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Republicans, Democrats Blast Barton For Apologizing To BP

June 23, 2010 by  

Republicans, Democrats blast Barton for apologizing to BP Representative Joe Barton (R-Texas) was heavily criticized from both sides of the aisle last week for publicly apologizing to BP chief Tony Hayward.

"I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday," Barton said to Hayward, referring to the White House’s decision to demand that the oil giant set up a $20 billion account to help repay the victims of the disaster.

Barton’s condemnation of the hard stance taken toward BP evoked critical responses from Democrats and Republicans alike, all of whom demanded that the Texas congressman retract his apology, which he eventually did.

Democratic leaders quickly took advantage of Barton’s BP apology, running television ads showcasing his statement.

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel referred to the gaffe as a "political gift," and said that the apology is a prime example of the GOP’s affinity to protect big business.

"I think what Joe Barton did is remind the American people, in case they’ve forgotten, this is how the Republicans would govern," said Emanuel. "They see the aggrieved party here as BP, not the fishermen and the communities down there affected" by the spill.

Emanuel also took the opportunity to ridicule the comments made by Tea Party favorite Rand Paul, who referred to President Obama’s criticism of BP as "un-American."

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  • P T Caple

    Joe Batton, did the right thing, the U S house is disgusting, Pandering to folk back home, It’s time
    for C Span to off the T V

    • J. E. Neal

      Right on!!! Congress looked like vultures just waiting for the BP CEO to die so they could pick his bones. Most were already picking at his eyes!!!

  • Charles L. Campbell

    Joe Barton expressed my sentiments exactly.

    • Norm

      Charles L. Campbell
      That’s odd.
      Barton seemed to have even amazed the CEO of BP. Tony looked at Barton with a subdued smirk as if to say “Are you playing with a full deck?”. I guess 1.7 million in oil contributions to Barton’s political war chest bought more than anticipated.

    • Hugh Jordan

      Those who agree with Barton must live on a different planet. It was BP’s cost cutting, poor planning, ignoring the warnings of workers, and arrogant over confidence in their technology that caused the spill that will have horrendous consequences for decades.

      And he wanted to apologize to BP???!!!

      That’s like the families of the dead apologizing to the designers of the Titanic because their “water tight” bulkheads weren’t really watertight after all, and they were so arrogant about the unsinkability of their ship that they didn’t provide enough lifeboats.


      I am hardly an Obama fan, but this is the type of attitude (blame Obama for everything) that makes some conservatives look like dunces. It’s no different than the lefties blaming Bush for everything that gets many here so incensed.

      • Dan Burke

        Interesting. I read that the rig had been initially approved by the state for shallower waters and it was the federal government who stepped in and said it must be out further from shore. That does not excuse BP. I think BP has plenty of guilt in this disaster, but I find it humorous that we are so anxious to avoid guilt in this matter for our involvement as a society that we attach all blame to just one company, one government administration, or whatever is convenient.

        So what did I think of Barton’s apology. He was stating a truth. It was absolutely the wrong thing for him to say. Politically, it was stupid. Reality, it was the truth. But us Americans don’t want to face the truth that government has taken away our free market. If we had a free market, would government interogate the businesses or tell them how to run their companies? NO!!! I have known for a while that government was meddling in far more than we gave them credit for. Only problem is that slowly we’ve become so accustomed to it that they can now publicly pull these businessmen before congress and we the people get upset if our representatives even consider treating the businessmen as human beings and equals. I think of our nation losing its freedoms like a frog being boiled alive in water. Under threat of drastic revolution we vigorously rejected totalitarian governments during the early 20th century, but little by little like the water being warmed from luke warm to boiling hot we give up our freedoms…. until like the frog in the boiling water is now dead and cooked and never realized until it was far too late even so we have changed as a people and don’t realize who we have become.

  • bobinpa.

    Don’t the people responsible for MAKING them drill in deep water have a responsiblity in this also? This never would have happened if the drilling occured in shallow water off either coast or even in ANWAR. And what about this 2 Billion dollar loan Obama is reportedly giving to Brazil for deep water drilling. AFTER this incompetent, unqualified, Marxist , Raghead, we have in the White House wants to terminate OUR deepwater drilling in the Gulf.? What is up with that?? All this alternative energy crap is just that. Will your car run by windmill power??. Get Real. We need and WANT OIL. That alternative crap is still DECADES AWAY, if EVER.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      Oh yeah, the “people” (cough, government, cough) responsible for making them drill in deep water most certainly have a role to play in this…didn’t you hear? They are banning ALL drilling in the Gulf for “6 months.”

      Allllmmmmoosssst sounds like a set-up huh? But what do I know?

    • Hugh Jordin

      No one MADE them drill in deep water. They saw a chance for profit and took it.


    Why is it that someone who speaks honest heartfelt feelings and thats what Joe Barton sounded like to me can be forced to rescind his statement in a land of free speech. Perhaps we are not free any longer. Perhaps if you go to google earth and enter the co-ordinates
    29.97213 – 81.660047 and look at the 5,000 U.N. VEHICLEs PARKED ON THE RUNWAYS you might know in your heart that the days of free speech are numbered. Right here is the USA, Florida to be exact 5,000 U.N. MILITARY VEHICLES.

    • TIME

      Thank you you get it!

      Your 100% right most people here in the US have no clue tht barryO signed an agreement with the UN just days after being sworn in to allow UN troops on US soil, for as he stated
      ” In case of an emergency”
      What would that be that 60% or more of the US wakes up to whats really going on?
      We are at an easy 35% Plus – right now, so we are half way to that threshold.

      • gary

        Obama expects a guns and ammo revolution thats why he is laying the ground work to defend the government from with in. We need to organize and find out who are real allies really are. Who of you will stand along side us Americans and fight for our freedom again? A blietzkreig on Washington would be the best scenario, with a standing government waiting to assume control. That way you do not need to worry about the UN. I don’t think!!

        • J.M.R.

          well said. i would like to know if he got his private army started yet.the dick-tater wants to do a life time as ruler of this great country, which is sinking if they don’t put a stop to this criminal

          • Jim H.

            If you look at the past record of the effectiveness of U.N. troops, we really have no worries.

      • Myron J. Poltroonian

        When this speech becomes illegal, I’ll become a criminal: “I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people”. Remember this: “Always aim just below the blue helmet”.

