Rolling Fortresses Are The New Squad Cars


Local law enforcement agents don’t routinely encounter roadside bombs or military-style ambush attacks from armed insurgents. But reports from throughout the Nation indicate that small-town agencies are seemingly becoming increasingly prepared for such realities, thanks to Federal military surplus programs.

Officers at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in Texas got their hands on a MaxxPro MRAP tactical vehicle this month, thanks to a Defense Department surplus program. The 19-ton, diesel-powered vehicle comes equipped with bulletproof doors and tires, and is capable of withstanding heavy arms fire and roadside bomb attacks.

“The MaxxPro MRAP is built to withstand ballistic arms fire, mine blasts, IEDs, and other emerging threats,” according to the Navistar website. “Its V-shaped hull helps deflect blasts out and away from the crew and its armoring can be customized to meet any mission requirement.”

Left over from an arms buildup resulting from the United States’ Mideast military interventionism over the past decade and a half, Dallas County’s MRAP never made it overseas. With fewer than 10,000 service miles, the military vehicle is practically brand new.

So what exactly does the civilian law enforcement agency plan to do with its new military muscle? Well, you know, just regular police business.

“Having a tactical vehicle will not only provide warrants execution with the equipment to assist in performing their jobs, but will provide an overall safety arch,” Chief Deputy Marlin Suell reportedly wrote to county commissioners in informing them of the acquisition.

The vehicle, like most surplus equipment being acquired by civilian enforcement agencies, was also bought on the cheap. Dallas County obtained the armored war machine — which initially cost taxpayers $600,000 — for the cost of transporting it from Fort Hood.

Dallas County is a recent example of hundreds of towns throughout the Nation in which small law agencies have acquired heavy-duty military equipment.

In August, to the dismay of a number of residents, police in Concord, N.H., were given a Federal grant for a Lenco Bearcat armored vehicle.

The Concord Patch explained the justification for needing the vehicle in July:

In previous letters, statements, and discussions with the Concord Police Chief, he justified the grant request as a much needed item by the police for officer safety and he used examples of where similar vehicles have been used or needed prior in New Hampshire, including a shooting in Concord. One additional flawed reason was the failed Greenland incident in which police officers were shot, and one killed. Let this be my prime example.

The Chief states that such a vehicle is needed to protect police from up to .50 caliber bullets and is to be used to get police up close and personal to incidents and protect them.

But many people in the area disagree that local police need such militarized equipment. One resident who petitioned against the purchase of the vehicle encouraged people to watch a commercial made for the Lenco Bearcat. She described the advertisement thusly, “This ‘commercial’ represents the wet dream of the common, ignorant bully. It’s a Hollywood action movie crossed with a Chevy truck ad, complete with a 90s butt rock soundtrack and plenty of slow-motion gun porn.”

Here’s the spot:

New Hampshire State Representative George Lambert (R-Litchfield), during the debate over whether Concord should purchase the military vehicle, made the case for why stories of militarized police departments should worry the general public.

“There are more of these vehicles in America today than we had tanks in World War II,” he said, adding that citizens should be worried about the government using arbitrary power and oppression against its people.

“When the public says no, it’s no,” he continued, referencing the local government’s push to acquire the vehicle despite public outcry.

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    remember,the gov’t has used(and created) false flagg events inside this country to be able small police forces to have a reason to obtain such equipment without the public thinking much about it!by the time people take notice or wake up,it will be too late!
    LEO’s are just punk thugs with military toy’s!you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed the corruption of cops lately?!or should i say the corrupt cop’s have been exposed by the public through video!they are getting these military vehicle’s for one purpose and one only!to come after you!!
    WSHTF,this is what they will be coming in!to get you!and yes,to kill you!that is how they are being oppress you right now,to desensitize themselves from caring about you’re feelings or you’re rights!when it happens,if you resist or are on a list,your gone!and military vehicle’s are what they will use!
    just remember Boston!that was a practice run against you,set off by a false flagg operation hosted by the gov’t!
    Welcome to the new Amerika,USSA.

  • armed bear

    The new concept, milipolice. Create an US vs Them mentality. We are seeing a nationwide escalation of police abuse. Cops going so far overboard, as if they have total immunity and impunity to treat the lesser citizens with disdain and disregard. Not all LEO are this way, but the majority of the newer, younger ones, are being indoctrinated to think this way.

    They especially do not like people with concealed carry permits, decent jobs, or who are straight, conservative, employed and self sufficient. We do not fit the mold of the new citizen subject. We are not compliant. We are a threat to their power. We are free citizens and we will fight back. Ever wonder why BO will not bring back the military. He doesn’t want an additional highly trained patriotic people to deal with. Gun owners are 80 million strong. Roughly 1/3 of us train on a regular basis, and most of us are veterans. Now add 1 million freshly combat experienced and po’d soldiers, and BO and his NWO cannot defeat us. They have to wait us out and continue to buy off the entitled class parasites with more gubment goodies.

