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Republicans Disagree On How To Manage Defense Budget

November 23, 2010 by  

Republicans disagree on how to manage defense budgetSenate Republicans are at odds about the prospect of major cuts to the nation's defense budget.

According to media reports, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) expressed concern at a recent foreign policy forum that incoming members of Congress, such as Rand Paul (R-Ky.), will embrace "protectionism" and "isolationism" in their willingness to cut the defense budget.

"I think there are going to be some tensions within our party," McCain said, quoted by The Huffington Post.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who is a proponent of reducing military spending in order to balance the Federal budget, took exception to McCain's statement. According to the news provider, Coburn claims that it will not be difficult to cut defense while maintaining the integrity of the nation's defense system.

A new Financial Times/Harris Poll reveals that citizens of the United States and the five largest European countries are split when it comes to defense budgets. More than one-third of Americans believe that cutting defense spending is mostly a bad thing, while 36 percent said that cuts are neither a good nor bad thing.

More than 40 percent of Germans, Spaniards and Italians said that cuts in defense to bring down a budget deficit are mostly a good thing. Nearly two in five Britons believe cuts are a good thing, while 44 percent of French respondents said cuts are neither good nor bad. 

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  • http://none Mike

    Cuts if made in the right places might be just fine.But if in the wrong places will destroy moral in the service members. And whats wrong with a little isolationisim for a while? We have our own messes right here in the states that need adressing. We could bring home troops tommorrow if we could rebuild some of our colitions that we had during the first gulf war. Lets see how willing these allies are to help us in endevors that protect their own borders more than our own.Lets let these allies start to bear some of the weight of the cost of the conflicts in the middle east for a while.Its high time we did these things anyway.We have been chaseing shadows in the middle east for way too long now. Most if not all of these conflicts could be resolve with a strong intelligence service and a few special op’s teams in the right places. Without the massive boots on the ground we have now. Take the handcuffs off of Israil and let them handle Hamass and Iran. They have allready said they would.I guess I am the only conservitive that feels like this about the middle east.But it seems to me like a waste of lives and resources to continue to chase the Taliban around to every cave in Afganistan and Pakistan. Just to kill a few of them and have them move to another cave. If we are going to do it this way lets just hit them with a massive burst of force.And clear out the snakes den’s.Then let their own people pick their form of goverment. Mike L.

    • http://naver sook young

      I understand what you are saying Mike, but I hope you don’t count Korea in the group you mentioned. Today, North Korea fired rockets onto an island off our wets coast. So far 2 Marines have died and many civilians were hurt. Since I have family in Korea, I hope you understand my position on this matter. If we have to pull troops from Korea, I hope it is only after Korea is only 1 country and not 2. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • http://none Mike

        Sook, We really need bases in Korea there we have an age old enemy in communisim.Korea isnt the middle east where we have a defined enemy but that enmy is an idealog and spread out through many non-combatent nations. This would be better fought through a good intel service and a few surgical special ops teams. In other words snake comes out of den snakes head removed from a distance(forgive me that last one isnt P.C)We have to maintain bases in the far east because of treties made with Japan and Taiwan to help deter china and russia from agression into somewhat independent democracies. N. Korea is testing the waters of our resolve on thoes treties as we speak and I hope we dont fail this test. N.Korea has been looking for any sign of weakness from us since the 50′s.They see that weakness now with us entangled in 2 conflicts and a president unwilling to try to win either of them. Not only that looking for the fastest exit stratagy he can find.Mike L.

    • 45caliber

      I don’t believe in cutting the military at all.

      First, at the end of WWII it was decided to build a military that could fight a war and defend the country at the same time. Now it is so small it can’t even do one of those tasks without help from National Guards – which were supposedly to be used ONLY in state emergencies.

      I think we need to build up the military so that we can defend ourselves with it without calling out half-trained NG men to risk their lives doing what a trained military is supposed to do.

