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Republican-dominated Texas Legislature Seeks Tough Immigration Law

November 18, 2010 by  

Republican-dominated Texas legislature seeks tough immigration lawFollowing big victories in the midterm elections, Republican lawmakers in Texas are gunning for Arizona-type immigration laws.  

The Dallas Morning News reports that similar bills have been squashed by Democratic maneuvers in past sessions, but the newly acquired supermajorities for Texas Republicans suggest that strict immigration reform will be adopted in the Lone Star State. The new session begins on Jan. 11.

The Republican agenda resembles the one in Arizona, which has the toughest immigration laws in the United States. According to the news provider, Texas lawmakers are pushing bills that would allow law enforcement to inquire about the suspects' citizenship status and allow the arrest of those who are in the U.S. illegally.

Republicans have also proposed statutes that would require students at public schools to show proof of citizenship, so the state could eliminate education funding for illegal immigrants.

"[Texans] are fed up with political correctness," said Representative Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball), quoted by the news provider.

Across the country, Wisconsin legislator Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) said that he plans to introduce an Arizona-type immigration law in 2011, when Republicans gain majority of the House, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Among other provisions, the bill would repeal an ordinance that allows residents to receive social service benefits without proving their citizenship. 

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  • Dan az

    I think to save some money that we all go into a class action law suit if that is even possible.Well done Texas an Wisconsin. Its just sad that we have to go through all of this when the laws already exist.Its just the beginning,So dont cave in and we can win this thing.

    • barbm

      don’t jump the gun. governor perry has veto power perry has authorized in-state tuition for illegal aliens and does not really favor stricter laws. that’s one reason i did NOT vote for him. i voted for republican, medina, in the primary and the libertarian, glass, in the general election. palin supported perry’s campaign even though the tea party candidate was medina. that’s why i would NEVER vote for her for potus. she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing as is glenn beck who sabotaged medina on his radio show.

      • thinking

        Perry will pass the new immigration Law, He has been sending guard and police to protect the border. He is well a where that Texas has the 2nd highest number of illegal’s after California. He also knows how it affects the state budget. Thank you Texas voters for not putting White as governor as he has a large backing of illegal’s. Parkland hospital has 75% illegal birth rate(at tax dollars). There are as many Spanish only tv stations as there are English. The illegal’s do not buy insurance and get forged driver licenses. They use children’s social security numbers and guess what happens then. The child has bad credit when they become of age. They get food stamps, housing and medical care at tax payer expense. Time to make them move out of the state and to California with the ones that are leaving Arizona. Unless California changes their laws but then 25% of that state’s population are illegal’s.

        • donnie

          I just wanted to tell you, it’s not “a where,” it is aware………Don’t “sound-out everything…..

        • http://?? Joe H.

          did you see the demonstrations in California at the university?? The azzholes in government there are raisning tuition costs for all students.. Just a couple of weeks ago the crappers passed free tuition for illegal kids!!! The students mostly thought it was so great. Now they find out the difference has to be made up somewhere!!

          • texastwin827

            I believe you may be wrong about the “free” tuition. If I’m not mistaken, what they did was allowed the illegals to pay the same “IN STATE” tuition as a resident US citizen. Out of State US citizens that go to CA schools will be paying MORE than an illegal will.

  • http://none Mike

    And just how long before the Obama goverment sues Texas now ?I am sure they have their lawyers lined up and ready to go.And the supream court in their back pocket to boot. Just look at the wonderfull eaxmple they set with the healthcare bill by refuseing to hear the cases against it.Welcome to the brave new world Of the U.S.S.A(united socialist state of america)We are becoming the land of the formerly free and the home of the mentally scarred. This needs to be ended!!!! And it cant come soon enough. Mike L.

    • Axel

      John, you need to remember that there is two sides to the story you just don’t you but there are others who are ready to take on your side on. You need to remember that there is nothing worse than a piss of citizen like me. Im one of those that defended your country and let me tell you we are ready to lock and load with the aim at your head. So remeber not all are stupid like you not every one drinks tea of smoke pot like you. For your own information Im ready just like many others ready for you. Let you know we have the amo ready for you so get the amo because we are ready to take you out.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Who the hell is John???

        • http://none Mike

          He must have missed it somewhere Joe. It didnt have anything to do with my comment on Obama sueing texas the way he did Arizona.

      • Damian

        I dont think im against what you are saying cause your grammar and spelling is so poor that i cant understand it. I find it hard to believe that somone raised speaking English has so little grasp of the language.

  • Patriot1776

    Notice how the Texas flag is flown slightly higher than the American flags in the picture above. Texas is the only State to do this. They are the only State left that understands that they are still a soverign State within a Union of States. I believe they are our best hope for a return to a limited government and a true federal system as intended by the founders. God bless Texas! If only my State remembered that it holds the power and it can tell the Federal tyrants to go shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!!! After all the States created the Federal government, not the other way around! I think it’s high time we as States un-created the Federal monster that is consuming us and get back to liberty.

    • Ron

      Amen Brother! Don’t Mess With Texas!!!

  • Bill Stanley

    Good for Texas … I am tired of paying taxes to subsidize illegal aliens … find and deport them.

    • james karalis

      They can let us red necks round um up when hunting season ends ,till then let the bikers have at it and we would do it for free .

    • http://yahoo rob

      Deport?? Take away the social entitlements and ILLEGALS will leave on their own…..if you keep feeding a stray cat, it will always stay or come back…To them, FREE is a very good price..

      • Doug


      • http://aol Lydia8921

        Well said, Rob!



        • http://?? Joe H.

          DEBR A.,
          No but when they happen to be rats(rattonas) you can shoot them!!!

