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Republicans worried about escalating GOP feud

May 13, 2009 by  

Republicans worried about escalating GOP feud Following their massive defeat in last year’s general election, growing internal acrimony risks derailing the GOP’s plans to shore up its base and find a visionary leader.

In a latest development, Dick Cheney, speaking on CBS Sunday Morning, seemed to suggest Rush Limbaugh better reflected the Republican ideas than former Secretary of State Colin Powell, once again stimulating speculations that the controversial radio show host has become an unofficial voice of the party.

Meanwhile, GOP Committee Chairman Michael Steele has engaged in a "war of words" with Mitt Romney after he had cast doubt on the former Massachusetts governor’s conservative credentials.

"[I]t was the base that rejected Mitt because of his switch on pro-life, from pro-choice to pro-life," Steele said while guest-hosting a recent radio show.

"It was the base that rejected Mitt because it had issues with Mormonism [and] because they thought he was back and forth and waffling on [economic issues]."

There is also an ongoing feud between Sarah Palin’s supporters and Romney, who has said the Alaska governor should never have been placed on Time’s most influential list.

According to media reports, Palin backers have released a web video using the footage of a bear and Mitt Romney jogging near his summer home in New Hampshire, suggesting the former presidential candidate is running away. The video reportedly ends with "Palin firing a hunting rifle and a bear’s head on her trophy wall."

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  • steven artus

    there has been a lot of talk about torture lately and especially about water boarding , well, guess what i’m all for it. know why? well, look at history. hey, how about crusifiction? thats a good one. for hundreds of years, that was a very common practice. just take someone and nail them to a cross, whats the problem? so, you did it while they were alive and awake, it only took three long nails one for each arm and one for the feet. ok, so it hurt, and the person lived for a few days, so what. the point is ,it was effective. not very many volunteers. the romans were also very good with their imagination. i’m sorry, but i cant remember who the individual was and i should because, being a catholic it is part of my relegion, but as i recall, this person was nabout to be crucified, and he said that he could not be crucified,”like my lord”, so the romans accomidated him and crucified him, UPSIDE DOWN. how is that for inovation.

    well, eventually they began to expand and come up with new and different ways to pass their time, like chaining people to pole and turning them into crispy critters. that was a lot of fun. it caused some problems with finding enough fire wood, but they managed to work things out fairly well. then of course, there was the rack which added a new twist, and the “cage”. the cage was very effective, because the person who went in the cage could only stand, and then the cage was raised for all to see. the person inside was given no food or water, eventually they collapsed and they were then, in their weakened condition and unable to defend themselves, were attacked and eaten by crows. yeah, thats right, crows. crows are scavengers. when nothing remained but the skeleton they were removed

    i read about the crusades and the knights templer who for some reason many of them were french. well, it seems some king or other i cant remember his name, but it will come to me, well he heard that they, the knights templer were filthy rich and had lots and lots of money, and he wanted it. well, because they and the king didn’t get along too well, the king decided to make a deal. bad news for the knights. sniff and you can smell the the lies.; well, the king said that if they came in and talked about it, no harm would come to them. most of them took their money and ran, but one trusting foool came in and was immediately thrown into a dungeon, then came the good part.. they began to torture him. theres that torture word again. you must also remember that the knights templer were priests, abbots, and other relegious people. anyway, they threw it all at him, but got nowhere. they used the rack branding with red hot irons, put his fingers in pinchers and crushed themtore out his fingernails, plucked out his eyes, but nothing worked. he merely prayed to God that his torment would soon end, but it never did. finally, they offered him one last chance, and he being a man of God and a knights templer said,”F*K YOU” or words to that effect, so they chained him to what can only be called a giant spit, lowered his body to within a certain number of inches glowing above red hot coals, and as his body rotated above the coals and he became bbq, he defiantly cursed them until he mercefully died.

    well, i dont know about all you goody two shoers out there, but since i read a lot of history, i hope i made your day and i hope i made you throw up. but i did want everyone to know that what we, the americans od compared to the islamoterrorists do is childs play. and speaking of islamoterrorists, i forgot something. i remember reading about a marine colenel, who was stationed in bearut and was kidnapped by the local neighborhood islamoterrorists and was tortured.theres that word again. well, when our people found what was left of him, theh found during the autopsey that these “relegion of peace” people had used an electric drill to drill into his kneecaps.
    hows that for a relegion of peace? i’ll just bet that grabs you right here. know what i think of our country using torture? i say ,”GO FOR IT”. and maybe those people who do the torturing are like me and read history.

    • http://BobLivingston Betty

      I agree with you .Torture my foot. They don’t deserve it that good.I say go for what ever makes them sing. But I believe in the death penalty to.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        If they got my kid, I want everything done to them to get them to talk, and I would hope every red blooded American would feel the same way. If not, they need to get on the first plane out of MY country, because they dont deserve to live here.

        • http://BobLivingston Betty

          I couldn’t have said it better. I bet Matt Mophins family would say do what ever to make them talk.Personally I think water boarding is to good for them.Matt’s family is our neighbor’s and they are super great people .they will never know what Matt went through. So tell miss Nancy to shut up!!! With her LIES. God Bless our country love it or leave it that includes Nancy’ and the others let them sample the water boarding to see if its bad or not.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      It was Paul who was crucified upside down, as he didnt feel worth to be crucfied as Jesus was. Good history lesson, and good points. I am a Christian, and Ill tell you what. I see these guys on videos cutting off peoples heads, cursing us to hell and vowing death to us all. So when we capture them, I say pull their stinking fingernails out, wrap them with pigskins, make them eat pork, whatever it takes to get information out of them about their next target, or whatever it takes to save our guys lives. Paul said to reach the Romans, you have to become as a Roman. To these guys, they dont understand or respect diplomacy, or being fair and nice. They abhor it, and laugh at us when we bring this up. Take note of this you appeasing pacifist democrats. THEY LAUGH AT IT. Im sorry, I dont like war, I dont like violence, but hey, reality check, were in a war with these cats, and you know, all is fair in love and war. The politics and newsmakers need to get the hell out of our militarys way, and let them do their job. Our pacifist appeasing anti-american left wing liberals shouldnt even be allowed to know whats going on, that way their little girlie man feelings wont get hurt and they wont have to pee their pants like they continually do. I hate it when lefty gets his panties all twisted up. The little twits cant see straight the way it is.

      • Michael

        It was St Peter, at his request.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          That is correct, I was thinking Paul for some reason. I stand corrected.

      • Dave

        The death of St. Peter is attested to by Tertullian at the end of the second century, and by Origen in Eusebius, Church History II.1. Origen says: “Peter was crucified at Rome with his head downwards, as he himself had desired to suffer”.[17] According to the noncanonical Acts of Peter, he was crucified upside down.

    • Denis

      Here is some history for you to read. Go to your local Library. Borrow a book called “AMERICA ALONE. The End of the World As We Know It. Author is Mark Steyn. Torture will only be effective in the short term in obtaining information. The Islamists have other plans. It’s based on demographics, the statistics of births deaths etc. The advanced societies of the world are not reproducing at a rate to maintain population which is 2.1 children per family while Muslim families are reproducing at the rate of approximately 4.5 children per family. The English countries of the world average birth rate is about 1.75 children per family while the non English countries are reproducing at the rate of about 1.35 children per family. Given these statistics the muslims will conquer the world in a hundred years just by out breeding everyone. Then the real torurewill begin.

      • johnw

        Just means we need to kill them faster!

        • Little Blue

          I don’t like war either, but I too am sick of Liberal’s trying to put their feelings about torture etc. into what the military is allowed to do! Feelings have no place with these TERRORISTS. They hate us. Period. They have one feeling toward us HATRED! That’s all they think about, how they are going to take over and kill us all! And the libs who think these nonhumans can be made over into a democracy are not even considering that they will say and do whatever it takes to get us out of there so they can go about torturing and killing anyone who doesn’t think like them!
          I used to be against the death penalty, but for these guys I don’t think they should have any rights as humans because they don’t care about any one and murder rape and torture is what they know. I distrust Obama, partly because he doesn’t get it and because because he may be a nice guy he is a fool if he thinks he can get an honest response from the Islamics. I think they should all be deported because we have no way of knowing who they are and where they will strike next.

      • Denis

        Your answer is too simplistic. If killing people (Muslims) faster is the answer then we are barbarians. Appeasement is not the answer either. Other solutions are needed. Stopping immigration from some countries, introducing free birth control pills in third world countries, massive education programs where education is based on the three R’s and not the Quran as it is in the madrasses schools, introducing incentives for more babies per family in the western world (see Quebec Canada), and the concept of multi culturalism that is allowable in so many western countries be abolished because it creates a tribal mentality where people end up in language or religious ghettos. If a solution is not found then your stick should be very big,

    • http://yahoo Harold Hartsock

      Dear Honorable Steve Artus
      I agree with you whole heartly our enemies in the Middle East are heartless and will exercise any torture form they imagine with great enjoyment and celebration.

    • Bigvinu

      You guys are joking right? You can do whatever you want with them after you have them convicted in a court of law. You can say “they deserve it” because they’re “terrorists” and “enemy combatants” unless you have a court ruling saying that they are enemy combatants and terrorists.

