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Republicans Likely To Pick Up Seats In Congress After Redistricting

December 23, 2010 by  

Republicans likely to pick up seats in Congress after redistrictingThe GOP could gain a significant advantage in future congressional races, thanks to the latest population data released by the United States Census Bureau.

According to media reports, Texas will add four congressional seats, Florida will gain two and Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Georgia and South Carolina will each add one. These Republican-leaning states will add representatives beginning in 2012.

States that will lose seats are located in the Northeast and Midwest. New York and Ohio will each lose two, while Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri and New Jersey all lose a seat. Louisiana was the only Southern state to lose representation because of the population decline following Hurricane Katrina.

The new census data may also impact a tight presidential election because each state receives one electoral vote for each U.S. representative it has.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the GOP gained more than two dozen seats in the House following the 1990 census, which helped Republicans take control of the chamber in 1994.

"We are in a position to exceed those gains," Christopher Jankowski, who directs redistricting for the Republican State Leadership Committee, told the news provider.

The census revealed that the overall U.S. population stands at 308,745,538, which is a 9.7 percent increase since 2000. However, it is the slowest pace of growth since the decade of 1930 to 1940.

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  • TIME

    Please keep in mind a bad RebO is no differant than a bad DumbO.

    New seats mean nothing if the Moral fiber and faith in something bigger than GOVERNMENT is not present!

    Please I beg of you all ~ use wisdom when these events unfold.

    • chas

      One of the problems is that Blue-Shirted Liberal NAZIZ screw up their state, move to a RED state, then CONTINUE the SAME voting patterns by voting for OTHER Blue-shirted Liberal NAZIZ!!( kinda like a VIRUS!!)….We need to be more vigilant about our LOCAL officials to keep the BLOOD-SUCKERS OUT!!….

      • Mick

        chas says:
        December 23, 2010 at 7:26 am
        One of the problems is that Blue-Shirted Liberal NAZIZ screw up their state, move to a RED state, then CONTINUE the SAME voting patterns by voting for OTHER Blue-shirted Liberal NAZIZ!!( kinda like a VIRUS!!)….We need to be more vigilant about our LOCAL officials to keep the BLOOD-SUCKERS OUT!!….
        chas……….You’ve got that right. the libs move in our backyard and bring their degenerate ideas with them………..Look at what happened in Nevada when californians fled from their own State,,between the flow of californians, legal and illegal immigrants, the unions and the fraud reid was put back in power. scary……….

        • who cares

          Please leave my State!!

      • FlaJim

        Let’s hope that redistricting can be done wisely enough to dilute the votes of these interlopers/refugees from the north. Leftists tend to congregate like other minorities, so carve up their areas so they can’t poison electoral outcomes.

        • who cares

          Dumb asses voting republican thats the problem. leave the State.

      • who cares

        Please leave the State

    • hflashman

      I trust y’all are going to be mighty saddened as what you are satating as a caution is something which I see with glee. I agree we have to be vigilant as redistricting begins. Vigilant that neither party takes leeway with hoesty and attempts to thwart the will of the People and the voting majority.

      Tom DeLay should be tossed in jail for life for how he thwarted the will and wants of the voters, jury rigged by illegal means the system and redistricted Texas to minimize the power of the majorty of voters.

      Texas will have to have at minimum 2 more Dem districts…probably 3. And the resulting changes all over the South will bring in more inclusive GOP candidates as they have to steer away from strict wacko ideology amd move towards sanity…ala’ the “Rockefeller” wing.

      With the scrutiny which will come to ensure fairness in redistricting, I expect a significant swing towards moderation from those states gaining seats.

      And anyone who calls for jury rigging the system is in no way under any aura of ‘patriot’. They are the enemies of a republic relying on the Will of the Voters.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        hflashman… Yeah. Tom DeLay screwed up, got caught, and now has to live with it. How come all of them are not treated this way? Anyone who is not listening to the will of the people is offensive in government. The crimes they commit only add to it! So many should be booted out, but they aren’t. Nancy was going to take care of this. Yeah, right! She knows that there would be few left and she has to protect her own.

      • Bob Wire

        yea, That’s what I’ve been hearing as well Flash, that these gains will most likely favor the “Givmecrats” LOL! and the dog is yellow! and how he got to be blue, I haven’t a clue.

      • Stan Smith

        And the Libtard Rangle should be thrown away for Life! Of course The Libtards gave him a pass!

  • J.M.R.

    lets hope that their not liars like snow, brown, the cow,etc.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      You forgot to add Barry, Barney, Nancy, Harry, Charles (Rangel), etc….

