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Republicans Threaten To Skip Healthcare Summit Unless Obama Starts From Scratch

February 12, 2010 by  

Republicans threaten to skip healthcare summit unless Obama starts from scratchOn Monday, leading House Republicans responded to President Obama’s proposal for a bipartisan summit on healthcare reform, stating that they may decline to participate if the administration uses the Democratic bills as a starting point.

In a letter to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) expressed concern over reports that the president plans to promote the same piece of legislation that the GOP has publicly condemned over the last few months.

"If the starting point for this meeting is the job-killing bills the American people have already soundly rejected, Republicans would rightly be reluctant to participate," Boehner and Cantor wrote.

The two House leaders also openly questioned Obama’s sincerity regarding an open, bipartisan discussion concerning healthcare reform.

"’Bipartisanship’ is not writing proposals of your own behind closed doors, then unveiling them and demanding Republican support," they said. "Bipartisan ends require bipartisan means."

In response, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that the president is open to any "good ideas that stand up to objective scrutiny," but also stated that Obama has been clear about his support for the congressional bills created by Democrats.

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  • Melinda Payne

    I believe that the Republicans should refuse to meet with the President but prior to the meeting the president has planned unveil their ideas for healthcare reform. It may be difficult to get lame stream media to report but I’m certain Fox news would assist in getting the word out. We MUST stop them from jamming this down out throats.

    • Gloretha

      I am going to respond to all who think that the republicans should not do the job they are elected by law to do. ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! THAT IS TREISON IN EVERY WAY… When President Obama was elected everybody thought he could go into the white house throw Bush out and get to work. When he was sworn in they though everything would change after the republican made a big mess of everything, “NOT”
      When President Obama got in office the computer shout down he had three wars and a country that was and still is in recession and was at the point of depression, and he had to do something to stop the stock market from crashing and keep everything a float, and yes that was spending money. If Bush or another republican would have gotten into office we would have had another great depression. One thing I can say about the American people we some of us don’t see the big picture and some are very closed minded, we need something like what happened in Haiti to happened here then the people in America will be thankful for what we have as a people. it will take time to get everything back that we lost, but just be thankful that we have food and a roof over our heads. It is sad the race is playing a big part in the thing that President Obama is doing, and don’t say it’s not,it is.

      • John N.

        Congressmen, Senators, and the President were not elected to pass laws that grow the size and spending of government by leaps and bounds. They were not elected to pass laws that result in a takeover by government of the private sector. They were not elected to pass laws that set aside our freedoms as well as the Constitution. If politicians ignore the will of the people the consequence is, they will be voted out of office. This is the way our Republic works per the Constitution. Are you one of the Elitists or Progressives who want to set aside the Constitution? Do you want to enslave the people of this country to a “Big Brother” type of government? If so, then you should move to another country because this country is not for you. In spite of these Elitists and Progressives, and because of the Patriots, the United States will remain a Republic and our Constitution will stand. Patriotism is not treason and Patriots will not betray our constitution. I cannot say the same for the Elitists and the Progressives. Also, next time you make a comment, please get a dictionary for your spelling, and avoid arguments that are non sequitur.

      • Time


        Forgive me but I am confused with your post, are you saying that Barry is doing a good job? That anyone who disagree’s with that is a some how a racist?

        If so Let me address your post right here, right now. I for one don’t see color, nor race, nor religion. I take a person based on actions and abilitys that they claim they have. Thus I look at how they perform based on how they hold themselfs, as well how well they engage given their word.

        What I see in Barry is an outright lire who fails to have the American public’s best interest in mind. I see a corrupt aggressively arrogant narcissist.

        • Dorothy

          Time – May I say I agree with you 100%. I don’t even notice what
          color someone’s skin is – it has jacks____ to do with anything. Watch
          human beings eyes when they talk – are they looking at you – or at
          the wall behind you… can spot a liar every time that way!! No
          one lies who looks you directly in the eyes. Watch what they do and
          who they keep for close company. Bingo!!! We have a loser!!! Some
          people go off the deep end without a brain in their head!!

      • Brenda

        Gloretha….I will say that race has nothing to do with it… sound like the boy who cried wolf too many times……it doesn’t get you anywhere anymore, heard it too many times and it is meaningless. We don’t agree with his Progressive Marxist society that he wants us to turn into. Pure and simple. Nothing racial about that…..besides, he is half white….what’s racial about that if I’m white? makes no sense, does it?

      • DDC

        The Only Racist I See In This Picture Is Obama Himself. He Has Already Proven That. Then He Thought He Could Cover It Up By Having A Beer Party. Such A Disgrace to the ones that saw it on the news. TAX PAYERS MONEY BEING USED FOOLISHLY.

        • Tim

          You mentioned wasting the taxpayers’ money. I can think of something that did just that: That Iraq War. I would have rather had that $500 billion funding something positive, like feeding the poor, taking care of the homeless, or funding health care reform.

      • BOE are a idiot. If we keep going by the Obama agenda it will not be long before we will not have food on the table. We..the tax payers are ruining out of money to support all of his entitlement programs like welfare,food stamps,free housing and yes even free cell phone. Obama is spending our money and China`s as fast as we make it and give it out. Race has nothing to do with it. White folks have gotten way beyond it. Unfortunely blacks folks want to keep using it as an excuse to do nothing but collect the welfare checks. Get over it! But you need to google Progressive government. Then write back. Remember folks Thomas Jefferson said “democracy ceases to exist when you take from those willing to work and give it those who are not willing to work.”

        • Tim

          Even though I think that black employees don’t work as hard as white employees most of the time, I think it is ridiculous to think that all blacks do is collect welfare checks.

          As far as taking money from the working class and giving it those who don’t work, are you trying to say that you are against giving unemployment benefits to the 9 million people who are unemployed? How would you feel, if you lost your job, through no fault of your own?

          • JeffH

            Typical liberal mush. When did he say stop the unemployment. He didn’t. Always trying to put words in others mouths.

          • SiliconDoc

            So let me get this right, Tim. You are a raving liberal demo, and you just said you think black people don’t work as hard as white people, but it’s the republicans that are racist…because you don’t think all blacks are on welfare…
            ROFLMAO !
            omg !

          • Gentleman Jim

            SiliconDoc, ouch! You hit Tiny Tim where it hurts the most, right in the “truth”.

          • DaveH

            It should come as no surprise to anyone that Tim is racist. After all, he is a Liberal who has no problem with riding on unwilling shoulders, just as the Southern Slave Owners had no problem riding on the shoulders of their slaves.

      • Joe H.

        am speechless and all I can say is BULL!!! CRAP!!!

      • mark

        gloretha, you have got to be kidding!!

      • mark

        gloretha, I will tell you what is sad. It is sad that the blacks get BET television and black history month. the whites get the damned welfare bill and called racist. I want a White history month and I want a WET television program. That would equal the bullcrap field. Blacks tend to be racist. Whites tend to be tired of hearing the whining.

      • Archie C. Beatte

        I totally disagree with Gloreatha. I totally AGREE with John N.
        Please save our Country from the Congress and the Whitehouse that is
        currently ruining it. We need smaller Washington D.C. and more State and Local as our Constitution wants it to be. Regards, A.C.E.Beatte

    • Tim

      So you think the Republicans shouldn’t be open to meeting with Obama for a discussion on healthcare? I guess you, like most Republicans, don’t believe in bipartisanship. I would bet you think that the Republicans should continue being obstructionistic.

      Why can’t you, like your tea party friends, admit that the only thing the Republicans are interested in, is to try and make Obama fail? Republicans (like Democrats) were elected to serve the public, NOT obstruct!

      • JeffH

        Tiny Tim, if Obama failed to convert this nation to a third world status through his marxist agenda and the Republicans were even partly responsible, would that be so bad?

      • DaveH

        That’s rich. So if you started to grab my wallet and I stopped you, I would be obstructionist?
        The Republicans are trying to obey their Oath to uphold the Constitution which gives no power to the Federal Government over our healthcare. Of course we can’t expect the Democrats to obey anything. Their morality left the stage many decades ago. They will lie, cheat, steal, or whatever it takes to ride on the shoulders of others.

      • George


        I believe if you could think like an “independent” for a minute and not like a partisan Democrat, I’m pretty sure you’d come to the conclusion that this legislation has been rushed through Congress such that very few people really know what is in it. I’m sure the American people aren’t confident that they know what’s in these bills. In fact, we know that several Congressmen and the President on occasion, when asked what was in the bill, have failed to answer the question correctly, so it looks like they aren’t all that sure either. We know that legislation like this is quickly written by Congressional staffers with the help of representatives from the industries affected by the legislation. If we’re not careful and push legislation through the process before it is thoroughly vetted by everyone, we will most likely get bad legislation. Of course, that won’t keep politicians from boasting about passing the legislation. What do they care anyway? They’ve exempted themselves from this legislation. We really need to start over and craft a bill that a strong majority of Americans can sign-up to. If the Democrats find a way of getting this past Congress with a majority of Americans opposed to it and no bi-partisan support, the Democrats will likely pay a heavy price in coming elections, and the American people will suffer from a poorly crafted program for years to come.

      • Joe H.

        i have read and reread your posts many times here and I have a favor to ask of you. Since you believe in Obummers way so well, could you send me about say 20,000 in cash? that’s about all I need to pay off my house, build a new garage and buy some new welders to open my business!!!25,000 would be better but I’ll settle for the lesser of the two as it’s a bad time for the economy!!! Get the point I’m making????

    • Only in America

      The republicans are the party of obstruction. Nothing is new. Most of them are in wall streets pocket.

      We the people to them must mean we the lobbyists.

  • thefedupamerican

    I totally agree with Melinda. Republicans should NOT go to this dog and pony show. It is political theatre designed to trap Republicans into giving them cover for this. It is in today’s news that the Democrat Leadership has already agreed upon a legislative ‘trick’ to pass healthcare via reconciliation. Republicans would be foolish to participate in this travesty. Let Dems pass this hugely unpopular bill on their own. They will own the product, the results and the consequences.

    • DaveH

      I agree FedUp.

  • Freelancelot

    Obama is both arrogant and stupid at the same time. He does not learn and cannot learn. He’s human trash. Or, should I say sub-human trash?

    • Time

      I agree that Barry is arrogant, as well an outright nasty person.
      But he is not stupid, he is as “manipulative” as anyone can be.

      Don’t trust him, if it were not for double standards he would have no standards at all. He has no moral grounding nor any interest in the American People.
      His wife said a mouth full when she said, I hate America.
      If anyone thinks Barry feels any differant, they are only fooling themselfs.

      • Victor L Barney

        “Time says” is the best description of Obama so far posted!

      • marvin

        tim [al bundy look and act alike] geitner,,nancy[unamarican] pelosia..harry[the war is lost]reid,,berry[my famly is of limits but go after palin famly]obama,,charle[just pay tax you want]rangel jan[it not illegal to be in this country undocumented]nepalitano,,my point is if are goverment would stop importing over 1 million foreign worker [motel and gas station owners] close our borders 95%mexican border stop birth right citizen ship arrest and deport all illegals and there famly [and obama,s aunt] we spend 5 to 600 billions on health care a year for people that have no right to be here[health care housing food lost jobs crime] i have to obay the law. but the goverment don,t or just won,t why you ask votes to stay in power =AMNESTY=we let you stay so vote for us,, but i say in nov 2010 and 2012 if you don,t like what is going on with more and bigger not better goverment that can and will take over your life kick the bums out

        • Meteorlady

          Three prior presidents have done just that – deported illegals and stopped jobs to foreign workers. Eisenhower was the last and he deported 12 million in order to give jobs back the military personnel returning to the worker ranks. The program was very successful and took only two years to do.

          For those the believe these people take jobs citizens don’t want – please note the workers the next time you are going past a construction site. Where I live children are moving back with their parents because they have lost their jobs. These children (adults workers) are now taking jobs landscaping, mowing lawns, working in the orchards and anything else they can get to make money. So……. if we got rid of the estimated 24 to 30 million illegals in this country we might have a net job increase of say 1/2 of that – 12 to 15 million jobs back. They might not pay much, but they will keep people working and earning something.

          To do this – we would need actual politicians with balls, not the little whiney babies we have now.

          • DaveH

            Our shortage of jobs is not a symptom of Illegals. For, sure they should be sent back if they have broken the law. But, the Government is responsible for the Job Shortage. They are sucking up so much of our financial resources that few are left for job creation. The number of jobs outstanding is dependent only on the creativity of the citizens, and that creativity is stifled by high taxes and Government busybodies that harass those who would like to start businesses.
            Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.

