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Remembering The 25¢ Hamburger

June 21, 2011 by  

Remembering The 25¢ Hamburger

It’s funny how seemingly small or fleeting incidents stick in your memory throughout life. Hyperinflation, aka runaway inflation, is becoming a very real possibility to millions of Americans who heretofore clung to their weekly visits to Outback Steakhouse and the feel-good mantra of “American exceptionalism.” Considering this, my memory takes me back to my teenage years.

Growing up on the east side of town, the Towne House Drive-In was a real-life “American Graffiti” hangout for cool and hungry teens who loved burgers, fries and milkshakes. I thought nothing of having a midnight gorge of two double cheeseburgers, a large order of fries and an extra-large shake. I don’t think I ever heard the words “cholesterol” or “saturated fat.” Had I, I doubt it would have phased me.

The Towne House Drive-In did a bang-up business in those days. But just two blocks west, on the same side of the street, was a less-popular eatery, the Eastmoor Drive-In. I went to the Eastmoor every now and then, but was never particularly impressed.

Then, one day, it happened. The Towne House Drive-In raised the price of its hamburgers from 25 to 30 cents. The thought had never crossed my mind that the price of anything in my little cloistered world would ever increase. For me, not only was the universe static, but so was my hometown, my house, my life and the people I hung out with.

Shortly after the Towne House’s earthshaking announcement that it was raising the price of its burgers, one of my friends happened to mention he preferred the Eastmoor Drive-In to the Townhouse. When I asked how he could possibly prefer the Eastmoor to the Towne House, he responded: “Because, as matter of principle, I would never pay 30 cents for a hamburger when I can get one for 25 cents at the Eastmoor.”

I thought about my friend’s comments all these years later when my wife and I recently visited a newly opened mid-priced restaurant. I didn’t particularly like anything on the menu, so I decided to be daring and order the “gourmet” hamburger. Price: $10! I consoled myself by recalling that in New Orleans, a restaurant called Luke features a $16 burger on its menu. Granted, the Luke burger is a mix of brisket and sirloin and is delectable, but it’s still $16.

In any event, as it turned out, the $10 burger wasn’t anything special, but that’s beside the point. The question is: How can the price of a hamburger rise from 25 cents to $10 with the passage of time?

The answer is monetary inflation. In truth, the increased cost of a burger over the past 50 years is a delusion. It’s just a symptom of the real problem: a decrease in the value of the dollar. As a result of this decrease in value, it takes a lot more money for someone to buy what he did one, 10 or 50 years ago.

I was first introduced to this reality by Harry Browne, through his 1970 classic How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation. Browne was a legendary teacher and master of simplifying complex issues. In his book, he confidently predicted that then-President Richard Nixon would be forced to devalue the dollar, at a time when Nixon was pledging to the American public that he would never do such a thing.

But within a matter of months of Browne’s book coming out, the most powerful man on the planet, the President of the United States, was forced to do precisely what he swore he would never do — and what a relatively unknown author had said the President would have to do — devalue the dollar and sever its ties to gold.

That made it possible for government to simply print whatever it couldn’t borrow in the open market or steal from working Americans (through “taxation”) in order to expand its vote-buying entitlement programs and outrageously wasteful spending on politicians’ endless pet projects.

By the late 1970s, I, along with a handful of other writers who understood the inflation con, began predicting that runaway inflation was just around the corner. After all, Jimmy Carter, probably the second-worst president in U.S. history (don’t ask), had the (admitted) inflation rate roaring at 18 percent. In an article on March 24, 1980, even Time magazine noted: “Usually confident businessmen and bankers have begun talking of Latin American-style hyperinflation, financial collapse, major bankruptcies, a drastic drop in the American standard of living.” Does that sound familiar?

The hyperinflation didn’t happen, and neither did the drastic drop in the American standard of living. Through a combination of optimism, tax-rate reductions, “controlling” the money supply, deregulating business and the economy, and reducing government spending, President Ronald Reagan came to the rescue, spurred economic growth and temporarily staved off financial Armageddon.

