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Rep. Michele Bachmann Delivers Tea Party Response to State of the Union

January 26, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Vito Monopoli

    I enjoyed the video with Rep. Michele Bachmann giving her response to the State of the Union Speech. The problem with it and many other speeches like it it that we conservatives are the ones watching the, and agreeing with them. But there are so many people out there that are afraid that if all of these programs are cut, they won’t be able to survive. We have become a nation of ‘What about me?’ people. The major part of our work force is not old enough to remember when it was traditional to got out and get a job and work for what you want. They are of the entitlement generation, and think that all of these things are theirs because this is a ‘FREE COUNTRY’. Well it is a country where you have the freedom to do as you’d like as long as you work and earn it!!! Anyway, my point is that the people who need to see this video and others like it, are not seeing it. They don’t want to see it or anything that might burst their bubble and destroy their free ride. But like all conservative Americans, I loved Rep. Michele Bachmann’s speech and agree with it.

    • Anna Bennett

      I too enjoyed the video with rep.Michele Bachmann,She sounds like Sarah Palin.

    • Mrrobinson

      “the major part of our work force is not old enough to remember when it was traditional to got out and get a job and work for what you want.”

      I’m not questioning that mental ideal to get out and work…I’ve worked my butt off since 16 years old…but there is a glaring difference. In the past, a man could support a family on one job, regardless if he had a high school diploma…if he did – even better.
      This country has sold out to the upper elite and the corporations. Without an education, you are pretty much stuck in fast food or some other low wage work.
      It is progress, it is change and change is the only reliable thing in this world.
      But to compare the work world of today with anything like that of a generation or two ago is insane.

  •; Dane Wilson

    Nice video, and message. Not so sentimental about the war reference though. Much of the wars have evolved under aristocratic rule in the “Big Game”, and ensuing collaborations with those whom Russian and British plutocracies were able to subvert, such as destabilized regimes in India and Asia. The satellite bureaucracies and puppet governments that this enabled have only worsened over time. America is constantly bombarded by hawks in this government whom still pledge allegiance to the crown…make no mistake Mrs. Bachmann. And it is only a matter of time before this nation is forced to sever these ties with spilled blood, once again. It is time to begin truly exposing the king makers that Schlaffely and others warned about in the early 60s. It is also time to end the Federal Reserve and stop the hemorrhaging of American wealth with the legalized embezzlement of Fractional Reserve Banking practices that force the public to pay for Rockefeller-style moral hazard through the illegitimate FDIC insurance scam. As for the alleged “welfare state” and “entitlement mentality” that Vito Monopoly appears to be complaining about in his “what about me” accusations, this nation was created to supply the American Dream of Freedom, not opulence and profiteering. The Charter Agreements that were required by anyone, or any company/companies, whom desired to “incorporate” (requiring that they must prove the project or incorporation is for the “good of the people” and last only 5 or 10 yrs, or till completion of the project) is an example of responsible business in a Constitutional Republic of “we the people” in respect for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for each and every INDIVIDUAL. These rights do not ever devolve onto ANY GROUP. If this nation were not so infiltrated by treasonous politicians whom do not in any way support or defend its constitution as their oath demands, then corporate taxes (a growing part of Fascist engagement of Washington, and a clear instigator of corrupt alliances in the “lobbying” shell-game) would not even exist, and business taxes would actually increase the number of jobs in the private sector…again, make no mistake about it. You are all quite honorable in your intentions. However, ignorance is just as destructive to our cause as is the corruption it so often breeds. One of government’s jobs will always be to regulate industry, and thereby elicit compliance with the constitution in order to prevent the runaway social mechanism of “corporate welfare” that is such a parasite in the bowels of our economy. Another, is to provide oversight of consumer agencies that provide for those who cannot provide for themselves because it is this nation’s people, and the many indiscretions and unwitting errors which create the majority of these unfortunate souls. Quit acting like we do not owe anyone anything…or that taxes are not a clear reflection of what we have created. I grow weary of this post. Please engage, more honorably, and more informed, your elevated station, my compatriots.

