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Romney Wants Increased Military Spending

September 3, 2012 by  

Romney Wants Increased Military Spending
At American Legion’s convention last week Mitt Romney vowed more military spending if elected.

Mitt Romney vows that defense spending cuts will be reversed under his Presidential watch.

Speaking at the American Legion’s convention last week, the Republican candidate said he vows to get veterans out of unemployment lines and to stop defense cuts triggered by budgeting quarrels in the Capitol.

“A year ago, President Obama told your convention, ‘We cannot, we must not, and we will not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans,’” Romney said. “I thought I finally agreed with him on something, but now he is on the verge of breaking that promise. The Obama administration is set to cut defense spending by nearly $1 trillion — my administration will not.”

A current plan requires $487 billion in cuts to defense spending over the next decade and another round of about $500 billion in cuts beginning next year if members of Congress don’t create a deficit-reduction plan.

While Obama and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan both favored the plan, Romney has a different opinion of how to handle defense spending. He wants to increase military spending and has vowed to spend at least 4 percent of gross domestic product on defense.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I hope he actually means that. Without the ability do defend our country, nothing else matters. The left, and Ron Paul does not think we have a right to defend our country. under any circumstance. I was threatened by Paul reporters for saying that about him and the very next day Ron Paul, in an interview, said exactly that.

    • Karolyn

      Harold, please think a little. Nobody wants to cut spending to defend out country. We need to cut spending involved in defending other countries! Think also about all the wasteful spending in the military. The following is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Ted Crawford

        This is RICH ! We now have the Leftists coalescing with the Far Right to render our Country DEFENSELESS!
        As with any healthy Economy, the broader the base the more sustainable that Economy, so is a Defensive Strategy. Any country who plans to rely on Forces completely housed within the National Boundries of that country, given the nature of modern warfare, plans to be conqured!

      • ohfwb

        Want good cuts? cut off the illegals from tax payers and make these welfare recipients get tested for drugs that would cut billions of wasted tax payers dollars to these a holes. I’m a vet and I support more money for our military. obama wants to destroy America and he’s doing it with his crooked administration. ABO

    • Vigilant

      Mr. Rolley says, “[Romney] wants to increase military spending and has vowed to spend at least 4 percent of gross domestic product on defense.”

      Now that’s a neat trick of mathematics if he could do that, since military spending as a percentage of GDP is currently higher than 5%! Is this the new “Rolleyomics?”

      From : “The plans of the Obama administration show a reduction in spending back to 4.6 percent of GDP by 2015.”

      • Ted Crawford

        Those were my thoughts as well Vigilant! How “Progressive” of Mr. Rolley to lable the prohibitting of a “cut” as an Expansion! I guess Alinsky can be used by both sides!

      • Vigilant

        Also, it’s apparent that the pacifist contingent of the Libertarian philosophy is mathematically challenged in other ways.

        Military spending as a percentage of GDP is at some its historic LOWS since WWII. It has generally been higher in those 67 years.

        Moreover, according to, “Federal spending [as a percentage of GDP] was close to 20 percent under the Carter administration, dropped to 18 percent under Clinton, and is currently at an incredible 24 percent of GDP. According to the Congressional Budget Office, federal spending may hover around 22 percent for the next decade.”

        In any business, spending excesses are addressed by segmenting the problem and then prioritizing the portions. You always attack the BIGGEST problem first and then work your way down.

        Military spending is a mere 21% of the Federal outlays relative to the GDP (5/24). Other spending, i.e., nanny state wealth redistribution schemes, account for 79% of the problem. I’d say that anyone with a normal IQ would advocate methods to reduce that 79% FIRST.

      • Gordon

        Of course if Romney increases the GDP by several %, that would make the military stronger. i.e. Same % of a greater amount……….that’s simple arithmetic too.

      • Daveh234

        Mitt Romney has no idea how to increase the GDP so the idea is moot. His business experience is all in his head.
        It’s not worthy of our confidence and if you think the gov’t. should be run like a business there are plenty of good arguments against that.
        I feel he’s a shallow person who feels he is deserving of the office. More likely his experience with both Bain Capital and the Olympics is questionable. Olympic records are all erased and destroyed along with hard drives and files from his Governorship.
        Why in the world would that have been ordered by him?

  • Karolyn

    Is the VA under the DOD? That does not seem logical.

    • Sirian

      No, the V.A. is a totally separate department.

