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Republicans tread fine line on Sotomayor

June 1, 2009 by  

Republicans tread fine line on Sotomayor The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court has provoked a barrage of criticism from President Obama’s opponents, but some have cautioned the GOP against taking a tough line.

Conservatives have primarily focused on what they see as Sotomayor’s activist record, in particular in a recent case in which the New Haven Police Department scrapped the results of a firefighter promotion exam because almost no minorities qualified for promotions, a decision she supported as a judge.

However, some have also brought up charges of racism against the Hispanic judge currently sitting on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Right-wing pundits from Rush Limbaugh to Newt Gingrich have denounced Sotomayor after a passage was quoted from a speech she delivered eight years ago in which she seemed to suggest that a Latina female judge "would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life."

"White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw," Gingrich tweeted, quoted by "Latina woman racist should also withdraw."

However, commentators have pointed to the danger of alienating the Latinos at a time when the GOP has record low popularity among the ethnic group, partially as a result of the failure of the Bush administration to ensure the passage of a broad legalization bill in 2006.

In last year’s presidential election, 67 percent of Latinos voted for Obama.


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  • Chris Williams

    Sotomayor is a poor choice with a poor judicial record. with a 60% overturn rate it is clear that she is not that bright and does not enforce the Constitution that she swore to uphold, rather than eject emotion into the argument as B.O. has also stated.
    It seems whenever there is a discussion about a candidate it becomes a racial issue. Let us draw the line on her contributions and accomplishments and her judicial record. She may be a rascist herself based on her comments and affiliation with La Raza and as a judge should have ended any affiliation with any ethnic organization but she chose not to. So as her record and her comments clearly indicate, Sotomayor is not a choice for the people, but a choice of division.

    • D. J.

      I watched Sean Hannity show, and in a video Sonia Sotomayor said:

      “I am a product of affirmative action. I am the perfect affirmative action baby. I am a Puerto Rican born and raised in the south Bronx. My test scores were not comparable to that of my colleagues at Princeton and Yale, not so far off the mark that I wasn’t able to succeed at those institutions.”

      • Chris

        Affirmative action is such a negative thing that implants doubts to a persons real abilities. I have seen in the workplace people who hold positions that they are not capable of performing due to their advancement through affirmative action. It casts doubts and suspicions on the those that have succeeded on their own merit based on their own abilities. It is an insult to them. It is also a racist system designed to promote racism than to overcome it as presented. If a group needs special attention then provide mentoring and training to achieve results, don’t lower the bar to allow an easy pass. That way all in the workplace have earned the right to be there and are competent position holders, not placeholders due to race.

  • Dickie

    It does not matter whether, She would be good for America or not , Look how the dems ,Tryed to destroy the last three members,Which were & are good for all Americans, The way these immorial thugs theated one of the wifes, These thugs would not know ETHICS if it hit them in the but, And the part that gets me is when they call their fellow carpetbaggers,Distinguished GENTILMEN OR LADIES, SO Why not have a person on the highest court to pass their, crooked laws, Everybody that obama has put in office has been taxe cheets or kicked out of past jobs for dishonesty, this is like putting the cherry on the cake, I am a embarresed Republican, Because our supposed to be learder”s will not stand up for the constitution,Or against this regime.

  • s c

    I wasn’t aware that pc is contagious. Is Newt Gingrich is having second thoughts about the Sotomayor nomination? Could it be that Newt plans to follow Specter and Powell? I F conservatives and republicans do stand for something (God knows what at the moment), then it would be far worse than stupid to have any faith in a staunch, predictable ‘conservative’ like Newt Gingrich who finds a reason to act like a liberal. If the best the RNC and conservatives in general can do is to give us pc-prone, fair weather leadership, then I submit it’s time to turn our backs on the RNC and every ‘conservative’ non-leader.

    • Rob

      SC, yes. The problem is Washington. No party deserves your loyalty.
      They are all spineless.

  • Jeff

    I was watching the news today and they were conducting a poll about Judge Sotomayor’s “Reverse Discrimination” tactics she pulled during the New Haven Fire Fighter’s promotion exam.

    Lets be clear about something.

    There is no such thing as Reverse Discrimination. A reverse is the opposite. So reverse discrimination would mean to not discriminate. Also it implies that racial discrimination flows from White Americans to minorities, so a reverse is back to the whites.

    Its pure nonsense. Its a play on words. And its no accident.
    Playing with words like that is a tactic designed to soften the egregious and grossly offensive behavior. Its merely a cover.

    When Judge Sotomayor threw out the results of the Fighter Fighter’s exam, because there were not enough minorities that passed, she, as a judge committed racial discrimination. I’ll say it again, when you promote based on race, you also disqualify based on race. Thats racism.

    The Civil Rights Act does not mention to my knowledge anything about “Reverse Discrimination,” but that does not let this highly illegal behavior off the hook. If I steal, but I instead call it charitable giving, its still stealing, and its still illegal. Renaming it, does not decriminalize it. The term “Reverse Discrimination” is a play on words, designed to shape the thoughts in your head. Every racial group practices racial discrimination to some extent. Not everybody, but every group has its bad apples. Racial discrimination is racial discrimination. There is no reverse…

    We have laws against racial discrimination. Very specific laws.

