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Ron Paul Ad – THE ONE

September 2, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Did Ron Paul force Obama to reschedule a speech?

    Though the media may be down playing Ron Paul, Obama is apparently taking him seriously.


  • john j

    Ron Paul and Sarah Palin for 2012! probably the only way we might possibly get out of this with any hope of keeping the Constitution ,PERIOD!!!

    • Patricia Weidl

      Ron Paul yes, but Sarah absolutely NOT!

      • Ken

        Sara Palin and Ron Paul together would work for me and I feel all Americans as well. If we protect the first and second amendments of the Constitution, we will always have a way to change things and make it better for all.

    • Lil

      You must be joking thinking of Sarah, right ?
      You can you even put their names together ?

      Dr. Ron Paul is a genuine hero of this country.

      Sarah Palin is a joke of this country.

      It is an offense to Dr. Paul to associate his name with hers.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Yep…Ron Paul has my vote.

    Though I also like Bachmann…I honestly don’t think she’s the right choice. Ron’s voting history speaks for itself. He is consistent and so very much more importantly…he’s a Constitutionalist.

    We absolutely NEED to have someone who adhere’s to the Constitution now more than ever before in the history of America.

    Please America…Ron Paul is the best choice that we have before us at the moment.

    Let’s give him a shot & see what he does with it…it most certainly can’t be any worse than what the past Presidents have done.

    God Bless.

  • vicki

    For way to many years I was told to vote against the greater of 2 evils. Depending on which party you listened to it was always the other party that was more evil.

    All I got for my trouble was evil.

    No more. Vote for something. vote for Principle. Vote Ron Paul.

  • DaveH

    The MSM is sure pushing Perry and Romney. It’s going to take a lot to overcome the zombiefication of the mainstream Republicans.

  • eyeswideopen

    Yep, he is another Texan, who helped to redistriute the wealth from the poor to the rich. Vote for him if you want more of the same.

    • Lil

      Oh my God, have you been living under a rock?
      Get your information correct; we can’t afford stupid people in this country any longer.

  • Jon Butler

    Eyes, the web site look very convincing but only talks about income tax which is only half of the picture. I’m currently looking for some information on all the taxes that are taken out of every dollar that we earn. Example, if I clear $1k in a week and I spend every dime of it on milk, eggs, cigs, beer, jeans, gas, or parts for my car what % of my money is taken by massa. If you happen upon any info or watch dog sites repost and I the same.

  • Steve G Sandoval

    Ron paul, is a man of Principle but he disqualifies himself with the isolationist mentality on foreign Policy. For those new Libertarian politicians that get some headlines. They sound good talking about cutting and spending!up Washington. But they do not understand Good and Evil much less God and the Devil. Yes kids they are both real even though you cannot see them! That is why Libertarians are too weak on many social issues and Defense and foreign Policy! THat’s why they appeal to mostly Independents. Because they are all over the board and they change with the wind of persuasion hype! Sorry but even if you think He could win and he cannot! He most definitely should not become the next President. We need another Washington. A leader who is grounded in Biblical TRUTH and FAITH, WE need another Lincoln, a man of strong Values and Principles who must make the tough decisions to cut government 40%, in the 1st yr., and them another 10% for 3 more years. Finally another Reagan, who love and believes in America and it founding and its Godly Heritage. But also believe and hope even more for it Godly future and Purpose in the World!

    • Michael J.

      Steve G Sandoval,
      Ron Paul’s principal’s are closely aligned with that of Ronald Reagan’s.

    • s c

      SGS, explain what you really mean when you talk about being an isolationist. Far too many people say and mean different things in bringing up isolationism. If you mean Ron Paul doesn’t want America shackled by being constantly involved with other countries (especially wars), that is NOT isolationism.
      If you mean we should be friends with friendly nations, trade with other countries and show other nations that we can be a good neighbor and not interfere, THAT’S a good definition of a responsible nation. If you think we need to rush into foreign wars or interfere with other countries because it’s part of some half-assed tradition (that we wind up regretting), then say it.
      I can’t tell if you’re an apologist for NWO groups, or if you don’t what isolationism involves. It tends to be a buzzword for people who hate America, and can’t wait for us to stick our noses where it DOESN’T belong. The principle behind being a good neighbor (as opposed to being a dupe for wannabe controllers) dates back to the time when we had REAL leaders in Washington. Look at the Monroe Doctrine.
      If you’re a fence-sitter, get used to balancing on a barbed wire fence. In this complex world, only a cave-dweller can be called a true isolationist.