      • Karolyn

        So Romney is appealing to the ignorance of voters like the American Legion.

      • Sirian

        It works both ways Karolyn. It’s been happening for a very, very long time. Wake up kid, you need to step outta the box and look at the whole thing, not just one side of it.

      • Karolyn

        I know that Sirian. I just find the Republicans scarier than the dems.

    • Ted Crawford

      How is the VA relevant here?

      • Karolyn

        Mention was made of keeping veterans out of unemployment lines, which could lead to the VA getting involved. I would think that could fall under VA purview.

      • Gordon

        I have some friends who recently sought medical help from the VA. Seems as though care is REFUSED unless and until the Vet signs his house over to the VA. Guess what happened.

      • Sirian

        Tell ya what, jump to this link and read it. What you’ve said is far from true.

    • NoteToSelf

      Last I heard spending on the VA comes out of DOD funding, so it has to be under DOD. Congress should change that.

  • Flashy

    Hmmm…when the GOP radicals held our credit rating hostage last summer, the deal that was cut was the Super Committee then, if that failed to reach a solution, the mandated cuts were detailed out. Ryan, current VP candidate, voted to hold back the spending bill and had our rating lowered, then voted for the deal. Romney supported both…

    So, the cuts they both had approved of being in the deal, they now want to renege upon and blame the President for the mandate which is looming because of a deal cut by Congress. They want to fund the military, but let the rest of the Nation take the hits.


    • Warrior

      And did you know that the US recently set a record for the highest dollar amount of exported arms sales in a year? Does that indicate as military spending decreases in US the lost volume will come from other sources? Do those sales help to maintain the “peace”? How does the Nobel committee respond to this situation? Are both sides of then coin “heads”?

      Flashman, you need to do some deep soul searching.

      • Flashy

        Warrior…are you saying if we decrease military spending, the arms industry will step up exporting arms ? So a decrease in spending on the military will result making the world unsafe and more armed?

        Warrior…do you know what private industries are the most inefficient today? The ones who work mainly with military contracts. They have no competition so any pressure to become efficient in production is by being held to a budget.

        Wanna bet if the private industry knew the money was going to become limited that they would ‘somehow” discover a way to maintain the level of production, keep the profit margins, and not go out of business?

        If the private sector is going to take hits because Ryan and his ilk cut a deal they now want to renege upon…then all sectors should take the hit. That is what holds their feet to the fire to come up with something sane.

        They made a deal…live with it or alter it…but don’t slice and dice it by taking what they want and leaving the rest of us holding the bag paying for it,.

      • Warrior

        Well then, please explain Solyndra.

      • Flashy

        LOL…One company. One. Brought about by mismanagement, misleading the government lending agencies, and being whacked by China unfair trade practices…practices which, btw, were allowed before this admin by agreement with the Conservative admin of Bush II/Cheney. Meanwhile non-oil energy production is up and R%D is growing by leaps and bounds due to the funding of non oil energy production.

        I’d argue weaning ourselves from oil imports and growing away from oil dependency increases and enhances our national security … getting away from an outmoded energy resource which is proving to cause issues with our biosphere as well as being a 150 year old technology seems to be a good thing.

        Sure Solyndra is a mess. No doubt. Nothing is 100% as far as investment. Or are you of the mindset this admin should bat 100% in every area…an impossible goal, yet one which you insist that this admin, of any, should attain?

      • Warrior

        “Misleading”? Comrade, you are hopeless!

      • Flashy

        Warrior….focused on a failure and not the success are we? Misleading federal lending agencies … absolutely. Think it through. Let us conjecture that the fix was in with the insiders of Solyndra. I make that great leap in assumption for sake of this argument..not by admission or agreement with any conspiracy theory. Any agency, no matter what the situation, always has as bottom line CYA. Private investors were also involved in the Solyndra deal. They wouldn’t toss good money into a scam…not willingly. Finally, when a President makes a speech at any company, one would think that he wouldn’t make it at a company he knew was built on a house of cards…and his staff wouldn’t even entertain the thought.

        That’s the problem with the TP, American Taliban, wacked right…they’ll believe anything that serves their masters…and don’t think.

