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Resolve to Exchange Paper for Gold

January 14, 2010 by  

Resolve to Exchange Paper for Gold

It is that time of year again—time for reflections on the year gone by and resolutions for the year ahead. Last month you were generous in your gifts to others. Now, let me suggest that you give a gift to yourself. Resolve in the New Year to take some positive steps to protect the financial future of yourself and your family.

The most popular personal resolutions, we are told, are always the same: To lose weight, to reduce debt, to exercise more, to save money and to spend more time with family and friends. Rather than attempt all of these at the same time, I recommend spreading them out over the course of the year. Otherwise, we are also told, some 88 percent of New Year’s resolutions end in failure.

On the financial side, do plan to pay down debt and save money. Also, resolve to protect yourself from the steady erosion of the United States dollar’s purchasing power by owning gold and other precious metals. If you haven’t already done so, make 2010 the year you establish an offshore financial relationship to protect yourself against the prospect of foreign exchange controls.

Forecast: Inflation Ahead

I don’t need to tell you that the past two years have been tumultuous indeed in the financial markets. During the past two years gold has been one of the few investments that protected your savings. Meanwhile, the two-year performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 21.29 percent, the S&P 500 is down 24.46 percent, and the NASDAQ is down 16.79 percent. No wonder most Americans have seen their savings shrink!

In contrast, precious metals performed very well over the same two-year period. Gold is up 36.3 percent, silver up 19.39 percent, and palladium up 1.62 percent. The only laggard is platinum, which dropped 4.9 percent. And let me point out that this excellent performance by precious metals occurred during a period of price deflation.

Looking ahead, I urge you not to put your faith in Time magazine’s Person of the Year, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who says that "inflation could move lower from here." There is no doubt in my mind that the Obama/Bernanke fiscal policies have primed the country for inflation. The question is not if, but when. The massive monetary inflation of the past two years is already beginning to be seen in increases in the consumer-price index. I am afraid inflation will become more obvious, and more serious, in the months and years ahead.

Ignore what our officials say and look instead at what they do. The evidence is unmistakable that it is their deliberate policy to make the U.S. dollar weaker, not stronger. The nation’s monetary base has ballooned in the wake of the U.S.-inspired financial crisis. This sharp increase in the money supply points to higher inflation. You will see it in higher prices at the gas station and supermarket. You will feel it in the steady decline of your purchasing power.

Foreign Exchange Controls

The likelihood that some sort of exchange controls will be imposed on us is greater today than at any time during the past 30 years. The U.S. dollar is no longer “as good as gold.” Today, central banks no longer want to sit with just dollars in their reserves. In addition to U.S. dollars, they want to own gold or even a basket of foreign currencies.

If the U.S. continues down the path of fiscal irresponsibility, a “run” on the U.S. dollar is inevitable. When this happens the president could impose exchange controls just by signing an executive order. This would make it illegal for Americans to move assets outside the U.S. 

Today it is perfectly legal for Americans to invest abroad. As we’ve written many times before, you can own precious metals in Australia, through the Perth Mint Certificate Program. You can own a Swiss annuity, denominated in the currency of your choice. You can transfer funds to a European money manager. The only requirement is that you report any holdings over $10,000 and pay taxes each year on any realized gains.

 If you have not yet established an offshore relationship we strongly recommend doing so this year. Do not wait until this window has been slammed shut! Resolve now to protect your assets against erosion and exchange controls in 2010 by investing in gold and other precious metals. And by moving some of those assets offshore.

My own company, Assets Strategies International, has been helping clients switch paper dollars for gold and other precious metals for almost 30 years. We can also show you how to move assets abroad, safely and legally. See our website,, for more information.


Michael Checkan

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  • Robert

    Too bad the gifts you refer to was 95% government hand outs and payoffs. And if the government feels like it, they’ll confiscate all gold held by Americans and give us their IOU’s. Be real, the government did it before and the way things are going, don’t be they wont do it again. Remember they control the military, not us.