In fact, after Reagan left office, Americans felt so good about things that even those who should have known better let their guards down and forgot Thomas Paine’s warning: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”

Comforted by artificial prosperity and distracted by wars, sex scandals and brain-dulling TV fare, Americans hardly noticed the gradual increase in prices. In fact, when George W. Bush took office in 2001, the dollar had lost only about one-third of its value since the end of Ronald Reagan’s second term in office.

Of course, in 1980 the Bureau of Labor Statistics removed the two most frequently purchased items — food and energy — from the Consumer Price Index in an effort to delude the citizenry and prolong the inevitable. But now, the day of reckoning is at hand.

With House Speaker John Boehner playing lovefest rounds of golf with President Barack Obama, the debt ceiling is sure to be raised again, most likely without a corresponding reduction in government spending. As a result, the misery index (the unemployment rate plus the inflation rate) is also sure to increase at an accelerating pace as millions of people are torn between filling their gas tanks and putting food on their tables.

I find it interesting that my introduction to inflation began so innocently with that nickel rise in the price of a hamburger at the Towne House Drive-In five decades ago. But, at the time, I was clueless — as were most Americans. After all, it had nothing to do with girls or basketball.

By the way, that friend of mine who balked at the nickel increase later became a Bobby Kennedy “social reform” groupie. I wonder what he thinks of the steak-like price of a good hamburger today, and if he has any idea that the price is a direct result of those compassionate social-reform programs (entitlement programs) that his beloved Kennedy so aggressively pursued.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • DaveH

    I remember 15 cent hamburgers (McDonalds), and 30 cent gas/gallon, and 5 cent bottles of Coke (from a machine at the Coke factory). Am I that old? lol.


      I remember the exact same thing – also, a carvel ice cream cone was 15 cents small, 25 cents large. I’m 60 years old. Inflation took off when we severed the dollar from gold in 1972, like the article says. That was the cause of the massive inflation in the 1970′s.

      • Vagabond

        Jeff I never was a hamburger person. hot dogs were my thing and I remember going to docs pool room on saturday evening and getting two hot dogs and a large 12 oz pepsi for twenty five cents. I am 75 years old,

      • JUKEBOX

        I remember when Krystals were a dime and cheese was 2 cents extra.

        • eddie47d

          My real first job was at McDonald’s selling .05 cokes and .15 hamburgers and .10 fries. I’m kind of baffled by Ringers bringing up Outback Steakhouse and someone eating there weekly. Me and my wife never eat out more than twice a month and couldn’t afford Outback more than twice a year. I’d hate to have to break that weekly Outback habit.

          • libertytrain

            Perhaps you should look at their menu again. While I don’t go there often they do have some pretty reasonably priced items on their list -

          • Wes

            Yeah, Outback is a big deal to my family, special occasions usually, birthdays, anniversaries etc. I would be broke if we ate there every week.

        • Carlucci

          The only thing I remember when I was little were hamburgers and real cherry cokes at the drug store soda fountain. I have no idea how they made the cherry cokes, but they were wonderful – nothing like the “Cherry Coke” today that Coca Cola makes in cans, which really suck. I also remember “Shirley Temples”, which were fantastic. Hmmmm….I think I’ll Google both and see what I can find.

          • sid

            coke and cherry syrup!!! then there were vanilla eggcreams(milk, vanilla syrup, and seltzer!!!!!!

      • bohemian

        When I was in high school in the mid 1970′s, I worked in a local pizza place here on Long Island, NY. There were no pizza chains that I know of back then, and I don’t think there were many pizzerias outside of the northeast (NY, NJ, CT).
        A small pie was $1.80, and a large pie $2.20. Now you can’t even get one slice for $2.20.

        • Larry

          High school in mid 70′s with no pizza chains? Do u not remember Pizza hut and Godfathers? They did exist back then.

