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Republicans Hate Democracy

August 9, 2012 by  

Republicans Hate Democracy
Republican leaders hate democracy.


Ron Paul isn’t going to be elected President of the United States, and future candidates with similar ideas will not be elected to the Nation’s highest political office either. For this reason, many mainstream pundits consider runs like that of Paul to be exercises in futility.

But those of us paying attention know just how very wrong those pundits are. Paul and his most dedicated supporters have managed to demonstrate, loudly and for a broad audience, that the American election system is democratic only in name.

For months, Republicans, disaffected Democrats and some Independents have been robotically repeating the mantra, “Anything is better than Obama.” The chant is true for people who do not agree with President Barack Obama’s collectivist vision, illegal warmongering and disdain for self-made success. Except for when it is not.

Despite the unwillingness of many—Republican diehards in particular—to accept reality, the fact remains that Mitt Romney, the man foisted as the primary opposition to the incumbent in November by the two party political system, is little more than a new face for political stagnation.

If your beef with the current President is related to the healthcare overhaul, Romney’s history regarding state-administered healthcare likely hasn’t put your mind at ease.

If you are a staunch Constitutionalist, he surely isn’t your man.

Tired of crony capitalism? Get used to it if you are a Romney supporter.

If you believe in unencumbered 2nd Amendment rights, check out the gun-control side of the former small-varmint-hunting Governor of Massachusetts.

And Romney, a staunch advocate of increasing military spending, isn’t going to make you any safer when he continues the expensive illegal war foreign policy loved by George W. Bush and Obama alike.

There are many more examples of things that a Romney Presidency will not fix or change. In a reasonable world the similarities between the failed policies of Obama and those that will be implemented under Romney would be recognized and discussed. In reality, however, the elites with a vested interest in perpetuating the myth that the Republican leadership is any different than the Democratic have won out. With massive amounts of money, the leadership of both sides has ensured that America’s will be a Republican/Democrat political system, and have written the rules to ensure that dissenting views are shut out.

When the 2012 Republican primaries rolled around, the GOP leadership did what the party has done in Presidential elections of past: It offered up its anointed candidate surrounded by a batch of long-shots, windbags and crackpots to give the electorate an illusion of choice while making sure that the will of the leadership would be carried out in the end.

And it has been, with the exception of supporters of the “crackpot” Paul refusing to go along with the plan.

With all of its political analysts and public policy experts, the GOP failed to realize that the mindset of many Americans has changed greatly in the past 12 years. Many of its own party members realized during the Bush Presidency that the Republican leadership cares little for Constitutional values. And on the other side, average Democratic voters realize that their messiah’s “hope” and “change” of the past few years feels very similar to policies they hated in the past.

GOP elites have been forced to realize their miscalculation as Paul supporters showed up in droves to support their candidate and amassed him enough delegates to secure a spot at the Republican national convention later this month. When his popularity and his supporters’ firm understanding of primary election rules became clear, the GOP elite panicked and worked feverishly to undermined Paul’s contingent. Last minute rule changes took place in some States and police beat-downs of Paul supporters in others.

Now, the convention is drawing near and the GOP leadership is running out of options for silencing Paul’s small-government, anti-cronyism Constitutionalist voice. The leadership has resorted to proving outright that American democracy is dead.

There is a big fight going on right now in Maine, where Paul took a majority of the delegates earlier this year. Because the candidate did so well in the State’s primary, his delegation heading to the RNC later this month would mean a position of prominence for Paul at the convention, giving him the opportunity to point out Romney/Obama similarities and decry the direction mainstream political thinking is leading our Nation. The GOP isn’t having it.

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster, a Romney supporter, has told the Paul delegates that they will not participate in the Tampa convention unless they agree to the following terms of a “compromise”:

1.  A majority of the delegates sign a statement agreeing that, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, they will vote at the Convention for Mitt Romney.

2.  Instead of Brent Tweed [Paul delegate], Charlie Webster or Paul LePage [RNC cronies] would serve as the spokesperson for the delegation and announce the votes cast for president. That spokesperson would also handle all media on behalf of the Maine delegation.

3.  There will be nothing negative said about Mitt Romney or positive said about Obama (especially to media).

4.  The Delegation will be admitted to the Convention, and to all committee assignments, without barrier.

5.  The Contest [GOP ripped Paul off] brought by Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette will be withdrawn.

In essence, those that don’t agree with the GOP leadership may attend the convention only if they agree to follow like sheep the orders of their party masters. The delegates have rejected the “compromise” and a RNC committee is currently deliberating the dispute.

The leadership of the GOP realizes that their candidate is so transparently similar to Obama, that they can’t even risk a hint of criticism by party members. They have elected to use the same tactic that has always been used by political leaders that know they are wrong and at risk of being figured out; silence the opposition.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dwight Mann

    The GOP can not win this election with out the support of the Paul contingency.
    Romney as the candidate assures a win for Øbama, ala McCain.
    RON PAUL IN 2012

    • Larry

      So all of u Paul supporters are going to willingly let obama back into the white House on principal alone.Sure Romney also wasn’t my favorite,but he is who we have.Baby steps people.My business is on it’s last leg because of liberal policies and cannot make it another year with obama let alone 4.How many more businesses are you guys going to let go under because of principal.I never struggled under republican leadership and tho they have their faults we can slowly move true conservatives in and get rid of the rhinos.That won’t happen overnight and we are getting smarter and more aware.Please don’t let obama back in.I and many more like myself will become jobless and homeless very soon if u do this.It is our responsibility to now mold Romney to a true conservative way and it can be done.It just won’t if u vote for Paul and allow obama back in.I have seen in my state already that there are still a tremendous following of the liberals and they thrive on dividing us.Don’t let that happen.

      • GregS

        Excellent post, Larry! It would be a different story if Ron Paul were the Republican nominee, but the reality is that that’s not going to happen.

        This will be one of the most important elections in the history of this country, and, as conservatives we all need to unite, NOT divide and be conquered, as the Obama camp would have us do. There’s too much at stake to let this happen.

        Incrementalism is the best approach. The all-or-nothing mentality (i.e. voting for a third-party candidate, or not voting at all, just because the nominated candidate is not 100% perfect) has NEVER worked, and it NEVER will.

      • David

        Larry, people like you and the rest of the republican heard of sheep have been saying the same thing for decades now! “Just this one time, go ahead and vote for the GOP candidate, and then we will vote good people into office and change everything”, but it never happens! The next election cycle rolls around and we get another establishment candidate, with the threat that if we don’t vote for him we will get another four years of bad government! People like you are enslaved by the GOP! Your their lapdogs who will vote for whoever they put up as their candidate! Well there are some of us who are through with being slaves to the GOP and are not going to play their games anymore! We are throwing the gauntlet down and saying we have had enough of your sorry candidates! We are going to vote for the “right” candidate and if the republicans lose the election because of it, so be it! Maybe the next election, if they learn their lesson, they will let us choose a candidate that will honor the Constitution and the republican form of government we are supposed to be!! Ron Paul will get my vote!!!

      • GregS

        David says:

        “…if the republicans lose the election because of it, so be it! Maybe the next election, if they learn their lesson, they will let us choose a candidate that will honor the Constitution and the republican form of government we are supposed to be!!”

        The problem with that logic is that if Obama gets another term in office, he will do irreparable damage to this country, the most glaring example being ObamaTAXCare. If this disaster is allowed to fully take effect in 2014, it will become a PERMANENT ENTITLEMENT, as if we weren’t already having problems with the funding of our other two major ENTITLEMENTS, Social Security and Medicare.

        As a result there won’t be ANY “next election” of ANYONE who will be able to undo all of the damage that will have been done.

      • Vicki

        Larry says:
        “So all of u Paul supporters are going to willingly let obama back into the white House on principal alone.”

        Actually you have it backwards. All of you ABO supporters are going to willingly let obama back into the white House on principal alone. Consider:

        Ron Paul IS ABO.
        Ron Paul has a 25+ year REAL history of support and defense of the Constitution.

        Voting for Romney is the same as voting for Obama. Example RomneyCare.

        If you REALLY wanted ABO you could not possibly vote for Obama with a R.

      • GregS

        Vicki says:

        “Voting for Romney is the same as voting for Obama. Example RomneyCare.”

        Not true! Association of Romney to ObamaTAXCare via his former association to RomneyCare is exactly the same rhetoric that the Democrats are using to get Obama re-elected, but it’s not true for the following reasons:

        - Romney has vowed to repeal ObamaTAXCare.

        - Romney didn’t cram RomneyCare down everyone’s throat like Obama did with ObamaTAXCARE, when they passed it in (rammed it through) Congress.

      • Vicki

        GregS writes:
        “Romney has vowed to repeal ObamaTAXCare.”

        Obama vowed to get us out of “Bush’s” wars.

        “Romney didn’t cram RomneyCare down everyone’s throat like Obama did with ObamaTAXCARE, when they passed it in (rammed it through) Congress.”

        Romney just crammed RomneyCare down the throats of all those in Massachusetts.

      • http://personallibertydigest deb

        Larry why do we have rhinos anyway? What is the purpose? Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum, no difference and certainly nothing that would give us our nation back. Paul speaks truth out one side of his mouth. The people are not satisfied with Obomination but will vote for him anyway. Then there are those who will vote Republican, for the same reason just because. Where is the thinking man with – historical perspective, foresight, knowledge of how things work, economics, wisdom, morals, GOD fearing, altruistic – where is he — did he ever exist?

      • Bill

        So what is OB is in there again. We should be concentrating on the congress. All Rino’s out, all demo’s out, all communist out, all socialists out, Clean the house and Senate then possibly we would have people in there who are Constitution law abiding representatives who would apply the impeachment provisions and have him removed as pres. hopefully they would not be afraid to apply the 25th amendment because it may be a case on insanity.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Reid should be up for impeachment too… he’s breaking the law with his budget inaction nonsense…

          – Smoov

      • GregS

        Vicki says:

        “GregS writes:
        ‘Romney has vowed to repeal ObamaTAXCare.’

        Obama vowed to get us out of ‘Bush’s’ wars.”

