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Republican Leadership Reluctantly Accepting Paul

February 16, 2012 by  

Republican Leadership Reluctantly Accepting Paul

After a Conservative Political Action Conference lacking Presidential candidate Ron Paul and his zealous supporters, some Republican leaders are seeing the need to give the candidate a chance, according to The Washington Times.

The leadership points to Paul’s ability to energize the most passionate supporters and heavy support from young and first-time voters, a segment that the Republican party must attract if they are to beat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union said that Paul’s supporters are undoubtedly growing in numbers.

“It would be a dramatic error for the winning campaign to disavow Ron Paul’s contributions to the process,” he said. “I am a firm believer that Ron Paul has found a niche and found a movement that he wants to have a voice. It may not be a majority movement, but it’s a growing movement. So, if we are smart, he’s going to have his fair opportunity at convention, and a platform committee to have his points of views discussed and expressed.”

As Mitt Romney continues to struggle to energize his base and is met with lukewarm acceptance from most true conservatives, many people think that Paul’s energetic base of support is the only chance the GOP has for a victory in November.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Bobby

    Oh, how sweet of them. They need to give us “chance”. REally? Well I have news for the GOP: You can take you chance and put it where the sun doesn’t shine because we’re TAKING what we want. You can (will) CHEAT, STEAL, and LIE to avoid being fair and democratic – trying as hard as possible to stifle Liberty.

    YOu will lose. Here is your dilemma: Ron Paul or Barrack Obama – it’s YOUR choice!!!


    • traderphil

      So the choice is more than obvious, the ONLY candidate that is for freedom, RON PAUL. Mr. Obama just signed away ALL YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS when he signed Bill 1867!!! Destroyed what was left of the Constitution! Quite an accomplishment, in so short a period of time! Oh yes, one more “accomplishment” for the Democrats is that they have managed to spend MORE $$$ in the 3 short years of Obama;’s reign than all other Presidents before him COMBINED!!! Way to “clean up Govt!” HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA Oh yes! LOOK who owns your “Media” and it is easy to see how they conveniently forget to discuss Ron Paul . He speaks the TRUTH and that is very hard for most politicians to fathom, unfortunately. We, in the rest of the world, are sitting back and wondering what ever happened to the “Once great” USA??? How very sad indeed to see what is happening there.

  • Deerinwater

    “Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union said”

    What? The Conservatives have a union?

    Well, it good to hear that the “obvious” has not completely eluded them.

    Ron Paul is the only grownup in the room.

  • Larry B

    Dream on, Ron Paul has no chance of getting the nomination.

    • Ivan

      Larry, Don’t be a parrot repeating what the established republican party would have you say. The reason that Dr. Paul is receiving some credit is because he speaks the cold hard truth. I am proud that the young folks in our country are beginning to wake up to this fact. Maybe there is hope for our nation yet. Rom Paul has a voice, and America needs to hear it.

      • skippy

        Thank you Dr. Ivan!!! (Dr. because you know the CURE!!)
        It IS encouraging to me that a lot of people say they would not vote for BHO ‘again’…and regret that they did in the first place.
        The choice is very clear to me~~~V4P~~~ :)

      • Larry B

        Not being a parrot, just looking at the facts. He has no chance.

        • TIME

          Oh Larry,

          You gest, you’re being a REALLY – BIG Parrot, come on don’t try and fool anyone with your soft sheep like rhetoric, its really very easy to see through.
          Hey do you work for Media Matter’s?

          Larry, You really should try out for the new Wizz of Dizz TV show, hell its going to be real HOOT for all; NOT.
          Its a fun filled show to air on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN, and even FOX were really mindless people not unlike you will host an hour long nightly Soap about being born to be a MINDLESS SHEEP. Its just going to be a real HOOT!!

          Everyone gets to dress in a fun uniform; they have Black ones, Gray ones and Green too all with nice big NAZI party badges all over them, WOW!
          So dig out your nice Tall Black boots and go for an interview, a pro tip that should help you get that job, where your
          “I am with Stupid Tee shirt.”
          You know the one that has the finger pointing back at you.

          Hey – The first show will be all about telling the people of America what how much fun it is to be a DEBT SLAVE, also how much fun being a TAX SLAVE is too!
          And lets not forget all the fun of being a WAR DOG! PLUS lets not forget the MINDLESS Sheep roll and how to play it so its seemless.
          Good on ya!