      You guys say they would do it too. There’s a reason we’re against them and on freedom’s side. It’s not our way to stoop to their way. What if we decided to kill all captured Nazis by way of Gas Chambers in the aftermath of WWII?

      We have to protect and defend the very principal of freedom, not just the hollow shame of it.

  • Larry Miller

    There is a lot of sniping going on in the GOP. Too much of it is personal and acts as a smokescreen for the real issues at hand. Those in the mushy middle blame the most recent national loss on an uninspired base the did not totally support their man. Those in the uninspired base reply that other than national security, the candidate had little in common with their values.

    Overlay these factional issues with personal ambitions and agendas that are the plague of all such organizations, it is easy to see that these disputes spill over into attacks on the symbol of the other view point… particularly when it appears that support for the opposition is increasing.

    This is most likely because the Republican Party has lost its way and lost its focus on the smaller, less intrusive government model. By allowing the big government mindset to creep in to its thinking, the party has set the stage for a battle for its very soul.

  • Dirty Harry

    It’s a shame that all the different groups making up the democrat party can circle their wagons when needed. They have so many huge egos and fight constantly, but the difference maker is the news media. If the conservatives’ want to be a force in the public policy making they must first gain a market share of these news companies in order to gain fair reporting. Otherwise the US is a lost cause. It’s far too easy for the democrats to cover up all their flaws and mistakes while the republicans’ are trounced on every night.

    • Pat

      So true. The Media is married to Obama, and are all shareholders in the Democratic Party. There is so much lying going on it is second nature. Obama is married to the Labor Unions which means small businesses will be swallowed up, subservient to the Labor bosses, who will reap a fortune in enforced Union dues. And that is just for openers. The auto industry has been brought down on its knees, perhaps now that President Obama “owns” them from the first bailing out, they will be sold to foreign industry, such as FIAT, who are drooling at the mouth to takeover ownership. And that isn’t even the half of it, but frankly, I am sick of what is happening and do not want to continue talking about it. The only other grassroots website I would suggest checking into is, a conservsative underground network with uptodate and trustworthy reporting of events as they are happening.

      • Michael

        What small business, the GOP backing CEO are putting them and the American worker out of business and the middle class.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Im not following what you are saying here Michael. Please elaborate.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      That because evil has always stuck together, just like the black gangs, like the mafia, the hispanic gangs of southern california. These evil suckers stick together and no one talks bad about no one, while they are out screwing over everybody they can. Its all for one and one for all. Such are the evil bastards of the democratic party, and owning ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC, they can spread all the political propaganda they want, which is devoured by the uneducated American public, whom half of them dont know that the news they are being fed is straight from the democratic party. Im telling you, a lot of our population does not know this, and they think the news actually reports the truth about things. It is all political agenda, and the dems are an organized gang, with the TV stations and big papers in their pockets. They own the lie and they can spin the lie the way they want to. They can make anyone look bad with their lies, and make themselves look like victims if they want to, when they are the ones doing the victimizing. There should be some kind of media standards for telling the truth, and when they are caught in these political spins, they should be suspended from broadcasting. Its a big lie that is eating us up. The Republicans need to get united, and start taking a stand for what is right for all the American people, and close all the pork barrell loopholes and even expose them, and get rid of all of them, even their own, to rid their backs of these monkeys that have climbed on board them. Let the dems carry these leeches around. We dont need them. Im a man, but I like the thought of Sarah Palin running, because she doesnt have skeletons in her closest, I mean they hunted her like no one else has ever been hunted. What did they find? Her daughter got pregnate, and she shoots wolves to keep their population under control. Wow, big frickin deal. She scares the hell out of them, and you know it, I know it, and God knows it. She is attractive, a strong woman, a family woman, a mother, a Christian and a sucessful Governor of her State, which is more than any dem out there can say. They try and try to attack her, because they fear her so much they tremble. Come on, look at the facts. Have you ever seen a vice presidential candidate warrant 200 reporters being hired by the other party to fly to her home state to try to dig up dirt on her? Its unheard of. Have you ever seen such mass media attacks on a vice presidential candidate? No, never. She makes them tremble, because they cant compete. They tried at the end to report that adding her to the ticket sank McCain, but no, not even. He didnt add her soon enough was the problem. Nobody wanted to elected a guy that is half way into the grave to be commander in chief. His age lost it for him, thats it. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney need to join together, or Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal, and get this country back from the tax monsters, so that business can start growing and hiring people again, instead of laying them off to pay Barrack and the dems the large tax burdens being put on them. This is the source of the economic woes, no ifs ands or butts about it. It was rolling good until the last year of Bush, when the business in this country started fearing that the dem tax monsters might get elected, and they knew they would need the revenue to pay this bill, and their fears were confirmed. The tax monsters come in, they get rid of the tax cuts, they up taxes, now people by the thousands are getting laid off, because revenue is needed to pay the tax monster dems. Fact, check it out. Banks failed because of the Dems, Bill Clinton’s set up of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, letting Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick make 10 million bucks each and up, and letting Barney Frank oversee it, while they sucked the money right out of it. All dems. And while you americans slept through this, the undeducated people in this country pulled the Obama lever. Now look where we are at, and will be for 4 years. Oh shame.

      • boysnana

        All I can say is, Watch Out For What You Wish For Democrats. Are you happy now.

        As for Barak and his unions, if he tries to make every small shop unionized we will out source all of our work in a heart beat and will effect hundreds of jobs.

      • Little Blue

        No one in our family voted for The Terrible one. We knew something terrible would happen and sho’nuff….I also like Sarah Palin and was appalled at the idiots who tried like crazy to get some DIRT on her. I hope she runs for President next time! All the time and money the libs spent on trying to get something dirty on her should have been looking into their own house first. If every Christian in America would vote, we would have a government who believes as we do. In God We Trust!

    • http://yahoo Harold Hartsock

      Dear Dirty Harry

      Are you are giving up as many Americans will or have,that is why America is in a mess.You me all of us Americans must damand responsibility in our government ,fiscal responsibility,enforce immigration laws,protect our borders,have responsible banking,regulate foreign trade to slow job loss out of the country, and we desperately need government leaders for America not special interest groups that burden our people with war, taxes and debt.

      • Dennis Deckard

        We lost the last election because we were outwitted. Big Oil put Bush in place the first time. They took Big Oil out by demonizing them for the high crude, gasoline, etc. prices, which wasn’t their fault directly. I would suggest instead that it was a Liberal plot to buy oil commodity futures to create artificial demand and drive fuel prices up. The drum-beat by the MSM for nearly two years before the election, saying, “Big Oil is to blame”, and “George Bush is Big Oil”, and “McCain is George Bush”.

        And the mantra that said, “We are fighting an illegal war in Iraq”, and “No blood for Oil”, etc. The anti-war crowd had their day, too.

        All of this, and more, effectively torqued the public, enough so that Obama was victor on election day.

        To win next time, we must identify the enemy and execute the plan to eliminate that enemy. It must not be a negotiation, but a decisive defeat.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sonja

    **Remarking on the story about the Republicans’ infighting, I would like to say we, in this country, need a strong unifying group to keep America’s ideals alive for the Republic. The Obama group has united and are very organized, albeit for the wrong reasons. To promote Obama’s priorities!!!! What???? You will see lots of bad press from the media about anyone other than a Democrat or anyone questioning the path Obama has for us……do NOT be fooled. We do not want our country to be Socialist! Stand up and fight and get involved in many conservative groups out there:, the 9.12 Project groups, End the Fed. Once you do, you will see you are not alone, and we are growing in numbers every day. Government has outgrown its britches and wants to be the end all to all of our problems. Do not let this happen to your thinking……remain independant, and vote for anything that stops government intrusion!! Have faith and stand up for what you believe. Read the Constitution, the 5000 Year Leap, Rules for Radicals, and Secrets of theTemple and stay involved.
    God Bless America,

  • William Sowles

    The problem with the GOP is ‘TIRED BLOOD!’

    • chic

      Yup, tired blood, tired spirit, tired everything. We need a serious infusion of new blood & GOOD ideas. They keep pushing us to be ‘liberal lite’ . We don’t need anymore from the Romneys, McCains & Steeles. Fergedaboutit.