        Vicki, you’re mixing oranges and apples. Obama has been proven to be a chronic liar on virtually everything that comes out of his mouth, in addition to things that he vows to do.

        Romney, on the other hand is NOT a chronic liar, and he’s NOT been known to go back on his word on things that he has vowed to do.

        Vicki says:

        “Romney just crammed RomneyCare down the throats of all those in Massachusetts.”

        Wrong! He did NOT cram RomneyCare down ANYONE’S throat:

        - RomneyCare was supported overwhelmingly in the MA legislature with 198 house reps supporting the bill and only 2 voting against it, and it also passed through the state senate without a single dissenting vote. Contrast this with the way that ObamaTAXCare was rammed through the US House and Senate.

        - RomneyCare was supported by an overwhelming majority of the people in Massachusetts in 2006 when it was passed. That was (and still is) NOT the case with ObamaTAXCare.

        So, Vicki, your association of Romney to ObamaTAXCare, via his former association to RomneyCare, is clearly unfounded.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > It is our responsibility to now mold Romney to a
        > true conservative way and it can be done.

        You’re deceiving yourself if you believe this is actually going to happen…

        How often must you be lied to before you stop falling for them?

        Stop going after people hoping you can change them, and go after the ones who already are what they need to be.

        You are not going to get what you want, ever, with the strategy you say above. That is a fool’s errand at best.

        – Smoov

      • http://yahoo gator

        i’m with Smoov. rombama is just business as usual.

        RON PAUL for AMERICA in 2012!! if he doesn’t win, then i’ll bet we will see some change in this country; a little revolution is good now and then.

      • Deerinwater

        Larry say; “Sure Romney also wasn’t my favorite,but he is who we have.Baby steps people. My business is on it’s last leg because of liberal policies and cannot make it another year with obama let alone”

        I say; To be a good business person requires more courage then you obvious have Larry. I don’t know what kind of business that you are in but I’m in Plumbing, AC & Refrigeration and it wasn’t “recent” liberal policy that has us on the ropes. My back has been getting rope burns for the last 30 years as the middle class American has declined in numbers and all but lost control over discretionary spending and all but forget about “savings”

        The GOP was offered a quality man of conservative values with a track record to back it up, and they said “No Thanks”

        Baby Steps? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not baby steps. They are extortioner’s engaging in the political process that you seem willing to drop your pants and bend over too. They are millionaires that pay less in Federal taxes then a man working two jobs as a fireman and furniture mover attempting to raise a family and stay in the status of middle income.

        If you can’t come forward and let your feeling be know and be a person of conviction why do you believe that your politicians and fellow Americans should?

      • Valeria Lindholm

        Ron Paul calls it the “status quo” It’s either you follow us or we follow you. Who do you think will follow you? Who are you anyway? I take my lead from Ron Paul and no one else. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. or is it too many indians and no chiefs? six of one half a dozen of another. Who can really fix this mess? The answer is easy. We the people.

    • Bogusbob

      Well if Ron Paul would have come out and endorsed Romney like his (more intelligent) son did, he might have gotten a seat at the table. Instead he kept going on with his idiocy and liberaltarian rantings. Hopefully the folks in Texas will find a good tea-party candidate to replace him now that he is retiring.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Well, if Romney was at least conservative and not effectively a photo-negative of what we have now, maybe we could actually stomach endorsing him, but we can’t.

        If the Republicans end up losing, and Obama stays in office, those of you who voted for Romney, and supported the fraud and railroading the GOP did to rob you of an honest primary process, have no-one to blame but yourselves.

        You had an opportunity to actually vote for a genuine conservative for a change, and instead, you ended up with Romney… Same [expletive deleted], different election.

        Will you sheep ever, EVER, learn…

        – Smoov

      • David

        Your name fits you perfectly, bogus!! You don’t seem to have any idea what a republican form of government is! Libertarians are the true republicans! If you go back to the early 1900′s and beyond, you will see that republicans beleived the same way as todays libertarians! In a republican form of government, the states and the people are the authority and dictate to the federal government how to govern in the best interests of the states and the people! Over the years though, the federal government has usurped power away from the states and the people and has put the federal government on top, dictating to the states and the people, what a handful of politicians in DC think is best for the federal government! Libertarians only want to put the authority back into the hands of the states and the people where it Constitutionaly belongs! Maybe you need to go back and read and study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and do a little study in history from Lincoln to the present time and learn what has happened to destroy our republican form of government before you call libertarians idiotic! You would see who the true idiots are!!!!

      • Bill

        Say, if you and millions like you conviction of Ron this country would not be heading for a socialist dictator. To give up ones conviction for the sake of people like you is what got this country into the wrong path. Each and every year people have given up just a little, now that it is approaching what it is the prospect for a dictator is much easier. Someone has to turn the tide and attempt to educate the masses even if the son does make a few mistakes, the father must go on like any good father and let the son learn on his own. He doesn’t have the wisdom and experience so he may make a mistake at this time in history.

      • Pat H

        Trying to reason with a Paul person is like trying to reason with Obama… it’s just not going to happen. They are cult-like in their fervor. We the People to them means We the Paul People. I’ve tried it. There are several Paul people in our group and some Dems, too. We have better debates with the Dems. What a sad state of affairs. Beware their plans for the GOP Convention. I’m told they plan to right for delegates from the winner take all states despite the rules of the primary in those states. So if Paul got 10% of the vote, they want 10% of the delegates despite the mandate that those delegates belong to the winner in that state.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > We have better debates with the Dems.

        I’m sure you do… it is probably because you’re so much alike in group-think.

        Debating with a Libertarian, requires more independent thought, and we know that doesn’t come as easily with today’s average citizen, than it used to be when people were more like men and less like sheep.

        – Smoov

    • David Hull

      You know, for the past few months, all i’ve heard is how a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Now that Romney’s true history of flip-flopping is coming out, and the media is reporting ALLLLLL the negativity about Romney, here come the rhinos out saying the same crap, just louder. Well, instead of backing a horse that was just a horse of a different color, you should’ve backed a winning, tried and true, horse that may not win every race, but is ALWAYS there in the end giving a snort at the finish line…Obama called out “hope and change”, we got screwed, Romney can’t decide if he’s Democrat or Republican, and flip-flops on every issue…yet, Ron Paul has remained a champion voice for us, the people of the United States of America…Ron Paul has not, and would not, APOLOGISE to a foreign government for Americans being Americans…Ron Paul has not/ would not use presidential priveledge to send our men and women to a foreign country to fight, unless it was in the defense of our country… bottom line, the people of this country will be screwed over again in November…If all the Romney supporters would get their heads out of their azzes and stop feeding into the 2 party system, maybe the GOP would see that “We, the People” do not want what they are offering…what the GOP should do is tuck it’s tail between their legs and apologise to the Ron Paul supporters, and Dr. Paul himself, and pull away from Robama, and support the Citizens of this country…

      • Waldomountainman

        Ok you will vote for Paul regardless even though there is no way he can win this election knowing it will condem us to four more yeras of a man who has spent millions to hide all his past from us? What do you think is in all those documents he has hidden? I would wager there is a lot more information that if known would oust him from office but you would rather vote for a candidate who cannot win to teach us a lesson?
        Who do you think will ultimately suffer the outcome of this logic?
        Do you think we as a country will be better off with Obama in office for four more years?
        I would offer you are going to play the part of a sore looser and then be one of the biggest whinners when you loose your busniess, your home, and your freedom.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          no way he can win… seriously? The GOP went to great lengths to obstruct and deny Ron Paul’s nomination so their own anointed-one, Romney, would be on their ticket.

          Grab yourself some knowledge of the issue, and read just how far the GOP went to keep Ron Paul from winning…

          Is this the behavior of a party who genuinely believes Ron Paul couldn’t possibly win? Awfully desperate corruption from the party who claims to be about morality, isn’t it?

          This is the party you keep trying to browbeat Ron Paul supporters into abandoning their honor, to vote for Romney instead.

          The GOP’s actions in this election cycle illustrates the very corruption Ron Paul, as well as the Libertarian party, is fighting against.

          You seriously expect us to vote, for THIS CRAP? This fraud of a party that is so completely lost to the concepts of courage and honor, that they abandon the same ideals that they are supposed to stand for, to maintain the status quo, and their own power.

          How naive you must be to even THINK that your party will ever get us to vote for your party after this.

          Your party has burned those bridges in spectacular fashion, and there is no coming back from it.

          The GOP has shown in no uncertain terms, by its own actions, what it really stands for, and in our eyes, it is no different than the Democrats.

          You both, Democrats AND Republicans, are no longer worthy of the trust we put into you as our represenatives in our government, and the days of you being able to manipulate us are over.

          We keep growing, and will continue to grow, and the days of Republican faux-conservativism are numbered.

          Your Republican party of today, is destined to become the Whigs of the 21st century.

          Seriously… where do you people get off taking the moral high ground when you have no idea what it even means to be there.

          We’re not blinking, and we’re not voting for you people anymore, and you have nobody else to blame, but yourselves.

          Deal with it.

          – Smoov

          • Sondra Clark

            Wish I’d said that. Well done.
            thankyou Ron Paul for President.

          • Chris Beck

            that’s a sore looser reaction…like when we were kids.
            This is too serious to pout and say, “I’m not going to play in your yard anymore!”
            Having a less than perfect Republican candidate is better than the best candidate that the Demos can put forth. Wake up. Think about your future and those children yet to be born that will inherit the massive debt that Obama continues to mount.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            All calling someone a sore “looser” and not even knowing how to spell “loser” only illustrates who the real loser is.

            That said… did you even pay attention to what I said?

            Do you even have the most basic comprehension of what the issue is in the first place?

            Romney is far from “less than perfect”, and our basic problem isn’t even about Romney himself (tho we could go for hours on that topic)

            The Republicans have lost their legitimacy. How can we possibly cast our vote for either corrupt party?

            How are we supposed to take our vote seriously, while voting for a party that suppresses it, engages in massive election fraud, and usurps the election process, tampering with the orderly succession of power in this country?

            These actions, to many of us, are nothing short of treasonous.

            But no… to you, we’re just sore losers… so you must be ok with corruption, voter tampering, vote stuffing, fraud, and all the rest that came with this cycle’s illegitimate primary process.