      • Bob Wire

        Tell us of Naughty Nancy’s crime. I’d like to hear it out loud.

        • Bus

          the way healthcare was pushed through against the wishes of the majority and without any of our lawmakers reading the bill.

          • TIME

            Thats alright really as Bob buys everything with out reading what its for anyway. He bought his new car with out reading about it, his home with out reading the legal paper work, and he pays tax’s and knows not why. But its all good, Afterall the sound bite Media said so.

            Now as to Nancy, how about passing laws that create an UNFAIR business advantage so that her Busines StarKissed could fish for Tuna and produce it all the while not paying her employees the same rate of pay that the law she passed made everyone else pay higher wages.
            And thats just one example of what leadership she presents.

            Oh and she was able to charge less so again creating an UNFAIR advantage. But hell, thats all good too, right?

            “The mind is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to WORK.”

            For the Holidays a special one;

            “A Nation of sheep begets a Nation of WOLVES.”

          • Bob Wire

            Time , so you are suggesting Nancy is “more guilty” then others and so deserving criminal indictment? It was only your throat HCR was crammed down, when did you become the center of the Universe?

            And for the record, I’m a conservative with money and don’t normally buy new automobiles.

            Anything that will depreciate $2,000.00 in 2 seconds when you drive it off the lot is a poor investment 98% of the time and something I can ill afford. My passion for automobile and guns left me when I matured. Now I only enjoy and admire them and own them on the value buy.

            and on a side note, I doubt if you have read the HCR bill to this very day in it entirety while protesting it are early as it was “vogue” in your tiny majority.

            Time , I’ve found you to be a few notches above the many here, but you still haven’t read it.

            The small print in a cell phone contract can scare the Bjesus out of anyone, much less this HCR bill.

          • eddie47d

            Dang it Bob, Time is starting to be as paranoid as i41 and all over the page. What’s up!

          • TIME

            Well Bob I gave you a crime Nancy pulled as per your request, and all I get back from you is a retort of rambling that follow a trail of total pretzel logic and so far off topic that I am not really sure what your point is, or if there is a point, dude put down the pint I know on a cold day theres nothing like a Fosters.

            Eddie in case you weren’t aware of this “Paranoia” {is a fear of knowning that energys are off balance.}
            So what did I miss there dude?

            And Just in case your not aware of this minor fact what Freud stated is that “perfect awarness is a mix of Paranoia.”

            But what value would Freud have on issues of how the mind works, I am sure you know far more that Freud ever did even though he is noted as the modern Father of this science.

      • who cares

        Don’t for get Tom Delay he should go 2 prison 4 life. bush, cheney for murder. Hukabee for impersonating a preacher. the tea party for threatening the President. republican party Fox News for being an Anti American. you zombies what should we do with you??

  • Teresa

    HMMMM…..wonder why it will not post my article….lets see now….please pay close attention people to who you vote for Congressman Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn U.S. congressman declares: Borders will be ‘irrelevant’ Stunning statement from same lawmaker sworn in with hand on Quran, not Bible.
    Stated Ellison: “No security policy position can be premised on military might. …The way it works is we are a country guided by ideals of equity, generosity and engagement in our relations with other nations and those philosophical ideals create safe borders … and, God willing, one day the border will become an irrelevancy.”

    • who cares

      You just noteced that?? Reagan was the first Bush and dumd ass jr bush was 3rd dip shit who allowed for that to happen. mainly for companies to pay smaller salaries. republican are thinking of you’r well being NOT. you are what is call a HYPOCRITEs.

  • http://com i41

    Teresa, you probably posted something too clear and to the point. I see the fairy flushhermophadite, forgot to mention jail time for Rangel, Daschle, Geithner and Greasy Sharpton, for not paying taxes for decades. But we all forget hermy the flush, is a socialist tool, and lying cheating democrats get status in the party and from Soros.

  • Bob Wire

    we are boundary oriented bunch, it’s like you are at war and talk as if you are at war. I think you believe you are.

    Much like the Hatfield’s and Mc Coys, I wonder how many “dates” I would get from each of you if I asked when this “war” started? ~ as it seems ongoing with no end in sight, no resolve, no resolution. Somebody wants to take your “stuff”!

    When the opportunity presents itself and it’s politically expedient, I like to see Mexico Annexed into the union. That would solve one border issue and I’d love to live in the Serra Madras mountains. But my time here is too short for such hopes.

    I wonder how many of you read science fiction novels and the evolution of mankind and worlds, what tomorrows societies might look like? What our “needs” will be. While it’s true, much of this is far removed from us today, with the Divine willing, these days are coming.