  • E Nichols

    The emphasis in this crisis is not the destruction of BP but the clear lack of the proper level of attention to the energy crisis by Obama; Obama has failed to demonstrate the necessary leadership in establishing a national energy policy by promoting nuclear power and the use of the abundance of natural gas the country possesses, we are already buiding seven thousands mega watts of wind energy each year and we can do more to provide the US energy independence…….. But not with Obama at the helm.

    • Norm

      E Nichols
      ooga ooga BP goood. Obama baad. All world problems Obama. ooga ooga

      • alpha-lemming

        Ooga ooga zugg zugg NeoCom Obamunists ooga ooga!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Abnorm, we all know that Obama bin Laden isn’t the picture of leadership. In fact, if it isn’t something he wants to force on us (“Osama”care, cap and trade, etc…) he just give two hoots about it. But, of course, he’s just a community organizer and there’s no real leadership in that.

    • gary

      I was just reading yesterday that we have 10 times more oil in the ground than the entire middle east. A lot of it is newly discovered. That is true energy independance. It will take years to get where you want to be, and what do we do in the mean time?? You need to come back down to earth. Do you know how to get rid of nuclear waste? You better tell the government if you do, because they do not.


    How about this thought, B.P drilled into the side of an underwater volcano on purpose. The tar balls that are being spit out are not nearly as damaging to the marine life as we are led to believe in the drive-by media. The ocean floor is literally covered with tar balls in the Gulf,aquatic life has adapted to live with these present. This is why B.P./our government won’t accept help from the Dutch or Saudi Arabia, these people are experts in the oil industry and would know this “spill” is a hoax story to allow Ozero to impliment his Cap and Trade bill. Two vent holes in the volcano will stop it from spewing anymore. The streaming video is supposedly, I am not an expert on this but others have looked, the video is fake, it does not always show the same well head and is repetitive.

  • Norm

    Prior to the CEO of BP making his opening statement, a lunatic Idiot Congressman, Joe Barton, made it a point to actually apologize to BP, going on to state that the meeting between BP Officials and the Obama Administration amounted to nothing more than a $20 Billion “shakedown” of a corporation by the US Government, with the money being placed into a “slush fund”.
    As people with actual functioning brains realize, this $20 Billion fund that is being set up is to try to ensure that BP has adequate money set aside to pay for all of the costs of this tragedy. Personally, I think $20 Billion is way too low of a number. If this leak continues for months, the ultimate bill will be much, much, much higher.
    I wonder how many of the people in the Gulf that have lost their livelihoods and income would stand alongside Congressman Barton, offering apologies for the Government having BP set aside money to help compensate them for their losses?
    What an IDIOT this lunatic is!
    Congressman Joe Barton, you need to pull your political head out of your political ass and get a damn clue!!

    • Mary TX

      Hey Norm, why don’t you pick up a copy of the constituion and bill of rights and see what it says our government is supposed to do and get your uneducated head out of your uneducated backside.

      • Norm

        Mary TX
        Is there something in the Constitution that says the taxpayers should pay for the mistakes and stupitidy of private sector companies?
        I couldn’t find that part.

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          Norm… Then why did the tax payers have the responsibility to bail out the auto unions? Is this not similar?

          • http://naver samurai

            Yes it is, but when and how we get that money back we’ll never know. Obama bin Laden was to take the lead for this thing and not just watch the situation unfold. If he suspends the Jones Act, he would have been able to move more quickly and not tie the hands of those that would begin the cleaning process. Oh, abnorm. Have we done our tea bagging today? Hmmm……

        • Allan


          You seem not to understand something very basic — that no one on this blog wants BP to avoid any responsibility it may have once the facts are known. We are all talking about the way Obama has handled things…grandstanding, political manipulation, and arrogance. That is the basis of Barton’s comment. That is the basis of McChrystal’s comment. For Obama to have avoided talking to the head of BP for so long (and to his top commander in Afghanistan) has to leave any rational person in disbelief. Suggesting that people on this site don’t want to hold BP accountable and that disapproval of Obama’s performance is racism come from the same are one and the same…simple avoidance of the truth.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      BP has said from day one it would take full responsibility and pay all damages. The 20 billion is not all up front so that was just a lot of grandstanding and political posturing for people like you. We do not want our congress to act like a lynch mob. We want them to be fair and firm and leave the politics out of it. If BP stock drops too low there could be a hostile takeover by one of the other big oil companies. The free enterprise system is hurt by reducing competition. Try to think of the big picture. If Obama really wanted to do something constructive he would have started the cleanup two months ago.

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Bruce D. I agree with you! Obama did not treat this as a crisis. Nor does he appear to be finding the best and quickest way to deal with the problem. And I hope I am wrong, but the chances of those who really should benefit from the BP fund will not receive it. Obama and buddies now have more dollars to do as they please with.

    • marvin

      Norm, joe barton has just as much right to speak as do you, my opinion is he was right,would it be ok if the goverment just took your bank account with out due process and said i am going to kick your ass and put my foot on your neck,the goverment is the biggest reason the spill has grown 13 differant country offered help in the first 3 days and were turn down by obama,this same great in his own mind el pres is wanting to write an ex order to give amnest to 15 to 20 million illegals their for by passing congress is that ok with you to

    • Ann Williams

      Barton was right to apologize. Obama is a bully, a dictator, a Commi, and a total Jackass. Barton was completely entitled to speak his mind; O-sicko is tactless, stupid and clueless. He only cares about himself, and how he appears to others who like him. He’s a skinny jerk who’s trying to make himself sound like a “big man”. Raspberries, to him! He’s a one-term “president”. (I use that term loosely — he’s anything But a “leader”!) Let’s send him to the moon!

  • FloydS

    Way to go Joe. It was a shakedown and grandstanding just like the hearing. I can’t believe I heard Bill OReilly saying he was for the Obama Shakedown, looks like he as contracted the Chris Matthews Obama leg tingle.

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Riiight. Look, I’m not an ally of Republicans or Democrats. I believe in whomever aligns with our Constitution, but give me a break. So they run out and try to smear using the “protecting big business” tactic, yet who approved the bailouts against the will of the American people again?

    I saw the “hearing”, it turned my stomach. Mistakes happen, but at the risk of sounding like a “conspiracy theorist” is it possible that this oil spill and it’s quite perfect timing has more going on around it than meets the eye? Or is it just a great opportunity to make a crisis useful? I can’t honestly say that I know. I know for certain that I have no trust in this government.

