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Report Blasts Obama Administration For BP Oil Spill Handling

October 13, 2010 by  

Report blasts Obama administration for BP oil spill handlingA bipartisan report has criticized President Barack Obama and his administration for their response to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, which consists of Obama-appointed members, determined through its investigation that the government withheld information from the public. The commission said that the White House Office of Management and Budget did not reveal the worst-case estimates of the spill, according to media reports

In addition, the group criticized the Obama administration for failing to accurately report the amount of oil that was dispersed by biodegradation, which is a method of oil breakdown through the use of chemicals.

"By initially underestimating the amount of oil flow and then, at the end of the summer, appearing to underestimate the amount of oil remaining in the Gulf, the Federal government created the impression that it was either not fully competent to handle the spill or not fully candid with the American people about the scope of the problem," the report stated.

A Democratic candidate for Senate has also panned Obama for his response to the April 20 oil rig explosion, which killed 11 workers, injured 17 others and caused the worst environmental disaster in United States history. During a television ad in support of Louisiana State Representative Charlie Melancon (D-Napoleonville), the President is criticized for placing a moratorium on deepwater drilling, according to the Huffington Post.

The suspension of drilling raised the ire of Louisiana officials who said the halt would further harm coastal economies. The drilling freeze was lifted by Louisiana court rulings less than a month after the White House announced the moratorium, and then reinstituted by the Obama administration.

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  • dan az

    government created the impression that it was either not fully competent to handle the spill or not fully candid with the American people about the scope of the problem,” the report stated.
    How about both!!!!and did you notice the very large tar ball on the beach?

    • alpha-lemming


    • Warrior

      Yes sir, now could you bend over so we can get a photo of you picking up one of those disgusting tar balls, good! I’m not positive but I thought one is suppose to stay out of the safety taped area? Maybe I am mistaken, possibly the gulf is taped off from entering. Ah, that must be it. When you invoke a drilling moratorium, you have to tape off the moratorium-um area.

    • Carole Howell

      Big Corporations ours or foreign, as BP is own and run our government, our U S presidents are just figure heads with very little power, don’t get that by now. We need publicly financed elections. 8 states have already gone this route, time for the rest of the nation to do the same this is how we will take our nation back and have Congress do the work of the people and not huge multi national corporations, special interests and that of foreign governments (read Israel and Saudi Arabia). Check it out.

  • s c

    I’m betting that a certain prez has been in bed with BP long enough to know that accountability is more than just a word. It sure is good that Mr. Obama is an example of the cream of the crop. Anybody who screws up as bad as he has in less than two years would have been responsible for the end of the world if he hadn’t gone to Haavid and become an integral part of a town like Chicago.
    Remember, folks, there are credentials, and there are credentials. Most likely, the movie will become a one-of-a-kind classic. Smell that popcorn.

    • Mike In MI

      Hey, s c -
      I’m not sure any more who he goes to bed with – or what they do there. Probably couldn’t be shown in an adult, sci-fi, horror movie (XXXXX rated) starring James Trafficant and Nasty Pelousy.
      He may yet be the curse of the cause of the end of the world. He’s trying.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Mike in MI, Watch it, Traficant might come to see you! He’s running again this year!!!

  • JeffH

    The ROTHSCHILD Petroleum Corporation, AKA British Petroleum
    President Barry’s abysmal handling of the BP Gulf disaster could be blamed on indifference; arrogance; stupidity or greed.
    Or maybe the O’man just deferring to his “Puppet Master,” the Rothschild’s.

    Why Were BP Executives Hired For MMS? Fox, Meet Henhouse
    In the weeks since BP’s Deepwater Horizon well started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, there’s been increasing attention to the “cozy” relationship between the Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the oil industry it’s supposed to regulate. How cozy? Just last summer the Obama administration tapped a BP executive to serve as a deputy administrator for land and minerals management.
    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar last June appointed Sylvia V. Baca to the post, which did not require Senate confirmation. The appointment follows eight years at BP.

    Goldman Sachs is obviously an arm of their empire, whereas BP is among a host of companies in Rothschild’s portfolio.
    During the Copenhagen summit, David Rothschild, “adventurer environmentalist” and an heir apparent to the Rothschild financial empire, in an interview with Bloomberg made the admission – through a series of stuttering verbal bumbles – that the talks in Copenhagen were actually about “global governance” rather than global warming.

    Zionist Kenneth Feinberg, 9/11 Cover Up Agent?, to Administer BP’s $20 Billion Claim Fund

    Kenneth Feinberg, cover up artist par excellence for ‘events’ whose true nature must be kept hidden is handed the job of administering BP’s $20 billion fund for damage claims to economic victims of the Gulf oil spill. Kenneth Feinberg was the Special Master of the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund.

    Besides 9/11, other compensation ‘events’ that Feinberg resided over were the shootings at Virginia Tech, Hurricane Katrina, the original Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, the Holocaust slave labor litigation, Agent Orange litigation, human radiation experiments, catastrophic nuclear accidents and was the ‘Special Master’ for TARP executive compensation.

