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Representative Waters Making Waves With Comments

August 23, 2011 by  

Representative Waters Making Waves With Comments

Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) made headlines across the country twice last week, first suggesting that President Barack Obama “get tough with Republicans” to create proposals that help the poor and African-Americans and later for calling out the Tea Party.

In a story published by The Daily Caller on Sunday, Waters was quoted urging Obama to fight Republicans: “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned — the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

The Congresswoman, earlier in the week, spoke at a job fair in Atlanta about minority frustrations with the country’s first black president, according to The Los Angeles Times.

“There is a growing frustration in this country and in minority communities because the unemployment rates are so high,” said Waters. She also claimed that a rising number of home foreclosures and a “wealth gap” between blacks and whites have begun to create frustration and anger in the black community.

Waters’ has not only set her sights on Obama and the Tea Party as she slings angry rhetoric, but has taken offense even with fellow Democrats for not fighting harder against budget cuts in the highly politicized battle over the debt ceiling.

“We were basically held up in raising the debt ceiling, until they got all of those budget cuts they demanded,” Waters said, according to The Times. “We didn’t raise any revenue and they didn’t close any tax loopholes. I believe the Democratic Party and the president of the United States should not have backed down. We should have made them walk the plank.”

Unrelated to her recent public outbursts, Waters is currently being investigated by the House ethics committee since allegations emerged last year that she attempted to improperly obtain Federal bailout money for a bank in which her husband owned stock. Though she demanded a trial last year, a Daily Caller article last week reported that the Congresswoman’s lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss the case saying that because two committee lawyers communicated solely with Republicans, a fair trial “is impossible.”


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • ron

    So Sam writes for a Liberty, a right wing one sided conservative blog. Atta boy Sam, show them how you went all independent on us.

    • FreedomFighter

      Waters is just another money grubbing Communist radical that needs to be voted out.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Mary

        She should go Africa and improve life there and make sure not to as money from American taxpayers. Funding Black-Run America (BRA) – think EBT cards, welfare, trying to close the gap in academic achievement, families moving away from crime-ridden areas, Section 8 housing. We could have been on Mars by now. Instead, we have to close up shop on space exploration and continue funding Black-Run America.

        We can see NASA collapse, because that frees up more money from an already exhausted budget (funding BRA isn’t cheap!) to go toward the never-ending cause of improving the quality of life for Black people. All of the money spent trying to improve the academic success rate of Black students over the past 40-50 years has been a monumental waste.
        Blacks account for about 70% of the gun crimes in this country.

        I read that the average cost to treat gunshot wounds is about 50,000 dollars. I believe these statistics as I sprained my foot and was hit with a bill of almost 1000 dollars for x-rays and ace bandage. Multiply that figure by 200,000 or so black related shootings.

        • Jose morales

          D Water doesn’t seem to undestand the nature of the situation we are now. We are in the deepest hole we ever been before. Do you remenber this? DO NOT ASK WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU<ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUE COUNTRY. We are living at a time that we can show the world that we are hard working people and willing to go out and do whatever. Not lay-back welfare recipients, asking for more help. We dont want a goverment like Obama trying to solve a problem by throwing money into the pit very iresponsible. It hasn't solve anything and it won't. So stop asking Mrs Waters for more waste of money.

        • Kate8

          Mary – You have the guts to speak the truth. Bravo.

          Humans, whatever color, don’t respect or appreciate what they haven’t actually earned, and they certainly don’t have respect for where it all came from. The extreme condescension shown by the Left toward people of color is appalling and, while the blace community may not entirely see it, they can’t help but respond to it unconsciously.

          The implication is, of course, that they don’t have what it takes to make it on their own, because they are somehow inferior. And, by gosh, on some level they do buy into this notion, coming to expect, and even demand, more handouts. (What happens when you feed the wildlife…they no longer forage for themselves…)

          The very idea that Ms. Waters represents the “black community” drives me nuts. What if a white Congressperson tried to represent the “white community”? Should she not represent the entirety of her district? Unless they are 100% black but, even then, it’s racial discrimination no matter how you look at it.

          I’d like to know why a poor black person is so much more important than a poor white person (of which there are MANY). Or is the idea that the white person is only poor by choice, and has the capablility of success where the black person can’t do it without the help of whites?

          As long as minorities are given special treatment, they’ll continue to rely on it and will never achieve the self-respect that can only come with hard work and genuine accomplishment.

          But then, isn’t that what the Left intended all along? An enslaved, dependent voting block?

          And we are held in silence by political correctness.

          But, if we don’t start speaking the truth, were going to lose it all.

          • ALL AMERICAN

            All you screw-ups out there asking for hand-outs… STAY IN SCHOOL AND ‘TRY’ TO GET A JOB FOR MORE THAN 2 DAYS BEFORE SITTING ON YOUR LAZY ARSES.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, honesty is a virtue…well said. Maxine Waters is just another in a long list of the amoral socialists from California in DC.
            She is a prime example that even the ignorant can succeed.

            Think about it for a moment…Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters from California and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida are notorius for making totally off the wall comments and the use of inflammatory rhetoric.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – Hmmmm. Do you really think Waters, Rangel, and the like actually succeeded on their own, or were they singled out by the PTB, enlisted and funded to promote the socialist cause?

            The outrageous comments they so often make, which echo from progressive mouthpiece to progressive mouthpiece, smacks of planned provocation.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, I don’t think the PTB ever considered either one prior to their tenure in politics…after that, who know…they’re nothing more than tools now…expendable tools.

            There obviously has been a “character assassination” taking place against the Tea Party, just as there is against any entity that threatens the status quo.

            Now it’s Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and Jessee Jackson who have joined the wolfpack that is howling at the Tea Party moon.

            Wilson: “Let us all remember who the real enemy is… the real enemy is the Tea Party… the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage…They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president,” she said at Monday’s event. That explains it all! It isn’t that the Tea Party are full of racists and terrorists…they’re the enemy because they want to make Obama a one term POTUS…Gee whiz, I bet there are some Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and progressives that want him to be a one term POTUS also.

            As for Jessee Jackson’s comments…well, he’s a bonefied racist too!
            Jackson played the race card and compared the Tea Party to southern secessionists who want slavery, and claimed Dr. Martin Luther King confronted a “tea party” of his own.

            It’s like a CD set to replay, over and over and over.
            These people, which includes BH Obama, have set race relations in the US back 50-60 years or shameful, evil and most of all purely ignorant.

            Civility my a$$!

          • Bus

            In the already diluted intelligence pool known as Congress, Waters pulls the average IQ down a few more notches.

        • Bruce

          Mary, The real question is why did Waters buy a home in a South American nation that has no extradition laws?
          Not unlike many of the US Congress and Senate person who have been commiting TREASON for years. Plus lets add in the countless Wall Street bankers as well media owners who have also done this.

          I would say its due mostly to the people who are in 9/11 groups as well the Tea Party people plus the countless millions who are waking up daily to whats really going on in this nation. And just how much damage these politicians have done.
          So who do you think will jump ship first the politicians or the media owners? Its time to go full tilt on all these people and expose them for what they are and what they have done, One really good hard push and there may well be a mass exodus of all of them. So the 2012 elections are mega important that all of you get out and wake up as many as you can. If one of you can wake up even one person who wakes up one person and so on we can break the back of the NWO and all its puppets.

          • Old Henry


            Waters bought ahouse in South American country with no extradition?
            Where did you see that?

            Do you think she will ever be brought to justice? About as likely as Little Barry.

            The last part of your post is, to use some 60s vernacular, right on. It puts me in mind of Arlo Guthrie in “Allice’s Resturant” when he talks about getting a movement started.

          • Bruce

            Old Henery, Look into the Alex Jones sight called Prison Planet there was a well done blog on this topic a while back. There is a ton of information on congress people and their nasty deeds plus whats really going on with laws that these evil people are trying to pass let alone have passed. Thats why when the wall paper starts falling down they are going to be leaving on mass. As one said to my boss “I don’t want to end up like Mussolini” and if the American public finds out what we in congress have done we will all end up that way even if we had nothing to do with it.

          • Kate8

            Bruce – It seems that so many of the political class are buying in S. America.

            It is being anticipated that North America will soon be wiped out by…natural cataclysm?…Nuclear explosions?…Riots and civil war?

            Take your pick. But there’s a reason why these and other wealth people are headed south.

          • Jana

            We had better pay attention to what our so called Reps. are doing and where they are buying property. It does matter.
            Thank you for you insightful comments.

          • Christin


            Jesse Ventura exposed on his Great Lakes Water Conspiracy that Bush 43 bought land with lots of robust WATER falls in South America… ‘water’ being the key here.

        • Alex

          Wayne Lapierre and the NRA fight research into gunshot injury, so it is kept cheap and disastrous compared to finding out the proper way to save lives.

          • JeffH

            Alex. of course you can provide the irreputable proof of you comment…right?

            Didn’t think so!

      • Skyknight

        The Amaerican Communist Party released their membership of those in our Government. Those names included Maxine Waters and Henry Waxman along with several others.

