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Republicans Relent, Allow Debate On Financial Overhaul To Begin

May 4, 2010 by  

Republicans relent, allow debate on financial overhaul to beginAfter voting for three consecutive days to block financial reform legislation from reaching the floor, Senate Republicans finally relented last week and agreed to allow floor deliberations to begin.

GOP leaders decided to move forward with debate after Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), the top Republican on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, said he received assurances from Democrats that they were willing to adjust the bill to alleviate concerns that it perpetuates bailouts, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

However, some political pundits believe the decision was made in response to the mounting political pressure applied by Democrats, who have cast Republicans as uncooperative and obstructive.

"It’s very difficult for me to comprehend senators, Republican senators, coming to the floor and nitpicking this bill," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). "All the talk of the Republicans, about wanting to do something about this bill before it gets on the floor, is really anti-Senate, and anti-American."

While Republicans disagree with several aspects of the bill, they seem most perturbed with its aggressive and strict consumer protection language. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), who authored the legislation, indicated his willingness to adjust the bill, but said he will not "weaken consumer protections given the enormous abuses we have seen."


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  • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

    When are our panty waist Republican “leaders” going to learn thrir lesson? YOU CANNOT TRUST A DEMOCRAT who says he will chance a few words to accomodate you!!!! Idiots!!!!!!!!!

    • American Liberal

      Wayne… It’s Wallstreet that proved it can’t be trusted….didn’t you pay attention to the Wallstreet hearings last week?…wallstreet was selling what they called ( shitty deals), that they knew were bad and then they made money on those deals….. Now ask the question… Who deregulated Wallstreet…answer: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush… So if wallstreets proven they can’t be trusted, what do you do… My opinion is reinstate regulations…unless you didn’t mind the Wallstreet bailouts( Bush signed the bill)..

      • SM

        American Lib, you are either crazy or just plain stupid! You talk about trusting and in the same breath you talk about the Democrats and Republicans, and then the right and the left. Your point in all of this is who is telling the truth and who is protecting the uninformed, the uneducated, the poor, etc. You try and make the point that the liberals are the ones who are doing the job right.

        Well let me tell you, The BIGGEST LAIR EVER is Mr. Obama. He makes Clinton look like a choir boy and Clinton couldn’t tell the truth either. Obama couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He lies when there is no point to lie. He lies when everyone knows he is lying and keeps a straight face while doing it. This is what is called a lack of morals. People who have no morals do not help the people who need a helping hand because they are too self-centered to even notice, let alone care.

        And YOU try and stand on a point of righteousness by attacking what other people are doing to stop the insanity that is presently in control in Washington? YOU ARE CRAZY! It is the people who don’t know how to think, like you, who are keeping the insanity going. Get your head out of the sand, or wherever it is lodged, and open your eyes to the reality of what is happening. The power people in Washington are trying, no make that they are doing a good job of destroying the United States of America with ideas that were thrown out by the Russian people because they didn’t work. The Chinese are in the process of doing the same thing. Every society that has has totalitarian governments have failed and their people have lived in poverty. That is is in store for this country unless we can stop the socialist movement of the liberals who are in power at this time.

        • http://naver samurai

          Amen to that! Time for “Osama” to go to the hospital and have a cranial rectumotomy performed.

  • J.M.R.

    right on wayne

  • Raggs

    I’m sure neither side has even read the bill. This is just another sell-out to the Marxist in chief.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I for one do not want another financial melt down like the one in 2008. We will be recovering from that for many years, and some folks will not recover. Wall Street was a large part of the problem and needs to be more tightly regulated. Both parties should have a lot to contribute to legislation that will protect us citizens. I can’t imagine why Republicans would be dragging their feet on this.

    • American Liberal

      Doc… Good post… Nothing I can disagree with in your post…both partys need to be on this issue…

    • Constitutionalist

      BECAUSE every piece of legislation this congress has passed has only grown a more bloated govt and stripped us of more liberties. Some regulations are required, but it is out of control. It is all about power and control, not about our protections or our health care or our jobs or saving our homes or making us more “green.” You have to see behind the smokescreen. Are these millionaires really going to cut their own wrists? Of course not. Everything they do is to achieve their goals whether they be power, control, or ideology (big govt). But they wrap it in such a pretty bow appealing to our good morals of caring for others or the environment that people are sucked right into it by the shiny, bright object.

      Wayne, I’m in agreement – I cannot believe the Repubs again are taking the word of those who repeatedly lied to us, most recently about the health care bill, but you don’t have to look too far back to see those told about our economy, Fannie/Freddie, etc.

      And American Liberal, I disagreed with prior Repub administrations that did this kind of stuff, too.

      The blessing in all of this is that Americans are waking up to what has been going on in Washington for 100 years.

      • American Liberal

        Constitutionalist: that you agree that some regulations are required is a good thing….I’m just concerned with the article right now… We can discuss green jobs later…right now we just need to make sure Wallstreet isn’t selling bad deals they know will damage the economy abd using the free market as an excuse…so we have some agreement..

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Another post I’m sure the teacher is laughing about!!!!

        • George E


          We probably agree on a lot of things if we just “peel the onion” back far enough to investigate. I don’t have any idea right now whether additional regulations are appropriate to help prevent future financial crises like the one we’ve just had. Hopefully, we’ll get a better idea “IF” Congress will take their time gathering the facts and debating this issue before the American people. However, if they push another bill through on a party-line vote using legislative gimmicks like they did with the healthcare bill, you can bet they’ll make another mess of it. I’d rather they do nothing than do that again. More regulation is not always the best answer, in my opinion. Also, I feel a very large portion (possibly the root cause) of the financial crisis was poor legislation and governance by Congress and the Administration. I’m pretty sure new regulations will do nothing to correct these causes.

