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Republicans Ask For Citizens’ Opinions On Spending Programs

May 20, 2010 by  

Republicans ask for citizens' opinions on spending programsIn an effort to connect with conservative activists and help curb Federal spending, House Republicans announced last week the creation of a new project designed to allow citizens to vote on what they think should be cut from the Federal budget.

The new initiative, called YouCut, will enable voters to choose from one of five possible cuts each week. The winning suggestion will be brought to the floor the following week and will be voted on by members of the House.

"What we’re saying here is we’re going to listen," House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told Fox News. "Vote on your priority, and we’ll take it to an up-or-down vote on the floor."

Meanwhile, Democrats are calling the program a simple public relations gimmick that has no realistic chance of trimming the Federal budget.

"It’s not surprising that they are resorting to another gimmick for a round of press rather than a substantive idea for lasting solutions," said Hari Sevugan, the Democratic National Committee’s press secretary. "But if they actually listened to the American people, Republicans would know that knee-jerk opposition, obstruction, delay and gimmicks are not a substitute for leadership."

In response to the program, the Democrats created their own project called GOPSpent, where Americans can vote on the most irresponsible Republican initiatives that favor special interest groups.


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  • Wayne Lewis

    237 millionaires in Congress and now the House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises. They voted to not give us a S.S. cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011. Our Medicaid premiums will go up $285.60 for the next 2-years and we will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr. our total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife. Do I feel Screwed? The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects a right to keep and bear arms
    Maybe the American people should try and hang onto this one, all the rest of our rights seem to be whittled down.

    • http://msn Jake

      I totally agree with you, Jake, on this one. I say stop the “free for life” policies for the politicians. Term limits might help this. They are elected to “serve the American people”, not serve themselves, which seems to be the norm. Thus, such a “fight(?)” to be re-elected. Buying their way in at the tax payers expense.

      • Harald

        Just who are “the American people”? There seems to exist a continental divide which will doom ANY initiative. 50% agree, 50% disagree. And then the bunch that doesn’t know whether they are punched or bored.

      • dayocham

        I believe that we definitely need term limits. 8 years, like the President. We have seen how much damage can be done in one year. I also think that no member of Congress should receive an increase in their salary until this country has balanced its budget, refunded Social Security and Medicare. If they vote themselves an increase until all those things are done, they should be voted out of office.

      • 45caliber

        Jake: Term limits won’t work to keep the costs down either. If a person spends ONE term as Congressman (2 years) or Senator (6 years) they get an immediate “retirement” check of 90% of their pay upon leaving office – even if they are 35 or so – and all the benefits stay in place, including medical, for the rest of their lives. The retirement goes up automatically every year – cost of living + 1%. Many of those who have been retired a long time will have retirement checks of over a million a year. Plus they get to have an office with all expenses paid for the office and two secretaries paid by the government until they die. That helps them write autobiographies, etc. If it is a President, they also get Secret Service protection until they die. Clinton had a barracks for Secret Service built at his home – at government expense – and then charges the government $10,000 a month rental on the place. That pays for his payment on his house. Now don’t you feel better??

    • Ronald Dreer

      Sorry,I don’t believe that government employees should be able to vote themselves a raise at any time. These employees are supposed to be working for the people,not themselves.
      The retired segment on SSI and medicare desperatly need the raises more. Most are struggling to keep their head above water and just live with the basics.These are people that have been the core of our country for many years,now the present administration is trying to put them on the back burner where they don’t belong.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Phil

        Wouldn’t that be nice that they could vote themselves a raise. The irritating reality is they simply can only vote against it. Check and see how many are at work that day.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Why should the gov workers get a raise when even the disabled vets didn’t??? They did a lot more than the politicos to EARN it!! All the pols diid was sell America down the river!!!

          • Claire

            Joe H — I am with you on this.

      • 45caliber

        They DON’T vote to give themselves raises. It was too contiversal. What they did do, some years ago, was tie their salaries to those of Federal judges. The judges get an automatic pay increase of at least 3% every year – and because the judges do, Congress does as well. They have to vote to NOT give themselves a pay raise and for some reason that vote always fails. I wonder why …

    • Sidewinder

      Clair, to answer you question from yesterday…

      “Sidewinder- I read you posts for 3-4 days-and now all of a sudden you have changed. What happened?”

      I think I got tired of the low level stupidity. It started to get on my nerves.

      I have some Turkish friends and a Siryian friend. They are muslim. They were all born right here in the US. I have known them since I was 5 years old. If you shut your eyes and met them, you would think they were white. One became a doctor, one went into real estate, computers, ect. Their good guys. They are Red White and Blue, Americans. And muslim. We all played on the same baseball team growing up.

      The ignorance, and judgement being passed on people they have never even spoken to is just sick. Its such a distorted and warped view.

      I got tired of seeing really stupid posts such as this one below:

      American Conserative says:
      May 18, 2010 at 11:14 am
      They also will convert you “infidel” or chop your – that thing that sits above your shoulders with ears!!

      The mentality of certain people….
      Thinking I was posting as American Liberal, or under 15 different names. Its absurd. Its a total waste of time trying to have a conversation with people like that.

      When they do that Clair, they take it to juvinile lows.

      So yeah, Clair, my patience finally wore thin after seeing American Conservative’s post.

      You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

      • Jimminey Bop

        Their religion comes first and that is guided by the Quran. In it there are things that are considered unclean, pigs, dogs, human waste and among other things anyone that is not a Muslim.
        You may be their friend but if you are not a Muslim you are also a Kaffir!
        Get wise, they will all appear like you want them to appear until they are in the majority and then you better cover your butt ’cause when the terrorist faction of the religion asks them if they want to join in the destruction of Ameriac or lose their head, guess which way they will vote?

      • peggy

        why is it the muslim community is never heard from except to scream for civil rights? why do they not vilify the radicals who bombed the towers on 9/11, who beheaded our military and reporters? nary a word from the muslim community. yeah, sidewinder, they r really red, white & blue. they r self serving cowards and worse. great numbers of them r spies waiting for the word to plant a bomb. since u appear to be a muslim sympathizer, perhaps homeland security should take a look at you. can u read? the animal who tried to bomb times square was born “right here”. timothy mcvey was born “right here”. mcvey might not have been muslim, but he was a terrorist. because u have a few muslim friends u fancy u speak for the whole muslim world? u should remove your head from your butt, dorothy, u ain’t in kansas anymore.

        • Rip

          Thank You Peggy, I could Not have said it better Myself, just add to that, that if your going to buddy up to The Muslim world You had Better read their version of “The Good Book” ans just see what a “Loving” (puke) People They are.

    • s c

      Wayne, how many of those 237 millionaires were millionaires BEFORE they went to Washington? An elected “leader” who gets rich while he’s in Congress should be seen as a thief – and treated as one.
      Getting rich is not in the job description, and the idea that someone can ‘find time’ to get rich and do the job right is INSANE. How are they entitled to anything beyond basic healthcare, a small allowance and a place to live?
      They’re treated like royalty. Whether they’re conservatives or progressives or something in between, they are a disgrace. How do they NOT prove that they don’t give a damn about the working man or the poor or anyone else in America?
      The idea that someone can get rich in Congress is too damned close to the idea that CRIME PAYS. Throw the bastards OUT, TRULY re-distribute that stolen wealth and then reserve some prison cells.

      • Donald L. Cochrane

        Delseydo says “We have put the foxes in charge of the hen house and will continue to pay for their princely luxuries as we have no control. Voting them out means only that we have voted new ones in who will not reverse the evils already instituted and will just be umpteen more on the collecting end. Until the actual citizenry gets control nothing will improve.

  • http://none MARK NOJIRI

    1. Drill domestically. Stop our dependence on foreign oil.
    2. Stop these bailouts. If an institution is failing, let them fail.
    3. Do not allow the President to fire a CEO, let the company and investors do that.
    4. Let the workers buy their own company and let them be the boss.

    • Annie

      Our Govt. is went out of control. They need to stop acting like they are working on fixing problems and start put coming up with answers. These bailouts are just bandaids covering up problems that are getting to be worse. Our country is needing people in office that cares about the country and people who are working to pay thier wages. We need to get the people out of office that are there just drawing wages and acting important. Acting important,,, is not answers. Bailing out is not answers to foolish spending!!!! Why are we the people letting these companies go out into foolish spending? Our country is out of balance!!! We need to get back into balance with spending and reality!!!!!!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Phil

        If our Government wanted us to be out of dept, than why do they keep adding to the deficit?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Mark Nojiri,
      that’s what they should do with any business that knowingly hires illegals more than once! let the employees buy the company at a greatly reduced price!!

