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Report: Uncontrolled Immigration May Ruin The Environment

March 19, 2010 by  

Report: Uncontrolled immigration may ruin the environmentA newly released policy brief from Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR) contains a warning about the ecological impact of United States population growth.

The report, entitled From Big to Bigger, How Mass Immigration and Population Growth Have Exacerbated America’s Ecological Footprint, examines the impact that uncontrolled growth and high immigration levels are having on the country’s natural environment, and provides scientific evidence for why America is exhausting its natural resources.

Among its major findings, the article reveals that even as the U.S. ecological footprint continues to increase, the Earth’s biocapacity is decreasing. Moreover, if current growth trends continue, the American population will increase 43 percent by 2050, and 82 percent of that growth will result from immigration.

“[We are] living well beyond [our] ecological means and rapid population growth driven primarily by high immigration levels is aggravating the country’s ecological deficit,” says Leon Kolankiewicz, the publication’s author who is a wildlife biologist and consulting environmental planner.

“If environmentalists are serious about facing the challenge of sustainability, they must begin to address the threat of unsustainable U.S. population growth,” he adds.

The report also found that the U.S. has the third-highest ecological footprint in the world, exceeded only by two small Middle Eastern oil-producing countries.

PFIR is a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate the public about the unintended consequences of mass migration and promotes the principles of protecting workers’ rights and ensuring fair wages for America’s workforce.

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  • Victor L Barney

    It’s only about over-throwing WASP Americans to bring in the New Marxist World Order under Obama! Watch!

  • Lee Wacker

    This warning is a bit late! There are vast tracts in Arizona that the illegals have virtually destroyed! Anyone who thinks the immigrants whether legal or otherwise should be allowed here is a fool, and should have to live in the trash and garbage the foreigners bring in. They will go fishing, throw garbage into the rivers and lakes, toss unwanted fish on the bank to rot, answer nature’s call anywhere–even in children’s playgrounds, and will go dumpster diving anywhere they may be! YES! Immigration on any level is a threat to our environment! Look at what the drug cartels have done to Sequoia National Park–the trees are dying because the cartels are stealing the water! Just what do people want? To have a pretty nation with wonderful parks and monuments, or a nationwide garbage dump?

    • JC

      Further to that, isn’t it odd that when the Arizona Minutemen volunteered to help man the border they were shut down…in a hurry!
      The Feds don’t want illegal immigration stopped. They want it to break us with its costs.

    • jomama

      FACT: Nobody takes more advantage of the state parks & resources than the immgrants do.
      After they have had their fun – we get to clean up after them. This is the way they are. It’s like that because they know NOTHING else – because this is the way it is in THEIR country(except nobody cleans up the mess there). They are slobs & they are here to make money & send it to their families outside this country – that’s all. When they finally go back to their own country – they all live like kings on the money they sent home that did not get circulated back into our economy. At least this is the way it is in Massachusetts. I live in the MetroWest area – and where there is a beach, swimming hole or state park available to them to mess up – they are there in a heartbeat if it is clean & quiet. After their friends show up by the hundreds – it’s ONLY them. They are loud, dirty & frighten good, honest taxpaying Americans away. They are very intimidating when they come in numbers – kinda like illegal immigration.

  • Warrior

    This is why we must get healthcare passed so we can control the population! After that let’s build some green schools and federal buildings. Oh, and we promise not to print out any more 2,000 page bills because we’re killing the forests.

    • sabre’

      The healthcare bill as it is being shoved down the throats of law abiding Americans, is going to bring in MORE immigrants, once we give the ILLEGALS here, amnesty, more will come in droves. Also, this bill goes AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION and if it gets passed, we will no longer be a free nation or a nation under GOD.
      Barack Hussein needs to be impeached. He does not want out CONSTITUTION intact. He is set on destroying it!

  • Pieter Ott

    We need immigration ! (legal that is) If it was not for immigration our population would diminish like it does in Russia. We should set strict requirements for immigration to this great country of ours. requirements that make good future citizens. the same requirements I had to go through when I immigrated here. All these laws and requirements from 24 years ago are still in place. we just don’t enforce them. That is the problem and it needs to be fixed.

    • Joe H.