    Look if those [offensive word removed] on Capital Hill could push Healthcare down our throats despite the opposition, in addition to the countless other violations of the American People perpetrated by the government, WE THE PEOPLE’s government, than Barton has every right to feel and voice whatever he wants. Additionally, uh, isn’t that protected under the whole Freedom of Speech thing? Who demands an apology? And what spineless twit conforms?

    People need to start fighting. WAKE UP. You think November will change anything? November buys us time at best. I like Glenn Beck but our founders ultimately were not pacifists and this crap his been in the works for two hundred years. I understand people like Beck need to be careful of advocating any form of violence, but maybe he should just say nothing at all concerning it. God sent Saul to war. People do not need to be brainwashed into thinking there isn’t a cause big enough to fight for. This is our freedom and our childrens’ freedom we are talking about. We are at war and most people have no clue, are convinced pacifism is the way, or simply just do not care…and THAT is what will cause us to lose everything….

    On another note, I was watching the news the other night and how fisherman and other volunteers are helping the coast guard clean up etc and I thought to myself…wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity for the lower to medium security convicts? I mean instead of making solar panels and stealing jobs from those that can function in society, how about putting their [offensive word removed] to work? I mean, they just sit in there pretty much right? They have tv’s, weight equipment and countless other “you have to be kidding me’s” all at the expense of the tax payers right? They sit in there forming their gangs, plotting murder and perfecting the art of shiv making from a toothbrush and saran wrap…I would think there has got to be things that they can be made to do so they are so tired they don’t have the energy to plot murder in prison because someone used the wrong toilet or more simply sit on their [offensive word removed] sucking up our tax money. Weren’t they saying there wasn’t enough money to keep a lot of convicts in prison now with States going broke anyway? Just a thought…

  • Dr. T

    Barton has it right, a textbook example of a shakedown or extortion.
    Dictators and tyrants always claim to be doing what’s “best for the people” but the USA used to be governed by laws, precedent, due process, but not with this administration. Hugo Chavez has a lot in common with our current president. It’s disgusting.

    Barton wasn’t apologizing to BP, he was apologizing to law abiding citizens for the behavior of the President and VP. In full context, he lambasted BP just like every other committee member. This is what happens when people take quotes out of context, or don’t grasp the bigger picture. Chicago thugs, union bosses, professional politicians with no real world experience have no business running a free country.

    • Ann Williams

      Couldn’t’ve said it better, myself! You nailed it!

  • Norm

    Maybe you’d like a little surtax to help bail out poor old BP.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      Norm, you dufus, you’re sitting there threatening surtax like a smart ass yet your obvious political alignments would make you an advocate of the AIG bailouts that we will soon be paying for. That includes you, ya moron. Unless of course, you have managed not to pay taxes…and in that case I suppose you would have no concept of it’s impact.

      I think your cup of Koolaid may be empty or diluted, you’re starting to blur lines…maybe you should fill ‘er back up.

      • gary

        LMAO you crack me up! LMAO Wow Strawberry, That was perfect! THankyou

        • http://naver samurai

          Me too. Ha, ha, ha! Norm just got a missle shot up his !@#$%^& and can’t handle it. Norm, do us a favor and knock the crap off. You know we are right, but I’ll give you credit for your tennacity. Theres something good to be said about loyalty to one’s leaders, but your loyalty seems to be as blind as the one in the White House. Norm, just go home, lick your wounds, and don’t come back on the post!

      • Norm

        Strawberry Shortcake
        I’m retired and I still pay more taxes then a lot of full time workers(even pay on SS).
        You make my point for me you fool. You were dead set against the bailouts of the banks, ins. cos. etc, but you are all for the government picking up the tab for the reckless actions of a very profitable company. The 20 billion is now in an escrow account and guaranteed to go to the harmed people.
        If you have a problem with that you are indeed a stawberry shortbrain.

        • Strawberry Shortcake

          it circumvents a law that has a 75 million cap and Clinton passed that. if you advocate a government coercing private companies you should be called Adolf. You do not pay more in taxes than me. 20 bill is not in escrow. 5 bill is. another 5 bill each year until 20.

          what point have i proven for you again?

          • Norm

            Strawberry Shortcake
            75 million is pure peanuts.
            All you proved to me is that you would rather see BP pay out it’s 10 billion quarterly dividends(this quarter) than make good on the harm that they stupidly caused. Tell it to the folks living on the Gulf. Morons like you just have to blame all the world’s problems on Obama.
            As far as taxes, I don’t know or care how much you pay but I do care how much I pay.
            Oddly enough, I own shares of 2 energy mutual funds, both of which have(or had) BP holdings.

          • http://naver samurai

            Gee, abnorm. If this is true then why are you attacking BP? If your stocks are part of BP, wouldn’t that be kind of like cutting your own throat in the earnings department? If you can’t see what is going on around you, how can you be able to lead or convince people of what is going on these days? Strawberry Shortcake, you are right in what you are saying. Could you do me a favor? Don’t fire too amny of those missiles at poor ol’ abnorm. He may have a heart attack and die.

          • Norm

            Just because I hold stock in BP doesn’t mean I support their criminal actions. People who put money above principle, as you and Barton do, are exactly what’s wrong with America.

          • http://naver samurai

            Believe me abnorm, I know that there are more important things in life than money. Health, country, God, Jesus, etc., but I just don’t understand how could you even mention some dort of tax and not expect a reaction like strawberry shortcake gave you? Sorry abnorm, I’ve never been rich in money and I know I’ll never be that way, but I’m rich in other areas abnorm. I eat right, go to church, get a good 8 hours of sleep a night and not be tired the next day, I also have friends. These are ways that I’m rich in, but you seem to lack there abnorm. Remember, the head of BP did apologise and took full responsibility for this matter. Could he do anything less then that? Obama bin Laden raking him over the coals was just for show and WE THE PEOPLE know it. At least Barton has some BALLS to stand up and do what is right, not like you libs who overburden the average taxpayer with the self destructive welfare state and hand outs to foreign nationals. By the way, they are not authorized by the constitution. Get off the kool aid and stop your tea bagging. It’s fried your brain.

      • Myron J. Poltroonian

        Your question does lead me to wonder if Norm’s pitcher of Kool Aid is half empty, or half full?

        • Norm

          Myron J. Poltroonian
          Another brillient comment from the peanut brain gallary.

