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Republican Robots Rejecting Ron Paul

March 19, 2012 by  

Republican Robots Rejecting Ron Paul
A young girl waits for Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul to appear for a speech on the campus of Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo., on March 10.


Ron Paul supporters get a bad rap, especially from establishment Republicans. They are often branded as a raucous bunch who obnoxiously disrupt order at conventions and gatherings and are accused of disrupting the entire 2012 primary process. When did it become so out of line to be passionate about a political cause?

The way Paul supporters anger establishment Republicans when they use party rules to assert the voice they have been denied by the media at conventions throughout the Nation reminds one of an obscure Norwegian film released in 2006. “The Bothersome Man” a film wherein a 40-year-old man arrives in an idyllic city where the inhabitants are emotionally sterile and simply “going through the motions” of life is not exactly a political film (the film is very bizarre and not in English), but it’s a good analogy for the GOP establishment. In recent primaries the situation has been sterile, as well-mannered and politically lukewarm Americans shuffled into voting places cast their popular vote beauty contest ballots and went home to observe the results on FOX or CNN. A few people who better understood the process, or had been working closely with the campaigns, were largely the only ones involved in the business of delegates and conventions.

This election season, however, has been different. The way in which the Paul campaign has educated its voters and trained them to involve themselves more deeply in the process could be viewed as a public service as well as a campaign tactic. Establishment Republicans don’t see it that way, though, because it has thrown a wrench in their otherwise comfortable process.

Take this blog post outlining the experience of an establishment Republican in Minnesota at his local convention, “Ron Paul’s Devious Plan to Steal the Presidency,” from Hillbuzz:

The Paulbots, who did NOT submit their names prior to the convention, were now demanding that they should added to the list of nominees that very day. This is normally outside of the rules, but the Paulbots (there were at least 50 of them spread throughout the auditorium) through a suspension of the rules, demanded that they be added to the list of nominees. It was difficult to override their votes, as they had descended en masse to this event, and the unsuspecting non-Paul delegates were confused as to what was going on!

After some manipulative moves on the floor, and by using Roberts Rules of order AGAINST the Convention Chair, they were able to add all of their names to the delegate nominations.

I’ve never seen such unmitigated rudeness at a convention before. The Paulbots would leap to their feet screaming “Point of order!” every time they thought that the chair was being dismissive of them.

The entire process was chaotic and psychotic, and the non-Paul delegates were stunned. They didn’t understand what was happening, and I tried to explain to an elderly woman from my precinct that this entire coup was PLANNED, and that the Paulbots had every intention of flooding the State delegates with Paul supporters.

Sounds like Paul’s people crashed the party. In reality, the writer of the blog post was made uncomfortable by something else altogether: He is unable to understand how these “rude” Paul supporters were able to take control of a process where power is usually wielded by only a few like-minded participants. Not only have the Paul supporters turned the usual sheep herding into a “chaotic and psychotic” process, they’ve done it in the name of a man who strikes fear into the hearts of GOP talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, whose words are political gospel for the establishment Republicans accustomed to leading these events. Paul has pulled back the curtain of the political process for many young and politically passionate Americans. What is so bad about that?

Last week, reports similar to the above-mentioned blog post were abundant, as Paul supporters were accused of muddying county conventions in Iowa and Colorado. Establishment attendees in Iowa claimed that Paul’s supporters were using illegal tactics, encouraged by the Paul campaign, to gain delegate seats.

“They were abrasive, offensive, and self-centered,” Kevin McLaughlin, GOP chairman in Polk County, told ABC.

The chairman, a veteran of many conventions, went on to say that the scene was very unusual in his experience, but that Paul was not going to succeed.

The Paul campaign says that the complaints from establishment Republicans are “silly” and based on the fact that Paul’s people have out-organized the campaigns of other candidates.

In fact, Drew Ivers and David Fischer, co-chairs of Paul’s Iowa campaign, told supporters in an email that the key to “to get elected” is “to be aggressive.”

“Remember, to get elected, the first key is to be aggressive so make sure you jump up as soon as nominations are open. If there are any votes, make sure you vote ONLY for Ron Paul supporters. A vote for anyone who is not a Ron Paul supporter could cost us seats at the District and State Conventions.”

It is natural to reject change and outside influence in a closed system, but to give the GOP some advice in the words of Bob Dylan, “You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, the times they are a changin’.” In 2008, lukewarm, establishment Republicans picked a lukewarm, establishment Republican candidate who exemplified much of what the wildly unpopular Republican President before him stood for. Meanwhile his challenger promised “hope,” “change” and a new way of doing things in Washington. People who were never politically involved flocked to support the latter because of a growing frustration with the status quo. He got elected, and those supporters got no “hope,” no “change” and the same old business coming out of Washington. They are angry and they’re rejecting the false left-right paradigm like never before.

There is one man who can and has energized many of those disenfranchised voters. He just happens to have an “R” next to his name; but many of his supporters don’t look like Republicans and maybe they don’t act like Republicans, so they are being shunned. Those voters will likely stay home or cast protest votes for Paul in November, and America will see how whichever lukewarm, establishment Republican candidate’s turn it is to get the nomination holds up against President Barack Obama in the general election. Paul’s people know how things will turn out; that’s why they act so rudely. This is no time for polite politics.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Michael J.

    Politicians and the Media fear Ron Paul because he would tear down their house of cards, plain and simple. Shed light on their parasitic frenzy. he would begin the process of homogenizing government in a manner in which the founders of our nation would once again recognize and readily condone.

    • cawun cents

      Three words……

      Audit the Fed.
      Plainly spoken by a plain spoken man.
      But nobody wants their mealticket disrupted.Especially the avarice laden GOP.
      Business as usual,they think.”Just keep the ball rolliing.”
      Personally,I hope they get their a(double squiggly lines)handed to them in November.
      They need to wake up.Unfortunately they are willing to gamble America’s future just like their counterparts are.They are addicted to pain,so I say,give it to them.
      Look….the last thing I want is to re-elect the man currently in office.
      But I have to call this how I see it.An attempt to keep the same conditions here and just change the label.I dont really see that as an accomplishment.But apparently the Republican party does.But you live and die by the sword.I think they are stabbing themselves in the genitalia,and expecting a rousing night of copulation afterward.
      My bet is that it wont happen that way.Even if they do pull out a miracle,the attacks will start immediately.They are letting the genie out of the bottle,and trying to get their wishes simultaneously.Perhaps they will.But if you wish in one hand and defecate in the other,you get a handful of mess and the genie just sits and laughs at you.
      If they were actually driven by the force which they propose is on their side,they would at least try to change their tune.But Ivy League lawyers are running the show with their Wall Street counterparts funding the parade.OWS,should have seen the light and went after the houses of law first,then attacked ther fundage.But they went straight to the funds and just ended up looking like hobo’s and hillbilly’s out to stir up trouble.
      Due process is a dead horse,and they will ride it into oblivion for the chance to gamble with our futures.
      Kinda reminds me of someone else who they claim is far different than they are.
      But that is the same old song and dance that we’ve heard before,and still I am tired of the song.Maybe a sound thrashing will revive their sad old party,but I have my doubts.The voices that are bringing you the supposed”opposition”are whistling dixie,and most dont remember that tune.
      So they bring out their version of John Kerry,albeit more pleasant to look at,and attempt to entice the disillusioned into just going along to get along.Either they know that black science wont really work,or they think it will.
      We’ll all see the spectacle come election time.How sad that folks never learn from their mistakes.

      • s c

        The Fed has been audited – finally. So what do you do now? The crap with the GOP crowd was predictable. Like it or not, probably the best we can do is to avoid another McCain. ‘Republicans’ have much in common with ‘Democrats,’ and neither herd will preserve, protect or defend the Constitution.
        When you run out of options, it’s time to re-think the situation and create your own options. We have no friends in Washington, so it’s our job to take care of the Constitution. There are 50 ways to do it (57, according to The Self-Anointed Ego).

      • DaveH

        It really doesn’t matter much whether the Federal Reserve is audited or not, if the auditors are on their side, which most of the parasitic Power Hungry Politicians are.

      • Jazzabelle

        The Fed has been PARTIALLY audited.

      • Tom

        Forget Audit…. Three Better words are: END THE FED.

      • vicki

        s c says:

        The Fed has been audited – finally.

        Some say yes. Some say sometimes, Some say no. All delightfully confusing.

        Sometimes, sortof.

        Yes (actually a verification of sometimes)



        Now the key item seems to be the definition of “is” (Thanks bill)
        Actually the proper term might be INDEPENDENT audit. Not the “independent” ones the fed bought. As DaveH pointed out it is kindof silly for the fed to hire their own “independent” auditors.

    • stillsane

      Nobody fears Ron Paul. He is laughable and a national disgrace. But you keep believing that.

      • soupson

        So the man that stands for the Constitution is a national disgrace, then you are the real national disgrace and should find yourself a nice? communist country to live in.

      • MTC

        Well, still(in)sane, It appears that YOU are an establishment “plant” (a GMO product of Monsanto and the government schools no doubt) and are attempting to act a spoiler against Ron Paul for 2012. Please … “Trust nature; do not labor to be dull”. The pattern of your attacks are but the feeble attempts of the incompetent and follow the boring, predictable pattern that I noticed from such as you in the 2010 elections, Your ravings are no more than the flatulence of a windbag and offer far less value.

      • MKMN

        The GOP in its current form (Neo-Con, War Monger, Corporate Shill) is completely insane. Folks like you have been blindly supporting them as if they are Apostolic, and that is what is wrong with America today. Citizens supporting criminal politicians. Revolution is coming “stillsane” and it does not bode well for the Big Government Liberals who have hi-jacked the Republican party many decades ago. DOWN WITH THE TROTSKYITES! We liberty minded individuals are in the GOP machine and cannot be stopped, we are Irate and Tireless. We will not stop until we see this Country and its Constitution restored to their former Glory. If you are sane, then I will choose insane over “sane” every time.
        Ron Paul

      • DaveH

        Then please explain to us, Stillsane (or not), why the MSM and the Establishment Leaders of both political parties have worked so hard to ignore Ron Paul or otherwise disparage him with rude name-calling such as “loon”?
        The Establishment Politicians (again Both parties) and their Crony Capitalists are scared to death of Ron Paul, and for good reason. Competing in Free Markets has been proven to result in lost fortunes for even the most firmly entrenched market players. The Crony Capitalists much prefer Political Protection to the vagaries of Free Markets. And the Politicians, of course, prefer to keep their seats of Power any way they can.

      • mark

        stillsane Was that before your last mushroom trip. You are a discrace and a shame to the country.

      • Realist

        Stillsane said it all and true to the headline = Republican Robots Rejecting Ron Paul.
        Thanks for making the OPs case!

      • Laurence Tribe

        Another product of our nationalized school system is heard from. Must be young, wet behind the ears as they once said to describe youthful credulousness. I would hate to believe you lived long and learned little.

      • Livefree1200cc

        Stillsane……you sane?……that is the part that is laughable

      • “patrick H.T. paine”

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

        If Ron Paul understood the constitution he would be asking the only question that matters,
        Where are the ( common ) law and equity courts?

        Article 3, defines the “jurisdictions” that are available in the constitution, with law and equity being two of the four available…….and since they no longer exist, then what remains are the present “legal jurisdictions” that exist in all courts at every level of so called “justice” in this country……….unfortunately, in these jurisdictions……any semblance
        to what may or not be “constitutional” is purely an illusion, with certain parts left in place to permit convenient ( but erroneous ) references to “constitutional” rights or restrictions of
        government power that have not proven necessary to remove. (yet!)

        So his credentials as a defender of and the promise of restoration of the Constitution, is one of ignorance or deception……..and his economic understanding, as well as the concept of “sound money” is primitive and/or naive at best……..not only historically, but
        even more so, regarding any grasp of contemporary conditions, which are far more complex than those preceding the Great Depression……when the United States possessed 75 t0 80 percent of the world’s gold, the gold standard was in place here, the Fed did NOT set monetary policy centrally as it does now, and yet none of that prevented what happened in 1929. For those seeking to actually understand the history see; The Lords of Finance…….for the contemporary picture which is far more complex see; Extreme Money….and just for good measure to round it all out see; Power Inc.

        Sound bite explanations and sound bite solutions are insufficient to develope an intelligent understanding of the forces at work or the potential dangers we face and even though acting in one’s self interest is to be expected, enlightened is preferable to “perceived”.
        There are no shortcuts to true understanding. The choice is yours……

        Also, this post poses questions, to which the answers are important, and to point out that
        Ron Paul doesn’t have them……other than that, and the fact that this “thread” is about him, this post is not about him…….

      • Vicki

        stillsane says:

        Nobody fears Ron Paul. He is laughable and a national disgrace. But you keep believing that.

        MSM and the power elite obviously DO fear Ron Paul and his message. You conveniently provide the proof.

        Had you said “Nobody fears Ron Paul” and stopped there then the proof would be absent. But by continuing with argument to ridicule targeting the person (therefor mixing in ad hominem) and then argument to ridicule the reader it is clear that you DO fear Ron Paul (or you are just copying MSM who clearly does fear) and demonstrate by the constant attacks on him and his message.

      • restorefreedom

        So I guess you don’t believe in the constitution, civil rights, or freedom in general. Hopefully you’ll be one of the first to see the inside of a FEMA internment camp! Ron Paul is the only candidate that won’t turn america into a fascist marxist prison and you think he’s a whack job. What on earth is wrong with you? You can’t really believe this crap your writing well maybe you do and that’s why we’re in this predicament another sheeple brainwashed and obviously not very educated and probably have no children or you would actually care about their future!

      • Steve E

        You are the typical outcome of the GOP Establishment Wholesale Brainwashing Machine. Congradulations!

      • Patriot Diva

        I fail to see how you can call yourself sane.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Thanks ladies and fellows for saving me the trouble of having to reply to yet another one of the sheeple that has drifted away from the herd.

        “They were abrasive, offensive, and self-centered,” Kevin McLaughlin, GOP chairman in Polk County, told ABC.

        It’s very strange to me that these same people who listen to Rush and laugh with him would critize people for trying to enforce the rules.

