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Republicans Blast Reid For Accepting Goldman Sachs Donations

April 23, 2010 by  

Republicans blast Reid for accepting Goldman Sachs donations Just a day after criticizing members of the GOP for participating in a closed-door meeting with Wall Street executives, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is in hot water following a report on Tuesday which indicated that he attended a fundraiser earlier this year hosted by the president of Goldman Sachs.

When asked to confirm or deny his attendance at the event, Reid evaded the question and instead read a prepared statement regarding his involvement in financial regulatory reform, reports.

"I’m leading the effort to rein in Wall Street," said Reid. "I’m going to make sure that in this legislation I do everything within my ability to make sure that banks aren’t too big to fail."

However, later that day Reid’s spokesman Jim Manley confirmed that the Nevada senator attended the fundraiser, stating that the $37,000 that was raised was done so in accordance with campaign rules.

In response to the news, National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh told NBC that "one can only presume that Senator Reid will be returning these donations immediately."

Manley indicated on Wednesday the congressman plans on keeping the donations.

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  • s c

    It’s not that Herr Reid is in hot water. He’s stewing because he got caught with his hand in the Washington cookie jar. He’s an arrogant, two-faced social engineer who expects to get away with as much as he can. After all, he’s “better” than the rest of us.
    This is the same dingleberry who says he can ‘smell citizens who come to Washington in the summer.’ This is the same yahoo who said the war in Iraq is “LOST.” Somehow, his boss, Obummer is continung this LOST war. I guess the ‘acorn’ doesn’t fall far from the same pathetic tree, eh?
    Mr. Reid, the south pole might be a nice place for you to call ‘home’ when you retire. Don’t bother writing, Mr. Reid. We will be able to smell you from here.

    • Palin12

      Don’t forget, Harry also said that then Sen.Obama was “electable because he was a light-skinned Black with no negro accent unless he wanted it”. I get the priveledge in Nov. to vote him out. Latest poll Lowden (R) 50.8, Reid (D) 39.8 / Harry expects a $25 Million warchest by November, mostly from unions, but that’s OK when his commercials come on TV I go use the restroom.

  • JeffH

    Hmmm! $37,000…what on earth could that buy for Goldman Sachs? Dirty Harry is no more than a laughingstock anymore.

    I’m sure the donation was only intended as a retirement gift for Reid and not a bribe. Campaign reports show Reid accepted $4,900 in campaign money from Goldman employees and $5,000 from the firm’s political action committee.

    The non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics reports that contributions from Goldman Sachs employees and its political action committee for the 2009-10 campaign cycle: 69% of the firm’s contributions to candidates went to Democrats while 31% went to Republicans. Appears to me that there are two shoes here, a Republican shoe and a Democrat shoe.

    Republican Rep. Mark Kirk announced this week he will return more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from the company.

  • angel-wanna-be

    3 D”S!!!__ Damn Dumb Dems, just get freaking crazier and crazier all the time and they talk about us crazy RIGHT WINGERS!!!__I’M LMAO!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We can only hope that mr Reids stupidity leads to the voting booth in November!!!! maybe then we can convince him to retire somewhere south of the border!!! I know, that would be too much to hope for!! I can dream, can’t I?

      • angel-wanna-be

        jOEh, Keep on HOPING AND THEN VOTE! it’s the only thing that’s gonna get us outta this friggin mess with the Obambi Administration__Even if we’re on our death beds, we have to get there in November!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I haven’t missed a chance to vote since I was eighteen and I’m 59 now!!! Too old to start now and too important to pass up!!! Bless ya for the thought, though!!

  • Claire

    I still think it should be mandatory for ALL politicians to publish a list of their donors. We would no doubt be surprised-shocked?

    • s c

      Claire, anyone who goes to Washington and chases easy money, whether it’s for his pocket or getting re-elected has surrendered to the ‘system.’ They are told what they can do, what to say, what they can’t do and what they stand to ‘gain’ if they play the game.
      This method has corrupted Congress (and the White House) for many decades. This country club/Roman Senate approach has given us a bastardized government.
      If we keep career politicians out of Washington, we have a chance to have a functional government. Those who chase ‘term limits’ are a part of the
      problem. They think “this time, we’ll get someone good.”
      The Founding Fathers KNEW that once we assumed career politicians were an asset, we’d be on way to slavery. They were right. Our choice is in having a) a consecutive terms-proof system or b) a functional government. It sickens me that people refuse to understand that.

  • American liberal

    The republican ” Sue Lowden” running aginst Harry Reid says you should offer you doctor a Chicken as ” barter” in return for medical services… Too funny…she was serious too…. I think Harrys gonna be ok in his re election…. Can republicans really pay bills with ” Farm animals”…… And do you think Republicans don’t use WALLSTREET for fundraising?… Don’t fool yourself…. Why don’t you run a search and see…why is it the Republicans don’t want Wall street to be regulated?… Could it be so many are on the take?….

    • Al Sieber

      They’re pretty much all on the take. Amer. Lib.whats your fascination with farm animals?

      • Dax

        Al Sieber,
        Un-American Liberal is fascinated with the animals because he is in charge of the goats and sheep on the prison farm where he is incarcerated. He has become “very close” with some of them since his cell mate was transferred.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Careful there, eyes will be all over you for that!!!

    • Jeep

      I will certainly grant you that both Reps and Dems have taken Wall Street funds…But, do you think you could find something else to complain about when trying to steer the conversation to Lowden? The chicken thing is getting old. I think you’ve posted this elsewhere…

    • Palin12

      Thank God, I get to vote for Lowden and you don’t get to vote for Reid.

