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Romney, Obamacare Ties

June 6, 2012 by  

Romney, Obamacare Ties
Mitt Romney’s past positions on healthcare may appeal to voters on the left.

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it turns out, defended the individual mandate requirement of his Massachusetts healthcare reform bill that would later become the model for Obamacare when he was Governor of that State.

The candidate continues to defend the State’s healthcare overhaul, saying that it was the right thing for Massachusetts. But, Romney has also been reassuring wary Republican voters that he is dedicated to doing away with Obamacare during his first days in office if he is elected President.

The Wall Street Journal dug up some emails this week from Romney’s tenure in the Governor’s office, and they really don’t do much to help him back up his claim. The emails detail discussions between Romney and his staff as they tried to figure out how to sell the people of Massachusetts on his healthcare overhaul.

WSJ reports:

“We must have an individual mandate for any plan to work,” Tim Murphy, Mr. Romney’s health secretary, wrote the governor and several aides on Feb. 16, 2006, in an email analyzing the latest confidential Democratic proposal, which he wrote was “unclear” about that requirement.

That Democratic proposal, obtained by the Journal, didn’t include such a mandate, and instead focused on “individual responsibility,” aiming to “encourage individuals to buy health insurance, not go uninsured.”

According to the emails, Mr. Romney personally drafted an op-ed article published in The Wall Street Journal the day before he signed the legislation. The draft, written on a Saturday, also defended the individual mandate, in different language from the final version of the piece as published.

Using an argument deployed today by the Obama administration, Mr. Romney defended the mandate by noting that taxpayers generally foot the bill when the uninsured seek health care.

If reiteration that Romney provided the template for Obamacare while running the State of Massachusetts — even defending what would later become one of its most controversial provisions — isn’t enough to make conservative voters have to hold their noses to support the GOP pick, there’s the fact that one of his campaign advisers stands to profit from the healthcare overhaul.

Politico reports that former Utah Governor Michael Leavitt, who appointed Romney to run the 2002 Olympic games, has already started leading the would-be Romney Administration’s transition team and is in line for the important gig of White House chief of staff. Leavitt, who served as the Health and Human Services secretary under George W. Bush, has used his expertise to set up a consulting firm that stands to profit greatly from helping States implement insurance exchanges under Obamacare.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    If it (romneycare) is so good for Mass why would it not be good for everyone? I don’t think Romney is going to make any attempt to repeal it if he were elected. He is just Obama(care) spelled with an R.

    • wandamurline

      Let’s make something perfectly clear here….health care enacted in Massachusettes by the Governor of Massachusettes is entirely different from the health care enacted by the federal government. The states rule within themselves and make the laws that affect their own state….but they do not make the laws that affect other states. There is a huge difference between state law and laws by the federal government that is unconstitutional. The Constitution says that the duties of the federal government are outlined and anything not given to them is sent back to the states and the states each make their own decisions. I personally am not a huge fan of Romney, but he is the choice if you want to try to reclaim our country and get rid of the ineligible POTUS we now have. He is a start in the right direction….and yes, I believe that he will repeal Obamacare…if for no other reason the fact that it is an economic disaster that will bankrupt America.

      • Rick Caston

        Amen Wanda, Amen! Whether we like it or not Romney is the Republican nominee so everybody should stop whining and help get out the vote. We THe People either rally around him or get ready for four more year of a completely unrestrained Marxist in the White House. Just imagine, what this lying President, yes Wilson was right, will do to America when he knows he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected. I cannot imagine the havoc he will wreak. It will take generations to undo the damage this imbecile has done, and will do to America.

      • Justice1

        The primary item that everyone seems to be overlooking is twofold, first EVERY government program gets top-heavy with bureaucrats who always want to be in charge and they have to GET PAID. Therein lies the downfall, eventually the need for ever greater amounts of money will propel states with a greater number of people who NEED that healthcare to begin to ask for more of the cash that comes from the taxes we all pay make no mistake about it until candy-asses like you understand that it is going to take an ass-whipper in the whitehouse we will continue to be screwed over. Moderates are people who stand in the middle and wait for someone to tell them what to do theirfor only radicals can lead. Problemsolving 101 am I (we) the problem, yes our party has embraced moderates in the most self righteous manner. Our party (conservative) actually believes it is what makes us “better” or more civil than the liberals. B.S. selling our children’s future out in the name of civility is nothing more than an excuse for your COWARDICE. The definition of a politician is someone who will say anything to get elected Romney said he would never interfere in a woman’s right to choose. Before the fall arrogance, Romney said even knowing then what he knows now he would have implemented state run health care. Most Christians understand it takes HUMILITY to gain the knowledge GOD wants us to have. Does it sound like that circus clown has humility or arrogance? Hhhmmm super-genius