          • http://naver samurai

            Speaking of pea brains, where did you learn to spell, abnorm? Did you get your diploma out of a box of cracker jack?

          • Norm

            It’s sad when we get to rely on spell check.
            But if spelling is is a problem with you, I’m not at all surprised.
            Content is secondary to idiots.

          • Ann Williams

            Alright, everyone — let’s mind the name-calling. You’re starting to sound like Obama and Biden, and their campaign folks. Let’s not get distracted and off-course. Stating your view is fine; just keep the personal-attack angle out of the equation.


          • http://naver samurai

            OK Ann, I’ll try to watch myself better. But you are right about staying with the subject.

          • Smilee

            Ann Williams says:
            June 24, 2010 at 8:07 pm

            Alright, everyone — let’s mind the name-calling. You’re starting to sound like Obama and Biden, and their campaign folks. Let’s not get distracted and off-course. Stating your view is fine; just keep the personal-attack angle out of the equation.


            Ann Williams says:
            June 24, 2010 at 8:12 pm

            Obama did NOT do the right thing — Not Now; Not Ever!
            He’s a jackass, and has No Idea WHAT to do about Anything!


            See what a phony you really are see the top post of yours and then scroll down about twenty posts and you will see how well you follow your own advise, unbelievable and only five minutes later

  • Fred

    Joe I agree with you completely. It would not be surprised if this was not sabatoge by the Cap and Traders. Why did 11 men have to die without hardly any investigation for so long? As for the Cap and Traders, why don’t they go to China and India and tax the hell out of them who are producing the magority of the world’s pollution. We need to be drilling in Anwar, South and North Dakota and other land areas where we can control a spill without much effect on the enviroment. As for Rahm Emanuel, well he and the white house are always the one’s who are blaming someone else. Joe Barton you are a great American along with Joe Wilson and it would be a pleasure to shake your hand. Why don’t more people have the guts to speak out against this Marxist, communist, Muslim, teleprompter, socialist, Kenyan puppet that 68 million dollars plus put in office.

  • jopa

    That was just the first half of Bartons speech.He also went on to talk of the benefits of the spill such as not having to worry about shark attacks if they are all dead and if you jump into the gulf whoopie you come out looking like John Boehner.I say money talks and the BP BS flies.

    • Brownhawk

      Barton was right it was a shakedown From the Chicago Crim Inc.
      He should have never appologize to The SOB in the white House nor
      to anyone else.Some say they fill sory for 680 million dollars that
      got him elected, I’m sorry that there are so many ignorant people in
      The Nation cause he told them is intentions, “Transform America” So
      I “How is that Transformation working for all those idiots?

  • Fred

    I’m sorry it was 680 million plus dollars that put him in office.

    • Smilee


      Actually it was because he got the most votes but don’t let facts stop you from telling lies.

  • bobinpa.

    This Incompetent, Unqualified, Marxist, Raghead, POSER doesn’t and Hasn’t done ANYTHING right. JOBS, The WAR,the ECONOMY, HEALTHCARE. IMMIGRATION. Obama is nothing but a LYING, LOSER. All this Raghead can do right is BOW to his Muslim LEADERS. From OIL in the Gulf, to NUKES in IRAN, Obama is a disgrace. Oh yeah, how’s your JOB situation?? Are those CENSUS workers still working??

  • dennispa

    I truly believe those who support this president over reaching acting like judge and jury to shakedown BP for money that they were already obliged to provide, will buy off on any violation of his constitutional obligations. If Obama can do this to BP he will do it any number of other companies in his quest for full on socialism!

    I’m not sure his combined actions since becoming president are not borderline treasonous!

    Just a thought.

    • Ann Williams

      I agree with you, whole-heartedly.
      He’s gotta Go!

  • JCO


  • Richard J. Sizer

    I served God & Country as a SeaBee in the South Pacific – take no prisoners! I fought for Sanity with a bottle in one hand and My God
    in the other hand for 40 years? My six children intervened on Father’s Day of 1988. With 22 years of Sobriety, I see America fighting Our War inside America – Our Civil War to Maintain Individual Peace? United We Stand! – Divided We Fall? The Money Fight? 2000 Years ago a Child was Born – Money is worthless! Love Buys Happiness in Eternity! Love God above All Else, etc. Amen

    Richard – Son of Joseph! – Grandson of Mary!- Blessed by God!

  • s c

    Barton never learned that when you’re RIGHT, you NEVER apologize. Apparently, Barton’s spine is dissolving, and he’s literally surrounded with people who want him to brown-nose and suck up to progressives. Mr. Barton, consider resigning.
    Of course progressives criticize ANYONE who dares to side with a corporation. How absolutely predictable they are.
    At the same time, progressives are in bed with and are in lust with the Fed, and they can’t understand how they’ve elevated HYPOCRISY to an art form. They can LIE 24/7, but that’s somehow ‘OK.’
    Barton, be a man or BE GONE. Change your Specter-like ways, or get ready to be voted OUT so you can necome another strinking, useless progressive. What the hell is your problem?

  • chucky

    First off I have no love for BP but accidents happen. it happened and BP has made a 20 billion dollar commitment when they could of just put 77 milliom up (which is the cap) according to the law passed after the exxon spill. Taking BP officials to the wood shed could of been done after the problem is solved. pointing fingers is not needed now and will not accomplish much.

    • Kinetic1

      Accidents happen, but they happen more often when you ignore proper procedures and protocol. All the evidence thus far suggests that this was not an unforeseen slip, but rather the result of taking too many risks to increase profits. As far as “taking BP to the wood shed”, have you failed to pay attention to what has happened to those damaged by the Exxon Valdez?

      The time and money spent suing Exxon for damages after the fact has helped few people more than the lawyers. It took 5 years to get through the initial court battle, and then after Exxon was found liable an appeals court ordered that the punitive damages be cut. In 2006, 17 YEARS after the spill, Exxon was ordered to pay the roughly 33,000 victims $2.5 billion in punitive damages, but how much of that will go to lawyers? What do you suppose life has been like for those whose livelihoods were ruined while they waited for restitution? How many died before the final verdict?

      The Obama administration did the right thing. The president may have come off as thuggish to some as he presented a tough stance to appeal to those who called him weak, but this was a negotiation with BP, not a shake down. BP came in with an agenda just a clearly as our representatives did, and in the end each side came away with something. In our case it is a guaranteed fund to help the victims now and not 17 years down the road.

