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Ron Paul CAN Win!

August 19, 2011 by  

Ron Paul CAN Win!

Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media and the Republican apparatchik to ignore him or paint him as a kook, Representative Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination.

The MSM is finally recognizing that Paul’s message of liberty, sound money and ending foreign intervention is resonating with a growing segment of the American electorate. How can we tell? Candidates — particularly Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich — are trying to steal his message, indicating it’s not so kooky after all. And no longer do all articles and discussions about Paul’s candidacy include the footnote “but he can’t win” after a mention of his name — although most still do.

Paul’s success in the polls has the neocons, warmongers and RINOs in the Republican hierarchy all atwitter. They can’t stand the thought of starving the military-industrial complex, which would cut off their gravy trains. They can’t stand the thought of cutting off the Federal Reserve, which supplies their largess while stealing the wealth of all Americans. They can’t stand the thought of a challenge to their corporatocracy.

Americans now realize — even if the elected elites can’t — that the status quo can’t be continued. Printing more and more money to support unsustainable spending has finally caught up with us. And the people are tired of it. They recognize that Paul is the only politician — in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere — who is saying the same thing he’s been saying for more than 30 years: that an increasingly fascist government and the Federal Reserve are enemies of liberty and financial freedom.

Republican insiders and the media conspired to choose the Republican candidate in every election since 1988: George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush and John McCain. They are trying to do it again with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry — neither of whom is conservative.

Elect Mitt Romney and you’ll have Barack Obama light. Elect Rick Perry and you’ll have George Bush on steroids.

If you want to continue to see your money squandered on military missions that would have our treasure fighting and dying on foreign soil, installing friendly dictators, nation building and imposing systems of government that the people don’t want, then don’t say you cherish liberty. And if you want to continue to sit back and do nothing while your savings are inflated away by the Federal Reserve, then don’t say you love freedom. If you want a government that blatantly violates your 4th Amendment rights in the name of “safety” and dictates what you eat, where you go, what type of light bulb or toilet you can have your home, whether you can protect yourself, how you can invest, whether you have to put harmful drugs in your body and what type of car you can drive, then vote for the establishment candidate. Because all of the candidates in the GOP field, save Ron Paul, will continue the status quo and you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten.

Americans, if you long for freedom, you need Ron Paul. If you seek a real change in the way Washington works, you need Ron Paul. If you quit saying that Ron Paul can’t win, he will. If you will support Ron Paul, he’ll win, despite the MSM and the Republican Party. If you cherish liberty and value freedom, Ron Paul is the only choice.

If he’s not your choice, then stop pretending you want a free America. It’s that simple.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Simian Pete

    Your totally right, Bob ! Ron Paul can win this election ! People all across America are frustrated with the “status quo” in DC …

    Anything can happen ! Anything goes ! Put Ron Paul against Prez Obama, Paul would win – it’s no contest ! It would be a slaughter !

    The only people now standing in the way are the Republican Party leaders. Those ‘tards will probably blow it ….

    • TIME


      Your 100% On Target!

      • Humpty Dumpty


        You must be in a different TIME period. All liberals talk about is Paul.

        Candidate Ron Paul and Drug Laws

        Ron Paul flirts with the presidential race every four years, making a big splash among college kids and on the Internet. His fundraising ability through Internet websites and money bombs is a thing of envy for other less technologically savvy candidates.

        His supporters are very vocal, known for their networking ability to flood Internet polls to skew the results, but in the end they were too few in number to get Paul the nomination in 2008. However, you can see his results in the 2008 primaries here.

        His votes paled in comparison to the Beltway candidate McCain and that is pretty pathetic. When McCain lost primaries it was either Romney or Huckabee who beat him.

        • TIME

          Well Cracked Egg head,

          Your name exactly denoteds what level of IQ you posses.

          But on that note: I thank you for clearly displaying just haw scary many “Alledged Consertives” truly are.

          Other than being totaly Ignorant beyond any words I can muster, Nazi like in many respects, and to top that off Pure Idiots who are no better than the QUASI Liberal’s who rally around their demi God Barry Obama.

          Its really people like you that make me think that the Progressive may have the right idea, {eliminate on mass the mindless worthless eater.}

          Thus persons like yourself can’t even grasp the loss of this nations “Personal Libertys” as you are no better than the Mindless ZOMBIES sheep that follow Barry Obama as I noted.

          May the God’s have pitty on the Idiots of the world as they have made the earth a living Hell for anyone with higher levels of gray matter.

          Thus proving the old theory;

          “Hell is having to live with other people who have either limited IQ’s below 100, or IQ’s the same as their shoe size.”

          Hey afterall you have Ann Colter on your side as well as Rush BimboBaaa, as well that worthless Zombie Hannity and his BUBBA OReally the boobie.
          Right along with all the other wack jobs, hey your type even rates in with Chris Mathews and the Madddog, plus all the other really wacked out nummie on the BOOB TBUE.

          Goodie for you old Cracked EGG Head. ;-)

          • Average Joe

            All the King’s horses and all the King’s men…can’t put Humpty to gether again…….Broken beyond repair!

          • Old Henry


            Wow, you have sure been rather, ah, forthright lately as this is just one of many “dressing downs” you have posted lately. Lovin it.

            Are you realy Lee Ermy masquerading as TIME? LOL!

          • Dan az

            This is what I would call a true fence sitter,That pretty much explains his name.He has been leaning to the left a little to far.I would like to see how he voted for the best of the best that money could buy and if he thought it was a improvement over the last.Truly amazing that there is so many mouth breathers that can still hold up their heads above the stench.Maybe we should reconsider Gates idea of vaccinations except this time we will only have the libs take it instead.BTW there is a bill in congress thats called the heart beat bill that needs to be voted on shortly.It protects against abortion when there is a heart beat!Hope all here will look it up and help pass this bill.

          • duane


            You must be a commie pinko puke in disguise with the b.s. diatribe you had against Humpty Dumpty. You mus think your diatribe was humoruous and enlighting. I makes about as much sense and Das Kapital and all of the commie puke that the leftist zombies and the right wing loonies are spewing out of their behinds.

          • People’s Rights

            TIME, Calm down, you are rude and abusive to people.

            - Calling people Cracked Egg Head as the same time you go into a rage and want to promote illegal drugs.

            - You accuse people “denoteds what level of IQ you posses”, yet at the same time you get enraged, and are unable to argue and call names. You just proved how low your IQ is.

            - You said: “Nazi like in many respects” accusing people of being NAZI, so it’s either your way or the highway when you can not accept the truth.

            Everything I see in Humpty Dumpty’s posting IS FILLED WITH FACTS.

            - TIME said, “ Pure Idiots who are no better than the QUASI Liberal’s who rally around their demi God Barry Obama.” In fact, your views and your behavior are extremely LIBERAL and THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE but at the same time demonize and falsely accused others are being liberals. How disgusting!

            - TIME, you’re calling Humpty Dumpty “Liberal”, but at the same time you could not hide your true identity as being a radical left-wing NUT. In the next sentence you’re bashing Conservative talk show hosts like “afterall you have Ann Colter on your side as well as Rush BimboBaaa, as well that worthless Zombie Hannity and his BUBBA OReally the boobie.” …. GOTCHA!!

            *** So who is the really the cracked head and who is mindless zombie as you called people? ***

            Calm down don’t make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have.

          • The Other White Meat

            There’s no apostrophe on “Gods”.

          • TIME

            Hey peoples rights,

            Man you are a REAL winner, as well you are a clear picture of just why I fear the “QUASI conservative’s” just as much as I fear “Quasi liberals.”

            Cracked egg head has not one single point correct within his text, thus providing that you’re just as clueless as he is.

            Or are you in fact cracked egg head?
            You do understand that you have a finger print in you’re style of writing, its called “SYNTAX” – oddly the two of you fit like hand and glove.

            Thus your post is fruitless as well exposing your ZOMBIE like mental abilitys.
            But hey the good part is this -You have a nice day there sunshine.

          • TIME


            Yo ~ bubba, that post of your’s is really special, hey did you take a class to write that?
            Oh come on tell the truth, did you called me a pinko commie. LMAO..

            Bubba if you had half a bloody brain cell who knows what you may be able to come up with.
            Now you be a good little monkey and get back in your cage.

          • TIME

            Old Henry,

            Hey how are you? Yea I do get sick of the quasi what evers, they really are little wankers.

            You know I tell you, I changed my mind on how things work based on this date, (March 13th 1997,) around 7:40PM.
            I was on my way home to Flagstaff AZ from Tucson I was on I 17 when I hit the mountain pass of General Cook Trai. It was the next day that exposed me to what the hell is really wrong with our nation’s political figure heads, as well all the mindless ZOMBIES that follow them. Google the date, and the word Pheonix.

            I as well as at least 10 car’s full of people pulled off the road and saw this event as clear as day, and there were over 5000 people who reported this event who also saw it at some point along the 350 mile long treck.
            Only to be told what we saw was not there. Thats when I really woke up.
            From that “TIME” forward I look at the media as little more than garbage with legs, and most Politicians as little more than Prostitutes.

            So when I see some half baked Nano wit make statments that are at best worthless, I will insult them as the ignorant trash they are.
            Just like Peoples rights who thinks Ann Coulter, Hannity or Oreily have the American peoples best interest in mind.
            I have met these alledged special people in person they do not reflect Personal Liberty at all.

            I will tell you that John Stossel, as well Judge, and the spelling is off I am sure Napatinalo from FOX are both Good solid people, who just like myself “say what I mean and mean what I say.”

            Really there is only “TRUTH” and then everything else. I stand with TRUTH.

            See you soon we were leaving on a fishing trip on Friday only to have an issue come up that needed to be addressed ASAP so we leave Sunday.
            So those of you are are Good people Kick Ass and take names.

          • http://yahoo art

            and your point is ??????????????????

          • People’s Rights

            TO TIME,

            Humpty Dumpty’s posting material was copied from the website that he listed for you, and it isn’t his writing, mine nor anyone else, EXCEPT the Author. I just saw her first posting and can’t tell much about him, and Im always helping Conservatives when they were attacked by TROLLS.

            Seems you have a very low IQ and you’re just mad bc you were caught lying, therefore you can’t figure it out.

            Im not like YOU or the mainstream media, I don’t have any liberal agenda (such as Ron Paul, advocate George Soros’s activities) to sell. I do not disguise myself as a conservative the way YOU and TROLLS DO, and then go out and attack REAL conservatives and the Conservative Talk Show Host like you do.


          • People’s Rights

            I know that you’re trying to sell us your Progressive Idols.


            You, the mainstream media and Trolls do nothing but trash Conservatives 24/7.

          • People’s Rights

            Q#1 – so how MANY names do you go under to sell your liberal agenda and disguise yourself as Conservative, so people think that many agree with you?

            I don’t have any agenda to sell, and I was very frank with people ALL RON PAUL’s AGENDA IS VERY DANGEROUS and they are totally different with what the Founding Fathers fought for, agree?

            Q #2 – Why do you guys feel that you need to post every few minutes, pretty much 24/7?

            Q#3 – So how many times do each of you post to BURY good Conservative postings? See what I meant, I just posted and you guys manage to make it disappear. SEE, it shows HOW AFRAID YOU GUYS ARE OF THE TRUTH.
            I know each time when you see a good Conservative posting on “the Community COMMENTS” shows, you guys automatically come out and start posting until it DISAPPEARS. Sometimes you people argue back and forth, and it sounds so phony.

            Q#4 – What about your liberal writers who disguise themselves as conservatives, you don’t seem complain about them, do you?

            That shows how much of a hypocrite you are and your bias toward liberals!!!

          • Humpty Dumpty

            Thanks a lot for your support guys.

            TIME, you’re a clueless liberal. You are clearly confused for some reason, I’ve no idea who this People’s Rights person is. I only quoted from the video, and if you weren’t so stupid you could figure it out for yourself. Go to hell.

        • DaveH

          You’re right, Dumpty. We need a candidate who will continue the costly freedom-robbing and futile drug wars. We need a candidate who will continue the decade long costly freedom-robbing and futile efforts to instill our culture on the Mideast.
          We need a candidate who will continue lying to us while he subtly continues building the Leviathan Government that we now have at the expense of the citizens.
          Ron Paul isn’t that man.

        • People’s Rights

          As TIME has said, “The facts are people like the above noted are bound on taking this once great nation down to the depths of hell”.

          TIME is wrong bc people like Humpty Dumpty and many good people, we do not support illegal drugs, prostitution, big government, etc..

          People like TIME, RON PAUL & USEFUL IDIOTS are advocating illegal drugs and Prostitution which have the SAME platforms as GEORGE SOROS and are very dangerous.

          All Humpty Dumpty was doing is warning people of what they are getting into. People need to figure out who are the ones trying to destroy this country and making a profit, by condoning the SALE and USE of ILLEGAL DRUGS.

          • Bleh

            “People like TIME, RON PAUL & USEFUL IDIOTS are advocating illegal drugs and Prostitution which have the SAME platforms as GEORGE SOROS and are very dangerous.”

            Incorrect. Continuing the failed, expensive “War on drugs” is the platform of useful idiots. We prosecute and imprison people for possessing a plant. A freaking plant! Then we expect people not to hold said plant and we expect them to change, yet they do not. Insanity?
            Instead people show up in town commons holding said plant waiting to be arrested and prosecuted thus wasting yet more tax dollars. That is pure stupidity over a plant. Again, the failed, expensive “War on drugs” is the platform of useful idiots like yourself.

            “All Humpty Dumpty was doing is warning people of what they are getting into. People need to figure out who are the ones trying to destroy this country and making a profit, by condoning the SALE and USE of ILLEGAL DRUGS”
            Incorrect. Returning to and abiding by the Constitution is not an attempt to destroy the country. It will save the country. Half the crap the country spends money on is NOT supported by the Constitution (A document that is supposed to limit Federal powers), spending, expansion of Government and idiotic laws are what is truly destroying the country.

            Get a clue, live up to your name and stop being a useless idiot.

          • JR

            Ron Paul just whats the federal goverment to stay out of the war on drugs and leave to the states.

          • People’s Rights

            Hey Usual Idiot Bleh :)

            Sorry, none of your lies will change the facts and justify your and Ron Paul’s actions and his platforms.

            BLEH said, “Get a clue, live up to your name and stop being a useless idiot.”

            - So you’re telling me YOU ARE A USEFUL IDIOT – Good and act like one too. :)

            - I have lived up to my name whether you like it or not, can you tell my useful idiot? You hate people, who are exercising their Freedom of Speech, don’t you?

            “We prosecute and imprison people for possessing a plant. A freaking plant!”

            - What a big LIE! Useful Idiot, you should know police dept. don’t have several detectives to go after a freaking plan; and everybody knows they don’t even have enough people to cover a much bigger crime; “Insanity?” you asked. YES, IT’S YOU BLEH – A Useful Idiot.

            You said, “Continuing the failed, expensive “War on drugs” is the platform of useful idiots.”

            - You intentionally left out the main point who is the main source distribute illegal drugs, did you?

            - Get a clue, Useful Idiot that’s all the drug problems come from.

            - “Failed and Expensive “War On Drugs” is the flatform of Useful Idiots like you who are USELESS to society!!

            - And as you put it: “Some people just don’t have a clue how stupid they sound.” …. That’s the best way to describe yourself – Thank you!

