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Republicans Discuss Their Party’s Best Bet For 2012

January 5, 2011 by  

Republicans discuss their party's best bet for 2012On NBC's Meet the Press on Jan. 2, two Republican Senators weighed in on potential GOP candidates for the 2012 presidential race.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he will support the "most electable conservative," but added that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the leading contender right now. When asked if Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin could carry a swing-state like Pennsylvania in a presidential election, Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) said that "it's possible."

While some Republican pundits have expressed skepticism about Palin's candidacy, Toomey said that Palin could win in his home state if she delivers the right message about the most important issues.

"[The GOP] went into this [mid-term] election cycle with a 1.2 million voter registration deficit and with a Republican brand that was in a really bad way, and I still won this election," Toomey told the media outlet. "So, I think the electorate wants a return of economic growth, wants serious fiscal discipline."

Graham said that the Republican candidate should make America's over-reliance on foreign oil a top priority. He said that a rational energy policy will lower gas prices and create jobs.

Meanwhile, Obama's ambassador to China isn't ruling out a run in 2012. In a recent interview with Newsweek, Republican Jon Huntsman declined to comment about a bid for President. When asked about his future political aspirations, the former governor of Utah said that his political team "may have one final run left in our bones." 

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  • Victoria DeLacy

    Mike Pence of Indiana won the Values Voters’ Summit straw poll last year for President in 2012 and after hearing his speeches online at You Tube anyone reading this who is a pro-life American voter could readily understand why that was the case. As far as I’m concerned, Romney is not credible on some key issues whereas Mike Pence of Indiana has a decade-long record of solid conservatism in our Congress – it’s PENCE FOR PRESIDENT!

    • ValDM

      I’m with you on Pence. Watch him and listen to him. He bears consideration.

  • Kris

    I wouldn’t vote for Romney! He’s a flip flopper and also the deathcare bill is exactly the same bill that Romney imposed in his own state and it’s going broke. Health care costs have soared, not gone down there, and so are the costs across the whole country! Romney was for choice before he was against it. (abortion) He was all for amnesty before he was against it! He changes his mind like you change a babies diaper! Nope, he won’t get my vote and Graham, that rino, has to go also!!!!!

    • http://timesays dave

      I agree with you 100% Kris. Graham the rino has got to go

    • FlaJim

      Dittos, Kris!

    • J.M.R.

      i agree also

    • Flynn

      Kris, who on earth would you vote for? If you won’t vote for Romney or Graham, you probably wouldn’t vote for Huckaby, Palen, or Gingrich. I hope there are not very many republicans like you. As for me, like Lindsey Graham, I will vote for that conservative (republican, tea party, or democrat) who has the best chance of winning.

      • FlaJim

        Graham’s a RINO! He’s supported amnesty, wavered on guncontrol, and basically been the pet poodle of McCain since he first got to the Senate.

    • nehope

      That’s what makes him perfect for the job. He is intelligent, good looking, excellent speaker, knows finances like very few.

      Instead of accusing him of mind changing I would suggest that he is “flexible”. Another good candidate would the financial genius from New York – the real Estate tycoon. You know who I am talking about. If these two could get their hands on the run of the government the world would never be the same again:)

      BTW I have a very dim view of Mr. Graham. There is a man who knows where the wind comes from.

      Have a good day.

    • Dennis

      Mitt Romney is just another worthless RINO, don’t let the GOP shove him down your throat like they did with John McCain another worthless f-in RINO.
      All you here on the news is Romney, Romney, Romney, this would be another mistake.
      And we already have a mistake in there now, so let not do it again.

  • Bobby

    Most of the so called “leading” republicans are nothing but bank-owned shills. Romney, Newt, Palin, and (most of the rest of them) just flat don’t care about us middle class people. Just look at McCain! This pro-amnasty, blows-with-the wind, war-monger was “selected” by the republican party… that says a lot about the party. So, either the republican party nominates a pro-liberty, pro-sound money, anti-bank, candidate or this country is doomed. We still have a chance if the republican party nominates RON PAUL to face off with the Democrat (which I believe will be Hillary).

    You may not agree with Ron, but you better think twice, because this country is so much closer to collapse that you might think, and I believe that only Ron Paul has the RIGHT agenda. Only Ron can save America!

    • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

      Only GOD can save America!!! I wont vote for anyone who is a member of the Skull and Bones Society or the Council on Foreign Relations.

      • Bobby

        I totally agree. Good thing that Ron Paul (unlike most of the other Republican candidates) is NOT a CRF (or bones) member! Of course you know that GWB is a skull and crossbones and CFR member.

        I also agree that God can save America. Thank goodness that Ron Paul is a good Christian man, and a proven conservative – endorsed by Ronald Reagan.


        • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

          I hope your right about Ron Paul. Both Bushes are bones men and members of the CFR. It was Sr’s oil wells burning in Kuwait. People need to study the candidates to find out who they really are.

          • Bobby

            You are wise. If people are considering voting for ANYONE, research them first, and see if they are CFR, Tri-Lateral, Scull/Bones, other secret societies.

            And if you REALLY want to know about the candidate… LOOK closely at their voting record. For example, Romney’s record proves he is a flip-flopper, and McCain is a proponent of Amnesty.

            In fact, I would suggest that the persons voting record and associations are FAR more important than their party affiliation. I came to the conclusion many years ago, that the two-party “system”, is a two-headed monster. Each head may speak differently, but the monster moves in just one direction…. bigger and bigger govt.

          • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

            More people need to start thinking like you! Search for the truth. It’s out there to be found.

