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Republicans Block New Jersey Tax Increase For The Rich

June 25, 2010 by  

Republicans block New Jersey tax increase for the rich The New Jersey Assembly failed on Monday to override Republican Governor Chris Christie’s veto of a bill that would have levied an additional tax on residents that make more than $1 million annually.

State Republicans indicated that they voted against the one-year, 2 percent tax hike on the Garden State’s top 16,000 earners because the estimated $600 million in revenue would not go toward closing New Jersey’s historic budget shortfall, reports. Instead, the money would be used to restore tax rebates for senior citizens and the disabled.

The measure to override the governor’s veto was supported by all 47 Democrats and voted against by all 33 Republicans. Christie’s spokesman Michael Drewniak told the news source that the governor vetoed the tax increase last month because he felt it would discourage hiring.

Republican Assemblyman Jon Bramnick called the proposed measure another example of Democrats’ general affinity for taxation, according to

"You can rename it. You can decorate it. You can change the words but the bottom line is this caucus and this governor is going to stand up for the taxpayers of this state and there’s going to be no more taxes," he said.

If the veto had been overridden, residents who made more than $1 million would have been forced to pay a 10.75 percent income tax next year.

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  • JeffH

    Chalk up a resounding victory for Governor Chris Christie in NJ. This is a man of his word and I hope we can find more just like him.

    • WarriorH

      GO Christie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Possibly 2012. This guy looks like the real deal.

  • m p

    Finally someone that “Gets it” I don’t know about anyone else but I have never worked for a poor person. If my boss makes tons of money, then so do I.

    • Norm

      m p
      Yes sah master. If I’m good can I sleep in the BIG house.

      How much your boss makes and takes has little to do with how much you make. In large companies your pay rate is handled by the bean counters.

      • George E


        One thing is for certain. You have a better chance of getting a raise if you work for a person/company that’s making money and if you work for one that doesn’t.

        • WarriorH

          George – correction, your best chance at getting a substantial raise if you are a democrat and work for the child-fraud.

          • George E

            Words of wisdom……….ha.

    • http://naver samurai

      Yeah, I know. My last boss was a man called Uncle Sam and he was pretty well off, till Obama bin Laden came in and racked up our debt so high that my former boss is now hurting for money. Norm, please don’t cause any trouble.

  • J.M.R.

    yes i wish we had 500 more like him across the country. i don’t know about the rest of you but i never worked for a poor man,but the poor man was probably in that position because of a idiot liberal. but to be fair there people out there that would not work if a job was offered.

    • Norm

      There are only 50 states not 500.

      To be fair, there are people out there who would work if their jobs had not been shipped to China, India, Mexico, Viet Nam, etc. But the managers got big raises and bonouses for their cleverness.

      • J.M.R.

        norm go back and read what i said

        • J.M.R.

          i meant more than governors sens. and reps

        • JeffH

          J.M.R., Norm is just a board harpy…

  • s c

    Actually, Herr Obummer says America has 57 states. If only I could be 15 years younger and get a similar Haavid education.
    A great way to persuade our non-leaders that we’ve had enough of their insanity would be to OUTSOURCE them. Or, we could modify our prisons so they’re run like prisons in Mexico. That would save tons of money, and give people (especially elected vermin) a reason to behave.
    What I’m wondering is how long it will take Herr Obummer to conclude that anyone who makes as little as $20,000 is RICH – especially if your politics aren’t “right.” Ah, the overpowering aroma of hypocrisy on steroids.
    Of course, that would mean he’s worse than FILTHY RICH and deserving of even more layers of taxes. Do you think he could live with the idea that he’d have to be seen as someone who has to take what he dishes out? We’ll see. It will be so ‘enlightening.’ Bring your cameras and witnesses, people.

  • Tea Party Tim

    There has beeen a fairly sucessful effort to replace the word “profitable” with the word “rich”. At the same time the word “dependant” has been replaced with the word “poor”.

    The end result is not to make the “poor/dependant” “rich/profitable”, but rather to make the “profitable/rich” “dependant/poor”.

    The expanse of the federal government has made it necessary to have as many “poor/dependants” as possible in order to sustain the existance of the politicians.

    Follow the money.
    Government is not the ultimate in winner in capatilism and capatilism creates wealth. It is capatilism that is being violently attacked by the government in favor of socialism.

    • Ted Crawford

      In other words they would abandon trikledown economy for trickleup poverty! Both methods work, it’s just which one we think best for ourselves!!

