote for”? The only logical answer would be Ron Paul, An honest man, that stands steadfast even when he has been ridiculed and often laughed at and verbally crucified by those who are power hungry, because of his beliefs. Ron Paul,the peace maker. Ron Paul a man the was willing to die for his country. Ron Paul,a Doctor and a healer. Who IS the true Christian here? Who would lead America into Liberty and Justice for all? My mind is made up.
    Ron Paul for President!

  • Pepper

    An interesting perspective I came across today:
    - Romney is “unelectable” because Ron Paul supporters will never vote for him
    - Gingrich and Santorum are “unelectable” because they failed to get on the primary ballot in multiple states
    - Ron Paul wants to take the Oath of office seriously and defend the Constitution.

    Who’s “unelectable” now?

    • Steve

      RON PAUL


    I can’t decide who is the best candidate yet. I would like to hear from one of them say if.”I become President I will serve all peoples” I dare them to say it.

    • Pepper

      Ron Paul has stated many times that he doesn’t see people as groups but as individuals, and all individuals deserve freedom. Is that not close enough for you?

      • Steve

        did ja here about Ron Pauls news letters you know the one he said he did not know what was in them but were sent with him being the editor?

        • Pepper

          Yeah I heard about them back in 2008, they were thoroughly debunked back then. You ever actually read them?

        • Pepper

          I wonder if Martha Stewart reads every page of her magazine or if she lets the editors do their jobs?

          I wonder if Oprah Winfrey reads every page of her magazine or if she lets the editors do their jobs?

          I wonder if Steve Forbes watches every minute of the Forbes TV network or if he lets the on-air staff do their jobs?

  • Betty Head

    My husband and I were debating between Santorum and Dr. Paul. (We were not considering Romney and Gingrich since they are definitely part of the “establishment” which only wants to take us into the NWO, make us a third world country and continue down the Obama path -regardless of their rhetoric.) Then we found out that Santorum is against the second amendment (the right to bear arms) so that immediately switched us into the camp of Dr. Paul. The more we see and hear Dr. Paul the more pleased we are with our decision. Betty

    • Andee

      Consider and I will probably get these comments backwards:

      Santorum, a wolf in sheep’s wool; a coyote in a hen house..that is Santorum, big spender, big government…watch his eyes and body language …. you can read him like a book if you know how and what to look for…

  • C E Gallup – Houston

    Bob Livingston’s endorsement of Ron Paul reminds me of the middle aged guy, who when asked how he was doing replied ” Great, I’m healthy, my wife’s healthy, I love my job – I’d just rather not talk about my four kids”.
    Excuse me ? ! Bob Livingston and Ron Paul are missing something !
    The United States IS NOT AN ISLAND – it is part of a complex world. And therefore THERE MUST EXIST both Domestic Poliy and Foreign Policy. The DEGREE of government control, and involvement in both is DEBATABLE.
    But to turn your back, and effectively state “I don’t want to get involved in anything unless it DIRECTLY AFFECTS the security of the United States” – is nothing short of bizarre! It’s like the Occupy Wall Street people saying we should all be equal – WTF ! Get real !

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear CE Gallup-Houston,

      Actually, Dr. Paul proposes a very cogent foreign policy. You can read it here: It is obvious to me you have accepted as gospel the tripe spouted by the MSM about Dr. Paul. He advocates having a strong national defense. He advocates a policy of engaging foreign nations in trade. He advocates saving trillions of dollars by closing overseas bases and occupations. He advocates using our troops to secure our borders rather than the borders of Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, etc. He advocates ending foreign aid to all nations which he has described as stealing from the poor people of American and giving to the rich people of nations who hate us. And he advocates that, if we’re attacked or threatened, that information be taken to Congress who would then declare war. At that time, he has said he would engage the enemy swiftly and overwhelmingly and disengage rather than become consumed by nation building. You call that “bizarre.”

      I call engaging in endless police actions, wars, nation building and enforcing the borders of other countries bizarre. You are caught up in doublethink: war is peace.

      You write: “The DEGREE of government control, and involvement in both is DEBATABLE.” You obviously have no concept of the restraints the Constitution puts on government.