    • J C

      That the military, whom are sworn to uphold the Constitution, would begin confiscating “anything” from Americans is a horrifying thought.
      I truly hope we aren’t that far gone.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        No, it is scary however, they won’t use US forces that have been sworn in to protect the constitution, they will use UN forces this is no. 1, No. 2 why do you think they want gun control. Hmmmmmmm

        • jim

          I thought gun control is the ability to hit the target. The Jim from Illinios.

      • Vicki

        during the cleanup after Katrina the government confiscated quite a bit of property belonging to Americans. So it has already happened.

    • DaveH

      Which would you choose Robert – the door to a chance at death or the door to known death?
      Yes, they might try to confiscate the gold, but it’s a certainty that you will lose value if you hang on to the dollar.

      • Robert

        Guns and Ammo. They’ve never been worth zero. And if you have gold, you better have a gun and ammo.

        • J C

          The way things are going….”lead” might also soon become a very precious commodity. Stock up while you can.

  • Jim

    Robert, the Feds may “try” to confiscate but in my State of Texas, we will more than likely call on the 10th amendment and “nullify” any attempt by these usurpers to consficate gold, silver, guns, souls. There will be blood watering the tree of freedom in this State. I can only hope that the other states follow suit.

    • Robert

      As far as I’m concerned the only State with real guts is Texas. Always is, has been, and will be. I’m from New York but have worked and played in Texas. Great people and great state. I think the rest of the 49 states could lean a lesson from Texas and bring our country back to it’s former greatness. Remember the Alamo! You listening Washington politicians? The eyes of Texas will always be on you so clean up your act.

      • James McC

        In the greater Houston area, I asked 5 cops if they would go door-to-door collecting guns if they were told to do so by their Msyor. Two said “No, it is aginst the constitution”. Three said they would collect the guns because it is their job to do as the Mayor tells them. (One said he did not want to loose his job.) Other might try this little one-on-one survay. It leds to very interesting discussions with your local police officers.

      • libertytrain

        Robert 50 states? I thought there were 57 – the President said so.

      • Dink

        The way things are going Obamanation, you might want to move down here to Texas. We have plenty of room for the right kind of people.
        We also have plenty of guns and ammo.

      • June Gagnon

        Robert-not only are the “eyes of Texas” on Washington politicians, so are those of the rest of the country!! Honestly, given our history, I truly believe the “eyes” will win and I’ll be right there to help! I’m a 72 year old “red-neck grandma”, who loves her country and I want it back! How about you??

  • Victor L Barney


  • Dawn Burt

    FRD took the gold away and established the USA as the world leader, Truman fortified the UN, Eisenhower got us into Korea and then Vietnam which started the establishment of a one world government, Kennedy got us in deeper and then got killed, Johnson established the fact that the war in Vietnam was the most vital thing in the world for us to win and could not get us out of it or win it, Nixon open up Communist China for trade purposes which destroy factories here in the USA, Ford was just there as a figure Head, Cater created the concentration camps by turning closed military bases into the place to house masses of people when things went bad the executive orders are still on the books, Regan tried to straighten things out, Bush started to undo Regan work, Clinton Sold out our Military to the World and started to implement the Bilderberg plan to reduce the population by 6 Billion so that they can control the world. Hillary his side kick is part of the group and brought in the communists to the White House (opps I Mean the Black house because Clinton Turn it into that). Bush junior came in and had no back bone and by that time the Bilderberg group had done such a good job at arming the Muslim extremes that we were forced into a war with them. Now there is Obama he is the person the Bilderberg group approved to be President. He was not born here he hates Freedom and they think they can control him. So what does this mean for Gold?

    IT MEANS we better become Texas NOW and Fast We better organized with the intent of removing the Current regime and the regime behind it Now. We better then start working on the Muslim Threat because the Bilderberg group did a good and real job of creating it and now it is out there and the only way to remove that is to remove them. Because Gold is not the only thing they will steal this time. It will be gold, property, Human life as we now it, library and the ability to purpose happiness

    • Dan2

      I heard years ago about our freedom confiscation, and it is coming to pass.

      Something like this, all our troops will be kept overseas in long term ingagements. Korea, Middle east, and cribbean, (just sent more troops to haiti). They cannot protect the constitution from over there. Another 9-11 crisis or martial law declare… riot and looting… police overwhelmed…. need to call in U.N. peacekeeping troops to stop violence… than usher in the world constitution.

