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Republicans Demand Border Security Following Act Of Violence By An Illegal Immigrant

April 2, 2010 by  

Republicans demand border security following act of violence by an illegal immigrant Responding to the murder of a well-known Arizona rancher by an alleged illegal immigrant, prominent former and current members of the GOP have called on President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to properly secure the border between the United States and Mexico.

Former Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) told Fox News on Tuesday that the seemingly random act of violence is an all too common example of the lack of control that authorities have north of the Mexican border.

"There is not going to be any effective barrier on that border because there is no desire to stop illegal immigration," he said. "They’re not using any human resources effectively."

The 58-year-old rancher was found murdered at his estate on Saturday and authorities found footprints leading back to a large gap in the border fence just south of his property line.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has said that the Homeland Security office has yet to respond to his pointed letter demanding that Secretary Napolitano send National Guard troops to help secure the area, CBS News reports.

"The people of Arizona and the United States demand and deserve secure borders," McCain wrote. "I hope that you will take a personal interest in ensuring that Arizonans can feel safe and protected on their own property and not live in fear of the increasing violence along the border."

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  • s c

    Here’s a great chance for the current ultraliberal progressive messiah to show the America people how he looks at the murder of an American citizen by an “alleged” illegal immigrant. Assuming that he cares (HOW?), we will be treated to yet more limp rounds of barfed-out dialogue and delays.
    Let him PROVE that his pet AG – Holder – serves a purpose in government. If this prez turns his back on the murder of an American citizen, then the people of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas might as well get used to doing the government’s job. Now THERE’S a truly RADICAL CONCEPT, eh?

    • JC

      Don’t wait for the government to intervene, they arranged what we now have. People along the border may need to arm up. And maybe the Minutman organizations need to get active since the government agents are handcuffed.

      • tsalagi

        My sentiments exactly,,, I’d hunt with you any time,,, your what I refer to as a sportsman. Give them a fair chance,,, about 500 yards would be just about right,and about 300 would be more to exemplify the fact that we do not want these interlopers to have access to our country,,, if they want in,,, do it the way millions others have done before,,, &,,,, if you can not understand english,,, leave ,,, we do not want you here.

  • Enlightened one

    The incompetent Republicans shouldn’t be demanding anything, in fact if the had a backbone and an ounce of integrity the republicans would admitt they did nothing at all about illegal immigrants or border security for 8 years…. Just another issue they shoved down the road so someone else would have to clean up they’re mess..

    • Jim H.

      Dead-lighted 1, Your saying because the previous administration didn’t do enough we should just let it go? If it was just shoved down the road for someone else to clean up, shouldn’t that someone else get started? It isn’t just the last 8 years, because it NEVER got done. It seems to me whenever some one in the last 8 years attempted to do something it ran into a lot of opposition, mostly Dems yelling “racist”. How many more US citizens have to die before it’s OK to start doing something?

      • eyeswideopen

        Jim, in case you didn’t notice, the repubs have had control of House and Senate since 1995 to 2007. The dems had no ability to stop them. here is a visual for you since to seem to think that the dems had control.

        In defense of Bush, he did want to address immigration, but the repubs didn’t want to deal with it, their goal was to just enrich the wealthy and stay in power.
        Don’t worry, if the dems get a backbone, immigration will be addressed.

        • Jim H.

          Eyes, “If” the dems get a backbone, it will be addressed. “If” being the operating word here. Dems had the senate in 01&02, Remember James( Judas) Jeffers. The reps didn’t hold 60 seats in the senate so the dems could hinder the proccess and they did, just like what the reps tried to do with the health care boondogle that just went through. Where do you think the reps learned that from. My point to Unlightened one was you can’t go back JUST 8 years, it has been a problem all along. I really don’t have faith in the dems growing a backbone on this issue any time soon. If they choose to address it, they’ll just screw things up even more trying to appear PC, instead of figuring out that ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. They should let our border patrol do their job unhindered and finish building the fence that was already approved.

          • Enlightened one

   my post again and try not to add statements that aren’t there…. My point isn’t that president Obama shouldn’t do anything , I think commonsense says he should…. I said republicans shouldn’t be demanding anything .. They have done nothing about illegal immigration since Ronald Reagan granted amnasty to illegals when he was president…I think common sense says it’s hypocracy for republicans to ” Demand ” the president do anything… President Obama has already said he’ll adress immigration, I want to see what that mean… Their are penaltys that I’ve seen discussed for those that come here illegally , I want to see if they really do that…. My opinion is that if the laws we already have on the books were followed we wouldn’t need reform or an amnasty ( which I’m aginst).. I’d like to see those that hire illegals fined..

          • Jim H.

            I’m getting tired of the blame game, instead of trying to point out who’s fault it is we should be trying to find a solution. What’s needed is someone smart enough to solve the problem and brave enough to do it. With Polosi, Ried, and Obama at the helm I just don’t see it.

          • Joe H.

            Jim H.,
            How right you are!!! the people spoke about this issue when Bush was in office and we had a liberal majority!! They tried to do amnesty and we told them to shove it and their job where the sun don’t shine and they buckled under to us then and will now if we just do like we did then!!!! Let them know we are displeased people!!! Let them know we will not accept the status quo any longer!!! i have sent messages to all my reps demanding that they insure there are no more deaths from this scourge and I also sent them notices through about three of the groups that are sending them as well!!!

        • Cribster

          Why oh why must some keep blaming past politicians and policies. Yes Reagan made a huge mistake with amnesty, Bush sucked but we cannot change the past, we can do something about TODAY, TOMORROW.

          This recent slaughter by foreign invaders happened to make the news but the slaughter occurs daily across the entire country.

          American citizens are murdered every day by illegal aliens! There’s a minimum of 30,000,000 illegals here and they’re are breeding their spawn as fast as humanly possible.

          This one problem alone is enough to destroy America if we don’t get a handle on it now.

          • Steven

            This president sucks too…what makes you think he is going to do anything. We cannot even get him to prove he is a citizen.

      • Harold Olsen

        You’re right. Whenever the Republicans said they wanted to do something about illegal immigration they were called racists so they backed off. It’s just another example of what I have been saying about the Republicans being wimps and cowards when they were once the party of ideas. They are more concerned about being labeled racists than doing the right thing. Well, they already have that label so they have nothing to lose but are too stupid to realize it. They should have taken action against illegals and told the morons calling them racist to just go to hell. It’s a cinch that Obama won’t do anything about illegals. He wants them here and he wants to give them the right to vote. He doesn’t care how many Americans they kill because he hates this country and the people in it. Bush and the Republicans screwed us royally and that is one of the reasons why I’m an independent these days and no longer a Republican. Republican or Democrat: two sides of the same coin. They are interchangeable.

        • Robert

          Harold, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m sick and tired of having to vote for cowardly Republicans who are sooooooooooo afraid of being called “raycissssssssssss” by the left wing goons. That’s why I now vote Constitution Party. The bad thing is that it’s still basically a two party system in this country and neither party knows what the hell they’re doing. Once, just once I’d love to see a high ranking politician of either party tell it like it is about the illegal mexican invasion and that it MUST be stopped at once. Instead, all we get are Democrats who obviously hate Americans, especially white Christian Americans, and Republicans who act as if it’s the end of the world when some lousy Commiecrat goon brings out the race card against them.

    • Jim H.

      Enlightened One, I agree, let the people who enforce the laws do their job, unhindered. The laws are there to be enforced.

      • Harold Olsen

        The problem is, they WON’T enforce the laws. They just decide they need to pass more and tougher laws which they still won’t enforce. And besides that, Pelosi says it’s unpatriotic to enforce our immigration laws. Imagine that! Breaking the law is now patriotic.

        • Robert

          Pelosi and the rest of her ilk need to be kicked out of this country long, deep and continuously…..same as all those illegal wetbacks she loves so much.

          • Pat R

            Don’t forget Janet Napolitano! She and Obama have made it very clear to law enforcement officers that they can’t arrest “the illegal aliens”
            It is considered “profiling”!!!
            How is that for protecting American Citizens?

    • http://naver Brady

      Well, dimlighted one, you have some points here (Have to give credit where credit is due!), but this doesn’t mean that “Osama” Obama can’t try to fix the problem does it? I remember when Clinton was president, a group of illegals were coming across the border in Texas. There just so happened to be a squad of Marines at that place and time. They were sent to help the Border Patrol, who were spread oput very thin to cover the area of SW Texas. One of the illegals drew a weapon and fired on the Marines. As you know, the fool was killed by the Marines and Clinton didn’t do anything after this event took place. He didn’t have troops patrol the border, he didn’t call Vincente Fox (President of Mexico at the time.), he didn’t even give an ata boy to the Marines. I don’t exactly remember the date, but since this is another criminal act against Americans, how much longer should our government wait to respond?