      Perhaps we need to cut off immigration for a few years. maybe then we can lower our unemployment to a manageable rate!! Maybe then we can get some immigrants that are willing to be loyal to our country and learn OUR ways instead of wanting us to learn theirs!!!!

      • JC

        Cut it off and immediately deport anyone without papers.

    • Meteorlady

      While we welcome self-sustaining immigrations that come here legally, you must admit that we are now over-run with immigrants that are not self-sustaining and are straining our social services programs. Where I live the illegals and legals have come here to collect whatever they can from us in freebies. They cannot seem to grasp the simple concept of not having more children than you can afford, nor do they have the slightest interest in learning our culture or our language. We spend billions on them for free health care, subsidized housing, free education (in their language), our prison systems are over-run with them and we have drug wars on our borders. I drive into town and see garbage all over the side of the roads. There are poachers killing our wildlife and they literally have no respect for our way of life or the laws of this country. Even if we gave them amnesty we would have a net loss because they would cost us 118% more than they do now.

      Thanks, but I think immigration needs to go back to what it was. You need to be self-sufficient or have a sponsor that will support you. You have a full medical check and you wait in line like everyone else. Unless this happens, we will be a third world hell hole in less than 20 years because our society cannot support this many people living off us.

    • jomama

      Screw you, Pieter Ott.

      • Joe H.

        I don’t believe pjeter deserved that. all he is saying is that we should enforce the laws we already have on the books that make GOOD immigrants. Unless you are a Native American, you are of immigrant stock!!!

      • J C

        What Pieter doesn’t understand is that our population is diminishing because we are all tax slaves. When Mom and Dad have to be at work all day every day just to pay the bills there is little or no incentive to have families. But since our false economy depends on a growing number of taxpayers we need immigration to fill the ranks.
        If we weren’t being robbed blind by an entirely corrupt system American’s would be much more inclined to have families.
        But the system such as it is, is leading us down the road to global economic slavery. To that end illegal immigration is a major tool in the break down of the American fabric…to American resistance.
        Time to take back the Republic.

  • meggan keyes

    People,this is sick!!!
    It is difficult to find right words to describe the “illness”of PFIR.
    I wonder who are the sponsors of such a insanity called non-profit organization?

    • s c

      That’s a great point, Meggan. I don’t have the master list in front of me, but you can learn ‘who does what’ by looking into the major foundations that support every manner of mind-warped group in America. Groups like the Sierra Club and PETA attract a most curious and shady bunch of backers.
      It shouldn’t surprise anyone that groups like ACORN does the same thing. Isn’t it “funny” how domestic enemies among us [ultraliberal progressives] never try to justify anything? They say “we want this or that NOW,” as though it comes from God Himself, and we’re supposed to accept it.
      Run and hide, ultraliberal progressives. Bury yourselves under rocks. Your clock is ticking. Your days are numbered. REAL social justice will utterly amaze you and your misbegotten ilk. You’ve earned your freedom-hating comeuppance. Enjoy it.

    • Meteorlady

      Then try the Center for Immigration Studies and see what the last “amnesty” program costs us. That was in 1986 and we, the taxpayers, are still footing the bill for that one. Do you think it’s right that people flee their own country instead of staying and working for change? Do you think it’s right that they come here and head straight for any office that will give them something for nothing. Do you think it right that they steal our identities, run up the cost of our health care, over-burden out educational system, have more children than they can afford and expect me to pay for them? If you do, I think you are part of the problem in this country, not the solution.

  • http://guncontrol Eileen Barayasarra

    I live a thousand miles north of the border with Mexico. Our town is full of illegal immigrants. They drive without any driver training, they have no licenses or liability insurance, and they kill people all the time. They walk through our formerly safe and clean neighborhoods throwing trash in our yards. In December at 6 a.m. one of them squatted in the street in front of our home and defecated right beside my car. I saw him. Soon we all will be living as filthy as they live in their home country. In 2005, the American born grandson of an illegal immigrant came in my house while high on methamphetamine and running from police. My dog and my pistol convinced him to leave. I was 66 years old and no match for him without the pistol. Suffice it to say- – HE left in the ambulance and I DID NOT! There is not enough money in the whole world to pay police officers what they are WORTH! We need fewer immigrants and NONE OF THEM ILLEGAL! They are closing and bankrupting our hospitals and trashing our neighborhoods. OUT!!