          • DaveH

            Why is it that so many posters tend to use flowery names that usually turn out to be opposite of what they reveal about themselves in their comments?
            Some reality:
            About 17,000 people a year die from illicit drug usage.
            About 32,000 people a year die from prescription drug complications.
            About 85,000 people a year die from alcohol usage.
            About 435,000 people a year die from tobacco usage.
            Yet our Governments insist on spending about $40 Billion a year fighting their ineffective Drug Wars. And to add insult to injury much of our loss of Constitutional rights has been justified by their desire to stop illicit drug usage. Authorities have killed many innoncent people in their vane efforts to stop drug usage. They have terrorized many more innocent families with their Nazi-like drug raids. They have used the Drug Wars as an excuse (forfeiture laws) to take away cash money and other property from many people whose only crime is distrust of banks or ignorance of the lifestyles of those who rent their property. They have enriched the worst segment of society (the drug lords), and we all know that money is power. Most of the crimes attributed to drug usage are a result of the sky-high drug prices which are a result of the illegality of those drugs. So, in other words, most of the drug crimes exist solely because of the illegality of those drugs.
            All that, and the same Government subsidizes tobacco which kills far more people than illicit drugs.
            The cure is much worse than the disease. As usual, Big Government is the Problem, not the Solution.
            We live in one very sick society.

          • PEOPLE’s RIGHTs

            DaveH, you asked me to answer your unreliable information, especially the numbers you picked out of thin air? For someone like you who is posting non-stop 24/7, and sending Bob Livingston’s audience away to your liberal websites, you should be able to answer your own questions.

            Now you try to blame me? Have you asked Ron Paul for answers, and what he has done during his 80 years of his life as CAREER LONG POLITICIAN? Which is WORSE? YOU and your unreliable sad stories, OBAMACARE or incapbale and useless RON PAUL or ME?

            Please read Herman Cain’s comment – a cancer survivor, he said I would be “DEAD” if Obama care law had been passed sooner.

            Progressives like DaveH, love to ask stupid questions and demand to legalize, sell and take drugs (heroin) and then insult people, “Some people just don’t have a clue how stupid they sound.” or “We live in one very sick society.”

            DaveH still can’t tell the difference between causing problems or solving problems?

            Manipulate Kook politicians like Ron Paul to get children and the entire population easy access to drugs like Heroin or get more addicted to drugs is NOT a solution. Massive amounts of funding from George Soros, Facebook and Progressive corps. have been spent to get it passed in every election for decades, and they will continue to have it place on the ballot UNTIL it gets passed.

            I guess you WANT take advantage and NOT WASTE A GOOD CRISES as your party leaders Hillary and Rahm Israel Emanuel said.

        • AlleninReality

          “Quote HumptyDumpty””His votes paled in comparison to the Beltway candidate McCain and that is pretty pathetic. When McCain lost primaries it was either Romney or Huckabee who beat him.”

          This is the same rationale that has plagued may a poor sot that drank the same koolaid derved up by the globalist RINO NEOCONS year after year on FOX news and other Isreali influenced networks. It is time you and others wake up! The pretty boys and girls that are being offered up by the RNC are corrupt and this country needs rescued now. You had better get the word out and turn your back on all these candidates in the so-called conservative field. They will just continue what is going on now! We just cannot afford buying friends with unnecessary foreign aid. Buying aircraft to the tune of billions that could not out-perform ancient soviet planes. Screwing retirees, soldiers, and seniors by cutting their benefits and bolstering handouts to the unwilling to work! Giving millions of jobs away to foreign invaders. Accepting bribes from corporate and union lobbyists, and the big banks to corrupt our economy and our livelihood. And now the Chinafication of America to repay debts our government borrows to keep our spending spree going. I do not like any of Obama’s Hope and Change! It sucks man! We need someone with a backbone to stand up for the country and the constitution again!!!

    • Carlos

      You know you guys got it right. Ron Paul can’t be ignored just like Michael Savage can’t be ignored or Neville Chamberlain can’t be ignored. Rupaul was actually very entertaining during the debate and I’m glad he made his views known but all you have to do is listen to M. Savage’s radio program for 5 minutes to conclude that he’s a wild eyed extremist and certifiable nutjob as is RuPaul. Unfortunately its people like him who are making it difficult for us to save our nation. RuPaul could better serve our nation by not quitting his day job.

      • DaveH

        You need to read the book “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo and get a clue as to how successfully we have all been brainwashed to believe that Big Government is the solution to our problems.
        You are an excellent example of that.

      • Jay

        That’s right Carlos, you cannot ignore people like M. Savage and Ron Paul, and apparently neither can you. But as for you, I can understand why you can’t ignore them. Does ending illegal immigration ring a bell? You understand me, right amigo?

      • Bleh

        So returning to the Constitution and abiding by it is the actions of an Extremist? If so we need thousands more of them in the Government.
        Perhaps you should review Ron Paul’s voting record and re-assess your viewpoint so you don’t continue to look so stupid.

        Some people just don’t have a clue how stupid they sound.

        • People’s Rights

          Bleh, see my response to your posting and your name-calling.

          - You said, “Failed and Expensive “War On Drugs” is the flatform of Useful Idiots.”

          Yes, like you who are a USEFUL IDIOT but USELESS to society!! Get a clue and stop being a useless idiot.

          - And as you put it: “Some people just don’t have a clue how stupid they sound.” …. That’s the best way to describe yourself – Thank you!

          • DaveH

            Experience has shown that the anti-drug zealots’ alarmism is without merit:

          • DaveH

            California’s Prop 19:

            From the article:
            “For the same reason, and with more anger, most of the growers from Northern California’s fertile Humboldt and Mendocino counties were against Prop. 19. The initiative lost in both. Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and one of the oldest warriors in the national drug policy fight, says the growers rebelled when they decided there was “no way post-prohibition for anyone to fetch $15 or $25 for a gram of dried vegetable matter.” People currently making $25 to $30 an hour trimming weed in Humboldt imagined their jobs reduced to minimum-wage work or eliminated entirely”.

            Get it? The illegal manufacturers and sellers don’t want it legalized because it would stifle them from making the Big Bucks.

    • wandamurline

      Before you want to put Ron Paul in the White House, you had better take a really good look at his voting record over the years. Although I agree that the Constitution rules America, Ron Paul said that if Iran nuked America, what would he do? and his answer was nothing. He is also not the anti-abortion guy you think he is and he is for the illegals being made citizens. Just keep watching, because his record will come out in the debates….he is way to radical, he is toooooo old and he cannot beat Obama. I will not vote for him, and after you review his record of voting, you will not either.

      • newspooner

        You are a bit mixed up, but I don’t have time now to clarify things for you. Please study more.

      • Buddy

        “Iran nuked America”?? Where do these insane ideas come from?

        Iran doesn’t have “nukes”; nor does Iran have any way to deliver them if they did have them. Only Israel, Pakistan, India, etc., have. But for the threat du jour, it’s gotta be Iran. Boo!

        Are you setting us up for yet another war to support the warfare state?

        • Morduin00

          If you would have listened to what Paul said during the debate, he would not intervene with Iran getting nukes… and by extension, a system to deliver those nukes anywhere they choose. So wandamurline is correct in that regard.

          • TML

            Why should we “intervene”? What gives us the right to do so? And what do you think is involved in “intervening”?
            Many, many, countries have ‘nukes’… why should we pick which countries have them?
            As far as I can remember, the only country who has ever even used such bombs… is US!

          • Morduin00

            How many of them do you trust to use without provocation?

            And for your history lesson… the US was in the middle of a war at the time. Not looking to annihilate a country just for the sake of the fact that you do not agree with its existence. Part of the decision to use the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was to prevent further, possibly millions, more casualties what would have occurred had the US landed on Japanese home soil.

            While the US has made mistakes in the past, more often than not (and to the detriment of our troops), the US has taken the high road.

          • TML

            @Morduin00 – I trust that they will NOT use without provocation.

            Now answer my questions. In case you missed them…

            Why should we “intervene”?
            What gives us the right to do so?
            And what do you think is involved in “intervening”?

          • Morduin00


            Before I answer your questions, understand that I would rather that nukes, chem and bio weapons did not exist… for anyone. And, I believe everyone has a right to defend their country.

            1) Why should we intervene?
            -as a dominant super-power, we have an obligation to make the world safer
            -Iran’s leadership has openly stated and supported groups that have a vested interest in destroying the US and Israel.
            (personally I would love to see the world allow Israel take care of their own problem but majority of the world organizations are anti-semetic and blame Israel first and foremost for the Mid East problems.)

            2) What gives us the right to do so? The international community, to an extent has given us the right but virtue of our standing in the world. Quite frankly, when Kuwait was invaded, who did the world turn to?

            3) What do I mean by intervening? Intervention can take many forms. But mostly what I take umbrage against Paul’s statement is that we have no right… regardless of circumstances. I disagree with that and believe that national security is utmost important. Iran has openly stated their hatred for the US… and not because of sanctions.

            I do not have anything personal against Dr. Paul, I just don’t agree with his foreign policy views and assessments. He is so much better at financial issues on which I do agree with him. I just feel you need to have a vigilant eye on those who wish us harm and know who those people are. Giving Iran free reign now will not make them any friendlier to us than they are now.

          • Morduin00

            And TML… I wish I shared your optimism that Iran would not use the nukes without provocation.

          • Christin


            Ron Paul stated that we would not have to intervene on Israel’s behalf… as they have plenty of nucs and we only need to GET OUT OF THE WAY, QUIT TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO with their borders, and let them lead their OWN country.

            I stand with Israel and they are quite capable… Israeli’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu(sp? sorry) said Israel doesn’t need our help, just quit interfering, forcing them to give up their land and let them run their own country.

            Ron Paul does have some Libertarian ideas that I don’t necessarily agree with, but not all his libertarian views will get put into law as he will have a Democrat (socialist) and Establishment RINO Republican (with a few Tea Party Constitutionalists) that won’t sign all the bills he wishes to put forward… we still have a ‘Checks and Balances’ when it comes to Conservative ideals, just not Communist ideals… they get a pass by their NWO friends!

          • Morduin00

            I agree that we as well as the rest of the world need to get out of Israel’s way. They are actually great people if you get to know them.

            So based on your checks and balances? How effective of a pres do you think Dr. Paul will be? I don’t see him getting anything by congress esp his views on the fed reserve (since they are all in bed with each other anyway).

          • TML

            “-as a dominant super-power, we have an obligation to make the world safer”

            “Safer” seems to be a subjective judgment. Wise man once said; those who give up a liberty for a little temporary safety, deserve neither, and will lose both. Being a “dominant” super power, we should lead by example, you don’t make the world safer by the barrel of a gun

            “-Iran’s leadership has openly stated and supported groups that have a vested interest in destroying the US and Israel.”

            Which came first… the chicken or the egg? Do you realize that all the countries we are at war with are Muslim countries? Do you know that what united Muslims into cohesive nations was the defense against the Crusades? Do you know that they see these wars as nothing more than the same? WE are the provocateurs. Not them. Those open statements were made well after we were already trying to intervene in their nation.

            “2) What gives us the right to do so? The international community, to an extent has given us the right but virtue of our standing in the world. Quite frankly, when Kuwait was invaded, who did the world turn to?”

            And perhaps there was justification for that at the time. But we didn’t ‘help’ until a ‘crime’ was committed, via the invasion of a peaceful country. Regardless, this does not translate to a justification, or right, to invade or intervene in a countries desire for defense that has not attacked us. This does not give us the right to preemptively or preventively attack another country that has not provoked us.

            “3) What do I mean by intervening? Intervention can take many forms.”

            Intervention: interposition or interference of one state in the affairs of another.
            That’s right… it can take many forms. So where do you draw the line?

            But mostly what I take umbrage against Paul’s statement is that we have no right… regardless of circumstances.

            We don’t have a right to intervene in the affairs of other countries, and never will, and the only justification that’s ever presented, is one based on fear. It is the same with preventive or preemptive war… which is always based on fear.

          • Elevenarrows

            What Paul said is that he doesn’t think sanctions do anything, but make other countries mad. He also usually points out that our foreign policy is about stealing or controlling oil and it sucks us into unnecessary wars. He’s right. If most Americans are sick of funding wars and sending our sons to die for stupid causes (not national defense usually) and most of us realize our leaders have been insanely incompetent for decades, why do we balk at looking at the policies driving some of these decisions?! Everyone that truly cares about the future of our country needs to stop listening to the talking points and media and actually go to Ron Paul’s website and read about the issues. Also, DO check out his voting record. It clearly shows that even if a program looks good on the surface (feeding kids breakfast, lunch and supper at school…we can’t have hungry kids, right?), Paul votes against it if it is not supported by the authority of the Constitution. That is exactly what he took an oath to do. Too bad most of the other Congressmen don’t put as much devotion to the Constitution in their voting!

          • eddie47d

            We should support Israel’s right to exist. Yet if Israel would attack Iran what would stop Pakistan from entering the fiasco? Iran also has a friend in Russia and Putin is still an egomaniac. Ron Paul is right in not trying to stoke the fires in Iran and we would certainly be dragged into it.

          • Morduin00

            TML… LOL. You make great points. However, I can find just as many points in history as well to back my point of view (eg. the first crusades were to remove the muslims from Jerusalem (started by France non-the-less)).

            I am afraid, my friend, that we will have to agree to disagree on this.

            However, I will make you a deal and still listen to what Dr. Paul, and the other candidates have to say. PA has one of the latest primaries so I have plenty of time to make my decision. However, it is usually too late by then anyway :-).

            Last time, I didnt like McCain, but I didnt like Obama more. Such poor choices we have :-(

          • TML

            “I wish I shared your optimism that Iran would not use the nukes without provocation.”

            “I am afraid, my friend, …”

            You fear too much, friend ;) and because of that…

            “…that we will have to agree to disagree on this.”

            …I concur

            Peace be with you

          • Old Henry


            “-as a dominant super-power, we have an obligation to make the world safer”.

            Does that not make us “arogant” and due for another scathing rebuke by Little Barry?

          • Bob

            Frist let me say this. The other Country’s that hate us do not hate the American People just the Government that run America. Its the back room deals our Government have made with the Big Corporations,The Big Banks to fight the wars we as Americans did not want. I’m Wondering why they with all the Money they have did not send in their own troops and spend their own money rather then The American Tax Payers Money. The Greed our Big Government, Big Banks and Big Corporations Put us as Americans in the debt we are in now. Just fighting the wars to make them much more wealthier and still send all American work and jobs to the third World Countries. I am Wondering why you don’t understand why other World Governments don’t Like our Government? Think about this if you are another Government and you don’t Do what The USA Government,World Banks, and the Big Corporations of the Greediest of all in our World. They just come to you Nation and Blow the hell out of it tell they give in to their way,Who cares just take them out tell we control what Our Big Dishonest Government want. I am an American and I am not my Government. I Love all People of this World and I am scared of my own Government and do not trust it at all so why would any other Country’s and Governments of this World.Think about this all Politicians Elected as representattives of our Government will be and are Rich compaired to the Worlds People as well as the average American people because of all the back room deals, That no American should have to put up with.They say they represent us Big,Big Bull only them self.We are losing our Homes our Jobs our way to live and to feed our self and Families. You see if us as Americans do not wake up Our own Government will Blow the Hell out of us as well. But thats okay just keep listing to the Media that buy their way our Government tells them what to say and do because you see when we the People Of America and of the World have no jobs no food no Homes, The Media will because the are all so very Rich themselves so why would they care. You can not trust a word they say as well. The Media is not what it used to be they have no balls they are just Puppets to our Big Government,Big World Banks,Big Corporations,and the last the Big Federal Reserve.We as Americans have nothing to do with.Time to wake up Americans the World’s People are asking for all American People Help.Not only to save them but us as people of America.Vote out all the now and career Politicians that think they represent this Great Country.Only we the people can show the World we are not Our Government.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            There are Muslim nations in the middle east that hate the US to a man/woman!! Iran doesn’t hate just our government, they hate every man, woman, and child in this country, don’t make the mistake of not believing that! There are also 27 (not completely sure of that number) backpack nukes that went missing when the USSR broke up and they can not be located! We have wide open borders and all 27 of them could already be in this country. If one of them went off, who would ANY president blame?? Do we nuke Russia for losing them? Do we nuke Mexico for letting them cross their border? Or do we seal our borders now, check EVERY person entering this country, and pray that they AREN’T here? Tic toc Bob, tic toc!!!

