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Romney Loves Individual Mandates

July 31, 2012 by  

Romney Loves Individual Mandates

It may be time for Republicans who hate the President’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to stop being dishonest with themselves and admit: Mitt Romney probably isn’t going to do much in the way of changing Obamacare.

The evidence for believing Romney actually likes President Barack Obama’s healthcare initiative has been there all along, considering how the former Governor actually penned a similar — some say the basis for Obamacare — law in his home State of Massachusetts.

In his traditional flip-floppy fashion, Romney offered another clue illustrating why Americans shouldn’t expect swift Presidential action regarding the repeal of Obamacare if he is elected. Despite the candidate’s tough talk about doing away with the law’s individual mandate and getting “rid of Obamacare and return[ing], under our Constitution, the 10th Amendment, the responsibility and care of healthcare to the people in the States,” he’s fine, actually impressed by, the same sort of mandate in Israel.

During his recent trip to Israel, Romney said:

Do you realize what health care spending is as a percentage of the G.D.P. in Israel? Eight percent. You spend 8 percent of G.D.P. on health care. You’re a pretty healthy nation. We spend 18 percent of our G.D.P. on health care, 10 percentage points more. That gap, that 10 percent cost, compare that with the size of our military — our military which is 4 percent, 4 percent. Our gap with Israel is 10 points of G.D.P. We have to find ways — not just to provide health care to more people, but to find ways to fund and manage our health care costs.

Experts point to Israel’s 1995 decision to implement universal healthcare in the nation and require citizens to purchase insurance from one of four health maintenance organizations.

An article last month in The Jewish Daily Forward compared the healthcare of Israel and the United States and explained Israel’s individual mandate:

It meant that everybody had the right — and obligation — to be covered by one of the country’s four not-for-profit HMOs. Residents of the country pay from income-related contributions collected through the tax system, which cover around 40% of HMOs’ costs. The state pays the remaining 60%.

People are allowed to choose which HMO to join and are allowed to change once a year, but the differences are mostly superficial: By law they are obliged to provide a standardized “basket” of services and medicines, from emergency to preventative. Except for some consultations and tests for which the patient makes a contribution to the cost — usually less than $10 — HMOs transfer funds to clinics, health centers and hospitals to cover all services. There are only a handful of completely private hospitals.

Romney’s history with individual mandates in Massachusetts and his recent remarks undoubtedly should have many anti-Obamacare voters wondering if the Republican candidate really is the man for the job of repealing the health law. Perhaps he’ll simply change the name to Romney’s Israelicare.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Several months ago Romney said that one of the first things he would do after taking office would be to get rid of Obamacare. I’ve been saying all along that that will never happen. Romney is an Obama clone and HE created Obamacare via Romneycare and some of the people who helped him create it helped create Obamacare. There is no way in hell Romney will get rid of his own creation. As I keep saying Romney is an Obama clone and both are nothing but lying scumbag politicians! Hell would have freeze over, pigs would have to fly and Democrats and liberals would have to admit they hate this country before I’d ever vote for either of them! And I’m not sure I’d do it even then.

    • Michael Birch

      Then stay home and don’t vote….but don’t complain either.

      • Gary

        I will vote 3rd party and continue complaining, esp. about people who keep voting for the 2 Statist parties. The sad thing is they keep expecting a different result.

      • NoteToSelf

        Actually, vote your conscience for the other guy, the former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, and complain like hell about the others. Vote for him once, and if you don’t like him in four years you can always bring back the other two.

      • lady kroft

        GARY… why do you want to vote for Obama AGAIN???


        “Michael Birch,”


      • Rebecca

        Me too Gary……

    • David

      Then Romney would be a one term president, period. I shook his hand recently when he came to visit our plant and I told to do what he says he is going to do. He needs to pick a strong veep that leans more conservative than he to keep him on track. Heck I would vote for a can of baked beans over obummer!

      • Tommy

        Thank you David. A non OR 3rd party vote is a direct vote for Obama. We must defeat him at all costs. We can deal with Romney who, despite his flaws is NO communist. T

      • lady kroft

        Tommy….Romneycare IS communism.

      • Mikey

        And once again, we’re forced to pick the lesser of two evils…..

      • rawise

        lady kroft & Dean Barftlett are correct, David, POLITICIANS LIE – THEY’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR TO GET YOUR VOTE, then it’s So-long Suckers!!

      • Firefly

        To L.K.: If the health care plan that those in Massachusetts wanted and Romney approved is communism then so is medicare and social security. I can’t say what kind of a president Romney would be (other than a much better one than the great speaker we now have) but do we want a television star or a person with solid and successful business and political experience? If we are looking for a shining knight or savior to save our country we are not being realistic. Under Obama and Bush we have spent to much money to prevent prices from at least tripling and that will affect us in many ways that are only now starting to become evident. No matter who gets elected good times are not coming. We can dream otherwise but we have enslaved ourselves to the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank and all the borrowed money we depend upon for almost everything. We were the richest nation in the world but we got talked into freebies like the rest of the world and since there is no such thing, the world as we know it is changing. In my last book I called it a once in a 500 year change.

        Romney was not my first choice but one of the secrets of success of any kind is dealing with persons, places, and things, as they are and not as we want them to be. I, for one, am glad that those in Boston wanted and got government run health care – so we can see what it will be like if the whole nation has to endure it. It costs more, and the poor in Massachusetts say things are much worse than before, and they have to wait longer for services, just like in all other socialistic states or countries. Of course these facts did not deter the Democratic socialists from passing Obamacare – REMEMBER, NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR IT. (I’m not a Republican. I admit some of them seem sold out to what is called the NWO just like many Democrats who think the Constitution should be thrown out and the United Nations should rule the world for the benefit of a few, though of course they would never ever admit this, even in some cases, to themselves).