          • Meteorlady

            DaveH – the government is indeed to blame. They are still issuing visas for workers. There are still many workers here on visas that last for 7 years. High tech is one of the industries where this has taken place extensively. Here in Texas the illegals are still working because they are cheap labor and they are working construction jobs which historically pay higher wages. When they are gone, the employers will have to pay at least minimum wage to get citizen workers. While I agree with you that over taxation is bad for business and jobs, I still believe that there are many many illegals and visa workers still here in this country and working. My point is that we would spend a lot less on education, health care, public housing, food stamps, etc. if we got rid of the illegals.

      • Time

        Let me just add, I got in an email early this week, it contains many statments made by Jay Rockefeller about Barry, Please keep in mind Mr. Rockefeller is a Democrat.
        “I am beging to disbelieve anything Mr. Obama says.” “He has lost his credibility on many issues.”

        Also please keep in mind this statment from Mr. Rockefeller Senate Democrat made in November 2009.
        “Neither of the heath care reform bill’s clearly display that they will not cover anyone with a preexisting medical condition.”
        “Such persons will be unable to acquire Health insurance at any cost.”
        ” These bills will without question cost the American tax payers far more than what is projected.”

        Glen Beck said, “if you think Health Insurance is expencive now, just wait until its FREE.” You think he may have a point or what?

        • Tim

          I want to respond to a few things you said:

          1) You stated that Obama lost credibility. Well, the last time I saw a poll, his approval rating was at 50%, much higher than George W. Bush’s 36% when he left office; also a lot higher than the approval rating of the top republican nominee for 2012 – Scarah Palin.

          2) You stated that the Democratic health care bills are going to cost more than what the Democrats said they would. That could happen realistically, but according to the CBO, the Senate Bill (which I have reservations about myself) would cut the federal deficit by $1 trillion over 10 years. You don’t hear this type of stuff on Fox News, because they want to brainwash people into hating Obama and the Democrats.

          3) You quoted something that Glenn Beck. I personally can’t undertstand how any intelligent person can listen to him, or even watch Fox News for that matter. See the hyperlink below about Beck. I’m telling you, the guy is a real buffoon.

          • DaveH

            Comparing Bush’s ratings in his last days to Obama’s in his first year? Don’t worry, it will get worse, much worse:

            And the CBO is basing their projections on the fact that the Healthcare Bill is loaded with new Taxes that kick in far before the Healthcare costs do.

            And sure, we should listen to what a left-wing (Politifact) website says.

          • DaveH
          • Time

            Its very obvious your didn’t read what I posted now did you?

            If you really read what I posted you would have seen clearly I used a Democratic Senator’s own words. { Not mine.}

            If you were so inclined to grasp that the media you get your news / information from is at best bent better yet perverted.
            Let alone controlled so tighlty that when a sliver of truth is noted its clouded with 10 X’s as much complete rhetoric.

            Never at any time has opinion been equal in value to a FACT.

            Look Tim, I used a quote from Glen Beck that is what any reasonable person would note as “ON Target.” that is if they knew anything about Government run services.

            Now as to your posting of the web sight you have provided, have you in fact looked up what they have to say about Barry? It far outweighs any of the things posted on Mr. Beck.

            Also please note Mr.Beck is not the President, thus he is not held to the same standard that Barry is.
            Thus one can conclude that what you post is in fact far more daming than Mr. Beck if you wish to be held to the same standard.

            Tim you seem like a reasonable person who just can’t put the puzzel together, so may I suggest that you slow down; stop being combative then do some real looking into Barry’s backround.

            Lastly; Yes indeed GHCR will cut the def as heres why.
            “Stealing from Peter to pay Paul.”

            This is how that shell game works; All of the US pouplation will pay into a product they can’t use for 3 years, based on a simple number of 100 million X $500.00 per month X 12 X 36 = how much money that will go to pay the outstanding bonds held by China, Japan, Russia, the World bank, and all the other’s who hold this dept.

            But the question that you should be asking is where’s the money going to come from to pay for the alledged HEALTH CARE after the 36 months?
            If its gone to pay outstanding dept where’s the money coming from?

            Look Tim the Post Office is BROKE, Social Security is BROKE, Medicare is Broke, Medicaid is broke. These are all Government run.
            Ask why is that everything that the Government gets into goes broke?

            Tim, tell me about Social Security and the very begining of it.

  • Dom T

    As I understand, two alternatives are in the public domain. The first is the Democratic program which was solidly rejected and the second is various ideas proposed by the Republicans.

    I would like to see:
    - the system remains private
    - cross state insurance selling
    - tort reform
    - reduced payouts for malpractice suits
    - reduced malpractice insurance
    - mandatory insurance for anyone over 18, with one carrier from 18 to medicare age – this goes with the person from job to job
    - some form of insurance to guarantee that premiums are paid in the event of unemployment
    - no change to medicare

    The above is what I know about the German system, and what I think most closely matches the US needs.

    I don’t see the Democrats even getting near to this.

    • Victor L Barney

      This also is exactly a true description of the US government plan to date under obama.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        No it isn’t. Have you read the House bill? All this bill is about is more taxes on small business as well as individuals, no tort reform at all, (are you crazy – an attorney cutting himself out of business) Making all doctors whether they are a brain surgeon or a chiropractor have the same wage, tax the hospitals, BUT THE BIG POINT IS – PAY NOW BUT DON’T GET SERBIVRD FOR 4 MORE YEARS. If you want to know more, I will quote chapter and verse. I forgot the real crux of why the government wants this bill so badly – everyone will have access to not only your medical history etc., but also your finances and banking!!!!!!! And you idiots want this. Lord help us.

        • Tim

          You must be on some other planet or something. You mentioned House bill. There were actually a few different House bills that were debated on. The one that was finally voted on and passed by the full House is a good bill. It would do all the reforms that Obama had been talking about: Provide a strong public option, emphasize prevention, cover most of the uninsured, get rid of the pre-existing condition clause that insurance companies use, get rid discrimination against pregnant women, pay for itself too, bring down the cost of health care costs. How can anyone in their right mind argue with a bill like that. The tax on upper income people is legitimate. After all, they made off like bandits wih Bush’s two tax cuts.

          You must be getting your propaganda from Fox News, because you, like most of the other bloggers in here, don’t know the forest from the trees. I recommend that you watch mainstream media, instead of Fox Noise. Your mental health depends on it.

          • Joe H.

            Tim, Tim, Tim,
            If it is such a good bill and it was ready before sen Browns election, then why couldn’t he get it by the DEMS???? Why did he need the republicans at all? Now that the dems don’t have a super majority, they are trying to BS the repubs to try to get it passed without all the dems signing it by using the repubs!!! As the guy said above, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!!!

          • George

            now,now, Tim
            don’t get a bee in your bonnett. If you weren’t so narrow minded, you would watch FOX NEWS as well as CNN and MSNBC. You cannot get all your info from one newscast and try to be bias.

    • maggiemoo

      Ton T, are you kidding? MANDATORY health insurance? That is THE worst part of the Dems plan. I will never go for forcing me to buy something I won’t use or be able to afford.

      • Tim

        I got some news for you: The Massachusetts health care reform bill, which Scott Brown voted for and was signed into law by Republican Governor Mitt Romney, makes it mandatory for everyone to buy health insurance in the private market.

        • Joe H.

          Yeah and the state is going bankrupt because of it!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            JoeH, no it is not going bankrupt. Here is link, they even have a lower unemployment rate than the 10%, their’s is 8.7.

    • DaveH

      So, you advocate forcing people to buy a product, Dom, that throws a middle man into the cost of healthcare? Thanks a lot, or should I say “Heil!”.

  • Charles M. Hill

    The President has no respect for ideas comming from the Republicans, nor from the American people. The so called “bipartisan” summit on healthcare is simply another attempt at going around the resistance that he has run into concerning passing the bill his party has created without input or consent of the rest of the country. A president is to be a leader, not a dictator. Then there’s the issue of his proposals being unconstitutional. In no way is it propper for the government to require a citizen to buy healthcare, or any other product or service or be fined. One situation I can think of is auto insurance. That is for the protection of the citizenry. Even that is not mandated if you have sufficient means to provide for the obligations involved.

    • Victor L Barney

      But he is in tune with the Marxist under the guise of “environmentalism!”

    • marvin

      driving a car is a privlage under the law and you do not have to have car insurance it is only if you drive a car millions do not own a car so there for no insurance a high school drop out in miami fl with a computer got 100 million dollars from medicare in 10 year thru fake billing a woman in virgnia working for the VA gave her staff 25 million in bonus,s the fed worker got a 2% pay increase my ss check went down

    • Meteorlady

      In a lot of states liability insurance is mandatory. In Washington state you must have proof of insurance if you are stopped. In Texas you must have proof of insurance to get your car licensed. Point is – it’s a state right – not the Federal Government’s right to impost mandatory anything on us.

      • Joe H.

        In most of those states you DON’T have to buy insurance if you can show proof of financial responsibility, IE 50,000 cash surety or bond.

    • http://att WILLY


  • Robert

    The only addition I would make to the list by Dom T is to clean up (thieft and corruption) Medicare and Medicade.

    • Meteorlady

      The government has had years to try to clean up the system and they are unable to do so. To get rid of fraud and waste would cost a fortune and would require more tax dollars to hire the necessary people. The best solution was to never start these programs in the first place. Anytime you give someone something for nothing you get fraud and any time the government runs something you get waste.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Unfortunately the only way to do that under Medicare is the Medicare Advantage Plans. The insurance company is piad x amount of dollars for each and every client they have. To qualify, you have to have Plan A and Plan B Medicare. You cannot be turned down no matter what pre=existing conditions you may have. Out of what they collect, they have to pay the claims, Medicare is not billed one penny. They have contracts with various doctors that they will accept whatever payment plus co pay for various services. Co pays range from 0 to 25$ a visit depending if Dr. is a specialist or primary care. In most cases, clients pay nothing for the plan and in some instances, the plan will give back what Social Security is taking out of the check (this year it is 96.50 per month that each individual pays monthly (has to pay – they just don’t receive)is for Medicare. If you choose not to go with an HMO Advantage plan, and just have Medicare, you can buy a Supplemental Plan to pay the difference between what Medicare pays and what the charges are. This then the Dr. bills Medicare and you. If you so select this method, you also have to purchase Drug coverage which is manditory if you have Medicare only and you are penalized down the line for not having same. Or I forget, if one makes over I believe 100,000 a year AGI, then Medicare starts costing you more per month. There is a chart in your 1040 and also in Social Security and you 2010. Bush put this into law so the rich don’t get a free ride on Medicare – just so you liberals don’t get bent out of shape!!! The rich deserve their SS because they paid into the system!



  • Ol’ Doc Cody

    Folks, after thirty years of dealing with other people’s sick minds I have a comment, a well-educated comment I might add, concering Barry Obama’s personality. The man is, by all text book terms, a flaming sociopath. He exhibits a vast majority of sociopathic symptomolgy. But don’t take my word for it. Now that you have the clues, reseach it for yourself. Happy hunting.


  • shirley Freeland

    I agree that the Republicans should not meet with Obama about healthcare if he doesn’t start over. They need to be careful to because the democrats will add in things after the fact if they do come up with a new package.

  • Susan

    Dom T: I agree with most of what you have written, however, I refuse to purchase any insurance that the federal government is forcing on me. A couple of issues: The Feds have no business having access to my bank account (it’s in the bill) and I will not be forced to purchase anything that our “leaders” have exempt themselves from (it’s in the bill) and last but certainly not least: The Federal Government cannot force it’s citizens to purchase anything; it’s unconstitutional. While this so called president ignores our constitutional rights, he may be surprised how many citizens do not.

  • pete

    How can the people of the USA accept flotus saying she hates America? and Obama is open to “good ideas that stand up to objective scrutiny”.
    That is the same as saying ” I am the boss and do as I say or else.
    That guy is a fake and should be incarcerated for impersonating a president.

  • Ann

    The Repblicans need to BE the party of NO with this administration. In over a year, nothing Obama-Pelosi-Reid have come up with would benefit this country. Obama is a professional liar, manipulator, and possibly hypnotist. The farther they stay away from him the better. Push-back is needed daily from the Republicans and November 2010 will be their reward. Obama is in the deep, dark pit and they need to stay away from the edges lest they be sucked in.

  • dennis thompson

    Republicans need to wake up too. We do not need any government run healthcare.
    We can not afford it.

