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Romney Camp Says Campaign Is Not About Coolness

May 1, 2012 by  

Romney Camp Says Campaign Is Not About Coolness
Mitt Romney’s campaign says they are more concerned with the economy than being cool.

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has no intention of appearing on late night TV, cracking jokes or singing.

Whereas President Barack Obama is taking advantage of every opportunity to present himself as the cool candidate, Romney’s campaign said the former Governor will not be involved in the celebrity scene.

“This election is not going to be about who’s cooler,” Romney senior adviser Peter Flaherty said at a Washington Post Live Newsmaker Forum. “The question is going to be, who do you trust to run the economy?”

Another Romney adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, said Obama’s attempts to appeal to younger voters have been inappropriate and show a lack of seriousness.

Fehrnstrom has assured voters that Romney will not be slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon or appearing on “Saturday Night Live.”

Despite Romney’s lack of celebrity status, Romney’s campaign is certain that the American people will love Mitt and Ann Romney as the campaign nears November.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • dan

    …too bad…he might get the attention of the Dancing er Singing …er Real…
    crowd thay’s going to vote for most popular,best dressed and best hair.
    I’m voting for someone that will make a difference….Ron Paul

    • PendragonRise

      In light of the present, bankster-orchestrated, economic hydrogen bomb looming before us, it absolutely astounds me how anybody with an IQ above 80 could vote for Romney, or Obumbo for that matter. It just shows how the American psyche has been dumbed down so effectively by the elites. The average American IQ has obviously been lowered by 20 points over the past five decades..

      • oh oh

        If you studied this IQ trend in an objective, non-PC environment, you would find that there is truth to your theory. However, you might be surprised at the real reasons, which would never enjoy honest study or discussion in our dumbed down academic environment, which has seriously polluted the knowledge and thinking of our students, politicians and even scientists with progressive liberal ideology.

      • Meteorlady

        The two parties give us one bad guy after another so we will keep over-looking things and vote for the lessor of two evils. We should all just write in Ron Paul and scare the living crap out of the two parties. It would be a huge revolution in this country and it would send a message that we are finished with all the corruption, control, lack of freedom and the central banks running our economy and siphoning our hard earned money to themselves.

  • Sirian

    HA, if this doesn’t show exactly what Romney is – Obummer carbon copy – what does? Take what Romney’s senior adviser Peter Flaherty said. . . “The question is going to be, who do you trust to run the economy?” Well, anyone with a nominal amount of common sense should know that the markets should be running the economy – NOT POLITICIANS!! Politicians, either side of the aisle, makes no difference, don’t know how to “run an economy” they only know how to play with it and use it to their political advantage – nothing more!!

  • Michel

    I remember that back in high school coolness mattered. But, let’s be honest we all grew up…well, most of us grew up. Most of the “cool kids” couldn’t handle real life. They came back without college degrees, and now work at the gas station, and the Walmart store. A few guys I knew that were not cool back in high school own million dollar farms. I was not cool, but today my life is far better than the cool kids lives…I am happily married, have awesome kids, and have done some great things with my life. I still am not really cool, only I grew up and don’t care. The fourty and fifty year olds I know who think they are cool are sooo not cool, they just embarrass their kids, and look like fools. Mr. Obama you really should grow up…coolness doesn’t matter. What are your achievements? Is the country better off than four years ago?

    • eddie47d

      Coolness is a facade and you are so right that many who make an attempt at it fail. They may become rich like Snooki but hardly someone to emulate. Where are the John Glenn’s? Not to burst your bubble but I am no fan of Romney and don’t think he earned his money either and is slick as they come.

      • Vigilant

        Then who’s your horse in this race, eddie? Just curious.

      • dufas magnet

        Do we really need a ‘horse’ to run our Country? Must we have to decide which color horse is best? Why not vote according to our hopes.. Yes, I know.. Our hopes were wide open in 2008 but got squashed almost immediately after ‘the horse’ straddled the white house, but that doesn’t mean we must now hide our hopes and choose the “lesser of two evils”.. Ron Paul is another opportunity for our hopes and unlike our last hope, Ron Paul has a solid track record of being conscientious and forthright.. Might we again be duped? Might we again be disappointed? We will never know until AFTER the dust settles (no matter who we choose) but there’s one difference in these horses.. Ron Paul ISN’T an old gray mare that his competitors make him out to be.. Instead of gnashing away at reality TV tactics, HE has a concise plan to get this Nation on track again.. Some fear his foreign policies, but… How’s it going so far? Does a ‘cold war’ with China make you giddy? Ask that question of any military warmonger and if their honest, they will (giddily) tell you.. Iran.. North Korea.. CHINA!! These Countries are waiting in line to further the Elites desire for world power and both Obama AND Romney are practicing their lines once either become POTUS.. Ron Paul say’s, “ENOUGH!!” .. AMERICANS FOR AMERICA!! Vote RON PAUL 2012 and to hell with the ‘nay’ sayers….