    • Gary Z

      I agree! It is time to stop giving ILLEGALS free education, healthcare, social security benefits. It is time to start call them out and cutting them off. You want to see a Doctor PAY. You want our eductation PAY or do not go. I have no problem you checking my citizenship. I’m PROUD to be a tax paying American.

  • http://N/A Bill Dion

    It is about time for the states to take action to get rid of illegal immagration, I believe in immigrants in the USA, but only legal immagrants who believe in the USA ways, if they don’t believe and want to live by our rules the they can stay where they are in there own country, We The People will NOT take S**T from illegals who think they can take over, and that includes the president, if he favors muslim law over USA judical system.

  • Mike S.

    Texas, you should have been first instead of Arizona, but it is time to get rid of the illegals. Immigrants are welcome, just do it legally. Too much time, money and energy is being wasted on illegals that have no respect for our way of life and our freedom. Come here legally and I will stand behind you. come illegally and feel the wrath of freedom lovers.

    • Mick

      Mike S. says:
      November 18, 2010 at 10:40 am
      Texas, you should have been first instead of Arizona, but it is time to get rid of the illegals. Immigrants are welcome, just do it legally. Too much time, money and energy is being wasted on illegals that have no respect for our way of life and our freedom. Come here legally and I will stand behind you. come illegally and feel the wrath of freedom lovers.

      Mike…You said what many of us feel but too many of our citizens are still bound by the political correctness that has been forced up on us for decades,,it is time to reclaim our freedom of speech and act accordingly,, Bluntness is becoming a word necessary for America to survive, let's speak our minds about illegals, corruption,criminals, blacks and what ever subject has been shoved down our throats for too long,,
      Liberals….do you hear that ?

  • JC

    Let’s keep the Obam administration busy dragging individual State’s into the “world court”. Then when it’s time to appear in the “world court”…just don’t show up. After all this “world court” has no standing in the SOVEREIGN Nation of the United States. And the “world court” can go pound sand. And the Kenyan can go kick stones around in the street.

    Go Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and every other State that chooses to nullify un Constitutional Federal Bull.

  • http://yahoo Upsidedownjack

    RICK PERRY! Lesson UP, You need to understand were tyred of the BS! Do what need’s to be done to STOP all of the ILLEGALS, in the REPUBLIC of TEXAS! If push come’s to shove, File a LAW suite against the Federal Government, befor the Jerk’s in DC file against Texas. Close the Boarder using American’s from Texas. Screw using the Military. Let Texan’s do the JOB! Having the Military standing around and not being able to STOP anyone, Shoot back or defend themself’s is a waste of TAX money from TEXANS! RANGER’S Can do this, and there would be a load of People that would be happy to join up. X military, law enforcement, and just Good people of the Republic of Texas would do the JOB for TEXAS!

    • Fay

      Amen Amen. good luck to Texas just wish Arizona would say to go shove it to obama I am tired of it all. Why do We have a military if they can not defend the United States if Texas withdraws from the United States We may just move to Texas. My Daughter even told Her boss this. so maybe some of the other States will follow . hope this will finally get thru to obama and the demorats the cut off of money from the states who are being sued or will be sued should do the trick. they need Our money we don’t need theirs

      • Patriot1776

        Thats why the States are supposed to have their own militia’s

      • Patriot1776

        The threat of secession, not the act, along with State soverignty are the two most powerful checks against an out of control Federal monster. That is why the founders left us with the system they did. But we have let the Fed’s take those two checks against them away and have convinced the populus that they are the final say-so in all matters whatsoever. This is why we are in the situation we are in today. I will be with youin Texas when they secede!

        • Agent Orange

          I really hope Texas DON’T secede, it’s gonna be the worst thing to ever happen to all the OTHER states since the hippie movement started! I mean, would you wanna see ALL the other states besides Texas ruled by the far-left anti-Americans like Obama or our new governor Jerry Brown FOREVER WITHOUT ANY HOPE OF THROWING THOSE BUMS OUT?! Cause that’s what’s gonna happen if Texas leaves the USA!

      • bill

        if texas secede,s from the union then i will be the first to go with them
        go texas

        • rodney burke

          If Texas DOES succeed, I have a feeling there will be some who will want to join us. If we DO succeed, we need to take back all the land that was in the treaty of 1846 from Mexico. Texas got in to the union in what I understand to be very crooked way anyhow. Texas must stand up to the demoncraps and their 142 day wonder! No more in state tuition for illegals, they didn’t EARN IT!!!

          • donnie

            “Democrats” “Republicans” id is like the Lanski’s, and the Bonnano’s. It is 2 sides of the SAME coin. Those “names” are just to give the “illusion of separation” when it is, in reality, the SAME DAMN CROOKS! It’s all about MONEY! There is NO difference between the two, except the Republicans have more of it!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I have a feeling that it would be a VERY crowded state!!!

    • Patriot1776

      We don’t need a lawsuit. Just tell the Fed’s to go *%@#! themselves we are enforcing our laws in Texas and if you don’t like it try and stop us. We will arrest and hang ANY Federal agent sent here to stop us! This has been done in our history (see Georgia) and is perfectly constitutional. At least under the original understanding of the constitution.

    • Ron

      Oh how I agree! Unfortunately in deep south Texas along the Rio Grand River and Valley there are so many illegals mixed in with the legals and all of them speaking Mexican how can we tell who is who? We have legal immigrants from Mexico who speak no English. Why? Because English is no longer required to become a Citizen of the US. There is no time limit for an immigrant to become a citizen. There are many of these people who think of south Texas as north Mexico all the way up to San Antonio. We need to put some pride back into becoming an American and speaking English. There are some very good Mexican immigrants and Mexican descendants who are proud of being Americans and speak excellent English, but there are also a lot of Mexican descendants living here in Texas who are lazy and speak English with a Mexican accent. How do we tell them apart from the illegals. Also many of them have joined our US Forces and I wonder how many of them could be used to send their relatives back to Mexico. It would be a hard row to hoe.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Just let it be known there will be no more freebies and the illegals will self deport!!!