      Where are the people with fire in their bellies for this great country? People ready to fight for it, to slap the complacency outta the party? Step forward, please. Stop tiptoeing around the socilist agenda spreading like plague, and call it what it is!! We need you!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I think half of the problem is, so many young and upcoming republicans see what the democrats and their controlled media do, and they dont want to subject their family and friends to this left wing liberal media constant attacks. I think it will take some young single guy or gal to come along, that isnt married with kids, that can say go ahead and attack me, and Ill throw it back in your face. But a lot of people with a wife and children, or older parents, dont want to subject them to this. The democrats press are some real bastards, with one objective, destroy anyone that runs against them. Look at the hell they put on the Palin’s. I wouldnt wish that on anyone. Yet John Edwards is out laying the bone to Reille Hunter, and the major news didnt investigate, didnt look into it, didnt attack him, it took Fox News to just report it and that was it. Had this been a republican, every day you would have heard ABC, CBS, NBS, CNN, MSNBC and all of them, all day be on it, but until the word about it just kind of leaked out slowly on the internet to where it became public knowledge, did the networks hardly give it anytime. Why? Because it shows their true colors, of having a political agenda, that of the left wing liberal pacifist appeasers, who are not tough on anyone but republicans. They kiss the butt of the terrorists, and of foreign governments that crap on us all the time, but boy they sure can play hardball against the republicans, christians, catholics and jews. Everyone else if off limits. So we need some single young guy to come along that is willing to take on these blood suckers with a “thats all you got” attitude towards them.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      The whole problem with politics is tired blood. These life time politicians have gotten in bed with the lobbyists and big companies, and need their lazy dirty butts rooted out. We need term limits, or the American voter in both parties, to unite as citizens, and vote your party, but vote against the incumbant on every level, and rid our selves of this cancer. It is a cancer, and if you leave it untouched, it will spread unmercifully, and it has.


    With all that helpful advise coming from the left side asylum about how Republicans should become, I can hardly wait for the elections when they can be told again, “go pound salt’. The RINO problem is a major one for the Real Republicans, Cheney at least understands the party platform, he is a infighter and a damn good one, his outspokeness is giving the left major pains of constipation and Pelosi may be forced from the speaker position soon. I think this man Cheney has great value and insight.

    Real Republicans know that whatever the left thinks, if you think the opposite you are on safe ground, if you understand your unrevised American History, if you stay on track with the platform and remember your values, the left and all their ranting won’t amount to squat and their Alinsky handbook may as well be in the head for use as TP.

    • Robin from Indiana

      I agree with you! The Republicans have moved toward the center. This is not where they should be. Two major parties with similar ideas and agendas has made it easy for Americans to choose the one shouting ‘change’. True, blue Republicans are the only ones who know the difference.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Right. The center is that gray area where so many people in life reside, where everything is just ok. Sorry, I dont want to live there. I know right from wrong, and I know good from evil, and I know black from white, day from night, up from down, left from right. I dont want to live it that gray area. Its ugly there, full of agents of evil. I know, I lived there for the first 40 years of my life. The center is no place to be.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Amen. If the Republicans want to be returned to power and do what is right for the country, they need to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, as these guys tell it like it is, and have a lot of truth and wisdom that comes out of their words. They tell the republican party what they are doing wrong, but they arent listening. The dems hate these guys, because you know what, the truth hurts man. The truth hurts. They tell the truth about the left wing liberal appeasing pacifist pants wetting democrats, and they tell the truth about the republicans that are acting like democrats. Fella’s, please listen to these guys. They are so in touch with the common American guy, as I hear them talk, and listen to the things they say, and it sounds as if it was what I would say if I had the chance to do so. Wise up guys, and get your act together. We cant take too much more of these lefties without suffering irreparable damage. They side with our enemy, and give them rights, and give them freedoms. They give benefits and freedoms to illegal aliens right here in American, that are not afforded to our own citizens. They poly-coddle to the muslims, yet lambast the Christians and Catholics and Jew’s. They insist on taking my hard earned money and giving it to those who want to stand around with their hand out waiting eagerly for it. Their views are skewed, and they are out of touch with reality. Nancy Pelosi talks and lie after lie flow freely from her lips. She has topped Bill Clinton in that category, which I thought was impossible. My mother used to tell me “You go to hell for lying” Well, they changed that. Now you go to the Clinton cabinet for lying. I guess Nancy wants that post. Unbelievable. People, are we really that far removed from reality in this country that we cant see these cats are evil? Are we really that uneducated? I dont get it.

      • Little Blue

        Pelosi is a powerful woman and she scares the ** out of people. She is a liar and a bully and people won’t stand up to her and call her out on her b.s. I too didn’t think we could get a bigger jerk in the whitehouse, but here we are with a real scary president and I don’t trust a word he says. He sounds like a minister or a hip hop mc and so people don’t hear what he says they like the delivery. Does the GOP have anyone who is sharp and can tell the truth? I know they are out there. Please stand up and criticize this government because Obama is NOT for the people. He is for himself. I try not to listen to him when he speaks but for anyone to be informed, even if we think the guy is the biggest jerk ever, we have to call him on his lies and false promises. We own a small business and don’t want a government bailout. We want less governent! I know he has skeletons and they will surface I just hope it’s not to late. I am against giving all these illegals a free ride once they are here. They have already committed a crime just being here. Send them all back! If the illegals have had children here send them all back to wherever they come from. We don’t want them here. We need to get back to the days when the government did what the people wanted not the other way around! I am sick of Obama the terrible and Pelosi and all the people in the Terrible’s cabinet. We have to stand up to him NOW! Send letters to the whitehouse and flood the inbox with the truth. We know these guys are raping the country all the while they say they are for the little guy I say bs and I will continue sending e-mails to Terrible and his ilk until they get honest and I don’t think they know how. They speak with two tongues so whoever is listening will get confused. I am not confused. I might have a hard time expressing what I want to say but my heart is in the right place which is more than I can say for the liberals in this country.

  • William Sowles


    • Maryann

      The Constitution Party has only been active for a few short years and already has come up into the third slot. If we erased all laws that disagree with the Constitution we would be back where we started and should never have gotten away from. Trust Ron Paul and hope he can serve long enough to help get us out of the mess we are in.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I guess I need to look in to this Ron Paul guy, as Ive heard him recommended many times on these threads. I dont know a lot about him. I did watch the debates, and when he talked some points he made sense, but others he came off like the whiney little kid that got beat up on the playground everyday. He seemed to whine his way through everything. Maybe he needs to work on his public speaking, as he really needs to give the appearance of being comfortable and strong with what he is saying. His explaining his points did not impress me is what I am saying here, and as a guy who might have been open to voting for him, he lost me because of that, so I know I wasnt the only one.

        • mike s

          I sort of agree with your assesment of Rons speaking skills. This really is his major weakness. Speech giving however is hardly as important as content. What he says is pretty much spot on. (Unlike some current presidents he actually studied economics). As far as confidence goes, thats just a game, Being confident dosn’t make you right. Thats how so many people get ripped off every year. In stead I’m pretty sure that Ron would want you ( as a responsible voter ) to check out the facts yourself and not just take his word for it. ( Like some current presidents might, (I wont say who.))

        • http://yahoo Harold Hartsock

          Dear mark
          yea he did seem weak in his presentations but I think he was more desperate and emotional in his commitments and concerns for our country`s health.
          Now we know he was right about many of the issues he presented and I believe it would of been a blessing for America if he had won the presidental election.

  • Robin from Indiana

    Obama campaigned for the presidency, while he should have been doing the job he was elected to do. This senator position didn’t stop him from going public, very public, and gaining a following well before the election was even on the horizon. Yes, the Republicans lost because their candidate looked and is old in comparison to what the Democrats were able to muster up. Obama was a nobody. Whoever was running the PR in his campaign knew what they were doing. Going with new, younger blood worked for the Democrats, but I think the GOP would do fine if they would just get back to basics and what the Republican agenda had been. The Republican platform along with a solid candidate will allow the GOP back in power. Obama does damage control all the time. He is impulsive. He is in a rush to change things. This will be his undoing….

    • Kris in CO

      Robin, when you say “get back to basics”, I couldn’t agree more. John McCain said that when he was on the campaign trail and it has stuck with me ever since. Your post is right on target. Kudos!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        But unfortunately, John McCain is a career politician who happened to be too old for the people to vote for him. People are getting tired of the career politician, and more and more of them are going to start getting voted out of office. Barrack won it with his slick willy speaking skills, even though they all were just empty words, preaching to the choir. America bought that crap. The problem with uneducated Americans, is we all have to pay for their actions.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      That is the problem with America today. We are so hung up in this hollywood things of having the looks, the car, the house, and all the material bull crap. Anyone noted that these hollywood cats are the most distasteful, decadent, immorral dirty scum bags you will ever find on the earth? They are morally bankrupt, will do anything for a buck, will sleep with anyone and everyone, even their own sex, will do any and all drugs, and will fly around the world in their private jets to stand before a TV camera and tell you we need to conserve on energy and not use fossil fuels. Yeh. The biggest hippocrites also. Why try to be like them? I dont get it. It isnt who you look like, its who you are that is important, and until American gets that, were not going to get it.

      • http://yahoo Harold Hartsock

        Dear Mark
        You are so right! Hollywood puts out this dirty obsene stuff for a evil reason ,that is to destroy our digtney and demoralize our viewers or famlies.Our children view this trash almost daily and it has a big negative influence on their set of values.Hollywood is wholly owned by the Jews and the plan is to portray Israel in a positive lite and degrade our society through our children.It is part of a larger strategy to divide and conquer our people.