    It’s increasingly becoming apparent that the BP ‘spill’ is more than an accident. Feinberg’s task will be to see that there are no compensation cases brought to court that could expose any of the deep secrets of the disaster and to protect those at the top of the money pyramid.

    Any questions about why the POTUS is acting like a tamed minion of BP should be cleared up by the knowledge that BP is a subsidiary of the international band of gangsters that operate out of London. The Rothschilds.
    The Rothschild’s have been behind many wars, financing both sides and raking in profits from misery, death and destruction. Profits which compound when they finance the rebuilding of the countries they helped destroy.
    The Rothschilds have their tentacles in China, Brazil and India, all rising monetary powers.

    • Robert S

      I’ve read that Halliburton was working on the wellhead a couple days before it blew. What a surprise.

      • paul6387

        Just exactly where did you “read” this? Please supply link.

      • JeffH

        You’re correct Robert S, Halliburton is just another player in the whole scheme.

    • eddie47d

      Wow Jeff, You sound like a liberal taking on the establishment. Attaboy!

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, this is way too big for your comprehension abilities. You’ll always be stuck in the whole righty/lefty thing.

        • Robert S

          Jeff He’s not the only one. That’s why we don’t have any hope of taking our country back.

      • s c

        WOW, Eduardo! You sound just like a frickin’ RINO who’s trying to act like a conservative.

        • eddie47d

          SC: I don’t think so. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any respect for a Republican. My first vote was for them and it’s gone down hill ever since.

  • JeffH

    Was this “The Ultimate Gulf Conspiracy”?
    To cover the money aspects of this fraudulent event, are somewhat self evident. Primarily, as President Obama (note he’s not very worried, think about it) has just pointed out, they are using this false flag to move forward with the Carbon Tax, followed by Cap and Trade. Another aspect of profit is the clean up of this disaster; those boats aren’t running around for free in the Gulf. From there, is the very real aspect of banks calling their notes on the remaining mortgaged properties along the Gulf, and peninsula of Florida. Remember Katrina? They never gave the land back, but sold it to casinos, and other businesses. Almost all beach front property will end up in the hands of the banks, and government. They’ll play this disaster off for a few years, and explain the mysterious disappearance of oil on kindness from mother nature.

    • eddie47d

      Wow again Jeff; Thanks for exposing Corexit dispersant for what it is. This product is banned in Britain yet was widely used in the Gulf. It can kill wildlife and is deadly to humans also. No one should say that the Gulf oil disaster is over for those chemicals will be around for a long time. The heavier balls of oil will also sink in the Gulf waters and do harm to the bottom feeders.If the currents are strong enough the oil and dispersants may eventually drift away. If not then our long term food supply could be effected.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie…”Wow again Jeff; Thanks for exposing Corexit dispersant for what it is.”

        Once again you’ve failed to see the bigger picture in all of this.

        • Mike In MI

          Ease down a little, Jeff – There are signs in some of his posts that F. Ed is picking up an education by reading you and others here. Nurture a sprouting bud; don’t squash it.

      • Christin

        You are right eddie47d,
        The chemical dispersant, corexit, is deadly and has killed everything from the water surface down eight feet… barnacles, corals and no fish swim there. And it is deadly to animals, plants and human life as well and it may take a life time for the water to be cleansed and safe in the Gulf again, not to mention the tar sitting on the bottom and spreading in currents.

        But Jeff H. is talking about “a bigger picture” where our gov has probably pulled a false flag (sabotaged the oil rig and killed those guys) to shut down oil production, and instill further legislation: land grabs, carbon tax, and cap and trade regulations to bankrupt Americans and America to line Elite Rulers pockets and enslave us to the NWO.

        • JeffH

          Christin, you understand completely.

  • JeffH

    The Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded is the property of Transocean, not British Petroleum (BP); and both companies are financially directed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS investment bankers, all operating in the Rothschild League of banks.

    Goldman Sachs (GS) officials knew the rig was likely to explode when it did. They bet millions of dollars on this event only days before it happened! (Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of GS, directed 44% (4.6 million shares) of BP stock to be dumped three weeks before the explosion.

    David Sidwell, Risk Committee Chairman of UBS, the wealthiest Swiss bank (in the Rothschild League or alliance of so-called “competing” banks) and the world’s largest wealth manager, also dumped BP stocks massively (i.e., 99% of the banks holdings, or 2.1 million shares,) as did Wachovia/Wells Fargo.

    BP Oil CEO Tony Hayward sold 1/3 of his BP stock (223,288 shares) on March 17–a month before the explosion.