  • Kris

    They need to watch what the other hand is doing while his mouth is moving! They are going to ram this down our throats using the 51 member vote while the republicans are talking in a room! I say nobama needs this bill so he can collect more power to control us! That is what this is, a power grab, nothing more. Does anyone think for 1 minute the messiah gives a rats ass about anyone but himself and his “family”? He wants power and then more power, hence the take overs of major industries, banks, utilities, etc. This deathcare bill will allow him to cull the population
    under the guise of the law, denying care to elderly, the handicapped and the “ones” he considers inferior to himself! How long are we the people, going to put up with this traitor? When will someone with some kahunas start the impeachment procedure? If they don’t then we must! This country is at stake and I for one, don’t want to lose our freedom! The so called “jobs bill” contains very little pertaining to jobs, it does however, contain pork and the extension of the patriot act. nobama said yesterday the Americans have no right to expect privacy with their phones and conversations! WHAT!!!!! Repub. Grassley signed onto this bill so now nobama can say, it was partisan! Grassly must go in November along with McCain, Graham, Snowe and others who cave to the almighty!!!!!

  • Norm

    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) are total obstructionists and very unsavory charactors. There is nothing that Obama could suggest, even some of their own few ideas, that they would agree with.
    I personally think that the Democratic plan(s) leave a lot to be desired. I’m glad to see that they haven’t passed in their present form.
    We certainly need tort reform, freedom to buy drugs from wherever they are cheapest, true competition within the insurance cartel, rules governing insurance policies, and mandatory coverage for all. We all(even the GOP) know the present system is inefficient, incredibly expensive, and unsustainable over time. One major Insurance company just increased rates by more than 30% this year while inflation was less than 2%.
    Boehner and Cantor are hell bent on creating gridlock in healthcare, jobs creation, and any and everything proposed by the Dems. This is not what they were elected to do.
    Differences of opinion are definately needed in a Democracy. but doing nothing for political reasons only, is wrong.


      Norm, I agree there is a lot of “just” politics in what they are doing. But, if they do not hold the line right now, you will never see, tort reform, international availability of drugs, true competition from insurance companies and foremost, you will see Obama back for a second term. Why would anyone who is an American citizen want a guy who on nation TV. stated, He and his wife had attended flag burnings, AMERICAN FLAG BURNINGS, why would they want a President who refuses to follow protocol when the National Anthem is played. He stated, he did not want to appear to take sides. That is why he did not wear an American Flag pin when he actually attended congressional meetings. He want to change our flag, it needs to give hope to our enemies. HIS WORDS NOT MINE. Norm, do you not get it. He is anti-american, he does not have the best interest of this country at heart, he has done everything he can to grease the downhill slide of our economy and created division of our people. It is not bad judgement, it is not bad advisors, it is not ignorance. It is intentional with one goal in mind. DESTROY THIS NATION. HE HATES AMERICA, WHAT HE IS DOING IS A HATE CRIME.

      • Norm

        I have to disagree with you.
        I think Obama is doing a good job at a very difficult time. He did not create this mess. The economy exploded before he even took office.
        What he needs now is all the help and brain power he can muster. What he’s getting from the Dems. is discussion and action, unfortunatly most of it is for personal political posturing with little real concern for the US. What he’s getting from the Reps. is nothing but venom, hate, and foot dragging, in an attempt to discredit him. Our enemies must be delighted to see a badly divided and ill functioning America.
        If the government were a private corporation, non-team players could simply be fired and replaced with reliable, capable individuals. The government doesn’t have that luxury.
        With regard to Obama’s reelection: If it were held today, even at this bottoming of the economy, he would surely be elected. He has no competition. All the polls show he is ahead of a generic Republican, and any of the so called top contenders.

        • CS Key

          Do you ever wonder why the first “revolution” since the break from England is occuring again as I write this? Why are you saying “hatred for Obama” when you should be saying, “hatred for who he is and how he acts”. When everything we stand for, as Americans, is being destroyed before our eyes you have to think that something more is happening than mere “hatred”. Lots of people disliked Nixon, and certainly Clinton was immoral, but nothing approaches the rebellion we are seeing today.

          Maybe the very core of our existence is at stake, and our children and grandchildren will suffer for what we did…if we don’t say “STOP” and “STOP NOW”! Look at my last name and try and remember who wrote our national anthem. I am extremely patriotic and I think the rest of America is “remembering” under duress and under the most inappropriate president to ever hold the office, what it is to BE AN AMERICAN.

          It is time to stand up and be counted among the ones who care and can see the bigger picture. Please don’t rail at the insurance companies…it is time for all of us to take responsibility for our actions including our health (or lack of it). Thanks for reading!

        • Meteorlady

          Norm – go here:

          Then go here:


          The republicans have put forth numerous ideas but none have been publicized by mainstream media. I particularly like the last link – it says the Republican plan would indeed reduc e the deficity and decrease premiums.

        • Joe H.

          Why don’t you address the other points that are stated above? IE the fact that Obummer doesn’t cover his heart when the anthem is played, He isw unAmerican??

          • Norm

            Joe H.
            You call the elected president of the United States Obummer. Isn’t that unamerican? At best, it’s rude and hateful.

          • jeffH

            Gee whiz, Norm. Weren’t you one of the main contriutors to that book!

    • JeffH

      Norm, it is a shock to see you agreeing with your conservative counterparts,. Thank you for that.
      Blast the Republicans all you want, I don’t think they have a lot of support either. What they have done is listen to the “voices of America” and resisted Obama’s agenda to destroy America. They should at least be commended for protecting America from the evil forces, Democrats and the Obama Administration.
      If Obama can’t accept a fresh start on this issue, then like the Republicans, I say NO!

    • marvin

      just what would you do they are don,t what the people have said, no more lie,s and half truth and back room deals

    • eyeswideopen

      Hands clapping.

      • Joe H.

        Typical that you would clap for that it doesn’t make any sense!!! Like I said earlier, hands clapping and brain ratteling!!!!

        • jeffH

          JoeH…talk about confused? Expected!

        • eyeswideopen

          Joe, that’s cause you didn’t read it, or comphrend it, one or the other. Not my fault.

    • DaveH

      “true competition within the insurance cartel, rules governing insurance policies, and mandatory coverage for all”

      How can we expect true competition if we are forced to buy health insurance? And how can we expect true competition if government dictates what their policies should contain. Actually the latter is already in place in many states which is one of the reasons that insurance is expensive. If Government would butt out, the companies would offer tailored plans, some of which would contain fewer exclusions and be more expensive, and some of which would have more exclusions but be cheaper. Then people could choose which they wanted to go with.
      So, your plan to make things cheaper is to pay more Government regulators to interfere with our health care choices. I thought you Liberals were always whining about “choice”. I guess that only applies to unborn children?
      And where do you, a Liberal, get off trying to force people to buy a product? I thought you guys were the ones who railed about the Big Bad Companies? So then you turn around and try to force us to buy their Products. You’re amazing, Norm.

      The Republicans are actually living up to their Constitutional Oaths unlike the law-breaking Democrats.

      • Norm

        The problem is that you and I could live with little or no government rules, regulations or social programs. Others, perhaps the majority of Americans, can not.
        One of the reasons that healthcare costs are so high is that the payers, insured or self funded, have to pay for themselves and all the non payers.
        If everyone was like me(and you?), we would not need locks on doors, police forces, judges and the expensive legal system, jails, medicaid, non refundable student loans and all the rest. Everyone is not like that unfortunately.
        If we didn’t have forced participation in the social security and medicare programs, you would have millions of destitude old people begging in the streets. People without the foresight to take care of their own affairs. At least, with the present system, most of these folks were forced to kick cash into the system for their own elderly care costs. Social Security is only taxed for the first $100K(or so) of income, so it is not the rich who are finiancing it. Also SS has been a profit center for the government not a loss. It’s taken in more than a trillion dollars than it has spent since it’s inception. The fact this money was wasted on other government priorities is shameful.

        • DaveH

          Then I guess the main difference between you and me is that I have faith that my fellow citizens would learn to take care of themselves if they weren’t given the illusion of a safety net. I say illusion, because SS premiums don’t go into a trust fund. As fast as government gets the receipts, they pay them back out to somebody else. In other words, a Ponzi Scheme. And it will fail some day.
          When we treat people like children, they will behave like children. Witness Tim’s comments.
          If you want a window to reality, just observe how teens behave until they get out of the house and have to pay their own way. Suddenly, they become decent human beings.
          If we got the government out of our everyday lives, our economy would be so robust, that charity would have no trouble caring for the few people who really did suffer misfortune through no fault of their own.

          • George

            Yes. Government needs to stick with those things that it can do best like providing national defense to protect the country from foreign enemies, enforcing law and order at home to keep the peace, providing a legal structure that helps markets work more productively in an open and competitive environment, providing a national currency and ensuring it doesn’t lose its value, etc. It needs to stay out of any business that can be served by private industries in a competitive environment.

        • Joe H.

          If the government was truly worried about the elders, they wouldn’t have raided the fund like they have over the years. The fund is almost bankrupt now and all they do is things that make less go into the fund!!! They talk health care first and jobs second. JOBS will put more into the fund Health care won’t!! The fund had a balance of well over 13 billion a scant 10 years ago and now it’s almost broke?!?!!?? Yeah, they’re really worried about the elderly!!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            JoeH, who had control a scant 10 years ago? NO, say it ain’t so Joe!!!

          • Doug

            Oh eyes and in your thought process that would be becasue of the administation that was in office before that! Wake the(word removed for offensive content) up both parties are screwing us there are liberals in each and every party, acutally in reality there is no difference the are playing for the same master behind the curtin!

  • J C

    This is without a doubt the sneakiest most underhanded (so called)President in history. Besides this great drive for life anbd death control of American Health Care, BHO is trying to fly the re enactment of the (anti) Patriot Act under the radar. While everyone is focused on the Health care debacle….sneaky sneaky sneaky…RAT!

  • Ralph Deeds

    More mischief from the party of NO. Boehner is a sleazy lounge lizard. Gingrich is worse. He’s done a complete reversal of his earlier positions advocating huge cuts in Medicare. Their proposals as expressed by Congressman Paul Ryan are disingenuous because ultimately they would dismantle Social Security and Medicare.

    • JeffH

      Ralph Deeds, do you support the Democrat Health Care Bill proposal?
      Just thought I would ask.

    • DaveH

      Social Security and Medicare are going to be dismantled by the Democrat impoverishment of our country.

    • Joe H.

      He might be underhanded but right now I like the way he’s talking!!

  • Nadia

    Hoepfully the republicans will stand on principle and not be deceived by this trojan horse obama with some phony bipartisan tv show.
    This sudden transparency is an insult to every American’s intellegence.

    I would like to see obama removed from office for not upholding the constitution of the USA.

  • GJMerits

    Obstructionism in defense of liberty is no vice and cooperation in pursuit of tyranny is no virtue.

    If the GOP attends the summit and anything resembling ObamaCare passes of anything providing for a Trojan horse for a government takeover or a government backed insurance cartel takeover of our healthcare subsequently passes, the GOP attendance will be scored by us as a vote for ObamaCare.

    I submit the following if ObamaCare passes subsequent to the meeting (the following scores apply to the GOP):

    The meeting will take place at a round table with no teleprompters allowed. If this agreement is not accepted the meeting is off. Failure to secure this agreement prior to the meeting will be scored as a vote for ObamaCare.

    The President and Democrats in both Houses have already said they will not start over. More to the point a Politico story states that “Obama hopes to walk into the Feb. 25 summit with an agreement in hand between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on a final Democratic bill, so they can move ahead with a reform package after the sit-down.” The House GOP must make this an issue and call out the President on the false premise of the entire event. If agreement is reached on a final bill, what is the purpose of the meeting? Where is the bi-partisanship if the bill was agreed to a priori to the event? Failure to do so will be scored as a vote for ObamaCare.

    The President stated that reconciliation will not be taken off the table. As this amounts to shoving an unpopular bill down American’s throats and trampling on minority rights in the Senate, the entire premise of the summit is again called into question and the President’s real agenda for the meeting exposed. The House GOP must challenge the President on this point. Failure to do so will be scored as a vote for ObamaCare.

    The House GOP must insist they be able to invite House Democrats opposed to the measure. If they are not allowed to do so, the meeting is over. Failure of the House GOP to insist upon this provision will be scored as a vote for ObamaCare.

    The House GOP must be allowed to invite officials and lawmakers from those states that has passed or are working on passing legislation/resolutions challenging the constitutionality of the individual mandate. Failure of the House GOP to insist upon this provision will be scored as a vote for ObamaCare.