          • Larry B

            Mr, or Mrs. or Miss. Time. You sound like an insane person with your crazy talk. If Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination I will vote for him.
            I will be voting for whoever the GOP nominee is. I am just positive Ron Paul will never be the nominee. I would even make a small wager on it.

        • Take on you

          Of course he has a chance! As soon as the mainstream media and GOP old school stops denigrating his campaign and gives Dr. Paul the respect he deserves, and stops manipulating polling and caucus results, his groundswell movement will increase! The Big Lie that he can’t win is just that: a Big Lie. Eventually the people see through that tactic. Polls show Dr. Paul has as good, or better, a chance to defeat BHO as any of the other Obama-lite candidates. Ron Paul 2012!!

          • Nancy in Nebraska

            You are so right. But…the key words are “as soon as”. It isn’t going to happen. The main stream media will never portray him fairly or accurately. They will make sure that the public never know the truth about Ron Paul. Don’t get me wrong. I want Ron Paul to win. I WILL vote for Ron Paul. I believe that he is our only chance of pulling away from the brink of destruction. But the “powers that be” will never let it happen. The only reason any of them see any value in including Paul at all is so that his supporters will get behind “the candidate” after the primary is over. I will never “get behind” one of the other candidates. They are the same evil that we have right now. Nothing will change. The same evil minds will be controlling things. It doesn’t matter whether you put an R or a D after their names, they will be the same. I’m trying to tell everyone I know that they should try to have an open mind and listen to what Ron Paul is saying. They should not listen to what the main stream media is saying that Ron Paul is saying. They have been very successful in making him look like a “nut”.

      • http://google rose

        And some of us older folks too.

        • steve in AZ

          Thank you,Rose! GEEZERS FOR PAUL!!! lol

          DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • 2¢ worth…

      “Not being a parrot, just looking at the facts. He (Paul) has no chance”..

      And you spew this with what authority? What proof? That the numbers don’t jive (ie: Romney 29%.. Newt. 23%.. Santiredumb 32%.. Paul 12%)? Your looking at the Pub results, your not taking in the dissatisfied Dems and the Ind. which is what is needed to win this election.. These off-balanced votes to determine the candidate is the indicator that a lot of pubs dislike the choices but as their war call is, “Anybody but Obama”.. When they really hear what a sane voice sounds like, they’ll flock to Paul because.. Paul’s platform has nothing to do with knocking other runners but laying the facts on the line.. Bitching about Obama is senseless because (most) everybody has their opinion of his progress and doesn’t need to be reminded.. Bitching about each other’s ‘sins’ does NOT cover the issues.. Their a pack of pub wolves looking for the weak spots of the other pub wolves looking for the weak spot of the pub wolf who’s got his own sins.. Ron Paul say’s the issue isn’t who’s got the lesser sin.. But who can show the people that there is still such a place as America.. Not a Corporation, Not a sporting arena but a Country demanding the return of their freedoms and he’s not saying he WILL, like the liars surrounding him but ‘to the best of his ability, he will try to return this Country to it’s intended state with the Constitution.. So go ahead, listen to the corporate clones.. Their interests lies in bigger g’ment and bigger personal profit.. You WILL get what you deserve!

  • http://Comcast JimBob

    Of course the young people would support Paul. Afterall, he does want to legalize drugs. He has other off-the-wall dreams, too numerous to mention here. The ONLY thought he has that I agree with is ending foreign aid. It makes no sense for America to borrow from one country to give to another. All the taxpayer gets is the bill. right now our esteemed leaders are “considering” withholding “some” of the one plus billion for Egypt. Egypt is currently refusing to allow 43 Americans to leave the country, and threatening to put 19 of them on trial. But legalize drugs?? Good Lord. Will that make people quit using them like they did with booze? Get real.

    • http://google rose

      Us older people support him too.

      • 2¢ worth…

        Thank you Rose.. That HAD to be mentioned for the sake of the brain dead…

        It doesn’t have anything to do with legalizing pot so we can all walk around in a stupor but utilizing a product that at one time in history was a main staple for progress (clothing, paper products, ropes, etc.) that it also has medicinal effects is not the issue, but to ease up on the multi-BILLION dollar waste fighting a win less war on it while stimulating the Nation for the very capitalists that others are crying for. Get off YOUR high horses you “reefer madness” idiots and realize it was never a documentary as the propaganda of it twisted what ever brain matter you might have once possessed. FOOLS!!