    The Management Boards of the Eurex Stock Exchanges and the Executive Board of Germany’s Eurex Clearing AG decided, on April 14, 2010, to introduce an equity option on shares of Transocean Ltd, effective on the day of the explosion, April 20, 2010. This gave inside traders a full day to dump their “uninsured” stock in Transocean at the highest price possible (before the rest of Wall Street responded to the explosion). Then the crisis capitalists were able to reinvest their funds securing the higher price value.
    After UBS sold its 2.1 million shares of BP, prior to the explosion, the “put option” policy on BP stock was similarly exercised when UBS bought back 8.6 million BP shares by June 7.

    And just when we thought the Government Sachs connection to the Gulf oil rigging could not get any deeper, we learn that GS holds controlling interests (with Apollo Management) in the Nalco Company(Nalco formed from a joint venture with the David Rockefeller-controlled Exxon Chemical Co. in 1994) which produces the hideously deadly oil dispersant named Corexit!

    The Rothschild Leaguers “ruled out all [Corexit] competitors even those that have shown to be far less toxic and, in some cases, nearly twice as effective,” reported Paul Quinlan in the New York Times.

    Corexit was found poisoning clean-up workers, causing kidney and liver disorders, following its debut in the 1989 Exxon-Valdez disaster. Nalco blamed these problems on 2-butoxyethanol, now claimed to have been removed

    In 2003, The Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L.P., and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, bought Ondeo Nalco for $4.3 billon dollars. All three companies are partnered in the Rockefeller-founded, Royal Family-chartered PFNYC.

    • s c

      Thanks for the info, JeffH. By the way, in doing your research, did you come across a Corexit connection to Al Gore and/or BP? I find it more than a tad amusing that good ‘ole tree-hugging, Mama Earth-saving Gore stands to get incredibly, filthy RICH by being a willing part of the ‘Corexit as
      panacea’ gambit.
      It makes me want to go hug a polar bear, because I know “duh” Gore doesn’t give a damn about any bears, let alone polar bears (or America).

      • JeffH

        s c, I’ve been searching and if I come up with something I’ll get it in here…Thanks for th idea to search it out.

        • Robert S

          Al Gore had so much Corexit in his 12 car garage that he had to find a way to use it. The day before the wellhead blew George Bush was seen snorkeling by the oil rig.

    • TIME

      Jeff & SC,
      All really good points, to add to the fray, The Nature Conservancy, Green Peace, Sierra Club, there are a number of others I just can’t recall them all off the top of my head.
      Anything that claims to be saving wild life is in the group, its all total 100% BS. The term that was used years ago is bring back Wilding.
      In plain words to allow nature to reclaim.

      Jeff years ago when I lived in Marin County with my X wife, I was invited to the “Owl Fest” This all stems back to everything that’s in the mix, Here are just a few that have been to these events, Bush’s x 3, Bill Clinton, Al Bore, Barry Soetoro, Arnold your Gov.
      Think Bilderburgs.

      A fellow by the name of David Eick, – NO he is not crazy.
      You all should look into his books, these will aid you in grasping the true underbelly of the Progressive movement as well the NWO.
      His name has came up many times as being someone that should have been removed, but as they feel that most people are too stupid and will not believe anything he has written anyway they let him go.
      So take that intel for its base value.
      Then if you still have issues with his work, ask yourself this simple question, why has there not been a single law suit filed if he is not telling the truth?

      • TIME

        Forgive me David’s last name is spelled (Icke.}

        I looked him up on line he has Youtube films as well as his books, if you take the time to look into his work, you will find its all 100% TRUE.
        If that fails to blow your mind, as I said keep in mind you are watching it unflod daily, keep a log of what you see, them compare it with what he wrote.

        Then when your knees start to buckle and you start to shake, keep in mind my quote; “If what he has written, is not true, he would have been hammered with countless law suits.”
        You know how fast a frivolus law suit is filed on a ZERO issue.

        Can you see how clear the picture is yet.

        • JeffH

          TIME, here is the link to David Icke, very interesting.

          • TIME

            As you may recall in some of my post I have brought up Puma Punku, I spoke with David way back in 1992, just after I had returned from Puma Punku, I had also been to the Great Sun Mound in the Yucatan in 1979, and Egypt in 1984, as well had been looking over tons of text on the Annunaki, from Africa to Europe.

            So to say it all started to fall into place is a major understatment.

            Being in the Music Biz I had known of the TONE factors, aka Vibriations, some ” Vibration” Resanoate to produce anger, others to produce peace.

            The Anger Vibration – what should blow your mind is the hertz levels, so any music can be set in a Hertz ZONE to produce the disired effects.
            There is more than meets the eye, when you look at the CONTROL factors behind what you see feel and think.

            Just as the Asian Sun wheel is the Ying & Yang, the equal parts of light and dark or a “perfect balance of energy”, we are now totaly out of balance we have more dark than light.
            ” Never let an event go with out exploiting it to its full.” Thats the base that Rahm took from, its from the Art of War.

        • JeffH

          TIME, I found this a most compelling read and some food for thought based on what’s been learned over the last year or two.

          From David Icke: Was Hitler a Rothschild?

          “How strange then, that as I have documented in And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret, along with endless other researchers and scholars, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by…the Rothschilds. It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschilds who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution.”

