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Report: Wages, employment for legal workers grew after raids

May 8, 2009 by  

Wages, employment for legal workers grew after raids, says report A report by the Center for Immigration Studies has examined the impact of the 2006 raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies of six meatpacking plants owned by Swift & Co and noted an improvement in the legal workers’ situation in the aftermath.

The report, entitled The 2006 Swift Raids: Assessing the Impact of Immigration Enforcement Actions at Six Facilities, says meatpacking workers’ wages, adjusted for inflation, fell by 45 percent between 1980 and 2007. In addition to that, some 23 percent of Swift’s workers were illegal immigrants.

Jerry Kammer, a senior research fellow at CIS and author of the report, writes that all six facilities resumed production on the same day as the raids and returned to full production within five months, an indication the plants could operate at full capacity without the presence of illegal workers.

A crucial finding, however, suggests that after the raids the number of native-born workers increased significantly, and at the four facilities for which the researchers were able to obtain information, wages and bonuses rose 8 percent on average with the departure of illegal immigrants.

The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent research organization that examines the impact of immigration on the U.S.


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  • Robin from Indiana

    I think this should put an end to the argument that illegal workers only take jobs that nobody else will do! This company should be watched like a hawk to make sure that they don’t continue the policy of hiring illegals. Illegals are not an asset to our country. They are lawbreakers and should be treated accordingly!

    • Joe Hooker

      Why in the world were companies like this even allowed to stay in business?? And why in the world are most Americans so complacent & thoughtless to keep buying from such companies?

  • Will from Oregon

    This IS encoraging to read. The argument that American workers will not take lower-paying jobs is not entirely acurate. For many employers, it’s the temptation to profit from lower-scale wages (illegally), than maintain a healthy – legal job-place. With limited to no incentives, with high taxes and operating costs, the American employer needs to work especially hard at displaying and maintaining “legal” statice in his business! This, with other actions, is a begining to repair the problem.

  • Frank

    The BS that illegals take only jobs that Americans don’t want is pure hype. This is propaganda aimed at putting the aveage Amercan at ease about the impact of all the illegals on the workforce. The truth is that many skilled labor jobs are taken away as illegals take over entire areas in mostly big cities. Carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians and others are mostly from other countries in big cities these days.

  • http://at&t paul

    Ihave a lawn care landscape company in fla. illegils are takeing over here, do to the fact, they dont have to pay taxes, or purchase insurence, or a accupaytional licence witch i do. this allows them to do work at a mutch lower payscale therefore takeing the work away from the legal taxpaying lawncare profeshinals and food off are tables. how exactly is this good for me? i must be missing something !!

  • Gabacho

    Of course they are reporting this. All these employers, who got caught, only have to hire the illegals, who show the proper documentation, which they can obtain at a flea market. This is a joke, and is meant to pasify the citizens. We’ve been sold out. We have an illegal alien from Kenya, who fooled 56million fools(combined with voter fraud) Don’t believe they are cracking down. Obama will grant amnesty. It will help him destroy the country he hates so much!

    • Coalbanks

      Grow up! Obama is as legal as you. Want a native-born President? Support a Navajo candidate in 2012. Corporations are exploiting both legal & illegal workers as much as they can & pay a pittance in fines while doing all they can to breaak unions & lower labour costs – not so they can provide the consumer with better product at a lower price but to make more profit. I’m not against free enterprise or profit but let’s play fair, OK? Practices such as hiring illegal workers hurts all workers whose wages go down, undercut other employers who don’t hire illegal workers & do nothing to benefit the consumer.

      • Joe Hooker

        A Shawnee friend of mine has repeatedly said that ALL of America’s problems today are due to the fact that his ancestors had a lousey immigration policy.
        They lost their country; just like we’re loosing ours.

        • Coalbanks

          Change is inevitable. Educate, enculture the immigrants to your values to manage the change.

      • TeresaE

        Corporations in the USA, which are comprised mainly of SMALL business-employers; most of whom are only marginally profitable, are being taxed, regulated and litigated to death.

        Our competitors in Mexico & China and most of the world, do NOT have these stipulations.

        Keep on demonizing the LEGAL EMPLOYERS who are barely keeping open now and find out how great America is.

        Why don’t you try opening up your own business with employees, then come back here and make statements about how the evil corporations are screwing you.