        The point is that states have the right to do what they choose (under the Constitution). Those who rejects unions and the much higher taxes that come with them have that right and those who want socialized medicine or free everything (like California) can have that too, until they run out of money. This is why several millions have left NY and Ohio and Wisconsin and Illinois and California in the past decade and why Texas and many free states have grown by many millions. Until our excessive debt crushes our economy with crippling inflation and really big unemployment, I don’t expect that to change, no matter who is in office. Others understand this too. It is, I believe, why ten times as many Americans are leaving the country each year as were leaving under our previous president.

        Our founders clearly stated that the form of government they left us would only work for a moral people who believed in the basic truths that they believed in. Sadly, at this late date, only God (the one and only) can save us now. It is going to be interesting, that’s for sure. Believer’s need to pray and all need to vote in three months. God help us and may Romney appoint Ron Paul to be the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve. If ever there was a man who deserved that job he is the one. In fact as I believe Chuck Norris suggested Romney should offer each person who ran for president a job fitting to their character, expertise, and passion.

    • Danielle F.

      I see your point, and wholeheartedly agree. Mitt Romney, however is NOT an anti-colonialist who hates this country, nor is he a card carrying member of the Green Party (Communist Party) Check it out, it is TRUE. History tells us that Socialism leads to SLAVERY, and Capitalism (not crony capitalism) leads to PROSPERITY FOR ALL. I believe it is your duty for all future generations, as it is mine, to VOTE FOR FREEDOM (which we are on the verge (LITERALLY) of loosing) . A vote for Obama is a vote for DEPENDENCY. WATCH THE MOVIE “2016″…IN THEATERS SOON. Then I am sure you will vote for Romney. May God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eugene Sevene

        GOD isn’t going to bless America, and why should he. We have thrown him out of our public buildings to include our schools. We have allowed the gays and atheists to take over. They are allowed to say what ever they want, wherever they want but we can’t speak back to defend our beliefs because we are prejudiced, and they are not. They can believe what they want but we can’t and we allow this to happen. Until GOD fearing Americans stand up for what they believe we will continue to be persecuted. Michael J is right, It is coming soon but there is still time to stop it if we act now. stand up Amrica and stop accepting that which is contrary to every GOD fearing America belief.

      • Betrayed

        At Eugene, I agree with what you wrote regarding God. Have you read The Harbinger??? Why are people SOOO afraid of God??? He is all about LOVE, PEACE and happiness…..why is that so bad.

      • Dean Barftlett

        Romney is a progressive and that means he is not a better choice than obama just a different face of the coin.

      • Kate8

        And the treasonous, weak lily-livered House Republicans have already stated that they won’t continue to block funding of Obamacare.

        They never intended to. It’s the control grid.

      • jimbo

        whos that write-in……john the revolator—-whos that write-in……. john the revolator—-whos that write-in……john the revolator..wrote the book of the seven seals…………………………

      • David Hull

        To Eugene, directly…sir, I happen to be a free-thinker, an “Atheist”, let me tell you sir that I do not know the first free-thinking person that ever goes around “saying whatever they feel like”. Further, EVERY single Christian i have met throughout my life has no problem telling me how they need to pray for me and my family just because i don’t believe what they do. Sir, I have made an attempt to remove the processes in my life that impair or sway my judgement. Christianity was the largest influence that had to go. Unfortunately, you expect that I should hear your message and join the flock, but you choose to ignore mine. My message is also of love, and peace. Only my beliefs are not based on fairytales, but clear and precise evidence. I’m sure i will recieve alot of negative comments about my beliefs, as I am the minority here, but, they are well worth it. Just because I do not believe what you believe does not make me any less American, nor does it mean that we don’t have similar goals with regards to our futures, the differences fall in our motivations. I sincerely hop you, and the like, can understand that…Thank you.

    • wandamurline

      I will state this again….a State (Massaschusettes) and the repesentation within that state, have the right to sign into a law for healthcare….the Federal Government does not, and I don’t care what the black robed traitor Roberts says….he needs to reread the Constitution, the law that he took an oath to uphold. I believe that Romney will repeal Obamacare and I believe this because he has made this one of his priorities because, as a businessman, he realizes that this Act should have been called the Unaffordable Health Care Act because the American economy cannot pay for it…. Obamacare has exponiately expanded to twice what the Democraps said it would cost….and it is unsustainable, not to mention that it will literally k i ll our economy, and for this reason, I believe that he will repeal it. There is one thing I would love for him to do and that is put Ron Paul in charge of the Federal Reserve….wouldn’t that be something? We can all hope and of course, all of us need to vote the bums out of Washington that have caused it to be the cesspool it now is.

      • Dean Barftlett

        Your choice but prove it of you can not by his words but by his actions.

      • Jimmy E

        I totally agree with you,people who cotinually put Romney down are killing our chance to get rid of obama.Romney will kill obamacare!!

    • DanB

      I agree that Romney by himself will not get rid of what we call “Obamacare”. Granted, the office of President of the United States of America is not a dictatorship so he cannot and should not either. What the office of President could do is trying to take it to the Supreme Court and instead of defending it in court like our current administration, they could have joined the opposition or at least chosen not to be part of the defense. Or the President presents the case and asks Congress to do its job and repeal Obamacare.

