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Reporter Links Sport Shooters, Murderers

August 3, 2012 by  

Reporter Links Sport Shooters, Murderers
The Olympic Games are underway in London.

Is there any correlation between Olympic shooting sports and deranged murderers?

Of course there isn’t, unless you happen to be a reporter for The Washington Post. In a seemingly desperate attempt to tie two completely unrelated topics that have been dominating mainstream news media over the past couple of weeks, Post reporter Katherine Boyle attempted to tie James Holmes’ horrific massacre to Olympian target shooting.

The piece, entitled “Even at the Olympics, Athletes in Sport of Shooting Face Questions About Gun Violence,” Boyle asserts the following regarding Olympian shooter Kim Rhode:

But Rhode, 33, is confronted with questions that few other athletes face because she is a shooter — a term embraced by Rhode and other athletes who shoot rifles and pistols for sport. Olympic shooters must deal with unfortunate associations: They compete in a sport — one that demands concentration and decades of practice — that also requires a machine that, when used maliciously, can kill people.

At a news conference last Thursday, before she earned a gold medal in women’s skeet shooting, Rhode was asked about another shooter, arguably a more famous one, who used a rifle, a shotgun and a semiautomatic pistol to kill 12 and injure 58 in a packed movie theater. As with most mass shootings, the backdrop was pedestrian. The targets, random — the opposite of what happens at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where Rhode and other members of USA Shooting practice their sport.

Particularly revealing of Boyle’s attempt to use a piece about highly skilled athletes competing in an Olympic event into a politically charged narrative on how different gun owners are from “normal” people who don’t have them are the words, “that also requires a machine that, when used maliciously, can kill people.”

Just for fun, here are some ad-lib variations of the statement using other tools Olympians might have:

[Swimmers] compete in a sport — one that demands concentration and decades of practice — that also requires a [speedo] that, when used maliciously, can kill people.

[Fencing competitors] compete in a sport — one that demands concentration and decades of practice — that also requires a [foil, epee or sabre] that, when used maliciously, can kill people.

[Badminton players] compete in a sport — one that demands concentration and decades of practice — that also requires a [shuttlecock] that, when used maliciously, can kill people.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    Don’t forget javelins, shot and discus.

    • http://omniv8 pete0097

      Or wrestling, judo, all the other martial ares, or the hammer. People will come up with new ways to kill another given the time and reason.

      • J2102

        How very true if you want to kill you do not need a weapon because if your trained your hands are a leathal weapon and they are registered. There are many way to kill without a gun and most will do it just as quick.

      • JC

        Reporter Katherine Boyle takes notes with a pencil that when used maliciously can kill people…or just make Katherine Boyle look like a complete idiot! ;-)

    • Wumingren

      Don’t forget the hammer.

      • vanguard7

        Although not an Olympic event (yet), I could see “cup-stacking” falling into this category and it would not surprise me if it becomes an event sometime in the future. And, since there has been a motion to include “pole-dancing” made to the Olympic committee, one would need to be careful around the dancers too. I mean, really, one well-placed kick to a person’s temple as they spin around that pole with their legs extended could be fatal too.

  • JimH

    When the Greeks organized the earlest Olympics, the competors were soldiers. Running. wrestling, javelin(spear) were all military related.
    Training for the games was just an extension of military training.
    Boyle’s attempt to link an Olympic shooting sport, to the actions of a madman is lame.
    What’s the matter Boyle? A world wide sporting event isn’t eough for you? If you thought you might start some controversy and make a name for yourself, you only made a fool of yourself.

  • Patriot1776

    Other “machines that when used maliciously can kill people”; cars, gravity, poor journalism…

    • eddie47d

      The reporters comparisons were about as weak as yours. There are always good reasons for having self protections and FOR having tight controls over weapons used for killing. This probably isn’t a new issue and centuries ago I’m sure there were abuses with spears and swords. There was probably someone back then who cried out “the only way you’ll take my spear and sword is from my cold dead hands”. One thing for sure if you must have a weapon at least be well trained in it’s usage so you will hit the appriopriate target. That is what this reporter didn’t grasp.

      • JeffH

        “Stupid is as stupid does”
        Forrest Gump

      • s c

        Be careful, comrade ‘e.’ If you start to almost make sense on a regular basis, your ‘leaders’ will come to your house and destroy your Utopian membership card and then throw your runp out of that half-_____ Big Tent. Ciao, comrade.

      • eddie47d

        What’s a matter Jeff you can’t get me to repeat your mantra so you head straight for the name calling.

      • chester

        Eddy, have you tried to buy a sword lately? Seems the only question you are likely to be asked is paper or plastic, as in how you are going to pay for it. There ARE no rules or regulations on who can buy or own a sword, a hunting knife, or any number of edged and blunt instruments of destruction. About the only handheld weapon, other than a gun, that has restrictions placed on it in the nunchuk. Seems it is TOO easy to do serious bodily damage without warning with a pair of those nasty little sticks.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “There are always good reasons for having self protections and FOR having tight controls over weapons used for killing. ”

        Indeed there are. These experts are in full agreement with you eddie.

