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Responding To A Major Riot

March 5, 2012 by  

Responding To A Major Riot

In August of 1965, a reported act of police brutality touched off riots that consumed the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts for five days. When it was over, more than 34 people were dead, at least 1,000 were wounded and $200 million in property was destroyed by looting and fire.

Twenty-seven years later, the acquittal of four officers in the beating of Rodney King sparked more rioting in Los Angeles that lasted three days and resulted in the death of 54 people and destruction of $1 billion in property.

This is what can happen when social order breaks down. The “riot beast,” as some people call it, grows quickly and can suck in innocent bystanders as easily as it can the fringe criminal element just looking for an opportunity to strike.

Do you know what to do if a riot begins in your area? It’s not always possible to avoid a riot, as most of those injured or killed are innocents caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there are a few things you can do to help protect yourself from getting caught up in the worst of it:

  • Be prepared. If you know that tensions are brewing to such an extent that a riot is possible, but you can’t avoid the area, try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Wear clothes that make you look like part of the crowd, but take care not to wear colors that could signal allegiance to one group or gang.
  • Plan possible escape routes for the duration of your journey outside.
  • Keep cash on hand to arrange for transportation or pay off looters.
  • Remain calm. Riots bring intense emotions to the surface, and you have to keep your emotions in check. Think rationally at all times.
  • Get inside and stay inside. Stay away from windows and doors, try to get into the middle of the structure to put as many walls as possible between yourself and any bullets fired from outside, and lock all entrances into the building. Keep in mind you need to have at least two escape routes. If rioters gain entry to your building, leave in a hurry and try to find law enforcement authorities.
  • Stay on the sidelines.
  • If you’re caught up in a riot, don’t take sides. Try to be inconspicuous and move slowly, but purposefully, to the outside of the mob.
  • Move away from the riot. The longer you spend in it the greater the chance you will be injured or killed. But move out slowly. Think of it as escaping the undertow, and move toward the outside so you can find an alley, side street or doorway to get into.
  • Avoid major roadways, as this is where the crowd is liable to be the greatest.
  • Avoid public transportation. The stations may be particularly dangerous because of the chance of large crowds and difficult egress.
  • Don’t stop your car. Drive away from the riot and don’t stop until you are in a safe place with no other people, except maybe law enforcement, nearby. If people try to block your course, honk your horn and continue driving carefully through them.
  • If you’re in the midst of a riot and police begin using chemicals, such as teargas, try to stay out of the line of fire. Try to stay away from the front lines, which will bear the brunt of a police action. If the air gets thick with chemicals, get low for fresh air.
  • Do your best to stay on your feet. If you fall, you are likely to be trampled. If you do fall, curl into a ball and protect your face and vital organs.

Should you believe that riots or looters may soon affect your neighborhood, you may deem it prudent to leave your home until the situation stabilizes. Most people think that simply locking their doors and leaving is sufficient. But this won’t keep out rioters who are not bound by the rule of law and certainly don’t respect the locks on your doors and windows. So you need to prepare your home to make it as looter-proof as possible before you leave. To do it properly, you will have to have prepared in advance by purchasing and storing the needed materials.

You’ve probably seen video or photographs of homes along the coast being prepared for the onslaught of a hurricane. Keep this visual in mind as you begin to make your home looter-proof.

Plywood over the windows and doors will confound most looters because the riots that fuel the looting are generally somewhat spontaneous. It’s difficult to remove plywood covers without the proper tools, and the odds are against looters carrying pry bars, hammers and screwdrivers when a riot breaks out. Don’t forget to cover skylights and other soft points as well.

If you have a large screened or glassed-in porch, the best bet is to secure the small door that allows access to the home. Sacrifice the glass or screen on the porch.

Garage doors can be problematic to cover. If you have a metal garage door, you probably should just trust it to keep out looters. A wooden door can be breached with a swift kick to one of the panels. Cover each of the panels with plywood as if they were glass.

The plywood you use should be at least 3/8 inch thick. Any less and you may as well have no protection at all. Use screws to secure the wood. The screws should be 1½ to 2 inches in length.

If your home is boarded up and other homes in the neighborhood are not, yours will likely be spared in lieu of the easier pickings.

If your house is hooked to natural gas or a propane tank, turn off the gas at the gas meter and water at the main valve. Turn off the electricity at the breaker or fuse box.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i shoot anyone trying to get in my apartment.

    • flashy

      I’m still trying to figure out the reasons why this was an article? Anyone expecting a riot anytime soon in a neighborhood near you?

      Or is it to as part of the “Code word’ article of today and is to highlight and fertilize one of the three areas of the Tea Party Trilogy….Fear, hate, Ignorance?

      One should ask … when a riot does occur…why is it occurring?

      • Thor

        It is actually a honey-dew-inducement-come-on for egomaniacal-alter-ego shills like you, flasheeeee! Ole Partner.

      • s c

        Actually, one should ask if “one” is still on that childish, perpetual ego trip. Did someone once tell you that you’re smarter than a rock? If they did, they LIED, comrade.
        If one had any common sense (not likely) one would ____ off and go somewhere else. Just stick to the topic.
        By the way, if you have some suggestions for the PLD staff or Bob Livingston, ask away, comrade. I have some extremely pointed questions to ask you, and I’m betting that you don’t have the guts to answer them, comrade.
        Up the rebels, and down with the wannabe masters.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear flashy,

        This article was not written for you. It was written for thinking people.

        Best wishes,

      • flashy

        Ask away SC.

        BTW..i would say i did stay on topic as you veered off. I was speaking about riots and questioning the choice of topic.

        It’s a fairly easy topic. Riot occuring? Stay, hang out and get involved either as a rioter or a victim, or get the heck out of Dodge and seek safe shelter.