  • dave

    The comment of the Texas flag flying higher over the “us flag, Texas was a nation before it was a state and holds that it will fly its flag over any other flag. and it also has the right to leave the Union at any time it deems to and become a nation once again, Long Live The Republic Of Texas !! down with the US Govt ! Texas is a state for the people and not the Govt. it gave stronger rights to the parents and stronger property rights to owners, stronger gun rights to defend yourself, family and your neighbors. it also has a State Guard(Renamed from the State Militia) which is not under the Federal Govt and only under the State Gov. Texas needs to leave the union and become a nation again to bring border security, and a power to be respected with by the US Govt. I will fly my Texas flag before i fly a US Flag, always !

    • Patriot1776

      Yes but this is the way ALL the States are supposed to be! They have only forgotten their history!

    • Patriot1776

      The word STATE was commonly known to mean Nation or country when we gained our independence. Read the Declaration of Independence:
      “We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States”
      This is the legal part of the Declaration. Declaring the colonies are now FREE and INDEPENDENT States (countries), with their own soverign governments. Why else do we have State governments.

      • Vigilant


        The new nation drafted the Articles of Confederation as their first government. The states had much more power then, and that’s precisely why we needed a revision to (which turned out to be a complete replacement of) the Articles.

        A methodology was needed to blunt the power of the states because there was too much squabbling, the states were not supporting the very necessary requirement for national defense, and the national government, weak and ineffective as it was, could do nothing.

        The government was changed by the Constitution into a federalist Republic, balancing the very real sovereignty of the individual and state, with the need for a powerful central government.

        The right to secede was not directly addressed by the Constitution. Debate still continues on the range of the 10th Amendment, and many claim that Lincoln exercised tyrannical powers in declaring the secession of the southern states as a cause for war.

        If my memory of history serves me correctly, Texas is the only state in the union that actually has the legal option of seceding if it so wishes.

        • Patriot1776

          That is the common lie, While it is half true, when you read the SOURCE material such as the State ratification debates, or notes from the Philadelphia convention, Madison’s notes ect. you will find that the States were adamant that they retain their soverignty and that the new Federal government was to be extremely limited. Except those powers expressly delegated by the constitution. Even those powers that are in question today can be answered with a look at the SOURCE documents. In other words we absolutly CAN determine original intent and that is the big lie.

        • Patriot1776

          A”powerful central government” was exactly what the States were promised by Madison and Hamilton that they were NOT submitting to. But it wouldbe a Government ONLY to handle the issues that were plaguing the confederacy. Look it all up for yourself. When you do you will be as angry as I am that we are all being lied to for powers sake.

          • Patriot1776

            The States had just declared their independence a mere 12 years before the constitution was ratified. And had won the war only 4 years earlier. Does it make sense that they would give up their new soverignty to a “powerful central government” so soon after they had just freed themselves from one?

          • Patriot1776

            I meant 5 years earlier, treaty of paris was in 1783, Constitution was ratified in 1788

          • Vigilant

            Please read the Federalist Papers. Hamilton, Madison and Jay were well-known Federalists who understood that the new nation would not survive, let alone prosper, under the Articles of Confederation. And it became clear, in the wake of the badly FAILED Articles of Confederation, that the lack of a strong central government with adequate checks and balances would lead to the downfall of the new nation.

            No one was lying in the debate that led to ratification (1788) and installation of the new government in 1789, they were expressing considered political opinions. Had the Articles been allowed to stand, America would have succumbed to the influence of foreign powers and torn itself apart.

            There’s a reason why the Constitution is the oldest written constitution in the world. It has lasted 222 years because no better form of government has been discovered. The Articles would have lasted a couple of decades at best.

            The move to restore respect for the Constitution as the law of the land has come about because WE, not the Constitution, have failed to adhere to its near-perfect principles. We’ve been asleep and apathetic, naiively believing that politicians would act in our best interests. The growth of socialist programming in schools and media will kill our form of government unless steps are taken to reverse that accelerating trend.

        • Axel

          Go ahead and become your own state and see how far you would get. You are all the best of the scom of the earth. We are edy for you bring it on TEXAN. Remember the Alamo today you will be facing a different army. This one can shoot and kill not like the one you faced in the past.

          • texastwin827

            Axel, if you posts are and example of your & your friend’s IQ’s, then I’m not too worried. By the way…we ARE a STATE, already. If we seceded we would be a COUNTRY.

            Axel, it’s you that best Remember the Alamo. Even back in 1836, a little over 200 Texans held off over 1500 Mexicans for 12 days. Even though the majority of them were killed, the Mexican’s lost DOUBLE the number of Texans.

            Bring more than your mouth to the “party”, Axel as you will surely need it!

        • Axel

          There is nothing worse than somone who lost their hoe because of people like you.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’ve seen you state twice now that you will kill Americans. Well let me inform you of something, son. I and a whole lot of others here have served as well. I never got out of the habit of hitting what I wish to with almost any weapon you care to list!! I also never got out of the habit of standing up for myself. If I see you or any of your friends starting to murder Americans I and my friends will stand against you. I wouldn’t suggest you get closer than about 450-500 meters cause there’s gonna be a whole lot of hurt comming down on you!! Get your head on straight, son, before you lose it!!