    • http://Honest&refreshing? Carol Goodwin

      McCain won the primary the same way most are won these days: the opposing party paid un-registered voters to register and vote for the ‘weakest link’ which just happened to be McCain and standing alone he would not have gotten my vote or many of the votes he received in the
      main election. The reason he received so many votes was Palin!
      It works both ways: Both sides pay people who are not registered to vote to do so and vote for the weakest Democratic candidate in the primary. This is how we ended up with such a loser as BHO!
      There were so many much more viable candidates on both sides but money talks. The two party program stinks to high heaven and it needs to be fixed. Money should have little to nothing to do with elections. This is as bad or worse than some third world nations in elections. The one with the most donations gets the position.
      McCain/Palin actually received the most actual votes….it’s the electoral votes that won the election for Obama. This is another part that should be stopped. “Electoral” votes are a sham!

      • mathilda

        I totally agree with you. I voted for Palin, at lease she did clean up Alaska and gave it back to the people. It was in the red, but then she got it back to the blue. People were getting benefits from the gas and oil revenue up there, when the goverment was getting it before.
        Obama promised change, and a lot of people did not know what kind of change they were looking at. You can only cry wolf three times before people get the picture, and I see alot of them realized what happened to them, I don’t think they will be fooled again.
        I hope someone gets in there conservative and take back our country. I think Palin would do that.

        • BONNIE


      • Flynn

        Carol, if the voters are bought for a price and the electoral college is a sham, then you are saying that our democracy is doomed. If the popular voter cannot honestly elect a president and if our elected representatives cannot do it through the Electoral College, then the only alternative is for the rich and the powerful to buy the best leader who is available. As for me, I believe that the American voter has more sense than to allow the Presidency to be sold to the highest bidder. It may occassionally happen, but it won’t happen often because a smart electorate with a diligent and honest Media will not allow it.

        • ValDM

          Are you kidding?????? The last election WAS bought. And the unions are being paid back as we speak.

        • barbm

          diligent and honest media? where in the world are we to find them? they aren’t in the u.s.. look at how they treated ron paul. he got very little coverage even though he got more votes than some of the others who didn’t win but who got lots of coverage. the media helped get mccain on the ballot. he didn’t have a snow balls chance in hades of beating obama.

        • Ole Guy in AZ

          “smart electorate with a diligent and honest Media will not allow it.”

          Where is this place of euphoria you live?

      • barbm

        i voted for paul in the primary, but i voted for baldwin in the general election. i don’t compromise my beliefs. even though i felt sorry for palin because she was mistreated by the media, i still don’t trust her. she’s a rino!! i would not vote for her and hate that so many claim she’s the tea party’s choice. she came to texas and campaigned for the rino governor, rick perry, even though there was a very popular tea party candidate, debra medina. i already didn’t trust her but, after that, i actively started telling everybody i know not to vote for her for anything including dog catcher.

        • Dean

          How are things ever to change if we no choice but to pick from the offerings of the Propaganda branch of our government,the so called “Free Press”? This electable crap is just that, crap that keeps just the picks of the corrupt government as viable candidates. Think, Chuck Baldwin!

    • Flynn

      Bobby, Ron Paul can’t save America if he is not electable; and, like Sarah Palin, Ron Paul is likely too controversial to be electable. Also, like Mike Huckaby being a relatively unknown preacher, politician from Arkansas without East Coast Ivy League connections, Ron Paul is a relatively unknown from Kentucky who is unfamiliar to most Americans. That being said, I can support either Ron Paul or Mike Huckaby if either can demonstrate electability.

      • Bobby

        I would agree with you…TWO years ago. But not today. Ron Paul has been on more MSM “talk” shows including FOX (Hannity, Judge N., Beck, others), CNN, FOX Business (Cavuto), and many others. He gained much credibility with his predictions in the ’07 debates about the true state of the economy. While the other “RINOs” laughed, Ron stood by his unparalleled knowledge of monetary systems, and the inevitable (coming, now current) crisis.

        April ’10 Rasmussen Poll… check out these numbers!
        “In thinking about the 2012 Presidential election suppose you had a choice between Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Barack Obama. If the election were held today, would you vote for Republican Ron Paul or Democrat Barack Obama?”

        41% Paul
        42% Obama
        11% Some other candidate
        6% Not sure

        • Cathy

          You got that one right. I remember the debates and the other candidates, including Romney, Huckabee, and Rudy, smirking when Paul spoke. He was the ONLY one of the bunch who said something different and knew what he was talking about. All the other ones, same old campaign rhetoric BS.

          THEN long after after the election, the “pundits” started asking him for his opinion about the economy and general state of the union. Why didn’t they listen to him BEFORE the election?

          I’ll not vote for Romney, Palin (can’t stand that broad), or Huckabee. I’d like to see Jim DeMint and Michele Bachman go for it. Mike Pence, Tom Coburn, hey, I REALLY like Gary Johnson (former governor of NM). Trouble is…most Americans, being clueless as they are, don’t know who DeMint, etc. are. But they ALL know who Snooki is. Sad…

      • maggiemoo

        Representative Ron Paul is not from Kentucky–he’s from Texas. His son, Senator Rand Paul, lives in Kentucky.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    So far we are not seeing any strong candidates come forth. Obama started campaigning way before elections. The Republican party had better get organized and now! The Tea Party needs to find a rock, solid, American who is willing to listen to the voters. I actually think they have a better chance of electing a candidate than the GOP has! If the GOP were smart, they would encourage the Tea Party to endorse someone, and then throw there backing behind that person!