  • Alan

    Well – I just read the other day that Mitch Daniels is possibly being considered for VP. We have already beat back DanielsCare here in Indiana, but it’s not entirely dead. We beat back ObamaCare for the time, but it’s not entirely dead. Daniels has tried to implement ObamaCare through the FSSA (Welfare) exchanges and now Daniels and Rombama want to take their State Healthcare mandates national. I will not vote for Rombama no matter what, especially if Mitch is his running mate. I will continue to work with Rombama’s oppostition in the hopes of some true freedom and the restoration of civil liberties!

  • Doc Sarvis

    As I’ve said, a Romney Presidency will look very much like President Obama’s (right down to health care). Romney has tons more money and is not at all in touch with Americans other than the very upper crust (eg. he knows the owners of football teams but does not have a favorite team). He has no foreign policy experience (outside of banking, hiding his money, and shipping jobs overseas). And he has not held his position on issues longer than a few seconds.

    • Dorian Douglas

      Romney has no experience??? What experience did BO have??? Foreign?? Domestic??? Business??? Government??? He wasn’t even a law professor (google U of Chi denial)!!!! The only relevant experience BO had was introducing NINJA loans in the ’80′s to Tallman Federal in Chicago, 4-5 yrs later, Tallman became the first US bank since WW2 to go under. BO’s first business he put out of business, but not his last!

      The choices may not be good, but one is head & shoulders above the other.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I did the Google you suggested and found nothing obvious to support your claim. I then added the name “Obama” and found this:
        Which is 180 degrees from your claim. And before you or anyone else complains about the source link I provided read the article because the information comes from the University of Chicago.

      • boyscout

        Right – upside down ! But then the kettle IS much blacker. .. or was it the pot ?

    • Joe

      I am a health care provider in MA. This expanded health care is simply a medicaid expansion. That means more people covered and reduced reimbursement among other things that make the program difficult to administrate. I do concur that a State run program is different than a huge federal program. I also believe and saw for myself that Romney is a much superior administrator than Obama who I feel is not capable (or just does not care about cost control). Romney is not perfect but he in NOT Obama. He is the best pick now….

      • Average Joe

        “Romney is not perfect but he in NOT Obama. He is the best pick now….”

        I beg to differ…Ron Paul is still the best pick…now…or in the future.

        Vote for America, Vote:
        Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

  • Liberty For All

    If Romney is to disassociate close ties with Obama, he also needs to fire his campaign advisor, Ron Kaufmann, who worked with the lobby firm Dutco Worldwide. This group was responsible for writing the Solyndra loan. Talk about two sides of the same coin. Check out:

    • Doc Sarvis

      A lot of Romney’s staff worked for George W. Bush as well. We don’t need that disaster all over again. President Obama is looking better all the time.

      • Avon Kay Abram

        we were’t coming aa socilist country with bush, at least he cared about the soldiers and people. how many bail outs did he do.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Avon Kay Abram,
        As I recall, Bush started the bail outs.
        I KNOW that any President who cares about soldiers would not push them into a war built on lies/false information.
        We are not a socialist country. Our country and others have social programs – always have. That does not make us socialists.

      • the big easy

        @ doc———-COMRADE———-If obummer looks good to you ,then you should really like iran,pockystan,all the other stans,cuba,china,russia,egypt,yemen,france,greece,etc.,etc..If you are so dissatisfied with CAPITALISM,then COMRADE you are able to just LEAVE.If you are not able to afford the bus fare out,I will start a KICK THE COMMIE OUT FUND to cover the cost of your ONE WAY TICKET OUT.And on your way out,be sure to give up your AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP,(that is if indeed you have AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP?) and don’t let the BORDER hit you on the ass on the way out.————-WHAT A PUKE——————-

      • Doc Sarvis

        the big easy,
        I actually like the whole world (guess I’m just not a hater).
        Who says I’m dissatisfied with capitalism? I love America and plan to be here for a long time.

      • 2¢ worth…

        Haven’t you figured it out yet Doc? It’s really simple.. You have you’re opinion and the B.E. doesn’t like it. Nothing personal I’m sure unless he’s just picking on you and not your post.

  • Harry

    Romney care is fine, if that is what Massachusetts wants, Romney was on the right track. The states needs to decide. But pushing a plane for the US is wrong. A plane in one state might work good in that state but not in another. We need to give the power back to the states. The states need to pay for there Owen programs if that is what they want. Let the people decide. The Government needs to stay the HELL out of our states, And stop pushing there agenda BIG GOVERNMENT!!!!