      • http://none Mike

        45, Here is where cuts can be made if you want to call it cuts. The millitary could make money in this way. When r&d comes up with a advanced design for say an engin or in GMC’s case a transmission. Sell said design in the privet sector faster. I know companies out there begging for designs from the millitary. And some of these tecnologies could be passed to privet sector with very little risk to national security.A return to a self contained millitary. No more privet catering companies for K.P and cooking details.No more privet security contracts. Expand the M.P forces to carry these duties out.Base redundancy elimination. Renovate some current bases to carry the load of some of these bases.Then you could sell the land back to the privet sector in most cases at a profit.Another cost saveing mesure could be in contracting companies for things such as uniforms boots and protective gear to the company that would do the best job not the lowest bidder. All the cost saveings in the world dosent help if the product is made cheeply and 50% defective before it ever hits a millitary warhouse. Lowest bidders have a tendancy twords shoddy quality by cutting corners.There are lots of ways to so called cut the millatary budget while actually improveing the quality of the millitary. There are more but going into tecnacalities would take too long. Mike L.

        • 45caliber

          The reason contractors are so prevalent in the military is because they no longer have the manpower to do the jobs themselves. Getting rid of the contractors would only mean they need more soldiers.

          As far as new designs, they need to pay for the design AFTER it is tested and working rather than up front as they do now. Many companies like Boeing creates for the military but they run the costs up by getting the contract before they have a design. One jet design not long ago simply pulled several different parts from existing planes and it didn’t work at all. No new stuff. But it cost us billions anyway.

          They need to have a better purchasing system too. At present if they get in the wrong things they still pay for them. Then they increase the needed paperwork – as if that is going to insure they get what they want – which costs their bidders more money so they increase the costs. Why do you think they pay so much for a hammer? In private industry, if I order something and it comes in wrong, I send it back. I even reverse the transportation costs. It doesn’t cost me a thing. And after you do that once, you can bet they will get it right the next time.

          And don’t worry about them turning the designs over to the civilan market. Our allies do that for us.

          • http://none Mike

            45, Yes I see what you are saying. But alot of times these defects do not show up untill they are in the field. Thus you have the cost and inconvieance of repair and rework in the field. Classic case is the armor on the Humvee.This vehicle was designed for millatary use and should have been adquetly armored to start with. Low bidders have a tendancy not take into concideration worst case scenerios in their designs. So the underside armor was too light on the Humvee.That cost us lives as well as money. We need an active large M.P force for base and asset protection. Insted of hireing outside contractors for this.Would it not be cheeper in the long run to train and expand this specialized force than to have to rely on outside para millatary groups?Mike L.

          • 45caliber

            It probably would be cheaper to train soldiers to be MP’s … but first you have to get them to join. And then train them. It takes time. Personally, I would MUCH rather have enough soldiers to do all this than to hire contractors. But Congress won’t approve the extra funds to recruit and train.

      • who cares

        It was okay when Reagan (cut) did it back in the Eighties. But now that a Democrat is trying to cut spending is not okay. the Obstructionist’s republicans dont want Amirica to get ahead.

      • Bernadine

        We need to keep built up not down. If we cut our defence budget we are telling the rest of the world to take us over. But that is what the Government whats. A one world Government.It’s a same the American
        People seam to want it To. We Have Jidhid Musluems In our Government working Under our Democrats as their workers. We have let the Government Dumb Down Our Children. They Have Little Knowledge on the foundation of our COuntry. Educated Lawyers,asume there oun Ideas as well as Judges. We voted out 3 Judges for disobediance to the Constitution. God’ and the ten commandment’s was the foundation our Fore fathers used to write the Constitution. But the people want lawlessness let us do any thing we desire. that is why GOD DEstroyed the World once. He Will do it again. SHara religion is the religion of the anti-Crist. And Our Government Wants to Inforce It On us. May God Bless America Again.

    • JJ

      We have North Korea this week, last week a Chinese sub launched a ballistic missile off or western coast, Iran is almost Nuclear, China wants the Philippines back, the only thing stopping them is our treaty with them. Lets not forget that we are still in Afghanistan and Iraq. What needs to be done is get about 50% of the people off welfare, cut back the amount of Gov employes 50%, kick the unions out of Gov both state and Federal. In the places that we are at war lets quit pussyfooting around. Let the Generals run the show with mandate to win and we will be out of there quicker than you can say lickity-split.

  • Mick

    Mike says:
    November 23, 2010 at 12:45 am
    Cuts if made in the right places might be just fine.But if in the wrong places will destroy moral in the service members.

    I totally agree with you, I know that like any GOVERNMENT agency the Military have a lot of waste , I have seen it personally and questioned it many times but as you so well said, the cuts have to be made at the right places.

    Now,,,,Something that should have been a HEADLINE by every media sources…Talk about CUTS…!!!


    This is pass OUTRAGEOUS,,,How far are we going to let this go on ????