    • s c

      Good for you, Eileen! That slezoid who entered your house (without your permission) learned a first-rate lesson in true SOCIAL JUSTICE.
      I can only hope that your dog got a special treat for its part in doling out a good dose of SOCIAL JUSTICE. I take my hat off to you.
      When that slezoid had his day in court, was he represented by the ACLU or a similar Constitution-hating group?

      • Meteorlady

        No, we probably paid for his “rehabilitation”.

      • Joe H.

        this goes to show that gun control does work. Hit what you aim at and control crime!!!!!

  • Deborah

    Progressives (Communist), mask their true intent by cloaking it with enviroment, healthcare, something emotionally charged. If, they were truly concerned about illegal immigration, they would support the Constitution and the rights of the American people. I’m, tired of my tax dollar being used to give these people social services. Illegals, are useful idiots; in the end the Progressives,(Communist), will turn on them, too.

  • eddie47d

    S.C.; Your always one of the dirt diggers,nothing new there. The Sierra Club is a premier organization in keeping America The Beautiful. Sounds like you would like something else,so maybe you are the problem.

    • JC

      The Sierra Club for whatever good intentions it may have comes off as bunch of Latte Licking Busy Bodies who know nothing of real wildlife conservation.

      • jomama

        I got nothing.

  • Raggs

    Immigration reform = a national ID

    Doesn’t that sound a little funny to you since the only ones with this ID are citizens?

    • JC

      Its a trick!


    Once they pass health care, if they do, you can kiss off fighting immigration or any other illegal bill they want to pass, this fight going on right now is the blue print for take over of the political system and the control of the economy and industry. Your November vote may just be called invalid no matter how overwhelming the ballot box leans toward the right and the removal of a majority of the Jackass party now seated and it can be done by the unethical, unprecedented, unconstitutional vehicle now being set up in the house and senate. This breaking of law is based upon the FDR hand book of the 1930′s and is now being used.

    Why would you worry about the environment or secure borders when you don’t have a job, a income or any civil rights and the Bill of Rights will be rewritten by the politicians to tell you what you will do for the state. Think I’m kidding?

  • Wanda

    We do not need illigal alliens here. People who come here legally is one thing but those who are here illigal are breaking the law. A law is a law, is a law. If they can break the law and get by with it i guess we can all do what we please. Whats really bad about these illigal alliens is many of them are murderers, rapist, and God only knows what else. The democrats in Washington don’t care because they plan on getting their votes. I think most of them are learning really fast that if the democrats don’t care about the u.s. citizens why would they care about them.

    • JC

      Agreed. We’ve already got enough baggage.

  • John

    I witnessed the benefits of our wonderful Immigration policy firsthand in Califonia. As a native, I was discriminated against at every turn. I moved to the midwest.
    Ted Kennedy promised no change in America from his 1967 immigration reform. You be the judge. Real wages, adjusted for inflation, have declined every year since 1973.
    We don’t need to bring in any illegal aliens, and should put a moratorium on legal immigration until at least the economy turns around. Additionally, no more education for foreignors at the graduate level.

    • Meteorlady

      Both my nephews could not get into the college of their choice but they had over 15,000 foreign students attending. I believe we subsidize colleges in most states and if that is so, citizens should have first right to get into colleges. We need our schools and our children are entitled to the best education we can give them because education benefits everyone who lives here.

      In boarder states the “place holder” babies are being bused across the border to attend our schools. They are getting a free education and social services. Their mothers came across illegal, had the baby in one of our hospitals and didn’t pay the bill, we did by increased hospital rates. We are a bunch of saps to keep letting this happen again and again and again.