  • Harry

    Big Government pushes big budgets and we all pay. Obama likes Big Government he thinks it’s the solution, it’s not, it’s the problem that is what he doesn’t under stand. That is whey he has failed. He will push this in his next term if he gets one. He is doomed to fail, you cant fix something if you don’t under stand whey it’s broke. But this time, it will be worse on all of us!! This time he wont have to worry about a reelection. He will do what he wants no natter how hard it is on us. It wont be good God help us all!!!

  • Gerald

    Sorry but I will NOT vote for ROMNEY who imo is a crook. Also everyone wants to throw OBAMA under the bus but really folks, think about this… no one will allow him to do his job the way he wants to, there is way too much drama with the ignorance of the republican party here and it is the republican’s fault that the country is in the condition it is in not OBAMA’S!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Right you are.

    • Steve E

      Obama is doing the job he wants to do. He even overrides Congress by illegal recess appointments, and executive orders. Obama wants to bring this country down and divide it. For that, I would say he’s doing an excellent job.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Recess appointments are not illegal and I believe Bush made more Executive Orders than President Obama.

      • Steve E

        Obama made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray when Congress was still in session. That’s illegal. He has to be confirmed by the Senate while Congress is in session.

    • the big easy

      @ gerald———-COMRADE————It is this thought or lack there of that was so good for the likes of stalin,hitler,saddam,castro,mussolini,khan,etc.,etc..In your mind or lack there of,it is great to have the moo slum bros in the white house,the attorney general giving THOUSANDS OF HIGH POWERED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to the mexican drug cartels,and getting our border agents MURDERED,having the attorney general NOT prosecute the black panthers for VOTER INTIMIDATING in Pa.,where they were parading back and forth in para-military outfits and carrying BILLY-CLUBS,and will NOT prosecute them because they are black.Then you have the B.P. oil spill,where your zero had some 30 countries that were ready to send in their OIL-SKIMMING ships to suck up the oil,separate the water from the oil,send the oil to the refineries,and what does the zero do,he gives these countries the JONES ACT and the FINGER and tells them to shove off.Then your zero gives the FINGER to the AMERICAN CITIZENS who are desperate for jobs by shutting DOWN the Canadian pipeline,loosing some HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF JOBS.And what skill did the big zero have before becoming the zero what’s in charge in the white house,he was working against the gubermint, as a community oogunizer.Then your zero gives the TAX PAYERS MONEY to the stimulus, son of stimulus, wall st., insurance co., bank co., planned parenthood, s.e.i.u., car co., u.a.w., his cronies, solar panel co. wind turbine co., teachers unions, nato, united nations, pubic t.v., national pubic radio, etc., etc..Then your buddies in the unions have just had their asses booted out,what does that tell,that the AMERICAN CITIZENS are finally realizing that your COMMIE STATE RUN unions are NOT the way to run the AMERICAN CAPITALISTIC REPUBLIC.———-WHAT A PUKE————————-

      • 2¢ worth…

        Yeah, we all need to go back to $1.25 an hour and big b’ness is giddily awaiting and rolling their hands for that time when ‘Union’ will only be another word and fair pay for fair work evaporates into history.

      • Vicki

        “2¢ worth… says:
        Yeah, we all need to go back to $1.25 an hour and big b’ness is giddily awaiting and rolling their hands for that time when ‘Union’ will only be another word and fair pay for fair work evaporates into history.”

        Don’t forget that $1.25 hr was also when gas was $0.19 gal and bread was $0.50 and milk was $0.50 gal and a car was $2000 and a house $20,000 Kinda changes the perspective a bit. (no I didn’t look up the exact matches but then again $1.25/hr for what wasn’t clear either)

        Fair pay for fair work has ALWAYS existed. Only government meddling has done any damage to it. The only 2 people in the entire world that can tell fair pay for fair work are the buyer (employer) and seller(employee)

        If the pay is not worth the work the worker needs only to move on or start their own business.

        When they see all the government meddling in running a business and actually trying to create jobs at a fair pay then they will understand.

  • Wil

    What gives? I thought this was a conservative site,but even the writers are sounding more and more like O-bots. Come on,it’s bad enough having to put up with the brain-dead Huffpo herd and the Paulites splitting the vote.
    Ah,hell,why even bother with the time and expense of an election?Just hand it over to Obama,give him four more years to finish us off.Everybody be sure to put on your brown shirts,raise your hands,and sing your praises to Barak Shiva(the destroyer)Kardashian,the rock-star Marxist messiah!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Wil,

      You write: “What gives? I thought this was a conservative site,but even the writers are sounding more and more like O-bots.” It is a conservative site. Unlike you, we understand what that means. It does not make us a “Republican” site. Conservative and Republican have become mutually exclusive.