    • Frank Chambless

      What’s up Doc? In fact, there are very good reasons for Congressmen to move cautiously into any and all legislation proposed by the 111th. In this case someone in D.C. really must examine to determine whether the bill can or will initiate further regulation of our financial markets, or, governmental control. If control over American financial businesses is ultimately the outcome, then, the American Dream is lost. You’ll have to spend some time thinking that through to it’s logical conclusion; but, please trust me that you really do not want Congress, or Presidents in control of America’s financial industry. One last point, any monies invested in the markets is done so at the risk of the investor. Invest, or not, wisely. Frank

      • Doc Sarvis

        Frank Chambless
        I didn’t say congress should do anything without caution. That is what the debate is all about. I was saying to block the debate is avoiding the obvious problem.
        As I’ve said before, there needs to be balance. Businesses, in this case Wall Street firms, should have constraints within which to operate. That is where laws made by government (i.e. the people) come in. This does not constitute government running business.
        On your last point; while I accept risk in any investments I make, I also expect those I trust my money with to act in the best interest of the investor. When these firms loose site of that in an effort to only fill their own pockets some restraint needs to be implemented.

        • George E


          This sounds reasonable to me. I agree with you. Thanks.

        • Frank Chambless

          Hi Doc, It sounds as though you & I agree for the most part. Further regulation is needed in this case. It seems that our departure point is the line between regulation and government control. The 111th Congress has demonstrated it’s desire and ability to take control of large segments of the American economy in the private sector. Therefore, I approve of a cautious approach to legislation proposed at this point in history. I whole heartedly approve of Richard Shelby slowing this down and adding ammendments that would limit or eliminate future bailouts. If bailouts are expected, just imagine the risks that financiers would take with your money!

          On the final matter, investment is a risk, I think you & I are very much in agreement. If crime has been committed against investors, then, those crimes should be handled in a court of law, as in the case of Maddof. (By the way, who would EVER invest money with a guy named Maddof?:>) Still, in my mind this has to do with regulation, which should not cost the American people much money, which, our government does not have to spend; and no expensive legialation should be considered at this time.

  • eddie47d

    Wayne,Raggs,; No one is an idiot who wants businesses (wallstreet,banks) to take responsibility for their actions. Too many corporates have lacked integrity for too many years. If change is coming they brought it upon themselves.

    • American Liberal

      Eddie: good post… And very correct..

    • George E


      All I ask is that if we do add additional regulations to our businesses, we do it for the right reasons, not because the CEO makes too much money, for instance. These things have a way of coming back to haunt us later on when we do such things.

  • http://gmail i41

    Doc and a lib, just how was ther fincial meltdown caused , we all need you to explain in your finest socialist revised history?

  • American Liberal

    Howe… I have no problem with fanny Mae and Freddy Mac being included… In fact they must be included in regulations….I also find fault in President Clinton allowing deregulation in the first place…he did it to appease republicans but it was Clintons mistake…

    • George E


      This is one of the most objective statements you’ve made. Thanks.

  • American Liberal

    41… I don’t need to explain it….where were you while all of us were bailingout Wallstreet……?.. And you should have watched the Wallstreet ( Goldman Sachs) hearing last week…. Then you wouldn’t need a ” socialist” explanation ….

  • Joann

    Everyone seems to forget that number one is that Freddie and Fannie started this whole thing and they are government run remember and that the so called fat cats on Wallstreet are for this bill that should tell you something about the bill

    • George E

      It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that some of Goldman Sachs people wrote most of the financial reform bill. It’s my understanding that they’ve had a hand in almost all other financial legislation, not to mention they spend a lot of money contributing to lawmakers who can influence legislation like this.

  • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

    Air Angel, You hit the nail on the head. Fanny and Freddie pretty much started this whole mess. Guess who was in charge? None other than that fat [offensive word removed] Barney F—— Frank. Know what he said? There’s nothing wrong. What a sorry excuse for someone that’s supposed to be in charge.

    • Raggs

      ACORN backed by obama… He is a guilty as anyone!

  • chuck b

    amer lib-eyes wide open

  • Delores Smith

    Enough power-grabs for this Administration. SPENDING MUST STOP. We have enough agencies to control our economy. We just need to enforce laws on the books.

    We are almost bankrupt. Financial Reform is another expansion of government and a means to increase the debt.
    Delores Smith

  • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

    Delores, We are not almost broke, we are broke. If China,our most favored trading partner demanded that we pay back what we owe them or else we would cease to be a nation.

    • George E

      If that happened, our government would immediately raise taxes and cut spending, especially social spending programs. No program would be protected. This would be very tough on folks. Truth is, it’s going to happen whether China calls in its loans or not. We simply can not continue spending more money than we take in, especially with the debt level as high as it is.

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes, I think he probably is an ACORN style business person. Let us look at some of his professors, Obamee,”a drug dealer and didn’t pay taxes on all excess profits, because they went up his shnoze and up in smoke”, Lisping Blarney Franks, “ran a male prosition ring out of his basement”, “low overhead cost”,Cold Cash Jefferson, “undeclared shakedown money” with family business background organization, Lib could probably be a business person, pimps out his house broke milk goats to muslim men’s religous groups, helps them get back to nature and history in the desert, and since he likes government programs that have double dipping going on in them!

  • James A Graham



    I don’t know how everybody else feels about it, but to me I think Hispanic

    people in this country, legally or illegally, made a huge public relations

    mistake with their recent demonstrations.

    I don’t blame anybody in the world for wanting to come to the United States

    of America , as it is a truly wonderful place.

    But when the first thing you do when you set foot on American soil is illegal

    it is flat out wrong and I don’t care how many lala land left heads come out

    of the woodwork and start trying to give me sensitivity lessons.

    I don’t need sensitivity lessons, in fact I don’t have any-thing against Mexicans!