  • FlaJim

    Too bad it appears Jim DeMint won’t be throwing his hat in the ring. He’s articulate (without need of a teleprompter) and knows how to raise money, unfortunately very important these days.

    Pence is good as is Pawlenty. Don’t think Palin is ready for prime time. Too many negatives in the polling. She’d be very attractive as a member of the cabinet, however.

    Wish some of the egotists like Donald Trump would drop out and clear the field a little.

    • Joyce from Loris

      I agree with you FlaJim. And I assure ALL that the people in SC are working diligently to rid ourselves of the embarrassment of Lindsey Graham. As far as Trump running, I don’t know if I am actually against that. Trump has commented so many times, even before he leaned towards running, that our nation had to stop the imports from China, that we had to get businesses BACK to America and we had to become PRODUCERS AGAIN. I remember Ross Perot, way back when. Everyone laughed at him when he said that if American accepted Nafta, there would be a giant sucking sound of our jobs leaving America. Don’t know about you, but I have listened to that sound for YEARS. Maybe we should think about putting a business person in the white house versus a politician. We have time to look, at least, for now.

      • Vigilant

        “Trump has commented so many times, even before he leaned towards running, that our nation had to stop the imports from China…”

        That makes him a liberal, not a conservative.

    • Norm

      Jim DeMint would have made a good candidate for the Confederate States of America. Mr. Lincoln and generals Grant and Sherman have thankfully, settled that issue.

      • Buddy

        Re: Norm’s comment that Mr. Lincoln and generals Grant and Sherman have “thankfully”, settled that (secession) issue.

        No, but they did postponed it. The union may have another 5 years to go, but sooner or later. . . .

  • Rosco1776

    I guess Romney will consult with his lawyers instead of the Constitution and Palin will quit her term halfway through. No mention of the only real principled man today, Ron Paul. All the others are bought and paid for. Pfftt…

    • kelley martin

      You have to understand honor,integrity & love of State & Country to do what Palin did! Stepping Aside to keep your State from being dragged through the mug while the Libs & media worked daily on discrediting her personally took courage. She left the State in good hands to continue thriving. Some people will never get her decision I know….it’s pretty deep for many to grasp in our current society. Most politicians/people don’t think beyond self; refreshing move on her part.

      • Dan az

        Kelley martin
        Ron Paul for prez and palin for vice prez thats the only way this is going to work.She would make an excellent vice,But she will get her turn but right now we need the strongest will of any person in history to make the changes that are necessary to rebuild this nation from the ground up.With his track record he may be the only one than can do this.
        I can see that this by its self is not going to be easy because the last one that took on the federal reserve was assassinated.With all of the rinos left in office to try and bad mouth him would be a problem unless we the people demanded that he was put on the ballet this time.

  • Norm

    December 2010
    It’s the most talked about of all the hypothetical 2012 presidential matchups: President Barack Obama vs. former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

    And a new poll indicates that Obama leads the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee by 22 points. According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey 55 percent say they would back Obama in a possible 2012 showdown, with 33 percent saying they would support Palin.

    Obama’s advantage over Palin in the poll is larger than in other recent surveys. The president was up 12 points over Palin in a hypothetical 2012 matchup poll by McClatchy-Marist conducted earlier in December, and he led Palin by eight points in surveys from CNN/Opinion Research Corporation and from Quinnipiac University that were conducted in November.

    The NBC/WSJ poll indicates that Obama holds a 20 point lead over Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, who’s also considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, and has a seven point advantage over 2008 Republican White House candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who appears to be gearing up for another bid.

    The survey suggests that one reason why Palin doesn’t perform as well as others against Obama is her negative rating, which has climbed to 50 percent, higher than anyone else measured in the poll. NBC’s political unit points out that the only major subgroups that Palin captures in a head to head matchup with Obama are Republicans and conservatives.

    According to the survey, in a showdown with an un-named GOP challenger, 42 percent say they would vote for Obama in 2012, with 39 percent saying they would vote for the Republican.

    • 45caliber

      You seem quite concerned about Palin running against Oblama. He must be your favorite.

      • Norm

        Like Will Rodgers, I only know what I read in the papers.

        • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

          Then you don’t know much.

          • Norm

            You know a lot, but is it true?

          • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

            I suggest you subscribe to Jihad Watch and Honest Reporting. Your education wont be so lopsided. These sites will lead you to many other sources of information. You can dig to your hearts content to find the truth.

      • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

        It would be a heavy blow and insult for a muslim to be beaten by a women. Let alone to have to submit to one as the leader.

        • Norm

          What Muslims do you know? Even Rush gave that one up.

          • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

            I’ve done a lot of studying. There is plenty of information available if you want to search it out. I’ve known some muslims. I lived in Dearborn. Are you a muslim ? I don’t want live under sharia law

    • James Reeves

      To Norm

      I’ve reponded to some of you post before. Please just go away. Most of the time they make no sense at all except that you are doing your best to support Obama. Anyone that looks a polls today are at best looking at the publics peception based upon the medias’ coverage.

      Please waite until the candidates announce and start campaingning so that their message and record can be absorbed by the voters.

      Your earlier comment about Sen. DeMint shows that you know nothing about recent history or the South, much less what the Civil war was really all about. This election will be about the economy and that was what the Civil war was really all about.

      • Norm

        James Reeves
        Please just go away??
        Do you own this sight?
        Are you bothered by people who don’t sing in your choir?
        You might want to use a spell checker, since you obviously have some problems in that area.