        One more thing. I live in Tampa. My guy may not win, but if I have to stand next to Alex Jones with a bullhorn, someone’s gonna listen to what I have to say. (respectfully…..or not)

      • Blue

        stillsane, I think you need to quit drinking the koolaid, turn off the TV, read, do some research and change your online moniker because it doesn’t quite fit. All of the candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, are neo-cons and get their support from the very same corporations that are destroying America, i.e., Monsanto, GE, Bayer, Wall Street, just to name a few. Their goal is total market domination, a monopoly, to drive out competitors in the market place. They don’t care about you or your family. Their bottom line is the almighty dollar and their bonuses after they have finished robbing the people of this nation. Special interests and lobbyists have bought off our politicians, with the exception of Ron Paul and a few others. Lobbyists won’t even approach Ron Paul because they know how he will respond to them. Every president since JFK has contributed their share towards the NWO agenda…socialism and depopulation, Obama is just a puppet of the shadow government. He is bought and paid for. The same would happen with anyone of the current candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul. But history knows what happens to those who “buck” the system…they get a bullet hole in their head. Kind of remind you of JFK? There is no difference between either party. They are both corrupt. Some people will vote for party, no matter who the party represents. It isn’t about party anymore. Some will vote for the “pretty boy” or the best debater. The only one who can contend with Obama is the one who has stood for principle, honesty, integrity, liberty and justice for all…Ron Paul. Look at what the last pretty boy has brought to America and it’s citizens. Hope and change? Not the hope and change he promised. If Ron Paul is not elected, I can pretty well guarantee it will be Obamanation and he will be the last president of the USA.

    • bob jones

      The Republican party will not allow the American people to decide who their candidate is, they told us that before the whole primary season started when one of their spokespersons told everyone on a radio interview before the Iowa Caucus that the GOP would stop at nothing to make sure Ron Paul did not get the nomination. They would much prefer Obama getting a second term than to risk Paul getting in the White House and expose their treasonous, larcenous and criminal ways. There have been, by the way, three state GOP Party Chairmen that have been forced to resign due to massive voter fraud in their respective state’s primary. Evidently a disingenuous apology and a resignation absolve them of felony voter fraud. They used to at least have the decency to steal elections behind the scenes, but now it is all done out in the open and the public be damned.

      • JUKEBOX

        I view Ron Paul as a modern era Barry Goldwater, who I worked for to defeat Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater was depicted as a right wing whacko who wanted to nuke the whole world. This is the way progressives want the public to picture anyone who has a modicum of common sense or a vision of reality.

      • Kerry

        Santorum, Romney are not Natural Born Citizens with both fathers born in foreign countries, wheras Obamas dad and himself were both born in Kenya, for that Barry will die by a US Army firing squad, 3 years waiting!

      • http://liberty Tony

        To JukeBox:
        Ron Paul is hardly anything like the late Barry Goldwater. First of all, Goldwater was a hard core war monger. I mean, he, literally, wanted to drop atomic bombs on north Vietnam, southern China, and even in eastern parts of the former Soviet Union. Next, Goldwater wanted America in many ways to be like the Confederacy during and before
        the Civil war. On the other hand, Ron Paul is against foriegn/imperial intervention on other countries. Also, he’s for enforcing the constitution verbatim for all American citizens.
        Thus, be careful about making inaccurate comparisions. Thanks!!

      • DaveH

        Yep, they said if people voted for Barry Goldwater we would end up getting involved in the Vietnam War. And they were right — people voted for Barry Goldwater and we got involved in the Vietnam War (without him).

      • revnowwhilewecan

        DaveH……That’s great! I’ve really never studied Goldwater and that’s funny!

      • revnowwhilewecan

        BTW I’ve noticed that even the mighty “flashman” won’t get involved here. My guess is either he knows he has no standing here or maybe he actually likes Paul a little and doesn’t want anyone to know. I’ll leave you to decide…lol

    • Vic Bailey

      Ron Paul mis America’s LAST HOPE, along with the Freedom of the people and the destruction of the Constitution that the Gingrich, Romney, Santorum and even the Supreme Justices that have Sworn to uphold our Constitution! We have to get the Socialist out of OUR Government! NOW!
      Semper Fi.

    • Average Joe

      Everyone who supports Ron Paul should go to this site and pledge your support for Ron Paul. Every single one of us has publicly announced our support and votes for Ron Paul…we’re trying to keep them honest by showing that this is how we are voting…if the actual vote shows differently…we will know that something is definitely rotten in voting machines….and the democratic process, increase the numbers of RP support. Please add your name and your voices….(they even have a facebook page, where you can converse with likeminded people)……

      • http://yahoo charlie

        joe dont waste ur vote on ron paul. obama is where its at man . 4 more years and then comes hilary. we never had it so good. and dont mess with the federal reserve money . that money is needed to get the programs please vote for my man if u want to see real progress.

      • revnowwhilewecan


        I’m there but I’ve been spending most of my time on MSM sites doing the gutter work. With my 10 words a minute typing skills, it’s been rough!! Someone’s got to do it tho. Anyone have a link for me to learn how to type better? Karolyn? DaveH?

      • Average Joe

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to vote for more of the same (Obama, Newt, Mitt, Santorum)….you’re likely to pass out…it ain’t gonna happen….and my vote won’t be wasted….unlike yours…Mine will be cast for a man of character and conviction, Ron Paul.

    • Phil

      Ron Paul is a good man but his age will kill him in the general election. I don’t like it but that’s the reallity of it. Best we can hope for is a brokered convention where we can draft a conservative who can win, someone like Allen West. Ron could have served the country better by staying in congress, where his voice and vote would still count and would support a younger conservative.

  • John Acord

    All Paul supporters need to go directly to and join and nominate Ron Paul. Paul has 3X the nominations of any other CANDIDATE. Let’s make it overwhelming for Paul. AE has already secured positions on all 50 state ballots. 2012 is the year for an independent candidate and Paul is the one to lead the charge. Let’s teach the RHINO’s a lesson they will never forget.

    • Pepper (@PepperdotNet)

      The correct address is

      • Honestly

        Why does Bobby say this website is a trap? Does anyone know?

      • Livefree1200cc

        That link works fine – no dangers

      • ME


    • stillsane

      First of all learn to spell RINO (Republican In Name Only). RINOS are not members of the pachyderm family. Second of all, Ron Paul is a joke. He will not run third party as he has made a deal with RINO ROMNEY to have his son on the ticket for VEEP. Get over it, most of America knows what a whack job he is and so is his son.

      • Murph

        Well, as with most GOP insiders that I know, your information is out of date and antiquated. So, first of all, the rhinoceros is not a pachyderm, but is in fact of the order Perissodactyla, having been redefined years ago. Perhaps this is the real problem? Change can be frightening, I know, but it is only facing the unknown that leads to the fear.

        Similarly, the GOP insider understanding and discussions about Ron Paul and his positions are out of date, antiquated, and just plain incorrect. In general, the entire process being spread before us all is one of talking points and baseless, unsubstatiated regurgitations. Ask yourself this: do you not hear the democrat talking points and say to yourself, “That’s not right! They spin it so it sounds different!”.

        Hello Mrs.Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

        I emplore you to think for yourself. Don’t throw what someone else said in the ring. Read, listen, discern, then think. Get the information from the source, not the opponent. This is not rocket science, it is simple communication skills. Are you a robotic recording device?

      • DaveH

        We can see that YOU are a “whack job”, stillsane (or not). Normal people debate with facts not conjecture and name-calling.
        Can you provide references that Ron Paul has made such a deal with Romney? Since Romney is a political polar opposite of Rand Paul, it’s not very likely.

      • Livefree1200cc

        Stillsane the government troll strikes again with disinformation. None of it is true – all gossip and lies

      • http://aol mysaaed

        For your statement that, Ron Paul Is a jock, I like to use one of Socrates’s statements. ” A friend of Socrates come to visit him and told him’ a drinker man on the street was telling good things about you. Socrates start to cry, the friend asked him that what did I say to offend you. Socrates said, what did I do that man likes.” What did Paul do so you ike it.

      • revnowwhilewecan


        You must get paid well! Don’t you know if you come to this site to piss on Paul, you’re gonna get your back wet?!?

    • Bobby

      DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ADVICE, IT’S A TRAP. Ron Paul Delegates should not visit this website under any conditions.

      • Honestly

        Bobby…What do you mean it is a trap?

      • Kim Clark

        I had found this site the other day. Call it gut instinct if you like, but it didn’t feel right. I clicked on the sign up to see what info they wanted and felt very strongly that I should not enter any info. So I didn’t. I haven’t researched this site at all but would be interested in your conclusions and why.

    • Blue

      I did go there and subscribe, but didn’t see where to cast my vote there.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    This article is so true!! Thanks!!

  • Dwight Mann

    The RP Revolution has begun. . .
    Our Youth and the military both support him and his ideas. I think he is refreshing in his stance for constitutional adherence, and we should pursue this, whether Paul is an independent or a Republican.
    Paul supporters are taking the GOP to task for the unlawful way in which they are handling the primaries. It is full of corruption and smells of deceit. This has to change, and I want to be part of it.. . .
    RP in 2012 by all and any means!

    • GerryC

      The Republicans are running this primary season the way the DNC did theirs in 1992. A handfull of people sitting in a DC office picking who they allow to win. Accuse anyone else of being disruptive, crazy or illegitimate. They picked their “frontrunner” and have used every talking head to push him. I remember in ’92 when the owner of the Washington Post gave several million to the DNC with the agrrement that they would only get the money providng the Gov. Bill Clinton (CFR) or Sen. Bob Kerry (CFR) were preselected as the nominee before the primaries even started. I remember the local NH television stations being told that if they ran any political ad by someone other than the selected candidates then they would be shut out of all ad money from the legitimate candidates. Nor any advertising money in the general election.

    • DaveH

      The Republican Leaders have been practicing Mercantilism since their inception (1850s), and the Democrats caught on to Crony Capitalism around the late 1800s.
      Read this Free online book (courtesy of the wonderful Mises Institute) to get a clearer picture of the Government and Banking in this country since our country began:

  • Alex Frazier

    I am confident that enough of the American population is ignorant of anything of substance that if Romney or Santorum gets the nomination, Obama is going to win. To the ears of a Democrat, all they hear when either opens his mouth is, “We’re going to cut taxes for our rich buddies,” and they have no idea why that helps the entire nation. Gingrich might stand a chance. He’s witty enough that he might make Obama look like a fool in debate. But the negative ads coming from Gingrich’s own Republican party were enough to dethrone him. Obama’s campaign has much more money than Romney’s, and it has had the advantage of seeing the negativity in advance. They’ll know exactly what buttons to push when it comes time to discredit Gingrich as a contender in the general election.

    For these reasons, Ron Paul, though many ignorant persons don’t like him or his message of freedom and stability, is the only candidate who can beat Obama in an outright race. The only barb anyone has been able to use against him in the primary race is his foreign policy. He doesn’t want war. But Obama can’t use that against him because his own policy is the same, though he clearly says one thing and does another, which is an avenue Paul would be able to exploit. In all other respects, there is nothing that can be said negatively. OWS and the Tea Party both want a cut in spending. Obama spends, Paul doesn’t. People want their Constitutional freedom. Obama has passed tons of legislation taking that freedom away. Paul has voted against it, and wants to restore it. The people want jobs. Obama has half a dozen policies in action that are outright killing jobs and manufacturing in the United States. Paul, who is educated in economics, will put the nation back on the right track and rekindle commerce and manufacturing in the United States. Name a thing the people want, and you will find that Obama has quashed it while Paul has fought for it. Obama raises taxes, Paul wants to do away with income tax and other taxes altogether.

    The only thing Paul won’t bow down to is needless war. So the only people he can’t truly satisfy are the warmongers of America (maybe it should be the Warmongering Haters of America, or WHOA!). Other than that, what the people truly want is what he wants to deliver. And his record is the only one that can stand up next to Obama. The others are as bad as their competitor, and Obama promises free hand-outs. They don’t stand a chance.

    For you anti-Paul-bot people, prepare yourself emotionally now for the Republican defeat in November. Paul won’t likely get the nomination. And the one who does doesn’t have a prayer of beating Obama. Especially without the support of the independents, most of whom can’t stand the other candidates.

    • BigBadJohn

      “Especially without the support of the independents, most of whom can’t stand the other candidates.”

      As an independent, the ONLY GOP candidate that I will consider is Paul. I will vote / write in, independent if that is how he has to run. However the sheeple republicans who will only vote republican – regardless of who is running, will hand the election to Obama.

    • GerryC

      While I personally hate Romney and would vote Obummer if Ronmey was on the ballot, Newt is even a worse choice than Romney or Obummer. What is Newt solution to everything? More Big Government Solutions. He just wants to replace a Democrat Partisan bureaucracy with a Republican one. Let me show you. How do you fix the unconstitutional Medicare sytem that is bankrupting the country? Newt-> Block grant it back to the states so that you will get “50 laboratories” of experimentation. So there you have it the US Congress will tax you and not be responsible for the mess, and the states will not be responsible to pay for it. So 50 corrupt state governments will get a huge chunk of money then spend it without any accountability, then work tirelessly for incumbent politicians that feed them. Note we have 50 state laboratories of experimentation in education the #1 state in national testing is Massachusetts 50% of graduates proficient in English and 48% proficient in math. (Note: Mass has only 8% minority population (which have even worse levels of poficiency), the highest percapita student population in private and parochial schools, and has several “exam” schools like Boston Latin, and has nearly a third of all the charter schools in the country. If you take discount the high rates of success of these unique institutions and go by just the regular public schools, Mass drops way down the list.

      • Murph


        He doesn’t advocate “legalization” he advocates Federal non-involvement. However, we may be disagreeing more on symantics than philosophy. Paul contends that prohibition of drugs is ineffective and advocates ending the War on Drugs.

        Quoting Dr. Paul; “Prohibition doesn’t work. Prohibition causes crime.”

        He believes that drug abuse should be treated as a medical problem: “We treat alcoholism now as a medical problem and I, as a physician, think we should treat drug addiction as a medical problem and not as a crime.”

        The Constitution does not enumerate or delegate to Congress the authority to ban or regulate drugs in general. Paul believes in personal responsibility, but also sees inequity in the current application of drug enforcement laws, noting in 2000, “Many prisoners are non-violent and should be treated as patients with addictions, not as criminals. Irrational mandatory minimal sentences have caused a great deal of harm. We have non-violent drug offenders doing life sentences, and there is no room to incarcerate the rapists and murderers.”

        When asked about his position on implementing the tenth amendment, Paul explained, “Certain medical procedures and medical choices, I would allow the states to determine that. The state law should prevail not the Federal Government.”

        With regard to marijuana, speaking specifically about Drug Enforcement Administration raids on medical marijuana clinics Paul said, “They’re unconstitutional”, and went on to advocate states’ rights and personal choice: “You’re not being compassionate by taking medical marijuana from someone who’s suffering from cancer or AIDS … People should have freedom of choice. We certainly should respect the law and the law says that states should be able to determine this.”