    The House GOP must be allowed to invite their own experts, including but not limited to actuaries from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and members from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. Failure of the House GOP to insist upon this provision will be scored as a vote for ObamaCare.

    Again, whether the GOP attends or not, the liberal media are going to spin, spin, spin. This “summit” is a disaster in the making; we have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have dug a deep hole, jumped in and are now extending their hands for our assistance in extricating them out of a disaster of their own making. If Republicans help revive this bill, they will lose a number of us out here in the voting world. I fear going to this summit will be a turning point.

  • Wildcat from Dallastown, PA

    I think now is the time for the conservatives to stand up and vigorously present the strong and logical case of starting from square one on actual, meaningful, health care reform with the alternative of announcing to the people that we only had one item to compromise on which Obama has refused thereby removing any remote concept of bipartisanship involvement. It’s about time the Republican leadership takes the wood to the “Pirates on the Potomac” armed with the will of the citizens they represent; nothing partisan about that. Regardless of the lame response, if any, is rendered by Barry and his boys, perhaps the Republican leadership should respond by email with an embedded link to a professionally produced presentation clearly articulating the will of the people based upon campaign promises versus documented violations and the peoples’ total and absolute resolve stop their policies and remove them from office coordinated with a release of same to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and his stand in hosts’ shows, (and slightly later to the lamestream media).

    I can’t take the credit for developing that glorious piece of truly patriotic work, but I will provide to all of you to view and enjoy and determine for yourselves if this doesn’t capture your thoughts. Your attention is invited to: An administrative note here, you will want to turn your speakers UP for this one! If you have you computer connected to a powerful theater surround sound system you would think you have just witnessed the movie premier to the most action packed political thriller ever produced. That is unless you are one of the members of the pirate ship commanded by the “Pirates on the Potomac”, and then you will be justifiably scared for your continued political career.

    The Republicans in the Senate and the House have to be on the same page with their message to the President and the people.

    The only aspect of any currently proposed forms have that reflect one of the points of contention with health insurance providers (and not the health care they receive) is the removal of the pre-existing conditions clause. ALL remaining aspects of the existing proposals are pure pieces of excrement designed to remove you of as many personal liberties and freedoms as possible and transfer those to the federal government.

    I would like to add the following relative to the definition of bipartisanship as what representation will be EXCLUDED without fail. SEIU/ACORN and the auto workers union representatives are not part of anything resembling a bipartisan effort.

  • GJMerits

    For those who may have forgot, it was McConnell and Cornyn’s strategy to have ObamaCare pass in an effort to increase mid-term gains. In short – sell out the country for power.


    “After weeks of refusing to embrace the “obstructionist” label as a virtue, Senate Republicans finally saw the light and late last week began to use the parliamentary tools at their disposal to delay a final vote on health care.

    Until then, with the exception of South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Republican lawmakers had refused to use Senate rules and procedures to obstruct the passage of the health care bill being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and run out the clock on Obamacare. Some prominent Republican senators and members of their staffs had even let it be known they actually believed passage of the Reid health care bill and enactment of Obamacare would benefit GOP candidates in the November midterm elections.

    This GOP strategy of expedient complicity enraged the conservative base, roused talk radio show hosts and bloggers and even provoked a backlash from the chairman of the Republican National Committee. The Social Security Institute and the National Tax Limitation Committee joined with Tea Party Support and Gun Owners of America to convey this outrage to the Senate Republican leadership through letters, e-mails and telephone calls from the grass roots to GOP senators’ offices. ”

    Here is the email creative text that turned the tide and exposed the strategy, forcing the GOP to change its tune:

    “Republican Senator John Cornyn, the man charged with taking back control of the United States Senate for Republicans issued a memo to his colleagues and candidates Saturday suggesting that if the Democratic health care reform bill becomes law, it will be to the GOP’s political advantage.

    The Senate Republican Leadership Does Not Get It – OR Worse – Does Not Care about this country and only cares about THEIR JOBS!

    A few GOP Senators, however, are willing to stand in the gap with Senator Jim DeMint and Michael Steele and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. The Forces of Obstruction are advancing but time is short and a Democratic blitzkrieg counterattack is about to begin.

    Republican National Chairman Michael Steele understands this simple truth and has joined you in the fight to demand that Republican Senators obstruct, obstruct, obstruct and kill the Reid Bill.

    THE GOOD NEWS IS each Senator (Without Approval from Leadership) has the power to stop this rush to judgment. Any Senator who refuses to use that power will be complicit; will be responsible for enacting ObamaCare into law. Tell them you will vote against their re-election if they fail to JUST OBJECT.”

    It almost looks like the GOP is up to its old games. The price will be very, very heavy if they screw this up, attend, and in any way advance the agenda of ObamaCare.

    • JeffH

      A politician is a politician and it makes no differance what coat they wear. It make for a better understanding of the growing Tea Party movement in America.

    • L, USA

      Are you Nancy Pelosi?

    • Meteorlady

      Excuse me but……. John Cornyn is my Senator and has NEVER endorse government run health care. In fact, all the letters that I have received from him is very straight and to the point – he does not support it. I also note that in the article you reference there was no mention of Cornyn. He is one of the few Senators that I would vote for again as he always represents his district and the people that elected him.

    • Joe H.

      Excuse me for asking, but what power did the Republicans have before Sen. Browns election? The Dems had a super majority and had no power what so ever!!!

  • Jeanne

    GOP has a valid point, there’s no reason to meet over a bill we, the american public don’t want. Obama seems determined to turn it into a dog/pony show to sway us to revive his fiasco health care bill written to favor insurance/drug companies (and addresses only availability).

    Real Health Care Reform is about COSTS!!! Lower costs will increase availability. Tort reform, sell insurance across states (competition favors the consumer) and mandate pharmacueticals stop gouging America by ratcheting up their prices to us. The world is using the same drug, why is America only one funding their research, rofl.

    There’s NO EXCUSE to allow insurance/drug companies to continue gouging us (Obamacare would encourage that to continue since it doesn’t address costs). Obama is acting like a “ruler” not a leader by insisting to pass a flawed health care bill we don’t want! I’m sick of his lies and digs at GOP.

  • Jeanne

    If any GOP believes Obamacare will become law, it’s because they know the Dems are going to use reconciliation regardless of any dog/pony show!!! Dems have already proven they will get it through by hook or by crook!

  • Raggs

    I’m glad to see the GOP sound off, in reality though obama will never back down from a complete takeover. Remember he is a marxist and he bow’s to communist.

  • papajoe

    If you do not listen to the public and do their will then the public will replace you. We have had enough of the closed door meetings and the bribes so what we demand and I repeat demand is something we can live with. Robbing our children and grandchildren of the America we grew up with is unaccetable.
    Let’s make sure we go to the polls and vote our Conscience.

  • JKeyes

    Republicans.. Do not go to the meeting with Obama. Remember in the Book “Little Black Sambo” when the Braer Rabbit stuck his hand in the tar baby? Do not go to the meeting, it is a trap to make Pres BO look good and the republicans look like dunces.

  • jan from NJ

    I agree with Dom T although I don’t think people should be forced to buy insurance . People who have the means to buy and don’t shouldn’t then complain about having no insurance! The Republicans should attend with their adgenda and ideas. After all there can’t be any progress without a meeting and it will be televised.

  • Raggs

    Someone brought up a good point… Our bank account info pasted all over the internet, not only that but our health records. obama is an enemy of the US and what he is doing is treason. I think the repub’s are seeing the trap and are not taking the bait. I still think it is going to be interesting to see odumbo function without his teleprompter in an actual debate.

  • polly

    Leys hope the Rep. will hold to their guns and not be hoodwinked with Obama.. He knows they are hurting and when it fails he can blame George Bush.. wake up people and smell the coffee . obamba wants complete control and if anyone goses against he and his radicals he blames George.. its time the people get back bone ,stand up and be Americans and take this country back….

  • kevin

    Smart words Polly. You hit the nail on the head..Its time they start with the people and root the radicals out …Reps are smart to stand their ground as they are for the consitution than this administration…The rate this nation has gone in the last year shows what Obama is..RADICAL.

  • Gale

    I am so sick of all this crap with the messiah and his cohorts to destroy this country and its people and now the GOP wants to walk into that meeting knowing that dummy and friends will not start a now healthcare reform. Are they stupid? Yes, they are. They don’t have to concern themselves about health care – we do. If they had to live with this kind of thing there would be none of this going on. Why do they think they are better than anyone? They put their pants on the same way everyone else does. It is past time that Obama, Pelosi & Reid were impeached for treason to this country and its people and for trying to turn this country into a dictatorship – they are so arrogant. Let’s get rid of them. It would be nice if we had people in the congress and senate that really loved their country but as you can see, we don’t.

  • Joyce

    I think it would benefit us all to study the history of the French revolution. We just might wind up needing some guidance from their experience. The government is all corrupt. If we continue with this current government as is, we must force them to accept term limits, to eliminate as much corruption as we can. Or just throw them all out physically and start over, using the Constitution as our guidelines.

  • s c

    Let’s try this from a different angle. Every time Obummer opens his large, flapping mouth, he spews carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (Al Gore syndrome).
    Obummer can turn water into wine, but he can’t bring back the dead (unless they’re Chicago voters). To Obummer, an obstructionist is anyone who won’t brown-nose him or cave in to his childish, psychotic whims.
    Obummer loves to waste other people’s money. He was never good at math, and he knows squat about economics. He travels around the world and leaves carbon footprints that are ‘bad’ for momma earth (but he does it anyway). He wants conservatives to
    do his bidding, as long as we do it on his terms.
    What we have here, people, is someone who does NOT live in the real world. He’d probably make a fine ‘leader’ – in a sanitorium. He had an unstoppable super majority, and he blew it. He’s the ‘leader’ of the free world, yet he hates freedom, he’s the poster child for the new slavery, and we’re supposed
    cheer and salute.
    When pigs fly. When Queen Nancy makes sense. When Rahm can turn lead into gold. When Biden replaces Einstein. Then, and only then, I may have a reason to think Obummer can be a leader somewhere on this planet.

    • George


      I got a good laugh at a lot of what you said. I believe that most, or all is true, and serious business, but humorous the way you expressed it.

      Regarding leadership, to me the part that’s been lacking is leading by example. While the economy is in the tank and many of our American citizens are suffering and scrapping to get by, our politicians are spending our money on things many of us don’t think are necessary, especially now. Examples: Obama date nights flying Air Force One to New York City with their entourage of staff, Secret Service, and others to go to a play and have dinner on the town. And, publicizing that they have dinners in the White House paying $100/lb for steak. And, Nancy Peloci insisting on having a larger jet aircraft to fly her back and forth between Washington and San Francisco every week. And the list goes on and on and on. If the Democrats were smart about this, they would talk about cutting overhead in the Congress and in government right now. That would at least sound good to most Americans.

      • eyeswideopen

        George, come on, do you have any idea what those 977 vacation days that Bush took cost us? 490 at his “ranch” and 487 at Camp David. You also did not have the facts straigt on Pelosi.

        • George


          That’s why I keep you around….to keep me honest….ha. I haven’t been able to open the link you provided, so I can’t comment on that. However, I will say this. In general, “all” of our elected representatives spend too much of our money on unnecessary things, in my opinion. But more specifically, I think the Democrats are showing a lack of political savvy right now by not acting more like Bill Clinton did when he was President (in his first term, I believe). Remember how he would say “I feel your pain”, and their campaign slogan was “it’s all about the economy, stupid”? They were trying to connect with the American people and the pain they were feeling from the slow economy. The current administration is doing little of that, but is talking about a bunch of programs that could cost more money and cause potentially more pain. They’re also being pretty public with their dinners, parties, trips, etc. I suppose they are just trying to take advantage of all the free press they can get, but I’m afraid a bi-product message to the American people will be “I don’t feel your pain, and couldn’t care.” Make sense? Thanks.

        • DaveH

          Does two wrongs make a right?
          Should we all just sink to the lowest common denominator? That is exactly why Socialism doesn’t work. How often have you heard anybody say they wanted to work hard like “insert name”? And how often have you heard anybody say why should they have to work hard when “insert name” gets away with not working hard? It is typical human nature when the rewards are stifled to seek the least responsibility.

        • Joe H.

          tell me, what did they cost in rent???? how much per day at the ranch???? now compare that to just what P-lousy spent going to Copenhagen!!!!

      • Meteorlady

        Hey finally I can actually say “Blame Bush”. Bush was the one that decided the people in line for the presidency should fly military for their protection. While I really hate Nancy, that particular fact is incorrect. She has never used the 757. But…. she has made demands and booked military planes and not shown up. She has also scheduled multiple flights “in case” she needs the plane so she is not all niceness.

