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Ron Paul Can Be Bought By Special Interests Or Anyone For Less Than $100

January 25, 2012 by  

Ron Paul Can Be Bought By Special Interests Or Anyone For Less Than $100

A Political Action Committee in support of Ron Paul, Revolution Pac, has released a piece of campaign memorabilia that puts the Presidential candidate in good company; he is now in the same league as Superman and G.I. Joe.

Following the South Carolina primary, the PAC unveiled a series of collectible action figures bearing the Paul’s likeness. The launch was made in conjunction with the super committee’s webcast of the primary results.

The talking action figure is 12 inches tall and comes in two models: “Commander in Chief” Paul and “Superhero” Paul. Commander in Chief Paul is dressed in a suit and wields a copy of the Constitution as if it were a weapon that he will use against any violation of the principles of the Founders.

“Barack Obama certainly doesn’t have a corner on the action figure market,” said Revolution PAC chair Gary Franchi. “Ron Paul proved he could go head to head with Obama in the Jones Soda bottle ballots during the 2008 campaign. I’m quite confident that he’ll be competitive in the collectible toy demographic as well.”

The PAC says that all of the proceeds from the action figures — which retail at $94.95 each — will be used to support Paul’s Presidential campaign. Though the price is a little steep, the PAC says that the funds go to a good cause, and the action figures are sure to become collector’s items.

“Discerning consumers recognize a rare and valuable offering when they see it. Plus, they know that  – unlike Barack Obama — this is the only way that Ron Paul can be bought,” Franchi said.

The action figure’s phrases are familiar Paulisms:

  • “I am a champion of the Constitution.”
  • “Ideas spread, they can’t stop them.”
  • “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.”


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    While I know what you mean, Sam, the title is definitely inappropriate. Don’t be surprised if Paul supporters use you for today’s punching bag. I’ll be very surprised if they don’t.

    • Bobby

      S C, I’m a long-time Ron Paul supporter, and I dig this article and the title is fine with me. Ron Paul supports are regular people, and we can laugh at ourselves – all in good fun. It’s when the media treats our Liberty movement and it’s current leader, with total distain, disregard, and outright lies in order to keep the status quo – that’s when we’ll “blowback” on the media. This is just pure fun – and I gotta have one! : )

    • Cody Evans

      Love this! No worries on the title, since Ron Paul supporters actually READ things, rather than making decisions based on one-liners…

      • mike1127

        Good point.

  • Rosco1776

    Why would they? This will get the Ron Paul haters on here looking for dirt and won’t find any. There isn’t any dirt on the good Dr.

  • Steve

    No dirt. Really? What about the racist remarks in his book or news letter. Just asking.

    • http://google rose

      Never heard him make a racist remark. I one of those dolls

    • Linda S

      I do believe Dr. Paul already answered that question numerous times. But that’s ok, we’ll just keep the current white-people-hating (i.e. reverse racist) president in office so we can have some real change…sure…nothing to see here folks, just move along.

      • R from Nevada

        are yo from CT Linda S?

      • Bob Marshall

        Linda, if you would read THE ROOTS of OBAMA’A RAGE you would see it isn’t white nor the black people in America he cares about. Like his father before him, it is Muslims and the black men of Africa.”Stunning…the most profound insight i have read in the last six years about Barack Obama. he should have also read THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT and DREAMS FROM MY FATHER and Audacity of Deceit. Obama’s dream are the dreams of his father.Just as his father fought against the British, French and the Dutch who colonized Africa, built plantations and made slaves of many Africans and Muslims, he see the United States doing the same in Muslim countries of the Middle East and in Africa. his goals are to weaken our military and our economy so this can’t be carried out.Obama said in Audacity of Deceit, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” ” If we expect to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, we expect what never was and never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson. These books and more are available at the WND book store..www.WORLDNETDAILY.COM Those who have children in our public schools should read FROM CRAYONS TO CONDOMS. Christians should read AMERICA’S WAR ON CHRISTIANITY.

    • TML


    • DanielD

      Just need the confederate flag waiving behind him.

    • http://naver sook young

      Could you please cite a source to prove what you’re saying is true? I’ve never heard him make such comments before. You must be a supporter of Obama. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai


  • Jonathan

    I want one, but they are $100 each. Can’t see the wife letting me get one :(

  • chuck

    From a casual Ron Paul supporter’s perspective, I found it plenty humorous. Unlike many of today’s poor attempts to come up with a witty title, this was good for his cause in it’s own little way. A vice presidential running-mate who can win over any supporters who aren’t quite sure about his foreign policy might go a long way (if it is not too early for that kind of thing). Blessed day, y’all

    • edward baptiste

      Before one considers a VP for RP, we have to face his chances are not moving up in any way thus far. I would hope and pray otherwise. If miracles happen, yes then he as the GOP nominated candidate for President needs a VP running mate that is more to voters choice on foreign policy. If RP does not win the nomination and we are stuck with either Romney or Gingrich, then a RP as VP might save the country. RP will NOT nuckle under any of their un Constitutional moves.