        The people in America need to wake up and take a stand against this creeping evil that is doing it’s worst to distroy our great nation including the Commie Muslim in the White House.

        • Kate8

          Skyknight – Yes, we are now completely infiltrated by communists, both declared and undeclared.

          And they’ve pretended to fight for minorities in order to use them as tools in accomplishing their evil goals.

          Soon, though, these government-dependent folks will find themselves as dispensable as the rest of us.

        • Alex

          Joe McCarthy called from hell—he wants he brain back, Teagagger.

          • Kate8

            Alex – When you can’t refute, ridicule (and insult).

            You libs are so predictable.

      • Andy

        Yes to what you said and I think you could add “Wacky Bitch” also!

      • JUKEBOX

        If she didn’t represent a district that is 140% black, she couldn’t get elected for nothing.

        • Morduin00

          Are you implying but 140% that not all of her voters were alive and kicking? Just wondering :-)

    • Mary

      She should go to Africa and improve life there and make sure not to ask money from American taxpayers.

      • Alex

        Why should she go to Africa?
        Do you think she is FROM Africa?
        She is from Los Angeles, moron, and she is paid to fix the problems of her constituents, whether you agree with them or not.

        So, seriously, WHY did you say she should go to Africa and fix their problems?

        • Jana

          So why did she buy property in South America? Is she from South America?
          Your analogy doesn’t hold water.

          • Jana

            I’m saying I don’t comprehend your analogy.??

          • Alex

            Jana, forgive me but I do not understand your use of the term ‘analogy’, and I am not sure that you do, either. Please don’t be offended if I suggest that you look up that word—it is the polite thing to do.

            I merely questioned the writer, Mary, I think, as to why she would suggest that Maxine Waters go to Africa. The job of Rep. Waters is to advocate for the people of the US as a whole, and those of Los Angeles in particular.

            My feeling is that Mary made the suggestion because Ms. Waters is Black, and for that reason only. Things like this are the reason that, despite the election of Barack Obama, this country still has not properly addressed the subject of Race.

          • Jana

            Thank you for explaining that you were just questioning why. Now though that brings up the subject that you think she was being racist?

            Description of analogy – American Heritage® Dictionary
            Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar. A comparison based on such similarity.

            I’m sorry you didn’t understand my question of your analogy. Maybe you should have looked it up.

    • Ditto

      As far as this tea party member is concerned Maxine can go straight to hell! If you look at her eyes in the pic she looks like she is on something. I think she smoked a little crack before to took the mic.

  • Ken

    Would sombody please drop a piano on this race hustler. All she wants is free stuff & free money just like the freeloaders she represents. She is a national disgrace and is a prime example of what happens when you let stupid people vote.

    • Jana

      Evidently good ole Maxine got in trouble with the WH for coming out so strong the first time AGAINST the President of Blame, so she changed her hateful rhetoric to go against the TEA Party.
      Wow, and the Democrats CLAIM (FALSELY) to be the party of tolerance while in actuality, they are the party of blame, and the party of hate.
      Obama has stated that the Republicans which would include anyone not for him and his deeply flawed policies, are his enemies. These enemies include whole states, such as Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and any right to work state. Oh, but its not his fault, its ALWAYS someone elses fault, hence the PRESIDENT OF BLAME.

      Now Maxine has picked up this mantra as well, and many other members of the Democrat party so now they are considered THE PARTY OF BLAME.

      • Old Henry


        It sounds like Waters is an equal oportunity hater wing nut.

        • Jana

          Old Henry,
          Wow do you have her pegged!

      • bill steffen

        Right Jana. Monkey see, Monkey do !!!!

    • karel Eekels

      she is a complete disgrace and now wonder why and where we find ourselves today with these type of people in government …. flush them all through the toilet that would be a good start in 2012.

      • Old Henry

        karel, think of the chillen!

        • bill steffen

          And think of all the chillens chillens

  • Warrior

    And maxine, you’re just the one who can continue to stoke those frustrations now, aren’t you?

  • FoundersIntent

    I wish Maxine would get honest, and just say what she means. She means that white people continue to owe her and blacks…..and that they shouldn’t be held responsible for behavior and choices, it’s that simple.

    • Old Henry

      Well Founder, the only thing we owe Waters and her ilk is a one-way ticket to Africa. It’s attitudes like hers that has put the blacks in the position they are in.

      • Jana

        Old Henry,
        There are a lot of wonderful, creative, skilled and employed black people, and I know several of them. I count it an honor to call a couple of them my friends.
        We have had discussions where they have brought up the subject of too many black children are not being taught by example, and are being spoon fed by the Gov’t. to remain ignorant and unproductive. It is almost as though this is being done on purpose.

  • sik a dat

    Another ignorant idiotic Dummycrat. What else could you expect!?

  • John Roane

    In my opinion making a death threat against the Tea Party by saying they should go to Hell and she would help get them there is wrong on many levels. Further by doing so she threatened my right to free association and my right to free speech. A Congressman using their legal status keeping me form these rights should be at least investigated if not arrested. Could you make such a statement and not be visited by the FBI?

    • Jana

      John R,
      If that would have ben a Republican or a Libertarian making those kind of statesments, heads would roll, and someone would have to appologize or resign, but not with the party of blame. Hate speech is alright as long as they do it.

      • eddie47d

        I see Jana doesn’t quite get it either and is busy joining the howling mob. Feels good to release that pent up anger doesn’t it Jana and company? ANOTHER negative article on blacks, IMAGINE THAT! You all soak it up like it’s your daily dose of sunshine. The Tea Party folks on this site can criticize blacks but when a black women (in this case) speaks up you are ready to bring out the tar and feathers. IMAGINE THAT! Gotta love the “stupid people” comment from Ken. Still trying to find ways to keep certain people from voting. IMAGINE THAT!

        • http://peronalliberty Kevin

          buddy there was a time in this Great Country that only people with (skin in the game) as the progressives like to say voted, yes and they were called land-owners, you know (maybee) the ones who pay property taxes, some have to pay 10′s of thousands, I pay 4,000 myself! that alone is 10% of my income! why should my vote not count for the same as some welfare cheat? who hasn’t or won’t work a day in his life! huh? and there was a time, and I don’t agree with it, but women and Blacks, anyone but a white MAN could not vote! That would be discusting to go back too!!!

          • Old Henry


            I don’t think voting should be limited to land owners. I do, however, think it should be limited to only those who pay taxes such as income and property. Income proving they actually work and contribute.

        • Alex

          Actually, this is a negative article about a racist congresswoman. Had she given Kennedy’s speech, it wouldn’t have been, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” It would have been, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country, and for African Americans.”

          To quote the article, “She also claimed that a rising number of home foreclosures and a “wealth gap” between blacks and whites have begun to create frustration and anger in the black community.”

          Does she think that white people are out to impoverish the black people? Or that they are somehow keeping the black man down?

          I hear a bit of racist talk from time to time. Thanks to the folks of both races who can’t let the problem die, racism still exists. But I’ve yet in all my forty years to see anyone denied housing, a job, or anything else. In FACT, what I’ve seen in my life is blacks who shoot cops getting a lesser sentence because the NAACP defends him and says, “You just want the death penalty because he’s black” (not, of course, because he murdered a police officer in cold blood). I see a United Negro College Fund that, to the best of my knowledge, is not available to whites, asians, or anyone else (though all white scholarship funds are available to blacks). I see racial preference in favor of blacks everywhere I go. I once worked at a gas station when I was younger. A black woman working there was caught on camera stealing beer and cigarettes. When she was confronted, she cried racism and contacted the NAACP. When employers in general feel it is appropriate to terminate the employment of a black individual, they have to do extra paperwork so that no one can accuse them of firing them for being black.

          So I don’t want to hear this anti-white nonsense from you or anyone else. People like YOU keep racism alive. Just shut the $*&% up about it.

          I might also add that the Tea Party movement is about cutting government spending, making our politicians accountable, and balancing the budget. If they are “criticizing blacks,” as you put it, it is only because the politician they are criticizing happens to be black. They are criticizing the politician, not the color of their skin.

          And there ARE stupid people out there who shouldn’t be voting. If I had my way, I would require a registration test for anyone who wanted to vote. As it stands right now, people are stupid to the point that a congressman from Georgia once actually expressed in a congressional hearing that he was concerned the island of Guam might capsize (by the way, I hope it doesn’t hurt your sensibilities that that moron congressman happened to be black). Smart people would have never put such an idiot in office.

          Grow a brain. Or at least develop the one you have.

          • Michael

            At least an IQ test !!!!!

          • Jana

            Good post.

          • Allan

            Clearly a different Alex. Well said.