      • flashy

        Mr. Livingston, would I give the honest and appropriate response to your comments, no doubt you would use it as a “strike three”.

      • TML

        Flashy says, “I’m still trying to figure out the reasons why this was an article?”

        Seeing as how Bob is typically all about preparation, I’d say the answer was obvious. Nothing wrong with being prepared.

        Flashy says, “Anyone expecting a riot anytime soon in a neighborhood near you?”

        I doubt anyone ever ‘expects’ a riot, hence prior preparation

        Flashy says, “Or is it to as part of the “Code word’ article of today and is to highlight and fertilize one of the three areas of the Tea Party Trilogy….Fear, hate, Ignorance?”

        You’re not going to get serious answer by trying to insult people. Fear, Hate, and Ignorance can be applied equally to any ‘label’, including “Liberal”

        Flashy says, “One should ask … when a riot does occur…why is it occurring?”

        Good question… and in the two examples given in the article, you could be sure a riot will follow an extreme case of publicized police brutality.

      • ed

        Chi town is expecting riots ie 1966 Dem conv with g summit and nato conference sched there

      • eddie47d

        [ad hominem removed]

      • granny mae


        LOL ! Nice one ! God Bless

      • Will,W

        I think Mr Livingston just informed us on 2 well documented riots flashy and I don’t think either involved teabaggers. They did however both involve members of you group and you described them well.

      • pweiters9

        3/6/12, This could be the price we pay in Nov. when BO loses. His (OWS) street people are already a name-brand rent-a-mob wreaking havoc from coast to coast. Add to that these dumb-ass black people who still genuflect at his alter, and you have a potent recipe for big trouble.

      • mark hammer

        why should a riot occur? gee, do we need to list them? lawless regime as in Corzine .2B missing? fast/furious, gas prices, unemployment, constant disregard for the Constitution, open borders, trillion dollar bailouts to cronies, 3 wars, etc.

        flashy, get your head out of your ass, put the bong down and sober up.

        tea party belief is simple you see it’s an acronym Taxed Enough Already TEA. one of the communist’s strategies is tax the capitalists into oblivion. leaving a gaping hole for top down tyranny. the folks tea partiers hate are commies, moochers like yourself, and big government. we all ned to be afraid of this government.

      • By George

        Well, Flashy, If a riot starts, it’s already too late to ask why it is occurring. The article was written because the Commie in the White House is telling us it’s going to happen. Occupy Wall Street was a test run. His Blacks for Obama and other groups, will start this thing off and the next thing you know, your house will be in flames or ransacked or worse, you and your family will be murdered in your beds. Judging by some of the responses to your pist, I suspect that while you might not be completely stupid you certainly have difficulty in thinking.

      • Notflashy

        90% of the people I know are preparing for riots and emergency. Ever think the USA may be bankrupt? Did you ever think we are losing out AAA financial rating? Do you ever think we will no longer be the world’s reserve currency? Do you ever think?? Do you live in this country? Do you talk to people?? Maybe you should come down from that Ivory Tower long enough to smell the coffee. Tens of thousands of Americans have alredy fled to Equador, Italy, South America, along the Mediteranean, and Asia to “escape” the riots! Scheezzz….LIBERALS ARE THICK!!!! I prefer to think you are a stupid NWO Bot…you sound like one. PLZ… real people aren’t this dumb!

    • James

      I’ll do the same. Here in Florida, the Castle Law also applies to your car when you are in it. Riots or not.

  • steve

    when there’s no food or water services what are you going to do then.

    • Dark_Archer

      Steve , you will starve and dehydrate ….I will be well fed and lack for nothing, cuz a country boy can survive …no mention of arming yourself in this article should have been number one on the list ,that and knowing that this will be an unavoidable riot, its coming soon to a city near you, the communist left knows that obama is not far from being outed as a fraud a traitor and a usurper, to avoid this the communist left has planned the American spring, it started last year as OWS but this is the communist lefts code word for the ”shyt is about to hit the fan ” those who dont plan for this will be the first casulties of the upcoming war, join your local militia ,arm yourselvves to protect your family by as much ammo as you can and be ready…. its comming

      • eddie47d

        Actually you got your wish Mr Dark Archer for 2 shotguns were mentioned in the picture. Another thing is that the Rodney King incident occurred under H Bush on March 3,1991 under his Presidency . The riots occurred a year later after the verdict was read and the police got away with the beating. That was on April 4th 1992 also under H Bush which means riots and civil discourse do occur under Republican Presidencies. You also said that Obama favors civil discourse with his “support” of OWS so does that mean you support the Wall Street Banksters who brought our economy down.I guess we could call that an Internal Riot where the perps robbed,stole and did major damage without directly burning any businesses down or did they? Considering the number of small businesses that closed and homes that were lost to foreclouser I would say Wall Street did far more damage than any “real” riot that you envision.

      • 45caliber


        Did you see the entire video or only what the news media showed? The juries (Several) who saw the whole videos all found the cops innocent. Interesting, isn’t it? What was on the part the media cut off? Don’t made decisions on what the MSM shows. It shows only what they want you to see.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Dark Archer:
        Although, you’re right that people need to be prepared for everything. I, myself, am armed
        plus i have the plans to stash necessary supplies. Thus, this is agreed upon. However,
        i got news for you. Obama will win in a landslide. This nonsense, that he’s not an American citizen is bunk. Furthermore, you talk about the ows threat, which is credidble.
        However, the Tea Party threat is just as bad. As a matter of fact, i’m preparing more for
        the Tea partiers than ows. Read the horrible email written by the King patriots to Scott Walker in Wisc. You’ll understand what i mean. For example, theis organization uses racial slurs, anti-semitic names, and very sexist terms. They even advocate raping ” liberal
        women”. What does that say? Alright, i’m done but the threat comes from both sides.