      • Harold Olsen

        I remember that incident. The only thing that came out of it was that the left was up in arms over the Marines violating the Posse Comatase Law or whatever it’s called. They were also upset that a poor “innocent” Mexican had been killed.

      • Mike In MI

        Respond??– this whole government is a “criminal act against Americans”. They aren’t going to respond against their allies south
        of the border who are humping the weed, crystal, coke and horse used by democrats as party favors for their bid for votes.

    • Palin12

      Unenlightened One! You have taken too much LSD on your path to enlightenment!

    • JC

      How is it that you left wing sycophants manage to turn everything into a finger pointing blame exercise that has no bearing and offers no solutions? Oh yeah! Your all about 6 years sold that’s why.
      The problem is systemic…moron! It’s the whole damned system that is screwed up beyond repair. It must be rebuilt from scratch and based on the Constitution of the US.

    • tsalagi

      Hey wake up and smell the coffee,,, was it not the rebubs that sent our troops to Afganistan, to protect your borders,,, use your brains for something good & not some gooy mess to seperate your ears for which you can not hear,,, get some glasses you seem not to be able to see,

  • babybikerbabe

    What was it Ben Franklin said? “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    THIS is why we have no coverage of our borders. My fellow Americans have been too willing to give up essential liberties. I, for one, am ready to sacrifice whatever is necessary to GET THEM BACK!

    It appears that the time has come for all GOOD men (and women) to come to the defense of their country.

    If the National Guard is not offered, then a REAL citizen’s militia should be called up. The fundamental right to be secure in your person or property is not negotiable, and when you rely on someone else to provide that security (government) you have surrendered that right.

    Like the man says – keep some powder dry.

    • K. D. M.

      Well said..

      • Yankee Will

        I like it!

    • tedcrawford

      We might wonder if that isn’t just what obama wants to happen! Sure would give him good cover for Martial Law!

      • Mike In MI

        He’ll most likely try it at some point if he continues to meet opposition. He’s a hot-head and a megalomaniac. Did you see the way he reacted against Bret Baer during that interview a few weeks ago?
        Obama’s fury could hardly be restrained. That’s a bad combination in a person in the leader’s position. (Humphrey Bogart’s character, Captain Queeg, in “The Caine Mutiny”.)
        First, he’ll have Hillary bring back a U.N. Treaty to take away arms.

    • tsalagi

      your name is not what I read,,, your one to stand guard with,,, baby or not,,, biker or not,,, I no longer use a bike, however,, have been there & still have the tee shirt. I served my country in Nam,,, & I believe that if we continue to give up our rights,,, even a minute simblance of one, we the American public are not reading the news & we are still being like an Ostrich,,,, with our head buried in the sand. Come on America,,, we need more people out there like this one called babybikerbabe,,,

      Lets stand together,,, I live in Wyoming,,, & we have way to much
      WETBACK talk in our wally world stores. Send them back with the babies that we are paying for with our social security monies that they are not entitled to,,, but we are caring for them. Either send them back or USE OUR METHODS OF DEFENSE AGAINST,,,, THEM,,, This is the reason that the dems want to take away your guns,,,

  • Enlightened one

    Republicans remind me of the bratty child that breaks the cookie jar then demands somebody else fix it while throwing a tantrum…. And we already know that whatever president Obama does about illegal immigration the republicans will throw a tantrum… I’d like the republicans to hold their breath and stomp their feet till they turn blue and blow away….. Looks like the economys starting to grow and improve…. I know that’s bad news for the rightwing..

    • http://naver Brady

      Really? With Nevada at over 12% unemployment and Florida at 12.2%, this sounds like recovery to you? Some jobs have started coming back here to Indiana, but nothing you can have your family live on. Just wait till people start paying $2000 – $5000 more a year in taxes for this stupid heathcare program (Which 60% – 65% of Americans don’t want.), the small amount of recovery will vanish in an instant.

      • Enlightened one

        Brady, the job market added 162,000 jobs last month… That’s the best number in 3 years… As opposed to when the republicans were in charge and the country was losing 700,000 jobs a month… So is adding jobs good news?… It is to me but I realize you’d rather see the job losses continue so you could claim the president failed…. You’re really rooting aginst your country huh? Brady… I’m assuming you can read, not sure you can comprehend, but go to the business section of your local newspaper…. Second quarter starts ” with a bang”… Positive news…building permits up….good news….auto sales up …..good news …. New loans up 5%…..good news…..the labor department reports the recovery indicates a LASTING RECOVERY….. This is from the national business forecast….. Good news unless your an American hating rightwing Radical…I didn’t write these stats , I’m just telling you the news from the Dept of labor….. You mentioned Navada and Florida…. The report is nation wide…. So you better start screaming and becoming hysterical over the good news…. It’s a good start to recovery…most of you rightys were sure the healthcare bill wouldn’t pass… When it did you threw tantrums like children… To bad for you

        • Joe H.

          And how many of those jobs were taken by illegals??? you say it’s just the republicans shouting about the open border?? I didn’t know we had so many of them!!! You figure it, we had 86% of the people raising hell about it when Bush tried to pass amnesty, so how can you say that it’s just the repubs?????

        • Richard N

          So 162,000 new jobs, DUH that includes the Temp jobs for the the government doing the head count, most of them. But hey to an idiot temparary jobs working for an already inflated government might equal a recovery. This is not the signs of a recovery, and the auto sales that are up, look at the give aways the auto companies are handing out, this also is not a sign of a long term recovery!

          • JC

            Richard I believe that the only way we’ll ever have a long term economy is if the Fed and the Government get out of the business of economics altogether. What we have now is a manipulated system designed to control the American public, It’s a system of economic slavery.

        • Yankee Will

          Where in the world are you getting your “stats” from? Sounds to me like your pulling them out of your rear!
          You want to see some unemployment stats? Come on over to Michigan! I have worked for the same co. for almost 17 years, and have never been laid off…until last Aug. I have since worked about 9 weeks in the last 9 months. Obama’s “Hope and Change” apparently jumped right over Michigan. Except for taking over the auto industry. Hold your breath till the auto industry is OK again and lets see how your doing…

          • Mike In MI

            You can forget Government Motors making a comeback. Or any other motors except Ford. Look what Obama and Al Gore’s Dem friends did to the poor Toyota people. First they built an hysteria with fudged data so they could use “global warming” to bludgeon automakers into conformity to stupid gov’t specifications. Then, when there’s a problem with the new system they immediately call them in front of a congressional committee for a few hours of slap-down, humiliation and intimidation by a gang of theives. Toyota will have troubles for a few years before they fully get back on their feet. I think Obama planned it that way to protect his auto companies. But, Government-run anything can never be managed profitably. They can’t keep their fingers out of the till long enough to show a profit.

        • tedcrawford

          Take out the 60,000 temporary censis takers, add the fact that the country adds 125,000 newly qualified people to the work force every month and we have a net loss of About 25,000 jobs. Only progressives call that progress or improvement

        • Claire

          Enlightened One: I have said this time and time again. As far as I am concerned they ALL dropped the ball. One administration is as guilty as the other. The Democrats didn’t do anything in the past so how and why do you think they will do anything now? Are they going to grant amnesty to ALL illegals? If they do, they are nuts. We are overpopulated with illegals now. And I for one resent this fact. America cannot take on anymore!!! Illegals means this—they don’t pay taxes. We Americans have to!! We are picking up the tab for them. And I do not appreciate seeing my hard-earned dollars taking care of them. I am sick of the freeloaders. They get medical care, can’t pay for it and it ends up that all of us have to pay for it. What about the honest poor in America? I am a firm believer in looking out for America first. We cannot continue to take care of everyone in the world. It is time we looked out for America and her people. If this amnesty issue is handled just to seek votes, then to hell with the politicians who are in office. I am tired of it.

          • Claire

            When I said “what about the honest poor in America” I mean AMERICANS.

    • Jim H.

      E.O., When the unemployment rate is at 4.4% and the markets are at 13000 under a dem monopoly, like it was in 06 under a rep monopoly then talk to us.

    • TIME

      EO, So tell me just where is it that this recovery is going on?

      • Enlightened one

        Time… Don’t be so lazy, turn Fox news off for a minute and read the business section of today’s paper… If you’re capable… Just because you said you didn’t understand( where is this taking place).. The business section postnational numbers as well as your local economy…why are you even asking? read it yourself…as was stated … Good news on the economy will be bad news for the rightwing America haters..