    • bob

      Being a constitutionalist, Ron Paul will not try to make law, but will try to lead. The congress would have to pass laws to legalize drugs now illegal. Any other of the so called ‘wild ideas’ of Dr. paul would have to pass congress too. But, the really good ideas that most of us think are what is needed to turn the country around can get through if we elect good, conservative law makers in both houses of congress. It is important that we not forget that Ron Paul cannot do it by himself. Ron Paul- 2012

    • Sol of Texas

      Legalize drugs?!

      So that is Ron Paul’s message.

      Hmmm … the next thing you know people are going to want to legalize alcoholic beverages. The nerve of some people! No wonder Ron Paul can’t win.

      (That’s sarcasm).

      • 2¢ worth…

        “Legalize drugs?!
        So that is Ron Paul’s message.”

        Not even close, dip-wad.. Where have you been all this time? Living under a rock? Does the air in Texas affect it’s populace THAT bad? My God man, stop looking at woody woodpecker cartoons and start investigating what kind of leader you would want as President instead of twiddling your thumbs, waiting for other unaware dolts to vote in ANOTHER loser so you might have a reason to continue to whine and bitch.. Ron Paul will change your mind about how freedom and the constitution should operate, not sleaze about behind closed doors enacting laws that the people reject everytime they crop up..

      • Vicki

        2¢ worth… says: to Sol of Texas:

        SoT: “Legalize drugs?!
        So that is Ron Paul’s message.”

        Not even close, dip-wad..

        Ease up there 2cents. Sol is being sarcastic (as he mentioned). He is fully aware that the message from Ron Paul is a return to Constitutional Limits on government.

    • steve in AZ

      Drugs are already “legalized”. At least SOME of them are. That would be only the ones that feather the nests of Big Pharma, the medical community, and the ambulance chasing attorneys who sue them both for a living, all of which has been factored in to the price of those drugs, the rates of the pseudo healers and the shylocks who exist from the awards of the wrongful death suits by the constant sheering of the sheep who are so addicted to those drugs. Does nobody else see how the game works? TV commercials constantly push these LEGAL drugs while warning of 4 hour erections, sleepwalking and suicide as possible results of ingestion. Yet a natural herb that God chose to make available freely is the bad guy?

      Stop at Walgreens and see what’s available for cranial enemas. That might remove some of your petrified cranial fecal propaganda in a single flush.

      DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • TML

      “The ONLY thought he has that I agree with is ending foreign aid. It makes no sense for America to borrow from one country to give to another. All the taxpayer gets is the bill. right now our esteemed leaders are “considering” withholding “some” of the one plus billion for Egypt. Egypt is currently refusing to allow 43 Americans to leave the country, and threatening to put 19 of them on trial.”

      You seem fairly intelligent in that sense, and I’m sure if you carried such logic and research to the other areas that you currently disagree, you might find more rhyme to the reasons for those “off-the-wall dreams”.

      “But legalize drugs?? Good Lord. Will that make people quit using them like they did with booze? Get real.”

      Yes, let’s get real, shall we?
      We don’t see the Budweiser guy and the Miller guy pulling guns on each other.
      There is a reason why alcohol prohibition was ended, and the lessons we learned then are not applied as the “War on Drugs” is the same miserable failure as alcohol prohibition. You should research the history of alcohol prohibition and why it was repealed.
      Based on history and a little common sense, I assert that… If drugs were ‘legal’…

      - All clandestine labs would immediately close as they could not compete with companies making a purer, safer (as opposed to unregulated), product at exponentially lower prices.
      - All dangerous street gangs and dealers, and the violence that goes along with them, would be out of the drug business.
      - Every dime spent on prohibition could be spent on real violent crimes, and drug abuse education, treatment, and prevention.
      - Addicts would have no legal disincentive to seek help as a medical condition
      - Prisons would not be filled with non-violent drug offenders, to which tax payers must support.
      - Non-violent people would not be shot to death in their home during raids conducted over, often very small, amounts of drugs. (Often they even get the wrong house)

      These are not the only benefits of legalization/decriminalization, but I challenge you to honestly weigh the cost and benefits of each, and I think any rational and honest person must conclude that legalization/decriminalization/War on Drugs is entirely the wrong approach.