      • Will,W

        TONY, is out of his mind, Obama is toast.

      • eddie47d

        There are still folks like Caliber that think cops can use victims as their punching bags.

    • Sirian

      What do you do? Simple steve, prep up for it. Store extra food, water, guns and ammo – isn’t that a fairly common thing anymore? Common sense is much more advantageous than so many people realize.

      • kodster

        That’s the problem… common sense died a long time ago. Didn’t you read the obituary? So unfortunate, but true.

    • James

      If you feel the riot social atmosphere is becoming more likely in your neighboorhood, just do like we do in Florida (assuming relocation is not an option) and prepare for a hurricane, but with four times the duration. Non-perishable foods: canned meats, canned vegetables & fruits, oatmeal, pastas, rice, powdered and canned milk, powdered eggs, cooking oil, salt & sugar. Have an ample supply (60 days) on hand for all prescription drugs and pain / fever reducers. If possible have a couple of hand guns, a rifle (a.22 is OK), and one or two shotguns. I stock ammo at home for all, including some rubber buckshot and lead buckshot for the shotgun. As far as water goes, if you have a bathtub then Google the term ‘Water Bob’ and see an easy to use reservoir solution. Have some bleach or water purification tablets on hand, too.

      • James

        Also, a camping cookstove with fuel for emergency cooking and candles for emergency lighting are also wise items to have on hand.

  • FreedomFighter


    You and a buddy stand on the roof with high powered flashlights and large caliber semi-auto or Auto (if allowed) rifles and stomp around looking mean.

    In LA riot footage the only store not ravaged by rioters was the one with several asian men with machine guns on the top of it – looking mean, everything around the store was looted and burned, not them.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • http://personallibertydigest beth

    God I am scared of what I believe is coming. I realize you are not a fortune teller, but do you think the fur will start flying at the G8 in Chicago and continue with the conventions?

    • Sirian

      That’s one of the main thrusts of their plan Beth. They are driving towards a repeat of ’68 – do you remember that? Only this time they desire for it to be much more violently effective.

      • s c

        I remember ’68, Sirian. That goes back to the day when a wannabe prince-of-darkness was in the White House and busy raping Social Security so America could be “blessed” with a “Great Society.”
        Now that we have another FDR in the W H, it would be [according to utopian 'logic'] a bad time to waste such a wonderful opportunity to exploit another crisis. One must have priorities, eh?

    • eddie47d

      The NATO conference and the G-8 Summit do occur in Chicago this summer and there will be massive protests against these NWO Elites. Could there be riots? That’s a possibility and it will depend on if Free Speech is trampled on or if the rioter or the police misbehave. I can’t wait to see how many of you come to the defense of those Elites and the NWO that you rail against on this site. I personally don’t believe there will be any force/leader in government who will stand up for the citizens and like sheeple they (including you)will fall in line to the NWO masters who control the G-8 summit.

      • Rick

        Eddie you need to see a doctor about your rectal/cranial inversion See if he can remove your head from your rectum. We really don’t care about your hated leadership. We are talking about protecting our family, our friends, and our homes. maybe if they burn Chicago to the ground it will get the corrupt and dictatorial leqdership and I bet they will not long be able to continue to allow the people the right of self defense. If they riot they make themselves fair game. Drop a few and the rest will think twice. think about how fast the crowd broke upat kent state in 69. Wen they start looting and doing proerty damage they fofit their right oot assemble since it is no longere lose more property and lives trying to play nice with rioters. When they start looting and doiong proery damage they are giving up the right to assemble since it is no longer peaceful.

      • eddie47d

        So you too support the “peaceful” protesters who work inside Wall Street and steal millions and play foul with your pensions? Should they be fair game in all their destruction? Will you mow them down as you would those at Kent State? Will they pay restitution to the homeowners who lost their houses to their financial looting? Those Inside Wall Street weren’t earning their money “peacefully” so which side will you be on?

      • Will,W

        Eddie your daft bro, no matter who is elected, we will fight to the death for liberty. The head of the snake is George Soros, He is the master mind behind this corruption, its just a matter of time.

      • eddie47d

        Dig deeper Will and don’t be fooled by the right wing talking heads that say it is all Soros’s fault.

      • Will,W

        Brother I don’t listen to the talking heads of any party, I do my own research and stomp my own snakes, Ive studied every thing I can dig up on Soros from the time when he was fourteen and turned on his own Jewish people and handed them over to be killed, I know every thing there is to learn about that piece of sh!t , Ive studied about his school teacher Karl popper who taught him about reflexivity 65 years ago, I know he spent 23 million 685 thousand dollars in 2004 trying to destroy Bush and failed. Lol blow me Soros lol. That old bastard get his thrills destroying countries, hes known as the man who broke the bank of England, He destroyed Russia’s economy also, and several others, and he is the 46th richest man on the planet. He is now trying to buy up all the gun and ammo manufacturers in the Usa. I know about his daddy Tivador, and mama Elizabeth, and his uncle who put him through the London school of economics, after he survived the battle of Budapest. This man George sorus I feel may be the Antichrist, he is almost 90 years old and is out bankrupting economy’s, I feel like he is out to rule the world and the Usa is a stumbling block to him, Obama is his puppet, he made obama, he bought the media, sent him to school, payed for his campaign, Soros is a Multi billionaire, You ever wander why obama just appeared out of thin air, worked as senator for 2 years and tada hes president. Nobody even knows where he came from. There’s no records, nobody knows anything. Soros is using obama to gain control of the world, without him obama wouldn’t amount to anything. I know about Soros. Eddie

  • eric

    I don’t want to shot anyone ,I would lay low and avoid even being out if a riot was going on. I stored food and water and have everything I need to hunker down in any emergency for months without having to leave my home. I will protect my home against any intruders.
    People are easily lured into a group mentality ! we see it all the time.