    • Ole Guy in AZ

      What else would you expect from the progressive mouthpiece that we know as NBC?

  • J.M.R.

    yes we still have bunch of morons who think the dick-tater is doing great. i guess they want to live in third world country.

    • Norm

      Guys like you will make this a third world country.

  • H. Gillespie

    Hello, I also think Mike Pence would do a fantastic job as president. Sarah Palin is smart as a whip in political matters and her clout helped the Tea Party to find decent people but like many think she needs a bit more experience in government before she could run successfully. I applaud her willingness to help her fellow associates who believe in conservatism all the way. Another possible as president would be Mitch Daniels also of Indiana. He helped Indiana by personally asking many businesses to come here so they could produce jobs. He’s a very intelligent businessman who thinks of the people first, never last like the Liberals have done here in past times.

    • Norm

      H. Gillespie
      Sarah Palin is as smart as a whip???
      What friggin planet do you live on.

      • http://naver sook young

        She’s a lot smarter then the imposter we have now. Indiana has two people that may try to run for president, Pence and Daniels. They both have done an excellent job with Indiana. Just imagine if the whole country could be doing as well as Indiana. I also hope that Palin runs. I think she would be a good choice to be the first woman president. She would be a lot better than Hillary or Michelle. She’s not self centered like Hillary and not a space cadet like Michelle. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • concerned grandma

        Goodness, Norm. Is your working id “Ellie Light”?

  • Flying Eagle

    The Conservatives have a great opportunity to defeat Obama in 2012 and “we” The People will decide who will be the best candidate.

    There are some candidates that deserve to be listen to and the one with more common sense and coherence should be chosen, no matter whether he or she is Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenti, Governor Huckabee, Governor Chris Christy of NJ (if he decides to run, hope he will)etc.

    • Norm

      Flying Eagle
      Right wing nuts are not ” we the people”.
      I know it’s a hard concept, but take plenty of time and really think about it.

      • barbm

        how can you say that with a straight face after the spanking your party took in november? obama is God’s greatest gift to america. his actions since his election have awakened a sleeping giant – we the people – who have not actively participated in our government since the protests over the viet nam war. and, i assure you that we will not be anesthetized again. we almost slept through our country’s demise. so, i say, thank God for obama. and, norm, kiss my grits.

      • Peter


        Surely you must have something better to do than spout the junk you continue to spout. The sad thing is that you vote.

      • http://naver sook young

        Excuse me Norm, but how csn’t they be part of “We the People?” Aren’t they Americans? The they are part of “We the People.” At least they are Americans, but Obama still hasn’t proven he is an American or Kenyan or Indonesian. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • Albert Bostwick

        “We the people” includes all citizens..right wing nuts as well as left wing hypocrites.
        Sara Palin is bright and principled and scares people half to death..(the media will continue to pummel her). Take a close look at Donald Trump..or Ron Paul..

  • Munday/TX

    Where was romney when the poo hit the fan. Where was his comment on all the crap that is coming out of congress. I don’t want a teflon Don for president I want some one who will get in there and do the right thing. For me there is only one Ron Paul. Democrat-communist, Republican-communist light. Only hope we have is some one that does not belong to either party and is not a globalist

    • 45caliber

      As a resident of Ron Paul’s district, I will say that he is a good Representative. And I vote for him for that position since I believe he does more good there than any others suggested. But I really don’t believe that he would be a good President when it comes to foreign affairs. He tends to believe that we should simply seal our borders and ignore the rest of the world. That is a bad idea when most of the world wants to destroy us. Further, he’s in favor of legalizing all drugs, which I’m very much against. We have enough problems with drug users as it is. He’s a good Congressman but I don’t believe he would be a good President.

      • Cathy

        Ron Paul is a non-interventionist and he is absolutely correct when he talks about “blow-back” resulting from our sticking our noses into every country’s business. If someone kept coming into my backyard, I’d retaliate real quick with my 380.

        Secondly, drugs SHOULD be legal. We should be able to do anything we damn well please, including drugs and selling our bodies. Prohibition didn’t work…neither does this “war on drugs” crap. Those who are “so very much against drugs” are people who don’t know anything about them. Alcohol is the most destructive drug on the planet. Oh, but that’s legal so it’s OK?

        • Munday/TX

          amen Cathy, amen

  • jenersea

    We still have almost 2 years to weed out the pretenders to the throne. We need to carefully study how they all feel about the issues. Of course, with either party the first question asked is how much money can you raise? The survival of this country depends on this new Congress and then on who is elected as the new President. Obama cannot be allowed to destroy anymore than he already has. I am not satisfied with any of the has beens that the GOP is trotting out at the moment. Have to see what DeMint, Jindall, Alan Keyes and a few more have to say. We need GOD fearing people in Washington, we have seen the results of last week to know what the ones who have no fear of GOD will do.

    • barbm

      we don’t have 2 years. obama has already sent his people to illinois to set up for his campaign. we need to start soon, so the people who are seriously interested in running need to get their butts out there and start convincing us very soon.

  • S.L.L.

    I’m for Palin all the way! She is the only one being seriously discussed that isn’t bought and paid for. She reminds me of Ronald Reagan. I don’t think she will back down when the going gets tough. It’s a Tea Party candidate all the way for me. I personnally don’t trust any of those opinion poles. I think she scares the pants off both Democrats and Republicans because they know she won’t play ball their way. PALIN ALL THE WAY!

    • 45caliber

      I think you are right about Palin. She does scare both the Dems and the GOP since she doesn’t follow either’s orders.

      • Norm

        Stupidity does tend to scare intelligent people.