  • eddie47d

    I’m a conservationist but have said for years that illegal immigrants would affect our natural environment.I don’t care where immigrants come from,just respect your surroundings. I never leave trash anywhere and maybe that’s from good Boy Scouts training.A healthy looking environment is usually a clean and safe place to be. Rivers and lakes should never be used to dump anything for that effects the health of everyone. That said, Illegals came to this country because Big Business,Big Farms,Big Construction and home builders asked them to . Wink! Wink!(cheap pay and big dreams).These companies should have demanded legal status,but did not. Many even helped forge documents for their workers. I’ve never been against immigrants no matter where they are from,but I want our businesses to be more accountable in who they hire. Since many immigrants work in various states it’s hard to tell where anyone lives. They just keep drifting and stay poor which isn’t good for the environment either. Who ran our border patrol in the 80′s-late 2008 ? How could you miss seeing the millions that came across? This has been a long term problem so we should be asking is the Border Patrol finally doing it’s job?

    • Meteorlady

      The Border Patrol is a government entity and thus they are riddled with career people who kowtow to the politicians. Most of the agents try their best, but there is only so much a few of them can accomplish. It’s like putting you finger in a hole in a dike.

      What we need is to start enforcing the laws and prosecuting employers for hiring them. Anyone that knowingly hires illegals is un-American and should go to jail along with a hugh fine. Stop supporting these employers – don’t buy their products. Start with a big one like Tyson Chicken. Stop purchasing their products until they revamp their hiring practices, stop buy Washington apples until the orchard owners agree to hire legal workers, stop buying California strawberries until they check worker’s legal status and don’t buy houses that illegals helped to build. That’s a few down and a few hundred or thousand more to go.

  • Stephaan

    It’s not the border patrols fault Eddie. They are “trying” to do their jobs but the government has got their hands tied. ICE isn’t even allowed to arrest illegals every chance they can, and when they are able to arrest them “within the parameters of political correctness” most of them are let go. Government has got so many shackles on our enforcement agencies, that they aren’t allowed to do their jobs as originally intended because of all this “politically correct bullschit. If they pull over a truck full of Mexicans, THAT’S RACIAL PROFILING!!
    Another example of poor government policy is E-Verify. It has been proven that it works, but the liberal morons in congress would rather have the illegal aliens votes, than arrest them and throw them out of the country.
    From your post at 10:05am, you seem to be a champion of the Sierra Club. Why aren’t they doing anything about the damage the illegals aliens are doing to the environment. Why isn’t the Sierra Club raising hell about this with congress? Just because the damage is out in the wildlands that most of us don’t see everyday, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

    • s c

      Stephaan, the Sierra Club isn’t interested in taking care of ‘Mama Earth.’ Many years ago, the Sierra Club was taken over by NWO pond scum who don’t know the difference between a manure pile and prime rib.
      They want the reputation of people who began real conservation efforts, but they don’t want to earn it. They’re too busy destroying America from within. Their idols are Marx, Stalin and Mao. They rely on starry-eyed dolts to do their bidding.
      Whenever Livingston has an environmental topic on this website, you’ll see kookoids line up to regurgitate the nonsense they’ve been programmed to throw at everyone who sees through their crap.

    • Joe H.

      the biggest rotton apple in the bag is napolitano!!! She was the one that ordered 22 illegal caught and rounded up released and given papers then turned around and admonished the border patrol agents!!!

      • Stephaan

        SC, I agree &
        Joe H, I agree

        Just more of the liberals lefts P C and B S

        • Joe H.

          Just heard that they passed it! I wikll tell these liberal Basta.ds one thing. you may have pulled this off, but I can just about guarantee you theres’ a lot of you that will be out of a job Come November!!! When 75% want you to start over from scratch and you ignore Us, then you don’t want your job as far as I’m concerned!!!! to all you politicians that voted YES, Say goodnite Gracie!!!!

          • Stephaan

            Yep, I watched it and saw queen piglosi fawning all over herself. They’re partying it up right now, but payday’s coming in November. It’s like you say, when the majority of the American people DIDN’T want it, but the lame ass liberals just decided they knew what was best for us and voted it in anyway, they kind of signed their own resignation papers.
            What’s with piglosi always laughin and chuckling under her breath? I noticed she did this every time she was waiting during the liberals applause. You could hear her in the microphone. It gave me the creeps because I used to know a mentally ill person who did that.

          • Joe H.

            Simple, she’s DRUNK!!!!