        The laws you demand won’t stop the international corporations-they just move operations overseas-they only close down YOUR town’s business.

        And when these small corporations close, they take their tax revenue with them–which is why so many governments are struggling with larger budgets than revenues.

    • nancy


      You are so right…

      • Joe Hooker

        Coalbanks has a great idea in regard to LEGAL immigrints. ILLEGAL immigrints though have become like an invading army, & should be treated as such!

  • kevin dartez Abbeville, LA.

    Kevin from Louisiana,
    I own a seafood processing plant and work legal workers from Mexico on the H-2B visa program. I refuse to work anyone without proper documentation, and check all workers claiming to have proper documentation through
    the E-verify program. Because Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Hispanic Caucus did not allow the legal workers to come to work, who had been obeying the law by coming legally in the past three years, my company struggled to stay open the entire year of 2008. Some people say, well work Americans. I did in the year 2005 when I didn’t get workers and, I did again when I didn’t get workers in 2008. But both times the Americans prove to me they wanted cash, so the government would not take there welfare check that they were receiving. Also they came when they wanted and left when they wanted. Not to mention they stole cases of processed seafood and broke into my office and stole money. I never had those problems with the legal Mexicans that work for me. The Mexican workers also do not like working by the hourly wage, because they make more by the pound. You see they are not lazy and don’t mind having to produce to get paid. In fact they average $11.50 per hour working by the pound. You see the more product they produce the more money they make. They are not restricted to a set wage.
    But the Americans do not want to have to produce to get paid. Now, that is not all Americans, just 99% of those who have came to work for me. The Americans also do not want to process the seafood. They instead want to pack or drive, and I have some Americans doing that for me now, but if I don’t have processors I don’t need the packers or the drivers. I was in a meeting with Congressman Dr. Charles Boustany Jr. and other owners of companies from different industries one day last year, and Dr. Boustany ask one owner of a road construction company “what will happen if you don’t get your workers from the H-2B program?” The Business owner said “well it’s already happening, I have to pay a fine to the city I’m doing a road and drainage job for, because I can’t finish on time. And I can’t finish on time because the American workers won’t Show up and don’t want to push a shovel for $13 per hour. The machines we have, do the heavy work, and all we need is to do touch up work with the shovels, and they won’t do that.” Now I know some of these workers are stealing Americans jobs. But can anyone tell me what percent is that? Also I saw a special on 20/20 and they were showing “H-2B Close to slave labor”. I don’t deny that this also happens. But again what persent of H-2B workers does this represent. And Not to mention drug runners, gangs and human traffickers. What percent is that? Altogether it is about 15-20 percent. What is the other 80-85 percent doing? They are scrubbing toilets in hotels, digging ditches, processing seafood, and sugarcane, and all the dirty, hot jobs most Americans don’t want to do. Now 70 Billion dollars did not come into the U.S. in 2008 because, one million H-2B and H-1B workers did not come to work in the U.S. .23 Billion would have been payroll taxes alone, 25 billion would have been living expenses alone. and 22 billion would have been multiplier factor alone, which is money companies spend to operate and for growth. This I found on the web site “”. Now the government tells us we have 12.5 million un-documented workers, but the buzz around the media tells it could be as much as 30 million. so if we are saying send 30 million illegals back to where they come from, we are also saying that America can take an income loss of trillions of dollars, because if 70 billion dollars did not come in to the U.S. for minus 1 million legal workers, then 70 billion times 30 million is what? Now I’m not saying give citizenship to all these illegal workers . But I am saying when someone has to break the law to bail you out because you don’t have the workforce to run your own country. And this is because we kill many of our next generation of workforce for conveniece sake through abortion, but call it pro-choice when the beating heart that suppose to be in a safe haven has no one to defend them. Instead it should be called pro command, Because the woman commands the living being inside of her to get out because they are unwanted. then we pay those who don’t want to work to eat, by not policing our welfare system, who also by the way not only on a free ride and does not contribute to our tax system by holding down a job, but also uses our hospitals for free.
    Look there is no easy answer but we are reaping what we’ve allowed to be sown as a nation, and we don’t like it.
    Let us face the facts, you can never fake the harvest. If you plant rice you will not get kiwi, you will get rice,. But if you plant weeds you will get weeds. we have allowed the weeds to be planted and we are all upset because we got weeds. Wake up America. We cannot make someone change there mind only GOD can do that through our prayers for one another. Those we care for, and those we can hardly get along with because of disagreement.