          • Al Sieber

            Geez Morduin, never study history?

        • LuluBelle

          Did you even watch the debate last week??

      • Erin

        wandamurline, where are you getting his voting record from? Fox news?

        I think if you look at his actual voting record, you will see he is the ONLY candidate who has NEVER flip-flopped on the issues to accommodate special interests. He has earned the nickname of “Dr. No” because he has never voted for unconstitutional legislation. He is the ONLY candidate who is there for the people, not himself or his friends.

        But don’t take my word for it, see his record for yourself:

        - He has never taken a government junket.
        - He does not participate in the lucrative Congressional Pension Program.
        - He returns a portion of his annual Congressional Office Budget every year.
        - He has never voted to raise taxes.
        - He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
        - He voted no to the bankster bailout.
        - He voted no to raising the debt ceiling and warned us against the “Super Congress” part of the legislation that resembles both an ” Enabling Act” and a “Politburo.”
        - He has never voted to raise Congressional Pay.
        - He never voted to increase Executive Branch Power.
        - He voted against regulating the Internet
        - He voted against the Iraq War and warned us against going forward with an undeclared war.”Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberty and wealth are in Jeopardy” July 10th, 2003
        - He supports a non-interventionist foreign policy yet a strong defense.

        Ron Paul is the only candidate for President in 2012 who actually served his country. He was a flight surgeon during Vietnam. In fact, Ron Paul’s popularity is so high among U.S. service members that the Texas Congressman’s presidential campaign has received more money from U.S. soldiers than any other candidate in the 2012 presidential race.

        - He will Reinstate The Constitution and Save The Republic
        - He will END the unconstitutional FED.
        - He will phase out the unconstitutional IRS beginning immediately
        - He will limit Big Government in your private affairs

        • Marten

          Way to go Erin….A lot of LIGHT need to be shone and fresh oxygen needs to be pumped into that fetid darkness and fear in the public Mind.The Doc. has the best solution for the whole World ”Trade and Friendship”

        • exbobbie

          Erin, You say that Dr Paul,

          Will reinstate the Constitution and save the Republic
          Will end the unconstitutional Federal Reserve
          Will phase out the unconstitutional IRS beginning immediately
          Will limit big government in your private affairs

          I know that this is what Dr Paul wants and believes in, and has stated these things many many times and I too would love to see this happen and more. Unfortunately if he wins he will only be a President, not a Dictator, so he will have to convince a bunch of other elected officials inn Congress to agree with him for this to happen and I don’t think it will. Unless you can come up with a bunch of politicians who think as Dr Paul does, then none of the above will happen, and that’s a crying shame.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            what do you think will happen if mid-term we vote out all we can who disagree with him? What message do you think THAT will send??

          • Bleh

            You are likely right. The Ron Paul’s first term would likely fail, though the second term, after we kick the losers to the curb, would likely succeed. By the way, we already have a jump-start in the House and will likely have one on the Senate in 2012.

          • DaveH

            The road to success is paved with failure.

      • Lil

        You are a complete idiot.
        Ron Paul said we SHOULD be in war to defend our country, but not in wars to police the world. He is against sanctions against countries as long as they don’t attack us and he is encouraging peace talk. He was explaining that Iran is not the only country wanting to have nuclear power, there are lots of countries having it including USA. NO ONE was sanctioned us for that.
        About abortions, he said it’s not the government business to decide what a woman or a couple should do.
        You better listen with your ears unplugged to what he says instead of spreading lies about him.

        • Morduin00

          Seriously? You sound just like the libs… calling anyone who disagrees with you an idiot. Name-calling and vilifying someone for their ideas is childish and not conducive to good discussion. Furthermore, it makes you seem all the more radical… justifying some of the claims here made about Paul’s supporters.

          • jimmy

            I have listened to ron paul and he is a moron . He is probably the worst candidate in the field . If he were elected would rank with carter and obama so hope he doesn’t fool more nut cases like you.

          • Bleh

            Lil may have been insulting but Lil also spoke truth. You should listen to Ron Paul again and this time quit the spin…

          • DaveH

            Ron Paul’s claims are logical and well-thought-out.
            I guess that does make him Extremist in this world of illogical, uneducated people.
            I would be glad to debate his agenda point by point with anybody brave enough to put their egos on the line.

      • TML

        “Ron Paul said that if Iran nuked America, what would he do? and his answer was nothing.”

        I think Buddy was one the right track… you should consider that it’s not the answer that was flawed, but the question which was flawed. It is common in MSM to ask very assuming rhetoric’s of Ron Paul in every debate, and he picks them apart. For example, one question in a debate was that if a little Mexican girl, who was in America illegally, went to a hospital, should she get health care? This is obviously a rhetoric which assumes that if you answer no, that you are some kind of monster… when the fact is, the answer assumes that if government doesn’t regulate and provide health care through whatever means, that such a girl wouldn’t get medical attention… when that is not necessarily the case, and simply not true. Individuals in the private sectors are more than capable of making sound moral judgments to provide care for a little Mexican girl, more than any government. So back to you’re statement on nukes… what would you prefer his answer be? “Nuke them back”? Na… the question is designed to play on ones fear in order to justify preemptive or preventive wars being conducted illegally to keep this pessimistic perceived fear from coming true… and it’s ridiculous. This is the home of the brave… not the home of the fearful.

        “He is also not the anti-abortion guy you think he is…”

        Only when it comes to pregnancies which are a result of rape, or endangers the life of the mother… would you deny this as morally justifiable? Besides, the man was a doctor who delivered over 1000 babies… you should do more critical thinking.

        “…he is for the illegals being made citizens.”

        Via the proper methods of citizenship… not by being given government social benefits despite citizenship.

        • Vigilannie

          ABORTION IS WRONG not matter what the circumstances are!

          • DaveH

            That may be, but the question is “Is it any of our business to dictate that decision to a mother who may very well die in childbirth?”.
            If not for that, I would say more power to the anti-abortionists.

            You put yourself in a position of deciding whose life is more important, the mother’s or the unborn child’s.
            I think, right or wrong, that abortion is the mother’s decision. God can decide if she made the correct decision.

          • Thinking About

            Abortion also happens in the form of negelecting to nourish every child born wolith proper nutrition and education. Where are all those so opposed to abortion but not willing to provide proper welfare for our young ones.

          • DaveH

            Riding on other peoples’ backs, About, is slavery no matter how you cloak it.
            And it’s not just a moral issue. Even more people suffer under the charade of the welfare state than under the seemingly cruel state of Liberty. Socialism has been a failure throughout history for good reason. When people can’t count on keeping their own hard earned money, they work less, thus producing less which results in fewer goods to be had by those who need them. Prosperous people are generous people.

      • Dan az
      • DaveH

        You need to quit taking your opinions about Ron Paul from outside sources. Here is his issues page:

        • DaveH
          • JeffH

            DaveH, excellant…if every Ron Paul skeptic would take the time to read and understand his stance on the National Defense issue they would see that he isn’t an “isolationist” or even a “weak” dove.
            As you’ve said over and over, we shouldn’t be the world’s policemen and potect other countries and their borders…we should concentrate on protecting our borders and the US…he’s not opposed to the idea of war when all else fails and war is the only recourse to protect the USA.

        • DaveH
      • AlleninReality

        Do us all a favor and stay home on election day. An ill-informed voter is way too dangerous to be out on election day. Go to a bar that morning and drink the day away and sleep it off till the next day. The country will so much better off.

      • Maggiemoo

        Wow,Wanda. You are so full of manure!!! Those are out and out lies! He NEVER said we should do nothing if we were bombed (by anyone) and he is very pro-life, but says the states, NOT the federal government, should decide the issue, which by the way is the constitutional way. As far as illegals, he says we should take away the incentives for them coming here–like free healthcare, education, and instant citizenship for being born here. So are you that stupid or are you intentionally lying?

    • Alexander

      These are bunch of college kids that don’t know anything about politics.

      How many of them work for George Soros?
      All MSM’s talked all these years was Obama
      And now they are talking about Obama and how Paul will win the Repulbican Party nomination.

      The mainstream media only covers Obama, and they refuse to cover the GOP’s candidates who can win.

      We should worry.

      • Humpty Dumpty

        Well said Alexander.

        A VOTE for Ron Paul and you will have Barack Obama.
        A VOTE for Ron Paul and you will have more of the same.
        A VOTE for Ron Paul and you will have Paul flirts with the presidential race every four years. LOSER, hehehehe!

        Do conservatives know of Paul’s libertarian stand on legalization of hard drugs, prostitution and gay marriage?

        A vote for Ron paul is a VOTE to destroy whats left of the United States of America, and we know Conservatives WILL NOT support him!!!!!

        • TML

          “Do conservatives know of Paul’s libertarian stand on legalization of hard drugs, prostitution and gay marriage?”

          Yes… we certainly do. Fortunately, we are consitutional conservatives… not religious conservatives.

          And yes… prohibition doesn’t work, just as it didn’t work with alcohol. As it did then, it makes things worse, not better. The War on Drugs is a failure in every way.

          • TIME


            The facts are people like the above noted are bound on taking this once great nation down to the depths of hell, thus they would trade their personal libertys for chains without question.

            Keep up the Great post, I am off to go fishing for a few weeks a well needed holiday. Later Dude.

          • People’s Rights


            You were so enraged that you made multiple postings with the intent to DEMONIZE AND DISCREDIT HUMPTY DUMPTY, a typical liberal extremist.

            You’re probably on some kinds of drugs yourself, bc I don’t see anything dangerous in Humpty’s statements?

            A VOTE for Ron Paul and you will have Barack Obama.
            A VOTE for Ron Paul and you will have more of the same.
            A VOTE for Ron Paul and you will have Paul flirts with the presidential race every four years.

            LOSER, hehehehe!

            Do conservatives know of Paul’s libertarian stand on legalization of hard drugs, prostitution and gay marriage?

            A vote for Ron Paul is a VOTE to destroy whats left of the United States of America, and we know people WILL NOT support him!!!!!

            @ Humpty Dumpty. Very nice job! Your good work definitely enrages Liberal because they can’t stand being exposed. God Bless!

        • DaveH

          A vote for Ron Paul and you will have more of the same?
          Obviously, Dumpty, the Drug Wars didn’t stop your supplier.
          There is no other candidate with Ron’s record of staunch pro-Constitution voting.

          A vote for Ron Paul will get us Obama? Maybe, but with the others we may as well be stuck with Obama.

        • AlleninReality

          Quote HumptyDumpty “A vote for Ron paul is a VOTE to destroy whats left of the United States of America, and we know Conservatives WILL NOT support him!!!!!”

          Well, what is left? We are broke thanks to a so-called conservative named Bush. (NEOCON) Now we have our armed forces scattered all over the world thanks to NEOCONS and socialist fascists. Conservatism will not save this nation, capitalism, economy, or constitution. What is left of this nation are victims of Globalism and your NEOCON candidates are not going to save her. They are far from being conservative so you lose if you vote for them. (even if they win we lose!)

      • DaveH

        Neither you nor Humpty Dumpty are correct.
        The MSM does just the opposite. They will push for the most pro-Government Republican candidate (not Paul).
        And Paul has the best chance of drawing votes from discontented Democrats and Independents.
        If you want to assure Obama’s re-election, then vote for one of the Right-Wing Big Government loving Republicans.
        From Rasmussen:

    • SJvet

      Ron Paul is almost as scary as Obama on foreign policy and some other things. If Simian Pete and TIME want to sound halfway intelligent, they should learn the difference between your and you’re.

      • DaveH

        Care to elaborate? What exactly do you disagree with on Ron’s foreign policy?
        Tell me what have the Militarists accomplished? Are we safer? Obviously not, or Grandma wouldn’t be getting fondled at the airport. Is the Middle East a bastion of Freedom now? Do we have fewer enemies? Is the world safer for Free Trade now?
        Exactly what have we accomplished besides destroying much of the Middle East, wasting hundreds of billions of dollars, losing thousands of our soldiers lives, and maiming many more?
        Please answer these questions “intelligently”.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I believe Ron Paul could win as well although Fox News seems to ignore him or want to pigeon hole him outside of who they think should be the candidate for the GOP.

    • TIME

      OMG, I agree with you 100%!

      • Dan az

        That could not be Doc!I think someone with sense stepped in.Good luck on the fishing trip! :)

    • Jyrine

      The KNOW-IT-ALL has spoken folks. Humble thyn-selves in his pressence.

    • DaveH

      Watch Fox Business Network, Doc, for good coverage of Ron Paul.
      Judge Napolitano.

  • Charles Everett

    Ron Paul is the only candidate whose position on 50 major issues are in print (See his new book Liberty Defined). He also provides 50 common sense solutions all within the confines of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Tazio2013

    Everything you say about Ron Paul is true and for those reasons the Republikrats will not allow him to get close to the nomination. Libertarians won’t have a chance at POTUS until January 20th 2017 at the earliest!

    • TIME


      I agree with most of your post 100%.

      Where we differ is I strongly feel this is the last election 2012 that will have any impact.
      As in if all the criminal acts are not stopped now and or turned around the former USA is over as in the Death of a nation after just 236 years.

      We will be known as the New World Orders North American Union there after. Then the whole world will be plunged in to darkness.

      • Macawma

        You are SO right, (again), TIME. This is our last chance to pull this country back up out of the throes of perdition. Vote Ron Paul!

        P.S.- LOVED the jab about Perry being Bush on steroids! LMAO!!!!

        • Betty Jo

          i agree 1000 percent. If he does not win we are in big trouble.

      • Al Sieber

        TIME, it’s possible we might not have a election next year.

        • newspooner

          There probably will be an election next year, and that election probaly won’t be our last chance to save freedom, but it is possible that it might be. So let’s get busy now. Convince the hardcore “conservative” Republicans first that Ron Paul is the best candidate and does have a chance to win, then work individually on “common voters” who are not so politically inclined but will otherwise be easy prey for the Establishment media to mislead them. Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

          • TIME


            We now have elections that are more controlled than not, if there is a 2016 election it will be “100% totaly controlled”
            Thus what many of you note as the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be just ink on old Hemp paper, their value has been lost and 2012 will be the finial nail in the coffin.

            Thats why I say if we don’t get Dr. Ron Paul as the next Potus, and remove as many RINO’S in both houses, the 2012 election is the end.

            I stand by that statment based on thousands of hours of research into who the real players are.
            Not based on Bull Sh*t from alledged CONcertives or quasi Liberals.
            I use only the facts, only the very Doucments that have been signed into law.