  • William Sowles



    the repubs need to wake up and listen to the people, john mccain was a joke to run for pres. he liked the libs to much, sarah was a good choice for my vote she has a back bone. mitt romney wont get my vote hes a lib if the truth was known. just really listen to some of his answers. we need leaders with a back and do just what the libs do what they want isnt that right nancy!!!!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Right on Jerry. Sarah has a backbone, and they couldnt find any dirt on her that mattered, even though they did try to make a big deal out of hunting wolves from helicopters, which she is required by Alaskan law to do to manage the pack. Why doesnt everyone recognize why the press got so mobilized to try to destroy her? The dems were, and still are scared to death of her. She represents everythign they arent. A family person, good looking, honest, God fearing, loyal to the people that elected her, and very smart, educated and successful. It has them trembling to where they dont know what to do. Had she been the one that was running in the presidents spot, I believe we wouldnt be in the trouble we are today. It just scares me as to how big of a hole these spine-less jellyfish that are in there now will dig in the next 4 years.

  • Dan, Phoenix

    The GOP needs to understand that this is the time to push the more Reagan-style conservative views. The Socialism will get our country into deep trouble and the only way out is to get back to Reagan-conservativism.
    Cut taxes all across the board and cut the crap out of federal spending. The only important fed spending that we need, at this time, is for our countrys security. National defense, border security and port security.
    If anyone thinks socialism works, just look at the dismal failure in California. The whole country will look like Cal. in the next few years. Fix California by drilling offshore, or let them go broke. California is releasing prisoners to save money, is that what the Obama administration will do next?
    Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin need to get together and work on a conservative basis and drop the lef-sided Republican views immediately. The sooner, the better. The people in the Tax Partys are trying to tell American politicians that we are sick and tired of the left-sided BS that only hurts America. We need Reagan-style politics back, and now. Are you listening Michael Steele?

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly. And you know, I dont know where the hell some of these republicans ever got the idea we want be like the democrats in our thinking. Where did it come from? I mean these guys are morally bankrupt over there. They dont stand for anything, and fall for everything. They are like a fart in the wind, never knowing which way they will drift next.

    • boysnana

      In talking about California, you said drilling would help, which I agree with, however, our problem is the illigals coming into our state and we are paying for every damn thing in the world. They have drained us dry and Swartznager is standing by and doing nothing. It SUCKS.

  • Buckeye8

    Well all of you Repub voters out there if you agree with the radical vision of Rush Sleasball and all for the top 2% then stay with your party other wise get with us dissatisfied democrats and get behind a third party agenda as we are both hurting badly.

  • Aubie Baltin

    Its a fight the must be escalated and won by the Conservatives. Romney is one hell of an administrator but he is no visionary and cannot lead the Republicans back to health. 75% of Americans are religious conservatives but more than half are not Republicans. They must be turned on to Vote Reagan and Gingrich turned them on enough so that they got excited and VOTED. Romney and Huck can’t do that Palin can! But the fight must be fought and won and all the RINO”S must be kicked out of the party if America is to be saved from becoming a Fascist State and its got to be done by 2010 Because if we don’t win 45 Republican seats (not counting Rino’s) it will be too late to stop Obama.

    Dr. Aubie Baltin

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thank you Doctor. Go Sarah. Vision, strength, family, success, smart, good looking, backbone, and the bastards spent millions trying to destroy her and find dirt, and came up empty and had to make up stuff that didnt matter. She has them scared you know, real scared. Im waiting for Sarah and Bobby Jindal to lead us in 2012.

    • Dan, Phoenix

      Gingrich/Palin = best conservative ticket. Less government, more freedoms, lower taxes, great for the economy (Reaganomics), safer America.

      This ticket is unbeatable.

      • PattyAnna

        Life (even for the inconvenient), Liberty (even for people of conservative faith base) and pursuit of happiness (not financial parody) are the basic values our nation must embrace to restore America’s enviable place on the world stage. The “Jane Fonda” mentality is destroying our nation from within as other countries have adopted the “destroy patriotism and values in america” mantra. Hollywood and the Spendocrats are not well received by a vast majority of Americans. Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin can and will gather the believers when we lay down the swords of divergent “agendas” and unite under the banner of Faith, Family and Fortune to rebuild the fabric America once provided for it’s inhabitants. Our American “cruiseliner” has a limited capacity to support and empower it’s citizens. If we ignore that and allow stowaways to stay and usurp our nations’ goods and services – while we exterminate our own children – YES – the meek will inherit the earth sooner than we think. PS – REAL torture is taking place in Planned Barnehood clinics daily.

  • Stephen Johnson

    People like Colin Powell and Mitt Romney do not best represent the Republican party. They are TOO LIBERAL! No different that than Bush or McCain–too liberal. People who are members the Illuminati, “free”masons, Eastern Star, Mormon church, Vatican, Jehovah Witness and anyone who suports the homosexual movement in any way should not be allowed to call themselves a Republican. We don’t need these satanic cult members in the Republican party.

    I would a million times over rather see former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher and former Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir run for the Oval Office, than 99.9% of the people the Republican party will consider “good enough” during the next election.

    However, I would like to see a Huckabee/Palin ticket.

    The best thing the GOP can do for itself is stop allowing just anyone into the party for the “just because” sake. This is what killing this party.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      How about Palin-Jindal? Huckabee scared a lot of people because of his lack of spending control in his state.

  • Bill Boykin

    The Republican Party cannot be patched.I would suggest that all conservatives, moderates, Republicans, Libertarians and all people that want to save this once great nation take the following actions: (1) call no names (as Steele and others did), (2) respond not to questions about party personalities (on CBS or anywhere) , and (3) focus on the original Constitution that limits Congress to a page of “powers”. Keep it simple. Show how any Democrat program enacted or proposed (a) conflicts with the Constitution (even in the extended 200 pages of the Federalist Papers), and (b) does not provide a net “freebie” but costs everyone in the end with a net loss. Mention the President Johnson taking Social Security out of its trust fund and spending Social Security as part of general revenue. Show how the 16th Amendment under President Wilson has devastated this country and our personal freedoms — including those freedoms from government that allowed the poorest people to generate wealth.

    • David

      You have hit it right on the head. 100% agreement sir. Distractions of personality are irrelevant or worse. The constitution is ALL that matters now.

  • s c

    No one should wait for a political party to wake up and come its senses. Specter and Powell are indicative of what has happened “conservativism.” The Republican/Conservative party is drowning in closet libs and neo-neanderthals who serve no purpose.
    Without consistent standards, you have no functional party. As of today, there should be plenty of libs who can see Obama for what he is. We seem to have no forthcoming leadership on the conservative side.
    It’s time for leaders to come from all 50 states. Bypass the status quo. Screw the RNC. Screw the DNC. Neither knows what leadership is. Both are total, money-wasting disgraces and threats to our existence.
    How could we do any worse than pick names out of a phone book?

  • tony

    What is everyone worried about? Obama is only going to raise taxes on the rich, so 90% of us got it made. Really! The democrates passed a spending bill and never read it. What a bunch of clowns. Our grand kids will suffer and so will the Country.

  • Bill Gaines

    I agree with Glenn Beck that the Republican Party has moved more to the left of center more than ever before and moderates are trying to say that the reason we lost is that we were are too conservative for main steam America. Although I supported Mccain, it was not with great joy. I’m tried of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. I think the moderates in the party should seriously evaluate where they fit best and follow Colin Powell and Arlen Specter to the Democratic Party. I think the Republican base failed to turn out because they couldn’t get excited about Mccain. Sarah Palin was his best move. Republican leaders need to reconnect with their base or they are going to lose it further, and this just helps the Democrats. I know many Republicans that are through, and have moved on to the Libertarian movement which is alive and well. Our leaders need to attend a tea party. These are Americans who care and who see that we are really losing America as we knew it and the future for our kids. Most of all Americans need to heed the Bible in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin , and will heal their land”. We are reminded in Ephesians 6:12 & 13 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” and we are further reminded “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand.” Pray that the leaders we have will turn to God for their wisdom and that God will raise up new leaders who will heed his Word.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And Bill, this is a great point, if people put the two and two together here. We are supposed to appoint Christian men to these posts, and we have failed to in large part, because of one, not many have arised that will publicly declare Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and two, when they do like Mike Huckabee, the Christians in force dont vote for them, and that is sad. At least for now, the Republican party from time to time has people, like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee that acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and King, whereas the Democrats seem to offer Catholics, well at least they claim to be Catholic, but they readily approve of killing babies, so I dont really think they are. The democrats are in bed with the gay rights movements, the muslim movement, the abortion movement, and many many more evil movements straight from the pits of hell. Its a shame, but as I read in another post here, my vote has pretty much been reduced to voting for the lesser of two evils. A sad commentary on the Republican part, that you are only the lesser of two evils. What happened to you? The dems have always been evil, since FDR spewed all his lying to congress about the cost of the Hoover Dam, which he knew was an out and out lie, but lied to get them to approve it, and his out and out lie about federal income tax, being voluntary to help with the war effort. I dont know about you, but they never stopped taking from me. This is where the evil in the dems started. Shame on the republicans for not rising above more than being the lesser of two evils.

      • http://PersonalLiberyDigest Gypsy

        To Mike:

        I believe the reason that Mike Huckabee didn’t get the votes was not because he is a Christian, but probably because the people had a hard time understanding his Fair Tax Plan. It sounded too complicated – and involved generating way too much paper work that people couldn’t comprehend – in order to qualify for certain aspects of the plan. Many people hadn’t heard of Fair Tax, or Huckabee for that matter. Not enough millions of dollars behind him, as Obama had.