    • Lenny

      I would add that in these days I would not go anywhere near law enforcement. The risk of injury or death is as great or greater than from looters and rioters.

      • Christin


        I know it!!!

        The Riot police will look at ALL people as the ‘snipers’ and use force to control the group.

      • kodster

        We are already in a police state… do you think the police would really protect us? Sheesh! They’re looking out for themselves… screw the people, they’re thinking.

      • 45caliber


        Police are not required or intended to protect us. They are supposed to arrest those who commit crimes. This had been ruled this way by the SCOTUS. The real problem in riots is that the police do not arrest those breaking the laws; they let them alone and arrest those trying to stop them.

      • eddie47d

        Caliber??: They arrest protesters and rioter by the hundreds so who are you trying to fool.

      • im4us

        The POLICE are to “Protect and Serve”. We don’t see much of that. They take care of crimes, but their JOB is to PROTECT AND SERVE…..US! which would INCLUDE taking care of crimes. But that’s their motto! PROTECT AND SERVE! When is the last time you could say they actually DO “protect and serve”…US? I guess we will see when the riots DO break out, but I already KNOW the answer. I seen a HUGE change in our small town police. Not nice…act like Army Seargents or something if ya have a flat tire. Run your license, search your car..bring out the dogs…for a traffic stop! While the house you are stopped in front of for a traffic violation is cooking METH! Protect and serve has been gone for a bit now! POLICE STATE!

  • dqfreemind

    Shoot first and then shoot some more

  • Sunflower

    I have actually been in 2 riots–at least I was there. In previous times, street fights were referred to as “rumbles.” I discovered that when trouble is brewing, there actually is a low-pitched rumble which can be felt more than heard. The 2nd riot I was near, I felt this, remembered the first experience and quickly walked away and around the corner. Less than 20 seconds after I left, the fighting broke out and people got hauled away. Be aware of your surroundings, and get away. This is not the time for some of the stupid heroics some are advocating. Don’t look anyone in the eye, just duck your head and leave. Nothing is worth getting hurt or killed over.

    • Daniel

      I’m glad that the Founding Fathers didn’t feel the way you do. They pledged their lives to secure liberty.

      • 45caliber

        The Founding Fathers weren’t trying to fight a riot either.

      • eddie47d

        The Boston Tea Party was a clear riot in destroying a companies goods. Every riot or protest has a message behind it whether it is taxes or injustice.

      • 45caliber


        The Boston Tea Party was NOT a riot by any means. A number of men slipped onto a ship at night and threw the tea overboard. The real reason, anyway, was that the tea was cheaper that what they were sellling and they didn’t want the competiion. The tax was only an excuse. There were no others there, no people yelling and screaming, no burning of private property, etc.

      • USAF VET

        You’re right, the Founding Fathers weren’t fighting rioters, it was trained British Soldiers that were over here, and they were fully armed for that time and place. Rioters tend to be mindless, looting and harming people and property. There is a big difference between the two.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. The FIRST thing to do is get away, preferably before it explodes. But once you are away and in a secure place, be prepared to defend it.

  • Robert

    I lived in California during the Rodney King riots. I also worked for the phone company and had to go to work in a different city than I lived. Bottom line is, you had to be aware of your surroundings at all times. (didn’t hurt to carry a piece of 750 power cable about 2 feet long in you car with you – 750 power cable is about 2.5 inches in diameter and weighs about 4lbs per foot, make a handy club). Thank goodness I never needed to use it. Many in my neighborhood purchased shotguns (which were never needed) just in case.
    As far as boarding up your house and leaving, I don’t think so. It was my house my property and I’ll be damned if I was just going to walk away and let the idiots have it. Simply put, the first ones through my door on their feet would have left on their backs feet first. For the most part rioters are cowards, you shoot a few and the rest will scatter.

    • Dark_Archer

      ITS KINDA HARD TO SHOOTEM IF ALL YOUR PACKING IS A PEICE OF WIRE, forget the wire, arm yourselves dont bring a knife to a gun fight , bring as many guns as you can to a gun fight,….and lots of ammo

  • FreedomFighter

    FYI–Something to keep an eye on…from todays links Drudge Report

    Blast it or paint it: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      Very good point but I wouldn’t worry a great deal over 2012 DA14, we’ve had several – and I do mean several – zip past us very close. We had one the size of a VW bus fly by just a few months back. There are several more out there that are much more threatening but they too are very remotely placed and their orbital crossings are decades away. We’ve (astronomy club members) have watched several small asteroids fly by – quite a sight. But again, don’t be overly worried with this one.

      • JimO

        You might have forgotten about that “blank space” (bad pun) over Antarctica. One could be coming from there and it wouldn’t be “seen” until way too late.

      • Sirian

        I’ll grant you that JimO but here’s the problem – there isn’t much we could do about it no matter how much forewarning we may have. It all depends upon the size of the object – asteroid or otherwise. If we’re confronted with a massive 6km asteroid coming in from the “blank space” and we only detect it two weeks prior, well, as I said, there isn’t anything we could do to divert it. Hang it up Obummer, you’re wonderland is about to be obliterated. :) Revelations 6-8 are scripture we shouldn’t dismiss – never! The sciences are worthwhile, very much so, but if we ignore the scriptures and take the sciences over them entirely, then we do have a problem larger than any asteroid.

    • JimO

      Maybe Revelations 6 – 8?