    • revnowwhilewecan

      That’s really good. That’s probably the most sound, lucid reasoning that I’ve heard so far on why to vote for Ron Paul. I’m horrible at typing so is it o.k. if I paste this to my notebook and pluck it out when I have to make a point on one of the MSM gutter sites if I have to?

      • Alex Frazier

        If you find it worthwhile to do so, by all means.

    • Mac

      Most people do not want liberty, but a master who will keep them supplied with “beer and football.”
      Progressives/Liberals want free sex and dope, free everything.
      Libertarians want as close to anarchy as practical without societal collapse. Do your own thing as long as it doesn’t make anyone sick or die.
      Republicans want … what do Republicans want?

    • Thomas E. Gunn

      Very Good Post Alex. I further think it would be instructive for people to consider that if there were only one prerequisite for anyone seeking the office of POTUS, and if that prerequisite were: INCORRUPTABILITY….. Again, there is only one man to whom we can atribute that word: Ron Paul. On that basis as well, you are correct again….that he is the ONLY “republican” candidate that can possibly beat Obama.

  • gerryrichard

    surprise,surprise….A Ron Paul site,that allows for the dreaded double standard,under the guise of passion…having watched the “zombies” on the blogs of late,its so blatant a hypocricy,you are no better than barrys minions…being a christian,who is part of no politcal party or particular ideology,i can make that judgment…john 7:24…

    • Jonathan

      In quoting the Bible, perhaps you should read the next chapter, especially focusing on John 8:7. Specifically “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…” You speak of hypocricy [sic] as a Christian. Is your life clean of hypocrisy?

      • stillsane

        Please don’t quote the Bible when it comes to Ron Paul who has shown he is not a true Christian with his support of abortion and legalizing drugs.

      • Karolyn

        still – And you’re against people having the freedom to control their own bodies and what goes into them? In other words, you’re for big government, more ridiculous laws?

      • Murph

        There you go still … as previously indicated, you continue to puke misinformation and spin. Ron Paul does not support abortion or the legalization of drugs. What he stands for is simple.

        The Federal Government is not authorized to pass laws regarding these issues. The man is a doctor. He has delivered over 5000 babies. He has gone on record saying he has never seen the need for an abortion. He does not advocate abortion, he simply says the Fed has no right to make such a law … period.

        As for drugs, he doesn’t even drink and advocates abstinence. Once again, his argument is that the Fed does not have the authority to pass such laws … period.

        Is this beyond your ability to fathom? It’s really not complicated.

      • Alex Frazier

        stillsane, you are what typifies the average American moron who is against Ron Paul without even knowing what he stands for. It’s easy to hate a candidate when you have been spoon fed lies about their platform.

        Ron Paul, for your information, co-sponsored H.R. 374, the Life at Conception Act of 2011. He’s not for abortion. He’s solidly against it. He has said so in live debates, and he has supported prolife legislation. You are absolutely mistaken.

        Concerning the legalization of drugs, anyone with half a brain knows that Prohibition caused more harm than good. It brought about organized crime, higher prices, an increased necessity for a larger police force, substandard products that caused blindness and other diseases, etc. Drugs are no different. Through the illegalization of them, there is increased crime in the underground trade that results in shootings and other crimes. The prices are higher, which is detrimental to the typical user who tends to be in the lower income bracket. We have entire vice squads dedicated to policing the trafficking of the drugs. Being in their own business interest, more addicts are created to keep their trade going. The quality of the drugs are unregulated and result in needless overdoses, poisonings, and other health issues that might not otherwise be a problem.

        While the use of drugs is not a desirable thing, it is a plain fact that illegalizing them did not stop their use, or the trade. All it did was turn law-abiding citizens into criminals while simultaneously enriching criminals, impoverishing addicts, increasing the tax burden on average citizens, and degrading the quality of the drugs, making them more dangerous to use.

        If the problem is the same in terms of addiction and use whether the substances are legal or illegal, then the idea of keeping them illegal is absurd.

        If you choose not to like Ron Paul, that is your choice. But at least demonstrate to the world that you’re not an idiot. Go to his website and read his platform. Know what you’re talking about before put your other foot in your mouth.

      • Alex Frazier

        Murph, Ron Paul is for the legalization of drugs. And there are solid economic and personal liberty arguments to support it. Check out these links. Milton Friedman makes a great case for it, which more or less mirrors Ron Paul, but Friedman is easier to follow. – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

      • Karolyn

        I watched a very interesting piece on Dateline last night about the Mexican cartels growing pot in the US on open lands. The piece took place in Utah, where millions of dollars in pot is being grown. The particular incident culminated with the pot being destroyed but the cartel workers getting away. My thoughts on this are that there is a tremendous amount of money being spent by the DEA for this alone, resulting in some success in destroying the crops. However, they are only making a dent. If pot was legal, it coul be grown on legal farms, resulting in getting the cartels out of our open land and less money spent by the DEA in trying to apprehend these individuals. I don’t smoke pot, though I did many years ago; but seeing all that great weed get cut down for destruction was sickening. Marijuana is a gift of nature that has many great medicinal uses as well as being less destructive to users and others than alcohol. I would bet any amount of money that the people against marijuana usage do drink alcohol, many even to excess.

      • DaveH

        The Flashman clone (stillsane) says — “Please don’t quote the Bible when it comes to Ron Paul who has shown he is not a true Christian with his support of abortion and legalizing drugs”.
        The first is a lie. Ron Paul does not support abortion — he supports the Constitution which says the Federal Government has no power to dictate what the States legislate about abortion.
        The second has nothing whatever to do with Christianity. People have no legitimate right to control what poisons other people put into their own bodies. Jesus Christ taught tolerance. The Drug Warriors are the Aggressors and are clearly NOT tolerant.

      • DaveH
      • Murph

        Alex, sorry, posted in the wrong thread the first time …

        He doesn’t advocate “legalization” he advocates Federal non-involvement. We may be disagreeing more on symantics than philosophy, however, Paul contends that prohibition of drugs is ineffective and advocates ending the War on Drugs.

        Quoting Dr. Paul; “Prohibition doesn’t work. Prohibition causes crime.”

        He believes that drug abuse should be treated as a medical problem: “We treat alcoholism now as a medical problem and I, as a physician, think we should treat drug addiction as a medical problem and not as a crime.”

        The Constitution does not enumerate or delegate to Congress the authority to ban or regulate drugs in general. Paul believes in personal responsibility, but also sees inequity in the current application of drug enforcement laws, noting in 2000, “Many prisoners are non-violent and should be treated as patients with addictions, not as criminals. Irrational mandatory minimal sentences have caused a great deal of harm. We have non-violent drug offenders doing life sentences, and there is no room to incarcerate the rapists and murderers.”

        When asked about his position on implementing the tenth amendment, Paul explained, “Certain medical procedures and medical choices, I would allow the states to determine that. The state law should prevail not the Federal Government.”

        With regard to marijuana, speaking specifically about Drug Enforcement Administration raids on medical marijuana clinics Paul said, “They’re unconstitutional”, and went on to advocate states’ rights and personal choice: “You’re not being compassionate by taking medical marijuana from someone who’s suffering from cancer or AIDS … People should have freedom of choice. We certainly should respect the law and the law says that states should be able to determine this.”

    • Bobby

      You are a disgrace to “Christianity”! Did Jesus go to the “Publicans” and demand that his teachings were followed – through the law? Of course not, he changed hearts and minds through his actions and words – not FORCE. You are so decided, better get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness fool.

    • DaveH

      What is it you’re trying to say, Gerry? If you could be more specific, I’m sure I can shine the light of hypocrisy on you.

  • Patricia

    I like Ron Paul but I will say many of his supporters HURT his candidacy. On line they are rude and “in your face”. There’s an arrogance that turns others off. Paul has always seemed like such a Gentleman it just seems inappropriate for his followers to be so crass.
    IN THEIR DEFENSE, it’s not ALL of his supporters AND supporters of other candidates can be just as crass and crude. It just seems Paul’s are LOUDER. LOL
    I always enjoy Paul’s humor at the debates and if I had to choose a candidate I would enjoy visiting with (after Newt) it would be Paul

    • GerryC

      The only people who are rude and in your face are the pople who oppose Ron Paul. I have yet to sse anyone who opposes Ron Paul pick an actual position he stands for and argue against it with facts or truth. Romney and Santorum are to me like Bob Dole. During his time in the Senate he was a complete deal maker. The Republicans would send him to cut taxes by $200 bilion and he would negotiate with the Dems that wanted to raise taxes $100 billion. He would split the difference and come back with the deal. We get the $200 billion figure and they would get it in the form of a tax hike.

      • DaveH

        Bob Dole was the main character among Republicans who hung all over Reagan preventing him from cutting Government back like he wanted to.

    • Paul supporter 2

      I started supporting R.Paul in ’07 after reading his book A FOREIGN POLICY OF FREEDOM, which is a collection of his addresses before Congress and some of his writings from his personal journal. I did further research on him, looked at his voting record, etc.

      I am no wide eyed college age kid. I am the mother of two grown men, college educated, full time designer, and a life long republican (though have NEVER voted a straight ticket and have even voted for a dem for pres. along the way.) At age 60, I have met folks of all age groups, income level, profession, race, gender, etc., that have discovered Paul and after studying about him, have decided to support his candidacy. I haven’t met a rude one in the bunch, ethusiastic yes, but rude….no! That being said, they have been so mistreated, name called, discounted, dismissed, and maligned that they (we) have every right to be rude, but the majority of us chose not to go down that “rude” path. We have a much more important goal in mind. “Restoring the Republic”. What many take for rudeness at the conventions is actually a steadfastness to not be bullied this go around the way we were in the ’08 election cycle. These folks have studied the rules, polished up their knowledge on Robert’s Rules of Order, and have gone to the conventions “prepared” to obey and use the rules legally to achieve their goal. For this, they are accused of hijacking the conventions. Folks need to use a dictionary and look up the word “hijack”.

      The republicans that have unfortunately closed their minds to Paul and his supporters now cry “foul”, “cheat”, “hijack”, etc., in the same way they have called us Paultards, Paulbots, Tin Foil Hatters, etc. Sigh….how sad. The GOP has a golden chance to grow and at the same time return the GOP back to it’s true fiscally conservative roots with the entusiastic young and “old” (like me) Paul supporters….but alas they are it appears, too close minded to even try and understand us. Folks need to stop listening to the Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck radio shows and start thinking for themselves. Contrary to what these men are telling you, there probably a solid 30% of Paul supporters in the GOP. This number, along with the independents that support him, and the democrats that have left their party in order to support him, and the 3rd party voters that will support him, gives him the best advantage in the general election against Obama.

      So, for all of the GOP folks that say…ABO…anybody but Obama…you really need to consider Ron Paul and get on board. Hold your nose and vote for him….the way I did for McCain back in ’08.

      • Ed Vallejo


        Thank you so much for commenting.

    • SamFox

      Patricia, Newt? I take it you don’t do much research. :-) You, sadly, are not alone in that regard. That Mitt, Rick & Newt have any support at all belies vast ignorance, under education & lack of information on & about the candidates on the part of US voters.

      Gingrich: [Part 1] [P. 2]

      Quote from Newt’s mentors new age book, The Third Wave. From P2 of above link.

      ” Toffler believes mankind is entering a new system. To the founding fathers in his book, he wrote, “For the system of government you fashioned including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented, a democracy for the 21st century. For this wisdom, above all, I thank Mr. Jefferson who helped create the system that served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.” ”

      Gingrich no conservative. By Jack Hunter

      Newt, CFR member:


  • Larry B

    I keep wondering when the Ron Paul supporters are going to realize that the majority of Republicans do not want or support him. He will never be the nominee, and needs to get out of the race.

    • TIME

      Wow Larry,

      Man dude I am very sure that Adolf Hitler would have just loved someone like YOU!
      Hey a quick question, is that Skull and crossbones a tad off center on your hat?

      You may also want to pull that Swastika emblazoned arm band up that skinny little arm you have. I mean really – You don’t want to look like a sloppy little Nazi now do you?
      What will your Leaders think if you look like a little slob?

      Peace and Love, even saddly to mindless little Nazi’s be they in the D or R party.

      • Larry B

        In reply to your comments about my post, look at the facts. Mr Paul has the least amount of delegates of the four remaining canidates..Your bringing up hitler makes me think you are way out there and may need some psychiatric help.

      • Ted Crawford

        And TIME puts the exclamation point to Patricia’s post! WOW!!!

      • stillsane

        It’s amazing you would bring up Hitler when whackjob Paul has all those anti Semitic racist newsletters out there.

      • Karolyn

        And you sound like a good little sheeple, still, believing all your masters tell you.

      • Libertytrain

        Karolyn still sane isn’t. There’s something not working in the brain for that one.

      • TIME

        WOW TED,

        You sure are a human marvel too, I just love it when such outstanding brilliance post pearls of wisdom like your post displayed, and with such candor as well.

        As per Patricia’s post: again a human marvel, a vast intellectual Giant expounding pearls of wisdom that will sway the most mindless within the gulag to levels of action that would perhaps overwhelm a nano wit.

        Saddly the human condition is rather full of mindless Nano wit’s that are at best little more than worthless eater’s, how sad is that?
        Humans would rather follow more lies incased in mindless rhetoric of Hope and Change and what ever hollow worthless spouting of values these human marvels can muster.

        How sad is it that well over 70% of Americans can’t quite grasp that they are little more than a people farm being used by the very persons they give such adoration too..

        Peace and Love to even the most mindless of nano wits.

      • DaveH

        Where do you get your facts, Larry? This article claims differently:

        Perhaps you could link something to support your claim?

    • BigBadJohn

      and the republican sheeple will hand the election to Obama. The only chance of beating Obama is Ron Paul.

      • stillsane

        Ron Paul? LOL I can’t stop laughing.

      • TIME


        I think that there is something much deeper a foot, I strongly feel that the game is nearing its end run.
        By all the Overt as well Covert, ACTS passed such as the PA, NDAA, and as of 18/3/2012 the new ND Act that will allow the CEO of the United States Inc. to take any person at will for service in either the Armed Forces, or Labor Camps, or just take all of what you have for any reason at all, last but not least to remove any person from the living; again for no reason at all.

        Then add in the growing splinter groups who are getting special treatments, the breaking point will come very fast when it dose.
        I ask you to reflect on the Rodney King event, now please do keep in mind; – what if that went nation wide within say 2 days.