          • JeffH

            According to a book by a psychoanalyst, Walter Langer, called The Mind of Hitler, not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds, he WAS a Rothschild.
            “Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois… (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home… where Alois was born.”

          • Christin

            Wow, that’s some interesting and indepth info…
            So… how do we RID ourselves of the Rothschilds of the world?
            Or don’t we…

          • JeffH

            Christin, all we can do is our best to rid our government of the “sell outs” and their appointees the are bowing to these “satanists”. I do mean satanists in the worst way possible. We’ve got to control our own economy, ditch the Federal Reserve system and the main money grubbers on Wall Street…anybody connected with the Rothschild’s World Banking system has gotta go. It’s more than likely an impossible task but we can keep severing their tentacles and slowing their “hopey changy” for the USA.

          • Mike In MI

            Christin – …how do we rid ourselves of the Rothschilds…?”

            However, your name – Christin = Christ in – is the way to protect yourself and any of God’s beloved like you from their (seemingly) overwhelming influences. “Overwhelming” is a relative term, in a way, because it is relative to the force arrayed against “the influences”.
            That force is determined by “the power that worketh in you” (Ephesians 3:20)which can be “exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think, according to…” One of the measures of that power is “My God SHALL suppply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) (If you’re not a Christian don’t try to rely on this passage until you do Romans 10:9-10…you aren’t eligible. It’s like a contract and if you haven’t signed on the life-line you have no claim on the clauses.)
            So, how big can “you ask or think” when you meet the moment of need? Also, learn to get confident of God’s willingness and ability to fulfull His promise BEFORE you get in hot water. It takes disciplined practice. Does the word “disciple” come to mind? That’s the operative factor, along with a thorough knowledge of the promisory “clauses” in the covenant. Now’s the time to get fully knowledgeable of Paul’s letters and what Jesus did (because of John 14:12 – “the things that I have done and greater things SHALL they do because…”) He wasn’t bluffing. It’s either Truth or the WHOLE thing is a lie. Where do you stand? It could be a life or death matter.
            It has been so for me, above a few times – I’m still here.

            As fast as the tempo of attention grabbing events have been speeding up to this point I think it is going to get dizzying to behold…shortly. Grab your hat, lean into the wind…and STAND.

      • JeffH

        TIME, I believe you may be talking of the Bohemian Grove “Owl Worship” in Monte Rio, Ca. which is about 70 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.
        This is where Kissinger, Ford, Nixon, Bechtel, Bush, Cheney, Hoover and their friends (2600 members) hang out and “relax.”

        Recent information may radically change this perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual tones (confirmed by our sources) but reported activities much more serious – kidnapping, rape, paedophilia, sodomy, ritual murder. Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act.(!) and like the Omaha child abuse case, includes illegal detention of children.

        partial list of some of the prominent members:
        George P. Shultz
        Stephen Bechtel
        Jr., Gerald R. Ford
        Henry Kissinger
        William F. Buckley, Jr.
        Fred L. Hartley
        Merv Griffin
        Thomas Haywood
        Joseph Coors
        Edward Teller
        Ronald Reagan
        A. W. Clausen
        George Bush I & II
        William French Smith
        John E. Swearingten
        Casper W. Weinberger
        Justin Dart
        William E. Simon
        Herbert Hoover
        …and hundreds of other prominent politicos and businessmen

        For decades, there have been vague rumors of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its 2200 acres. Reliable reports claim Druidic like rituals – druids in red hooded robes marching in procession and chanting to the Great Owl (Moloch) – a funeral pyre with “corpses. The gathering includes semi-Masonic themes that center around a 40-foot tall stone owl, whose voice was provided by regular attendee Walter Cronkite.

        • Robert S

          Jeff Their are alot of admitted homosexuals on that list. Don’t forget Nixon was also a member.

          • JeffH

            Robert S, if my memory serves me right you do seem to have the propensity to know about homosexuality. Not that I care one way or another, but might you lean that way yourself?

  • Joan Brehon

    When Chile had their miners trapped, they immediately
    ASKED for and ACCEPTED help from EXPERTS where ever they came from. What a magnificent effort went into play! They combined their knowledge to rescue these miners! Oil spill, people dead and injured, Obama daddled around for weeka and then decided to take a look and then put together a committee of people who were NOT experts.
    ?????????????????? He REFUSED help from other countries or anyone else that offered. ?????????? What the hell! Good thing the miners weren’t in the United States and Obama wasn’t heading the effort! Totally incompetent or arrogance or didn’t care as much about it as the vacations underway?

  • Elissa

    Good point, Joan, I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I see the President of Chile is right there where the rescue cylinder comes up to welcome each miner; if it were Obama, he’d be checking out the local golf course and making sure the Presidential Seal on the front of the golf cart had an extra screw in it so it wouldn’t fall off!

  • Bob Wire

    red herring , BHO is just a “community organizer” remember? From your own lips.