    The taxpayers paid $600k for that MWRAP, but the cops get it for the cost of fuel. Where can I get mine?

    • paendragon

      Find a ghost-town and pretend you’re the mayor; then petition the feds for your imaginary “police force” to get more handout goodlies like these!


  • JimH

    On the video, instead of AC DC’s Thunderstruck, the should have had the Beatles, Lovely Rita.
    Lovely Rita, meter maid………..
    Just the vehicle needed to give parking tickets.

  • mari

    Ever since the police have dropped the, “To protect and serve” motto, I don’t even think that they should be armed much less tanked.

    • paendragon

      Exactly. Recent “court rulings” confirm they don’t have to risk their lives to serve & protect any more, so what do we pay them for?! Like all criminals, the cops, too, now want to have rights (to their paychecks, and to order us all around) without any responsibilities to earn those rights!

      • armed bear

        I have a close friend who is a 20+ year veteran cop, and he admits that the new younger cops are all ego and he is ashamed of them. I have a concealed carry and carry daily for my job, and I am leery of police. I know the new cops would rather spend 6 hours harassing law abiding civilians because they know we are safe. I got rolled on a traffic stop and they asked if I had a weapon, to which I said yes and then the little weenie cop called 2 cars as a backup, they covered me, and retrieved my weapon, mind you I was in a late model high end sedan, wearing a shirt and tie, short professional hair cut, and have 0 criminal record and no tickets. They wanted to know why I carried, and if the gun was legal, and what kind of ammo I had and kept me on the side of a road for 2 hours. They finally returned my unloaded weapon to me and advised me not to load it until I got home. I asked what I had done to generate such intense interest and I was told, it was just a routine traffic check. I asked why it took so long to “clear” me and I was told again it was routine. I record everything, and I can tell you, they stood around, laughing, joking, texting, etc, and then it hit me. Why 2 hours? It was the end of shift. I moved to a state that recognizes the 2A and hopefully I will not have to deal with that anymore, but I am still leery. I only call 911 to clean up. If I draw my weapon, there will be no survivors. They cannot dispute my story if they are dead. If you people do not have personal video recorders, then PM me and ask me about it.

  • Timothy Butterworth

    These vehicles should have went into our National Guard armories the police force is not a military and they can not institute military force under military law any time they choose!

    This is clearly a governmental act of aggression against our citizens!

    The purpose of the police is to investigate crime and uphold our law not be our military force!

    This country is now ass backwards… Police guard our borders while our military provides national defense for foreign countries? Our Military should be guarding our borders!

    If the police are arming up like this then Genocide is likely coming! They militarize while they attempt to disarm citizens!

    • paendragon
      • armed bear

        I will fight against this obummer regime as hard as I fought against the Russians (80’s) and the islamic jihadist (90’s). The tree needs to be refreshed, and the 3% is ready.

    • griffin1

      How is assaulting a building with an active shooter with a clear field of fire to approaches, less deadly to the police than to a soldier? I guess the cops could just say, you’re on your own! Bunch of non thinkin idiots!

  • Robert Messmer

    MRAP is going to be used to serve warrants? 19 tons of armor to serve a piece of paper weighing in at what? 1 1/2 oz Wonder what kind of mileage it gets? Guess we the people need to start stockpiling LAWs.

  • paendragon

    When the SHTF these punks won’t have the gasoline to run their new toys LOL!

    • griffin1

      Men and women that run and speed to situations that everyone else runs from, are not punks! Most of the time they are facing armed suspects with little more than handguns and soft armor that only resists some PISTOL rounds!

      • paendragon

        They’re punks these days. The courts even declared they have no responsibility to risk their lives to save civilians from criminals any more, so they seem to want to have rights to their salaries and to be ‘authorities’ without any risky responsibilities – so just like all criminals, they want rights (like, to your stuff, and tax money) without the responsibility of having to earn or pay for it. Punks.

  • Thomas A. Livingston

    Even the Up-Armored Humvees, could not compare to the capabilities of these vehicles. That was why they were built, to protect our Military Personnel as best we could during the fighting in the middle east as well as anywhere else. But even these vehicles can be taken out. That’s quite probably why DHS and various other Federal Organizations have been keeping such a close eye (spying) on our returning veterans, They used them and know their vulnerabilities. Also why all the gun grabbing exercises have been going on, for starters. Rather reminiscent of the Soviets “Moskrova” of a bomb in the Kremlin as an excuse for starting WWIII with the NATO countries in Tom Clancy’s book “Red Storm Rising”, except on a much larger scale, I’m sure. I would recommend folks read this book, because I think it’s not all that far fetched for our current government to start a civil war in the U.S.