  • NunJoBizness

    Not only are the forests damaged, but the deserts also. When the illegals are on their way to sneak into our country, they leave behinds thousands of pounds of rubbish that includes, empty water bottles, milk jugs, backpacks, underwear, cans, etc. Why aren’t the “tree huggers” acknowledging this!?!?

    As a native of CA, I see it all the time. They have systematically turned this beautiful state into a third world cesspool and I’m sick of it. A few years ago back in the late 90′s it was en vogue for them to pull over on the side of the freeway to defecate or throw their dirty used diapers out the window. We saw this on a regular basis, then it seemed to have stopped.

    Furthermore, we don’t have the natural resources and infrastructure to support all these people! Please America, wake up and fight the amnesty battle that is coming up next!

    Oh and by the way, we don’t need legal immigrant right now either. 10′s of millions of us out of work and still they continue to import 125,000 immigrants a month from India on an H1B visa!!!!! I am 40 years old and own a once successful business, now to help make ends meet, I took a job cleaning horse pens at a local ranch. Illegals doing the jobs American’s won’t do? I beg to differ! I bet an illegal wouldn’t even want that job!!!!!

    • Raggs

      The problem with immigration is that it empowers the government to more control over the real citizens and in doing so it allows for more laws and mandates against the very people it is “suppposedly” protecting. It is a bogus lie as the same with the health care issue.
      In all actuality this is a control method to force a program on americans in the excuse of any form of a dictatoship not welcome in this country.

    • Joe H.

      I’ve mucked out many a stall and I don’t care to do it again, but if it was that or lose my house, I’d do it in a heartbeat!!!!

    • Meteorlady

      After the 1986 amnesty over 80% of them got it fraudulently. Then over 55% of the illegals that were granted amnesty stayed in California. So, now you can see the damage first hand. California is a mess and is basically bankrupt. The streets in big cities are unsafe and the prisons are filled with illegals and legal immigrants.

  • http://uncontrolledinvasion KARL

    LISTEN to this/no collage government paid,millions /no government paid health burden/paid by government/millions/we don`t need them for harvesting food/this is the usa!we can invent a machine that can do that built by usa/after all machines pick cotton/grapes/penuts/potatoes/and anyway if you have ever been to a harvest site/you DON~T see any bathrooms/porta toilets/if they got to go the go right there and go right back to picking OUR FOOD/wonder why people are getting sick from eating food!!!!!!!!!!!Folks this is a INVASION//NOT A IMIGRATION PROBLEM////GETTEM GONE!!!!!!!I love this country /and so do you////SPEAK OUT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!God bless you and god bless this ground we call home/////////////Karl

    • Meteorlady

      You are correct – it is an invasion and they are taking over parts of this country. When we go west on a trip, we avoid El Paso like the plague because it’s a third world hell hole and a very dangerous place to be. That’s because of immigration, illegals and drug cartels. They have migrated here and brought the social problems and gangs with them. Look at some google map pictures of El Paso, because that’s what’s coming to a city near you.

      I think we should bring home the National Guard and start securing our borders, then we need to freeze everyone in place and assess the situation, find the illegals and the people that employ them, and after that we need to start mass deportation. They need to obey our laws and learn to get in line – because their countries are bad does not mean that they are entitled to what we worked so hard to create.

  • eddie47d

    S.C. Your an immoral fraud and one of the nastiest and irrelevant person on this site. Why don’t you say something intelligent instead of your childish name calling. (dumb,stupid,kookoids,pond scum)and that’s some of your better words. Your lack of any knowledge on the Sierra Club and comparing them to marxists is more than shameful.

    • Meteorlady

      I might be wrong here but didn’t one of the Sierra Club’s elite lodges get fined for dumping raw sewage into a creek nearby? Hmmmmmm, Sierra Club is an elite bunch that want to save everything for themselves. Although they do some good in the long run, it’s still about them.

      • Jim H.

        Would that be the lodge with the deck made out of redwood?

