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Rep. Melissa Bean IL8 sends in the thug

August 25, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • JC

    This woman learned a few things from Hermann Goering.
    These constituents weren’t being consulted…they were being told what to think. And “please” no video recordings.

    • s c

      JC, I had to do a quick Google search to be certain which state was lame enough to send The Beaner to Washington. Illinois, it seems, needs to be renamed The Land Of Hitler.
      It does fit, as The Beaner is in love with her White House fuhrer, and she intends to blindly follow him as he shapes and fashions his American Reich.

      • JC

        Yeah I checked it out…and it all made sense right away.
        A Democrat from Illinois…no surprises there.

  • JC

    The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.
    John F. Kennedy

  • http://????????????????? WALT

    I think they should take their owqn thugs in to take their thugs out and then get the meeting to order in a cival and orderly manner.

  • jvonreinhardt

    I just watched this video, it does not surprise me that Melissa Bean has thrugs stopping people from asking questions and video. This is what our States and Federal Governments have come to,”We the People” no-longer control our government. My father saw first hand what can take place when the government takes control of every aspect of our lives, we get NAZI Germany. My father was a POW in the USA near the end of the War, he returned to this country after his release and bought my mother back with him, they raised 8 children to be proud of the United States and made sure to tell us about what took place in Germany during the 1930′s and 1940′s. He said a few months before his death, that the rules of NAZI Germany have arrived here, that we will lose our Country if we do not stop the present administration and those sitting in Congress. He knew what he was talking about, he lived though it. But the question are we going to live thought it….

  • El Bob O

    This video should be made available to all conservative media. It should be played over and over again. Rep. Bean was there in a token effort to satisfy public availability. But as soon as anticipated embarrassing questions came up she double talked her way to the next question. If a lowly peasant objected loudly Bean has BRUNO walk slowly in front of the other peasants, not behind, in an obvious intimidating fashion and then has a one way chat with the dissident.
    There isn’t any question what she is, I want to know more about BRUNO. What does he do for a living? Is he an off duty cop? Is he a bar room bouncer? Does he hurt people for a living?


    Just another sleezebag in government

    • ROCKO


      • eddyjames1952

        It’s a coming. It’s been on it’s way or quite a while, now it’s all most to the point of being imminent. May Gog help us before it is too late.

  • Gary Marsh

    I Just happen to come across this site and watched the video above and I’m not surprised at the actions of our people in office. They are all pretty much the same and by the looks of things to come, like the person before me talked about Nazi Germany. Many things of what he said are coming to light.

    We are slowly becoming a police state.They are policing everything the American people do. They want to control how we heat our homes and how much we drive ,what we eat, what we drink, what doctor’s we see, I could go on and on.

    I had been working on some very good ideas on how we could have fixed the economy. Would the government go for it? Probably not, but this would change how people living in this country looks at it.

    The plan would be very simple and easy to set up and we would notice growth within a very short time.

    Instead of bailing out the banks and financial institutions lets give the people a bail out that will help growth.

    How would I do this ….easy but its going to take a little time.

    We would leave all the bush tax cuts in place for a while.

    Then we would impose a 5% national sales tax on every dollar turn. When I say every dollar turn, that’s just what it means. With nearly 50% of the American public not paying tax, you would have thought that the government would have figured away to retrieve a little of it back.

    What we would do with this money is put it in a huge pool ,at the end of the month we would look at how much money was generated and start the process

    We’ll just say for examplethe pool is a trillion dollars. We now put every social security number of living beings in the system and roll them as a lottory. As the numbers are spit out each number would receive 2 million dollars in funds. [You could only get this one per cycle]

    Now you will not receive the whole 2 million dollars 5 hundred thousand dollars would go to your account that the government would collect the intrest off of , insuring your heath care or the rest of your life.

    Another 5 hundred thousand would be put in account for your retirement, and the government would also collect the interest off of that as well [ incase of a untimely death this money would be pasted over to a beneficiary of your choosing and a tax would have to be paid by the beneficiary to collect]

    The last remaining 1 million dollars is your to rebuild your life help send your children to collage ,buy a new car what ever your little heart wanted.

    Also creating work and jobs in America.

    Please keep in mind that not everyone will receive a check right off and it may take many months before everyone received a check.

    When the money stares to roll people will buy and spend like never before boosting America to new heights.

    And if this did work witch I know it could there would be no reason why we could not repeat the whole cycle over and over giving all Americans a better life.

    The man that implamnts this plan will save America.

    Thanks Gary Marsh

    • babyBaby

      America has been a police state for some time now. The militarization of the police began in large part during the civil rights era, with southern states using all sorts of previously nonexistent funds to purchase tanks, machine guns, tear gas guns…. continued through the late 1960s with the intense repression of popular people’s rebellions…. and every public act of protest since then has given governments all the more reason to continue arming their police to the teeth.

      check out any state university police department- they will be locked and loaded with shotguns in every car, calvary and K9 patrol, riot gear, etc.

      as for your utterly sensible money plan, I would LOVE to get a million in cash to spend. Please make that happen for me Mr. Gary Marsh

  • s c

    Maybe I should have take more psychology courses when I had the chance. With people like Melissa Bean around, the APA may have to redefine some terms, starting with anal retentives.
    In most cases, an anal retentive tends to be a male.
    So, in this case, either Melissa has more than her fair share of raging male testosterone, or she needs to have her estrogen levels ‘upped.’ She might consider wearing a Nazi uniform, too.