    I just have something against criminals and anybody who comes into this country illegally is a criminal and if you don’t believe it try coming into America from a

    foreign country without a passport and see how far you get. What disturbs me

    about the demonstrations is that it’s tanta-mount to saying, “I am going to come

    into your country even if it means breaking your laws and there’s nothing you

    can do about it.”.

    It’s an “in your face” action and speaking just for me, I don’t like it one little bit

    and if there were a half dozen pairs of gonads in Washington bigger than English

    peas it wouldn’t be happening.

    Where are you, you bunch of lily livered, pantywaist, forked tongued, sorry excuses

    for defenders of The Constitution? Have you been drinking the water out of the

    Potomac again? And even if you pass a bill on immigration it will probably be

    so pork laden and watered down that it won’t mean anything anyway Besides,

    what good is another law going to do when you won’t enforce the ones on the

    books now?

    And what ever happened to the polls, guys?

    I thought you folks were the quintessential finger wetters. Well you sure ain’t

    paying any attention to the polls this time because somewhere around eighty

    percent of Americans want some thing done about this mess, and mess it is

    and getting bigger everyday.

    This is no longer a problem, it is a dilemma and headed for being a tragedy.

    Do you honestly think that what happened in France with the Muslims can’t

    happen here when the businesses who hire these people finally run out of

    jobs and a few million disillusioned Hispanics take to the streets?

    If you, Mr. President, Congressmen and Senators, knuckle under on this and

    refuse to do something meaningful it means that you care nothing for the kind

    of country your children and grand-children will inherit. But I guess that doesn’t

    matter as long as you get re-elected.

    Shame on you.

    One of the big problems in America today is that if you have the nerve to say

    anything derogatory about any group of people (except Christians) you are going

    to be screamed at by the media and called a racist, a bigot and anything else they

    can think of to call you.

    Well I’ve been pounded by the media before and I’m still rockin’ and rollin’ and

    when it comes to speaking the truth I fear not.

    And the truth is that the gutless, gonadless, milksop politicians are just about to

    sell out the United States of America because they don’t have the intestinal fortitude

    to stand up to face reality.

    And reality is that we would never allow any other group of people to have 12

    million illegal in this country and turn around and say, “Oh it’s ok, ya’ll can stay

    here if you’ll just allow us to slap your wrist.”

    And I know that some of you who read this column are saying “Well what’s

    wrong with that?”

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. These people could be from Mars as far as we

    know. We don’t know who they are, where they are or what they’re up to and the

    way the Congress is going we’re not going to.

    Does this make sense? Labor force you say? We already subsidize corporate agriculture as it is, must we subsidize their labor as well?

    If these people were from Haiti would we be so fast to turn a blind eye to them or

    if they were from Somalia, or Afghanistan ?

    How about the foreign Nationals who are taking over simply by Repossessing

    or buying up all the corporate and political power in these United States?

    I think not.

    All the media shows us are pictures of hard working Hispanics who have crossed

    the border just to try to better their life.

    They don’t show you pictures of the Feds rounding up members of MS 13, the

    violent gang who came across the same way the decent folks did.

    They don’t tell you about the living conditions of the Mexican illegal some fat cat

    hired to pick his crop.

    I want to make two predictions.

    No. 1: This situation is going to grow and fester until it erupts in violence on our

    streets while the wimps in Washington drag their toes in the dirt and try to figure

    how many tons of political hay they can make to the acre.

    No 2: Somebody is going to cross that border with some kind of weapon of mass destruction and set it off in a major American city after which there will be a

    backlash such as this country has never experienced and the Capitol building in Washington will probably tilt as Congressmen and Senators rush to the other side

    of the issue.

    I don’t know about you but I would love to see just one major politician stand up

    and say, “I don’t care who I make mad and I don’t care how many votes I lose, this

    is a desperate situation and I’m going to lead the fight to get it straightened out.”
    I don’t blame anybody for wanting to come to America , but if you don’t respect our immigration laws why should you respect any others?

    And by the way, this is America and our flag has stars and stripes Please get that

    other one out of my face.

    God Bless America
    Charlie Daniels

    I am not against immigration – just come through like everyone else
    Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes;
    live by the rules; and
    as all other immigrants have in the past and

    Think about this: If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone,

    Will we still be the Country of choice and still be America if we continue to make

    the changes forced on us by people from other countries who came to live in America

    because it is the
    Country of Choice?

    Think about it!
    All we have to say is, when will Someone do something about
    We’ve gone so far the other way, bent over backwards to not offend anyone,

    that I am now being offended. But it seems no one has a problem with that.

    “In God We Trust” is our national motto.

    This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan.

    We adopted this motto because Christian men and women – on Christian principles – founded
    this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls
    of our schools.

    It is Time for America to Speak up If you agree – pass this along; if you don’t agree – delete it!

  • James A Graham

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    From: James Graham


    As a widow of a military retiree, who stood with her husband for over 20 years while he served this country (which was the greatest in the world until this Congress and President took over), I have to say I agree. Shirley

    As a retired military man that have given over twenty-seven years of my life to my country, I truly feel that what this
    Country needs most is a new amendment to the Constitution . I am recommending that we add the 28th amendment to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES.

    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that Congress members could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they didn’t pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that is being considered…in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

    This is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come.

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Congressman, Senators, Representatives and the President together with his/her staff; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Congressman, Senators, Representatives, and the President together with his/her staff that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States”.

    This 28th amendment to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES Will apply to all passed, present and future
    Presidents an their staffs , Congressman, Senators an Representatives.
    Just think of all the money this would save the tax payers!!!!!

    I think the Senators, Representatives or Congressman that comes out strongly for this will be our next President.

    HTCM USN Retired James A. Graham E-Mail address is ( ) Please forward !!!!!!!

  • John Hopkins

    If the bill were so bad, then why would Wall Street support it. The bill is all about control and power, and is a collusion. Do you really think that the government is the answer: a government that can’t follow its own regulations and have equipment for an oil spill; a government that can’t keep track of a terrorist who’s been on the watch list since 1999; a government that reads porn while Wallstreet burns. When a country allows too much power for control of its people in the government hands, then the door is opened for tyranny.
    Try to find some history books that tell the real story and you will find the truth.