    • Coalbanks

      Please assist Canadian experienced unemployed seafood plant workers from the maritime provinces to get green cards etc so they can go back to work. I doubt you will have problems such as you attribute to “…just 99% of Americans who worked…” for you. Most are hard-workers when they can find work & willling to relocate to get work. Many moved across the country in the 80′s when the seafood industry collapsed in Eastern Canada & went to work in the Alberta oil patch, which is not a bed of roses for working conditions. With no recovery in the seafood industry & a downturn in the oil patch you can pick & choose your labour.

    • Joe Hooker

      There’s a BIG part of the problem!!
      Our leaders in D.C. refuse to stem the tide of illegals who we don’t want or need. But at the same time they try making it impossible for the legal workers we do want & need to come here.

    • nancy

      he is right about some americans not wanting to work. I drove into a plant in michigan where the owner fought leaving the city where his plant was because it was his city and he loved it. he finally left because the unions, both labor and naacp would not let him fire workers who were not productive. he had to hire 4 shifts to cover three. the forth shift were people who may come in to cover spots left unmanned by those who did not show. but if the forth shift had money in their pocket, they did not show either. he could not fire any one so he closed his plant and moved to the suburbs.

    • TeresaE

      Do you pay the full employment taxes on your illegals?

      If not, then you are a huge part of this problem.

      Quit screwing the system and start demanding change.

      As to the lousy American workers, trust me, I have employed several with these entitled to not actually work attitudes.

      BUT there are GOOD workers out there, YOU just have to find them and think outside the box to make accomadations, and rewards, to get them to work for you.

      Have you tried advertising “Make up to $11.50 an hour based on production” want ads? Have you advertised at colleges?

      Have you advertised in the states that are being crushed with NO opportunity or menial labor jobs?-Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania?

      I’ve hired for door to door salesmen and I can tell you that the only thing keeping you from finding good American workers IS YOU.

      And, possibly, your tax evasion.

      As concerned citizens, we need to CHANGE the system, not skirt around it to make this a better country for us all.

  • Lyn

    I think this is encouraging also. Hopefully, this will begin to wake American corporations up to understand and believe that it’s really in their best interest to hire and support American workers. The alternative is Obama nationalizing industries like banks, auto makers, health care, etc. Everything he can get his hands on he wants to control. That is very bad for America, for American business and for the American worker. Obama is working toward a socialist system where companies like GE partner with the government. There is no competition and they spew out horrible products and services that the public is forced to accept because there is nothing else. The competition is dead. GE and the government win and everyone else loses!!! Obama wants Amerika. If American business wants to survive and eventually thrive again, they better wake up, realize Obama is not their friend, and support E-Verify and hire only legal American workers.

    • Darrel

      I agree. Put Americans back to work. We dont want a socialist country. We should let the American auto industry fail and buy from China. Let all the banks fail to. Then we could get back to a gold based economy. Buy gold youll be glad you did. The illegals,should be rounded up along with their anchor babies and deported. Have you seen enough kidnapings for ransom yet. How many will it take to get the picture. Their culture is corrupt and they survive with what they`ve been shown how to do. Drugs and crime just like Mexico.

      • TeresaE

        A big part of our economic problem is the FACT that our good jobs, family supporting jobs for the MASSES–not the elite–have gone to China.

        Now you think sending MORE will somehow fix a damn thing?

        Keep on driving down the worth of American’s wages, it is working out so well.

        Globalists and Utopian Idealists are destroying the very things that led us to record prosperity.

        What are you going to be espousing once China shows it’s true Red colors and revalues (correctly) the yuan and the price of EVERYTHING goes way up.

        Meanwhile your paycheck shrinks and your basic needs also increases.

        Great plan the globalists have.

  • Joe Hooker

    The truth is that ever since that Cairo Conference On Population Control, our government sees urban black men & rural white men as a serious problem. The federal govt. views these men as too uncontrolable, & thinks they need to be eliminated.
    At the same time, they see how the Mexican govt. has exploited their people so easily for so long. So seeing them as an easily exploitable “tax base” our govt. wants to use them to replace the “uncontrolables” they desire to be rid of.
    And we vote these creeps into office!!! So I guess we’re in it about as deep as it goes!