        • s c

          Dark one, it’s time for some light in your cave. Though Thomas Jefferson said it first, Mark Twain said it best when he said “If you don’t read a newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read a newspaper, you’re misinformed.”
          Read a newspaper? B S. Most newspapers are dinosaurs, fit only for extinction. People can get better info from a small public library than you get from any of your media favorites (Katie Blabby, Matthews, Dan Blabber, etc.). The basic flaw in media journalism is in its refusal to OBJECTIVE. Your icons are too busy sucking-up to other losers who think whatever they say should be chiseled in granite.
          There is objectivity, and there is CRAP. If you live long enough, you might learn the difference – assuming that you care about having some credibility.

          • K. D. M.

            Those news papers are among the lame stream media that are Obama worshipers.

        • TIME

          Eo, So wow 162 thousand new jobs flipping bugers, WOW – how long before people can’t afford bugers?
          As in if AT&T is going to have to drop how many hundreds of thousand of jobs soon – and they are just one of countless companys that will be doing this by 2012.

          So – why even waste time with a job, {everyone just quit working,} why waste your time working for the Man?
          Why waste your life working when you can just get an EBT card and hang out and watch cable TV and drink beer all day?

          We don’t have any problems here in the US everything is just fine, and it will only get better if we all just stop working and paying TAX’S!

          We don’t need no stinking jobs! We don’t need to work, the Government will pay for us, so why work?

          Hey we now have FREE health Care, Free Cable TV, Free Cells phones, Free food, Free homes, Free water, Free electric, that is if your not working, so why work?

          Lets all just get with the program and see how special BarryO and his band of Happy people are, so quit your jobs today, apply for your EBT card and all your FREE Government stuff; ASAP.

          Why work?
          Keep in mind if your not working you will all have more time to pontificate with the great thinkers.
          lets get rid of envy, lets have the state take care of us all.

          • Joe H.

            now wait a minute my daughter just got one of those jobs and it was in retail!!! three days a week four to five hours a day!!!! WOW!!!! Such recovery!!!!

    • tsalagi

      Enlightend one,,, hey wake up again and smell the coffee,,,whom was elected into the offices of our congress,,, was it not a reflection of the idiotic ram down our throats of the Obamacare bill that turned the country back to the repubs,,,
      Please do not be stupid on here, this is not the place to verbilize your defeated encumbants…regret.

  • Lonewolfe

    I wouldn’t count on any kind of border control/enforcement anytime soon. After all, every illegal immigrant represents an almost certain vote for democrats since voting does not require proof of citizenship in most states.

  • Victor L Barney

    After reading all these responses, it seems that no body could do a better job than our current government is doing, which speaks volumes about how we got to be a “former” Republic! As far as recovery, that will not occur until, at least, early in 2012 and 2011 will make 1929 look like a Picnic in the Park! Watch! P.S. And, this if from only 15 months as a Business Major in College in 1966!

    • Harold Olsen

      2012?? You’re very optimistic, aren’t you??

  • Harold Olsen

    That John McCain is a real hypocrite. He’s right there with the Democrats pushing for amnesty for illegals. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is now “switching sides” in the hope that it will help him get re-elected. I blame him and the rest of the amnesty seekers for the death of that rancher. I hope he loses his re-election bid by a humiliatingly wide margin. We need to get rid of this RINO.

    • Victor L Barney

      A do agree!

    • Robert

      Again, you took the words right out of my mouth Harold. And I hope McCain takes other RINOs like Graham and Snowe with him to the unemployment line.

      • Yankee Will

        Right on the nose!

    • JC

      McCain is also pro gun control. He’s a globalist like most of them.

    • tsalagi

      Mr Olsen,,, or Mrs,,, we are with you,,, anyone that wants to switch sides just to get re-elected needs to be out on their ear,,, or a_ _. Oh by the way,,, the best way to vote is not dem or repubs… go for the one that has your best interests in mind & in his/her heart.

  • FreedomFighter

    A country without borders is no country at all.

    Freedom Fighter

    • Victor L Barney

      And, I thought that it was called the “New World Order?”

      • TIME

        Victor, You got it!
        So as I said lets all quit our jobs, as everything is “FREE in a America.” Thats if your not an American, so say your not and get your EBT card ASAP! Hey we now have FREE HEALTH CARE too!

        Why waste our time working, so others might get the envy bug, lets just all be the same. Its so special that way, no greed, No envy, No hate.
        Just love and happy time’s!

        • JC

          LOL…and the villagers will come dancing gaily dressed from the hills chanting…yes we can yes we can…

          • Mike In MI

            No, JC. not “come dancing from the hills” but staying out in the hills dancing around the fiery pentagram, shouting “…,yes we…,”

        • tsalagi

          Well stated,,, & how come the money that you & I put into Social security & for medicare is now most available to the illegles? & they didn’t put in a dime!!!!

  • James A Graham

    The Dinner Roll ..

    Once upon a time I was invited to the White House for a private dinner with the President.

    I am a respected businessman, with a factory that produces memory chips for computers and portable electronics.

    There was some talk that my industry was being scrutinized by the administration, but I paid it no mind. I live in a FREE country. There’s nothing that the government can do to me if I’ve broken no laws. My wealth was EARNED honestly, and an invitation to dinner with an American President is an honor.

    I checked my coat, was greeted by the Chief of Staff, and joined the President in a yellow dining room.

    We sat across from each other at a table draped in white linen. The Great Seal was embossed on the china. Uniformed staff served our dinner.

    The meal was served, and I was startled when my waiter suddenly reached out, plucked a dinner roll off my plate and began nibbling it as he walked back to the kitchen..

    “Sorry ’bout that,” said the President. “Andrew is very hungry.”

    “I don’t appreciate…” I began, but as I looked into the calm brown eyes across from me, I felt immediately guilty and petty. It was just a dinner roll. “Of course,” I concluded, and reached for my glass.

    Before I could, however, another waiter reached forward, took the glass away and swallowed the wine in a single gulp. “And his brother, Eric, is very thirsty,” said the President.

    I didn’t say anything. The President is testing my compassion, I thought. I withheld my comments and decided to play along. I don’t want to seem unkind..

    My plate was whisked away before I had tasted a bite.

    “Eric’s children are also quite hungry.”

    With a lurch, I crashed to the floor. My chair had been pulled out from under me.

    I stood, brushing myself off angrily, and watched as it was carried from the room.

    And their grandmother can’t stand for long.”

    I excused myself, smiling outwardly, but inside feeling like a fool. Obviously I had been invited to the White House to be sport for some game. I reached for my coat, to find that it had been taken.

    I turned back to the President.

    “Their grandfather doesn’t like the cold.”

    I wanted to shout, “that was my coat!” But again, I looked at the placid smiling face of my host and decided I was being a poor sport. I spread my hands helplessly and chuckled.

    Then I felt my hip pocket and realized my wallet was gone. I excused myself and walked to a phone on an elegant side table.

    I learned shortly that my credit cards had been maxed out, my bank accounts emptied, my retirement and equity portfolios had vanished, and my wife had been thrown out of our home.

    Apparently, the waiters and their families were moving in. The President hadn’t moved or spoken as I learned all this, but finally I lowered the phone into its cradle and turned to face him.

    “Andrew’s whole family has made bad financial decisions. They haven’t planned for retirement and they need a house. They recently defaulted on a subprime mortgage. I told them they could have your home. They need it more than you do.”

    My hands were shaking. I felt faint I stumbled back to the table and knelt on the floor.

    The President cheerfully cut his meat, ate his steak, and drank his wine. I lowered my eyes and stared at the small grey circles on the tablecloth that were water drops.

    “By the way,” he added, “I have just signed an Executive Order nationalizing your factories.

    I’m firing you as head of your business. I’ll be operating the firm now for the benefit of all mankind.

    There’s a whole bunch of Erics and Andrews out there and they can’t come to you for jobs groveling like beggars…we need to spread YOUR wealth around…”

    I looked up. The President dropped his spoon into the empty ramekin which had been his crème Brule.

    He drained the last drops of his wine. As the table was cleared, he lit a cigarette and leaned back in his chair.

    He stared at me. I clung to the edge of the table as if it were a ledge and I were a man hanging over an abyss.

    I thought of the years behind me, of the life I had lived. The life I had earned with a lifetime of work, risk and struggle.

    Why was I punished? How had I allowed it to be taken? What game had I played and lost? I looked across the table and noticed with some surprise that there was no game board between us.

    What had I done wrong?

    As if answering the unspoken thought, President Obama suddenly cocked his head, locked his empty eyes to mine, and bared a million teeth, chuckling wryly as he folded his hands.

    “You should have stopped me at the dinner roll,” he said.


    • Enlightened one

      I bet it took a lot of thought to come up with that nonsense…You wasted mist of this page with what I’m sure you believe. Is Wit….

      • Robert

        EO….The only good thing about the little communist [offensive word removed] Obama will be when fools like you end up with nothing. You are the imbeciles who put this vile snake in the White House and you certainly deserve what you’ll get. The sad thing is that those of us who know what Obama is and who campaigned and voted against him are in the same boat too.