      As for Joe Barton, his apology was an issue because he is the top representative of his party on the energy and commerce committee. This is not just a matter of one man’s free speech, but of a man who represented the whole of the Republican party. This was a high ranking government official who felt it was his place to publicly dress down and apologize for our president! No matter how he may have condemned the actions of BP in this spill, he was wrong. He has a right to his opinion as a private citizen, but he was out of place to make such remarks on the floor.

      • Strawberry Shortcake


        You are trying so hard to balance on that fence of yours that you are starting to fall off. What evidence? You speak so matter of fact concerning violations BP has made etc. Look, I’m not taking that off the table, but you cannot sit and think that just because a news network says it (even Fox) then it must be true. Things can be spun any way those with power and money wish to spin it. You don’t find it odd that this whole oil crisis suddenly gives Obama a reason to decide that banning drilling is a good idea? This on the heels of him approving offshore drilling (which I believe was for show)? Are you kidding me? He campaigned to the contrary regarding oil energy. Now we are loaning Brazil two million dollars so they can drill for oil and sending Deep Horizon’s drilling equipment to them for use as well? Consider this; the government made them drill to a depth of 5000 feet. They wanted to drill 500 feet, but Uncle Sam stepped in and said uh, no, you’ll drill to the depths that WE tell you. So while they are kicking BP in the teeth, where exactly lies their accountability? I’m sorry, there are dots to be connected here.

        As for Barton, he absolutely had every right to speak his opinion on behalf of whomever he wished to speak it…as a private citizen, top representative of the energy and commerce committee, or a congressman on the floor. The latter being even more so, in my opinion. That is the very fabric of this country’s principles.

        Lastly, you gave me a good chuckle with the whole “blame Obama” comment, you have to be joking. I truly don’t feel it’s a fitting assessment of the “dunces” commenting on this particular article. Have you forgotten how many times “we inherited this problem” has come out of Obama and his administration’s mouth, especially when they should have absolutely been accountable for their decisions? Hardly a parallel to those that feel Barton was right for exercising his Constitutional right (regardless of his reasons behind doing it or whether anyone liked it or not). Only a liberal would sum that up as some kind of “blame Obama for everything” syndrome.

        • http://naver samurai

          I don’t know who you are, but I hope you stay on these posts for a long time! It’s good to see someone who will stand up for what is right. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP GOING!

          • Norm

            The blind leading the blind. Try praying hypocrite.

          • http://naver samurai

            I do that everyday, abnorm. The Lord our God knows how many of us feel about the terrorist in office. It seems you don’t really pray that much, do you abnorm? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Smilee

            samurai says:
            June 24, 2010 at 7:26 am

            I do that everyday, abnorm. The Lord our God knows how many of us feel about the terrorist in office. It seems you don’t really pray that much, do you abnorm? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

            He also knows how much you lie, and as Obama is still in office I guess he has not answered your prayers either.

      • Ann Williams

        Obama did NOT do the right thing — Not Now; Not Ever!
        He’s a jackass, and has No Idea WHAT to do about Anything!

        • http://naver samurai

          Here, here!

      • Smilee


        I have not heard BP complain and we all know they had no legal obligation to agree to this agreement they could have chosen to go the route that Exron Valdeze took by stalling it off 20 years and then hope to get lucky and have the SC reduce the award to peanuts as it did in the Exron Valdeze spill. I take my hat off to BP for stepping up to the plate and taking this much responsibility for those who suffered loses because of them. Lets hope they will agree to pay the total costs of the clean up and not leave for you and I to pick up the tab. Most people hear seem to have no concern what so ever for the losses occurred by so many in the gulf and do nothing but criticize this voluntary agreement and do not forget the parties actually involved in the negotiations have not even hinted there was a shake down.

  • Fred Campbell

    Mr Barton apologized for the rudeness of our elected representatives.

    This was an appropriate and meritorious act.

    Thank you for restoring a measure of civility to our government.

  • Marilyn

    Big Man Obama and his cronies have made fools of themselves with BP. Yes, the people and sea life affected by the BP oil disaster deserve some kind of retribution but Obama is stepping up after his one month delay in Gulf Crisis to make it appear he is a hero. HogWash! BP had already started making payments to those who came forth. Obama’s demands were made “long after BP was in midst of making financial payments to the affected people!” Joe Barton seems to be the only decent politician who knows what is happening. I regret that he had to make an apology. The 20 billion + that BP will pay into a “fund” for the relief of the Gulf Oil Disaster will be managed by a chosen Government team. WE all know what happens to funds that are managed by the United States Government these days. The affected shrimpers, etc. will be lucky to see a dime of it unless the fund is handled by BP.
    Lest we forget, BP, so far, has been the only company that is allowed to clean up the mess. We and other countries have many intelligent people who could help with the disaster. Why is our Government only pointing fingers, making up stupid legislature to control American Citizens, and not jumping in to HELP BP? Strange, isn’t it?

    • Kinetic1

      Once again I ask, how much of the 9/11 money is unaccounted for? How many victims/families are complaining that they weren’t helped? This fund will be administered by the same man who is in charge of the 9/11 fund, you know, the fund set up under then President Bush? That fund was all, 100% taxpayer money. Was that a Republican slush fund, or are these types of funds only slush under Democratic administrations?

      As for our government’s involvement in the clean up, what do you know? According to many sources we have had experts involved all along. How do you know how many ideas have been put forth? Why would you suppose that our scientists would have more expert knowledge than BP’s? Yes, we turned down offers from several countries due to several laws and EPA standards. That may have been short sighted, but consider this; the Dutch oil skimmers pull water and oil from the ocean, then release the settled water back into the ocean with some remaining oil. That would seem like a reasonable result, given what we have seen, but BP lied about the amount of oil gushing and their ability to clean it up! Much of our government’s decisions were based on BP’s information, and BP was looking to cover their butts. If they had confessed that they, like most of the industry had done little to prepare for this type of failure, we would likely be in a much better position.

  • Richard J. Sizer

    What is the Mystery? Washington, DC – the Capital of Confusion! -
    Political Babble? – Smoke and Mirrors? – Self Interest to Win Election to Office? Every Amarican is Born With a Heart and Soul?
    To Love Money or Love God and Others? Your Choice?