  • Dan

    Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America’s Way of Life?

    Yes: Patrick Buchanan, from “Shields Up!” The American Enterprise (March 2002)
    No: Ben Wattenberg, from “Immigration is Good,” The American Enterprise (March 2002)

    Is immigration good or bad for America? Many immigrants, both legal and illegal enter the US every year. The majority of immigrants come from

    Third World countries and the largest percentage are from Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, and the Caribbean. European immigration has shrunk to about 10 percent. (Finsterbusch, p. 40)

    The immigration act of 1965 put all immigrants on equal footing. It made it even easier for Third World immigrants to enter the country. The new law gave preference to those with a family member already living in the US. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Immigrants enter the US for various reasons. They may be fleeing tyranny and terrorism, to escape war, or join relatives already settled in the US. The question has arisen as to whether or not immigrants take jobs away from US citizens or do they just do jobs the US citizens do not want. The immigrants see the US as a place of affluence in a global sea of poverty. In the US they can earn many times what they could in their native countries. What will these new immigrants do to the United States—or for it?

    (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Buchanan contends that immigrants are harming the US both economically and culturally. He claims that the sheer number of immigrants threatens to overwhelm traditional safeguards against cultural disintegration. This foreign influx is transforming a “nation” into a collection of separate nationalities. However, Ben Wattenberg argues that immigration will benefit the US, by making it a “universal” nation that will be better able to compete in a future that is increasingly global. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    In 1821, the new independent Mexico invited Americans to settle in the northern part of Texas—on two conditions. Americans must become Catholics and swear allegiance to Mexico. The Americans eventually outnumbered the Mexicans ten to one. In 1835 General Santa Anna seized power in Texas and being tired of the Americans making false oaths and fake conversions, sent them back across the Rio Grande. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Santa Anna led his army north to recapture his lost province. At the Alamo he massacred the first rebels who resisted. Then at Goliad he executed 400 Texans, who had surrendered. At San Jacinto he was ambushed. His army was butchered and he was captured. The Texans wanted him massacred, but Sam Houston made the dictator an offer: his life for Texas. Santa Anna signed. Andrew Jackson, on his last day in office, recognized the independence of the Lone Star Republic. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Eight years later, the US annexed the Texas republic. Mexico disputed the American claim to all land north of the Rio Grande. President Polk sent troops to the north band of the river. Mexican soldiers crossed the river and fired on a US patrol. Congress declared war. By 1848 Mexico lost the war and was forced to cede all of Texas, the Southwest, and California. In addition the US gave Mexico $15 million to ease the anguish of the amputation. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    As a result of this history Mexico has an historic grievance against the US that is deeply felt by her people. Immigration today is different from the past. Today the number of people from Mexico is larger than any country ever before. In the 1990”s alone, the number of people of Mexican heritage living in the US grew by 50 percent to at least 21 million, which are highly concentrated in the Southwest. Mexicans are not just from another culture, but another race. Different races are more difficult to assimilate than different cultures. 60 million Americans of German ancestry are assimilated, but millions from Africa and Asia are not. Millions of Mexicans broke the law. Each year, 1.6 million illegal aliens are apprehended mostly at our southern border. Unlike old immigrants, Mexican immigrants did not break away from Mexico. They have no desire to learn English or become US citizens. They are here to earn money. Rather than assimilate, they created their own radio and TV stations, newspapers, films, and magazines. They are becoming a nation within a nation. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican immigration is a challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity, and potentially to our future as a country. 72 percent of Americans want less immigration. The people want action. The elites disagree—and do nothing. The US lacks the fortitude to defend its borders and to demand that immigrants assimilate into its society. If assimilation fails our children will suffer. The US will become a cleft country with potential for internal strife. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican President Fox proposed a complete opening of borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Half of the Mexicans live in poverty. This situation will result in millions of Mexicans to enter the US within months. They will treat America as nothing more than an economic system. (Buchanan, p. 44)