            Not unlike the {{Balanced budget bill of August 1997,)) yet in 2011 we have a alledged “CONcertive” congress talking about a balanced budget bill, yet they can’t even follow the laws they already passed.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            My friend, I think you made a freudian slip on your spelling of “documents” had you put an e after that c, it would be very astute!!

        • Buddy

          Yes, we’ll probably have an election next year. However, whoever is elected to federal office my just preside over the breakup of the USA union. There seems little reason to maintain the fiction of a United states.

      • Troy

        Perry is a big supporter of the North American Union, also known as the North American Corridor, he gave a speach on it. I have found many posts on YouTube with him giving speaches about such, lying about knowing about it, and many other bad things. I like Ron Paul for many reasons but I cannot support him with a good conscience. I do not like that he supports Same Sex Marriage, thinks it is ok if Iran of all countries controls Nukes, and a few other things. I totally support his following ideas however: closing the Fed and IRS, Stop being a world police state, reverse the (Not so) Patriot Act, and many others. We need to reverse all unconstitutional measures, get out of countries that do not require our help (I only support those who request it and are not enemies of ours), prosecute all politicians who are involved in groups that wish to bring us down, prosecute George Soros and all his cohorts for treason, extridite all who work to bring down our federalist system, etc, etc, etc.

        • Morduin00

          Thank you Troy! I have said very much the same many times. Hate to say it though… I am liking Santorum more and more.

        • Lil

          When in the world Ron Paul said that he supports same sex marriage, or that it’s ok if Iran of all countries controls Nukes?
          Why you people LOVE to make up things instead of really paying attention to what Ron Paul really says. He also wrote a book on his views and his stand. READ IT for God sake !!!!!

          He said he wants the governments OUT of marriage decision and it should be up to us [THE PEOPLE] how we live our life. What is wrong with that? Since when we can’t decide anything about our life and need the government to tell us what we can and can’t do ?
          What about the government next is telling you that you can;t marry after age 50, or that your wife has to be the same age as you are?
          So, Ron Paul is for YOU TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF what is good for you!
          To be free to live your life as you please without bothering others.

          About Iran, when in the world he said that it’s ok for Iran to CONTROL Nukes? He said, Iran like any other country is entitle to want what everyone else want or has already, and that should be understandable.
          Why it’s ok for China or Russia or USA to have nukes but it’s a big deal if Iran want to have them as well?
          Use your logic if you have any. If you would use it you can see that everything Ron Paul says makes perfect sense.
          We can’t blame people for wanting what WE CREATED in the first place.
          We are the ones policing the world, bombing all the places as we please in the name of “peace” and “order”. How ironic!!!

          • Morduin00

            Sorry Lil… I actually do agree with Dr. Paul on the same sex marriage issue and I consider myself a social libertarian. Unfortunately we will have to agree to disagree with regards to the interpretation of his foreign policy issues. I would love to sit with him face to face to expound on them… and maybe he can convince me.

            The last debate was the first time I have heard him talk… and I am just going by but gut on what he meant… and I dont agree with it.

          • Elevenarrows

            Lil, just to clarify one point, my understanding has been that Dr. Paul believes defining marriage should be handled at the state level because it is not a power given to the federal gov’t. He has also clearly stated that marriage is between a man and a woman.

          • DaveH
          • newspooner

            I agree with Ron Paul about the oxymoron called “gay marriage”. Marriage has been defined by society as a whole for centuries. One of the most dangerous things that we could do is let the government get away with redefining marriage. If the government can get away with that, then it can get away with redefining anything. Then all liberty would soon be lost. That is why “DOMA” is not needed and sets a very bad precedent.

        • Dan az

          (I do not like that he supports Same Sex Marriage, thinks it is ok if Iran of all countries controls Nukes, and a few other things.)
          So what your saying is that the gubmnt should tell you what you can do,And thats alright with you?
          So when you say (We need to reverse all unconstitutional measures,)You mean not all but just the ones that you think are not right?Instead of making unfounded remarks why not go here and learn the truth!
          Freedom is not given to us by way of the gubmnt it is a God given right and the constitution protects those rights by limiting the gubmnt’s over reaching authority.Take the time to understand it Ron Paul has been preaching it for over thirty years and apparently you were not listening.So Please research the truth.

          • newspooner

            Marriage has been defined by society as a whole for centuries. Doom will ultimately result if we let government get away with redefining it. I think we should let consenting adults do what they want to do with each other,but we should not be coerced into approving it, and we should not allow them to teach our children that preversion is a morally acceptable lifestyle.

        • Justin Rogers


          a) “I do not like that he supports Same Sex Marriage”


          b) “We need to reverse all unconstitutional measures”

          For starters, Dr. Paul does not “support” Same Sex Marriage. I’m sorry, but you are simply mistaken on this. Dr. Paul’s position is that it’s not an issue the federal government should be involved in one way or the other. I imagine he would hold the same position about anything that ostensibly assumes some perceived federal “benefit”. Because after all, isn’t that was this is about? If the federal government gives benefits to “couples”, then “couple” needs to be defined, right? Which, I think, only applies to federal tax law, which of course, Dr. Paul would like to do away with altogether. :-) Anyway, this is essentially a federal benefits question.

          At ths same time, Dr. Paul has clearly stated that he thinks legitimate marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman and has even gone so far as to say that he would support a DOMA. Beyond that, he sees the issue as one for the states and the people to decide (ala the 10th Amendment). People have a right to set standards for their communities (from states to neighborhoods to individual households). And Dr. Paul supports that right.

          In any event, how do you reconcile your two statements? Do you not see the disconnect? There is nothing in the constitution to even HINT at the idea that the FEDERAL government should have any involvement regarding personal decision issues (marriage, drugs, light bulb choices, raw milk choices, insurance mandates, etc) that don’t directly harm others.

          At least the Congress that passed the 18th Amendment (prohibition) had the honesty to know that THEY HAD TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION in order to do it. It didn’t work, of course (only made matters worse, actually) and they had to repeal it. But don’t you see the clear difference between that approach and what people are wanting to do now; that is, have the federal goverment get involved in everything they don’t like about other people?

          I’m confused about your confusing of these issues (the idea that you can think of yourself as a supporter of the Constitution, yet think the federal government should have a role in these unconstitutional things). Please reconsider your position. And please look into what Dr. Paul actually believes, not what others say he believes.

          Blessing to you.

        • DaveH

          Get it straight please. Ron Paul does not “support” same-sex marriage. He just thinks it is none of the Federal Government’s business.
          Here is his stance on Iran:

          Who are we to say what country has what weapons? Here we are gallivanting all over the world with our pushy military. And we are the only country which has ever actually used Nuclear Weapons. We should be trusted, but nobody else can be? Ridiculous.

      • Tazio2013

        If we survived 8 years of Cheney Bush, we will survive 8 years of Barack Obama!

        • Dan az

          Look at it this way,Bush was trotting along spending money where he thought it would create jobs.Now obumer is on a full speed gallop to the finish line and not looking back.Do you really think that we can survive this?The funny thing is when Ron Paul takes the office you all will be blaming him for the mess that he was willing to clean up.I can assure you that he wont spend three years pointing fingers at obumer,He will be to busy cleaning up his mess,unlike your boy want to be.Really you guys really did your home work on this one didn’t you?

        • DaveH

          Bush spent like a drunken sailor.
          Obama spends like a drunken sailor on steroids.

  • Pathfinder

    Simian Pete : I agree. Ron Paul CAN win both the nomination and the general election. The worst obsticle which we have to face is the RINOs who would sabotage a conservative republican candidate. Remember, in recent elections, how the liberal republicans, who used to insist that we conservatives need to close ranks behind their RINO candidates; refused to support the conservative candidates who won in the primaries. (For example in Alaska) I am convinced that the phrase “he can’t win” really means, “I will sabotage the campaign, if you nominate a conservative.”

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul and his Free Market ideas are Anathema to the establishment Republicans. How can they keep all their power with Free Markets? Why would the Big Corporations pay to sway the elections if the Politicians can’t offer them any regulatory protectionism?

  • Lamar Carnes

    Ron Paul certainly has many views which are consistent with our Constitution and Bill of Rights and which are being neglected today by many politicians elected and in Congress, the Executive branch and perhaps even the Supreme Court! However, Ron Paul is so far off the scale of sanity on many issues that he would bring us great disaster and problems from another angle that would be as bad or even worse then what Obama is doing! His strange Liberatrianism views on certain aspects of foreign policy and law and order are certainly counterproductive and even highly dangerous to the population of this great nation! I read today, that the Communist Marxist party has stated they would support Ron Paul because of the views he has on Iraq and Iran! Now isn’t that very strange. A Communist group which supports a real true blue bloodied American who stands for the Constitution and Bill of Rights? I don’t think so. Paul is not as true to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as you may think. They would not support him if he was!! Also, he has gained support from other “weird” groups and peoples which are fringe types off the scale when it comes to our national and international policies which keep us strong and safe! No, Ron is not for now or in the future. However, I appreciate some of his stands because it has made the Republicans and the TEa Party folks better followers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Gov. Perry is the only one so far that has a chance and he is right on line with what we need in a President. Also, Paul will be a man if he continues to run and do what he is doing that may just CAUSE Obama to win the White House again. He is a spoiler! YOu know what that means don’t you, that means he doesn’t give a damn about the nation and the people just so he can get his way and his thoughts out to the public even if it means destroying the Republicans or Tea Party folks in doing it. So if you want Obama vote for Ron Paul! Then you will have more of the same!! He doesn’t stand a chance at all I can assure you of that. History proves it and people are not going to vote for this man enough to place him in the White House but he will destroy our chances to get rid of Obama! Get wise folks, think!

    • Brian

      You make a lot of broad accusations against Dr. Paul but back them up with zero evidence. Your post is all rhetoric. His “strange Libertarianism views,” as you put it, are the very same views of the Founders. Do you consider their views strange as well??

      • Carlos

        Brian grow up wouldya? Ignoring Ahminijad’s nuclear ambitions would certainly ignite a war in the middle east. That’s what RuPaul wants us to do.

        • Elevenarrows

          Carlos, you are very mistaken about Dr. Paul’s views on national security. He simply believes, as the founders did, that we must get back to defending our nation and not seeking to rule and possess all the other nations. Also, based on several of your posts that I have read, I find myself wondering, Carlos, if you are an American citizen or if you are perhaps, NOT and are worried you might lose all the freebies the Democrats would give you….?

        • DaveH

          Grow up, Carlos?
          What is grown-up about buying into the Big Government fear-mongering?

          Our military campaigns around the world. We have more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world except Russia. We are the only country to have ever actually used Nuclear Weapons. What is grown-up about assuming the position of colossal hypocrites?

    • wandamurline

      I also read where a Russian organization was puttin together about a million dollars for his campaign. Ron Paul is anti-semitic. Again, go and check his voting record…he is not the guy you think he is. And I agree, Ron Paul would not beat Obama, and if he did, America would ultimately suffer.

      • jimmy the greek

        A Anti Semitic is what we need to rid us of the zionist bankers and clean the zionist off wall street and shut down the zionist run federal reserve that is transferring our treasure to israel .

        • Rayma Dorsa

          Our treasure is not going to Israel,the Zionists you are talking about are against Israel,they are in the EU like George Soros,and the Builderburger group,the Rockefellers,they are the Federal Reserve who is transfering our $$ to the EU, Israel is the people GOD has called home as the Bible talks about.They have fought for thier country the country that GOD gave them centuries ago.If you would read the Bible you could see all this coming about..I know who the winner is and it is nice to be on the winning side…

          • jimmy the greek

            You sound like one of the crazy christians the fundamentalist type that thinks the jews can do no wrong .

          • jimmy the greek

            The zionist are the jews in charge and running israel . the orthodox jews are the ones that say iserial should not exist as a country because god distburst the jews for pissing him off over something .

          • Tazio2013

            Senators Joe Lieberman (Jewish Zionist), Joe Biden (Protestant Zionist), and John Boehner (Protestant Neocon) stood on the Senate floor and came out and admitted Social Insecurity payments will be slashed to pay for more and more wars in the Mideast. That’s right, 700 military bases in 130 countries and more and more insane wars at your expense. The U.S. already spends 50% of the world military budget with only 5% of the world population.


      • newspooner

        What nonsense!

      • Erin

        Where are you getting your “facts” from? Just because you “read something somewhere” does NOT make it fact. Remember, main stream media is owned by corporations with special interests – your information is only as reliable as its source. I would be very interested in knowing what your sources are.

      • “JAVOPE”

        If you can’t understand what you hear, don’t try to repeat it.
        It only shows your ignorance of the facts.

      • Dan az

        You have been spitting out these things with out doing your research,And you believe that some one here will listen to you.Look you need to open your mind as well as your eyes go here and understand what he votes for and why.Then come back an show all of us where in the constitution it says that he is wrong!!!!

      • DaveH

        Easy for you to say, Wanda, but do you have any proof for your slander?

    • Al Sieber

      Lamar, Rick Perry is a Globalist.

    • jimmy the greek

      You sound like one of the crazy christians that care more about israel than the united states . FYI I am eastern orthodox . the first church founded by the apostle Paul .

      • newspooner

        Eastern Orthodox is a fine religion, but please don’t discredit others of that faith by tainting it with anti-semitic bigotry. That is very unChristian regardless of which branch of Christianity we are talking about.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If, as you say you are eastern orthodox, you should also know it is said that “pride goeth before the fall”!

    • Rayma Dorsa

      We do NOT want Perry for president. First he is to liberal,was a Democrate that backed Gore, he forced Gardisil on young girls in Texas killing several of them(for money from “drug”companies) He was also called to the “EU” when it was first mentioned he may run.He I believe is a plant of the “Eletes” who are trying to take over this company…I think they are afraid of Ron Paul. I will never vote for Perry,

      • Erin

        Well said! Rick Perry’s record shows him to be a flip-flopping, bible-thumping puppet for the globalists who changes his views to accommodate special interests. He was hand-picked by the Bilderberg group to run for US President. Google his record which will attest to his duplicitous nature. He may “look” like a president, but what is more important, the packaging or the substance?

    • TF

      Ah another of the it can’t work because it never has crowd. That’s why we are where we are today. The Democrats and Republicans have managed to mislead the public for the last hundred years that they are the only choices that can win. Then when they get into office they scratch each others back and sell the American people down the river to fatten their wallets. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    • DaveH

      You have been well-propagandized, Lamar. Kudos to your handlers.

  • AUmom

    Ron Paul’s money bomb starts tonight at midnight. If you agree with Bob’s article, please plan to donate whatever you can. Even if you can’t, you can pass his message along to those you know. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I have already sent his message to all the addresses in my computer. I have gotten a few irate responses but by and far, most have been supportive!!

  • Disgusted

    I have always thought Ron Paul would be a fantastic President and I hope the Republican party has enough common sense to see that. He has never waivered on his beliefs and unlike the other candidates he doesn’t flip flop to be current. He has been saying the same things consistently for years. I like him and I wish people would listen to him.

    • newspooner

      True Patriots agree with you and thank you for the support. Now go out among the unenlightened masses and see if you recruit a few supporters. We all need to do exactly that.