  • trp 878

    Barton had every right to say what he did. The Reps that scolded him were wrong. You Reps. still don’t get it. Boehner from Ohio. I had some respect for you, however, your missing the boat again. Remember NY when you endorsed the Republican candidate who lost then turned “Rhino” and backed the Democratic candidate. You should have learned a lesson from that. Don’t be supporting the Liberals for anything. Barton was right & you threw him under the bus. Sure hope you learn this time, or the Tea Party may decide that you are selling out conservatism.
    I have but 2 quotes to offer you:
    “ir sapit qui pauca loquitur” – (That man is wise who talks little)
    “verbum sat sapienti”- (A word is enough for a wise man.)

  • L.J.

    This “display” by the Whitehouse was nothing more than one of Obama’s “dog and pony” shows. All it serves to do is to distract the public’s attention away from the real things going on. Thank God the court reversed Obama’s 6 month moratorium on offshore drilling. And oh yeah, you just know that bastard [Obama] will appeal it. The one who wants to “stack” the Supreme court with nothing but radicals. I have never hated a “president” more than I do this impostor!

    • richeyrich

      My sentiments exactly, Ollie (Laurel and Hardy).

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course, is Barton’s apology any worse than those of Obama bin Laden, who goes worldwide to apologize for America?? We know BP is not innocent. But they’re not totally to blame. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!! If they didn’t, we wouldn’t need PIP, collision or liability insurance on our cars. We know BHO’s negligence and incompetence deserves a good % of the blame for the losses in this Gulf crisis. IMO, a good apology to BP could be something like this: “I’m sorry that more than a 5th of Americans were foolish enough to elect a Marxist POTUS in 2008, as well as democraps in Congress who cater to environmentalist wackos by forcing all drilling way out in deep waters. But if I were BP, I wouldn’t support C**p & Trade, crony capitalism, nor would I give a penny to the campaign of a Marxist like BHO!!”

  • bobinpa.

    Did the”Closet Muslim” in the White House EVER return all the Campaign Money that BP gave him? That Phoney POS makes you sick. Maybe he gave it all to his Buddy George Soros at Petrol-Bra.

    • Kinetic1

      Wile your attacking the president for the money his campaign received from BP, did you forget that Rep. Barton received over $40,000 from BP and their employees? How about the fact that the oil industry is his number one source of donations? $1,448,000 since 1990! Yeh, I might apologize to them as well if I owed them that much.

      • marvin

        Kinetic1 BEFOR OPENING MOUTH AND PUTTING IN FOOT JOE BARTON WAS talking about the way your goverment was mishandling the law this is a country of laws and the due process their of just like all american citizens even you have that right to speak your opinion joe barton was not upholding bp or there ceo but just about the blackmailing and illegal taking

        • Smilee


          What law was mishandled, this was a mutual agreement that is perfectly legal and Barton knew it too and he tried to play politics with it and it blew up in his face.

  • marvin

    HERE IS SOME NEWS EL PRESIDENT ODUMBO IS GOING TO EXECUTE AN EX. ORDER TO GIVE AMNESTY TO 15 TO 20 MILLION ILLEGALS THEIR FOR BY PASSING CONGRESS AND THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, well people the change we need can not happen fast enuf, this morron has passed carter as most unamerican president in modern history he needs to go people get out and vote in nov 2010/2012

    • Smilee


      Where did you hear this BS, It is just pure garbage and another lie.

  • TexasGrandma

    Okay guys-Fred Campbell says it very nicely-Barton was apologizing for the rude, arrogant and hypocritical rhetoric that our so-called elected officials were exhibiting.
    The apology was not to BP or any of its officials.
    If you have been watching these clowns in DC for as long as I have and I’m 60+,You wouls see our government go down the toilet. that not very nice for sixty something grandmother to say but guys and gals it’s the truth.
    Just a few years ago, someone in Congress or in the Senate wanted to pass legislation that the only people that could be elected to Congress or a Senator had to be a lawyer. Of course it didn’t go anywhere, but this was the mindset. Clowns in DC think they know what’s best for us little people.
    If you really want change was going on in DC, you need to get out and vote. Get out the young vote! `

    • Smilee


      I’m almost seventy and I totally disagree with you and have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote, in case you forgot the young got out in record numbers in 08 and many analysts credit that for Obama being elected. I agree lets get the young out to vote.

  • Otto Johansen

    Rep. Barton was the only civil blowhard that had an opportunity to speak at that disgraceful public flogging! It was decent of him to apologize for the shakedown and the breakdown of due process. BP had no legal obligation to submit to the shakedown, yet it did agree to contribute $20B to somebody’s slush fund. One can’t help but wonder what the Bamster threatened to do to them if they didn’t agree…
    The Republican leadership forced Barton to retract his apology because to leave it intact would be used by the Dimocrats as a talking point associating all Republican candidates with Big Oil (the arch-enemy of the Earth).
    In the end, no answers came out of that so-called congressional hearing because none yet exist. Waxman and his cronies are always careful to have discrete hearings if they’re trying to get answers, but they have these public displays of sheer arrogance whenever their objective is to humiliate their victim. I can’t help but wish the BP guy had been able to take those clowns down a few pegs, but they are the originators of the issue, after all.
    In my opinion, Barton was right, and BP was acceptably contrite.

  • marvin

    liberal liberal liberal what can i say it is like hoof and mouth,open mouth insert foot don,t tell the truth if a lie will do more good,don,t look for the reason or what happed jump to conclusions try to bluff and intimidate win at all cost no matter who or what you hurt

  • gary

    It is terrible that Barton apologized for what he said. He should have told the Republicans that he would resign before he would apologize. THe same goes for general McCrystal. If you say something and mean it then be prepared to stand up for what you believe in. DO not back down! This was a shakedown pure and simple and we all should know this. This piece of trash in the white house does not need congress or anyother branch. He will pass it without consent.


    It is ashame that Barton bowed to the likes of the cowardly republicans but a great cushy job is hard to find these days…..


  • chuck b

    with barton apologizing and the repubs insisting he do so omly shows why the republicans can’t win. “they are wimps” they defeat themselves with their self righteousness, the demos know how to make the repubs retreat, just accuse them of anything and immediately they are on the defense.

    the hearing chaired by the “rat” waxman was a diversion, did they really expect the bp ceo to admit guilt by the questions they asked, even i know better than that, no that hearing was to place quilt on bp so barry could shake them down for 20b and i’ll bet the biggest part of that money goes to welfare in new orleans.

    barry soetoro is a disgrace to this country along with the democrat house and senate.