      • Chester

        Warrior, to explain Solyndra is simple, China. All the stuff Solyndra had counted on as being profitable suddenly started started coming in from China at prices Solyndra could not hope to match. Thus it is almost impossible to find an American made solar panel anywhere, and if you do, you will pay an unimaginable premium for it. With a bit of looking,seems like China has done a number of our industries that way, and will keep on doing it to us until we wise up and find a way to stop it. I hate the thought of tariffs, as what we apply to one thing, the exporting party will find a way to get back somewhere else at OUR expense. Truthfully, though, that is what it may take to slow China’s gradual takeover of all manufacturing industries.

      • momo

        Flashy says:
        LOL…One company.

        More like 13 companies, genius.

        “Misleading” In other words they lied to federal agencies, so why haven’t they been prosecuted? Holder too busy running guns to Mexico?

        How did these people get money in the first place? Could it be that George Kaiser’s foundation owns a third of its stock. In case you didn’t know, Kaiser is a billionaire Obama contributer.

    • the big easy

      @-the flasher—————-COMRADE————–I want you to talk about the FACT that the flea-infested flea-bagger pink slip food stamp occupier what’s in charge in the white house now was DOING ‘mary jane and blow’ back in college and hanging out with ‘the shroom gang’ and all those COMMIE EXTREMISTS .——–Explain that one ! ! ! ! ! And what about the FACT the your buddy went out of his way to BOW VERY LOW to every DICKTATOR in the world he could find.And what about the FACT that he GAVE PINK-SLIPS to ALL those at N.A.S.A.,and some 750 coal miners,and all those THOUSANDS at such as the solar panel companies,and ALL those jobs that were shipped overseas from such as general electric,and is continually allowing the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS to come into OUR country,and when such as Sheriff Joe wants to deport them,your flea-infested flea-bagger sues the states,and gives them BACK-DOOR AMNESTY AND AMERICAN Citizenship ? ? ? ? And what about the FACT that he GAVE away ALL our Military interrogation technics to ALL our enemies and all the terrorist of the world,putting ALL our Brave Military Warrior Patriots in harms way ? ? ? ? ?? And what about every time he can not get the congress to do his bidding,he just signs an executive order,to circumvent the CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA ? ? ? ? ? And what about the FACT that your puke has increased our NATIONAL debt by some 6 TRILLON DOLLARS in only 3 1/2 YEARS ! ! ! ! ! And what about the FACT that every where it has been tried,your COMMUNISM HAS FAILED ! ! ! ! Why don’t you move to one of those many other countries that have your same beliefs ,cuba,iran,pockystan,all the other stans,russia,korea,china,etc.,etc.,and if you don’t have enough for bus fare out,I will start up a ‘kick out the commie fund’ for your bus fare.And on the way OUT be sure to give up your Citizenship ( if you really are an America citizen ) ,and be sure not to let the AMERICAN Border hit you on your ass as you EXIT ‘THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD’,AMERICA ! ! ! ! !———-It WILL be just one less flasher to worry about——————————–What a puke—————-

      • Flashy

        Well easy..if anything in your rant was factual, I’d be glad to explain it. Since nothing you rant about is close to reality….nothing to explain on y end. perhaps you could explain how they let you out of the looney bin ..

  • braindeadus

    What a joke for a Republican candidate are we braindead to even considering Romney are Obama to lead this country.

    • the big easy

      @ -brain dead———–You WILL see a hugh boost in this country as soon as Romney is elected on Nov. 6,2012,then the AMERICAN businesses WILL know that they can start to release ALL that money they have been holding onto under the COMMIE rule for the last 4 years.I see it like at the end of the Matrix when the clouds break and the sun is shinning very brightly.—————GOD BLESS AMERICA———————

      • Daveh234

        Big Easy, your really don’t sound like you have a handle on reality. You are what the far right wingers are even afraid of.

      • Chuck

        Liberals tax and regulate your jobs away

        I think some businesses are ready to expand if the government doesn’t get any worse. They feel that they can do ok, even with taxmagedden and obamacare. Such businesses will be ready to expand as son as Romney gets elected and the senate goes to the good guys. Other businesses will be ready to expand when taxmegedden is taken care of, and probably many when obamacare is ended. The energy industry will probably expand when the keystone XL pipeline and more drilling are approved. More, lower priced energy will help most businesses expend. Reduction in other excessive regulations will also help businesses.

        Since Obama has attacked businesses/employers so much, a big fix is simply to stop attacking them.

        All of this will indirectly help our military preparedness – especially getting less oil from OPEC countries.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Our Big Bloated Bankrupt Gimme-ment and the Beat goes ON & ON…………………

  • Jimbo

    We don’t need another war (Iran)! Our troops are war weary, and what have we accomplished? We can’t afford it either!