      For me, the real key here is who we vote for in Congress, both the House and Senate. The difference between Romney and Obama on the health care law is that Obama is sure to veto and perhaps not even apply any law that managed to override his veto power. While Romney probably would sign a law that abolishes the health care act. One is demonstrating the traits of dictator even as we discuss the matter, the other we can probably get our conservative ways if we actually get conservatives in Congress under Romney. Under Obama, I can nearly guarantee that even if we took back the House and Senate that President Obama would act the role of dictator and go around, over, and through them as if Congress did not matter, and then he would blame Congress as the problem.

      • Eugene Sevene

        Well said. I believe that any official that has served more than one term in office should go home. We need to send a message that all in Washington will understand, do the job you were sent to do or get fired. We need to do this while we still can

    • Vigilant

      Wandamurline and DanB, both good posts, wise words.

      Rolley et. al. are merely engaging in wild speculation and ungrounded claims.

    • junkmail

      another who will help elect obama and further the communist cause while sitting on the couch feeling self righteous.

    • http://Comcast The fisherman

      No you are wrong he is not a clone to Obama, He is a tea party puppet that can not think of what to do without sticking his foot in his mouth

    • Average Joe

      Harold Olsen,
      For once we can agree, Romney is a Clown…er Clone of Obama…and nothing will change ( for the better) under his leadership(?).

      lady kroft says:

      “GARY… why do you want to vote for Obama AGAIN???”

      You do realize the fallacy of your statement, right?….A vote for someone else…is not a vote for Obama…it is a vote for someone else…period. Just because you vote the “party line” doesn’t mean that the rest of us should follow you over the cliff. Obama =Romney and Romney = Obama…CLONES..the only difference (in case you didn’t watch the link I posted)….is Tan Lines…..period.

      David says:

      “Then Romney would be a one term president, period. I shook his hand recently when he came to visit our plant and I told to do what he says he is going to do.”

      1. I hope you immediately washed that hand with Lysol, followed by bleach and then had it checked by a Doctor.

      2. I certainly hope that you laughed hysterically while he was lying to you.

      Tommy says:

      ” Thank you David. A non OR 3rd party vote is a direct vote for Obama. We must defeat him at all costs. We can deal with Romney who, despite his flaws is NO communist. ”

      1. Please read my response to lady kroft and then re-evaluate your first statement.
      2. So what you are saying is that you are voting against something, rather than voting for something….and that you really don’t have any morals or convictions…just beat the “other” guys…pretty lame in your reasoning.
      3.Please take the time to watch the video link that I posted above to see the flaw in your final statement…replacing one person with a clone of that person…isn’t exactly going to change the outcome of the future that they envision for our nation’s future.

      Mikey says:

      “And once again, we’re forced to pick the lesser of two evils…..”

      Uh, no…we are not forced to vote for anyone….it is our vote, to cast any way we choose to cast it.
      I don’t know about you, but I am not going to vote for Obama or Romney AKA Robamney. Instead, I am going to go into the voting booth and vote for Ron Paul…because I am tired of the insanity…I am tired of electing Business as usual candidates…and expecting a different result….it ain’t going to happen.
      Want real change? Then stop listening to everyone else…and vote YOUR conscience..and not what eveyone else tells you to do…stand on your own convictions and morals…regardless of what everyone else says….It is YOUR VOTE and your alone…use it wisely.

      Firefly says:

      “To L.K.: If the health care plan that those in Massachusetts wanted and Romney approved is communism then so is medicare and social security. ”

      Damn skippy…they are all Socialist programs…period. Got it? ( that was pretty simple huh?).

      “I can’t say what kind of a president Romney would be (other than a much better one than the great speaker we now have) but do we want a television star or a person with solid and successful business and political experience? ”

      I can…watch the video link posted above… Romney is an Obama clone ( AKA another puppet)…..any questions?


      If it weren’t such a serious matter, it would be almost funny…listening to everyone complaining that this candidate did this…or that candidate did that ( as if the things that they complain about are something new….they aren’t).
      Then, when anyone points out that there is one candidate out of the whole batch ( both sides)….(with a 30 year history to prove it)..who has never done any of these things, who has always been honest, forthright and a defender of the Constitution….someone who has stood up for smaller, less intrusive government, sound currency and personal freedoms…….everyone goes wild … calling the man everything except…a viable candidate.
      Why is that?
      It is obvious to me ( as it should be to everyone else) that what we have been doing….ISN”T WORKING…..and maybe…just maybe, it’s time to take a new approach to the way this nation is beng run. Maybe, just maybe it’s time to stop electing “business as usual” “mainstream” candidates….who continue to run our nation into the ground while ignoring the will of the people and the rule of law.
      If we were to elect Dr. Ron Paul, could he really be any worse than what we’ve had over the last 40+ years (both sides)? If we were to elect him and he doesn’t make changes that positively affect our nation….can we not vote him out in another 4 years?
      Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over…and expecting to get a different result. Isn’t it time that we stopped the insanity?
      While I am not asking anyone to vote for any particular candidate, I will ask that you spend more time actually looking into all of the candidates’ backgrounds ( voting records, campaign finances…who they’ve made deals with etc.). learn everything you can about the candidates (not the MSM talking heads versions…do the research yourselves), so that on election day….you can make an informed decision about who you want to represent you in government….
      Remember, what they do is a direct reflection on us…..if they do foolish things….it makes us look like we elected foolish people….which means we look like fools for electing them in the first place.
      I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of the insanity and will be casting my vote for Ron Paul.
      You can say that I am wasting my vote….well , I guess that’s OK….it is after all…MY….vote……it doesn’t belong to any party or candidate….it belongs to me …to cast as my conscience dictates.
      I hope eveyone makes informed decisions concerning our future as a nation.
      The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
      John F. Kennedy

      • Al Lawrence

        Well said Joe, I totally agree with you. I lean away from the MSM and instead go to several different medias to get an informed decision. Ron Paul has my full support. It may not matter as I believe the lobbyist and big money already has the next president picked out. The president is nothing more than a pawn which is why I don’t believe that RP will ever get elected. He’s nobody’s pawn but he’s the only one that can get this country back in order.