      • Yankee Will

        mist…that’s what’s between your ears…hehehe…

  • Enlightened one

    What’s this I’ve heard?.. Sean Hannity calling the ” tea Party ” members wanna be Timothy McVeighs?..I believe Hannitys afraid the Tea people will pull away republican votes..

    • K. D. M.

      I’ve never heard Hannity say that about the Tea Party. When did he say it? Is it on video?

    • Palin12

      What have you been smokin’?? I’m guessing a couple of good bong hits everytime right before you get on here! Yeah, yeah, I know….”I did not inhale”.

    • JeffH

      …only when he was describing the type of anti-Tea Party rhetoric that spews from the left’s blowholes.

  • Enlightened one

    The presidents giving a speech on the economy in a few minutes… Why don’t you turn Fox news off for a few minutes and listen to it…it won’t hurt

    • Robert

      I’m not interested in Obama’s propaganda. When I want to hear propaganda I’ll watch the history channel and watch those old films of Hitler and Stalin.

    • TIME

      Is that the speach where BarryO is giving everyone a special new gift?
      Or is it the everything is – FREE in AMERICA speach?

      • Yankee Will


    • Joe H.

      when are you going to answer K D M’s question??? when did he say it and is it on Video??? Or is it sunk azz deep in bullshat???

    • JC

      If the President is going to insist on making speeches, he should stick to topics he knows something about. Maybe Islam or Sharia law, or just getting out for an afternoon of “community organizing”…but he obviously knows very little about economics.

    • tsalagi

      Enlightened one,,,sorry thought that you had a brain there for a minute or two,,, that sorry SOB as a prez,,,has never told the public the truth,,, are you blind,,,? If his mouth is moving he is like a general truck driver,,, he is lying to you.

  • Joe Scott

    An effective allegory, prefiguring the socialists’ confiscation of middle-class private property. Socialists have ALWAYS hated the middle-class above all else. And Obama, the radical socialist, continues to claim that he defends the middle-class, even as he evicerates it…as prescribed in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the holy book of the Radical Left. As a congenital liar, Obama would rather lie, even when the truth would serve him better. So, whenever you see him mouth moving, you know he’s lying.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      O.k.. I can’t resist. He’s a “Congenial Liar” with “Big Genitals”. A song from the ’70′s about “The Back Stabbers” comes to mind.

      • JeffH

        MJP, you are so good. Happy Easter with that simple but good analogy

  • K. D. M.

    There is a way to stop them crossing, but some of you will disagree with me. Just shoot to kill what comes across the border. Our Government will not do anything about the problem. They are crossing illegaly, they are trespassing on private property, they steal from the ranchers etc. They are breaking the law. If we cross their border illegaly we run the risk of getting shot and killed. It would be a clear message, it will no longer be tolerated. If you want to come here do it legally and follow our laws. Obama, Pelosi & Reid have promised them the country. The Goverment will give them every thing on a Golden platter and the Government will place the burden of paying for it on our backs.

    • Yankee Will

      unfortunately, at your trial you would probably get some lib judge who would throw the book, table, chairs, and everything else at you…

  • chuck b


    these are mostly democrat party votes. be careful what you say, you will have the wrath of the administration upon you.

  • eddie47d

    Obama,Pelosiand Reid did not create this problem,and your solutions are not of a decent human being. Jim H. Mr Livingston is always stirring up the lynch mob mentality and some of you buy into it all the time. Can you prove that the hole in the fence was used by the person who killed this rancher. Maybe it was an old hole that was used months ago.Funny that the original story leaves out necessary facts. Too many people all over get killed and it gets blamed on the wrong person. You brought up the racist comment. Remember how the Klan use to cover up their own crimes by blameing any useful black man. Are some of you saying the same. You also brought up the stock market when it was at 13,000. That number was reached by alot of illegal activity (market manipulation,Ponzi’s). That made it a false high and I don’t want to go back to those days.

    • Robert

      And nowadays the Klan is against illegal wetbacks coming into our country and stealing from us while trash like you are for the mexican criminals. I’ll take the Klan over you, the illegal wetbacks and your black shoeshine boy Obama any day.

    • babybikerbabe

      My favorite “Ponzi” is the Social Security System. In fact, that’s where Ponzi came from – it’s the name of the man whose house they were in when they came up with the idea for Social (In)Security.

      Words mean something, but you have to know what they meant both in context of the event (speech, book, quotation) as well as their context within history.

    • TIME

      Oh Eddieeee; are you going to be telling us all about the Democrats that built the KKK? Hung countless poor blacks or beat them half to death, oh Eddieee please do tell us all about it.

      Oh please do tell us all about the special Southern Democrats and how they loved their slaves oh so much.
      I know a bit about this as my great Grandmother was a light skinned Black slave that was shown such love by her master a “Democrat plantation owner slave trader” who later became a KKK Grand Master.

      Or how people like my Grandfather was horse wipped and beaten by them great Democrats, even he being a light skinned black man he was treated like he was less than dirt.
      Or after he married a Spanish woman and them special Democrats said she was less than human, even though my Granfather was in WW II he was still treated baddly by such special people as the Democrats.

      Oh Edieeee; please do tell us all about what you know, I await your grand masterful pubaness to explain to us all.

      • Yankee Will

        Time, if your grandfather is still around, please thank him for his service to our country…from a white, middle aged, northern, conservative TEA party member.

        • TIME

          Yankee Will,

          I only wish GPops was still with us, he passed on in 1972 a broken man. He was very loved by his family and anyone who knew him, but his heart was broken. GPops was a TRUE Gentleman in all respects.

          When I visit his grave this summer I would be happy to let him know of your kind words, thank you very much.

    • Joe H.

      did you read the whole thing above??? It said the tracks led from the murder scene to the hole in the fence!!! From the place the man was killed to the hole in the fence!! Do I need to word it differently again before you get it????

      • Mike In MI

        Now , you stop!! being like that! You!…are justso…,…insousciant!
        How can you have such temerity to actually expect a regular, run through the mill, American libererlalal to read it accurately with understanding? Don’t you realize, if you continue to have such expectations, such engaging and entertaining ideas as we see them emoting here will dry up and they’ll suddeny become reasonable, insightful, balanced men and women who don’t need to depend on government for their faith,hope and charity.

        • Joe H.

          One can only hope!!!!

    • Jim H.

      Hi Eddie, I don’t know how you equate what I said to a lynch mob mentality. Al I stated was we need to enforce the immigration laws we have and let the enforcement officers do their job unhindered. I also stated that we need to quit playing the blame game. This administration didn’t do anything or that one didn’t. I stated we need to look for solutions not blame. We need someone who is smart enough to know what to do and brave enough to do it. I also stated I don’t see Pelosi, Ried, and Obama being that person. Tell me where I ever said to lynch them.

      • Claire

        NO politician has the guts to do anything about the illegals. They have had their chance for many years and what did they do? Nothing. Sure a little bit was done but they didn’t follow through with it. The borders should have been closed decades ago, and kept closed. This problem has been passed to each administration for years and years. I don’t think either party wants/wanted to deal with it. This is a problem that needs to be handled now, evict the illegals and permanently close the borders. But this is an issue that will drag on and on. It always has. Now it is Obama’s problem. The problem has been passed to him. We shall see what happens.

        • Barb

          I agree illegal immigration has been a problem since before I was born in Albuquerque 60 years ago. The problem now is the volume of people coming and the type, mostly criminal in nature and the ones simply trying to get a free ride in greater numbers. Also Napalatano’s attitude towards them, basically ignore the problem, is encouraging even more to come. I don’t think we have to wait to see how Obama will handle this it’s obvious that he’ll give them anything to buy their votes! Then all the ballots will be in Spanish first, English second, just watch!

          • Claire

            I do not expect anything “great” to happen. This administration will shoot themselves in the foot whichever course they take. They will continue to do what all the other administrations did. Illegals have been coming in droves for years. Now we expect miracles. Well, we won’t get a miracle this time either. All politicians are out for themselves and their votes. But this time it is different, it is out of control and it has come to a day of reckoning. They have to do something or there will probably be hell to pay.

      • Joe H.

        Jim H.,
        yup and to all that say it costs too much to deport them, it costs less when you catch them at the border!!!! March them right back across at gun point!! Cost contained!!!

    • tsalagi

      hey dummy how about the tell tale footprints to the rancher,,, do you find game in the woods without following a trail of prints?

  • chuck b


    the border patrol tracked this illegal right back to mexico and they evidently had information on who did it. i don’t see anything wrong with enforcing the border and it takes a few shots to influence the illegal’s endeavor to cross illegally “so be it”. i’ll bet it works.
    barry might not like them shooting his votes, that could be aproblem.