    Even the Mexican army shows contempt for the US along its 2,000 mile border. In 2000 Mexican soldiers barreled through a barbed-wire fence, fired shots and pursued two mounted officers and a US Border Patrol vehicle. Border Patrol agents believe that some Mexican army units collaborate with their county’s drug cartels. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    The Mexican government supports illegal entry of its citizens into the US by providing them with “survival kits” of water, dry meat, granola, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages, and condoms. Some Anglo Americans have moved from California in search of cities like the one they grew up in. Others are moving into gated communities. Complaints about the radical change in America’s ethnic composition have been called un-American. However, Theodore Roosevelt warned that “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” Yet immigration has been deemed taboo by the forces of political correctness. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    Harvard economist George Borjas has found no net economic benefit from mass migration from the Third World. The added costs of schooling, health care, welfare, prisons, plus the pressure on land, water and power resources, exceed the taxes that immigrants pay. A third of the legal immigrants have not finished high school. 22 percent do not even have ninth-grade education. 60 percent still do not earn $20,000 a year. Immigrant use of food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and school lunch programs that run 50 to 100 % higher than use by the native born. By 1991 they accounted for 24 percent of all arrests in Los Angeles and 36 Percent of all arrest in Miami. In 1980, federal and state prisons housed 9,000 criminal aliens. (Buchanan, p.47)

    Mass emigration from poor Third World countries is good for businesses that employ large numbers of workers at low wages. However, what is good for corporate America is no good for Middle America. Is the US government failing in its Constitutional duty to protect the rights of American citizens? (Buchanan, p. 47)

    Immigrants arriving from cultures that have little in common with our own raise a question: What is a nation? Some define a nation as one people of common ancestry, language, literature, history, heritage, heroes, traditions, customs, mores and faith who have lived together over time in the same land under the same rulers. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams said, “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.” John Stuart Mill cautioned that unified public opinion is “necessary to the working of representative government.” We are about to find out if he was right. (Buchanan, p. 48)

    Immigration is Good

    By the year 2050, we were told, America would be “majority non-white.” Hispanics will be “America’s largest minority.” Although most Americans of Hispanic heritage declare themselves “white,” they are inferentially counted as non-white. However, there lies a central truth: America is becoming a universal nation, with significant representation of nearly all human hues, creeds, ethnicities, and national ancestries. (Wattenberg, pp. 49, 50)

    Absorbing many immigrants, Pat Buchanan and other critics believe, will “swamp” the American culture and bring Third World problems to America. However, 8.8 million immigrants who arrived in the US between 1901 and 1910 increased the total American population by 1 percent per year. In our most recent decade, the 10 million legal immigrants represented annual growth of only 0.36 percent, because the US population went from 249 million to 281 million. Overall, 15 percent of Americans were foreign-born in 1910. In 1999, our foreign-born were 10 percent of our total. Today, America’s “foreign-born” amounts to 21 percent of the population and heading up. However in 1910, the comparable figure was 34 percent—one third of the entire country—and the heavens did not collapse. We can take in more immigrants, if we want to. Should we? (Wattenberg, p.50)

    The US population will go to 397 million in 2050 with expected immigration, but only 328 million should we choose a path of zero immigration. Is more population good for America? When it comes to potential global power and influence, numbers can matter a great deal. Taxpayers, many of them, pay for a fleet of aircraft carries. On the economic side it is better to have a customer boom than a customer bust. Japan’s stagnant demography is one cause of its decade-long slum. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    But will the current crop of immigrants acculturate? Even among Mexican-Americans, many second-and third-generation offspring speak no Spanish at all, often to the dismay of their elders (a familiar American story). Michael Barones book “The New Americans” theorizes that Mexican immigrants are following roughly the same course of earlier Italian and Irish immigrants. It took a hundred years until Irish-Americans reached full income parity with the rest of America. California recently repealed its bilingual education programs. Half of Latino voters supported the proposition. Latina mothers reportedly tell their children that “Spanish is the language of busboys”—stressing that in America you have to speak English to get ahead. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    Newcomers are always viewed with suspicion, but such views change over time. There are high rates of intermarriage. Most Americans lost their qualms about marriage between people of different European ethnicities. In 1990, 64 percent of Asian Americans married outside their heritage, as did 37 percent of Hispanics. Black-white intermarriage is much lower, but it climbed from 3 percent in 1980 to 9 percent in 1998. (One reason to do away with the race question of the census is that within a few decades we won’t be able to know who is what.) (Wattenberg, p.52)