        • Jana

          Did you bother to go back and read my response to you the other day?
          You got on to me for a comment that you said was a cheap shot, and all I was doing was quoting that comment back to someone who made it originally.
          You are WRONG eddie. You are a racist eddie. You are also dishonest. I used to respect you, but no longer. You have evolved into a very mean person.
          So a little more honesty is in order in your “world”.
          Your wild accusations are like a cannon ball rolling down a hill looking for a place to land.You are either obsessed or mentally unstable.************

          That last paragraph is YOUR own words. These are supposed to be a little of your wisdom, so why don’t you try using it.

          • Old Henry

            Doggone Bush anyway!

          • eddie47d

            Yes Jana those were my own words and I’m glad you brought that up. Those words fit the author (Ben) perfectly and a few other to boot. There are folks of every color who egg on the racists and Ben does a mighty fine job of it. Me a racist? haaa! No, but I will expose them.

          • DC/Tex

            Don’t worry about eddie he is still licking his fingers after picking up the clean end.

          • Jana

            Thanks. From now on eddie will have to argue with himself. He isn’t worth it.

        • Barb

          Eddie47d, you don’t get it. It’s NOT the conservatives saying racist remarks, or bringing race into it; it’s Maxine, YOU, and your kind. You poeple ALWAYS scream racism. Racism has NOTHING to do with it. We have a socialist as a President, and he could care less about blacks or whites. He is only concerned about his direction for this Great Country. He doesn’t even care about this Country! You people need to wake up and realize what obama really stands for, and find another qualified representative that you all feel will do a better job than obama. obama WILL NOT be any different if re-elected. Things WILL continue to worsen the longer he remains in office. He is a disgrace to the American people and this Great Country!

          • s c

            Barb, the handful of pc robots who find their way to this website are so infatuated by the siren call of anti-American philosophies that they refuse to ‘get it.’ Their leader(s) wouldn’t like it if they ‘got it.’
            They’ve been drinking fron that poisioned well for so long that “whatever the fuhrer wants is what the fuhrer gets.” Most of them will probably be that way for the rest of their lives.

          • eddie47d

            I get it alright Barb. If this site was truly honest they would expose the multitude of white supremacy groups and Congress persons who support their ideals. Instead of continually bringing up “evil black folk” to rail against. The proof is in the pudding.

          • JeffH

            Barb, to put it bluntly, ediie is not only a proven liar and hypocrit but he is the most un-believable poster on this website. Zero credibility!

            He’ll come back with some childish and foul potty mouthed comment but what I just stated is pure irrefutable fact!

        • Average Joe

          eddie47d says,

          “ANOTHER negative article on blacks, IMAGINE THAT!”

          I don’t have a “Black” problem or a democrat problem, I do however, have an “idiot” problem.

          Pssst…Maxine Waters is an idiot (and a rascist). Any “relevant” questions?
          I didn’t think so. Thanks for playing….your parting gift will be waiting for you…on your way out the door….please collect it ASAP.

        • Old Henry


          Maxine Waters is the one who created the negative part of the article. She is a racist hate-monger.

          Wasn’t she on the “civil discourse bandwagon” shooting her mouth off after The Sarah caused the congresswoman in AZ to be shot?

          Maxine Waters is advocating, and offering to help, murdiering TEA Party people. You tell me why she should not be drummed out of the House and brought up on charges of inciting to murder.

          • eddie47d

            Waters didn’t create this article or how it was presented. Think back to the Shirley Sherrod case in how Breitbart took her words out of context. I see the same tactics being used against other black figures on this site. I can’t stop either side from making fools of themselves but I can do my part in slowing down the one sided views.

          • Jana


            Waters did create this article BECAUSE of what she said. It would NOT have mattered in the least if she were white, she said what she said and it was WRONG. For you to defend evil doesn’t speak well of you. But, you seem to defend evil doings and wrong doings more and more.

            You stated,” I can’t stop either side from making fools of themselves but I can do my part in slowing down the one sided views” but instead, you make one of yourself in your one sided view.

        • lkar

          Actually, it is the amount of money spent to make sure “stupid people” vote. Since by definition, they are too stupid to vote! Why is it that huge groups have to go door to door to register voters and get them to the polls? Even the dead and cartoons get to vote in this scheme! Even common sense legislation (like voter picture ID) is a liberal howling point as the “stupid people” cannot meet the requirements(like get IDs yet seem to get smokes and booze).

        • bill steffen

          Yes Eddie, And I can also IMAGINE odiots like you staying off the blog hahahahahaha

          • bill steffen

            BTW odiots is not a typo it is intentional

  • Disgusted

    the only “racist” people I know are black. I don’t have an issue with the color of a persons skin, I do however have an issue with everyone thinking you should have special treatment because of the color of your skin. That is racism at its finest. People like Maxine are actually doing more harm than good by demanding special treatment and calling notice to the differences in people than what is the same – we were all created by God and we are all human beings. Lets focus on that instead of the color of our skins!

    • wandamurline

      This month there will be a statue of Dr. King revealed and he must be turning over in his grave with such coming from the mouth of a representative of the people. But, then again, when someone is elected to the position of president because of the color of his skin and not his character, you can see what Dr. King meant. I believe he would be ashamed of these people, I know that I am. Jackson, Waters, Sharpton, Rev. Wright and Obama are all racists, and it would seem that they don’t mind saying so. It is a ploy to declare class warfare and have us fighting among ourselves. If we truly were equal, then there would be equal amount of blacks and whites on football teams, basketball teams, baseball teams, etc. Now, how would old Maxine react to that one? You see, it is not so much the whites who are racists as the blacks. It makes me sick to my stomach….I have dear friends who are black, and I grew up during the civil rights era, I was a teenager and wasn’t a racist then and not one now. Obama and people like Waters, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Caucus and NAACP have set Dr. King’s work back to the 60′s. She should be excised from her position. And when she made that statement, she effectively told millions of honest hard working people of all races that we all need to go to hell. What does that say about her character?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        King was a racist and a communist. Not such a great person, and his life should not be celebrated. He was a huckster, no different than Jackson and Sharpton.

        • Fedupwithmorons

          Capitalist: what you said about MLK is not true! Go do some research for yourself or listen to Glenn Beck speak about him.

      • Vagabond

        Wanda she has no character. I grew up in North and South Carolina. as a young boy my best friend was a black boy who lived on the farm next to us. we spent a lot of time fishing and roaming the woods together. I had very many black friends many of who came to our house and were welcomed. that was befor al sharpton. jessie jackson louis farahkan. wright and others of their ilk who have gotten wealthey preaching racism and hatred. the first time I came home on leave from the Army in 1952 on arrival in the little community I lived near the first people I saw was Uncle Sandy and his wife waiting for the store to open so they could buy their groceries. Uncle Sand saw me and came running to me and gave me a big hug and said Mr. Boot you’r home. yes Uncle Sandy was a black man. and a damned good one as were the most of all of them around home. again that was befor the likes of such riff raff as jessie jackson al sharpton et al.

        • Old Henry


          Who was it exactly that elected Jessie Jackson “leader” of the black people? And when did this election take place?

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    This woman is a racist and a nut what happen to the issue about her and husband bank?Nothing came about they just swept it under the rug.

  • Marion Barrett

    Maxine Waters has shown herself to be one of the most uncivil people in congress. She is also more racist than anyone other than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton that I have ever heard.

  • http://n/a EST

    Maxine Waters can walk the plank herself…..and into the fiery lake.

    • eddie47d

      Is what EST is saying a death threat John Roane? You were using a similar comparison.

      • Dale on the left coast

        eddie . . . go get an adjustment . . . its obvious you have a screw loose!!!
        Maxine is a marxist loon . . . its time the “Passengers” in the US started making contributions or get off the bus!!!

        • eddie47d

          Sure don’t Dale I tighten it regularly and keep it well oiled.

      • bill steffen

        Please Eddie get a new gig. this ones getting old !!

  • Al Sieber

    This hateful commie scumbag needs to be investigated and thrown out of office.

  • taminator013

    So, there is a wealth gap between whites and blacks? That may be because a higher percentage of whites go out and get an education and work for a living.They also teach their children their ABCs and how to write their names and how to count. All this before they even start school. Moral values are also taught in a higher percentage of the homes of the white working class. Also a sense of responsibility and a work ethic. Too many blacks that have never worked a day in their lives or contributed anything to society believe that they are entitled to the same things that we have without working for them. This goes on for generation after generation and is perpetuated by goverment handouts. Why work when someone else will give you food and clothing and free medical care? Now it’s free cell phones and internet. When will this cycle stop?

    • D.Smith

      ^Taminator, I agree with most of what your saying, but would be interested in seeing the statistical “facts” that you mentioned. Maxine Waters, on the other hand, is a complete idiot. Barack Obama, complete idiot, and he doesn’t “owe” me jack. Nobody does, regradless of color and what some outdated textbook says. Michael Eric Dyson, is complete idiot. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, complete idiots. I get chastised on the daily for being a Black man and making these statements, but it’s true. Black people play the race card more than anyone on the planet, thus rendering themselves irrelevant. A lot of Blacks feel that they should look to these clowns for “leadership”…YOU are the only leadership you and your family needs. My wife, who’s Salvadorean, and I get up five days a week to make sure our two extremely intelligent and creative children never have to stoop to Maxine’s and the rest of these fools’ level; begging with a business suit on. You want something? Get up and get it! And lead by example, not empty rhetoric.