    • Trying to save America for my kids

      They don’t want heavy regulation because they recognize the damage it can cause. Ie: when clinton started forcing banks to give loans to people who couldn’t afford them it pushed them into a frenzy of writing many loans to people that never wouldve gotten them before thus leading to the mortgage meltdown. It also gave them an excuse to do so. Banks have always written a number of risky loans but never as much as they did since clinton forced them to. This is a classic example of both bad regulation and bad deregulation since (again during the clinton administration) they dismantled “glass-steigel” which wouldve kept banks from getting “to big to fail”.
      My point being, some regulation is necessary. Every conservative I know agrees with that. The reps and most conservatives just feel like too much leads to big problems as evidenced by our current economy.
      By the way the barter system does work well all around the country. People r using it right now. That being said she doesn’t believe that u r likely to b able to pay for a doc visit with “a chicken”, but rather the barter system. Now ask urself why no conservative has explained that to u before. I’ll answer. Because they feel u r making urself look silly by believing she was speaking literally. They r quite happy to let u give that impression.

  • JPW-

    How much did Mitch Mconnell receive?? Goldman contributes to both parties like Howard Hughes did to receive federal contracts.It’s a win win situation.The point should be who is for Wall St. reform and who is blocking it.

  • American liberal

    Republican Mitch McConnell recieved $ 800,000 in wallstreet fundraisers….Sen. Bob Corker held Wallstreet fundraisers …republican Sen. Richard Shelly held Wallstreet fundraisers ( $ 55,000….John Boehner held “dozens” of Wallstreet fundraisers………these articals on this site target you tea baggers because you fall for anything they tell you… Only a very stupid person believes it’s only democrats using Wallstreet for cash…

    • Jeep

      Yadda, yadda…and, Dems received contributions to the tune of almost 4-1 over Reps in the last cycle. You miss the point at the disgust over both parties. You are sounding like a partisan hack when there might be something we could agree on, but you choose to flap your gums about those evil Reps.

      • George E

        Good point. We look partisan and non-objective when we can’t be critical of the political party that we affiliate with. Neither party is always right or always wrong about every topic.

    • Trying to save America for my kids

      Does it not bother u that dirty harry would act outraged about reps meeting with wallstreet when he does the same kind of thing. At what point will all the dem hypocracy start to bother u? Will it ever? Does it bother u that they acted outraged by foley’s love letter, but celebrated dem jerry studds who had sex with an underage boy? Instead of being sent home like foley was by the rnc he was actually re-elected many times! Do u even know about that? Does it bother u that nobody (especially dems) seem bothered by the fact that emmanuel sat on the info about foley for a looooong time (thus putting more young pages at risk) so that the news would have more effect on the election? Do u know about that? Do u know about climategate?
      U c the other point im trying to make is that just because u haven’t learned something we conservatives have doesn’t mean we “believe everything we hear”. We just give our selves the opportunity to hear more by rejecting mainstream media as a news source. Mainstream media completely ignored climategate and most of my lib friends have no clue what I’m talking about when I bring it up. Almost all of my conservative friends know it well, because we know john stewart is not a news broadcaster. Being more informed doesn’t make us gullible it makes us more informed and better citizens for the future generations that r counting on us to do the right thing.

  • Jewell Martillo

    Try soaking your feet several times during the week in 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with in a small bowl (big enough for your feet of course) of warm water.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      With am lib, I think soaking his head might do more good!!!

  • s c

    A dab of clarification needs to be introduced. The article’s title should be ‘Conservatives Blast Reid.’ Republicans are chasing their posteriors around in circles, thinking about making a decision. A Republican is a pre-packaged closet dweller.
    A conservative tells it like it is, and isn’t concerned with a false image or ‘the big picture’ or what the neighbors think – let alone a damned poll.

    • Jeep

      Very well put! SC you can have a cookie now…:)

  • Warrior

    Good night Harry. Go collect your pension and leave us alone.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Only part of your post came through! I’m sure it should have read:
      Good nite Harry. Go collect your pension in Argentina and leave us alone!!!

  • s c

    For those who are dumb enough to put party loyalty above being a law-abiding citizen (and justifying the CRIMINAL acts of elected officials), PULL YOUR SORRY HEADS OUT OF YOUR RUMPS. What matters is that elected people are WEAK, and they find ways to be tempted.
    ANYONE who finds ways to justify taking easy money is an unAmerican, freedom-hating sack of sludge who need to be IMPRISONED. Yes, I mean BOTH parties. I mean ANYONE who does it. SOLVE THE PROBLEM!
    People who can’t understand what’s going on here are just as bad and as corrupt as those pathetic sons-of-whatever who take that money.
    Why is that so damned hard to understand? Anyone who justifies a criminal act is a CRIMINAL, and MUST be seen as such. Where does the Constitution say we have to ‘tolerate’ and ‘accept’ corruption?
    Is there any wonder why America is so screwed-up?

  • Martin

    Very well put! SC you can have a cookie now…:)

  • George E

    From what I understand, both parties see Wall Street as a place to get easy campaign money. This probably won’t change regardless who we elect to office. The problem I see is that when our politicians rush through legislation with very little discussion and transparency, and the legislation is largely written by “volunteers” from Wall Street, we get screwed. This is what’s been happening, I think. So, one way of getting on top of this problem is to have full debate before the American people for all legislation of this type to try to clean out the bad parts of these bills. Of course, that’s exactly what the Democrats have NOT been doing. They have rushed through everything possible on a strict party-line vote. This is NOT good governance, in my opinion, and certainly opens the door for more corruption and mismanagement of our money and liberties.


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