          • Dan az

            Axel nut
            I think you may be an illegal am I right? You really dont have a clue in what your talking about.Are you a drug smuggler or people smuggler?Do you know what a Barret fifty is? Return that computer that you stole and return to that dump of a country that you came from or you will find out.Have a nice day!

        • texastwin827

          Vigilant, keep in mind Texas did NOT re-enter the US, after the Civil War, under the original terms. Many of the original terms, such as the right to secede and become a country again, were not part of the “deal”.

          That said, it’s my belief that the Constitution NEVER forbade any state from seceding, to begin with therefore the Southern states, including Texas, were within their Constitutional rights to do so.

        • Patriot1776

          Vigilent, I have read the Federalist Papers. And I understand that they were published to sway opinion in New York towards ratification. Which wasn’t vey effective by the way. The fact is New York was NOT going to ratify if Virginia din’t and if it weren’t for a letter from N.Y. Governor that mysteriously didn’t show up in Virginia for months the constitution wouldn’t have been ratified. The Federalist Papers are NOT law.
          Having said that I agree that most understood that the Union was in trouble without some sort of amandments to the Articles, which was why most States thought the convention was called. However Madison, Hamilton, and Jay had other plans. They wanted to institute a strong National government that would have taken away almost all State power. This was called the Virginia plan. and it was all but totally rejected throughout the convention. In it’s place was put the New Jersey plan, which was to uphold State soverignty and still create the General Government from the Virginia plan. But, this Government was to be Extremely limited to it’s enumerated powers. Please read the notes from the Philadelphia Convention and subsequent ratification debates in the States. Especially the Virginia ratification debates. This is a long process but it will shed the truth of the matter on what form of government we were left with under the constitution.
          Don’t get me wrong, I love the constitution, and what it represents. I just hate how we have been taught to believe that it was meant to be something totally different that what the founders said it means!

    • rodney burke

      Amen to that and I don’t have a place to fly one! The constitution must be obeyed!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I am hoping Indiana will follow suit! The feds don’t want us following the laws on the books, so make new laws! We cannot continue as we have been. Those who are here for the handouts must find out that the gig is up. Go home.

  • richard b

    stop immigration. period. stop giving our jobs away. stop with the lie that these are jobs americans will not do. check out the number of H1B and L1 work visas’. those are jobs that have been stolen from the american work force.

    illegal immigration is nothing more than a diversion from the real problems.

    • Ron

      Unfortunately we do not have enough people educated and trained to do many of the jobs immigrants are now doing. We need to upgrade our educational system to provide educated and trained professionals to take these jobs back for American Citizens. We have high school graduates who can barely write their names let alone do complicated math and science projects.

  • dave

    folks in Texas are fed up with the money sucking illegals in the state. that is why we have the poorest counties in the state cause they have the highest amount of illegals sucking away medical and food assistance away from the people in Texas that are legal, they are taking up the space in the public schools where the parents are not paying any taxes to fill the gap of them sucking the money out of the treasury. they also cause the highest crime in the state compared to anyone else. and i am not a racist, I am part hispanic to make this clear. if they want to come into this country, then can come in the legal way !

  • Kerry Mercer

    It’s great to see that Texas and Wisconsin are joining Arizona to put an end to illegal aliens flooding our borders. Washington D.C. is overflowing with idiot liberal anti American lawmakers and it has come down to the average American to stand firm and defeat these homegrown terrorists. Lets not wait until 2012 to oust that phony in the White House, DEMAND THE IMPEACHMENT OF THAT MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE NOW!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’m hopeful that with a rep from Ohio in the speaker slot that my state of Ohio will follow as well!!! God bless a free and constitutional America!!!

  • dave

    We do not have a president yet, we have a dictator in the office and he is not my savior as most liberals screamed when he was put in office, im still waiting for a president and my savior is still jesus !

    • rodney burke

      He has a messiah complex, shouldn’t he be under treatment for being delusional? No, he is NO one’s president. He is an insult to the office and should be removed because he wasn’t eligible. We should NOT EVER call him president obama. We should call him Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro! That’s his name.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    Illegals need to go return to their native land and wait till asked to join our nation — Their can be no negotiation on this issue. The Federal Government, Republicans and Democrats are to blame for this situation, both working their own angles and leaving the American people out in the cold — I urge everyone I know to push back against the selling out of America. My hero’s don’t play games on Sunday, they stand up and make a difference, like the US Military. God Bless each of them and their family

    • Ron

      God Bless you Jim!

  • dave

    Fox News found out yesterday that almost all of the military ballots where not counted, and they think its because they voted Republican and not as a Dem’s. this shows how corrupt the present sitting dictorship is operating

  • Mick

    dave says:
    November 18, 2010 at 11:03 am
    folks in Texas are fed up with the money sucking illegals in the state. that is why we have the poorest counties in the state cause they have the highest amount of illegals sucking away medical and food assistance away from the people in Texas that are legal, they are taking up the space in the public schools where the parents are not paying any taxes to fill the gap of them sucking the money out of the treasury. they also cause the highest crime in the state compared to anyone else. and i am not a racist, I am part hispanic to make this clear. if they want to come into this country, then can come in the legal way
    dave…………We’re all part something, I was born in France and came to the states legally with a background check and all , one of the question that was asked of me prior to getting my visa was if I belonged or was associated with any communist organizations, they even checked if my grand’parents were associated with communists organizations and look where we at today, it makes me sick…’When i came to the United States I fully intended to learn the language and follow American laws and I have NO sympathy for those coming to this country thinking otherwise…………

    • Ron

      Hey Mick and Dave! Good for both of you!

