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Republicans Note Obama Chose Wrong Bridge For Jobs Plan Visit

September 22, 2011 by  

The Brent Spence Bridge, a structure that connects Ohio and Kentucky, doesn't need the repairs just yet, despite the President making a statement about the necessity for action concerning a rebuilding effort.President Barack Obama has highlighted a specific bridge in Ohio to act as a symbol for the implementation of his jobs plan and fixing America’s infrastructure. The problem is that the bridge is in fine condition, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The Brent Spence Bridge, a structure that connects Ohio and Kentucky, doesn’t need the repairs just yet, despite the President making a statement about the necessity for action concerning a rebuilding effort. Construction is more than four years away, showing the disconnect that the White House has with the fundamental problems within the country, reported the newspaper.

“The Brent Spence Bridge is technically not a shovel-ready project,” Geoff Davis (R-Ky.) told Fox News.

The proposed project would need more than $500 million from State and local authorities, on top of the $1.9 billion from the Federal government. Republican leaders have mocked Obama due to the fact that only $90 million has been generated so far, according to the news outlet.

“Obama’s stimulus rhetoric fails to span the gap to Realityville,” the Republican National Committee said in a memo concerning the lack of practical planning.

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  • bear

    Obama couldn’t even determine how many States are in the Union, and now we expect him to have the ability to choose the correct bridge as an example for another of his brilliant job generating plans. Aren’t we expecting just a little too much from our fearless leader ? Maybe he needs another vacation.

    • eddie47d

      More silliness from PL for you to dwell on. Since the bridge is scheduled for repairs early next year then it does need to have work done on it. Obama’s jobs bill will activate those repairs even sooner. Typical Republicans who insist on being prepared yet wait until something collapses or can’t be repaired. Then it will be too late or cost millions more to replace. Always trying to be penny wise but pound foolish so maybe you are the ones who we shouldn’t vote for.

      • LarryL

        What part of NOT SHOVEL-READY did you not read? The job would not be started earlier and the money would vanish.

        • eddie47d

          On Friday the local news stated that repairs would be started on this bridge early next year with or without this infusion of Federal dollars. So the project is shovel ready,maybe the author didn’t do his homework.

          • Bear

            Then you are saying that Bob Livingston’s information is incorrect or are you calling Bob Livingston a liar? This article states that “construction is more than four years away.” Please show the article that refutes this statement. Give some references that show credibility. All of us want the truth and if you know something that we don’t, or that Bob Livingston doesn’t, pleae enlighten us. We are tired of political smoke and mirrors and we have just seen how Governor Perry’s stand on immigration had to be drug out by Mitt Romney. All of the trash cans need to be emptied and this includes yours along with this administration’s, eddie.

          • Brad


            You might want to read the hyperlinked Los Angeles times article again, you have lost something in translation.

          • Buster the Anatolian

            Bear don’t expect eddie to provide sources or links he never can.

          • eddie47d

            Well Bear if the shoe fits wear it. If the author can’t come up with more facts than what he presented then he should be called to task.Something you are always scared to do.

          • eddie47d

            …and Buster where are your facts? Didn’t think so! The information was on ABC and NBC that I know of. Check out The Hill on the Web. This “48 year bridge is functionally obsolete”. How about The Fact Checker which says work should start in late 2012 since environmental analysis should be done by February 2012. The bridge repairs would then be completed by 2015. Another thing is that the bridge was built to carry 80,000 cars a day and now carries 200,000 cars a day. As a side note Republicans in Ohio and Kentucky in the last few years have asked for Federal funds because these states can’t come up with the money to rebuild or even repair. Now those same Republicans are playing politics and changing their tune. Sounds like a sour note to me. “They were for the bridge before they were against it”.

          • bob wire

            A one year time frame for “start up” of such large projects is common and very normal. ~ It’s clear that few of you know little of such matters of “work” on such scale. ~ It could take that long for contractors to clear other job sites, inspect,propose, craft contracts, permit,insure,labor up and order materials.