      • Donald L. Cochrane

        Delseydo says he agrees that punishment should be meeted out to companies that knowingly hire illegals after a first time warning. However their is no point in punishing the company per se, but punish the management that allowed it to happen. Allowing the company to be bought by the employees would only result in eventually union ownership and then the eventual end of the company for lack of competitive pricing for it’s product. Between the Unions and the government our millions of jobs have gone and are continuing to go overseas or to Mexico etc. as our labor costs are no longer competitive and our government policies & taxes are business negative.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Then you believe that an owner should be able to duck the fact that his company hires illegals? BS! As the owner, he has a responsibility to know what is going on in his company! I’ll bet most would know if someone is cooking the books!! Closing the company down would only punish the legal employees there and that would not be right in any way!!

  • Maxine Sanor

    I think if the citizens of the United States were able to vote on the salarys and benefits packages of the Represenatives of this country and not allow them to vote in higher wages and benefits for themselves. If we the people did not have to pay for all the pensions and free medical coverage for every government employee across the country we could save alot of money…I really think it has to stop somewhere…and the government is causing the problem and we all just keep paying more and more all the time for their perks…time to stop.. the small business person has no opportunity to have the same kind of perks….something needs to be done…Maxine…just my opinion

    • Richard Koch

      Maxine, I think you made some very valid points. Why are government employees (politicians or otherwise) given better perks, better retirement packages, better medical insurance, better or guaranteed pay raises. We should all be so lucky. Why are they given advantages that the average American does not receive? How was this ever conceived? What logic supports this policy, the idea that this is better for the country?

      Why are all government politicions and employees exempt from SS system? Why do they have their own seperate retirement contribution which is free from all of the termoil of our SS program. One that works

      The government says that we are looking 10% to 15% unemployment. That is so far off the mark because they are not including the self employed that are out or work. Count us and the number is probably up above 30% .

      This doesn’t phase them though, their salaries and benifits rise in spite of the economic conditions.

      Its a shame, but government is looking out for government and seeking more ways to take our earnings. Republican,Democrate, Libraterian, Indepedent or other, it really does not make a differance.

      Why haven’t any heads rolled or the economic and financial break down? Whats up with that? Franks, Pullson, @ FannyMae…………It just stinks. You could almost concieve of a conspiracy theory: Allow the people to buildup wealth for a perior of 10 yrs or so, contrive this scheme of packaging sure to fail loans, derivitives, ect watch it all fail, foreclose and get back property dirt cheep and resell when the bailouts generate a little stability and wala big profits and government taking more control of the private sector.

      Where is Michale Moore or Oliver Stone when you need them….?

      • Christopher Baker

        First of all, Federal employees do not get free healthcare, nor are they exempt from paying into Social Security (SS). They used to be exempt from SS but as of about 25 years ago that perk went out the window. They are now subject to paying a portion of their paycheck into their retirement system as well as into SS and if they wish they can voluntarily pay into a retirement savings account from their before taxes income. A portion of that is matched by the Federal government. They also pay for their Healthcare out of their paychecks. I know as I was a federal employee before I left for greener pastures.

      • Allan

        Just a few decades ago, government jobs were held below the private sector as fitting for public srvice. So benefits were the offset. Then politicians began seeing strategic reasons to grow government, and the pay side rose. Some professions are paid more, and some still a little less, but overall, pay + benefits are higher today in the public sector. Since fed and state govt are now the largest employer AND largest union, we have a MAJOR political and financial conflict between private and public sector voters. Public employees are going to support a growth agenda. Government growing itself beyond its means is no different than what ENRON did. They don’t worry about going over budget. It becomes strategic ammunition for growth. The recent 2% federal raise cost about $100 billion dollars, and the timing couldn’t have been more insulting. Currently, Obama is creating agencies at a stupefying pace. Lots of growth in high paid positions, double-dipping military hires, etc. States are ramping up taxes and fees like crazy. There is now a $50 fee in Oregon to NOT renew your business registration. Nice perk for the business that is leaving the state or going under. We are supposed to live within our means and pay our bills, but government doesn’t have to, and they are happy to bail people out in exchange for more money and control. Those at the wheel find this a very nice vantage point. Instead of apologizing to other countries, our federal government should apologize to Americans for facilitating the sub-prime meltdown that is the key factor in where we are economically. With political donations, lobbying, and job pimping currently at record levels, it should not surprise our government that people of the proposed control of Wall Street. TO think they are doing it for altruistic reasons is ridiculous. We’re not getting our money’s worth from our government, and they have made it nearly impossible to change.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Richard K.,
        The very best they should get is the industry standard. No better than the working man gets. Make them pay for their prescrip coverage like most of the regular workers!! I’m tired of paying for better benefits for them than I have!! I like my coverage and it covers me very well so why should I have to pay for better coverage for them???

    • Donald L. Cochrane

      You need to realize Maxine that the gov’t. is no longer By The People, For the People. It by those in office, for those in office and couldn’t care less what the citizens want or think, most especially the current administration. As evidence, the millions of petitions that have gone to congress over the past 10 or 15 years toward putting a lock box on the Social Security funds to prevent the further gutting of them by congress. Absolutely nothing has been done in this regard. Our promised retirement funds have been and are being stolen by congress for their own pet projects. Have fun while you can.

  • Annie

    YEs,,, we need to bring the govt spending back into control and reality that is the real problem. We need to be able to bring the officials into our voting objectives!!!! Our country is suppose to be for the people by the people. This govt is for themselves and how they want and are going to have. That is totally wrong of them. We are wasting our tax dollars having them in office. They have to much control of what the people should have choices on!!!!! YOUR opinions are great,,, Think that is alot more peoples thots and ideas than are willing to admit outload that is for sure. I know that our govt is on a huge train crah course!!!! Will be crashing soon. Govt. people will not look at reality at all!!!!

  • joe

    cut the spending on illegal immigrants.
    we need to secure borders.

    • Annie

      When we see insects entering our homes, we use a fumigator to get them out so they don’t spread. Let the fence be the fumigator for the illegals coming in. Only allow them to come in if they do it in a legal manner. I am the granddaughter of a legal immigrant from the Ukraine who came to this country following the rules, so it should be the same with these immigrants.

      • CJ

        Actually, when unwanted pests enter your home, the first thing you do is get rid of the items they are coming in to get. THEN you destroy what remains. If you don’t get rid of the enticement, more just follow and the fumigation was just a temporary fix. The situation with the first lady(?) yesterday points out a big problem. The little girl who asked the problem said her mother didn’t have any papers. Federal law prohibits asking for papers to prove legal status. HERE’S where you start. Get rid of the entitlements, remove the roadblocks to identify illegals, THEN get rid of the illegals that are left. We spend so much money on the illegals, there’s nothing left to help those who want to come in legally. Liberals… they never stop when they run out of OTHER PEOPLES’ money.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Actually when insects invade you get rid of what they have infested. In this case the thing they have infested is the US! I don’t think I want to destroy or get rid of that! With insects you put up a barrier to avoid entry. with humans, you put up a barrier AND get rid of the enticement!!!

    • Al Sieber

      Thats a big part of the problem, giving non-citizens free stuff. giving anyone free stuff.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Phil

      I think we should cut spending on our elected officials in Washington that think “They need our help”! Thank you Ms. Pelosi…

    • JLC

      Joe — Jan Brewer (Arizona) is trying to do that, and the liberal establishment is trying to nail her hide to the wall. JAN BREWER FOR PRESIDENT

  • Diane

    1. Limit welfare to a maximum lifetimeof 4 yrs., no more generational welfare.

    2. Cut salary & benefits to ALL government workers from President down to maintenance by 50 %. That will encourage those workers to find jobs in the private sector and they will finally feel our pain!

    3. End all earmark spending. Evertyhing should be open and available prior to any vote.

    4. End all assistance to illegal immigrants – no jobs, no benefits, no school, no birthright citizenship, no chain migration, no anchor babies, etc. Immigrate LEGALLY or don’t come. SECUR OUR BORDERS!!!!

    That will be a good starting point!