        All the ACTS that have been signed would be open to ALL – ACTION’S to be used by the De Facto DC Con Artist. Thus in one fell swoop they could beging the removal of all threats known or UNknown. Now think Hitler June 1934 — the Night of the Long Knifes.

        The vast level of tricks is beyond comprehension for most. But, I think you may well understand what I am saying, could and may well be in store for the American people very soon.

        Peace and Love.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        You’re right my brutha! It’s the dollar. That’s what’s really going on. They know a collapse is emminent. Saudia Arabia has already said that if we want cheaper oil then stop printing money to pay for it. China is pushing to dethrone the dollar as the world’s currency, and they’re going to get it soon. All of these sneaky bills are being pushed thru so that when the dollar starts it’s freefall, the country will be put on lockdown and companies will be taken over by the feds.

    • GerryC

      Don’t you mean Romney should get out of the race, a Majority of Repubs don’t want him. Conservative will not coalece arround him, the Tea Party opposes him, he can’t get the social conservative, he can’t win the Reagan Democrats. 60% of Republican are disatisfied by the field – meaning “Romney”. Romney can only win in the same sense as Ford winning in 1976, Bush winning in 1992, Dole winning in 1996, and McCain winning in 2008. Heh, Romney the winner – winner at crashing and burning in the General election. Hey Mitt, if you think you know how to create jobs, go into the private sector and actually create some. Lets look at Romney’s record, low-wage retail jobs created, high wage factory jobs eliminated and moved to Mexico and China.

      • OB1

        Dear friend of personal liberty (you’ll love this!):

        by James Jaeger

        The fact that Ron Paul effectively tied for second place in IOWA — a very conservative state — and then won second place in NEW HAMPSHIRE — a much more liberal state, shows the enormous spectrum of Dr. Paul’s appeal.

        For the Republicans (the GOP) this must be quite uncomfortable — the idea that they are being forced to modify some of their wayward views just because a principled, constitutionalist and WE THE PEOPLE demand it.

        But here’s what really terrifies them: Ron Paul is not only in a position to hand the election of 2012 over to Barack Obama and be labled a “spoiler” — he’s in a position to be a “winner.”

        Etymology of the term “spoiler”:

        The term “spoiler” is a derogatory term that was dreamt up by statists in the Democratic and Republican parties. They use this term to make you feel guilty and to sucker the public into continuously voting for no one outside the Establishment. In other words, if you vote your conscience, YOU are a “spoiler.” If you run for office on principles dictated by your conscience and take votes away from an Establishment candidate, YOU are a “spoiler.”

        Thus, since Ron Paul votes his conscience, since he rejects certain aspects of the Establishment — such as the Federal Reserve’s abuse of the monetary system and its financing of the welfare-warfare empire we have now become — there is no way apparatchiks in the GOP will nominate Dr. Paul no matter what WE THE PEOPLE want.

        And to this end, lackey pundits in the CFR-dominated, mainstream media continuously chant that Ron Paul has “no chance to get the Republican nomination.” They spew this so often, it’s obvious they don’t believe their own lies.

        But here’s the joker: Ron Paul does not even need the GOP to win the general election. If he were to walk away for a third party, he would take at least 12% of the Republican vote with him. He would also take another 15% from the Independents and at least 11% from the Democrats. This would give him 38% — enough of the vote to win the Presidency in a 3-man race.

        GOP strategists know all this and this is why you will never hear them utter these statistics in the mainstream media. If the public were to become too “hopeful” — if they were to understand the mathematics of the situation — even more people would vote for Ron Paul if for no other reason than to be on the winner’s bandwagon.

        So, the GOP has some serious choices to make.

      • BigBadJohn

        Thanks OB1, good article hope it is true.

        I know a number of die hard republicans that can not stand Paul, they don’t like the idea of the USA NOT being the world police force. When I point out that the only way to pay for that police force is to terminate their SS and medicare – well they just don’t want to hear that!

  • tncdel

    I’d like to see Ron Paul make good use of his political leverage, by offering to back Romney in return for the Secretary of the Treasury post, with power over the Federal Reserve and also the power to orchestrate the Romney administration’s policy on government spending.

    Paul can’t win the nomination, but certainly can throw the election one way or another. If he fails to support Romney, many of his supporters will effectively vote for Obama, by wasting their votes writing in for RP as I myself did in 2008.

    RP is piss-poor when it comes to illegal aliens and Islam. Almost as bad as Obama on illegal immigration. Whereas, Romney is the toughest on illegals, and has been endorsed by the author of the states’ toughest immigration laws. See:

    Romney also shares RP’s views on abortion. Those who keep saying Romney is an “Obama-lite” are simply parroting leftwing media BS, put out because the left fears Romney knowing he is the ONLY Republican presidential candidate able to beat Obama. Though there are a few other Republicans who could beat Obama, Paul, Gingrich and Santorum are not the ones. Allen West could, but he’s not running. See:

    • OB1

      The problem with this scenario is: 1) would the electors actually honor the vote of the people?; and even more importantly, 2) if no candidate has a clear majority of the electoral votes, the race is thrown into the House of Representatives to elect the president and the House will vote strictly according to party lines regardless of which candidate had a plurality of the votes (see John Q. Adams vs Andrew Jackson). 3) Even if a candidate appears to have a majority of the electoral votes, all electors must be certified by the Congress and while that is normally a routine procedure it is not automatic when the stakes are high (see Tilden vs Hayes where the Republicans (legally) threw the election to Hayes).

      That’s why we need to get rid of the Electoral College.

      The problem is that you spout against the only guy that stands up for YOU. The other 4 candidates only care about their crony buddies and their voting records show this. Actions speak louder than words any day of the week.

      Tilden vs Hayes is a great example of the outcome because the republican party would have no choice but to give Ron Paul what he really wants.#1. Audit the fed and return to the gold standard. #2. Cut the debt.#3. Bring our troops home and honor the Constitution ect ect ect…………. Either way you look it, WE WIN!!!!!

      Why are Paul supporters so rabid whereas the other candidates inspire the passion of a mere polite golf clap?

      Because Paul knows the Federal Reserve is killing the American economy by design
      Because Paul knows that endless war against terrorism are killing our economy and killing our young men for no good reason
      Because Paul knows that the NDAA, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the TSA are government power grabs that do little to nothing to protect our homeland but do everything to make the people fear their government
      Because Paul knows the path we are on has the power grabbing totalitarian federal government obliterating states rights into uselessness

      But what do we want? We want a fake phony ‘conservative christian’ name Rick warmongertorum – who votes for the debt limit increase who votes for bills funding planned parenthood because it was part of a bigger bill, who was named 2006 most corrupt senator or we want Goldman Sachs junior Mitt Romney, who would sign the NDAA act today as is who laid the groundwork for obamacare and changes his stance on issues like you change your underwear – when will we wake up? Will it be too late?

    • vicki

      tncdel writes:

      Paul can’t win the nomination, but certainly can throw the election one way or another. If he fails to support Romney, many of his supporters will effectively vote for Obama, by wasting their votes writing in for RP as I myself did in 2008.

      Any one who votes for any of the republican candidates other that Ron Paul are effectively voting for obama. Not only because they threw away their vote on a rino thus splitting the republican vote but even if the rino wins they will just do the same as obama. Just a little slower. obama or obama lite. Its all the same.

      Don’t split the vote. Vote Ron Paul.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Nice point vicki.

  • Flo

    Ron Paul would not have gone to war against Germany. That is hard for me to get beyond that. Game over.

    • TIME

      Wow Flo,

      Lets see Nazi Germany World War 2 and- you claim that Dr. Ron Paul would not have gone to war with them?

      Why is it that we went to war with them again? Oh yea I recall its that special NWO war game’s thing.
      Lets see The Rothschilds, the Rockefeller’s, the Bush family, also lets not forget the Duponts, Ford motor company, and even GM and even the Kennedy’s all supported the Nazi’s Party not only during thier rise to power but also even during the war.

      But hey why let the Facts get in the way of your bent thinking.

      Just for the record why is it that Dr. Ron Paul now has to defend what happened nearly 80 years ago?

      Peace and Love — to even all the brain dead…..

      • stillsane

        We went to war with them because after Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor, Hitler declared war on the USA. But what would a paulbot care about facts?

      • Ted Crawford

        And TIME stumbles,….AH…ERR…I mean Marches on!

      • Flo

        Time is warped.

      • Average Joe

        Dismiss Mo, Larry and Curly above….they’re just being the usual..Three Stooges…(the difference being..the real Stooges actually made a living…… being ignorant.

      • TIME


        LMAO!!!!!!!!! — I agree with you.

        Between the three of them T, – F and Still totaly insane , they haven’t the brain power between all of them to make a point of any valid value.

        I feel very sorry for anyone who would think that these special people have any ability to process a thought, let alone be able to articulate or expound anything of value.

        There is a term for people like this, its called “ClingOn’s” you know the little hard to wipe off waste materials that get stuck on underhairs after a good movment, not to be confused with a movment like in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

        Peace and Love,

      • Mac

        Ron Paul has never said that he is absolutely opposed to war at all times, under all circumstances. He has said that the Constitution grants the war-declaring power to Congress and not to the president. By his principles, if he saw a need to go to war, he would do as FDR (certainly no staunch defender of the Constitution!) did and immediately go to Congress and ask – demand – a declaration of war.
        This principle does not preclude an immediate defense of legitimate (Constitutionally and legally) US interests. The US military at all times has a right to defend itself and the nation, but not to make war on its own (the military is part of the Executive Department). In the Nuclear Age, “defense” can mean that the aggressor is essentially destroyed before the president could ask for a declaration of war.
        If you study Paul’s position I believe that you will find that, even if he was opposed to a particular war, if Congress passed a declaration of war (such is a Joint Resolution, which does not require presidential approval) Paul would prosecute said war to win.
        “Win” does not mean to achieve all objectives but to cause the enemy to cease to aggress.

    • stillsane

      If it were up to him, we would be goosestepping and speaking German.

      • mrbobl7388

        Speaking German might be a better alternative than Chinese. One comment that is really upsetting is the statement that” Ron Paul is really my choice but I can’t vote for him because he can’t win”. If everyone who likes Ron Paul voted FOR him, he WOULD win…

    • Ted Crawford

      You may have a point Flo. In my opinion, it was influential people, Charles Linbergh, and Joseph Kennedy (U.S. Ambassador to UK), with Dr. Pauls mindset that emboldened the Japanese to believe that we were weak and defeatable!
      I think, given his actions post Dec. 7, that Lindbergh was a true believer. I don’t believe the same is true of Kennedy! It took the finding of a Nazi spy on his staff to bring him into line!

      • GerryC

        Let me go over this one more time. Ever hear of the Flying Tigers? Do you know who “Wild Bill” Donovan is? The US without a declaration of war finance US Navy and Marine pilots to (Including Pappy Boyington of Black Sheep Squadron Fame) to fight against the Japanese and with the Chinese in direct violation of US law. The US shot down, in the 18 months prior to Pear Harbor, 114 confirmed KIA Japanese fighter planes, and bombed and straffed killing and maiming thousands of Japenese soldiers on the ground. Japan spent 18 month working desperately to avoid war with the US by not fighting back and negotiating in good faith. Only after the outrage at home was so great, that the US trained Japanese officers decided to use US tactics, that they learned from the US, against the US. The attack on Peral Harbor was designed to be exacly the same as the US Surprise attack on the Spanish Fleet in the Philipennes in the previous century. And don’t complain about the “Rape of Nanking” it was no different than the “Trail of Tears” in the US. All total the Japnese occupation of China resulted in the deaths of about 250,000 Chinese. Whle the comminist occupation of China produce 80 million deaths that the left ignores. Also the Germans killed 6 million Jews (99% of them only after the US closed off US immigration of Jews, block Cuba and the Dominican Republic from accepting them, and the British closed off Israel to Jewish immigration also). While our “ally” Stalin had murdered at least 20 million people in Russia, and 6 million in the Baltic States, and a million in Poland with the US saying nothing. In fact 1/2 of Historic Poland was handed over to the USSR with millions of Poles forced to leave their homes, nearly a quarter million dying on that forced march. And all of you Anti-Vietnam war protestors, you diefy MLK for being on your side. 8 million Vietnamese and 3 million Cambidians died because of your anti-war efforts, as well as untold millions in the rest of SE Asia. Then look at your support for the Marxists in Central and South America and Africa. Possibly another 100 million died there and you people opposed all efforts to stop the Communists.

    • Murph

      Flo, where did you come up with this one? This is so untrue. Ron Paul voted to go after Bin Laden as provided for in the Constitution; Article 1, Section 8, Congress shall have the power to declare war, grant letters of Marquee and Reprisals … He is absolutely in favor of a strong military. In fact:

      Dr. Paul is the only presidential candidate – Republican or Democrat – with military service. He served honorably as an Air Force flight surgeon. Ron Paul just spoke at a rally for Philippine-American veterans who are calling for repeal of a 1946 law that blocks them from receiving compensation for their World War II service. Get that? Your insiders will not include these service men in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Ron Paul alone fights for these vets.

      His argument is simply this … per the Constitution, Congress has the power to declare war … period. The US should not be in a war without a declaration of war.Going after a man is covered with a letter of Marquee or Reprisal, (i.e. Bin Laden), invading a country is an act of war. Why is that so difficult to comprehend? Hold congress accountable for thier actions. Declare war, or get out!

    • TML

      Flo, stillsane, and Ted Crawford…

      You need to keep to the facts, and not regurgitate talking points that you hear. The statements Ron Paul made were not only alleged, but were in direct response to a question asking if he would send American troops to Nazi Germany purely as a moral imperative to save the Jews. He said no, that he wouldn’t risk American lives to do that purely as a moral imperative.

      I see nothing wrong with this, and to argue against it requires the logical fallacy of an appeal to pity.

      • GerryC

        All of you Hypocrits that attack Ron Paul’s comment about not going to war to save the Jews. (Note- most of the Jews killed by the Germans was after the US joined in the war, Hitler wanted Jews out of Europe, and Americans didn’t want them here, the Brits kept them out of Israel. The Nazis called it “The Final Soultions” (to the “Jewish question”) they considered it the final optiotn when all the other options were prevented.
        But how many of you Chicken Hawks like Newt Gingrich, Paul Wolfowitz, Fred Barnes, and Gerorge Will etc. will join the Army or Marines to go to invade Egypt to protect the Coptic, or Lebanon to protect the Christians, or Sudan to protect the Blacks from the Arabs, or How many would rush in themselves into Rwanda and try to figure out the difference between Hutu and Tutsi, where would any of you go in the world today to protect any rights of anyone.