  • tim kidder

    I am in the process of procuring supplies for my family and some friends in a room in my basement. I am more than willing to help people out in times of trouble or need, but if someone intends to steal it or hurt me to get it, well then they will have to go through me to get to it. Most likely someone is going to be hurt or killed and I will do my best to make that them not me or my family. Mob mentality is something I cannot understand. I think it goes along with the mental state and intelligence of the person or persons. Hunger, fear and protecting ones family are great motivators for people to react in ways they would not normally react but it is not excuse for the behavior I have seen during riots in the past. Looters during riots should be shot on the spot.
    During Katrina, I was there just after it took place and talked with many families that witnessed thief’s taking everything not nailed down. This was not a riot but typical mob mentality. Police we talked with and fed, (many of them lost their own homes and were sleeping at the Police station on the floor) only arrested those taking non food and water items and let the rest go and even helped them get back home or where they were staying. The mayor of De Iberville, Mississippi even opened the doors of his grocery store and let people take what they needed. There was no power and all the cold or frozen items were going to be wasted but he did not stop there he let them take anything they needed. There are good people during times of strife and then there are those that will take advantage of others and even hurt them during these times and I do not want to seem totally judgmental but I for one think we are better off without people like that. So, If they attack you to take what you have with intentions of hurting or killing you to get what they want, use some of that ammo you have been storing and put it to goo use! I know I will when I have to!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    The looter cares nothing for you, therefore have no care or remorse for him. , just consider what he is and squeeze the trigger.

    • eddie47d

      Desperate people do desperate things and if they have nothing they feel they will lose nothing if chaos ensues. We all have the right to protect ourselves and our families for that is a given and looters cross the barrier of what is right and what is wrong. Jobs and preventive measures long before the riots would occur will keep folks in check thus avoiding any chaos. How about endorsing preventive measures on Wall Street or even Washington to keep them from looting the Middle Class or burning our economy down. While some concentrate on the visual riots they totally ignore those occurring with the help of Elites in pin striped suits. Did they care or have remorse for what they did on Wall Street or in the boardrooms?

      • Rick

        Eddie being poor is not an excuse for looting. Getting basic necessities is one thing. But, using a riot or mob to rob and steal other peoples property is stealing. You don’t need a nw TV in the middle of a riot. The majority of looters are not trying to get things like Food and Water. They arre just rying to get something for nothing. I agree with one of the posters about if you are caught looting and get shot you have no one to blame but your self. you steal you get shot. It’s called justice. Along with a strong castle doctrine, the law should say if you are caught robing someone’s property they can and shuold shot you if nothing else it will stop the revolving door prison system.

      • 45caliber


        Check those who have been rioting and looting places lately in the US. None are poor. They are simply teens or others who see a chance to get something for nothing and get away with it. Should we feel sorry for them? No. Should we allow them to do it? No.

      • eddie47d

        That is why the WALL STREET looters are never punished no matter how much damage they do. Out of sight and out of mind even though the harm can be far more severe when they commit the fraud. Since the Middle Class is the new poor compared to yesteryear then naturally you will see more of them in the streets. As Wall Street grows corruption flows and they won’t lose a thing while you bash those who have lost everything.

  • Camanodick

    Shoot a few, see if the rest figure it out that they should go away. If they don’t shoot a few more until the crowd leaves or is all shot. Isn’t that the way war works. This is a war folks. Go find the cause, which is the group behind Obama, who decided to break the law to get this Kenyan born fast talker elected president. It is currently up to the judges who are hearing his qualifications presented to them. Google Birth Certificate 32018, it’s all there.

  • Steve E

    I live in a gun rights state (VA). There will be no riots here. The places where the riots are bad are located in gun control states. I suppose they will have to learn the hard way.

    • Christin

      Steeve E,

      ‘School of Hard knocks’… but then again some people never learn… they have an angry fighting spirit

    • 45caliber


      The politicians don’t care if people are harmed in a riot. After all, it won’t be them! They are nice and safe behind a line of guards. If the common people get harmed, then it gives the politicians the chance to make the rules even harder.

      Why do you think the law system continues to release hardened criminals? The criminals use guns in their crimes and the politicans can use that as an excuse to disarm the honest citizens. If the criminals were kept locked up (or executed) then they wouldn’t have that chance, would they?

  • http://w Roy

    Why are talking about a riot. In the 60s we had a climate that lent itself to a riot. We have an election coming up why are we talking about riot instead of issues.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Because one may lead to the other.

      • 45caliber


        I agree with you.

  • Dens

    Arm yourselves. Stocking up on non-parishable food is good too but if you cannot protect yourself and your food supply, you will be an easy target for attackers. Get a 12 guage pump action shotgun similar to what the police have and stock up on buckshot shotgun shells suitable for deer hunting. Keep this weapon handy in your home.

    I also suggest getting at least a 9mm handgun and a 9mm semi-auto carbine and hiding these two weapons to prevent confiscation during times of martial law. These weapons are easily carried, and the Carbine will help put more distance between you and any attackers should you need to leave your home and travel. Hi-Point Firearms in Ohio makes reasonably priced (american made) pistols and carbines in various calibers which will fill the bill and will not break the bank.

    You can buy reasonably priced ammo for all these weapons at Walmart. There are larger caliber pistols and rifles with greater range and stopping power but as the Germans proved with the Luger pistol and MP40 submachine gun during WW2, the 9mm is very effective at shorter ranges. Also you do not have to worry about buying different ammo for different weapons.

    During times of rioting, civil unrest and no police protection, your attackers will be “in your face” close for the most part. Long range expensive weapons are not what you will need. Practice shooting all you can with your weapons and become familiar with loading, unloading, maintaining and cleaning them on a regular basis. If you need to use them to defend yourself, you will be ready. If you never need them for defense, the shooting sport can give you and yours a lot of enjoyment.

  • 45caliber

    The number 1 thing to do if a riot happens is to get away from it.

    The number 2 thing to do is to shoot them – but the police REALLY dislike that for some reason so I wouldn’t advise it.