            I’ve learned over the months from all the banter here, few of you are working men. Fewer still independents. My guess is, some wealthy man must have “gave” you a job of holding his hat or something or you were bean counters and now retired or disabled and like to b1tch like old widow woman because her man left her alone.

      • CJ

        Eddie, listen to your dictator-in-chief… stop complaining, put your big boy pants on and get out and work. I guess your engineering skills are good enough to make a five year project complete itself in two. Or are you experienced enough with the red tape that you realize you have an excuse to blame someone else when you can’t live up to your hype.

        • eddie47d

          Seems like CJ is 5 pounds foolish!

          • Brad

            Once again Eddie shows use he brings nothing to the table except his insults!

          • eddie47d

            I love the way Brad throws out insults while he is accusing others of insulting. Atta Boy!

        • bob wire

          “Once again Eddie shows use he brings nothing to the table except his insults!”

          Well Brad, the original thread post was an insult of the highest order.

          If you can’t enjoy a good insult, maybe you need to get out of the Kitchen. As I find one insult deserving of another.

      • http://libertyalert Frank J.

        one word for eddy47 SOLYNDRA SOLYNDRA SOLYNDRA Thats all obozo is good for. by the way oidiot was at the wrong bridge lol now roflmao!!!!!!!

        • eddie47d

          Solyndra failed because of China beating us to the punch and grabbed another sector of business which should have been ours. That was the failure of not acting fast enough 5 years ago. If China is now the leader in building solar panels (within a 2 year period)then it is obvious that no one really cares about creating jobs here in America. Once more we sit on our hands until it is too late to capture the market.The Chinese government spends trillions in bringing jobs to fruition and we sit and squabble over a bridge that needs repair. The failure is inaction and the finger pointing needs to be aimed at those who do nothing for they deserve nothing.

          • Bear

            Why Solyndra failed is not the question here, eddie. Once again you put your own spin on the subject. The question is “why did the government loan half a billion dollars of our money to a corporation that was heading toward bankruptcy?” Was this a failed “bail out attempt?” This corporation was a heavy donor to Obama in the 08′ election. Is that why Obama pushed the loan’s approval? Obama had his personal hands on this corporation’s loan request and now all of the executive officers are taking the 5th ammendment during their questioning. Are we looking surprised yet? Is this business as usual like all of the conservative owned Chrysler dealerships that were closed down during Obama’s Chrysler corp. bail out? Funny how none of the liberal owned dealerships were closed down. Are you looking surprised yet, eddie? Sooner or later, you will have to stop living in denial of your own ignorance and face up to the fact that the side you support is truly evil. You don’t create success in the business sector by destroying the competition. It is competition that breeds success and creates jobs.

          • Brad

            Solyndra failed for two reasons; first, it was greed, over producing their product and two failure of leadership to recognise china’s threat to mass produce a product and flooding said market causing prices to drop. Finaly the company over stating their products viability in the face of continued market share loss.

          • eddie47d

            Thousands of businesses in America are started and go bankrupt within a short period of time. Some with government loans(SBA) and some with private money. This Solyndra loan was approved under G Bush with the backing of private businesses such as the Waltons. So yes you can put your own spin on things to bash job creation. Maybe if our government moved quicker on the deal Solyndra could have kept the business going. Too much bickering for anything to get done. So enjoy your constant negativity Bear.

          • Brad


            Why do you slant the truth to make the left look good. Oh that’s right you can’t stand it when we are right. Wasn’t it your left loving Goerge Kiaser and his family coporation infuse 271 million into Solyndra? Yes Solyndra applied for the loan guarantee during the Bush administration but it was pushed to finaly approval during your Messiah’s administration, again nice try Eddie. There were plenty of non-political economists warning against any government investment into Solyndra, reread this article eddie