    We are living in the 2nd telling of the history of man, the 1st having been all but lost from our view today. I hope we do better this time.

    • TIME

      So Bob, do you have locks on your doors?
      Do you have wall’s on your home, window’s that close?

      Do you have a key for your car? Do you lock your car?

      Do you own land? Do you have a fence around your land? Do you plant veggies, do you have wire around them to protect them from Deer and other animals?

      Do you want to be paid for your labor? Or do you work for Free, as payment is a Boundaries format too.

      All Boundaries Bob, odd how that works hey, but I digress.

      “A Nation of Sheep will beget a Nation of Wolves.”

      • Bob Wire

        Sure Time, but I address issues presented in earlier thread posting of boundaries of RIGHT and LEFT while you seem to focus on security and notions of “MINE”. Boundaries are indeed a part of security. So you believe that both your security and “stuff” is under constant threat? That’s fine ! and that’s a accurate assessment. The LIBERALS are going to get it?

        I give to the poor in many ways, sometimes I give and sometimes they just take everything that’s not nailed down. But I give to the wealthy as well and it’s the same with them. What I don’t give , they willing to take.

        So where is your personal threat coming from? Seems you’ve labeled everything a threat but yourself while I believe man himself is his biggest enemy.

        Go build your walls and stay there, that works for me. Boxed up like you are, I wouldn’t suggest that you start lobbing things over your wall attacking anything that moves, you’ve no place to run.

        I think you’d be wise to understand, it don’t matter who steals from you,~ you’ve been stole from! ~ boundaries and labels offer me no consultation and shouldn’t you.

        • TIME

          As I went throught your post, its obvious you missed the point of my post in responce to your post.

          {There is no right v left,} {there is only “Righ v Wrong.”}

          “I am not in any box of any kind” As a matter of fact I am so far out of a box I have no walls to obstruct my view, thus why I see clearly whats in my face.

          Thus when I see the few freedoms we have left being taken away by people who’s “Greed and LUST for POWER” exceed the standards of laws we have to adhere to, as they hold themselfs far above these very laws that YOU and I are to follow.
          Well that fails to sit well with me on all levels, as it should with any person who has any gray matter.

          As energys in what ever form they are in being either, have an effect on us all, thats a fact, its called
          “cause and effect.”

          Yet you still want to compartmetalize others into box’s, Why is that?

          We all do have permitters that we must all observe rather we like it or not.
          I can’t come into your home and take what I want, nor you to my home and do like wise. This all falls within the context of “Common courtesy and respect for others.”

          I recall when I picked up my 1988 9 /11 C Porsche even being 10 years old when I bought it, it was in as near mint condition as one could hope to find.

          I drove it to a store then parked as far away as I could when I returned I was BOXED in by two trucks who had both dinged my new 10 year old car with the doors of their trucks.
          My belonging was damaged by freaks who lacked respect for others, as well have a massive nasty issue called “ENVY.”

          As these are all within the spectrum of normal behavior when a society has lost its center, and or lost all respect for others.
          Thus becoming a gang of “passive aggressives” and “Petty Tyrants”
          Who all feel that they are above all laws to include GODS laws.

          Not unlike the fact that everyone wants the Government to fix problems, the facts are that Government only creates more advanced problems.
          It has never solved anything and the HCR bill is just one more blantat example of running over others rights and taking from ones who have worked to give to those that will not work.

          Read the bloody bill dude and you could never say its anything but taking away from those that do to give to those that do nothing.
          Just the fact that the 5th Amendment is destroyed by the HCR bill alone should make you cringe, and thats just the bloody tip of the ice burg.
          As well That alone proves to me you have not read the bill.

  • http://com i41

    Teresa, Minn has been invaded with truck loads of pervert goat riding muslims, so between the massive influx of these jackwagon animal and female abusers, we need to pen these sickos and start tagging them. The sorry bastards who want the Dream Act, just want more worthless book educated socialists in the crap party! They csan barely speak English and stone aged idoits.

    • Bob Wire

      There was some real issue solvers in the Dream Act that needs address. It needs thinning down and resubmitted. It was just too “fluffy”

      • Bus

        wow what a concept! Lets have single issue bills so that people actually vote on the issue rather than all the ornaments. No bill needs to be hundreds or thousands of pages long unless someone is trying to hide their true intension.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Bus.. I couldn’t agree more! One issue at at time! No Pork!

    • BobbyB


    • Teresa

      I know, read Muslim Mafia.

