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Republican Leaders Exit White House Budget Talks

June 27, 2011 by  

Republican Leaders Exit White House Budget Talks

On Thursday, the bipartisan budget talks led by Vice President Joe Biden were effectively sidelined when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) announced they were pulling out.

“Since early May, Vice President Biden has led meetings surrounding the debt limit. The Vice President deserves a great deal of credit for his leadership in bringing us this far. We have worked to find areas of commonality to meet the goal of identifying spending cuts commensurate with or exceeding the amount of the Obama Administration’s request for a debt limit increase,” Cantor said in a statement.

“That said, each side came into these talks with certain orders, and as it stands the Democrats continue to insist that any deal must include tax increases… Given this impasse, I will not be participating in today’s meeting and I believe it is time for the President to speak clearly and resolve the tax issue.”

Kyl echoed Cantor’s sentiments in his statement regarding the talks: “The White House and Democrats are insisting on job-killing tax hikes and new spending… President Obama needs to decide between his goal of higher taxes, or a bipartisan plan to address our deficit. He can’t have both. But we need to hear from him.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, which broke the story, the two GOP leaders were representing the Republicans in the budget talks for the last six weeks, and “(m)ost participants had expected the negotiations would eventually be passed off to Mr. Obama and a higher level congressional leader, but this move may force the shift sooner than many expected.”




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  • susan bice

    If the government really wanted to reduce its deficit, it would take a close look at the things our tax dollars support. I care nothing about supporting the ACLU , The Black Panthers, ACORN (which I know goes by another name), worthless people who will not work , even if there is a job. Or all these worthless people that draw a check off the rest of us that are trying to make it. Mr. Obama has not proved anything to me that he deserves the right for me to even address him a Mr. President . He has made a mockery of our country , the once great respect we have held , over the courage of our people, for the willing to fight for what the beleive , not the government , but we do need a STRONG, president that will not stand for what we beleive in and these people who come here for freedom and then try and change our rules and laws to suit their purpose, do not need to waste anymore of our time and just go back to where they came from. We would have’t to respect their laws in their country . I am sick of them. I have just one word for them….. Go Home!!!!!1

    • davidL

      Stop listening and believing everything you hear on Fox. Here is an inside view of what Fox really is.

      Here is a very eye opening excerpt from the article:

      The result of this concerted campaign of disinformation [by
      Fox "news"] is a viewership that knows almost nothing about what’s going on in the world. According to recent polls, Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of all news consumers. They are 12 percentage points more likely to believe the stimulus package caused job losses, 17 points more likely to believe Muslims want to establish Shariah law in America, 30 points more likely to say that scientists dispute global warming, and 31 points more likely to doubt President Obama’s citizenship. In fact, a study by the University of Maryland reveals, ignorance of Fox viewers actually increases the longer they watch the network. That’s because Ailes isn’t interested in providing people with information, or even a balanced range of perspectives. Like his political mentor, Richard Nixon, Ailes traffics in the emotions of victimization.

      • eddie47d

        FOX has learned to create the news Also, instead of reporting the news. Their credibility …is no longer credible. They too are changing hearts and minds,one piece of misinformation at a time.

        • April

          Actually, Fox News is a little too liberal for me, but at least they are more truthful than cnn,msnbc,abc,cbs,nbc and the like. I sometimes enjoy the info from RFDTV. It is good to do our own homework and check everyone out tho. 9 times out of 10 these liberal sites turn out to be false and moving towards progressive/marxist/commie agendas. It’s a crying shame.

      • Jana

        Exactly Susan,
        And what about supporting abortion centers in other countries. If they would just go through and cut out just half of the pork in Gov’t. spending, it would go a long way to reduce the deficit.

        • April

          And enforcing the immigration laws would be a big help too. I come across those who have come over legally, obeying our laws, and their family is waiting in line to do the same, they get pushed back because of the illegal alliens who cut in line. It is an injustice to those who appreciate America, the Land of the Free.

      • http://yahoo alex

        i’ll bet you write the ads for lipitor you turn all the facts 180 degrees and try to sell it as fact

      • JoMama

        davidl – So let me get this straight………..everyone that reports the news (except FOX) is RIGHT & FOX news (and nobody else) is wrong. Right??
        Does this sound like something the far left would say – or is it me??
        Just saying……………

        • April

          YES It Does sound like something the far left would say; and with far left agendas.