    Why are we staying in Afghanistan? The situation is deteriorating. We drove the Taliban and Al Queda up into the hills and drove them back to the stone age in a few short months. At that point we should have just LEFT. They would have been eating over dung stoves for the next 10 years and in no position to harm us. Instead, our idiot leaders decided we needed to build a huge, expensive embassy, rebuild the infrastructure, and their military. And now, after a decade of fighting, we learn that they have really hated us all along!

    Iran’s leader may have said “Iran should never have existed”, but that is not a threat, that is a statement of opinion. They’re not stupid. They will not start a war with Israel, Europe, or the US because they know they would be blasted into the stone age. Israel can take care of itself. They’re not broke, like we are. We turn a blind eye to China’s territorial ambitions, and North Korea’s saber rattling, and both countries have nukes. So why are we so damn worried about Iran?

    • Vigilant

      ” We turn a blind eye to China’s territorial ambitions, and North Korea’s saber rattling, and both countries have nukes. So why are we so damn worried about Iran?”

      If you don’t know the answer to that yet, you should consider retiring from the discussion.

      China is an established nuclear power which, similar to the Cold War situation, has a relative stability and a stake in the world economy that thrives on not upsetting the apple cart. Its protégé, N. Korea, is kept in check by the Chinese Big Brother.

      Iran is a rogue nation, run by fanatical Islamic fundamentalists who, by the judgment of any sane person, could not be expected to act responsibly with nukes in their hands. If you think Iran has a right to obtain nuclear warfare capability, then you must accede to Saudi Arabia’s desires to obtain the same if Iran gets its way.

      I thought we covered this whole thing after the debacle at Munich in 1938. If you believe that we can enhance the stability of the Middle East by allowing these fanatics to get nukes, then you, like Chamberlain, naively think the “peace in our time” trumps the patently insidious aims of the Iranians.

      A head in the sand is incapable of seeing the handwriting on the wall. Nothing good can come out of the introduction of nuclear weapons into the already volatile mix in the Middle East.

      • actual socialist

        But you think the warhawks in the israili goverment deserve to have 3-400 nukes?

      • Vigilant


  • Linda

    Probably because of their stated hatered for Israel and us.


    with out a more and better Mil. We will be open to outside invasions and having O’Vomit as our Muslim/Commie KING

  • Howard Roark

    The simple fact is that military spending is constitutional as it meets the rule of providing for the general welfare. (or as the liberals like to call it “the common good”). SCOTUS ruled in US vs. Butler that the words general or common refer to the entire population and not any individual or special group of individuals. as the Court said it “the Constitution has never been understood to mean that Government can take money from one individual or group of individuals and give it to another individual or group of individuals,” therefor things like food stamps, public housing, college loans and WICK are all unconstitutional. besides when taxpayer money is given to a special group such as food stamp recipiants, (only about one in seven americans receives them, which is hardly within the meaning placed forth by the court) that money has in fact been used to buy votes.

    • Flashy

      Howard…please know your law before citing something which holds different from what you espouse. Butler stated but one thing…Congress could not use punishment against those opting out of a subsidy or grant. In Steward Machine Company v. Davis, a year after Butler, the Court stated “To draw the line intelligently between duress and inducement … recognition that Congress could use the Spending Clause, under the umbrella of general welfare, to regulate state laws through incentives and encouragement—but not coercion. The national government may induce the states, or tempt them, or seduce them—but not coerce them into passing legislation considered desirable to meet national needs”

      Use of Butler is erroneous without taking on the subsequent cases which dfined the difference between inducement and coercion in taxation and/or funding of programs.

  • jopa

    I don’t think Romney knows what he wants other than to be President a task his father wasn’t able to complete..After watching the convention I don’t think anyone knows any more about him now than they did before. He wont talk about his personal life,taxes, Bain, his religion or even the kid him and six others beat up in prep school.The only thing new I learned about him in the past week was that he killed a woman when he was living in France dodging the draft.Watching him looking over the crowd at the convention he seemed to be thinking what a bunch of heathens and pagans,however I hope they vote for me.If your not a Mormon they think of you as a heathen or a pagan for such things as worshipping the cross that they feel is just an instrument of death, they would laugh at you if you talked about the Virgin Mary having a baby, all the Biblical stories of feeding the masses and the parting of the sea are more of a joke to them than anything.So you think that Mitt is your man.I know we are not supposed to talk about religion, however this is America and Mitt can go suck an egg.I am only beginning to learn a little more each week about the Mormon because it is so taboo to talk about I only get bits and pieces from here and there.