    • eddie47d

      My first choice has been Ron Paul for financial responsibility. Can’t say that about most Republicans or Democrats and when it comes to social issues most Republicans seldom garner any support from me. Ron Paul is closer on social issues and has my support in some areas. I dispise the extremism on the right far more than the extremism on the left so I would favor Obama over Romney or any other Republican contender. I’d like to see Obama overturn Article 31 in the NDAA bill and once again I don’t think Ron Paul would have allowed it.

  • Ellen

    Our entertainment world is filled with dysfunctional idiots who think the world revolves around them. As a generality, they are unfulfilled and abuse drugs and alcohol in an attempt to improve their lives. Their children usually don’t have happy, successful lives and also devolve into the world of drug abuse. They get more desperate as they age and are replaced by new pretty people. Why would we want our president to act like he’s part of that culture? Why does Obama want to be part of that culture? The answer: he’s as pathetic and shallow as they are. He craves adulation.

  • Dens

    Obama can only appeal to the young. He knows if he can keep them laughing, they will vote for him in droves. Sheep are handled in “droves”. Obama considers himself an ace drover. The entertainment industry and the “correspondents” representing the so-called news media are Obama’s sheep dogs, scampering and barking at their master’s every command and gesture keeping the sheep concentrated. They don’t seem to care about his taste for dog as well as lamb.

    Everyone else has taken a cold hard look at his “accomplishments” until now. They look at the fact that we are 15 trillion in debt and the Obama controlled Senate fights to avoid approving a budget. They look at our destroyed economy and his EPA which boasts of lynching those businesses who fail to kill themselves due to over regulation. They look at his self serving Socialist “share the wealth” schemes which help no one and hurt everyone except him and his comrades. This man is not funny, however, not being without humor, those of us who through age and experience know the difference between right and wrong prefer to do our laughing after Obama is gone.

    • Vigilant

      “Obama can only appeal to the young,”

      Would that that were true. Most flower children of the 1960s never matured beyond the mental age of 15, They have a great deal of sympathy for the young Turks now roaming the streets in OWS garb. Some became terrorists (Ayers, etc.), some went into the field of “education,” most vote Democrat, and some peeled off to become the one-issue drug legalization Libertarians.

      A very few, like Frank Zappa and Jon Voight, matured and came to understand that if you’re 45 and aren’t a Conservative, you don’t have a brain.

      • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

        Well, THAT’S certainly a one-dimensional way of viewing the America of your dreams.. Is that the conservative way? No choices? no imagination? No life? No thank you!! I’ll take variety whether or not I agree with them at least I’ll know their not sheep of another color.

      • Vigilant

        “Adollarsworkapeenyspay says: “Well, THAT’S certainly a one-dimensional way of viewing the America of your dreams.. Is that the conservative way? No choices? no imagination? No life? No thank you!! I’ll take variety whether or not I agree with them at least I’ll know their [sic] not sheep of another color.”

        Don’t presume to know what is the America of my dreams.

        “No choices?” In the America of the Founders, choices abound. In the Amerika of Obama and the politicians of all colors, the range of choices (individual liberty) is becoming naroower by the day.

        “No imagination?” It’s imagining you can become anything you want without the restrictions of socialism, and without being subjected to socialist programming every day in school.

        “No life?” In your world, the only lives taken are the most innocent of us all, the unborn child’s.

        In short, the “Conservative way” is the ONLY way that maximizes human potential without guaranteeing outcomes by stealing from others to pay an indolent and dependent group of people.

        BTW, with regard to you screen name, the one cent piece is spelled P-E-N-N-Y.

  • sesame

    President’s don’t ‘run the economy”. Private Enterprise runs the economy. In case you hadn’t noticed, Congress and the President can’t agree on anything. So we’ll see how Private Enterprise does on its own. Of course there is the FED and the Supreme Court. Other than that the Government has ceased to function except for getting into foreign entanglements. And so, the USA passes into history..