          • bohemian

            There were no pizza chains on Long Island back then. My guess is there were too many independent pizzerias for them to get a foothold. Also, back then nobody around here would have trusted ‘fast-food’ pizza (that was the perception) when there were ‘real’ pizzerias. Pizza Hut, Dominos, among others have since opened here, and they are all quite good.

          • sid

            imoved to pho. in ’85, and no one would eat chain pizza. i remember a pizza hut opened in hempstead, and 1 month later, it was a used car lot!!!

        • Carol

          Shakey’s was one of the first chains. It was definitely pre-1970′s I liked them and Godfather’s the best. Shakey’s has downsized and is only in the Los Angeles area now. I sure miss it. Have to made do with Round Table as the best in my area now.

          • Bushik

            actually there are 57 Shakey’s pizza in the U.S. including Hawaii and 5 in Mexico. the chain is also making a come back.

          • http://WeThePeople Jean

            Shacky’s – south side suburbs – Chicago – WOW – Larry Lujack from WLS use to visit and hang out a little. Great Pizza – and dark beer. They also had the sing along – follow the bouncing ball on the screen (pre-karioki). Long tables – elbow to elbow. and some had player pianos.

          • BimBam

            I now see why they call it “shakeys” pizza. You never know when they’ll close up.

            Thanks to Mr. Herman Cain we have no GawdFather’s Pizza. Now he wants to be POTUS.

        • Robert Wayne

          I don’t know about up in the northeast, but we had Shakey’s Pizza Parlors all over Dixie back then. And I remember Pizza Hut too.

      • sid

        woolworth’s, white castles drive-in, good humor!!!

    • devildog

      I guess I must be even older. I remember gasoline at 18 cents/gal., home heating oil at 17 cents/gal., and a Milky Way candy bar at 5 cents. A loaf of bread was also 17 cents, and it came wrapped in cellophane with stickers on each end to steal the package. Many bread companies put advertising on those stickers, and some had comicbook-style cartoons, sports or science fiction serials. Last time I checked, most of those stickers are now going for $1 to $100+ each in the collectors’ markets. Wow! What a deal! You got your bread for 17 cents and saved the easy-to-store stickers to provide for you retirement!

      I also remember carnivals where nobody thought it was unusual or cruel or politically incorrect when you had the opportunity to pay 25 cents to get three chances to “hit the ***** on the head with a baseball”. I always disapproved of that,l but it sure shows how times have changed.

      • Al Sieber

        I remember all of this, low prices etc. but it’s all over now. we need to take control of our country, and take it back. the lobbyists and special interests control our congress and senate so it’s gonna be hard to do.

    • icetrout

      Let’s see that make’s you around 55. Old as Dirt & this generation(x,y,z…???) is truly screwed & don’t even

      • Larry

        U d*** sure better start caring cause u truly will be screwed unless u wake the hell up.It is most of our young people who listen to the granduer of the liberal teachers and how the government will take care of them if they only make it so people who have more than them have to share what they have.That type of thinking doesn’t benifit u or anyone else but the ones higher up the chain.

        • Michael J.

          Kid’s today can’t help it, they’re programmed to fail. Right out of the womb, children are like sponges, absorbing all that’s too be heard or said in the environment provided for them. That’s the way nature designed them. Trouble is, we have been living in an age where social engineering has been driving the education train. While still in diapers, children are bombarded with subliminal messages which undermine a natural will to succeed.