        I watch Huckabee’s show every week on the Fox News cable channel. If more people saw the show, they would come to a better understanding of what he is all about, and where he is coming from. Unfortunately, it was evident at the first CPAC meeting that he didn’t get enough backing to get his name considered for the nominations list.

        Unless Huckabee can reach more people, Bobby Jindal/Sarah Palin may just get the nomination. I’m all for Sarah, as she is my governor. I think she has done a fine job in spite of having to take wasted time, and money, to fight off all the crazy left wingers’ accusations, who want to get rid of her!

        Of course, anything can happen in the next 3 1/2 years. We shall have to wait and see which candidate prevails….if any of the above.

        • http://PersonalLiberyDigest Gypsy

          So sorry, I meant to address Mark!

  • 13th Gen. American

    They are fighting to get on the top of the heap. Its like who runs the school yard. Every year it might change a bit but they still have a say so on how to play and who is on what team. Then there comes a new girl in town. Every one likes her because she’s pretty and smart and funny and shares her lunch and likes the same games as you. So the old boys are in the back sayin “Look at me!!!Look at me!” “I was here first!” I say make the school yard bullies repeat a grade. Go help the new girl get elected class president. She thinks like us, plays like us but she can stand up to those dumb boys for us. AND if that ol’ bear(Russia) come at us she wont think twice to shoot his head off.
    Maybe she’ll even put us before those rainbow caribou and drill for oil, so we’ll have more money in our pockets to pay off our 87 gazillion dept.
    PS> I cant even kill a mouse, seriously, can’t do it. BUT I will be the first in line to drill some knee caps if it save even one of our men and women in uniform or saves another life lost on American soil. Even if they were do destroy say…..Sanfransisco .

    • 13th Gen. American

      PSS. Also do some major praying like Bill said. On our knees,” Im so sorry for being an idiot and letting those Anti-Christ, Anti- America, Anti-moral, Anti-normal,
      anti-constitution, anti-life,anti-freedom nut jobs run the place.” Amen

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I agree, and its amazing that without saying a poltical party here, it totally described one of them, and even those in it know its them. So sad. God heal our land. Amen.

  • Joe

    One registered Republican who was not happy with McCain!
    One Veteran who is afraid for my country!

    Not only are the Republicans not thinking, the people weren’t thinking either.
    When the Obanana people came to my door 3 times I told them I thought too much of my country to ever vote for him.

  • TrueAmerican

    So how many of you will do the work necessary to get this accomplished? Go to your states website that lists all the cadidates that are running, should be available Sept. 1 or thereabouts. Ferret out which ones are true constitutionalists – no matter what party they are! Put yourself together a neighborhood specific list. Make that list into a handout. Starting Oct. 1 knock on every door in your neighborhood that is represented by the list you have made and spread the word that in order to bring America back to what our founding fathers gave us these are the candidates to vote for!

  • http://Worldnetdaily Artinchicago

    The Republican Party is over, because they abandoned us conservatives during the last six years. They gave us McCainus to run against the the white america hating prince bowing to the muslim king and his racist witch (spelled with a capital B) wife who wrote papers during her college years against white America. Don’t let the media fool you again. The Obamas are not proud of the United States of America… and the United States of America is not proud of them. But until the Republican Party gives the people, conservative candidates for elections, (mark my word) the Republican Party will CONTINUE to lose elections at every level of government.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And as long as they let the Dems constantly kick them in the groin, and dont fight back, I agree. Its funny how the left wing dems can be so agressive and tough on the republicans, but kiss the ass of the muslims, the terrorists, the terrorist governments and the whole world, while the republicans can stand firm against these terrorist threats and punch them back, but let the dems run all over them. What the heck is going on here?

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If old Michelle was never proud to be an American, I cant wait to see how she feels after 4 years of us going down the drain at the hand of her old man. Suppose she will notice, or will she be too busy running around spending all our money on herself and her friends? She is like school in the summertime – no class.

  • geoffrey

    Keep sniping away. The radical left had its day 40 years ago and went down in the flames of McGovernism in ’72, now it’s the rights right to self-destruct. See ya later, bunch of back seat, closet pacifist babies. Dick Cheney, nor gb never saw nam. Such a shame, it could have been a gain for them.

  • chic

    Here’s a great article that sums it up – Don’t Wince – Fight Back!

    Grow a spine, pubs. It’s long past time.

  • 08hayabusa

    Conservatives need to unite.

    Conservatives for far to long have been sitting on the sidelines silent, thinking that Americans love their country and will make the right choice for what’s best for the country.

    But unfortunately we have a new breed that hates Capitalism and the America we all know and love, and they lust for power.

    We’ve been foolish thinking that no one could sneak in, in the dead of night and usurp power in our country. Not in America.

    Well, not only have they usurped control, but this country is on the brink of losing it’s identity and it’s place in the world.

    We don’t need new ideas, because Conservative values are just as relevant today as they were two hundred years ago. They are absolute truths and timeless. Maybe we could dress them up a bit to make them look fresh for the young but they will never grow old. Again they are timeless.

    All Conservatives need to get involved NOW and stop standing on the sidelines letting someone else do the work and hoping for the best. HOPING FOR THE BEST IS LIBERAL NONSENSE THINKING.
    And we need to clear our ranks of RINO’S.


    Either you are a Conservative or you are a Liberal. You cannot be both. We can’t have people limping along on two opinions.

    Maybe the majority of people don’t want Conservative values anymore, and if that’s the case, well then we’ve lost our country and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. But you can’t have it both ways. It’s one way or the other.

    And sitting around trying to figure out what to change to attract Liberals doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. Either we are Conservative or we are not.

  • DR. MIke

    Wow, all the Christioans supporting torture. Wow all the Christians Judging others. Wow all the Christians supporting killing. No wonder the Country is goiing to HELL in a handbasket. Whwn did conservative spell moral, NEVER. I am a Clinical Psychologist and my business is BOOMING, thanks to all you INSANE idiots spoiling your own peace and railing day and night about things that a contradictory to what your principles say. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Oh, by the way, every great civilization was destroyed from within it’s own borders, the Romans, The Greeks, the Egyptians, are we the next? If everyone would walk the walk instead of talking the talk, the Country would right itself. We have decided to be killer, maimers and the like based on our FEAR instead of FAITH. Most of you idiots cannot even spell, no wonder the youngand the intelligent have abandoned your stupid choices for leadership. Get back to basics, yea, back to praying for others and ourselves and remembering what we have been taught by the greatest of all leaders, the founder of the Christian faith, who you heathens speak of but totally violate all the principle He taught. Oh, ye of little faith. Thanks for the business, you crazy idiots!

    • 08hayabusa

      I have news for you Doc. All the founding fathers were Conservative and very religious and moral men. And yet they rebelled and started a revolution killing many people. Then they fought the British again in the war of 1812.

      And let me give you a couple of quotes from our third President.

      “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787. ME 6:373, Papers 12:356

      “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion… We have had thirteen States independent for eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half, for each State. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion?” –Thomas Jefferson to William S. Smith, 1787. ME 6:372

    • 13th Gen. American

      Your opinion has no value to us because you sit in judgment based upon liberal teaching in your profession. WE do not go to people like you for help because you are bascially more messed up than the people you think your helping. WE go to pastors and possibly faith based professionals and directly to Christ and he helps us without judgment and having to pay out the wazoo. YOU and alot of your kind are bottom feeders praying on the weakness of others. Theres lawyers and your profession neck and neck for worst of human kind. Dont get me wrong. There are good doctors like there are some good lawyers but just because you have a peace of paper doesnt mean you know what your saying. Most of the wackadoos you see are of your own kind because WE are not stupid enough to dish out good money to sit in front of a stranger and have him tell us whats wrong with us based on his own opinion, or Freud who was the high prince of nut jobs. We advocate torture to preserve life. To prevent the death of innocent people. Even you ,and I bet if someone you loved was in danger of death you sure as shit wouldnt say “Oh lets talk to him and maybe hell tell us where the bomb is.” Lets pray for him and he’ll see the light.” No way. As a christian we see evil for what it is and if these people are willing to blow themselves to smithereens to kill as many of us as possible then whats the difference if we pretend to drown them. Make them cry a little. Were going to hell in a handbasket because people like you are holding the rope and destroying what made America great in the first place. And by the way dear sir. What would you call it when over 3 thousand people were burning alive, crushed to death, throwing themselves out 100 stories, surviving to die slow in the rubble, flying in the air knowing they would never see their loved ones again and then attacking the men who hijacked the plane. Are they all idiots because they didnt pray for them or have a chat before they took them and their own plane down saving God knows how many others.?How about all the thousands of loved ones who to this day probably have to see people like you because their minds are tortured over the loss and how they died. Its nice to hear from people like you and libs who care more about the enemy who in the name of their god kill for the hell of it. We just want to protect and defend. Its people like you that WE will be praying for, and be praying that if we ever need another American to watch our backs and give a hand your not the one behind us.