  • Not-Impressed

    Anyone that has a problem with the way government is being run needs to get out convince the idiots that voted the problem children in, to vote them back out again. I will surely be at the voting booth this year and in the next election and the next, etc.

  • Hiram B.

    After being shut out and ostracized in the creation of the ObamaCare debacle and its failure – Obama wants to hear from Republicans, ya right. His intent and agenda is false. You know he is lying when you see his lips move; that is a sad commentary about our President.

  • eddie47d

    Unitedhealth,bluecross,cigna,ect. are the trojan horses (corporate pirates). Private insurers raise premiums (30-39%) and you hardly blink. Obama suggests a healthcare plan and you all go ballistic. You must be invested in the healthcare business or pharma and protecting your your ill gotten gains. Maybe your hatred for Obama has blinded you. When folks have to pay $3-500 for a months supply of needed drugs and investors make hundreds and even thousands off these same drugs;then there is a disconnect with reality. The healthcare business says it has soaring costs,but don’t we all have soaring costs? Why are they giving out big pay raises and even bigger bonuses? Should’t they be tightening their belts? I guess tongue depressors have really gone up in price and gee they don”t even have unions! How would you like to pay 35% more for a pound of beef? Maybe a pair of pants or car insurance? Why do you allow the Healthcare business to get away with it? Maybe you’re just selective in who can be the trojan horse. Your defense of the way things are are highly suspect. We know that private insurers can’t control costs and they won’t. That make a compelling case for Universl Healthcare with a public option.

    • independant thinker

      The feds cannot control the cost of any other program why do you think they will control the cost of federal healthcare.

      • Raggs

        I think eddie missed the whole point.
        THIS is not about health care eddie!!!! It’s about the government controlling our lives!!!!

    • George


      We have observed over the years that government programs are always expensive, and often deliver substandard quality. (They charge citizens directly for using these programs in the form of premiums, and they charge citizens indirectly for the unpaid portion through higher taxes. The total of the two charges is always more than it would be if left to the private sector.) We know that government has no competitors in the market place, so there is no pressure for them to economize or make their business more efficient or productive like private sector companies have to do. If the private sector is not doing a good job of keeping costs down and quality up, I’d suspect government interference in the market somehow that’s causing the problem. The government can not compete with private sector companies, when there is a level playing field. The government doesn’t know how to compete because it doesn’t have to.

    • Meteorlady

      eddie dear….. why would I want to take my hard earned dollars and spend it on another inept government program. Medicare, Medicaid, SS and VA aren’t working so what will Universal Healthcare do for us? Check the statics on the growth of Medicare/Medicaid since their inception and see if they even come close to matching the cost the government told you they would – none did. In fact there was so much extra stuff tacked onto those programs they are currently unsustainable for the long term.

    • Joe H.

      I don’t know about your part of the country,but most of the country’s hospital workers and nurses do have unions!!!

  • George

    I’d like to see the Republicans demand the following preconditions for meeting with Democrats on the healthcare reform bill:
    1) Must start over so all ideas can be discussed and debated.
    2) Must debate each and every part on CSPAN so the American people can observe and learn about this bill.
    3) Any bill passed by Congress must include all Americans and treat all the same. This includes all states, all politicians, and no favors, exclusions, or deals with special interest groups (unions, etc.).

    If they did this, I think the American people would agree and support this approach, even though the Democrats will continue to call them obstructionist unless they agree with the Democrat bill.

    This legislation is way too important to rush it through Congress. The implications for our country are enormous and will impact all of our lives going forward. It’s possible, I think, although very remote, if they did work out a compromise like this, and a good bill did get passed, this process “might” provide an example for reworking Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. It’s pretty obvious (to me, at least) that all of these programs will have to be reworked pretty soon or this country is going to become insolvent. We can not simply continue raising taxes to pay for these programs. Speaking as a retiree myself, I definitely hope all of this can be done with little pain. I know most of us depend on these programs, especially now that the economy is so bad and much of our retirement investment has dwindled over the past few years.

    • Meteorlady

      Yes maybe they will even televise it on C-span as Obama promised when campaigning.

  • independant thinker

    To just boycot the meeting will give O-Ham-o the opportunity to say we tried for a bipartisan bill but the Republicans refused. The republicans need to offer a substitute bill when they formaly refuse to meet on the current bill. That way they can say we have offered a practical solution and O-ham-a doesn’t want to hear it.

    • George

      You’re right, they have to meet with the Democrats. However, they can set some preconditions for meeting which are necessary for having a productive discussion and conditions which the American people will accept as reasonable and possibly wise. If they continue to get the support of the American people, they should be able to steer this process toward a successful result, which I’d define as either a good healthcare reform bill or no bill at all. We can’t afford to take on another big entitlement program right now when we soon may be staring default in the eye…..

  • David Garstin

    I just sent a letter to Eric Erickson of RED STATE. I do NOT agree. The GOP should show up in mass for the meeting. The chairman should have a stack of blank pieces of paper that has a bold and clear heading “PROPOSED HEALTH CARE BILL” on the top. As the meeting starts, he should hold it up to the cameras so the world can see it. After President BO has his opening remarks, the chairman should hold up the blank sheet and state, “The American people do not want most of the provisions in the current health care bill. We are here to work out with the President a new bill with what we know the American people want”. Then as President BO tries again to advance his agenda, the chairman should restate the position of the American people and hold up the blank sheet again.
    After the third attempt, the chairman should state. We have tried all along to reason with this administration on behalf of the American people but you have just witnessed the fact that this administration does not care for you and only cares about itself and the power associated with it.
    Then everyone, without comment, get up and leave.

    I hope that the GOP is smart enough to turn this so called trap into its own trap on this administration.

  • ralpherus

    Everyone is talking about side issues, when discussing health care, or getting along with the dems, or any of the side bar stuff. The two biggest threats to our country, are 1:the people who have voted for, supported, signed into law, ANY VICTIM DISARMAMENT SCHEMES, and 2: illegal aliens, and those who let them in and let them stay. If we hang those two sets of people, there would be NO health care dilemma, there would be no over taxation dilemma, the borders would get closed, the drugs flowing across the border would nearly stop… SO really,band-aids, and splints are nice, when the wound is done being made. But we are getting minced to shreds as a nation, and the tool doing it is the democrat party. Break the tool, destroy it, throw it overboard, sail away, THEN tend our wounds!!

  • Laura

    I feel no one should be forced to pay for healthcare. However, I feel that if one does not buy healthcare and goes to the doctor or emergency room without insurance they should have 3mts to make contact with the collections dept. to make payment arrangements. If they do not abide by them, they should be penalized, and physicians to protect their own practice, should be able to see a report if you pay your medical bills or not. No different than if you take credit from anyplace else. The people who do not pay their medical bills would just have to go to a free clinic up to 7yrs. The reason I say this is because although one should not be forced to pay for insurance, we should not have to pay their bills either so they can go out to eat and drink with their friends and purchase all the current name brand clothes and shoes.
    We also need to get medicare and medicaid managed. Right now it is severely under staffed and no one has time to really see who should no longer be funded and who shouldn’t. Let’s get some people who are on welfare earn their checks by helping organize the paper work and stuffing envelopes. I also believe welfare people can do other jobs like clean streets and sides of the highways, answer phones, etc. Let’s give these people some pride by earning what they keep. In order to make this work. If they do not show up for work or do not appear to try to do the job right, they lose their welfare. I also feel it be cool to give these people an incentive program. Instead of punishing them financially if they are working while educating themselves so they can one day get off of welfare and medicaid let’s help them. I believe it will save money in the long run. I have talked to many people on welfare and a lot of them want to make a better life for themselves but they risk losing help if they try to better themselves. This is not helping or economy only hurting it and keeping some very good people, lose a bit of their pride everyday. They feel trapped in the system.
    I would also like to see a cancer care program. If a person currently has insurance or the insurance company canceled them because of their cancer, I would like to see my tax dollars go to making sure these people can still get their treatments.
    Also they need to make insurance companies go nationwide instead of statewide. This is common sense. Other insurance companies will be forced to compete, lower their prices, and cover more medical treatments.

    • Meteorlady

      Hey can we write you in for President? Your ideas are common sense and it should work this way, but…….

      We just can’t force those poor welfare people to work, it’s called slave labor and they would definitely use that when they called the local new agencies to complain. As for the news agencies, they wouldn’t let it go for months and months.

      We can’t possibly stop both legal and illegal immigrants that are coming here and heading straight to the welfare and low income housing agencies – after all they fled their country to get a better life here…. after they suck us dry they will head on to the next country.

      We couldn’t possibly stop payments to people on welfare over a year and are able to work, but don’t really care to. After all, what would they do if they actually had to be productive for a change.

      Oh and maybe we could educate people that it’s really inconsiderate when they have more children than they can afford and the rest of us working people get to support. Ops, that takes their freedom away, never mind that they took my freedom when they applied for government assistance and took the money that I worked hard for.

      While I love your ideas and if the world was fair it would be so, but alas it’s more like what I wrote above and I’m really sick of it all right now. We all need a change – a change in our government, a change in our perception of they way things should work and most of all we need to go back to private charities taking charge instead of the government. People need to learn to stand on their own two feet and be responsible citizens, not “takers”. We can’t afford anymore Takers.

    • Dorothy

      Laura – I like your idea of people on welfare working for their pay.
      This used to be in government. I remember a lot of people in the
      30′s and 40′s who got a welfare check, but they also worked in public
      jobs for the city or county and felt good about being able to hold
      their heads up high when payday came along. They were respected a
      lot more than the lazy dudes now who can’t wait until that welfare
      check comes in the mail!!!!

  • Mary J Goode

    Is there any Democrat on here? Im neither! Why? because its dog eats dog. What did Bush do for the Country? What is Obama doing for the Country? What are you doing for the Country? Blab blab blab.If you can’t say any thing good about anyone keep your mouth shut.

    • Sunny

      It is not what obama is doing for the country, but what he is doing TO the country. I am fed up with people who refuse to see what this man obama wants to do TO my beloved country. If you haven’t been paying attention, please start now. It doesn’t matter what party affiliation you are – but it does matter that we are very aware of what is going on behind closed doors, in the dark of night and in ridiculous bills that are thousands of pages with so many hidden agendas that it makes your head spin. If we let them go unchecked and stick our heads in the sand, then, yes, it will be a dog eat dog, each man for himself world. Until then, I will not keep my mouth shut.

    • Joe H.

      spoken like a true libber!!! Do away with my freedom of speech!!! When I take in my dying breath!!!

    • Meteorlady

      And your point is? Am I supposed to care? Gads… that was really a productive idea you put out there.

    • Dorothy

      Mary – Keep reading – please don’t deny being a Demo – you sound
      like all of them -whine-whine-whine-and then do as I say!! Just
      read and keep Your mouth shut!!!

    • George


      My Grandmother was a Goode. Are you from Tennessee?

  • Sunny

    Barry Hussien is a pathological liar and if anyone trusts him or his goons he is a fool. B.O. told us point-blank that he intends to “fundamentally remake America”, which is probably the only truthful thing he has ever said. Let’s stop pretending that this administration will not use any and every tactic it can to destroy our Republic and remake us into another socialist/progressive insignificant country. It is up to We the People to stop them before it is beyond repair.

  • byron mutnick

    the libs are at it again.look how the gov. runs the p.o. they have an increase in the postage rate every year or two and we are still in el paso texas, it should be called el paso taxes, we are one of a handful of texas cities which is run by the dems. our property taxes are higher than waco ,which is a republican strong hold.our school district wants another (13 cents every $100 of our property value. the libs here send our teachers on out of state junkets which cost the tax payers big bucks. the school board okays these trips instead of saving the $ and hiring our local college proffesors to teach our workshops. let,s stop the spending a vote the libs out.

    • Joe H.

      Either my taxes are very low or yours are astronomical. That would be 1300.00 on a 100,000 home. Are you sure that wasn’t per 1000 in value?