          • Bob Marshall

            Very preceptive. Instituted by the global elite as a way to bring about the New world Order. As they stated the New World Order is here and the American people aren’t even aware. The first try was The Leauge of Nations. That attempt failed.The emeregence of the UN was the second step and the addition of the US into the order was critical. The US had the military power necessary to accomplish their end. The wars in the Middle east are necessary to bring them under the control of the UN.Gates said the war in Libya will be esclated.In time this will result in the Asian Union.The European Union and now, thanks to presidents starting with Kennedy and ending with Obama the North American Union is a reality. The CFR said they will be an African Union. Four unions all under one world governnment. All with be under the potection of the new World Police. NATO. The US will dimminish in economic power while, China, Brazil and India will continue to grow. The US will continue to use military force. The CFR has it all planned out for us. Wouldn’t you agree? Their plans aren’t secret. They can be found on various site. They know we can’t stop them.We have a president who said the constitution is out of date. Who declares wars on third world countries without congress’s approval.A congress that has been bought and paid for by the global matter who in the White house the names may change but the CFR,BB and the TC will be in charge.Not to mention the dual citizen Jewis lobbyist who are the real power when it comes to foreign policies. men like Henry Kissenger still has great infulence in the decision making.We have been under their control for forty years. We just couln’t see it.Our president has turned the US into a socialist and police state.

          • meteorlady

            Bob – I look for the European Union to fail and fall apart along with the Euro. The healthy countries are tired of paying for liberalism in the other non-healthy countries. Germany will be the first to drop the Euro and others will surly follow. Hard working Germans aren’t going to sit around and watch their money go to other countries. It’s sort of like that in the US today. I am saddened that any of my tax dollars go to support California or other liberal states that support illegals, welfare rats, and more entitlements.

          • Michael J.

            Bob Marshall,
            In spite of all the information available, there are those who still believe we can vote our way out of this predicament. They’ll say something like, “Romney is what we need to restore our prosperity”. And then the other side will proclaim, “No, Obama is the one”. Never realizing that the left and the right are like the offense and defense of the same football team. The biggest difference is that once the offense has been thuroughly drug through the mud,(GW Bush)then the defense takes over and in an act of role reversal, becomes the new offense(Obama). And the the cyclical tirade repeats itself over, and over again. All the while relentlessly advancing the unchanging agenda of the unseen, the unelected elite.

            An opportunity was missed just a few weeks back for a preemptive sorte, a justifiable use of extreme prejudice against a group of trillionaires who wield power over billionaires at a secret meeting held in plain sight in Switzerland.

            The most effective means of eliminating a snake, is to sever it’s head.

          • Dan az

            michael J
            That was my thought to.Incoming!

          • Cathy

            Michael J: Exactly! I picked this up somewhere so can’t take credit for writing it, but it is SO tRue!

            If you step back and take an honest look, you’ll see that the unfortunate state of affairs in America has resulted from the reign of both political parties. Don’t fall for the divide and conquer strategy that politicians use to corral people into “red” and “blue” sports teams. Donkeys and elephants are sold as team mascots pretending to be in mortal conflict. In reality both parties work together to advance their agendas in lockstep…logrolling…and when necessary, one side “takes the hit” whenever the illusion of accountability is needed. The system depends on the delusion that people can “vote the bums out.”

            Meanwhile, every government failure becomes the pretext for more government growth. If you don’t get distracted by the spectacle, it’s impossible not to notice the pattern: Every political solution to any problem involves more regulation of your life and more taking of your money.

            Hint: They’re all in it together and don’t give a damn about us.

    • Dan az

      So Dave I see you lived in Kaly back then.I remember when mickey Ds hit their first 1 million sales at the original starting place.And I used to go to the original in an out also.Those were the days.
      But there is know way I would pay 10 dollars for a hamburger,Just ain’t gunna happen.I understand that back then 20 bucks was what I got for a days wage and 25 bucks bought a car load of groceries and there was still penny candy and a coke bottle got you 5 cents on a return.I get it things change like West Covina used to be orchards.But ten dollars for a burger?

    • Eddie G.

      I remember it all too Dave. A Saturday matinee was 10 cents had a Buck Rogers serial and three cartoons plus a double feature topped off with a box of Cracker Jacks for a nickel. Took my best buddy to lunch yesterday,she’s 26 and I’m 67,and two burgers plus two beers was $30. Boulder City,NV is high as the Vegas Strip where a scoop of gelato at the Venetian costs $6 dollars. She lives in Boulder and I in Henderson so she jaunts over to my town and the prices are more livable. Visit Vegas but dine in Henderson. Bon Appetit!