    • 13th Gen. American

      This guy is just so funny. Look at the above comment. #26 “Most of you idiots cannot even spell..” So he spelled christian with an o, whwn, using (a) instead of are,cannot as one word instead of two,youngand as one word instead of 2, killer should have an s and principle should have an s. and he’s the doctor???!!! I love it!

  • Helen Talbert

    I think its time we get back to our consertative base. We stop fussing and calling our own people names, and watch as these people become come out for consertative. We have to be patient. The Demos are watching every step we make and want us to be in fussing and fighting. We have some good people out there. Most are just watching in the wings. Probably the most knowledgable man in our party is Newt. He knows more about how the government is run and how to get things done than any man around right now. He is a true consertative as well as Rush. Rush is not interested in running, and maybe Newt isn’t either, but they will certainly support a true consertative. Lets take our time. We don’t need a specific leader right now. We need to work on ideas and look at people who will make a good President. The Demos are scared to death that we will take our time. They want us to rush into something and it be the wrong man. Keep up the ideas and stop critizing each other.

  • Helen Talbert

    Sorry, I had some mispellings. I should have proofed it. Take my errors for the love I have for conservatives.

  • DR. MIke

    Rush is a DRUG addict,and you know what they say about them, ” they are only lying to you when their lips are moving”. Newt, isn’t he the guy who gave Clinton all the hell for having an affair, while he was doing the same thing, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. We have all become hypocrits, we talk about others and what they are doing, but it seems we do not wnat to clean out our own houses. We wnat to kill, we hate others who have different views, we spout vile comments about liberals, we may be worse than them. They do seem to have a “live and let live” attitude, that is what is getting them the votes. We care more about money than we do about our brothers, and yes, they are all OUR BROTHERS. It seems we would much rather be right than to be happy, I’ll take happy, any day. Hypocrits, yea, the ones who find all the faults of others but never mention our own, yea hypocrits. YEA!

  • DR. MIke

    Wasn’t that the same guy who had all the slaves, and raped and killed many of them? Wasn’t that the same guy? Contradictory, saying one thing while living another, don’t you think? You think he was spiritual and moral? Wow? We are still worshipping the insane, wonder what that makes us? Time to look at our own errors, not our leaders. I think I would serve myself and my country better by cleaning up my own insane fearful beliefs, once again, are my views coming from FAITH or fear? That is the question I MUST answer, what about you?

    • DR. MIke

      It’s alright, Helen. That’s the point, we all make mistakes. But when I see yours more than I see my own that makes me a hypocrit. I have found I have a better chance at correcting my errors that correcting yours, plus I have more friends(voters) and better health, wealth and happiness when I focus only on correcting my errors and being more of an example. We seem to look over the mistakes of others who have similar views as ours and we villify those who differ. Not very Christian, as far as what I have read. There is an old saying, “If you do not change, you will be asked to leave/maybe the planet. Work on myself and live and let live and love your brother as yourself will get the Repubs back , not the hate mongering and not picking has been people with major defects of character.

    • 13th Gen. American

      I MUST answer your comments seem to be coming from your ass, and I have faith its giving us all fear your a doctor. And you would be doing your country a favor, and us all,by cleaning up your insane beliefs. Thank you for admitting your a hypocrite. You spend your days pointing out other peoples faults and flaws and you yourself are telling us were not very christian. You have spent how many words now telling us all whats wrong with us. The very thing you are telling us not to do. And thank you for the great suggestion in not picking people with major defects of character. That does rule out about 98 % of dems. Your heard him people. Lets get organized and vote out all the dems and also alot of the repubs. Novel idea doc, but it seems its is your kind that voted them all in.

  • jim

    this will be short,,, get rid of romney, he comes across as an eastern rich, stuffed shirt and has has as much charisma as a stick,, he looks like an old fashioned ad for a brooks brothers suit. he is messing up the process and could never get elected .

  • mike s

    Center; Left; Right; Who cares anymore??? Cant’t you all see that there all the same???

    When the hell are we just going to demand that the majority of the old regime must simply go!

    Enough already with entrenched political families who seem to think that public office is there birth right!

    I am sick and tired of listining to, or reading articals from people that talk & talk & talk and not much more.

    I am as sick of these back stabbing a-holes as any one else and every body keeps whinning that something needs to be done. But yet these political criminals keep getting re-elected time and time again. They themselves or their offspring.

    START VOTING IN SOMEONE NEW ALREADY!!! If there isn’t some one you like then get together with other like minded people and find and culture your own candidate or consider running for office yourselves. It does not have to be a prestigious office. Alderman is a good place to start for a great many people and at least there will be a begining at changing the infrastructure. There are many reputable people out there who are suitible for many of such lower offices and even some higher ones. You don’t always need to go after the exsecutive office.

    If you’re too short to cut off the serpants head, then attack it’s feet. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Change the legislative body. nothing becomes a law without first passing through the house and the senate. These are the positions that need to be changed.

    Change does not mean voating in the same old Dems or Reps just because you feel they are likely to screw you less.
    Change is sacking every last back stabbing parasite that has betrayed his oath of office and voating in someone new.
    I don’t care what party they represent as long as they have not previously violated the oath of office. That should be of highest priority!
    Why is it that in a court of law that if you violate an oath as witness (to tell the trueth etc…) Then you can be punised with time in jail (yes you can, many cases exist.) Yet if a politition does so, they simply get re-elected!
    It should be considerd a crime to violate an Oath of Office. An Impeachable offence and punishable with suitable sentances.

  • gwinf

    So, we are supposed to accept Colin Powell as our representative? I think not! At one time I liked him, however, he has proven himself to be no true conservative. If we allow the progressive moderates to continue to chose our leaders, we are for all practical purposes, doomed to repeat the last election. McCain was a Democrat lite candidate who did not represent my values but was closer to them than Barry could ever come, so I voted for him. Palin made the choice a little more palitable by being a breath of fresh air in an otherwise very stale election. She fired up the croweds and McCain put them to sleep. If we want to fix this country, we need to fill the Republican party with strong fiscal and Constitutional conservatives. Take the party back from the left of center moderates like Powell and McCain first then we can get the votes we need to get the power in Congress. With control of Congress, this time we do not forget our principles and get the country straightened out. Get up, get out and make the party bend to your needs!

  • Wayne

    Steven Artis…. what a “sicko”…. probably right above the Michael Jackson name!! Once again, stupidity answers stupidity!!!! jesus f**king christ, you folks need a life… go get some education!!!……………….. NO WAIT, go pray to the jingle bunny, or some such fantasy!!!!!

    • grits

      It’s obvious that you don’t know Jesus Christ or you would never take his name in vain. If you ask his forgiveness, he is faithful and just to forgive all.

  • Ed B.

    How about we forget GOP's and DEM's. Their both crooks. All the people in our tea party groups are wanting an "American Party", or whatever you want to call it. And we're growing. I'ts also time for anyone to go independent, or libertarian. I'm all for Palin myself. Maybe she'll give up this ignorant 2-party system herself. Get on with it allreaduy. How long you going to be enslaved by 2 party rule? It's your Country, act like it...................ed lexington ky.

  • DR. MIke

    13th Gen American,
    Yuo are a sick puppy, probably miserable too and maybe about to have a chronic dis-ease, if not already, based on your inner misery and hate for others. You maybe the last gene-ration of your type, GOOD. Hope your life improves, but I doubt. You cannot get light with a tool of darkness. Are you miserable enough for suicide? Help us all out, please! Stay miserable and soon you will be GONE.

  • DR. MIke

    13th Generation American,
    To make it simple for an ignorant bigot like yourself, YOU ARE A COWARD! End of story.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Dear Dr. Mike, So you do tell what you think based on your liberal opinions. And you are not really good at figuring out people. Altho I am.You reacted EXACTLY how I thought you would. RAGE. Yet you tell us were everything you proved yourself to be. We have to live and let live and get along and all that happy horseshit you want us to do but you yourself cant. LIBS cant stand any opinion other than their own. I could care less of yours. Your opinion is meaningless and proves to everyone who reads it as to why we are not a lib. As for me Im VERY happy, healthy and clear minded. I have lots of friends and family of all religions creed and color. God has blessed me greatly so yes I do agree with what measure you meet… I guess based upon my life and blessings ,what goes around has come around in my favor. I have a strong will and mind and that is why I am Someone who would never be in need of someone like you. As for coward. It is the libs who always want to cut and run when it comes to the enemy As for my family I know the 15th gen. that is alive and well will be fighting against the enemies that try to tear apart America ,abroad and within. So before you try to chat with the grownups try to live what you preach. But please do frequent us more. We need a good laugh in these days. And as for Terri we dont hate you. We dont hate anyone. We just feel so sorry for you all to be so easily deceived and self righteous about it all.

  • Terri C

    You are a very sad, sadistic and woefully ignorant bunch of people who really need to get a life and crack a real book once in a while (and not one written by some other sad, sadistic racist either)! If this is what our party has come to, we and the rest of the country are in a lot of trouble. I hope that you enjoy feeding off of these festering, open wounds that you call opinions. This is sad and sickening. I’m sorry I ever found this site and read the comments, but I am happy to know that I haven’t sunk as low as the rest of you. Good-bye and I truly wish, in God’s name, that you all find some sort of enlightenment and happiness. Maybe you’ll stop hating and hurting and actually think of ideas that will help.