    • 45caliber

      A very good place to cut first. And then cut the rest of it as well so no mosque is built there at all.

  • Dagney

    I’m for the government cutting all the fraud, waste and redundancy they can find. We need independant auditors to go through and just slash, slash, slash that mess up there! I believe, even in the military budgets, there must be some waste. However, the major cuts need to be in other departments of the federal government first! I say, don’t you DARE touch our military until that is done! How about cutting salaries down to what the equivalent job would be in the private sector? How about eliminating whole departments like Education, the EPA, repealing the health care disaster? All of this could be done, and I would bet the military wouldn’t need to be touched except maybe to make them leaner and meaner!

    • 45caliber

      Tell me, if you are getting a lot of money from something, would you slash it? That is the same as asking the government to cut spending. They are getting too much and have no interest in cutting except to satisfy someone like you and I. I’ve seen how these groups “cut”. They cut money on needed things like police and use the money for things that might get them elected. They might cut $10 million out of a $50 billion budget and tell you they are doing their jobs. And since a million is a lot of money to us, they get away with it.

      We need to do as Reagon did. He appointed the Grace Commission – no government employees at all. The man in charge was an ex-CEO. They provided a list of cuts and Congress was expected to do it. Too bad Congress got rid of it when he left.

  • TIME

    Let me just say this there is waste in everything when you have to many hands held out, to many pockets to fill and the GOB System ~ let alone to many regulations and depts to cover said regulations.

    In any Business the best method is the “KISS system,” {Keep It Simple Stupid.}
    Fewer hands out, as well your able to keep control of every penny as there are “ZERO LOOP HOLES,” aka ~ Rat Holes; for the money to fall in on the way to the bank.

    When you have oversight on top of oversight on top of oversight, who’s really doing thier jobs well?
    No one is ~ and thats the problem.

    We have countless homeless in this country, and we have no JOBS, as we have allowed the Government to beat the small business’s as well medium sized to death by way of “OVERSIGHT, Regulation & TAXS,” and lets not forget “UNIONS.”

    When you add all these to the mix and then add in the GOB system, well known as the “Good Old Boy System,” the pickings are ripe to ROB, RAPE, and PILLAGE.
    Strange when it catches up, its always someone elses fault all the time. And who gets to clean up these mess’s?
    Can you say the “Uninformed & LIED” too US POPULATION.

    • http://none Mike

      Time, Thoes rat holes you talk about are probly Black Ops projects. Black Op projects have been going on since 1945. Many of these projects were things like development of Neuclear wheponry.High altitude spy planes and space projects.These type of projects can not show up in regular budgets because of their top secret status.We would be fools not to suspect this goes on every day in the underground millitary. Mike L.

  • Sally Perry

    Why don’t we ever hear about cutting the Space Programs. That’s what I think we should do first and foremost.

    • Vigilant

      Space programs account for a mere drop in the bucket. NASA’a 2011 budget is $19 billion. President Obama’s FY 2011 budget requested
      $708.2 billion for the Department of Defense, and the increase alone from 2010 is greater than the whole NASA budget.

      If we are going to prioritize, we need to first go after the largest elephants and then work our way down to the nits (like earmarks).

    • 45caliber


      I am a mechanical engineer and do NOT work for the space program. But I do see some of what they do.

      Did you know that the 20 year house paint came from that program? How about the EKG? It came from them too, along with several other such medical marvels. How about the ball-point pen? Or the improvements in photography? Or the computer you use to read this? All from it. Thousands of such things have improved our lives.

      Further they have come up with three industries that can ONLY be done in space – if the government lawyers let them. First is a steel- aluminum composite metal that can only be made in weightless conditions. It is nearly as light as aluminum and has 90% of the strength of steel. It can cut our transportation costs by almost half. Second is ultrapure medications. They believe they can get insulin for diabetes so pure that the person needs only one shot a year. Third is vacuum tube technology. They believe they can build a desk sized computer that will do all the work of all the other computers in the world combined. We need all three badly.

      The space program has paid for itself even if it never gets another ship off the ground. It is the ONLY government agency that has. All the rest just spend money. As long as they continue this (and they are) I support giving them the money they want.

      • DaveM

        It is unfortunate they cancelled the funding for the Dyna Soar program [Airforce] and left space program up to NASA. NASA totally botched it. You have guys that used to design homebuilt planes [Rutan] that are putting people into orbit for less than 1% of what NASA would charge. All private engineering.

