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Research: Homegrown Terror, Lone Wolf Scenario Growing Trend

December 13, 2011 by  

Research: Homegrown Terror, Lone Wolf Scenario Growing Trend

Over the past decade, attacks and plots by homegrown terrorists in the United States have increased, according to analysis by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).

The START research says that 40 percent of terrorist attacks in the United States since 2000 have involved individuals that had no affiliation to a known extremist group. The organization says attacks or attempts were carried out by individuals with a range of ideologies, including anti-abortion extremists, environmental extremists, white supremacists and Islamist extremists.

The research makes note of terrorist activities committed by far-right extremist groups, far-left extremist groups and al-Qaida-influenced groups. The results are as follows:

  • More than 345 homicide incidents were committed by at least one far-rightist between 1990 and 2010.
  • Far-rightists killed almost 50 law enforcement officials between 1990 and 2010.
  • Far-right extremists committed more than 350 “financial schemes” since 1990.
  • Almost 25 fatal incidents have been committed by al-Qaida-inspired extremists since 1990.
  • Al-Qaida-inspired extremists committed close to 100 “financial schemes” since 1990.

The researchers also contend that 80 percent of extremists began their radicalization after the events of 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terrorism; about half of the identified homegrown Islamist extremists come from a middle class background, and most are well-embedded in their host society. According to researchers, only about a quarter of the extremists mentioned are converts to Islam and most attacks or attempts are carried out by “lone-wolf” suspects.

The report comes soon after the Senate voted to place domestic terror investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military, setting the stage for trial-free, indefinite detention of anyone, including American citizens, as long as the government deems them terrorists.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Al Sieber

    The real terrorist is our Government.

    • Mark Dabney

      Actually, that is historically correct – terrorism was defined as oppression of a government over its own people such as Stalin’s gulags or Hitler’s concentration camps. The reason why they stopped making color coded “terror alerts” was that people figured out the connection between sagging poll numbers for the Bush Admin and the “terror alerts” – These “Terror alerts” were then – without legitimacy alerts being sent out – themselves acts of terrorism – a feigned threat to boost political poll numbers.

      If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land – they will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” James Madison

      • Mark Dabney

        to clarify: NOT the gov’t on the whole – but certain corrupt elements that deem themselves to be above the law – because for all practical purposes, they have been.

    • wandamurline

      This is not true….I got fifteen emails telling me that this bill will detain US citizens indefinitely, so I got on the web and actually READ the bill….it specifically states that it does not pertain to US citizens they are exempt…it only pertains to terrorists who are not US citizens. I get tired of getting these emails alerting me to this stuff, so I have begun to do my own investigative prowness and this is not true…they cannot detain and hold American citizens…the bill specifically states this. Just setting the record straight.

      • JayP

        The language saying the law does NOT apply to US citizens was removed from the bill that was passed, by request of the Obama administration. Watch this Senator:

      • guest

        Wandamurline..we need more like you! Thank you. In this past year i have read a flurry of thing’s that scared the heck out of me.The problem is to determine if what i read is true?!One thing i know to be true is washington is and continue’s to lie to the american ppl.The media including Fox has and continue’s to lie to the american ppl. Time and newsweek’s and newspaper’s lie. Major corporation’s and pharmceutical commpanies lie to the detriment of the american ppl.Will it never cease?

      • WhatWillYouDoWithOutFreedom

        This bill as passed most certainly does allow Americans to be locked up without trial indefinitely. People you had better be calling your rep in the house because right now; we are in deep sht. Has everyone forgot who Janet Napolitano called terrorist last year? She sent a letter to every sheriff’s office in the country telling them to watch out for us, and by us I mean people that for the most part agree with web sites like this. This bill is real. What the hell do you people think all those Fema camps are for?

        • eddie47d

          If you are not a member of an extreme right wing group and hell bent on causing trouble then I doubt if you have anything to worry about. Several of those groups have been around for decades and some for a hundred years or more. The government is aware of these groups but doesn’t spend much time monitoring them until they actually commit a crime. None are ever put in these so called FEMA camps so the best defense is to stay away from these loony groups.