  • Charlie

    A new gentleman stepping in? Blair as new boss of BP? British paper says so….
    LONDON – British financial insiders are touting former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the next chairman of beleaguered energy giant BP, the Daily Mirror newspaper reported on Wednesday.
    “Anyone who watched chief executive Tony Hayward struggle to find a voice while being skewered by Congress last week would have realized the company needs to step up its debating skills by about 1,000%,” said writer and financial columnist Matthew Lynn.
    Executives’ gaffes have defined BP’s reaction in the wake of the April 20 rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has become an object of hate in parts of the United States and endured scathing criticism from politicians and the public as a whole.
    BP’s reputation is not the only thing to have taken a beating — its shares have lost 50 percent of their value since the Deepwater Horizon spill began.
    Tony Blair, who led the country for 10 years and is popular in the United States, could help repair the BP’s public image, Lynn said.
    “This is essentially a political crisis, so why not a politician?” he said.
    Traders are betting that Blair will replace BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, the Mirror reported.
    Since stepping down in June, 2007, Blair has acted as peace envoy to the Middle East and taken-up directorships on the boards of several companies.
    –Brinley Bruton,
    Exactly what has the President Obama done on his four trips there? BP already said they would Pay and be responsible. Now they get new assistance but certainly trained experienced oil folks must know more than the common man. This is accident As an airplane crash Yes it hurts.. but focus and judgement should be Accomplished by professional in the industry and not all deep or shallow drilling be judged from it, Obviously Am is in need? This was a great loss.

  • Ms. Jones

    This Administration’s first response to any crisis is to blame someone else. In the case of the oil spill, did BHO visit the grieving families (remember, 11 men died on that rig)? Did he search for expert advice on how to stem the gusher and mitigate damage to the Gulf? No. His Administration’s first official act was to promise to keep their “boot on the throat” of BP and make them PAY! Yeah, okay, Prez, you’re a real tough guy. Go kick some more a$$, lay some more blame, shakedown some more bad guys–that’s Chicago style “leadership”. Someone should tell this Administration that you can catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Tony Hayward pledged from Day One (oh, how I hate that phrase) that BP would clean up the mess and reimburse those injured. Claims were being paid long before the $20B shakedown. Congressmen bent on re-election hectored, lectured and tried to humiliate Hayward on C-Span for the folks back home. Does it occur to anyone that, pushed far enough, Hayward and BP just might say, “Screw you! You want clean up? MAKE US! We’ll see you in court”. With their billions, the clean up and restitution could take decades of protracted legal wrangling. It is possible to hold someone accountable without publicly hanging them out to dry. Everyone saves face; everyone wins. And how about the idiot liberals who are advocating a BP boycott? Do you people ever think things through with your “feel good” politics? Who do you think will feel the effects of the boycott first? Maybe the clerks who man the individual stations? Then the American franchisees. So, before Tony Hayward feels the first twinge of economic demise, you’ve put your neighbors out of business and destroyed how many American jobs? And suppose you’re ultimately successful, and manage to bankrupt BP and put them out of business altogether. Who is going to pay for the cleanup then, in the years and decades to come, if BP is bankrupt?

  • John Despard

    Barton is up for re-election in November. Are the republicans sincere enough to de-fund his campaign and possibly sponsor a write-in candidate in November? I think it is safe to assume they will continue to support him and hope this blows over by then. I urge any of his constituents to show their outrage and vote against him in November.

  • BobbyB

    OMG do any of you get your “facts” from any source other than Fox, Rush, or Hannity? This whole thing is just another example of big oil not giving a rats ass about anything but profit. Exon has STILL not paid for the Valdez episode. There was one warning after another that there were problems with this rig. Just like there were problems with the oil line in Alaska BP was in charge of. Wake up people. America has been taken over by big business PERIOD. 20 billion won’t begin to cover the losses to both our environment and the people of the Gulf Coast. It’s not a shake down. If you or I knock down a telephone pole with a car, we will be made to pay because we (word removed for offensive content) up. Is that a shake down? This spill will change America as we knew it forever. And all you patriots! BP stands for?

  • richeyrich

    If BO can apologize to the Saudi’s then Barton can apologize to Tony Hayward.

    • richeyrich

      By the way, by law, the federal Minerals Management Service was supposed to require British Petroleum (BP) to provide adequate safety measures and response plans for a worst-case oil spill before granting the company a permit to drill. Since they obviously failed in their job, our Gov’t is ultimately the ones to blame.

      • Smilee

        The current regulations that Cheney and his oil industry cronies during the last administration put in place to gave the oil companies the green light to do as they liked, these things are starting to come to light and you can bet your bottom dollar these will be revisited and changes for the better will follow. Just another mess left us by the Bush administration that needs to be cleaned up of course the conservative will let him off the hook by claiming Obama will blame all his problems on Bush even when the facts clearly show the messes he made falls on Obama to fix and he will given the needed time it will take to do so and that cannot happen over night. It takes time!

  • Jim H.

    If Barton really meant what he said, he should have stood behind it. When you say something and then cave in to to others it makes you look wishy washy. Show a backbone and take a stand.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    I have in front of me, as I write this, yet another “Poll” (called a “National Referendum On America’s Leadership”) – yet another ” … Special Project Of The National Republican Congressional Committee. As has become my custom, under “other” in my contributed amount, instead of $25.00 to 1,000.00, I have entered $000.02 and have taped said amount to the questionnaire. Under “other” in additional concerns, I have entered “Insert a spine in the GOP”. Unfortunately, an oxymoron would be asking: “How clueless can they be?”.

    • Jim H.

      Hi Myron, You’re putting in you 2cents. Good for you. I wonder if the person looking at the questionnaire gets it. It boggles my mind, how one of these guys finally shows the guts to say or do the right thing, they get a little criticism and they back down instead or running it in for the touchdown. STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEFS. Show a little backbone, insert a spine it says it all.