      • Jana

        D. Smith,
        That is just plain old good advice for everyone. The only ones who should be helped permanently are the disabled.

      • taminator013

        I didn’t mean to make it sound so racist, but we were talking about Maxine Waters views. This also is going on with too many other nationalities including the white race in today’s society. So many think that they are entitled to everything without working for it. This is ingrained from childhood. The trouble with all the government handouts is that someone must pay for it and it is we, the workers. Black, white, red, yellow…………..the productive members of society that believe that nothing is for free.

        • Vagabond

          taminator you are so right. I am white American Indian mix. and damned PROUD of it. I have some relatives who hav raised their family’s on the backs of the tax payers. and they are just as able to work as I am. they are just too damned lazey and SORRY,

          • FreedomFighter

            Im part American Indian also, and have seen what you have seen. To much goverment help is bad, very bad.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • taminator013

            Sometimes listening to people like Maxine Waters, Reverends Al and Jesse and the like bring out our worst thoughts. We should be thinking more about what Rev MLK said. Also, people like you and me and D. Smith should stick together against the race baiters. These things are about us against them.

        • Robert Pa.

          That is what is taught in “Kindergarten” all the time.
          You must always pay all your taxes, Microsoft, Microsoft, apple, apple, you must buy oil,oil,oil,you get nothing for free. These lessons are taught from the very beginning.

    • Lost in Paradise

      It won’t! Hang a big sign on Africa, come one,come all, everything is free. That would relieve us of the race problem.

      • eddie47d

        So many racist comments and so little time to express yourself LOST and a few others.

        • Jana

          YOU are the racist.

          • eddie47d

            Does that mean you agree with LOST? Then you are also a shallow racists for agreeing with that person.

          • Jana

            Not particularly eddie, I was just disagreeing with you on your comment of “so many others”, because you included me in that catagory and you are wrong.

          • JeffH

            Jana, remember that eddie is a LIAR, a fabricator of factless lies and a hypocrit. As you know, we just went through this over the weekend…presented the facts as they are and yet he still ignored the truth and stayed in denial. eddie is a pathalogical liar, plain and simple

          • Jana

            Thanks. i will remembeer this from now on. I remember he also likes to be a mocker. From now on he does not exist for me.

          • bill steffen

            Jana, Think about this : What if Eddie showed up on the blog and nobody noticed. If you don’t pay him attention he will go away and bother someone else. hahahahah

          • JeffH

            bill steffen, unfortunately that’s been tried…he’s more like a parasite. Pay attention and you’ll understand.

          • Jana

            Like a pesky gnat always buzzing around. We can’t find a good reason for a gnat either.

        • Allan

          Keeping blacks victims is the worst kind of racism. More blacks are starting to figure this out. When they do, they need people like Waters less. That truly scares the woman who says she’s not afraid of anything — and it makes re-election for her tougher.

    • Vagabond

      taminator when will this cycle stop?? when you get the damned democrats out of office. the only thing they excell at is buying votes with the tax payers dollars,

      • taminator013

        Most Republicans aren’t much better. Too many RINOs and too little time for a safari…………..

      • Average Joe


        “taminator when will this cycle stop??”


        When we stop electing “Politicians” and start electing “Statesmen” once again. A good start would be :

        Ron Paul / Andrew Naploitano 2012!!!

        It’s time to drain the swamp and since they can’t be trusted to do it themselves, it is up to us to get the job done….peacefully or otherwise. Drain the swamp and drive out the swamprats in 2012!!!!

  • Napoleon

    Mrs.Maxine Waters,they did not hear you,so i’ll say it louder,capitalize (HELL TO THE TEA PARTY) AND ANYONE WHO LOVE THEM.

    • skippy

      So what is YOUR problem Nappy??!! Not getting enought free stuff??…or do you just like to put down free speaking Tea Party people that tell the truth? :)

      • Jana

        Nap is just demonstrating his right to hate.

      • bill steffen

        Whats the fastest way to starve nappy out?? Oh wait I know. HIDE HIS FOOD STAMPS IN HIS WORK BOOTS

        • Jana

          bill steffen,
          Wow, you are too smart. I am laughing here, it was just too good. :)

    • http://lib.alerts Joel

      Change your name to IDIOT, IT FITS!

    • Fredsworld


    • Vagabond


    • exbobbie

      If my memory serves me well, didn’t we have another short, small minded, egotistical little runt in history called Napoleon, who thought the sun shone out of his butt, yet spoke a lot of rubbish and ended up on some island somewhere. You wouldn’t happen to be related to this person would you?. Maybe we could find an island for you to go to, maybe one that’s uninhabited.

  • Kate kat

    Maxi, you need to instead of blaming the white man (Remember that blacks in Africa STILL own Black slaves.) Teach these young kids to love education and teach them that they can do whatever they want to in life. They can make good money and that color has nothing to do with anything any more. But you can’t, why? That would be ending racisim and you don’t like that. You want to whine and get free stuff and USE your color in your favor. Are you upset that you are not white? If so that’s just stuuuuupid. We have it bad! We are blamed for everything, “Taking over the Indians.” I didn’t know that the indians were so weak that the white man that had nothing and didn’t know the land could take them over so fast. (See how dumb that comment about us taking over the Indians is?) why do you hate whites so much? And when say that the Tea Party can go to Hell (I thought that we were already there. Isn’t that Liberalism?) Are you telling the Black Tea Party members that as well or only the White ones? If it is just the white ones…well that’s racist and I think that you owe the Whites for all the Harm that YOU have caused us! How does that feel Old Maxi? What if we just reverse all of this and place it all ON YOU! There has NOT been Racism for YEARS! Your ancisters had enough pride to fight to get where they WERE…you are trying to reverse what they accomplished. You keep this up and YES there will be racism because you abuse people long enough…they learn to hate you!! So good move there you cheat!

    • home boy

      also, if you are not born in africa then you are not a african/american. why not ask africans what they feel about that subject

      • Vagabond


        • exbobbie

          Hi homeboy and vagabond, I can remember sitting in a Multiculturalism class before I retired. The black instructor, who knew me, tried to use me as an example by calling me an ‘AngloAmerican’, he seemed quite pleased with himself until I jumped on his ass. I made it quite clear that I was not a double barreled anything, I WAS AN AMERICAN and had earned the right to that title by doing everything required of me by this Great Country, and proudly so, and had a certificate to prove it. He was further shocked when I informed him that if he wanted to refer to himself as an ‘AfricanAmerican’ then that was his privilege, however most so called ‘AfricanAmericans’ couldn’t find Africa on a map if their life depended on it.

  • home boy

    after listing to this woman talk , she would be best advised to keep her mouth closed. she is terrible under pressure . if this is the best this country has to offer then we don’t have a prayer for survival.

  • http://lib.alerts Joel

    You mean the Pres. and would someone tell waters to rid herself of that dime store wig.

  • Harvey

    Do you know that this idiot is one of about seventy members of congress that are members of the socialists party ?
    They want to take our hard earned money and give to people that refuse to work. Why should they work? The government gives them food, housing, cell-phones, utilities and God only knows what else. We need to stop welfare, unearned tax credits, free anything except for people that are truly unable to work.
    Dummy money needs to stop right now. There are lawyers teaching freeloaders what to tell the gov workers So they can get money for their child being mentally challenged when they are not medically challenged. They are milking the system like Waters is doing.
    Why is she not in jail with Rangel and the others in congress?

    • Fredsworld

      Racists in America today: Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,The New Black Panther Party, The National Black Caucus, NAACP, The Nation of Islam, ect. Do you see a pattern here?

      • Joyce from Loris

        Please do not forget Sheila Jackson.

        • Christin

          Yes, Joyce, let’s not forget to add liar Sheila Lee-Jackson from New York, but ruining Houston, TX…

          And let’s add: Rev, Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Barry Soetero…

      • eddie47d

        Racists are everywhere Fredsworld and it’s not just the KKK or the neo-Nazi’s. How about the Posse Comitatus,Sovereign Nation,Minutemen Defense,Council of Conservative Citizens or Kyle Bristow(White Apocalypse) about killing anyone they don’t agree with. How about the White National Socialist Movement,Christian Identity,American Third Position(A3P Party) and there are several “patriot” groups with a hidden racist agenda. How about the White Revolution Movement or the Iron Rain Nationalists just two of those “patriot” groups. Those “pattern’s” have been around for quite a few years. So a little more honesty is in order in your “world”.

        • Jana

          You forgot the black Panthers, Acorn, Maxene Waters,and eddie47d.

          • eddie47d

            You are only repeating what Fredsworld says which exposes you even more. Keep inserting mouth Jana.

          • Jana

            But at least I can read eddie, unlike you who when proven wrong won’t appologize, and NEVER proves anything but you call Raggs a negative person when you are the most negative person around.

