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Rocker Calls On NRA Members To Make Some Noise

May 6, 2011 by  

Rocker calls on NRA members to make some noiseRock star Ted Nugent closed the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) conference last weekend by challenging pro-gun advocates to step up their public relations efforts.

Nugent, who is a high-profile hunting enthusiast, told a crowd of about 2,000 people that they need to “talk guns all the time,” according to Reuters. On May 1, the musician wrapped up the third and final day of the NRA’s event in Pittsburgh.

“You need to fix everybody in your lives to be absolutely pro-gun,” said Nugent, quoted by the media outlet.

The conference, which drew approximately 70,000 visitors, featured speeches, workshops and more than 400 product exhibitions. Nugent’s remarks about spreading the pro-gun message triggered a standing ovation from gun enthusiasts, many of whom agreed that Second Amendment supporters need to be more vocal.

Spectators were also treated to a display of Nugent’s prowess when he performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” on his electric guitar.

On April 30, former Arkansas Governor and rumored Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spoke at the NRA conference, according to Describing himself as an unapologetic “gun-clinger,” Huckabee praised the NRA’s membership for helping stifle the liberal anti-gun agenda in Washington, D.C.

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  • Abe Massey

    Personal firearms will keep America free ! Im never giving up mine! Abe

    • coal miner

      Abe M.

      Stick to your guns.1

    • EddieW

      From: News With Views
      The 112th Congress is in the process of another shove, another push in its effort to convert the rights of American citizens into a licensed privilege. Senate bill 176, entitled the ‘‘Common Sense Concealed Firearms Permit Act of 2011,” not only flies in the face of individual rights but stomps all over states powers as well.

      In section two of the bill it looks to add a section to federal statutes titled as section “926D. Concealed firearms permits” in which federal law would enact a mandate that controls how state residents may obtain a concealed carry permit stating:

      1. “Establish a process to issue permits to residents of the State to carry concealed firearms” and
      2. Requires anyone seeking to carry concealed must “obtain a permit through the process established under paragraph (1).”
      So, even states, like Vermont, Arizona, or any others seeking constitutional concealed carry (where no permit is required) would mandate that the state take on the process and cost of issuing permits to persons desiring to do so.

      • independant thinker

        Be careful and do not confuse this bill by Barbara Boxer with a bill that has been introduced that would require states to recognize other states CCWs just like they have to recognoze other states drivers licenses.

        • JeffH

          independant thinker, you’re absolutly correct. Boxer is another of California’s many anti-gun zealots. Also, whenever the term “common sense” is used by lawmakers, the red flag explodes…it’s a term that guarantees anything but actual common sense has been used.

    • scotta

      Before everyone gets all excited about a national right-to-carry bill, please consider why we need permits to carry at all. Isn’t the Second Amendment our carry license? The form (not to mention the requirements) for a carry permit in LA prints out at over one inch, asking an awful lot of awfully personal questions. Having been treated for depression years ago, I could never be “awarded” State permission to concealed carry. At least they still allow open carry. And anyone can carry in their private vehicles (seen as an “extension of the home”), and on their personal property. To paraphrase the famous Western, I don’t need to stinkin’ permit.

  • Russell

    I do not hunt anymore but I will fight for my right to keep &bare arms and not let clinton , and the dems take it from me.

  • Grumpy Old Biker

    I’ll tell you one thing. If everyone carried a gun, like in that town in Georgia (I forget the name), the crime rate would be zero. (As it is in the town who’s name escapes me)
    Criminals prey on the weak, they won’t mess with somebody that may just kill them.

    And, by the way. Criminals don’t go to gun stores or gun shows and buy them. They break into our homes and steel them. No amount of gun control laws will stop them from having a wepon. Ask the English and the Aussie’s.

    My interpretation of the second amendment is that I have the right to posess a wepon at any time I choose, weather concealed or in plain site. A CWP is just a tool for Big Brother.