  • Rod

    o-BUM-a is up to his old tricks. He lies everytime he opens his mouth
    and remember to forget what he says and pay ALOT of ATTENTION to what he has done and what he will do! We need to IMPEACH him! He just can’t help wanting to destroy America. Hitler failed and so will

  • deltadawn

    Putting a bill on the table that has already been rejected is not inviting bipartanship. There should be no bill on the table. The President should present the points he feels strongly should be in the bill and give the GOP an opportunity to present theirs. Surely the ideas of both parties can be incorporated into one meaningful health reform bill. If Obama is dedicated to the version already passed in either the House or the Senate, the meeting would simply be a waste of time and an opportunity for Obama to falsely state the GOP didn’t have a plan. He doesn’t want this meeting to get GOP ideas, he knows what they are. He is using this meeting to continue the same old, same old “Republicans aren’t offering anything”. It’s a political publicity stunt and everybody knows it. The WH & Democrats in Congress know they’re in trouble come Nov. 2010 and they’re only strategy now is to badmouth the GOP. Clearly they don’t have anything positive to run on. We’ve now found the 2000 page stimulus bill omitted a pesky little detail that would restrict taxpayer stimulus dollars to jobs created in the US. They forgot that part. 80% of the “green jobs” paid for by stimulus dollars (yours & mine) are going to workers overseas. Chuck Schumer is, of course, “outraged” upon discovering the omission. Didn’t he have a large part in drafting the bill?

  • Rod

    This is our year! You can see the radical left “elite progressives”
    pretending to moderate to trap the G.O.P. into excepting their so
    called o-BUM-a, palosi, reid health care bill that has NOTHING TO
    DO WITH HEALTH CARE!! All I can say is VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  • Dorothy

    DaveH-Right on! Government has always been the problem, never the
    solution. Government is way too Big (size wise!) First off, get
    rid of Michelle’s “personal attendants” – she hates ALL Americans
    and openly admits it. Obama is too scared of her to even try to
    keep her in line……She can leave now and wait for her husband
    as soon as he is impeached!

  • Dorothy

    Please bear with me on this one:
    If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get l1 years hard labor.
    If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefinitely.
    If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot.
    If you cross the Saudia Arabian border illegally, you will be jailed.
    If you cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be heard from again.
    If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally, you will be branded a
    spy and your fate will be sealed.
    If you cross the Cuban border illegally, you will be thrown into political prison to rot.
    If you cross the U. S. border illegally, you get:
    a job, a drivers license, SS card, welfare, food stamps, credit cards,
    subsidized rent or loan to buy house, free education, free health care, a lobbyist in Washington, Billions of Dollars worth of public documents printed in your language, and the right to carry your
    country’s flag while protesting that you don’t get enough respect.
    Personally, I prefer the Afghan Border law the Best!!!!!

    • Meteorlady

      You go girl! You have my vote.

  • DaveH

    The only real Health Care Solution:

    Get Government out of Health Care!

    • Dorothy

      Dave – I went to the website you indicated in your message here and
      what an enlightening direction for health care reform. Four points
      would satisfy 99% of Americans it is perfect….before this regime is
      over there will only be 1% demos, in case you wonder where the 99%
      satisfied Americans came from!! Right on – any chance you are going
      to run FOR President?

      • DaveH

        Not me. The lowlife would shoot me on the first day, lol.

    • Meteorlady

      One small little thing in the article….. how do you give all the people back their money that paid into Medicare? Though I must admit if the medicare premium withheld from the SS check was abolished, and you already carried supplemental insurance you could probably purchase insurance within a Market as he says for about the same price. I’d go for that one.

      • DaveH

        My mother was an Insurance Agent and as a result I was looking at Insurance with a jaundiced eye early in my life. It is just a scheme that preys on peoples’ fears. In reality with any kind of Insurance the overall costs on Society are going to increase by at least the amount of the salaries of the people working in the Insurance Industry. But you can add to that the fact that people will use the services it pays for more frequently than if they had to pay directly out of their pockets, thus more costs. Also, consider the fact that they will come between you and your choice of remedy.
        The only Insurance that makes any sense at all is Catastrophic Insurance that might save you from losing large amounts of your life savings or property. And that only for the peace of mind that it offers you. Insurance should sure as heck not be forced on anybody like the Liberals want to do.

        • Meteorlady

          I think health care insurance is important. So if I get cancer of some disease where I actually have to go for expensive care, I should loose everything I worked for? My friend had a heart problem in his early 40′s and had to declare bankruptcy because he was between jobs had no insurance. I usually agree totally with you, but this time I have to say I think health insurance is very important to your financial well being.

          • DaveH

            You need to re-read my comment Lady. I am saying that insurance costs the country a lot more money in the long run. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be able to purchase it for your peace of mind. I’m just saying it isn’t cost effective, and we would be much better off paying for the regular medical care out of our own pockets.

            I would be the last person in the world to compel you to buy anything you don’t want to buy or visa-versa.

          • Joe H.

            while I agree with you on what you say, i happen to know several people that went bankrupt and they are in no real problems. after seven years it comes off the record and you can apply for credit again. As a matter of fact, the offers start to come in about thirty days after you are finalised, as they know you have no bills to pay!!!

    • Norm

      Very draconian and impractical.

      • DaveH

        Easy for you to say. The fact is they have been practicing your methods for at least the last 50 years, and here we are, in one big mess (or so your cohorts say). When do you Liberals throw in the towel? That was a rhetorical question, I know the answer is “Never!”.

  • Meteorlady

    Now that I’ve read through this page and put some remarks here and there, I though I might just comment on the actual story.

    Republicans should go. If the don’t they loose. If they do they might employ some smart maneuvering and get things going. You can bet the press will be covering this event. Obama cannot afford to lock the press out – his image would be further degraded.

    • Dorothy

      Meteorlady – I agree with you – Republicans should be represented
      at the next meeting just for the reasons you gave!!

  • Franciso

    The Republicans are right. Obama has invited them just to make up for all his other shortcomings. He is not fit to run this country. He’s all about face time and talk about a “professional liar”…..he must’ve gone to school to learn how to lie so well. Just hearing his name makes me ill. Yeah, he’s all about creating the illusion that he and his administration are so good at what they do. They take credit for issues they have no knowledge of, they blame everything that they screw up on the previous administrations. Everytime he opens his mouth it’s always “ME – MY – ME – MY”. It’s never the country, the citizens, the people etc. It’s always I did this, I’m going to do that, My administration is going to do this and the all famous “LET ME etc.” This guy is a joke and a very poor, poor example of a President of this great country….it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” that his majesty Obama should be taking care up, not SEIU (remember Obama talked to Andy Stern and he will continue to support the SEIU), AIG, Banks, Wall Street…. the list goes on. All the people that voted for his majesty must be real proud of him now……NOT. Is it too early to start looking for a new President? I know a lot of people whom are much smarter and more caring then his majesty. This administration if filled with communists and felons – everyone should be proud to have these folks making decisions for “WE THE PEOPLE”…..

    • Dorothy

      Franciso – It is NOT too early to start looking for a new President.
      There are several right here on this forum that would be very good
      candidates – They can think for themselves, write for themselves,
      and would probably never need a telepromter!!

      • Franciso

        You are correct Dorothy. Without those teleprmpters he’s lost. He forgets his train of thought and then starts talking about things that have no relationship to the subject at hand. PLEASE, PLEASE will one of you INTELEGENT, KIND, UNDERSTANDING and CARING people on this web site start campaigning for President….you’ve got my vote and I’ll support you. I don’t think my heart can take too much more of this D I C T A T O R that speaks for “WE THE PEOPLE”.

        • Joe H.

          Please be careful. Obummer ran and very few knew anything about him and voted for him. now you say that you will vote for someone you really know nothing about on what they have written here!!!! please, please do some research and learn ALL you can about who you vote for. All of them have their record on sites on the internet1 Don’t listen to any sites that give no information on voting records and back it up with sites that are official sites!

  • Dorothy

    Does obama have access to this Website? He sure could learn a lot
    by reading Americans’ Comments!!! Does he really know how many
    peole are really disappointed in his running (sorry – ruining)Our
    Country and Our White House???

    • Meteorlady

      We could be monitored by some agency right now. Obama would be far too busy fiddling while Rome burns to read anything constructive from real people….. ones he actually is “supposed” to represent.

      • Franciso

        Meteorlady: I often wonder if his majesty does have all web sites monitored. I remember hearing that people were being watched and spoken to about their feelings on healthcare. And remember that one guy that got beat up by SEIU for being a tea party person and wearing a yellow t-shirt. The poor guy got the crap beat out of him. And what the heck di Obama say about that? NOT A DAMN THING. Then in MASS when that reporter guy knocked down and Coackly said she knew nothing about it – DUH!!! She was standing right them next to the guy who was knocked down and her picture was flashed all over the place. Obama is a true AMERICAN (maybe) or KENYAN or HAWAAIIAN LIAR and he has plenty of followers. What an insult to the great people of Hawaaii to have this guy running around claiming he was born in some hopsital in Hawaii but no one can remember the name of it and where it was……………….GIVE ME A FREAK’n BREAK. Liar liar your pants are on fire.

  • Brenda

    I agree with those who think the Republicans should not be pulled into this “web of deceit” that Obama is inviting them to. It is a trick and manipulated for the media to see. If the liberals don’t start from scratch with this, they should not be involved or go to this “summit.” And we all know that Marxist Obama wants this government run healthcare in the worst way….he needs it to continue with his power grab of our society. Don’t do it, Congress!!! Call them at their own bluff…..only if they start over with the real problems that exist, not the issues that don’t exist that they want to “fix”.

  • Doris

    Barry Barak Obama has written quite a few books. He states ‘if a problem did come up, he would always be on the muslim side.’ He also states disdain for ‘whites’. He was asked about his grandmother. He replied ‘she is like the typical white woman.’ Tell me who is the racist? He had his past sealed. Why? What exactly is he hiding? He was elected President because people fell for his charismatic manner. If someone had cornered him in front of ‘real media’ (FoxNews for one), and asked what the changes would be, he would not have been elected. We saw he talked form ‘both sides of his mouth when asked about his belief on abortion, standing beside Israel, etc … He said if you want to know me and what I am about just look at who I surround myself with. Okay, Mark Lloyd who wants to go beyond Fairness Doctrine, and admires Pres Chavez of Venzuela. Van Jones who openly professes to be a communist. Anna Dunne states she admires Mao and looks to him for guidance. (He killed 70million of his own people.) One that states you find liberty at the end of a gun barrel, paraphased. He was at at conference. Andy Stern, SEIU leader, states, we will use the power of persuasion. If that does not work, we will use power to persuade.’ Obama wants to control every area of our lives. He loved that, were they 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders, taught songs to sing praising Obab. R

  • Doris

    Barry Barak Obama has written quite a few books. He states ‘if a problem did come up, he would always be on the muslim side.’ He also states disdain for ‘whites’. He was asked about his grandmother. He replied ‘she is like the typical white woman.’ Tell me who is the racist? He had his past sealed. Why? What exactly is he hiding? He was elected President because people fell for his charismatic manner. If someone had cornered him in front of ‘real media’ (FoxNews for one), and asked what the changes would be, he would not have been elected. We saw he talked form ‘both sides of his mouth when asked about his belief on abortion, standing beside Israel, etc … He said if you want to know me and what I am about just look at who I surround myself with. Okay, Mark Lloyd who wants to go beyond Fairness Doctrine, and admires Pres Chavez of Venzuela. Van Jones who openly professes to be a communist. Anna Dunne states she admires Mao and looks to him for guidance. (He killed 70million of his own people.) One that states you find liberty at the end of a gun barrel, paraphased. He was at at conference. Andy Stern, SEIU leader, states, we will use the power of persuasion. If that does not work, we will use power to persuade.’ Obama wants to control every area of our lives. He loved that, were they 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders, taught songs to sing praising songs Obama. He loved it. Reverend Wright told larfe gathering of youth in his church that Obama was the Savior. Getting a clear picture of Mr Obama yet? If anyone says anything different from his statements, watch is face, he gets real angry. He’s angry at Fox News, cable companies, and public television and radio – he want to control their dialogue or close them down. His friend. the colleague professor was questioned while he was trying to break into a house, which turned out to be his. He was asked for id, he just became angrier and uncooperative. The policeman in question did his job. Our president actually went on Int’l television to berate the police officer after stating he didn’t have all the facts. Later policeman was fired because after scanning all of his correspondence he said he didn’t like, or tust, or whatever so he was fired. The townhall meetings were peaceful and orderly with well-thought questions. The tv showed busloads of Acorn people being dropped off at meeting, and ‘suddenly’ meetings were disorderly. Imagine that! The tv showed SEIU attacking people on outside of town hall building, Two of men attacked were knocked to pavement and then kicked all over and one had his legs jumped on. (If you don’t do….I’ll break your legs?) Have clear picture of who our president is?

  • Doris

    I failed to state that you knew the ‘busload’ people were from Acorn because they all had on red tshirts with Acorn logo. The SEIU had on jackets with SEIU logo on back of jacket.

    • Joe H.