  • dave

    hey mick where were you born in france, i was an army brat born in Neuilley, france

    • Mick

      dave says:
      November 18, 2010 at 11:16 am
      hey mick where were you born in france, i was an army brat born in Neuilley, france
      I was born in Paris and raised in a little town closer to Orleans and I can’t believe the change I have seen over the past 20 years,The mentality has gone to Sh&t for the most part…

  • Devasahayam

    TX decides to do right once again!

  • dave

    Texas needs to leave the union to teach the US Govt a lesson.

    • SuthnXPosR

      The mere idea of teaching the feds a lesson is ludicrous. Each state should succeed from this so called union simotanously(spelling) and form territories and abolish the federal government—once and for EVER!

  • dave

    WE have our own military, we have grains, cattle, sheep, and lots of farms, an electronic industry, and many factories

    • barbm

      you forgot the oil wells and refineries, the coast line, and lot of weapons!!

  • Hopedreams

    I am greatly in favor of immigration reform. I want to see the USA borders secured, via bringing home ALL USA troops (which costs the MOST of our taxpayers money), and having them man all USA borders; deal fairly with the illegals already here (perhaps granting amnesty to those who have been good residents and making them pay some good/hefty monetary fines…to assist our economy)…Then, all future immigrants MUST enter LEGALLY, or be jailed and deported. Also, the USA needs to have much faster, and economically fair fees to file for citizenship. The current fees are so steep. This is what tends to encourage illegal immigration. If the USA Citizenship filing fees were much less, and the path to citizenship, rigorous, but much shortened, that would CURE a lot of our immigration problems. Let’s get some Immigration Reform underway NOW!

    • http://msn Kerri

      OK, you want to give amnesty to illegals. Get out of here. These people broke the law to get here. No special treatment! You can’t say so you are already here, (illegally) so you can stay and be an American Citizen with all rights and liberties. Are you crazy?

    • Doug

      They are not good residents, they are felons! The must all go and if they were here illegally they should not be able to return as a legal immigrant for a minimum of 10 years. Texas must also close it boarders to anyone who wants to come from California. If a Californian wants to come to Texas we must make sure they don’t have the leftist ideals that are poisoning California.

    • Ellen

      Let’s not forget the 3 men helping the Times Square bomber are illegals. If we grant amnesty to illegals, that will include all the terrorists living here. They’ll have no trouble coming up with the money for the fine, as someone is funding them. Amnesty was a bad idea when Reagan did it and it’s a worse idea now. We’re not talking about “fine, hardworking” people. Fine people don’t live illegally and teach their children that it’s okay to break laws.

  • dave

    Texas has their own air force, and the battleship Texas is still operational and manned by trained folks that are volunteers from the state guard.

  • dave

    all we need is to activate the state guard and put them on the border instead of the active duty fed troops. that way we can stop the criminals and the invasion into our Texas.

  • Sweetie

    ‘ OBUNNER ‘

    what a joker you make many faces and lies

    a joker yes or may it be that of a clown
    disguised that of another

    one will never know my true identity

    for i have yet to get what is mine
    i so desire

    with or without the help of thee other

    ~ Sweetie ~

    That is just what ‘ Obummer ‘ nothing more…

    Obummer has done nothing but Harm and Drive us further into

    the Ground.

  • Devasahayam

    Also, I have even less sympathy than many for malfeasant (illegal) aliens, due to having suffered greatly the delayed aftereffects of Reagan’s 1986 scamnesty–processing delays in my own legal immigration process (I-140 approved Sept 1997, but unable to file final stage until April 1999 (1) which basically scuppered my ability to make long-range plans, especially marriage (2)). Potential legal immigrants (including one derivative class, spouses of GC-holders) are still paying for it!

    In theory, I could have filed another I-140–but that would have meant spending extra $$ and I could not get an answer from any attorney on whether INS would have used the same priority-date as the already-filed one)At that time, I was (a Canadian, born in India, “from” Calgary) on a TN-1–and INS/State Dept would not straightforwardly process TD applicants from any non-NAFTA country (which India is)

  • Bert Cundle

    Well TEXAS: You get much, of my respect back! Feds have lost there concerns for the Union, of United States. They are even taken on, the refering to themselves as Americans, in U.S. Positions of Government.
    God Bless; Govener George Walice. /&/ Malcom X.

    • Vigilant

      Uh, Malcolm X was born in Nebraska and George Wallace was the Governor of Alabama, not Texas.

  • Teresa

    Oh the great State of Texas proves once again that they WILL not be pushed around…YOU GO TEXAS, hats off to you. No other state I would rather fight along side w/agian….oohhh raahhhh!
    Teresa, Tennessee

  • http://nowebside George Bell

    It is good to read all of these comments, as I believe the people of this state and country has woke up. I was born in Texas seventy seven years ago and have seen many changes come about. I believe this is the largest outcry I have every witness.The thing about it is that we must never quit until we get the laws of this country and state working in the favor of its citizens. I understand why people want to come to this country, but if we do nothing about our borders and our laws it will come a time that nobody will want to be here, because there will be no country as we have known it.

  • http://msn Kerri

    I am a born and bred Texan, I think that Texas should susseed from the Union. we have everything we need to be a productive and prosperouse country. The U.S. government has decided that they have the right to tell us how to raise and teach our children, what we should and should not eat, what we should and should not say, when and where we can use our cell phones and now they are hands in our pants and taking nude photo’s of us at the air ports. What the hell? I am a responsible adult. I don’t need my gov. telling me how to live my life and how to raise my children and I did not make the decission to become a porn star or to submit to sexual abuse.
    I have read the definision of treason and it sure seems to me that it applys to Mr. Obama and this entire administration.