  • John Pickett

    We have stood by and this is what is happening. All of congress, the senate are in collusion together. When they lose there sight of what they are doing it will backfire. I still have faith in you and me. Divine Providence will prevail. I really, no I know God will have his way no matter what Pelosi, Reid, or any of our so called leaders might have planned. God bless the U.S.A.

  • American Liberal

    Republicans are worried about consumer protections …. That says it all about Republicans….they don’t care about the consumer( us)..they want Wallstreet to stay Deregulated so wallstreet can continue to steal from the consumer( us)… Republicans would sell their souls to protect Wallstreet…

  • Paul

    There are things that are always right and others that are always wrong. I would always stand for the right things no matter what they call me and defend it.
    Let Harry Reid go down in flames

  • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

    Amirican Liberal, Wall street may be run by bunch of crooks, but to back up my point remember senator Stupak who wasn’t going to vote for the so called health care reform bill which in my opinion I think is a BIG PLIE OF S—!!!!!!The Republicans put their trust in him. What happened? He turned out to be a true Democrat:
    All the

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    American Liberal… You are making some very general statements about Republicans in your post. I would not sell my soul to protect Wallstreet.

  • Think for yourself

    Only the lazy Americans need the government to do their thinking for them!
    Neither party is any better than the other. They both are spending fools! Their only concern is getting reelected.

    Do the hard job of being responsible for yourself!

  • American Citizen

    Did you read the article comprehending what it was about? Just because it said Republicans, doesn’t make it negative. They, as well as we conservatives, are worried about some of the language in the bill. Democrats just can’t seem to get it right.

  • George E


    If you read the Republicans reluctance to support this legislation as being against all financial regulation, you may be reading it incorrectly. Couldn’t it also be that they don’t think additional regulation is necessary to mitigate problems like the crisis we recently had? Couldn’t it also be that they are concerned about over-regulating this industry which could cause more problems than the regulations solve? Couldn’t it also be that they don’t trust the Democrat majority to let them participate in the vetting process, since they were shut out of the recent healthcare reform vetting process?

  • del

    Wallstreet can only steal from willing participants.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    You post is great. I also believe that it isn’t the right versus the left, but the right versus the wrong. And standing to defend what’s right is the proper thing to do!

  • American Liberal

    Paul… So what’s your position on Wallstreet?… You said you just want to do what’s right… But all your post did was make it a right v.s. Left issue…. Are you for letting Wallstreet run amuck and continue the same practices that killed the economy or are you for somekind of oversight?..all I can tell from your post is you don’t like Harry Reid…

  • American Liberal

    Robin.. The title of the artical is “Republicans Relent”….so that’s why my focus was Republicans…

  • Kanawah

    Robin from Arcadia, IN wrote:
    May 4, 2010 at 6:03 am
    American Liberal… You are making some very general statements about Republicans in your post. I would not sell my soul to protect Wallstreet.
    As you say thae statments may be ‘general’, but they are correct. the republican’ts only care about the rich. The rest of be damed.

  • Edeva

    Wake up people! Both the Democrats and Republicans are the servants of Wallstreet! We don’t have a two party system of government; we have one party that speaks out of both sides of it mouth at once. The pretend disagreements are BS. They shout and stomp to distract us then make back room deals to limit our access to wealth, our personal freedom and the range of our voices. If you want to be heard, don’t vote for anyone running for either pole of our single, bipolar party. Vote them all out. There are other choices.

  • American Liberal

    Robin… You said it wasn’t a right v.s. Left issue but that’s exactly where you took it… You went right to Pauls bashing of Harry Reid and that’s not what the articals about….you didn’t state an opinion either…do you favor oversight over wallstreet or just the same anything goes business as usual?

  • American Liberal

    Raggs…. How are you sure niether side has read the bill?… After what’s happened with Wallstreet and the bailouts I can’t believe anyone from either side hasn’t read the bill….I can tell by your post that your attitude is ” let wallstreet do as they please”… So you didn’t mind Bush signing the Wallstreet Bailout bill.. And you have no problem wallstreet selling and betting aginst loans they knew were bad …. Amazing… But I’m not suprised … Like I said , Republicans would sell their souls to protect Wallstreet…and republicans couldn’t care less about the consumer… Even if it’s you…

  • Al Sieber

    Fascism is Govt. by regulation. we’re gonna have another melt down that will make the great depression look like a walk in the park.

  • Al Sieber

    Edeva, I agree with you.

  • Commonsense


  • Charles David

    Edeva, you are closest to nailing it. We already have the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and the FINRA that are supposed to regulate and watch over the industry and make sure they do things right. But, the SEC ignored their duties. When asked to investigate Bernie Madoff, they refused. No doubt they refused to investigate the financial industry was well. Instead they elected to watch porn on their computers. Not a single SEC official that watched porn on the job has been fired. So, my point is this. As long as the watch dog does not do his job, it doesn’t matter how many watch dogs we have. How many sleeping watch dogs do you want to feed?

  • IndependantAmerican

    Right on Edeva! People need to wake up and realize what is happening around them…

  • Claire

    Edeva—And I agree with you on your comment.

  • American Liberal

    ” Article”..

  • Commonsense

    Americanliberal,I was soooo hoping you’d be here today. I needed a good laugh. Please keep commenting. I could read your moronic comments all day. They make my sides hurt! Plus, everyone I know I forward your stuff to. They think it’s hilarious!!! Cee if ewe can misspel moor words, I no an inglish teecher that just rolls when she reeds your stuff.HAHAHAHAHA! Between your apparent lack of understanding life where you earn a living instead of one you’re entitled to, and your apparent lack of schooling, I have nothing but pity for you. I shouldn’t laugh at your comments but they’re so stupid, they’re funny. I just want you to know that your comments may not win you any prizes for grammar of coherency, but they do make several people laugh…..a lot. Thanks again, Common sense.