    • DaveH

      You are disqualifying yourself by not knowing the difference between being a Non-Interventionist and an Isolationist. Ron wants peaceful (and properous) Free Trade with the countries of the world. He doesn’t want to impose America’s politics on them with meddlesome force.
      What have the interventionists done for us other than pissing off a large portion of the World’s citizens, and sending us to the poor house?
      Why do you suppose there are laws against murdering somebody who you might believe deserves it? If you do, you will be arrested and tried. You’d better be able to say you were acting in self-defense and prove it. Even before the Government can put somebody to death there must be a lengthy trial to determine the guilt of the accused. You claim to know the difference between Good and Evil, Steve, so tell me why suddenly a “military action” precludes all that? And explain why, in the process of those military actions against people of a country which hasn’t even attacked us, it is okay to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people? I can see the Devil, Steve. It is you who chooses to blind himself.
      Libertarians aren’t weak, we are Principled. When we talk about Freedom, we really mean it. We recognize man’s natural right to control his Own body and property, without the interference from busybodies like yourself, as long as that man doesn’t trespass on the bodies and property of others.
      Steve says “Libertarians change with the wind of persuasion hype”? You obviously are totally clueless about the Libertarian agenda, Steve. Quite to the contrary, Libertarians have been consistently Pro-Freedom, and our Principles don’t change with the wind like yours do. We are against Theft, and that doesn’t end because the Government performs it. We are against Murder, and that doesn’t change because the Government performs it. We are against making other peoples’ choices, and that doesn’t change because we don’t approve of their choices.
      As far as religion goes, Steve, you need to revisit the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Libertarians are not in any way against Religion. What we are against is people like you who want to force their choices on others.

      • Sam

        Nice response…I agree with most of what you say, but I think that one of the biggest mistakes we as Americans and human beings make is judging what the out come of a situation should be before first taking the time to consider all of the information and possible repercussions of actions taken. Some problems have so many factors to consider that can drastically change the end result that no matter what you do no one wins in the end. I guess what I’m trying to say is that what matters most are following the simplest of principals that guide our every day decisions. Most religions, believe is or no, have the same core values to respect one another enough not to murder, steal, lie, and to live within our means and the means that our surroundings enables. It’s the little details that are tearing us all apart and our indifference’s. Although I don’t claim any religion as my own personally I do respect and agree with the core values that most religions are founded upon and that is why I believe that no matter what there are certain core values that we all can agree on. These core values are something that I think libertarians do represent well and I’m happy you guys are out there in the mix.

    • Lil

      Gee Steve,
      Why don’t you vote again for Obama. He was perfect for you, wasn’t he?

      American people vote with their eyes closed for every bad candidate out there.
      But when a great one comes along, we are so disturbed and confused that we have to desiccate until we completely destroy that person.

      Dr. Ron Paul is the perfect president for this country; Not by comparison to anyone. He is the superlative absolute, and if we don’t see it now, while we have a great chance to have a really great president, we will pay the price for voting another puppet, chosen by elites to do exactly what he is told.

      Enough idiots and puppets in the White House.
      Get your head together and vote for the right person.
      It’s not too hard to have some logic and some common sense.

  • AJ

    It’s time for the sleeping giant (USA) to again awaken and become
    aware and cease voting party and vote principle! Honesty, Truth, Integrity, One Nation Under God. Not under NWO lackies.

    • TK

      AJ-You’re absolutely right

  • http://oboma ruffus

    ron paul=superman and im sorry to say but do your home work on sarah palin she does not have any real love for america,she is loyal to the rothchileds and israle oh and big oil.Dr.Paul is smarter than that

  • Politica For Dummiest

    Ron Paul I feel is our biggest and brightest star, quietly giving many American hope that we need. I am sur he knows we need most of all jobs, and I heard that some factories are coming back home to America I do not know if that is true. I have not been able to afford to go to the Ron Paul rally’es, to hear him speak of many things I would like to know of And one of the women for V P Bachman or Palin would be good. Ron Paul understands economics. Ron Paul understand there are weird wrong things going on in America. H eunderstand to many military are in to many other countries, with bare bones here at home. We have a Ron Paul who I am sure understands UK was arsoned by the riots, and the UK is over, by foreigners. It is no longer the England that American knew. Good Luck Ron Paul. And Ron Paul fought the building of the hug NAFTA thsat would make America a total poverty stricken dead zone. Ron Paul knows of that too. For peoples sanity’s sake please VOTE RON PAUL 2012. In the meantime I shall enjoy white teach and peach blossoms, quietly and Pray the courts listen to the lawyers lately on a matter of B/C. And that knowing in my quietude, Ron Paul will SHRINK THE GOVERNMENT .