  • http://gmail i41

    kentic1, let’s see there is the union slush fund, the trial lawyers fund, gotton from frivolous lawsuits, creating smucks like John Edwards, the EPA and their green ilk that do shake downs on any business, the rainbow coalition, who shake down businesses to hire lazy drug headed blacks, the blanket butt indians, and of course the Wall Street bankers funds, and energy companies, oil electricity and the “green energy groups”, and all are democrat party rotten gut brains, and you inquire with a assine question like that. Put down your “Alice in Wonderland and Hairy Fairy Land Dreams” and go to the library or watck Fox news and listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. As for the Alskan Pipeline, socialist democrats and the anal greenies were sure it would not last 3 years, there has been enough oil going through, it is wearing out the pipe line, and we are still getting oil through it, every simple minded moron that, buys the b–l s–t line about beutiful scenery. It is crap, the out side mt range has some but very few wild life, where the drilling was planned, it is so damn barren, voles don’t even live on the the flats, no voles, no artic foxes, the first wild life to show up in artic lands. As usual feel good greenie donkey brains, think land all looks like their front yards. Most simple bastards are democrats and all greenies couldn’t survive working out there in the open. Everyone wishes the democrats and all the greenies and government idoits would move to Russia, and show how damn intellegent they are and live in a area with a f–ked upped government system, it will have health care, government food production and a socialist communist democratic form of controlling government for everything.

  • Stephen Russell

    Apologize to BP that dumba** Congress & the Eco groups caused this mess to begin with.
    Hey BP pay UP More.
    Sell assets.
    Watch out Big Oil & Exxon/Chevron/Texaco/Unocal.
    Obamas comin after U Next.

  • mehoward

    Representative Barton said what a lot of people believed if they were truthful. He said that bp was responsible for the spill and should take care of the clean up. He just said that the president was strong arming bp and that is true. If Obama had any interest in containing
    the oil spill he would let any and all persons that had a good idea to
    come to the gulf and help. He and the environmentalist have an alternative position. They think that if they let the oil spill kill the gulf then there could be a ban forever on drilling oil in the gulf.
    Did you know that Obama is trying to send Brazil 2 billion dollars (which we don’t have) for them to drill on their coast. Did you know who is behind this and stands to make billions on this deal? George Soros. This man has billions of dollars why do the American taxpayers have to foot this bill when it will not help us one bit. I truly believe that Obama is trying to bankrupt America. He does not love America and has no loyality to it. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability,perserve,protect and defend the constitution of the United States” TEXT OF THE OATH OF OFFICE FOR

  • Kenneth Chemin

    I am afraid I agree with Barton’s Apologizing to BP. The first people with their feet on the fire is the union rig inspectors. Three weeks before the fire the union gave the rig a clean bill of health. So who is more to blame BP or the union inspectors.

  • http://gmail i41

    The inspectors were also probably socialist democrat contributers and like most government inspectors are such putzs, they can not survive in the real world. To think out of the box, they, like their democrat handlers, only do that when they open up the stall door or the bathroom door. I was impressed with Barton’s apology, but the Washington Beltway frat boy club beat him like a rented mule, when he actually was embarressed with the jackasses idoit questioning, Everyone should beat the rented muslim donkey and all of the agency jackasses. I think McCystal decided to flame out, to show what a bunch of s–t brain are in Washington, and protect the troops, the need of money for fighting muslims, talks and b–l s–t theorist walks everyone backward. Maybe Petrus can get rid of some of the democrat pacifist rules of engagement, shoot first and check it out later, only good muslim terrorist over there, is a dead one with his bastard buds. But we all know socialist democrats and Onumnut are close buds to any diaper headed jerk.

  • Ricky


  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


    • Norm

      Yes linda you are a loser. Keep up the good work.

      • http://naver samurai

        Not as big a loser as the one you see when looking in the mirror!

        • Norm

          Yeah. I wish you’d sto looking over my shoulder. I don’t trust you behind me to start with.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry abnorm, but I’m not out to get you. I just want you to try to understand the way this country was founded by our christian founding fathers. Also, how far we have stray from that dream they had of how this nation was supposed to be. I understand the points you make (good, bad, or indifferent), but you have to understand that the left has done so much damage to this country since Wilson, it would take more than a two term president to fix it. Norm, you seem like a dedicated man. Don’t you agree at all that it would take a certain amount of time to fix the damage already done? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      Linda, I understand what you are saying and you are right. I’ve by fighting to take our country back in every way I know how. I send letters to both Senators from Indiana, wrote Obama bin Laden a blistering letter (still no response after a year), called representatives, wrote Biden, sent the Hildebeast a nasty gram, go onto posts like this one, study any materials I can to help in this fight, pray everyday, going to vote in November (Remember every vote counts! “A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may be the difference between victory and defeat.), go to tea party meetings, etc., if this isn’t enough then I don’t know what else I can do. Believe me Linda, I have friends asking me to run for Senate in 2012. I haven’t given them an answer yet. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! Let’s take our country back by taking a broom to Washington and cleaning of our house. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      • Smilee


        I’ll bet after all those pesty communications you sent you are on all of their idiot lists and that is why you are being ignored. If you were intelligent you would know you have not lost your country just because your party is out of power, so,in reality there is no country to take back as you still have it. I’m told by many but no one on this site that in 08 they got their country back.

  • Delores Smith


    Joe Barton should never have apologized. My concern was that he didn’t use a strong enough word. What Obama did is EXTORTION. Obama has appointed himself the Judiciary Branch of Government, as he functions as The Executive Branch. He ignores our laws and the Constitution. As for BP, they are not out of the woods yet. Why did Obama meet in the Oval Office with the Chairman of the Board, and exclude Tony Hayward, CEO, who was in charge of operations? Earlier, Obama’s excuse for not talking to Hayward at any time was, “A guy like that always has all the right answers.” At first, that indicated to me that Obama feels very inferior to anyone who is knowledgable. However, if he made a deal with the Chairman of the Board, that explains a lot. Why did Obama grant a $2,000,000,000 loan to Petro-Brazil, a couple of days after George Soros invested in the company. This is an indication to me that Obama was determined to stop all oil drilling in the Gulf. My concern is what he is doing to our nation. Look at the Gulf. The people in the Gulf states want to continue drilling. Obama your concern about safety for the people is not playing in Peoria. We, in Arizona, have drug cartel rifles pointed at our Border Patrol. The cartel has threated to sniper-fire at the Patrol. You are concerned about us also…hmmmm.
    Delores Smith

    • Smilee

      Check and you will find out the info you give us on Petro-Brazil and George Soros is not true, this again is a far right wing propaganda that is rarely true and keeps proving that that most of their fabricated stories are not true. You throw in a lot of other Bull$hitt which also reveals your lack of care for the truth.


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