  • Congress Works For Us

    This is nonsense.

    There is a HUGE difference between a State mandate, and a Federal mandate.

    Case in point: States can (and do) require driver’s licenses; the Federal Govt can’t (and doesn’t). (Although they do require acceptance of one state’s license in another state, etc.)

    States can impose mandates of any kind. The Federal Govt can’t (but sometimes they do and get away with it because SCOTUS is packed full of fools…).

    Remember; Romney didn’t write Romneycare; he watered down an horrific Democrat bill that would have been even worse. Maybe, just maybe that makes him the most qualified to understand how bad the national Obamacare will be.

    Frankly, the easiest way for him to undo Obamacare on day one is to revoke all the waivers currently granted to all the left-wing organizations out there. Then you’ll see them all crying out for repeal…

    • Vigilant

      Romney as president could wipe out Obamacare in one fell swoop. Simply declare it null and void since it was never properly passed by the House. According to Roberts, it’s a tax bill. If so, appropriations bills can not be passed by “reconciliation,” as was done with Obamacare.

      That would make the bill neither Constitutional nor unconstitutional, simply never passed properly.

      • Sirian

        Quite true Vigilant but just what would you say the odds are on something such as that taking place? Yes, it most certainly could be eliminated easily but. . . wait and see, wait and see.

      • Vigilant

        Sirian, the odds are abysmally low, I fear. Just once I’d like to see a president make a bold (and Constitutional) move like this, but if elected, Romney will likely push for changes rather than repeal.

      • Smilee

        Roberts did not say that and appropriation bills originating in the house can be passed that way in the senate. Every thing was done legal and above board and that is why the SC upheld it and said it was constitutional. This was a rightly decided case by the SC and does meet Constitutional muster.

  • Michael J.

    160 million people around the world have succumbed to death by government in the last century, America will witness the same very soon. Inspite of what is being said about the U.N. arms ban treaty being shelved, they will soon ban everything but flintlock’s in preparation for the coming Democide in accordance with Agenda 21 depopulation mandates foretold by the Georgia Guidestones. Children will sing a song reminiscent of the black plague era, only with new words and meaning:

    A tisket… A tasket… A Fema three man casket… Ashes, Ashes, We all fall in…

    Sound bleak? Well that’s because it is bleak unless we get off our duffs.

    • Vigilant


      The [Supreme Court] has ruled separately that treaty obligations may not infringe on individual constitutional protections and rights within U.S. borders.

      Treaties are government-to-government agreements and do not subject citizens of one nation to laws of another or to those of an outside body.

      Also, the U.N. resolution that authorized drafting of the small arms treaty recognizes the clear-cut right of nations “to regulate internal transfers of arms” and says nothing in the treaty that emerges will affect “constitutional protections on private ownership” of firearms.

      Beyond that, there are many court rulings spelling out the limits of treaties. And if an act of Congress is inconsistent with a treaty obligation, the law passed by Congress prevails. Legal scholars say this has been well established.

      • Michael J.

        You can type chapter and verse till your fingers go numb, but that won’t prevent executive orders from appearing. We are living in unprecedented times, so don’t bother quoting constitutional restraints
        upon this regime,who’s authority they feel supercedes.

      • Vigilant

        Michael J., unfortunately you have a point.

      • Kate8

        Michael J. – My daughter got a letter from her bank the other day, encouraging her to get micro-chipped. It extolled all of the benefits and convenience of doing so. You know, first it’s voluntary…

        So, I suppose now we will have a sudden rash of people being shot and their money stolen, to focus on the need to ban all guns and all get chipped.

  • dan

    RON PAUL….there’s still time to nominate a non-globalist at the convention.

  • Tom Cook

    Romney would never have been my pick to oppose the thing nesting in our White House. I don’t trust Romney any farther than I can throw him–not far as I am no longer the man I was. I am trying to warm to Romney enough to vote for him for it is a given that the abomination in our White House must be displaced–hopefully to one of the many failed African nations to a mud hut form whence he came. I am counting on our–the Tea Party Patriots–replacement of many of the democraps with good Americans who will flush obongocare.

  • Harry

    Looks like a liberal Obama stooge has invaded these blogs, saying that Romney won’t repeal Obamacare as he has promised. Another bird brain wants to vote for a 3rd party candidate like Johnson – this would guarantee Four More Years of Obama to finish destroying America and our Freedom forever. Wake up and smrll the rats – the DemocRATS.

    • Smilee

      Romney will never repeal it and unless he has the house and 60 republicans in the senate he could not do it if he wanted to and he does not want to, he tells you he will in order to get the votes of those silly enough to believe him

      • GregS

        Smilee says:

        “…unless he has the house and 60 republicans in the senate he could not do it if he wanted to…”

        Wrong! All he needs are 51 Republicans (a very real possibility in the upcoming elections) in the Senate.