      • karolyn

        Well, we already know all conservatives watch Fox. What else is new?

      • TIME

        Little D,

        Man your are one really twisted little twinkie. But you believe what ever you like. Hey I hear living in a dream state is believed by some to be really cool.

        Hey I do agree with you on man made global warming. Yes indeed thats right our government has been working on that since the early 1990′s.
        Get the Alex Jones CD on what’s in the air.
        You know them big fat Contrails coming off airplanes, hey they are spraying Aluminum flake’s into the skys to create warming.
        So that would be in fact man Mad warming.

        To bad if they stopped so to would the alledged Global warming.

        So Little d your IQ points are 100 points below the average persons so that equals your IQ at all of 10 points, so keep on keeping on at being so brillant.
        Good on Ya!

        • TIME

          Forgive me I missed the E in made, as in Man Made Warming.

      • WaChar

        Just a note in passing: I Do Not Watch FOX News. how much are you being paid to trash conservative thought?

      • commonsense

        quoting a liberal rag like rolling stone doesn’t lend any credibility to your post or stance…

        • commonsense

          and just to clarify and reduce all doubt, i mean leftist ideology – not the classic liberalism of freedom and liberty.

    • Push comes to shove

      I know when the deficit will be taken care, when HELL freezes over.

      But seriously there will be no comprehensive plan until all sides in the FED Gov’t can admit that they are the problem not the solution. Both sides have enacted laws, regulations, etc that rob peter to pay paul and make it appear they are helping the people when they are only helping thier own political careers.

      If they really want to help the American people just one session stop making new laws and regulations and look at the viability of the ones on the books and weather or not those actully help the people of the US, and pass legislation to repeal the laws and regulations that overlap and stifle the American people, businesses, and constitutional freedoms.

      But again this cannot and will not happen until both sides admit that they are WRONG.

      More taxes – NO Less Taxes – YES
      More Laws – NO Removing bad Laws – YES
      More Regulations – NO Less regulations – YES (Esp EPA regs)

      Less government = BIG YES Audit the FED = BIG hell YES

      Every state has its own version of EPA, Dept of ED, etc. Why do we need double oversight in any of these areas? WE DON’T

    • LINDA

      WITH ALL

  • karolyn

    Yeah, just walk out! Why shouldn’t taxes t the rich be raised? They’re not creating jobs now, why should it make a difference if they have to pay more taxes? Bush’s tax cuts were ridiculous when he made them!

    • Jana

      Well said from someone who probably doesn’t pay any taxes, so why not gouge those who do!

      • karolyn

        Jana – I may not own property, but I do pay taxes and have paid taxes my whole life.

        • Push comes to shove

          The taxes you and i pay amount to a new 50″ flat screen TV and a Blue ray disk player, but……………

          One rich person (1 mill salary) pays enough in taxes to support someones salary for a 8-10 months. Ten Rich people…….well you do the math.

          The point is the taxes the average person pays accounts for only a small persentage of the total taxes taken in by the IRS, the rich pays the rest.

          BTW there are alot of people who pay nothing at all and some get a tax return for more than they paid in after tax credits (head of household, child tax credit, etc).

          So Yeah, who do we need to tax more? Tell me, huh?

        • Jana

          karolyns new cheer:
          Stick it to the rich, stick it to the rich rah rah rah.

  • Darrell March

    A big applause for Cantor and Kyl.

  • Bob

    There should be no budget talks until the scumocrats put welfare, government pay, foreign aid, and other such items on the chopping block for drastic cuts. America does not need to support welfare parasites and overpaid government employee/parasites. The talks should center around what we can do to eliminate government so we can lower the debt ceiling and slash taxes. Of course, the scumocrats won’t go along with this because taxes are what feed scumocrat voters.

    • Norm

      Let’s not omit Republican sacred cows: farm subsidies, the military, corporate welfare, and tax loopholes for the super rich!

      • Bob

        I believe that the scumocrats are just as big on these as the Republicans. In our congressional district our scumocrat representative (Jerry Costello) is the patron saint of wasteful military spending. Also, the scumocrats are now the party of the rich in case you have been asleep the last few years as scumbama has reaped millions upon millions from the fat cats. If you are going to criticize, at least be honest about it.