      Best wishes,

      • Bill

        Bob you are coming on like I think you should have months ago with Ron Paul. Where have you been? I ask you before this same question. I think with your head you could have been an earlier force in helping get the message out. I was thinking you were like the rest of the blabber mouths but have been getting more respect for you. You have it now don’t be a turn coat and jump on the band wagon with someone else.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Bill,

          A better question is, where have you been?

          Best wishes,

    • Andee

      An America full of apathetic sheeple, rather play that watch their servants and what they are doing to them..this is a great part of what is wrong with America…wake up people and let us get our America back and then watch the servants that they do what we want not what they want..let Ron lead the will be glad you did…

  • Steve

    We should remember what impact the US includes OIL, NUKES, and becaues we dont own all of the oil and nukes we will be draged into differing parts of the world. Do you know we barrow money from China the donate so of it back to China. We give money to none US loveing countries why so they will pretent to like us this should stop.

  • Clarence

    The best way to educate the electorate on ideas is to run for office and use the political platform as your bully pulpit. The nice thing about running an educational campaign like Ron Paul is doing is that you are bringing an understanding to the electorate. If enough people come to an understanding the candidate may get elected but even if he doesn’t the movement he started will begin to manifest itself on the political scale as people begin to concur with the ideas. We may lose the battle but will win the war. Meany young people are more determent than ever to run for office to bring Ron Paul’s dream to reality. All it takes is 10% of the people to steer the ship of state

    • Andee

      I am running and for the exact reasons you stated; I am running because of the knowledge that the messages is put out will plant a seed from where some of those seeds will grow….win or lose, no matter, I am helping this nation.

  • GW

    The Ruling Elite around the world have a vested interest in defeating Dr. Paul, and will stop at nothing to abort the poll indicated ground swell of support for him. Reports of voter fraud abound regarding Iowa and New Hampshire and I’m sure soon will in South Carolina. The enemies of democracy are subverting the Constitution, which all REAL Americans should be willing to defend with their lives.

    • Andee

      I have a dear, personal friend in Iowa; he is a caucus member and participated in same…he said that Romney had his people, cohorts, that is, standing around the “camps” of the other candidates, encouraging them to vote for Mitt..they were also involved in voter fraud in some manner; perhaps the fraud was the fact that they were talking to caucus members in the other camps but he said that this was reason for the win there.

  • Loren

    In the article below by Steve Maley he points out that Ron Paul would consider Dennis Kucinich for a cabinet post. I don’t believe he represents a libertarian view in this article. Why would Ron Paul support him?

    Six House Dems Would Confiscate Oil Company Profits
    Posted on January 21, 2012 by Steve Maley
    Six House Democrats, led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D’OH), have filed a bill aimed at controlling gasoline prices. Styled the “Gas Price Spike Act”, H.R. 3784 would establish a “Reasonable Profits Board” which would have the power to confiscate 100% of oil company profits above a level that they deem to be “reasonable”.
    I know: “You had me at ‘Kucinich’.”
    Kucinich is either a naive fool, a craven panderer to his electorate, or a throwback to Soviet-style central planning. That he could find five other elected nitwits (Reps. Woolsey, Langevin, Conyers, Fudge and Filyers) to put their names on such an anti-capitalist, unconstitutional fantasy is an indication that the Far Left Wing of the Democratic Party has left the ranch.
    Consider, too, what it says about “Republican” presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who recently declared that he would consider Kucinich for a cabinet post in a Paul Administration.
    Paul said his libertarian political philosophy helps him connect with some on the far left — including Kucinich, who shares Paul’s general anti-war stance.
    Paul joked that if he brought the Ohio congressman aboard in his administration, he might have to create a “Department of Peace.”
    “You’ve got to give credit to people who think,” he said.
    The Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784, would apply a windfall tax on the sale of oil and [natural] gas that ranges from 50 percent to 100 percent on all surplus earnings exceeding “a reasonable profit.” It would set up a Reasonable Profits Board made up of three presidential nominees that will serve three-year terms. Unlike other bills setting up advisory boards, the Reasonable Profits Board would not be made up of any nominees from Congress.
    The bill would also seem to exclude industry representatives from the board, as it says members “shall have no financial interests in any of the businesses for which reasonable profits are determined by the Board.”
    Oil companies would only be able to make less than a reasonable profit without penalty. Anything over 105% of reasonable would be taxed at 100%. Proceeds of the confiscation would be dedicated to tax credits for high-milage vehicle purchase and mass transit subsidies for the poor.
    Peeling back the layers of stupidity in H.R. 3784 would be akin to peeling an artichoke. In the interest of time, I will cut to my central point.
    Implicit in the very suggestion that a Windfall Profit Tax is called for is the notion that somehow the oil companies are able to manipulate the price of oil, and hence, gasoline.
    Gasoline prices are at historically high prices. Despite the spike above $4.00 per gallon in 2008, you actually paid 10% more at the pump in 2011.
    When we refer to the industry as “oil and gas”, we mean “oil and natural gas”, not oil and gasoline. All oil companies make a substantial fraction of their revenue — many more than half — from natural gas.
    The price of natural gas has plunged to 10 year lows recently as a result of warm winter temperatures, slack industrial demand and burgeoning supplies.
    Natural gas prices have fallen to levels that make it difficult to justify drilling for more. Many of the new supplies of gas that come on will be incidental to the successful search for oil.
    I challenge anyone who believes that oil companies control the price of oil and gasoline to explain how they do it, and why they seemingly have no control of natural gas.