        A decade ago launch control in NASA was using computers that were not as powerfull as the one I am typing out this message on. NASA has been a money pit, typical of a government programs that have no meaningfull oversight. The Airforce would have done a better job and I am not a fan of the way they handle R+D budgets either.

  • Joyce from Loris

    All departments of the US Government are ripe for cutting budgets. If the government is involved, you can bet your bottom dollar, there is waste going on. Practically every contract for military equipment has been “past deadlines and quote”, meaning the contractors take longer to build, and the cost is millions above the quotes. That’s waste. There are many areas of the military to cut, but anything that pertains to our military personal should not be touched. For example, let’s take Paris Island, SC. This is some of the most beautiful land in America. The military should move their training grounds to other properties they own, and SELL Paris Island. There are so many places to cut, it should not be hard to recognize them. Any cuts will help!

    • 45caliber

      A few years ago, a head of some smaller department had over $5 million in charges to her government credit card. After a search, they found that $3 million of it was to various charities. They never found the other $2 million. So they declared it was okay for her to spend the money on charities and only directed her to not do it again. She kept the job and the credit card.

      And we wonder where the money goes …

  • PatriotGunny

    Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY during the Carter Administration? Anybody? Anything? No? Didnt think so!
    Bottom line. We’ve spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an agency….the reason for which not one person who reads this can remember! Ready?? It was very simple…and at the time, everybody thought it very appropriate.
    The Department of Energy was instituted on 8/04/1977,
    Hey, pretty efficient, huh???
    33 years ago 30% of our oil consumption was foreign imports. Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports.
    Ah, yes — good old Federal bureaucracy.
    Hello!! Anybody Home?

    • Mick

      Gunny ,,,,,,

      Each and every federal agencies need to be gutted and crooked politicians put in jail( not country clubs mind you ).
      Until WE the citizens of these UNITED STATES allow the crooks to direct the course of our lives we will always be the losers………

      • 45caliber

        The original departments of the US were the State Department (to deal with foreign countries in peace), the Department of War (not Defense, to deal with countries who attack us), and the Dept. of Treasury to pay for the other two.

        I personally would like to see all the rest shut down, not just cut back.

    • 45caliber


      It was created when the oil companies cut off gasoline sales to raise the price of gasoline. It didn’t work because the people cut back and they started overflowing their storage tanks.

      Supposedly it was to get us off foreign oil. One method was to finance any business that could come up with a way to save energy. Actually, it insures that no one does come up with a way to cut energy taxes and puts it on the market.

    • DaveM

      You can crack diesel and gasoline out of coal for about $40 a barrel [the byproducts are coking coal for steel]. Wyoming is literaly covered in coal yet you see no coal liquification plants in the US. Energy is political pure and simple.

      A lot of allied pilots died in WW2 bombing German synthetic oil plants. Those plants were making diesel and gasoline for the German war machine. The technology is almost 100 years old!

  • David in Ma.

    Start by cutting foriegn aid then go to farm subsidies (let farmers go open market), cut off all grant funds, how’s that for a place to “start”?

    • 45caliber

      Welfare is my big cut. They spend as much or more money on that as they do the military – which I do NOT want cut.

  • J.M.R.

    lets cut spending first by stop taking care of the rest of the world, its time to take care of ourselves. and what in the hell is J.M. doing talking to heffer post a liberal rag.

  • Mick

    David in Ma. says:
    November 23, 2010 at 8:55 am
    Start by cutting foriegn aid then go to farm subsidies (let farmers go open market), cut off all grant funds, how’s that for a place to “start”?

    To hell with cutting foreign aid,,,,STOP it period.! And as you said stop paying farmers not to grow crops and use the surplus as a trading tool with other countries plus instead of paying welfare recipients , give them the food instead it would cut down on drug use ….We have so many areas to cut spending that if we were to apply the cuts properly the national debt would be cut in a half in 5 years…………..

    • 45caliber

      I agree. At one time about ten years ago, we could easily have balanced our budget by not paying foreign aid. And there are several forms of foreign aid.

      Care, when I was in high school, was a non-profit organization that shipped food into starving areas of the globe to help. Now it is 99%+ funded by the government – who sends their food to countries where the government wants to help their military without someone complaining. The food is given to the governments to distribute but instead they feed their troops with it. In fact, it is illegal for Americans to take food to another country and distribute it except for MSM pictures. (If we give it away, their people might get angry at their government for not taking care of them and feel gratitude to the US instead.)