      • karolyn

        Yeah – I just saw a piece on the farm subsidy one of the Rockefellers gets for a property he owns in Arizona. I believe it is like a spa; and the gov’t pays him not to farm the land, while he also gets paid by visitors to the place.

        • Jana

          You are right on this. Plus it is like a club, closed only to those who already have had it for too long.
          We have a farm, but have NOT applied for anything like that as we DON’T want big Gov’t. involved in our business, but upon talking to other farmers they tell us there are a chosen few haves that get more.

        • http://yahoo alex

          yeah probably jay the sob that sells all our security secrets to the nyt

        • http://deleted Claire

          I believe Bachmann’s family farm receives subsidies. Face it. Politicians are like chameleons. They change color when they “have” to. I cannot and do not trust any of them. They all have something up their sleeve besides an arm. I am very distrustful of all of them.

    • Gale

      I just read that their walk out was a setup and that the debt ceiling is already a done deal. I CAN BELIEVE THAT KNOWING HOW POWER HUNGRY OUR REPS HAVE BECOME AND BOEHNER IS ONE OF THEM. I use to like him but he has no backbone and does not really care about us only him being Speaker of the House. Why hasn’t Congress started impeachment charges and other treasonist charges against obama – they have all the evidence.

  • Norm

    Tax Cuts for the Rich Do Not Create Jobs!
    Despite the claims of tax cut proponents, new jobs are not created by reducing taxes on businesses, nor are they created by reducing taxes on the upper-income bracket. Employment is determined by consumer demand, not by the amount of money in an executive’s pocket.
    Reducing taxes for the upper-income bracket puts more money in the pocket of the wealthy few, who are most likely to spend that money paying down debt or investing it, neither of which are likely to create many jobs or stimulate the economy. Even if increased income for the wealthiest is invested, it tends to create few jobs. Savvy investors tend to put their money where the return is greatest — in recent decades, the greatest return comes from investing in speculative activities with a quick turn-around (like housing bubbles or credit markets, neither of which contributes to real growth) or in developing countries with low costs and high growth rates. The latter was especially true with Bush’s tax cuts– when the dollar is weak, capital tends to flow to stronger currencies. Indeed, the Financial Times reports that much of the increased take-home pay from Bush’s tax cuts for the upper income tax brackets has gone overseas.
    Extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy will generate far fewer economic benefits than demand-focused dollars directed towards the average American. The White House deal won Republican concessions on maintaining tax cuts for average Americans and extending unemployment benefits, both of which will benefit the economy. Low- and middle-income earners tend to spend the take-home pay that comes from tax cuts or unemployment benefits — they purchase more Subway sandwiches or widgets, which compels the franchise or factory owner to hire extra employees to meet the increased consumer demand.
    The Economic Policy Institute reports that “Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi estimates that every dollar spent making the Bush income tax cuts permanent generates only 32 cents of economic activity. Comparatively, every dollar spent on unemployment assistance generates $1.61 worth of economic activity, a dollar of spending on infrastructure (which gives work to middle class Americans) yields $1.57 and a dollar in assistance to states to prevent layoffs of teachers or first responders (both middle class jobs) yields $1.41.”

    • Bob

      Your post is just smoke and mirrors. The way to boost the economy is to free America from excessive government spending. The best way to curb excessive spending is to get rid of government employeees and the parasites who feed off of governmment.

      • eddie47d

        Bob’s a little touchy about Norm’s truths. There is a reality in what both of you have said.

        • http://yahoo alex

          norm is a liberal and the only truth a liberal knows is the opposit of the truth

    • Kinetic1

      You forgot to note that every day that the Republicans can stall and keep the economy from improving gets them closer to their goal. As Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell says;

      “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

      Not fixing the economy, or creating jobs but taking back the White House. I hear those words every time someone accuses Democrats of being too partisan.

      • Norm

        Your absolutrly correct.
        Republicans are doing everything they can to ensure that the economy remains a mess when it comes time for the 2012 election. The Republican hope here is that Americans will vote with their wallets in 2012–and, in so doing, vote more Democrats out of office.
        Now, there’s no question that voters do vote with their wallets: The deteriorating economy in 2008 helped President Obama get elected. And there’s nothing wrong with stumping for policies that you honestly believe will help the country over the long term, even if you think they will cause some short-term pain.
        But there’s a big difference between that and intentionally doing things that will sabotage the economy over the next 12 months just to influence the next election.