    • Pepper

      I am not really sure what the point is in all that, except trying to play the “guilt by association” game because Paul said Kucinich had some good ideas. You obviously have found one of Kucinich’s “not so good” ideas. To imply that Paul’s compliment of Kucinich means he endorses allof Kucinich’s ideas is laughable.

  • easy80s

    We can’t provide the exact date the Constitution died, and we can’t tell you exactly who killed it, but it took the joint effort of the legislative, executive and judicial branches bowing to the special interests which have existed since the nation’s founding. The special interests always will exist and the problem with reining them in is the same problem with having government — if we could find a way to limit it, we would limit them.

    Neither Ron Paul nor any other individual can resurrect what is no more. Defeating Barack Obama in November won’t return the nation to constitutional government. Unraveling the welfare state can’t be accomplished without inaugurating a new state. The remedy is in the Declaration of Independence.

  • Richard M

    O.k. I just finished reading ALL the comments, whew! A lot of them are for Paul as so am I.

    Bottom line voters is: first off, nobody, and I mean nobody, has 100% all the answers for our country’s problems, so with that being said, I agree in principles with Paul. Also, he’s an honorable man (a word that is meaningless to many in D.C.). That alone tells me that the man, Ron Paul, is not in it for personal gain. He’s genuinely in it because he sees the direction our country is going, and he recognizes what needs to be accomplished to turn the ship around. He loves his country and it shows. Secondly, I can live with the fact that his foreign policy might not be up to snuff with a lot of voters out there (however, I personally believe his foreign policy is spot on). Remember, self-serving politicians always use fear to get you to change your minds about something. If you can’t tell you’re being manipulated, then you’re not doing your homework. And, third, Ron Paul’s 30 year record speaks for itself. Anybody know Paul is anti big govt., believes anything and everything the govt. does should be in concert with the Constitution (what’s so bad about that?). He already has outlined how to save a trillion dollars his first year as POTUS! Gee, I haven’t heard any of the other candidates come out with such a robust plan as that. And, finally, fourth: Ron Paul, if elected POTUS, is and will be a man of action. He’s not going to willy nilly around. He’ll get the job done. He’s going to tick off a lot of people, but that’s what happens when a corrupt political system such as we have now gets turned on it’s face. These are hard facts. Argue with them if you must, but, if you want to get America back to where it belongs — within the confines of the Constitution and Rule of Law, then Ron Paul is your man!

    • Brady

      RichardM-you are right on !! Great Post !!