        Now that the individual mandate has acquired the official constitutional status of a “tax”, repeal of ObamaTAXCare would be a budgetary matter. Therefore, it can be repealed with a simple majority of Republicans through reconciliation.

        Romney CAN repeal ObamaTAXCare, and he WILL, if he has simple majorities in the House and the Senate.

  • DavidL

    Romney ignores the very loud Republican voices about releasing his tax returns and explaining where and why he is hiding his money in overseas tax dodges, what makes you think he will listen to anybody about anything once he is elected? Oh, what a surprise, his emails from his work with the Olympics, which he promised would be open to the public telling what he did and how much money he made on the deal, have been destroyed. And, what a surprise, his emails communicating with the Obama administration when he consulted on the health reform law have been destroyed.

    I repeat, Romney is a chameleon, liar, draft-dodger, wuss, predator capitalist, cheat, and, based on his current foreign policy trip, a dummy.

    Ron Paul is a man of integrity. Stand up for you principle and nominate Ron Paul. Even if he doesn’t win, at least you will see the back of Romney, whom no one likes, and in four years, instead of eight, you have far more qualified republican candidates to go for the presidency. I want the old Republican party back. Real fiscal conservatives and social progressives.

    • Vigilant

      “And, what a surprise, his emails communicating with the Obama administration when he consulted on the health reform law have been destroyed.”

      Care to source that claim? I don’t believe it.

    • Vigilant

      “I want the old Republican party back. Real fiscal conservatives and social progressives.”

      You’re speaking of the Libertarian Party, not the Republicans.

      “Social progressives?” You mean like political correctness, self-esteem movement, multiculturalism, affirmative action, socialist programming in schools, revisionist “history,” activist judges, a crude and rude society, Fairness Doctrine, government reach into our lives, etc.?

      If that’s what you want, vote Democrat. Better yet, don’t vote at all.

    • ViktoriaKS (@NorthStar326326)

      Who cares where or IF Romney is hiding his money. If he can make decisions that earns money, including understanding economics of business 101, then he is needed to fix the economic and employment conditions in this country. Pay more attention to the individual’s character and genuine abilities, rather than party affiliation or abilitiy to INSPIRE you. I’ll take a boring person who can do a much, much better job than one that sends a tingle up my leg any day!!!

      Personally, I’d love to see Obama’s college transcrips and applications for admission, far more than Romney’s tax returns. And, although I’m not a religious person myself, I have worked with many Mormons throughout my life. They are very responsible, and generous with their time and their money for charitiy and community. Funny how people try to make out like Mormans are a cult, yet these are the people who support same-sex marriage and abortion. I guess PRO CHOICE is only okay, when it is THEIR choice. Sad little people!!!

      • Smilee

        Running a company in business and running a country are two very different things. Romney’s good at running a business but not very good at governing. He will be less successful at improving the economy than Obama, in fact he wold make things worse. Making a profit for a company requires a whole different set of skills than the skill set needed to govern and Romney in Mass proved he was not very at governing.

    • Brad

      DavidL- Romnet claims he will release them once they are filed. He has until August 15th just as you and I do. So go jerk off someone else jack off! mnIf he doesn’t than you can complain, but the man legally has another 15 days people.

    • Proud American

      yes you are right about Ron Paul, if he was still in the running I would vote for him. Right now all we got is Romney and I rather have him than this muslim president. If Obama is relected he will destroy America and he is capable of changing America to a muslim nation. I found a video that some else posted and it was obama admitting that he is a muslim and it was shown in the video that he was wearing muslims clothing and talking about his religeon and praising how peaceful and wonderful it is.

  • Ted Crawford

    This continued attempt to drive a wedge between Conservatives and Romney serves no one, save maybe Obama ! To reach for ” Perfect” is laudable only when we realize that it’s only achievable through progress! To reject progress, only because it isn’t perfection, is to let perfect become the enemy of good. Everyone loses in that case !

    • Brad

      well said Ted

  • Brian

    No one other than Romney knows for sure but with Obama you know for sure what you’ll get, 2700 pages of rules, taxes and who won’t have to follow those rules. Rules under Obama are for the “little people” but not union folks. What Romney says is states will be allowed to set up their own health care system like Mass did where it ended up costing around 1% of the total budget. If you have not read the Obama Care bill do so.

  • Mountain Saint

    Romney is the father of socialized medicine (Socialism) and same-sex marriage, He is a habitual liar (flip-flopper) and is lying about his years at Bain Capital and his natural born citizen status. But what else can you expect from a cultist who is determined to be the rider on the White Horse of Joseph Smith’s prophecy? America is doomed.

  • ViktoriaKS (@NorthStar326326)

    First of all, talking about trying to make something better does not mean you support it, nor does remarking that one nation’s handling of budgeting health care, as being admirable, mean Romney is flip-flopping. What a bunch of crap. In any event it is up to the qualified citizens of this country to vote in a Congress that will pass bills that the majority of the people want and to make those bills understandable and as pure as possible. No President can do anything they want, UNLESS he is a dictator (OBAMA), who violates the law, the Constitution and strong-arms the “party” to create chaos like this BS here, to distract from the real goal…GETTING RID OF THE COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS in Washington, whose only goal is power over the citizenry, not helping anyone! Anyone who votes for Gary Johnson is voting for OBAMA and needs to have his or her IQ checked immediately.

