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Report Says Healthcare Bill Will Raise Premium Costs For Millions

December 7, 2009 by  

Report says healthcare bill will raise premium costs for millions As the debate over the healthcare reform has moved to the Senate floor, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) suggests that more than 13 million Americans may see their premiums go up.

Despite claims that the reform is intended to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, the study points out that some 13.3 million individuals—or 17 percent of insured Americans, mainly those who will be required to purchase their own policies—may see their premium increase by between 10 percent and 13 percent, according to media reports.

Upon the release of the report, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky commented that "a bill that’s being sold as a way to reduce costs actually drives them up."

However, the joint report also indicates that the proposed legislation would reduce insurance premiums by up to 3 percent for about 134 million Americans who receive coverage as a job benefit and who comprise the largest component of the health insurance market.

That is why congressional Democrats chose to focus on that figure, prompting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada to state that the analysis "confirms that millions of Americans who lack the necessary coverage to avoid potential financial ruin would have access to more coverage at an affordable price because of our proposal," quoted by

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  • Bob

    I’m lost. Your report on Healthcare indicates that the Healthcare Bill Will Raise Premium Costs For Millions. However later on you claim millions more who are already covered by their employers will see a reduction. That sounds like a reason to pass the Healthcare Bill. What am I missing?

    • Greg

      If the main goal is to cover those who do not have coverage, then this bill will certainly make things worse. The measly 3% reduction in cost is for those who ALREADY HAVE COVERAGE. People like myself, who must buy their own insurance with after tax dollars and can barely afford it now, will be very likely to LOSE their coverage as premiums increase 10-13%. As it is, I have had to reduce my coverage because I couldn’t afford to keep the plan I had. You have to realize that this bill does not contain any provisions which will actually make healthcare more efficient and cost-effective. Cutting Medicare, increasing taxes, and rationing care are not making it more cost-effective. It is just transfering money from one pocket to another. They refuse to address medical malpractice (another thing Obama lied about) because they don’t want to offend the Trial Lawyers Assn (which greases their palms), but they have no problem cramming their crap down our throats. If their bill was so great, then why did the Dems vote down an amendment that would have required them to sign on to the same healthcare plan?

      • Joe H.

        If their aim is to cover the ones without coverage then all they would have to do is expand medicaid and make it federally funded. I’m not saying I’m for that I’m just saying that would solve the problem. What they are interested in is taking over another, bigger, more important piece of your life!!!!

        • Moon Jaguar

          The one and only way to truly control health care costs is a single payer system with a fixed budget. I know, I know, most of you are blowing a blood vessel right now, but it’s the truth. And we have to grow up and admit that rationing isn’t a dirty word. ALL systems ration health care, including our current one – we just prefer to hide it and pretend it’s not there. Are you insured? Do you have a lifetime maximum benefit? That’s rationing. Are you denied coverage for pre-existing conditions? That’s rationing. Is your prescription drug plan limited to a specifc formulary? That’s rationing. Do you have a durable medical equipment limit? That’s rationing. Our current system ain’t so great, folks, and government’s not the source of the problem.

          • Joe H.

            Yes I am covered and no I do not have a lifetime limit!!! That is why I do not want to give it up in favor of a government run circle jerk that will limit my options and let THEM decide when I will die!!!

    • Claire

      You’re lost? Well, I can’t figure out what is going on either. You hear one thing on a news channel and the opposite on another channel. It is a mess. We are NOT getting the facts. WE are NOT getting the entire truth.

  • heidicarlin

    Get medical insurance for your entire family at the best price from

  • Angela

    The Democratic gov. still does not get it that we the people pay their salaries, we can elect them out of office (which I hope all Americans will do come 2010). Our Gov. is just a BIG POWER GRAB. The unemployment lines will get a lot longer in 2010. How many more millions of dollars will sen. Reid spend to get his votes? This is dirty politics in the making. Even now they are still behind closed doors with out any Republicans included, they are just making deal after deal to get this Health Care passed knowing that the American People are not for it. This is a discrace to the Nation. Talk about corruptions. I hope that lot will be gone after next years election. People will not forget what you stand for. WE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. Now I understand that they are going to try to take our 401K and stock from us to put into SSS. This is a ponzi scheme and we will not tolerate it. You have taken enough from us. STAY OUT OF OUR HOUSE, YOU CANNOT EVEN TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN HOUSE.