          • RivahMitch

            You right only in the sense that it’s a certainty that the current administration refuses to recognize the existence Islamic terrorists (Fort Hood as “workplace violence) and socializes with left-wing terrorists (Bill Ayers comes to mind).

          • eddie47d

            The current administration is well aware of foreign and domestic Islamic terrorists. Did you know that Bill Ayers didn’t kill anyone although that may be a minor point. How about Tom Delay who said McVeigh wasn’t a domestic terrorist and Delay supported the militias although McVeigh did kill 168. How about Jerry and Joe Kane of Memphis who killed 2 police officers and belonged to the right wing Sovereign Nation. Maybe Richard Poplawski of Pittsburgh who killed 3 police officers in 2009. He held right wing views. There is Bruce and Joshua Turnidge of Woodburn Ore involved in a right wing bombing which killed 2 police officers.

          • Dave

            Actually, posting on this blog connects you to “extremists” They will round you up with the rest of them and maybe you will get your say in 10 years. maybe. The language in the bill say American citizens will not AUTOMATICALLY get sent to the military tribunal. But they can choose to do with you what they will, on their timetable, sans lawyer or trial.

          • independent thinker

            McVeigh can be considered a terrorist since he killed 168 people. However, McVeigh did not consider his actions a terrorist act but rather revenge for a government action (Waco) that can also be called a terrorist act. Mcveigh’s actual connection to any particular militia group is tenuous at best. He contacted several but to the best of my knowledge never was an active member of a militia at least not for any length of time.

          • Joe H.

            whether ill Ayers killed anybody is still a matter of contension!! He was found NOT GUILTY on a technicality. He was NOT found innocent!! There IS a difference!!

      • T Johnston

        You do realize that one of the new groups of terrorist in this country are returning veterans and anybody that happens to own a gun or stockpile food.

      • Jim

        There is a lot of smoke in that bill. The system took justice from the poor with “the word” of the law. Study a little harder. Also go beyond the bill and connect the dots.

      • Pepper

        The fact that “ANY ONE” should be detained “indefinitely” without “trial” should be cause for concern. When you don’t protect the rights of others, you don’t protect your own. Today it’s the right wing extremists, tomorrow the left wing. Today gun owners, returning veterans, people that store food and Ron Paul supporters, tomorrow maybe Ows people,homeowners, and people that make over 50,000 per year. In the 40s it was the Japanese. I guess some people won’t wake up until “They” themselves find that they are on the list and by that time there may not be anyone left to defend them. Are we in North Korea?? Better go “WATCH” the C-span link and FIND out what it means!

        • Tiamet Grey

          This is how Hitler and Stalin got their start…They made laws that only applied to one group of people…Unfortuantely, it did not stop with one group…Millions were killed by both of them. If we say “Well, this bill does not apply to Americans so it is alright” we are the same sheep that were led to destruction by Stalin and Hitler.

      • Mike

        The original draft of the bill did indeed allow Americans to be held by the military. After too many people raised hell about it, it was taken out. Read the original bill, not the one that was voted on.

        I know it was there. I read it, and sent a copy of the relevant section to my state Senators. I received a “reply” that said due to his efforts, the offending section was removed. Our Senate feels that there is too much terrorism in the United States, and that none of us are safe without this bill.

        I say this is ridiculous. The government is making a power play against the American people. You are in more danger of getting struck by lightning than you are of getting attacked by a terrorist. This is legislation that we do not need.

        “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania (1759)

    • T Johnston

      The whole debate depends on who gets to define “terrorist”

      • Mary

        Thank you! That is precisely the problem with this bill. For those of you who feel comforted that right now Obama and his cronies define terrorist…..the pendulum always swings the other way, eventually. Who knows how the next group of politicians will define anything. They all have a way of twisting words and their meanings. You may want to re-read 1984.

  • dan

    presentation and voting FOR hb1867 is a treasonist act. Those in favor should be held accountable.

    • wandamurline

      Please see my statement above….this does not detain US Citizens….if you want to know something about its truth, read the bill yourself. It took me over an hour to find it in the bill, but it does not pertain to US citizens.