            This is the kind of “morality” that we’re supposed to endorse? Put into office?


            You’re clueless…

            No way can we vote for your party, no matter how much you try to make your toothless arguments about why we should.

            This country needs better… deserves better…

            Never again…

            – Smoov

      • Action not Words

        OK so we know that Ron Paul would be much better for this country. To be heard, like we have witnessed with occupy movement tactics, show up at Romney’s public appearances, shout it from the roof tops be heard and seen. Nothings is going to change by sitting back and resounding your dismay. We do have a voice and numbers to back it up !! Expect that your “dissent” will be met in a similar way as that of any protests we have seen these days. Albeit!! Better to unite, organize, and stand for what you believe, than to write in your candidate choice and have your vote cast to the ground. Gauranteed to give us four more years of Obamacrap. Do consider however, that if by some great miracle your voice is heard and our guy is elected to potus, he will face the same lack of cooperation and stifling that we have witnessed in the last four years, by both elitist corrupted parties. It truly is time that people wake up, the elitist are using every tactic in the book to have their way with our country, our lives, and our future. If you don’t realize it as a bipartisan disaese at this point than there really isn’t any hope for a better future. Hmm so ironic… I’ll bet alot of you,( with your closed minds and eyes) hated the occupy movement, when in reality the fall of the elitists would be theirs and our greatest accomplishment for the future of this country and that of our children !!! WAKE UP NOW OR BOW BEFORE YOUR DICTATORSHIP FOREVER!!!! You might think it looks different but WE all have been drinking the same kool-ade.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      When the Republican primary for president came to my state I voted for Ron Paul, I wanted to see someone who does not go with the parties status quo get elected. It was a long shot to say the least but I knew when all is said and done come November I will vote for the Republican candidate just to get this Communist out of the White House.
      For all of us that voted for Paul in the primary, we have to move on and not waste our votes since as we could all see from the past elections i.e. W vs Gore and whatever his name was, every vote counted and it will be the same this coming November so if all of you other Paul voters want four more years of a communist, failed programs and agenda’s, our countries failing finances, criminal activities come from the White House, disgusting criminal acts as an end around the Constitution such as Fast And Furious, then waste your vote on principle and vote for Ron Paul and you will be guaranteed to have Obama back in the White House, but if you have common sense and love for your country then give up the ghost and vote for Romney, and take a clue from Ron Paul’s son Rand, he is even endorsing Romney for president since he wants to see our country change for the better not fall into the abyss. We all know in our hearts that Obama has been and will achieve to change our Democracy into a Communist form of government if he gets four more years so it is time to think of America and not waste your valuable vote on a candidate who cannot win but could make Obama win again and that is something We The People can’t afford to have happen, and we all know this to be true.
      Romney 2012!

      • Smoovious Laxness

        First off, a vote cast on principle, is never wasted…

        Second, as long as you keep voting against someone, instead of voting for someone, you will never, ever, get yourself out of the false-choice trap they keep presenting to you.

        You’re choosing to vote against a Progressive, by voting for a Progressive… exactly what the establishment want you to do… always Progressive, that’s all that matters to them.

        If you aren’t casting your vote, based on principle, then it is you, sir, who has wasted your vote. Not us.

        – Smoov

      • Pat H

        The thing Paul people need to understand is that they must get a win for their candidate in the PRIMARY. That is the most important race. Come the General, time to put childish whining away and do what it BEST for the country. And next election, get YOUR candidate elected in the PRIMARY!!!!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          We will be voting for what’s best for the country.

          The other Progressive, isn’t it, so we won’t be voting for either of them.

          – Smoov

    • Pat H

      For people who consistently claim they must follow the constitution and rule of law, the RP folks are certainly selective about that for themselves. Every state decides how to allocate the delegates based on the votes cast. But that is not good enough for the RP people. THEY don’t have to practice what they preach…. kinda sounds like the Democrats to me. Which may explain why they would be fine if BHO gets another terms to finisih us off. The primaries have been held. The people have made a choice different from the one I wanted. And I will support Romney because I don’t just give lip service to the Constitution on rule of law!

      • Smoovious Laxness

        > For people who consistently claim they must follow
        > the constitution and rule of law, the RP folks are certainly
        > selective about that for themselves. Every state decides
        > how to allocate the delegates based on the votes cast.
        > But that is not good enough for the RP people. THEY
        > don’t have to practice what they preach….

        You don’t know what you’re talking about…

        Research this:

        Verify the details for yourself… THEN come talk to us about following the rules and allocating delegates, cuz right now you’re just talking out of your ass.

        > The people have made a choice different from the
        > one I wanted.

        And you should be really pissed off about that, if you actually knew what went on.

        > And I will support Romney because I don’t just give
        > lip service to the Constitution on rule of law!

        Yes, you do.

        – Smoov

    • Rhonda Reichel

      ameN….I am not voting for Romney and became an independent just because of this reason

  • Vigilant

    “Republicans Hate Democracy.”

    …as did the Founders of our nation, and rightly so. We’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

    • Louis Lemieux

      …a very small percentage of Americans falsely believe that!

      • RivahMitch

        Falsely? Personally, I put my life on the line for that when I enlisted in the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam in the 60s. If we’re not a constitutional republic, then the government is now the dictatorial enemy and while it’s moving that way under the Kenyan Marxist, we’re not quite there yet. When we get there (and, admittedly, it may be quite soon) it will be time to refresh the tree of liberty.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Except that you are the one who is wrong Louis L..Your fear is directing your views because a Constitutional Republic is a scary concept. There is uncertainty about the future,decisions that have to be made and with those decisions there is a possibility of unintended consequences such as failure.
        Libs/Leftists cannot deal with uncertainty so they have to micromanage every aspect of their lives and everyone elses.

      • s c

        Comrade ‘l,’ now that you’ve regurgitated in public (and your check is probably in the mail), you utopians need to realize and admit that NO democracy ever lasts. Just because you know how to IGNORE the Constitution doesn’t mean you can whiz on our legs and make us believe it’s raining.
        Did your parents raise you via nannies, notes and tape recordings? Like it or not, comrade ‘l,’ Amerika is supposed to be a Republic. Then agin, I guess it’s asking too much for people like you to be able to READ or UNDERSTAND anything (even if you CAN somehow read on your own). Typically pathetic. Predictable. Iran needs you. Move. Now.

      • Vicki

        Louis Lemieux writes:
        “…a very small percentage of Americans falsely believe that!”

        Believe what? That we are a Democracy? Sadly most Americans do believe that we are a Democracy. We are not but that is what they believe.

      • Pat H

        We vote democratically… majority rules, whatever degree of majority is in effect. That does not make America a democracy. So the headline should have said “The Ron Paul faction hate democracy” because they refuse to accept the majority rules voting concept.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Pat H

          You write: “We vote democratically… majority rules, whatever degree of majority is in effect. That does not make America a democracy. So the headline should have said “The Ron Paul faction hate democracy” because they refuse to accept the majority rules voting concept.” I can assure you “The Ron Paul faction” would be able to “accept” the outcome if it were true that “We vote democratically… majority rules…” Perhaps you are unaware of the lengths the GOP hierarchy went to defeat Ron Paul?

          Best wishes,

        • Smoovious Laxness

          T’was the GOP that rejected the majority rules concept.

          The Ron Paul supporters, on the other hand, were counting on majority rules.

          Do your research. Stop parroting what other people want you to think. Learn for yourself, and speak for yourself.

          Right now, you’re just sounding like a sock-puppet wearing blinders.

          – Smoov

      • Pat H

        To Bob: I was taught “never believe anything you read and only half of what you see.” Good advice from my Dad. So I do a lot of research and rarely consider opinion to be fact. I read that piece… and it is opinion. I have mine and you have yours. “nuff said.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Pat H,

          You write: ” I read that piece… and it is opinion. I have mine and you have yours. “nuff said.” It’s opinion supported with links for evidence. I’ve written about you: ’nuff said.

          Best wishes,

    • petroleumengineer

      We were definitely founded as a REPUBLIC! Read your history and find that it iws a FACT. I was luke-warm on Mitt until I took the trouble to researched his full bio in several places – he is a Conservative (not as far right as me), he is a damned good businessman, very very bright, and more importantly – upstanding, honest, and reliable.

    • Brad

      Republican = Republic

      Democrats = Democracy

      Thay have just forgot their ways abd where we come from. Kepp fighting to regain our Republic strength

    • Jon

      I agree. “Democracy is three wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb disagreeing with the vote.” I don’t remember who came up with that quote, but it’s reasonably accurate.

    • mark

      You’re right, Vigilant. For once I agree 100% with you. The Founding Slaveholders did despise democracy – and that is why I despise them. But thankfully we have defeated these elitists in everyway in the America of today. African Americans, hispanics, Indians, women of all races, and white men without property can and do all vote. The Founding Slaveholders did not believe that any of these aforementioned groups should have the right to vote. The Founding Slaveholders lost. Hallelejuh! And praise the Lord!

      • http://yahoo Gail Jackson

        Americans, not Native or not African, why do we do this with these two groups of people? It sounds like they have one foot on this continent and one foot in another or that there some how seperate from everyone else. We don’t say French American or British American etc., just American. I’d also like to say that I’m am a stauch Ron Paul supporter, however he lost and somehow I’m not surprised. I guessed soon on that the GOP and ” the media ” wanted Romney. I don’t believe that Romney will bypass Congress, that is why it is so important to vote in the right senaters and congressmen. I also think Ryan is a good choice for V.P. If I thought it would do any good I would write in Ron Paul, it won’t because most people will vote for Romney: Even many Dems. and Independents, because they are losing there jobs, businesses, and houses too! Our situation has never been exactly like it is now . When Obama promised the leader that he could do more after this last election that was our que. I too believe that if Barry aka. Obama wins there will not be another election.

  • Louis Lemieux

    For some people democracy is only alive when a majority agrees or votes like you, otherwise democracy is dead!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Democracies always end up with a Despot or a Tyrant. Humans fear uncertainty so they find themselves a man/woman who will be their “Mommy”‘ and make their life’s boo boos go away.