      Best wishes,

      • Wil

        Bob,yes,you are right there,and I do understand that there are problems with Romney,but what else have we got? Just can’t stand the idea of problems with the GOP throwing everything to four more years of O.

      • Average Joe


        “Bob,yes,you are right there,and I do understand that there are problems with Romney,but what else have we got? ”

        Ron Paul , Maybe?….He is after all…still in the race…has a substanial amount of delegates…and could still possibly win the GOP nomination in Tampa…..Don’t let the MSM and GOP talking heads…brainwash you into believing thier hype…that Romney is the clear choice…..nothing could be further from the truth. Just because something is good for the “party” doesn’t make it good for the nation. Don’t vote for the “party”,


      • Vicki

        Will writes:
        I do understand that there are problems with Romney,but what else have we got?

        Dr Ron Paul. The ONLY candidate that has a 25+ YEAR record of supporting the Constitution. If all those people would quit wasting their vote on the lessor of 2 obamas and vote Ron Paul then Dr Paul would win easily. All you Romney supporters. QUIT splitting the vote. Vote Ron Paul.

    • Jay

      I must say, Wil, some of you lefties are very clever, and creative in your ways of deception. Your comment, is by far, the most cleverly disguised vote for obama. Well done, mr. Slither…hiss…hiss!

  • sue

    Obama was born in Kenya and is a muslim, as he said to a group of people on an email video. Can’t believe everyone dosen”t know this. What is he doing in the white house? He is not an American. And if you fall for the crap that comes out of his mouth, you had better learn what a good story teller he is. And if you want our country to be like Hitler’s Germany, you had better think about it. No point in making any comment on your last comment, Try Reading

    • Steve E

      I think Obama started as an aborted embryo that went wrong.

    • Thinking About

      Sue, when it comes to having crap coming out of someone’s mouth, what about the lies that comes out of your mouth. Obama’s father was from Kenya and a muslim and that does not make President Obama from Kenya or a muslim. You should be able to recognize a christian as he says.

      • Jay

        Speaking of crap…

  • Peter

    Mitt Romney, has done all this for massachusetts, but its not good enough for the rest of us? Why in hell would anyone want to vote for him, in november? He will twist, lie, stretch the truth, about Obama and everything else, that he thinks, might win him the election…I don’t trust him, as far as i could throw the White House…All the sneaky things that he does and has done and you want him in the White House, not me! He and all his rich buddies, will do all they can to put more money into their pockets, while the rest of us will the bills…This country will be very sorry, if he gets elected…

    • the big easy

      @ peter————–COMRADE———-What about the things that your dear leader has said—-I will not sign a bill until it has been on the internet for 5 days,or I will NOT have any lobbyists in my administration,my administration will be the most transparent in history,I will cut the debt in half by the end of my first term,what about the obummer-care,you will just have to pass the bill to see what’s in it,what about your buddy in the senate, dirty harry,who has not done a budget in some nearly 1200 days,I will close gitmo in 16 months,——EVERY THING this administration does,is done like COCKROACHES ——–in the dark of night,behind closed doors.And this is the wonderful BOW VERY LOW spine-less COWARD that you want as the next President?Why don’t you just go down there by Fla. to the lilly pink left wing progressive liberal flea-infested flea-baggers hero,castro in that paradise of all the COMMIE lovers,cuba.That would save you so much time,from having to try to CONVERT the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to your COMMIE liking.——(and you say he and his rich buddies)—–where does your dear comrade go (on the tax payers dime) to ALL THOSE RICH,some $40,000.00 a plate scum raising donors,the likes of those EVIL RICH hollywood movie stars,ALL those WALL STREET EVIL RICH,and what about that EVIL RICH warren buffet, and what about that EVIL RICH georgy sorass, all those CAPITAL EQUITY buddies,and you have the nerve to talk about the people on the right.——–WHAT A COMMIE PUKE—————

      • dufas magnet

        ALL the DEMS are EVIL RICH by your accounting.. Could it really be that your piss poor thus hate all the rich (except for all your rich neocon butt sniffers).. WHAT A B.E. PUKE!!