      Another foreign aid is the World Bank. We finance it. Any country can get any amount as a loan with no interest and no time to pay it back. Nearly every country in the world has taken advantage of this “free” money.

    • Vigilant

      Foreign aid to Israel is $23 billion in military aid, with at least $584 million of that earmarked for procurement of advanced weapons systems.

      Cut the rest of foreign aid, but leave the $23B for Israel. They’re the only democracy in the Middle East, and the only one with balls enough to do what we won’t do: attack Iran when it needs to be attacked.

      • 45caliber

        I’m not sure where you are getting this figure. The figures I have seen show that we give Palestine more than Israel – who isn’t even in our top 25 countries receiving foreign aid.

        Besides, why should they want our military hardware? What they make is better.

        • Vigilant

          Obama’s 2011 budget request included the following (Middle East only):

          •Israel. $23 billion in military aid, with at least $584 million of that earmarked for procurement of advanced weapons systems.

          •Egypt. $250 million in economic aid, with $25 million earmarked for democracy and human rights promotion, and $35 million for education; and $1.3 billion for military aid, specifically for “border security programs and activities in the Sinai.”

          •Lebanon. $109 million in economic aid, including $12 million in scholarships for Lebanese students, and $100 million in military aid.

          •Jordan. $363 million in economic aid, with no restrictions; and $300 million in military aid.

          •Palestinian territories. $400 million in economic aid, with the predictable restrictions keeping the money away from Hamas.

      • DaveM

        They will only attack if they are backed by the West. A lot of people in Israel are getting sick and tired of this constant war scenario as well. We gave Israel South Africas nukes when Mandella took over S.A. so they had the nuclear option as a last ditch resort.

  • eddie47d

    I don’t trust any military that get’s too powerful If you have the men and equipment you have the tendency to want to use them. Start withdrawing from the world scene and reduce and update our missle defense system. Reduce expensive private contractors where our soldiers can do the same job.

    • 45caliber

      The main reason we have private contractors is because the military doesn’t have enough men to do the job.

      Plus there are too many Congressmen getting kickbacks for hiring those contractors in the first place.

    • Vigilant

      eddie says, “I don’t trust any military that get’s too powerful If you have the men and equipment you have the tendency to want to use them. Start withdrawing from the world scene and reduce and update our missle defense system.”

      Truth is, I trust the military much more than I do the civilian leadership. Our armed forces have never even considered a coup.

      I partially agree with you on the need to withdraw unnecessary troops from certain parts of the world. The US, for example, funds over 50% of the NATO budget, and W. European nations are happy to let that be so. The presence of US troops in Europe merely drains our resources and contributes to European economies.

      The strategic value of NATO Alliance has decreased in the wake of the demise of the USSR, and as a result has found itself dragged into internationally illegal and misbegotten ventures such as the foray into Kosovo. And the pretext for NATO presence in Afghanistan is weak at best.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    I don’t believe members of the military feel the way eddie 47 feels, while I can understand him, if I don’t trust anyone it would be the political machine that send our boys off on a whim, the song (Fortunate Son by CCR) best illustrates this – I served from more than twenty years, and we were in the best position when we were the strongest, under Ronald Regan, who fooled with us — NO ONE– We were in the worst position under Jimmy Carter while a good man not a good leader, so Strength do matter– But How you use the Strength coupled with a Economic power and polices really is were we are at a disadvantage — The Chinese and their circle love that we act as firemen running around putting out fires all around the world with a benefit to America– We need to wake up and follow Teddy Roosevelt philosophy –Walk quietly but carry a big stick

    • 45caliber

      When WWII ended, Eisenhower became President. This was a terrible insult to the politicians – he hadn’t worked his way up the political ladder and was depriving a more deserving (in their own view) person from being President. Further, he refused to allow Congress free rein. (He ordered the various agencies to spend only the amount of money they took in and not run up a debt.)

      Since then they have made every effort to prevent any general from getting a good reputation with the voters. And, to insure that no general does, they set the rules of warfare. That includes micro-managing a war, usually after the fact, by disallowing some things and trying our soldiers in court if they fail to heed what Congress wants.