  • JBB

    I watched this to try to fairly assess whether my fears were real or not. My fears are real. And worse than I thought. She’s just a hand puppet for THE ONE who sits on the throne (sarcasm). I am one of her constituents and When I try to reach her by fax or email, all I get is a form letter in return. They all seem unaccountable to anyone. And their oaths of office are meaningless.

    It is time for Melissa Bean to GO. And this Fall is the time to do it!

  • Christin

    Just another Non-representing Representative.

    She acted like a control freak.
    I hate working for women because they are ususlly b!–ches… sorry.

    The few people that showed up were not too many and ALL should have been given the TIME to talk or ask questions.

    Trying to hunt a “public servant” down later is a joke. The constituents are here NOW, give them the time and courtesy as they took the time to attend and listen to you.

    You know what you have to do… VOTE her OUT Illinois.

  • joe terry jr

    My sister in Peoria is a lib, democrat, but even this woman is too Gestapo for her… the thugs on tape made me sick.. no doubt she is hiring after hours cops for this Thug duty….sad to see our Constitution trashed by 9-11, which to me was another False Flag, inside job by mossad/cia…. and check out those two sites and see proof…
    I want my Constitution back and i want it back NOW! the Illegal Alien Obamma has to get the heave ho! sick and tired of the illegals and the costs that have come from them in my state of Calif… i wrote to my sick lib suckee demo commie Rep from Santa Barbara ….she wrote me and said we needed the illegals to work the fields… i told her about the BRACERO PROGRAM. This probram worked perfectly in the 50′s and 60′s to 70′s…when it was scrapped…why scrapped? for exactly this reason… to destroy American nationalism and open the borders and destroy the dollar..which it has helped mightily to do! rip America and our Constitution…!

  • http: minnie

    She did appear like she was controlled by someone higher than her and that big THUG was probably defending someone else not there, making sure that the question not be asked of obama. ms thug needed to be voted out asap. She sure is a puppet. She did not want to be there, was scared of any questions.

  • Sandy

    This is just another example of Chicago politics. Rule by intimidation and fear.

  • nospinIL

    I am from Illinois, downstate, and am just as repulsed as anyone else, with any sense, who views this video. I have not heard of her, so she must be from up “north”, Chitown, or it’s burbs and her mannner is typical of those from Chicago.

    To set the record straight, Chicago is the main cause of the huge deficit in the ILL. budget. Chicago continually robs from downstate, uses our land for huge projects, such as landfilling; yeah, that’s great right in areas where our crops are grown. Then, amazingly, they find a way to wiggle out of paying their property taxes to the county that is owed. AMAZING…I wish I could do the same, but no such luck.

    Now, Chicago, has taken up some of the very best land in Illinois, cutting through farmland and over interstates for their very own windmill farms. Yeah, we downstaters get to see these huge windmills going, but any energy they produce is owned by Chicago, not any of the local municipalities or counties. This “strip” of windmills goes through the state, into southern Illinois.

    So, as a lifetime citizen of Illinois, I propose that Chicago and any of its affluent burbs, who wish to be included become Chicago, Chicago…you know, like New York, N.Y. The rest of the state would prosper without the burden that Chicago and its mobsters place on the rest of us.

    For now, we must be diligent and vote all of these idiots out of office. Both parties have played a role in how we got here, and its time to boot them out and start with a new Congress. We must rally and get to the polls, set up car pools for those who cannot get there and need to, get out and talk to your neighbors, friends, and yes, even, those hard headed, Obama worshipping liberals.

    I did my best to warn as many as I could, on all kind of websites, etc., during the 2008 Presidential campaign that Obama was lying about almost everything he said and promised to do. His voting record in IL was horrendous in “No Votes”, but when he DID vote, it was always for some of the most liberal policies that came to light in IL.

    Obama is a fraud, an eliteist, and an arrogant, self centered, self loving, TV prompter reading liar…nothing more, nothing less.

  • CJM

    Bean represents Obama’s take-over of America. He wants to be the last elected President and the FIRST DICTATOR of the United States of America, if you don’t believe this, then take another hard look at his agenda. When he campaigned for the Presidency, he said: “Change you can believe in,” and never qualifed what this meant. I went to an Obama campaign support site and asked these questions: What are the changes? Why do these things need changing? and How will you accomplish these changes? My questions were never posted because the site manager sent me an email saying that my post “was out of compliance with their rules and regulations.” Really?? I was also told I was barred from future attempts to post on their site! Needless to say, I changed my political membership from a life-long Democrat to Republican. ANY PARTY that attempts to smother free-speech has no right to be a party in the US political arena. IMPEACH OBAMA AND PELOSI. If Bean’s home State has any intelligence, they will vote that witch out of office or, if not up for reelection, the alternative is to recall her and send someone who supports the US Constitution to Washington in her place.

  • Viktor Leben

    I would have used one of those pocket stun guns on them thugs ! Here’s 50,000 V Mr. Thug !!!!


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