    • Disgusted

      Amen! Not only should it be limited to 4yrs, but they recipient should have to take a drug test to get it. How about we stop building billion dollar prisons with cable and A/C – if you have broken the law you should be uncomfortable! This attitude that everyone deserves what everyone else has is bull – if they want it let them go out and work hard and earn it like the rest of us have! All political offices should have term limits – some of them have been in office for 50+ years – that is rediculous. The perks are outrageous – I would like to fly my family to Connecticut on a military plane and not pay a dime – just charge it to my business expense account – Nancy Pelosi – this bull needs to be stopped! They are not elitists (like they think they are) – they work for us – we pay their salary and we should have a say in whether they get a raise or not. I didn’t get one last year due to the economy and this year isn’t looking much better – why should they?

    • BigBadJohn

      Diane – were have you been? Clinton’s welfare reform act of 1996 limits federal welfare funds to 5 years. States can continue to pay welfare but the federal government will not.

      The problem with cutting salaries of congress and senate is that you encourage them to pass pork legislation for their future employers. Ad term limits on top of that and you get politicians in a hurry to pass favorable laws for the industry that they want to go to work for.

  • Raymond Ross

    I say lets cut welfare to those who are not citizens of the United States.
    Quit allowing them to use our resources such as schools, medical.
    If they can’t get free money, they will go home.

  • Billtgh

    I guess we’ll find out if the GOP offered cuts actually amount to anything. Part of me thinks it’s just another diversion, and I’ve expressed my GOP distrust to Cantor, but for the most part he seems to be a conservative, so we’ll see. The Dem-progressive site obviously is a deflection/game-show.

    I am so sick of these idiots, across the board, and I am doing everything I can to encourage the people I run into to vote for smaller government.

    • CJ

      How do you vote in someone who will bring smaller government WHEN NONE RUN FOR OFFICE????? This is the problem I have with the SOLUTION. Without the right tool, you can’t fix it. The right tool is a politician who… Never mind, I think I identified the problem. No politician can fix the problem, they’re the wrong tool. We need the lawyers out and statesmen in!

      • Karen

        Prerequisite for office should be ‘no law degree’. AND term limits once they get in….that should do it!

        • s c

          Karen, trying to impose term limits on politicians is like telling a career criminal that he has to ‘play nice’ or he’ll have to leave the playground.
          Good intentions via term limits have NO place in American politics. There is only ONE way to sever a politician’s power connection, and that is to NEVER let him have consecutive terms. THAT solves the problem.
          Anything else is sugar-coated, he really didn’t mean it, oogy woogy, pretty please and ‘hope for the best’ C R A P ! WHY can’t peope understand that, and GIVE UP on term limits?

  • http://none MARK NOJIRI

    First of all, politicians are not government employees.
    Secondly, Congress needs to stop giving themselves thousands of dollars in annual payraises and restricting the military payraises to less than %2%.

  • angel-wanna-be

    The Best thing we can do is keep a watchful eye on Greece!?!__if the American deficeit is not brought under control and SOON, we’ll look like Greece!__I love the people who live in a dream world here, and pretend it won’t or can’t happen here. And sure the Dems are de-noncing this Republican program as a gimmick for the press. The Democrats are in the majority, they know damned well the majority of the people hate their politics, they’re scared as hell of 2010-2012, or they wouldn’t be lashing out at every miniscule opposition there is. And they are!_-The Dems better be scared, we’re tired of politics as usual Washington. Go ahead and send your voter intimidaters here in 2010-2012, we’ll ALL walk right through them.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    The Dems won’t like the idea of the Republicans making an attempt to connect with the American people. It would have been a great idea if they would have thought of it!

  • s c

    People who are stupid enough to vote for those who promise them a better life deserve nothing. How many generations does it take to see what these treasonous weasels have done to America? How are ANY of these slimers entitled to a raise?
    Our government uses waste, duplication, fraud, money and power to go through the motions of protecting us. When is the last time our “leaders” took the blame for something THEY did wrong?
    Show me an elected scumbag who claims he’s made America better, and I’ll show you an overpaid LIAR. who deserves to be behind bars – right after he’s been tarred and feathered.

  • Ardine

    I agree!!! Lets get back to God. Amen

  • duggy dugg

    CUT THE FED ! the non government agency is a corporation ; incorporated in delaware ; not a 501 (c) 3 , but a for-profit corporation; the “fed” loans $$$$ trillions to congress! why on earth does the united states government need to borrow a penny ? the colonists didn’t need to borrow ; in fact the colonsts printed their own money called “scrip” ; the boe objected and wanted the colonists to use english pounds sterling , borrowed at interest, of course , from the boe; the megga powerful red shield family who controll the boe were peeved at the colonists who threw a tea party in boston harbor to defy the brits and the boe ; that is the real reason for the war of independence , not a measly tea tax ; follow the money, honey , it’s all about the money !1 ! ! !

    lincoln and jfk defied the banksters and printed u s dollars ; both were shot ; any coincidence here ? ditto mckinley and garfield ; andrew jackson was able to survive his assassination attempt ; he vetoed the predecessor to the “fed” the SBUS ; wilson signed the federal reserve banking act of 1913 same year as the federal income tax went into being to pay for the “fed” ; aren’t you glad of that ?
    wilson later regretted what he had done and campaigned to repeal the fed ; he died of “appoplexy” …my op, poison…

  • duggy dugg

    green card or work permit all illegals here now that aren’t guilty of crimnes ; because we have done such a rotten job of enforcing immigration and borders up to now ; close the stupid borders like every other country does ! try sneaking into greece or china or germany and see how long you last !! !

    • Will

      1. If you migrate to this county, you must speak the native language

      2. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers

      3. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no
      special ballots for elections, all government business will be
      in our language.

      4. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they
      are here.

      5 Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

      6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no
      stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.

      7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount
      equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

      8. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT
      options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property.
      That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

      9. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign
      flag, no political organizing, no badmouthing our president or his
      policies, if you do you will be sent home.

      10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down
      and sent straight to jail.

      And the above is the law of Mexico.

      • Hugh Jordan

        A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a destitute Mexican refugee Outside an Arizona immigration office.

        “Good man,” the fairy said, “I’ve been sent here by President Obama and told to grant you three wishes, since you just arrived in the United States with your wife and eight children.”

        The man told the fairy, “Well, where I come from we don’t have the good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them.”

        The fairy looked at the man’s almost toothless grin and — PING!– he had a brand new shining set of gold teeth in his mouth!

        “What else?” asked the fairy, “Two more to go.”

        The refugee claimant now got bolder. “I need a big house with a three car garage in Phoenix on the water with eight bedrooms for my family and the rest of my relatives who still live in my country.. I want to bring them all over here” — and — PING!– in the distance there could be seen a beautiful mansion with a three car garage, a long driveway, a walkout patio with a BBQ in an upscale neighborhood overlooking the water.

        “One more wish”, said the fairy, waving her wand.

        “Yes, one more wish. I want to be like an American with American clothes instead of these torn clothes, and a baseball cap instead of
        This sombrero. And I want to have white skin like Americans” —and —
        PING! — The man was transformed – wearing worn out jeans, a Diamond-Backs T-shirt and a baseball cap. He had his bad teeth back and the mansion had disappeared from the horizon.

        “What happened to my new teeth?” He wailed, “Where is my new house?”

        The fairy said:
        “Tough shit, Amigo, Now that you are a White American, you have to fend for yourself.”

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I love it!!!!!!! How funny!!!

  • sirian

    As to why sheeple are just now beginning to realize the problem that exists in Washington and a sizable portion of states capitals too, will always puzzle me. Hasn’t anyone ever looked at their paycheck to see how much is withheld for taxes? Could it be that everyone, or a majority as viewed, are just now pulling out the old “Common Sense” files from their minds? I agree, NO, the politicians do not deserve all the perks they bestow upon themselves or allow to quietly accept from who knows how many “Special Interest Groups” or “Lobbyists”. The illegal immigration problem could be easily solved – 500′ before or after the border fence lay a mine field – non-lethal concussion mines only – with “Mine Field” signs posted every fifty feet. Install ground vibration sensors to detect tunneling. Man the border with military personnel – National Guard/Reserves – on a rotational basis. Finally, strongly enforce the laws pertaining to employment of illegals. All of this could be accomplished in no less than three months. A simple “Common Sense” answer to the problem, yes. Would any of the politicians that we have placed in Washington agree with this approach – NO. It would be costing them to many votes. So, as expected, solving the problem with the politicians, not quite as easy. The majority of them have committed electoral suicide anyway since they voted through the ObamaCare package without ever reading it. Remember, what they say and what they do are two totally different things. And this commonly applies to anything that comes across their desk. I merely hope the size of the herd of sheeple is being downsized – considerably!!