  • Mick

    Jim says:
    November 23, 2010 at 10:07 am
    I don’t believe members of the military feel the way eddie 47 feels, while I can understand him, if I don’t trust anyone it would be the political machine that send our boys off on a whim, the song (Fortunate Son by CCR) best illustrates this – I served from more than twenty years, and we were in the best position when we were the strongest, under Ronald Regan, who fooled with us — NO ONE– We were in the worst position under Jimmy Carter while a good man not a good leader, so Strength do matter– But How you use the Strength coupled with a Economic power and polices really is were we are at a disadvantage — The Chinese and their circle love that we act as firemen running around putting out fires all around the world with a benefit to America– We need to wake up and follow Teddy Roosevelt philosophy –Walk quietly but carry a big stick


    Jim……………….Forget eddie47d,I have seen him defend the indefensible,
    I totally agree with you but beside walking softly and carrying a big stick we have to untie our Militay’s hands when it comes to fighting the enemy…To hell with poilitical correctness not to offend, our men and women are dying because of it,,,,,,,

    • 45caliber

      I agree about untying the hands of our troops. When I was in Vietnam, we weren’t supposed to shoot back at someone shooting at us unless we could insure that we didn’t accidently hit someone else. That is seldom possible. The troops today are under the same constraints. They have to stand there as targets without being able to do anything to stop it.

      If you are in a crowd, sat at a mall, and someone starts shooting, you do one of two things. You dive to the ground and hope to hide or at least get as flat as possible to avoid being hit or you run and hide somewhere out of the way.

      When someone starts shooting at you from a crowd and some of the people continue to stand there in the way, they are NOT innocent! They are just as guilty of trying to kill you as the person pulling the trigger. It’s time we let our soldiers take cafe of themselves.

  • 45caliber

    The military is the LAST place I want to see cut to balance a budget! We need it too badly to insure we aren’t attacked!

    THere are plenty of other places to cut first:

    1. Welfare

    2. Foreign Aid

    3. Charities and non-profits

    4. Illegal alien costs

    5. Purchase of more land for the government

    See, five ideas and I didn’t even have to strain to think of them.

    • who cares

      Get your head out of ??? if you cut welfare their going to be alot of hungry white peole. Illega allien pay their way by paying taxes. Are you going to pay for the land that government buys? about foreign aid are only loans. Have to end bush welfare to the wealthy. Start taxing the wealthy and milllionaire.

      • 45caliber

        You actually BELIEVE all this … stuff? Wow! I thought even the worst liberals knew some of what was going on. Foreign aid in loans? Riiiggghhhhtttttt!! Illegals pay for everything in taxes? Wow again! How can they when they get paid cash under the table and then file for welfare benefits? The rest of what you said is also what my granny used to call “hogwash”.

  • http://com i41

    David in Ma & 45, the farmers just got an new welfare program, to get payed 40@Ton. for cellose matter, just another welfare program. Under CRP a landowner, wheather AMD, Con-Ag, anyother land owners collect million, or if you are a mega corporation, billioms every year. Now rhese same land owners can collect 3 years of funds while grasses and weeds grow, and on the fourth year, harvest dead cellose and collect up to $500 a acre, when on a no effort they only get $50 an acre, they forfet one year of $50 versus $500. What a money maker for landowners and a screw job for taxpayers. In just one progam of the Dept of Ag, would save 400 billion, if immediately cutting the taxpayer out lay would stop. Even more could be cut from the Ag, if the welfare mothers were made to ID the sires of their offspring, and make the sire pay the healthcare costs, and the food. I have tried for the last 6 years to either get federal elected officals to put in rules and guidelines for welfare receiptments. Their first arguement against it is, is 9th district court claims, it is a invasion of privacy. But when mentioning anytime you take federal program money you have guidelines to abide by. It is just an excuse, same goes for going to state elected officals writing guidelines for any welfare collector, must be subject to a cheek swab every month and if they fail, no more free money or freebies. No guts, no glory, also think since private businesses can not let customers smoke, swab the welfare person cheeks and be subjected to smoking bans, it would cut down on respority problems of kids and they could use the money somewhere else. If you want to witness money fraud , check out the convuluted non profit organization book keeping, that taxpayers fund the managers and board do quite well with their salaries plus their paid trips all over. If parks were cut 90%, and land put up for a homesteading style draw, jobs would be created. Billions would saved in matainces costs and not have dirt balls like socialist Soros and Ted Turner gaming the USA to not pay taxes using parks and non profits organizations. As for illegals put a bounty of $2500 a hd and USA would be saving at least $10,000 a head ever year. As for foriegn aid, any 3rd wold or s–t hole country that is working against us, stop all aid. Same goes for the UN and the AIDs drug and education for the sand crabs in 3rd world dictarship run countries. Our military is at the same level of scavaging parts off of other equipment, as durning Carter’s reigm. More stupdity, downsizing and trying to operate with used scavaged parts to keep some equipment operational. From my experience, in several businesses, if there is this type of normal MO are happening, there is a real problem of monetry solvancy, companies doing this at most will last 1-3 years before going tits up. Might be a possiblity under this cholate jug eared jackasses marxist muslim moron in Cheif’s reign.