    • Mike In MI

      Barb Wire man -

      True, his most recent organizing efforts are directed towards putting in order the New World ‘Hood. But, then, your all for it and him.
      I will even bet you will be, undoubtingly, the first one in line, clamoring to get your brand, shiny, new scanner-ID insert implanted in your right arm or forehead. Be my guest, somebody as wonderful as you deserves everything your entitled to from god. It’ll look good on YOU…

      • 45caliber

        The ID will go to those who are most useful. The rest of us will get a brand on the forehead. It is more permanent and costs less.

        • Christin

          “The rest of us”? ….not me brother.

          Rapture hopefully first, or captured and put in detention camps hopefully NOT, or shoot out and die.

          No chip or mark of the beast (666) for me and my family … “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24 : 15.

          You with me on that?

          • Mike In MI

            Christ in -

          • Christin

            Mike in MI,


            In Christ,
            Christin :)

  • Vigilant

    “A bipartisan report has criticized President Barack Obama and his administration for their response to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

    “Bipartisan” is the key word. I’m waiting to see how the liberal posters will try to spin Obama’s dithering and lack of action on this one.

    • s c

      Vigilant, try one of the following scenarios. First, blame it on the weather. Maybe it’s a vast right-wing conspiracy. Perhaps Mr. Obama was given bad advice. Maybe our world-class media had a brain fart.
      It could be that a certain prez didn’t consult with Hillary first. Maybe the moon is in the wrong phase. Perhaps it’s because of a diehard minority in Congress that finds ways to block a certain majority in Congress.
      And, if all else fails, GB can be singled out as THE source of all our problems.

      • 45caliber

        Sounds as if you covered most of his reasons right there.

    • Mike In MI

      Vigilant -
      There won’t be a one of ‘em who isn’t absolutely ecstatic…to be no-shows. I don’t remember any of them who wasn’t in favor of Oblama-lama-ding-dong’s dithering, dawddling and diddling. His peaNUT gallery was certain he was waiting to see what would be the MOST prudent action for the whole community organized event – where he could make an heroic entry and be high-lighted as the “Slavior of the Day”. When it turned out he could only appear as a low-glow high-light he decided the effort was “not in his pay scale”.
      But, it turned out to be a success for him in the end, anyway. About a hundred thou people were reduced to penury and dependence on state supported slavery. That part of it was brought to successful conclusion…by waiting. He won’t complain about that.

  • Marilyn K

    If memory serves me correctly, The time lapse from explosion to Obama’s visit was quite a while. I wondered why there were not U.S. experts on the scene immediately. The only comment I heard from Obmama was that he would be in charge and make BP pay. Then, BP paid and no one seems to know where all the money went. Another piece of information was that Obama loaned Brazil (G. Soros in the middle of it)our tax money to the tune of BIG BUCKS for off-shore-drilling but halted all U.S. drilling. ?What was all of that about?
    Plus, all the while, our ‘Congress’ was busy creating dumb bills that would promote Socialism and not apparently concerned about the Gulf of Mexico. huh? I’ve missed a lot of reading so I may not have all of the facts; just over-views. Other countries tried to lend some help but were ignored. Two men developed the straw technique to gather the oil but their idea was dismissed. The oil laden straw could later be used somewhat like coal. I’m sure there were many Americans and other Nations that wanted to help but the Obama Administration ignored all in-put. They wanted only to point fingers and make BP pay for the mess. As for Al Gore, he has made a fortune from promoting global warming. Studying about the earth’s interior tells me that global warming has been going on since the ice age and the interior of the world as we know it has been heating up for eons…has little to do with exterior factors. Where were all the factories and automobiles during the ice age melt? Kind of makes one wonder about Gore’s theories. Please leave comments if you wish to better inform me.

    • 45caliber

      It sounds as if you have a good feel for what happened.

  • joanb

    One of the miners said he was down there with the devil and with God. He chose God!!!! The faith of these men helped them to maintain their mental stability. They are strong mentally (just guessing, but I would bet their faith contributes to this) and physically. With the help that came days later, it all worked together to promote this amazing, providential outcome. God bless the President of Chile for being humble enough to ask for and accept outside help! There is more to this event then the main street news will even realize. It also allows United States citizens and and entire world to compare Obama to the President of Chile in the time of crisis. Obama and Gore are trying to put our miners out of work.

    • eddie47d

      The story of the Chilean miners is uplifting to say the least. Bless them all. All 2nd and 3rd world countries are never afraid to ask for outside help and take other peoples money. I believe they did the right thing but we all know why. Wealthier nations are always stubborn in asking for help for it is perceived as lessening their greatness. It shouldn’t be that way but that is the way the world turns.

    • Mike In MI

      Great post, joanb…eddie47, too -

      You know it amazes me how Haiti went through a magnitude 7 earthquake and they’re still flat on their backs. Overplayed in the media because they are so pitful. Heathens and socialist zombies almost to a man. How the hell much aid and assistance has been put in there is impossible to guess – Affirmative Action to the max!!!