        • freedomdude

          Norm, Calling Palin stupid is an ad hominem attack, meaning an attack to the man, or to the woman in this case. A person who is able to get elected governor of a state can be many things, but not stupid is not one of them. Can you develop your dissatisfaction with Palin further?
          Personally, I would support Forrest Gump over a clever Marxist dictator, so long as Gump exhibited a firm intellectual grasp on our founding principles of individual liberty and limited government.

        • http://naver sook young

          Only the people that are blatantly stupid scare smart people. I think that this is one reason why Obama scares some people. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

    • mathilda

      I agree with you on Palin. She is tough and she will take care of us.
      She is smarter than you think. She quit because she saved Alaska millions of dollars that Alaska had to pay out if she stayed in because of the democrats was sueing her right and left. She did a smart move in my opinion, and I think she can take back AMerica.
      She will get us straight and with other countries, she won’t back down.
      We need someone in like her to get us straightened out.

  • Vigilant

    Palin’s negatives are purely and simply the results of the lamestream media. Two bad interviews, one with Curic and one with Gibson, will haunt her forever, much like Dan Quail’s “potatoe” fiasco.

    Two years is an eon in the world of politics. Making predictions now is a nice little parlor game, but means absolutely nothing. Our concerns should be focused on holding the Repubs feet to the fire in the current Congress.

    • Norm


      I repeat:
      Stupidity does tend to scare intelligent people.
      Her interviews were a disaster because she’s an illiterate hillbilly.

      • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

        Her interviews were taped and then twisted. After her first interview with Couric, she should never have done the 2nd one. The libs want her to look like a fool. I think they’re scared of her and the TEA Party.

        • http://deleted Claire

          During the campaign, I clearly rememebr all the women that were for Hillary. It was astonishing. And the women I know voted for her, and I think they will vote for her again if she runs for POTUS.

      • mathilda

        Maybe a hillbilly can take on what you cityslickers can’t.
        If times get hard let’s see who survives, country bumkins or cityslickers. When there are no gas, and you have to have a horse and wagon or walk. I bet the Hillbilly’s and country bumkins that can raise gardens and walk a mile or so have something when you cityslickers will be looking for something to eat. Where will you go? To the Hills! Where us Hillbillies and country folk live!

        • Norm

          I can make wine!?

          • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

            You’ll need to be in an inebriated state to survive the new world order.

        • Berenard Richardson Jr

          I’m all for Romney and Palin!! They together would make a great team. I deplore so much ignorance and bigotry towards Romney. You need to read his book-”No Apologies”. He makes it quite clear where he stands on all issues, debunks the present administration and explains why he changed his mind on some issues. As for his health care plan, the Dems and libs screwed it up royaly after he left office!! Palin is a very inteligent and astute woman! Now get your facts straight before making stupid claims.

      • libertytrain

        Norm I love when you libs show your racist, bigoted tendencies –

      • http://deleted Claire

        I grew up as a “hillbilly.” A country hick and proud of it.

        • libertytrain

          Amen Sister!

          • http://naver sook young

            I grew up in the mountains and countryside of Korea, so I guess I’m one too. I never went to a big city till I attended Yeon Se University in Seoul. You go girl! I think Norm is just flustered because his, as my husband would say, “messiah” has no hope of reelection. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

  • Bill from N.C.

    With Obama being our first black president has tarnish the immage of this high office. But,there is one person that is black that is never mention would be the best person for the job.Herman Cain,former owner of Godfather Pizza,and a very smart businessman,unlike our community organizer,can run this country like a business,and he supports the FairTax.

    • Norm

      Bill from N.C.
      Let them eat pizza — eerr I mean cake.

      • ValDM

        That’s closer to Michelle’s attitude.

      • http://none Mike

        Norm, God man how do you wake up every morning with an attitude like you have shown here? Every point someone tries to make you have to respond with an attack? Who pi$$ed in your post toasties? Mike L.

    • http://none Mike

      Bill, Has Mr. Cain said anything about running? I know I loved to hear him speak when he went on Neil Boortz’s show. But unfortunatly they dropped his show here in Tn. last year and I have only sparadically been able to listen to it. Mike L.

      • Dan az

        Hey Mike
        No he wont run he is finally done.Now if we could only get big sis out we would stand a chance.With Ron and palin on the ticket I feel that the libs would crawl back into the hole that they came from.She dosent stand a chance to take on the elite by her self but Ron Paul dose.The amount of votes that both running together would bring just scares the hell out of the libs and progs here,they know that its an unbeatable marriage that they can not compete with.As far as his foreign policy goes I feel he has it right why are we the police of the world let them fix there own problems.Just think would you want the english back here to dictate what policies we should have?

        • http://none Mike

          Dan, I could hear the whailing and knashing of teeth in the media now lol. Hell on earth. It would be a total circus to watch them spin that ticket. Mike L.

          • Dan az

            Time for them to eat their words huh?

  • Rex

    The only person I would even consider voting for is Ron Paul. Other than him they’re all bought and paid for by the elites. However, if Ron Paul were to ever get elected, I would predict that he would either get assassinated or become like the rest of them. If you vote for either the demo, or repubs then you’re voting for the system. Besides the voting system is rigged and only the whores (the ones that are bought off) are going to be elected. Welcome to the end times sheeple! This country has a destination to fall and then onward to the New World Order.

    • eddie47d

      In other words America has failed and there is no hope for a come back? There have been rumors of assassinations over the years so why would you target Ron Paul or any candidate.