  • Debbie DeRouen

    I love this country and I love Texas. I am very proud to part of the USA. That being said I am extremely tired of people coming here getting free benefits for years and then have the audacity to tell me the Bible is offensive to them, saluting the flag, honoring our Military Men and Women, Christmas, Halloween are all offensive to them and we let then dictate to us their changes. This is BS and needs to stop. We let them have their religions and such and quite frankly some of their beliefs to me are very offensive but I leave them alone….NO MORE. I say to these people if the values and beliefs this Great Nation was built on offend you then go back to the place you left. We are not changing our ways to accommodate you any longer. No place or anyone is perfect but the USA is closest to it so leave it alone the change our President wants is not good for this Nation. Stop illegal immigration!!!!!

    To quote Theodore Roosevelt:

    Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.
    We can have no “50-50″ allegiance in this country. Either a man is an American and nothing else, or he is not an American at all.

    • Bert Cundle

      The Omly Thing That Should Link U.S. To America is: AMERICAN JURISPRUDANCE. ( Where the Law is Each Teratory is to Govern them self!) That means that our Immigration Laws that protect us, are in force! The Laws of Mexico, are for them!!! ~ That is why we can’t tell Mexico to Stop there BULL FIGHTS & COCK FIGHTS, with our laws of Cruelity to Animals.

    • Bert Cundle

      AND: The largest Contruberator to the invasion is run by the CATHOLIC CHURCH!

    • Blake D

      Very well said Debbie. I agree that if you want to come to this country it should be mandatory that you learn the language and adopt the American way of life or go back to where ever it is you cam from. I have no problem with people being proud of whom they are and where they come from but it has gotten out of control and something needs to be done.

      I live in So. Cal. and it is the worst here. I just wish I could find a decent paying job in another state to get out of this mess.

  • Wanda

    Focus, that’s what we must do. President Obama funded the LaRaza movement heavily in the Stimulus bill, giving them money to pay offi e rent, to pay staff, to pay for mailings, to pay for lobbiests, to pay for all needs associated with creating legislation. Where do you think the Dream Act that they are trying to punch through Congress came from?
    Our greatest threat is the heavily funded Hispanic Caucus, led by Luis Guitterez, (D) Illinois. This group works stealthily to find loopholes in the law, to draft legislation and has a spot on all TV networks. Luis the snake gets on tv to promote amnesty Legislation at least weekly.
    The Tea Party Movement started out with the right intentions, but has become hijacked by want-to be politicias who have grabbed it for their own agendas. This movement is simply not a viable conduit anymore for reasonable platforms to lobby the country with.
    We must quash the Hispanic Caucus.
    We must get our federal laws for E-verify enforced. We must get all Social Services Program benefits made unavailable to illegal immigrants and their children. We must get automatic citizenship ended.
    Personally, I work in construction and have seen the wages drop in my trade due to the illegal influx. I document their presence on work jobsites, write down license plate numbers, and report them to Immigration Control Effort agents. In the past two years, I have been responsible to remove 67+ illegal operatives from my community. I am only one person, but I am taking responsibility and doing what I can. I have become a sort of secret agent.
    I have staked out our community Mexican store on Payday, and followed them home. Then I have reported their addresses, along with the description of their vehicles, to authorities.
    There are many things you can do. Just do what you can, the point is do something. Write letters to your representatives, and keep a file of thier correspondance back to you. Tell your reps that you want the special interest groups of Hispanics like the hispanic caucus to be disbanded andunfunded-talk about unfair and racist-our tax dollars being used to fund special interest groups.
    We need a formal organization to do this, and a strong veteran membership and leadership.
    Lets get this strategy discussion going, please be thoughtful and precise, no name calling, or reitterating useless points which we already know.

    • Bert Cundle

      You are in Construction? The Business Manager of My L.U. is UNION BUSTING… Closing Members meetings, So He is the only athority. He is Hispanic! The Day Labor Camp is on the City Property, run by Hispanics.

      • Wanda

        OK. What can you DO about what is happening?
        Strategy-make a strategy
        What is the law about your meetings? Find out and know it.
        Can you organize to have many, many Union members attend the meetings?
        Have two members, or an independent, video to document. Try to get into those meetings. If you are denied, make sure you have the refusal documented, and then get to an attourney, with several members, to file a lawsuit. Times are hard, and there is an attourney out there who will help you for the publicity.
        Publicity, do you understand the power of publicity? The hispanics do and this is why they are gaining power. They are crying out publicly every day. Look at poor us.
        We need to start accessing the ACLU and our court system as well as the hispanics do.
        The day labor camp is on city property? Is your city a sanctuary city? The sanctuary city policy is one we must start addressing at our state government levels. You must get to your legislative sessions, get on the floor to speak, and get some of your state legislators to draft legislation to address the problems you are encountering. Make specific points.
        File for a demonstration permit, and organize a march, to protest at the DAy Labor site. Invite veterans organizations to march with you, fly the American flag, let the veterans do a color guard march out in front; let the hispancs try to verbally or physically assualt veterans and see what happens.
        Invite all news media to cover the march, document the march, and post it on youtube. Invite your city council members to the march, and if they do not attend, take the video to a city council meeting. Do a formal request to get on the City Council Agenda to speak.
        Do marches at the Day Labor Site, more than once. Draw attention to what is happening. Make sure the documentation occurs, and make sure it gets on Youtube.
        Attend your city council meetings, get on the floor (use due process and make a formal written request) and ask for specific measures to be made to address the illegal labor problem at City Day Labor. We did this and got the hispanics shut out from using our day labor site.
        This is what the hispanics are doing, and successfully. They are using our laws, and we are simply watching them.
        We need to organize, and DO IT.
        DO SOMETHING, YOU CAN DO IT. You have to spend some time doing it, because they are taking your opportunities, and if you are lazy and do not DO SOMETHING, you will be workless in a few short years.