  • s c

    If health care needs to be ‘reformed,’ it’s due to government incompetence. A blatantly incestuous relationship between the goverment and trial lawyers has made the situation even worse [EASY money for shysters=easy money for criminal politicians].
    The government can’t handle Medicare. It can’t handle Medicaid. It won’t be able to handle comrade obama’s stealth health scam, and yet these same low-lifes will claim that everything good in America is due to government’s eager willingness to “help.” A government that specializes in screwing-up EVERYTHING it touches is a government that can be trusted with NOTHING.
    The mentality of those who support comrade obama are distant reltives of the same paranoid utopians who made it possible for Adolf Hitler to wreak havoc in Europe. How can anyone find merit in such obvious insanity?
    Obummercare will result in the loss of freedom, indentured servitude for many generations, more lost jobs, a worthless dollar, a twisted combination of fascism, socialism and communism and a nation ripe for revolution. A well-deserved pox on everyone who dares to preach a better way of living and
    “hope” in the same breath. Et tu, vermin!
    It takes a world-class loser to promote the ‘benefits’ of a
    Third World country and do it in the name of “hope and change.” What we have in the white house is nothing less than a self-loving, useful idiot LOSER. Anyone who can find merit in such a mentality is unfit to be called an American, and is a disgrace to the human race.
    Does any American think comrade obama will stoop to READ and UNDERSTAND his creation? America would better off with a Nero. At least Nero made it clear to all what kind of ‘leader’ he was. With comrade obama, all we will ever see from him is layer upon layer of power-mad lies.

  • Linda

    Angela, could not have been said any better. Thank you

  • Laura

    It seems obvious that the government, as currently instituted by the Congress,Office of the President, and the courts, no longer serves the people or their interests. It also seems apparent that efforts by the people to protest and remedy this state of affairs have been unsuccessful. In light of unprecedented participation and mobilization of grass-roots voters, the response by the elected leaders has been to ignore, ridicule, and marginalize the wishes of the electorate. What more evidence is needed to conclude that this is a rogue government with neither credibility nor legitimacy. The government has the sole purpose of protecting the God-given rights of individuals. The Declaration of Independence stated it most clearly: “… to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

    I challenge the people to finally come to grips with the reality of these facts. Our government no longer represents us, it is destructive of our rights and happiness, and we have a duty to act to end the tyranny, for ourselves and our posterity.

  • J. W. Ross

    Dear Sirs: I thought it is interesting that our government leaders are trying to show that our jobless rate is on the downtrend. Remember that this is the Christmas season when lots of jobs (temporary) become available until after Christmas. I wonder if they will be surprised (and will not mention it on the media) that after the new year starts, that our jobless rate will take a drastic upturn. I am beginning to sound like my parents who often described the people in the Washington positions as those who do not remember that their pay checks come from our pockets.
    I am sure that they would consider drastic changes to our health system if they are required to participate in the same health program as the ones we have but require that they pay for it out of their pay check without taking more from our pay check.!!! Joe Ross, Sr.

  • Disgusted

    Joe you are so right. They should be required to participate in the same health care program as us “regular people”. They shouldn’t be aloud to vote on their own raises either, but they do! You are spot on regarding the jobless rate, I also think they are way off base on the housing information. They keep saying exhisting home sales are up, but 90% of those are homes that someone else lost due to foreclosure and the price being paid for them is substantially less than the house is worth. I don’t believe one ‘estimate’ or ‘rate’ they come up with – they are liars!! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!

  • Disgusted

    Laura, Very true! How do we make that happen – VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! I wish we didn’t have to wait that long. They are doing whatever they want and need with no regard to what we the citizens of this country want or need. I wish we could get rid of them NOW!

  • Jessica

    Many of those fools in Washington know that they are politically doomed. That’s why they’re so desperate to force through their genocidal health “care” bill, before the real economic crash that’s coming next year. This is their legacy, their monument to themselves. It’s all about power, control, and lining the pockets of their socialists puppetmasters with our hard-earned money. That health care bill is so full of unconstitutional aspects that We The People could probably have it repealed once we get these leeches out of office.
    But you have to VOTE. And get all your friends and relatives to vote, even the dippy clueless ones who would rather watch cartoons. We are the majority. ACORN can’t find enough winos and dead voters in the cemetaries to keep these clowns in office. The Dems have restored ACORN’s funding, by the way. Did you know that?