    • James

      Grumpy Old Biker, I agree with your sentiments, except for your Second Amendment comment. That amendment is part of the Bill of Rights which are restrictions the States placed upon the federal government. Like the First Amendment’s “Congress shall lmake no law…”, so the Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” applies exclusively to Congress. Our rights are unalienable, they aren’t dependent on any document for their existence. Too many people speak of their right to bear arms as a Second Amendment right, it isn’t.

      • Florida

        then what is is if not a right

        • James

          Florida, The right to bear arms is an unalienable right, it is not dependent on the Second Amendment for its existence. (Our rights were won in the Revolutionary War.) The Bill of Rights is restrictions the States placed upon their just created federal government. The Second Amendment’s “the right to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed” is a restriction on Congress, it is not the right itself. The legislation being proposed by Congress is a violation of that amendment’s restriction, unless, of course one thinks their proposal is not an infringement on the right. Was their Gun Control Act of 1968 an infringement?

      • Richard

        Hey James better brush up on your constitution theory. For instance the 1st says congress shall make no law. Do you think the states could make such a law? Actually the states are required to abide by the US constitution.

        The 2nd applies to all states including NYC, Cal. DC.

        The 3rd doesn’t come up much but the STATE guards can’t take your home.

        The 4th Search and Seizure applies to all states including Miranda, Black guy gets arrested in Mass has the right to an attorney so does the black guy in Mississippi!

        The 5th due process, double jeopardy, applies to all states……..including the southern states in the 60′s.

        The 6th the speedy trial, and right to confront witnesses right to a lawyer. Applies to all states.

        The 7th a jury is a right rather than one judge. And it is for all states.

        The 8th Bail and unusual punishment applies to all states.

        The 9th Says the constitution can not take away rights.

        The 10th Says if the Feds don’t have a law the State can….but it still can’t circumvent the constitution. For instance, laws that basically restrict gun ownership to a very very select few as in NYC or DC or Chicago violates the 2nd. This was recently upheld. The mentioned states and Chicago are trying to cook up a different law that again makes it almost impossible to legally own a gun.

        The 1-10 amendments basically say the same thing, they all limit what the government can do to you, they protect you from your own government not each other.

        BTW: The first amendment does not allow the press to commit a felony to get a story, although some in the press think they are immune to the law.

        • James

          Thamera, The U.S. Constitution created the federal government (1789) and delegated certain powers to it (Art. I, Sec. 8). The Bill of Rights (1791) is restrictions the States placed upon the national government to prevent it from meddling with our rights. It starts with “Congress shall make no law…” concerning the five rights mentioned therein. The 9th Amendment reminds Congress that enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. And the 10th Amendment reminds Congress that powsers not delegated to it are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
          State Constitutions contain similar provisions, rights are not dependent on any document for their existence, they are unalienable. In McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Supreme Court held that a Chicago ordinance, that forabad possession of handguns in that area, had violated the “liberty” of the due process clause in the 14th Amendment.
          No State law has ever been held violative of any of the first eight amendments in the Bill of Rights.

    • Cecilio Mendez

      The name of the town is KENNESHAW. That from an NRA member who lives in Puerto Rico… just saying…

  • Carol J

    And I’m afraid of what will happen when they decide to confiscate your guns. Mine were stolen from a storage unit I was renting in Reno, Nv. When I went to make the report, the Reno police refused to take the report. They said the property owner had to make the report. When I said that they didn’t know what was in my unit and could not make the report, I was told “Too bad, but that was the law”. So I am still the registered owner, and would be unable to produce them.

    • JC

      You need to record this in every way possible and file it with a lawyer. Photographs, send faxes/emails to the Police, the Court House, City Hall, your Congressman, your Senator…absolutely everybody.

    • ValDM

      Carol J,
      The police lied to you. If your rent was current, YOU are in the right, and they shouldn’t have refused to take the report.

      • Carol J

        Having been a landlady, I’m aware of that. I also said that to them and they still refused to take the report.

        • 45caliber

          Write your Congress man. He might help.

  • JC

    Ted’s right. I’ve helped about a dozen people (so far) to understand their rights and become firearms enthusiasts.