        • Joyce from Loris

          You are not wrong, however, how often do you see any of these groups on television, spouting off words of hate as the NAACP does, etc? You don’t. These people that we have mention are NATION WIDE racist, spewing their hatred all over the air waves for all the Americans to hear. That’s a huge difference.

    • Joyce from Loris

      You are right. I met a 16 year old boy in Marion, OH, who gets $900 a month in disability. His disability? He is afraid of being in a crowd, yet he was at a fair with 25,000 people. This kid certainly did not dream this up by his self, he had help from his mother and people in the SSDI department. It’s a shamble.

      • Vagabond


        • Joyce from Loris

          I know, Vagabond, there are more just like him there. A 22 year old gets $753 a month because he can’t read, a woman who is a crack head gets a $1000 a month, and EACH of her ten children are also crack heads and get $800 EACH a month! That’s in just one family!! The stories are endless, and that’s the reason people who have worked all their lives, paid into the system, played the game the way we were told to play, are now sitting here and probably won’t get anything, or not much anyway. ABUSE!!

          • exbobbie

            Hi Joyce, Just a small tidbit of info. A few years ago in the U.K the Labor Party (Democrats), who were in power then, decided that the unemployment figures were way too high and embarrassing, so they decided to transfer a very large number of unemployed people over to the Disability Program. Three quarters of these people would not have previously qualified for disability so they lowered the standards for eligibility. A very large number of those people caught rioting and looting recently were all receiving unemployment and disability payments.

    • Robert Pa.

      Around here they drive Cadillac Esclades, fill up the gas tanks on American Express Platinum cards and eat at the $50.00 a plate restaurants all on the dole.

  • s c

    Maxine, chill out! All you’re doing is proving that some people don’t belong in politics. At home, you might be ‘nice’ and even sociable (maybe). Lately, you sound like someone who’s hooked on prescription drugs. You sound like you’re a true believe in the First Church of Hate and Borderline Racism.
    People like you make a mockery of EVERYTHING MLK represents. Are you buds with that Rev. Wright wacko? I find it hard that anyone can look up to you, especially when you’re ranting. Woman, you know damned well that if you didn’t have the LUXURY of immediate media access, we wouldn’t be changing the channel or rushing to put the remote on mute.
    If you live long enough, you might get close to being intelligent (like Bill Cosby or Walter Williams). For now, you’re way too close to a woman who needs immediate counseling. Chill out! And educate yourself, too. Ignorance is NOT a virtue [I don't care what your lying role models have told you].

  • newspooner

    Individual racism is bad. Inatitutional racism is worse. Governmental racism is the worst of all. Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

  • Jim Pinter

    Something in the waters (pun intended) out there in the land of fruits and nuts?

  • RS

    Honestly…why does anyone give a rip what any of the loony left coast idiots have to say about anything. Come on… this dingy woman hasn’t a clue. She’s one of the dolts responsible for destroying a state that was once the envy of the civilized world. I really can’t imagine why anyone would listen to anything she has to say about anything. It’s lefty idiots like her that have made California into the laughing stock that it is today.

    There’s nothing to see here, move along!

    • exbobbie

      RS how right you are, and I’m sorry to say that I live in California. When I immigrated here in 1975 (legally I might add), this was a fantastic place to live, breaks my heart to see whats happening now. I pray that the movement to create a North and Southeast California will take hold, then we can leave all the lefty loons, including LA and Mad Maxine, to their own devises and we conservatives down here can go about our own business restoring our California back to the Golden State.

  • jim

    Man,that’s one ugly bitch….inside and out!!!

  • Stunned at sunset

    Does anyone know if she came up with an idea of where we could get the billions of dollars required to pay for all of this?

    I know the super-rich are targets in these exchanges and even Warren Buffet thinks that they should pay their fair share but, they don’t have THAT much money! Social programs have to be “sustainable.” We can’t pay for the able-bodied to sit around at home and do absolutely nothing all day long. In one case in my neighborhood, and able-bodied male was given a complete scholarship to a local college valued at nearly $160,000. He got kicked out of the program because he never showed up for class and didn’t do the required work. This is an example of what the Teabaggers are complaining about. We have to fix things at the bottom first. We have to introduce this strange and alien notion of social responsiblity into the teaming massess before we can rob the working class of their hard-earned income to fund boondoggles like the example that I just gave.

    Social assistance should be given in the form of “workfare” and not “welfare!” Only the disabled are eligible for a “benefit of the doubt” analysis and, most of the time, the disabled want a job and NOT a handout.

    People like Representative Waters should stop inciting social unrest with her ambiguous and amorphous statements referencing a “THEY” that most of us understand means “US.” Remember, there are an awful lot of black Americans out there working their behinds of and paying outrageous taxes right along side of all the other racial groups and ethinic extractions. They are being screwed to the rafters right along with the rest of us by simple-minded people like Ms. Waters.

    The President screwed up and ruined his chances for re-election. He promised to shut down the wars but got us involved in two more wars when we hadn’t even closed the first one. He promised to clean up the banking fiasco but these jackasses are still raping the banking system and no one is doing anything about it except the Federal Reserve and all they’re doing is printing more money! He promised jobs; although is public infrastructure program was a good start that’s where his effort ended. He’s still allowing jobs to leave the country by underwriting tax legislation that rewards industry for moving over seas. These are just a few examples.

    Ms. Waters should stopy whining about what everyone else should do and come up with some sort of a suggestion that appeals to everyone because, whether she likes it or not, in this country, the majority still has a great deal of influence and can obstruct the misguided intentions of people like her and the privileged plutocrats that she is supporting with her deconstructionist rhetoric.

    • 45caliber


      “People like Representative Waters should stop inciting social unrest with her ambiguous and amorphous statements referencing a “THEY” that most of us understand means “US.”

      The real problem is that her district was designed for her. Her only way of getting votes is by racism because most of the rest there are racist and she knows it.

    • Bob

      Great response.. I don’t agree with everything you said, but I give you respect for the intelligent, thoughtful, unifying message. Thanks!

    • DaveH

      Some economic wisdom that either Maxine can’t grasp, or she is just masquerading as a champion for the poor:

  • C. R.

    Hey, she is insane and the voters in our state of CAmisery keep on voting for her. Every time she opens her mouth, it is clear she is not all there. Jealous! Unintelligent! Wacky! Socialist! (you bet) and got her husband’s bad taken care of. Why we elect nutty women in this state is because this state has become a nanny state with a re-elected nanny called Moonbeam. I have seen this once great state (just like America) go downhill over the years and I cry. We let people like her in our government and then wonder why we have troubles. I used to be proud to say I lived in CA, but stopped that immediately upon 2008 election of a man so unqualified, it was and is pathetic. It is OUR fault and we need to correct our errors – only wish a pencil eraser would be enough to do!

    • Robert Pa.

      GOD created people so we could make mistakes. We do it better than any other entity.

      • 45caliber

        God created man to make his own decisions. I don’t think he deliberately set out to make us make mistakes. We do that all by ourselves without His help at all.

    • Allan

      I’d heard CA was trying to require a 3/4 legislature vote to lower any taxes. Has that happened yet? Maxine Waters — a sinking representative for a sinking state.

  • Spider Dalton

    As if there are no poor white people in this country. Her demands are racist in itself… The President is black therefore he must help black people. What a pathetic human being.

  • Spider Dalton

    At least O-Blame-o Bin Lyin isn’t discriminating… He’s making everyone poor!

  • LuluBelle

    The fact that she is a socialist should alone disqualify her (and all other socialists) from serving in the government of a free republic. Socialism is the antithesis of freedom. But, notwithstanding her rabid leftist leanings, the fact that she is also a liar and a evidently, a cheat, should be enough; I believe these two personal qualities are what the Founders meant when they wrote about “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

  • Enzo

    As a TEA Party Person… I will gladly go to Hell, if by some queer happenstance Maxine Waters ends up in Heaven! Obviously it would be “Opposite Day”!

    • 45caliber


      Actually, it would be more likely that if you did manage to end up there, you would get to see her.

  • cerebus23

    Think the sort of round about interesting thing is how MLK was pushed out of his own movement, a bit part of which was by women feminists hijacked that movement, and worse people hijacked it later on. Someone called MLK a racist and a communist, i dunno MLK was no saint, but i think he genuinely wanted people to understand each other.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Waters is a real peice of work. But one thing she forgets; no matter what is complextion might be, Obama is not really one of them. He just used them to get elected.

  • 45caliber

    They REALLY need to finish up their ethics investigation of this woman. She is simply trying to convince her voters and as many others as possible that she REALLY didn’t do those things she is accused of doing and is simply concerned about all of us.

  • Violet

    I’m sure good old Maxine could show us Tea Party people how to get to Hell because that is her country of origin.

  • DROB1776

    Waters is doing her best to ensure she is on the upper end of he wealth gap in trying to get tax payer funds for her husbands bank. I look forward to her ethics trial in the house. When wee have ignorant and racist members of our government as she and Shelia Jackson Lee from TX how can we expect more than what we have.