    • OB1

      Foreign Policy and real world comment. What is the real world? Does he suggest we become defenseless? Why did we enter WWI? Had we not, there would have been NO victor, just another European war as they had for centuries with the ensuing stalemate. Instead, our entry quickly tipped the scale and there was a victor. The result was grossly punitive terms forced on Germany and the end of the Ottoman Empire (destruction of Christianity in the Middle East, Balkans and Asia Minor). That ushered in Hitler and a political vacuum in the middle east which is still being filled. So, why did we? We had nothing to gain. There Germans published warnings in 50 US newspapers telling people NOT to sail on the Lusitania because it was a ship loaded with munitions and supplies for England and France and they were at war with Germany. A 193 American’s were killed when it sank and it took 2 more years before that pretext was used to enter the war. What is far more likely to have been the cause is that the Morgan Bank, represented by Henry Davison, in 1914 became the issuer of War Bonds for England and the purchasing agent for both England and France for war materials. Lots of potential for profit there but, as the war dragged on, Morgan found itself well north of $2.3 Billion in arrears (1917 dollars were REAL dollars so think many $billions in today’s fiat currency) and in deep financial trouble. Morgan especially and a lot of Rockefeller interests ran the newly created Federal Reserve which had in short order created enough new money that the US could in fact enter the war and save Morgan’s and likely a lot of big bank’s financial standing.
      So, what real world were you thinking exists?

  • roger gunderson

    Ron Paul gets my vote.

  • stillsane

    Ron Paul has had his say. People don’t like him. He is an anti American political hack. I am not an establishment Republican. I have heard this nutcase in the debates. Anyone who say 9/11 was our fault, Bradley Manning is a hero or that it’s ok for Iran to have nukes is not living in the real world. Ron Paul is not a Republican, he is a Libertarian/Progressive.

    He is a serial violator of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. This fraud sticks earmarks in bills, then votes no, knowing they will pass. Then the old fraud says “I never voted for an earmark.” Liar Liar Liar. He is #4 for bringing home the bacon, which is why this lackluster hack kept his seat in Congress for so long. He is the joke of the primaries. Most people have dismissed him for the nut he is.

    This is not the “establishment” as you paulbots love to say and call anyone who sees thru this fraud a “neocon”. It is what has come out of his own traitorous mouth that has made voters shun his ideology. America rejects him because of who he is and for no other reason. You paulbots just don’t want to face it and are as delusional as he is. If he ever got the nomination, all the racist and anti Semitic newlettters that he was involved in for over 20 years would be in the headlines, some of which he put his signature to. He is an out and out liar to try to disassociated himself from this.

    • Dan

      I was going to try to straighten you out, but you’re hopeless. Facts can’t help sheeple who have their minds made up. The coming future events (GOD HELP US) will prove the truth of what Ron Paul is saying.

      PREPARE FOR THE COMING TYRANNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ted Crawford

        If, by the “Tryanny” you speak of, you mean Obamas reelection, that will most likely only happen if Dr. Pauls supporter, as threatened, vote with a write in or Third Party! Except for a miracle, or corruption, which I don’t believe Dr. Paul would support, Dr. Paul will not be the nominee.

      • mrbobl7388

        When they are eating their gruel and getting indoctrinated at the FEMA camp they might become believers. Baaaa

      • Average Joe

        “if Dr. Pauls supporter, as threatened, vote with a write in or Third Party! ”

        Threaten?…No, you misunderstand….we promise our votes (they are after all “OUR” VOTES) to Dr. Ron Paul….regardless of who the “establishment” tells us to cast those votes for.
        The establishment can either embrace Ron Paul supporters…or they risk losing the GOP election (Mitt,Newt nor Rickybob can’t beat Obama straight up…too much dirt on all of them). Ron Paul has many supporters in the Republican, Democrat and Independent’s…and stands a good chance of taking the nation by storm. The more the GOP exposes itself in these shinnanigans….the more likely they are going to lose in the long run. If they push Ron Paul supporters out…and Ron Paul decideds to run as an Independent…He will take a lot of votes with him…from both the Dems and Repubs.

        Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!

    • Karolyn

      And by your responses, you would sound like a war-mongering, anti-liberty, establishment-loving, blind sheeple who wants everything to stay the same. Hey, vote for the establishment Republican who gets the nomination and give Obama the presidency again. Fine with me!

    • Murph

      Well now, a well thought out and articulate presentation. I will make the attempt that others have abandoned in hopes I can save you from your eventual doom and demise.

      “ Anyone who say 9/11 was our fault…”

      This is a misrepresentation. Dr. Paul has tried to explain to you that the presentation of the attacks being spurred by Muslim hatred of the American way of life is absurd. That the insane rationale they use is that the US is militarily active in the Middle East. It’s called “Blowback”, as reported by the CIA. Google it.

      “ Bradley Manning is a hero…”

      Yes, Ron Paul supports the disclosure of countless documents revealing the criminal activity of military and government employees and contractors. I’m OK with this.

      “ it’s ok for Iran to have nukes … “

      No. He has said quite loudly he does not want Iran to have a nuke. He understands why they might want one, since all their enemies have them, but he would never support them having nukes. He also doesn’t believe they can make one yet, so we don’t have to blow them up. Ron Paul thinks the CIA know what they are doing, and Iran is not a threat … read the CIA reports, stop listening to talking heads.

      “serial violator of Article 1 Section 8 … fraud sticks earmarks in bills, then votes no … Then the old fraud says ‘I never voted for an earmark.’ … He is #4 for bringing home the bacon …”

      Wow, OK, so how does Art. 1, Sec 8 apply? Whatever. Texas is 43 of 50 for earmarks, nearly all of the requests from the 14th district are affiliated with the Army Corps of Engineers, or connected with roads, parks, maritime, or energy.
      Facts man, facts.

    • TML

      Stillsane, “Ron Paul has had his say.”

      With the media blackout of Ron Paul, it could hardly be taken seriously that he has had his say.

      Stillsane, “People don’t like him.”

      Some people don’t, but I think that’s because he speaks more intelligently than the average bear, and so most people don’t understand the intricacies of what he is really talking about.

      Stillsane, “He is an anti American political hack. …… Anyone who say 9/11 was our fault”

      He didn’t say it was ‘our fault’… he says that our actions carry consequences. We had been bombing Iraq and the Middle East 10 years before 9/11, and has been going on now more than 10 years more. And before that, the US overthrew the first vestiges of a democracy in Iran, to re-install a dictator who ruled with an iron fist, until the Iranian revolution in 1979 which led to the Hostage Crisis. In 9/11, which was perpetrated mostly by Saudi, the Al-Qaida was labeled as responsible for the attack… in which, we trained and armed Al-Qaida years before to fight against Russia. The Hostage Crisis was considered blowback from our intervention the same as 9/11.

      Stillsane, “Bradley Manning is a hero”

      I’m not sure that Ron Paul ever said that Bradely Manning was a hero. I believe he merely supports that government should be transparent, and provide us with the most information possible, outside the narrowest limits of national security.

      Stillsane, “or that it’s ok for Iran to have nukes”

      It clearly has said he doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons, but concedes that trying to prevent them from getting one would be as futile as it would be injurious, if it were capable of being carried into execution. Much like how Pakistan obtained nuclear weapons, and have not blown up the world. Additionally, Iran is one of the few in the region who are allowed to develop nuclear energy under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

      Stillsane, “He is a serial violator of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.”

      What parts of Article 1 Section 8 would you be referring to? I find no where that his position violates this section.

      Stillsane, “This fraud sticks earmarks in bills, then votes no, knowing they will pass. Then the old fraud says “I never voted for an earmark.” Liar Liar Liar.”

      You should gain an understanding of how it works. Earmarking is designating how the money’s spent. If the Congress doesn’t say the way the money should be spent, it goes to the executive branch to decide, and that it why Ron Paul uses them on bills even if he will vote against them, in order for the executive branch not to have the power to designate where the money goes.

      Stillsane, “He is #4 for bringing home the bacon, which is why this lackluster hack kept his seat in Congress for so long.”

      Not sure about that… he is well known to return remaining funds from his budget every year. The ONLY candidate, and congressman to do that.

      Stillsane, “It is what has come out of his own traitorous mouth that has made voters shun his ideology. America rejects him because of who he is and for no other reason.”

      I think those who do so either don’t understand his ideology (obviously don’t if they call Ron Paul traitorous), or because he goes against the big government establishment, and those who seek preemptive war as being necessary, or believe that the ends justify the means. The latter is the very definition of what neocons believe, and so that’s probably why you get that. I tend to believe the former in your case, that you simply don’t understand his ideology.

    • OB1

      Only the facts will do. Proof that Ron Paul is not nor has ever been a racist:

    • revnowwhilewecan

      Oh, I get stillsane now. Try getting some real news, not just the stuff your C.O.’s are telling you during drills or your buddies are chirping about in the chow line. You better get some sleep ’cause muster comes mighty early.

      FreedomFighter, straighten this kid out, will you?

    • Thinking About

      To further state more facts about RP, he has introduced 464 bills and 1 has passed. This gives him a .022% record. Logic would tell most his ideas does go well and would probably have about as much success rate as president.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Nice! With the house and senate at ALL TIME LOWS this is one more reason to show how Ron Paul truly represents the “change” that everyone has been asking about and promised by the king of sloganeering.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Logic would tell most that he is not in line with the status quo that has had an unpaid bill since 1835 and our young soldiers dying in foreign countries for 100 years now. People will be jumping out of buildings when their gov’t checks won’t buy a loaf of bread.

      • TML

        Thinking About says, “Logic would tell most his ideas does go well and would probably have about as much success rate as president.”

        Not necessarily. As President, you have mandate, and can not be ignored. Many legislators file bills and most of them go nowhere unless they are sponsored by a powerful committee or subcommittee boss. In all of Paul’s year in Congress, over 69,000 bills were filed, while only 4 percent have passed. So, logically, this says nothing about how well his ideas go, nor even if he would have the same success as President.

    • Sam

      stillsane in NOT, but rather INsane.

  • Libertarian58

    Study the Hegelian Dialectic to see why both the Dems and the GOP are flip sides of the same leftist big government plan, and only Ron Paul stands for liberty. This is why EVERYONE in the establishment is against him. Divide and conquer was working perfectly until Ron Paul came along.

    • stillsane

      It is not the establishment. Ron Paul opened his mouth and turned America off. He is a Libertarian/Progressive national anti American disgrace. Keep hitting the bong.

    • Average Joe


      When stillinsane speaks…people ….uh…laugh……hysterically!
      Stillinsane comes to a battle of wits…armed with nothing but his or her opinion….that and 10 bucks will get him or her a cup of coffee at Sarbuck’s…….but no respect or free pass here.

      stillinsane, while it is nice that you have an opinion, it would be much nicer if you brought something into the conversation….that supports your brand of diatribe. Without corroborating (don’t let the big words frighten you) evidence to support your bantor, your views hold no weight in fact or theory….and you are simply blowing your smoke…up your own backside.

      “Corroborating evidence” (in “corroboration”) is evidence that tends to support a proposition that is already supported by some initial evidence, therefore confirming the proposition. For example, W, a witness, testifies that she saw X drive his automobile into a green car. Meanwhile Y, another witness, testifies that when he examined X’s car, later that day, he noticed green paint on its fender. Or there can be corroborating evidence related to a certain source, such as what makes an author think a certain way due to the evidence that was supplied by witnesses or objects.

      stillinsane, your problem is that you didn’t “SEE” anything…you simply heard it through “your” grapevine….and repeated it as Gospel…without verifying the validity of any of the statements made.

      • revnowwhilewecan


  • http://google rose

    went to a caucus in Missouri. Ron Paul and Rick santorum both had enough delegates to fill their slates 34 each. Romney 10 and Newt 5, and I’m not sure their people were even delegates, but I will give the benfit of the doubt. The only rude people I heard from were Santorum people. An American soldier gave a speech supporting Ron Paul and some idiot started saying “sit down little boy nobody wants to hear you.” The people gave the soldier a standing applause. When Ron Paul delegates were announced, and asked to walk to the front of the auditorium, people from other groups were gasping and saying, “oh my god” I was one of these delegates and proud of it. We had people of all diverse ages and backgrounds. All I seen in the other groups were all old people.
    It amazes me how all somebody has to do is say “I’m a christian” and people fall for it, and vote for someone who claims to be. Maybe people will have to suffer the loss of their freedom, before they will appreciate it.
    Ron Paul please run on a third party ticket.

    • Flo

      Right, and insure an Obama victory just like that other crazy little old man with the initials “RP” that got Clinton elected.

      • Karolyn

        You are SO wrong! Rommney, Gingrich, and especially Santorum, will ensure an Obama victory.

  • Ted Crawford

    Mr. Rolley
    There is nothing wrong with passion in support of a worthwhile cause! In fact it should be encouraged! What is wrong, IMHO, is the use of “Aggression”. That puts these Paul supporters on a par with the Occupy crowd!
    It seems to me that what is being advocated here is that we allow our governmental bodies and institutions to become like those in many foreign countries, where the opposing members throw things and spit at one another, sometimes even erupting into physical violence!
    Wouldn’t a better approach be an assertive one? If the message is right, if it is presented in simple, nontechnical language and the people believe in it, it will prevail. I believe that the problem here is that while Dr. Paul has an abundance of very sound ideas, his policies contain one very hugh, fatal flaw! The primary foundation to his Foreign Affairs and National Defence policies, simply cannot be adopted!

    • TML

      Ted Crawford says, “There is nothing wrong with passion in support of a worthwhile cause! In fact it should be encouraged! What is wrong, IMHO, is the use of “Aggression”. That puts these Paul supporters on a par with the Occupy crowd!”

      Ted Crawford says, “The primary foundation to his Foreign Affairs and National Defence policies, simply cannot be adopted!”

      How perfectly hypocritical of you to ‘assert’. So while you say that it is wrong to be (politically) aggressive, you assert that his Foreign policies, and National Defense policies, (policies that are against preemptive wars of aggression and/or without a declaration from congress) simply can not be adopted, without giving any explanation as to why they can’t be adopted.

      I love it when people expose there two faces in the same breath, as you just did.

      Political aggressiveness is assertiveness. I do not think for a second that Ron Paul’s campaign condones spitting or being violent as you just attempted to imply of his supporters in the most general way, with a broad brush.