  • Cecelia Strong

    Do you all forget that we had a Democratic Congress for Bush’s last two years in office? Congress initiates Bills, not the President. I remember the words from our Esteem Democratic Congress ” Let’s make Bush look bad so that we can capture Congress in 2008″. Our Congress did nothing for those two years. Now it is the Republican’s turn again, they are looking to take Congress back by 2012. That’s politics.

    The Democrats wanted “everyone” to own a home. Deregulation started with Clinton. Why, aren’t you all incensed with the kickbacks and waste in Government? The blame game is a stupid game. Get your facts straight. Personally, I believe in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Also, our forefathers were brilliant men who came to America to avoid persecution. They fought and died for the Rights they gave us.

    Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. The Democrats were the slave Owners at that time. So, who freed the slaves? By the way, I think it is time we came together. We are all tired of paying for old debts.

    Our forefathers stated very clearly that United We Stand, Divided We fall. They stated very clearly that we should allow immigrants to come to America, but with certain “Rules & Regs”.

    #1. They must come legally.
    #2. They must honor & respect the Pledge of Allegiance, honor our flag, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    #3. Our forefathrs came to America to be able to practice their religion freely and without fear of reprisal.

    This business of “I have my rights” sucks. I believe that our
    forefathers stated – “your rights end where mine begin.” In other words, I do not think it is O.K. to burn the American Flag.
    When you do that, you are trampling on my rights and the American way.I do not support those people who hide out in some God foresaken part of a country, and form groups to overthrow our Government. Trying to develop a Nazi regime in America.

    Also, our Forefathers stated very clearly that if we do not preserve our constitution, we will ultimately destroy this great Nation.

    They fought and died to preserve the rights we enjoy. Our forefathers fostered our great “free enterprise system” That is what made America great. Greed of Government (BOTH SIDES) has hurt this country deeply. Also, it is a shame that many Americans want America to become a Socialist System. Bad news. Spread the wealth. After all is said and done, I guess we all will be equally poor.

    Why don’t you all just fight hard for Term Limits. Our Congressmen and our Senators do not need 20 to 30 years in office to figure out how to initiate a bill and how to read a bill to vote? They do need time though, to get to know the Lobbyists and to gain personal power and prestige so they can make inside deals.

    I am a woman that did not receive any financial aid, other than about 3 weeks of unemployment once. I didn’t have luxuries, I refinished furniture I bought from garage sales, I raised my family alone and they are all successsful in their own right. It takes hard work and pride. We all suffered all kinds of insults and humiliations at one time or another. Many of us worked around the clock, we worked tables in restaurants, we painted houses, we did whatever we needed to do to earn monies to take care of ourselves and our family. What is wrong with living humbly and poorly. So what? What happened to the American pride and honor in working hard and making an honest living?

    It’s all about attitude and I am afraid that we have somehow adopted an “entitlement attitude” which will eventually destroy this great country.

    Study your history and quit blaming each other. Our focus is simple? DO YOU SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY OR DO YOU SUPPORT CHANGING THIS COUNTRY INTO A CUBA, RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAQ, OR WHATEVER? IF THERE IS ANYWHERE IN THIS WORLD THAT ANY ONE OF YOU THINK IS A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE THAN IN AMERICA, I SUGGEST YOU MOVE THERE. I know that I would have moved years ago if such a place existed. I mean move there and make a living in that country and not through American dollars.

    Amricans are the most generous people in the world. We give to everyone everywhere. We raise much money from hard working Americans than any other country.We are becoming increasingly multi-cultural. That is fine, as long as everyone that comes to America legally embraces the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Otherwise I am against any person that does not honor this country; what America stands for; and one who thinks this country needs to fundamentally change. I do not understand why we did not tweak our current Health Care System. In this 2,500 or so Health Care Plan, Obama did nothing about changing our TORT laws. Doctors, and Hospitals are being sued right and left. That adds tons of dollars to our medical costs. Doctors pay huge sums of money for Malpractice Insurance; we should allow citizens to buy insurance across state lines, that would increase competition and competition is great. It reduces costs. Our private sector has plenty of competition. Don’t any of you wonder why we just didn’t fund our lousy Medicaid program? You can be critical of our Private Sector (the greed, etc.), but our Government Greed (the worse kind of Greed)seems to go on and on as well. Don’t forget, if the private sector generates big money, they pay big taxes. Citizens pay taxes business’ pay taxes. The Government is not an Income Generating Machine. Government godbbles up our money. It is encumbent upon Govrnment to manage their budget, not to increase our taxes because they manage our money carelessly and selfishly. What do they care, they get decent salaries whether they do a good job or bad job. The Private Sector business’ fail if they manage poorly. When they manage poorly, they too should go out of business.

    We Americans need to read our Constitution and our Bill of rights and learn how to protect our country. Democrats, Republican,
    Independents, and whoever else.

    Don’t forget, “YOU BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU” our Goverment is at the head of promoting negative press regarding America. AMERICA SHOULD APOLOGIZE? AMERICANS ARE ARROGANT? Obama is certainly setting the tone for many Americans to continue the blame America. The blame game continues to be alive and well. Positives breeds positives; negatives breed negatives.

    Also, remember the President’s sad story about how his mother died of cancer in America without medical coverage? Now who would buy that story? His mother married twice and had three children by two different men. She was a PhD and did her thing in every country except America. I do not question her lifestyle, which was her perogative, but I do question the fact that with all she did with her life, I wonder why she didn’t purchase an insurance policy to insure medical coverage in the event she might need medical care in the event she fell ill. How selfish does one get? I guess she figured she earned the care whether she paid for it or not?

    Last but not least, I would bet that probably ALL of you have no idea what the medical options are in Canada and/or England. Both countries promote Socialized Medicine. But, don’t worry, both countries have high taxes at the point of sale. Of course, we will be just like them very soon.

    By The Way, I wondered why Nobody questioned the President when he brought up the sad story that his mother died and didn’t have the proper care because she could not afford medical insurance. Hummm!

    I always had medical coverage for me and my family. Just in case we needed medical care. I just didn’t have many luxuries. One of my childen said to me many many years later, mother, I didn’t know we were poor. Our home was clean, they had what they needed and they had me and I had them.

    I buy insurance hoping I will never need it. How about you? I like to hear you offer up a problem and give us your solutions.

    Enough blame. I believe we all own whatever it is we end up with because we did not clearly understand the machinations of what made this country great in the first place.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian

      My Dear Mrs. Strong, Thank you for being so “Strong”. You seem to have come from the same type of stock as I did in New England. To be “Poor” in wealth is no shame. However, to be “Poor” in self reliance and determination, is. Well done. Would that there would be more like you in this world.

    • tsalagi

      Very well stated young lady,,, I will add that you failed to mention that under the present goals of our congress & leadership we are headed for the same end as Germany, & Russia,,, & one can only look back 35 years to the size of Russia,,, Russia lost the control of many of her smaller countries,,, (in our case states), now Russia is encroaching on our freedoms,,,,we need to look at what is going on in the world not just in American culture, & our own history is not even taught in schools as was when I was there.
      America we need to wake up,,, be you dems or repubs, or independents.

  • kate8

    One big reason illegals are encouraged to cross our borders is to create more chaos, demoralize American citizens, and soon mean more democrat votes. Another excuse to force on us the National ID, which
    is now being supported by spineless folks like Bill O’Reilly. After all, he’s just “lookin’ out for the folks”.

  • chuck b

    cecelia strong

    too bad we don’t have more americans with your kind of thinking.we have too many people on the government dole and the illegal’s are only adding to it. barry soetoro is depending on the amnesty bill to assist his re-election in 2014 and he has milliona already here. you can bet the organizers are quick to register these people.we are being defeated by our own genorosity, welfare, medical care and education. i dropped out of the republican party after the last election and not really convinced yet whether to support them again. they sold us down the river and gained us the present fixture in the wh. i see lindsay graham is up to his old tricks talking conservative and backing the cap & trade bill at the same time,we don’t need people l;ike him and if that is what the republicans are offering, they can keep it. it would be nice if we could replace all the incumbent repubs and start a new conservative party, however, that is near impossible, we are too few in number and out voted at the polls. the minorities are close to becoming the majority in the country and with that we have a 3rd world mentality, if you don’t believe that look around the world. until people take it upon themselves to better their life there’s no hope for the future, the politicians are using them for votes, especially the democratic party and we are getting to the point they expect almost everything to be supplied by the government, you need to look no farther than haiti, a prime example of people depending on the gov. for their livelihood, then take a look at chile also devastated by a destructive earthquake and yet were quick to help themselves and this same xountry has been under fire by the progresive liberals because they refuse to be enslaved by socialism or communism.