  • http://com i41

    Bob Wire, the only state that doesn’t have a defined border is Mt. It signed off on the planned rergional governemt plan in the late 70′s. Guess what sorry bastards were in power the dumocraps. I think the USA was to be divided into 7 or regional governments. Because Mt,ND, SD. Wyo, Co, Neb, and Kan. would be under Denver’s headquarters. If you cann’t see we are at a “war” with socialist democraps. The handing the UN control over the USA, and the f–king feel good idoits.
    thinking the purple lipped marxist muslim and the State Dept are watching out and protecting the USA and it citizens rights. It just shows your stupidity,of trusting the government and the beltway leeches.

    • Bob Wire

      Oh! I see the paint by the numbers picture you are offering 41. I really do and I’m not completely ruling it out as a possibility.

      But NO! I don’t believe it as strongly as you do. For many reasons, too many reasons to go into actually.

      But for one, ~ the very messenger that bring me this message of doom. While I’ve no plans of killing the messenger,~ not at all. But I find him overly stimulated and a lot of political bias in his accounting. I don’t wish to hold the messenger in contempt , but don’t leave town.

      I’m more like the poster below, ~ it’s mostly a circus act, to muse and entertain. ~ It does matters to us “who” the actors are this evening, for the sake of viewing and entertainment pleasure, maybe our guy will win and then “WE” will win! ~ But we forget! The Circus owner has created this for our pleasure. It’s so easy for us to forget, the command to pack up and move on, is in the hands of a very select few.

    • Teresa

      On November 5th 2010, representatives from the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) met in Geneva, Switzerland, to scrutinize the United States’ “awful” immigration laws.

      The UN said the U.S. is not compliant with their international human rights obligations. I guess the UN doesn’t think a murdered American border patrol agent is a human rights offense.

      In a procedure called Universal Periodic Review (UPR), members of the Council questioned a group of over 30 U.S. officials. The Council, which is composed of 53 countries, conducts human rights reviews of all 192 UN member States every four years.

      The UN wants America to open their doors and let each and every illegal immigrant into our country – with no strings attached. Even if they come from terrorist coddling countries! Once the illegals are in the United States, the UN will not charge them criminally. Forget about the safety of your family members; have no fear, the UN is here!

      UN: United States’ Immigration Policy Hurts Feelings

      Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, wants the United States immigration laws to be changed because they discriminate against immigrants. She said, “The principle of non-discrimination is fundamental in international human rights law and runs across all international human rights instruments inspired by the Universal Declaration (of Human Rights), notable the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.”

      I guess Pillay and the rest of the UN bureaucrats think its okay to sacrifice American lives in exchange for not offending illegal aliens. Pillay has called for open immigration policies for 214 countries across the globe. The UN could grab control of our immigration policies as soon as 2011!

      UN To Decide On Immigration Policies; Not States

      During the meeting, the U.S. State Department released a document lambasting the Arizona immigration law. The document said, “A recent Arizona law, S.B. 1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and around the world. The issue is being addressed in a court action that argues that the federal government has the authority to set and enforce immigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the law are currently enjoined.”

      The Arizona Act has been under fire from liberal groups since it was passed last April. The act requires illegal aliens to register with the U.S. government and to carry their registration papers at all time.

      It’s simple: if an illegal is apprehended without their papers they’re charged with a misdemeanor crime. The act also includes numerous “get-tough” measures for housing, hiring, and transporting illegals.

      Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer passed these laws in response to the growing violence committed by illegals in Arizona. Illegals are responsible for a disproportionately large number of burglaries, rapes and murders in our border states.

      Between January 2007 and June 2009, there were over 2,500 murders in Mexico near the Arizona border. Arizona now has the second highest kidnapping rate in the world behind Mexico City!

      If illegals have to pull out a sheet of paper to save American lives, so be it. If an immigrant is in our country (legally or illegally) they should love our country enough that they don’t want to see the people they share it with executed.

      Harry Reid Wants To Use Your Kid’s College Savings
      To Pay Illegal’s College Bills

      The laws the UN plans on crushing America with isn’t the only trouble brewing in regards to our immigration policy. Scandal-friendly Harry Reid will light the fuse on his own legislative bomb (the DREAM Act) during the lame duck session. There’s no time to waste, the lame duck session has already begun!

      Harry Reid and his cohorts want to make ALL illegals American citizens. But they didn’t stop there – they want to give illegal aliens carte blanche access to federal grant money, scholarships and other benefits to pay for their college tuition. The DREAM Act will give all young people who are here illegally a college education – on our dime!

      The DREAM Act shows the complete disdain the liberals have for American citizens. Heck, American college kids can’t even get government money to go to school. Regular hard working Americans who save every penny will be sending illegal aliens to college instead of their own kids.