  • Bett

    Get us off this sinking ship, 2002 warnings to congress came true:
    Israel & CIA agree on foreign policy candidate, guess who?

  • Ted Crawford

    How appropiate! A bobble-head doll!

    • Jessie

      What a stupid remark. YOU sound like a “bobble-head”. Say something important or go away.

      • steve in AZ

        Better still, just go away.

        DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Pepper

    This is the ONLY way Ron Paul can be bought!

    By the way, this is much classier than the Chia Obama.

    • mike1127

      Ha! Agreed!

  • Alex Frazier

    I love it. I’m going to buy both if they are still available.

  • Catharine Leach

    I’m a huge supporter of Ron Paul and I thought the dolls were in really bad taste. He’s too humble of a man to want to be ‘idolized’ in this way, at least I’d hope that. My father, a Christian, a humble man, a conservative all his life, retired military, I’ve been working tirelessly for 6 months to convince him that Ron deserves his vote, and this Doll thing left a really bad taste in his mouth, after all that work, even winning him over on Ron’s foreign policies, feels like it fell apart over a silly doll…I don’t dislike them, or the idea of making them, I just think its in bad taste, and there are better ways to market Ron Paul’s ideas and the Revolution SuperPac.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I’ve long enjoyed viewing your website and agree with many of your articles. But I’ve been disappointed lately as I get the impression that many of you really want Ron Paul for POTUS. WHY?? He’s a nincompoop and a George McGovern – type crackpot on foreign policy. In fact, this fool Paul may be even worse than Obama on foreign policy. Anybody who’s worse than BHO on an important issue must be defeated, and should abandon the race for POTUS!! Can you imagine this fool debating BHO on foreign policy?? I bet BHO could beat him without a teleprompter!! As for being pro-Constitution, there are many conservatives who ARE pro-Constitution. We certainly don’t need a crack-pot (who BTW wants to legalize both of these brain damaging substances!!) to protect the Constitution. Some of you people need to get your heads out of the sand!! Being anti-Paul is NOT being against our Constitution. Where in the Constitution does it say we should legalize crack or pot?? That makes as much sense as the liberal democraps who cite the welfare cause to justify Obamacare, redistribution of wealth, etc.

    Although their party tends to be IMHO too laisse-faire, I do agree with Libertarians on some issues. E.g., I did vote for Harry Browne in 1996 – not only because I saw Bob Dole as an unelectable weak moderate, but seeing his wife Elizabeth by his side turned me off – all the ridiculus regulations (safety belt laws, air bags, etc.) enacted during her tenure in the Reagan Administration. However, as for Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul, he isn’t even worthy to be re-elected to Congress, much less the White House. Texas voters really should try to defeat ‘Wrong’ Paul and dispatch him to retirement in the next congressional primary. If you really are pro-Constitution, then you should focus on the political party which we know constantly thumbs its nose at our Constitution – that is – DEFEAT THE LEFTWING DEMOCRAP PARTY!!

    • Chris

      I don’t think you get it, Earl. Its about Jeffersionan government vs. hamilton’s idea. I was raised and educated in Queens as well and I know that the education system didn’t teach us this type of thing, but you can read for yourself. Its called Freedom. Its a concept that Ron Paul knows all about.

    • ChristyK

      You say that the constitution doesn’t tell us to legalize drugs. The constitution clearly states 18 things that Congress is allowed to do. It then states several things that they cannont do and the 10th amendment states all other powers are reserved to the states and to the people. The federal government does not have the authority to ban drugs or any other substance. States do. I support a candidate that will always obey the law.

      As far as foreign policy,you need to look to history rather than the MSM talking heads. We have our troops spread around the world in 900 different bases and 130 different countries while leaving our own borders open. How is this good for our safety? We trained the Taliban and provided them weapons to fight Russia before we started fighting them ourselves. We overthrew the elected leader of Iran and put in place the tyrannical Shaw (which they hated) leading to the current Islamic regime. We supported Saddam Hussein inorder to fight Iran and then had to hae a decades long war to remove him. We sent millions of dollars to support Mubarak in Egypt before saying he must go. Now Egypt is run by the military and Muslim Brotherhood which hate us. How is any of this making us safe?

      If we don’t get our budget undercontrol we will be unable to afford our military and will be totally undefended. Ron Paul has the only defense strategy that has any chance to make us safe. This is why twice as many active duty military donate to Ron Paul as all other candidates combined. Anyone saying his foreign policy is “loony” is uninformed and is just parotting the MSM and the warmongering neocons.

      • mike1127

        This comment makes too much sense for people to pay attention to it.

      • WickedPickle

        I’m sorry Christy, no matter what you toss at them you just can’t convince an idiot (Earl).. It’s like conversing with a rock.. Intelligent thinkers understand you’re words, be grateful for that if nothing else.