  • william ahrens

    The Republicans are pandering and cannot be serious. Cutting the Federal budget is their job and a problem they helped to create the previous 8 years. Its a stunt in an attempt to convince us they’re listening. BS! They feed us the equine scat (horse crap) and do what the lobbyists tell them to do because that’s where the money is. They’re all corrupted by the system so the system has to change. No more career politicians! Don’t elect them, draft them for 4 years, guarantee their job when they return to their State, the government subsidizes their temporary replacement and his or her training, which promotes skills and they return after their commitment. The military draft worked much like this and resulted in a healthy crossection of America in the military. A true citizen army. Obviously a background check would have to be made and a reasonable level of education would be required. Its not perfect but a hell of allot better than the career crooks we have now. Those who would oppose this would tell you that the career bureaucrats would then dominate, that is professional staff to assist the politician. But that shouldn’t be the case to any serious degree. Another criticism would be lack of seniority, which affects the ability to bring home the pork. But pork is part of the problem. We need a government that represents the needs of the people not lobbiests who pay for influence to satisfy wealthy individuals and corporations, which is the reason we don’t have equity in taxation for example. Warren Buffet pays 17% tax. He’s a billionare. I know people who pay 30% and make $175,000. Something is very wrong here. Wake up people. They’re screwing us and smiling while they do it.

  • Marilyn

    I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat -whatever. Eliminating Over- Spending starts at the top. There are about 545+ politicians who have made the laws of our land and introduced programs that cost the American tax payer dear dollars. Now that Americans are in a financial mess, failed programs, the Constitution not followed, the working Americans are expected to bail-out these 545+ elected politicians. True, American politicians/officials were voted into office by the public sector. But, voting Americans can also vote these rascals out of office – American voter’s rights. If spending needs to be brought under control, let us start at the top. The first step is to get rid of all the assistants who assist other assistants and those who assist non-elected families of the officials. The next step would be to have each elected official pay their own non-job related transportation. The next step might be to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. Keep hands off the Social Security funds. I am not sure how Congress received pay raises during this financial crisis but I can just about figure that some worth-while program was tapped for those dollars, leaving that program at risk.
    There is more on my mind but this would be a start.


    it all started with carter and the cubans now is the time to have a sweeping immigration reform bill, send all the cubans, mexicans. haitatins home and see how many can come in like their suppose to. But with obama and his cronnies he brought from chicago there will be no change because he needs the votes and they will buy all they need, just the the election that put him in office. I say impeach him and send him and his family back to Kenya were they belong.

  • Jayne Texas

    The LIBERALS live on Fantasy Island. They think we live in a perfect world; they will never come to reality. That is why we must get them OUT of government. A fantacy is easy; but reality is hard. Democrats mascott is a donkey aka ASS. LIBERALS are big donkeys. Liberal can’t connect with the American people; because that would mean they are admitting they COULD BE WRONG! That is a NO NO for them. Imagine the American people could have better ideas than theirs. They won’t do it. We’re a bunch of DUMBIES in their eyes.

  • http://none drotterman

    What a mean spirited bunch we have here. Is there any compassion among you, or has that gone down the tubes with our rights. All this venomous bickering about welfare spending and aliens eating us out of house and home and legislators giving themselves raises and deficits are just what our politicians love for us to be doing. That way we don’t pay attention to the billions given out in corporate welfare, and farm welfare. And what do the big Corporations do with this money? Keep it in offshore accounts, pay little or no taxes, and invest it in foreign countries. Seams like we could save some money by making some changes to these policies.

    Not one person mentioned the fact that we spend half of our budget on the military. HALF! We have bases in 177 countries. We spend as much on the military budget as the rest of the world put together. Is this the country we want? We could cut that budget in half and funnel the money into a sustainable infrastructure, creating jobs in this country, and energy security for the future, and we would still be the most powerful country on earth.

    Wake up people. Have a little love and compassion for those that have less than us, and quit listening to the those mean spirited talking heads at Fox. We are the greatest country on earth, and we have a responsibility to help bring the world out of poverty. While we sit bitching in our air conditioned houses and cars, 3 billion people live on a buck a day. We have to do something to help. They are, after all, fellow Human Beings.

    • sirian


      I see what you’re saying and here and there I agree. But you have left something out that you really should be aware of. It’s called “FOREIGN AIDE”. Now then, go look that up and see just how much the U.S. slings out yearly to the poor “one dollar a day” people, worldwide. Compassion? You want us to be more compassionate? For God’s sake, just how much was recently directed, still is, to Haiti after their earthquake? Let alone who knows how many other areas across the globe. How much does China help out? How much does Russia help out? How much does France help out? Get a grip kid, we have been the most COMPASSIONATE country in the world and it isn’t forced upon us. How many countries stepped right in to help out all the poor people in New Orleans after Katrina? Huh, how many? Look back over many major catastrophes and which country has been the one that “gives” more help than any other?

      I will agree with you that we could cut back on the number of bases we have around the world but if you cut back on our “VOLUNTARY” military, which has already been done considerably, not “CONSCRIPTED/DRAFTED” military, well, OK, you best make sure you know how to squeeze a trigger. That’s one right you should be very thankful for.

      When are you going to realize that there are so many different governmental departments that could be totally eliminated and that alone would save billions each year. Even more so, it wouldn’t actually have any major life threatening effect on anyone.

      Sorry, it may not hurt for you to read an original of our Constitution just once, not an MSNBC version, you’ll learn a great deal! I promise, it won’t give you a migraine.

      • Donald L. Cochrane

        Delseydo says, “Way to go Sirian!!!!” Want to cut something? How about the Useless Nations (UN) Take those 25 plus billions and repay the Social Security Fund for the money you stole. Maybe give Medicare a little help. These are for AMERICANS!! “Hey, Millionaire Congressman–any idea who those people are?” “If you don’t I think you are about to get educated.”

    • s c

      d r, why act like a RINO or a closet progressive? You’ve included mean-spirited, compassion, welfare spending, corporate welfare, sustainable, Fox and “bring the world out of poverty.” If the RNC sent you, take a hike. If you’re a closet progressive, you know what you can do.
      Rather than cover the full list, I’ll go over the “low” points. Mean-spirited? You’ve been properly programmed, comrade. Corporate welfare, your White House god is in BED with corporations – as long as Uncle Scam gets his cut (and his ‘friends’ are protected). Sustainable. You’be probably never grown your own food, and you see Sierra Club wackos as icons. I don’t get Fox News on my TV, but I’ll wager that Fox has more integrity and a working sense of journalistic ethics than any lamestream, WHORE media group you can name.
      How the royal hell can we bring ANYONE out of poverty when this gang of thugs is doing its worst to bankrupt and enslave America? Did you wake up bored? Either you’re limp enough to be manipulated by the RNC and/or progressives, or you’re being paid to take up space on this website. Whatever the answer is, your mixed messages are enough to put you on the short list for the next information czar (after he learns the hard way how worthless he and his ‘boss’ are in the eyes of the American people).
      No cookie. No gold star. And you’ve failed to convert anyone to hope or change, mack.

  • Caroline benedum

    1. Cut out the US Dept. of Education. States make own decisions regarding education. Too much duplication.
    2. Cut U.S. Department of Humane Society (this is not your local humane society) who are trying to regulate farmers so much to the point of forcing them out of the industry. Check out Food, Inc.
    3. Cut Mrs. O’s staff down to 3 instead of 20 something.
    4. Repeal Healthcare bill.
    5. Stop sending money to countries that don’t support us.
    6. Cut Planned Parenthood funding.
    7. No salary increases for politicians and other governmental employees. Pay cuts should be the norm.
    8. Stop sending jobs overseas. The unions have lost their usefulness. No more unions.
    9. Pull troops out of countries not affected by war.
    10. Stop spending billions of dollars on rebuilding other countries. We need to rebuild our own.
    11. Close our borders for a while and stop enabling illegals from getting American services for free.

    We’re broke and we’ve got to get off this crazy train.

    • dlshelton

      Now this is a good start, but it will never happen. You might hurt someone. And someone might lose their cushy chair.

    • Donald L. Cochrane

      Delseydo says, “That’s a start Caroline. Let’s drop the Dep’t. of Carter Energy, created to get us off of middle East oil, now about 12000 employees and no change in our energy situation. Drop the Dep’t. of Commerce, can’t hardly get more useless. I have a list of about 500 government functions that have no worthwhile benefit and should be cut. Besides if one observes closely it will become obvious that most federal operations WASTE roughly 50% of their funds. The only good from that is that much of it at least goes to AMERICANS. Any federal function that gets started quickly becomes an empire building organization with no one to stop it, witness the Dept. of Energy.” I have heard that certain politicians (maybe all?) say there is no way to balance the budget!!!