  • http://charter howe

    While fools argue about unchartered waters, the truth of the matter is we very much need oversight of these big institutions but why isn’t freddie mac and fannie mae included. My hairlip comes with the way daddy warbucks Dodd wrote the bill, which creates more big govt and more govt control. I want to see nit picking regulation, but I want to see Congress act as the final bottom line oversight and decision making body for any and all financial regulation. The hell with creating a separate govt body with another Czar who only answers to the President. Everyone wants to get these controls into place, but the Republicans and a few Democrats want amendments to be included to create a bill that works. Lets write and encourage our Congress people instead of wasting time casting stones at one another. Is fanny and freddy getting a pass because they were huge contributors to the democratic political campaign? We already know that Goldman Sachs contributed nearly a million dollars to Obama’s presidential campaign fund. The Republicans are being accused of dragging their feet and being obstructionist by Harry Reid, however the truth is in the details. Read some of the amendments which Republicans are trying to introduce into this legislation. Why does anyone believe that creating bigger govt with more control is good for the private sector. We need a well thought out set of laws that is bipartisan and does not give govt too much power. We vote for who we expect to get the job done in the House and the Senate, and it is these elected Congress people who are accountable to us and are the ones that should have oversight for the countries finances, not a liberal Czar whose radical agenda may damage our society.

  • tim J

    Financial reform, is way overdue. The dept $605,000,000,000,000.00 trillion that was created and left to the world was theift by America.If the Republicans, can’t help by demanding regulation on all issues, then corporate America will continue to alienate us to the entire world and terrorism will flourish.

  • Commonsense

    Amen to that.

  • tracycolorado


  • American Citizen

    Right versus wrong is not the same as right versus left. Sheesh!

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes, I think you are right about the mush brains! Either that or they all are using too much ditch grass grown in sewer water. The 3rd graders all the way to college grads, are force feed altered history, so I guess anything is pretty sure to be true. Of course Am lib could be any democrat except the president, he isn’t American, only a muslim, and got elected as an American President. You are probably are right that several people use the same name, because am lib, will not tell us if he/she/it is a welfare rat, government worker, or maybe just a Acorn mush brained college student, who sucks up fairy dust with a reversed built tuba, more intake and no exhale.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    am lib,
    who in their right mind DOES like Harry Reid????

  • joesixpack

    It is now going to become law. Just like the healthcare government takeover, you will not be so smug and arrogant when you finally realize you can’t get the same level of doctor care, and especially when you need it.

  • http://naver samurai

    I think the thing that killed our economy was the many housing failures and risky loans made by Fannie Mae and others, all with the approval of Bill Clinton. If it wasn’t for him meddling where he shouldn’t have, the housing industry may not be perfect, but it would be in a lot better shape than it is now. Thanks to the DEM and you stupid liberals.

  • fleur

    The notion that Senator Shelby “received assurances from Democrats” about ANYTHING goes to show how stupid the Republicans truly are. They are not just a bunch of naifs….they are truly stupid, idiots.
    Those Dems will do exactly whatever they want to with this and every other bill that comes down the pike until January when they have been swept out of office….those idiot Repos are going to sit back and let it happen just like they always have since they squandered the one crack at power that Dick Armey gave them back in the 90′s.

  • Commonsense

    As to restrictions on wallstreet, realestate, ect, ect. You’ll find that we had a lot of restrictions in place right after the Big Depression. But over the years, those laws and restrictions were deregulated or overturned, usually, when a democrat was in office. The last hurdle to fall was the Paine Act, which prevented banks and the market from creating what we now call toxic inflation and a whole mess of other things. Clinton removed that hurdle. So, by bailing out all of the big business that was too greedy we really screwed ourselves. If we would have let them sink we would have been left with only the strong,legitimate banks and businesses and been better off for it. It would have, in terms used by me and my people, culled the herd, so to speak. But humans, by and large, are like sheep. Easily led and easy to panic, not very good thinkers, dim witted, and will follow blindly, without thought. To prove my point, I refer you to American Liberals’ comments. Thank you American Liberal, without you I could not have proven my point so easily.

  • American Liberal

    Commonsense…’s was Ronald Reagan that deregulated wallstreet…but like you said, Clinton allowed the deregulation of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac so he could have his fair housing bill… And I admitt it was a mistake…. But as far as letting banks fail… All the financial experts said we’d have slid into a depression … Was that true?… I don’t know , but both republicans and democrats believed it was true and I’m glad they took the experts advise instead of rolling the dice to findout…. Remember, the Bailout bill of Wallstreet was signed by Bush and started while Bush was still in office… Probley the only thing were gonna agree on is we don’t want it to happen again..

  • American Liberal


  • George E

    Sorry, but I’m tryng to figure out what you’re saying.

  • s c

    TimJ, you ignored Uncle Scam’s role in this disaster. As long as you give the old fart a free pass, you can’t understand what is going on in America.
    Try and explain how it is that a career criminal’s dream – the Fed – has ANY legal or moral right to control America’s money supply. The Fed is a PRIVATE CORPORATON. It is NOT possible to be truly concerned about corporations when those who regularly piss and moan about them look the other way when it comes to the Fed’s role in re-distributing wealth and destroying the dollar.
    In other words, a private corporation was granted illegal permission to control America’s wealth, and Uncle Scam smiled and let that corporation rape America.
    Nobody gets to cherry-pick corporations, when they refuse to see the Fed for what it is. So, do you really care about the ‘dangers’ of corporations, or are you just another yahoo who says this, means that and wants to be immune from our laws while demanding that we see elected criminals and their followers as god-like, superior beings?

  • American Liberal

    ” explination”..