      The noble Chileans, however, get pummeled by a magnitude 8 quake, get not nearly as much help, pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start all over again. God, what believers. That is absolutely remarkable.

      New Orleans is still pissin’ and moanin’ after how many years – blaming Geo. Butch for his failure to protect and restore their glory for them. No matter that Oblama-lama-ding-dong is “one of theirs” and uses them – without assisting them – to prove how bad G.B. IS. Hyposcumgrite, duffus, fatha’liss, Unca’ Thom sucka’ – Mistah Prez.

      Hat’s off and heart’s out to CHILE’. Resilient, self-reliant, honest and GODLY. What more can you say? You guys think of something:

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    As to the Gulf Spill debacle; the federal Gvt. foot-dragging, indecision, and lack of co-operation with available resources was the reason the problem became as huge as it did. Remember when the first group of people the feds sent down to the area were lawyers? I doubt they had as much as a roll of paper towels between them to actually aid in the cleanup. The question is; was this intentional or incompetency ? Either way it shows what we have in the White House.
    These are the same people who climbed all over Pres. Bush about Katrina.

    • 45caliber

      The government acted as good liberals do. You send in the lawyers first so they can figure out who to sue and how much to sue for. The rest is only paperwork.

      As an old boss of mine told me one time, “I don’t believe in making decisions on emergencies. If you wait long enough the emergency will go away.”

      Of course it will. Someone else will take care of it. If they do it right, you can claim credit; if they do it wrong you can blame and fire them. In either case your skirts are clean.

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? ~ I think few people knew how much was crude was escaping and it was too deep for BHO to go have a look for himself. He had to depend on someone. ~ and there was little that could be done about it, regardless of who knew what and when they knew.

    All to do about nothing actually. I looked for what made up this “Bipartisan” report ~ all old news ~ this Anderson Cooper,is just a journalist with some interesting stats ~ I’m wondering, why bother?

    Are We having a Slow News day?

    ” Cooper has never married and has actively avoided discussing his private life, citing a desire to protect his neutrality as a journalist. ( makes sense) His public reticence deliberately contrasts with his mother’s life spent in the spotlight of tabloid journalists and her publication of memoirs explicitly detailing her affairs with celebrities. ( mom’s a slut puppy?) Cooper vowed “not to repeat that strategy. ( good idea!) ” Independent news media have reported that Cooper is gay, and in May 2007, Out magazine ranked him second behind David Geffen in its list of the fifty “Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America. ( what an honor!) ” When asked about his sexuality, he stated, “I understand why people might be interested. But I just don’t talk about my personal life.”

    seems fair enough ~ I don’t blame him.

    Headlines; “Obama Macked Down by Fairy”

    “Full transcript below from Anderson Cooper who I’m glad to see giving this some attention again when there is so little coverage in the main stream media. I think the bigger story if it’s allowed to be reported is going to be the cover up of the damage from the oil, not how much was released.

    COOPER: Harsh criticism for how the White House handled the Gulf oil spill and sharp pushback today from the White House.

    Now, a preliminary report from the president’s own bipartisan commission says the administration kept the American people in the dark for weeks about how much oil was gushing out of that broken well of BP’s.

    The report — actually, it was four working papers in all — says that, about two weeks after the blast that killed 11 workers, the White House Office of Management and Budget turned down a NOAA request to make public — make public its worst-case models for the spill.

    ( hmm? kinda like 43 didn’t want news coverage and video clips of dead American soldiers coming home, I see no fault or foul)

    Now, in fact, the administration stuck to absurdly low flow rates for more than a month. The White House tonight says there was absolutely no cover-up. They say that NOAA’s report wasn’t even on the flow rate and that officials, including Thad Allen, were talking on CNN about a spill of up to 100,000 barrels a month as early as May 2nd.

    ( and this is what this is all about? ~ Okay then? criticize away as long as you voted in the General)

  • joanb

    Remember the papers of the “scientists” were exposed as fraud. Just like the rest. The only thing that is not fraud is Gore’s (and cronies) bank account growing by leaps and bounds. If the cap and tax is passed, our sovereignty is in jeopardy. Obama’s wish of one world order. HOAX Gore!!!!!!!

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you on this. Gore owns a lot of stock in companies that can remove CO2 from the air – but that equipment is EXPENSIVE!! No industry will use it due to the cost – and due to the FACT that CO2 is not as harmful as he tries to pretend. Planting trees will solve any CO2 problem – and there is already enough trees in Brazil alone to handle all the CO2 in the world. Siberia is similar.

      But if Gore can get his friends in Washington to pass a law requiring his equipment, he stands to become one of the richest men in the world. If not THE richest. His friends don’t mind because they expect him to make kickbacks (called something else) to them for their help – but they can’t right now without scaring the people into allowing it first.

  • Carol

    Barry Soetoro (Obama) could care less about the USA all he wants us to fail in so many ways I can’t count and that is a fact.