  • Mace Windu

    If the republicans in Texas are serious about creating new illegal immigration laws, here are some items to consider:

    [1] Anyone who is caught and convicted of employing any undocumented worker(s), shall receive a ‘no chance for an appeal’, mandatory 15 year hard labor sentence in prison. A second offense shall grant you a return trip behind bars for life!
    [2] Repeal the “anchor baby” law. (Yeah, this one is on the federal level but nonetheless it needs to go).
    [3] Yes, adopt an Arizona type ‘challenge’ law for Texas if not all border states at the very least.

    If you take away the things they are coming here illegally for (healthcare, education, jobs, sanctuary cities, simpathetic employers & “progressive” politicans, etc.) there would not be a reason for them to stay, much less come here. So the numbers dwindle down without worrying about having to bus 12 to 20+ million illegals back to wherever all without a shot being fired.
    In this post 9-11 world that we live in, it is totally unacceptable that we truly do not know just who is arriving in this country at any given moment everyday. What is even more unacceptable is that these “progressive” politicans whom have been adopting laws to actually encourage more criminal border crossings in exchange for their votes! There is the proper way to enter a country. If our politicans refuse to listen to the people or respect the laws already on the books, then when the time comes, their pleas for support shall equally fall upon deaf ears too!
    In closing, I would like to mention to all those who might think that these proposals are too harsh. Consider what we already seen as consequences with respect to border crossings in other countries:

    • Ellen

      By “anchor baby law” I assume you mean the 14th ammendment to the Constitution. That ammendement was written for slaves, who are all deceased. It does not help a single American. It only helps foreigners and they abuse it. How can anyone justify keeping this ammendment? Pres. Obama wants to keep it. Surprise. On a related topic, welfare should be eliminated for all immigrants. American taxpayers are not morally responsible for any immigrants.

  • http://com i41

    The post on stray cats being feed, the illegals are just feral organisms. When people used to drop unwanted animals, on our ranch 40 miles out from town, we shot them on sight as well as coyotes, skunks, snakes, and badgers. If all states would just neautor any damn crimminal or border jumper, USA wouldn’t be over run by the gang bangers and scum ballls that keep flocking in here with out a worry. Every State have hospital debts that the county has to pick up for delivery of more welfare rats. Is the law of ’86 enforced about fining the employers, hell no. Our DOJ and the whole damn legal system is a damn joke. Have you ever meet a lawyer who doesn’t freak when told some dirt bag just needs a good a$$ kicking, all thanks to the pusifing of the USA. Just look how Greasy Rangel will get off with what a phony talking too. Just on one charge he needs to be sent to Levenworth for 25 years. But he is a democrat and a Duke Cunning ham sentence is to mean to a “black” democrat statesman! with over $600,000 in back taxes not being paid for years, an average citizen will get jailes for less than 30,000.

  • SuthnXPosR

    Yeah Buddy! We don’t need no illegal imposter-and-chump telling us what to do with our illegals. We KNOW what needs to be done and intend to do what those “peckerheads” in washington will not. We’ll fight that treasonous, mooslim POS and his liberal cysts until they are no longer a malignant cancer on America’s rectum. I bid for all states to join Texas and Arizona with similar action to remedy this problem before this nation is becomes known to the rest of the world as “AMUSLICO”.

  • California Native

    I have watched my state destroy its self with liberal policies. Illegals have turned my town into a ghetto. So I say send all the illegals back. Once that is done we must get rid of welfare and other social programs. Mexicans, middle easterners and others do jobs that Americans wont do because social programs pay more then working. We need to tackle Americas work ethic at the same time we are kicking the illegals out. All Americans should work.

  • LTC (Rt) Ray Burke

    I heartily concur with the majority of comments concerning illegal immigrants. Illegals deserve absolutely NO public support of any kind. They must be aggressively identified and deported immediately without access to our courts. The only right illegals have is to exit the USA ASAP – and good riddance !!!

  • carolfromaz

    Since the government is suing us for trying to enforce the law..why can t all the states that want to follow the laws join together in a class action suit and sue the government for failure to enforce the law which in effect is failure to protect the citizens and the country itself> Along with that thought..why isn t this blatant failure to close our border when the government is well aware that along with illegals, criminals, drugs, gang members and people from countries on the terrorist watch list have entered and continue to do grounds for impeachment?

  • Margaret

    Why can’t Texas take a look at the State of Missouri’s policies regarding illegals. Check out “The Ozarks Sentinel – Nita Jane Ayres” in Google. Article written in May 2010. English as the official language; no taypayer benefits such as food stamps, medical care; no financial aid at institutions of higher learning. Seems to be working fine for Missouri.

  • Brittanicus


    The Dream Act is not in the law books yet and never should it be? The Dream act is a very clever deception employed to give hundreds and thousands of children of illegal aliens, a financial advantage against out-of-State citizen children or legal residents. The cost will be yet another yoke upon the taxpayers as usual, that shows Liberals remain indifferent to the economic consequences of this law. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada is the main mastermind of the Dream Act along with his hard-core Liberal Extremists like Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and other Liberals. (Some ethical group should question Nancy Pelosi, about the illegal aliens employed on her Central California plantations?)What the progressives are not telling the public is that they can guarantor their immediate family, of Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Uncles and Aunts to live in America that taxpayers will finally have to subsidize? Then that immediate family can then sponsor other family members, which is called Chain Migration.