  • Cawmun Cents

    First I gotta say that Ted’s rendition the National Anthem is most outstanding.Secondly,When they outlaw guns,I will just be an outlaw.Its better than being an in-law from what I understand.I dont want to live in a nation where my liberty is abridged on account of someone else’s idea of safety.I say to those who would perpetuate such laws that if you think you had a gun problem before you enact a ban law,you aint seen nothin’ yet!

  • jopa

    Rumor has it that the gunshot wound to Usama Bin Laden’s head looks as though he was hunting with Dick Chaney.

    • Thamera

      Jopa, you can do better than that. That was just lame.

  • http://hughesnet greybeard

    People the USA is a third world country as of now and the people running it are third world leaders.So it does not take a genius to know what is about to happen. Each and everyone of us has studied history and the answer is right there. A long time ago China said that they would wait and let the USA destory its self with-in and it is in the works. THINK ABOUT IT


    Ted Nuggent is a man on a mission and we need a lot more like him, his being a thorn in the side of this administration and their dicatorial methods of undermining and denying rights granted by Constitutional Law is becoming a real open battle and the wounds are going to be vicious before all is said and done.

    The NRA is going nuts with asking for donations to fight the legal aspects of all this intrusion and all the other interest that want to protect gun ownership are voicing their concerns loud and clear. This adminsitration loves to get issues in court at the cost of the taxpayer, it is a unending socurce of irritation but it is built into the legal system. In my view we already have the right to own firearms and the only one really worried about it is big government, which is why the founding fathers put this amendment in place, it puts a kink in the governments quest to curb freedoms.

    • Florida

      our right in not by constitutitional law law is by congress

      • James

        Florida, Your statement, here, seems to have answered your question above. See my answer there.

  • http://guncontrol Eileen Barayasarra

    In 2005 I had to use a pistol to defend my home from an intruder. He was 24 and looked like Mike Tyson, except he was a Mexican. I was 66 and resemble Granny of “The Beverly Hillbillies.” I was no match for him until I got the pistol. He left in the ambulance and I DID NOT!! His own daddy told me over at the courthouse that his son would have killed me if I had not had the pistol. I am not afraid to die, but some meth addicted scumbag is not going to chose the day!! I will always have a pistol- – or two- – or more- – .

    • .50BMG

      And you didn’t get arrested? Where do you live? I want to move there!

      • http://guncontrol Eileen Barayasarra

        In Idaho! Our Governor is a COWBOY, several of our local police officers grew up on ranches, and here we kill our own rattlesnakes! Of the 17 police officers who ended up in my yard that day, not one tried to take my pistol! I should clarify- – I did not shoot the intruder. I ran him out of my house. I had a bead on him but my dog jumped at me trying to get me to move farther away as he came up the steps toward me. The dog spoiled my aim. He fought the police for 15 minutes in my garage. His face was cut and both arms were out of the socket but he still refused to surrender. He caused his own injuries by refusing to surrender. That is what meth addicts do!

    • Florida

      Good for you Granny Barayasarra

  • Suzanne

    Gang… We are in the midst of a globalist, elitist bankster takeover. Our government is FASCIST, meaning that it is run and owned by the big banks, big multinational corporations that don’t pay taxes (like GE) and the military-industrial complex.
    We have to expose this whole thing for what it is. Right now, the lies are so blatant and in-your-face, like Obama’s birth certificate and Bin Laden’s alleged killing this past weekend (he’s been dead since early 2002 and there are lots of sources saying so).
    They want us broke, homeless, starving, defenseless and on our knees.

    • JC

      Yes indeed. Prepare

    • Cathy

      Right, the birth certificate. What a joke! And people believe that?

      Then there’s Bin Laden. Give me a break.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        this guy is wrong on the beams. We have a memorial in Eastlake Ohio that has a piece of one of the beams, and some of the sod from the pennsylvania crash site.