      • petroleumengineer

        Right on – deToqueville set it out in his treatise – Democracy in America in the 1830s. To few paying for too many guarantees collapse – next or simultaneously comes dictatorship. History always repeats itself and people never learn.

      • mark

        Nadzieja, ou’re far too pessimistic. Democracies do not always end in tyrranny. We have been going strong here in the U.S. with our democratic republic for more that 2 centuries without any tyrant ever overthrowing our system through a military coup, shutting down the press, closing churches, cancelling elections, outlawing all political powers, etc. as all tyrants typically do. Democracies have also thrived in the UK, in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Low Countries, etc for a century and a half or more. Democracy or some form of more democratic gov’t is actually on the rise compared to say fifty or sixty years ago when many of today’s nations were foreign-controlled colonies, communist or right-wing military dictatorships. Today only 3 communist nations exist: Cuba, North Korea, and China (which has a largely capitalist economy). As Winston Churchill famously said: “Two cheers for democracy!” And especially I might add for all the tumult, in-fighting, and divisions within democracies which are a key sign that they are indeed thriving and healthy.”

      • Vicki

        Mark writes:
        “Democracies do not always end in tyrranny. We have been going strong here in the U.S. with our democratic republic for more that 2 centuries without any tyrant ever overthrowing our system through a military coup, shutting down the press, closing churches, cancelling elections, outlawing all political powers, etc. as all tyrants typically do.”

        Actually yes they do. The problem with your example is that we are NOT a democracy and we are not a democratic republic. We ARE (or some would say were) a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic.

    • s c

      Would you like some vaseline to squeeze that ‘democracy’ into your favorite orifice, comrade? HOW can you be so CLUELESS and call yourself an ADULT? No wonder this nation is in such deep stuff. You probably think Marx and Lenin were world-class heroes and icons.
      ____ off, hoser.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    From the article: “GOP elites have been forced to realize their miscalculation as Paul supporters showed up in droves to support their candidate and amassed him enough delegates to secure a spot at the Republican national convention later this month.”
    I’ve seen articles (yesterday or the day before) that it’s still not Ron Paul that’s listed as a speaker at the RNC convention, but Rand Paul…Who, by endorsing Romney, has shown that he’s far from being a “chip off the ‘ol block.” In my opinion, Rand Paul has already sold out to the “system” that you describe.

    And on a side note, the Oath of Office for all State & Federal level Officers is required…Which means that they must uphold the Constitutional REPUBLIC (Article 4, Section 4), not a Democracy anyway. this means that any “endorsement” of Democracy, be it “upholding Democracy” or “making the world safe for Democracy” is contrary to the Oath. By acting in Breech of Oath, they’ve already revoked their ability to make use any lawful authority vested in those offices anyway.

    Yes, I’ll say in straight out: The entire “system” of Federal Government is acting as a Criminal Cartel that has NO Constitutional or Lawful authority to occupy Offices under the delegated authority of the People.

    • Louis Lemieux

      Constitutional Republic and democracy are not necessarily incompatible. A Constitutional Republic can be both non-democratic or democratic. No democracy is 100% democratic.

      “The Framers created a representative democracy because they were fearful of direct democracy.“- Wikipedia

      • RivahMitch

        Yes, BUT, they grounded it in a republican Constitution with safeguards to place limitations on what the mob of democracy could inflict on future citizens.

      • Frank

        There are differences between a republic and a democracy that may seem subtle but are very important. We are a republic and we pledge allegiance to it in the pledge of allegiance to the flag where we say “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands”. A republic honors the individual rights not the majority. I submit the following link for your reading.

  • SSMcDonald

    “Vigilant” posted the same comment I planned to post; he is correct. Our founding fathers REJECTED Democracy in favor of a Constitutional Republic. It’s tragic that the growing citizenry in our nation today, with an IQ less than room temperature, do not understand the difference.

    • David McCall

      Instead of harping on definitions why not contribute to the discussion. The fact that the country is run as a republic instead as a democracy is irrelevant to the discussion. The point is that the people in power have stopped listening to the people that they are supposed to be representing and have become petty dictators within each of the party structures and use those structures to silence dissent and open discourse.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So you would rather have a Democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic. Why don’t you say what you mean. A Constitutional Republic scares you.

      • RichE

        Good point David, but this mob likes to argue the esoteric. IMO the founders put their trust in the integrity of the elected. The Constitution seems to have provision to guard against everything but a lack of integrity. Perhaps we should pay the elected 1 million per year and maybe then they’d focus on their job rather than getting rich or create a special interest lobby for the people and funded by the government to influence the elected. In essence, “Fight fire with fire”

      • petroleumengineer

        David – there is a great deal of diffenerence between a democracy and a republic – check some solid sources before you try the semantics argument. Rand Paul’s supporters don’t realize that no vote or a vote for a libertarian candidate is a vote for OBAMA!

      • Vicki

        David McCall says:
        “Instead of harping on definitions why not contribute to the discussion.”

        Harping on definitions IS contributing to the discussion. You can NOT have a meaningful discussion if the words mean different things to the people in the discussion.

        David McCall: “The fact that the country is run as a republic instead as a democracy is irrelevant to the discussion.”

        Since we are discussing SSMcDonald’s statment:
        “Our founding fathers REJECTED Democracy in favor of a Constitutional Republic.” the way the country is run IS relevant to the discussion.

      • Vigilant

        RichE says, “…but this mob likes to argue the esoteric.”

        There’s not a damn thing “esoteric” about the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic. The definitions have been provided. If you can’t understand the “esoterics” of the argument, then you don’t have the brains you were born with.

  • T. Jefferson

    Hey! Idiots! We are not a democracy, We are a Constitutional Republic!!!

    • mark

      Yes we are a democratic republic but with far more democratic elements in it than the Founding Slaveholders ever envisioned. In fact the Constitution they set up is very open to expansion and change thanks to the Amendment Process they put in it to ensure its passage. The Founding Slaveholders did not believe that black people were human beings and naturally should never have the right to vote. They also did not believe that men without property should vote. They did not believe that women should have the right to vote, or Indians. They also did not believe that the American people had the right to directly elect their president (and electoral college would do this) or their senators (state legislatures did this until 1913). All of the Founding Slaveholder’s view on these matters have thankfully been overturned – except for the indirect election of the president which will hopefuly be scrapped in the future when the electoral college is elimnated completing our progress toward a true democracy. The force of democratic reform has been an unending pressure upon the Founding Slaveholder’s vision of a property-owning white man’s republic. Progressive forces backed by the mass of the American citizenry have scored enormous victories here and with the extinction of the electoral college in a future constitutional amendment the process will be complete. I sincerely hope that the Founding Slaveholders are all turning around in their graves over this. All of their graves, by the way, were dug by slaves or by propertyless workingmen who they refused to recognize as human beings and full citizens. But then they were after all republicans – with a small r.

      • Vigilant

        mark says, “except for the indirect election of the president which will hopefuly be scrapped in the future when the electoral college is elimnated…”

        That, in a nutshell, will never happen. Too many states have rued the day the 17th Amendment was passed, thereby limiting their power.

        The Electoral College gives weight to the states with relatively small populations. The number of such states would never give up that advantage in numbers sufficient to ratify an amendment. Period. The Electoral College is here to stay.

      • Vigilant

        mark says, “Progressive forces backed by the mass of the American citizenry have scored enormous victories here ”

        Absolutely untrue. Classic liberal forces, as correctly defined, not progressive forces, resulted in the sweeping changes.

        The progessive movement is characterized by the centralization of government, creation of dependencies to insure its survival, and forced equalization of outcomes. It depends upon fools like you who actually believe the propaganda that they are expanding individual liberties at the moment they are taking those freedoms away from you.

        As with most Marxists, you celebrate “democracy” because you think you can pass off socialist tyranny as some sort of noble democratic adventure. It is not.

      • Vigilant

        “All of the Founding Slaveholder’s view on these matters have thankfully been overturned…”

        mark, you have not now, nor have you ever had, a clue as to the views of the Founders. If you ever decide to stop reading the “histories” of idiots like Howard Zinn and delve into truth, you will find that your views are bigoted and wanting in fact.

      • mark

        Vigilant, sorry, but the progressives have won. Only a tiny, irrelevant minority that probably includes yourself, want to remove the right to vote from propertyless men, women, African-Americans, and Hispanics. The progressive victories in the passage of the 19th Amendment, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the 1965 Voting Rights Acts, all backed by progressives and opposed by conservatives, will stand for centuries to come. To take away the right the vote from poor and working-class whites, blacks, women, and hispanics, while a huge goal for the far right, will never be achieved. To do so would take the armed defeat of the U.S. military which has huge humbers of such people in its ranks, and then the outright murder of over 200 million Americans who will fight to the death to maintain their right to vote. And the cowardly, wet-their pants, racist gun nuts haven’t got the resources – or more important – the intestinal fortitude – to accomplish that task. We ain’t goin’ back to 1787! We’re free now – not slaves and second-class citizens like we were back then – and we’re never going back!

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Well, if you look closer at those conservative oppositions to the legislation in question, you may find in some cases, the argument was that the legislation wasn’t necessary (where have we seen this before… .. .), because what the legislation was supposed to do, was already where people are, but that’s probably another whole debate, that isn’t really on topic here…

          A lot of the arguments I hear back and forth about voting rights (and even showing ID, which I can’t help but see as being a proper, and simplest, method to help prevent voter fraud), more and more, reminds me of a really crappy (but really good and funny at the same time) movie, Starship Troopers… where you aren’t considered a citizen until you’ve put yourself in the position to die for it.

          I doubt that will ever happen here, but it is worth thinking about sometime… shouldn’t there be some kind of minimum requirement to be considered a citizen, and have earned the right to vote?

          Just as an exercise, it can be an interesting thing to explore in debate. Not based on race, or anything else you can’t choose, but solely based on your choices.

          I believe that non-citizens, who serve in our military, do earn their citizenship as a result. (not positive on this) This seems fair. If you’re willing to shed your blood for this country, I believe you’ve earned the right to call this country your home, and be welcomed as a full citizen.

          ok… off on a tangent now… but… we keep thinking about what the establishment wants us to think about… even if this situation I posed, isn’t workable, it is worthy of some thought, as well as other ideas.

