Researchers Baffled By Standstill In Global Warming


Researchers writing in the journal Nature Geoscience are perplexed that the theory of global warming isn’t holding sway over what the Earth has actually been doing for the past 14 years.

Revising one’s views about such an inconvenient truth isn’t easy, so the international group of scientists who published the report is being cautious in how the news is presented.

“It has been argued that this observation might require a downward revision of equilibrium climate sensitivity,” the researchers admit. “The most extreme projections are looking less likely than before.”

The trend of increasing global temperatures as a result of the warming of Earth’s atmosphere halted in 1998 and has remained relatively stable since then.

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  • JimH

    The weatherman can’t tell us what tomorrow’s weather is going to be.
    14 years from now? Who knows.
    Why would someone 14 years ago think they could tell us what today’s weather would be?

  • Rocco

    I don’t care how much you hate Al Gore or science, to believe that with all the pollution, killing of rain forest, and garbage the 2 billion people on this plant put in the oceans has no effect on the earth’s ecosystem, is lunacy.

    • JimH

      Rocco(my dogs name) the science we all are accused by you of hating, is what is showing us the halt in rising temperatures.
      I agree we shouldn’t pollute and recklessly cut down the rain forests, but don’t confuse pollution with so called”man made” climate change. It’s two different things.

      • Rocco

        Jim, (my cats name) the science did not say rising temperatures are halting, but that they are, on average, steading for that last decade or so, with a margin or error of +-2. That is a relatively short period. Pollution– air, sea and land– is man made and has an effect on the planet. I just find using politics to make scientific decisions to be unwise. I am going to believe the majority of scientists–who consider global warming real–to a bunch of politicians with a political agenda.

        • JimH

          I hope he’s a cool cat.
          I agree that politics shouldn’t affect scientific decisions, but they do. Government funds the research.
          The politicians with an agenda are the global warming crew.(lets tax,not get rid of, emissions)

          So far there is no proof that climate change (unlike pollution) is “man made”.
          All the research being done about climate change is in terms of changes taking place on our planet very short term.
          2 miles of ice covered fossils of tropical plants during the ice age in Wisconsin. So what should the temperature in Wisconsin really be?
          A volcano puts more CFC’s into the atmosphere than the whole refrigeration industry has since it was born.(so how do we figure what is normal?)
          I’m going to believe the scientist with proof and without an agenda.

          • Rocco

            And I am sure your dog is awesome. Ok, I believe what I have studied about this subject, and you believe what you have learned. But let’s look at another perspective. We are polluting the planet, and this pollution is hurting and killing people. Lung disease is on the rise. And the air that we and others befoul goes all over the world. Trash from the tsunami in japan has washed up on our shores. The earth has finite resources and we are using them up. Doesn’t it behoove us to do something about it, so our grandkids can have a future? All these politicians are harping about the debt we are leaving our kids–and it is a real concern–but if you can’t breath the air or drink the water, what good is money?
            Know matter what, I have enjoy our discussion.

          • JimH

            I agree. When I was growing up in the sixty’s and early seventy’s the river that flows through our area was in sad shape. Our canoe had a reverse bathtub ring and we caught carp, bluegill and bullhead. Now you can see the bottom and we have northern pike, large and small mouth bass, walleye, and even some musky.
            We see eye to eye on pollution, not squandering resources and recycling.
            We just differ on who or what causes climate change.
            Further study will show us.

            Nice talking to you.