      The last I saw the officer was not fired, the city vowed to support him through thick and thin! We must be careful not to (lie?) about Obummer and give the dems more ammunition to use against us!!!

  • Doris

    Obama did not say a single word about the physical abuse to those who differed from his ideas. See anything wrong with this picture? And, why do news people say ‘after all we can’t fire him We’ll just have to wait to 2012.’??? The Dems (some) came up with impeaching President Bush. hmmmm hmmm

  • DDC

    I say he needs to be impeached when we get all the cronies out in the 2010 election

  • Rose C

    The American people have been awakened from a deep sleep. In fact, in the 90s, I started off my radio show each week with, “Wake up, America!” But, not enough Americans wanted to be bothered. Now, that we’re bankrupt and our kids and grandkids inheritance went to AIG and across the oceans; jobs were outsourced and this is the result – 20% real unemployment; and the American people being driven right over the cliff on the road to socialism; the Conservative/Republican leaders must realize that the American people have now awakened and their eyes are on them as well as on the liberal democrats and they will not tolerate any representative who votes for ObamaCare. Their votes and their names will not be forgotten at the polls in 2010 and 2012! Scrap obamaCare and start over, i.e., tort reform; lower Rx costs by stopping the pharmaceutical companies from ripping Americans off with their over prices Rx pills (some that kill); and address pre-exisint illness and costs. It’s really quite simple. Probably about 50 pages should do it!

    • Time

      Rose, Good points. As Glen Beck said if your think health insurance is expencive now, just wait until its FREE.

      Any bill written into law should be no more than 1 page at most. But that would mean a “100% total cutting PORK” from the bill, as both partys feel they have special needs “PORK” will be a problem until both partys and both houses get a “VERY STRONG CLEAR” picture of what 78% of tax paying Americans feel. {STOP the waste and spending.}
      You can’t hide PORK in a 1 page bill, but in a 2800 page bill there are so many places to hide it its hard to find.

      What even makes this bill more insidious, is that only 20% at best of both houses that signed it, even read this bill. Then add in that of those that did read it, no one could understand it. Whats that say?

      Just a quick point that the Media fails to highlite about why RX drugs cost you so much. These same companys sell to European’s who are under the same form of social health care plan that Barry wants us to have. Well low and behold these special Europeans pay 1/8 of the the same drugs cost Americans. Why? We are covering the cost of that special health care coverage.

      So just knowing that minor fact, how mush more do you think this health care bill is going to cost right out of the gate.
      The cost now are based on a healthy person age 20 – 50 paying a “MINUM of $450.00″ per month. As I noted above about Mr. Jay Rockefeller’s statment in November 2009 that all Pre Existing health issues would preclude you from being able to acquire Health Insurance.

      • Joe H.

        One of the other reasons we pay more is we are the only country paying research costs. they also don’t make the companies drop their price once these costs have been recovered. thus the difference in cost between name brand and generic!!! That is also the reason you don’t see a generic for about seven to ten years!

  • norm putman

    Do not trust this administration, in my seventy years, have never seen a administration so corrupt, dishonest, doesn’t know how to spend money. uses his czars to do the dirty work and they screw it up… But Obama doesn’t have any scares… No experience in anything and when it comes to make any
    decisions like transferring troops it took four months, four friggen months… then you look at our deficit,
    Fourteen trillion, in less than a year.
    Then there’s that stupid Health Bill
    How long are the “WE THE PEOPLE” going to put up with CRAP????
    If this person likes to spend, then IMPEACH and let him spend his own money
    Chicago Politics—– BS!!!

    • Tim

      You talked about Obama having the most corrupt administration in your seventy years. Where have you been living for the last seventy years, the moon?

      Reagan – The Iran-Contra Affair
      Nixon – Watergate
      Harding – Teapot Scandal
      W Bush – No bid contracts, fighting an illegal war in Iraq, invading our privacy rights, practicing torture, firing U.S. attorneys who disagreed with Bush’s politics, firing a CIA operative (Valerie Plame).

      • Dorothy

        Tim – Spoken like true (if there is such a thing) Democrat. Always
        blame “the other guys” cause it “wasn’t us!!” At least we all made
        it through those years and kept our United States of America, under God in one piece. I’m sure you could go back to George Washington’s
        days and find fault with some of the things he did, too! What we need
        to do now is ALL stick together and Stand United, or we will definitely fall.

        • Joe H.

          Just say died in the wool!!!

      • George


        Norm probably didn’t do an exhaustive study on all of the administrations for the last 70 years before making his comment. He simply feels uncomfortable with the current administration and the way they are going about doing things. In politics, what counts is how people feel about things today and tomorrow, not about other administrations that served in the past. People always want the current administration to show leadership in protecting the country, and addressing their concerns. Norm is expressing concerns that I believe many Americans feel, and I think it would be wise for Obama and his advisors to heed these concerns if they want to get re-elected.

  • Connie Baumgardner

    Hey Norm.. You got that right.. We should all know by now that Obama is way off course as far as what he deems important to this nation. He sees us all as sheeplike creatures who hang on his every teleprompted word. And as far as the Bush issue goes; well I feel its been beat to death. Yes; he made errors in judgement , but what president hasn’t? Obama should have had at least a vague idea of just where to begin to get us out of this recession. But I digress. This healthcare bill is dead. It was shot down and now he just wants to ressurect it in the guise of a discussion. If the reps fall for it then they’re more gullible then I thought. We need legislation to change the way Health insurance companies do business so that it is fair and allows every American the option of choosing their own physicians as well as a plan to suit their needs without putting people in financial jeopardy.
    Not to mention the right to purchase a policy from another state as well as meds from Canada etc.. But then again if they would do this then we would see the lobbyists scream bloody murder. And make no mistake about it; the lobbyists are still at the helm or crux of the dilema.
    Not until, we the people, finally decide to take real action; will there be a change for the good. This is not a racial issue per se,,, it’s a question of just how much more America will endure before we really clean house. And may God show his grace on any politician who still speaks out against tyranny and for our constitutional rights…

  • Stelci

    Conservatives should not attend this obvious ruse. The only racist activity is the exploitation of racism from the Obama administration. A previous comment addressed the beer summit. Obama showed his true colors when he immediately concluded the police overreacted. My assessment of personalities was the professor and the president overreacted, the policeman was composed and rational. Obama made his career using the race card and so did his wife. At this level people are paying closer attention and the false claims are coming under more scrutiny. There aren’t many people left who believe him or his joke of a press secretary.

    • Tim

      If the Obama is so racist, then explain why he appointed the following group of people: Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, David Axelrod, his press secretary, and Rahm Emanuel. None of these people are black. You’re wrong!

      • chuck b


        hussien probably hasn’t appointed anyone, some where in the dark he was chosen as a mouth piece, a figure head for a political movement with ulterior motives and he doesn’t have the capabilities of running this government.

        • jeffH

          chuck b, ohhhh you are so sneaky! Why didn’t I think of that? Good call!

      • Joe H.

        he appointed them all because they are all open to illegals and Muslims!!!!

      • jeffH

        These people you have named are all members of the Bilderbergers. Ever here of them? Forgot, so is Obama.

  • patricia p.

    Please please if the only way that Mr. Obama can give me “free health care” is to shorten my freedom (do not doubt that), I do not want it

    Stay away from my life and my health care

  • David Harris

    Again (and I have said this before) WHERE WERE ALL THE REPUBLICANS AND LIBERTARIANS WHEN BUSH WAS SPENDING MONEY FREELY ON TWO WARS AND PROMOTING TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY ???? ; the majority of which were for corporations that shipped most American jobs overseas. I’ll tell you where they were: In FULL CONTROL of Congress, the White House, The Supreme Court and every where else they could get their greedy fingers. They created this mess and now want to castigate others for “spending”. They have no clothes and only empty rhetoric.


    • George


      Sounds like you’re saying if the Republicans had spent twice as much of our money, then Obama should be allowed to spend four times as much. You will not find many on this board who like the fact that Bush didn’t use his veto pen to hold down Congressional spending, nor will you find many who will justify the spending that Obama is doing either. If you sift through most of the comments here, I think you’ll find that folks don’t like wasteful spending regardless who’s responsible for it.

      Regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was certainly unfortunate that our leaders felt it necessary to engage there. However, at the time, leaders of both parties agreed these were necessary and supported them with Congressional resolutions funding these wars. Later, when it looked like we were getting bogged down there, politicians began doing what they do best, look for someone else to blame. Now, Obama finds that supporting both wars is really the right course of action even though he campaigned on getting out of both when he was running for President.

      Regarding tax cuts for the rich, if you dig down a bit, I think you will see the economic benefit for doing this. It just so happens that the “rich” are the ones in our country that know how to invest money to make money. While they are making themselves rich, they are also creating jobs and wealth for the rest of society. Tax cuts really are tax “rate” cuts, not tax “revenue” cuts. Every time tax rates have been reduced, tax revenue has risen. That’s because when you reduce tax rates, you give businesses an incentive to take that additional money and reinvest it. So, tax rate cuts are not tax revenue cuts at all. It’s just very, very unfortunate that so many people in our country have bought into the idea that if you give the “rich” a tax rate cut, you’re really playing favorites and the less wealthy suffer as a result. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you want to stimulate the economy, don’t send poor people a one-time check for $500, give the richest people a tax rate cut. It always works, and works much quicker and more efficiently that funneling money through politicians and government bureaucrats to distribute to their favorite organizations and initiatives.

    • DaveH

      Can you imagine where we would all be if we all just quibbled about whose fault everything is instead of working to solve our problems?
      That is probably the main reason some are successful and some are not. The successful people don’t waste their time trying to assign blame, they just work to correct the problems.
      I, for one, thought that Bush was allowing Congress to spend like a drunken sailor. And I didn’t approve of a protracted war with the middle east. But that was then, and this is now. Bush is gone. Get over it!

      • George

        Amen, brother.

    • Joe H.

      David Harris,
      I’ll ask you the same question! Where were the dems when he declared war on them? I’ll answer for you. RIGHT BEHIND HIM ALL THE WAY!!!! You want partisan? You got it!!!!

    • jeffH


  • Phil

    Lots of Fox watching nutcases in here…. First off if the republicans hadn’t run this country into a ditch President Obama probley wouldn’t have been elected….. He wasn’t elected because it was his turn, he was elected because the republicans have nearly destroyed this country… And now you don’t like the way he’s running it…. That’s just tough….sure Obamas spent money… But he’s spending it on America , the trillions Bush wasted on Iraq will never yield positive returns….if I was president Obama I wouldn’t want Republicans involved… They had their turn and we’ve been living with the results of republican policys….. Enough…. I really don’t give a damn what you rightwing nut think… Your partys leaderless , your ideas are outdated and failed… Most of us liberals realize your only agenda is to destroy President Obama presidency and you’d gladly destroy this country just to do it…..your patriotism is as phony as your Christianity … Now go on lying to yourselfs…

    • chuck b


      maybe you should reconsider your remarks and review past history. the liberals have been in power in both houses for 3 years.
      Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.
      betty parker:
      Democrats controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

      For FY 2009, though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack 0bama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets.

      And where was Barack 0bama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009.

      Let’s remember what the deficits looked like during that period:

      If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack 0bama, who voted for the budgets. If 0bama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

      In a nutshell, what 0bama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.

    • George


      I think Chuck b. says it very well. However, I just want to add that I don’t think the American people voted for Democrats to institute socialist programs and undo everything that Bush had done. Rather I think, they were just tired of the wars and were worried about the economy. Obama was marketed very well during the campaign, and the American people bought into the image, hoping for the best. Remember, if the economy hadn’t tanked in October just before the election in 2008, John McCain might have very well won the Presidency.

      I predict if the Democrats continue to govern from the left, and don’t get aligned with the priorities of the American people, they’ll pay an awful price in coming elections. If that happens, should the Republicans interpret it as a total endorsement of their agenda? They probably will, like the Democrats are doing now, but I think they’d be very unwise to do so. The people in this country who make a difference in political races, aren’t nearly as concerned about political parties as they are about doing what they think is right for the country. Unfortunately, these folks aren’t the big campaign donors. The money usually comes from strong activist groups on the far-left or far-right (although I think currently the far-left groups are more powerful than the far-right groups), and these are the guys who usually dictate agendas.

    • jeffH

      Phil, if I understand you correctly then you believe forced socialism and marxism by our President and his administration is the patriotic way. I guess I am not a socialist/marxist patriot then. Guilty by association.
      I think a vast majority in this country wouldn’t fit in your criteria either. We are “The Patriots of a Free America” where we have worked hard for our freedom and nothing is “free”.

