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Rick Perry Hurt Little Girls!

August 17, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • NancyJ

    Sir, I listened to your entire presentation. My conclusion is that you do directly into therapy. You have a serious mental disorder.

    • jyrine

      Oh, you must be an expert, a doctor or just a wise acre. Go elsewhere with your communist lies.

    • TIME

      Perhaps you should take your own words, then look at your self in the Mirror and repeat them to yourself.

      But thanks so much for your NWO ZOMBIE like post..

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear NancyJ,

      An ad hominem is not a rebuttal.

      Best wishes,

  • Leonid

    Bob – it hurts me when conservatives provide incorrect and fact twisted information. I thought the liberals and are famous for this. I studied the issue, looked into NIH and CDC records, spoke with my wife ship is a physician, and came to conclusion that Rich Perry made a very wise and courageous choice to mandate the Gardosil vaccine in Texas. It is mandated in Virginia and DC. This vaccine, regardless of side effects, is saving thousands of lives of women. There are only several severe side effects ever recorded. The rest are minor. Any vaccine has side effects. You need to learn a little more about the medicine and the risk doctors are taking saving lives of their patients. There is always a risk. I salute Governor Perry for his decisiveness in providing this important tool for improving health of Texas women. In general, I do not like mandates. But in medical field when we are facing with dreadful diseases the right decision is to have children vaccinated saving thousands and millions of lives. This is even more important in underdeveloped world. Stop your attacks on Rich Perry. You are on this in the same boat with American commies. What a company!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Leonid,

      If it was such a wise and courageous decision by Perry, please explain why he is running away from it now.

      In what sick, twisted world–other than a totalitarian police state–is it acceptable for the government to require a person be injected against his will with a drug that has potentially very harmful side effects and dubious of not debatable health benefits? Even better, in what world is it acceptable for the government to mandate–at the point of a gun–any person ingest or be injected with anything (harmful or helpful) against his will.

      That sir, is anathema to freedom. That is tyranny.

      I’m not surprised that your physician wife would be in favor of administering a vaccine. Conventional medicine physicians are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. There are many scientific papers extolling the dangers of gardasil, and other vaccines. They are available to you if you wish to see them for yourself.

      If you consider yourself a conservative but believe it the government has the authority to force you to ingest a harmful chemical cocktail, then I want no part of your brand of conservatism.

      Best wishes,

      • Rayma Dorsa

        I did not know this about Perry,but I did know that several months ago he was called to the EU when it was first mentioned that he may run,knowing that Obama has lost favor with the “Elete” that Perry is one of “them” As a Christsian I have to listen to my “innervoice”and it warns me or Perry,I am considering voting for Bachman, I feel Ron Paul is for America, but I am not sure…about him.

        • TIME


          Rick Perry was summoned to the Bilderburg meeting this summer, as this group makes world policy its not a large leap to grasp why, and what he was called for. ;-)

    • Paul

      Vaccines are the problem with health issues .

  • Allan

    Last time we had the choice of Obama or McCain. Both nominees had the same handlers. This time their Republican favorite Romney was not performing quite as well as expected so they put another horse in the race, Perry. They always want to own both nominees so they can’t loose. Isn’t it strange that Ron Paul gets no notice or mention from the media no matter how well he does? If everyone thinks he can’t win, he won’t, and they will again.

  • brent

    You my friend (not) are a total wack job. You’re a complete certified left wing NUT job, and I’m not talking about cashews either.

    Where were you and your highly educated self (I crack myself up) in 2008 when Obama was running for president? I don’t recall seeing pre-warning videos from you to your large group of followers. WHY NOT?

    Anybody, (including the old beat up dog next door) could beat Obama in 2012. He has now taken Jimmy Carter’s place as the worst president in US history. I did listen to and watch your President Perry video. I’m now wishing I didn’t watch it as I realize your video was nothing but a bunch of bull $#!& and lies.

    Now, here are a few facts for you… Nothing you can say or try to prove in you stupid, poorly produced video will change my mind about voting for President Rick Perry (sounds good don’t you think?)

    Mr. Perry (as president) is exactly what this country needs to get us back on track. He will repealing Obama care, cap and trade, run with a much smaller government (Saving the tax payer millions). He will reduce taxes and spend less of our tax dollars while balancing the budget. You and your video have done a poor job of convincing me (as well as the others who commented) not to vote for Mr. Perry.

    Have a great day and remember one thing, RICK PERRY will be the next US President, so jump on board and let’s support the man who will restore faith, values and liberty back to the US. Oh, and I’ll bet he won’t take a world tour apologizing for the US.