      And aside from all that, you can not “make” someone not use drugs any more than you can make that fat guy stop eating Big Macs. Should people be allowed to eat such unhealthy food that’s bad for them? Should we allow people to play football despite the risk of serious injury? What about unprotected sex between consenting adults? Should we allow that? The argument for freedom and personal sovereignty over our own bodies should be the most compelling argument, and if it’s not, then you should be ashamed of yourself. However, if not, then I leave you with my above assertions.

      However you look at it, there are much deeper reasons concerning the effort to stop the war on drugs that has nothing to do with ‘young people who want to get high’. Honestly, it being illegal doesn’t stop them. Think about it.

      • TML

        Correction – I think any rational and honest person must conclude that prohibition/War on Drugs is entirely the wrong approach.

      • AintSayin

        Say that again. TLM!!! Say that again!

      • TIME

        WOW TML, Your a real brain trust as well one of the main reasons why this nation is in the condition it is, Yes indeed its people just like you. There are MILLIONS of other IGNORANT fools just like yourself so your not alone in your sheep like state of mind.

        Lets see, POT is not going to kill anyone and no one shoots each other after smoking a few joints.
        They may quite well “eat” a few things, or they may even “sleep” like a baby.
        BUT GUN FIGHTS? Really thats about as stupid of a statment as anything I have ever seen.

        Lets look at the numbers, deaths due to smoking pot, {{ ZERO.}} Hey, not even cancer can one get from smoking pot,

        Deaths from Pharm Companys pills and shots, { over 200,000 } per day die.

        But wait thats just the tip of the ice burg. As I recall from many of your post YOU claim to believe in what the nation was founded on, ” PERSONAL LIBERTY’S.”
        Yet your post here is a total 180* on what this nation was founded on.

        But thats ok, as we have not followed the “ORIGINAL Constitution” in well over 150 years. So its really quite clear that you really like this form of De Facto Corporation that runs this nation now and has for the last 150 years.

        So by way of your own words in fact; YOU are a supporter of the NEW World Order, so pat yourself on the back and be PROUD that you are such a Fine outstanding NWO supporter.

      • TML

        Dear TIME,

        With all due respect, I’m shocked that someone could have misinterpreted my statements so badly.

        DISPITE that…
        I suspect you are already a Ron Paul supporter, so, I will suffice to say; JimBob (to whom I was responding) never specified a ‘drug’, or even a type of drug, and so my statements were in the context of ALL drugs. How’s that for Personal Liberty, my friend?

        I invite you to reread my above post again.

        If you would like to specifically discuss marijuana… I never said anyone would die from smoking ‘pot’. I would go so far as to say that marijuana is the least dangerous of all drugs, including tobacco. However there are casualties in the large scale black market distribution of marijuana, and there are often casualties of the war on drugs during raids conducted by federal agents.

        I guess I should have said it again…

        I think any rational and honest person must conclude that prohibition/War on Drugs is entirely the wrong approach.

      • Giney Newport

        Good Point. Another point is that I think the owner of our local Claim Jumper needs to do some hard time too! Serving all those poor people who can’t help themselves these overly large and fattening dinners. How many heart attack victims are gonna die before we take this maggot down! Jesus, their killing these poor folks! Innocent comfort eaters! Food is a drug too!

        (I mean come on!)

      • TML

        “… Another point is that I think the owner of our local Claim Jumper needs to do some hard time too! Serving all those poor people who can’t help themselves these overly large and fattening dinners. How many heart attack victims are gonna die before we take this maggot down! Jesus, their killing these poor folks! Innocent comfort eaters! Food is a drug too!
        (I mean come on!)”

        In reference to eating unhealthy foods; the freedom argument was in the context of personal sovereignty over one’s own body… and NOT meant as comparison to the drug war, or black market distribution of drugs. That’s why I said in my second to last paragraph, “And aside from all that,…”

    • traderphil

      The USA ALREADY has the “MOST DRUGGED NATION IN THE WORLD” status and rightfully so! There are MORE PEOPLE ADDICTED TO PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS in the USA than ANY country in the HISTORY of the world! 1 in 4 American adults are on ANTI-DEPRESSANT DRUGS alone. !! What does that suggest about your
      health” system! It IS really good($$$$) for the drug companies though, isn’t it! And you are worrying about legalizing pot ? HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