          I’m sooooooo tired of politicians telling us what the question is and that we should have a conversation… oblivious to the fact that, we already know what the questions are, and we’re asking them, and they’re wasting their breath talking about having a conversation, because the conversation is now, and we’re having it, and they are nowhere to be found.

          They SOOOO need to shut up about having the conversation, and get on with the conversation, and answer our damned questions.

          – Smoov

      • Vigilant

        mark says, ” To take away the right the vote from poor and working-class whites, blacks, women, and hispanics, while a huge goal for the far right, will never be achieved.”

        Mark, you’re not just a communist, you’re a raving lunatic. Tell me where and when you ever heard such nonsense from a Conservative.

        No one so egregiously disingenuous as you could be anything more than a paid operative.

      • http://yahoo Gail Jackson

        ” but then they were Republicans with a small r “, this is another fallacy perpetuated by the left: Democrats and northerns were also slave holders and there are just as many or more racsist people out west and in the northern regions of the U.S. ,and there really isn’t any such thing as reverse prejudice: it’s just plain old prejudice, the Civil War was not about slavery it was about high tariffs, particually on cotton. Any more lefty talking points you want to write about?

      • s c

        A ‘democratic republic,’ comrade M? Pish tosh, feh and BFD. A utopian is a utopian, and you are a bubble-headed utopian. So how many of your dead friends will be voting this time? Twit.

    • Vicki

      mark says:
      “Yes we are a democratic republic ”

      No we are not. We are a Constitutional Republic. Or more accurately a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic.

      The rest of the ad hominem attack on the founders (“….Founding Slaveholders…”) ignored.

      • Chester

        With just a touch of study, the remark “Founding Slaveholders” was not too far off the mark. I think the split was about forty-five/fifty-five anti and pro slavery, which was enough to FORCE the slaveholding southerners to accept limiting black slaves to counting as two thirds of a person. They had hoped to have slaves counted as whole people in the census so they could gain more representatives in congress. The north wanted no black slave counted in the census, and the south refused to go with that. So there WERE a good number of slave holders in the founding fathers, like it or not.

      • Pat H

        Abraham Lincoln, if historians are correct, was against abolition in the beginning. But, he was willing to look at the facts with an open mind. Good men can be wrong and analyze their ideas and come to the correct decision in the end. You who say “Founding Slaveholders” are just ignorant of reality or very unforgiving. Only one perfect man ever walked the earth and none of them were the Founding Fathers. Or anyone on this blog. We have all committed big mistakes – that is ordained – so it’s not about that. It’s about what do we do about it when we know we are wrong! The Founding Fathers, one and all, were transformed during the lengthy process of writing the Constitution which resulted in America becoming the most exceptional nation in the world. And it still is and will be if people will make rational decisions in the voting booth and refuse welfare!


    Sam, although your article has some merit in historical content what I think you fail to realize is that some people do have honor and the courage to change. Mr. Romney has not shone himself to be the elitist that the current adminstration has. He has time and again “given” millions of his money to charities. Is he my first choice? Unfortunately the answer is “No”. But I’ll take him a million times over the current adminstration. They obviously have an agenda that is not only not in the best interest of the middle class, but actually touches on tyranny. If Reps. (read Constitutional Conservatives) can take back the House, Senate and W.H., then maybe we can start to undo the damage donw by progressives over the last 100 years. Otherwise, your ability to slant a story may just be the only factor that keeps you with the ability to publish your thoughts in the future. Think about it.

    • http://Idon'tknow john vance

      Right On, could not agree more

    • GregS

      Well said!

      • Jack Worthington

        I would rather we had a choice that included one who is well versed in economics and logic. The logic fallacies spewed by the obummanistas are overwhelming the simple economic truths that are so well explained by Henry Hazlitt (“Economics in One Lesson” and “The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It”), Muray Rothbard (“America’s Great Depression”) and Frederic Bastiat (“The Law” and the essay: That Which is Seen, And That Which is not Seen). Stephan Downes Guide to Logical Fallacies is a good place to start, then listen to the commie/socialist commentators and you can very quickly discern the logic fallacies spewed by the likes of Bob Beckel, Leslie Marshall, Rachel Maddow, Angela AKelley, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Stephanie Miller. Oh what tangled webs they weave when first they practice to decieve.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      > If Reps. (read Constitutional Conservatives)… .. .

      um, sorry, but you can’t say that like that as if they are the same thing, they are absolutely not Constitutional Conservatives… not even close… the only one who was running that could be called that, was Ron Paul, unless you wanted to also consider the Libertarians…

      Nice try tho…

      – Smoov

  • GRusling

    So? What’s new and different?

    We have had only one party (the Republicrat or Demopublican Party) since the mid-sixties at least, with a right and left wing. Whatever you name it, it’s the “Big Government” Party, and until we can manage to really organize a serious opposition, it’s not likely to change. We need to actually control a few “States” and divorce the primary system in them from control by ANY political party, or that problem will never get fixed!

    Let’s face it folks; our political system here is controlled by the “Progressives” and until we recognize who our enemy is and name them what they are, our political process will never get fixed…

    • Larry

      U do realize that we are slowly getting rid of the progressives.That is why we are winning with open tea party represenatives,It will take time I know but we still can’t afford now to let obama win this time or it will be all for nothing.Progressives and liberals have to go and they are ruining the country.We only need to get our people in now and we then can start weeding out the rhino progressive republicans.Romney for no matter who he has been in the past will have to realize we are awake now and hopefully forever vigalant to his policies and will also hold him accountable.We need our country back therefor our votes is what holds them accountable.

      • GRusling

        Uh-huh… and “slowly” is the operative word. What you may be missing is that we (the TEA Party) haven’t yet laid a glove on the RNC or Maine wouldn’t be having the problem it’s having having right now! If we wait to take control of that body, our Grandchildren will be old and gray before we can even START to apply the brakes on this run-away-train.

        Our “Constitutional Republic” has been crippled since President Abraham Lincoln ignored our constitution and got away with it! The sooner everyone figures that out, the sooner we can start to repair the damage. Until some serious-size group figures it out we’re just whistling at the whirl-wind.

        The “STATES” created the federal government to do their bidding. With the help of the 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments, the States can fix it. “We The People” were not involved in that creation so without control of several States, we’ll never be able to repair the damage…

    • http://speedle speedle

      Earth calling GRusling, come in please. Voting third party historically cause the most liberal of candidates to gain power. This is a fact. If the current administration gets another unencumbered (by future voter backlash) four year shot at us, we are toast. After that any Ron Paul ideas will have as much chance of becoming reality as a Op ed in Pravda in 1975 calling for free market reform.

      This election is not for dreamers or morons. This is realville, and the only chance is for the common sense brain cells of the collective electorate be in good working order the first week of November.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        I actually agree with what you said, and the sooner you get that brain you’re talking about engaged and take an honest look at the problem, and the players, then you’d be welcome to join the rest of us Libertarians in mounting the only genuine effort to rein in the out of control growth of government and its power over us.

        It is not too late, you still have time to save not only yourself, but your self-respect too…

        – Smoov

      • GRusling

        Dear speedle – you’re not real quick, are you? Go back and re-read what I wrote (try to comprehend) then, then get back with us…

  • Henning Anderson

    Right on!
    Twiddle dee & twiddle dum
    Until WE force term limits on both parties there is no HOPE for CHANGE!

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Don’t let yourself get suckered into the term-limits sales pitch… term limits won’t fix the problem, it just shuffles around the faces… you keep voting for the same policy.

      – Smoov

      • Chester

        Term limits won’t do much good until you can figure a way to move the bureaucracy out and put new bodies in there instead of just in the front seats. Who do you talk to at most companies if you really need something done yesterday? It isn’t the man sitting in the front office with the great big CEO badge, that’s for sure. The person you had best have on your side is his secretary, and the people that work around him or her. Those are the people who accomplish what is needed or asked for, not the man with the tin badge. The same is true in Washington. You may change Senators and Representatives, but the hired help just changes bosses. Of course, more and more bills are being directly written by lobbyists, too. That way whoever is presenting it for consideration only has to read through the pre-printed breakdown he got with the bill so he will have some idea as to what he should say when it comes up for debate. No, term limits won’t do a lot of good unless you can move a lot of the old familiar faces out of Washington completely.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          We already have methods to change out the players… a couple of them are called, impeachment, and elections.

          Changing out the players isn’t enough, and that is all term limits address.

          The same teams are still on the field, and nothing is going to change so long as both teams continue to collude to keep the ball.

          Breaking the 2 government-party stranglehold on our political process, will do more to breath life back into our republic, than any term limit legislation will ever accomplish.

          It is just swapping out the faces… nothing more.

          – Smoov

  • David McCall

    This seems to pretty much wrap up what I have thought for the past couple decades. The two party system is so wrapped up in its own corrupt quest for power that they are basically opposite sides of the same coin. The ‘leadership’ of both parties want more big government spending and will do anything they can to keep those of us who want liberty and a small non-intrusive government that abides strictly by the constitution quiet and on the sidelines.

    • Larry

      For some reason people still believe that Bush was the force behind big government.While I am not saying he was perfect his problem was he signed spending bills the democrat controlled house and senate sent him.That was his fault but that also what cooked him. For anyone to say republicans are all for big spending is totally false.They are not perfect but they will get better.”We will not survive another obama administration. We do not want a war which is exactly what Paul supporters will cause when an easier answer is work it with your votes.Baby steps people.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Oh, please, dig your head out of the sand…

        It isn’t going to change until we make them change, and that isn’t going to happen until they see we’re dead serious about electing someone who will actually put that change into action.

        The status-quo is all they give a damn about, and that’s what you guys are getting with Romney…

        And, screw your baby steps… you sound like a prog…

        Grow some balls and stop accepting the worthless scraps they keep dropping down at you. Take a stand… draw your line, and say “no more”, and refuse to take one more step towards where they keep leading you.

        – Smoov

  • dan

    RINO Mitt is the choice of the RINO RNC and RINO GOP
    (not to mention the mainstream media whores)
    Of course they don’t want change …they’re all made men.
    When did politics became organised crime is less important
    than when we end it.