  • peter

    Hi Bob, a win for Ron Paul is a pipe dream. Obama will win in 2012 by a considerable margin. I am afraid that the USA is on a path of “better the devil you know” now and are just going to go with the flow. Obama is smiling. The USA is in bigger trouble than we think man, but then the world as we know it is over and no one seems to want to accept that. When will we pull our heads out of the sand and face reality? Never it seems, we do not seem to have the courage to accept the fact that we have erred badly and need a complete remake and a real leader to assist us in making that remake a reality. Without a complete rethink and makeover we are just going nowhere in a hurry and the present White House incumbent does not qualify as a leader any more than I will qualify for the next US Open.

    • home boy

      your on the money . whats left of it.

    • newspooner

      As Doctor Phil would say, “How’s that been working for you?” The “lesser of two evils” strategy has failed and failed and failed. Consider Franklin Roosevelt and
      George Quincy Bush to name just tow examples.
      Always vote for the best candidate. If you are reading here regularly, you must realize that most of the posters are very sharp politically, and overwhelmingly recognize that Ron Paul is the best candidate. Djon’t let the naysayers steal another chance from us to reverse the tragic destruction of America. Get the US out of the UN, and get the Uout of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost

    • Elevenarrows

      Peter, first of all, I think only God knows the future. Second, I think you sound defeated and depressed. Third, your mentality about Dr. Paul reminds me of the Edmund Burke quote (paraphrased) “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Just keep doing nothing, Peter.

  • libadvsor

    Lamar Carnes is a person put (by RINOS)up to thwart Ron Paul’s candidacy. The idea of the Commie Party endorsing him as regards Iraq etc. is a very rationale thing for them. They always wanted the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan where they failed miserably. That does in a no way connect Paul to them, when he has the view (and a sunstantial number of Americans have the same view) of extricating ourselves of these no win situations. Backing governments and factions within those countries have thwarted US efforts in helping them, eventhough, such efforts appear questionable in the first place. Remember Vietnam and the way we left with our tails behind us. That scene of that last helicopter just able to get out while the Viet Cong were closing in Saigon.

    • Jim Valko

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. You give no logical reasons Paul isn’t good for the country other than to say the Communist Party and some other weird groups support him. I have news for you, a communist is in the White House right now and Perry and Romney are bought and paid for by same bankers, Wall Street criminals and Military mongers as every other president in the last thirty years. Paul is absolutely correct in wanting to pull out of the Middle East. We went into Iraq and Afghanistan both because of lies by Bush and his lackeys. Years later our men are still getting killed and we’re sinking billions of dollars that we don’t have into the wars….and we’re borrowing money from COMMUNIST China to do it! If you want to talk about the communist party just look at the fact that we’re practically owned by China. Being involved in the Middle East isn’t keeping us safe. It’s not defense. We invaded those countries and we will surely invade more if either Romney or Perry are elected.

      • Al Sieber

        Very well put Jim.

      • Morduin00

        You say “lies by his lackeys” when talking about the reasons we are in the middle east. Did you ever talk to the troops that found the evidence of the mobile chem labs, the chem warheads or the facilities for the enrichment of fissionable material? Or, did you just get that from the news outlets?

        The news outlets never give the full story. And even then, if you take the opportunity to piece together what they ARE telling you and read between the lines of what they ARENT telling you, you will see the the probability that Iraq was capable of what the “Lackeys” were telling us was quite high.

        It doesnt take long to go from parts to working weapon system.

  • Jim Valko

    Great article. But we have to realize that the only people who will get Paul elected are the people–you and I. The media won’t do it. The forces are against us. Giving money to Paul is important, but just important is to talk him up online and to your friends. We have to convince people Paul is right for the country.

    • Erin

      Which is EXACTLY why we, the people, need to spread the word and do what we can, ie. writing letters to the editors, blogging, telling friends, etc.

      I am OUTRAGED with the blatant media censorship. The people are waking up and SEEING for themselves that the media is censoring Ron Paul. Whether they like Ron Paul or not, the people should not stand for the Media is telling them who they should vote for.

      Here are 2 poll examples which I think clearly shows the difference in opinion between the People and the Media:

      Rasmussen Report “National” poll – 1000 people were polled by TELEPHONE. We don’t know what the question was, but I think it was who Raul came in 4th place:

      Fox News ONLINE poll – Who won the presidential debate on 8/11 – 42,000+ people were polled – Ron Paul is in 1st place by 26,000+ votes:

  • jay Lindberg

    I’m a Democrat, with some very strong Libertarian tendencies. I’ve even been a Libertarian candidate for Congress. I’d vote for Ron Paul in a heartbeat and I’d work for his campaign. I’d even start a campaign called “Democrats for Ron Paul”. I’ve been an active opponent of our corporate wars of aggression and a rabid opponent of our domestic war called the “War on Drugs”. I am a proud supporter of industrial Hemp and an effective opponent of the Nuclear wasteland we are threatening this country with. I’ll work for Ron. He’s the only candidate I know of that isn’t a Corporate Puppet.


    • steve in AZ

      WOW!! What’s next? I like a democrat!

      Seriously, that’s the whole point that Paul supporters aren’t focused on enough. There is an overwhelming majority of voters, when put together from all parties, that are so disgusted with the status quo, that they can (and I hope will) elect Dr. Paul. Did you watch the last Republican convention? It was a few old white geezers bunbling around in a big auditorium that relected little diversity. Individual rights and Liberty are powerfully attractive concepts that appeal to all rational people.

      In these concepts we, the people, can all stand united, as opposed to the hundreds, if not thousands of lunatic fringe splinter groups that can’t agree on much of anything. Paul, as the POTUS candidate appeals to all of us who have been disenfranchised. Which candidate stands out as championing these concepts? Only Ron Paul. And, by the way – with an AMERICAN in the White House, Iran don’t want none of this, girls. Let’s cross that imaginary bridge when we get to it,huh?


  • Phantomcharger

    This was a great article, I sent it to everyone
    this is exactly how I feel, and could not of said it better myself


    with minds like this, we can win our country back from the collectivists on both sides that currently hold it hostage, forcing our constitution in exile.

  • Yeoman

    This is all well and good but if the U.S. doesn’t unconditionally support Israel and fight never-ending crusades in the middle east then Jerusalem might return to muslim control and then Jesus won’t come back. You have to think more long-term here. It doesn’t matter if the U.S. goes to hell as long as we fulfill bible prophesy. When Jesus gets here he’ll fix everything.

    • Erin

      The “muslims taking over the world” threat is globalist propaganda designed to incite “Islamophobia” ( and is part of an active campaign to keep fear, hatred and the resulting “clash of civilizations” going on as long as it’s possible and profitable to the globalists.

    • TML

      And there you have it… nothing more than a continuation of Crusader mindsets.

    • DaveH

      Jesus was a pacifist. He could have had his followers resist his crucifixion, but he chose not to.
      Don’t put our military campaigns on Jesus.

  • Papa

    I love Ron Paul and his domestic positions, but I have to wonder about his foreign policy. Like him, I have no use for ANY of the wars we’re currently fighting (what on EARTH are we doing still in Afghanistan?) and what would we actually lose if we simply spooled up our ball of yarn and came home from the entire Middle East? Other than a few Kurds in northern Iraq and Israel, I can’t identify a single “friend” we have in the entire region.

    I can, however, identify one, deadly enemy, and that’s Iran. I agree that we’ve given them just cause to hate and fear us, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous to us at this point in time. I have to wonder how he would actually handle that issue if he became President…

    • Former Walmart person

      If Iran attacks our country conventionally, we fight back. If Iran nukes us first, we vaporize their entire country. Just becuase Ron Paul wants us out of foreign entaglements doesn’t mean he wouldn’t defend ourselves if attacked. For some darn reason, the US of A is the only country authorized to go on the offensive and bring peace and democracy at the tip of a depleted uranium shell…

      • Yeoman

        Exactly. If we are to fight a war, let it be from a position of strength, not a position of entangled and over-extended weakness.

        • Erin

          Yes, I totally agree!

      • DaveH

        Right on, Walmart Person.

  • Stephan F.

    I cant improve on perfection so I wont try.

    Excellent piece B.L.! This one is a ‘keeper’.

  • roy s

    lamar, you are entitled to your views, even tho they are absolutely defeatist and dead wrong. the only reason ron paul may not win is if people like you continue to allow untrue comments to be spouted off as facts, and if there are enough stupid people out there repeating them until they are belived as facts. then, america is definately in trouble. I for one, would much rather take the optimistic view that dr. paul WILL be or next president. i truly believe that he is our last and only hope to save our country, which i love. so, as long as there are more people with my views then there are with your views, we still have a chance to take back our government and country from the crooks in washington. ron paul wants to make government weaker, which makes the people stronger….
    you, obviously, want to let washington to continues with business as usual. well, thats not good enough for me. i want my country back! and there are thousands like me who arent willing to give up our freedoms, and just roll over and play dead till the burocrats have total and complete power over us.
    you are certainly within your rights to believe what you want to. but, please think long and hard about this whole issue.isnt it better to fight for what you want, and maybe win? i for one, will go down fighting. forever. cause america is worth it….
    roy s.

    • steve in AZ


      America is a concept. Roy GETS it!! I GET it. The concept is one worth fighting for to the death. Roy’s take is the same in this regard as in the adage – “It is impossible to enslave a free man. You can only kill him.”

      Patrick Henry said it better when he said “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me death.”

      Was every single one of the li’l statists asleep during American History? Or is that subject no longer taught in our Phony Phederally Phunded public school system?

      Nobody champions the twin causes of Individual Rights and Liberty as does Dr. Paul. Those of you who fear Liberty (read – Iran with nukes they can’t deliver) please crawl under your second grade desk for “safety”. In other words, please return to your country of origin.

      Jyrine said on this forum the other day that he would carry Dr. Paul on his back to DC. I’ll be trotting alongside them to carry Dr. Paul’s Sword of Liberty.

      America must be re-taken from the gang of thieves and thugs who radiate the illusion of power even as they lick the feet of their International Banking Cartel masters.

      Those of you who get it, don’t wait to jump on the Liberty Train. Those of you who DON’T get it – to quote John Galt… “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!”

      DONATE NOW AND VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!

  • Former Walmart person

    I don’t think there is anyway Ron Paul can win and even if he did win the powers would just assasinate him. The secret government drawling the real strings of power is so powerful that they can poison our skies in broad day light (chem trails) and not one law enforcement person, agency, or radical environmentalist can stop it. If I so much as poor a bit of used motor oil down the drain I can have the book thrown at me. Poisoning all the skies though? meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh. As stalin said “one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”

    Even IF Ron Paul is elected and even IF he is not assasinated or not threatened into doing the overlord’s bidding, I don’t think God Himself could reverse the course of our country. In all liklihood, our country will collapse some time next year before Ron Paul could even become President. Then the real fun begins, i.e. martial law, FEMA detention centers, riots, starvation, etc. At least once our society completely collapses all pretenses will be thrown out the window, and we can stop kidding ourselves. At least then, they truth will be thrown into everyone’s faces except the absolute most evil or stupid among us… the truth that those in power have failed us. History said they would fail us, and we will end up saying, “yup! they failed us alright!”. Hopefully then people will realize that we should never put our faith in powerful rulers but in ourselves and in our neighbors. Indeed, working together with your neighbors rather than relying on big brother to save you in a FEMA camp when the crap hits the fan may e the only way to survive.

    • Al Sieber

      Right Former Walmart, our country is already collapsing when Europe goes, we’re next. I believe Obama will win because he’ll give the illegals amnesty and have the votes. he started backdoor amnesty yesterday.

  • http://yahoo Stephen

    Dr. Paul being elected President and Dr.Paul being a successful President are very different comparisons….interest must be generated in Senators, Congressional members, Govenors, State Legislators, JUDGES, and all other elected officials…that will be the only way that Dr. Paul has a chance. Those that are much more qualified than I am must find a way to instill a need for those that vote to get a lot more involved in the “getting informed process”. I can visualize a web site or a domain that can provide a means to be able to cover every candidate in every state, commonwealth, county, parrish, district, township, etc and send every candidate a survey to be filled out stating where they stand on the issues of government and the importance of freedom and The Constitution. Those candidates that do not respond must be eliminated. Those candidates that do respond must be held accountable. This information gives the American voter the necessary tools to make rational decisions about all levels of government. Unless the general population is unindated with this type of quick and easy access to matters of importance then I believe the rode to a recovery showing some semblance of success becomes much more difficult.
    Last but not least is the question, are the American people, as a whole, willing to make some sacrifices, now, to insure freedom for the future? It’s going to get tough for awhile. Are we up to the challange? I pray we are! God bless America and her people and May God Bless Dr. Paul.
    Thank You

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Just as I expected. The Ron Paul loons are out in full force. He does not have a chance to get the Republican nomination, nor win the general election. Change the subject to supporting a candidate who can win in November 2012.

    • Former Walmart person

      Whatever chance Ron Paul has to win we have to take it. If an establishment “republicrap” gets elected it won’t be much better than Obama getting elected. Its like a choice between the murderer or the rapist for school counselor… the rapist might be slightly better in that its the lesser of two evils, but its a RAPIST for SCHOOL COUNSELOR.

      • BigBadJohn


        My biggest problem with Obama is that he looks a awful lot like Bush to me….
        We need some real change in government!

    • Buddy

      Principles be damned! Let’s just get behind a “winner” because winning is everything, right, Cap at Birth?!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        No. Although I agree with many of Ron Paul’s ideas, I do not agree with his stance on foreign policy. The Libertarian Party, has in the past, supported open borders. He has since espoused controlling the borders. I do not trust him. He is 75 years old now. What are his chances of dementia? He may be suffering the signs now, based on his approach to a Nuclear armed Iran, me thinks. I personally, prefer Michelle, Sarah, Herman, Nest, or Rick S. Only people on the fringe think Ron Paul is a good candidate. Evidently you are one of those.

        • TML

          “Although I agree with many of Ron Paul’s ideas,”


          “I do not agree with his stance on foreign policy.”

          So because of his foreign policy alone, you consider his supporters “fringe”? Not very reasonable statement.

          “The Libertarian Party, has in the past, supported open borders. He has since espoused controlling the borders.”

          He has never, in all of his 30 year record, supported open borders. You imply that he changed his stance, and that isn’t true. He has always supported securing our borders.

          “He is 75 years old now.”

          Makes him very experienced, not incompetent.

          “What are his chances of dementia? He may be suffering the signs now, based on his approach to a Nuclear armed Iran, me thinks.”

          That’s you’re own fear talking. See my comments further up in this ‘forum’.

        • DaveH

          From the Libertarian Party Platform:

          3.4 Free Trade and Migration
          We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade. Political freedom and escape from tyranny demand that individuals not be unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries. Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders. However, we support control over the entry into our country of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, health or property.

          • DaveH

            Mexican citizens risk life and limb to come here for one simple reason. Their country has been ruined by those who disdain freedom.
            So some of us think, that by turning our country into a Big Government regulatory nightmare, we are going to become any different than Mexico?

            It would solve the immigration problem, because who will want to come here then?

    • TML

      “He does not have a chance to get the Republican nomination, nor win the general election.”

      Why? Interesting that is all people like you say, with little to nothing to explain.

      Tell me why he is they are “loons” and I will tell you why they are not.

      Tell me why he has no chance, and I will tell you why he is.

      “Every truth goes through 3 stages; in the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, and in the third it is regarded as self-evident.”

      It seems you are still in the first stage. Move on to the second, and tell me why, so that we can get you to the third stage. ;)

      • TML

        Ack… corrections, lol:

        “Tell me why he they are “loons” and I will tell you why they are not.

        Tell me why he has no chance, and I will tell you why he does.”