  • Alex

    By way of disclaimer, I would NEVER do this, and certainly don’t feel this way about blacks … However, I do get a kick out of baiting people like Maxine. I think it would be funny as hell to answer Maxine with “… because you’re black” at the end of every statement. “Well, of course you’d say that … because you’re black.” “Of course you’d do that … because you’re black.” Or even worse, “You’d know better if you were white.”

    Holy crap, she’d lose her mind. She’d probably attack me. lol. She’d likely morph into a demon right before my eyes.

  • http://yahoo jeff

    I thought people were elected to congress to represent all Americans not just blacks. I guess I am wrong.

    • http://att pring

      jeff, This bunch in congress is not representing black or white , JUST WEALTHY

      • Bob

        Correction – This bunch in DC represent themselves, and anything that helps them stay in power.. Politics of division is par for the course because it distracts us from the real issues..

  • KAB

    Maxine just thinks she can assign places in hell because her boss runs the place.

  • moonbeam

    It looks to me that Maxine is just one angry black woman, the anger most likely stemming from her own life, projecting it on to others.

    Very few doors are open to those exhibiting this behavior. Nobody wants to talk to you if there’s a chance you’ll blow up at the slightest provocation.

    I was appalled that being in the public life, she couldn’t use decorum and exercise more control over herself.

    As far as the comment by Mary “She should go Africa and improve life there…” She can take Oprah with her.

  • Free Mind

    That crazy old c**t ought to be lit on fire.

  • http://att pring

    WATERS IS PERFECTLY CORRECT, THE PRESIDENT HAS TO BE MORE FORCEFULL WITH THE REPUBLICANS ,, HE IS WAY TOO SOFT HE HAS TO STOP GIVING AND START TAKING, THEY ARE LIKE A BUNCH OF SCHOOL BULLIES AND THE PRESIDENT IS ALLOWING THIS BEHAVIOR. There has to be a meeting of the minds. The opinion she has of the tea party is shared by a large number of voters. the tea party should dismantle and start acting like grown ups. They voted now see what we have, a lot of men being kids very misguided ones at that . The are only thinking one thing = how to get rid of OBama and ruin the middle class. That is no way to govern. A WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY NOTHING has been accomplished since all the congress took over because of the tea party. GOPdoes not want anyone to benefit anything ,THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER . this is their quest , and it has to stop before we are the poorest nation after being the worlds most wealthy, the world is laughing at this mess we have inherited.

    • Bruce

      pring, WOW you are as uninformed as any single person I have ever seen. By the way that equals that your ignorant, but saying uninformed is the nice way of stating that.

    • Bob

      Ok, so let me see if I get this straight.. It sounds like to get your way you would like this president be a dictator?

      Help me understand.. What exactly should the President make the Republicans do? Do you actually think that the president has this authority today? or are you suggesting he should? Think carefully about your answer… Remember, he won’t always be president and you may not want the next person to have that power anymore..

      Do you understand how our government is designed to work and why there is separation of powers…? Do you understand why there are specific and limited powers for different branches of the government? I can tell that you clearly understand why the DEM’s want to rewrite the constitution, since that troublesome piece of paper just gets in the way of “progress”.. If only Barry was a dictator though.. that would solve all our problems… right??

      Your ignorance is staggering. You need to educate yourself. Do you read Much? You might start with some history.. maybe read about the rein of dictators throughout history. It’s riveting reading… It will help fill in all the huge substance voids in your argument and help you get a grip on reality..

      Just curious.. from your strong arm approach, I take it you are a Municipal Union worker or otherwise on the government dole.. Am I right?

    • Robert Pa.

      That’s it, line up all the republicans by the wall so the firing squad can’t miss. Net the Tea Party bunch and “Pow, Zoom”.
      That leaves the leftists “Goose Steppers” to do just what they please.

      By the way, did anyone see any invoices, bills of lading etc. on the
      14 “TRILLION” spent????

      • Jana

        Robert Pa,
        That’s right, let all of the Democrats pay the extravagant debt all by themselves!

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    you is a dope

  • Montie R

    There has to be something environmentally wrong in California.
    Something that seriously reduces the cognitive ability of normal people to reason. Evidence reelecting people like boxer,pelosi and watters. Now you take a person that is already mentally deficient
    and it turns them into a BLATHERING IDIOT.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) continues to disgrace the halls of Congress.

    • Christin


      She needs to retire … like yesterday!

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    The Tea Party is the middle class what class are you?

  • Palin12

    As far as I’m concerned, Maxine Waters can go straight to hell. And bring all her fellow marxist commies with her.

    • Christin


      Next time, take the High Road and don’t repeat her angry words or anyone else’s that lacks character and integrity… otherwise you have sunk to their level using their rude and slanderous words.

      • Palin12

        Sorry, I don’t work that way. I’m from the Wally George mold of putting liberal lunatics in their place. Looking at that ugly mugshot of Waters is all I can stand. Maybe she should ask pelosi who her plastic surgeon is.

        • Christin


          I’m guessing plastic surgery wouldn’t help much… maybe a little on the outside, but her evil heart will inevitably spew out hatred as usual and show her ugliness from within.

          She is after all a self professed communist and her husband is bank cheater, too.

      • Jana

        Excuse me? that sounds like a typical leftist liberal statement!
        I AM NOT CALLING YOU A LIBERAL by the way, that statement was what a brainwashed person would say.

        YES we should use their own words back against them.
        Sometimes what these people come up with are things most of us wouldn’t even think of, and when they are as ridiculous as what Maxine Waters said, it needs to be thrown back in their faces.

        What you just said is why we are in trouble in this country today. The Democrats are telling everyone that the Republicans ought to compromise to get along, but the Democrats stand firm in what they want, even when it is WRONG for this country.

        We are tired of being sold down the river by these RHINOS. We need Representatives that will represent us with truth and honesty as well as willingness to stand on their convictions and not be bullied into submission.

        • Christin


          What on earth are you going off half cocked for?

          Wasn’t even talking to you, Jana… you’re excused.

          • Jana

            I wasn’t going off half cocked.
            I generally agree with you, but that statement you made chastising Palin12 for using Maxine’s words against her, was wrong.
            It doesn’t matter whether you were talking to me or not, you posted on this site and I responded.

          • eddie47d

            ” Half cocked ” was being kind. Try listening to yourself,please!

          • Christin


            I didn’t chastise anyone, Jana. I only made a comment that we act better than the evil ones who spew vomit at us and seek to harm us.

            If we don’t like people telling US (the Tea Party) “to go to hell”, then maybe WE shouldn’t do it either… It doesn’t make us any better than them.

            ‘The Golden Rule’
            ” Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6:31

            If you have a problem with that take it up with God.

          • Jana


            Actually Christin, I am surprised at the way you are taking this.

            Let me explain to you where I am coming from.

            For too long now, we Christians have set back and allowed our rights to be taken from us. Heaven forbid if we happen to pray in front of someone. That has become an evil offence. They have taken Christ out of Christmas and are making Christmas now the winter holidays. Pretty soon they will have to change the word holiday to something else as it stands for holy days.

            There are many many people that believe that if we are a Christian we shouldn’t even have an opinion about politics.

            For some reason or other, Democrats can say anything they please, good bad or evil, and get away with it. The Republican Party that used to represent conservatives have also set back and let them do this.

            You also stated that “God DOES NOT LIKE HIS PEOPLE BEING MADE INTO BRICKS by her, Nimrod, the Pharaohs, not anyone. God has made us unique in His image, not like man-made bricks that are all the same size, shape and color without free will. God will free us from them.”

            Yes, God will free us from them but He is not going to come down zap it is done. He has given us instructions in His Word on what to do.

            God has NOT called us to be wimps. He has called us to be warriors for Him.
            Read Ephesians 6:10-19
            He has told us to put on our armor and stand. Yes, sometimes throwing back their own words to them is a wake up call for them to see how they are coming across. We are not called to be weak people, we are called to make a stand for what is right.

            Matt 10:34
            “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

            Heb 4:12
            12 For the word of God is living and effectual, and more piercing than any two edged sword; and reaching unto the division of the soul and the spirit, of the joints also and the marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

            His sword cuts both ways, dividing right from wrong.

            I will reiterate, YES we should use their own words back against them.
            Sometimes what these people come up with are things most of us wouldn’t even think of, and when they are as ridiculous as what Maxine Waters said, it needs to be thrown back in their faces.

            If you still think this is the way it is, then you are thinking in the same line as all of the Republican Reps that have let us down for so long now.

            Maxine Waters is a big bully, and if she wasn’t worried about the TEA Party, she wouldn’t be attacking so hard. The only thing that works against a bully is the TRUTH, and not being afraid to stand up to them. Pacifists have lost so much ground that we now have to stand up and fight twice as hard.

          • Christin


            Chill girl… you’re preaching to the choir.