    Barry is discusting and I can think of so many other words that I can’t express on line.

    He is cheater and liar he couldn’t care less about any of us and so many people voted him in NOT ME but so many others did because he used the word CHANGE never said what he was going to change but now we know all we have to do is kick him out TODAY.

  • marvin

    here is my take after over 20 years in the oil field all over this country accidents happen equipment fails and sometime people make mistakes, we still don,t know what caused this oil well to go ballistic,but what i do know is if something goes wrong and people [experts in oil and gas wells]offer to help you don,t turn them down,two thirds of the oil that came from the well in the first week could have been recovered if not for the federal goverment and obama looking for a ass to kick ,like a bunch of children ,just blame bush and all is understood ,i an,t and do not claim to be an expert but i damm well can tell you after working on and drilling and servicing and pluging oil wells somewere around a 4 or 500 hundred,when something goes wrong you don,t stand around asking stupid questions,you get to work with any and all help offered

    • 45caliber

      I agree.

  • eddie47d

    So true Marvin. Should Obama have acted sooner? You bet! I would still blame BP for that one for they did tell the government to stay out and BP would handle the crises. Obama should have said hell no:We are coming down and getting involved up front. If you and the “Free Market” people don’t like it tough nuts! Sometimes government and Big Business can’t be trusted but someone should have been more in charge. I hope we never repeat this folly. The drilling moratorium was lifted today just like Obama said it would. It was wise to close the Gulf down and give it a breather. Hopefully oil companies learned a lesson and will resume drilling with a greater responsibility. We all want the oil workers to get back to work. Way too many “casualties” in that mess.

    • Christin


      Oil Moratorium LIFTED… what???

      The “Oil Moratorium” IS NOT LIFTED today by obama “just like he said it should be”. (your quote)

      “The drilling freeze [by obama] was lifted by Louisiana court rulings less than a month after the White House announced the moratorium, and then REINSTITUTED BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.”

      I live in a Gulf state and we are “shut down” thanks to the Radical Progressive Left.
      The oil drilling should never have been shut down because of one (sabotaged) Gulf oil rig in which obama and soros directly benefited.

      OBAMA’S BENEFITS are: to keep us dependant on foreign oil, redistribute our wealth to arab nations, raise gas prices to TAX & TAKE our wealth, shut down (drilling, refining, selling) production in America so it can FAIL and bring us closer to the NWO.

      SOROS’ BENEFITS are: to have the American “off shore oil rig equipment” NOT used here and sent to Brazil, and obama give $2,000,000,000 (that’s two billion dollars!) to Brazil where soros will DRILL OFF SHORE in even DEEPER water under “Petrobra” oil.

      PS. Cuba will also DRILL OFF SHORE north of their island with China.

      SO WHY ARE WE, AMERICA, NOT DRILLING for oil off shore or on shore (in ANWAR & BAKKEN)…..?
      (ANSWER: see obama’s [Progressive] benefits again.)

      We are being “played” my friends.

      • 45caliber

        If we were not dependent upon foreign oil to provide for our needs, we could see what is happening economically and politically in the world and simply “fort up”. We could seal our borders and simply ignore what else goes on while remaining safe.

        But if we do depend upon foreign oil (and we are now) we can’t afford to ignore the rest of the world, particularly those countries that provide the oil. Since the progressives want a one world government, they cannot afford for us to provide all our own energy.

      • 45caliber

        Further, I believe that Oblama has mortgaged our oil to China in return for allowing us to continue to borrow. If he allows someone else to drill for it, China might call the loans. Yesterday it was announced locally that China had bought 1/3 of a natural gas field south of us here in Texas. They are also looking for an oil company to purchase. Would you like to make a guess who Oblama will allow to drill then??

        • eddie47d

          Several Presidents have mortgaged our oil and future to China. Obama did not create the China-USA trade Imbalance but he and we are stuck with it. Are you suggesting that we should default on our loans? Also the NWO banter has been around for decades yet you throw it all in Obama’s lap.I know you are all good at that yet there are plenty of Conservative fat cats involved in that conspiracy. How about being a little more fair on the issues.

          • JeffH

            Gee whiz fast eddie got his feelings hurt.

            Question: When you started frequenting this website who was the president? Obama?

            When I arrived Obama was the president and I didn’t know much about anything where politics were concerned, except what I gathered from researching the net. The NWO, what was that I wondered? Well my little friend who prefers to keep his head buried…wash the sand from your eyes and admit that the people here don’t trust the Republicans either and most admit that Bush was a part of the NWO conspiracy too…it just so happens that Obama’s radical track record can be and has been traced back to his Marxist learning and his radical buddies, like Ayers, Rev. Wright, Davis, ACORN, SEIU, Code Pink, Apollo Alliance and his great community organizing skills taught by Saul Alinsky himself. And who could forget the Obama front man himself, anti-American George Soros, the Nazi sympathizer, head agent for the Rothschilds themselves.