  • Liberterian

    We don’t need more military spending,we need more efficient military spending. We need to protect America better by spending our defense dollars more wisely. We can’t be the policeman of the world,we need to be in full force at home in order to defend ourselves from real threats and not political wars that are selfserviant to the war mongers that benifit from them financially like Dick Cheney. We need to revist the Monroe doctrine. Our children don’t need to die for wastelands like Afghanistan where they don’t even want us and that we really don’t benefit from strategically. Anybody that has lost a child, friend or othr relative in a needless war should realize the cost of making some miserable corporation like Haliburton billions of dollars.

  • Benjamin Fox

    I’m all for it, Reagan brought down the wall that way and it keeps us safe, not like obozo and slick willie.


    We can limit the cuts, put a stop to the politicians misusuing the funds for pandering and stumping, put in real oversight and make sure there is no cronyism involved under penalty of law. The idea is to spend this vital money for the purpose it is intended, the security of this nation and learn that politicians can be held accountable by putting civics, US government and US History back in the curiculum, education is the best defense against corruption…

  • chuckb

    jopa, you take the cake, you win, lol, we don’t know anything about romney, that’s got to be the quote of the year.
    please tell me what we know about barry? can you tell us what you know factually and i don’t mean the lousy job he’s done while president. what is barrys draft status, why did the government change the privacy law in 2011 preventing people from investigating his status?
    “Previously unnoticed, the new rules allow the government to destroy microfilm copies of Selective Service registration records and may create new obstacles for law enforcement
    agencies that are requesting records access for investigative purposes.”

    so please tell us all you really know about barry
    is barry a muslim? he’s says he has converted to christianity, yet he attended a so called christian church, one that has affiliation with the nation of islam. friends of farrakhan.
    you denigrate the mormons, i find the mormons to very patriotic americans, can you say the same for the muslims. they respect the rule of america until they replace our law with sharia. does that sound about right. as far as the mormon belief, that’s their choice to believe, i find doubts in almost all man made religion most have twisted the scriptures to fit their need.
    let’s see barry stand on the platform and tell his life story, now that would be a good one, that would win the academy award and the same time axelrod and company would faint.

    when it comes to patriotism barry doesn’t hold a candle to romney.

  • jopa

    chuckb :Romney a true patriot that was hiding out in France during Nam yah right give me a break.A patriot that sent thousands of American jobs overseas after he shut down their companies and pilfered what cash he could from the company and scrapped the rest of it as junk so it could not be reopened.A patriot that doesn’t even invest in America but does invest in Switzerland ,the Cayman Island, India Pakistan and especially China.A patriot that wants us to go to war with Syria and Iran and thinks the cold war is still on. He didn’t even have the decency to mention the troops once during his acceptance speech.Now his handlers say oh that was okay he had mentioned them in other speeches.I don’t accept that response.Our troops should never be left out.Go ahead and vote for your dancing horse, grey poupon eating candidate and see where that gets yah.When he walked into the convention hall he looked like a cardboard cutout with a bobble head.Where do the Retardicans get these people?

  • chuckb

    jopa, i haven’t heard romney apologizing for america to the muslims throughout the world. i didn’t see him bowing to one of the raghead leaders., i didn’t see him attending
    prayers in a mosque with his brothers on the rug. i didn’t see anyone force romney to wear a flag button on his lapel romney may have been a missionary in france during the war, i didn’t see barry volunteer during the mid east war with iraq when they invaded kuwait, in fact they can’t even find his registration card. the only army barry would volunteer for would be when the muslims jihad against this country. “i will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” from his book audacity of hope.
    can you find anything close to treason that romney has uttered?
    i know romney supports the troops, are you sure barry will? i doubt it.
    and does eating grey poupon diminish your standing? i understand barry eats poodles.

    jopa, just sit down and relax, when the convention comes on you can sing happy days are here again, and then finish with we shall overcome, all the little bolsheviks will stand up and cheer, there muslim leader is here.