    • Joe H

      I’m sixty-one years old and I support Ron Paul 100%+!!!!! I will write his name in on a paper ballot if he is not the candidate! I will walk out of the voting booth, head held high for once in my life!! i wiil not experience the STENCH of voting for the smaller pile of CRAP for once in my life, as well!!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        JOE H, will your children suddenly decide to buy and use MJ simply if it became legal to use? I doubt it… Weed poison is legal to buy…but do you get lots of teens using it for recreation? Unfortunatly, you have been brain washed with into not thinking for yourself…when you prohibit a product it suddenly increases interest in its use and increases its profiability on the black market. Education is the best anti drug use …by showing people how many young people have ended up in mental institutions after using LSD during the 1960′s …the proof is available…maybe go visit some if any are still alive. Visit their families. EDUCATION WORKS, NOT LEGISLATION. But in the end you cant force people not to suicide on tobacco smoking to get cancer, or alcoholism by drinking whiskey.

    • Ron Harness

      He has other off-the-wall dreams, too numerous to mention here.
      Go ahead and mention them, we have time to listen.

    • P.w.

      very shakllkow thinking sir.

  • Mike

    They have to “accept” Ron Paul, it’s either that or accept any empty room at every convention/straw poll/debate etc. You can only rig elections so long before people stop showing up to them. Ron Paul has won every straw poll, just listen to Ron’s crowd compared to the non existent one every other candidate has during debates. If it wasn’t for Ron Paul supporter asses in seats the RINO’s would be in an empty room.

  • jdub

    Ivan, I couldn’t agree more. Maybe if we all turned off the TV and took a serious look at the candidates, the answer would be obvious.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • http://www.motorcars Brad

    If he has a chance at winning and beating Obama I will vote for him, But he has to stay in the race long enough for the great people of TX to vote for him.

  • tim

    I was at the caucus here in las vegas with 2 young people who are in college. Both of them asked to be delgates for ron paul and were very very staunch supporters. These two people were not just dragged into this election. They were going in full steam and they both knew every detail about Dr Paul as they called him. These young people were both very intelligent and were going ahead full steam with thier support for Dr. Paul. I myself was very proud of them as I am a ron paul supporter. He is the only person who is gonna make an effort to get our republic back, it’s gone people, and has been for years!! We need to get rid of barrack obama!! He will destroy this country and our constitution if he gets anther term. Just one or two supreme court justices who are ready to retire. He will get his puppets in the supreme court, that will be the end!! He will have total control!!

  • GRusling

    It’s a bit late for the “Republican Powers That Be” to give Doctor Paul a fair hearing. They’ve done everything they know how to marginalize him for years, but now they want to include him? Why would that be? Have they finally realized that he’s RIGHT, plus he has a large following which isn’t “portable” to the establishment candidate, unless Dr. Paul lends his blessing?

    I’m afraid it’s a bit late to decide to give him a fair hearing, so they can either support him or prepare for defeat in November…

  • Mike

    hey JimBob, Obama’s owner George Soros wants to legalize drugs too and he’s bowing down to every demand like open borders, homosexual indoctrination of our kids, gun grabbing, amnesty etc. It’s Ron Paul or another 4 years of Obama as the republic collapses it’s your choice. Ron Paul is the people’s champ everyone else is bought and paid for by goldman sachs. Ron Paul money comes from the same place his votes do, his legions of supporters, no other candidate has that, not even Obama. Obama’s so called grass roots campaign was organized by millions of Soros dollars. The only grass roots anything to take place in this country the last 20 or 30 years is Ron Paul. You ever hear of something called the TEA party? Ron Paul supporters invented it before it was taken over by neocon RINO’s like you and you can now see without Ron and his principles they’re second best to OWS.

    • JimBob

      Thing is, Mike, Soros isn’t running for President. If Paul somehow gets the nod, then feel free to vote for him. However, it will be like John McCain, Take 2. obama will bury him like plant seed. If Paul gets the nod, I will sit out the 2012 election and this will be the first time ever to do that. I’ve been voting since the early 60′s and don’t recall ever feeling like I have to take that position.

      • AintSayin

        Well, sit your ass at home JimBob. I will go and vote Ron PAUL in myself! But I got news for you, Ron Paul is the only chance of getting Ovumit out!

      • Marty S.

        Hey JimBob you forgot one detail we don’t have to go with the “nod” as you put it we and I mean millions of voters have the right and privilege to write in Ron Paul’s name and they will do it without your permission. If you are a true conservative and are sick of the crap going on in our Federal Government then vote for Paul if you dare to.