          • daniel

            Okay eddie it seems that you like to push buttons good! I read some of your other posts along this line and had fun. First Solyndra was turned down for the loan under the Bush adm. Obama adm. revived it in spite of the very negative review given the company. In other words it was not a sound investment. A question I have is, Why are the bosses taking the Fifth when questioned by Congress? If they were stupid fine say so.
            Why is it here in Vegas the taxpayers are paying out $2 million dollars to a company that did not do the work? The answer is that the contract was given to a union shop paving company that bid $5 million over the low bid. Yes both companies could do the job at the same specs. Yes, they both would have had to follow Davis-Bacon. The only answer I could come up with is political cronyism. You see they are union friendly and get their votes. Of course they hope taxpayer-voters do not remember them doing this.
            Wait until you read about the bus contract fight going on here as well.
            Bottom line is this. Solyndra and past stimulus contracts smack of political payback and cronyism. Yes both parties are guilty. So instead of mudslinging each other and defending the indefensible why not help fight this garbage. I will even be glad to hear you throw a dem under the bus once in a while. Maxine Watters is already taken.

          • alex

            o boo hoo those mean old chinese took my toys you sound just like obummer

          • bob wire

            Well, it is a misfortune turn of events to hear about. I’ve have hear about it from several angles and the laying of fault and blame at various doorsteps.

            But let’s not allow is to interfere with all the bean counting that needs to be done. You might miss a bean.

            The GOP needs a good scandal and they have tried to invent many in the last few years. A few facts with a lot of GOP fiction has been marginally successful at it so far. They attempted to do the Clinton’s the same way and after spending millions of tax payer dollars , came up with “NOTHING” but a hand full of fingers.

            It’s politics, it’s business. Keating five and Silverardo come to mind, each a major transgression in the faith of intent.

            You find some willful intent in this business failure and then we can talk about it.

        • Colleen

          Eddie: Please get your facts straight about the approval process for Solyndra: Solyndra applied for the loan under Bush, but it was denied by Bush administration. They re-applied under Odumbo and the loan was fast-tracked with emails (documented) of warning of not having the “due diligence” of checking for the viability of the company.
          In other words: your significant inability to see what this bunch of thugs in this administration is really doing clouds what little sense you just may still possess.

          • eddie47d

            I believe you and Brad are the ones playing politics with job creation and don’t give a rats behind how far other countries get ahead of us. It’s full steam ahead for them and absurdly they make plenty of financial mistakes to achieve growth. So spin away oh wise ones for you are as blind as Obama is slow in getting his programs off the ground.

          • bob wire

            Yes, Colleen, it didn’t turn out well.

            You win! The Bush administration was wise and “O”s” was unwise.

            Make you feel better?

            The Bush Administration seriously needs a victory ~ lets give credit where credit is due. The administration that launched two unfunded wars and cut taxes at the same time and drove America to economic failure was right about this call.

            The best Quarterback in the NFL might carry a 60% pass completion record.

            One attempt , one pass does not a “game” make.

            This is only fodder material for like minds that despise 44′s presence.

            We are all disappointed today with any and all failures public or private and don’t enjoy such news regardless the reasons.

      • Jim

        Obama’s jobs bill will activate those repairs even sooner. Sorry to say eddie47d you are a dreamer. Obama has no intention to help the job market. This is just a smoke screen.

        • eddie47d

          …and you can say with a straight face that the Republicans are creating jobs?

          • Jyrine

            With the Democommies mucking up the works, how is any group supposed to accomplish anything positive for our nation. Get rid of Obama and his commie Chicago thugs and watch the process take off in the right way again!

          • Bear

            Here you go again eddie. No politician ever created jobs, Republican or Democrat. It’s the private sector that creates jobs and they do it by expansion of existing markets and the entry into new markets. That onbly happens when they private sector feels secure in the economy. Look at the economy which your side has been wreaking havoc on. Do you feel like going out and starting up a new business yourself? If you can’t get the financial needs for expanding and feel safe in your interest rates, then you are going to do what every smart business man is doing right now and thats sitting on your hands until the econiomical winds change. Taxation has to stop and government departments need to be defunded. We need less regulation on us and more on stupidity from Washington.