      • Ted Crawford

        Nothing hypocritical about it, save to a partisan! The different political parties are from the same country, hopefully trying to solve a problem, just with different ideas as to how best accomplish that! Belligerent foreign governments are NOT trying to solve our problems they will be exploiting them. You compare apples to oranges here.
        As to Dr. Pauls campaign supporting aggressive action, I implyed no such thing ! I believe I, in fact stated just the opposite. As far as his supporters in general I do believe that large numbers of them would be aggressive!

    • Milan

      Mr. Crawford, i, too, once accepted the establishment GOP’s foreign policy – buying into the patriotic fervor and righteous indignation that is so prevalent. After researching Ron Paul’s sound reasons for opposing foreign entanglements and alliances (which America’s Founders also opposed) I began to see that we could not and should not try to change other nations’ governments through force or bribes. I have since become even more convinced that Dr. Paul is right after watching videos by Iraq Veterans Against the War.

      I’m still learning and plan to read some of the books Congressman Paul recommends, including his own book: A Foreign Policy of Freedom. He has been so right on so many things, so prescient, I think it is crucial to understand why he holds the positions he does, to see for myself if maybe the accepted “truths” of the day are, in fact, fallacies. Shouldn’t we try to understand why our soldiers and such intellectual giants as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Dwight D. Eisenhower opposed a military-industrial complex? Shouldn’t we be somewhat sceptical of talking heads and those who stand to profit from unconstitutional, never-ending wars of aggression?

      Dr. Paul believes in a strong national defense, but knows we should not carelessly spend American blood and American treasure policing the whole world. I recently read that many of those to whom we give foreign aid hate America so much that our donations must not even be identified as being from the United States. As one soldier on a video I watched noted: would we be grateful for gifts from a foreign power that occupied our country, destroyed our home and murdered our family?

      • Ted Crawford

        According to Dr. Pauls stated policies, we are never, under any circumstances allowed to respond in a proactive manner to any aggressive actions to any country. We must instead wait untill we are under attack on our own soil to react to their actions. A reactive national defence posture has never been a good idea, even in the best of times! In this nuclear age, IT IS FATAL! We will presumably be able to react, but it will be far too late for Tens of Millions of us!

  • FreedomFighter

    The Paulbots would leap to their feet screaming “Point of order!” every time they thought that the chair was being dismissive of them.

    The entire process was chaotic and psychotic, and the non-Paul delegates were stunned. They didn’t understand what was happening, and I tried to explain to an elderly woman from my precinct that this entire coup was PLANNED, and that the Paulbots had every intention of flooding the State delegates with Paul supporters.

    Madmen in the house? or finally voters that know how to work the political system?

    The socailist parasite left with thier army of evil law degree lackey demon toads have been abusing the government election process for years, IMHO its about time decent folks have come forward to do battle with evil using the system to advantage.

    Note: NWO types in government, we the people are in the hundreds of millions, you are few, your media propaganda grip is slipping, you evil ones will be removed.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Kerry

    Both Romney and Santorum should be whipped for running and not being Natural Born Citizens with both dads born in foreign countries, now Obama on the other hand having both himself and dad born in Kenya will die by a US Army firing squad for usurping power illegally by fraud and bought for by his queer boyfriend George Soros. Funny Obama murdered two other boyfriends from Rev. Wrights Church Choir after having sex with both and smoking crack! Look up Donald Young and Larry Sinclair!! So much for believing in the Oslamic Dog, Obama the Kenyan! Cant wait for the civil war to kill off liberals!

    • Karolyn

      So you look forward to killing off your fellow Americans? All I can say is WOW! Someare sicker than others.

      • FreedomFighter

        Liberalism is a mental disorder

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Deerinwater

        “Liberalism is a mental disorder”

        You’ve said that before, ~ I got it. I elected to ignore it until now.

        Any “ism” taken to extremes would qualify as a mental disorder, if it affects in an adverse way you ability to cope with the day to day difficulties we are all comforted with.

        Conservatism would be no different in that regard.

        There is no law against being mentally insane, so ~ you are safe for now.

  • Bette

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Mac

    99% of the republican party are left leaning moderates or just plain liberals. Their is no room for bipartisan politics in this political scenario.

    • Deerinwater

      Compared to the foaming at the mouth extreme far right, True!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    There a bunch of young kids that do not know what they are doing.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, ? hmm~ true, but if they did they wouldn’t be young!

      I think the youth of this country gave us an early warning about Viet Nam, but few were willing to listen.

      I don’t think the many that support Ron Paul today, understand they will be the ones that pay the dearest price and the benefits if there is to be some, will be enjoyed by future generations and not them.

  • Wumingren

    The victory goes to those who show up, or to those who cheat, and if you don’t show up, it’s all the easier for the cheaters to cheat.

    My family is very conservative and exchange a lot of emails on political subjects, but I can’t get them to understand that politics is a process, not an event. I can’t even get them to go to the caucus, let alone actually seek delegate status. They do not understand the process, and when I explain it to them, they simply are not motivated to become involved in it. They prefer the event, the one day that comes along and all they have to do is mark a ballot and slide it into the electronic ballot reader.

    They are like 99% of the rest of Minnesotans; they do not understand the process.

    Many who do go to a caucus think that’s all there is to it — just fill out the straw poll, count the votes, and go home. Of the 20 people gathered in a school room, 13 cast ballots for Romney, and 7 cast ballots for Ron Paul. The 13 hear the results of the straw poll and get up and leave, thinking Romney has won the nomination. They don’t understand that the 7 who voted for Paul remained behind after the rest went home. The caucus continues its business of selecting delegates for the convention. Ron Paul gets 7 delegates, even though the will of the majority had been for Romney.

    Until Paul’s people showed up to take advantage of the ignorance of the electorate, the GOP was run by dedicated RINOs, a small group of people who just consistently showed up, went through the process, and got to be delegates without anyone knowing who they were or how they ended up running things in Washington, D.C. This small group of RINOs is the GOP “establishment” that I oppose.

    Unfortunately, it is one thing to oppose a small but entrenched group of pretenders, and another thing entirely to get the rank and file to understand the need to participate in the process. It is exceedingly difficult to get them to go to precinct caucuses, become delegates, and go to district convention, to state convention, to national convention. It takes a great deal of time and personal expense to be a delegate and attend conventions. Most people prefer the convenience of the event, not the process … Election Day, a few minutes of their time and a little red sticker that says, “I VOTED!”

    Big deal. You voted. And if that’s all you did, then you didn’t do nearly enough. Saddly, there are people who can’t even trouble themselves to vote.

    Even if the Paul campaign hasn’t a prayer, at least the Paul people are committed to the process. Paul won’t be around forever, but what he has started, what his people have started, must be continued with another candidate, perhaps one who appeals to a broader segment of the conservative movement than Paul does, to bring actively directed opposition to the minority of RINOs who have captured control of the Republican Party.

    The RINOs will not go down easy, and we conservatives will have to join forces and become committed to busting up the RINO cabal. After that, there can be no more complacency, for as soon as people forget how the process works, another cabal will arise and become RINOs once again. It is a perpetual struggle that must be embraced with strong conviction and unceasing dedication.

    By the way, I am a delegate. I hope you are, too. If you haven’t become involved in the process, make every effort to do what you can now, and next election cycle, just get out and do it!

  • http://none Mynickelsworth

    Your Question: When did it become so out of line to be passionate about a political cause?

    My Answer: When the Republican Party Leadership (Robots) turned into Power Hungry Socialists. They have been supporting Obama, especially the House Robots, so what else could they be?

    The Republican Candidates, especially the Robots pick, are not conservatives. Romney is for Federal Healthcare, Santorum is socially a bit conservative but he does NOT WANT a small federal Government so he is NOT Fiscally Conservative. Gingrich is so wishy-washey that you don’t know what he will be in a few minutes. Paul Has some good ideas but his foreign policy is identical to what Obama said prior to his crowning. He would sit down and talk to ‘them’ and make them understand that we are not their enemies. THAT WON’T work on Islamic radicals (are there any other kind??). Their goal is the same as Satans – to rule the world. Satans method is to destroy Christians and Jews. Islams method is identical to Satans.
    The only thing that will correct the situation is a return to Christian ethical behavior and beliefs.

    • Murph

      Are you serious? Your argument is that radical Islamists, (and yes, there are “other kinds” you bigoted, narrowminded, racist fool), can not be reasoned with, therefore we should blow them all up? Sounds like a “return” to Christian ethical behavior to me … not.
      I cry for my people and my country when ideas like this 17th century diatribe exist in an “enlightened” society.

    • TML

      Mynickelsworth says“Your Question: When did it become so out of line to be passionate about a political cause?
      My Answer: When the Republican Party Leadership (Robots) turned into Power Hungry Socialists. They have been supporting Obama, especially the House Robots, so what else could they be?”

      True… I think that’s what they refer to as ‘Neo-Conservatives’, who often come from the ‘far left’ or ‘liberal’ camps, who show no opposition to the welfare state, and consider preemptive war as necessary, and that the ends justify the means, and even strongly endorse the idea of an American Empire.

      Mynickelsworth says “The Republican Candidates, especially the Robots pick, are not conservatives. …. Paul Has some good ideas but his foreign policy is identical to what Obama said prior to his crowning.”

      True, but Ron Paul has the voting record to show that he is trustworthy in that he would not take this country to war unilaterally, preemptively, and/or without a declaration from Congress, unless the actual continent was under attack. Ron Paul is a constitutional conservative, not a religious conservative.

      Mynickelsworth says “He would sit down and talk to ‘them’ and make them understand that we are not their enemies. THAT WON’T work on Islamic radicals (are there any other kind??).”

      Yes there are also Christian radicals such as you, who have that old Crusader mindset still buried in their mind through the zealous belief systems handed down in a book (Bible) with morals of a barbaric age. Such radicals like yourself actually help and support the Neo-Conservative agenda that you seem to oppose by supporting preemptive war, through religious value and beliefs, while ignoring the Christian doctrine of a just war.

      Btw… talking to them is diplomatic, and it did work before with the Treaty of Tripoli. You should read that.

      Mynickelsworth says “Their goal is the same as Satans – to rule the world.”

      Mynickelsworth says “The only thing that will correct the situation is a return to Christian ethical behavior and beliefs.”

      And with your measure, it is measured to you… as a nation which you perceive as a Christian nation (America) Crusades against the ‘evil’ Muslim who can’t be reasoned with, to ‘rule the world’ as an empire.


    The reason so many reject him is he’s a kook, doesn’t know history or what’s going on in the real world !!!!

  • DavidL

    Interesting video by Tom Wood attached to this article. If you want the definitive explanation of what the Constitution means, don’t go to the state ratifying conventions. As Wood says, there isn’t much there to help. The best place to go is The Federalist Papers. The entire proposed Constitution is discussed in great detail. In fact, as Associate Justice Scalia would agree, it is the best source for original intent.

    Even though I will not vote for him, I like Ron Paul because he is the least fact-challenged among the Republican contenders and the least hypocritical. I can’t speak for his supporters and their aggression and rudeness, but it is pretty clear that he will not be our next president. If the Republican/Conservatives continue as they are, with their extreme policy views, and I have no reason to believe that they won’t, then none of the viable contenders will be president either.

    I am reminded of the story involving Winston Churchill on a visit to Germany before the war. When it was clear that Hitler would not meet with him, Churchill asked the German Ambassador Ribbentrop to convey the following message to Hitler. He said, please tell Hitler, If I don’t get the chance my self, that while antisemitism is a good starter, it’s a bad finisher.” And so it will also go with the current Republican/Conservative obsession with anti-contraception, women’s health issues (misogynist all) anti-choice, anti-equal protection of the laws (anti-gay), anti-immigrant, anti-science, and anti-intellectualism. All of these will prove to be “bad finishers” come November. It will be interesting to see what new paranoid conspiracy will be invented to rationalize away any responsibility for the loss.

    I want the old Republican Party back.

  • mark

    Obama sucks!!!! And so does stillsane!

  • http://YAHOO.COM KEN

    I think u guys are missing the issues here , Thats Big Goverment. If things keep going the way they are, SOON IT WILL BE ILLEGAL TO HAVE A GARDEN Major chem. corp has filed classaction law suits against farmers for growing corn, why because they make hybird corn that doesn’t make seeds it’s the new super corn that kills insects. No long range studies have not been made as what happens to us.People have it in their systems already and thats not the half of it.Calif. is the only state defeat the new rulings. Farmers are appealing now in other states Go a head vote big goverment. Check out for yourself. Did you know under the new law past this year YOU CAN BEHELD FOREVER without due process, no trail , no lawyer. you can post a comment, and u will be watched. GO AHEAD AND VOTE BIG GOVERMENT. U can check it out. It’s there if you look at home land security law. Your constitutional rights are vanishing. all this information is out there, look for it. Your second amendent was almost gone. Hidden in a bill that almost past, A balance the budget bill. GO AHEAD VOTE IN BIG GOVERMENT. Your RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE is almost gone did you know that. We need someone that will stand up for liberty and smaller goverment. People call them Paulbots. Call them what ever, BUT PLEASE BE A INFORMED VOTER. On this post page you guys read like a football fan throwing insults it’s OUR FUTURE A STAKE

    • FreedomFighter

      We are aware

      Laus Deo
      semper Fi

    • OB1

      I am aware of what Monsanto and others are doing. It has been exposed. Many where I live are speaking out about it on the radio. Also, there are many local petitions to have GMO produced foods labeled as such (on canned food as well as all products and fresh produce). I heard Walmart just committed to by GMO corn for all their stores. Get the word out because the media as we knew it is dead.

    • Sirian

      You must be a new face here. . . that – Big Government – is one of the main points of contention we have been debating/discussing even having word wars for a very long time. As FF said – WE ARE AWARE. Go pull this book up and read it Ken, it will give you a little different insight as to what has been going on over many decades. A historical perspective shall we say. . .

  • mjlew01

    the paullettes are Obnoxious to the point that it’s impossible to have a REAL discussion with them, they just yell over anything you say and ignore any reality based facts. These rightwing teabaggin traitors are worse. They won’t be happy until all personal freedoms are destroyed. these chickenhawk cowards that make up the teabagging gop try and hide their racist, mysogynist anti-working man greed with insane lies.

    these paulettes that support ron “no-cash? let’em die!!!” Paul think that America can be run like a summer camp with 30 ppl in it. too stupid too be saved. The teabagging facists trash are either idiots fooled into voting for forgiegn corporate ownership of America, Evil racists rednecks from welfare states or billionaires looking to suck every last cent out of America and put it in some tax shelter in the Caymens, to avoid do the ONLY patriotic thing they have ever done. Pay Taxes.