  • C130 Gunship

    There is no use getting your panties in a wad over this. The Debt Elevator (always goes up, never down)is GOING to be raised despite whatever your reading or watching. This ignorant side show is to simply ‘position’ various politicians for the 2012 elections. In the meantime, the USA is going full retard in the 300M passenger clown car over the cliff edge.

    This great article from The Market Ticker explains it much better than I ever could:

  • eddie47d

    It’s unfortunate that we have so many public officials who cut and run on issues and won’t accept the consequences. They did that on the Affordable Health Care Act and also in Wisconsin and now Cantor is taking a hike. No one will win every issue but at least stick it out.

    • Jana

      yes, and we see it on both sides, plus we have a man who is supposed to be the President who won’t do his job either. All he wants to do is play games or campaign.


    Why do I get the feeling the Republicans and the Deemers have arrived at a compromise and the American tax payer is about to get the shaft, again? I think that walk out was a ruse to save the face of the Republican RINO’s, again….I will bet they will increase the debit ceiling and I will bet that book cooking is in order to hide tax increases.

  • E Pluribus Unum


    The Democratic party and the Democrats who have deceitfully infilterated the Republican party (Rinos) intend to enslave American citizens.

    As our freedoms disappear the citizens will protest in masses, only to be, first dismissed as ‘trouble makers,’ then forcebly dismissed, escalating to martial law, clubbings, arrests, imprisonment and murdering of citizens.

    Many will die, for once the killing starts the body count of decenting citizens will grow and the tyrants will come to see our protests as, not only a threat to their power grab, but to their very lives. They will not see this as their own doing, instead they will see us as obstructionist to their willfulness.

    It is not our government that holds us in contempt, it is each and every elected politician who is without honor.

    How will we react to the murdering of fellow citizens? Only time will tell.

  • Bob Marshall

    Can someone show me on ething Obama has done to improve the economy or create jos? Not government positions because the taxpayer pay their salaries.

  • jopa

    Bob M;If you really sat back and thought about it the taxpayers pay the wages and salaries of all American workers for goods and services.Not just government workers.Obama did save the American auto industry,kept the US out of a depression, and the job picture doesn’t look the greatest at the moment but good things come to those who wait.Most Americans do not realize hoe much devastation was put upon the US by the last administration and it will take time.With Obama it is a win win situation.Thank you and have a good one.

  • Dodie Ras

    Nationalism means love of country, consumption, patronage,and acknowledgment of our own very products, services, commodities and adhearance. Our nation first above everything else and just consider other products services, and attributes as supplemental and secondary, as what other nations consider as a standard nationalistic practices. Visit Europe and Japan and you can see the differences. You can barely see any american cars on the major streets and highways.

    Humanitarian programs only apply to countries which national products and growth exceeds budget reserved allocations.

    Union affiliation for job security and advancement is an old concept and should be repealed or totally eliminated because it drives higher income on jobs which only compromise corporate advancements, profitability and grouth, as well as, all state, and federal offices. These drive extreme increases on salary adjustments as unions dictate and control negotiational bargains only to safeguard their entity. Government should find ways to cut and restructure these control to significantly minimize and/or abolish affiliation and have the government lead the way to adjust employment differences and not bend to union controlled negotiations.(employee retirement, salary, health benefits,and etc.)

    If we all recall, Obama’s campaign strategy was to minimize entirely deployment of our troops to other nations and end wars, which he contradicted by shifting troops from Iraq to Afgannistan. Started the controversial war with Kadafi without justification and clearance from the international nations. The capture of Ben Laden is still a controversial issue, whose capture was well publicized and assumed manipulated, and whose capture was in reality an embarrassment to our nation. USA contributed too much dollars to Pakistan whose leaders had harbored terrorists leaders who made undenial mackary on our very faces. Thousand of our beloved heroic soldiers died as the result, which will always over-shadow this induced accomplishment. Family relationships are affected and increased military budget beneficial allocations to safeguard the transitional phase of the families left behind. Percentages wise, we have spent more in military wars and deaths as compared to any quarter yearly time of the former administration.

    Conclusive personal assessment:
    If the government encourages and practices incentives for patronizing our products and services and not off-sourcing these jobs to other nations, we can reduce tremendiously our unemployment problem.