  • Bob Wire

    I think the GOP may finally be on to something having considerable merit and worthy true consideration. It’s about time of Gop leadership to pull a rabbit out of the hat and be a part of the solution.

    However, as we see by the leading “post” they are not going to like what they hear.

    To some degree, I think we all carry some over simplified views about “what’s the problem and what will be an “solution”

    I see years, of spending in the wrong places, and little equity to no equity acquired for or by the bulk of “American’s”.

    The nation is subject to the same effects of over spending and misspending as “the family budget” , a time will come and a price paid for this “irresponsible spending”

    However, it differs only in “refusing to spend” is not a correction.

    If it wasn’t for the stimulus, this priming of the pump, to kick start the private sector again, we’d all be up the preverial

    • Donald L. Cochrane

      Delseydo says “Bob, I would like to know what the so called stimulous bill has done that is even a pimple on it’s cost.”

  • Bob Wire

    I think the GOP may finally be on to something having considerable merit and worthy true consideration. It’s about time of GOP leadership to pull a rabbit out of the hat and be a part of the solution.

    However, as we see by the leading “post” they are not going to like what they hear.

    To some degree, I think we all carry some over simplified views about “what’s the problem and what will be an “solution”

    I see years, of spending in the wrong places, and little equity to no equity acquired for or by the bulk of “American’s”.

    The nation is subject to the same effects of over spending and misspending as “the family budget” , a time will come and a price paid for this “irresponsible spending”

    However, it differs only in “refusing to spend” is not a correction.

    If it wasn’t for the stimulus spending, this priming of the pump, to kick start the private sector again, we’d all be up the proverbial $hit Creek without a paddle today.

    These is too much, Swallowing of Camels and gagging on Nats, on matters of spending on many people’s part to suit me.

    However , out of every 100 ideas offered, there should be a few worth serious consideration.

    I hope this servers the GOP and the American people, For the GOP leadership has been disconnected for the American people far too long while pandering to special interest and Wall Street friends, becoming A party of exclusion and privilege.

  • william ahrens

    drotterman makes some good points and he’s correct about our military spending. Its the military industrial complex Ike warned us about but its only part of the problem. I’m an isolationist for the most part. I want to look out for our own first. We’ll never bring the entire world out of poverty. Mexico is even more corrupt than we are and qualfy for 2nd world stitus when they could be first world. The gulf between the haves and have nots is great, which is why so many come here for a better life. Why they proudly fly the flag of their POS country in mine escapes me. If Mexico is so great why did they come here? Nigeria is an example of a country struggling with poverty because of rampent corruption. Corruption bleeds the money off and keeps the people poor and ignorant. We are headed that way ourselves. Its going to take a while because our economy is so gigantic but its shrinking like sand through an hourglass. Its not mean spirited to be patrotic and strive for greatness and equity in your country and look out for your own first. Its OK to give your needy neighbor a hand but not at the expense of your own to the degree you become poor also. Illegal immigration has become a catalist, which has awakened a sleeping giant and the corrupt politicians have begun to pucker.
    We’re supposed to be a government of the people and for the people but that’s been corrupted by the many Abramoff’s in the halls of the legislature.

  • Hiram B.

    When we are in debt 119-trillion dollars in real and unfunded liability where is the problem? Priming the pump with debt is not the answer.

    The reality we will all have to face is this debt, which was paid in taxes once will have to be repaid by the American people a second time with compounded interest.

    When you point your finger at someone, four are pointing back at you. Get rid of the representatives who have plundered our national treasury. Our treasury is broke and repeatedly electing the same people back into office who plundered our treasury is our mistake.

    Alexis de Tocqueville once said. “In America, the clergy remained politically separated from the government but nevertheless provided a moral stability among the people which permitted the government to prosper.”

    We as Americans have turned our backs on God. We have allowed secular progressives to destroy this great country with our permission.

    We may be beyond fixing.

  • Charlie

    Do not print any more money to give to the top authorites The tax payers end up with out of sight debit and the top management get richer This goes far beyond the tax payers money given too the government. There is stealing from the tax payer and this is so wrong and needs to stop They all need to be fired for fraud and illegal use of the country’s money. Audit the Federal Reserve to make it transparent. Since March 2008, the Fed has provided more than $2 trillion in virtually zero-interest loans to large financial institutions. But the central bank has refused to tell the American public who received this money. This money does not belong to the Fed. It belongs to the American people and they have a right to know where their taxpayer dollars are being spent. They knew that Chrysler would not pay back the 4 billion but got 1.90 billion back and its called OK! The so called government has no business controlling and mismanaging like hot seats. that cant create enough camoflouge to get by with all the abuse they are giving to the American people. It will stop! And I thank all you for helping to spread the word.

  • dlshelton

    I have already received the survey. In my opinion ALL the choices should be nixed. Not just one. I believe that there is not a “more important choice”. They are all necessary choices for cutting. I like the idea of voter participation but only when the questions aren’t loaded.

  • Duston Rose, LTC USA (RET)

    The solution is to put government on a DIET! It is time for all of us to demand an amendment to the US Constitution that will require the Federal Government to balance the budget every fiscal year except in time of Declared War. I live in Idaho and we have to balance our budget every year no matter how painful it becomes. Services are cut back, government workers are furloughed, and education gets less funding; it’s the reality all normal families live within. We cannot allow our country to face fiscal crises like the Greeks are attempting to deal with now nor follow the pattern of third world countries and devalue our currency to solve our lack of fiscal discipline. No matter how bravely one politician like Ron Paul struggles and rails against deficit spending, the majority of politicians’ follow the path of least resistance and spend our tax dollars to get reelected. Why? Well, because they can! We, the people, must tie their hands with this amendment and force them to be responsible. A balanced budget amendment is being sponsored in the House now by Congressman Simpson of Idaho among others, but it allows Congress to disregard it when “necessary” by a 3/5 vote…rendering the amendment next to useless. We need the amendment to be simple, direct, and unequivocal. I urge all of you to call on your friends and neighbors to support such an effort.

  • Chaos factor

    We the people should be the ones that decide when to give raises to politicians… We already had an administration that gave tax cuts to billionairs at the expence of the middleclass… They don’t deserve a raise… That’s nonsense… Like giving a bonus to a CEO we had to bailout… Instead of a raise we should have given Wallstreet Handcuffs and a nice jail cell

  • Another Voice

    I went to, but I couldn’t find the section which would let us vote on which expenditures to cut. Do any of you know how to find it? Or has it not yet been added to the site?

    • Palin12
    • Palin12
      • Steve

        Thanks for the link Palin. I just went there and gave them my two cents worth on how many BILLIONS they spend/waste on illegal aliens!

      • JeffH

        Palin12, thank you. Here is what I sent them:

        Until the USA severes it ties with the Federal Reserve and the world banks in America, spending cuts will mean nothing. Free America is doomed as long as Republican and Democrat government politicians are “sleeping” with the very elites ideologies of a One World Government. Americans are getting savier every day and getting angrier every day with the status quo of the deceptive lieing and cheating.

    • Donald L. Cochrane

      I had the same problem. Can’t find a way to use it.