  • jerryo

    Here we go again, this saga has been going on for ever don’t you all see. The system is rigged as it always is by money and power. We continually give up for someone else to take care of us. The only thing we can change in this equation is ourself. If we become self reliant and independent then the have no power of us. But as long as we keep sucking up to other for our support this is what we’ll get.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why do people choose someone else to take care of them?
      That is why big government Mommy State grows because people are afraid to make their own choices and they have that “someone else” to blame if they are not the right choices. Does noone notice that big government Mommy/Nanny State is not called big government Daddy State.

      • Chester

        Why do people give up and allow someone else to take care of them? Simple answer, when the choice is already made for them. You keep pushing all these self reliance things, then absolutely refuse to allow the tools to become self reliant to be available, When you are barred from 90 per cent of the open jobs for some reason or other, why makes no difference, and the other ten per cent won’t accept you because of age or physical condition, where do you go to become self-reliant? Study on that for a bit, then maybe ask exactly what is being talked about.

  • Robert Carr

    The Republicans, much like the Deomcrats, [Republicrats & Demopublicans] absolutley LOVE democracy[ Bolshevism]. Its the tool for communist/fascist/corporatist/statist/elitist. Whats not to love about “mobocracy” for thats what it is. Tryanny of the majority the exact opposite of what a republic is. Democracy, the mantra of the ignorant.



    • GregS

      Now there’s a plan!

    • Chris Beck

      Do you know how old Ron Paul will be in 2016???????
      watch for the VP choice;
      Also four more years of Obama, and there will be no choice in 2016

    • http://yahoo Gail Jackson

      Rand not Ron for 2016, wrong Paul , Ron Paul’s chance for the presidencey has come and gone .

  • Bruce L Redd

    For years I’ve wondered why it didn’t seem to matter which party was in power things just got worse. Then it dawned on me. There is a third party in the US. For lack of a better name I’ll call them the Progressive Party. Two quick examples Hillary Clinton (Progressive) Newt Gingrich (Progressive) Both of these public leaders have identified themselves as Progressives. One party with candidates in the two main parties. No matter who wins the Progressives win. In the mean time they have us fighting against each other so we can all say ‘Hooray for our side!’ It’s time to start choosing and supporting men that are Good and Wise and not the right or left wing of the party that want to destroy our liberty.

    • Smoovious Laxness


      I keep telling people, that it isn’t about Democrat/Republican… that their efforts to try to get me to switch to support Romney are falling on deaf ears because they just don’t understand why we won’t be voting for Romney…

      The Democrat/Republican battle is last century… that’s the old fight, when being a Democrat, or being a Republican, actually meant something… it doesn’t anymore.

      Our fight isn’t against the Democrats, and it isn’t against the Republicans… our fight is against the Progressives, and we ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT VOTE FOR EITHER PROGRESSIVE that both of those wings of the Progressive movement put forth.

      The fight isn’t about Democrat/Republican anymore, and I don’t see how it ever will be again, not in my lifetime at least.

      The fight of the new century, is Libertarian/Progressive…

      I know which side I’m on… and so do you…

      Can the rest of you, say the same, with conviction?


      – Smoov

  • Ted Crawford

    There are two, primary groups that are extremely detrimental to any Constutional Republic. The first ,falsely accredited to Lenin and equally falsly believed to support only left-wing policies, are the ” Useful Idiots” . These are the easily mallable “soldiers” of the “Cause” ! They, without question follow the other group, the educated Idiots!
    This second group are simple Idealogues, unable to accept progress, they Quixotically pursue, with narcissistic petulance, their idea of Perfect!
    One thing is true here. All who wish for true, sustainable, freedom, do Hate Democracy ! Democracy is not a sustainable form of governance! Democracy is only an intermediate step in governance. It is either a step up from a Dictatorship or, as in our case, a step down from a Republic.

  • Dave

    Everything is going according to plan. Elections are an illusion, nothing more and the people counting the votes will tell us who the face in office will be. The sad thing is that people will believe that they had a choice. What we need is Ron Paul to team up with someone that most people would believe would be better than the other two guys and that should not be too hard then find and raise the money to override the Main Stream Media and let people know that we only have a choice if we make our vote count. Voting should also be out in the open so people can see there vote add up on a big screen for all to see and put a stop to fraud.

    • mightyhorn

      Maybe a good team would be Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura. Of course Ron Paul would have to change to the Libertarian party……but what good did the republican party do him anyway? Most of his supporters (myself incuded) went with him because of the movement and not the party line.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Jesse Ventura?



        – Smoov

  • Delores Sapp

    I would prefer someone other than Romney; however, that someone isn’t Obama. Obama is the ahtithesis of America values. His Indonesian background didn’t provide him with the understanding of Ameica’s ideas and ideals.

  • Delores Sapp

    I would prefer someone other than Romney; however, that someone isn’t Obama. Obama is the ahtithesis of American values. His Indonesian background didn’t provide him with the understanding of Ameica’s ideas or ideals.

  • 4204life

    Good article Sam. From what I understand about the Crips and Bloods, they are controlled opposition beholden to the wealthy (by means of deception) globalists, that are hellbent on creating world government. The vast majority of U.S. Representatives are probably unaware of the underlying objective of their respective leaders. People have to realize that voting for the lesser of two evils still begets evil. Write Ron Paul in or cast a vote for evil!

    • GregS

      4204life says:

      “…voting for the lesser of two evils still begets evil. Write Ron Paul in or cast a vote for evil!”

      That canned rhetoric caves in on itself, and here’s why:

      Every human being on this earth has some evil within him/her, because NO ONE is perfect. Therefore, if we were all to follow the logic of you all-or-nothing purists, NO ONE should vote for ANY of the evils, not even Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, because “you still beget evil.”

      • Chris Beck

        There you go….a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama…..just like Ross Perot secured the election of Clinton. Splitting the vote never works…

  • 4204life

    Also, just take a guess what SUPREMACIST group takes pride in creating discords amongst the people of the world!

  • Jack Worthington

    The framers of the US Constitution hated democracy too. They knew from history that democracy leads to mobocracy. Read the 1928 US Army Training Manual on Citizenship where it explains this simple truth. So, Republicans and Tea Partiers and Libertarians and any constitutionalist should be opposed to imposition of democracy.

  • diderot

    We r not a constitutional republic. We were. Now, we are a bureaucratic oligarchy.

  • SSG Eric

    Ron Paul would be one of the worst Presidents in our nations history. While I do agree with some of his policies, he is dangerously naive, or willfully ignorant, on foreign and national defence issues. While I don’t believe we should be the world’s police- nor should we be financially supporting most of the nations we do- we absolutely do have to project power, and protect our national interests over seas. This includes support of our allies where they are threatened. Paul’s social issue beliefs bother me a lot as well. Romney might not be my first choice from the field that was available, but any, ANY!, write in for Paul is a vote for Obama, and damn near treasonous.

    • Carl Manning

      Staff Sergeant,

      Who committed 911??? Are you aware that much of the REAL intelligence about Iran is being suppressed and willfully misrepresented by the US MSM and the Israelis??? Ron Paul was the only guy up on stage to point this out. There is an orchestrated campaign of disinformation from the Zionist-owned US MSM to cover for Israel even when Israel is dead wrong. They intend to use US military men like yourself to accomplish ISrael’s objectives on the world stage. 911 was just such a lie to kill US servicemen for ISrael over nothing more than a psy-op lie.

      • mark

        Jawohl, Mein Fuhrer! Sieg Heil! You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is a joke? If you really think the 9/11 was an inside job, why all the anger at Obama? If what you say is true (it isn’t by the way), then Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are the war criminals and traitors who should have been overthrown and put before a firing squad. I totally disagree with the policies of all three but none of them were traitors. They simply followed horribly wrong policies and got suckered by Bin Ladin into doing exactly what he wanted – overeacting immensely to the attack.

      • Carl Manning

        All of these guys in both parties are perpetrating the lie of 911. It’s cvommon sense that never in the history of the world hasve steel skyscrapers been taken down by fire. NEVER, Zero, Zilch, Nada! Engineers, Architects and Pilots all know 911 was an inside job. The government’s official fairytale defies the laws of aerodynamics and physics. No plane hit the Pentagon whatsoever because it is completely impossible for a plane to fly the flight path trajectory that traced. 7 or 8 of the so-called “hijackers” have been proven to be alive. The arrest of over 200 Israeli Mossad agents in NYC after 911 was suppressed after Carl Cameron reported this on Faux Noise. I could go on and on and on at all of the coverups regarding 911. Hell, they never even bothered to identify the planes, which is standard procedure in ANY airline crash! Many of the planes alleged to have hit the towers weren’t even scheduled to fly that day! This was a psy-op to appease the Military Industrial Complex, Saudi Arabia, and Israel to launch a military campaign to surround Iran. The NWO crowd loved it too because it has led to the destruction of the Bill of Rights which is requisite for the establishment of their New World Order.

      • Carl Manning

        Since when does an aluminum plane fly through 2″ thick steel??? Steel melts at temperatures much much higher than the temperature at which kerosene burns, so how then do the tower beams melt??? The towers were taken down in a controlled demolition at near perfect gravitational free-fall. THIS IS ESTABLISHED FACT. Traces of military grade explosives known as Supernanothermite were discovered and analyzed from the 911 site. Vans were routinely seen at the Towers during graveyard hours. The security firm for the Towers was run by President George W. Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush, and their mutual cousin, Wirt Walker. The 911 Commission was a coverup joke. Gobs of damning evidence against the government were suppressed or outright ignored and never made it into the Commission’s “findings”.
        See and for more information that will blow your mind. Also see to see the Mossad/Zionist-owned MSM’s role in the psy-op.

    • Chris Beck

      You got it!!