    • Mike In MI

      Well they had it in place in the nation of Chile. However, they were freedom loving, God loving people who refused to be cowwed by a two bit dick-tater, or somebody who operates like barry-tater, and took back their freedom.
      Sad to say, Americans have become in too many places and too many ways like Haitians instead of Chileans. Too many have cast God off and actually prefer the chocolate bunny/colorred egg stuff to any of the tremendous, priceless things Jesus Christ accomplished on our behalf when he believed to conquer death and beat the Author of death.

      It is kind of interesting, look at how much money we threw at Haiti’s governments through the years and the voodoo culture and leaders swallowed it up without a trace. When catastrophe struck – in that one tiny nation ALONE – as many people died as throughout the whole Indian/Pacific Ocean areas of the Dec. 24, 2004 Indonesian tsunami. Basically, in one socialistically run city complex around Port-Au-Prince all that carnage resulted where people live a careless com si, com sa sort of depend-on-the-government existence.

      Could be that’s what Obama and his friends are setting us up for?

  • eddie47d

    Hey Klansman Robert you just took your hood off. Nobody has proven it was a Mexican or a space alien. No tracks were found back to the border so you all are making assumptions about someones guilt. We are suppose to have innocent until proven guilty,but we know how it works with you klan members.

    • Joe H.

      Read the story son, if you can’t have somebody read it for you!!! you must be a product of the new public school system!!!!

  • eddie47d

    Time; Thanks for your perspective. Yes the kkk (southerners) were Democrates.Yes it was an ugly era and the Democrates hung onto their thinking until the late 50′s. Remember, Lincoln only signed the proclamation to end slavery.It was replaced with bigotry and segragation (not his fault). By the early 60′s people got fed up with the old southern Democrates and it took northern Democrates (liberals)to whip their party into shape. They tried to choose a southerner (Johnson) and this helped the Democrates for awhile. In the end southern Democrates were as stubborn as ever and didn’t like the change that was coming. They switched sides and became Republicans.Unfortunately they remained prejudice and the southern Republicans got the label of defenders of segragation and the old ways. Do you believe all men are created equal because slaves were brought to America illegally. Not much different than our businesses who brought “illegals” (Mexicans) to America for a profit. I personally know that this issue isn’t just about legality. Many legal citizens of Mexican decent are treated like crap and harassed all the time. No matter how hard they work.

    • TIME


      I live in New York, so I can tell you that Democrats here call me the N word behind my back all the time.
      So its not just Southern Democrats its Northen as well even West Coast, you all know the ones that are so Liberal, yet as soon as I walk away its always – WOW – I never saw a N thats looks so white, he blends in so well!

      I have done very well for myself but the hard work has taken a toll on me, as well the snipes and nasty looks when people can’t quite figure out if am I Black, Hispanic, or some kind of funky mixed White guy.
      Well I am a MUT, a mixed breed, a H 57, but I am an American!
      And I am proud to say that, even if my Great Grand parents were sold on the street in Savanna for a few dollars, then and worked to death, raped and beaten so they could live in a wooden shack.

      I have had the opportunity to make of myself what I wanted even from such a humble begining. There is nowhere on earth that one can do that. You can’t name a single place on earth I know that as I have traveled the world and seen it first hand!

      Many of the alledged liberals are happy to say nice things to my face and turn around and stab me in the back so fast it would make your head spin.

      Walk a mile in my shoes and you would have a life changing experience!

      As to what I feel and think, I feel all people should be “Free” thats what this country was based on.
      So when someone smiles at me and stabs me in the back, thats their right in a “FREE” country.

      Do I like it not really, but thats the way the world works its called Freedom, I would rather they just say it to my face, but that takes “courage” something most of these people lack.

      For the record, there were more KKK members in the Tri state area than all the South.
      Hate is something that is not just bound to color and race, its hardwired into everyone.

      As to why Mexicans are brought in to work here in the US, GOVERNMENT regulations on business is the problems labor unions are the problems.
      The Government has made this mess and now they want to capitalize on the mess they made. Thats just SICK!

      Its time to CLEAN the HOUSE out, we need (CHANGE) but the one we got is not what we as Americans wanted! No more Posers! We need real leaders, leaders are not affraid to get their hand dirty.

      No American no matter how they got here wants to be a
      “SLAVE to, or for the GOVERNMENT”.

      No FREE man wants chains of bondage.

      • Myron J. Poltroonian

        “Time!” (Another song from the ’70′s.) Well said (son. I just couldn’t resist. Sorry.) I was born in New England in 1941, moved to California three times with my parents, the last being in 1955. Joined the Army (1959-1962). Took basic at Fort Ord, by Monterey, Ca.. Went to military school at Fort Gordon, Ga. (only place I was ever stationed that I liked the post better than the town near it – Augusta). Went back to Ord as permanent party, and finished out my last 18 months as Battalion Photographer at the Oberschleisshein Fluffplatz abour 5 miles from Munich and the same from Dachau, West Germany. The greatest lesson I learned was simply this: I was standing at a bus stop, dressed in civies, when an elderly couple pulled up and asked me for directions to the Autobahn so they could get to Saltzburg, Osterrich (Ausstria). I turned and asked the others there, in German, if they could help them and they did. the couple in the VW thanked me in German and I replied “You’re Welcome” in English. they looked surprised and one of the other passengers to be asked me “What I was?” in German. I replied: “Armenischer, Englander, Franklander, Hollander und Scotlander”. He smiled broadly and said: Ach! Amerikaner!”. It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten, and never will.

        • Myron J. Poltroonian

          (dern tongue got in the way o’ them eye teet again.) “Oberschleisshein Fluffplatz” is not correct. It’s the Oberschleissheim Hubschrabber Flugplatz”, which means the “Oberschleissheim Helicopter Aerodrome”, 8th Transportation Battalion, Light Helicopters.

        • TIME


          I recall the day I saw Dachau, my legs gave out, I could not stop crying for days. In my mind a picture seems cold and has little value
          but to stand there and see this place of such Horror left me with out words, I have never been able to get over that feeling.

          What I fear is seeing that happen right here in this beautiful country as we watch daily these media people twist and distort, lie and act like everything is just fine.

          The German people were in the same boat in the 1930′s and they could not see the TRUTH through all the smoke. Had they just taken the time to learn what the NSDAP was really all about, had they read Hitlers My Strugle perhaps that chapter of history would not have happened.

          Have a Happy Easter.

          • Joe H.

            there is only one word that you will hear from me directed to you….
            FRIEND!!!! God Bless Friend!!!

      • tsalagi

        You have stated that your ancestory is of the African descent. I am a cherokee,,, we both have had others look down the nose to us. A few years ago,, I had a very special person, black, very good friend, put his arm around my shoulders as we walked down the hall to our change room,,, (We worked in the mines), we talked,, laughed,, & later a fellow member of the crew that I was on,,, asked if I was not afraid that the black would rub off on me,,, I told him I was more afraid of his attiutde & outlook on friendship would rub off sooner,, I respect you & your foritude to have become a true American, I would be proud to serve in whatever endeavor you wish to be involved in.

  • eddie47d

    Chuck B.; This has nothing to do with Obama getting votes and you know it. That’s like saying Reagan was out to get votes because he did sign an amnesty bill.

  • kate8

    Talk about your revisionist history! The truth is, Eddie, the Republican party came about as a place for the freed slaves to go.
    Republicans were never disgruntled democrats. It sought to teach them how to make it on their own, to climb out of their slave mentality.

    Democrats saw that they missed the boat on a voting block, so they came up with the idea of entitlements to lure them back into being slaves to poverty without them realizing it. And just look where it has gotten them.

    Democrats have done nothing to benefit minorities. They make sure that they have just enough to resent whitey and keep them all squabbling amongst themselves, voting for whomever promises the most preferencial treatment and entitlement money. What is this but slavery of the worst kind?

    Fortunately, many of them are waking up to this and are beginning to see through the lies. It is, and always has been, democrats that use race as a means to further their power.

    • TIME

      Kate, Thank you you are 100% right!

    • Mike In MI

      TIME , You must be one hell of a good man. Wish I knew you as a personal friend.
      Thanks for adding your valued perspectives to this site. Yours is a name I’ve learned to look for. Now, I know why. Thanks again.

      • TIME

        Thank you for the very kind words, I feel a kinship with many of the people here on this sight like yourself who love freedom and God.

        To all of you Good people, Happy Easter and may your day be filled with JOY, Love and Good friends.

        • Joe H.

          to you and yours as well fr4om me!!!

  • ABinGA

    kate8, I agree and have posted it before. The more a politician promises in our tax payer funded (not free) entitlements the more votes that politician will get from the one’s living off of the system. There are a lot who have been raised and taught that we owe them something for sitting on their lazy butts and the bad thing is they keep getting it. There need’s to be a cut off period on welfare especially if you are able to work.