  • Peter Akhonya

    Electorates are not supposed to criticise or talk much about the aspirants who want leadership simply because they have the vote to decide whom to vote for. Let your vote talk and wait for the results. Why to waste time in talking things you can not know the end of them? Just vote one vote you have to whoever you like or don’t vote.

  • DAK

    Everyone on here who is voting for Romney “Because he isn’t Obama” needs to grow up and look at the facts. Everything you’ve accused Obama of doing, Mitt has also done, from the healthcare act to the misstatements in the press. Everyone is human and every human makes mistakes (the last perfect man who walked the earth was crucified) so we’ll leave all those out on both sides.

    Even though Mitt is a known liar, will not release his tax returns, will not talk about his time a Governor, will not talk about Bain, will not talk about the Olympics, will not explain his plan for the country other than “Obama bad, me good!” line… yet you all cannot wait to vote for him. All the things you Republicans say you hate, Mitt is guilty of and yet you want to reward this type of behavior by electing him as President. Politicians are like children and will always take the path of least resistance so if lying and not answering questions in 2012 wins Mitt the Whitehouse, expect even more of the same for the next 4 years and twice as much by 2016.

    I am not saying Obama has done that great of a job and there are several things he has done I do not agree with, but I will not vote for any GOP thug who puts party ahead of country, who owes more to Grover Norquest than the voters, and who openly cheers for this country to fail as long as they can pin it on Obama. The Republicans are acting like third graders and I do not vote for children. Therefore, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, Obama gets my vote if for no other reason than “He isn’t Romney.” (You know, Romney, the man Santorum said was the worst republican to run against Obama and Newt called a liar on TV.)

    I have no problem with people disagreeing with Obama’s policies as long as they use facts to back up their claims but since 2008 there have been so many lies, as well as out-right lies that any sane person wouldn’t believe, that it is now impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    • ViktoriaKS (@NorthStar326326)

      Please list the alleged lies (as you state above), with sources and please be specific and concise.

      • DAK

        1. President Barack Obama is “ending Medicare as we know it.”
        2. Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of “peace through strength” is why “the Iranians released the hostages on the same day and at the same hour that Reagan was sworn in.”
        3. Says in the 2012 State of the Union address, President Obama “didn’t even mention the deficit or debt.”
        4. The U.S. military is at risk of losing its “military superiority” because “our Navy is smaller than it’s been since 1917. Our Air Force is smaller and older than any time since 1947.”
        5. “We’re only inches away from no longer being a free economy.”
        6. Says Barack Obama said, “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.”
        7. President Obama “went around the world and apologized for America.”
        8. “I don’t describe your plan as amnesty in my ad. I don’t call it amnesty.”

        These are just the ones I found in a few minutes… I am sure you can find more.

    • chuckb

      dak, i try not to insult people when making a response so i’ll try to say it in a nice way, you need a brain scan.

      • DAK

        So you don’t care if Mitt is a liar? That he hides his $$ to avoid taxes? That he went to France during Viet Nam? You’ll still vote for him despite Mitt not saying what he wants to do with the presidency? What his goals are for this country? That he wants to start another war while we are still paying for the last two?

        Your choice. You vote to who you want just don’t complain when you get a liar as President.

      • Brad

        DAK Obama has troups going into Syria now. Look he has troops in Turkey headed for Syria, look for yourself Obama lover. Money in off shore accounts is not against the law idiot!

      • DAK

        Brad says:
        July 31, 2012 at 12:43 pm
        DAK Obama has troups going into Syria now. Look he has troops in Turkey headed for Syria, look for yourself Obama lover. Money in off shore accounts is not against the law idiot!

        Ah, so now I understand why you support Romney and the GOP. You are also a child and resort to name calling other than discussing facts and I do not argue with children.

    • Proud American

      I have proof obama is a muslim and his record speaks for himself, he tramples on our constitutions and he is Anti American. again I have proof, I’ve seen the video where he admitts that he is muslim and he is a dictator. A vote for him means the destruction of America, go ahead and help this dictator destroy our country and take away our freedoms. You are blind and if you do not like America you can leave and go some where else

      • DAK

        You have proof. Ok. Where is it? Trot it on out here and we’ll see if it passes muster. Post the link and back up your claims of Obama being a Muslim. Seems to me all I heard in 2008 was about Obama being a member of some Christian church… and when that didn’t turn out as negative as the fanatics wanted, he suddenly turned into a Muslim but you post the link and then we’ll all know the truth.

      • DAK

        Both these say the video is doctored and edited to make it appear Obama said it…. Is this the video you are talking about? From a blogger?

      • Michael J.

        Dak, is a Geoge Soros funded propaganda machine. is run by a pair of Obama droolers.
        The video is an obvious Freudian slip hastily recovered by Stephanopolous, but too late, the cat is forever out of the bag.

        To be a successful schill you must produce more credible sources.

        And to answer your questions about Romney and why some will vote for him are:
        #1 – He is not Obama
        #2 – A fresh bag of (self removed offensive word) is preferable to Obama
        #3 – Stepping in a fresh bag of #2 is prefferable to Obama.

        Here’s a clue, you stand a better chance of surviving as a lone faceman in a room full of zombies, than convincing most posters here that Obama is the right choice. Now skip on back to the Dailykos and formulate a new game plan because this one stinks.

      • Kate8

        Michael J – Only the most braindead of partisan hacks would look at the evidence (and outright PROOF) that Obama is a liar, a fraud and a usurper and still issue forth praises in his direction. (Or else a paid shill.)