  • George E

    We’re making progress……I agree with a large part of your statement.

  • del

    My God your an idiot. Clinton had to deregulate because of the fair housing act. How else do you think any of them idiots could have got a loan!

  • http://gmail i41

    Lib, the reason you won’t explain, is because all your socialist democrat heros wanted all the programs for lazy assed nut jobs. Since you defend dems so hardy, what is that really do in life, a welfare couch rat, government employee, or just so damn dumb and lazy that you depend on taxpayer funds to survive because you cann’t get a job? We all wait with abated breathing for your station or goals, which we know is to live off of someone elses hard work and money. From TR, Wilson. FDR, Carter, Clinton and Odumazz more minority programs and more welfare programs!! You and your simple socialist comunist democrats will never wake up, somebody has to pay the freight!! Of course puke brainerd dems want everyone else to pay taxes because they don’t.

  • Frank Chambless

    Howe, This is a good posting. Thanks for your thoughts. Regulation vs. governmental control is what this debate is about. Regulations would require vitually no public monies to impliment. Government control requires an enormous amount on ongoing revenue to be extracted from the citizens to perpetuate. Money, by the way, which we do not have and can not hope to generate in the foreseeable future. The 111th congress is at the helm of a sinking ship that we call America. They are sending us down with the ship; but, they have a life raft for themselves. Why is Raines, the head of Fannie Mae who profited 10s of millions as he drove it into a complete nosedive, now invested in a Chicago Carbon Trade company created by Obama (Al Gore and others are also invested in this co.)? How can he possibly be hurt by any financial regulation now that he is out of the biz; and, how could he profit from the passage of ‘Cap & Trade’? Dodd, himself, is under investigation for his inside trading. This may seem rambling, but, the thing is, we should be looking at where the politicians are going, not where they have been. If they’ve all made their fortunes and bailed out from the housing market, then they are about to clamp down on that industry and look like swell guys for caring about the people, meanwhile clearing the way, legislatively speaking, for the next scam. so, a good rule of thumb is: 1-If it costs an enormous amount of never ending tax payer money it is Governmental control. If it cost very little to the tax payer it is regulation and possibly sustainable. 2- (somewhat related) Never vote for an Ivey Leaguer. They are just not capable of representing the majority of Americans.

  • TIME

    Commonsense, Now stop it your making me LOL now.

    Thanks for the fun post, later dude.

  • George E


    Possibly. Some government regulation is necessary, or at least prudent according to most, but too much regulation stifles economic development and personal freedom. That’s bad and should be avoided. Every situation needs to be assessed independent of all others, but in general, I tend to think we have too much regulation today given our tendency to try to eliminate risk, expect the government to solve our problems, politicians who attempt to win our votes through political favors, and a bloated government with thousands and thousands of bureaucrats who have nothing better to do than write and enforce regulations.

  • American Liberal

    41… I haven’t defended anyone….I just pointed out it was Wallstreet that can’t be trusted….but you don’t understand and must have been asleep while the bailouts went on….or, you’re just a basic retard that needs my explination…the point is making sure we don’t have to do it let me be clear……we had a Wallstreet meltdown due to Greed and were past the point of blaming the two partys… Were now at the ” what to do about it” phaze….you can stay stupid if you want but I’d like to make sure it doesn’t happen again….I suspect you’re Just happy to remain stupid and just let Wallstreet do as they please…so go back to sleep, you add nothing to the solution or conversation…

  • American Liberal

    41… Read the article.!… You clearly don’t have a clue what it’s about. .

  • Mike Austin,TX

    I agree. We need the 28th Amendment. First we have to make the Gov’t afraid of us once again. All encumbents must go.

  • BigBadJohn

    Regulations cost next to nothing, but they are ineffective unless enforced, that cost money. A tool that both parties use is to simply not fund enforcement of whatever they oppose. A prime example is Environment regulations, during the Bush years. Funding for EPA enforcement was drastically cut, basically crippling EPA’a effectiveness.

  • s c

    Nevada’s version of Alfred E Newman, Harry Reid, must be even dumber than I thought. Republicans have no choice but to go slowly, especially since most people in the House and Senate (and the White House) can’t be trusted to do the right thing.
    For Reid to claim he can’t “comprehend” any senator who nitpicks what progressives call a ‘financial overhaul’ amounts to Queen Pelosi claiming that legislation has to be passed in a hurry so they could find out what’s in the damned thing. Pelosi is clueless, as is Reid.
    And, for those who still refuse to ‘get it,’ Obamabummer’s party still has a majority. When you have a majority in the House and Senate, bipartisan is just another word (like hope, transparency and change). It obligates Republicans and conservatives to distance themselves from the continuing insanity that Obummerbama is trying to ram down our throats.
    Only a RETARD wants things done in a hurry. Where have these progressives been for the last 45 years? They had many chances to ‘reform’ illegal immigration, healthcare and an imploding dollar. What America got was decades of excuses,
    exploding budgets, dead voters who ‘lined up’ to vote for career criminals and politicians who think open borders will make America enlightened and safer [oh, duhhhhh!].

  • American Liberal

    George… Just enough regulations to make sure we don’t end up here again… I’m agreeing with your post…I’m a business person too , so I don’t want business smothered but Wallstreet took capitalism to the point of Fraud in my opinion… These people knew they were screwing investors… That’s not free enterprize… It’s stealing..

  • Al Sieber

    George E., there’s need for some regulations. but why do you have to raise your hand everytime you want to do something? I work in the mining industry which is regulated to the hilt.