    • Vigilant

      “So we’ll see how Private Enterprise does on its own.”

      Any improvements to the economy that have occurred since Obama took office have been IN SPITE of his job-killing programs, not because of them. The free market has taken a beating in this socialist climate, but its successes have been testimony to its durability.

    • Robert Bradfield

      Hi its that South African again,

      I have been reading all your comments and I am affraid that it seems that nobody knows who the economy is. I asked a number black people in a presentation who they thought the economy is. Is it the government? or big business? or business generally? Of course many thought that each of these were the economy. The truth of the matter is that we, the people, are the economy. We supply the labour, we are the consumers and it is our savings that fund business expansion.

      No president nor company director runs the economy, we do. When we accept that fact then we must take responsibility to change the government, the president, the company directors or whoever else thinks that they run the economy to ones that support our interest.

  • DavidL

    Wow, I agree with Mitt Romney. This election is not about coolness. President Obama has that. For Romney, it is also NOT about policies that genuinely help support the Middle Class, Seniors, Women, Children and their education. It is also NOT about competence in Foreign Policy. Romney has none of that. In fact, he has all the W. Bush people advising him and standing in the wings waiting to get back into power if he is elected. We all know how that worked out for us the first time.

    What is the primary focus of the little guy in our country? It is the same everywhere. It is to survive and to provide food and safety to himself and his family. What is the primary focus of the rich? The answer is GLORY. Romney is a chameleon, a predator capitalist who “loves to fire people”. Why? Because when he does he makes “10,000″ tons of money.

    I want the old Republican Party back. You know, the party that would once again allow Goldwater and Reagan to be members. This current crop must be replaced so the party can come back to reality. Our country will be better for it if it does. Below is a great piece that speaks to this issue. I recommend that all fair minded people read it.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate in this crack pot Republican clown show who has integrity, and is the least fact-challenged. Even though I do not share some of his positions, I respect him.

    • dufas magnet

      Your right David, Ron Paul is the logical choice. As far as not sharing some of his positions, how’s it going with the positions of these other two ‘clowns’? Do you share those positions? NOBODY is going to be 100% behind anyone running for office because no two voters are alike but I can tell you that we have endured the choices of our last two (or more) presidents and look where it’s led us.. The emphasis of warmongering and nanny care has caused more grief than satisfaction for the taxpayers of this Country. We’ve not tried the policies of Ron Paul because of the fear that was apparent before WWll when another world leader said, “Leave’em be”.. What? Do we actually think history will repeat itself if we’re not a part of the chaos? Ron Paul’s policies deal with National interests NOT international interventions.. Do we really need our enemy’s oil? Don’t we have enough in our own land to keep us happy so long as we don’t sell it to the highest bidder? Do we no longer have the imagination and drive to turn our Country around? must we really depend on other Countries to sedate our wants and needs while we go about trying to sedate them with more aid? Ron Paul say’s to let them live their own lives and if they threaten ours, by congress and the constitution he will put a stop to it..Not for profits sake but to maintain our freedoms. Maybe he has a higher expectation of what we’re capable of but it seems we’re using spite to disclaim that reality. As for legalizing drugs, this man is saying that he’s going to take the federal power away, NOT the individual States.. Right now it’s the exact opposite.. Those States who have decriminalized (and even allowed) marijuana is being threatened by the feds because THEY say the States have no rights, that the federal g’ment over-rides their wisdom, their policies and the voting rights of the people who choose these freedoms.. He’s not going to lord over Country and States and anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot because he has no inclination of becoming a despot like these two wannabes dream of.. Yes, you can disagree and in so doing choose the “lesser of two evils”.. Play into the slogan, “Anybody but Obama”.. But don’t squawk if you choose this ‘lesser’ and he turns out to be worse than the evil we thought we replaced. Ron Paul 2012!!

    • Ken B

      In 1776 we told the Red Coats to get out and we became a Great Country and now it’s time to clean House again and to Tell the So Called Leaders to Get Out. So that we can become a Great Country again. If we don’t American will lose out.

      • oh oh

        Better study the founders and Tocqueville first to learn the real reasons we became a great country. The Revolution worked for very special reasons. This time, it might not. We’re not that country anymore.

  • Donald York

    Stay on course Mr. Romney. Don’t play Obamas games. He really thinks himself cool. He is cool alright, cool in Chicago. That’s where were sending him in November.