  • DR. MIke

    13th Generation American, maybe you call it “with what measure ye meet, it will be measured unto you”, what ya think about them words?

  • DR. MIke

    Thank you TERRI C> I hope you come back to read this. Your comment is appreciated greatly by anyone with any sense of intelligence and reason. Thank you, again!!!!!

    • 13th Gen. American

      OH and by the way Mr. I have a degree and am therefore smarter than you. If you hit they reply thinkie in blue…..see it there at the bottom of the comments? Well if you hit that then you can write your little love to your fellow lib or you snarkie comments to us and it will go right to their e-mail and you wont have to sit and pray Terry or any one else will come back and read your comments. Please send me more love too. It makes me laugh!

    • 13th Gen. American

      OH and by the way Mr. I have a degree and am therefore smarter than you. If you hit they reply thingie in blue…..see it there at the bottom of the comments? Well if you hit that then you can write your little love to your fellow lib or you snarkie comments to us and it will go right to their e-mail and you wont have to sit and pray Terry or any one else will come back and read your comments. Please send me more love too. It makes me laugh!

      • 13th Gen. American

        PS, I sent it twice incase you didn’t understand it in the first place.

  • DR. MIke

    Fools rush in!

  • DR. MIke

    Enough insanity is enough, I’m outa here!

  • s c

    Those who share basic beliefs and standards must come together and bypass those who demand to be seen as leaders, but who will not lead. Those who do not understand the breadth and depth of our many crises must choose between freedom and slavery. Look in the mirror, and ponder your fate. Samuel Adams said ” . . . we ask not your arms nor your counsel. Bow down and lick the hands that feed you, may your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Those words were written long ago. Have we learned? Do we deserve to be free?
    America, understand the brilliance of Samuel Adams, and WEEP!

  • Dr. James Madison

    Steve Artus — doing what you say only continues the insanity in the world. You are asking us to lower ourselves to a decrepit level. This never gets anywhere.

  • Norm

    I’ve been a Republican for almost 40 years. The party was good one with some basic, honest, and sincere beliefs.
    These include balanced budgets, avoidance of war unless attacked (by a country), religious neutrality, and a free but not unbridled economy. We need to be right of center but not extremest.
    Unfortunately, the last eight years have been a disaster.

    Gerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson and the religious kooks put their insane prospective into play. That brand of hypocracy turns off about half of the country.

    Then there are Rush and Sean who are so far to the right that they sound like Facists. If I made their millions, I suppose I might be worried as well. But they only polarize the party. They fire up the “dittoheads” but alienate thinking people.

    Idiots like Dick Cheney (19% approval) can’t seem to shut up.

    Suntan “boner” is another work of art.

    Shrink government. Balance the budget, even if Rush has to pay more taxes. Straighten out Medicare and Social Security once and for all.

  • s c

    This article focuses on a feud involving ‘Republicans.’ I would like to know something. Are we talking about Republicans? Are we talking about conservatives? Or, are we really talking about neocons/fence-sitters/globalists like Specter and Powell who don’t have what it takes to believe in anything?

    • 13th Gen. American

      Good point. I think republicans and Conservatives pretty much agree on most things but its those who Say they are republican but ACT and vote Democrat that we have the problem with. Then the media runs with it saying were fighting but then dont say why. I wish Specter jumped ship ages ago since he voted with them most of the time. He was a dem to begin with. Those are the people were having a problem with. Its OK to be a little to the middle of one or the other but when they go and swap spit with them its like were being cheated on. Those are the type we need to vote out.

  • GJ

    If Nancy Pelosie or any elected liberal had there grandchild abducted by an Islamic Terrorist group they would resort to waterboarding if it was the best method of getting information in order to free that child, unless of course it was your or my grandchild.

  • Gerry

    I for one left the Republican Party back in 1992, when the Party Establishment was bent on losing by supporting Bush’s re-election. Oh, I remember in 1988. That year our self-proclaimed leaders promised that Bush would not be a Liberal, oh he would never raise taxes, he would place pro-life judges on the courts, he would support us. But after he got elected he governed to the far left, Judge Souter, his wholesale abandonment of Judge Thomas after nominating him, prosecuting the police after the Rodney King incident, even after Rodney King himself all but amitted his own culpability and asked “Can’t we all just get along?”. Then Bush continued with “Read my hips!” and raised taxes, went to the UN instead of the US congress with regard to the Gulf War I. He was on a leftward roll, appointed John Fronmeihr to be head of the NEA, etc.

    Then when we wanted to dump Bush and nominate Pat Buchannan, we were called disloyal, and that we couldn’t abandon Bush (who abandoned us). Then they told us we don’t need you to win, we’ll have the “Big Tent” on every issue you care about, but a litmus test to exclude you on Trade and immigration.

    In 1996, they foisted Dole on us as the nominee. The same backstabber that promised no gun control legislation in the Senate while the Senate was on recess then pushed through the Brady Bill in the middle of the night and right to Bush for his signature, before returning Senators could call for a vote.
    What did Dole say in 1996, if you don’t support affirmative action, free trade and globalism you have no place in the party. And you social conservatives vote for us but we will not vote for you. Remember how “Loyal” John Warner was when he opposed Ollie North’s run for the Senate by endorsing a liberal third party candidate handing Virgina to the Democrats rather than have Col. North be in the Senate. These same RNC types that pushed Bob Smith out of the Senate by aggressively funding a liberal Republican in that primary for doing the same thing John Warner did.

  • Gerry

    If the Republican’s really want to win they need a Social Conservative, Economic Conservative (oppose free trade, contra-globalism), Governing Libertarian (protect gun rights for all American Life Liberty and Property), Dtrong Military, and support “Progressive Social Welfare” policies that you need to get the Blue Collar Democrats to vote Republican (Higher Minimum Wage for example -it is absolutely irritating to hear these guys opposing a 25 cent increase in the minimum wage because 250,000 people will see their pay go up because that will increase labor costs by $125 million each year which is “inflationary” but at the same time they rush to defend the few hundred CEOs who get undeserved multi-million dollar bonuses (“those $30 billion in bonuses is just a drop in the bucket”) for ruining companies that end up costing us trillions in welfare, unemployment, and bailouts. )

  • David C.

    The Republican Party needs fresh new faces. Surely there must be some young folks out there that can reunite the Party and successfully convey the Republican message. Rush has some decent ideas, presents them in his indignant manner and, quite frankly, turns off many people. Surely Palin is not the future of the Republican Party. Yes, we were definitely outwitted at the last Presidential election. Let’s not let it happen again and prior to the next Presidential election let’s get some sound Republicans in the House and Senate.

  • Dgstomp

    We need a 4 or 5 party system like they have in Europe whereby people can isssue a vote of no confidence and the politician have to form a new coilition in order to gain enough votes to continue to rule.

    What we have now is worthless, both sides are crooks and prostitutes bought and paid for by businesses, unions and orginized crime.

    Furthermore if we want peace in the middle east we have to quit giving our limited resources and money to the israelis.

    I’ll bet they would not last 6 months with out our proping them up.

    The american jews are stealing us blind in all of the financial centers in the USA.

  • steven artus

    I have been reading all the different reply to the post I made and was amazed at how quickly it went from torture to politics. But as long as we are on the subject, I would like to add a few more words and see how you react to what I have to say.

    For starters, I would like to say that I am 2 years older than dirt and I love to read, thats how I get much of my information. And if I may be so bold, I would like everyone to know that I often day dream of being the President of the United States, and how I could(with a little help form people like Sarah “Baracuda” Palin) return these United States to it’s former glory. Do I think it is hard or impossible? Not no but hell no. The problem is that most people spend precious time talking, when they should be listening.

    How about lets start with something simple? How would I become the president? Well, for starters I would have to prove that Obama, The DaliBama was a fraud, and how would I do that? It is very easy and although it is a long drawn out process I will take you through it step by step.

    First of all, If the DaliBama was born in Honolulu like he and his enablers claim,WHY DID HIS MOTHER GO TO THE HOSPITAL WHERE HE SUPOSEDLY WAS BORN AND ASK FOR A BIRTH CERTIFICATE? That is documented fact, and what she recieved was A CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, which is not a birth certificate, does not require a doctors signature or the seal of Hawaii, AND DOES NOT PROCLAIM NATIONALITY. THAT WAS A COMMON PRACTICE BACK THEN, AND ANYONE WHO WANTED ONE MERELY HAD TO ASK. That law has since been changed.

    Anyone who chooses to do so may call the hospital where the DaliBama was suposedly born, and may inquire about stanley ann (Dunham) Obama’s admittance to that hospital between the dates 25 July and 4August 1961 (and it would be a good idea to have a fax machine and number) so that you could get a reply. They wont put you on “Hold” while they look up the answer.