      You can see through this model that it is getting closer to New World Order. Our troops our being used to bring the middle east right now into submission of this conquest. It is easy to shoot people if you don’t speak the language. Right now they took our southern border agents away from the Mexico line and left that (border) with Mexico incharge of a supposed drug war. Now the Mexican army needs U.N. troops to to help them , they are just amassing foreign speaking troops on our borders to sweep in. See where this is going, NAFTA, ( North American Union) to usher in the AMERO currency.
      Find a copy of Alex jones’s “fall of the republic for more information)

      Get informed before it is to late!

      The leaders in Washington, stand to get a good position in the next government if they help move world conquest along!

      • J C

        Well, maybe on the up side, since America’s forces are overseas…it wouldn’t be an American you were repelling from your home. So you don’t have to feel bad about it. Defend yourselves, Defend the Constitution against all intruders and usurpers.

  • Big Ran

    It has not been proven that Obama was not born in the U.S.A.! I think Obama was elected by the biggest % of the American People, so if the American made a mistake about Obama then we will have to deal with that, but if you do not have your facts right you need to quit spreading those facts!

    • %(&&)449!!

      You have absolutly no evidence to support any of the rubbish that you just spewed so take your own advice.

    • showmeyours

      We have to show a certified copy of our original birth certificate to start kindergarten. To get a passport. To sign up for Social Security. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      Our current president has refused to provide a certified copy of his long form birth certificate to prove that he is eligible to be president of the United States of America. He has only provided a recently laser printed “Certificate of Live Birth”, the validity of which is in question. Why is he above the law?

      • Vicki

        He has traveled outside the country quite a few times recently. Where is his passport and how did he get one without a BC?

  • Robert Aulicky

    About the gold—1933 it was passed that any gold after 1933 the Gov can and will confiscate in time of national disaster. The law is there!

  • MARY

    If you do not have a lot of money left and owe 100% on your house would it not be more prudent to let current house go and pay cash with what’s left of your assets for a smaller home so that you always have a roof over your head? If any is left over, I would also payoff my car so I have transportation.

    What are your thoughts? Baby boomer recently disabled due to medical accident I don’t have a lot to play with and certainly don’t belong with the big boys who can afford to invest and lose…

    • chuck b


      lots of people were taken in by unscrupulous realtor and mortgage companies, selling homes at twice their value so i can’t see why dumping them back in their laps is not a good idea. you can always clean up your credit record and maybe next time use a little better judgement when you purchase such a big item as real estate.

  • Larry Hill

    I have recently seen where gold is one of the worst investments. The only thing that will matter if the dollar collapses is food as we import about 56% of the food we consune. Who will sell us food if the dollar is no good?? Another subject is we send our representatives to washington and they either will not or cannot represent us.
    This U-tube explains
    this is off of C-span.

  • Valverde

    I will give to each government bank a $20 bill for each $20 gold piece they give me. I promise faithfully. No kidding. I will do it, so get your gold pieces together and I will bring all kinds of government paper to the bank tomorrow, starting with toilet paper, which you can then ship to Washing-town PC for BO to wipe his underarms with after he uses the cases of LifeBouy I sent him.

  • David Hall


  • charlie

    When we look at other dictators such as in Panama, Iran, or Romania, they don;t use the uniformed military who mayb e symathetic to the public. They use their own goon squad that have something to gain by keeping the present dictator in power. In Iran they are using semi train local plain clothed thugs to kill, slash and beat up demonstrators. The baseji or something like that. same in panaman and romania.. Obama can call on the black panthers, the Fruit of islam..the black muslin muscle. Hitler had the brown shirts to beat up and intimidate his oppponents while coming to power.same as obama has avaliable tohim today. We saw a dry run of this with the black panthers intimidating voters and then having all charges dropped by attorney general Holder.