      • dan
      • Mike

        Please see my comment above. The original version certainly did authorise the indefinite detention of Americans.

      • Dave

        the new version just makes it not automatic. non citizens will automatically be fed into the military tribunal system.

    • dan

      that should be “S1867″. sorry

      • eddie47d

        Thanks for the link and that more than proves that this administration didn’t want NDAA 1031 to be allowed in this larger Defense Bill. Maybe the culprit that put Detaining Americans in this bill can be exposed and thankfully it was taken out.

    • Carpefriggingdiem

      “More than 345 homicide incidents were committed by at least one far-rightist between 1990 and 2010.”

      WTF is that sentence supposed to mean?

      Look, Obama is an economic fascist in the model of a Juan Peron. He is a tyrant and, like every one of the sons o’ bitches that voted for this bill, I think there are about 500 under-utilized lamp posts in the Cess Pool on the Potomac. Now, I know that that statement probably classifies me as a right wing terrorist and eligible for the Obama Gulag. The feds are monitoring web sites and even snatching key words out of the Internet. So I propose to invoke an Alinsky tactic here—and overwhelm the system with too much information to respond to in a logical way. I would suggest that we begin ending all of our email messages and even posts like this with text such as: high velocity attitude adjustment, 7.62, automatic, semi-automatic, 7.62 x 39, 7.62 x 51, 7.62 x 54, Colt 45, 9 mm, shot gun, street sweeper, 12 gauge full choke, technical, 50 cal. on the back of a pickup truck, everyone should have one, fire it up, death to traitors, live free or die, Second Amendment, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution, you can have my gun when you uncurl my cold dead fingers from around it, we have just begun to fight, give us liberty or death, screw you if you are a spook and reading these words get a life and you don’t want any of what you are asking for believe us on that account.

      • eddie47d

        It means exactly what it said that it’s right wingers who are doing most of the killings and domestic terrorism acts. Back in the 60′s it was mostly those on the left and now it’s mostly those on the right. Seems like the right feels they need a turn at disrupting things.

      • skip

        What terrifies me are the repeated random and sometimes targeted murders by the bearers of all sorts of handguns and beyond for various reasons – vengeance, paranoia, anger, and the like. These guys are carrying sidearms and more for reasons unclear. Are people serious in saying these gun-toters are protecting our nation and so-called democracy? If its “not the guns but the persons behind them,” then the case is made that these persons had no business whatsoever having/handling guns. Yet some would deny the vote to someone whose ID is from a university, but give it to someone using a gun license as proof of citizenship. This country has gone whacko.

        • Joe H.

          there is a difference. By law a Non-citizen can not LEGALLY own a gun in the US. They can, however, go to the university!!! An ID from a university does NOT, in any way prove citizenship!! A gun permit does!!

          • independant thinker

            Joe H. I think you need to recheck the law on firearms. My local gun dealer told me a LEGAL resident alien can purchase, own, and posess a firearm If otherwise qualified to purchase one. An illegal alien CANNOT legally own, purchase, or posess a firearm.

  • DavidH

    I agree. This administration has it totally bass-ackwards. Americans that are trying to protect this Country from prezbo are the real Patriots. Anyone trying to tear down and destroy this Country, from the usurper on down, are the real terrorists.

    • John Lilleburns ghost

      Wrong Ultra-conservatives islamic or American “patriot” you are the same people just a differnt book and a clothes. You really think you are different? You are not! Clearly from Sam Rolley’s article you are more of a threat to the vast majority of the American people than your Al-Queda buddies but you should be treated the same. Just cos you wrap yourself in flag it doesnt hide what you are a friend & supporter of cowardly murdering scum. You need a long vacation at the club fed Cuba location

      • Joe H.

        If this great nation goes down because of spineless cowards like you, I only pray you will be one of the first to go!! Maybe then, right before the fate aquires you, you will realise you failed yourself and all around you. I am not for armed insurection, I have seen enough war, but I don’t desire to see the destruction of the nation of my childhood, either. may God have mercy on your soul!!!