      • Vicki

        “About the only handheld weapon, other than a gun, that has restrictions placed on it in the nunchuk”

        Depends entirely on the state. California is rather down on a range of oriental weapons including the Shuriken.

        Of amusement when you read the description of a Shuriken you quickly realize how stupid these possession laws are.

        “12020. (c)
        (11) As used in this section, a “shuriken” means any instrument, without handles, consisting of a metal plate having three or more radiating points with one or more sharp edges and designed in the shape of a polygon, trefoil, cross, star, diamond, or other geometric shape for use as a weapon for throwing.”

        So if it is not made for use as a weapon for throwing than it is legal. Good thing they put in that little caviot or saw blades for your circular saw would be illegal in California. Oh and the 3 point metal plate for certain kinds of sanders would be illegal too.

  • David C. PLOWMAN

    Lame attempt to link 2 very different aspects of one sport. May as well compare kitchen knives with butter knives. Guns don’t kill people, people do. Wake up you “reporter”. Trying to make news where there is none except for 2 gold medals. You must be desperate for attention. Seen any shrinks yet for your little “problem”?

  • Dave of Michigan

    Its Not a Machine – it’s a tool and Firearm, but you need to remember, it takes a person to discharge it, so don’t just carelessly lump everyone one together, thinking you have an Journalism Article, Safety is of utmost importance, when using a Firearm. That is All….

    • chester

      Actually, Dave, a gun IS a machine. Not all machines are guns, but all guns are, by the very description of what they do and how they do it, machines. Doubt my word, get a basic, very basic, physics book and look up the description of a “machine.”

  • FreedomFighter

    U.S. to Surrender Military Control to UN While Disarming Americans!

    Its all about taking your arms, to render you helpless to the demands of the global government. All tyrants want to disarm the slaves.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Average Joe

      FreedomFighter ,

      I’ve been saying this for quite some time now…and nobody lisrens. Maybe people will finally start to realize where we are headed as a nation…and it isn’t goig to be pretty.
      Thnx for the link.
      Best Wishes,

      • TIME

        Dear FF & AJ,

        Saddly many only get it after it happens.
        But none the less keep on plugging away – if we wake 2 per week, thats 8 per month, thats 96 per year and if they each wake up 2 per week the number’s start to add up after awhile.
        Tell the TRUTH – Stay Peaceful and relaxed.

        Peace and Love

    • chester

      FF, funny thing about that proposed UN agreement, it has zero chance of being approved in the US senate. Even more, has just about that much chance of presidential signature if it by some wildassed chance got through the senate. Oh, and for it to ever have any effect here, the senate AND the president would have to approve, and the president would then have to sign. Not even may Democrats like that well enough to vote for it.

  • dan

    Idiot has a future with TSA…

  • tim

    Another idiot that’s allowed to write because of the first amendment

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    That is what is the matter with the world today,, too many of those air heads are allowed to buy typewriters.,,,much more dangeruos than guns,,

  • kid

    I wonder if this lady has ever been mugged or raped. If she has not, she is lucky. If there is the potential, wouldn’t she like the chance to at least try to defend herself even if that meant pulling a gun and killing the criminal(s). Why be a sheep and be eaten by the wolves? Be a sheepdog and fight the wolves. But you must have an equalizer. What would she use. Let’s see now, a brush or comb, a fingernail file, a cell phone. Lady you have only got seconds to respond to a threat, and IF you can dial 911 fast enough and get some lame operator on the line, and tell them where you are and what is happening, by the time the lawmen show up, you are raped, robbed and murdered. Maybe you should start thinking about protecting yourself, let others protect themselves and protect you and stop with this anti-gun crap. You do not flatter or show any intelligence factor when you come out with this sort of stuff. Good luck. You are a candidate for natural selection!

  • Renée

    I would say this was one of the more rediculous things I’ve read in a long time. If the author of that piece wanted to get technical, water is a dangerous weapon, you can drown someone, what about those in rowing, their oars are a dangerous weapons. It has nothing at all to do with what a person can hold in their hand but what is in the mind of a sick person who is out to bring harm. They can use anything as a weapon and for this author to link a sicko with a gun and an Olympian is just outrageous!

  • RichE

    After reading the Washington Post article I’ve come to the conclusion the author, Ms. Boyle, didn’t create the link but was giving the marksperson, Ms. Rhode, voice after someone else asked the question.
    Ms. Rhode replied; “Our event as a sport is completely different from an isolated incident,” Rhode said during Thursday’s news conference, according to press accounts. “It’s very important to us that our sport is not generalized. The lines get blurred between news and a sport that teaches discipline.”

    • Vigilant

      “It’s very important to us that our sport is not generalized.”

      What the Hell is that supposed to mean? Outlaw target shooting and marksmanship training?