    • Average Joe

      I am with you on Ron Paul 2012. I voted for him in ’08 and I’ll vote for him in 2012. What amazes me is the people who tell me “I’d vote for RP if I thought he could be elected”….Well gues what people…no one can get “elected” if you don’t vote for them…end of story.
      Also, I noticed all of the networks including “FOX” were bashing RP throughout the campaign, calling him a kook, nutjob…out there in left field etc….but within days after the vote, they were praising him for all of his fore-knowledge of the events that were to come….
      I guess this time, since they got on the RP bandwagon…their excuse will be…he’s too old to be President…or some other line of BS…but, I am willing to bet that again…they won’t get behind him with any support…because the media will only support the “mainsteam, business as usual” candidates…..I however, will still put my energy and support behind this solitary man of integrity.

      • Dan az

        I’m with you AJ there just isn’t anyone out there that can fill his shoes.With Palin at his side will bring the votes that are needed this time.

  • Patrick Henry

    RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham says we should make non-dependency on foreign oil a top priority, but previously wanted Amnesty for Illegal aliens. 20 Million Illegal trespassers use a whole lot of oil.

    • Norm

      Patrick Henry
      I don’t see any presidential material in South Carolina.

      • James Reeves

        To Norm

        I guess I should not have told you to just go away before, because You sure are entertaining.

        For others who care please see my previous response to Norm above. and you are right “I don’t see”. You sure do not see anything.

        James from Al.

        • Norm

          James Reeves
          I know it’s hard for you to see. It’s because your head’s up your a**.

          • James Reeves

            to Norm

            How you have resorted to vile talk and name calling as most liberals do.
            If you want you a** whipped by a 71 year old man please come to Al. and try me.
            James from Al.

  • David

    I’m hoping for Palin.

    • Norm

      Hold your breath – please.

      • Average Joe

        See we can agree on something…..Palin is no better than the other mainstream candidates…no core values….she just says whatever she thinks will get her a vote….and if elected would continue the same “business as usual” politics.

        Ron Paul 2012!

        • http://deleted Claire

          At this point in time Ron Paul would be my choice out of all the possible contenders. I just can’t seem to believe what the others have to say.

          • Average Joe

            My favorite ticket would be Ron Paul/Rand Paul….The first Father/Son team in the whitehouse …stranger things have happened (after all Obama went from being an unknown Senator from Chicago….to being President in two years)…That would be “Change I can believe in”….

  • joe sun

    I agree Ron Paul is the man.I did not like the way the media cut him off mid stream in the debate last election,he was makeing sense .I wonder if they would do the same this time and not allow him to speak.

  • nehope

    What is the most pressing issue between now and 2012? I would guess that the financial health of the US has to be priority. This of course would include the unemployment situation.

    If the economic circumstances do not drastically improve it does not matter who will be elected in 2012. By that time the National debt will be of such proportion that only 3 radical occurrances can bring a change. The possible remedies could be:

    a) Hyper Inflation
    b) Devaluation of the present monetary system
    c) A World war
    Neither one of the above is a pleasant solution, however, each one is a possibility. # 3 is the solution if all failes.

    All those who disagree, please note that everyone of the options have been used over and over and they worked. They solved the monetary problems, created more wealth for the supper rich and as a byproduct diminished the population.

    I am not politically aligned, I have no ax to grind, I am looking at the situation sober minded and without wishful thinking.

    I can’t see anyone in the Republican Party being Presidential quality outside of Mitt Romney. On the Democratic side, just looking at the faces of some of the “REPRESENTATIVES” makes me ill.

    Never-the-less, I would not rule it out that Mr. Obama will be re-elected in 2012. Can you think of reasons why not?

    Please don’t shoot the messenger, just attack the subject. Thank you.

    • meteorlady

      West from Florida…..

  • http://personallibertydigest David

    I think we can’t count out Pawlenty or Cristy if they are thinking of running in 2012 both are in very liberal states and are making a big differance in there states.

  • meteorlady

    Why do both parties have to recycle their candidates. Romney was not viable last time – though he’s got some good points. Palin has been so targeted with bad publicity by the press that she will have a real up hill battle. Why not take someone like West from Florida – he’s brilliant and could probably get through to minorities. But hey, there also Cristy…. but recycling someone that has already lost just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • http://none Mike

      meteorlady, They only want establishment canidates from either side anymore. I dont see how thats going to change without some form of voteing process reform though. Just as in this last election we had the choice between socialist and socialist light.If its left up to the press and the caucuss that is all we will ever have. Mike L.

  • Dennis

    Your next president >>>>>>> Obama, why, Voter Fraud.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    The hostile media will attack any candidate the Republicans run; Palin, Newt, Thune, Paul, Christy, or Christ on the Cross will be on their bullseye to destroy. No one will be immune from their attacks, except liberal dem. candidates. That’s why we have what we have now. We have to minimize their influence by word of mouth about good candidates. We need to support those candidates with our power and our dollars. If anything good has come from the current administration is that it has showed America how fragile our Constitutional rights can be and just how many domestic enemies our country has. We see quite a few on this site.

    • http://none Mike

      gunner,Yea we see it every day happening to Mr. Paul and Mrs. Pailin. They must be twisted to look like idiots in the media.Thats the only way people like McCain and Obama will be allowed to rise to the top of tickets.I was one of thoes idiot masses I guess when I voted for Ross a while back.

      Its going to be a hard change to make with both parties entrenched the way they are. Both parties are filled with socialist and marxist right now.Thats why you see them attacking conservitives from either party. They do not wish to relinquish the power they have made for themselves in washington. Mike L.