        • TML


          lol… ok, where’s my grammer checker, lol

    • DaveH

      Definition of insanity — Doing the same things over and over again and hoping they will work next time.
      We are loony, Capitalist, you are insane.

  • NancyJ

    If you really want to see how the media is handling things, check this out. Hysterical.

    • BigBadJohn

      Sad but True – Thanks for the link

    • DaveH

      Thank you, Nancy, I enjoyed that.

  • skippy

    Excellent Bob! Thanks for turning the ‘light on’ for a lot of people. Yes, we DO need Ron Paul, and I wish him well. I wish I could copy this letter and send it to the newspaper!!! I think a lot more need to WAKE UP!!

  • Papa

    The biggest problem Dr. Paul has to overcome is the Republican Party. If he can do that I have little doubt he can beat Obama, because even most Democrats won’t vote for him again. He’s a Marxist/Communist from the start and everyone recognizes that by now. Not even liberals want to destroy this country, but that’s exactly where he’s taking us, to a second revolution or civil war, depending on how you define it.

    The problem is, the “Powers That Be” in the Republican Party these days are also Progressives. Nothing else can explain John McCain, the worst of the lot in 2008. Until someone can figure out how to take control of the party from those people, Ron Paul can’t be installed in the White House no matter what we do…

    • newspooner

      But you must try.

      • Papa

        I refuse to do anything to split the conservative vote. We tried that in 1992 and got Bill Clinton for our trouble. No third party candidate will ever get my vote until we can take down the political powerhouse now controlling the system. THAT I’m willing to work on, but not by supporting a third party. Let the Democrats split their vote trying that…

        • newspooner

          Perhaps that is why Ron Paul is running in a “major” party instead of a “third” party. So your excuse is gone. And don’t give us any nonsense about splitting the “conservative” vote. Nixon, Bush, Bush, McCain were not conservatives. There has not been a conservative Presidential candidate since Barry Goldwater.

          • newspooner

            Including Reagan.

        • DaveH

          By all means, refuse to split the vote. After all, that strategy has worked so well for us in the past. And people like you wonder why Government just keeps growing, and growing, and growing …

          Let’s just keep doing the same old thing — voting for the lesser of two evils and then wondering why we continue to get evil. Duh.

        • Bob C.

          lol. Ron Paul is not running as a 3rd party, he is running under the republican ticket, and doing really well with the voters at this events, coming in first at most of them this year.

          to say you “take down the political powerhouse now controlling the system. THAT I’m willing to work on” is an empty statement, because you keep playing by their rules. this IS YOUR CHANCE and your passing it up!!!
          How do you think this will change other then with guns if no one wants to “waste their votes”
          and only votes for guys hand picked buy the media that is controlled by Washington and it’s left and right wing parties?

          under your thinking, nothing will ever change, you offer no solutions, just rocks in the road.
          so to that I ask you, please, we are trying to save our country here, could you please keep that crap to yourself, the ,media doesn’t need any help here.

          Do you honestly think things would have been that much different under NEW WORLD ORDER Bush Sr.? (his worlds, in front of the whole world!) an X CIA man? really?

          one other thing, if we don’t get Ron the nomination, we will have Obama for another 4 years, he might be white, but it will be him. The vote is already split, I for one will not vote for these D and R anymore, there is no difference and I’m done playing their game. if I have to write RP name in, so be it.
          if I vote for someone I don’t think is right for the job, that’s a wasted vote.

  • Alice

    Watched John Stewart the other nite as he interviewed the ex RNC chairman.
    It should not have been a surprise that he said the next Republican Presidential candidate would be either Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich.
    WHAT! Thought Newt quit! Well, it seems that Bachmann is a “nice lady” with no “real hope” and Perry can’t be “managed”. If Perry can’t be managed, Ron Paul certainly can’t. You see, people, the RNC already knows who they will let be a candidate and it ain’t who you want. I also want Ron Paul to win. But he will, I fear, have to be a write in candidate.
    So, LET’S DO IT!!!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      As I told my neighbors who wrote Ron Paul in, in the November 2008 election they voted for Obama. They did not like it very much. It is sad but true. He might get 15% of the vote as a third party candidate or a write in campaign, thus insuring the re-election of Obama.

      • steve in AZ

        Capitalist at Birth – you seem to be more of a Crapitalist than a Capitalist. Have you read Atlas Shrugged?

        If you have, do you remember that when Individual Rights and Liberty are however infringed there ceases to be either rights or liberty? One basic right we have enjoyed in this country until this millenium is a right to property. Without that right there IS no capitalism.

        I don’t advocate write-in votes, either. However, I find myself passionately disgusted with my fellow Americans who know what’s right and do what’s wrong because they are willing to lay down without a fight.That’s exactly how we got here- hiring inept bunglers to run a government we have no interest in running ourselves because we’re too busy making money. Put Dr.Paul on the ballot by donating NOW not later. Tell everyone you know that a true champion of Liberty is running. Buy a bumper sticker and display it proudly on your bumper. Call the media to task when they shamefully divorce Dr. Paul from the campaign. If each of us does what he can now, your concern about which of the two heads of the one party system gets elected may very well never be addressed. Wait til the choice is relegated to obamromneybachmannbidenperryjimmycarterbush (who cares WHAT name in that everybody-loses scenario?)and you are more guilty of destroying our country than the poor gullible welfare recipient that votes honestly for the left. He has no choice. You do. He has no ability. You do. He has no pride. Do you?

        The fight for Liberty must be a full frontal attack. Here’s a line in the sand – get on one side or the other of it. There is a right and a wrong, but the area in between right and wrong is EVIL. If that’s where YOU stand, consider making a choice and fighting for your side with everything you have at your disposal. If we meet on the battlefield in the fight for liberty I’ll salute you for having made a choice. If it’s the wrong one, I’ll then chop off your head regretfully.

        DONATE NOW SO YOU CAN VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://none Bill Buck

    Ron Paul is the last hope for the future of America. All the
    money we are giving to these other countries is a joke. We need
    to take care of our own people. Let these countries do what
    they want and also pull in ALL of our troops.

    • skippy

      THANK YOU BILL BUCK!! Well said dear man.

  • K.C.

    I’m a conservative, and active in the tea party and I do not support Ron Paul. He does not present his message well in my opinion and he looks like a “mad scientist”. People who do support Ron Paul come across as radical to me. They name call with the words like “neocon” and “Republicrat” to define anyone who does not support Ron Paul. Everyone who does not support Ron Paul is not a RINO. Mr. Paul is a very smart man and I’m glad his ideas are in the debate but I don’t won’t him to win the nomination.


    • Capitalist at Birth

      Don’t worry. He will not get the nomination. What you do need to worry is about is the loons he will write him in and insure the re-election of Obama.

      • DaveH

        No, what we need to worry about are the insane people who keep trying the same thing over and over in the Hope that next time it will work.

      • DaveH

        How can you call yourself “Capitalist” and then do your best to disparage the only one of the bunch (excepting Gary Johnson) who truly believes in Free Markets and Property Rights?
        I think you should rename yourself “Mercantilist at Birth”.

      • Bob C.

        lol, that’s a good one, your supporting the same corrupted two party system that has destroyed this country, as NEITHER party (presidents, congressmen, or senators) follow the constitution they SWEAR AN OATH TO UPHOLD, and you are calling the people trying to get these criminals out of power loons?
        News flash, wither you are smart enough to figure this out or not, it’s YOUR voting record that is destroying this country, not your neighbor’s!
        your neighbor figured it out, you are the one still in the dark, still doing the same thing you did last election, and the election before… it didn’t work for you then, and it will not work for you now
        you have to figure that out, they own that system, and we have this one last chance to get a person that is even talking about the real problems in, and you are talking nonsense.

        you vote to enslave yourself, good for you… real smart.
        and you have the nuts to call others “loons”, lol what a basket case

        even if another “republican” sweet heart was to get in, holding the same GOP beliefs, like we need to rule the world, we all still lose big time.

        I have nothing to lose voting for Ron Paul.

    • TML

      “He does not present his message well in my opinion and he looks like a “mad scientist”. ”

      That is the extent of your ‘reasoning’ to not support him for the nomination?

    • DaveH

      Then you are not truly a Conservative, KC. None of the other candidates (except Gary Johnson) toes the Constitutional line. If we allow them to break any portion of Constitutional Law, then we might as well give the election back to Obama.

    • newspooner

      You have been conned. The Establishment has been fooling good people for years. It is even worse concerning congressional candidates. Your conning has been dupicated thousands of times among good people who could have tremendous influence of putting the country on the right path. It is time for all of you to go by principle, vote for the best candidate regardless of the perception of chances for success, and work hard to elect those good people.

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      Do you remember that the Liberals said they would put plants to back a candidate that would not be a threat to Obama? That is all I will say of this matter.

      Personally, I am not thrilled with any of the candidates including Ron Paul and waiting for the three people who have not thrown their hat in the ring. They are true patriots and do not owe allegiance to Wall Street or the insiders in the Capitol. Stay tuned because it will happen soon. The Liberals are very aware of these three and scared they may run.

  • Sausagefingers

    Lamar Carnes you offer no proof. Ron Paul wants a strong DEFENSE not an empire. Invading Middle eastern countries with no means of attacking us is not defensive. Rick Perry is as bad as Bush or Obama
    (Both are puppets of the NWO) Perry is a Bilderberger. The ONLY hope for this country is Ron Paul. Anyone else is just more of the same.

  • BigBadJohn

    I have always contended that a government split between parties is better for America as a whole. Better a split, hamstrung government than one party able to ram their agenda through unhindered. When we had republicans in control of all three branches of the government, the national debt went sky high and we lost personal liberties. When the democrats controlled all three branches of government the national debt went sky high and we lost personal liberties. The only time we had sanity was when Clinton was in office and the republicans controlled both houses – now that was checks and balances!

    Ron Paul is our only hope for bringing sanity back to government. However, he will be up against BOTH parties trying to ham string him. I just do not believe that he would be very successful, but definitely a step in the right direction.

    • Morduin00

      If you want what’s best for America when it comes to electing it’s president, restore that portion of the constitution to its original form by repealing the 12th amendment. 1) It would make political parties largely irrelevant, 2) The person getting the second most votes is the Vice President, 3) Everyone runs head-to-head regardless of party.

  • delta mike 667

    Ron Paul is not qualified to be President. His ignorance of the Islamic threat at home and abroad would mean the destruction of our country even more rapidly than under the present administration.

    • Buddy

      What “Islamic threat”. Is there alway a threat which we, collectively, must address?

      Now, there’s a guy in the White House who was brought-up in Islamic schools in Indonesia. Is he part of the Islamic threat?

      We’ve had the Spanish-American threat, the German-Austrian threat, the fascist threat, the communist threat and now the Islamic threat! All fodder for the Military Industrial machine which has changed the USA into an image of its real and perceived enemies.

      • TML

        Nicely put

    • DaveH

      That’s funny. We didn’t have an Islamic Threat at home until the Militarists started to save us from them.

    • newspooner

      Ron Paul understands the “Islamic threat” better than any other candidate. It is the same threat as every other one: government tyranny. Until people like you do some serious studying and get out from under the prostitute press propaganda, the enemies of freedom will continue to win easily. Are you ready to fend for yourself in a communist world? It is coming soon if enough people like you don’t wake up.

  • Randy Huffey

    RON PAUL can win the nomination despite the media blackout. IF they do mention RON PAUL, it’s always in the context of “He can’t win”.
    I was so pissed off after the Iowa Straw Poll and the subsequent ignoring/cencorship of how well RON PAUL did I sent him a campaign donation. He can and will win the nomination if people would listen to RON PAUL instead of all the media downplaying him. He could win with just a few patriots giving what they can now. I was at the Iowa Straw Poll and voted for Bachmann, but after hearing RON PAUL speak, wished I could have changed my vote. Many others felt the same way. Voting was basically done (probably 90%) by the time RON PAUL spoke. He would have gotten many more votes had he spoken earlier (or first!) It would have only taken 76 voters to have had RON PAUL tie Bachmann if they all came from her (152 votes difference). I think most of the additional votes RON PAUL would have gotten would have come from Bachmann too.

    Ron Paul can and will win the nomination if just a few people step up and donate to his campaign. I can’t afford new shoes for my daughter, but I sent RON PAUL $35.00 to hopefully have a chance for her to have freedom! RON PAUL basically tied the extreamly well financed, Iowa born, neighboring state Bachmann. She had EVERTHING going for her.

    For the money RON PAUL spent vs: Bachmann and how super well he did just emphasises the real strength he has in the grass roots! I will work for him in the IOWA CAUCASES and expect that he will win there. Iowa voters (especially the ones at the straw poll) are very well informed, savvy and didn’t “waste” their percious votes on RON PAUL because they thought he “couldn’t win”!

  • JJM

    The only thing I am concerned with about Paul is the indicated strong Isolationalism. Although I have always believed in less worldwide involvement, we must stay involved.
    Regarding those “trying to steal his message”, his message is what we need and Paul honestly believes what he says and will maintain it. The others will Abandon the Principles.

    • Erin

      It’s not ISOLATIONISM that Ron Paul advocates, it is NON-INTERVENTIONISM. The two are very different. Ron Paul wants to keep lines of communication open and forge friendly alliances with countries, he just doesn’t think we should be meddling in their affairs.

    • newspooner

      What everyone needs to do is read exactly what Ron Paul says about foreign affairs rather than listening to the prostitute press presentation of his views. I am confident that you would agree with him. Some people think that the 2012 election is our last hope to save freedom. That is probably a little bit too melodramatic, but it actually could be true. The only candiate who we can be absoutely sure of to do what is needed is Ron Paul. We should not be fooled into failing to support him.

  • Conservative Realist

    Mr. Livingston, you just lost me. There is NO way in the world like Ron Paul could ever be elected. Libertarianism is not and never will be acceptable to mainstream Americans. It’s always been that Ron Paul may do well in straw polls and non-binding caucuses, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, and realistic conservatives have to vote for someone who has the best chance to unseat someone like the disaster we elected in 2008, he will not do well. It’s right and proper for there to be a spirited debate as to who should be the Republican nominee, but please, let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot and nominate someone who doesn’t stand a chance at being elected. Do we want 4 more years of Obama? Please say no!

    • Randy Huffey

      Conservative Realist, Why would you want to discourage the chance we have for real freedom? I was in Ames, IA and RON PAUL can change the course of the channel in the main stream! It is very early in this campaign, let it play out without trying to rule out someone on the “electability” issue! Let’s talk about the real issues! RON PAUL has the understanding to bring these issues into the “mainstream”. RON PAUL would make an idiot out of Obama were he to have a chance to debate him (he never will, as Obama knows this)! Give RON PAUL the chance to (at least) contribute to the debate. The main stream media has you beliveing in failure (unelecatability), not hope for freedom. The main stream media will continue to ignore or mis-represent RON PAUL’S position on Iran, Israel, other foreign policy issues in order to discredit him, and you are proof that they still have a lot of power, but that power is fading fast. Over the next year the influence of mainstream media will continue to be erroded as their lies and misrepresentations (about RON PAUL) are EXPOSED. I would encourage you to do a little investigation into the issues, RON PAUL’S position on those issues, but most importantly WHY he holds those positions. When (or if) you do that, you will have a true sense of why RON PAUL CAN WIN!


