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Rescuing A Broken America by Michael Coffman, Ph.D.

February 3, 2011 by  

While most Americans know that their country is experiencing deep political divisions, few understand how or when this came about.

Some feel this division first appeared during the 2000 Presidential election in which the U.S. Supreme Court intervened in Florida’s ballot counting controversy. Others believe it manifest itself in the election of Barack Obama and the passage and proposal of overreaching and possibly unConstitutional bills (like Obamacare and Cap and Trade) by a Democrat Congress. But the schism actually began long before, writes Michael Coffman, Ph.D., in his book, Rescuing A Broken America: Why America is Deeply Divided and How to Heal it Constitutionally.

America is mired in a war of world views, Coffman writes, between the axiom of freedom and mutual respect best described by John Locke (1632-1704) in his Two Treatises on Government, and that of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) in his Social Contract and Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. And the divide stems from the fact that America’s people no longer understand the principles of unalienable rights and self-government as envisioned by the Founding Fathers because public schools no longer teach the foundations of freedom and God-given rights that protect them from plunder by others and their government.

The Founders subscribed to Locke’s view that the government’s purpose is to join with others “united, for the mutual preservation of their lives, liberties and estate, which I call by the general name, property.” And most Americans would be amazed to learn that the free right to own property represents the foundation upon which life and liberty depend, Coffman writes.

This difference can also be summed up as a dispute over whether we enjoy “natural rights,” guaranteed by the Constitution, or “positive rights” granted by government.

The Rousseau model, subscribed to by socialists and progressives, is easily sold to a dumbed-down populace because it is based on emotions and feelings and spell out what the government must do for its people. But positive rights also spell out what the people can and cannot do and were the basis for the Soviet Union’s constitution.

Property rights are also addressed by Coffman, and he demonstrates how today’s progressives are attacking the rights of Americans to own property and decide its best use and how this is a play right of Rousseau’s plan.

Studies show that the lower the protection of property rights in a country the lower is its per capita gross domestic product. Conversely, the higher the protection of property rights the higher the per capita GDP.

Coffman’s research shows how the right to own property is fundamental to a prosperous citizenry. In countries where citizens are able to own property and decide how it is used — as in the United States — citizens can turn that property into individual wealth. But in countries where citizens have no property rights — third world nations — the citizens have no means of building wealth. The property tied up by those governments and denied its citizens represent about $9.3 trillion in lost wealth — which is 93 times as much as all development assistance given to the developing nations from the advanced countries over the last 30 years. This is just one of the many ways Rousseau socialism has harmed individuals in other countries, and is a precursor to what is happening in America as Americans watch their rights to own and control property be whittled away.

Additionally, Coffman covers the global agenda that is working behind the scenes to co-opt American institutions and set the agenda in education and through the media to profoundly change the way the American people view their country and think about its founding document. This insidious effort is behind the evolution of Americans from the natural rights to the positive rights mindset. And because it’s so entrenched through multiple generations of teaching and propagandizing it will be incredibly difficult to turn back, Coffman says.

Finally, Coffman offers Constitutional solutions that will help to stem the tide and steer America back on its proper course. These solutions range from the simple — pinning down candidates to ensure they understand Constitutional principles and are determined to abide by them — to the complex — using old, seldom-used laws to restrain the Federal government when it tries to assume authority it doesn’t have.

Rescuing a Broken America is a must-read for anyone considering running for political office or who simply wants to understand how we came to this point and what must be done to correct our course. It is footnoted and uses mainstream sources to prove its points, including the issue that explains how a global cabal is seeking to dominate the world for its own ends.

I read the first printing, which came out in early 2010, and it did have some typographical errors that must be corrected in subsequent editions. But the errors were minor and didn’t detract from the book’s message, that America is being subverted by progressive liberals in the Rousseau tradition who think that because of their education that they have a better understanding how the world should work than do the great “unwashed” masses living in what has become known as flyover country — middle America.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    socialism is such a joke. In theory, it looks good, afterall to sacrifice some freedoms for equality and safety as advertised appeals to some. However, socialism produces the vast inequalities that liberals demise!!! Socialism allows the super mega welathy elite wo remain even more powerful and even more wealthy. At least under capaitalsim, the common man can gain some stature and wealth. Not so under socialsim. Under socialism, Rockefeller and Rothschild will never spread their wealth around.

  • rosina

    i KNOW SOME OF THE CONSTITUTION but am at a loss to find certain things in it and hope some of the readers here can help me.
    1. Where does it say that the EXECUTIVE can hire unelected consultants? czars? who can control the people?
    2. Where does it give the EXECUTIVE power to over-ride the Congress and the people with EXECUTIVE ORDERS?????

    • Mrrobinson

      Try Google to find a copy of the Constitution. Most likely it’s NOT listed in there…the Constitution is not some holy grail or holy text to tell you how to live your life – it was meant as a backbone while leaders are expected to govern with common sense and in the best interest of the people (not just in the best interest of corporations). Good luck!

    • Pat R

      The President has the authority to use Executive Orders because of Martial Law. This Country has been under Martial Law since the 1860s, during the War, when Lincoln placed us under it. After the War was over, Lincoln never reversed it, and subsequently was killed. Today, and in years past, each new President must sign onto the Martial Law and extend the use of it.

      • KP

        Wherdid you find that fairy tail?

    • s c

      Rosina, you have more common sense than most of the people who wind up in Washington and dare to call themselves “leaders.” The fact that you ask questions makes you a potential leader.
      The vermin who infest Washington rarely ask questions. They go to Washington and become posers.
      They put themselves before the American people. Most are a disgrace to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.
      Never stop asking questions. Demand answers from our non-leaders in Congress and the White House. Ask. Test. Discern. Never hesitate to demand standards of those who infest Washington. Most elected, career criminals who’ve been in Washington over the past 50 years are not your equal.

  • http://yahoo richard

    if we don’t get our schools fixed and start teaching our true history instead of brain washing our kids as we have been for the past forty years we are going to lose this country. this involves getting the federal govrnment out of the education business and depower the NEA then we can go on to clean up the rest of the mess the liberals and RINOS have made of this once great country

    • Mrrobinson

      I think even more terrifying is the concept of some ‘independent’ author’s version of history being taught to students like was exposed in Texas.
      There is a version of the truth in history and educated people should read it and form their own opinions…the opinions should not start BEFORE the history.
      This country is STILL great IMHO. But failing to fund education will not keep it that way for long.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Well even more shocking is the trend that the US board of ed. Wants to concentrate on recent history and do away with the history of our founders, saying they don’t have enough time to teach about the founding history of our country. Of course, if you look at it from the proper angle you realize they want to do this so when they trample all over the constitution, the younger generations won’t know enough about it to realize it!

    • s c

      Richard, give up on public schools in population centers. Only small towns have the necessary potential to try to educate kids. Homeschooling, private schools, and church schools are the keys to BREAKING the government’s unconscionable handling of education in America.
      Every day people wait for Uncle Scam to “fix” the problem gives the government more power. Money is not the solution. Politicians have NEVER been a solution. Good intentions are a waste of time.
      You and the rest of America have THREE options. First, homeschool. Second, try a private school. Third, Try a church school. PUBLIC EDUCATION IS A MONUMENTAL FAILURE. To view the issue in any other way is to be a willing part of the problem, Richard.

  • Ridge Runner

    It is still just all about money and power.These damn power hungry sobs wanto tell you how you should and can live.This what the people came here to get away from and maybe have a better life.It has always has been like this and will stay this way as long as the people let it.

  • Randhil

    Thanks for sharing. What a psleaure to read!


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