    • Jibbs

      You must have a small and closed mind, try being a self thinker.

    • Mke S.

      “As for being pro-Constitution, there are many conservatives who ARE pro-Constitution.”

      Can you name any true Constitutionalists other than Ron Paul and perhaps Rand Paul, in the U.S. Congress?
      There may be a few, but no way are there “many”.
      Most only support the parts that go along with their ways and ingnore the rest of the constitution.

  • http://personallibertydigest Alan Mercier

    As a ferverant Ron Paul Supporter and endorcer I love the Idea of these dolls….Political Action Figures sounds better. I’m ordering one to support Dr Paul I just can’t decide which to get? Wish I could afford both. As for the Ron Paul haters…I say the same thing that Einstien said…” Throughout history, Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition, from mediocre minds..” Ron Paul is a true patriot and my super hero…Maybe they should have made a patriot figure, dressed in blue like paul revere or a revolutionary war soldier…..Go Ron Paul…..

  • ranger hall

    GOOD, There is nothing wrong with this IDEA. People running for office today need to get FUNDS from some where, Any time you can get it Take it. Nothing wrong money from CORPS. You Just have got to PROMISE NOTHING IN RETURN,UNLESS it can Benefit the People and The COUNTRY.You have to Maintain HONEST,PRIDE,HONOR. MAN what POLITICIAN lives by this Code.

  • RP#1fan

    I love Ron Paul, but I’d like to know who this PAC commissioned to produce the dolls – if they’re made in China, I’m afraid I’ll have to call you hypocrites! (and at that price, they better have been made in the good ol’ USA!

    • AZMarc

      The box says “Made in the USA”

  • Catharine Leach

    Ron Paul is a super-hero to me! Hard-core Christians shun this type of “idolatry” however. That’s all I meant. I’m not religious and I think they are fun – but if anyone that was going to support Ron Paul gets turned off by this marketing strategy, I see it as a black eye on Ron’s campaign, which I don’t want to happen at all. Again, I’m 100% behind Ron Paul and don’t go 1 day without talking about him to anyone I have an audience with. But when friends and family come back w/ “E-Gad!” after stumbling on the doll articles, I get nervous about how effective a funds-raising strategy it may be. (my friends and family are very religious) Ron Paul 2012!! I send all my cash to his campaign directly BTW. I haven’t eaten-out in months b/c the excess cash saved goes to his campaign.

    • Amber

      You rock Catharine! I send whatever I can too. Even if it’s just a little. Every bit counts when you add all the donations together.

  • ranger hall

    I am no known Party MEMBER, The only Party i belong to IS the AMERICAN CITIZENS and its not a party you have to be a card holder, ITS A RIGHT. MY BELIEFS are Based on RIGHT And WRONG.EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, EQUAL FREEDOM FOR ALL

    I would like this Man Ron Paul to WIN, Just to see how long he servives,BUT this is and will not be allowed to Happen, The Powers to Be will decide. An it will not matter if its OBAMA or NEWT Because BOTH are their MAN.

  • ranger hall

    1967 Long Beach California.
    A Great Leader not of this Country, Once Said. SHORT QUOTE
    I can beat your Military, Army,navy, and Marines, BUT How do i defeat your Country, I do not have enough men power to take your Cities, Your Towns,your highways your streets,and ea and every house, for every house is a FORT. I can beat your Military, I can not beat your PEOPLE. You People do not know what keeps you FREE. ITS your Armed Citizens that keep YOU FREE. Your Country can never be beaten from without ONLY FROM WITHIN. And this Day might come when the people lose control. This man and KENNEDY Saved a NUKE WAR IN 1963, When all the Politicians and Military on both sides WANTED it to happen.

    • Amber

      Thank God gun sales are on the rise. :)

    • Jibbs

      Kruchev was the leader of Russia in the 60′s. He made that statement.

  • winter

    Just proves thta he has a real sense of humor just great …I think I”m gonna buy about 200 and send them to the WH …would SS come after me ? yeah but it would be qworth it just to see pres’s face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber

    I LOVE this article. It’s awesome that Ron Paul is so unable to be bought that in order to claim so one must refer to buying a figurine representation of him. Now that’s allegiance America should stand for… and I hope we are awake enough throughout the nation to give him the nomination needed to go head to head with Obama… It’d be a TKO kind of fight, if you know what I mean… the establishment has no chance against a Paul victory. They’ll try their best to stop it and it’s up to us to ensure they can’t.

    It’s up to us to spread the message of liberty Dr Paul has inspired in our hearts and take this nation back. One person at a time. If victory is not had in this election, the message of liberty will continue to grow. I’ll never lose hope. Guys like Ron Paul are evidence that hope has a reason to exist. We must stand together as ONE against the banksters and corporate media and restore America now… Ron Paul is my superhero, figurine or not. ;-)


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