  • the unfortunate truth

    @steve from the top …… Four voting trucks missing in iowa and still unaccounted for might have something to with why he isn’t getting the numbers. Fraudulent electronic voting machines that republicans used to be against back before they became democrats in republican clothing .
    The only reason newt won in south carolina is that the media handed it to him with attacking him right out of the box .
    Apparently it is more important to yell at the media to south carolina voters than it is to have a good voting record .
    Apparently it is more important to have someone who claims to be against obama but has believed in health care mandates (aka obama care and similar plans) all his political career .
    Maybe sc voters like the fact that newt was cozy with clinton and helped him rob the social security fund so they could claim the balanced the budget.
    Maybe sc voters like the idea of robbing old people to pay for government expenditures.
    Maybe sc voters have never heard of john c calhoun the champion of states rights who like ron paul believes more rights should be reserved to the states .
    Maybe sc voters stopped believing in states rights and want a “strong ” guy lol lke newt to rule the country like a dictator .
    I have come to the conclusion that most people in america don’t want a president . Most people want a dictator and it doesn’t matter what their views are , it onlu matters that tjey have a republican in front of their name or democrat .
    Anyone who would vote for these fake lying candidates, that will say anything to get elected must be scared of their own shadow .
    Apparently sc has the most gullible voters of the first three primary caucuses .
    Newt is a chameleon who changes colors to suit him and fool you .
    Five or ten years from now many of your will be saying maybe that ron paul guy was right when your paying outrageous prices for everything .
    SC had a chance to prove southerners aren’t stupid and gullible as people all over the country say , but they acted on an emotion whim and rallied behind the biggest liar in the race based on on yelling at cnn .John c calhoun must be rolling over in his grave as sc had a chance to set the country onm course for a return to states rights and less powerful central govenment in washington .
    I apologize to any south carolina’s people who are honest with themselves.
    Newt gingrich really . How anyone who has ever followed politics can support him and believe anything he says is beyond. me.

    • the unfortunate truth

      Pardon my grammar I was trying to hurry and can barely see on this phone.

  • ranger hall

    Well one thing for sure, The Media Should rake in millions and millions of your donated dollars,Also from your tax dollars, You know matching funds.And CORP.donors giving to their Buddies,The Media of course. Just keep in mind WE are paying for all this Garbage.
    Several people give good responses.
    Ted C-Right On
    Mark-Right on it.
    Craig-They are all the same when they get into Office.
    Alex-You are Brainwashed to no end.
    Michael-You are right on about Afganistan and the Drugs, When we went into Afganistan THEY rated about 8th in the world. After receiving our money and new Tractors they BECAME # 1 Producers in the World.
    Anthony- How true

    I also love the following quotes. HONORABLE,HONEST,Man for the cause of Liberty and Truth, What he believes in.

    I sure wish Livingston would spend more time going after the REAL PROBLEM PEOPLE in This Country. DAVID HOROWITZ should spend more time defending the American People, His latest Article. Purple Hearts for Ft. HOOD. Sorry this was not a war time Incident. America is not a war zone..YET.
    REMEMBER folks aMERICA CAN never BE DEFEATED FROM THE OUTSIDE only from WITHIN. And yes most of you will not UNDERSTAND This.

    • Andee

      When insane Janet, Homeland,decided that we are all terrorists that adore our country, that our vets then and now are terrorists, that any activist is a terrorist, any gun owner is a terrorist coupled with the signing of the NDAA, supported by most of the Republicans, both Houses, a unilateral declaration of war and an American war zone. It ended due process, erased posse comitatus, ended the Republic. This one bill is worse than anything, that is right ANY BILL that Hitler had for his tenure … and for that matter any other country or leader has ever, ever implemented and signed into law. Ron is against that and if it takes an EO, that is what he will do…

  • egarners

    Ron Paul has a moral and ethical compass that always points toward INDIVIDUAL freedom, that is embodied in the Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

    In watching the South Carolina debates I was appalled to the boo’s I heard when Dr. Paul mentioned that we might want to use the “Golden Rule” in our foreign policy. This from a supposedly Christian state?

    To all those that think the war on drugs is morally acceptable, have you considered that if you make any THING illegal, you do nothing but increase its price making it profitable for the criminal elements? Any adverse effects of drugs are a medical/healthcare problem, not a criminal issue.

    If we had followed the Constitution for the last century, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today.