  • Les

    Everyone not working for the federal government is a terrorist according to our federal government. Everyone knowingly or unknowingly is connected via the 6 degrees of separation to a terrorist or terrorist organization. Welcome to AmeriKa comrade.

  • jenersea

    They need to start hanging these traitors. That is exactly what they are; traitors. No we have to let them alone, according to the PC method of the day. If they are killing and trying to kill Americans, then they are no longer American citizens in my book.

    • Handyman

      There is no such thing as pc in the constitution or the original bill of rights( the rights of a citizen of the usa, not civil rights) civil rights has no balls and belongs to the rest of the communist world, under the un!!!

    • skip

      I would suggest that those who randomly shoot and kill whomever they don’t like, most of whom seem to be white Americans, ought to be the ones considered for the gallows, if you are going to legitimize public hanging once again. I for one am not fond of hangings or lynchings. I would rather see these sorts of whackos deprived of the ability to bear arms/sidearms/handguns/AK47s and the like. It would appear about half the country has gone bonkers, and perhaps even more have never taken a history class, a civics class, have any idea what the world map looks like, have any understanding of the Bill of RIghts, or even know what the Electoral College is. So it would be a big job to figure out who can be trusted to safely and properly and sanely carry a gun.

  • Thomas

    The problem is, these folks also believe that anyone who voted for Ron Paul in 2008 is also an “extremist”.

    • Joe H.

      Had anybody told me when I was young that a person would be labled a terrorist for exercising their basic constitutional rights, like voting, I would have told them they were out of their mind and long gone crazy. Now? not so sure!!!

  • Handyman

    How well the communist and muslims bake!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    We have many terrorist attacks but our government & their very complicate news media refuse to call them that. Have you heard any news media telling us that the lone terrorist that was shooting at people in Hollywood was shouting Allah Ahkbar while he was doing this??? No, all they say is he was shouting. We are all in grave danger from the very government we thought was our friend, NOT

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    the real terrorists are obummer and holder.

  • Richard

    The ones destroying our economy and rights are the real problem.

  • CP

    There is a very simple reason why the lone wolf terrorist gets away with things until the ultimate act. He is acting alone, so there is no trail to lead back to him, and no one to give him away. There may be a trail after the fact, but the guy works alone buying things he needs in small enough quantities no one worries about it. Who is going to ask questions when you go in and buy a couple of rolls of aluminum foil, or a couple of cans of bowl cleaner? Yet with little more than that, you can cause a world of damage and hurt.

  • eddie47d

    Go back and read the numbers on who is doing the terrorizing. I’ve known those figures for many years on right wing domestic terrorists yet some of you can’t admit or ignore these internal threats. Almost all are lone wolves are within small fringe groups who indoctrinate their members. The bigger threat may come from underground al Qaeda members because they are willing to do more damage to achieve their goal.Eco-terrorists are far and few between but the financial damages they can inflect can be in the millions such as the Vail Ski Lodge that was burned in Colorado. Yet when it comes to the killing of police officers,racial killings,tax scammers and disgruntled anti-government terrorists the right wing elements win hands down. There is a town in Montana (every state has these hotbeds) where fringe groups try and take over. Kalispell has several such as the neo-Nazi’s,Christian Identity Movement,Klan,Stormfront,Pioneer Little Europe,Aryan Brotherhood and NSWPP. Pioneer Little Europe mainly despises Jews and shows Holocaust denial films to these other groups. In March 2011 the Flathead Valley United Church of Christ was sprayed with gunfire. The sides of the church were then painted with the words faggot lovers. More in the likings of what the Westboro Church would do.

    • Mike

      None of what you said justifies our military working on U.S. soil. That is what we have the police and FBI for.

      Americans need to stop letting fear rule their lives.

    • Joe H.

      Ohhh, yeah!! We really gotta watch for those terrorist TAX SCAMMERS!!!! good thing we have eddie to warn us about them. If not for him, I wouldn’t have heard a thing about them!!! Can you become any more of a left wing zealot eddie???