          • eddie47d

            There you go again Bear playing that same ol’ song and dance about less taxes and deregulation will be soooo good for the economy. The left can have short memories too but you had a good tax rate just a few years ago and taking away regulations turned Wall Street into an ugly beast devouring the world’s economies. We need a balanced approach which you certainly haven’t presented.

          • Bear

            Edddie, Eddie, Eddie, what the hell are you trying to sell here. George W. was not responsible for the Solynra deal. THIS HAD OBAMA”S personal seal on it. Why do you morons keep trying to push everything off on Bush? Hell, he’s been gone for three years now. Are you going to blame the American Revolution on him too? Eddie, congress approves or disapproves every cash layout. Obama has the option to pass or veto. This went down on Obama’s watch. GET THAT STRAIGHT YOU MORON.

          • eddie47d

            Bear Bear Bear still blowing hot air. You seem to be the Moron(your word). Nice chatting with you.

      • Ellen

        Eddie, If this bridge was so important, why was it not repaired with the $870 billion stimulus? I remember, it’s because Obama touted that stimulus as a way to repair infrastructure, but actually spent most of it foolishly. For example, giving states money to keep teachers on the payroll, yet they were laid off the following year when the stimulus money ran out. How many jobs were created with that backward logic? Worse, the number of teachers/administrators has grown by 83% over the past couple of decades even though the number of students has only grown by 7%. Clearly, there are many jobs that aren’t needed in our education system. This is just one more example of failed unionism that Obama wants to expand.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie47d,

        You write: “More silliness from PL for you to dwell on.” Please explain what you mean by “silliness.” Please provide examples of this “silliness” from Personal Liberty Digest.

        Best wishes,

        • Bear

          Good luck on that one, Bob. Eddie47 is providing us with some glimmer as to how really detached the left is from reality. This is what we have to deal with while trying to get our country back. My suggestion is to find another country, prefferably with a Socialist government, IE. the UK, and ship all of these morons to that country once we have reclaimed our Republic. I’ll be glad to chip in on the air fare

          • eddie47d

            Lets see an engineer’s report on that bridge in how stable it is.Then some of this bull pucky can be believed. Now all it is is each side defending their turf. Some of you seem to forget the bridge collaspe in Minnesota under a Republican governor and all the denials that went along with that. You can find fault with Obama all you want but that doesn’t mean you control all the facts of the story.

      • hitthedeck

        PENNY wise is something Obama knows nothing about. Dollar foolish is his motto. He knows how to make dollars disappear without showing what they did-the only dollars that shows up is in his campaign funds.

      • mystic


        • mystic


    • Jerry C

      What a farcical project Obama proposes, any project!
      He is the victim of his own EPA rulings and others. There can be no such thing as a “shovel ready project.”
      Environmental studies must be made, a minimum of 6 month? Hopefully, but not likely.
      Cost estimates must be made. How long?
      Safety reviews, Contract reviews (is it in a right to work state?), the list goes on and on. It might take a couple of years just who figures out who is supposed to know what to do!

    • Vic Bailey

      Like Ron White says ” You can’t fix STUPID”! Semper Fi.

      • hitthedeck

        The idiot is going to run us over with the same bus and we’re supposed to lay down again and take it again!

    • Lino

      Yes, I think he needs another vacation. That is what he is good at,
      I think. Either that or he should kick the rear ends of his advisers who picked the “prop up” bridge.

  • Donald R. Megerle

    What a mockery! November 2012 cannot come soon enough!

    • June

      AMEN!!!!! 2012 is coming around the corner!!!!!

  • Free Mind

    What a clown..always grasping at straws.

  • http://libertyalert Frank J.

    what else is new. This was just another campaign stop and photo op.Thats all he knows how to do .I wonder since i did not see it did he go into ghetto speech like he did in front of the congressional black caucus? Seems he speaks one way in front of the UN and differently in front of black people.