  • Chris

    #1 Audit the fed, then abolish it! #2 abolish the IRS, Flat tax collected by the states & distributed by the States, #3 Dept of Education abolish, again the State/Local matter. #4 No Foriegn Aid Period. # 5 abolish the Dept of Energy. #6 close most all these military bases around the world & bring our men & woman home, put some of them on the border to protect it, we dont need to spend Billions of our tax dollars to build a ugly fence on the border, just enforce the laws that are on the books now!!!! #7 Abolish Nafta, Cafta, All foreign trade aggreements!!! #8 put TARIFFS on all incoming products, this is what our Forefathers gave the Federal goverment for there budget, All other incomes stay in the States that originated them. # 9 Kick the UN off our soil & give them no more money or power. # 10 If we are to go to war because they are threatning the USA, Congress must vote on it, then we go in Kick Their butts & bring our Troops home, no more wars for no reason with no goals, A “hidden” enemy, that we fight for ever & ever. Mind our own bussiness, who said we should be the Worlds police dept? We should be more like the Swiss people!!! # 11 no imports, no exports, for at least 2 years, other than Coffee & bananas, We need to make our own clothes, our own cars, open up the factories & put our own people to work. I could go on & on with ideas to balance our budget, & make the Goverment smaller, While empowering the people!!! I will make a bet that the GOP will not put any of the ideas i just presented in their “weekly survey”

  • Jon Dee

    I believe that there should be term limits on all Congressmen/women. Two terms in the Senate and three in the House and not be allowed to pigy back in a different Congressinal position and draw two checks. Raises should be voted on by the Voters for whom they work and not self impossed by them. Retiredment pay should not exceed 50% of base salary just like the military who serve 20 or longer and put their lives on the line for our Country. They should have to pay for their own medical insurance like John Q Citizen. I also think that States should be able to establish their own imigration laws based on Federal law. JDW

  • Chaos factor

    No more borrowing from China….No more Nation building…. No more tax cuts for billionairs during a time of war….don’t allow 6 banks to own 6/10ths of our economy……No more Wars unless it’s a matter of selfdefense or national security…No more No bid contracts to companys that move overseas to avoid American taxes…. No more ” secret energy deals”….if it’s about Americas energy then it be out in the open…..Strict regulations on Wallstreet … Strict regulations on oil drilling and Mining….No lobbyist ….. Term limits for all of the senate , congress , courts…..

    • WarriorH

      If spending is curbed there will be no more borrowing.

  • Chaos factor

    And prison terms for any banks and lenders knowingly selling bad deals then betting on them to fail…

    • Bob Wire

      amen ! there needs to be a “strong fear” of penalty .

      Today evidently, it not near strong enough.

    • JeffH

      …and even harsher prison penalties for politicians that sell out America and the American people in any way, shape or form…not even the president should be exempt.

  • http://gmail i41

    choas, once again you love and voted for the idoits, that are putting the USA in a giant sewer hole. Healthcare, now over a trillion dollars in cost, and will not go into effect for a decade. Quit spounting garbage, you know nothing about. Tax cuts put people to work, not the government. I would be willing to bet, you think the banking reform bill is going to do wonders, it isn’t doing a damn thing to freedie and fannie, the biggest crap job of all. It also allows the government to let any dip week government wonk to see your bank statements, and see what you spend and earn. If it is so good, why is Goldman-Sachs and other close Wall Street crooks of Onumnutts and tax cheat Giethner, all in favor of the bill, and slobbering like hogs at a dead horse. The little banks didn’t have finacial problems or go broke, it was the mega banks owned by the likes of Saudia Arabia and other countries that got the money. As usual socialist democrats attack the wrong people and let the federal buddie crooks get away. Of course all dems are to damn insecure to do anything, but be a government employee, with a created “job” or a welfare rat, or a head bobbing marxist pee brain. I don’t agree with reps. often and never with democrats, in the last 30 years. I do hope giving the public a chance to comment and tell even a staff member what a bunch of crap the beltway is cramming down the citizens throats. Your muslim cross breb Kenyan Pres. and his enabling marxist Congress, is going to invalidte the 2nd amedment by signing on to the UN’s plan to limit guns and especially hand gun owner ship. Check out the facts and ask your democrat representives, see what the claim not to know or give you a feel good BS answer about controlling world wide violance. As for muslims being born in the USA, are still a danger to the non muslim citizenand the USA. To be a muslim any where, they must have aborgatted the first part of the Koran. the Quote”peaceful” part. I have heard it from muslims that have converted to Chistanity. They were born and raised muslims, until Saddam Hussain killed there family and had the Revolutionary guard after them. Now there is threats from the USA born muslims in every state on the look ot to exterinate converts to Christanity. pedophile Mohamed told his followers to fight and fight to the death, to convert everyone to the muslim idealogoly. It is not a religion, but an idealogoly. They are told to lie to get what ever the goal of total conversion. I wouldn’t think you liberals want to hear that, Christans cann’t have a day of prayer,, but Onumnut wants a muslim day of recogition, with Onumnut removing his shoes, and practice his ten moves as a devote muslim. Still have doubts on this marxist smuck?

  • Bob Wire

    To some degree, people need to look at money and owing people money in a somewhat different light. ~ or even “ownership” !

    We don’t anything but our names ! Ownership is an illusion.

    To owe money offers a person some advantage over a person that does not owe to any one person or organization.

    I hate for people to owe my money, for then I must “put up” with them!

    Regardless, or execute my options. and that don’t always work well.

    We have Mexican families that hold legal documents to great expanses of land in south Texas, owned by their great, great, great grand parents, that the US took ownership of as booty of war year again. ~ It’s been in court as the fight for the rightful return of their land for may years.

    Money is just a means of keeping score, ” and that just a maybe”

    A big nation with a lot happening, lots of hooks in the water, don’t expect “small numbers” ~ it not going to happen.

    We gain a new American every 14 seconds !

    I was one of the few that thought perhaps the stimulus too small.

    There nothing worst then attempting something important and under funding it. “Failure not an option”

    But the blood sucker were out in force and sniffing around. I wasn’t sure if this money would be used well and kept safe from stick fingers.

    “Failure was not an option”

    Worrying tomorrow is all fine and good, but many people have an empty belly and their eyes are set on “this day” . This is the day they are living in. Just because “everyone” is not in this position we diminish the need of urgency. Underestimated today’s needs.

    There only so much backing up people can do. Many American had reached a point,their backs 90 days from the wall. That’s how close I see America coming to the point of no return an all systems failure.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Bob Wire,
      Do you have any Idea how many of those old family deeds and grants have been forged over the years? some of the real ones are supersceded by others and some were reattached by the Spanish government. It takes years of research to even decern if they are even not forgeries from years ago! If you think we should honor them then you area worse whacko than you sound here!!

  • James Bass


    You say you and your friends are Red, White and Blue and appear upset that many people in this country have negative views of Muslims. Have you and your friends spoken out against the atrocities Muslims are committing not only in this country but all over the world.
    I too am well educated with multiple advanced degrees. I don’t listen to what people say unless what they say might hurt me. Your Koran says that you should hurt me because I am Christian and will not convert to your religion or subvert to your control. You Imams speak out and publish the same sentiments against Christians as well as any other religion outside of Muslim. I take that threat seriously.
    I don’t see any of the Muslim community crying out against those teachings. I did see many Muslim communities nationwide express joy of the 3000 plus people killed in the Muslim World Trade Center bombings. Until you and your friends demonstrate your loyalty to the United States of America you are talking to deaf ears. I can’t trust you because your “scripture” tells me I can’t.

    • WarriorH

      No reply – Not suprising!

  • Sandy45

    I agree with Wayne Lewis. My husband and I turn 65 this summer. Both of us HAVE to take Medicare. Medicare premiums are going up, no COLA on the Social Security checks; by the time that Obama gets done with us, we’re going to owe the system money. And what the hell are we supposed to live on? I don’t know who he is supposed to be helping but it sure isn’t the little guy. No more lifetime benefits for any of them, including the President. You get a certain number of years to re-establish yourself in the private sector and then you are on your own. We don’t get lifetime benefits, why the hell should they. Term limits on how long they should be in office — anything over 2 terms is too long. They think that Obamacare is so terrific, all government officials (including the President and his family) need the same healthcare — NO Exceptions. If it is good enough for us, it is good enough for them. And, they should not have the right to vote themselves raises. Who the heck are these people? Are they working for us or are we working for them? I am thoroughly Fed Up with the Federal Government! It is time for a HUGE change. November won’t get here soon enough.

  • Chaos factor

    41… I know you’re not very bright…. And most of us know this economy was already in freefall before the election… You don’t have electricity in your cardboard box so you don’t know that the bailouts started while Bush was still in office… I’m gonna start charging you for your education….Bushs name is in the first Bailout bill….so it was you that voted for the slimebags that trashed our economy…now take your finger outta your nose and go read something… It will help you… Maybe ..

    • WarriorH

      I really wish GW was still in office vs, this FRAUD!

  • BigBadJohn

    Just another stunt from the GOP for the simple minded. They are trying to claim to be the fiscally conservative party after doubling the national debt during Bush’s 8 years.

    Bottom line is that the fault lies with the American people. Tax cuts are always popular but who would vote for a candidate that told the truth and said, we need to cut military spending, cut benefits to Americans and RAISE taxes?
    Those of you who are retired, would you vote for a candidate that said we need to cut social security and medicare while raising taxes on your investment income?
    Bush’s tax cuts got us into this problem 50% of his tax cuts went to the richest .5%, 200 billion went to .5% of the population. The other 200 billion went to everyone else.