  • Carl Manning

    You can vote with ballots, or you can vote with bullets. How’s that ballot thing working out for ya’??? All who refuse to acknowledge the CRIMES out of the oval office are TRAITORS. Why waste your ballot voting for TRAITORS be they Congressmen, Senators, or Presidential contenders who refuse to point out this TREASON??? You are better off supporting an overhaul of this TREASONOUS system of government designed to destroy your country and your freedom and your Constitution. America needs a military coup to protect the Constitution. It will NEVER come from the military brass in the District of Criminals because who but the globalist President Commander-in-Chief or Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, BOTH COMMUNIST KGB AGENTS give the promtions for these brass idiots??? A military coup d’etat would have to be organized like Valkyrie from intermediate level officers who aren’t liberal whores like, i.e., 4-star useless General Petraeus, a New Hampshire Socialist RINO Republican and glorified buttkisser. The coup would have to involve the MSM as well since there are CIA/KGB/Mossad operatives in the MSM as well controlling the propaganda and lies like 911. We have a full-blown Communist/Socialist globalist takeover of this nation in full effect at all levels of government. I would love to turn on the news and see the MSM anchors arrested on the set and a military division marching down the streets of the District of Criminals to the White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. They should all be tried by military tribunals and summarily executed if found guilty of High Treason, and every bit of it should be televised. That would be a popcorn and Coke moment in America.

    • Chester

      Carl, speaking like that names you as big a traitor as all YOU call traitor, and perhaps more so. Go back and READ the laws regarding traitorous actions and see just how close to the edge you are walking.

    • mark

      Get some medical help, friend. You sound like the unibomber. Seek medical help as soon as you can before you become a threat to yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors in the community. This will also spare you a visit from the Secret Service and time in jail.

  • cerebus23

    we will get the same candidates running with different symbols after their names as long as the two party system stands.

    we will get the same destruction of our nation as long as the two party system stands as long as they can keep voters utterly apathetic about actual issues, and outright lie consistantly when cornered on an issue, all of which is excused because they are politicians.

    we will never get a 3rd party as long as lobby money dominates the halls of congress. even if a 3rd party were to somehow win an election in this system the 2 other parties would make sure they could get nothing done.

    we need to get the money out of politics and we need to get term limits for all branches of government, and half jokingly we should criminalize the career of “professional politician” since that means they have never done anything real in their entire lives and have no qualifications at all to run anything by that very fact alone.

  • Sondra Clark

    As Ron Paul once stated in one of the so called debates-What are we fighting about, we all take the same oath. Each of the hired help in the house & senate & the temporary occupant of Our White House take on oath to uphold & defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic. Since the founding of our great country more than a million brave men & women have given their lives to defend our liberties. 6500 dead, 40,000 wounded in just the last 10 years. Isn’t it time we stood together and demand those we have trusted to adhere to the oath they take every year? Automatic dismissal to those that ignore their oath. The federal government needs the states but do the states need a federal government, one that ignores those it’s supposed to represent? Taxation without representation. Time for the states to cut off funding to the criminals in Washington and take care of our own. Take the time to send a snail mail to each of your senators & demand an audit of the “Fed”. Their back taxes would make a big dent in the debt. Liberty, The Constitution, Ron Paul for President.

  • The Christian American

    Republicans hate democracy and so do I. Franklin said of Democracy: It’s lik two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch. James Madisn said of it: Democracies have been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have been incompatible with personal security or rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they been violent in their deaths “. The democratic process is not the same as a democracy. In the process, we can elect good people but in a democracy the majority holding the power. rules. Amorality replaces morality.

  • Mark

    I have spent some time reading all of the comments here and it is very obvious this country is in some deep_____. You people do nothing but cut the other person down. Talk about a nation being divided man! We are screwed. No one here can agree on anything or even try to meet half way.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You mean that people are refusing to go the way you want them to go.

  • Independent Christian

    I really don’t understand how Romney came to be the Republican candidate. Everybody on all the internet postings makes commentt like, “while he was not my choice”, “though he doesn’t represent my opinions”, “though I would never have chosen him”. I think its time to stop and think who bought his place because I don’t see anyone claiming to have voted for him. I’m against Obama but can’t support Romney. Unfortunately our votes don’t count anyway the way our governmental system is set up. What can we do?

    • Chris Beck

      You are just throwing our country to the wolves by not voting; Get involved; check out those running for the congress…that is where the decisions are made…or nothing is done…..which has been the case with this congress. Support those who advocate smaller government and a balanced budget.
      Let’s insist that congress pass no law that does not apply to them. They must participate in Social Security and Medicare and secure their own Insurance and individual pension plans the same as the private sector..
      They must pass a balanced budget amendment which states that no federal government employee is paid until the national budget is balanced. Write or call those who represent your State and District.
      Check out the news media; subscribe to those papers that have an editorial policy that agrees with yours.Watch news stations and be active in sending twitters or e-mails to their reporters.
      Be active where it counts.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        …and don’t just take their word for what they stand for… how many elections have gone by where the general public have just bought into all of the focus-group-tested blather by the politicians, just to end up with a politician ignoring all of those things he claimed he was for in the first place?

        Ignore what they say, pay close attention at what they do, and have done. Talk is cheap, actions matter.

        Oh, and Please please PLEASE Please please… if you can’t be bothered to educate yourself on politics beyond who is making the more entertaining campaign spot? Do the country a favor, and stay home on election day. Let the people who actually give enough of a damn to pay enough attention to be informed, make the choice.

        Voting is important sure, but only if it is informed voting. Ignorant voting, willfully or otherwise, helps nobody.

        – Smoov

    • Chester

      Romney made it primarily because he did a lot better job of keeping his feet out of his mouth than any of the rest. For me, it was a toss-up between him and Newt, then Newt went and yelled loud and long about his CONVERSION to Catholicism. I have no kicks against Catholics in general, but knowing his background, and how radical most new converts go, regardless of which religion they convert to, I would not have voted for him if he was the ONLY choice on the ballot. Still not sure about Romney, what with him setting on more information than he accuses Obama of setting on.

  • russell

    Romney should name Paul as his V.P selection then he will get the votes needed

    • Smoovious Laxness

      That is probably the only way the Republicans have any hope of bringing the people they screwed back in to vote for them. I can’t imagine any other way.

      I also don’t see this happening at all. It would put Paul too close to the top office for their comfort, and would also put him in a position, as President of the Senate, to be a threat to their corrupt system.

      – Smoov

  • Art

    A vote for Romney is a vote for obama lite

  • Patrick Piklapp

    For all of you that say that we need to put Mitt in office, explain to me why? Unlike Obama, Mitt has yet to let us know what his plans are and I refuse to vote for him until I know what he will do in office.

    I also refuse to see Medicare and Social Security as entitlements, as they are paid for out of our pockets for the purpose that they are fulfilling. Congress’s paycheck are entitlements as they have yet to take care of business and always are on vacation.

  • http://none Claire

    My Mother and Grandmother used to say: Democrats are for the poor, Republicans are for the rich.

    • deerinwater

      I’ll carry it farther then Grandma Claire, The poor maybe never have gave you a job but if you are an actual Christian , personal gain should be the least of ones motives to do anything.

      People that look for personal gains as motives to do anything have missed and confused the message of Christ.

    • http://yahoo Gail Jackson

      Your mother and grandmother were wrong!

  • Thomas Dobbins

    Amazing…if Mitt was a democrat you people would be ready to tar and feather him…instead, not only are you ready to vote for him when you have to know from his record that he is Obama light, you are ignoring the fact that Romney got to where he is due to massive fraud in the primaries and manipulation of the delegates! Personally, I’m done with the Republican Party. I registered as an independent and I will vote for the best candidate – Gary Johnson. Mitt and Odumbo should be in jail where they belong.

    • Thomas Dobbins

      If my vote gets counted at all…judging from the primaries and the last few elections where the results are programmed to match the polls I doubt it…

  • Deerinwater

    Finding it “mindless” I did not bother reading through the trash ~ MiTT could win! It would be a sad day for me while i don’t really care and accepted my faith. It would only confine my suspicions. Most Americans are a whore, we are only discussing “price”.

  • http://yahoo Brad k

    Why cant people see what has happened the last 3.5 years? This thing some call PRES.. has done nothing for the American people.

  • Carl Manning

    Let me get this straight. The NWO goons now expect us to be so stupid as to believe that in a nation that is overhwlmingly Catholic and Protestant Christians, our only choices for President have come down to a Muslim Brotherhood Communist and a Mormon Socialist. YEAH, RIGHT!!! All of this primary/caucus GOP voting has been completely rigged by the CFR/NWO globalists who run and finance the Socialist/Fascist GOP and the Commie Dems. I refuse to let the New World Order goon squad pick my choices for President. I am convinced the powers that be are likely satanists or as they prefer to say “Luciferians” and 33rd degree Masons. I will write in Ron Paul’s name and to hell with them if they do not count it. I will not stand before Almighty God with a guilty conscience knowing I voted for gay marriage, abortion advocates, endless un-Constitutional and immoral warmongering over this evil government’s 911 LIES, TREASON, and financial insanity! God is my witness. God is watching, and His angels are recording everything you do. God’s Judgments are about to move into overdrive very, very, very soon on this nation. Obama is His tool of Judgment on the USA for murdering the unborn and killing many innocents in wars based on lies like the lie of 911. I am not deluded. Obama will be the first American Dictator; he already is! He will preside over a nation under God’s Judgment. America will fall and Obama will make a secret covenant with the Anti-Christ very soon if he hasn’t already indeed done so. It’s all been said before in the Book of Revelation. The economy and the currency will collapse. Americans will end up starving to death in some places. There will be immense destruction from Nibiru’s flooding, solar flares, a polar shift, massive earthquakes, and tectonic plate shifts and meteorites that will cause massive tsunamis. Forget about this “(s)election”; GET RIGHT WITH ALMIGHTY GOD.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Honestly, as much as I would like to see Ron Paul in charge, I don’t see that happening…

      I won’t be writing in Ron Paul in the election. I don’t disagree with all of you who will, I agree with the reasons why you are doing it, and if we didn’t have another party who actually will be on the ballot, I’d be writing him in too…

      I’ll be voting for Johnson (Libertarian).

      A large number of us already recognize that both the Democrats and Republicans, are equally the problem. We desperately need another party to make gains and keep growing.

      I don’t see any way that Johnson will win, but he is just a part of my reason to vote for him. I support the Libertarians… I want to see them grow, and, unlike so many I have spoken with on the road, I’m not willing to just sit around waiting for other people to do so first.

