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Report: More Than Half Of World's Population Is Vitamin D Deficient

July 27, 2010 by  

Report: More Than Half Of World's Population Is Vitamin D DeficientWhile previous research has indicated that an increasing percentage of the world’s population is suffering from vitamin D deficiencies, a new study has found that approximately half of individuals residing in first world countries do not get enough of the sunshine vitamin.

Lead author Anthony Norman, a professor of biochemistry and biomedical sciences at the University of California and a renowned expert on vitamin D, said the findings suggest that most adults cannot attain sufficient levels simply by consuming nutrient-rich foods.

In his research paper published in the July 2010 issue of Endocrine Today Norman notes that the majority of scientists believe that the currently recommended daily intake of vitamin D (between 200 IU and 600 IU) is not near high enough.

"There is a wide consensus among scientists that the relative daily intake of vitamin D should be increased to 2,000 to 4,000 IU for most adults," said Norman. "A 2,000 IU daily intake can be achieved by a combination of sunshine, food, supplements, and possibly even limited tanning exposure."

In light of several recent studies linking the nutrient to lower incidences of various health conditions, Norman encouraged the Federal government to allocate more resources toward vitamin D interventions and further research.

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  • s c

    I can understand America suffering because of a mentality that demands to be seen as omniscient. However, if the rest of the world has the same problem, then then obviously the entire world is under the same negative influence that America has endured for so long.
    I thank Dr. Norman for bringing this matter to the world’s attention. So is it asking too much for MDs and the medical profession to do its job and see to it that the world gets the medical ‘advice’ and ‘attention’ that is so lacking?
    Why do those people go to medical school if there is such a gap between real science and “medical” science?

  • James

    Viamin D is free. Expose a reasonable amount of skin to the sun for even just a short time, and our bodies will convert that sunshine to vitamin D.

    • Denise

      I’m not sure that being in the sun works for everyone. I was sick for months, and finally discovered I was Vit D deficient. Doctor put me on 50,000 IUs once a week until I got my numbers back to the low normal range (which took 4 months). I am feeling much better now and still working on raising my numbers by taking 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 per day, and I am out in the sun almost every day!! I do not wear sunblock or cover up much, but then again I don’t stay out more than 1/2 hour at a time (so I won’t burn). Something else may be wrong with my metabolism that keeps me from manufacturing my own Vit D …. more tests are being run to find out. I just don’t think anyone should assume that being in the sun is always the answer to this problem.

      • cenk

        The sun exposure most helpful is being practically nude outdoors. Since most people are heavily clothed in our society , the sun is not providing enough vitamin D. Also as Denise says maybe some people are not converting much Vitamin D even thought they are out in the sun. Supplementation with about 5,000 to 10,000 units a day is needed by many people

  • Anthony

    It’s a fine line between too much exposure to the sun (cancer?) and the optimum requirement alleged in this Report. My mother is 75 and based on the updates/alerts from this website, she has taken to consuming 4,000 every day for almost a year now. It has made a difference. I would definitively recommend everyone take the same amount.

    What I have question to – is whether taking upwards of 5,000 to 6,000 (or more) would cause what type of harm. Can anyone speak to that?

    As to s.c.’s comment about this being a world-wide epidemic (which it seems to be) … I would offer that much of the modern world does get their food at the market, which is processed – as opposed to straight from their own gardens.

    Things like bleached-enriched flower, etc.,etc., all have the missing vitamins and minerals which would help stave off disease and sickness in its varying forms. All sorts of store-bought foods are now processed, assuring they do not carry the nutrients they once used to.

    Go view FOOD,INC on Youtube – and view all the associated recommendations that you see listed. Pay attention to which Corporations are at the core of assuring our food supply is tainted – and has been for several decades now.

    Getting off the grid should be considered a good, and necessary, practice.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      My Dr. put me on 50,000 units twice a day. I am 59, but I don’t know what they reccommend by age!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Sorry I just noticed a typo! that is supposed to be twice a week!! Sorry!

  • ME

    The reason that the Dr.’s won’t tell you this is as follows: they are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies, etc. Years ago I was raised on a farm with “whole” milk (and I’m in my 50′s). You got it straight from the cows, separated it for milk, cream, butter, etc. We churned our own butter, had cream for coffee, etc. and drank the milk. It was loaded with vitamin D; but then along came pasturization and whalla…. the vitamin D is processed out of the milk. Our kids are put on 2% at a Dr.’s advice so they don’t become obese. All they have to do is return to physical activity / exercise / PE in schools that is real not “play time”, and let them have “sunshine” as weather permits. Sure other countries have a D deficiency too… China for instance has a large # of technological wiz kids, on the PC’s all day…. but they don’t get the sunshine therefore they have a D deficiency.

    Physicians are not trained to keep us healthy, but to treat the symptoms. If they kept us all healthy they wouldn’t be able to afford those cars, trips, etc. that we pay for. Why would you want to tell your patient…. if you drink plenty of water and eat more fruits, legumes, fish, etc. you will be healthier. If they treat the symptom they provide you with a prescription / drugs that after a period of time your body becomes resistant to and that has certain effects if taken over a prolonged period of time which in turn cause more illness and they make more $. How profound is it that God created the tomato (which is good for the heart) actually looks like the chambers to the heart when cut in half. The avocado and pear both resemble female organs and are known to provide vital nutrients to promote the health of those organs. The carrots which we have long known are good for the eyes, if you look at a carrot slice, they resemble the eye. There are many other food/health related instances, but we need to return to the days of planting a garden, eating the fruits and vegetables in season, and can or freeze the produce for later consumption in the off season. Likewise, as it relates to meats, I knew a young girl who at 8 yrs. of age began her periods and the Dr. told the mom that it was due to the amount of store bought meat they consumed and the hormones that had been injected into the meats. Now there are “organic” meats, etc. that can be brought, at a premium $, so let’s all start our own gardens!