  • Gene1357

    Most of the time, if ObaMao’s lips are moving, he is either lying or just plain wrong.

    • Jyrine

      Or campaigning!

      • kemp

        Lying covers “campaning”Ya know–whenever hts lips are moving–”

        • Carol

          My saying, if his lips are moving, he is lying, and people to still defend him are indead morons. You can’t fix stupid, only vote it out of office. Vote 2012.

  • Cher

    Obama insinuated a newly elected Kasich as to the reason the bridge is in tacky shape. I use that bridge a few times a year on my road trips to Chicago. It is NOT all that bad. But my goodness, the roads and bridges in Chicago and Illinois are nightmares. The street in front of my mother’s house that was built in has never been repaved. Who needs speedbumps when you have broken concrete? Her taxes are absolutely staggering besides. I mentioned she should do something about getting her road improved and she said she would have to pay for her road frontage. She lives in the city limits. What is that paying for your city street to be repaved after 52 years all about and what in the world do they DO with the taxes in Illinois? Just more of that Chicago politics in action.

    • http://LibertyAlert Bud

      Obozo may make it across the bridge in his clown car, but Michelle in the same car may stress the bridge.

    • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

      Chicago politics and finances can be summed up in one word,”Graft!”

    • NVRAT

      One comment…Get her the hell out of CHI-TOWN. Nothing will improve that state or it`s communities.

    • http://none SC

      HOW is paying for your own street frontage different from HOW WE got started in this? Go back 200 yrs. ago and WE are going back to those times, in more ways then most folks will admit, but way back WHEN, our forefathers (not the mother’s) (so your mom might be expected not to get out there-but YOU will be, being the man!) MADE EVERY MAN in the community get out and BUILT the new road, or repair it, or keep it open for others! ONLY IF one was RICH enough to pay for YOUR part or hire some one else to do for you, or use your slaves to do your part, 200 yrs. ago WE took care of the road, NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! GO read your american history, man, learn some thing abt. how america worked, stop whinning abt. what IT is now!!!!!!

  • Dave Fiorini

    When will everyone wake up… The blunders and lies of this administration and Obama are criminal. If a Republican said and did what the current administration has there would be marches in Washinton.
    Wake up America, he fooled everyone in 2008, shame on him. If he fools America again in 12 shame on us, all of us !

    • Randy G

      Right now the Dems are at fault & when the Repubs take over, then it will be their fault. When will people learn the politicians always put the money in their pockets & tell people they have to cut.

  • Alex Frazier

    So when he says concerning the jobs he would be creating, “no more bridges to nowhere,” what he really means to say is, “keep repaving and rebuilding the ones we already have that go somewhere, even though they don’t need it yet. Because we have to make work.”

  • NancyJ

    No one every thought that he was a mental giant. The people I know always said that he was a Chicago shill.

  • Lost in Paradise

    This article is not even newsworthy,and certainly not worth reading. We all no how worthless Obama is, and how he is trying to destroy the country.

  • Dr. smith

    it’s all a dog and pony show. the election is next year, and we hear this ceaseless babbling. obama’s just a puppet, a front man for the the new world order elitists. the fix is in for another repeat of obama, yes, until the us is groveling on it’s knees and we’re all under subjugation to those who gave us obama, pelosi, reid, public education, unions, etc. the masses are asses who have been rendered helpless by msm, education in public indoctrination centers, and have been promised more and more by the money pimps called politicians. all we can do now is pray.

    • Al Sieber

      You got that right Doc.

      • Al Sieber

        This should be called “A Bridge Too Far”….

  • Wayne937

    This is another one you need to listen to about Communist Obama: You won’t believe this one.

    • Wayne937

      As important as this video is, I am surprised I have not received any feed back on it. It will knock you socks off. Congress and the U.S Supreme Court had passed an amendment to the Constition shortly after Obama was elected president that makes him legal to serve. It is hard for me to believe, but the facts seem to support it in this video. Make sure you watch this video.