    • 45caliber

      If you noticed, you were talking about farmers – you were talking about farm corperations. And I agree – they don’t need the money. Small farmers do but they seldom can get on the list unless all the big corps around them do because of a flood. So it would be best to simply end it. However, if we ended all departments except Defense, State, and Treasury, we could do away with all this anyway.

      At present the Welfare system is set up to encourage welfare mothers to have up to eight kids and take the place of a husband. They want to smash the family. Families are more concerned about making things better for their children. That means more freedom from the government. Some years ago there was a proposal to pay welfare mothers $5 a month more to NOT have children. The author was accused of genocide. I think we should limit the payout for kids to no more than two – and pay for a woman’s tubes to be tied when she wants it done. Right now they have to have at least three kids before the government will permit it.

      There are a LOT of places where the government can cut – but you won’t see it happen. For instance, it should be a requirement for welfare mothers to have the capsule inserted that prevents them from having more kids for the entire time they are on welfare.

  • alpha-lemming

    I’m at odds with myself on the best way to manage the defense budget. You have entities such as China, N. Korea and Iraq on the cusp of entering the nuclear/rocket age. At the same time, a fleet of FA-22s used to chase sand-monkeys on camels, is a pretty poor return on investment.

    Intelligence must be improved, and smarter will have to be a component of the formula in determining allotments to combat the “enemy d’ jour”.

    • 45caliber

      The main problem with the military is who is running it – Congress. Take Iraq. They cannot shoot at insurgents if any non-insurgent is present. They might hit the wrong person. They can’t get armor for their vehicles although they are made for armor. They can’t get up-to-the-minute intelligence because it costs too much to put another spy satellite up.

      (Instead they put them up pointing at the US. 60%+ of the existing spy satellites are watching us rather than an enemy. It tells you who Congress considers the worst enemy, doesn’t it?)

      Sundry supplies such as soap are no longer provided to soldiers in the field. Many small bases have to depend upon packages from the states to provide such things. Instead, they have reporters there every moment, watching everything they do and hoping for a soldier to do something wrong for pictures. And all at government expense. Drones aren’t allowed to shoot at insurgents even if they are spotted burying a mine. Instead some soldier must risk his life deactivating it.

      And so on. If we want to fight a war, the best way is to keep Congress out of it and let the military fight to win it with what they can best use.

  • rodney burke

    Republicans only need to look at one criteria, does this allocation help or hinder the safety and sovereignty of the US. Here’s a thought, either make a total effort to WIN the war in Afghanistan or get the hell out! don’t EVER again, go to a place committing US resources without the objective of winning outright as in WWII!!!

    We haven’t WON a war since 1945! It’s past time to get out of police actions and win wars! We’ve lost too many in the last 50 years!

    • JimH

      Winning wars takes less time and in the long run have less casulties(most important) and less cost(still important). I know you need a $500 hammer, because you can’t drive a $20 nail with any ol thing.(sarcasm) Maybe the motor pool and mantainence shops could have a petty cash fund and go to Ace Hardware and buy tools and nuts and bolts instead of having a contract where the tax payer gets a $50 screw. Maybe a $5 toilet seat instead of a $500 seat.

      • who cares

        if thats the case why did bush let it countinue his entire eight year term ?? (profits) Obama is stuck in bacuse of (bush) having to save face for the entire Nation. (You and me) If bush had not gone to Iraq on lies WELL. JUST REMEMBER 9-11 HAPPEN UNDER REPUBLINCAN PRESIDENT (BUSH) WATCH. But Democracts get blame.

        • JimH

          Who Cares, We are talking about NOW. We need to find solutions, not place blame. Any body can point out what’s wrong,finding a solution is the hard part. Or getting a bureaucrat to implament it is the hardest part. Let the troops WIN. They know how to if the politicians will just let them.