      • Joe H

        word of warning. If you sit out the election, don’t come here and complain about who wins. I will call you on it EACH AND EVERY TIME you do!! If you do not interact, you do not have the right to complain!

  • http://tsa-voyeurs-sexually-harass-female-passengers William L Collins

    I can’t understand why any body would vote for Obama, Romney’or santorum all the want to do take our guns treedoms and rights away and trun the U.S.A. into government control country there are alot of people that has took a good look at what our government trying to do and have done backgrond check on RON PAUL and learned he telling the truth about our bought off government so thats why so many vets and people have opened there eyes and heared RON PAUL because he will try his beast to stop the take over of a government control ploice country so i’ll only vote for RON PAUL because i want my freedoms and rights restored not taken away from us RON PAUL 2012

  • shirley

    Give the GOP some brownie points for this one, for recongnizing the stabality of Ron Paul,,,the man has a message all American need to hear….to get back to our constitution and bill of rights,,for all equally not for special interests groups, or special interestes races’s, but all common in the laws of the land, by ability not race, and the sovereignty of our Nation back to We The People

  • Gary

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate running that really wants to cut “big” government. Romney – cut bey attrition, Santorum – cut by re-design,
    Newt – cut by re-organizing/re-structure. Ron Paul – 1 Trillion $ cut 1st year. Go to the candidates web sites and compare what they will do. Romney does not even have plan out there to read. Ron Paul has a plan, and it can save our Country. Remember NO President can accomplish everything they want without Congress to pass the bills for him to sign.

    • steve in AZ

      Well said,Gary. Don’t forget, we the people must remain awake and involved AFTER the election to support Dr. Paul and ride herd on the lackluster congress so eager to forsake our rights and money!! Wouldn’t hurt to do a little purging of the stankhoes in the rubber stamp supreme court, as well.

      DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • kerry

    Seeing how Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Obama cant run nor hold office that is pretty rich! See Article 2 Section 1 of Constitutional Law-dumbasses!

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT ISN’T GOING TO DO THE SAME OLD THING LIKE THE THREE STOOGES ARE GOING TO DO, just look at there voting records, 2nd Amendment all three are against it, Tarp, Three Bail Outs, Higher Taxes, Cap and Trade, Value Added Tax 10%, all three voted or said they would vote for the two bills just passed by Congress (both sides) that took our Constitutional Rights away, police/federal/state/local break into your home remove you, your weapons, anything they want , incarcerate you indefinately without evidence or send you oversea’s and with the second bill can take your citizenship away. Ron Paul did not vote for any bill that woiuld raise taxes, or either bill that took your rights,has a plan to reduce the size of government reduce our budget $1 Trillion first year, end 5 illegal government agencies, get rid of the IRS for a flat tax, and balance the budget by his 4th year. The other three still don’t have a plan in writting and will n ot do what they say anyway not one of these three will beat Obamination. Do you think there is a reason that the Liberals and the Liberal Press aren’t talking about Ron Paul its because he dosn’t have any baggage like the Three Stooges.

    • Bruce

      The press is trying to throw another election. Many don’t seem to know that the press is a political action group now, not the free press we are used to. Never believe the news. If they tell you to vote for Mr X then vote for someone else. They are trying to manipulate the entire population of the US. Scoundrels!. Whatever they want, the people want something different. The press is bought and paid for. Such LOOSERS!!!!!

  • KAZ-2Y5

    Yet these SOBs are quite mistaken if they think Paul supporters will then line up, sell out, and vote for their RINO Romney!



  • Bruce

    Ron Paul being treated fairly?!?!?!?!
    Never happen. Too much corruption in Washington.
    We need a complete flush of the system and a “re-boot” with non-corrupted people who will follow the constitution and remove federal laws that are not allowed under the constitution.
    Obomb the constitution, gotta go, we need to fix the problems he created.
    Flush the system and re-load with people who still have MORALS.
    Good luck finding people with morals thou….
    We need to pick a candidate that does not wish for POWER.