            I NEVER said not to have Courage and Stand for Truth and Righteousness in the face of evil.
            I NEVER said Conservatives or Christians should be door mats.
            I NEVER said we shouldn’t stand up and fight for our country and our Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights granted by God.

            I know exactly what is going on and picking a ‘posting fight’ with me, another Constitutional Conservative Christian, isn’t going to solve any of our county’s problems.

            We are on the same page.

            I only mentioned that we should not repeat their hateful rhetoric.

            Frankly, I’m surprised at you and how you are constantly befuddled with my comments.

            If I am pleasing God, then it doesn’t matter who I’m displeasing…
            And if I’m displeasing God, then it doesn’t matter who I’m pleasing.

            Please let’s drop it and stand side by side against the real enemy.

          • Jana

            Well girl, I am so glad to hear you say these things, as I was very concerned on how you were coming across.
            I am always proud to stand with another Christian or conservative when they don’t make themselves out to be a pacifist.
            Have a good day.

          • Jana

            I would like to reiterate, I was NOT calling you a pacifist nor a liberal. I have read many of your comments and as I said before I have agreed with you on most of those comments.
            Again, have a nice day.

  • 1776

    You Know their are a lot of articals here that people have written !!!, well exactly how many of you VOTE, if you don’t vote – don’t complain,
    I have some Black friends and some Mexican friends who are fed up with their own RACE, Their are good and bad In all races – but the ratio’s of bad people are bigger in the minority’s – Why – lower IQ – Fortitude to work, you pic ken on me cause i’m BLACK, no it’s because you are lazy, have a lower IQ, and have no ambition to improve your self or your standing in life. My Grandpa told me that if you ever had to resort to name calling – you have already lost the Battle.
    Maxine Walters you have lost the Battle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Pa.

      Let me know when there is someone to vote for. There are more than 50 possibles and not one of them would I vote for.

  • George

    Maxine is a loon. When she said, “The Tea Party can go straight to hell”, I assume she wanted to see some familiar faces when she arrives.

    • Christin



      Marxist Maxine is a very angry and hateful person. If she wants to help so badly, why doesn’t she give up some of her tax payer pay-check and give it to her kind that gets paid to sit and do nothing.

      And how does ‘Raising the Debt Ceiling’ help her Black Race or any American when all it does is assure mutual destruction… Communist Congress will SPEND MORE and Collapse our Economy so that NO ONE WILL GET PAID who works for the gov or gets entitlements.

      I don’t think she knows any Tea Party people… they will not be following her to hell. She is delusional if she thinks God is pleased with her.

      God DOES NOT LIKE HIS PEOPLE BEING MADE INTO BRICKS by her, Nimrod, the Pharaohs, not anyone. God has made us unique in His image, not like man-made bricks that are all the same size, shape and color without free will. God will free us from them.

  • Maum

    So Maxine, the black community is getting angry? Are they getting angry enough to vote the radical socialist out that they put in office and have put the country in the state it is in? Or is this a Walters veiled threat that unless blacks don’t get more special treatments and government handouts there will be violence? Does the latter does not
    make Maxine an instigator of violence? If history repeats itself, destruction from previous riots has centered in black communities. If they are stupid enough to do that again we should just let it happen and there should be no assistance to rebuild the community they destroy. You destroyed it, you be responsible for your action. Given that scenario, black community, isn’t it much easier to vote the radical socialist out of office that have created your situation?

  • skippy

    Oh, and SHE was the one that “this liberal is going to take over your company” person…right??!!! Hmmm…wasn’t that to BP over the Gulf incident??


    Maxine Waters belongs to a race based ba-lack caucus, just like she is supported by the ba-lack race based NAALCP both of these groups inculding MW are un-needed, hypocritical and unamerican.

    MW’s opinion is worth about as much as a small pile of sand in the middle of the Sahara Desert……you can blow it to hell anytime.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    Although i’m no supporter of Maxine Waters, for she’s in favor of socialistic policies that don’t help our nation, she’s right about the
    Tea Party. Let’s face it folks, the tea party consist of repulsive,
    reactionary, regressive, anti-social misfits. Where would these people
    take our society if they get in power? They would take this society back 40-200yrs. That’s the days before the 19th ammendment, and Emanci
    -pation proclaimation. This would be a disaster to our country. By the way this analysis is coming from a conservative. As a conservative,i’m going to have the integrity to condemn the Tea party movement and smash it if need be.I mean when you have people like Lost in Paradise and Mary telling people to go back to Africa is ridiculous. That’s the equivalent of me telling themto go back to Europe or the caves of the North Pole. NOw, i suggest you Tea partiers
    knock it off or Obama will win in 2012 by a landslide. Thanks!!

    • Allan

      You’re no conservative, and secondly, Obama will lose. Your characterizations of tea party folks will help him and some other Democrats lose. I appreciate your help.

    • exbobbie

      Tony Tony Tony, anybody that has to keep reminding us the he is a conservative during his leftist diatribe, obviously is not a conservative. You Sir are a leftist infiltrator, a TROLL. I have been to several Tea Party rallies. The last one I went to I was standing next to six Teamster members on my right and a family of four (Mother, Father and two small kids on my left. Your description of Tea Party participants could only come from the vile mouth of a TRUE BLUE RADICAL LEFTY and if I am wrong, do us a favor and change parties you would go down well with the Democrats.

  • Phillip

    Maxine Waters is an ugly woman, black or otherwise, who says she is not afraid of anything. Yes she is; she is afraid of losing her cushy job because if she is ever kicked out of the house, her only source of income will be panhandling. Could she make it as a hooker? She is too stupid and corrupt to have a real job and because of her aid in killing jobs in this country, there probably won’t be one available for her. Tony, you belong on the Puffington Post page. Conservatives need to develop an in-your-face attitude. The marxists aren’t used to people talking back to them.

    • skippy

      Good one Phillip!!! I am with you on that!!! :)

  • bill davis

    Maxine needs to, like BHO, take Economics 101. What a waste of a talent. Marxism/socialism, has been dying over the World, and will die here. Too bad she speaks with profane reatoric and lowering her character in the eyes of most Americans.

    • Alex

      Can you not see that Capitalism is dying, as well?
      Ask the Amerikan families whose jobs have been shipped overseas for Capital.
      Ask any of the families of our dead Amerikan mercenaries we sent
      to kill and rape in our never-ending War of Capital.

      In the end the Earth will be populated by tolerant “Democratic Socialists” (please LOOK UP both terms before you get your panties in a twist) who have come to understand that the goal of Creation was to witness people in Paradise who get along, or it will simply not be populated. Captalism does not want that. Strategies bent on acquisition and selfishness are destructive and, if there truly be a God or Gods, so far against the Plan as to mark mankind as Evil.

      {NOTE: Please do not confuse the term ‘Democratic Socialist’ (or Socialist Democracy) in any way with the Democratic Party of the White Estates of Amerika)}

      • Allan

        I have a feeling that a year from now, with more folks figuring out socialism is a root cause of global instability, socialists like yourself will start being more reluctant to identify themselves.

  • Dave from Ohio

    To paraphrase Maxine Waters . . .

    “And as far as I’m concerned — the Cangressional Black Caucus can go straight to hell.”

  • Robert Pa.

    Lets see, give every “BLACK” person 1 million dollars and then what.

  • DaveH

    Maxine is the typical Liberal ignoramus. If she wants jobs for the young blacks, she is doing the opposite things necessary to achieve that goal:

  • J Capritta

    wow.. is she on somethng…typical Black calling for help for the Black community…I would consider her very racist and she can go to hell….she is a crook, ignorant of what is going on and a RACIST…have you seen the vehicles blacks are driving (as well as Hispanics)…government jobs (county, state, federal) are held by a majority of blacks (and how did they get them)…so don’t be fooled…the black community is doing quite well…I live outside of DC and let me tell you, the amount of crooks here are unbelievable and the majority are black…but they are getting caught and she will be found guilty of what she is being accused of…so, Maxine Waters, you should keep your mouth shut, look in a mirror before you make a derogatory remark about the Republicans & Tea Party and remember, you are under investigation….the pot calling the kettle black….LMAO

  • chuckb

    tony, the conservative, calling the tea party repulsive, lol. i was a republican before i voted for barry. lol.
    can’t we all just get along, then we can vote the muslim back for another four years.
    mary said for her to go back to africa, she’s been there quite a bit in fact she was part of the communist movement to overthrow so. afica.

    africa may be a good place for her and those of the nation of islam, possibly they could find some adminisrative position for angela davis and danny glover. she could join up with her comrade aristide from haiti. another interesting story. this will probably come out in the current investigations unless the republicans hide under the table like they usually do with things of racial nature.

  • Debbie G.