    If we can reduce and control our humanitarian help to(undocumented and false welfare recipient claims locally and internationally, millions of dollars could be used to help our very own U.S. citizens, military service people, and retirees to better their monetary and livable conditions.

    If we can influence deunionizing employees in general as an alternative and gauge the advantages by ignoring union campaign contributions and enforce acceptable leverages on employee salaries, based on classification and comparable funds deduction fees, which non-union entities now strategically practice and enjoy, we can then prevent lay-offs and senseless demonstrations, which cost money. These are directly influenced and motivated by union leaders to encourage stabilization of their own selfish interests and control.

    Note: These comments are just personal opinions and is intentionally
    disclosed based on facts gathered and is not used to discredit or
    disgrace, but rather to encourage changes for the betterment of our beloved nations in general. Our nation first before anything else of less and wasteful importance. God Bless America….!!

  • Thinking About

    Probably Can’ter and Kyl should be given credit for giving Obama the opportunity to show all just how great he really is. He has proven he was serious about finding bin Laden and just not thinking much about him any more. It was important the assist GM and Chrysler for our defense since those are the folks we would turn to turn out more vehicles for our troops. Ask the employees who have returned to work for those companies if our investment has a return. I bet those employees are now paying taxes and buying products to strengthing our economy. Don’t like paying unemployment, I dislike paying corporate welfare. How many jobs was delivered by tax cuts, they have been in place for a long time and unemployment has gone up.

  • 45caliber

    It was annoying when the Dems were saying, “We need bipartisan decisions – and the only one we are willing to accept is if you agree to do everything our way!”

  • TIME

    Folks let me be very clear, the debt Limit will be raised, yet all the while the American People don’t want it. What this will do is prolong the PAIN, addmit it to yourself, we are BROKE as a Nation.
    We need to get our house in order.

    When you wake up and grasp that the 530 some odd Butt Heads in DC don’t give a rats butt what you want, what you think and all they have to do is tell you a nice BIG FAT Lie and you will fall for it again.
    Perhaps in 2012 you will all VOTE out these LIFE LONG Politicians, {Poly, to stick to – to bond with.}
    {Tick, a BLOOD SUCKING BUG.} Also well known as a Politician..

    People PLEASE Wake UP – Please do it real soon or what little Liberty you have left will be gone by Febuary 2013.

    • subby

      Boy am i waiting for that day to come to vote that Obummer out of office

  • Montie R

    The only purpose for these talks is to pressure ANY politician into sticking to the status quo. Cantor knows this and decided NOT to waste his time. Kudos for Cantor.

    • subby

      Of course he’s talking to brick heads

  • http://deleted Claire

    The tax cuts given to the corporations didn’t help a bit. They aren’t going to hire. Both parties need a good swift kick in the ass.

  • Thinking About

    If you think union workers make too much money then let us set up a system where workers makes half the salary of executives. Think health care is too expensive, ask the representatives why they voted to keep their health care. Noehner and Can’ter has not displayed leadership but might be held responsible for Obama’s successful handling of affairs. In too far of debt how do you feel now the Iraq war has spent is into a big hole and the promise of oil to pay for it still has not arrived.

  • chuckb

    thinking about, sounds like you and barry have a lot in common, not only spread the wealth, but spread the salaries. the iraq war was a waste of life and our fortune, however, it’s the entitlements that are killing us, barrycare is the straw that breaks our back. illegal immigration, welfare, education and unionized civil servants.

    rino’s in congress and the democratic party as a whole.

    • Thinking About

      How much money has been spent on the Iraq war before and after Obama is nothing compared to amounts spent on healthcare. Welfare paid to corporations such as GE and many others breaks the banks. You cry about education, from statements made by several lately we are lacking in education for sure. Salaries made by union and non union workers pales when you look at executive salaries.

  • Pete

    According to that video in “Banks versus the American Dream” Thomas Jefferson said any debt that the government accrues has to be paid by the generation that is responsible for that debt. SO I RECKON WE GOT TO RAISE TAXES TO PAY OFF THE DEBT WE ACCRUED !!!!

    So the Republicans ( who voted for TARP !!! HA HA HA !!) are wrong – they should just raise taxes to pay for all the spending they did …..


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