    Substantial numbers of people are necessary for a country to be globally influential. Will America have enough people to keep their ideas and principles alive? Birth rates in developed part of the world—Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan, nations where liberal Western values are rooted—had sunk so law that there is danger ahead. Women in these modern countries are bearing 1.5 children. It is 28 percent below the long-term population replacement level. The European rate is 1.34 children per woman—radically below replacement level. The nations of the Western world will soon be less populous, and a substantially smaller fraction of the world population. The modern countries of the world, the bearers of Western civilization, made up one third of the global population in 1950, and one fifth in 2000, and are projected to represent one eight by 2050. If we end up in a world with nine competing civilizations, will this make it that much harder for Western values to prevail in the cultural and political arenas. The good news is that fertility rates have also plunged in the less developed counties—from 6 children to 1970 to 2.9 today. By the middle to end of this century, there should be a rough global convergence of fertility rates and population growth. (Wattenberg, p. 53) America should not cut back immigration. America needs to keep growing, and we can fruitfully use both high and low-skill immigrants. Pluralism works here, as it does in Canada and Australia. America must be prepared to go it alone. If we keep admitting immigrants at our current levels there will be almost 400 million Americans by 2050. That can keep us strong enough to defend and perhaps extend our views and values. The civilization we will be advancing may not just be Western, but even more universal: American. (Wattenberg, p. 54)

    The issue is based on what one thinks will happen as America becomes more diverse. Buchanan sees America as coming apart and Wattenberg sees America as leading the world. (Finsterbusch, p. 55)

    Finsterbusch, Kurt. Taking Sides: Social Issues. McGraw-Hill/Duskin, 2006

  • Coalbanks

    You are just repeating an old complaint about the American worker. I can remember how sought – after Canadians were in the late ’60′s America because we would put in a full days work without complaint or skivving off – not that I have not met more than a few Canadian slackers on the job.

  • TeresaE

    There are NO industries in the US that are staffed 100% with illegals.

    It then follows that there ARE American workers willing to do the jobs.

    Companies mainly use illegals to circumvent 3 things, taxes (unemployment, social security, worker’s comp, etc), regulations (OSHA, EPA, DOL, state) and litigation-an illegal worker has a harder time suing when his arm is cut off, and their culture does not lead them to sue like our does.

    Here is the paradox, American workers demand more regulation, more government involvement, higher pay and better benefits–while they ALSO demand lower prices on goods and less work.

    American small business–the underlying driver of American wealth, prosperity and our way of life–is being eradicated and the American public is demanding it. Which works out well for the multi-nationals to continue gutting their competition.

    If we don’t wake up, I truly don’t know where YOUR children are going to work.

    As much as it kills me, mine are being groomed for politics or government work, as they will still be the best (only) game left by the time they are grown.

  • kevin dartez Abbeville, LA.

    Kevin From Louisiana:

    Dear Teresa E,
    I don’t know you, and I don’t think you know me but, Did you read my comment well. Because I don’t know where in the comment I that I submitted where I put that I worked illegal workers. In fact what I did remember writing was, I only work legal workers and, I refuse to work anyone without proper documentation. also I check all workers through E-verify. Another thing that I remember writing is that I refuse to pay cash to the workers that refuse to work if I pay with a check. I do have Americans working for me and I remember writing about that also. But if I don’t have processors processing the product then I don’t need the Packers or the Drivers. Oh and about that box you think I need to get out of, well I been out of the box, around the box and some places you didn’t even mention.
    Like door to door, store to store, and Five newspapers on the front page of The Times Picayune in New Orleans,La. The Washington Post, the Morning Advocate in Baton Rouge,La, the Daily Advetiser in Lafayette La., and the Idependent Weekly in Lafayette,La. I have been to meetings with Senator David Vitter, Congressman Dr. Charles Boustany Jr., Mike Strain Our Ag Commisioner, and I have handed Packages to our Govenor Bobby Jindal. Also I have checked with the workeforce Commission and the Department of Labor. If you Know someone who doesn’t mind working in a seafood Processing plant Processing crab meat Please let me know You may know something I’m Not seeing.

    Sincerely, Kevin

  • http://n/a ray

    I am free to entitle myself to make as much Money,maybe lots, as I need or even want. And i can do that.

    But Obama is entitled to tax it and give it to a certified entitled
    person or program.

    But, there will soon be more titled recievers than givers ( if history
    means anything) and then we will all be entitled to experience certified Socialist Poverty.

    Then we can all go to South America and work for U-go.


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