        For DAK to accuse Romney of lies and misconduct falls rather flat, I’d say. Brings to mind the saying about the mote in one’s own eye… I mean, you’d have to dig long and hard to find anything that compares to the crimes perpetrated on America by Obama…

        That said, I can’t stand Romney, either. He’s just another NWO candidate, and I doubt he’ll do anything except continue on the same road as Obama.

        And that said, stepping in a pile of @%#& is preferable to Obama.

      • DAK

        Michael J – Kate 8 – Trenton Spears:

        Since I am not willing to believe an obvious lie about Obama and I question Romney’s motives and qualifications to be President, I must either be ignortant, an Obama lover or a Democrat hack. Well, I am sure glad I spent most of my adult life defending your freedom of speech only to find out mine only counts if I am willing to lie about Obama and gloss over any of Romney’s failures or shortcomings.
        I don’t believe that video for one minute if for no other reason than if it was even remotly true, then Newt, Santorum, Romney, Perry, Bachmann or any other of 1000 Republicans would do nothing but play it over and over 24/7 and since they aren’t… it must be fake. How long are we, as voters, going to allow our elected leaders to lie to us? That’s my gripe. Until we stop rewarding bad behavior, we’ll continue to get bad behavior.

    • Trenton Spears

      DAK I only have one remark next time try intelligence over ignorence. Trenton Spears

      • DAK

        Your point might of been better made if you’d learn to spell “ignorence.” (for future reference, it is spelled “ignorance” (The lack of knowledge or education.))

  • Gary L

    Alright, so Romne is not the best choice for President. The first step to getting America back on track is getting Obama out of office.
    If that means electing Mitt Romney, so be it.
    It is not so hard to understand.
    If enough of the votes go to those who don’t have a chance,
    WE LOSE!

  • SJJolly

    Maybe once Romney gets elected, a Tea Party-controlled House and Senate will impeach him, in favor of a successor more to their liking.

  • chuckb

    removing barry and his band of thieves is the main goal, with that accomplished we should reshape the republican party or replace it. we can thank the republican hierarchy for romney, with the help of commentators and political hacks like karl rove and charles krauthammer.

    romney is not my choice, however, he will be better by far than what we have now and far less dangerous to our way of life. the muslim in the white house will reverse our history in the next four years and will promote the muslim way of life. we are in the throes of becoming a third world nation by presidential executive order. a very weak congress and a marxist dominated senate are not viable.

    • Proud American

      Yes, everything you said is correct, first thing first, we need to get that muslim out of the white house before he destroys our country and we will be another third world country if this dictator is relected. and we must vote some these traitors out too, such as nancy the Dingbat, holder, hillary and couple of more gota go

  • Brad

    you are correct ChuckB

  • Centurion


    “If the health care plan that those in Massachusetts wanted and Romney approved is communism then so is medicare and social security.”

    It seems that you are starting to catch on!

    Any scheme in which the government takes the fruits of someone’s labor at the point of a gun and redistributes it to someone who did not earn it is socialistic. Some level of this would likely be tolerable “for the greater good.” That’s how it started. A little bit at a time. Incrementalism. The same way you boil a frog.

    But, significant redistribution of wealth, including social security and medicare, as well as “stimulus,” bank bailouts, loan guarantees for banks and “green energy” companies, stealing the assets of bondholders, takeovers of entire industries and government interference in the healthcare market go too far.

    Outrageous spending to wage unnecessary wars to justify the subjugation of our own population through fear and intimidation is meant to distract and desensitize us to government intrusion. And, it costs us dearly in blood and treasure. Respect our troops? Then let’s quit sending them off to die for ill-defined and obscure objectives that have not a single thing to do with defending our country or way of life. Let them live and keep their limbs so that they can hold their children at home. But, also maintain the most fearsome military machine to dissuade any potential attacks upon us. Heed Teddy’s advice to talk softly but carry a big stick.

    On top of all of that, the steady and significant depreciation of the currency through unchecked creation of ever greater sums of fiat currency is a tax that robs everyone by continuously decreasing the value of the very dollars you currently hold. Every dollar created by the Fed, including the $15 Trillion given to European banks, decreases the buying power of every dollar you own, have saved or have invested. Essentially, it increases the number of dollars you need to earn to maintain your current situation.

    Allowing some people and companies to keep their winnings and profits, including taxpayer money, while socializing risks and losses by forcing taxpayers to pay for them creates moral hazard. Essentially its a game of “heads they win and tails you lose.”

    The government is picking the winners and the losers now. The corporatist sponsors of both parties are winning. The Fed is winning. The Pols are winning. The American people are the losers.

    As for the money you have “invested” in Medicare and Social Security, you have been hoodwinked. They are now both Ponzi schemes. They were originally “voluntary,” became compulsory and are now basically broke. Neither program will survive much longer in its current form. Expect the age of eligibility to increase, the benefits to decrease, copays to increase, further limitations on benefits, etc., and that’s just going to slow the demise of both programs a little. It will amount to rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship of state.

    Fortunately and perhaps very painfully, the economy will go through a correction in the next few years. These programs will cease to exist, as will much of our current government and many of the comforts we have taken for granted my entire life. In the end, it will be a good thing.

    America has been a lot like a person with both gambling and crack addictions for about 100 years now. We have done the things that felt good and kicked the bill for our activities down the road at each opportunity to settle our debts and clean up our act. We won’t get any better until we hit rock bottom. That day is now in sight. Its gonna be awful for a lot of people. I fear for our country and our people. But, the correction has to happen. Its going to be a lot like going “cold turkey” while being beat up by the loan sharks.