      • Tea Party Tim

        Trickle up poverty is true, but it results in trickle up power and wealth for those in positions of power. They are not necessarily interested in making everyone poor as dirt as in insuring continued wealth building strategies for their own self interest.

        • ESA

          It just happens to be unfortunate collateral damage.

          Trickle down economy has been declared dead for a while btw.

  • George E

    Governor Christie impresses me. At last, someone who will say “no” to the public employee unions.

    • Ted Crawford

      YES! Because of that one hopes that he has adaquate security in place!!!

  • jopa

    Way to go Governor Christie;All those sucky little people that make less than a million dolars a year can go suck an egg.Those senior citizens and disabled people do’nt belong here in Jersey they belong in Florida Perhaps they could be used to soak up some oil.Long live the GOP,

    • Ted Crawford

      Jopa, those of us old enough to have these programs are also wise enough to realize that they depend on the health of the economy. If the economy fails, we lose ALL the programs benifits! I’ll, gladly take a freeze, to a total lose, any day!!!

    • ESA

      Been reading Mein Kempf I see…

  • http://gmail i41

    JMR and JeffH, normie is just a harpy that is being bored, after voting for all rhe socailist communist decocrats, and the muslim marxistss, who he can not defend, in any way shape or form, Normie, feels like a diesel engine block, being line bored, the close tolarances really takes away the liberal socialist wiggle room. Of course democrats like everything loose and sloppy, truth and facts, does not compute, in their nat sized pee brained mass, it may have moisture, but no electrical charge for synapus to activate any intelligent thoughts.

  • mehoward


  • Ted Crawford

    It’s very refreshing to see a politician that understands basic economics! Taxes and revnue are, clearly, inversly porpotional! Now all he has to do is keep the progressives from spending the new revnue! That is where bush 43 failed!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Go after the unions for their manufactored do nothing plans. For once we have a true leader, not the joke muslim jackass in the outhose and his czars. With socvialism run amuck and democrap clowns bobbing up and down like birds looking for worms, in dung heaps in the Washington beltway. It is going to take real leadership in state’s, to force the idoits in the frat boy clubs to see the light. Who gets cleaned out and new faces sent in, matbe and just maybe by chance there be a positive movement, tthe bowel movement that is happening with the democraps in charge, and their massive screw ups in everthing they touch. Wheather banking, energy,

  • DougH

    I’ve worked in the same industry for the past 19 years. I started with my fifth employer in 2009. My industry is considered stable and secure. 2009 was the first year I worked for an employer that made a profit. We made a ton of money. Literally. Our profit in $1000 dollar bills would be almost two tons. 18 years without a profit. That’s the main reason I’m on my fifth employer. Oh yeah. Back to the subject. My bonus was huge. My raise was huge. I’m not an executive. I’m an engineer that sits in a cubicle. The wealth was spread out to those that matter.

  • hundabuxt

    Most of the comments above play into the old “trickel down” theory. Give the rich a big tax break and money will dribble down to the rest of us. The rick love it while the middle class, the little people, pay the cost of government, at least a disproportionate amount!
    Warren Buffet pays a little more than 17% tax on his income. A person making around $65,000 adjusted pays about 25%. Is that fair? Everyone should pay their fair share. We’ll all benifit. The rich love it when we’re stupid. Does anyone recall someone named I believe Lorania Helmsley, the spelling is wrong but she was nicknamed the “Queen of Mean” a major hotel heiriss who told an employee :”only the little people pay taxes dear”. Get it??? I’m all for being rich but everyone should pay their fair share. The rich and powerful have played this game a long time.

    • ESA

      In the meantime it’s the working stiff making others wealthy. Remember way back when the women in the cloth mills addressed the issue by saying they should have an ownership in the business since it was their toil that created such wealth? Nothings changed. Makes me wonder if someone lit that infamous fire. Who’s first to tell me what a Marxist idiot, fool, whatever I am for bringing up such a thing? Bring on the name calling all you geniuses! I would love to be convinced why the T’s, in their first major suggestion was to remove money from the working class is such a wonderful thing. I can’t help but feel this country is going through some heavy rolls while coming about and it’s not a drill.

    • Leah

      hundabuxt I love your explanation it is so simple and sooo true.I don’t understand how these people don’t get it.How do they not see that it was the rich that put America where we are today by taking advantage of all the breaks they got for the last decade.It’s time for some fairness but people like the ones on this blog are the rich persons dream and they are the ones that F up any chance of fairness because of their stupidity.


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