  • flygirl48

    How often we have heard the same things, over and over from so called Republicans. and now we have no difference with Ron Paul. What does it take to wake up the people?. It seems that most people only wake temporarily when something effects them unexpectedly. Like Obamaism. It seems Americans have lived in a utopian world for most of its existance. And now, when you have another crisis, you are still alseep choosing a suitable candidate. It seems you DONT listen to what your hearing, your not addressing your history, and you have no idea about what the Democrats represent. You dont understand that the Republic has been compromised, and if you did, you would listen very closely to what Ron Paul is saying. He is telling you what you WANT to hear, he is not telling you what you NEED to hear. He has stated that America has NO foreign policy for Israel, and that if war broke out, he will NOT go to Israels defence. That alone will destroy your country. His foreign Policy is that Iran can and has the right to have nuclear, that makes him, Pro Arab/Islam. and Obama has the exact same Policy. Ron Paul is a Liberal in sheep clothing and if you vote him in, wave everything else goodbye! Its over!!

  • flygirl48

    America is a Republic, and she needs to vote in a candidate that stands on her Laws, without compromise, A Candidate that recognizes what the Democrats represent, and that they have take the country to the pit. This Candidate must stand on the Principle that is the foundation of the Country, To return to Godly principles, and the Laws of the Land. and that America with her allies stand and support Israel. I don’t see any of the Candidates filling that requirement in the lineup. NOT ONE! America has always been a protectrate of Israel, under the banner of the Republic, the Democrats do NOT have this same policy, in fact, they are the dead opposite. America is not just about money or lifestyle, America is about being a protectrate, because that is her role based on the aforemetioned requirements, and if you dont believe me, Ask her allies, that fought alongside her in 2 major wars, and wars in general. Wake up America, and stand on those principles, because that is the real America that we know – God Bless!

  • Rudy

    Rudy Says: The GOP is waking up to the fact that the Republican party needs Ron Paul very much in a win over Obama. He has earned a place at the convention in Tampa, Florida and can share his views. Dr. Paul is open to help the GOP win.

  • Zipory

    Reading all the demented rants of the Ronbots is boring as usual. I’ll just raise 2 points here.

    1. Whenever the kook Ron Paul won a straw poll it was his campaign that was guilty of bussing in ‘supporters’ and paying their way in to insure a win in the straw poll.

    2. The constant claim that the young and first time voters support Paul is actually funny when you consider the same young and first time voters voted for B Husssein in 2008. So much for their understanding of what’s good for the country.

    There are so many negatives about this kook Paul it’s ludicrous to think that rational people wpuld even consider him as a viable candidate and one worthy to hold the highst office in the land.

    Anyone but Paul in 2012.

    • Vicki

      Zipory says:

      Ad hominem attack mixed with argument to ridicule..

      1. Ad hominem attack mixed with unproven assertion.

      2. Unproven assertion mixed with argument to ridicule with a dash of ad hominem.

      Three Ad hominem attacks

      Anyone but Paul in 2012.

      And a resounding finish with a vote for Obama 2012.

      Pretty sad debate style there Zipory.

  • lynda


    • Vicki

      It’s actually kind of nice to be able to vote for the greater of 2 goods for a change. Well assuming that you think that Obama is the lessor good rather than the greater evil.

      Vote Ron Paul 2012 A chance not just for change we can believe in but change we want.

  • Jerry

    Ron Paul Supporters, I will vote for PAUL even if I have to write him in. Any other vote is a waste! We should all repeat this where ever we can. We need to send a message that WE The People will not vote for the statist quo. We have had enough!

  • Jay

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist,
    you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

  • jopa

    Don’t count Ron Paul out yet.Santorum was a nobody a couple of weeks ago and the Grinch was on top telling him to bow out and support him.Now the Grinch takes the trophy for being less popular than Sarah Palin. and Santorum is almost taking the lead.Just a matter of time and Paul may be number one.I have never witnessed such a flip flopping, lying, thumping money soaked bunch of fools in my life,Paul is the only adult in the room.

  • Glen

    This appears to be shaping up as an “old-time” political convention where the nominee will not be decided until the actual convention with deals being made. Even if Paul is not the nominee, his delegates and the power they hold can insist on party platform planks reflecting Paul’s values including the major reduction in the deficit, etc. Paul is very old and that will operate against him as will some of the values he represents, values that are important to those of us still capable of independent thought.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    In my opinion your Republican leaders will try to mis-use Dr Ron Pauls following to try to get their corrupt nomination to be ellected. Do not fall into that trap.

    Dr Ron Paul is not old but he is very very wise and he would have a team of underlings to carry out his ideals and policys even if his body could not t cope ..his head could easily function for two terms of the Presidency.