  • Joe H.

    God Bless our fallen heroes of Pearl Harbor. May they rest in peace, they have earned it!!!

  • http://notapplicable Hammond

    All of you are right; however, there is another way to get them out other than voting them out. Voting is faster but a constitutional amendment limiting terms is another. Every state is equal in this regard as is stated in the Constitution. Tea parties in each state can work together to bring this about in their respective states. No grandfathering either. Representatives should be limited to two terms and senators to one. Although there are some in Congress who do a very good job of representing us, we can always find someone who is at least equal. Why? Because we who care about this country and are willing to take personal responsibility are all in this together as one nation. And as soon as the people get over this ME, ME, ME attitude and look out for others who have needs that they can’t be met through no fault of their own, the better off we will be.

  • Joe H.

    You won’t see an immediate downturn in the jobs till after the elections! the report will be fudged till the dems are either voted out or voted in. Then the true information will come out. Just like now, the report says the job losses are slowing down? That is just to try to make them look good till after the elections, DON’T BE FOOLED!!!

  • Bill Bordeaux

    In view of just reading the article one thought for the democrats came to mind, “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead” The democratic Messiah has spoken, pass health care reform and don’t let any real facts get in the way! Their names should be etched in Stone for the children to remember. Hopefully every one of them will be literally kicked out of office and forced to work in a garbage heap where they will feel comfortable.

  • jeff cereghino

    The plain fact are the US health care system is ranked 37th in the world. The good news is we are better than Cuba. We pay more for health care than any other country in the world. The French, Swedes, Danes and many other countries have more doctors, more hospital beds, and better care than we do. They also pay about half of the GDP costs than we do. By way of personal example, when my mother visited Paris a few years ago, and got bronchitis, the doctor came to her rented apartment. Yes, a house call. The medicine was delivered in about 2 hours after the house call. When was the last time you heard of any American doctor doing a house call? As a kid I remember that happening. Why doesn’t happen any more? Is it the government, under both Rep and Dems that stopped that practice or do you think it is the insurance companies?
    I assume that all you folks who don’t want health care reform must be heavily invested in health insurance companies. Do you really think your friendly health insurance company is looking out for your best interest? I own loads of health care stock, and have done pretty well over these years, but my personal profits have to be subordinated to the greater good, of curbing insurance company gouging.

  • Greg

    The truth is that the profits made by healthcare companies are lower than they are for most industries. They have to make some profit or else they wouldn’t be in business. It was reported that the top 10 health insurance companies combined made about $8 billion profit in one year. During the same time, Medicare lost $60 billion to waste and fraud. Can anyone honestly name ONE thing the government runs better and more efficiently than the private sector? If you are honest I’m sure you can’t. Remember years ago when the govt. “broke up” the AT & T monopoly? Everybody’s phone bills went up. Remember when they regulated the cable tv industry? Everybody’s cable bill went up. I am not happy with what I have to pay in premiums, but my insurance company has never denied a doctor’s visit or procedure. The govt. gives every indication that they WILL deny many procedures. They also were wayyyy off with their cost estimates when they passed Medicare, which ultimately ended up costing about 3 times what they said it would. There are other, much better ways of reforming healthcare in America which will reduce costs and make the system accessible to most Americans. Unfortunately, Obama’s plan is not one of them. It is just another one of their big power grabs.

  • Joe H.

    jeff c.,
    no I’m not invested in them I just have good coverage that I am very satisfied with!!! I don’t want to lose that, and please don’t attempt to tell me that won’t happen!!! As the old sayin’ goes; Don’t pee up my leg and tell me it’s raining!!!

  • CB

    The dem’s think we are so gullable as to beleive that the unemployment rate dropped because of them, HA. Retailers and shipping companies are hiring for the holidays, mostly temp positions to cover overtime for the longer hours of operation. Come january it will rise again as these people will no longer be needed.