    • TIME


      You have hit the nail on the head, politicans make outlandish statments working to get VOTES.

      They need to work to have our “trust!” If we can’t trust them of what worth are they?

      Forget all the FREE STUFF in Americia, nothing is FREE.

  • http://gmail i41

    With the anchor babies issue, another fine Ted “whore hound” Kennedy bill just like healthcare, we should steralize the dam and neuter the illegal males coming over the border. We trim fence crawling livestock and return calves and mother back over the line, to the right pasture. This would cure some of the fence crawlling problems, from south or north of the border. Since ranchers down south are finding prayer rugs, we know Odumbazz bros are getting here crawlling fences. Or just put a $5000 a head bounty on illegals, it would save the USA bundles of cash and our medical system. No more over loading emergency rooms.

    • tsalagi

      Well stated,,, I have stated to friends here in the Northen states of our beautiful country that I would do it for a few hundred a head,,,DEAD OR ALIVE, just my thoughts… have a wonderful winter & hopefully a free country environment.

  • JPW-

    A rancher gets murdered in Arizona and you want to call out the national guard. You must be some type of newt that just crawled out from under a wet slimy rock.Our guard troops have enough on their hands because some idiot tried to be a hero and started a war in Iraq.Going after one terroist Osama bin laden hundreds of thousands dead our economy in shambles,trillions in debt.Bin laden crawls out of his cave in the morning stretches and says Well I guess I won.How many murders in Phoenix last night.Should we put a fence around the city to keep the people in or to keep the people from getting out??

  • JPW-

    Kate 8;It was the Dems that pushed through the civil rights act of the sixties.Just because the Republicans have two black lesders Michael Steele and John Bonehr doesnt mean they are good for their race. They are probably both millionaires and for the bankers and wall street types.

    • TIME

      JPW, So if we blacks make money and become wealthy by hard work let alone paying our way through school, we are some how bad people in your eyes?

      Well how about Al Saharpton? He lives in a gated comminuity away from all other blacks, gets Payola from white politicians to go out and stir up trouble, he could care less about blacks nor anyone other than himself, as long as he gets his “MONEY!”

      Your just like all the spolied white kids I went to school with you think your special and know what its like to be “dirt poor.”
      Then when one of us blacks makes it, we are some how scum or of no value to your special way of life.
      Your an outright Raciest – may God have pitty on your soulless self.

      • JC

        Time, black people play the political game too. Some for profit, some for prestige. This doesn’t put “all” black people into any particular category other than being people. Personally I’m known for my “redneck ways” and I’m white, but I would dearly love to see Alan Keyes in the President’s seat. Him or anyone else with real American values and morals is ok by me.

        • TIME

          I can’t argue with you as your right if you read my post you will see I noted one of the most nasty people I know of thats black, he has no value to anyone but himself.

          Its a bad cycle the Blacks have been used just as Whites are used Native Americans, Hispanic’s the Irish were used in the mid 1800′s, so to were the Polish working in steel mills, the Italians from what you see on TV and the movies one would think that all Italians are in the mob.

          Just like Red Necks, my God one would think if you were in Atlanta you would be hung by red necks, yet there is no truth in that at all. Saddly you stand a better chance of being beaten to death or shot by black gang members. How sad is that?

          As far as Mr. Keyes he is a very Good and Honest Man!

  • ted

    Both parties want the hispanic vote but the Republicans will get little if ever because they don’t promiss enough freebies. Even though the Democrats always promiss these groups freebies they seldom deliver but are always forgiven because they are better liars as to why not. The Republicans should have completed the fence while they had the power which was only 6 years durring the Bush admin with the last 2 being lost to the Dems.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    Note to one and all: It’s “Illegal Alien”. In law and in fact. (To paraphrase the most famous line from the movie “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”: “¿Passporto’s? ¡We don’ need no stinking passporto’s!”) Anyway: “Don’t Worry, Bob’s here!” That was the punch line from a rather memorable commercial for a temp agency from a few years ago. I took that line, applied it to illegal immigration and came up with the following tongue in cheek essay: “Don’t worry, B.O.B.’s here!” “B.O.B.” stands for “Bag limit? Or Bounty?” (If Bounty, “Dead or Alive?”) It went on from there. Unfortunately, it’s lost somewhere in the old, real old computer it was created on. You, however, I believe, get the idea. I have also suggested that we fire up the nation’s “Mothball Fleets”, work out a suitable deal with say, Argentina’s Terra del Fuego, or Singapore, or maybe Somalia, to serve as debarkation point(s) and have Mexico (or whatever country of origin applies) pay us a barrel of oil a day (or week, or month) for each and every day an illegal is here. These ships would be convoyed all the way with US Navy protection on training exercises in the area(s) involved. Another suggestion I’ve made over the years was to clear a ten to twenty five mile wide swath along our southern border – salt water to salt water – and turn this strip of land into a live fire, combat training range subject to continuous, unannounced live fire exercises. From small arms to howitzers, aerial bombardment to shore batteries, booby traps to bouncing betty’s. 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, there will be continual and unpredictable live fire exercises and armed patrols, aided by UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with electro-optical/infrared sensors, with standing orders to interdict all attempts to go through, under, around or over this combat training ground and intercept all trespassers. Then, when convenient, remove them to a staging area to be subjected to a biometrical scan and entered into a national database, then unceremoniously taken to the nearest border crossing and sent packing immediately. Oh, yes. It should be called the General “Black Jack” Pershing Military Reservation. Why? “In 1916 Pancho Villa and his bandidos raided the town of Columbus, New Mexico, and in response President Woodraw Wilson sent General John “Black Jack” Pershing into Mexico after him. Back then, American authorities at least did something when the border was violated.”

  • kate8

    JPW, check your history again. Martin Luther King, Jr. (also his father and, in fact, most blacks) were Republicans. The democrats were mostly opposed to the Civil Rights Acts (Dixiecrats), and the KKK was headed up by (now Senator)Byrd.

    MLK,Jr. was arrested for participating at a sit in, and to get him out of jail, MLK, Sr. appealed to JFK to have him released. JFK was
    also reluctant about the civil rights movement, but MLK, Sr. promised to deliver large numbers of black votes if he would secure the release of his son.

    This was the beginning of the democrat involvement in this issue.
    Not hard to check the facts here.

    • TIME

      Thats 100% true, Dr. King was a Great man, Dr. King would be crying if he saw what is going on now in this country.
      Not one single bit of this is what he was working for!

      Happy Easter..

  • kate8

    The democrats were not interested in getting involved in civil rights until they realized it could benefit them politically. By promising increasing entitlements to blacks, they could pander to their vote and still keep them under control.

    They’ve made lots of promises, but only come through with just enough to keep them expecting more. Then you have sellouts like Charlie Rangle, Jesse Jackson and so on, who get to rise to the top while keeping everyone else stirred up and held down.

    Yep. You Dems are real peaches. More like wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Your fake compassion and proverbial bleeding hearts are beginning to ring pretty hollow. Keeping people dependent is not doing them any favors. And, btw, illegal aliens are being used in much the same way.
    Shame on you.

  • kate8

    Thanks, TIME.

    The Democrats where taken over by communists well by the 1950′s. During the ’60′s they were busy turning our youth from the traditions of their parents, breaking up families and recruiting welfare recipients largely among women bearing children out of wedlock. The more illegitimate kids, the bigger the government checks. There were statesmen in Congress giving speaches warning about this movement, but we didn’t have CSPAN and hardly anyone heard. These speeches are in Congressional records.

    These communists were setting up a system that would waste as much money as possible, anywhere and everywhere. The intent and purpose has been to collapse our economy, our currencey and our nation. And this they have done.

    If people had any idea how insidious and calculating has been this
    “transformation of America”, and how what they are doing today they consider to be a hard-won victory over many decades, they would swarm the halls of Congress and demand redress of all past grievances on behalf of our people and for the sake of our Constitution.

    Obama has now decided that we the people are just too much of a nuisance to try to do things through legislation, so now he plans to push through more of his agenda through executive decree.

    Have we had enough yet?

    TIME, happy Easter to you, too. And to all who still love freedom.

  • chuck b


    you are so very right. they moved into the roosevelt admin in the 1930′s, and have been a force in the democratic party since,they have infiltrated our education system, unions and own most of the media. the kids have been subjected to their propaganda in all levels. we watched what our children were taught and what politics the teachers were pushing, it caused a few confrontations, however, they didn’t influence them with their socialized teaching. i think the communist party is confused by what they have bred, the modern day liberals would cause lenin to rethink his poltics.