  • Carl Manning

    Here’s another “TIE” for ya’. As if it’s a big surprise, Romney attended Bilderberg this weekend in Chantilly, Virginia, just as Obama and Hillary were there in 2008. His possible Veep, Mitch Daniels, was also there. His other VEEP choice, Marco Rubio, meanwhile on May 31st, was giving his Neocon nutjob globalist speech to the globalist CFR in NYC, Bilderberg’s sister organization, of which all of the MSM CEO’s are members, including Rupert Murdoch. Those who believe the RINO GOP Establishment is opposed to the Dem Establishment really are clueless as to what’s really going on. The Left-Right Paradigm constantly portrayed as REALITY by the CIA-controlled MSM, Faux Noise, and the blowhard Neo-Conned idiots on Talk Radio is all a smoke-n-mirrors magic show to take your eyes off what the magician is really doing. Wake Up, Sheeple!!! Baaaaa!!!

    • Carl Manning

      Incidentally, the attendees at the Bilderberg this year were overheard calling the 1,000 or so protestors outside the Marriott Hotel “cockroaches” and “wishing Ron Paul was DEAD”. This is the sort of classy, snobby, Country-club, elitist, globalist pond-scum that Romney relates to and would truly be representing and working for as POTUS. Your choice comes down to BLACK OBOMNEY OR WHITE OBOMNEY. Romney will invade Iran, which will start WWIII because Russia will retaliate. Obama will make us a permanent Soviet State. Ron Paul 2012 or Camp FEMA – take your pick.

  • tncdel

    There are significant differences between Romney’s plan, that would have allowed, among other things, individuals to opt out of it [unlike the Obama plan]. To quote Ann Coulter:

    “To act as if Obamacare is the same thing as “Romneycare” is just a word game, on the order of acting like a “gun” has the same properties as a “gunny sack,” or “fire” is the same thing as a “firefly.”

    Romney supported the idea of other states doing something along the lines of his health care bill, but always opposed insurance mandates from the federal government (just as I oppose the federal government issuing general laws about rape, but support state laws against rape.)”

  • brett

    see, the continental divide here, is that, we are all speaking the same language here, but we’re perceiving different idea’s. yes, i’m a libertard ( i like how it says there’s filters, but i don’t sense its’ use ). liberals’ definitions of communism and socialism are not stuck in ike and kennedy’s era any more than reagan’s “evil empire”, and there really is no need to. first of all, they are both utopian day dreams of possible better societies in reaction to the economic changes during the enlightenment of the middle to late last millennium. second, there is, nor has there ever been a true socialist or communist state. all because someone says it’s so, doesn’t all ways make it so. any society where a segment within that society is deemed special and therefore is privileged and has advantages over the rest of that society is nowhere within the ideology of either. just to keep on topic: the heritage foundation was the first to offer individual mandates for national coverage ( a not so broad catastrophic clause ). newt took it to the clintons ( watch the western republican leadership conference debate around 27min. in ). well runs deep and most are barking at their own reflections.

    • Vicki

      Since you are having some trouble with definitions let me help you.

      1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
      2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
      b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

      3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

      First Known Use of SOCIALISM

      • Vicki

        1a : a theory advocating elimination of private property b : a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed
        2 capitalized a : a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that was the official ideology of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
        b : a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production
        c : a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably
        d : communist systems collectively

        First Known Use: 1840

      • brett

        hey vicki, thanks, but i am aware of the defns. however, my point is that there is a difference in what was once just an idea and how they became theory or ideology. i am by no means advocating either the ideas or what has become the ideologies of either. did you know that fascism is the only ideology that was named for an existing political/social system as opposed to the others which were all based on presumptions of what someone else thought, which is to say; adapted an idea into a political theology. it’s like, we call our country a democratic republic, yet we all know that our vote is influenced and the republic serves its’ interest over it’s citizens. a zoo may advertise that is has a zebra when all they have is a painted buro. karl marx denounced lennin for corrupting and perverting his theories.

  • jerry1944

    romney will hand out his lies and say his is diffrent but we know they are close to the same. He also passed gun laws but i guess they are diffrent also. romney and his pac are so full of lies i have to vote 3rd party. I dont see why the gop dont want to win myself when they put ppl like mc cain and romney up it shows they really dont want to win. We need conservative 3rd party but there are soo many sheep that are scared to leave the gop. But i have always been a fighter and will conteni to be a coservative and vote that way and now its looking like 3rd party

  • alice

    Why not expand on the VA hospital program to include civilian trauma cases and then rely on Medicare for the rest of medical care? Handling medical cases in the way it is done by those who work in medicine, seems more logical than emphasizing the age qualifications entirely, as Medicare now has it. It would require much less legislation and the results would bring more understanding and agreement on the part of consumers and taxpayers.

  • AJ

    Croney capitolism better known as socialism. Mitt Romney a white Obama. And you think you have a choice? Think again my American friend or fool?


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