      Harry Reid’s free-for-all for illegals and the UN’s sneaky bid to enact a global immigration law must be stopped. We can’t let the UN give the thumbs-up to a mob of violent offenders to cross into our country. We will not pay the price of losing American lives so illegals aren’t “offended” by our immigration laws. Enough is enough! The time is now to take action!

  • Josh

    It doesn’t matter, its a one party system disguised as two. Keep the people fighting amongst themselves and not against the elite.

  • Stan Smith

    Both sides sucks, You have to blame The Libtard no news media they did a wonderful job of dumbing people down, with all the mis leading tactics, since there are alot of Democraps in DC, Yep the No news media is a cheerleaders for the democrap & RINO’s, even during the debates The No news media never ask real questions and always give the democrap a pass just about everything, Funny thing The Democrap really don’t want to go on FOX for debate they are afraid to answer the real questions! and the Repubicans are willing to go to Libtard media for debate knowing they will get hammered by them except for RINO’s they will get a pass, RINO’s = Democrap Votes! Before you Libtards attack me saying I’m nothing but a FOX Fan boy Sorry I don’t really watch FOX news they maybe 50% baloney at least they report some real news that the libtard media refuse to do!

  • Bob Wire

    with all respect, ~ I’ve been watch all networks, FOX I enjoy, I like split screen, rolling captions and pretty women but if you really want details, msnbc is more detail originated. Fox, is more like pretty cliff notes.

    ~with Hannity and Bill MC really types excluded of course. Hannity reminds me of Lou Costello, that fat face, chubby cheeks and thick low dark hair line. But He is a political light weight, I enjoyed hearing him say, he didn’t like it John Boehnard has been crying. ~I have to agree with him on that. the man needs to hold his water better then that for political life, making him a better actor for girly daytime soaps then congressional majority leader.

    the next two years is going to be so much fun!

  • chuckb

    bob wire

    now i know your problem, msnbc!! details!! lol. i suppose that’s why they have such a high viewer volume. you should call and give them your appreciation, they need your input. rachel and keith would be delighted to know someone is watching.

    • Bob Wire

      I like details ! and look for them wherever they may be offered.

      and I understand that some of the far right just hates them. I can’t say I blame them as the details so often, fails to support many of their views. Rather prone to act out with gut feelings and notions of justification, holding on to preconceived notions and no more data needed or being required.

      Chucky , you do it your way and I’ll do it mine and it’s not a problem but only see as one to you.

      I’m not asking you to change but I don’t want to hear you crying about your choice when the wheels come off your wagon.

  • Stan Smith

    msnbc is The biggest Libtard news biggest cry babies Kieth overbite, Chris Spittle and Mr. Maddow Those Libtards give journalism a bad name! All Libtard News is scripted Hollywood style
    example of Libtard script
    Mr. Maddow (msnbc)- The democrats score a victory with START Treaty Rest assure Everything will be okay I see nothing wrong with the Treaty!

    Independent News No script The Real News
    John Doe News Person- The Democrats made a huge fatal error on START treaty Here is one of the few Flaws If a foreign nation launched a nuclear or Bio attack according to the treaty The Russians stated The US can not use nuclear weapons on that country if that country attacked The US.
    So The US news media died Long ago! As for John Boehnard has been crying. The fresh face of the Repubics for Jan. They better find someone else to replace John Boehnard as speaker of the house, If not they are doomed it’s business as usual to make voters look stupid!

  • chuckb

    does anyone listen to abc and understand how pro liberal democrat they are. sherwood the president of abc has a sister who is on the white house advisor team for barry soetoro

    • Bob Wire

      A FOX dittohead would carry the same views and you offer.

      You have been bite by the werewolf!

  • Bob Wire

    I confess ! I watch ALL media ! and read many newspapers and periodicals and even more so on hot topics.

    now if these broad view subjects me to being less then “pure” so be it.

    I will have to be seen as impure. But I’d rather be seen impure then a fanatic with only one narrow view.

    ( access to 450 US newspapers ~ you should try it, find out what other people think and rid yourselves of that big bullfrog in a small pond syndrome)

  • chuckb

    bob wire

    that’s an interesting web site, however, why bother reading the headlines around the country, the media is so liberal, you read one you have read them all. it’s like watching cbs, msnbc,nbc, abc and cnn. you talk about ditto heads!! most people are turning to fox news since they do give a more accurate coverage without all the liberal input. fox is starting to worry me though, they have made a loud mouth out of juan williams and he lacks the political knowledge to give out with his rationale and his fondness of barry. something like alan colmes except colmes is a more educated liberal. fox usually has higher quality news analyst on their talk shows.


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