  • barbm

    i’d vote for ron paul or lou dobbs in a heartbeat, and possibly jindal. i just hope the gop gets serious soon, because we will have our work cut out for us.

  • William

    What about Ron Paul? He is by far the most qualified candidate that has ran in years. He would make the perfect President, and probably the only one that will turn the country around.

  • tim

    I wouldn’t vote for anyone from massachussetts even if I lived there. The republicans are all rinos, look at scott brown. All talk until he got in and he’s slowly rurning into a rino. Give him another year and if he was honest with you(LOL)he would change his affiliation to democrat. It is the most progressive law ridden state ther is besides california. They have no 4th amendment rights, just check some of the things the cops get away with on utube alone. Thier 2nd amendment rights are almost non existent!! Massachusett politicians all belong in a snake pit, especially romney after all the crap he voted for in his own state of taxachusetts!!!!!!!

  • chuckb

    all we have to do in finding a candidate is watch who the democrats denigrate the most, that’s sarah palin, she is the one that runs shivers up their spine less backs. they can take all their ghetto polls they want. the muslim will be packing his rug, tent and dragging his camel back to wherever,

    • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo


  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It’s never too early to talk about the 2012 election. This could very well be the most critical election in history. For one thing, BHO definitely MUST BE defeated in 2012. If BHO gets a second term, then Obummer-care is here to stay and will never be repealed. And he could also make more appointments to turn the SCOTUS in favor of the leftwing statist Democraps!! Thus we need to make 1/20/2013 the ‘end of an error’!! ….Likewise, it’s never too late to make New Year’s resolutions. E.g., the GOP’s resolution should be to rid itself of RINOs, wimps and Republi-crats who cross the aisle and side with the Democraps who are destroying America and its economy. And American voters should vow to NOT vote for Democraps in the future. Don’t believe the myth that there’s no difference between the 2 parties!! Despite our frustration with RINOs and Republi-crats, just remember that almost all of the GOP voted against Obummercare and all but 3 Senate Rinos voted against the costly failed stimulus/porkulus bill in 2009. Likewise, you need to realize that 99% of the time it’s better to vote GOP as I do, even if it’s just a vote against today’s corrupt leftwing Democrap Party. The only exceptions are a handful of RINOs who are no better than democraps, such as NYC Mayor Mike Bloomturd or Colon Powell (yes, I know I misspell his first name. But since he endorsed BHO, I’ve been saying that Powell is full of ‘you know what’!!) ….Happy New Year!! Vote wisely in the future!!

  • http://personallibertydigest David

    hopefully, all of us will convince 1 or 2 people to come to our side the right side so we can get this great country turned around and become the greatest country in the world like it once use to be.

    God Bless America

    Long may she be strong and know other country take her down

  • Ace Sez

    No one should look to Calif for leadership at any level–the liberal voters outnumber the conservative voters 2 to 1 —hence the terrible mess we’re in here.

    Who in their right mind would vote to re-elect Pelosi and Boxer? The majority of Calif. voters did just that in Nov.2010 and why? because Pelosi and Boxer are 100% supporters of the traitorous President Obama!

    The newly re-elected Gov Brown in his first term set the State up to fall as it has–he is an enviromentalists and feels as Osambo does that Calif. and the USA are the plunderers of the planet–He and his assocciates ran most of the lucretive manufacturing companies out Calif with heavy taxation and enviro regulations–Calif. voters are not too smart and they’ll see things get a lot worse before they get better–if ever?

  • chuckb

    ace sez

    you are 100% right. california voters have destroyed this state. the reason for that in my book is the large number of state and federal employees who are unionized and have a tendency to vote liberal, the other half is the large minority population and illegals. they have overcome the conservative vote, so look out america it’s coming your way. most schools in calif. are under the influence of liberal environmentalist teachers and we now have moonbeam brown as governor, we remember him from the late seventies, he left this state in a mess when he was voted out in the eighties and i guess that wasn’t enough for the whacko’s here.

  • Palin12

    It’s a beautiful day in America today as Pigosi is no longer Speaker of the House!!! Just think what that entails. First of all, no more Air Force jets to carry just one person all the way to and from Frisco. No more taxpayer-paid booze for the Madame either. Best of all, when Obummer gives the state of the union message, we won’t have to see pelosi, dressed in a bright red pantsuit that she borrowed from the Hildebeast, bopping up and down like a Jackin-the-box puppet after every sentence the messiah reads off his dual teleprompter screens.

    • Dan az

      That in its self makes my day.Hopefully I will never have to see her face again!

  • jamie guthrie

    If the Republican “Party” makes the mistake of dragging out the same old cast of retreads for Pres. I for one think it will be time to start a 3rd. Party. They will have demimstrated that they DON”T GET IT!!!!! @ years from now though is a long long time in politics….so I hope that a REAL Conservative stands up and we can support them. I totally agree on Lindsey,McCain et all phonies of the party.Tehy all need to GO AWAY….Thanks JG

  • Night-hunter

    Candidates need to be IMO:
    Under the age of 60.
    Have had military service.
    Have corporate experience.
    Have had administrative experience, not just legislative experience.
    Have more than 2 yrs in either the Senate, Congress or as a Governor or State legislature.
    Be centrist, not extreme in view point.

    I would hope that the candidate be anti -illegal aliens, anti HIB visa, anti-Obamacare, for getting the Government out of Doctor-patient decisions, for Health care COST reform, for the reduction of ALL government services, for gun ownership, for the reduction of the national debt, even if it means raising some taxes, for providing carrots and sticks to the development of energy independence, 50 mpg or better automobiles (NOT including use of electric motors), and for creating a better environment for manufacturing, and against special interest groups writing legislation.