  • Viktor Leben

    The military needs more money. They need to stockpile spare parts and munitions. They also need to provide newer and better body armor to the soldiers.

    The Viktor Leben plan to optimize the military –


    2) Enlist all the defense workers into this new branch of the military.

    3) Have this branch of the military run their own manufacturing plants.

    The change is very simple. Have private industry do Research and Development on Weapons. Plus have Private industry do Research and Development on manufacturing weapons.

    Private industry then sends consultants to the Weapons Force.

    The Weapons Force builds factories to manufacture weapons.

    With the use of advanced manufacturing technology, the Weapons Force produces weapons at a much higher quality and lower cost than private industry.

    For example, the F-22 Raptor costs like 120 million to build. The reason it cost so much is the way they are manufactured. The Weapons Force will use mass production techniques – a hi tech assembly line – to build thousands of Raptors – at 1.2 million a piece ….

    Private military contractors won’t manufacture weapons anymore. They will be paid for R & D for manufacturing/developing weapon systems. The military will do the actual manufacturing.

    More bang for the buck.

  • DaveM

    The West has to catch up with the Russians as far as fighter jets go, and put more missle subs into the Atlantic.

    The nuclear sub program has been left to wither, yet when you go on Google Earth half the Russian subs that were mothballed five years ago are back on patrol.

    Days of the aircraft carrier group are numbered due to the new Russian torpedoes and the diesel electric hunter subs.

  • Margaret B

    I Think it could use a good looking at. There is probably alot of wasteful spending and fraud in this area too. Its better than cutting Social Security and other programs that are helping our citizens going through the worst recession in their lifetime.

  • Claire

    Never, never cut back on our military and weaponry. This would be foolhardy and a disaster. Investigate all the fraud that is going on, especially with contractors, etc. This is where the politicians come “into play.” They take care of their “buddies.” Politicians “take care” of the ones that donate to their campaigns. A thorough housecleaning is in order regarding this issue.

  • http://n/a Bill L

    The primary reason that are federal government exists at all is to protect our freedoms to life,liberty and our pursuit of happiness. The defense of our nation and the enforcement and respect for our laws is paramount to our free and prosporous existence. Finding the highest and best use of defense dollars is a worthy goal, but our defense must remain a the top. Defense must not be politizied as is everything else in government. .Social welfare of AMERICAN citizens should be left to the states to fund and administer as each state sees fit. Politicians should receive less pay and perks and function with a smaller staff and be subject to the very laws they write for “We The People”. The Feds have taken on more and more of what they should not and hired to many for jobs that should not be. Those jobs should be privatized or eliminated. Just say no to unions. Unions are a bad and expensive thing with lousy returns for the tax dollars spent. No unions in any level of government.This list can go on and on when it comes to this government. But again. Defense #1, and the people who defend us.

  • James

    Our defense should begin at our borders. Of the 19 9/11 hi-jackers, 14 were Saudi Arabians, they didn’t sneak in across our borders, undetected, they were here legally on visas. Our military adventures in the Middle East are on behalf of Israel, not the United States. None of those nations were any threat to the United States. The Weapons of Mass Destruction fiasco in Iraq was faked by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to satisfy a congressional requirement that foreign nations must be a threat to the U.S. before they would authorize any military action. The greatest threat to our security is Mexico, not North Korea. Korea was divided, at the 38th parallel, from an agreement between President Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at their Teheran, Iran conference. Communist North Korea is broke and starving, they are trying to provoke the U.S. into lifting our sanctions. China, N. Korea’s largest trading partner is withholding relief to sucker us into another senseless war. I was in Korea in 1951, we could have easily destroyed the N. Korean communists, but were ordered back to the 38th parallel, the summer yet, because of that Roosevelt/Stalin agreement. If we would stop supporting communist countries, they would dry up and fail naturally.

  • stephen russell

    CUT DC Pentagon bureaucracy alone
    Merge services
    Merge like contracts?
    Change procurement regs alone.
    More bidding competitive.
    Outsource Non Defense IE Food Services, Maint.
    Realign Projects.
    host Brainstorming sessions.
    Contests to save money within DoD budget.
    Contest with the Public to save Money in DoD budget.
    (win Ex DoD surplus stuff IE inactive missiles, equip from Cold War era subs etc).
    More can be done.


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