  • Phil

    As usual.. Republicans take no responsibility for the damage they’ve done…. Most of the nation still diagress with you…. The polls out just Friday show most Americans hold Bush responsible for this mess were in and rightfully so…. The damage to this country was done prior to 2006….it’s republican policys that drove this country into the ditch and you can scream , yell and pull your hairout and it won’t change that fact…. Like I said, you have no leaders, beyond nutcases like Sarah Palin speaking for you… I hope she runs in 2012…you can disrespect President Obama all you want by calling him Berry … President Obama ran on the healthcare issue and was elected in a landslide … You anti American traitors had your shot… You blew it…. Here’s another poll that cameout Friday … It still has president Obama beating Any Republican you run….I think your angry ve hate will backfire on you… The only thing missing from your rightwing post is the throwing of spitwads …

    • chuck b


      i don’t know what polls you are looking at, if they are from abc, cnn or msnb i wouldn’t get too excited. hussien is probably the weakest president this nation has ever elected. do you remember jimmy carter? i believe he was probably a little smarter than hussien and look at the mess he had the country say healthcare was the reason hussien was elected, well what happened i don’t hear all this approval has the public woke up to what this man was trying to pull off. even members of your party are not buying this bill. watch out for the spitwads!!!

    • George


      The public likes Republicans just marginally better than they like Democrats right now, but that is enough to get a bunch of Republicans elected in coming elections. If they are elected in “landslide” elections, will you support them the way you want us to support Obama now?

      • git it right

        George, why should they? Let’s see what the Repubs can get done with just cutting taxes and a no spending platform that they have been saying will solve all problems. Expect all the states (Republican) who took stimilus monies to refund or repay them. Want all those who critized the funds and then went to ribbon cuttings or wrote letters acknowledging the funds were needed to immediately resign as they do not represent your conservative views. While you guys are at it, kill Medicare and SS. Let everyone fend for themselves. Will give you the same amount of time to fix our problems that you gave Obama, 1 year. Then if you haven’t resolved the problems, in that period of time, let the IMPeachments begin. Fair is fair. You right wingers have one year to fix the mess.

    • George


      I believe you’re missing the big picture when you say that Republicans are to blame for the mess we’re in now. Our financial mess has been in the works for at least the last 15-20 years. The root cause, or at least a fundamental cause, is the amount of debt the government, businesses, and public have accrued relative to their ability to service this debt. This didn’t just start happening when Bush was President. If you want to simplify the problem and assign blame to one party, you can pick among politicians of both Republican and Democrat Parties in Congress and Administrations going back at least to Richard Nixon, the Federal Reserve Bank, too-big-to-fail financial institutions and automobile companies, other businesses, labor unions, and the public. Take your pick. They’re all part of the problem.

      • git it right

        George, Phil, probably figures since the repubs had control for over 12yrs from 1995 to 2007, that is a big part of the 15-20 years you are quoting. So, they are responsible, using your numbers.

        • George E

          The Republicans played a role, but shouldn’t be saddled with all the blame. This issue is much more complicated than that. Frankly, as a conservative if I wanted to pin blame on one person or one party, I’d have no hesitation saying that I think the Democratic Party has played a much bigger role in the problem than Republicans, but then I’m trying to be as objective as I can.

    • Time


      As I read the polls even by msn, that the alledged Health care package 61% of the persons asked don’t want it.
      With that in mind as anyone who can be a even nano open minded knows that cnn would poll areas that “would favor” any of Barry’s bills.

      On the other hand a USA Today poll forund 74% that responded were not in favor of this alledged Health care package. On this poll folks had to respond on their own, {as in they were not asked.}

      Let alone well over 8 million responded, now – with that in mind when 99% of the poles that are conducted, they are within a projected “TARGET” area, and not more than a few thousand people are asked.

      I think its not just crystal clear that the sham that is packaged as health care is not what people thought Barry would present.

      Whats so offencive calling Barry by his name. Your name is Phil would you be offended if we call you Phil.
      After all Barry’s name is Barry. So whats so wrong with that?

    • Joe H.

      I didn’t see any dems yelling too loud when the wars were declared! The polls now show 68% DON’T support the health care bill!!! The polls also show BARRY lower than Bush at this time in HIS term!!! BARRY has spent almost three times what Bush spent ALREADY!!! I know you want me to pay for your health care, but I don’t! Get up off your lazy behind and look for a job And pay for your own!!!!

    • jeffH

      Phil, let me see. You call Sarah Palin a “nutcase” yet it is disrespectful to call Obama “Barry”. That doesn’t compute!
      You used the word “hate” in your accusations, yet why is it that only you libs ever use that word to describe what others are thinking or doing? That one doesn’t compute either. I think you are confused! Ya think?

    • cr747

      Phil, for SURE you do not have a leader now.. At least Bush had some common sense.. You ask Obama what common sense is, he wouldn’t know how to answer. I would like to see the poll you are talking about.. Do you mind publishing that for me to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geneww

    RINO’s, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents should show their best interest for the citizens they represent by starting with the Health Care Bill and then add amendments to delete page by page stating how the deleted items are unconstitutional, and how it hurt their constituents …etc.. Many e-mails cite page, section, paragraph, sub-paragraph.

    • Joe H.

      Why? So the dems can say we are just stalling? they are already saying we are obsructionists and you want us to do something that will look like we are even worse? Yeah hand the second term right back to Obummer!!!

  • George

    When are the American people going to wake up to the fact that we can not keep demanding more and more free entitlements from the government without paying for them. The tax revenues continue to go up each year for the government, and they continue to spend more and ask for more. Lets start with the unions and cut their pay and retirements by at least 50%. They are bankrupring this country and the DEMOCRATS are helping them because of their voter block. When an average union worker pays in $67,000.00 into their own retirement and draws out $1.4 million in benefits, something is very wrong. The UNIONS put our auto industry in trouble,put more than half our steel industry out of business, the gap was filled by foreign companies that do not have the unions to deal with. If we keep on, the entire USA will be foreign owned. We need to limit all Congressmen to 2 terms, so as to keep them from making their own lobbyist deals.

    • George E

      You and I have been using the same name on this board. I’ll start using “George E” to differentiate between us.

    • Joe H.

      The thing to look at is what they get paid while working. Auto workers make over 75.00 in pay and benefits per hour. This kind of idiocy is running us right out of the manufacturing market and is why all the jobs are leaving the country!!!

  • K.Perrier

    So you think that if some one earns a decent wage and benefit that is a bad thing? Or is it that you don’t earn the same. I ‘ll bet you would not be so critical if that were the case. Jobs are leaving this country because corporations can get away with no benefits and low wages in 3rd world countries. My husband is non union, worked 32 years at his manufacturing job and all the jobs are going to China this year, not because the company does not make a profit here, but because the profit here is not ENOUGH. Every one had to take a 4% pay cut so upper management could get their 200K bonuses. So don’t blame union workers for companies leaving this country, it is pure greed.

    • Doug

      If they deserve it no I have no problem but when the dues are going to fat cats living off the dues and using them to push through laws that are good for them and not America I have a problem. Go to youtube and look at Detroit in Ruins! And yes I make more than that and have worked at what I do for 34 years and I sure as hell don’t live high on the hog and I am living at a lot lower scale than I did 4 years ago!

  • Judy Kob

    I think the Republicans should show up with good ideas in hand, but if the President insists on starting from the current bill they should walk out, enmass.

    • Time

      Judy, Its all a big show from Barry so its a waste of energy for all of us, Barry will do what barry will do, he care not what the American public wants. Can anyone say Hello Greese?

  • Smitty

    I hope ALL of the Republicans refuse to show up for that meeting UNLESS the President AGREES to scrap Obamacare in it’s entirity and hear the Republicans’ plans for fixing the healthcare money woes and insuring ONLY the uninsured (I agree with Judy Kob). The Republicans have some fantastic ideas like allowing the purchasing of insurance across state lines and a law to stop the enabling of ambulance chasers across the country to save on premiums.

  • Vicki551

    If we were allowed to purchase our health insurance from any company offering it, just as we do with our car or life insurance, there would be more than enough ‘competition’ to bring costs down. I can go to Geico, Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, AAA, and all manner of other companies to buy my car and life insurance and choose the best price and benefits for my situation. Why is health insurance handled differently? It isn’t a lack of ‘competition’ as the Obama administration insists but an over-abundance of government interference and ‘regulation’ that is stifling competition and keeping prices higher than they would be otherwise if the government just got out of the way. Also, the insurance companies aren’t just being ‘evil’ when they don’t insure pre-existing conditions. Many people choose to not buy health insurance when they are young and healthy and then rant that they can’t get insurance after they get sick or have an accident. We don’t expect to be able to get into an auto accident and then rush out to find insurance to cover it after the fact. Why would we have the expectation that health care insurance companies should have to insure us after we get sick or injured when we didn’t have the foresight to purchase it while we were still healthy? That’s the whole point of insurance. We don’t buy it because we expect to have an accident or get sick but to help defray the costs if we do. I know many people who choose to buy a big screen tv and entertainment system, a bigger or fancier car and/or take expensive vacations instead of buying health insurance. I have chosen to buy the health insurance and forego the ‘toys’ and entertainment. It is not my responsibility to pay for your health insurance because you would rather spend your money on something else. I’d rather spend my money on something else too but the health insurance is more important so I pay for that instead.
    The ONLY health insurance the government should offer is like the ‘flood’, tornado/hurricane and ‘earthquake’ insurance they offer now. Most private insurance companies don’t, or won’t, offer catastrophic insurance in catastrophe prone areas such as earthquakes in Calif., tornado alley in the midwest, hurricane zones and designated ‘flood areas’ because the certainty of those occurrences would not be cost effective to the companies. One major disaster would bankrupt the companies and they wouldn’t be able to pay all the claims. The premiums would have to be so high that almost no one would buy it so our government mitigates the liability by subsidizing it. I can get hurricane insurance real cheap here in Nevada and I imagine earthquake insurance is real cheap in Florida. The government should offer some kind of ‘catastrophic’ health care insurance that doesn’t cover everyday sniffles and bumps and bruises but major medical for accidents and major diseases such as cancer or heart attacks and pre-existing conditions that began in childhood before the patient had an opportunity to purchase insurance. Once an individual reaches adulthood and they choose to not purchase health insurance, they should accept responsibility for that choice and live with the consequences. Private companies can continue to offer a variety of comprehensive policies for those who choose to purchase it. Destroying a health care system that is the envy of the world and which 85% of us are happy with is not the answer for the 15% of our population who isn’t covered. Their needs can be met far more cheaply and efficiently than the 4000 page pork-filled, trillion dollar House and Senate bills being shoved down our throats by the Democrats and the Obama administration. If the government just paid the premiums of the uninsured to the private insurance companies of their choice, it would cost less than dismantling the entire system and re-building it from scratch as they are proposing.

  • HHH

    Smitty, you are sooooooo naive!! “Refuse to show up”??? “unless”??? Trying to reconcile the issue, some want to “just say no”!!! Let’s get real, folks…… it is 2010 and the clock is running….. and not in YOUR FAVOR!!!

  • Swansong

    Gloretha, stand up and be a true American – WITHOUT that “racist/victim” chip on your shoulder. You either believe in your freedom, or you don’t.

    If you don’t, I feel sorry for you. If you do, then you too should be objecting to what the prez & congress are doing.

    Obama doesn’t believe in American freedom or the Constitution – he’s made that clear in his own words. Congress AND the President have shown they will go to ANY lengths to enforce their radical left agenda: the empowerment of government.

    You’re being a fool if you believe OBJECTION to the entrenchment of government as the oppressor in this country is racism – It’s also a cheap shot.

    The time for “kumbaya bipartisanship” is way over. Freedom loving americans need to come out swinging.

  • Grover Syck

    ‘Bonehead’s’ standard response as the house leader of the party of NO.

    The repugnants are just pissed that they lost their a$$ in the 2008 election, and they are lying like mad to try to ‘cover their wounds.

    This jerk is my representative, and I will be working hard to terminate him as his cronies have terminated so many American employees.

  • Gwen Soileau


    How can the relatively sane embrace the insanity.

    My mom used to tell us as kids you are judged by the people you hang around with.

    And to coin an old phrase, you lay down with old dogs you get flees.

  • Goes Gold

    Oh eyes and in your thought process that would be becasue of the administation that was in office before that! Wake the(word removed for offensive content) up both parties are screwing us there are liberals in each and every party, acutally in reality there is no difference the are playing for the same master behind the curtin!

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