  • JPW-

    Kate 8 I did’nt say MLK was a democrat but when the civil rights act was passed LBJ was in office.Resulting in the loss of several southern states to the Dem. party

  • JPW-

    Kate 8 Sorry typo ; The dems lost several southern states

  • JC

    Further to Illegal Immigrants:

    This is an outrage. Not only will these illegal aliens receive all in this report, they will also be eligible once given citizenship for Medicaid. Since the estimate is 15-20 million how much of a budget buster is this going to be. We have to stop this in its tracks or we are going to end up a third world country.

    Pass this on after you watch it.. NOTICE THAT THIS IS FROM CNN, NOT FOX!!!

    This from CNN news:

  • kate8

    JC, the whole INTENT of this administration is to make us in to a third world country. We are, infact, almost there.

  • Ed Weirdness

    If the recent events and natural disasters in other nations has shown us anything, it should be how vital it is that we secure our borders. Just this morning a minor earth quake along our border with Mexico sent us a wake up call. Absent a secure border fence, one will controllable choke points, similar natural or man-made disasters south of the border, will see our nation subsumed by disaster and non-disaster ‘victims’ hell bent on taking advantage of American taxpayer largess. Overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, crumbling infrastructure, dwindling resources, vanishing farm land and green space, lack of affordable housing, overcrowded schools and hospitals, water and energy shortages, crime, pollution, depressed wages, increased tax burdens, the balkanization of our communities, the marginalization of American workers, taxpayers and voters, are all the result of unconstrained immigration! Like it or not folks, regardless of how anyone tries to spin the narrative, too many people competing for the same limited resources is NOT sane, sustainable social, economic or environmental policy! There is no problem confronting America’s citizens that would not be measurably improved by securing our borders, and enforcing our immigration laws.

  • kate8

    Amen, EdW. Well said.

    This could have been solved long ago had anyone wanted to do it.
    It is all part of the demise of America.

    • Joe H.

      you would think they would have gotten the message when Bush tried to give them amnesty and 86% of the people spoke up and flooded their reps and Washington with complaints against it!! Unfortunately like abnorm, they just don’t seem to be able to read, listen, or pay attention!!! HEY WASHINGTON, NO AMNESTY!!!!!!!

  • noreen

    I agree with you, Kate, this has been a well calculated plan to dupe the American, but no matter how much evidence there is to back it up, some just will never believe it…’s too unpleasant for them to contemplate. I am soooo sick of the whole rep. vs dem. thing….who cares! There are only a few politicians in office today who have any virtue and actually believe they work for us. I don’t care what party they belong to…’s all the same party…..the power and greed party. Who ever heard of signing bills you “can’t possibly read!”….after all, they are 2500 pages! Isn’t that what you are being paid to do? I’d like to see any of us try that on our boss…..those still employed, wouldn’t be long. Not to mention all the sneaky stuff they get by the American people by inserting it into bills that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.
    They shove the fear of terrorism down our throats every day so we will be afraid, and therefore compliant. After all, then they can decide “what’s best for us”……we couldn’t possibly figure that out for ourselves…..meanwhile “The Patriot Act” strips us of our most basic rights and privacy. How much danger can we be in, if our “protectors” don’t even feel it’s necessary to secure our borders? Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying terrorists don’t exist; they’ve always existed….as long as you have fanatics of any sort, you will have terrorists. Personally, I’d rather take my chances and still live life as a free human being. I don’t need my government telling me what to eat, smoke, or ingest; whether or not I may own a gun, where I may go and when, and what I should do about my health care. It’s none of their business where or how I spend my money, where I go online and whether or not I am being “politically correct” in my dealings with others at all times. And while on that subject, who promised us when we were born that everyone was going to be nice to us, never insult some group we happened to fit in, and make sure we would always have everything we wanted or needed until we died. I prefer to make my own way in this life….thank you very much….if I make mistakes, so be it. I try to treat others with the respect and good intent I expect back, and find it a much better way to live, but no matter what, you can’t please everyone…..just listen to all the whiners who by virtue of being alive feel they are “entitled” to have everything with little effort on their part.
    When I turned 18 I couldn’t wait to be on my own….to fend for myself and truly experience my life. Today, does anyone EVER leave home and try to make it on their own? While I realize our economy is pretty bad at the moment, and it’s hard “out there”….hell, get yourself a couple of roomates and get a life away from mommy and daddy. Quit whining about how hard it is to pay your bills… just means you have less to party on and some new clothes will have to wait. Also, mom won’t be doing your wash or cooking your meals…tough. I see these kids….yes, kids is right….they haven’t earned the right to be called young adults….still living at home and working, not contributing, partying their paycheck away every week, driving a car they didn’t have to buy, and they want ME to contribute to their health care?…..after all, why should they have to pay for it? They don’t see the danger coming….or they are too self-involved to care….believing {yet again} that they will be taken care of. Wait until the supply of doctor’s and health care workers start dropping like flies. Does anyone seriously believe that anyone is going to put themself through medical school, with the time and expense it entails, to practice socialized medicine? At least in England, the government pays your way through medical school. How about when they “redistribute” the wealth {so we are alllll eaqual}. Is “Miss PHD” going to think it’s fair when she is being paid the same amount of money as the guy mowing her lawn?
    I love my planet….I love my mother earth, but I am sick of hearing how Americans, above all others are responsible for it’s destruction as well as all the evil, blah, blah…..DO NOT apologize for me or my country, Mr. President. You should be ashamed of yourself for betraying the people of your country like that. If you must apologize, apologize for yourself, for the past administations, for the unbridled greed of Wall Street and the banking establishment, but don’t speak for me or other hard working Americans {who are some of the most generous people on Earth when someone is in need}; you and others before you have ignored the will of the American people for decades, and now you want to aplogize FOR US??
    I also am not interested in some college kid ranting at me about how my generation has destroyed “their” planet, by not being “green”…and how COULD I throw that bottle away without recycling! Meanwhile, to date, they have had a couple of PC’s, a couple of laptops, an ipod, and have a new phone every six months or so…after all the other was no good…you could only use it to make phone calls. Did they dispose of all their “outdated” computers and phones properly, I wonder….many went straight in the landfill…and that’s considerably more damaging than my bottles.
    We have become a nation who, in an effort to be tolerant of other’s beliefs, have given up our own. There are those who think Christmas should not be considered a Christian holiday…..huh? Hey, if you’re not Christian and you want to celebrate it, go right ahead….but, really….how dare you. It is everyons right to believe whatever it is they believe, but I really feel we made a wrong turn by letting the vocal few eradicate God from our daily lives because somehow, seeing a nativity or hearing the word God in our pledge of allegiance was sooo offensive to them, that we must change to please them….after all…..they mustn’t be unhappy. Funny, growing up, I don’t remember any of my Jewish or otherwise non-Christian friends {or their parents} being upset because there was a nativity at Christmas on the town green. Actually, I find the hypocrisy in many organized religions, including the one I was raised in, distateful. Not to mention, much is about control of the masses and has little to do with God, or spirituality. But if it gives you comfort or peace, more power to you….I just prefer my relationship with God to be outside of any dogma. If you want to put up a 6 ft menorah at Hannukah in the town square, it won’t bother me in the least. I respect your beliefs, whether or not I share them. And being reminded on a daily basis of something greater than myself, in whatever form, can’t hurt me. When we eradicated God from any sort of public view, we became a little more politically correct and a little more jaded.

    It’s time to take back our power, and only we can do it. I don’t want to live in a socialistic society…..look where the Soviet Union ended up. Had I wanted to, I would be living elsewhere. Most of us realize, though it sounds good in theory….all being equal…it doesn’t work in real life because you still have those at the top, and the rest toil to serve them. And there will always be those at the top who truly belive in their own superiority and that they deserve to be privileged. And of course, they would be those that control the money…..and through that, every other aspect of our life. We need to refuse to go along with the agenda they have prepared for us…that’s the only way to force them to back down.
    Well, I’m about done ranting now and feel a lot better…lol…nobody will probably read this anyway, since last post was yesterday….but, hey….cathartic is good!

    • TIME


      Thank you; for articulating a well thought out post.
      I agree with you 100%.

      Cathartic is GOOD.

  • phyllis stavola


  • Connie

    I’m ESOL teacher. At least half of my students are illegal. Up until about a year ago, they all seemed pretty nice. Then one sweet-faced kid was deported for selling drugs, another one for raping an 11-year-old. Some of the latest students look asif they could be involved in gangs.

    The faculty whom I work with has come from diverse locations. One spent ll years in Germany, whose borders are airtight. When the illegals in her class complain how “bad things are in the U.S.”, she tells them that if they’d managed to get into Germany, they’d be thrown out in a half hour.

    Which means the U.S. could do the same, if it were important. But the powers that be don’t want to lose the illegal population. They want to provide them amnesty, which will sway the entire electorate. Goodbye, Republican Party, you are now out of business.


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