    Then, perhaps we can get on with rebuilding a nation that provides liberty and opportunity. Perhaps we can shed some of the serpent skin of socialism as we reemerge from a nightmare of our own making.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    • Smilee

      Your confused and totally wrong, SS, Medicare and the new Affordable Care act are all Constructional laws and now upheld by the Supreme Court, Congress does have the power to lay and collect taxes to provide for the general welfare as the Constitution says in Article 1, section 8 and this is cited in the case just decided by the court, they can call it anything they want but when they take your money from you it is a tax despite what they say. Roberts made that very clear in his majority opinion. These plans are fully legal and proper under our Constitution. Your entitled to your political opinion even those you have that are not factual but you are not entitled to your own set of facts, the court has determined them for you and you are wrong to spin that.

  • http://yahoo Danny shell


    • Michael J.

      Danny shell,
      It would be a glorious day! The stock market would report the equivalent of a standing ovasion, it would breath new life into the economy and kindle new confidence in prosperity. Nah, The Rothschild Dynasty would never go along with it.

      • Smilee

        DREAM ON,, SUCKERS!!!

  • dcjdavis

    Heads or tails. What a choice.

    • Michael J.

      Sounds like the saturday night choices in Bwarney Fwanks dungeon.

  • Average Joe

    I keep posting replies and for the last two days, a few have posted, but at 3 have not posted ….when I spend 20 minutes or more composing something and is disappers into cyber oblivion…it gets frustrating to say the least .
    Please check the filter and see if they are getting stuck there. Two of the posts had no Links in them at all and the latest had only one link…but they are not appearing on the site.
    In advance,Thanks,
    Best Wishes,

  • Trenton Spears

    Here we go again. People what in the heck are you thinking. One comment by Sam Rolley wanting to make a name for himself by shoving doubt about Mitt Romneys resolve to do away with Obamacare when he becomes President is the most understatement of the year. Mitt will do away with Obama care make no mistake about it. If you are sitting on the fence waiting for any negative remark to bring out your doubting Thomas’s that is remaining in you take a look at Romneys record of achievements. He is not only having to fight the Democrats Romney has to defend a great record that has left some doubting about his true intentions. I remember when Ronald Reagan had to convience his fellow Republicans that he was the right person to beat Jimmy Carter and the doubters supported Gerald Ford and the rest is history. At that time I was a Democrat and I knew that Ronald Reagan was the right person to lead this Nation in a desperate time. I was so angry I changed parties and joined the Republican Party to help Ronney in the next election. Fellow Republicans these are desperate times and if you are going to go weak kneed think about 1976 and the election of Jimmy Carter who is in my opinion better than Barrack Obama. Wake up and bring out your Patriotic Colors and support the nominee of the Republican Presidential Party Mitt Romney. Sincerely, Trenton Spears

    • Michael J.

      Trenton Spears,
      It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Romney is no Reagan!!!

      • ViktoriaKS (@NorthStar326326)

        Thank goodness! Reagan tgutted mental healthcare and the public college system in California. Reagan did many good things, but just like Obama, he was a good talker and struck emotional chords in people. THANKFULLY, he had some good advisors and he listened most of the time. OBAMA only listens to the communists and socialists among his advisors. If it smells like capitalism, freedom or self-accountability…he is deaf, dumb and blind!

  • jerry1944

    I have been saying we want change obambo care. It seem funny that ppl think the father of obambo care would change it. There are ppl in his pac that are makeing lots money from it. Otheres in his pac want to tax the rich Just like obambo. romney lied about ALL the good CONSERVATIVES we had to put them out. Eather him are his pac that he has no control over. Yea Right, romney isnt even close to being conservative so its 3rd party time AGAIN. But i dont see why the gop dont want to win.. It seems they dont want a conservative are there votes

    • ViktoriaKS (@NorthStar326326)

      Do you have the ability to understand the difference between states rights and a federal mandate? If not, listen to Romney and not the obamatrons in your head. He will explain it to you. BESIDES, Massachussets is one of the most Socialistic leaning States in the country. That’s why he signed it into law. He did what the people said they wanted. Just as he will do what the American electorate say they want…OBAMACARE GONE!!!

      • Smilee

        The supreme court just decided the case and found that the federal law is constructional and therefore the US Congress does have that power and when Congress has the power then the the states have no rights in the matter. Amendment X reads: “The rights not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectfully, or to the people.” In other words if the Constitution gives the power to the US Congress then that trumps states rights so in effect they have no rights in that matter then and that is the case here. The tenth amendment does not give states rights if the US by the Constitutions has the rights. So many conservatives simply do not understand the tenth amendment and consistently quote it inappropriately.

  • GregS

    Sam Rolley writes:

    “Romney’s history with individual mandates in Massachusetts and his recent remarks undoubtedly should have many anti-Obamacare voters wondering if the Republican candidate really is the man for the job of repealing the health law.”

    This is exactly the type of rhetoric that the Democrats are using against Romney. As I have said before, Sam Rolley (as well as anyone else who would advocate voting for a third-party candidate) is an Obama shill.

    Romney has at least promised to repeal ObamaTAXCare, and I will at least GIVE HIM A CHANCE to do it (i.e. assuming that he would get a bill to repeal it from Congress to be signed). Otherwise, if he doesn’t do it, THEN I’ll vote him out of office.

    The reality is that a third-party candidate will NOT win in November, and if Obama is allowed to have another term in office, ObamaTAXCare will NEVER be repealed.

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