    Why would they want to perform more indepth tests that look for the vitamin or mineral deficiency and treat that instead of having you go through major surgery in 10 years and they can make a ton of money per procedure.

    • Anthony

      Would definitely agree that Doctors, these days, are only taught whatever the Big Pharma Corps think profits them, the most. Big Pharma has been treating Symptons, as opposed to the actual Cause(es) for the better part of my adult life. I’m 56, this year. With the ending of the Vietnam Conflict (thanks, Mr. Nixon), the Money Masters got on with their next order of business. And, with Jimmy Carter we saw Paul Volker and Co (includes Kissinger, Rumsfeld and others, people) and many others inside the CFR take real control of the Country, while everyone else at the grassroots level were licking their wounds from the decade long False Flag Event (the Gulf of Tonkin Incident is now considered as such by most historians – even if privately – and don’t forget about the USS LIBERTY/1967)

      Other huge examples of Big Pharma in league with Chemical Cos is the introduction of Aspartame into the Food Supply in the early 1980′s, while Rumsfeld was CEO of JD Searle. It was Rumsfeld who personally saw to the process occurring under false pretense. Google up Sweet Misery on Google Videos. Approximately 3 years later Rumsfeld was pushing Aspartame onto Europe. It has been found to be the basis for most of the neurological disorders the Planet is suffering from today. When you think of neurological… think anything having to do with brain ailments or simply brain function. What does that bring to mind?

      DIET is always the key – when it comes to most of the medical costs in this Country today. I listen to a younger gal on Youtube a lot. It’s Nutrition by Natalie. Check that out. And, don’t forget the other medical alerts and updates that Bob Livingston provides even in his regular email alerts.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I am 59 and I eat plenty of fish, nuts, love beans of all kinds except pinto, and fruit(grow my own) I am on mega doses of vitamin D by Dr.s orders as mine was low. I think there are other factors involved as well.

    • cenk

      Doctors are very hard working and are taught to work mosly for the hospitals and to treat with drugs. So they are not trained in so many useful remedies that promote optimal health. These is a movement with various names, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, functional medicine anti aging medicine and so on that incorporates the use of vitamins herbs and other natural substances to treat illness even thought legally this is inpossible since only a drug can legally treat an illness.

  • Lyndagayle

    When buying Vit. D, Dr. Mercola STRONGLY encourages us to buy and take
    Vit. D3, and to search for all supplements that have no Magnesium Sterate. Another doctor on radio says to search for the least ‘fillers’ such as __cellulose (powdered paper), silica (type of fine sand), or phosphates which increase a habitual desire for whatever it’s in… Often there are ingredients of many sugars and starches renamed dextrose, maltodextrin, fructose, corn sweeteners,
    and syrups (other than glycerin). Is THAT what you thought you were buying or are you instead being deceived? We should discipline ourselves to READ ALL INGREDIENTS AND KEEP LEARNING WHAT IS TO BE AVOIDED, SUCH AS ALL SOY PRODUCTS…according to Dr. Mercola on

    • http://?? Joe H.

      i must be getting the right kind, my last blood work showed mine was UP!!! She, my Dr., said that she will check it again next week and if it is still up she will drop it to twice a month!

  • toby lee

    take a look at
    there is some great info for asthma sufferers

  • HealthNut

    Wow, who would have thought that tanning would have any real benefit? I am going to just stick to sitting by a window and taking supplements.

  • Gail Blair

    Just remember pill form you only get 33% absorption. Liquid form with D3 is best. Why not take a liquid form that has L Arginine and EDTA and much more!

  • Richard Pawley

    All excellent replies worth reading again. Evidence continues to accumulate about the value of Vitamin D-3 and the government is trying to get control of all supplements “for the good of the people” of course. The United Nations has a ruling they want to apply to the world that only vitamins that reach a threshold of effectiveness can be prescribed. Anything that can actually do anything must be restricted (like a poison) or made into a prescription. This is why those are fortunate who can go out in the noon day sun for 20 minutes with just shorts or a swimsuit on. Without sunscreen they are getting about 6,500+ IU of sun IF their bodies are healthy and working right and don’t allow themselves to be sunburned. It has been my experience that 5,400 IU of D-3 is not enough to prevent the flu so in the non-summer months I take 10,000 IU a day. I have read that one doctor advises not bathing for 48 hours after getting that 20 to 30 minutes of sun, or the value of the D-3 will be diminished. Also when one uses sunscreen it must be one of the two or three that are safe and don’t contain harmful chemicals as the vast majority do. I haven’t used sun screen in 40 years but I was once stuck in a boat without cover for three hours off Cape Cod about 15 years ago and although I felt like I had been sunburned my skin didn’t turn red and I can only attribute that to the fact that I had been taking an all natural-vitamin and mineral supplement for several years which I continue taking to this day.


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