    When are farmer cant lift because his back is too weak or aching…he gets a pallet forklift for his tractor….pretty easy. So my message is dont talk down Dr Paul as if you get to his age ..will you think your past it and cant make omportant decisions?

    • Joe H

      you should follow the news a little closer. Physically Ron Paul is in great shape! He has challenged the other contenders to a twenty mile bike ride in the hot Texas sun. With the way Dr. Paul doesn’t bull4hit, I believe very strongly, that he would be there at the end of the ride!! He is in very good shape both mentally AND physically!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        My comment abour Ron Paul’s age was in reply to
        Glen says:

        February 17, 2012 at 10:38 am
        This appears to be shaping up as an “old-time” political convention where the nominee will not be decided until the actual convention with deals being made. Even if Paul is not the nominee, his delegates and the power they hold can insist on party platform planks reflecting Paul’s values including the major reduction in the deficit, etc. Paul is very old and that will operate against him as will some of the values he represents, values that are important to those of us still capable of independent thought.

  • Thinking About

    If you like Ron Paul’s record of 464 bills introduced and one passed, then he is your man. If you like a canidate who rides on we spend too much money but the earmarks he keeps on requesting is not spending money, then Paul is your man. He speaks from both sides of his tongue, one side spending the other telling you we spend too much money. Just where will he reach any accomplishment?

    • Joe H

      yup 464! I’m damn proud to say I still support him! EVERY ONE OF THOSE BILLS WERE CONSTITUTIONALLY BASED!!! Of course they wouldn’t pass with this socialistic bunch of crap pols we have!! Name one president that has ever promised to cut his pay by 1/3??? not DONATE, but CUT it ALLTOGETHER!!

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      My question would be…how many other Republicans supported his Biils? Who were they by name? Which ones did not? and name them.

  • Jimbo

    It’s disgraceful the disrespect Congressman Paul has had from the mainstream media, political pundits, talk radio, CPAC and the Republican party. Even Fox News has sought to marginalize and deride Paul and his campaign positions. People are starting to wake up to the fact that we are being fed a line of propaganda, and so far, only Congressman Paul is speaking for American’s rights and the Constitution.

  • loriwy

    It gets me how even the “Conservative” media scews RP positions. He’s stated time and again “If Congress declares war we will go,fight,win and then come home. No more nation building.” Scary stuff huh? He doesn’t want to legalize drugs. He wants to put the power back to the states via the 10th ammendment. The same with abortion, marriage,etc. It’s up to the individual states to pass their own laws and enforce them.
    RP has introduced another bill that nobodies talking about. “Life begins at conception” Want to bet that the establishment repubs will say it’s another bill that RP hasn’t been able to get passed? You have the talking points that he can’t get them passed. But have you bothered to look up what he’d introduced?
    We have to decentralize this country. Put the power back to the states and the people. RP is the only one offering to do that. Lets shrink this government back to the size it’s supposed to be.
    Lets put the federal government in a shoe box where it belongs!
    VOTE RON PAUL 2012

  • simian pete

    Ron Paul for President ! Ron Paul for President !!!!

    From the sound of that article, it seems the Republicans just want Ron Paul voters, but not Ron Paul ! HA HA ! Good job Mr. Rolley ! A thought provoking article is a good article ..

    The only question I have right now is “Why is Ron Paul the only good deal in the Republican Party?” . The present Republican candidates should have had similar views and practice politics like Ron Paul. So now it seems the FATE of our REPUBLIC is in the hands of the REPUBLICAN PARTY . WILL they nominate RON PAUL ??? So the show is on ! The Republicans are so arrogant – right ? They know they got us by the b – a – double toothpicks !!!

    The best thing for Ron Paul to do is just drop out of the race. He should just go home and retire. Give the man a break, he’s in his mid 70′s !!!

    How cruel can the Republican Party be ? The only good candidate is a man that should be home , enjoying his grandchildren/great-grandchildren, and getting ready to meet his Maker (that’s Jesus, ok ? just some info for you theological retards) …

    Why is Ron Paul the only good candidate ? WHY AREN’T any of the others SIMILAR ?

  • Angel Wannabe

    Sounds GOOD, listen all the way to the end!

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    I’m loving Dr Ron Paul video advertising presentation, very effective especially in stereo sorround sound. Great stuff


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