    First of all, the Tea Party isn’t a “party” per se. Why don’t the liberals understand that the “Tea Party” is simply a large group of Americans sick and tired of the horribly bloated government and their spending sprees? Second of all, I’m a Cherokee, and I’ve been told most of my life that the government “owes” me a free education, as well as lots of other things. However, I am a proud American, and I paid my way through college. Also, I DO have some physical disability, and yet, I get up and go to work. I’m sick and tired of paying mandatory charity (taxes) for every Tom, Dick, and Harry that has an anxiety disorder, or wants to “find” himself by being an artist. So, if people like Maxine Waters wants to say the Tea Party can go to hell, it would do her well to remember that she’s lumped a lot of us together: Blacks, whites, Indians, Hispanics, amputees, arthritis-ridden, etc. It would almost be funny except that people like her and the squatter in the White House are in positions of power in our country. It’s terrifying to me.

    • Jana

      Debbie G,
      You are a GREAT AMERICAN. You are my kind of lady.
      You are also correct in that the TEA Party is not a party like Rep, Or Libertarian, or Dem Parties.
      We do represent (and I say we because I have never gone to a gathering, but I relate with the TEA Party,) a large part of America, and in these days where lobbyists abound, then we have to come together and let our voices be heard.

  • Alex

    Representative Maxine Waters has been, and continues to be, a fine champion for the people.
    She fought against the Bush Regime’s giving up on trying to find Osama bin Laden and instead sending over FIVE THOUSAND of YOUR KIDS into a mass grave in Iraq.
    She has championed American families over corporations and worked to help save what little natural beauty is left from the ravages of industry.

    The recent comments made by Rep. Waters are loud and sure to be dfismissed by the tea gaggers, but until this country really comes to grip with the subject of Race there will be no context for the average undereducated Amerikan.

    • Raggs

      You are no more than a low life scum….

      • Alex

        What really got your ire—that Bush gave up on finding bin Laden or that he sent over 5000 of your kids into a mass grave in a war woven from whole cloth?

        • Palin12

          Hey Alex,
          Are you talking about the invasion of Iraq that then Sen. Hillary Clinton voted in favor of authorizing? First she’s for it, then she’s against it, whichever way the wind blows.

        • Allan

          You’re forgetting the 4000 babies aborted each day in the U.S. I know they don’t count in your mind.

      • eddie47d

        ..and you Raggs are total negativity 24/7.

  • Raggs

    Even tho it is illegal to carry a weapon while voting I expect the maxine water brains to be in full ( empty headed ) force in 2012 along with her force of paid unions thuglets to inflict terror on the little old ladies…. Well I hope so anyway.. I have plenty of ammo.

  • American Citizen

    For Maxine Waters, it’s all about her skin color. She doesn’t have the brains for the job.

    • Jana

      American Citizen.
      Maixine Waters may be allowing her skin color to infulence her rude crude and stupid behavior, but we all know blacks AS WELL AS whites that are pretty brainless.
      Stupidity has no color.

  • http://N/A Cinti.CB

    I’ve been reading everyones’ comments. I agree with much of it. I wonder if anyone had noticed, and was disgusted about, the following: Obama kept threatening the people who paid into Social Security (SS) all of their lives. He didn’t, once, threaten the people (who get the taxpayers’ money EVERY month) who have NEVER paid a cent into ‘the system’!
    They keep talking about how SS is running out of money. I guess so, a part of SS called SSI (suplimental security income) is for those who have never paid taxes (originally meant for babies born with disabilities, such as, blindness)-it is, now, the new Welfare. There are people getting SSI because they are addicted to drugs or alcohol (first thing they do when they get taxpayers’ money is buy their substance of choice). The Government is spending millions on their lame ‘war on drugs’, while at the same time, spending millions on supplying drugs/alcohol for addicts!!! There are, also, some who get SSI because they don’t know how to read! I have a better idea; give the addicts one chance at rehabilitation. If they don’t help themselves, ‘sorry, buddy, you’re on your own’. Spend YOUR money, ONE TIME, to teach the illiterates to read. Man, they REALLY need to remove their heads from their rectal cavities!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex

      President Obama did not threaten Social Security. mam, the Rethuglicans did—they also threatened pay to the armed farces. The GOP plan is to make Obama a one term president and they will do anything to reach that end, even denying AMERICAN FAMILIES in a time of great troubles.

    • Jana

      Yes, I did notice how Obama became a very skilled terrorist to our Senior Citizens in this country. Threats can bring terror, and Obama made threats that were lies. He is quite good at that.
      You are so right in that he never threatened the illegals in this country, just the law abiding citizens.

  • Simian Pete

    It sure doesn’t sound good – if you aren’t black ! HA HA HA !!!

    Lothrop Stoddard and Mason Grant had alot to say about subdivisions in the human race. But one thing is clear – it seems people act more favorably to those who belong to their “group”. In Swabea (where the German “hillbillies” or rural folk live) you can tell what town a person is from by the way they talk. “Your not from here ?” is what they will ask you. Some of my ancestors are from there.

    The African-American experience in the USA is very unique. They were brought here as slaves for centuries. Then liberated. Then immediately they were “Jim Crow(ed)” legally. The Southern Whites WERE AFRAID of the emancipated SLAVES.

    So we come full circle, the first President of African descent ! I’m leaving alot out – just trying to tget to the crux of the issue ..
    The Congresswoman is wondering why African Americans (aka “blacks”) aren’t being helped to the DEGREE she is of the opinion they should be.
    Ususally in politics it’s “winner takes all” – so it comes to reason with a “black” president shouldn’t African-Americans be getting some more consideration ? Especially by an African-American President ??

    These concepts are tough for us predominantly “Alpine White” or “Celtic White” Europeans to understand. We are people who are attached to the land – “this land is my country”. Us Alpines are use to being overtaxed and mistreated by our Nordic Leaders (aka – the Bilderbergers, the power elite). That’s is why the white majority has voted they way they do. The White AlpineCeltic population mostly 1) are tax slaves, 2) Prosper to a degree under harsh economic conditions, 3)and succesfully breed a plenty….

    So being of Alpine European descent – I don’t really see what is wrong with Maxine Waters expressing her frustration ….

    The “Tea Party” is the future of politics. Change is tough. I hope she will be able to adapt to the new political “paradigm” …

  • peter

    Is she planning to run for President then?

  • chuckb

    simian pete, if the southern whites were afraid of the africans, george washington and others must have been terrified of them. they did not want the blacks assimilated into the white society, they tried from their time to lincoln to rid the country of africans. they bred faster than they could build ships to transport them back to africa (check out liberia), even lincoln approved of sending them back.

    maxine waters is a rabble rouser and communist, like a lot of the black caucus.

  • JeffH

    In Maxine Waters own words to John Hofmeister, Shell President. The government should take over and run ALL of your companies. Water’s is nothing more than a communist.

  • Thomas Harris

    Maybe after we are rid of this fraudulent parasite you enablers in DC call your “President” you’ll be our next target…

    Event Details

    As specific locations and times for the Birther Summit events are determined, they will be posted here. For now, this is an overview of what will occcur:

    Wednesday, March 28 will be a “working conference” of the national leaders and spokespeople of the eligibility movement. Their names are all very well known to you, and this group will hammer out a unified, cohesive message to issue to Congress and every citizen of this country. That message will be our Declaration of Constitutional Dependence, and will address every facet of Barack Obama’s constitutional ineligibility to hold the highest office in the country, and the lengths to which he has gone to hide that fact.

    Thursday, March 29 will start with a massive rally at which many of the previous day’s conference attendees will address the huge crowd assembled to make our presence known to Washington and the rest of the country. The rally, with poignant messages from some of our leaders, will culminate in the reading of our Declaration of Constitutional Dependence. We have asked the one individual we all immediately recognize for the vast sacrifice he made on our country’s behalf—LTC Terry Lakin. Stay tuned.

    Following the rally, we will take our message to the streets in a unified march, protesting Washington’s continued cover up of the fraud that has been perpetrated upon us.

    Friday, March 30 will be the day for the Summit’s attendees to deliver our message in a more personal way, by teaming up and visiting the offices of every member of Congress.

    Online registration for the Rally and March (March 29) will begin August 1. Join our email list today, and we’ll keep you informed about this exciting, historic event!

  • meteorlady

    “There is a growing frustration in this country and in minority communities because the unemployment rates are so high,” said Waters. She also claimed that a rising number of home foreclosures and a “wealth gap” between blacks and whites have begun to create frustration and anger in the black community.”

    Instead of growing frustration they ought to get off their a s s e s and start learning a trade and finding a job. Maybe they might even better themselves so that we working people and business owners won’t have to fork over our tax dollars to support these underachievers.

  • chuckb

    maybe these young blacks should turn in their boom boxes and pull up their pants, instead of playing basketball and smoking crack go back to school. thank you great society.

  • john

    Get a rope.

    • paintbrushbright

      Waters no longer represents all Americans. She has chosen to be a tribal leader of Afro Americans and a messenger of hate. Her mouth runs loudly in an attempt to draw attention away from her criminal investigation. As long as her mouth is running her demorat friends will stall her investigation. She is one of Nancy Pelosi’s Swamp monsters.

  • Jim C

    It’s quite simple. Maxine Waters is a racist! She tries to hide the fact, by calling other people racists.





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