  • Yvan

    What is a Republican anyway?
    Well from what I understand those are the people that claim that they’re the only one that can protect free enterprises and freedom. Freedom from what exactly? Let see – Let Wall Street do what they have been doing, ripped people off, let greedy bank managers and executives steel people money at will, let Corporations destroy the middle class by importing goods from China, let big Pharmas, Hospitals and Insurance Co. control the health care system. By the way, if you don’t like your government to interfere in your life why don’t you get writ of all the food inspectors so you can eat all the rotten meats that you want. Get writ of all aircraft inspectors so you can fly airplanes with wings falling off. Who need coast guards? This way you could import all the drugs to fit you greedy life. Since you like your guns so much, why don’t you get writ of all policemen, this way you can shoot any liberals and members of congress that you don’t like. Let the mining Co. do what they want. Keep denying global warming, this way you can keep polluting, deforest and contaminated at will, after all money is more important. Paying taxes, you must be kidding not for them! The list goes on. This is the extremist Republican way of life. Bunch of ignorant ego centric greedy narrow mind red neck individuals. If you’re poor it’s because you’re lazy. Never mind the luck, or if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Me, myself and I, is their motto. Make sure that you don’t trust or share anything with your fellow men. Let’s hope that there are some decent Republicans hiding somewhere. If not, civil war is near by.

  • IndependantAmerican

    Seriously, do you truly believe that they read the bill? Really? Wow, I would have thought that… Oh, wait, you’re a liberal, you believe what the main stream media feeds you and you’re all about how it makes you feel all warm and cozy that your govt. is going to make sure those bad Wall Street and Mortgage brokers don’t get you. Well let me tell you what is really going on. If you’d wake up and begin to understand how the world around you works you might get the feeling that the working class is tired of paying for you and others like you to live. We are tired of paying for massive bail outs because someone couldn’t keep their finances straight or because someone who knew they couldn’t afford something went ahead and bought it any way. If you knew anything about history or the Constitution you’d understand that our federal government isn’t there to protect us or provide for us, we’re supposed to do it for ourselves. It’s what allows us to be free, no one telling us what to do or how to do it and definitely not taxing us to do it for the ones who choose not to. Quit being another lemming and learn a few things before you start going off on republicans because they believe in a free market and not laws to help idiots like you not make bad decisions, they’re the ones working hard so you don’t have to… Or, continue on the path you’re on and jump off the cliff just like everyone in front of you because you’re told to… Whichever you choose would be a step in a positive direction for the rest of us.

  • http://naver samurai

    AL, are you at this nonsense thing of raging against the ways of our founding fathers again? You talk about the GOP bailing out Wall Street, but what about your boyfriend “Osama” Obama bailing out private businesses that was unconstitutional for him to do? Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Mike Austin,TX

    American liberal..Why is it BHO’s admin is full of Goldman Sachs people?

  • MARY

    Wall Street has been the, “Wild Wild West” for a long time. Good luck trying to reform them. They are used to being predators and you can’t get sharks to quit being hunters. The derivative situation is a good example. Obama is right to try and regulate them. Situations like Bernie Madoff must be curbed. It is very unfair that middle class Americans lose their retirement because Wall Street brokers want to make another commission or bonus. For our country to thrive the middle class must survive. Just look at other countries without one to see what quality of life the rich have in places such as Brazil. If the rich want to lose their freedom to live life without fear of kidnapping, etc. they must keep sharing the wealth of business in this country with everyone… not just the upper 1% of our population.

  • http://gmail i41

    Lib is a moron, like he is, that thinks everybody is a simpleton, who cann’t track the socialist leanings of the democrats over the years, and the government regulations and bailouts are a the cause of the meltdown. I notice the socialist numnut still hasn’t told all of us why he is such as posterior leech for democrats and communists! Is he a welfare rat who lives off of taxpayers money, a federal or state simpleton, or does he have a medical condition called caverous? When he complains about spelling errors, he cann’t argue with the facts. He does the same to Kate and other strong point makers. Of course his #1 heros sre Oidoit, Slobbering Blarney,Rapist Willie, just to mention a few slugs who live off of taxpayers, and are life long socialist democrats.

  • Airangel

    Those (D’s and R’s) that opposed the bill understood the implications for the taxpayers and our capital markets under the current Dodd/Frank plan. Hopefully, they will not settle until drastic changes are made to this fundamentally flawed bill

    Instead of handing over permanent bailout authority to the bureaucrats that performed so poorly in the past, Congress should focus on expanding the bankruptcy code to liquidate failed financial firms in a timely manner. Today, this type of expedited bankruptcy is routinely used to resolve failed airlines and railroads…

    If the goal of regulatory reform is to prevent failed firms and those that do business with it from receiving taxpayer bailouts, three simple steps should be avoided:

    •First, do not give regulators the authority to make loans to or purchase assets of a failed firm.
    •Second, do not create a bailout fund which will reward those very parties.
    •Third, do not give the FDIC the authority to guaranty $500 billion worth of debt of solvent institutions.

    So yes…if this is not reworded or stopped…guess what..more bailout funds hit the taxpayers…also I just heard that 5 billion in funds has been authorized by Obama for thoe large financial institutions to pay their retirees (said it was in the healthcare overhaul bill)…hello..taxpayers…it’s just starting

  • Yvan

    Very good post. In total agreement.

  • Grampy

    Holy smokes Yvan get a grip on your self. Stop, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. And if you’re so inclined, you may exhale. The one statement which hit me between my eyes after reading this article was made by the Sen. Maj. Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) “All the talk of the Republicans, about wanting to do something about this bill before it gets on the floor, is really anti-Senate, and anti-American.” Now there’s the pot calling the kettle black. (No this is not a raciest statement).

  • Boo T

    Grampy, I agree with you! I just wonder what kind of repercussion will Obama have to deal with (from those that got him wrongfully elected)if
    he doesn’t complete all his tasks while he is in office. I truly believe that something sinister is going on behind the scenes that we cannot comprehend, because we don’t want to believe that they would actually want to break the country, bring us to our knees , I can’t imagine what else. It sure seems like it to me. He was placed there to get some certain things done to head us toward the socialistic way. Am I crazy????!!!!

  • Raggs

    Your far from crazy..