      It is my considered opinion that ANYONE who votes on ‘electability’ rather than a sincere, studied, and carefully considered opinion regarding who best meets the needs of the electorate and country, is a COWARD who simply needs to be on the ‘winning’ side. If you fail to vote with conviction, regardless of whom you pick, you are a part of the problem, not the solution. The lesser of two evils is still EVIL!

      Dr. Paul has been consistent in his beliefs and efforts for his entire time in government. Occasionally he is inarticulate in presenting it in a 10 second soundbite, but if you take the time to study his writing and his record you have to be pretty dense to miss his message. It is your right not to support him for whatever reason you can generate, but is no one’s right to attempt to denigrate him with made up opinions, false facts, or ignorance.
      In case you have missed it, his general theme is: The federal government is tyrannical and must be contained within the Constitution. If you don’t get that, I don’t see much point in trying to explain it further.

      Get with the program and SUPPORT what Dr Paul is trying to do for ALL of us.


      • newspooner


    • DaveH

      Do not project your well-propagandized self onto the rest of us, Realist.

  • Hope For American

    Our country began collapsing many years ago behind closed doors, but the truth is when bold politicians actually began throwing it into people’s faces, i.e., the carnage and deaths of innocent children at the Alfred Murray building which gave Clinton his reelection, the collapse of the Twin Towers, which gave Bush his reelection. Obama and his croonies are planning another disaster, which will give Obama another win, but that disaster will be blamed on the Tea Party. I would rather take my chance with Ron Paul, even if there is another disaster to keep the incumbent in office, because Dr. Paul will not sell his soul to the New World Order Elite. BTW, Rick Perry is also a Bilderberg New World Order groopy and although he might be labeled a ‘George Bush on steroids’, he will turn out to be another Obama if elected. Perry is playing the same lying games that Obama did by trying to convince people he hates the Federal Reserves, etc. Obama did the same thing, but the end result was he did the opposite of what he voted for against the Republicans. The only way to save this country is to give Barack Obama some ‘truth serum’ because the man has never told the truth even before he was elected, or vote for Ron Paul. Dr Paul has my vote because he’s an ethical man and I don’t think I’d do too well living in a wired FEMA camp, which is Obama’s plan for millions – death by servitude, suicide, or starvation. Why do you think our right to grow our own gardens has been taken away? Why do you think our local police forces have been greatly decreased? It isn’t because the feds can’t afford them. It’s because they are training our military to take over policing the country (which is totally unconstitutional). They want the local police out of the way because they might come to someone’s rescue when sh-t hits the fan.

    • newspooner

      If you are worried about living in FEMA camps (and that is not so wild a prospect), then you should be a supporter of Oathkeepers. The govenment will need many Americans to enforce its despotism. Oathkeepers is dedicated to getting those likely enforcers to understand the issue and refuse to be part of the enforcement. Check

  • AJ

    Four more years of Obama? Try EIGHT more years. If he gets in he’ll see to that and the Global elite will make it happen for him. If Romney or Perry get the nomination I’m packing my bags and saying good bye to the good ole Americo. Because it won’t be the good ole US of A. It will be Americo. Canada US and Mexico.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    It is obvious that Bob Livingston and many others think Ron Paul is a viable candidate for president and that is exactly what this administration and Democrats are counting on. Ron Paul comes off like a raving lunatic when he speaks and they would jump on this should he become the Republican nominee as they have mastered trashing a person.

    While I agree with Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve and our presence in the middle east, his views on Iran and illegal immigrants are just plain wrong. Why do you think other countries in the middle east are preparing to counter Iran’s influence there? What would happen if Iran controlled the middle east? On person said exactly what is true about the middle east, our only friends are Israel and the kurds but we also need to protect our business interests there. Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are not included among those countries and we have lost far too many lives for a dream of democracy that will not exist there in our lifetime. It will be a never ending cycle of turmoil with ethnic groups battling for control just as it has been for the last 2000 years.

    I question Perry because his name appears on the list of the Bilderburg Group and one has to wonder why. There isn’t one candidate on the Republican side that doesn’t have a flaw either in their personality, personal life or views but any of them are far better than the phony we have in the white house now. If you want to make an issue of Obama’s eligibility to even be the president, that would be worth pursuing since he doesn’t have a valid birth certificate or Social Security Number. You have to choose the candidate who would beat Obama since Congress won’t do its job and remove him. Ron Paul is not that person. I think you will see his numbers drop as the campaign moves along and it won’t be because the establishment caused this but his own radical views on some issues.

    • DaveH

      I think that you, Bud, come off as a raving lunatic by disparaging the well-thought-out platform of Ron Paul. While a person can certainly disagree with Paul, to call him “lunatic” is just downright ignorant.
      Do not confuse your brainwashed thoughts with logic.

  • Michaeel S.

    Please donate to the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb at on August 20th.

  • James

    From a racist, gender, point of view I think Bachmann has the best chance of defeating Obama. A white woman versus a black man should be hands down winner. Every woman in the U.S. would vote for her.

    • Erin

      So you are saying just because she is a woman I should vote for her? That is an ignorant statement and frankly, it is this type of attitude that truly frighten me and make me fearful for my country’s future.

      I will define my vote by the substance of the candidate, NOT by the outside packaging or gender.

    • DaveH

      The MSM has already started attacking Michelle like they did Palin. And like it or not, their attacks are effective in swaying minds. Her femininity might just be a negative, as the Liberals seem to do their most vicious attacks on female conservatives.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I wouldn’t.

  • marvin blount

    The only thing that will save this nation is for it to repent. GOD (YHVH) gives nations the leader they deserve. If you want to verify this, read the Scriptures.

    • Yeoman

      I already did. Does that mean I have the leader everyone else deserves?

  • Bob

    Robert Gainer Robert Gainer Dear United States of America Citizens (Patriots),
    If you have decided to read this, it was not by chance. Once you read thru the contents, please inform your loved ones and family of this information. I encourage you to read is anything, it is a red flag being waived in front of the United States Citizens.
    First of all, let me just say that this message is intended to reach the American Patriots. It is intended for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Christians, Non-Christians, etc. In other words, for anyone who loves the United States of America (a sovereign nation under God). Notice, I did not use the word “Homeland “which was used in Germany before the rise of the Third Reich. you will see the personal freedoms that have been lost. You will also see which groups have taken these rights from us. The alarming side of this is what is in store for our country. There are many underlining factors that are working together simultaneously to usher in the New World Order and end America as we know it.
    The powerful individuals behind this world movement want you to feel helpless and do nothing. Please, use whatever resources you have to spread this information while there is still time. I am not anti-government, and I love our country. A revolution is not the answer. This gives the people of this country a chance to make choices about their personal beliefs and values. My mission or objective is two fold. First, I challenge everyone to investigate what is really taking place in our country. This will help you understand why these things must take place from a prophecy perspective. Second, you should examine your own personal faith in the People who are running your Country and Government at this time. Listen to Ron Paul Read what I have Posted above.Vote out the old for the NEW AMERICA.

  • Bob

    No one has been able to explain to me why young men and women serve in the U.S. Military for 20 years, risking their lives protecting freedom, and only get 50% of their pay. While Politicians hold their political positions in the safe confines of the capital, protected by these same men and women, and receive full pay retirement after serving one term. It just does not make any sense.

    Monday we learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if news networks will broadcast it. When you add this to the below, just where will all of it stop?

    This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on.

    This is an idea that we should address.

    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform… in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

    If each person that receives this will forward it on to 20 people, in three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message.. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .”

  • Bob

    Do you long for a new world? A world of no conflict, no jealousy, no unkind words. A world in which people think, say, and do what is rational and honest, resulting in behavior that is caring, trustworthy, and productive.
    Vote out the Political and Corporate Greed Banksters and the dishonest Government we have for the people of the world and us as Americans. Get rid of the now for the new America. No more career Political office Holders. Listen to Ron Paul the only Honest career Political office Holder.

    • DaveH

      The world will never be rid of conflict, jealousy, or unkind words. But we could go a long way in that direction by shrinking Government dramatically and by getting them out of our Marketplaces and out of our personal choices. One size does not fit all, and never will, no matter if Republicans are in control or if Democrats are in control. Big Government creates resentment. Free people are well-behaved people.

  • TIME

    A Vote for anyone other than Dr. Ron paul is a VOTE to destroy whats left of the United States of America, its that simple.

    If your so stupid as to think otherwise, I can fully grasp why the numbers of complet idiots in this nation is beyond all words.

    So for you that have had nothing but total Rhetoric that you have posted about Dr. Paul as not being either capable of or his being too radical.
    Why don’t you all just head down to your local police office and hand over your guns.
    Then drive to the local TAX offices and hand over your Bank accounts, 401K’s etc.
    Then hop over to the State offices and hand them over your home’s deed.

    Then head down to the local prison and turn yourselfs in for being Brain dead Criminals.

    That should fix it all for you.

    But hey before you do all that, YOU make sure you get in a ABSENTEE ballot VOTE for your hero Barry Obama in 2012.

    Afterall you want to bring this nation down with your ignorance and utter stupidity, so just get busy doing all I noted.

    How bloody sad that so many of you are Clueless Worthless IDIOTS!

  • Bob

    America, as we know it, is crashing. Thoughts of Anarchy and Armageddon are now mainstream.
    by Robert Gainer on Friday, August 5, 2011 at 9:44am
    DON”T DO IT Are even think about It, thats what they want us all to do its Washington’s agenda. Just show the World we as Americans are not our Government and that we as American People can and will save our Country the American People way. In Times when our Constitutional rights are threatened by governmental claims, citizens need to recall the truth of Lincoln’s faith in democracy and in the people. Better yet show them we’re serious and vote all incumbents out.“The people will save the government if the government itself will allow them,” So do not do what they want us to do take a Chill Pill, We as Americans can take our Government back in do time in the American People Way with PEACE. We don’t need to be in a war in our own Country with our self, we are not like our Government and show the World we are not. Vote out the Political and Corporate Greed of The Banksters and the dishonest Government we have to for the people of the world and us as Americans. Get rid of the now for the new America. No more career Political office Holders.
    I’m proud of our Country and its People,Just not the People that think they run our Country,After all we put them in office we can take them out as well. Did You know their are 50 Million Baby Boomers? Now all we need is the young People to join us in Peace.Tell every one to Vote If you haven’t done so already. Tell the Media to cover Ron Paul the only Honest office holder RIGHT NOW. He is for the People and our Constitution



  • jopa

    Bud G: You have stated Israel is our only friend in the middle east.How much does that friendship cost America.Israel is merely a parasite that controls our government and squanders American money and lives on their problems such as the wars of today and our being the top cop in that region.Historically speaking there will always be unrest in that region and it will always be a losing endeavor.Our backing of Israel has put a target on our backs and as we see America today it looks as though it will continue unless we get someone like Ron Paul in office.

  • skyskiers


    Anyone who thinks that suicidal maniacs should have the same rights, plus the right to possess nuclear weapons: IS CRAZY!

    But click on the link to view the ten reasons why Ron Paul can’t win.

  • Mary Ann Gillispie

    I concur with Bob. I have voted for Ron Paul every time he ran for president. Sadly, though, the robber-barons own the media, and the media programs the sheeple…especially good at disinformation. But the Bildergerger choice is Rick Perry. He was at their annual meeting about 4 years ago, so I have been waiting to see when they would give him the signal to throw his hat in the ring.

  • Tim Lewis

    Present the facts to the American people(NOT the filtered & washed version that the MSM provides)and if they do not vote for Ron Paul, then I am afraid it is already too late for America!

  • Polski

    Ron Paul wants to give the country to ILLEGAL ALIENS!!

    He is NOT who we want for president. He is even worse than Obama and Dubya, and it is really unbelievable that someone could be this bad.

    • eddie47d

      I believe Polski is wrong on Ron Paul. He would make a darn good President. Can He win? I don’t see it happening because he doesn’t put BS after his name like all the other candidates do. He is true to his beliefs on vital issues.

      • TIME


        OMG, I agree with you on most of your post.

        I don’t on this one point, I do firmly believe that Dr. Paul can win with bells on.

        I have been speaking with groups now for the last number of weeks and “the people” are ready for Dr. Paul, they are ready for an “HONEST GOVERNMENT.”

        • newspooner

          Remember, you have probably been “preaching to the choir”. Go to a gun show and talk to people and you would think that we can’t lose. But for every gun show there is some gathering of twinkies that are so stupid that you would think there is no chance for us. I really don’t know which side outnumbers the other, but we can’t be too confident until we have good success speaking to groups that are somewhat to seriously mislead and make some positive gains in changing attitudes. Keep up the good work.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            That can not be eddie!! If it is, he has fallen and hit his head, or has gone round the bend!!!! Well I guess he could have come to his senses???? NAH!!! Probably thinks Paul can’t win so his savior Nobummer will get back in!! Boy is the joke gonna be on him!!!

          • Song

            he can’t win because the majority of this country are asleep or too busy watching “reality TV”. You are preaching to the choir and sadly, the choir is the minority, otherwise we wouldn’t have Obama today.

    • Buddy

      Ron Paul’s interest in “giving the country to ILLEGAL ALIENS” sounds like a disaster. But why not?! California state is in that process, so evidently the plan is fully main stream. Check out how the USA government is handling illegal aliens – - another main stream approach.

      It is somewhat disappointing to hear that Ron Paul proposes to continue what’s now in process. Not only disappointing, but unbelievable!

    • Randy Huffey

      Polski, Please check out what RON PAUL actually says regarding illegal aliens:
      You seem to have fallen for the media lies, distortions, and misrepresntations they have “blogged” all over the net, and you are snagged in it! Many of the “statements” you are snagged on are older statements and were taken out of context. Please do the research and read the whole statements and look at the progression of Ron Paul’s position on Illegal aliens. You will be humbled!

  • Nora Smith

    Catholics with Dr. Paul!
    That’s my KIND OF CANDIDATE!
    Not pure reason speeches!
    Dr. Paul, 2012 PRESIDENT OF USA!

  • Cookie

    Ron Paul is 75 years old. He has some good ideas and some bad ideas. I am older than him so I can say “Do we need an old man in the White House?” Who would be his running mate because he/she might have to finish out his term. I hope he doesn’t make a 3rd party run if he doesn’t get the nomination because that would give us 4 more years of Obama.

    • TIME

      AGE is a state of Mind only.

      If your old enough then you should grasp that an Old Sage is far better than a Young Buck any day of the week.

    • Randy Huffey

      Cookie, I was at the Iowa Straw Poll. RON PAUL had the young people on his side there. There was a younger crowd at the RON PAUL Camp than any of the other candidates. I listened to him speak and he was sharp, energetic and on point making common sense to any that would listen (and there were a lot)! Lots of young (18 -40) yr olds will be necesssary to bring into the republican party for a ’12 win. RON PAUL can do this better than Bachmann.
      I’d like to see Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann debate head to head! I think that would be very interesting and educational for all! I doubt Bachmann would answer the challenge. I’m sure Ron Paul would be all over it! That says something doesn’t it?

  • http://none BAP362

    Ron Paul can Win Yes he Can ! I’ll repeat it a thousand times If I have too.

  • Scott D

    Ron Paul wont get my vote because of his stance on illegal immigration. He has very low marks in that department. He does not support mandatory E-verify. E-verify will create jobs for U.S citizens and illegals will self deport themselves. A win win situation for the country.

    • TIME

      Oh really so you want E verOfi hey – how about a National ID card too?