  • FreedomFighter

    Teenagers poured gasoline on boy walking home from school and set him on fire: cops

    Read more:

    Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white.

    “We were told it’s a hate crime,” Coon told KTLA.

    Riots this summer, hate crime on the rise.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • kodster

      Unfortunately, FF, those teenagers will not be prosecuted for “hate crime”… that’s reverse discrimination! Thank you, Affirmative Action! White, Anglo-Saxon Americans (especially males) are now treated like scum, and are becoming the minority, but it’s the Latinos and Blacks that get the special treatment. I am not racist, definitely not of the skinhead mentality… but I see the facts and truth. Just like Sandra Fluke demanding birth control, and forcing the tax payers to pay for her declared promiscuity. If you can’t afford to pay for your own, then DON’T play! I didn’t, when I couldn’t afford it! This is just vicim mentality… I can’t be responsible for my own actions, so, please, big government, take care of me??!!

      • 45caliber


        Actually the very first person to be tried under the Hate Crimes law was black. There was a lot of complaints about it too – after all, only whites hated others! Only whites should be charged with it.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You do a lot of reading, care to read Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (Dover,2002) which was written in 1895. Best commentary on mobs and riots.

  • MontieR

    Let me do a little breakdown of your suggestions

    Be prepared. If you know that tensions are brewing to such an extent that a riot is possible, but you can’t avoid the area, try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Wear clothes that make you look like part of the crowd, but take care not to wear colors that could signal allegiance to one group or gang.

    The first thing you suggest is turn tail and run. Wrong, I will NOT just leave everything to criminal looters.
    And I will defend MY property and family up to and including deadly force.

    Plan possible escape routes for the duration of your journey outside.
    Keep cash on hand to arrange for transportation or pay off looters.

    Paying off looters is going to do NOTHING but pay them to take the rest of your property and possibly your live/s.

    Remain calm. Riots bring intense emotions to the surface, and you have to keep your emotions in check. Think rationally at all times.
    It depends on what you call rational thinking. It sounds like your idea of rational thinking is to capitulate to what ever their demands are.
    This sends a CLEAR idea to them that you are DEFINATELY an easy victim.

    Get inside and stay inside. Stay away from windows and doors, try to get into the middle of the structure to put as many walls as possible between yourself and any bullets fired from outside, and lock all entrances into the building. Keep in mind you need to have at least two escape routes. If rioters gain entry to your building, leave in a hurry and try to find law enforcement authorities.
    Your firs suggestion is spot on. IF rioters gain entry to my property they WILL leave in a hurry or in a body bag.
    As for finding law enforcement. Don’t bother they will have their hands full.

    Stay on the sidelines. Good suggestion but IF you were paying attention you would see this comming and allready be moving away as fast as possible

    If you’re caught up in a riot, don’t take sides. Try to be inconspicuous and move slowly, but purposefully, to the outside of the mob.
    Move away from the riot. The longer you spend in it the greater the chance you will be injured or killed. But move out slowly. Think of it as escaping the undertow, and move toward the outside so you can find an alley, side street or doorway to get into.
    Avoid major roadways, as this is where the crowd is liable to be the greatest.
    Avoid public transportation. The stations may be particularly dangerous because of the chance of large crowds and difficult egress.
    Don’t stop your car. Drive away from the riot and don’t stop until you are in a safe place with no other people, except maybe law enforcement, nearby. If people try to block your course, honk your horn and continue driving carefully through them.
    If you’re in the midst of a riot and police begin using chemicals, such as teargas, try to stay out of the line of fire. Try to stay away from the front lines, which will bear the brunt of a police action. If the air gets thick with chemicals, get low for fresh air.
    Do your best to stay on your feet. If you fall, you are likely to be trampled. If you do fall, curl into a ball and protect your face and vital organs.

    In total it sounds to me like you are a complete liberal and want the government to protect you all the time. First it is NOT the governments job to protect you and second
    if you choose the victim mentality that is your choice for myself and my family we choose to be free and defend ourselves to the fullest extent possible.

    • FreedomFighter

      I favor large caliber semo-automatic, extra clips.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Mark

      I agree. I just wrote a similar post. Good to see someone recognizing the reaction isn’t to give in to the criminals/thugs. I shoot back. And I shoot well.

      Paying looters? Really? Who was this article written by, the wimpy kid who gave up his lunch money every day? Even if it was, it’s time to grow up, and defend yourself and what is yours.

  • ranger hall

    You have two types of Riots, One is for FOOD, This type you have seen in third world countries, or during time of War, This is the saddest of all, These people mostly hurt ea Other.
    Two is for mostly STUPID or something FREE as what happened in LA. The LA riots would have been put under control sooner but the Politicians waited to long in the first Riot, In the second Riot the Mayor gave orders for the Police to stand Back and not use Force on the Rioters causing destruction Mostly were LOOTERS. The Riot was allowed to continue with out POLICE PROTECTION.
    Back east there was the same thing Brewing with the Blacks, THE MAYOR issued Orders to His Police Dept, ALL LOOTERS WILL BE SHOT ON SITE, He put this out on Radio and TV. Results of his actions WERE there was NO RIOT.
    Under most state Laws RIOTS and LOOTERS are a danger to LIVES and PROPERTY, IF the Police do not Protect you are Yours YOU have the Right to defend your Property and Lives.
    In a Possible Riot, It needs to be put under control SOONER than LATER, The People need to know the Differance between a Good riot and a Bad one. Most Riots are Bad Ones, But thru out History a few Were RIGHT.
    I only have one thing to say about the quotes,Robert and Rick you are right on. Our Rights are based on US Protecting these rights. AND i will never desert my Property until i have to, I may retreat but i will not stop fighting for whats Right.