    If Judge Sotomayor does not understand the Civil Rights Act, she has no business being promoted to the Supreme Court. In fact, she should be impeached from the bench altogether, and disbarred from holding any licenses to practice law.

    I am just stunned that they wheel this “thing” out there and declare Obama has hit a home run with his choice.

    She is not too far off from putting a “Reverse” Klan member on the Supreme Court bench.


    • Mary


      You said it very well. A racist is a racist.
      Her record and her comments clearly indicate.

      Thank you so much.

  • Chris, FL

    There isn’t any fine line! The basic question remains “Will she abide by her oath of office”. Her history says “NO” therefore she is not qualified for appointment to the Supreme Court. The members of Congress need to grow a backbone especially the Republicans. State your case, vote according to your oath of office and it’s constitutional mandate and live with the consequences. Do What’s Right. If that is a concept beyond your ken you have no business being there in the first place.

    • Mary


      Sotomayor has not followed our constitution as a judge, so I don’t expect that she will.

      She’s a rascist based on her comments and affiliation with La Raza and does not end her affiliation with other ethnic organizations. Her action, record and her comments speak clearly.

  • s c

    Sotomayor’s ‘qualifications’ have the overwhelming stench of a non-debate. I F no one puts up an honest fight, then America will know both parties are useless. This judge must not be allowed to waltz into the Supreme Court without a lengthy, soul-searching debate. It is obvious that libs expect America to accept and endure everything they dream up. Only in countries like Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China or Hitler’s Germany was it possible to put a puppet in power without a fight. This is America. We will have no dictators, kings, queens or false gods in Washington.

  • Jeff

    Well, as you can see, I was right.
    Sotomayer’s decision in the New Haven Fighter’s exam case was overturned.

    It was overturned because it was wrong.

    You cannot eliminate racial discrimination by practicing racial discrimination.

    To disqualify the white’s test scores, because not enough minority’s passed the test, is to practice racial preference.

    Racial preference is just another name for racial discrimination.
    It goes against the Civil Rights Act. And its UnAmerican.

    I used to think Bin Laden was the only one who hated America enough to try to damage it.

    What we have here is a whole group of lawmakers in Washington who actively support those who seek to destroy America, by destroying what makes America great.
    And they do it while preaching Freedom and Democracy.

    Sotomayer is a throwback to the days of the Klan. Just a different color face, but same bulls**t.

    They are all Liars…

    If they love America so much, why do they want to change it 180 degrees into something its not?

    • s c

      How was this woman a valedictorian? The Supreme Court is the nation’s last hope for checks-and-balances. Losing that will give social engineers and schizophrenics a free pass to legislate insanity. I’ve spent enough time on campuses to learn what it takes to succeed via mental talent. If this woman is Supreme Court material, I’m an Einstein. If b o had a conscience, he’d tell this woman to take some refresher courses, disavow
      affirmative action, learn the difference between precedence and whim, and stay away from Washington (credibility, character and sanity are for sale).

  • Don Tremaine

    Sotomayor nor Kaygan are qualified to be supreme court justices. A supreme court justice is not supposed to rule from their heart or their experiences. They take an oath to uphold the constitution, period. The court rulings should always be a unanimous decision, favoring just exactly what the constitution says. This is not up to their personal interpretation or how they wished it was meant. They are supposed to be experts on constitutional law and the meaning “intended” by our founders. Yet we do not seem to have that harmony. The ruling last year on the second amendment shows very clearly that 4 of the justices are not qualified. I don’t think that there is anything ambiguous about “the people” as read in nay of the “Bill of rights”. Yet we have almost half of the court who believe that in the second amendment “the people” means “the states”. Even when confronted with the tenth amendment which specifically calls out both “the people” and “the states”. To me, that should be ground for being ejected from the court and jailed for failing to follow their oath to uphold the constitution. I also think affirmative action is racist and should be labeled correctly and dismissed. Pro choice is nothing more than a free pass to murder another human being. There are more humane ways to prevent pregnancy like abstinence or birth control or adoption. This country is going to the dogs with the extreme liberal progressive movement. Obama needs this country to fail big time. This is how he plans to continue his take over of the private sector. As each sector fails the governmnet will step in to fix it. No one hardly ever mentions that the biggest reason for the oil problem in the gulf is directly connected to the environmentalist. Their not allowing any other alternative except a real risky one doomed to fail. Alaska and the Pacific coast has better less risky choices. This administration just believes that the solution are already available and being withheld because the oil companies have a stranglehold on energy. When in fact we have been trying to develop cleaner energy for decades and it will be even more decades before we can generate enough to transition from oil. You can’t just pass laws saying that America will be required to have clean energy next year because we need it. That is about the dumbest plan I have ever heard. Creativity can not be legislated it is developed over time. With this new policy our economy will be destroyed. The sad part is I believe Obama wants this to happen to speed his progressive takeover. We will be no longer citizens of the USA but subjects of his Majesty Obama the community organized and his staff of keystone cops.


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