      The “waste my vote” lunacy is alive, and VERY widespread. I want to see the Libertarians to make a good showing. I hope, that it will help push other people off the fence and join us. I want to see the number of offices the Libertarians hold, grow, and keep growing, election after election.

      What I really want, is to start seeing Libertarians, hold enough offices, where they have to start giving them their own label in voting tallies, and stop lumping them in with Independents (where they don’t belong anyways, they’re not Independents).

      I want Paul, but if I can’t have Paul, the Libertarians, get my vote.

      I hope many of you will do the same.

      – Smoov

      • http://yahoo Gail Jackson

        It won’t happen , get out and socialize, mingle with the masses, I’m thinking you’re going to be surprised at how few people write in Ron Paul!

  • Bryan Burtnick

    I absolutely LOVE Ron Paul and he was most certainly my first choice. However, conditions are not what we would prefer, are they? Look, for the love of God, the current resident in the White House is a Marxist/Black Nationalist. His goals are obvious to the entire world, yet Paulists are willing to hand him another 4 years as though there is no crisis at hand. The borders have been erased and Obama’s lifelong vision of turning the USA into a third world cesspool is well under way. Yet 4 more years of THAT program doesn’t seem to bother you? Stop with your tatrums already.

  • k oneil

    if we all write in Ron Paul, our dreams can come true!!!

    • Sondra Clark

      Marbury vs. Madison decision in 1803 determined that “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void” other court decisions agreed. Ron Paul for President.


    Seems to me that there is too much politics in the the politics in your country keeping out the best people like Dr Ron Paul but keeping in not the so good. It happens throughout the world and regretfully in Australia too.

  • Waldomountainman

    Ok you will vote for Paul regardless even though there is no way he can win this election knowing it will condem us to four more yeras of a man who has spent millions to hide all his past from us? What do you think is in all those documents he has hidden? I would wager there is a lot more information that if known would oust him from office but you would rather vote for a candidate who cannot win to teach us a lesson?
    Who do you think will ultimately suffer the outcome of this logic?
    Do you think we as a country will be better off with Obama in office for four more years?
    I would offer you are going to play the part of a sore looser and then be one of the biggest whinners when you loose your busniess, your home, and your freedom.

  • Matthew Hannah

    This sounds to me like a desperate attempt by Obama. He can’t argue on his Socialist record, no ones buying his B.S anymore. So the only thing he has left,discredit the competition.

    • Chris Beck

      Obama puts out B.S. every time he speaks, and the sheep just flock to his rhetoric; he has the mainstream media spinning for him, and a lot of people never get off the alphabet stations to check out the truth. It’s important to emphasize his beliefs, and how he plans to make government our master. If the GOP can bring all factions of conservatives together, Obama can be defeated….otherwise prepare for a socialistic, Hitler-style regime.

  • GregS

    Reality #1: A third party candidate will NOT win in November, no matter how much anyone would wish this to happen. IT JUST WON’T HAPPEN.

    Reality #2: If Obama gets re-elected for another term, the damage that will be done will be irreversible, regardless of who succedes him in 2016: ObamaTAXCare will NEVER be repealed, because it will have established its roots as a PERMANENT ENTITLEMENT.

    All potential third-party voters should keep these two realities in mind when “voting their conscience.”

    • Smoovious Laxness

      You should deal with your own party’s corruption first. Then we can talk.

      We don’t believe Romney will do what he claims he is going to do.

      Same as we didn’t believe Obama would do what he claimed he would do.

      Same as we didn’t believe the ones before, and various other politicians who sold us a bill of goods, and didn’t deliver on it with their own voting records.

      Romney’s camp was absolutely right when they brought in the Etch-A-Sketch comparison.

      We don’t trust it, we don’t believe it, we won’t vote for it.

      We’re not the problem here. Your establishment who is lying to you, is.

      And get off your false high-horse about it. You’re not entitled to our votes, they belong to us. You have to earn them, and you haven’t, so you’ve lost them. Accept it, and move on.

      Our votes go to the people who have earned and deserve them, irregardless of if they have a chance to win or not, and we’re willing to let your progressive parties collapse under the weight of their own hubris, and short-sightedness, in the process.

      We’ll pick up the pieces afterwards, like people like us, have always done.

      The Democrat/Republican fight is over, the Progressives won that one.

      The current fight for the 21st century, is Libertarian/Progressive… and you, are not on our side of the fight. You had a chance to be, and ya blew it.

      Deal with it.

      – Smoov

      • GregS

        No, YOU deal with it. You can rant on all you want about what you “believe” or “don’t believe,” but the FACT still remains, if Obama is re-elected, the damage that will be done will be irreversible, and there won’t be anything that any Republican/Libertarian/Democrat will be able to do to fix it.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          We are doing something about it… we’re refusing to vote for the status-quo anymore.

          It is your party, you fix it.

          If you believe that your Republicans are going to do anything to stop the growth of government, you’re dreaming. They are cooperating with it.

          Both the Democrats and Republicans believe in big government. They just disagree on which form it should take, if you still buy into this song and dance they’ve been playing with each other for the past few decades.

          If you’re at all observant, you have to know by now for yourself, how bad the corruption is with both parties now. You have to see that the moves the Republicans have been making, do not go along with what they are supposed to be standing for.

          With every compromise, the government gets bigger, and we become less free. Even when the Republicans have majorities in all parts of the legislative part of the government, it still grows.

          Things that they have loudly railed against in the previous session, they suddenly don’t have the stomach to tackle when they have the majjorities. They won’t take a real stand to reduce government, push government back within the confines of the constitution. They keep us distracted with little things blown out of proportion, while they pass legislation when we’re not looking, which makes us less free.

          Take the Obamacare decision in the supreme court. The swing vote was firmly in the strike-down camp. The one justice we didn’t have to worry about, the chief justice no less, switched so firmly, the swing vote couldn’t even reason with him, giving the affirm side the majority, while he tied himself in knots to justify his switch, calling it a tax instead, completely ignoring the fact, that, if it was indeed a tax, it was still unconstitutional due to the way it was passed into law in the first place.

          This put it back into the house, controlled by the Republicans, who could have attacked it directly over the way it was passed, as it didn’t originate in the house, and so wasn’t a lawful tax law. Instead, they passed a bill to repeal, as if it was a lawful tax law, which would require passage in the senate, which everyone knew wasn’t going to happen, so, more smoke and mirrors, for show, for your consumption.

          They have manipulated the primary process, breaking their own rules time and time again to deny Paul the delegates he rightfully secured, in some cases, substituting their own slate of Romney-backing delegates, shutting out the legally elected delegates of Paul’s, among other incidents of fraud, one incident in particular by Romney’s own people.

          Romney’s own voting record, doesn’t support the claim that he will do anything significant to roll back the expansions put into place under Obama and Bush. Certainly not when it comes to Obamacare. Both Obama and Romney, self-describe themselves as Progressives, and that legislation is one of many Progressive agendas.

          The Republicans of today, are little different than the Whigs were at the time they were replaced by the Republicans, who then, were like the Libertarians are today.

          The Republicans have lost their way, abandoned the very principles they are supposed to be championing, and history always repeats itself.

          No Democracy before has lasted longer than our system has, and we’re supposed to be a Republic. Some say we stopped being a Republic when Lincoln went to war with the south to re-unify the states. I tend to look more to when the states were robbed of their representation in the senate, making senators elected by direct vote of the citizens, making the senate no different than the house. This senate representation was a very important part of a republican style of government. How could this possibly happen without the Republican’s cooperation, voting against their own interest?

          I could go on…

          We’re sorry if our principled stand against big government and Progressivism will be inconvenient for you, but the time is long overdue for honest, informed people to finally make a stand, and this is ours.

          We simply can’t vote for your party, if your party won’t allow someone worthy of our trust, to be honestly nominated.

          Stop blaming us, this is your own party’s fault, and they will just have to do without us the best they can.

          We have to take a principled stand, and we are going to do so. So should you.

          It is your party, YOU fix it. We’re done trying to save a party that doesn’t want to be saved.

          – Smoov

      • GregS

        I’ll simply say it again, since you’re not listening: NO ONE will be able to fix the damage that will be done if Obama is re-elected for another term in office, in which case that so-called “principled stand,” which you all-or-nothing purists will have taken in November, will be all for naught.

  • swampfox

    there IS NO debate about it,my god people,ROMNEY is’t perfect,but at least he is not a avowed Muslim or a Marxist!
    OBAMA=ruination of America!!!!!!
    Jeez,c’Mon,this is nuts,I can’t beleive yall are debating this.

  • spark300c

    republican party is dead. R.I.P 2012

  • s c

    D u h . . . N o one should have ANY use for a democracy. If you have to think twice about that, PLEASE consider moving to another country. THINK!
    N O democracy has ever lasted. People use the term as though it’s a chiseled-in-granite, cosmic FACTOID that we must worship [a democracy is the highest form of government, etc.]. A democracy is a pathetic form of government. Do I have to remind you utopian retards that America was founded as a REPUBLIC? Did you learn ANYTHING in those _____ government schools? How long do you have to live before you REMEMBER that America is supposed to be a REPUBLIC? If you still have a problem getting that peanut butter between your ears to function properly, please DON’T have kids!

  • Rich Hutchins

    not all Paul supporters are taking a vote from Romney. me for one. I am a reformed liberal [true liberal - not socialist] And, as long as people continue to vote for ‘lessor of 2 evils’ we will keep getting candidates like them both. If every left & right voter who preferred Paul votes Paul he could be so close they cannot marginalize him anymore. By voting against Obama for Romney, you give them power. If 30% of the voting public voted for neither, and wrote in Paul, one of them would win but they would know 30% preferred none of the above. Please- he is only talking what the GOP wants to hear. He may do those minor window-dressing to keep the GOP folks pacified, but there will be no real change. It was hard for me to realize Obama didn’t change from Bush. Dr.. Paul has woken up so many liberals here in New York you wouldn’t believe. And that is the real change. I am fighting to make sure they don’t vote O because they fear Romney more.

  • Valeria Lindholm

    My mind , My vote. Do not encroach I will get you with bug spray!


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