    I support Rick Perry and hope the large group of supports you claim to have will also support him, after all, you surly can’t justify supporting Obama.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear brent,

      Thank you for a reasoned rebuttal. The facts you presented do an excellent job of counterbalancing the facts presented in the video, and I’m sure you persuaded many people with your cogent response.

      Best wishes,

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dear Bob,
        He may have convinced a couple of fence sitters but not ME! I have a handicapped son and no Dr., in his 29 years of life can tell me WHY? I won’t go as far as to say the two vaccinations my wife got right before she found out she was pregnant are the cause, but I won’t go as far as to say they aren’t either. I have both an older daughter and a younger daughter both very intelligent and fine. No man or woman will ever force me to have an injection that I don’t wish to get and that’s just it! I can’t throw my support behind anyone that would try! Thanks for the informative video! Things like this is why I come to this site. Before they all jump all over me, I DO check out a lot of what is said here! Thanks again!

    • Michael J.

      You can’t possibly dislike Obama’s policies and like Perry at the same time unless you do not realize they are on the same team, take their marching orders from the same batch of elitist. I am a recovering Republican and a former GW Bush supporter who with the help of PLD, internet enlightenment and my own observations have seen the light. “Free at last,Free at last”

      The right and the left halves of the Bilderberg party bicker and bemoan each other for the camera, but sit side by side at Bilderberg meetings to receive marching orders from the Bilderberg elite.

      Candidates under their wing, such as GW Bush receive grooming and support initially, only to be eventually beaten down at the point of their chosing. Poll numbers and media rhetoric are kept artificially high and supportive because when they decide to pull the plug it makes the decline more dramatic. Obama is now entering this phase and Perry is being groomed to replace him while maintaining the same agenda of world domination for the fortuanate few such as Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates and Winfrey, only at a slower pace.

      • TIME


        Again a GREAT Post from you!

  • Marion

    Dear Bob!

    With the plethora of idiot comments you received it is no wonder ouu
    country is in such a mess!! As Rush says our people have become sheeple. If they do not know the dangers of vaccines and chemicals to their bodies, they will at some point in their lives. Everything man has created only does damage to a beautiful planet. That is the
    main reason I do not take any meds, vaccines and do not go to doctors
    and am in wonderful health.

    Please continue your wonderful work!

  • Justasayin’

    We all see that you are in the bag for Ron Paul. He is a good man, but reality is, as much as you may want him as president, he is just not electable.
    This idealistic attitude is why the Demoncrats continue to win elections…they stand by thier candidates, even in the face of extreme adversity. Conservatives and Republicans in general do all of the heavy lifting…they line up every candidate in front of the circular firing squad…fire at will until every weakness is exposed, then the pundits join in (the carnivores) to finish off the job, then the conservative bloggers and everybody with a taking point of personal ax to grind (vultures) pick every candidate to the bone, so all the opponents (scavenger bugs and maggots) have to do is find a scrap or two, and their survival is assured.
    Please read some facts about governor Perry:

  • Robert Stevens


    I am also about as conservative as they come. It sounds like Merck (and not Perry) should be blamed for this. Also, the FDA needs to start taking responsibility for their actions, as well as the American public – in particular, the teens and their parents, also the doctors need to screen applicants better for side effects. How can you blame one person for a world of immorality? That’s ridiculous. It’s like blaming the pope, for over population, or better than that, blaming overpopulation on God because he said “Be fruitful, and multiply”.

    At the end you said Paul, Paul, Paul. But “Gramps” Paul wants to allow Iran (complete with their president – Ahmadinejad) to have the right to have nuclear weapons which somewhat scares the heck out of me. I know that we’re living in the last days, but we don’t need Paul to accelerate them.



    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Robert Stevens,

      You write: “It sounds like Merck (and not Perry) should be blamed for this.”

      That’s like blaming the chocolate for making you fat.

      I didn’t say “At the end, Paul, Paul, Paul. That is not me in the video.

      However, Ron Paul is not at all naive about Iran. He would keep us out of a war with them whereas the current crop of elite neoncons and leftists are banging the drum for war. He understands that the U.S. should not, can not, be the world’s policeman. You should read the book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” by John Perkins. That is what America does around the world to foment wars and what Ron Paul wants to end.

      You must continue to educate yourself about Ron Paul and what he believes and must not buy into the MSM and Republican hierarchy lies about him.

      Best wishes,

      P.S. That is Alex Jones in the video.


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