    Federal Reserve — unconstitutional
    Income Tax — never ratified
    IRS — unconstitutional
    Patriots Act — unconstitutional
    NDAA 2012 — unconstitutional

    Ron Paul 2012

  • ranger hall


    • the unfortunate truth

      I don’t want to be a member of the favor club . I want to be a member of the logic , ethics , and no favors club . Good post ranger . I find it funny (tragically funny ) that republicans for twenty years are more have claimed america was being destroyed from within by the democrats and rino republicans . I guess they don’t mind if its a republican that destroys the country . Wake up republicans . The republicans have become democrats . If JFK came along today they would call him a radical tea party republican ,assuming the only looked at his views. I know it takes time to wake up but we are running out . Stop listening to hannity ,limbaugh, and savage . They are smart clever people ,with the reception of hannity . But they have been bought and paid for and on certain issues have done a total reversal in the last 15 years . I’ve read limbaughs books ,and if ron paul had come around in 1990 he wouldn’t be far off from rush’s views . Rush has soldout . The republicans have better rhetoric but not better action . Think for yourself and pay attention to the media language . Double check media stories you hear and generally you find out they don’t tell the whole story . Verify your tv news with the internet . Read opposing views .
      Ron paul 2012 because he is the only honest man in the race and honesty with self leads to good decision making .

      • Andee

        Do the reserch on FOX; you will find out that Bill is really quite liberal, Hannity is good at covering and Greta keeps asking the same question over and over..they are not what they seem to be…

  • Joyceann

    You Paulbots and Bob do more harm to RP than anyone else. I can talk sanely to any other person who believes differently or the same as me and we don’t call names. We treat people with respect. Many people love the constitution and know we need to get back to it, even knowing that nobody is 100% and it’s good if one agrees mostly with the candidate. Most of us out here agree with Paul on most issues, but the nastiness, the evilness of the Paulbots turn us away. We’ve another plan – we will get behind Newt because we know that Obama is a strong foe. Only Newt, who knows more about Congress than Obama, has the talent for leadership and a phenominal memory useful for winning debates will beat Obama. Once in there, we will bring the country closer to the constitution with each vote every four years. We know there are more constitutionist out there who will run, and we will bypass the nasty reputation the Paulbots have. YOu will not be able to talk to people like you do because other members will not allow it. Not only does Paul not read his own papers, but he allows his members and constituency to talk to people like you do. We are not the dumb ones, you are. The only people you are nice to are those who accept you and ask no questions. Honey gathers, venigar stinks. Paul is not our candidate as this time are it’s you to thank.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Joyceann,

      You write: “I can talk sanely to any other person who believes differently or the same as me and we don’t call names.” Please see the second word in your comment. Hint: You use it a total of three times in paragraph.

      You write: “Once in there, we will bring the country closer to the constitution with each vote every four years.” How do you expect a man (Gingrich) who has supported individual insurance mandates, universal healthcare, gun control laws, bailouts, the NDAA and assassinations of dissidents to “bring the country closer to the constitution?”

      You write: “YOu will not be able to talk to people like you do because other members will not allow it.” So you have a problem with the 1st Amendment?

      You write: “Not only does Paul not read his own papers, but he allows his members and constituency to talk to people like you do.” Please enlighten me. What papers are you talking about and exactly what was written in them that you find offensive?

      Best wishes,

  • Henry

    Ron Paul is the only one out of all four republican candidates i will vote for. if anyone thinks that any other candidate can win in the general election, with a foreign policy of “attack any nation that is hostile towards israel” wait and see what happens in the general election. The people of this country are sick of war,sick of sending our guys everywhere to die or come back with limbs blown off. please think about it

  • Bud

    Ron Paul is right on monetary issues. He has many great ideas but he has just as many poor ideas. Our main objective is to defeat Obama and Ron Paul is not electable. If we lose here we are cooked. Our best bet is to try and get him as many delegates as possible so he will have enough power to shape our congress with many of his ideas.

    • Brady

      If Paul doesn’t get in,the other 3 candidates are no better than Obama,as they are controlled by the secret Elites.If you investigate them,you will find out more than you would ever think possible.They are all rhetoric and simply have never given or implied any plan to bring America back.Why ? Because they are not instructed to do so.The power elites own all of the manipulated news media and the Federal Reserve.

  • J J

    Ron Paul is the only HONEST politician running for President. He is the only one with a PLAN for turning the country around. He has the most support of the active duty military. He has the most support of young voters. He has the most support of Independents. He finished SECOND in New Hampshire in the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY as a write-in candidate! He pulls more support from the left than any other so-called conservative. People in his district in Texas have UNANIMOUSLY re-elected him 12 times. None of his opponents even come close. Reason; he is a man of his word, and keeps his promises. He does NOT entertain lobbyists. He returns the part of his Congressional salary not actually used, to the U S Treasury each year! He has never gone on a “junket”(Congressional fact finding trip, or taxpayer funded vacation) How many others do that?
    Actions speak volumes more than empty rhetoric.