    There is no finality to this matter and can reach into the future and adjoin millions to our populace. The Dream Act is a very artful piece of law, which is unfair to American school children. Why is it the children of foreign nationals should be given special preferences over the children of citizens? In Houston Texas there is a contentious battle materializing over Voter Fraud. The King Street Patriots are counter suing Democrats over the discovery of Voter Fraud in Harris County. Catherine Engelbrecht, filed a counter suit in Austin on last Monday, claiming defamation. This is because her group detected election abuses disclosed, documented, by the King Street Patriots which included multiple voter registrations, illegal aliens voter registrations, fraudulent voter information, counterfeit voter signatures and election officials and orally harassment of the electorate to either change their ballot choices or vote a straight Democratic label.

    This includes the actual engineering the voting machines for the voters and elected officials. In addition to Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, campaigning directly outside polling places. The two organizations suing are Texans for Public Justice and Texans Together Education Fund. Both groups receive their money from the Open Society Institute (OSI). OSI was founded in 1993 by George Soros to “Build Vibrant & Tolerant Democracies.” Learn more about the illicit philosophies of the billionaire George Soros, out to undermine and erode our freedoms and the US Constitution by researching the web. My thoughts are from Senator Reid’s state and in other places across the country; that there has been voter manipulation of voter machines without doubt that remains undisclosed. Votes should re-counted in States like California and Nevada, because there are millions of illegal aliens in these states and because of lax voting laws, that are very open to questionable practices.

    The electronic machine in Nevada was compromised by already furnished names as Sen. Harry Reid, when voters had not chosen as this Senator. These voting machines are maintained by the SIEU union technicians that must be questioned for irregularities. A must read is an investigation of Voter Fraud and in depth information about the most corrupt politicians in Washington at Their statement says it is nonprofit group of Promoting Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Politics and the Law. GOOGLE–illegal immigration costs of instant citizenship laws for babies born deliberately in America of illegal alien parents to permanently reside here. Google– costs if an Amnesty is passed by either party. Google–”The dark Side of illegal immigration” Go to the website about the future consequences of out-of-control illegal immigration and a substantiated uncompleted border fence.

    Finally this being “politically Correct” is turning our country into a cowering population, another ideology passed onto us by Liberal extremists. We should follow the example of the Israeli Airlines of asking questions and profile instead of using abusive body scanners or this strange sensual pat downs, which is against our civil rights. This “Political Correctness” is not a strong deterrents against stopping foreign nationals with heinous intentions and instead we should use experienced profiler’s, racial or not and stop this abhorrent hogwash from radicals, who have infiltrated our government. Now is the time to release your fury on all members of Congress, by calling (202)224-3121 beginning this Thursday?

  • Robert Wayne

    I’ve been hoping and wondering when Texas would do something about the illegal mexican invasion. I live in southwestern Louisiana and we’re getting more and more mexicans infesting our state and stealing construction jobs here working for next to nothing. And nearly all of them have Texas plates on their vehicles. Texas should have started doing something a long time ago. I know it’s not the ordinary citizen’s fault. As usual it’s the butt kissing politicians who are afraid of losing mexican votes who won’t do anything. We have the same problems with our politicians in Louisiana too.

  • http://com i41

    Well how do you think the Dingy Harry got back in to office, with non stop voting by th illegals from SEIU idoits. Well we have an illegal that is student body president is an illegal. Better neautor the crimminal morons, don’t need any more anchor foals.

  • URT President

    Some people say that this and other issues provide reason to secede, but we already seceded from Mexico in 1836, just as America seceded from England in 1776. Later corruption caused illegal/unconstitutional stuff to be done over several decades, and of course as usual, history was rewritten by the conquerors. See our web site for what I believe is a more accurate perspective.

    By the way, we’re not associated with certain radical militant so-called “Republic of Texas” factions of the past that got tangled up with confrontations or scams. Unlike other movements, we’re not trying to “take over” Texas, we’re for peaceful coexistence and shared jurisdiction, we want everyone’s right to INDIVIDUALLY choose which government(s) to support recognized and protected. You don’t submit to a majority vote to decide what grocery store you use, what kind of car to buy, or what church to go to; why should government be any different? You have the inherent right to choose where to get your “government services” from. We’re providing an alternative for those who want freedom; the sheeple can continue to support the de facto regime and that’s fine, we just want them to leave us alone.

  • Hammer

    Didn’t Davy Crocket say “You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas”? Another post said it well. Just under half of the people in this country voted to continue what most of us know to be destructive policies (in addition to the majority that put those criminals into office over the preceding elections)while conservative leaders take the ‘high road’ and talk of voting the treasonous SOB’s out. The vote no longer works (including the indoctrinated/uneducated and outright fraudulent voters)and our continuing down the path that led us to this mess will not correct it. These treasonous criminals are doing what they want and our asking them politely to stop will never work.

    • rodney burke

      In that case it is high time we took the next step to take BACK our government or trash it! That is before the democraps take the constitution away from us. Maybe we’ll get some people in there now with some ….s and they’ll make some changes. Oh this is NOT over! 2012 is very soon and a house cleaning is still in order! I personally would like to see the demise of the demoncraps.

      They are destroying this country.

  • John

    If some thing is not done soon this problem will get out of control and the streets will run red with blood. It has come to this, most of the people i know are fedup! and may very well take the law into there own hands. If the powers that be will not protect the people, then we will act. Nothing is more dangerous than a pissed off American and his or her rifle. long live rock and roll and long live Texas……Pass the ammo please.

  • Davy C.

    There have been some excellent comments. However, if the people in the House of Representatives were real patriots who love this country, since we have no balance of power among the three branches of our government as called for in the Constitution, they would immediately impeach Osama Obama and kick him out on his little Socialistic Muslim keester! Winston in Illinois.


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