  • http://NA Hammond

    Must reply to jeff cereghino above. I don’t know where you get your info. It appears you have never really been there. I have traveled all over Europe. I had an experience in Paris that was so bad I had to rush home to get the care I needed. I had similar experiences in Germany, UK, Austria, Japan to name a few. While one might occasionally get good care in some places in Europe, it is not the norm.

  • Kirk Daugherty

    Does anyone out there think about the lawsuits that forced many Doctors to quit delivering babies in our small communities years ago. The premiums were so high, Doctors in small communities had to meet and choose who would deliver babies and who would not. This was the only option for small hospitals to continue to offer the service.
    When did a misfortune receive a monetary correction? Tort reform and the reduction of legislation to create specialized individuals to help interperet rules we must all follow may be a step in the right direction.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    Most of you have it right however, if you have read the bill from the House that went to the Senate, you would all Barf. Not only are they going to regulate Dr/s salaries but also how they spend it – they are going to have access to EVERYONE’s bank account, know everything of what they own, what was even funny was they say that it is not a tax. They have to, because for the most part, the whole bill is unconstitutional but what can we expect from a bunch or morons that want to control you from cradle to grave and take what you have to give to the others that don’t want to work. It is really sad what the elected officials have done to our country in the name of GREED.

  • http://AmericaTakenDown&ChinaOnTheRise RoseC

    Under which constitutional law is Senator Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the 111th liberal democratic Congress applying that allows them to expand the role of the federal government and trample on state laws and take over an entire private corporate for-profit free enterprise?

    Which constitutional law is the 111th Congress applying that allows the federal government to undermine and usurp the U.S. Constitution by writing new laws under the guise of healthcare that allows the federal government to act as a dual entity, a public agency for which it was established to collect taxes and set up government healthcare programs and other social programs for all Americans; and set up a second entity that establishes them as a free enterprise for-profit private corporation that will collect mandatory payments by force by writing mandates and requirements into unconstitutional laws so they can collect life time payments from the U.S. taxpayers after taxes? In other words, which U.S. Constitutional law is the 111th U.S. Congress applying that allows them to act as a public entity collecting taxes for healthcare programs for all Americans and simultaneously allows them to establish themselves as a for-profit private corporation competing with the free market and force U.S. taxpayers to make monthly payments after taxes?

    Payments and earnings are not taxes. The 111th U.S. Congress is establishing something similar to a double taxation, but not really a tax because the money paid for healthcare insurance premiums are not paid through taxes but through payments. So, how will the American taxpayers account for the money mandated unconstitutionally by the federal government for a U.S. Consumer product they may or may not want when they file their income taxes each year?

    Furthermore, doesn’t the federal government need to apply for a healthcare insurance provider license? A corporate tax number? Set up a Board of Directors? Apply for corporate papers? Apply for a business license? Apply for a IRS Tax Code Number since they are collecting payments after taxes the federal government will be collecting earnings as profit and losses; and mustn’t the federal government file tax returns every year to account for the money they are mandating to be collected from U.S. taxpayers for the rest of their lives since they are incorporating as a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation in order to sell healthcare premiums?

    And, which U.S. Constitutional law is the 111th U.S. Congress applying that allows them to mandate generational payments to the federal government or else be punished, jailed or excessively fined and taxed if the U.S. taxpayers who are U.S. Consumers don’t want to buy their U.S. Consumr product and services since collecting payments for consumer products isn’t a tax? If they aren’t collecting taxes as insurance providers then how can they punish U.S. taxpayers under the U.S. tax Code? Earnings after taxes are the personal property of the taxpayer, U.S. Consumer, so how can the federal government mandate that Americans turn over their earnings before and after taxes for a U.S. Consumer product made on U.S. soil or else be punished?

    Isn’t the healthcare law similar to having an imaginary gun to the heads of each U.S. taxpayer and saying pay up or else? Yet, this law is bias and discriminatory because it doesn’t affect those who don’t work and don’t pay taxes, so they won’t be unlawfully punished. Shouldn’t the 111th U.S. Congress disclose who in the White House owns stocks in healthcare industries; healthcare services; healthcare insurance companies; HMOs; and pharmaceutical companies before proposing, passing or voting on such a law?