    • Jibbs

      Thanks Wayne937,
      I watched the video, all Americans should be pissed off by this. I’m sad to say that I’m from IL. and now live in MO. where McCaskill in one of my reps. I send it to all on my mail list and will be making several calls.

      This should be the final nail in the coffin, with just about all in the gov. needing to be removed and delt with in the original prescribed way.

      It’s also sad to say that maybe it’s time for the vigilante posse to ride, it seems to be our only hope of correcting this clear violation of the Constitution.
      Thats again for the heads up on these bills I never heard of.

      WTF, now I’m on a mission to spread the word more than ever, talk about being stabbed in the back!!

  • DanB

    Well then, if the bridge is in excellent condition, then it is PERFECT for our president to make an example of how excellent government intervention is for the economy.

    Capitalism isn’t perfect, but is not broken either. Imperfection and broken are not the same thing. The problem with fixing something that is not broken is that you break it. So fixing this bridge would be an excellent example because they would have better odds of breaking the bridge in the process than fixing it (remember: it isn’t broken yet). And by the way, we have been trying to fix capitalism for a long time probably beginning with the New Deal, if not since even earlier. So if capitalism seems broken to you, well, we’ve been slowly breaking it for a long time.

    This fits right in with Solyndra, shovel ready jobs that don’t exist, jobs created or saved that have price tags exceeding 200k per job (often much higher).

    • Wayne937

      DanB, there has also were 4 or 5 others solar companies that went bankrupt beside Solyndra. Obama just does not give up, even though he knows it is costing the American Taxpayer and arm and a leg. I guess he figures he is not paying for it personally so what the hell. Does anyone still think that Communist Obama is not deliberately destroying our economy?

      • http://none SC

        Have no fear Wayne, if and when you get solar energy or hot water, if you do… (do you have the money now or later?) YOU will be buying the panels from either Germany or China, more likely China so I would suggest you start now to learn the language cause the instructions will most likely be in that language, not english! Plus you and a lot of folks will have to move to China to have jobs!!!!! We will only be a little poor broke island in a big sea of developing countries!

        • eddie47d

          SC doesn’t get out much. Most instructions are printed in English,Chinese and sometimes in German and French no matter what you buy.

          • Bear

            What about Spanish, Eddie? Now who doesn’t get out much?

          • eddie47d

            Bear,are you sure your name isn’t Dick?

        • oregonpilot

          You should live in a state like I live in. Things are published in 7 different languages. Besides Spanish, there’s Vietnamese, Hmong, Russian, and Japanese, not to mention French and English.

  • SweetOlBob

    Well, you’ve got to give him and his propaganda jockeys cedit for one thing though, It’s a very photogenic bridge, isn’t it ?
    Our SLL* in the white house is very good at photo ops.
    He’s very patriotic too. Except when wounded troops are nearby and he can’t take his cameras.
    *Slimey Little Liar

  • http://yahoo don

    once again obummer came up with another thing to mislead everyone. it will be just like his other plans to get things going that failed. common obummer. something else to add to the deficit spending.i think you are on a trip to destroy this country with your ignorance. i could tell that when you ran against hillary for president you were more or less telling everyone what they wanted to hear. i was mislead to with your promise for change.we got downward change. losing change. bankrupsy change. i never thought we’d end up in this mess we’re in now because of you and congress. we need to get you and all elitist supported congressmen out. people vote for candidates like you and congressmen who all do the same thing as you did. tell em what they wanna hear. it wins. bulls–t works. ron paul is,nt total bulls–t like you were. bulls–t wins. most polititions use it. promise them everything you cant give.

  • JimO

    This makes it look like Obama is taking lessons from Biden. One goofball tutoring another goofball!

  • Jim

    Do any of you realize that there is no jobs bill in congress to vote on? So far this is only talk. Obama is going around the country at our expense pushing for something that doesn’t exist.

    • eddie47d

      There will be if Congress gets off of it’s death bed and puts a bill together. How much further do the Republicans/Libertarians want this nation to slide downward and the unemployment to increase? We already know the answer so don’t give yourself carpal tunnel trying.