  • FishingInTheSand

    There are and always have been laws against maiming/killing people in whatever manner was chosen. If those laws and the consequences of breaking them are strenuously enforced, much more will be accomplished than by placing more controls on only one of hundreds of ways to kill people. It makes just as much sense to cut off everybody’s hands so they can’t use a gun, a sword, a car, etc., etc. to kill. Or, better yet, give everybody a lobotomy. Oh, wait, the media have already done that. The point is, sad to say, people get killed every day through various means. The fact that certain segments of the population have for some time been making so much noise about only one method used, i.e., guns, and pushing for more and more control, is proof that it’s all about people control and nothing else. That said, at this time, we should be turning our thoughts, prayers and support toward the victims and their families of this latest tragedy.

  • Phoenix

    What about race car drivers? Car accidents kill way more people every year than any shootings. Maybe she should ask Jimmy Johnson about drunk drivers!

  • Wumingren

    Katherine Boyle, what a great opportunity to draw a political cartoon with a big red boil on the rear end of the other Katharine.

  • s c

    Can I be blunt? _____ the Washington Post and all of their retarded ‘reporters.’ May they be FORCED to become objective – and run out of that ______ Big Tent and get real J O B S.

  • steven

    Liberalism kills more people every year than probably all other forms other than natural death, its attempts to take away the weapons of the honest, law-abiding people in this country but at the same time it wants to coddle and feels sorry for the criminals.
    Poor Johnny had a bad childhood that’s why he rapes and murders, he grew up in a bad neighborhood that’s why he’s a drug dealer, a criminal and a thug.

    If you’re going to take firearms away from the people that start with that kunt Diane Feinstein, who carries a weapon because as a politician, she feels she needs protection.

    Let’s take away the weapons from all the politicians bodyguards and their security personnel.

    This liberal a-hole from the Washington Post needs to grunt three times real hard, and then pull her head out of her ass, as my Drill Sgt. from forty years ago would have said.

    • The Christian American

      Steven, Better to take guns out of politicians, body guards and security personnel than them being the ones with guns because they might constitute a Gestapo.

  • DLP

    Mr Rolley- Post her contact information so we can fill her email in- box and voice mail with our opinions of her slanted views !

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear DLP,

      You write: ” Post her contact information so we can fill her email in- box and voice mail with our opinions of her slanted views !” Or you can go the The Washington Post’s website and find it yourself.

      Best wishes,

  • The Christian American

    Today people are not considered to have brains to think and reason about anything. They have been indoctinated in government schools to just react to the circumstances that immediately surround them. History is an enemy. “The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet”. Of course what Holme did is repugnant but to equate to all firearms owner is just as repugnant. When you think of firearms, you must understand just why firearms in the hands of the people is an absolute essntial. Thomas Jefferson stated why the 2nd Amendment was put into our Constitution. He and the founders had just used their personal fireams to repell a tyrannical government. The founders history to learn what to do. They found that tyrannical governments in societies where did not have the ability to defend themselves. Aside from protection from their own governments, the founders used firearms for general protection, food and sport. Some may say the people will be protected by the police powers. Ocassionally that’s true but what happens when a cop is not around? There was a shooting like this at a church in Georgia and the shooter was repelled by an off duty police officer. She was a civilian at the time. Moral gun owners don’t have to defend themselves. Those looking to disarm moral gun owners must defend their actions. It is said: Innocent until proven guilty. But I say: Guilty until proven innocent.

    • Renée

      I agree, and if you look at the numbers of gun owners out there, they far out weigh those that are murderous maniacs. Why is it, with everything now days, that the minorty sets the pace for the majority and it’s not just about guns!

  • David169

    To the best of my knowledge the original olympics were all about warrior or combat skills. Running, jumping, pole vault, discus, shot put, javelin, boxing, wrestling and archery were all skills that could be judged without risking the lives of the contestants. Sword fighting and other events that had the potential to maime or kill a competitor were not included.
    If the games are going to be called “Olympics” they need to stick with the original theme. Eliminate all events that are not related to combat. Immediately restore all the centerfire shooting events that the anti-gun progressives eliminated.

  • CEO

    Swimming pools are dangerous. How many people die in them every year. Ban them.

  • chester

    Doubt the shuttlecock could do much damage unless fired directly down someone’s throat, but the battledore, or racket for you less versed in the game, could make a rather nasty club to be used on extremities.

  • George Vieto

    Don’t forget bowling. Using a 16 pound bal or lighter to kill bowling pins.

  • auhunter

    Tell me if shooting sports is so bad and leads to so-called murderers, why is it in Switzerland, where every male over the age of 16 has a gun, and shooting competition is a national past time; there are fewer incidents involving guns annually in the whole nation than there is in NYC or Chicago in one night.

  • gunner689AI

    Airplanes were the cause of 9/11 and cars are the reason for drunk driving. they need to be banned. PC is BS

  • Ron

    I am sorry, but this is an Irish bungle! Or rather perhaps an Irish Democratic that belongs to the liberal loony left! No offence to the lovely people of Dublin and Belfast!

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