    In order to get confermation on these next items you would have to contact the Indonesian Consulat or Embassy, and again you would need a faz machine and phone number to recieve a reply.The reason is, because you would be requesting copies of the adoption papers showing that he was adopted by his stepfather Lolo Soertoro. This is important because you will find that BY LAW, his legal name is Barry Soertoro, not Barak Obama, and BY LAW his nationality is Indonesian. how is that possible? Simple. He was a minor and had no say over the procedings. The reason for the name Barry, is because he often used different names at different times and his mother never objected. So, he in fact was using the name BarryDunham at he time of his adoption, and the name Berry Soertoro is on all of his school records as well as nationality: Indonesian

    You will also find that Barry Soertoro traveled to Pakistan in1981 when he was 20 years old on an Indonesian passport and again when he came to the US …WITH AN FS-1 (foreign student) visa. That is why, like his birth certificate, his college and university records are sealed. He doesn’t want people to see that he was given foreign student loans. Once this information is out in the open he is out of office, in jail, prosecuted and deported. But, this will not happen, because , although there are some 44 members of congress and the senate who know the DaliBama is not a US citizen, no one will step forward BECAUSE , #1 NO WANTS TO BE BRANDED A RACIST, #2 THE DEMS ARE DRUNK WITH POWER AND THEY KNOW THAT IF THE DALIBAMA GOES THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY VAPORIZES….PUFF, LIKE A PUFF OF SMOKE. Then the US will have three parties,,ie Republican, Independent and Conservative

    And I have always felt that I woud like to lead the Independent Party, and this is how I would start. For starters, I would bring into the Oval Office the two border patrol officers who that bastard Bush should have pardoned AND THE DEPUTY SHERIFF THAT BUSH TOTALLY FORGOT, GIVE ALL THREE A PARDON, RESTORE THEM TO THEIR SAME JOB(IF THEY WANTED IT) WITH FULL BACK PAY AND ALLOWANCES FOR THE TIME IN PRISON AND NO LOSS IN TIME IN GRADE OR SERVICE. And there is one more thing. When Pearl Harbor was bombed FDR that slimey bastard , Demoted both the Army commande and the Navy commander, blamed them for the bombing of Pearl Harbor and forced them out of the military in disgrace. Roosevelt KNEW THAT THE ATTACK WAS IMMINENT, AND SAID NOTHING TO ANYONE. I would restore their rank and their honor, something their decendents have been fighting for years. As for FDR, I would have every vestage of him removed from our history, He had more communists in his adminestratiom than the entire Soviet Union, and those communists were not in name only the were card carrying commies who belonged to the Communist Party USA

    Everytime someone brings up the subject of Illegal Criminal Aliens, everyone says it is impossible to remove 20,000,000 criminal from our society. Well, read my lips, I can and will remove as many as 100,000,000 froour society IN 90 DAY……….I GUARENTEE IT>>> OR YOUR MONEY BACK. how? Well, I’ve gotta secret. I know how to do it , and I can do it. I can also GUARNETEE that the stink coming fromthe entire world would be unbelievable, but I am not one to give a fat rats as about what the world thinks. As the president of the US, I would take an oath to,DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, SO HELP ME GOD. And as a God Fearing Christian, I would do just that. I am aCatholic, and I pray the Rosary each and every night. I dont push my beliefs on any one for any reason I forgot who said it, but he said and I agree, “I MAY NOT AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAY, BUT I WILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT”. I dont agree with abortion, but that doesn’t mean that I will try to kill abortionists. thats not the way to get results. Now, if we are talking about terrorists, thats a different story and we will get into that later.

    As a candidate for the presidency, I will not commit my self on various issues. That is the mistake many people make. Look at the DaliBama and Gitmo. As soon as he was sworn in he said he will close Gitmo. Now look at him.He’s trying to find a way to reverse himself, because he made the stoopid mistake of not thinking about WHERE HE WAS GOING TO PUT THE TERRORISTS WHO ARE IN GITMO.NO STATE WANTS THEM AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM? I would never close Gitmo and sign into law that no one should ever try to close Gitmo for national security reasons.And speakung of national security, lets ta;k about one of my favorite subjects………………..
    Islamoterrorists, and we gotta bunch of them. I recently read the book”STEALTH JIHAD” it was ritten by Robert Spencer who just happens to be an expert on Islam and reads, writes and speakts Islamic languages . Well, his book was about how the Islamists are trying to destroy the US FROM WITHIN,and it’s working. They are in our education system , local and federal government(think Obama and a Senato from I believe Minnasota Keith something or other, he made a big issue of being sworn in on a Koran, and since he is a state senator, were I the senate head, I would have told him, SWEAR IN ON THE BIBLE OR DONT SWEAR IN , bottom line,, not up for discussion, our police departments, the FBI, CIA, etc.etc.etc. There was an article I read where an FBI agent refused to isten in and translate the conversation of a suspected terrorist, was he fired? not hardley, and why not? ONE WORD DISCRIMINATION, and he would have sued for that, our military, and the list goes on. and who is checking these people out ? who knows. any how, they are winning and remember,Obama is in the White House exactly where the Islamists need him. Why?
    Because they need him to implement Sharia law remove the constitution, and the Bill of Rights.Then they can install a caliph for life and no it wont be the DaliBama, because the Koran(Sharia Law says) anyone who converts fron Islam to another relegion is guilty of Aposty and must be killed. I am a Patriotic, American,Christian, heterosexual, conservative, independent, gun lover, but I own a copy of the Koran and have read it many times. So eventhough Obama didn’t convert to a main stream Christian relegion, he is a convert non the less, and his fate is sealed.Well ladies and gentleman,it has been a long morning and not only amI tired, but I hungry so for now i willm close, but tomorrow is another day and I have a lot more to talk about, and when I’m through, maybe you will see in me the perfect choice for president.

  • s c

    The RNC, using its sold-out, dumber-is-better methodology, will try to give us the worst possible candidate. Here’s a quick way to understand this back-stabbing. First, Colin Powell will be a favorite. However, the retired general has ugly flaws that must be highlighted. He has no use for the 2nd Amendment. He thinks Americans want and need higher taxes. He refuses to separate himself from our current crop of ultralibs (Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Waxman, Schumer, etc.). Powell thinks conservatism can tolerate any form of political stupidity, as long as candidates get elected. This isn’t the complete list, but it does shed much light on what is wrong with what passes for Republicanism/conservativism. With ‘leaders’ like Powell, we might as well surrender. When you say Powell, say Specter in the same breath [and say unfit for duty].

  • Lee

    Yes we have laws about torture, I for one do not believe waterboarding is torture.
    However these laws are meant for prisoners of war ( POW’S ) which is completely different from terrorists. I say do whatever to make them sing loud and clear.

  • s c

    What is it with Powell? What neogeek told him he’s at the head of any list? In calling for ‘moderation’ and ‘tolerance’ for everything under the sun (so he won’t offend his spineless friends), he’s done nothing but make himself look like a poster child for what is so WRONG with conservatives/Republicans. If he wants to be a smiling
    fence-sitter, let him become a student of ‘The Specter’ [he can teach anyone how to be plastic]. We can’t afford p c Moaists, bailout boobs, ring-knockers, poll techies, advisers who say this and do that, ‘transparent’ con artists or suck-up specialists who can spit shine an image at the drop of a hat. We need r e a l leaders.

  • Stanley Phillips

    The strongest GOP ticket in 2012 is Palin-Bachmann. Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann already have the Left running scared. both fine ladies have been smeared like no other (Male or female) in recent times. The left fears this will be the ticket and I’m working on it right now. Palin-Bachmann 2012!!!

  • JIM

    I agree with what you all are saying and growing up on the Southside of Chicago in the 60′s I saw first hand how people of different backgrounds worked and played together. We all were in the Army or service together and I can tell you no one cared what color you were or Religon.You depended on the guy next to you! Where are all these people now when the country needs them? Have we lost are heart and our souls to the government? Do we just say it’s the other guys problem, it doesn’t directly effect me so I’m not going to get uncomfortable for the other guy.We need to stand up like we did back then and voice are opinions. All verterans are now considered terriosts in the country we fought for. I believe in America and in freedom not government security. Please write your senators and representatives and tell them eather vote the way you want them to or next election there out.There has to be young people out there that are inteligent and love God and there country and want to serve us as a group.Moms and dads,grandparents you are the ones to encourage your children to get involved. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OUR SERVICE PEOPLE.

  • http://none Ann Bier

    Anything Sarah Palin does is wrong. At least the Repubs aren’t going to let her speak at their next do, or the last one.
    What’s she’s having done with wolves right now is horrible.
    As to Nancy, they can’t pick on O so they have her.
    If Bob Graham, who was laughed at for keeping such complete notes on his doings says CIA didn’t tell him, that’s good enough for me.
    Some of the stuff printed above is just plain wrong.

  • s c

    Mr. Powell, AMERICANS DON”T WANT HIGHER TAXES. His own words prove he is not a conservative. We need higher taxes like we need a president who plans to use ABC to control, coerce and destroy free speech.
    Mr. Powell, re-read the Constitution. Re-learn the basic differences between conservatism and liberalism. You graduated from West Point. Someone please tell me that West Point doesn’t graduate leaders who
    don’t understand the English language.
    Isn’t Congress the only place where substandard English skills are the #1 job requirement?


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