      • Brad


        This is Ohmama’s bill, and he hasn’t presented it to congress for debate, since there is no bill there’s no plan just Ohmama’s hot air…

        • eddie47d

          Flip Flop Brad. You said just the opposite about the Affordable Healthcare plan. It was ready and presented to Congress. So why should Obama write up any bill to please you.Would it matter. Make Congress write their own bill,debate it and then apply it. We know what needs to be done so stop blowing hot air and start working on it.

          • independant thinker

            obama has stated several times he was sending a jobs bill to congress but so far nothing has shown up.

      • Dale on the left coast

        eddie . . . do you live in a parallel universe or do you watch the news standing on your head??? Your views defy logic . . . your perspective is bizaar . . . are you by chance a “Czar” in the WH??

        • eddie47d

          It must also be difficult for you Dale watching the news bent over!

  • Alex

    Wrong bridge alert—Oh my God!!!

    Meanwhile the nut jobs you are running for president ALL fail to speak up when one of our uniformed mercenaries in Iraq gets BOOED!! Not a word from Parry or Bachman or Romney or Cain or Paul or anyone else—and it is the Reich Wing freaks who are always screeching about “supporting the troops”! HAA!! What a hoot!

    Whatever slim chance the neo-conartists had of unseating President Obama is pretty much gone with the wind, as the bulk of the electorate see the Republicans booing soldiers in a war zone (for a FAKE war conceived by, you got it, Republicans), lustily cheering allowing the death of the uninsured, and playing politics to forestall any economic recovery while the Black man is in the White Guy’s House—you people have no shame. Never figured you would treat your mercenaries so shabbily (thought that was MY job, HAA!!)—really, booing a guy who has put his life on the line to protect Capitalism. What will you guys do when these same troops come home, spit on ‘em? HAA!!! Teagaggers…..

    • Opal the Gem

      Go away. Come back when you actualy have something to contribute.

    • Brad

      Lets see it was the house and senate democrats that said “I voted for it before I voted against it”.

      • eddie47d

        That was the Republicans in Ohio and Kentucky.







    • eddie47d

      Robert; I wonder how many folks here will goose step to your fabricated BS?

      • Brad

        Hey Eddie,

        No one here is goose stepping to your fabrications, why, we know the difference between your truth and your a lie’s…

      • Opal the Gem

        No more than will goose step to your real Bull Sh!t.

        • eddie47d

          I’ll just put down that Brad and Opal totally agree with Herr Himmler err Robert and step out of your sick twisted world.

  • greg

    I will agree that president has done next to nothing to help create jobs since he was elected president; However I can say the same about the republican party. The republican party is great at pointing the
    finger, yet are piss poor at coming up with solutions to our problems.

    • AJ

      That’s because both parties are part of the problem.

  • AJ

    This Fool in Chief is so out of touch with reality. Somebody pinch him and pinch him hard.

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    I still don’t understand why it seems so hard for the government to take credit for improvements by simply cutting itself in half, eliminate the EPA, Department of Education, etc., a million and one regulations, and cancel each and every pork barrel project from the agenda that can be eliminated or put off. If it works, they get the credit…if it doesn’t they can blame the Tea Party (did you notice I mentioned the Tea Party and no other “party” of any significance?).

    It’s really a “no-brainer”…something our congress and Pontus-O can definitely qualify for historically…and we could in the course of time send congress and Pontus-O on a long, long vacation. It would be far cheaper and of less concern than to leave them anywhere near D.C….perhaps a camping trip to and around the Great Wall of China…or maybe up the Amazon River in search of its’ source?

    If American workers really want jobs, then demand that federal de-regulation be made immediately under a declaration of a “National Emergency” with one more of Pontus-O’s final “Executive Order” and that the only vote coming up with be a “Balanced Budget” Amendment addition and the immediate cancellation of both the 10th and 16th Amendments of the U S Constitution.