    • FreedomFighter

      Hateful Hate Haters of the Left

      Your position has collapsed into a pile of idiotic foolishness

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Karolyn

      You obviously know nothing about what Ron Paul stands for; and it sounds like you don’t even want to know.

    • Murph


      Unbelievable. Did you read your post before submitting? You accuse Ron Paul supporters of being obnoxious, unable to have a real discussion, of ignoring facts … etcetera, ad nauseum, and all of this delivered in a hate-filled, name calling, obnoxious post, devoid of fact with no room for real discussion. Brilliant. With such imposing mental capacity and command of communication skills, I nominate you to personally debate any and all opponents to your candidate of choice. There is not one iota of topic, merely visceral accusation and attack. I have rarely seen such hypocrisy; you are a rare breed.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Keep fighting the good fight Murph. Do you blog on the MSM sites too? I hope so. It’s tough on the breezy knoll trying to move the sheeple but someones got to do it. I put in hours every week. It’s tiring isn’t it?

    • OB1

      Useless drivel….not even worthy of an intelligent reply…so sad….

    • Sirian

      Another useful idiot has appeared. Such wonderful mental capabilities they do espouse.

  • Jay

    10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama

    #1) Ron Paul supports decriminalizing marijuana and ending the War on Drugs. Obama does not.
    Obama promised he would decriminalize marijuana, but now his own administration continues to raid legal drug dispensaries in California? That’s a classic Obama lie: Say one thing to get elected, then turn around and do the exact opposite.

    #2) Ron Paul supports the freedom to choose what you eat and drink, including raw milk, but the Obama administration continues to run armed raids on raw milk farmers
    Under Ron Paul, the FDA would be forced to end its vicious armed raids on Amish farmers and raw dairy producers. Obama has openly allowed such armed raids to continue under his watch, refusing to even take a stand for food freedom in America.

    #3) Ron Paul would seek to eliminate FDA censorship of the scientifically-validated health claims for herbs, nutritional supplements and natural remedies
    Under Bush and Obama, the FDA’s continued censorship of truthful statements about medicinal herbs, homeopathy and nutritional supplements has been fully supported by the White House. Obama is just a corporate puppet, of course, and that means he does whatever the powerful corporations tell him to do — especially the Wall Street and Big Pharma corporations. So it’s no surprise he hasn’t taken a stand to support health freedom for foods and supplements.

    #4) Ron Paul would shut down secret military prisons like Gitmo, but Obama wants to expand those prisons and fill them with Americans!

    #5) Ron Paul is anti-war, Obama is pro-war.
    Remember when Bush was the President, and everybody on the left was screaming about getting us out of all those wars in the Middle East? Funny how they suddenly fell silent when Obama took over the reins from Bush and continued running those same wars, isn’t it?

    #6) Ron Paul’s wants to end the Fed and stop bailing out wealthy banksters, while Obama is a Wall Street sellout
    Don’t you find it astonishing that, under the Obama administration, wall street crooks like Jon Corzine have been involved in the theft of billions of dollars from American farmers and investors, yet no one has been indicted, prosecuted or criminally charged for those crimes?

    #7) Ron Paul does not need a teleprompter to tell you what he believes, and his message has remained consistent for over 25 years
    Obama needs a teleprompter to figure out what to say. That’s because he’s mainly a puppet who says what he’s told to say and signs what he’s told to sign (like the NDAA, which he of course promised he wouldn’t sign but did anyway).

    #8) Ron Paul is not really a Republican loyalist
    This should come as quite a relief to the Democrats out there. Ron Paul is really a Libertarian who is running on the Republican ticket thanks to the necessary mechanisms of our two-party system. Most of today’s Republicans are just as corrupt as status quo democrats. They start wars, stage false flag terror events and hand out trillions of dollars in bailouts and government contracts to their corrupt buddies.

    #9) Ron Paul wants to legalize Free Speech (again)
    Isn’t it interesting how many of the OWS protesters are now being forced to pay daily fees for the “privilege” of protesting? Gee, I thought America was a free country, and I thought you could peaceably assemble anytime you wanted and shout your grievances to your government. Guess not. If you want Free Speech to be legal again in America, vote for Ron Paul.

    #10) Ron Paul wants to criminally investigate the crooks in Washington
    Most Democrats and Republicans are all crooks who just cover each other’s backs.
    Ron Paul thinks elected officials should follow the law. Shock! What a concept!

    Along with that, he also believes that Attorney General Eric Holder should not run guns into Mexico as part of a staged scam to blame the Second Amendment. Gasp!

    Who else dares to say the bureaucrats in Washington are crooks who should be criminally investigated for their crimes against the People? You won’t find status quo officials pursuing any of this, of course, because they’re all corrupt!

    Only Ron Paul stands out above the lawless corruption and criminal-mindedness of the status quo in Washington D.C. He is the “anti-insider,” the one man who actually threatens the entire corrupt system (which is why the press smears him every single day). This is why the recent voting in Iowa was falsified and rigged to make sure Ron Paul wouldn’t win (this was openly admitted by the Republican leaders on local radio). The crooks in Washington absolutely do not want Ron Paul to become President, and that alone should be sufficient reason to put Ron Paul into office!

    You want real hope? Real change? Support Ron Paul
    If you love the way things are today — unemployment on the rise, a government drowning in debt, soldiers coming home in body bags, your friends and neighbors rotting in prison after getting caught with a little weed — then vote for Obama! He’s happy to carry on the insane policies that have led us to this point in history.

    But if you want real change in America, support Ron Paul. Make a donation today, so that he can raise the necessary funds to clobber “Mittens” Romney and win the Republican nomination. Then we’ll have a faceoff between Barack Obama and Ron Paul, and there’s no question Paul would win that contest if the voters still have a couple of brain cells functioning when they go to vote.

    Learn more:

  • hwt123

    The Fed was passed the day before Christmas 1913 and the income tax was passed 1913 to make SLAVES of the working class…The Fed collapsed the stock market in 1907,
    The Fed stared WW1….All the opposing bankers were on the Titanic…The caused the 1929 depression,WW2,Korean war , Vietnam war broke the dollar that is why we dropped the gold standard…the Fed caused the housing market collapse…
    Ron Paul is right…end the Fed…want more proof ? go to http://www.hwt123 dot com



  • Ernie

    Every conservative website that I visit has a common problem. They all seem to have a small group whom I refer to as “disrupters”. These people have apparently been “assigned” to try and challenge any point made by a conservative leaning writer. Being a consipracy believer myself I assume these people are assigned their dutys from some left wing war room funded by George Soros. I could be wrong but maybe not. If they were going to do it the end result would be close to the situation we have.
    My point is stop wasting time responding to these jerks. Ignore them, they won’t go away but thats the price of free speech. Their easy to identify, attitude, language and put downs. For example they can’t seem to mention Dr. Paul’s name without some negative adjective attached. They also seem to be working from the same script and keep repeating the same negative BS that spouts from every “progressive” source. That script is probably why so many of their posts sound so stupid. They can’t really be that stupid can they? Some of their responses sound like they are computer generated.
    Keep up the good work everyone. We’ve still got a shot at saving the country and the constitution/

    • Jay

      You got it. Ernie! Good to see someone else aware of the leftist’s tricks. Yes, they’re progs, masquerading as Conservatives, criticizing Conservatives. As you say, the best strategy, ignore them!

    • Deerinwater

      “They all seem to have a small group whom I refer to as “disrupters”. These people have apparently been “assigned” to try and challenge any point made by a conservative leaning writer. Being a consipracy believer myself I assume ”

      Yes you do ~ assume. Maybe you should book a “Love Boat” cruise.

      Opposition is good for you! It hones your skills and strengthens your argument.

      Don’t you wish to be strong? or just be one of many hiding in the numbers of a lynch mob?

      Everyone would enjoy a nice picnic without ants and flies, but that just not the way life works ~ is it?

      Adversity make you stronger, without minds that force you outside your comfort zone,you would become stunted. We could call you a Hobbit, that enjoyed the comforts of the Shire.

  • Rocketman

    All the Republicans who oppose Paul had better realize one important truth. Paul is gathering THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of young collage students who are listening to him and have stopped listening to you. They are going to become politically active. The question is will they become politically active when they are old enough in the Republican Party or the Libertarian Party? If you turn away Paul you may win a short term victory but you have lost the war because one day those students will become active and not support the candidates that you want to have elected. They will be voting Libertarian and the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs.

    • TurbineHarley

      Rocketman, I agree with you completely! We think alike. This next election it will either be President Ron Paul in the White House or that Socialist IDIOT Obama to finish destroying what’s left of America. We need Ron Paul is 2012 to Win This Election! The Idiots in the Republican party are intent on handing Obama his 2nd term as president by putting up the worst possible choices…Romney, Gingrich and Santorium.

  • Jay

    Found this post written by a blogger named Ron. Had to share it with the rest here.

    Ron Paul’s supporters are the most informed, which also make them the most enthusiastic. The rhetoric of other candidates sound very appealing, as did Obama’s when he was running for president. It takes a more informed and resourceful voter to steer away from the mainstream media and do his own research on Ron Paul (and all of the other candidates as well). It takes a little extra effort for a person to look up information on and understand Ron Paul’s views on civil liberties and rights, the economy, the Federal Reserve, and foreign policy — all ideas which are credibly supported by history, recent events, and modern experts.

    Ron Paul is the only TRUE conservative in the Republican party. Though he is more of a Libertarian, he fits in the GOP party because he is more aligned with true conservatives of the past, like Robert Taft. His economic plan is the only one that will cut spending. Not only will his plan cut $1 trillion in the first year, it will balance the budget by the 3rd, and produce a surplus in the 4th. All this while not even touching veterans’ benefits (which Obama just attacked), Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or other benefits that Americans might depend on. The big question is whether or not President Paul would be able to pass such a plan. But I would vote for someone with an actual plan that CUTS over the other big-government, neo-conservative candidates like Santorum.

    As I mentioned, Ron Paul’s supporters seem the most sane because they are the most well-informed. In addition to this, many of these supporters are the most open-minded, sincere people I have ever met. In contrast with Santorum and his strict religious beliefs, Ron Paul believes in tolerance, which is a concept that America was built on. Ron Paul would leave issues of civil liberties, like gay marrriage and abortion, to the states, as specified by the 10th Amendment.

    EDIT: to the user who claimed Ron Paul is “anti-Israel”: Ron Paul is actually anti-foreign aid. This applies to all nations equally. Foreign aid is not only ineffective, but damaging as well. In past years, we have given more foreign aid to Israel’s enemies like Pakistan. Besides, foreign aid funds are fungible, meaning much of these funds are not used effectively. Why is Ron Paul anti-Israel for reiterating Benjamin Netanyahu’s words in saying that Israel does not need us to depend on? Do a Youtube search for “Netanyahu Ron Paul.

    Location of article:

  • ranger hall

    You see everyones name in the MEDIA running for President EXCEPT Ron Paul, Wonder why.
    Its all a Big game to let the American Voters believe THEY are electing the President.
    The Powers to be Put these People in Place, THEIR People. Show me one Person that is in the Running that the People Picked. ???. Well out of this Bunch of Political Pigs, Ron Paul just might be different, Lets hope so. One thing for sure is that all the others are the same old Crap. I for one will try anyone that might be different, And hope for the best.that the Country and the People come first.

  • ranger hall

    But folks the CONGRESS is our Biggest Problem, And the Supreme Court is our Second biggest Problem, The only way this Country can improve is to start with these People.
    Also if Ron Paul Could win, WHAT can he do, One thing THEY will not allow is anyone who wants to improve things for the Country or its People.
    NO one will be allowed to take away the Money or the Power these people take from us.

    • Paul supporter 2

      By himself, Ron Paul, or ( insert name ) can do very little, but it is a start. We Paul supporters are not counting on Paul to magically wave a wand and perform a miracle. We are vetting folks right now for 2012 seats in Congress, Senate, and at all state, county and city levels. Maybe folks just don’t get it…. IT ISN”T ABOUT Ron Paul….it never has been about Ron Paul. It is about “restoring the republic”, it is a MOVEMENT about getting like minded folks (i.e. others that want to return to obeying the constitution) elected to office. As in unseating the corrupt congress and senate occupiers. We have not been sitting around twiddling our thumbs since ’08….we have been busy finding folks to fill these positions. We are NOT going away.

      • TurbineHarley

        Hang in there and continue to support the only real choice…Ron Paul for President. We have a lot of work to do to overcome decades of stupidity by the voting public.

  • http://N/A CintiCB

    Stillsane…Apparently, a self appointed name! ‘Whiny little name calling weiner’ is MUCH more appropriate.

    I’ll iterate (previously posted on a different Personal Liberty Digest article)…..

    The OBVIOUS decision here is,
    Elect Ron Paul or lose our country!

  • boyscout

    Lots of encouraging words for RP supporters and the movement to restore our country to the intent of our forefathers here. But here is only here. The despicable orchestration of the nomination process is proof enough of that. Don’t let it die when we loose (when they steal ) the 2012 elections. The Republocrats WILL have another 4 years of Obama even if they do jockey the pork troughs about a bit.
    And please stop wasting time on numbskulls like stillsane – you can’t educate a paid shill for the opposition (I hope he’s getting paid for that malarcky). The ignorant and confused will come around eventually, but only when the crumbling walls start to fall. Remember that their ignorance is as deep seated as the propaganda they wallow in, and they are paying the media good money for it.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      Exactly! This is pretty much a pro Paul site. That’s why once in a while I ask the bloggers here to go to the MSM sites once in a while a put a few hours in. If we all do it, people will start to wake up (even more).

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        For what does MSM stand? This, probably, makes me ‘dumb’, but, being relatively new on the computer I have no idea about what so many of all of these initials/abbreviations mean that I continuously see. I, actually now, know how illiterates must feel! I feel the same illiteracy feeling when I see entire chalkboards of mathimatical equations-with numbers and letters!

        OMG, wouldn’t it be great to be of genius intelligence!?!