  • Bill Antonini

    A great deal of misinformation…..Harry Truman took us into Korea….recall that he fired Gen. MacArthur because he wanted to cross the Yallow River to chase the Chinese. Kennedy was killed because of his plans to reign in the Federal Reserve. Nixon was correct to open China to trade as he was with Russia….further damage was done by the US Congresses in an effort to feather the nest of members while in office and when they retired. As to the Bildeburgers….just examine who belongs to the CFR….you will find many current and past members of the house and senate along with presidents. I am a Conservative and I can tell you the George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush (not a junior) are not and were not while they were president. I can advise you to take the time to build a supply of food to last you from thirty (30) to ninety (90) days. Don’t scoff at the idea especially if you live in or very near a metropolitian area. Also buy silver coins to use for purchases…..pre ’65 coins can be purchased by the ounce or pound. Silver dollars are also advised. They will not be confiscated.

    Finally if you have not read Atlas Shrugged or the Creature from Jekyel Island do so and you will learn more about this country in the twenth (20)th century than you likely did during your educational experience in this country’s school.

    Both George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. We have learned nothing over nearly two hundred years (250).

    We will have civil disorder at sometime during the next two (2) years because the Federal Gov’t has created a mess in the US in many ways. Weather it was the failure of Fannie and Freddie or the current actions of the Federal Home Loan Corporation which led to our current economic debacle.

    • J C

      All very good advice and insight Bill.

  • Texasson

    Things may have never been worse in America! What will it take to get people informed and throw out these self made elite! We need the right kind of people to stand up and do the peoples will (where we get these folks), Stop spending our children and grand-childrens future! Adhere to the US Constitution, period! We buy our goods from all around the globe, we should be purchasing made in the USA! We are the greatest nation in the history of the world but many have lost track of what made us great and we are letting the greatness slip away! I use to contemplate that the US should become isolationist! We have the intellect to do anything and we have resources, I don’t know but the Unions have priced themselves out of jobs and industry can not compete with the Chinese, Indian’s and Mexicans. I send emails that I hope will continue along, in hopes that Americans will reverse the destruction the we see happening around us! We have to act or we will lose our precious freedom and not just yours and mine but our children’s freedom! In closing, I do know Jesus Christ controls history, directly, indirectly and permissively and faith in him is pertinent!

  • DaveH

    Many Marxist-Leaning Liberals blame Capitalism for our woes. You need to know that Capitalism is often confused with Free Markets which we don’t have. Government is meddling with all aspects of our markets. What we have now is Crony Capitalism which indeed is a problem. That is where Government favors certain companies with regulations (which make it harder for their smaller competitors to operate), tariffs, and outright subsidies. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why those certain companies would get such favors from the Government.
    For more, see this video:

    • J C

      So much for the “Greedy Capitalists” eh Dave? Turns out the problem is in fact systemic cronyism. And as near as I can tell, it actually began under Hamilton when he perverted the General Welfare clause to create a central bank. He and his buddies gained a slush fund for themselves that could be charged back to the American tax payer.
      No wonder Jefferson, Adams and Smith hated him.

  • Wildcat from Dallastown, PA

    Just like many situations we have to effectively deal with, or they deal with you, I remember reading and comprehending a concept called the four ‘G’s. Preparing yourself and for your family takes more than simply gold. There exist several problems that need to be addressed cogently. One of them is the rapid devaluation of the dollar which is further exacerbated by the impending hyperinflation that is expected to hit within the next six to ten months. Throw in the actual unemployment rate (not the one reported by the federal government) and not the one reported by the lamestream media. We are way above the 10%+ figure they have been reporting and then realize our country needs a significant amount of positive change.

    Back to the four ‘G’s which include God, guns, groceries and gold. Of course the guns are to be accompanied by a basic load of ammo with more in reserve. Along with the gold is silver however; do not get it in bullion form. That was the form the government historically confiscates. Get your gold and silver in the form of numismatic coins. The government will not want to pay the price for precious metals in the form of coins. Additionally, you can always spread the risk of the dollars you have by obtaining solid foreign currencies. Off shore accounts are another method but one has to be careful not to scammed so do your research and get legal help for your own protection if you decide to pursue this method. The groceries are more challenging but you may want to look at a company called Nitropak for your easily storable long lasting food, vitamins and water purification needs.

    Good Hunting!


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