    So far, I haven’t seen anyone I really like, although Senator John Thune has most of the qualities I’m looking for.

    • Rich and grateful.

      You are so right-on in almost all of your diatribe exept that somehow you think those of us with experience ie. over 65 are out of it. think again kid, cause we will vote united.

  • chuckb

    night hunter

    so does sarah palin.

    • Palin12

      right on, chuck!

  • lizanne

    No way in hell I would ever vote for Romney. I saw what he did in MA first-hand, and he would continue to lead the country down a bad path. He started socialized medicine in MA & allowed gay marriage there (you couldn’t pay me to live in that state again), and he’s flip-flopped on so many things (abortion & amnesty to name a few) that you can’t really trust him. He’s definitely a RINO; and I will not vote for this snake-oil salesman who has had “president” on his wish list since the moment he entered the political arena.

    • Sam

      It dosen’t matter who the republican candidate is. Your only other choice will be to vote for our current president. Are you saying you want all these socialist programs to continue?? If so, then you deserve losing all your personal liberty and becoming a ward of Obama’s socialist state.

      • lizanne

        I *do* think it matters who the Republican candidate is. I will not vote for a Rhino. And don’t even suggest that I would ever consider voting for our current POTUS.

  • Dan az

    The problem here is that we need to look at the whole picture. They are trying there best to put there people in place for the NWO and the last thing they want now is to have the feds jailed where will they get there spending money? Look it should be obvious that if they dont like someone they will either not support them or assassinate them.Palin will have allot of votes and Paul is the only one that can bring this nation back to its founders perspectives,If both where to join up and pull the voters to them then and only then can we hope that we can survive this usurpation.Like him or her or not we need them now!She would be the first women as vice and he would be the first libertarian/Republican in history!Plus they have their birth certificates!!!!!!!

  • Marianne Ernhart

    Many of your comments are good and interesting. The saddest situation now is that the Media really decides who wins. The electorate is waking up BUT I shudder at the thought of another term for Obama. The US may “hit the wall” BEFORE 2012! Some commentators are saying THIS YEAR. Ron Paul wanted tne Federal (NOT) Reserve (not
    System (NOT –a shake down) audited. They have NEVER been audited!
    Call a congressman; he will say they have been BUT NOTHING about how
    dollars have been printed ENMASS and sent to other central banks or IMF, or their own regional banks. There is NO transparency. Ron said about the Wikileaks “we need more of this” finding out what our government is doing with other countries and telling “we the people” something else. There is No investigative journalism any more. For example: have the media told us that Canada has only paper ballots?
    they have somewhat smaller precincts BUT the results are reported by midnight the day they are cast. Have they told us Members of Parliament get a salary BUT when voted out of office or retire get NOTHING? There is more. Just read and check Link tv and others.
    Watch John Stossel on Fox business. He is a libertarian and you will really enjoy his clear and clean approach.

  • cfd007

    Romney is a big government Rino. So is Huckabee. Graham we’re working on a replacement for him in 2014.


    Ron Paul’s “unelectability” was the product of collusion between the RINO establishment, the Dems (one monster, two heads, a false choice) and the controlled media. If I had a [fiat] dollar for every voter that I heard say “I would vote for Ron Paul but he is unelectable” I could buy some gold [real money]. The primaries are not a horserace with the object of picking a “winner” – it’s a vote for who best represents you [the people] in the White House. Let us pray that Americans continue to wake up and start thinking for themselves…

  • WendelFl

    Bay Buchanan, a very pro life advocate, supported Romney during the last election. People who say he is “flip flopper” haven’t studied the record. The Massachusetts “experiment” with state healthcare did not work and the liberal democratic legislature attached so much unneeded requirements on the system that it broke down. They placed “abortion” on it and Romney was against it, but his law suit to void this part failed. Romney is very much pro life and any fair minded person if they research it will find that this is true. I know one thing there are no skeletons in Romney’s closet, he is happily married and has a great family who he gives complete fidelity to. He is not a Big Government “Rino”, as he is being accused in a previous writer. He is a successful business man who knows the burden that taxes and regulation places on business. Ronald Reagan was “pro choice” before and he did some “liberal” things, but today he is the model of conservative thought. Romney is the same thing. Believe me he is electable and if Conservatives ( of which I am one, tea party and all)would stop an listen they will find out that they have an opportunity to elect a man will be the most honest president since Lincoln.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    wiselady says:

    Please, let’s not have another heathcare gurru. One is enough. Check out Romney’s Mass. health plan. You’ll see what I mean.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    wiselady says


    I would not look to Lindsey Graham for sound character judgement. He voted for Sotomayor and THAT was poor judgement. He never responded to the evidence I showed him where it proved she was a member of LA RAZA, a radical organization who now indicate that there will be trouble for the Republicans if if amnesty does not pass! Get the Connection?

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      LG is another Rhino political animal. He’s been in DC too long and has fallen in love with power. Like too many politicians his law traing teaches him to comprimise on everything. He doesn’t seem to have core values. Time to go home Lindsey.

  • billy

    They are pushing RINOs like Romney instead of conservatives like Ron Paul, because Obama will get the liberal votes from left-leaning liberal independents while genuine conservative Republicans will turn up their noses at Romney and his like. This will gaurantee that Kenyan Obama will remain in office to further the RINO Bush`s objectives of growing the New World (Corporate) Order agenda.


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