          • JeffH

            I apologize for not asking you fast eddie, would you like a little cheese to go along with that whine?

          • Mike In MI

            Jeez, JeffH – I think I remember about the time I started seeing your posts show up. You’re a prize to have around, Bud. Thanks for stickin’ with this bunch of misfits. Maybe, fistmits?

    • 45caliber


      The real problem with Oblama and friends coming down to take over the oil spill is – they don’t have anyone who knows what to do. They would have to hire someone to do it.

      What I do blame Oblama for was refusing to allow other nations to give us aid when it was offered. We shouldn’t be the only country in the world who gives to others but never accepts help.

      • Mike In MI

        You just made me realize more of how absolutely brilliant the Obumsteer is economically. Or am I wrong?
        He’s borrowing from China and anybody else who will give him a line of credit. Then he turns around and gives the money away to Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sudan, Kenya and probably every Moslem tribal chief and war-lord with his hand out yelling, “Bak sheesh, h’Yanqui”.
        What the hell are they putting up as collateral? I’m afraid to think. Maybe that’s why we can’t drill for oil in our own country, mine our resources or shift our butts on our own couches? They’ve got to go.


    It is always easy to “blame” someone else, the oil spill should be a good reason for folks to understand why there are regulations and why they are needed. I just wonder how the MMS operated using paperwork out of date in the least expected all to be good forever. Yes, accidents happens, decisions are made which does not result in everything always turning out right. Guess Obama should have been on site of the well and making the decisions to cut or not cut corners. Perhaps they have some stop loss procedures in place and this will turn out to save lifes and property. Whether anyone has or ever will understand, there was experts called in and work began to recover lives and to stop the flow of oil very shortly after the explosion and they stayed working till the flow of oil was successful. This happened without Obama being on site.

  • 45caliber

    This is a surprise? As far as I could tell he (only) did two things:

    1) he stopped oil drilling in the American waters of the Gulf

    2) he decided to fine BP about $20 billion.

  • Dale

    I didn’t see any of the measures in the report that NObama did to make the spill worse, like prohibiting foreign skimmers from helping and US skimmers from helping because, as golfing instead of working, NObama said “they might be needed somewhere else”

    And yes, I do see the tar-ball in the foreground of the photo but in order to be accurate, it is a half-white tar-ball.

  • 45caliber

    One thing I’m REALLY curious about in all this spill. I’ve worked around or in the oil business now for about thirty years. Plants tend to go overboard almost in installing safety equipment and cut-outs to prevent any spill or fire. The same companies that own the plants also own the oil platforms. I would be shocked to learn that they did NOT have as much safety equipment there too since their sole goal is to pump the maximum amount of oil up to use or sell.

    Yet in this case they seem to have had ONE safety device at the bottom and ONE safety device at the top. Both failed at the same time. Further, the oil platform legs are used to stabilize it in rough seas. They are compartmentalized to allow measured amounts of water to fill them or to be blown out. To sink one of these you would have to rupture two or more legs. Further, due to the compartments, you would likely have to have ruptures in several places on each leg.

    Yet all safety devices failed – and the rig sank, carrying all evidence to the bottom where it can’t be found.

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    • JeffH

      45caliber, you’re just not supposed to think that far ahead…at least I think they think that way…hmmm!

    • dan az

      I spoke with a exon consultant that turned down 2500 an hour to fix the problem and he turned it down because he already knew that it is impossible to have all 4 safeties not to work and at the same time.He refused to go down there because of the way it went down was purposely blown at the top and he didnt want anything to do with what would be found later.Hes been in the field for 50yrs and his reputation is everything to him.

  • http://com i41

    You forgot Onumnutts, gave Mexico 2 billion to go and drill in the same Gulf area. What a stupid purple lipped bastard, as he gave his marxist bud G Sorus, a few billion to drill in 2 mile deep water, quite a bit of brain disconnect there. Blaming BP, better blame Omoron, his appointed MMS, were too busy checking drilling videos, for horizontal boring, and not just on site managing and processing data. Typical government employees, appointed dumba$$es, over paid and worthless. Barry did the typical overeducated professor MO, sat on his sorry a$$ and theorized and called in more book educated numskulls without a nano wits of feild experience, except theories. Also what did the marxist muslim moron just suggest, suing BP., what was the first sorry leeches that he send in, paper chasing lawyers who should have been weighted to suck up the blow out mix. Definately would have to be heavy wieghted since all lawyer are slicker than a used condom and probably would float. If you have problems with a peice of equipment, you don’t have a cheese and wine party with literary professors, for bright eyed repair ideas. The pee brains he partied and wasted a few more days with, got paid a million dollars a peice, what was solved or dreamed up, nada! This overeducated degreed muslim moron couldn’t solve leaking bike tire issue, with out a committee. His radical advisory groups would probably try for a new anti tire agency, or government stimulas money, or better yet just take one or just steal a new one, and he is supposed to be a President of the USA.

  • peter



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