  • Jeep

    Yvan, here is some Prozac from big “pharma”. Now go relax before you blow a gasket and have to get medical help from those nasty hospitals. Hopefully, you have medical insurance from those terrible companies, but if not you can still get treated.

  • George E


    With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re complaining about people who work, pay taxes, serve in the military to protect this country, raise families to be good citizens, attend church, help their fellow man when needed, and try to save a little money so they can hopefully retire one day without being a burden on their families or communities. Sometime these folks create small businesses, hire employees, and participate in local civic organizations to help their communities improve and grow. In short, these are the people that are the fabric that holds this country together. Please clean your glasses and take another look at these people.

  • SM

    You are calling someone else a retard when you are so retarded yourself that you don’t know how to use a spell checker that is right there to use. I am tired of your gross stupidity and spelling mistakes For your information explanation is not spelled “explination” you moron.

  • Claire

    I do not believe Wall Street can be trusted. They were not trustworthy in the past, what makes a person think they will be trustworthy in the future?

  • chuck b


    could it be that amer lib is a name used by different people, sometimes the writer sounds like a high school mush head and the next time sounds a lot like eyes wide open, eyes is usually up on things as far as a liberal can be, “thats not much” however. she started out claiming to be a republican then finally the truth came out she was related to fidel!!lol it could be just delinquents having their fun.

  • American Citizen

    The overseers, Frank, Rangel and Dodd looked the other way because they were paid off.

  • George E

    Very good post. Your point is right on target. Thanks.

  • Claire

    American Liberal–And I agree with your post and George E. You have to “watch” the stockbroker. There was a guy here in town that got in trouble last fall for embezzling the investors money. Yes, we do need some regulations to keep them in line. I just cannot believe the amount of money that CEOs make in one year!!

  • George E


    I acknowledge that something certainly went wrong, but I’m not sure I really know what the root cause was. That’s the main reason it’s difficult for me to support additional regulation at this time. The issue is somewhat complicated, I think. I do know that some of the “players” in this crisis were 1) our government, 2) Fanny Mae, 3) Freddy Mac, 4) investment banks, 5) rating agencies, 6) AIG, 7) Federal Reserve, 8) realtors, 9) developers, and 10) community banks to some degree. Focusing on and punishing only the investment banks may be an injustice to our system and may not really solve the problem, even if it does score political points for some politicians and make some people feel better (because those awful CEO’s are too greedy…..).

  • del

    If you want to get down to it they were screwing suckers if they were screwing anyone. This can only last as long as their reputation holds up. As far as making bad investments on your own. Well tough cookie. It would be no different than a car salesman selling you a lemon. You know that you shouldn’t buy another from them. What got us in a bind (in my opinion) is/was the fair housing B.S. I wonder who was the president then. Look its simple to me. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it and if its a risky investment that you are making you shouldn’t unless you can afford to lose. Almost like gambling isn’t it. Unfortunately the bleeding hearts of this country don’t seem to feel the same way.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    I don’t think there is a single person on this site that would turn down that type of money if they were offered it!!! They may say they would in an effort to sound holier than thou, but push come to shove, they’d take it.

  • Claire

    Joe H–Yes, you are correct. No one would turn it down. Not even me, I guess. But geez, I don’t need THAT much money!!

  • http://?? Joe H.

    I suppose now you are gonna tell us that’s the reason for the disaster in the gulf???

  • http://?? Joe H.

    George E,
    I agree 100%!!

  • http://?? Joe H.

    The teacher mentioned at the top of the page is rollin in the isles right about now!!!!!

  • http://?? Joe H.

    Earlier here he said he was a business person.he he he haHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • George E


    I don’t know about that, but they certainly did aggressively promote and protect Fanny and Freddy during the years when the problems were really building there. Later, they actively denied there were problems right up to the point where it became obvious to everyone that there were huge problems with these companies.

  • George E


    I agree. Some government regulations are probably a good thing. However, we have to be careful not to let government run wild with regulations. Bureaucrats and regulators have never met a new regulation they didn’t like. I think it’s hard for government to see any regulation as bad, unlike the businesses being regulated and people working for those businesses.

  • George E


    You’re casting a pretty wide net……We’re there just a few “bad apples in the barrel”, or do you really think the whole industry was corrupt?

  • Claire

    George E– I think there are quite a number of them that are not honest. The brokers worry me. A person has to be careful with some of them. There have been too many that have gotten themselves in trouble within the past few years. I guess I am “skeptical” in more ways than one! lol

  • eddie47d

    i41; You can kill a conversation faster than the oil slick coning out of the Horizon rig.To repeat yourself: We can’t tell who you are,he/she dog. Are you a hooded moron with blood lust or just a mushed brained college student? I really don’t believe you ever went to college for you would have been the party boy with few brain cells left. Too much chugging or maybe you puked your brains out in the toliet. Then again it could be that you are just a swastika loving pinhead. Since you far righties have plenty of bi-polar history spoon fed to gullible children you should take a fact break. Maybe your a Muslim terrorist in disguise instigating those on this site with your 3rd grade drivel! Your a nut job no matter how you paint it. Oh Ya, the bailout occured after the meltdown so get a clue. How about your hero rapist Dick Cheney who caused the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq. Don’t you just love the spin and how those on the right follow like pied pipers marching into armeggedon. You i41 live of of false patriotism and cowardy comments with your phoney and lame Assumptions. We can all be nasty like you so take a look in the mirror in how you sound!

  • George E

    It is, but so was GW’s administration. Goldman has thoroughly infiltrated our government to protect their interests.

  • George E


    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand, and didn’t agree with you…..I do.

  • Kanawah

    The Republican’ts reluctance is their “loyalty” to their big money freinds. This is a total dis reguard and dis service to the American people.

    The republican’ts nave created the unregulated enviroment that enabled the thieves on wall street over the past 30 years. There MUST be major reregulation, NOW.


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