  • Iacobus

    Folks, you missed the point of the article. If the numbers posted indicate the extreme right wing are guilty of the numbers posted then the rest are caused by the normal folks with the mentality of let’s all get along and come together in the middle:-)

    • Mike

      Well said! The above numbers are far from the total amount of murders commited anually. You are right; the biggest group of murderers are “left-wingers” and Regular Joes.

    • eddie47d

      Who are those leftists and let’s see if we can compare. There are 19 hate groups in just Colorado and all are right wing. How about your state.

      • Joe H.

        just how do you prove that they are right wing? voting records? I have heard progs here say that they are going to vote REPUBLICAN this year to screw with the election process in the primaries. Because they say they are?? I’ve heard many say they are Christian here and have YOU say they are not so now that they say they are right wing you CHOOSE to believe?? Go away little boy, you bother me!!!

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    We gotta find some one to blame, come on who is it. Make shure they are PC.

  • Bob Marshall

    I am presently reading THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT.In 1969, Jeff Jones foundered the underground terrorist group, the Weatherman, along with Bill Ayers and Mark Rudd when the three signed a proclamation calling for a revolution against the American government. In 1970 this group detonated a bomb at the Presidio Army base.The Weatherman would also take credit for multiple bombings of U.S. Government building, including attacks against the U.S, capitol on March 1 1971, the Pentagon on May 19 1972 and a 1975 bombing of the State Department Building.this book shows Barack Obama’s ties to Communist,Socialist and other anti-American extremist.Obama’s extensive connections to ACORN and it union affiliate. Extremist exposed in the White House, including top czars and Communist linked Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. Obama’s deep association with the Nation of Islam and Obam’s ties to terrorist Bill Ayers much more extensive than previously though.The scary thought is that they are so many still ignorant that when it comes to Obama and his agenda for America he may be re-elected.

  • http://explorer Scout

    The bill that we saw/read is not the actual bill that was signed into law. They can and will hold Americans without due process.

  • http://none daniel jacobson

    i cant believe this scumbag who wrote this actually believes this he should be the first one rounded up into a fema camp witch is where our gov is planning on putting patriotic god fearing gun owners..i say bring it on lets water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants..its coming so we might as well accept this and get ready..i believe we saw our last summer as free people

    • John Lilleburns ghost

      Well I hope its you and your families blood does the watering then.We will all be better off when right wing terrorist supporting scum like you are gone.

      • Mike

        John Lilleburn’s Ghost: You are truly an idiot. It is people like you that are willing to bend over for the government every time they ask you to that have gotten us where we are today. You must believe everything that comes out of a politician’s mouth. Grow a pair, and quit sucking down everything you are fed. When you are arrested, I hope you remember your defense of these traitors.

      • eddie47d

        So Mike you must also believe that the author should be rounded up for exposing the number of right wingers who have actually been caught. I say it’s about time the right realizes the enemy within their ranks doing the damage and being exposed. Unfortunately no one was named but that could be arraigned.

  • raw

    The laws are designed to be so complicated we can’t possibly obey them all. While inconvenient on the surface, it is done to find something you’re doing wrong & arrest you for it without due process should the occasion arise. Think ENEMY OF THE STATE… We are ALL terrorists now:

  • James

    In the end, one’s religious beliefs dictate his actions. Major Hasan, in his attack on personnel at Fort Hood, was quite willing to die for his belief that his religion was superior to Army orders that had ordered him to the Middle East to fight against people of his faith.

  • http://personallibertydigest NO BS

    The scariest terrorists are the Tea Klux Klan and their ultra radical right wing racist extremists holding the country hostage. They need to be expelled from the House of Non-Representatives

    • Joe H.

      NO BS,
      and you need to give that shriveled up piece of crap you call a brain to what ever liberal prog you borrowed it from!!!

  • Buck

    I have a very strong hunch that these numbers are extremely skewed . What would give me that idea ? I read the papers and watch the news , and at least nine out of every ten incidents involve either a muslim or a left wing loon like the one that shot Gabrial Giffords , all the school shooters , and the mad bomber turned in by his brother , the tenth one would be an abortionist killer . I cannot believe people believe these lies when they are put out by professional left wing propagandists like the ones the nazi learned from .