    • JAFO

      Good Post Dane,

      You made some decent points, that unfortunately many fail to understand, explaining some of the finer points best explained as our fiat money system headed by the Federal Reserve…
      Though, unless I misunderstood your hinge-point, “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness” requires the “Right to Fail”. In the “America”, we so warmly regard, a “Christian-esque” sort of brotherly love existed. Which compelled Americans to give generously to fellow Americans in need. Alas, Cronie Capit”O”lism breached Capit”A”lism and free-enterprise as well as what once was a strong christian-oriented foundation. Leading the resources overseas rather than here in our own backyard… And enough have falllen for the “Security-Blanket” that is Federal/State Subsidies (A.K.A. Entitlements).
      The result of which has led to peoples from across the globe vying for arrival to America under the false presumption that “Give us you weak,poor,etc…” inscribed on our “Lady Liberty” as an invitation of our rich shelling out for the “Entitlement-Minded” world-wide.
      Restoring America to it’s Greatness is not a pick and choose mission… As fact clearly presented in any count or measure proves, removal of the entitlement class that are here under this pretense alone ; our national budget would return to 1980′s in size ; Unemployment would be erradicated; Healthcare would be virtually free comparatively and our Sovereignty would be restored simultaneously.
      All based on the simple fact that Failure is a Right, Entitlement is Not… Thank You

    • Bob Sheppard

      Unfortunately, Dane turned out to have diarrhea of the mouth, or comment, if you will. He may have had a good point in there somewhere, but he had so many snow flakes that they could not be seen. This kind of thinking and the idea that he is the only one capable of understanding or stating a problem has brought us to the brink of failure as a nation. We have a problem and it is the liberals who want to buy votes with tax payers money. I still believe that God said it best when He inspired Paul to write “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat”(2nd Thessalonians 3:10). That does not mean that we do not help those who ‘cannot work’, just those who ‘will not’ work. Let stop all of the back and forth and lend a hand a vote to clear this mess up.

      • Christopher

        Republicans want to buy votes with corporate money

        • Mrrobinson

          Now the Supreme Court has told them they can!

          • http://naver samurai

            You and Christopher are both space cadets. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Robert Newman

      How about boiling future messages down to succinct examples of what you believe to existing problems within the government policies?

  • Pete

    Michele Bachmann make some good points. We do need to create a productive economy, a re-industrialization of sorts. The good congresswoman is sincere, but I am skeptical of the rest of the Republican Party and cynical about what the Democrats will accomplish…

    If Porter Stansberry and Gerald Celente are correct, we are running out of time, economically. Maybe we have reached the point of no return.


    I listen to Obama’s speech and to Michele’s. Obama is learning to be a very convinsing speaker, but when you try to look at his numbers, they don’t add-up because he is not even balancing his ideas into words. How can you place a freeze in the national expenses and at the same time promise to expand inventions, renovations and vacations.
    Where is the beef that will be cut from. I bet you that next time he speak he will find another bellout for someone. Now he needs to review Medicaid and Medicare. Maybe to eliminate the people that are still sick in some way that to his gabinet may have no merit to continue. I hope he can find them a job first.

  • Richard

    Really stop the EPA – eliminate it!

  • Fredrick

    I truly hope that our Republic makes that turn toward liberty, however there are many enemies to liberty that stand in the way. The new House of Representatives has in their power to withhold the money that funds all of these entitlement programs, even if they are law. So to use the excuse that the Senate, and the President will stop the necessary cuts is irrelevant.

  • Vigilant

    Good points brought up by all.

    Rep. Bachmann’s eloquent precis of the Tea Party principles belies the naysayers’ contentions that the Tea Party is filled with racists and fascists. It’s really quite simple, simple enough for a liberal to understand: restore the Constitution!

    Respect for the rule of law has taken many hits over the last 50 years or so, and with that came the (programmed) notion that the Constitution is to be disregarded when it comes to some popular entitlement programs, or holding the branches of government to the clear restrictions imposed by that sage document.

    Each graduating class from high schools and universities adds left wing voters to the electorate. The tipping point will come about when a majority deems collectivism to be preferable to individual rights. Unless this trend can be reversed, I fear we’re all in for an Orwellian (or Huxleyan) future.

  • TINA

    Blahblahblah is all I heard aft. about 5 secs. into that congresswoman’s speech. She AIN’T said anythang different from any of these other dismal, crybaby, temper-tantrum throwing OBAMA-bashers that see I don’t care what all these idiots are saying. Repealing Healthcare reform is a stupid idea, will cost more, & will not help progression for the future. To the grand ol’ (TIRED!) party: COME DOWN OFF YOUR HATER-AID HIGH & LINE UP WITH OBAMA TO FIX THIS BROKEN MESS THAT GEORGE, YOUR “CONSTITUENT” CREto project seeing OBAMA fail as a leader than to see him get this nation back on trac?k

  • Curtis

    Hey Michelle!! Who are you talking to??? Look a little bit to your left… yeah… over here! Try looking into the camera. Try making a little eye contact with your audience. Oh…too late… your credibility is gone. You can’t figure out how to use a teleprompter and you mangled the pronunciation of Iwo Jima. When you said “…the victory of young GIs over the incursion against the Japanese”, did you mean “a victory over Japanese incursion”? So you can’t even read from a teleprompter… and you can’t look the audience in the eye… and you’re a spokesperson?? hahaha. C’mon Tea Party, you have to… HAVE TO do better than this!