    • WarriorH

      Moron, The issue is spending not Tax Cuts!

      • BigBadJohn

        You are the moron – tax cut are the SAME AS SPENDING. If you have less coming in than you spend, you have to borrow money to make ends meet. PERIOD! It is that simple.

        If you had to take a job making 50% of what you do now, but keep spending the same amount of money, how long would it take you to go bankrupt?

  • JeffH

    A Mexican, an Arab,

    and an Arizona girl are

    in the same bar.

    When the Mexican

    finishes his beer,

    he throws his glass

    in the air, pulls out

    his pistol, and shoots

    the glass to pieces.

    He says, ‘In Mexico ,

    our glasses are so

    cheap we don’t need

    to drink with the same one twice.’

    The Arab, obviously

    impressed by this,

    drinks non-alcohol beer

    (cuz he’s a Muslim!),

    throws it into the

    air, pulls out his

    AK-47, and shoots

    the glass to pieces.

    He says, ‘In the

    Arab World, we have

    so much sand to make

    glasses that we don’t

    need to drink with

    the same one twice either.’

    The Arizona girl,

    cool as a cucumber,

    picks up her beer,

    downs it in one gulp,

    throws the glass into

    the air, whips out her

    45, and shoots the

    Mexican and the Arab.

    Catching her glass,

    setting it on the bar, and calling for a refill,

    she says,

    ‘In Arizona ,

    we have so many

    illegal aliens that

    we don’t have to

    drink with the same ones twice.’

    God Bless Arizona !!

    • JLC

      JeffH — Best one of the day!

    • Claire

      JeffH– Good one!! lol

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Good one and I agree with Claire the best one yet!! Migtht be a few here that consider it a good containment system!

  • Chaos factor

    You conservatives sure spend a lot of time and enegry trying to convince eachother Obamas the one that tanked this economy….if anything the economys improved in just the 18 months he’s been in office… Bush caused a lot of damage in 8 years… give Obama at least a term … Unless it just doesn’t matter… And I suspect it wouldn’t matter…he’s probley going to be elected to a 2nd term so you should save the grief and think about your blood pressure ….I know I spend a lot of time worrying about your mental health…

    • WarriorH

      You are absolutely clueless.

    • Airangel

      Chaos, we must live in two different worlds…I’m not seeing what you’re seeing, everywhere I look or read I see a country divided and tanking faster over the cliff than the tazmanian devil in roadrunner – beep beep!

      • BigBadJohn

        yup the country was divided under Bush. “you are either with us or against us” unfortunately the same people that blindly followed Bush over the cliff still don’t understand they are nothing more than lemmings.

        • Claire

          And it is divided now.

  • http://gmail i41

    choas, yes bush initaled the tarp bailout not the stimulas bill. Dems were in Congress the last 2 years of Bush’s term, now I know liberal are dumber than shale, dirt usually will grow weeds or primary vegation, shale is a 3 rd class material. Congress wasnot in his parties control, Onumnut meet with Bush and really wanted it pushed through, along with the puke brained Congress. In Jan., Bush worked with the muslim socialist to help the pinhead get the tarp passed,since college boy really wanted it. Marxist socialist democrats bought and created the farm and everything came into their control, got that so far zero? The stimulas money went for crap make work projects and did not create one damn job in the private sector, the big increase in make work government jobs, only spend taxpayers money and creates nothing, but a bunch of non productive high paid welfare rats. Which cause socialist liberals like you start looking at the goverment sow for a dirty tit, still following the facts? Stimulas money bought the USA taxpayers the banks , a car company, healthcare for worthless pus brains illegals and do nothings. It has raised costs and is killing jobs and stifling businesses, still coming along numskull? Did you know today the unemployment numbers went up, now actual unemployment is close in on 20%, democrats own this pile of dung. Democrat Congress has been in control for 3 1/2 years and the muslim marxist Prez has 1 1/2 years in total control, it’s dems mess top to bottom, got you attention yet and your pea brain operating pencil nech,you comprhending? I was planning to wire in electricity into my envior friendly cardboard box. Using electricity twix you ears, by inserting the postitive wire in one ear and the negative wire in the other ear, but with a nano brain there isn’t enough power to light a headlight on a piss ants motorcycle.

  • Airangel

    “It’s not surprising that they are resorting to another gimmick for a round of press rather than a substantive idea for lasting solutions,” said Hari Sevugan, the Democratic National Committee’s press secretary. “But if they actually listened to the American people, Republicans would know that knee-jerk opposition, obstruction, delay and gimmicks are not a substitute for leadership.”

    1. I take exception to someone implying that we the American People can not come up with a Substantive Idea for Lasting Solutions!’
    2. If any of the Politicians actually listened to the American People we might have better Healthcare reform and not a Contstitutional slap in the face, we might have Immigration Reform and not another Amnesty nightmare, we might have more jobs and less Goverment, we might have better National Security….wow they really don’t think we have a clue based on the above statement…

    The real question would be…if we gave the feedback, would they take us seriously and implement what we vote on…I doubt it!

  • http://gmail i41

    Little johnie, No problem taxing in Wall Street funds, if you put at least 55% taxes on welfare rats benefits, go 60% tax on able bodied couch potato retards drawing umemployment benefits with food stamps which should be taxed. With healthcare. SS is already getting cut along with medicare, so the tax has already been removing benefits, and costing more. Dems sure didn’t cut welfare or any other programs that enabled welfare rats to get more and do less, tax the hell out of any colleges with their lazy assed eleit profeesors, who produce nothing but morons, like Havard, and have all kinds of donated free money, while citizens can only give their funds in small amounts, if they still have any after last year. Retirees and welfare rats don’t create jobs unless they die, tax cuts do create jobs not tax increases.

  • WarriorH

    Socialist Europe is doing just great isn’t it?

    1. Why in the world are there union government empoyees? And what’s with Union participation requirements for goverment work?
    2. What happened to line item veto’s? (eliminatng PORK Barrel Spending)
    3. Let’s have the teachers submit essay’s on how to fix the broken public edumacation system. After all they seem to be the recipients of the continual montra to spend more on edumacation! See #1
    4. No more production of signs proclaiming the greatness of the government programs that supposedly pay for highway and infrastructure improvements.
    5. What’s up with lobbyists? This Country is majority rule.
    6. See #5 – The government i.e. taxpayers should not be funding any Political organizations – period.
    7. Limit the budget of every congress and senate creature to say $500K.

    Ideas on how to save money are endless.

    • Donald L. Cochrane

      Delseydo says, “I read where AARP gets $100 Mil a year from the gov’t. And they still have to sell over priced insurance to their members? A good scam if you can get I guess. And then there is that legal bunch, ACLU I think are the initials, who is trying to gut the US of every Christian symbol or reference under which our great country was established. I have to wonder how much under the table tax money they are getting. I wouldn’t think there would be enough AMERICANS to keep them afloat otherwise.

  • JeffH

    Until ties are cut with the UN, Federal Reserve and World Banks first, it makes no difference where the money is cut. Eliminate any and all ties to the One World thinkers.

  • chuck b

    chaos factor

    either you are a paid demo’nista hack or you are reading union newspapers. barry soetoro voted for the bailouts when he was in the senate. have you understood this??? the demo’nistas had full control of the house and senate since 2006, the president can’t spend one dime unless approved by congress understand!! bush is no longer pres.
    my concern with bush was he refused to stand up against the liberal congress and by not doing so he was partly to blame. barry has no excuse he voted all the way for every bailout, i agree he didn’t understand what he was doing, but,he jumps and talks when the power tells him to.

  • pat

    CUT foreign Aid, cut all grants to everyone, cut congress salary by 40% (including perks), cut education – each state does its own, cut resources by 50%.

    DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, – tax
    Do away with credits for paying foreign taxes on form 1040, One tax rate for those over $250,000 – 20% and no deductions. Tax investments for stocks, CDs, derivatives, bonds – that is even off shore bank accounts and other money accounts – transactions.

    Under $250,000 all current deductions still applicable 2%
    Do away with death tax.

    • BigBadJohn

      ya especially in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas doesn’t need a shoreline anyway…..

      • Claire

        And just look what offshore drilling has caused. Pathetic.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you aren’t gonna be able to power your big van without it!!! If we keep importing it, we run the risk of tanker disasters! Drill here and do it now!! Make BP pay for the whole clean up and clean it up well!