      • revnowwhilewecan

        It’s kool. I’m only a few months in myself.
        MSM= mainstream media
        NWO= new world order
        stillsane= paid establishment shill
        Flo= to much flouride

        If you need anymore let me know. :)

      • Average Joe

        Or, as some of us like to refer to it…the Lamestream Media…I put at least 3-5 hours a week on MSNBC….talk about being in the trenches…..any deeper and I’d have trench hands…from typing through all of that muck.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        That’s funny. I spend about that much time at CNN. FAUX like to not post alot of my stuff. Especially when they try and sic one of their brownshirts on me, no shock there. I always get into the biggest beefs when it’s about Paul or the M.E. I have to admit, it’s fun schooling people sometimes as I usually only respond to fights that I can win. I grew up an inner city kid in Boston so they better bring the goods or they finish quick.

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  • http://yahoo charlie

    Im a democrate and i just wish they would make ron paul their candidate. president obama would have the biggest wipeout victory in history. forget it my bro obama has my back and my families back. dont worry about the fed cause thats my mans money. we shall overcome isnt that what the sayins is.

  • http://none Claire

    Romney was in Springfield this morning at Charlie Parker’s Diner. Trying to get “everyday people’s vote.” The diner only seats 100 people. Wonder what the news will report–the crowd didn’t look that big.
    Also, had a voicemail message on my phone at home–”Vote for Santorum.”
    I will vote for neither one of them.

  • Bruce

    when was the last time a politician asked you how to represent your ideas better?
    Their job is to represent us.
    Are they doing their job?
    How can they represent us if they won’t ever communicate with us, or ask us what WE WANT??????
    How can it be considered a Representative form of government if they do not listen?.
    If it is no longer Representative then it needs to be FIXED, to again agree with the constitution, and represent the citizens.
    When more than 50% of the country wants a law changed it should be a no brainier for OUR government to do as we want, and change it.
    But the drug war continues into its 42nd year with no sign of victory anywhere in sight, even thou the majority of citizens say it is past time to end it, and return our LIBERTIES (that they stole from us) back to us.
    We send them mail and a servant to the politician reads it, but nothing ever changes unless the government wants it to.
    Where is our representative form of government getting the decision to represent what idea?
    Did any politician ask YOU your opinion?
    Then it is not a representative form of government as it was intended, and needs to be changed to be a representative form of government, that still has STATES RIGHTS in mind.
    Do you want your government telling you how to live? what to buy? what to think? gun running and hoping to brainwash the public to hate guns, so the democrats can take all the guns and them make a change of government to Socialism.
    Democrats need to be removed from our Representative government, because THEY ONLY push their IDEAS, and do not represent anyone but those on welfare, here illegally, or those that work in a union.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA (Just because Democrats HATE Christians)

    Government is expanding again to satisfy the needs of a expanding government.

  • FART

    This is the way it is man. I think Ron Paul is a joke. He has never run anything and accomplished nothing in Congress. We need a bigger government, even bigger than the one we have today. People think we don’t have the money but it is all being held by the top 1 percent. We should demand that anyone who makes over 40k should pay all the rest of their money to taxes. That will fix all our problems. And why pay for health care here when we can go to Canada and get it free. It’s an insane world and we are just dumb in the US. We should just take over the world.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      You know, I only been here about three months now but that may just get the vote for the most well thought out, ignorant response to an article that I have ever read here. Obviously, with your pen name, I don’t have to tell you of which orifice you are speaking out of, right?

      • Daniel-Christopher

        Couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for saving me the time.

    • Deerinwater

      “This is the way it is man. I think Ron Paul is a joke.”

      I can’t remember a time when the spoken truth has ever been seen as a joke. And that is all Ron Paul has ever offered, ~ as early as 91 that I personally know of and maybe before that. I’m not a hard core Ron Paul fan and don’t keep up with him as well as some here.

      The only joke might be seen if Ron Paul could not muster the power to actually “lead” from the 1st chair position.

      That would be a sad joke indeed. Much like Jimmy Cater, Jimmy wasn’t a joke but Capital Hill did everything within their power to make him be seen as one.

      As early as 1978, President Carter was saying to us, America’s energy dependency was the moral equivalent of WAR. The message fell on deaf ears and he was laughed at and ridiculed.

      At $4.00 a gallon today and rising, it appears Jimmy Cater was a prophet.

  • GW

    Vote fraud is the only problem here. The increasing pressure being exerted against RP is a clear indication of the true state of affairs. In 2000, the ruling elite installed W and hacked off more than half the country. Now we see the ruling elite defrauding all the military supporters, the 70-80 million legal gun owners, the youth, and all other supporters of RP- and the fraud is so blatant it is shocking. The segment of the population behind this is responsible for the appalling and deplorable state of our country today and they are very very small in number. What we really need is a nation wide effort to have vote fraud declared terrorism as well as treason and we will put an end to the deathcamp that this country has become FOREVER!!!
    And don’t listen to those nay sayers- they are obviously so scared of Dr. Paul that they can’t stop defaming him- their very statements belie the true purpose of their agenda
    I attended the St Pats day parade in Chicago- the crowd response to the RP section was ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!! I MEAN UNBELIEVABLE!!! And this in the heart of Obama country—

  • http://N/A CintiCB

    FART, you are your name-hot air and waste.Generally, the people who want bigger government is so that they continue to get their Welfare checks. Yeah, those ‘terrible people’ who have strived and have become successful have ALREADY paid unbelievable amounts of THEIR earnings for a lot of uncivilized ‘people’ to be born (momma got mo money), fed them all of their gun toting, thieving, drugging, uncivilized, unhuman (don’t even know how to dress themselves) acting lives, and now (at least, in Cincinnati) are paying to turn ANY remaining nice neighborhood into ‘da hood’-WITH EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You hate those who have worked hard and prospered, BUT, you’ll sure take THEIR money EVERY MONTH! Those making over 40K already pay enough in taxes-weren’t you born and fed all of your ignorant little life because of those who realized the ‘American Dream’-through determination and hard work? Hard work?-What dat be’s?

    • Deerinwater

      Was that a “drive by”?

      anybody get his license number?

    • revnowwhilewecan

      I know you’re new so let me help you out a little more. “FART” is a couple of comments up. When you want to respond to a post, go to the bottom of the post and click on “reply”. That way your comment goes under the desired post. With no “drive by’s”…lol.
      You’ll get it. I was doing the same stuff 3 months ago.

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        revnowwhilewecan, Thank-you, so much and YOU ARE RIGHT-I am new to all of this. Heck, I even had to call Staples, today, to ask how one ‘bookmark’ a page. They were SO friendly and helpful. I have, often , wondered how entries were entered emmediately after the one to which they were responding (assumed that Liberty Alerts sorted it out and put it there). I, also, wondered why the times weren’t always in order. Comments would make much more sense, being more understood, if directly following the comment that instigated the response. I do, sincerely, thank you for this information. Have a good one, CintiCB

        • revnowwhilewecan

          No problem bro. The best thing you can do is get the facts to back whatever you defend. I find that this is the best defense to all of the idiotic stuff that people say in the political blog world. As soon as you get them to steer away from facts before you do, you’ve won. :)

  • Michael T.

    Bull, the NV caucus results were announced FOR Romney three days before the caucus. The morning of the caucus the votes were ignored.. another caucus was held that evening and there were more reports that Romney won before the count was even begun. Since then no valid count was ever reported publicly or at the Clark County Convention. By then Romney, Newt and Santorum were long gone. We [Ron Paul supporters] had organized and registered for the country and state convention without any opposition, because the elitist GOP thought they had “FIXED” the convention. We captured [above board and legal] the state delegate seats, the Central Committee Seats and what have the displaced DELPHI facilitators done? Quit the process. They don’t get their way they quit. Now it is time for ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS to study the Hegelian Dialectic and the Delphi Technique to understand how good Americans have been being manipulated by the plutocrats. Read “Creating a New Civilization” by Alvin and Heidi Toffler with the foreword “A Citizen’s Guide to the 21st Century” by Newt Gingrich [1995]. Too many Americans have bought into the Globalist propaganda. Our leadership in DC would have us believe that they are locked in a battle of ideologies. THEY ARE NOT!
    They know that this will keep the people distracted, in arguments over which philosophy is best for our future. The entire argument is a sleight of hand. A bait and switch. Like a pick pocket bumping into a victim in the street. The bump distracts the victim from the hand in his pocket. Among our chosen representatives there are no liberals, communists or conservatives. It is a Hegelian Dialectic. Google it. while you’re at it Google The Delphi Technique. You’ve experienced both. You are subjected to both daily. The Delphi Technique is used in every school, PTA meeting, Town Hall Meeting, Sales Seminar… and it was fine tuned by communist thinkers in the 19th century. Hegel: Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis is the basic formula. The Hegelian Dialectic is the practical political application to achieving the public opinion towards a common objective.
    So, If you really want to restore the Constitution as the supreme law of this great nation and are willing to go beyond all the lies you have been taught… do the research and open your mind. It is a scary, peril filled journey. Have you got the courage to challenge the elite’s establishment? Either commit or kiss our America goodbye.

  • Dave Bishop

    I agree with the assessments of the Republican party, after stints as a committeeman and a precinct captain, and as one who was asked to run a campaign for a candidate. The catch was that I had to work with 20-something yuppies and toe the party line. I declined and am now an independent.

    But there is no way I could support Ron Paul, either. The reasons: he is not for protecting our borders, sealing them against intrusion by illegals; he wants to cut our defensive posture, including bringing all troops home. Where there is a vacuum, it must be filled. Guess who would fill it.

    Another reason is his belief that drugs should be legalized and regulated. Like alcohol? Sorry, we have too many deaths by impaired drivers already.

    I am looking for someone without an agenda, who stands for freedom, military strength, and not afraid to stand against the hidden politicians in the party elite. Paul does not fit that either.

  • Thinking About

    Why is it such a big surprise republicans do not support Ron Paul. He is Libertian, if he wants to follow the republican platform then perhaps he could get the backing if republicans. Libertines probably would not support any of the others running for the republican party nor would they support Obama. Don’t expect this, won’t happen.

    • Michael T.

      Do you know the difference between a “Libertine” and a “LIbertarian”? Just shows how the Hegelian Dialectic works. If you are going to launch personal attacks against Republican candidates in the same fashion the Democrats/Socialists do Conservative patriots we are not. And if the attacks are going to be as ignorant as the Democrats/Socialists then the GOP is no better than the vermin in DC now. It is time to wise up and at least argue with intelligent, rational thinking.

      • Deerinwater

        Oh! oh! he he! rational thinking! Newt will sign your book now, ~ on the cheap!

        I haven’t see any rational thinking on the part of the GOP for several years! I take it that you were helpful in some remote way?

        I was watch Mitt Romney last night, that poor man couldn’t talk his way through a PTA meeting of angry mothers.

        Bless his heart, he seems to try so hard to connect but it’s just not there. His personal skills are not one bit better now then when he started.

        Rick, just an overgrow boy, that needs to take is pretty family home and be proud of what he’s got. Fine looking family. Romney’s too !

        • Michael T.

          Just so there is no misconception here. I happen to know what a globalist CFR ‘Creating the 21st Century Citizen” affected neo-con Newt is…certainly NOT a conservative. Mitt made his millions destroying working community manufacturing [not unlike what his father did for Michigan, except that Mitt did it to small communities in Ohio and Indiana among others]. The only non-globalist and decidedly non-neo-con candidate is Ron Paul. But many conservatives just aren’t willing to limit the federal government to the binding limitations of the Constitution. They say it then demand government step in when it suits their personal views. That is not the way to restrict government intrusion on personal liberty folks.

  • button

    The Ron Paul supporters are disrupting the Caucuses and Primaries, and yes their tactics just might get him the nomination, but there is no way in hell he can win. We are looking at 4 more years under the dictator….and if he has his way it could be more than 4 years.

    • Michael T.

      If Paul “can’t win” it is because so-called conservative Republicans will vote for Obama rather than a true Constitutional Republican or whine and not vote at all. ANY Republican Candidate ought to be more acceptable than the usurper. So anyone who attacks any of our potential nominees with this sort of ignorance is NOT interested in Constitutional limited government, but their own government regulations … i.e. more self serving elitist mentality brainwashing so-called conservative patriots. And it does not take a lot for the Hegelian Dialectic to create the divide and conquer between good intentioned Americans. Are the social designers right about WE THE PEOPLE being unable to govern ourselves?
      “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be MASTERS.”
      -Daniel Webster

  • Phyllis Poole

    Paul is backed by Soros–the communist billionaire kicked out of Russia for bankrupting their country. Paul is happy to have the money and Soros has all sorts of “people” to do his bidding.
    Soros is paying for all the attack ads (half truths) against Santorum and don’t think this isn’t also to aid Romney!! This is called money laundering. It started at the beginning of the campaign.
    If Romney gets to be president – many are going to be a surprised at his ruling as with Obama. He is Obama’s prototype straight from Mass. That was a trial run.
    AND useful idiots are clammering after him thinking he can “beat” Obama. HE IS OBAMA!! maybe worse!!!

    • Michael T.

      Soros in fact has endorsed Mitt Romney [if you bothered paying attention and reporting the truth]. He has even stated that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have Romney in the White House as a reflection of Obama. Of course, there will always be GOP lies just attacking each other rather than legitimate discussion of issues and that is why it is so hard for us to have a well organized united opposition to the Democrats. It is time to be a little more focused on the virtues of the Constitution and paying attention to the background of our candidates, not manufacturing lies or believing the trash talk.

  • Joyce E

    ABO!!! Ron Paul has some excellent ideas that should be addressed, and I hope they are! Having said that RP is NOT a Republican. RP IS a Libertarian. RP has been using the Republican party to further his own Libertarian agenda for years. He & many of his supporters would cast off the Republican party “like a dirty shirt” if they decided they didn’t need the Republican Party. Since that is the clear case, should the Republican Party be supporting RP above other candidates? Doesn’t seem reasonable to me. RP CAN NOT WIN even if the Republican Party nominates him. So………….. the upshot is: To pout and NOT vote or write in RP’s name IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA. You guys would be “cutting off your nose to spite your face” as the saying goes. And, by the way, the more you rage, the more you drive away any other supporters you may have had otherwise. If you guys weren’t so rabid acting, you might have more power to bring about some of your GOOD ideas. Accept it: RP will never be president no matter what you do. Although I would support him over Obama, he CAN NOT WIN.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      What you fail to understand that we don’t care if Paul gets elected. He is representative of an awakening going on that transcends the Gop and the political paradigm in general. We will write his name in as a commitment to a movement not a party regardless of who wins because we know that no matter who wins besides Paul is just two heads on the same coin. People are waking up. Ron Paul is a part of a statement by the American people. His numbers are higher that wht the MSM would have you believe in spite of the fraud and the biased, bought and paid for media. Weather he gets in or not, the Ron Paul movement WILL continue.


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