    • Vigilant

      And Curtis, you can do better than this. Instead of the typical Alinsky derision on minor and unrelated points, try some facts for a change.

      • Curtis

        Minor points? Nice spin Vigilant! Watch the video again. She does not make eye contact with the camera for over six minutes. This is NOT a minor mistake, it’s media 101. Make eye contact with your audience. If you’re going to be glued to a teleprompter at least pronounce Iwo Jima properly and don’t botch the script. Reagan and EVERY politician since has used a teleprompter and UNLIKE Bachmann they used them properly. Too many people here have pretended that Obama is only politician to use a teleprompter and mock him for it. Yet here’s a clear example of someone using a teleprompter and using it BADLY and you people either pretend it didn’t happen or make really weak excuses trying to overlook a very amateurish performance.
        Nice try with the “Alinsky Angle”. I had to google this Alinsky nonsense and quickly found another reason your argument is flawed… I always break the first rule. Just realize that Michelle Bachmann is a pawn… a patsy paraded in front of the media to make Sarah Palin look smart by comparison.

        • Vigilant

          Thanks for proving my point! You have not addressed ONE fact or point of principle that she advanced. This is confirmation that Obama was elected by idiots like you who value form over substance.

          You make personal attacks without EVER taking on the subject matter. That, my friend, is in the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals book…and if you didn’t know who Saul Alinsky was, you are indeed too ignorant to be engaged in serious discussion.

          • Curtis

            *sigh* once again Vigilant YOU have missed the point. I repeat…
            Too many people here have pretended that Obama is only politician to use a teleprompter and mock him for it. Yet here’s a clear example of someone using a teleprompter and using it BADLY and you people either pretend it didn’t happen or make really weak excuses trying to overlook a very amateurish performance.
            As for the Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” nonsense… it’s just that… nonsense. You and a couple of others screech Alinsky any time you’re losing an argument. But when Karl Rove and Lee Atwater use those same tactics you’re conveniently and hypocritically silent. So put the big, bad, Saul Alinsky boogie man to bed… like a good little boy.

          • Vigilant

            Curtis, I’m sure there’s a village somewhere in search of an idiot. Time to put in your resume.

            For the final time, trying to make teleprompter proficiency the main subject is CLASSIC Alinsky. If that’s all you can come up with, your side is in dire straits indeed.

            You can’t/won’t furnish even ONE argument to refute her comments. As is patently obvious to anyone with higher than minimal IQ, you’re being laughed right out of the discussion.

          • Vigilant

            And you have the stupidity to call my comments “spin.” Physician, heal thyself!

          • http://naver samurai

            Yeah Curtis, Kang. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Mrrobinson

          maybe her cue cards were written by some of the brilliant spellers on this site.

          • http://naver samurai

            Time to check yourself into rehab. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://GOPLandsTwoCounterpunchesFollowingStateOfTheUnion Joan

    I agree with Michelle 100%. Her speech was awesome! Obama’s speech is the same old stuff just put into different words, but still means the same thing. He will still be ripping off the American people and smiling all the way to the bank. Wake up America, or the joke will be on us. American people need to understand our country is sinking and it is due to ObamaCare, EPA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, etc. and see what is happening. Our liberties are being taken away. All you Democrates out there that thinks the Socialist and Liberal Democrate Policies are so great, leave America and go to Russia, or any other socialism country. By the way, when you leave, your money that was stolen from the taxpayers must stay in America. Bye, Bye, Dems.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gunny

    I liked the speech. Another point. I don’t see anyone to run fro pres in 2012. OR. let consider a ‘new’ face actor Chuck Norris. He is a born again Christian, against abortion, ell known and respected world wide. Agree that his age is a big disadvantage, but so was Pres Reagan’s age, and I really think Reagan did a good job, over all of being president.
    God Bless America, the Tea party,

  • http://yahoo Red Horse

    Sara and Michelle would win the 2012 election, no doubt about it.
    They shold team up and run for the Executive office.