  • Clementine From Tex.

    RON PAUL 2012——

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    A politician that can’t be bought. What a novel idea. RON PAUL 2012

  • Jack Fried

    As is Art LeBeau, I’m an old (71) man who has spent a lifetime supporting Americanist and USA Constitutional causes. I do not like to be categorized as a Conservative or Libritarian, however, my political background includes idealistic support of Barry Goldwater as a youngster. I, of course, strongly support Ron Paul and as a Republican Precinct captain for a quarter of a century, have this comment:

    Ron Paul will never be elected President due to the fact that uninformed voters who listen to media soundbites are the majority of voters. Those, like most who are blogging here, should continue educating the public as I see the pendelum swinging in Paul’s direction. When the Republican Primary nears its conclusion, Paul will have such strength that he will be the “Kingpin” that will decide who will be elected with his endorsement. This will greatly assist in correcting the ills of our nation and perhaps, in four or eight years, pave the way for his son, Rand.


  • Thomas Peterson

    “THIS IS NOT THE COUNTRY THAT I GREW UP IN!” RON PAUL is the only visible candidate that I can see turning things around. I agree with ALL of the manny positive comments that others have made about Ron Paul and see the negative ones as being made by people who are clueless as to what is happening to OUR COUNTRY. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Dan Schram

    Ron Paul says he left the SC campaign to submit legislation regarding the NDAA bill to remove the language that will allow the president to declare war on US citizens that disagree with him (me). He is the only candidate that understands our countries financial situation and the only candidate that has the courage to deal with it.
    Dr./Congressman Paul, you have my vote, my money, my Bible and my guns.

    • Bill

      Dan, count me in.

  • Bob

    I believe that Ron Paul is the only real choice to take this country
    back to where the fore fathers intended it to go. It is high time the money changers to be held accountable!!



    • Bill

      Andrew, I agree with you. Actually you can have some influence by taking part in this telephone program. I do it and many others do it. I don’t consider myself young in age but Freedom and Liberty are older and I and I am still in love with both. Just go to his web site and help him. You will have the opportunity via telephone to help explain some of the points you bring up.

  • Adam

    RE: When it comes to researching a candidate, I find that its been done by supporters of, Dr. Ron Paul. Because, he actually gives answers to all his questions and such specific policies require investigation and understanding.
    2: Also, I don’t understand how any Christian (I’m a Biblican-Christian)could view Ron Paul’s foriegn policy as anti-semitic. Not only is it the official foreign policy of our Founding Fathers (they put in the Constitution), but it resembles the policy of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Paul’s foreign policy supports a soveriegn Israel. quote:”His position is not anti-Israel,” Paul continued. “It’s not too dissimilar from the three previous heads of the U.S. Central Command…. In reality, if you read through a lot of foreign policy literature, three generals believe fairly similar things, and even the head of Israel’s Mossad is saying something similar to Ron Paul now, and you don’t quite get that.”By David M. Drucker
    Roll Call Staff.
    Jan. 7, 2012, 7:11 p.m-
    I am a Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Sanctity of Marriage, Pro-Israel (Member of Fellowship of Christians & Jews-My Papa is member of John Hagee Exodus 2 and has spent thousands of dollars helping Jews get back to their homeland), Born-Again, Biblican-Christian. I support, Dr. Ron Paul.

  • http://NONE W. M.

    Nobody in their right mind would indorse Ron Paul for even dog catcher. He is a Anti-American, Nazi-Jew, and a racist. He is not what America needs.

    • Ronnie

      To me WM, your comment seems to make you the racist. Refering Ron Paul to be a “Nazi-Jew,” is like refering to a black man as member of the KKK. It does not make any sense. Now, I know that there were some self hating Jews in Nazi Germany, yet they were not allowed any party affiliation. Though I do agree with some of Ron Paul’s smaller government ideas, I can’t in all good conscience agree with him on his stance regarding Israel or his saying that 9/11 was the fault of America. To me, that is dangerous thinking. To think that if we leave tyrannical regimes alone, they won’t bother us. That is like teasing a vicious dog and then hoping he won’t bite you by going onto his property.