  • ’53 Korean Vet

    If you’ve ever had “any experience with Skunks”, our comparision with “Liberals & Socialists” in Congress, who ‘Schemed-Up’ this “Radical” 2,100 page Health Care ‘Power’ Take-Over, leaves no doubts that Both Houses of Congress–”Will still ‘SMELL’–even after, we’ve managed to get “Rid of the Varmits-!” Military Training made me able to “SAVE” 5 different lives on 5 separate occasions! I never thought to ask them–if they were Democrats or Republicans-!? I just happened to be handy at the time–& I was just glad that everything turned out for “the Best!” All this occurred before I was 38 yrs-old!

  • Joe H.

    This takes a congressional bill to pass and as with all bills you might get things tacked on that you won’t want as much or even really regret!!! better to do it with the vote!!!

  • http://none John Detwiler

    The fact that the job loses are slowing down means nothing. It simply means that MORE JOBS are being loss and does n ot take into account that the previous job losses are still there. Instead of saying that the ression is slowing down, the real story is that the ression is still MOVING DOWNWARD. Now that is the real story. When people begin working asain and the hiring is picking up then we can truthfully say that the ression is starting to rebound. But leave it to Uncle Sam to imeadately say that the recession is over,

  • JCMc

    I have no doubt most of elected representatives truly believe that “we the people” are of low intelligence and character. Part of the reason for their conception lies with us (me) in assuming that they of all people would govern according to the constitution since they openly swore to it;! not so. When we neglect our responsibility to keep a watch on our government, this is what we get. It never occurred to me that this could happen in America. When I saw it as a possibility during the campaign I also assumed that “we the people” would see it as a socialist/Marxist platform and of course would vote against it; again, not so, and that is when I began looking for a voice and found it first in the Tea Party movement. Shocked again when I saw the media and congressional members write us off as lunatics and I really got scared and remain so. “We the people” are just hanging on the edge of a democratic republic by our fingernails and we must get a move on. This Christmas season I will be volunteering to serve the needy but will do my best to give them something to think about in the process. If the Feds/States can bribe them for their votes then I can certainly remind them that they have a responsibility to not “kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” i.e. their neighbors and local businesses, farmers, retired military and church related folks. I have set aside any political correctness that has influenced my action in the past and if I falter I will remind myself of the recent Ft Hood Massacre since the lesson of 9/11 seems to somehow morphed to become an issue wherein we are to blame.
    Where are the poets who would write for us inspiring words to recite and keep us focused? Have they joined the Elitist? Questions to help identify patriots who are decendants of the Scots who would actually fight to defend a principle. Rise up!


  • Robert

    Transparency? 2,000+ page bill? Behind the door negotiations? Who the hell knows what we’ll end up with? Vote these SOB’s out of office! Better yet, deploy them as the first wave of the surge in Afaghanstan. Don’t forget to supply them with lawyers and white flags. God Bless American and God Damn these corrupt politicians.

  • Hammond

    I hear all of us. OK. So we write and we are frustrated and we want change alright but not the change we are having imposed on us. Now, what are we, each of us, going to do about it? What actions are we going to take? I am sure each of you just might believe we are faced with a daunting task. But if all we do is write and complain, nothing will happen. I am getting more and more actively involved in local politics and trying to find a way to get these “intellectual elitists” who think they do more than we do out of office and into the pig pen where they can feed their greed and truly wallow in the mud. It will be just like home. What are you going to do?

  • Claire

    The fleecing of America and all Americans. Will it never end?

  • Joe H.

    don’t do that to our troops!!! Unfortunately with their education these @#$%s would be officers!!! With their “I know better!” attitude they would get half of our troops killed the first week!!!!

  • libertytrain

    Joe H – excellent point – exception being – if they are all that educated, they seemed to have checked it at the door and no longer use same.

  • Moon Jaguar

    You can thank Mr. Bush for the prescription drug benefit fiasco. And it’s a lie that the government can’t do anything right. Do you know what the administrative costs of Medicare are? About 3% That means 97 cents of every Medicare dollar pay for products and services. Wanna guess what private health insurance admin costs are? Between 25% and 33%. That, my friends, is REAL waste.