    Oh, yes, about the national debt…time to plan the default on all contracts denominated in U.S. “fiat” Federal Reserve Notes and start using gold and silver coins as the “new” currencies while forgiving all debts of citizens of the USA. Anyone stupid enough to lend money to the US government deserves to lose their money…period.

    At least food for thought, is it not?

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • eddie47d

      At least someone(Blair) will admit they want to mess with the Constitution. Now you need to take some of those deregulators down to that Amazon and feed them to the piranhas. There are a few outfits like Wall Street than need to be regulated even more.

  • Mirage

    I’m not a Obama lover: he’s been a weak leader, hasn’t been “transparent”, and didn’t get us out of the wars he, in his pre-presidential days, spoke out against… he’s been just another can-kicker among many that apparently works for Goldman Sacs etc.
    However, I’m not a hater, like just about everyone here. At the end of the day, he’s just a man who goes home to a family he loves and hopes the best for … nothing more, nothing less, and there is no hate of country in the guy.
    Didn’t read the article above, but the title clues me in to another problem with Obama: he built the wrong bridge!
    What bull. The guy could walk on water, make a roll of bread feed thousands, and this crowd on the right, would still find a reason to hate him.
    Grow up … put country first.

    • Jibbs

      WOW! your the second person today that chimed in on something they didn’t read. Kinda like getting a job that you know nothing about and hoping it will work out.(like obama)

      • eddie47d

        It’s actually McConnell and Bohners bridge but that irony went over Jibbs head.

  • phyl

    I am originally from the Cincinnati/N.KY area and believe me, that bridge is not in the shape Obama and minions depicted. It showed him on a hillside below the bottom of the bridge which is just that, a hillside! Nobody lives at that particular spot. This was all orchestrated to look as if the bridge is old, rusty and crumbling. What a joke! This administration apparently doesn’t realize that there are many people from the area and many people travel this bridge everyday. They know better, as do I. The bridge is being replaced simply because when it was first built, they didn’t have the vision to know that traffic would grow as the popuation does.

    • Mike

      I’m from Cincinnati & the Brent Spence Bridge replacement has been debated for several years. The total project could cost over $2 billion because it includes I-75 lane additions & re-routing. Also, the media showed the Clade Wade Bailey which is east of the Brent Spence. This bridge is for both rail & auto transportation. The CSX Railroad has never painted their side of the bridge & it is quite obvious, why spend the money? By the way, his visit here was a joke.

  • Catherine

    I hope I am wrong but aren’t construction job only available to UNION menbers

    • bob wire

      That all depends Catherine, which state, and the criteria demanded by the Customer. ~ Most Federal work demand , workmans comp, the business owe by a minority, a woman, a negro, and Indian etc. ( white men are usually last in line) job completion and general liability insurance.

      If it’s state project but subsidies by the Fed, Federal criteria will be applied. The Fed does not demand the use of Union workers.

  • Susie

    Just for your information, functionally obsolete does not mean that the bridge is in bad condition. It may only mean that it is 2 lanes when traffic dictates 4. It may mean that there are some other geometric inconsistencies with current policies. It may need to be wider or it may need more clearance beneath. Bridge “repairs” are often done to bridges that are nearing re-construction. This is often to insure that it can be stage constructed – meaning traffic can still use it while it is under construction. It may be minor repairs to allow it to better accommodate traffic until the replacement takes place. Catherine, construction jobs with federal funds typically use union labor, although sometimes they “merely” require that fair-wages (local union wages) be paid to all workers. Payroll submittals are required of the contractor to verify that this is done.

  • William Bolton

    After all, would you want to chance the bridge you’re standing on speaking about to fall while you’re there doing the speech?

  • bob wire

    A waste of time to read, ~ what a bunch of drivel.

    You people need to get a job, something that require production and gets you out of your comfort zone and away from your TV sets. Your mind is turning to mush.

    You have turned into “brooder” like a hen sitting on a rotten egg.


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