    • http://N/A Susan

      You are not entirely correct. First of all Osama There is no proof and if there is then Produce it That He aws Dead before THIS recent Reporting, Second as for the Birth Certificate of President Obama, I also have a birth certificate just as many do. I WOULD SOONER CHECK OUT the LIKE the ISLAMIC MUSLIM FAITHS that are in our Government having apparently been Elected by whom? maybe by many that did not even know whom they were voting for Unless they wanted PAID ATTENTION during their campaigning From the States they ran in.. CONSIDERING THE ONES called ISLAMIC TERRORIST that actually were responsible for 911.. I will Not bore you with their Belief about JEWISH ISRAELITES and all That have been a Friend to and of the PEOPLE AND ISRAELITE JEWISH PEOPLE. And What THEIR FAITH HAS TAUGHT THEM FROM AGES AGO.. ACCORDING TO THEIR BOOK OF THE “KORAN” If you do not already know Do some reading Even as recent as a few years ago in New York and earlier Testimonies of ISLAMIC WOMAN AND GIRLS.
      Personally I believe They Just GOT OSAMA. I also believe he was sick enough he already had chosen his Successor As Leader of the Terroist OF hatred. A new “Most Wanted” list Of The nations. I have never doubted President Obamas Birth JUST THAT HE IS NOT As much for Our Protection and Freedoms as Presidents Before him ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS SCHOOLING and HIS KNOWLEDGE OF HIS Fathers Teaching Of ISLAMIC MUSLIM OF the KORAN,OF EGYPT. THE WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST is a War Between FAITHS, IDEOLOGIES, EGYPTIANS, JEWISH, CHRISTIANS, THE LAST I KNEW AMERICA HAS been KNOWN AS “JUDEO/CHRISTIAN” FRIEND OF A LAND PEOPLE AND NAMED “JEWISH, HEBREW, ISRAEL” NOW A STATE Mandated as of 1948. THEY FOUGHT TO GET BACK. LAND PROMISED to them. 911 May bee the beginning of our Economical Situation WARS ANY WAR COST MONEY AND LIVES BY BOTH THE SIDE OF FREEDOM AND THE SIDE OF NON-FREEDOM. OR AS one said . Between Good and Evil. After 911 Hatred Jealousy and Envy has always been reason for what?? WAR. Whom can say that no war is GOOD FOR THOSE that DIE IN ONE.. QUESTION,,, TO know Where why and Who Started this 911 also had done much before. USS Cole and how many other things Before THEY HIT HERE ON AMERICA’S SHORE OF LADY LIBERTY? We have GAINED MUCH MUCH MUCH SECURITY TO protect us FROM ANOUTHER MAJOR ATTACK like 911. and LOOSING MORE privacy and Freedoms we have known YET Israel has lived with BOMB Attacks DEATH and Murder for a Long Time Since When. And Including the Holocost Denied by some.

  • JimH

    I saw Ted give a talk at an archery shop years ago.( when he a
    was with Night Ranger). He talked about hunting and gun rights. After the talk I went to the concert. The usher thought it was cool he had autographed our tickets. At both the talk and the concert “Ted Rocks”.

  • independant thinker

    I see where Mayor Daily is requesting an armed protection detail after he leaves office.

  • Eddie Shruba

    Government wants to ban guns so they can have a total control.
    We won’t let that happened!!!
    Stock up on ammo and practice,practice,practice!!!!
    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.   Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    • Thamera

      Excellent quote and so true.

    • American Patriot

      Here is something to look into folks. How can a game maker back in the 80s and early 90s predict 9-11 as well as what we are seeing today. The Illuminati card game. There it is!

  • Kel R

    The founders put the Second Ammendmant in the Bill of Rights for a reason. To check gov tyranny. that is why England has subjects and America has citizens. Remember liberalism is a disease that can only be cured by a dose of lead injected at high velocity.

    • Thamera

      It is absolutely astounding to me that there are so many people (52%) if I recall, who are willing to trade in our liberties for the so called security of the government and see nothing wrong with it. Mindless sheeple doesn’t even begin to cover what they suffer from.

    • James

      Kel R, the reason for the Second Amendment is to prevent Congress from infringing on our right to bear arms. I believe the legislation they are proposing would violate that amendment.

      • James

        No comments? What does “shall not be infringed” mean?

  • Thamera

    Got to love the Nugent!

  • don



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