  • cr747

    Has anybody noticed what Obama’s approval rating is today? 47% compared to Bush’s 86% at same time in their first year of presidency. DOES THAT TELL US SOMETHING?????????? DOES ME, WE HAVE GOT THE WRONG PERSON IN OFFICE FOR PRESIDENT. SO,,, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe H.

    Moon, I’ll tell you the government can’t do anything right! Look at the VA hospital fiasco, Look at the post office, medicare is the place they were going to cut costs, remember? Look at the last three wars we have been in, if the government stayed out we could have ended them a lot sooner!!! The government can’t even manage themselves without corruption!!!

  • Joe H.

    that is quite true but this is the military and being a branch of our government………..

  • Smilee

    Moon Jaguar says:
    December 8, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Thanks for having the courage to point out our heavily rationed system in the private sector plans, most people do not understand that Medicare has much less rationing than the private plans out there today, Joe will find this out too when he has to go on Medicare, My coverage and rationing is now much less than when I was on the employer plans and I had one of the better plans at that time. Your right there is rationing in all plans in all countries but most countries actually have less that we do in this country today. I believe that those that oppose government plans or regulated government plans do so just because they have an intense hatred of government period and fail to realize that the private plans are far more ineffective than the government plans.

  • Smilee

    Joe H

    Your a frustrated man, couple of points the proposed reductions in medicare. In 2003 the republican party government at that time added what they called Medicare Advantage plans and for those who chose it the cost for Medicare increased 14% to 15% on average and the current proposed reductions are to pay these plans the same as the regular Medicare plans it does not mandate any reduced benefits. The argument is that these plans will reduce coverage or drop the plan and they can do that, but these people who have this happen have 63 days to come into a regular medicare supplement plan with any preexisting condition and get better coverages if they want, The reforms have not yet become law and for 2010 there are some doing that now and have in years passed, my insurance agent says people are getting tired of being bounced around by these insurance companies and are elected to return to regular medicare, his client base for advantage plans has decreased the past two years and now fewer that 10% of his clients elect Advantage plans.
    You have a distorted view of government run agencies and seem to overlook the way private plans work and they leave more to be desired than most government run agencies. Try running a company by a group the size of congress and you can bet this would be even worse especially if they have to make a profit. Private companies are often more inefficient than government, why do you suppose the triple inflation rate increases in premiums by health insurance companies and often reduced benefits as well. Its called Corporate Corruption and greed and it is more destructive than government plans for the nations health care systems. A reality that congress is now grappling with and they have to deal with a “Just say NO”, republican party who refused to participate and do nothing but spread misinformation and criticize.

  • Smilee

    The most likely way you can loose coverage is if your company gets sold, drops or reduces coverages, moves to a different location. state or country, laid off and I hope not, but being fired. You of course have the government COBRA law that forces your company to furnish you the same coverage for 18 months at a premium of up to 102% of the actual premium and if you can afford that you will then have coverage for this 18 month period and then if have a preexisting condition you would be screwed and not be able to get coverage for that, no doubt this reform proposal will eliminate that and I’m betting if you where in the above stated predicament you would purchase the insurance made available under this new yet unpassed law were it available to you, thanks to your government.

  • Smilee


    Would you explain why all the studies done say what you say is simply is not true and all the people I know in Canada and Europe would disagree with you.

  • Smilee

    Kirk Daugherty says:
    December 7, 2009 at 11:09 am

    Where tort reform laws have been passed they have not reduced malpractice insurance premiums, this is an insurance problem not a tort problem, costs for law suits is now only 1% of the total health care costs and provid financial help to those that have suffered malpractice of which they had no control over. Insurance administration and profits now exceed 22% and neither address the costs of bankruptcies of which 70% of them are due to medical costs and these costs are passed on to those paying. This reform would greatly decrease the cost from bankruptcies and is far in excess to any tort reform would provide and it is likely it will provide none, this is a red herring and comes mostly from those who hate lawyers, the patient who suffers malpractice is seldom considered in the argument.

  • Smilee


    It is obvious that you have not read it as it contains nothing that you claim. It is obvious you have been listening to the far right wingers again, they only feed you misinformation and propaganda which is intended to produce your type of post, apparently you are not interested in what it actually does say or if what you say is true.


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