    • Sam

      Sorry all but I don’t see Ron Paul as electable although I think he could make a great vice presidential candidate. Right now it appears that the main stream media wants us to elect a Perry/Romney ticket. Perry just conveniently approved a law suit for the State of Texas to sue the Federal Government for compensation for all of the illegal immigrants they have been paying for that bog down the prisons and local municipalities…real convenient that he would wait to do anything about it until after he starts getting heat for wasting tax payers money on the education of illegal immigrants. Perry is a sell out socialist just like Romney. I like Herman Cain as President and Ron Paul for Vice President tell me what you think about it.

      • Karen

        Yes Perry has done what you say and there is something else going on about Perry that no one knows about at the moment. There is a reporter in Austin, Texas working on a story about Rick Perry. And when it comes out in the newspapers, it will destroy Rick Perry as a presidential candidate! Ron Paul is the only candidate that will bring the Constitution back to the way our forefathers wanted it to be. Ron Paul has indicated that a good vice president would be Judge Andrew Napolitano (absolutely no relationship to Janet Napolitano). So
        My vote would be for Ron Paul. And believe me HE IS ABSOLUTELY ELECTABLE! Ron Paul — 2012

      • Lil

        RE: Right now it appears that the main stream media wants us to elect a Perry/Romney ticket.

        So, Sam, why is not Ron Paul electable ? Because what media wants?

        Who is going to vote for you, YOU or media?

        If ALL OF US do what we believe in our hearts is right and great for this country, Ron Paul is our next president.

        Screw the media whore. We don’t have to do what they want us to do.
        We are in charge of our votes.
        Listen to Dr. Paul, check his record, use your brain and forget about media.

        This is our last chance to get this country back to its glory.
        Every vote counts. Don’t waste it please !!!!

      • DaveH

        Yecch! Herman Cain is a typical Republican. Not much would change with Herman in office.
        And I dispute your statement that Ron Paul is unelectable. That’s clap-trap propaganda coming from the MSM who Hope that he is unelectable, because his Free Market policies would wreak havoc on the Media Moguls cushy Crony Capitalist positions. Competition, oh the horrors!
        Look through these various straw polls and tell me that again, Sam:,_2012

  • FreedomFighter

    Ron Paul could do what he claims.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Thinking About

    Ron Paul should explain to his followers there needs to be a younger person running and if his principles are important and others believes as he does, there might be a possible opportunity to elect such a person. Don’t go into your rant about getting someone younger because Paul is capable. Might be in some cases but to be the most someone can be we know a slowing down process happens with age and Paul should be the first to explain this to his followers. By the way I too am on the golden years and know we slow down.

  • Plain truth

    Instead of votting for the other two(Moe or Larry)I think i’ll vote for Curly Joe.Which is A lot better than what we got in there now!!!!!!You know,If curly won, perhapse Ron Paul could join Moe and Larry.,I;’m sure he would fit in quielt nicely.

  • AJ

    There is a stigma about being electable as a candidate and one that can and would do a great job. That’s why the NWO stench picked Odummer to run. They knew the stupidity of the American masses and their organized voter fraud would get Odummer elected. He was charismatic and a good communicator and appeared to be an intelligent black man. He was nothing more than a Madison avenue huckster ushering in the NWO’s agenda. Obviously he was electable and obviously he cannot do the job and makes for a failed president. By the way the last line of potuses where nothing more than marinates having their strings pulled by NWO. If Ron Paul is to be elected and I would vote for him there has to be an out right majority that is fed up with the picking of the lessor of two evils. Romney and Perry are bought and paid for NWO lackeys. You want more of the same then go with the media supported candidates on both sides. The so called electable canidates. If you want change, real integrity in that change then vote Ron Paul. How’s voting for party line picks in the past been working for ya? How do you think just a change in political parties will work for ya? This is a turning point in history where we have to decide on voting party lines or principle. I’ll take principle because I’m sick of politics as usual. I understand now why Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me death.” No settling for the less of two evils because they’re all the same evil.

  • simian pete

    Ron Paul ? He is the best choice for President.

    The Republican Party ? They hold the means to put Ron Paul in the White House.

    Listen to me now, and realize I’m right later !!! YOU REPUBLICANS BETTER NOT F— UP ! If you do, your Party is over !!!

  • SearcherT

    Seriously, who would be a viable running mate? I cannot think of one person inside the Beltway.Tom Sowell, Judge Napolitano ?? These are one;s I can think of Not a one but Gary Johnson is real defender of the Constitution.


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