      • lostinparadise

        In your mind who was at fault for 9/11? Someone was at fault, or it would not have occured.

        Do you consider Israel to be a sovereign country? Your government, and other countries do not. Is that good?????

        Do you feel that ROn Paul intends to tease the dog, and than go on to his property? If so you are dumb as a post.

        Ron Paul would like to first make friends with the dog, and then ask permission to enter his domain.

        If Ron Paul was president our military would be all about protecting our country, and possibly our allies. If a country attacks us under Ron Paul they will suffer the same fate as the Japs did many years ago.

        I suspect you as a political plant and would like to know how much they pay you for spewing Bullroar all over the place.

    • Sovereign4Ever

      Anyone who says Dr. Paul is “Anti-American, Nazi-Jew, and a racist” has to be 1 of 3 things: Totally ignorant, a “progressive”, or is a rabble-rouser. “Follow the Constitution” Paul has been working hard for at least 30 years to get our country back on track. Although he doesn’t talk about his religion & prefers to lead by example, Dr. Paul was raised Lutheran but became a Southern Baptist when he married Carol his wife of 54 years. As to the accusation that he’s a racist, go to YouTube & watch “NAACP Nelson Linder speaks on Ron Paul and racism”.

  • Jim

    Issa has his rectum on his shoulders.

    • lostinparadise

      Shame on you Jim. You should not be watching. LMAO

  • Bob

    In the past I didn’t always listen to wisdom. But now that I do, I totally prefer Ron Paul. Stay alert fellow citizens …. the veil is lifting for the restoration of America is at hand. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    As for Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul, it would be great to get this crackpot out of the race altogether. Can you imagine this nincompoop debating BHO on foreign policy?? I bet BHO could beat him without a teleprompter!! As for being pro-Constitution, there are many conservatives who ARE pro-Constitution. We certainly don’t need a crack-pot (who BTW wants to legalize both of these brain damaging substances!!) to protect the Constitution. isn’t even worthy to be re-elected to Congress, much less the White House. Texas voters really should try to defeat ‘Wrong’ Paul and dispatch him to retirement in the next congressional primary. If you really are pro-Constitution, then you should focus on the political party which we know constantly thumbs its nose at our Constitution – that is – DEFEAT THE LEFTWING DEMOCRAP PARTY!!

    • Devil Dog, USMC,DAV


      • Brady

        Devildog-common sense ?? I think you don’t understand what common sense really means !! I would debate you on this but,”don’t throw pearls to swine” !!

    • heath griffis oswego ny

      I will vote for Ron Paul. Earl needs to pull his head out of the sand and pay attention to his surroundings before it is too late!

  • Paul

    Obviously, few understand what this nation is up against at the global scale. Ron Paul, who according to several sites is a 33rd Mason and a Rosicrucian, is difficut to pin down. Is he playing a shill game or could he really be delusional to the point that he would toy with the notion of being “nice” to fanatics such as those who run Iran today? For the uninformed, please look up the vision of the end (eschatology) of religious movements and especially that of Islam. Peace can only be attained for them when they reach their paradise on earth by either converting “all” others or exterminating them. Now please tell me again how we can peacefully collaborate with them?
    One would truly have to be in lala land to fall for such infantile notions~! Keep turning the other cheek Paul but stay out of my ballot box~!

    • sellash

      Here, Here Could not have said it better myself

    • KIC

      Do you have some proof that Ron Paul is 33rd Mason and a Rosicrucian? I’d like to see it. I’m always looking for the truth. I also want proof if Romney and Gingrich are CFR/Bilderberger/Trilateral or not. Thanks!

  • KIC

    Below is a link to an excellently done PDF with a spreadsheet of issues and each candidate’s views. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It is totally documented on every answer. Wonderful job!!!

    The only thing I see missing is whether the candidate is a CFR/Bilderger/Trilateral Commision member or not. Our candidate must NOT be a CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), or Bilderberger or Trilateral Commission member or associate. These groups (as well as others) are part of the world banking elite and are aiming for a one world government/control.