  • http://google mlb

    To Flashy, your the type that ends up killed in one of these riots, because your in la la land. Good luck

  • factnotrhetoric

    Since the NDAA was signed into law December 31, 2011. Riots now mean something entirely different today the average American.

    If RIOTS start, an Obama Martial Law Dictatorship is Guaranteed.


    Riots today are are also different because everyone is carrying a camera and cell phone. Cameras are everywhere.

    If you see anyone breaking the law anywhere, and you do not want an Obama Martial Law Dictatorship, film them and turn the film immediately over to the police. If you see a paid BLACKSHIRT, or someone paid to start the RIOTS, film them and turn the film immediately over to the police. Tell everyone around you to film all they can of anyone breaking the law.

    The ARAB SPRING RIOTS are Saudi Dictator funded RIOTS TO OVERTHROW DEMOCRACIES around the world. The RIOTS are to replace the Democracy with a bloody, genocidal, Hitler-Like, SAUDI DICTATORSHIP.


    In the United States, the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood took out the permits for the OCCUPY RIOTS in many US Cities. The Saudi Dictator has funded the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood to start RIOTS in the US. So beware and film them breaking the law.

    This is why I guarantee Saudi Puppet Obama will declare an Obama Martial Law Dictatorship if the Saudi Dictator can pay to cause riots.

  • Mark

    The whole article has a very cowardly tone to it. Paying off the looters? Really?

    How ’bout arm yourself and if any punks try to take what is yours, give them some “lead” to go with it. Preferably between their pathetic punk eyes or a few in the chest. And if they are running away, a few in their ass or back is recommended.

    If the “good” people all do this, the “bad” people will have no where to go.

    Btw, in Michigan, we have the “castle doctrine” which gives us the right to defend ourselves and our property. All states should adopt it.

  • Alice Scofield

    I appreciated the suggestions in this article. How can anyone ask “expecting looting in your neighborhood anytime soon?” when there are riots all over the world? I hope NOT to experience it soon…but it will come! Unless and until the goverenment is again under control and not a police state (which lately seems hell bent on destroying jobs, liberty,and all else that is the America i grew up with). I resent being told what to eat, what to believe in, and what medical care I can have. Don’t you? When enough people figure out that Uncle Sammy is not our friend anymore, and bread is $24 a loaf, there may be looting and riots!

  • eric

    The artical mentions finding and getting close to the police , I’am not sure this is a good idea at all ,becuase often the police are the most brutal criminals of all . I have seen the police hitting the protestors with some pretty big stikes on T V . The police represent the goverenment , and we all know the goverenment is crooked . The police are the least likely to be punished for their crime of all . Best to head for the country , where the rural people have guns and religion , so they know the difference in right and wrong . And the fire power to protect you and do whats right .

  • Will,W

    I live in the boonies in Oklahoma so it really don’t concern me. And #2 , I really believe after I drop a few of them from 600 yards out the rest will scatter like rats. 1 shot 1 kill. Lock and load baby.

  • USN/USMCR 1950-1960

    The next BIG riot will probably be nationwide in scope. IE: A long hot summer as it were. The Chief usurpor is counting on it to retain total control over the country. Stay in your house, close the blinds, arm yourself (with a gun preferrably) and hope to hell you don’t have to use the thing.
    If you do have to use it, make damn certain the attacker is DEAD. Here in Arizona, and in many other states, we have a thing called “the castle doctrine”. It means just what it says. “Your home is your castle” and you can defend it with deadly force if necessary!

    • Will,W

      Sounds good bro. I don’t have a castle law. But I got a few hundred acres, and a 580 case super M backhoe. Lol, even if they ain’t dead they will be deep!

    • Will,W

      I like you comment arm yourself, with a gun preferably, lol. Hell Bro that goes without saying lamao. Were hunters and trappers. And I use snares in the woods to catch wolves. I think I can handle a thug. If they are peaceful I’m cool you come to Oklahoma peaceful and the people here are cool as can be. But we don’t take to gangsters, No disrespect to you USMCR. MY Brothers a Marine, and grandfather fought in ww2 , Korea, and Cuban crisis, I know your just trying to warn people man. Gun in each hand, one in each pocket, one behind waist band. And bear traps all around, gonna have me some fun, gonna have a good time now, lol. GANGSTERS, Bring yo azz to Oklahoma, well make it fast and painless.

  • FreedomFighter


    Background chatter, data points, recent public actions – other sources:

    Martial Law to be in full operation, b4 election, the takeover of America is in motion.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Will,W

      If martial law is declared there wont be an election lol, talking about mass chaos in the streets. Besides that who are they going to get to enforce it. I talked to a few Marines today, and Including some are family, and not to mention some of the national guard. Seems none of them want to kill their own family’s. And from what I understand the leaders in the military wont give the order. And even if some of the younger soldiers did you would have soldier killing soldier. Put yourself in their shoes, if obama ordered you to kill your parents and siblings what would you do. What would you do if you thought another soldier was about to eradicate your family and you were armed.

      • FreedomFighter

        Man I hope your right.

        Indicators are pointing to something, who knows, high probability for left wing riots.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Will,W

        Me too Bro, Am I scared? Hell yes I am. Am I going to lay down for them? Hell no. Id rather be dead than a slave bro. We have to stand brave against these snakes. We cant let them destroy the USA.

  • http://none Claire

    All I can say is that I am grateful my husband taught me to use his guns. I am a pretty good shot and believe me I know where to aim. I will do what I have to do to protect my home and my family. I have two very good watchdogs, someone may try to get in but they won’t be able to leave on their own.