      • s c

        Meteorlady, maybe you can explain it to the ‘regulars’ [ultraliberal progressives] who preach their empty-headed bilge. It’s like trying to carry on a coversation with a self-made retard who thinks he’s got a world-class mind, while everyone else knows he doesn’t have enough common sense to come in out of the rain.
        Anybody who looks up to someone like Al ‘kiss mine first’ Gore has serious mental problems. I gave up long ago trying to get certain people to admit that 1 + 1 never equals ‘whatever feels good.’
        I wish you luck, as I’d rather pour sand down a rat hole than try to enlighten a rock-headed twit who looks at reason the way a vampire would look at a wooden stake through the heart.

        • meggan keyes

          S C..
          You are absolutely right about Al and everyone who look up to him.
          And about the trash…people, I have a summer house in the woods in the small village where only white american citizens live.Nooneof them ever saw immigrant here and the village belongs to National Park.
          You should see how much trash,old tires and garbage is around some of the homes,in the forest!IT is ambarrasing to watch it after the winter,before the nature “takes care of it” and summer cover it.
          It is shame to see often empty plastic cups,paper bags along the roads thrown after finished “meal”from a chain restaurats!
          Sounds familiar..?
          So,we should look at ourselfs first.
          Blaming illegal immigrants is stupid.Problem of our country lies deeper and somewhere else.
          Don’t be fooled by this and similar propaganda.

          • Joe H.

            meggan Keyes,
            Even if what you say is true, at least if they catch a citizen doing it they arrest and fine them. These people are off limits to law enforcement! Also, if they want to trash a country, Go Home and Trash THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!! It’s bad enough when our tax-paying citizens Do it but when a bunch of people that aren’t even supposed to be here and benefit no one do it it’s worse!!!

      • JC

        The Sierra Club met with a bunch of sheep ranchers in Wyoming in the mid 90′s to try and convince them to stop shooting coyotes. The SC suggested that with government funding that they themselves would implement a catch and release program that would neuter the coyotes.
        After a minute one of the old timers in back stood up and said,
        “Son, I don’t think you understand the problem. These coyotes are eating our sheep, not screwing them”.
        And that’s what happens when liberal hopey feely crap meets practical thinking. ;)

  • http://SRT Kevin W.345

    The pro-amnesty people want to control our national carbon foot-print by using the abortion method so they are then able to let in more immigrants. Nice moral people aren’t they?

    • Raggs

      Yeah and…. There is always an and..
      Obumucation is included… Isn’t just a little strange a so called “health reform” includes amnesty for illegals, obumucation and a total conspiracy to dismantle the constitution.

    • JC

      Illegal Immigration is about breaking down the American fabric and draining the American economy, plain and simple. It’s a “Globalist” agenda to bring America to its knees.

  • Videofilm

    Pointing out the fallacy in conservative and liberal labeling…
    I am a Democrat and would be considered a liberal by most. I am a dedicated environmentalist and this is the greatest influence in how I vote. Socially, I favor single payer health care, but I am strongly anti immigration. Yes, I mean all immigration for the simple reason that we are overpopulated now when you consider our energy, open space, pollution, overcrowding, clean air and water, and other environmental problems. We will not solve the population problems in third world countries by importing their excess. Worse, immigrants from largly Catholic countries have the highest birth rates which are the greatest cause of our recent surge in population growth. Also I am very much pro choice and I wish idiot conservatives would wake up and smell the coffee. The people who result from women who otherwise might get an abortion are the very people who will destroy the lifestyle you love. You may be able to hire maids and caretakers cheaply, but the slums keep getting closer to your mansion as the breeders continue to breed.

  • David

    I live over 500 miles from the border with Mexico and my town is FULL OF ILLEGAL HISPANICS! My neighborhood is FILLING WITH ILLEGAL HISPANICS and one LEGAL HISPANIC whom was given citizenship in 1986 is now HELPING EVERY ILLEGAL HISPANIC HE CAN! He even cashes their checks because they have FAKE SSN’s! Just as others have said. This COUNTRY HAS ENOUGH POPULATION TO SUSTAIN WITHOUT ANOTHER IMMIGRANT PERIOD EITHER LEGAL OR ILLEGAL! Soon there will be NO MORE FARM LAND as today there are TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! ENOUGH! CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! And anyone whom is LEGAL I ADVISE TO ARM THEMSELVES NOW!!! PREPARE AND PRAY IT NEVER HAPPENS!


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