          • Claire

            JoeH–I had said in another post–put our oil wells to work on the continental United States. We have plenty of resources right here in America. I do not want to depend on foreign oil. It aggravates the heck out of me. I still hold to the belief of NO offshore drilling until such time these oil companies have the HONESTY, technology, and proper equipment to maintain these offshore rigs. The incompetence of BP has led to this disaster. And yes, BP should pay for all of it. But look what happened in the Valdez oil spill. Fisherman lost their way to make a living, and many died before they were able to collect any monies for this tragedy.
            I do not appreciate the disastrous effects of the gigantic oil spill in the oceans, and America. It has hit Louisiana, it will take decades (if ever) to clean up this mess. After 20 years or more, the Valdez oil spill has left its mark. The effects of this latest tragedy will be even worse. This oil mess will affect all of us in one way or another. It has already affected the way of life for fishermen and their ability to make a living.
            America does not NEED to import foreign oil. Look how many oil wells we have that are capped. Why not get things going right here in America? Why is China getting paid billions to manufacture the wind turbines? We could have used those jobs here and used our own resources. We have numerous alternatives but for some reason, the government does not want to use them. Why? America could very easily become self sufficient. I think a lot of the politicians want to remain dependent on foreign oil.

  • Meteorlady

    I was thinking today that I feel like I live in a country that has been taken over by aliens. Everyone doesn’t want something but we get it anyway. 65% of the people believe we should round up and deport all illegals and they don’t. We didn’t really want the kind of health care that they gave us – provided they even know what they did, and we certainly didn’t want the cuts in Medicare since that was paid for through special payroll taxes for just that purpose. Now they decide to ask us kindly what we want to cut? Big whoop.

    How about free handouts to people that are able to work?
    How about stop letting immigrants into this country that are unable to contribute anything?
    How about stop the health care spending and get real about a few things?
    How about they unvote themselves their raises, stop using our tax dollars for their food and transportation and get off their lazy elite butts and start doing what they were elected to do – represent us?
    An best of all HOW ABOUT THEY stop all lobbying? That would be absolutely the best.

    • Chaos factor

      Meteorlady…their has been no spending on healthcare yet…. So far all the spending has been bailouts due tobthe last administration… I know you hate hearing about the disaster Bush was but its the reality….and it’s no possible to round up between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants … Just that cost makes it impossible… Not to mention finding them…I agree something has to be done.. Now we need to figureout what….and how to stop this from happening again in another decade…all i can come up with is enforcing the laws aginst hiring illegals.. Which should have been a states issue( local)…I suspect the conservatives in Arizona are all to happy to try and pin it on Obamas administration , when you and I both know these illegals didn’t just come here in the last 18 months..

  • Claire

    The first thing I would cut would be their damn salaries. Let them live like the rest of the world. They should get minimum wage until such time they “earn” their salaries. If this be the case, then it would take them quite a while to get a raise!!

    • Claire

      I apply this statement to all in Congress and the White House.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      connect their sallaries to the economy. If it goes in the tank so does their salary. If unemployment is above 8% they get half pay. Raises are put to the voters!!

  • Bob Wire

    As long as “foolish and stupid” is seen a virtue while we have a cure.

    They’d only take the medicine by gun point!

    If it wasn’t for the DNC you wouldn’t even have Medicare and now some whine they “have to have it” while faulting Obama for payment increases!

    As it being discussed, it’s not “free!” contrary to wing nuts proclamations opposing HCR. and I ask you, what hasn’t gone up?

    Quote; “We didn’t really want the kind of health care that they gave us ”

    and who’s “we”? and it’s not “given us” ~ You speak for everyone, or just the people that count?

    Quote;” How about free handouts to people that are able to work?”

    That happens often and regular in this country, for both the working poor to Corporate Welfare. It’s the “MIDDLE” that bears the burden of both ends. Too poor to work money as a “Tool” or taking advantage of Tax opportunities or avoid late payments penalties while too proud and make too much to qualify for many programs offered.

    What needs to happen, is the “money factor” to be curbed in politics. It’s the very smell of money that corrupts, the hopes of having money, the driving force behind every words out of our (their) mouths.

    Now how that might be accomplished is anyone’s guess. If we could just curb it, term limit is fine, but they’d figure a way around it.

    Shutting down the influence of lobbyist would be a good start and in the right direction.

    No more back door access, no more coffee pot in the white house lobby. No more designated parking spots.

    Make conflict of interest punishable with “stiff penalties”, make conflict of interest a politically incorrect thing to engage in.

    I have found over the years, more money does not equal better work performance. Some people have the “heart” for the job at hand and some are just there for the party. You pay too little and they won’t show up, you pay too much and they won’t show up on Monday and Drag lite Friday. An appropriate wage for appropriate results is the balance you must consider on such matters.

    You can’t pay a greedy person enough money ! no matter how much they receive, earn, get, ~ it’s never enough ! they want more. There’s always more things to buy, more to invest in, more to play with, more to go and do. Marie Antoinette, Almeda Marcos, there not such thing as enough “shoes”, never enough hats and dresses. Bernie Madoff,? the list is long, The Third Reich?, these men pillage all of Europe, stealing the gold out of peoples mouths, raiding art museums as still today we work to return property to it’s rightful owners.

    Greed and power. It’s these things we must come to terms with.

    Any ideas that address these two things is worthy great consideration.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Yeah we wouldn’t have medicare and social security. And I could have invested the money right along with what I already did and been a lot better off.

  • American liberal

    Did we find an issue to agree on?…congress has no right or business voting themselves a raise at this time….. It’s way past time to give the American middleclass a break…. But once again the breaks go to the people that need it the least …..are you conservatives finally seeing that the breaks are always going to the top 3 %?… the middleclass has been supporting the rich for far to long….it’s about what’s fair… Not about punishing the millionairs and billionairs…those poor, poor rich people…

    • American Citizen

      You do realize that most of the rich in Congress are Democrats, don’t you?

  • Bill

    I think that the #1 cut should be to stop the automatic pay raises for Judges and Congress.

    Thank You
    Billy Miller

  • John L

    I have very recently e-mailed my Congressman regarding the “formula” used by Congress to decide we seniors depending on SS as our incomes “don’t need one”!.While my Congressman is MOST sympathic and wants to help us receive a COLA increase, our Democratic controlled Congress simply chalks us up to “EXPENDABLE”!! The Democratic may not realize that seniors, more than any other age demographic, DO VOTE!! What we can do is ASSURE the anti-senior advocates in DC are NOT re-elected in November, 2010 and again in November, 2012…including our so called president! Regardless of “their formula”, the formula, or rather FACT, we seniors MUST live with is that we have less spendable monthly income in 2010 than we did in 2009!! We who have worked all our lives and paid into SS & Medicare seem now to be cast to the wolves while Congress continues to GIVE themselves COLA increases!
    By the way, Congress is in violation of US law if they pass NO SS COLA INCREASE now for 2011!! This MUST BE decided EVERY YEAR!! To “project” into 2011 is, in fact, unlawfull!!! However, with the current Democratic majority, who of them care about US LAW??

  • ABinGA

    Last week, we launched YouCut – a project that allows you to vote, both online and on your cell phone, on spending cuts you’d like to see the House of Representatives enact. Over 300,000 people voted to cut a wasteful $2.4 billion-a-year welfare program from the federal budget. Unfortunately, Democrats in charged knocked down an effort in the House to allow us to vote on cutting this program. We’re not going to stop trying. Go to the YouCut website this week to vote on the next reckless spending program that you’d like to see cut.

  • ABinGA

    You can see the dems really listen.

  • ABinGA

    The above was copied from a newsletter that was sent out by congressman Lynn Westmoreland in GA

  • myrton

    that goverment checking accounts belong to america and here we have politians thinking they send that money to united nation and other countries and recieve a big donation when it comes back as campain money,that money is to be spent on parks and roadways in america and these toll roads being built in tx are unessary uncontutional;just like your illegal pay raises thier was a law that said no one holding a goverment office may vote to better them self,and all of you holding a goverment office make laws but you decide which ones to inforce like immigration laws and you do not like any one that keeps he our her on bear the arms right

    • peggy

      when obama was elected, all that was constitutional was tossed in the garbage. obama is a radical. he hates america and americans. he has ties to terrorists from the 70′s, like william ayres and bernadette dohrn, the black panthers. do your home work. did u not see “reverend wright” where obama & his “lovely” wife worshiped for 20 yrs, but neither michelle nor obama ever heard wright say “god damn america”? how can u believe a liar like obama? the ONLY hope we have is to impeach him. he is first going to bankrupt us, then give away our sovereignty to the UN. we r doomed.


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