  • Millie Thomson

    DavidL you didn’t finish Romney’s quote. To paraphrase, he “loves to fire people” who aren’t doing their job; ii.e., freeloaders. Perhaps in office he would keep a better eye on those in Washington abusing taxpayer money. Yes, he does make money. Did we ever know exactly how much money some Democratic Presidents had like JFK and the Roosevelts? Wouldn’t it be nice if the US began making money again? And its residents? One who has money (legally) knows what is involved in making money.

    And did you know he changed his position on some issues after he sought out experts and investigated alternatives to his prior views, as opposed to being narrow-minded and stubbornly refusing to change. One forgets the people of MA VOTED for Romneycare, plus he had to deal with having a 85% Democratic state congress. Yet he balanced its budget. If you remember, he “cleaned up” the Olympics, making US again profitable and respectable, even admired, in the eyes of the sports world.

    Lack of Foreign Policy? From his “corporate” experience, he has negotiating skills (addressing the military issues), currency understanding and trading partner skills (for economic issues), and a pride in America (to regain lost respect). Both his parents and he did missionary work in foreign countries so he compassionately experienced and understands their needs..

    Not too bad, I’d say.

  • C. Head

    Maybe it IS a little about cool. For instance, a great many of us think that obama should be placed in the cooler permanently, and right now. We would suggest Joe Arpaio’s cooler.

  • Jim

    What does being cool have to do with our current situation?
    A presidential candidate should be based on what he has accomplished as the president and his opponenent on how he could use his knowledge in the private sector to fix the many problems we are going through as a nation.
    Obama has proven nothing in the 3 and a half years he was in the White House, he destroyed everything that made America great, this is a fact we all know and if re elected he will finish what he started and our country will be destroyed from within.
    I see so many comments about Ron Paul being able to set America back on course and I do agree he would, but that is only fantasy, Dr. Paul has a better chance of getting rubbers from the Pope then to be the Republican candidate, he is too honest and straight forward and that scares both the Republicans and Democrats who run the counrty. Dr. Paul would stop their greed and he owes nothing to anyone, so corporations don’t want him to be elected either, so he is fighting a losing war which is unfortunate.
    For all of you who are going to vote for Dr. Paul if he runs on a third party ticket, all you are doing is voting for Obama and we cannot afford 4 more years of his socialist agenda or his total disregard of the Constitution.
    I will vote for the unknown Mitt Romney since I already know that the corrupt administration that is in the White House right now is the enemy of the US who is bent on destroying her, just like he said to the leader or Russia, he could be more flexable after he is re elected, which to me means he will surly turn us into a Marxist country since just fro seeing the destruction he did to our once great country in less then 4 years, he will accomplish his goal if he has four more years to do it, and judging by those that talk the talk of taking him down for all of his illegal and almost treasonous acts, they don’t have the gonads to walk the walk.
    Let our country be cool in the eyes of the world and forget about the president being cool or not. I think only one president was cool and he used his cool demeaner to bring down the Soviet Union, but our cool President Ronald Reagan is dead and there is nobody else that could replace him at this time so please think hard and carefully when you vote in November, our Country is at stake.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It now appears inevitable that this Romneycare moron will (sic) be the 2012 GOP nominee for POTUS. Well, the 2016 election is a few years away. We need to search for, and recruit a bold outspoken Reagan-like conservative nominee to take on the GOP establishment, and return the GOP to its solid conservative principals. In the meantime, the best we can do is focus on Congress – first this year, then in the 2014 midterms. We need to not only get rid of more leftwing democraps, but to replace them with true conservatives – not like the RINOs or moderate wimps which the GOP establishment seems to want. A more conservative Congress can undoubtedly see to it that Mitt-nitwit Romney keeps his conservative campaign promises if elected. This is important, as we know what the consequences will be if Romney and the GOP screw up. A large % of voters are so stupid that they will put democraps back in power; oblivious to the fact that democraps only make bad situations worst, as evidenced by the 2006 and 2008 elections. A more conservative Congress could also be vital if (God Forbid) BHO gets re-elected this November.

    As for Romney, I think he’s more liberal than John McCain. However, let’s hope he will be a better campaigner than McCain, who was a complete wimp running against BHO. He should pick a good conservative VP running mate, not a RINO or moderate like Chris Christie. Had McCain picked such a poor running mate instead of Sarah Palin, BHO would’ve had a landslide victory.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Your message is well taken Jim;Vote for Ron Paul 2012.


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