    • Will,W

      I can tell, you’ll do fine just from listening to you. I don’t know if my other comment is visible to you folks about the boards with the nails, it said awaiting moderation. But think of them as the spike strips cops use to stop cars and give flats. Lol. Imagine a huge thug kicks your door down and jumps in the room and suddenly has 3. 16 penny ring shank nails that wont come out easy all the way through foot. What he gonna do? Besides soil himself lol, that’s when you pop the top on a shampoo bottle of super unleaded and blast him in the snout. Improvise, after hes outside throw a match on him. Obama can ban guns if he wants lol. Ill improvise,

  • http://none Claire

    This article has some very good information/instructions. Everyone pay attention and take heed.

  • Julien Brightside

    I think that this is a very nice and helpful article, no matter what political standpoint you have.

  • JB

    Stock up on ammunition, load all guns, and shoot every son of a bitch that attempts to get into your home. Shoot to kill, do not leave them alive to potentially hurt you or family. Do not depend on the police. Depend on yourself.

  • Will,W

    I’m amazed at the people who go out and just vote for whomever their grandparents voted for, without even researching anything. I talked to a group today and they claimed they were solid democrat. And I asked them why. They had that caught with pants down look. I asked what part of obamas agenda was good for them and their family’s, and they had zero answers. I asked if they agreed with wealth redistribution and they said yes. And so as most of them make more than me I explained that we could put all our money together and decide it equally, so it can be fair. And some of them work more hours and with more stress. And they just looked dumbfounded. And I explained that’s part of the democratic agenda. Them we discussed abortion. And I said if you had a dog at home that was a female and you just really were attached and loved her a lot. And she was pregnant, and rite about time to have puppies we will take some tongs and pull the pups out and kill them would you go along with that, of course not. That’s cruel. But they will vote for a president that does that to human baby’s. They didn’t even know. Geese.

  • Mike

    I see the “Rodney King riots” mentioned. As a person born and raised in LA, I remember it well. What everyone seems to forget is that, the beating was not police brutality. It just goes to show how many people are completely oblivious to law enforcement procedure.

    Don’t take my word for it, watch the video of the beating yourself and you will see that not once does high on PCP Rodney King stop struggling and let them handcuff him. Do any of you remember the phrase “stop or I’ll shoot” or “freeze (with a gun pointed at you)”. If you resist/struggle the cops have a right to use force. They are concerned with their own safety first not yours, they want to go home to their families when they get off work in one piece. Of course watching a beating will get an emotional response out of people no matter the circumstances but think about this, if you run up on a cop or resist etc you can not only be beaten (legally) but they can even shoot you. There was no brutality in Rodney King’s case, just sheer stupidity for resisting arrest. It doesn’t matter what color you are either, if they tell you to get down and you don’t you should expect a beating.
    I remember seeing a video on youtube of a man tasered on account of his own stupidity for approaching a cop and everyone crying “police brutality” when it absolutely wasn’t either.
    I don’t even like cops personally but honestly the whole Rodney King riots was because of the left playing the race card political games on TV getting people riled up. If the media here would have told the truth, that if you struggle with cops this will happen to you, there wouldn’t have been any riots.

    • eric

      Can’t we all just get along ! LOL

      • Will,W

        I wish we could Eric. And I hope so man. But we have a president who is hell bent on being the next Adolph Hitler. He is a Muslim, and in his country females are like dirt, but he wants their vote so he is playing like he is on their side, but Muslims openly kill women even in this country, to them women are below them. They also hate gay people, go on youtube and see where they hanged 2 gay people last week, but he wants their vote so he acts like he is pro homosexual, and he wants the Latino vote so he is trying to act like he likes latinos and wants to grant them citizenship. He is one of the most extreme racist I have ever encountered and he doesn’t like anybody, he just wants their vote. He is passive aggressive and cant reveal his true motive just yet. But We know his motive, First he has to completely destroy this country so that we are in complete poverty. I mean like in Africa where people are without food, shelter, and subject to the elements, like heat, cold, and hungry. No phones, electricity, ect. He wants riots, and killing in the streets, then he can declare martial law legally without Congress. He will be king. And then the people will have to submit to keep from dying. He will be in complete control of our military. His sponsor George Soros is at this time buying up all the firearm & ammunition manufacturers, marlin, rugger, ect , so he can simply control the supply and make billions of dollar’s off the current scare, people are buying guns like crazy watch the news. Now you see how obama gets the billion in campaign money. Now on the other side, us, we, you, don’t want our economy destroyed, we love this country, we were actually born here. We like our freedom. And when they try and take our freedom all hell is gonna brake loose.

        • eric

          Will I agree with you , I hope everyone that voted him into to office ,doesn’t make the same mistake again or our country will be destroyed if he has another 4 years at the helm.
          I surely did not vote for him , i saw who he was and what plans he had for this country, i was wright and wish i was wrong!

  • Alan

    Leftist anti-tea partier Flashy asked about “Fear, hate, Ignorance” and whether anybody was planning a riot..

    Matter of fact, the fascist plutocrats do indeedy want you to fear returning veterans and personal liberty, they want you to hate freedom from government and hate Christians and free speech, and they want you to be ignorant of the truth and the facts.

  • dennis1946

    JB says:
    March 7, 2012 at 10:35 am
    Stock up on ammunition, load all guns, and shoot every son of a bitch that attempts to get into your home. Shoot to kill, do not leave them alive to potentially hurt you or family. Do not depend on the police. Depend on yourself.

    • eric

      Dennis when a riot starts and it will ,so many people have the want and desire to fit in to this world they can be lead astray easily by the crowd of people that starts with one (expletive deleted) and everyone follows ,its such a shame no one thinks for themselves or raise their children to know they need to speak up and be a leader not a follower in any situation ,to bring the community together as we all need to work together as community when the (expletive deleted) goes down and take care of each other only then can we a civilized society ,I am a prepper stored food medicine ,water supply ,guns ,shelter to survive for the reason no one cares about the people you live next to,or about others in general


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