  • jopa

    chuckb;No one has heard our President apologize to anyone either those are just Rush Limbaugh stories and they were broadcast on Fox as facts and you know what they say about a sucker being born everyday.During the Iraq war Mr. Obama was already serving our country as a senator and went on to become the President and Al Qaeda’s worst nightmare.He gave the order to take out the Somali pirates and Usama Bin Laden, a feat attempted by Bush and he shut down the operation when he thought it impossible to find Bin Laden.You wont see Romney in his cult activities either because you have to be a Mormon to see and hear the real deal of what goes on in their house of LDS.Anything close to treason that Romney uttered,The guy is afraid to talk about anything but go on the safe ground Fox,where they show him the questions in advance.All of his advisers are from the Dubya days so it will be more wars and bailout for his friends on Wall Street and the warmongers.

    • BUTCH


  • Alex

    It is time cut the cash flow to Daddy Warbucks. It is the same War Profiteers that backed Cheneybush that now back Mitt & Mutt, and like Cheneybush, Mitt & Mutt will repay the
    War Profiteers to oversee & manage the slaughter of OUR CHILDREN, not THEIRS, this time in IRAN.

    You stupid and myopic Fright Wingers found it perfectly acceptable that the War Profiteers
    made BILLIONS of dollars to supply food servers paid $100k+ to SERVE FOOD to your
    “heroes”, who were paid a THIRD of that to TAKE BULLETS! You thought that was JUST GREAT—-CRAPITALISM—rake money from the bones of our dead!

    Now you want to do it all over again, have Mitt Romney pour your kids and your money
    (the thing you care MOST about—screw life if there is a buck on the table…) down a hole
    in the Middle-East. Sick.

    To pay for World War Three, Vulture and Voucher will leave Grandma and Grandpa, with their PREEXISTING conditions (!!), TRYING to buy health care, in a SELLER’S MARKET
    —-with a “VOUCHER”!

  • chuckb

    jopa, the media carried the story of barrys trip through the middle east and his bowing to the king of saudi arabia was on tv for all to see. his many apologies were also televised, of course the media has scrubbed as much as they could. if you think fox neews lied, then let’s see it, prove it.
    secondly barry was not in the senate during the gulf war, he reportedly was at harvard law school then went into organizing. check out his connection with the chicago annenberger challenge, he and bill ayers sat on the panel, they were community organizers, (communist agitators) finding information on barry is like finding lost treasure
    he probably never registered for the draft or if he did it was under the name of barry soetoro and you know how that goes, .who’s barry soetoro?

    i have read quite a few books on mormonism, i do not believe their point of view about their beginning however, i will take momonism any day over the islams a cult, an insidious religion, drawing the world into ww3
    you talk about wall street, you better take another look at your hero, he’s run by communist jews/wall street. and he bows to the east on his rug.

  • jopa

    chuckb: Are you referring to the same king of Saudi Arabia that George W Bush was walking hand in hand with after he gave him s couple of big kisses on the lips.Those two looked like the poster children for the gay rights movement.If I were Obama I would resort to a little bow also because the alternative of having to give that dude a smooch is not my particular choice of a life style.It was kind of funny when Clint said lawyers would never make good Presidents in Romney’s camp not realizing Romney also has a law degree.You seem to make a lot of foolish claims about the President being a Muslim.Muslims don’t eat pork at all, never and there was the President eating pork chops with beer on his last trip to Iowa.Now that that is resolved have a good day and rest up for the coverage of tonight’s convention.

  • chuckb

    jopa, i had a contractors license and never used it, do i get a bad name like the builders that got in trouble. ??

    i had hopes for you, but, i guess i’m wrong again, another good citizen has fallen for the bolshevik line. maybe after ,istening to moochella tonight, you’ll see the light. her speech will probably cover her itinerary of exotic places to visit.

  • jopa

    chuckb;I am not familiar with the builder story and it wouldn’t matter to me if you used your license or not.Years ago I became a certified combination welder and never did a whole lot of welding.I went for the big money with the big bad Pharmaceutical Industry.Have a good one.

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  • Third_stone

    This nut is off his rocker to be proposing more war spending. We are already spending half our budget on war. We are testing a space bomber which is probably worth trillions, we are building the world’s most expensive fighter plane, we are actively killing people in at least a dozen countries. So why are we suggesting that we cut your pension you will soon be depending on, cut the medicare that will be your last resort, cut any benefits to people, cut school funding, proposing to make medical insurance more expensive, but nobody can touch the war budget? I have no need for war. It only makes the world more dangerous, and will bankrupt us.


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