    Romney and Gingrich have been said to be connected to at least one of the 3 groups. That is critical information that I have not been able to confirm/verify to my satisfaction. It is a most serious concern and if anyone can verify one way or the other on these men, I’d appreciate hearing about it and receiving the documentation source. Thanks!

    Here’s what I beg all voters to do…

    — Let go of pre-conceived ideas of who is the right candidate
    — don’t peek now at the PDF that you will download
    — go to
    — print out pages 3 – 18
    — cover all but the 1st column of pages 3 – 15
    — answer the questions yourself and put your answer in the cell with the question
    — determine which issues are critical and not negotiable and mark in the left margin which are critical (I used 1, 2, or 3 stars)
    — cover the header names of the candidates (the top row of each page 3 – 15)
    — uncover the candidates views
    — X out all those that disagree with you; and mark any ?s
    — count how many X’s and ?s you have for each candidate you are considering and put it at the bottom of the entire spreadsheet

    This little exercise is quite enlightening! Keep an open mind until you count, then see who your hero candidate is.

    Here’s my scores for the ones I’m interested in…
    Bachmann had 7 Xs and 3 ?s
    Gingrich had 20 Xs
    Paul had 0 Xs and 1 ?
    Perry had 24 Xs
    Romney had 32 Xs and 1 ?

    Now what do you get?

    • KIC

      I just re-checked the site and found an updated table of the remaining candidates. Please check it out and pass it on to others. Thanks!

      BTW – They added a new question showing that Gingrich IS CFR. Everything in their spreadsheet is verified with links.

      God bless!!!

  • hardluck

    Devil Dog, I served on the USS Sellers DDG-11 back in the 80′s. I know what it is like to be in the millitary with no gov’t help. I hope you do not die because your gov’t does not feel you are not important. To all the other patriots, GOD BLESS YOU. LET’S GET AMERICA BACK !!!

    • Andee

      Now our military is subjected to the abominations that are in their sectors, their areas…can you imagine being a female on a ship with other females or worse yet on a coed ship? How about a can our men and women concentrate on what they are supposed to be concentrating on, especially in time of war, worrying about being acosted by the same sex? This is immoral behaviors and one that no one should be forced to put up with in close quarters especially. We seniors need to support Paul..Obamacare has to go..we are no longer humans after we turn 70, we are units and doctors have to have permission to treat us and they are told what they can and cannot do for the words death panels mean anything to you all..they do to this old lady.

  • http://yahoo jay

    ron paul is like a breath of fresh air. he talks of takng steps that made america so great. i think in the fast changing world scenario, with several powers on the rise, and one fast reaching the capability to challenge american domination seriously, it would be a good idea for america to gain friends rather than enemies. there is an old adage ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’. i think america should focus on making friends. and why should there be situation where an organisation like goldman sach should decide who is to be the president of the country. that is mocking the democratic traditions that the US takes so much pride in. and why are the Diebold voting machines so easy to hack? there are ills in the economy and the politics of the country. the country has veered offcourse. ron paul promises to bring it back on the correct course. he is america’s best hope at present. although of democratic leaning, i will gladly vote for him.

  • hardluck

    By the way, the “anybody but Obama” does apply. Ron Paul is the best choice that we have. If you don’t like it, vote for Obama again.

  • senior

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote against America and Israel, God’s people. They will be destoryed for sure, and we next with Iran’s nukes, along with all the free illigal drugs given to us. Paul will end up destorying our nation all for his cowardness in a weak military security here at home and at other bases around the world. Thank God he has no real chance of getting elected. Obama would beat him bad like he did to McCain. Then we will be destoryed by Obama to. To bad Christi isn’t running then we would have a better chance.

  • http://yahoo jay

    i don’t see how voting for ron paul will destroy israel. i think if israel changes policies and becomes more amenable rather than agressive, it will gain much. and please, we are all God’s creation. izhak rabin was on the right track when he signed the deal with yasir arafat. that would have brought peace to the entire region instead of so much bloodshed. but rabin was sadly killed by one of his own. wasn’t it sharon who had said that “we would repudiate the Oslo Peace Accord when we come to power”? that is exactly what happened and the whole region is in agony. i think israel needs another rabin to set things right in israel just as america needs ron paul to set things right in america.


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