    • Mike

      Look at John Lilleburn’s Ghost in this thread. He started off with the personal attacks against a fellow poster, calling him “right-wing terrorist supporting scum”. To me, people like him and NO BS are the threat and the problem. Leftists always call their opponents violent, yet they (leftists) are FAR more likely to be the violent ones.

  • Buck

    After re-reading the article reality hits , the purpose of the propaganda is to rationalize turning law enforcement situations over to the military to further eliminate any posse commitatus interference .

  • Baba

    We have open southern borders. Terrorists creep in and disperse to God knows where in the United States. Obama ushered in 20,000 Muslims in 2009 right after he was illegally put in the Oval Office. What happended to those 20,000 muslims? They could be our next door neighbor! Pelosi tried to say that We The People are the terrorists. That Twit has no idea what she is talking about. Obama’s chosen administration is corrupt and deceiving. They demoralize The People and make some think that only Big Government can make them happy and have the same life that some people with good work ethics worked all of their lives to achieve some prosperity in the Free Market. Those folks provided jobs and helped to build sound communities. They all were not a bunch of greedy, money grabbers and bent on destroying family values and stashing their money away so it would not be taxed. The companies I’m referring to gave back to their communities and helpd the sound growth. When Unions get in the way, That is when real —t happened. Big Government and Big Unions have to go!

    • eddie47d

      “Ushered in 20,000″? Where do you guys get this stuff?

    • Joe H.

      I think eddie forgets the Palistinians that Clintoon and Abummer gave citizenship to in 2009. He also forgets the hundreds of terrorsit training camps “under watch” by the government. Instead of just watching them why don’t they end then for planning to overthrow the government?? BECAUSE they are MUSLIM training camps!!!

  • Ladd Prier

    I suspect that the START research included a lot of liquor store heists and traffic accidents as “far rightist” acts. Remember Pelosi’s anxiety over returning vets? The uber left loves to twist and spin data to fit their delusional world view. Any means are justified if they advance their ends.
    So, see ya in the gulag, but get there quickly: I won’t last long.

    • eddie47d

      Police killings and other domestic terrorist acts are documented and done by that many right wingers. Nothing to do with liquor store heists or traffic accidents. Maybe you have been hitting the liquor cabinet?

      • Joe H.

        Gee, eddie, I guess those beheadings along the southern border were done by the easter bunny??? THOSE sure wern’t RIGHT wingers!!! i suppose those border guards were killed by the tooth fairy??? I guess the muslim brotherhood members in the US prisons are just a figment of the governments imagination??? Wake the hell up, eddie, not all domestic terrorist actions are committed by rightwingers, even though you wish it were true!!! But then, I suppose those prayer rugs found along the border in Arizona and ew Mexico were just kitchen mats, right???

        • skip

          The beheadings were done by fascist groups – the direct opposite of left wingers. Those drug cartels are the farthest thing from left wing you’ll ever find.

  • speedle

    This is the biggest load of crap I have seen reported in some time. “Terrorists” in my definition do not include individual nut bags that go off at the post office or at a friend’s party. And since when did “financial schemes” join the terrorist nomenclature? It is obvious that START has some kind of agenda to make everyone on the right look like KKK spinoffs.

    This is not even worth commenting on any futher.

    • Marcus

      Trouble is the KKK always has had deep ties to the Democommies (Robert Byrd come to mind). The Demolition Party has always been the party of racism and seperatism. The Republicocrats were the party of racial equality. Trouble is both are Big Government and want to reduce individual freedoms.

  • Joseph

    In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

    Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

    The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

    America’s top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: “We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba,” and, “casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”

  • peter

    If you don’t do the crime, then you won’t do the time, so relax already! Not too many innocents have been incorrectly convicted and many guilty have been recused, so the odds are with you either way that the government will not put a hit out on you for imprisonment or worse, so just relax and have a good day. Maybe your last so why stress?

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    ALL part of a collapsing System/social structure and it will get worse as MORE draconian laws are enacted….as they will!!!


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