    • Mrrobinson

      One would quit 1/2 way through and the other would never look you in the eye. Those two couldn’t run a dog pound.

      • http://naver samurai

        Talking about your home again? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • John

    I listen to Obama… He not MLK,Clihton,and Not even Reagan.I understand him he want to make America the next cuba with dumb illegals( La Raza) mexicans over all Americans.He wants to overthrow the Country with using the federal reserve,China and sorro puppets .Liberal democrates and rinos are to blame.Bush has to blame. But,since Obama took office on day one it is all his fault with hidden mandates anti busiess,antifreedom,anitAmerican communist waste and fraud.Only dumbass believe the manure he makes.Wake up, see the facts Obama deception dvd full version on you tube.And the dumb governor of Hawaii can not find Obam birth record ..still.Wake up,Obama want the democrates and republicans fix up … but I doubt it. No party cant stop this fool .I am worry we need to get this moron out.Obama speech is a reelection speech not state of union.If the liberals, communists,rinos,illegals aliens,processives want high taxes,no freedom,u.N control.We should Take away Obama exemption from the laws he pass and money let he eat his own words and his followers. Shipped his follower to North Korea. and Iran.Both countries hate gays.Oh,well.Obama has no business experiences or audit with accounting to people .Look at Stop the spending,stop the borrowing,cut all obama mandates full with heavy controls and nothing was done about the federal reserve.Obama is full of it. Bush did not tell him to keep on spending and putting more wasteful projects and Bush is not running the show. …Obama.reid. and pelosi and democrates with the rinos are. The first two years Ranh emanuel words were force fed and came out of Obama mouth of the telepromper. Obama goal is to devalue(U.S.dollar) the U.s.World reserve currency and get back with China and others to make prices here go sky high.We need to stop his plans.WE want America to collapse like greece, old russia,mexico, spain,Ireland,and others.Wake up! Do yor reasearch.Stop listen and watching the total leftist media control by soros and other liberals.Fox news company is owned and control by a saudi prince.The name I do not care.No party can not stop all the Budget request on all levels of FEMA and FDA both were made by a sorry liberal President jimmy carter.Both are example of waste,fraud,lobbyist money,and harm the American people.Gop needs to kill both waste depts.Need to get rid of Federal reserve,Irs and ATF close down all and American jobs for all and America. End all no taxes for China with 25% tax and others ad5% to stop devalue the dollar.Stop buying Chinese and mexico stuff. Place a embargo,and Taxes on them. Tax all remittances98% of every dollar sent by any transfer tool by wire,collect first tax.Take away english as a 2nd language in schools,Bring back Qouta limits of 1960′ with heavy controls and even banning for life certain groups of countries and people coming here. Stop the dumb people slave trade that is going on.I think michell is talking to two Tv screens of two seperate people watching. You need to do much more. Gop or tea people need to cut trillions od dollars to equal the spending or near to it to get on top of it.Or settle for pennies on the dollar for the debt with one Gold coin. By making one large coin with value to cover each debt it can once be gone on that.Learn from the mistakes.

  • 55DB

    Spending cuts should start with reducing the size of our bloated government, eliminating the massive numbers sucking at the public trough through all of the agencies created by such things as Obamacare. The savings in government pension expenditures alone will dramatically start cutting into our massive debt. Too many are riding in the wagon and it’s getting to where they out number those pulling the wagon. Give the private sector worker enough reason, such as shafting him/her with more taxation, and he/she will climb into the wagon, too. Sooner or later, that wagon comes to a screetching halt, and then we’re all doomed! Wake up to reality, Liberals; Michelle’s speech is right on the money!

  • Christopher

    Like all others on the far right,Michelle and Tea Party supporters won’t accept the facts.President Obama inhered the worse economy sense the great depression.No one likes bailouts yet without them we would be in a deeper hole.The right wing has had much success with lying enough times it makes it the truth.Our battle between left and right,republican and liberal will be our downfall.What ever happened to center.

    • http://naver samurai

      Too much kool aid! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • s c

    Like all space cadets who live in deep denial, you come to this website and prostitute yourself at the altar of progressive insanity. IF Obummer inherited something bad, he has done NOTHING to make it better, chum. NOTHING!
    Pull your head out of that spcial place where your head spends so much time and GROW UP. Your White House false god is leading this nation down the path of destruction in much the same way as HITLER. Besides that rotting silly putty between your ears, what the flying hell is your problem? A drug addict makes more sense than people like you.


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