      And guess who also used these very forms of ID, Hold on, ~~~ wait, ok ~~~~ ready? ~~~ Adlof Hilter! ~~~ Joe Stalin, Mao, and the lst goes on.
      Wow ~~~~ I am just so bloody happy you think like such marvels of human kind.

      You sacre the bloody living hell out of me!

      • Scott D

        Time-we already have them—drivers licences and social security cards. Hey, but if you want to not support the constitution by ignoring the borders and if you like to see U.S. workers loose jobs to illegal immigrants thats your folly.

    • Randy Huffey

      Scott, Read what RON PAUL says about illegal immigration:
      Then YOU grade him, ’cause you said he got “low marks”. Wonder who was marking?

      • Scott D

        Randy. I look at his record and what he says and does-how he votes, Seems like you just look at the rhetoric speewed forth from his campaign organization. In his own words he is against E-verify. Check out Numbers USA for his voting record and their opinion of his voting record on immigration issues. Do not go thru life with blinders on.

  • http://none BAP362

    He’ll be the best president since Dwight Eisenhower. The man who warned us of the Military Industrial Complex just before he left office.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Paul would be an octogenarian before he left office . . . way too old!!!
      Eisenhower also warned about the Socialist/Welfare Industrial Complex . . . this is what is Killing the USA Today . . .


    RP would make a great Sect. of the Interior and Palin a person in charge of energy development, Trump as Sect. of State… to start building a cabinet some time or other.

  • Wayne


  • Old Henry

    “If he’s not your choice, then stop pretending you want a free America. It’s that simple”.


    Never forget, the MSM and Repub elites said Reagan could never win the nomination or the general election.

    As far as Romney / Perry, do not listen to what they are saying new. Like Bob said, they are beginning to parrot Ron Paul. LOOK at what they have DONE. If elected, they will do what they have DONE, not what they are now saying.

    Bachmann I am not sure about.

  • S. Lee

    I don’t mind supporting Ron Paul or others who do. I agree with many of his fiscal policy ideas. Don’t know yet about social issues. If I supported him in a primary election, but he failed to gain the nomination, I would have to vote for the one getting the nomination, (even though I might not agree with all their platorm). Bec. I can not see the benefit of supporting a third party candidate that divides votes, allowing the incumbent to have four more yrs. of liberal agendas being forced upon us. My question then to the strong Paul’s supporters,…”if he could not gain the Rep. nomination, would you be willing to vote for the nominee in order to rid ourselves of the current administration?” McCain was not my choice, but I had to vote for him, facing the alternative that won!

    • newspooner

      Voted for McCain? How did that work for you? Always vote for the best candidate. You could have voted for Chuck “Baldwin rather than wasting you vote. Don’t fall for the “lesser of two evils” deception.

  • Randy Huffey

    S. Lee, This 3rd party talk is WAY premature. RON PAUL is seeking the republican nomination. He will get it too if people really do their own investigation/research rather than take the “mainstream” media analysis or “spin”.

  • http://none RPaul or same ol’

    great article BOB. If Ron does not get the nomination I will have to give up to the fools that vote here. My college senior niece does not think he’s the right guy and she is very smart. It’s sad but she is a sheeple and that has me very worried about his chances. He has my vote. If he does not get in this country is screwed plain and simple. I’ll take my life elsewhere before total government control gets more tentacles around my freedoms. MSM MIC FED DEA and all the rest. Too much for me to deal with any longer. Before the boiling pot gets hotter, this frog be jumping out.

  • chuckb

    ron paul will not have any chance of winning the rep. nomination.

    • TML

      Why not?

  • Justin

    I do not believe he really has a chance. He did very well in Iowa, and he has very strong supporters, but for the most part people either love him or they can’t stand him, and I do not believe he will ever be able to win over so many people that dislike him so strongly.

    I am personally disgusted by his view that it is America’s fault that Islamists are angry and violent. Was it America’s fault in 1000 AD? They don’t hate America because of what we are doing, though it may fire them up; they hate us for who we are.


    • newspooner

      Ron Paul never said that it was “America’s” fault. He said that it was the fault of the elected and appointed socialists. It was the fault of people like Kissinger, Johnson, Nixon, Bush, Bush Carter, Clinton, Clinton, McNamara, Kerry, Dodd, Pelosi, etc. To me, those people don’t represent America.

  • Robert

    As much as I would like to see him win he does not have a chance to win. He is picking up more supporters that like his message of liberty but when 50% of the population are zombies “In the economic sense” he won’t.

    Ron Paul did get the ball moving and will one day be credited with the founding of a new party.

  • Allan

    “Because all of the candidates in the GOP field, save Ron Paul, will continue the status quo and you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten.”

    Bob L, how do you know this would be true of Bachmann or Palin, for example? If you mean status quo from the President personally, that’s one thing. If you mean how Congress may or may not cooperate, that’s another. Victory in the Senate is a big factor here in how any President will fare after 2012.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    I like Ron Paul. I like Michele Bachmann. I’m not particularly interested in any good-looking, square-jawed guy in a power suit.

    My one difference with Paul is in foreign policy, which I really believe matters. I opposed Iraq, certainly oppose Libya and the shadow war in Yemen. But we cannot shrug our shoulders at the matter of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, nor can we pretend that defense of Israel in the middle east does not matter. I think Paul’s foreign policy views point a direction for us, but there are real dangers we have to confront.

  • Thinking About

    Ron Paul is listed as a republican and then gives Libertian positions. Which is he, sounds like he is a RINO. Confusing to say the least. Some says he is a conserative constititionist but he wants to change the Constitution. He is a constititionist but voted no on raising the debt ceiling when the Constitution states weist pay our bills. Seems like he is whatever he thinks at the moment and that is subject to change. If so many Americans agree with Paul then he should get on the right platform and run and allthose who support him will put the money up to get the job done. Even if he were to be elected just how many things could he accomplish without a Congress sending bills for him to sign into law.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Thinking About,
      Every one of those ammendments are a change!! An ammendment ended slavery, one gave the women the vote. If it hadn’t been for a change to the constitution, you couldn’t legally drink or even possess alchol, course another before that one made it ILLEGAL!! Unless, of course, you think we should nullify all those and take the vote away from women, or reinstate slavery?? I for one, will support Dr. Paul in 2012!!! I’m working on my wife as well and have her about 65% there!!

  • chuckb

    thinking about, i see you have your weekend pass from the funny farm.

  • George

    Ron Paul will never be able to win unless he can persuade ACORN to support him. His unhinged foreign policy will not be supported by the majority of people nor will his position on the legalization of drugs. On the Constitution he has a fairly sound position, but that is about all there is to recommend him.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Wake up a little more often! ACORN as a group has been disbanded to be formed into another!!!!

      • George

        As Shakespeare might have said, “A turd by any other name would smell as foul.”

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    I admire Ron Paul for being a man of principle and conviction. Some of his principles appeal to many Americans but many seem to be out of step with mainstream America. For instance, RP is an isolationist in an age when it is nearly impossible to isolate a nation. Electronic communications, air travel, and international finance demand shared responsibilities, liabilities, and mutual defense compacts. His stand on legalization of drugs is problematic. I consider him to be a niche candidate, the Republican version of Dennis Kucinich if you will. I’m sure the Obama Administration would be delighted to see Ron Paul run as they know they will beat him in a landslide. Responsible Americans want to see candidates that not only want manufacturing jobs to return to the U.S. but know how to create a business climate that will encourage American corporations to return their manufacturing capability to the U.S. I want to see conservative candidates that have an established track record of accomplishment in at least one or two critical areas such as governing at the state level, statesmanship in international politcs/government, a desire to have a strong military to protect our international interests, and the economic savvy to turn our economy around.

  • WTH

    I voted for Ron Paul in the primary election in 2008. I did not vote for either McCain or Obama on election day. I recently read an article that said “Ron Paul won’t win because people don’t want to “throw their vote away.” This is nonsense. Even though Ron Paul did not win in the last primary, I am not sorry I voted for him.

    • newspooner

      I applaud you. Keep the faith, and work hard for liberty.

      • DaveH

        I second that motion.

    • coal miner

      I am voting for Doctor Paul.I agree I am with you.

      “Masterful and arrogant wealth, created largely by Government protection of its profits, not content with its domination and influence within a single party, had sought to corrupt them both, and to that end had insinuated itself into the primaries, in order that no candidates might be nominated whose views were not in accord with theirs.” (‘Colonel’ Edward Mandell House in ‘Philip Dru: Administrator’, circa 1912)

  • WtboutIsrael

    Americans! what about Israel?

    The country Israel was founded in 1948 .. via the UN when Zionism was big wealthy movement, they killed the Palestinians to establish their country there although Jews lived with the Palestinians for centuries in peace.

    If china destroyed Spain, occupied it then sent a couple of millions into it, and called it Israel would you bless its people.

    Israel is just a historic name… The citizens of Israel aren’t 100% believers, there are many atheists.. are they God’s people too? are they genetically Jewish? Many are not, just converts..

    what about the land of Israel? well, it’s The Holy land.. so it must be respected and honored. Are the Israelis (religiously)respecting it with their killing? with their famous Gay parades? don’t be a hypocrite…

    could it be that you are helping the wrong side of the conflict? could it be that the Palestinians are actually the victims?
    Why doesn’t Israel allow a Palestinian state through peaceful means and via the UN?
    Doesn’t that ring a bill?

    Why did you pick the Israeli side? your parents? your church? the state? the Media, the media is run by the Zionists… the media doesn’t care about you. How many times have we seen the media lying to us? making up stuff?

    Iran… Iran is a weak country. Paul didn’t answer with nothing as someone said in the thread. He explained his views clearly. If you want to die for Israel, go die for Israel. Don’t send the American forces.

    the lies about Iran are the same lies about Iraq… WMD became Nukes.Israel is full of Muslims and Muslim neighbors, if they nuked it, they would nuke their own buddies. think America think… Do you want another war? another million dead children you have never met? do you want to become bankrupt because of interests of a criminal country?


    • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

      I think you have a serious case of cranial rectumitis. I think you will find that Palestine was controlled by the British and the Jews fought them for freedom. The state of Israel was created by the United Nations, the same organization that would now like to see Israel vaporized by Iran and Islamic fanatics.

    • coal miner

      You are right.Vote for Ron Paul.

      Aug 12, 2011 · The verdict is in – Ron Paul won last night’s GOP Presidential debate in Ames … efforts of the media to get Dr. Paul to flip flop on his libertarian views…

    • coal miner

      The fake Racial history of Jews.
      Dr Sands:
      has spent 19 weeks on Israel’s … historical and archaeological research to support not only this claim but … Jews have no historical connection to the land called Israel …

      • coal miner


        Rabbi Elmer Berger and a handful of others diligently … Jews and Palestinians for a valid claim to … Source: Reprinted from The Journal of Historical Review, vol. 12, no …

  • chuckb

    The New York Times of March 12, 1948 carried the headline:

    “10,000 communists and Left-Wing Labor Leaders Demonstrate For Israel” – “Youthful and disciplined Communists raised their battle cry of, ‘solidarity forever,” as they marched. The parade and rally were held under the auspices of the “United Committee to Save the Jewish State and the U.N.” Formed recently after the internationally minded Communists decided to take over an intensely nationalistic cause, the partition of Palestine (into a Jewish state). The grand marshal of the parade was Ben Gold, president of the communist-led International Fur and Leather Workers Union.”

    David Ben-Gurion, from Plousk, Russia, became Israel’s first President in 1948. He headed the Marxist Mapam Party., (also known as The United Labor Party). Most of the Jews moving to Israel from Eastern Europe were Marxists. They had launched a terrorist underground war against the British and the Arabs.

    The New York Herald-Tribune of Aug. 5, 1948 carried the headline, “Israel Leaning Toward Russia, Its Armorer.” Stalin had ordered the Scda Arms Works in Czechoslovakia to ship modern weapons to the new Jewish state. The article, written by correspondent Kenneth Bilby in Tel Aviv, Israel continued:

    “Russian prestige has soared enormously among all political factions. Certain Czech arms shipments which reached Israel at a critical juncture of the war, played a vital role in blunting the invasion of five Arab armies.

    The Jews, who are certainly realists, know that without Russia’s nod, these weapons would never have been available.”

    • Al Sieber

      You’re right chuck, just like the Russian revolution.

  • http://AOLe-mailwebsite Gary A McKinley

    Does Ron Paul have talent to run the White house and every time that he runs he comes up on short end of the stick.

    • AlleninReality

      Talent? How about guts-n-Nuts? He has both and Obama has neither. Integrity, Good ethics, honesty, and zeal for the job and he is up to it. Yes, maybe not the talent for American Idol, but he is a man with backbone and he loves America enough to give her another chance of being free again.

    • DaveH

      That is a Testament to how thoroughly Americans have been propagandized to ignore the Constitution and worship Big Government.
      Would the lightbulb have ever been invented with your attitude that if the majority of people didn’t think of it, it must not be good?

      • Song

        As always, well said DaveH. As for Gary, when did running for president become a talent show? Although, I am not one bit surprised. After all, that is how we got Obama today. Certainly not based on experience, principle or morals. What a canard.

  • mike toth

    I’m happy to see people waking up. I thought only me and Alex Jones were the only sane Americans. Glad to have you all on board.

    Ron Paul
    Don’t laugh, Listen!
    Ya’ll be amazed at what cha been missin :)

  • Blb

    Obama has been on vacation ever since he took office. He keeps playing the blame game and will down as America’s worst President.
    We need a leader like Ron Paul.

    Paul will:
    1. Eliminate the IRS
    2. Initiate a Flat or Fair tax.

    … and bring the troops home!! This guy has guts!

  • DaveH

    If you see something, say something:

  • jopa

    Ron Paul wins straw poll in New Hampshire Saturday taking in 35% of the vote and Romney with 10%.Thaddeus Mcotter and Rick Perry were in third.There were only three hundred votes cast at the lobster bake fundraiser however there may be a message here.

  • DaveH

    Ronald Reagan, and with no teleprompter. Kinda puts Obama to shame:

  • DaveH

    For the Republicans out there:

  • jopa

    Ronald Reagan was an actor and should have had his lines memorized.The video made me wonder why he kept looking down at his notes.I must agree though he was the great communicator.


    DAVE_H asked “Why is it that so many posters tend to use flowery names that usually turn out to be opposite of what they reveal about themselves in their comments?”

    Why don’t you post the comments to back up your statements, and what are you afraid of ?

    :) That’s what Freedom of Speech IS and you seem to not understand or respect the intent of the U.S. Constitution; statements are not intended to please everyone. It’s only the truth, and the truth sometimes hurts.

    So who are those using “Flowery names”? Are you trying to insult me about my user name (People’s Rights) while Im exercising my freedom of speech?

    So if we don’t support your illegal causes, does that mean we are taking people’s freedom away? This is how paranoid extremists and dictators who do not recognize peoples rights.

    what about your buddy “Eyeswideopen”, he also has a very flowery name; he and you are like identical twins.
    :) You should not ask your buddy, Eyeswideopen to explain his actions, bc you give that nut more reasons to sell his agenda and post on more progressive websites (mises or LewRockwell or MSNBC or Washington Post) as people have told you.

    Can you explain, why do you keep saying Capitalism is a failure? And which system do you think is the best?


  • Mike

    I have been emailing fox news with this “YOU CAN’T STOP RON PAUL”, I hope the rest of you do the same.

    I think it should be the campaign slogan.

  • Dave

    Ron paul is a loon but if he was the nomminee I would vote for him because it would be a vote against obama.


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