      • DaveH

        My brother used to live in Henderson. He died at 46 from Lupus, poor guy. Life dealt him some bad cards.

    • Randy G

      Yeah , and the soda was so cold there was ice crystals in it.

      • http://WeThePeople Jean

        And a glass of milk had a delicious layer of cream at the top. That tasted like cherries.

    • Bob Marshall

      I remember a 15 cents hot dog,a 25 cent hamburger and a six cents coke. Gasoline was as low aas 12 cents for a few weeks then jumped to fifteen cents. i remember how mad people in my little town became at that outrageous price increase. As a child my horse was a broom and my cars were blocks of wood. Lol. I laugh at that memory now.Those were the good ole days. We didn’t have much but we did want much or need much to be happy. AS you know, we never talked back to our parents. It was yes sir and no mam. We said the pledge of alligence to the flag every morning at school.How times have changed. I am 67+

    • 45caliber

      Evidently I’m older than you. I remember 25 cent gas and 5 cent Cokes at most stores. I also remember 5 cent ice cream cones, $2500 brand new cars (big ones), and $10,000 houses that had enough room for a couple with half a dozen kids.

      • Bob Marshall

        In 1965 i paid 3500.00 for a fully loaded GTO. Those were the days. I paid ever penny. Also the insurance all on a Marines pay. Dave i am 67.

      • DaveH

        45 and Bob,
        I bought my first brand new car (Plymouth Roadrunner) for about $3700. I earned enough money working 4 months (lots of OT) during summer at a cement plant to pay cash for it.
        I’m 61.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Yes, I also remember the McDonalds 15 cent hamburgers, 10 cent cokes, 14 cent fries. I also remember when the Big Mac was invented. Sold for 45 cents. I suppose that the prices were relative to the average income. At the time, the minimum pay wage was 50 cents per hour. My GI pay was $120 a month, before taxes.

    • Working Man

      The McDonald’s value menu may be inexpensive, but you do not get what
      you don’t pay for!! The same can be said for Wendy’s, Burger King,
      Sonic, ect.

      But of course, Barry Sortors is hard at work to reduce the steady
      rising cost of gas, food, ect., RIGHT!!

    • http://(pending) Mikhael

      One needn’t be ancient, just literate, & thoughtful: I forget the writer’s name, but the small, potent book was entitled, “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?”, and told the story like my soph civics teacher, a constitutional scholar, who told us from whence cometh the phoney debt, and how the tax codes not only pester the individual, but punish dometic corporations in favor of those from elsewhere(a 37% tax rate vs a 0-1% rate for interlopers! Unfair!!!)

  • Keno

    I remember reading stories about the Germans after World War I, heading to the market with wheelbarrows full of money to buy a few groceries. Hope we’re not going in that direction, but with the crowd we’ve got in D.C. these days, who knows?

    • icetrout

      Thought it was a wheel-barrel full of Marks for a loaf of bread.We’re ok bread is still only $3.45 a loaf here. :O

      • icetrout

        I can remember 10 loaves for a Buck from the A&P.

        • icetrout

          That was Pre-1964 before the immigration flood-gates were opened to the 3rd world over-breeding planet eaters.

    • DaveH

      There is a story about a person in the Weimar Republic (1923) taking a wheelbarrow of money to the hardware store. He left it outside to go in and shop. When he came back out the wheelbarrow was gone, but the money was still there:

      • Dan az

        :) :)

    • Patty

      I’m trying to think of who I would know with a wheelbarrel full of money. Maybe plastic….

  • DavidB

    I was delighted when McDonalds opened in Eastover, MD in the late 50′s. 15 cent burger, 10 cent fry and think the milkshakes were a quarter. And they tasted good…probably real meat. All this really changed when Socialist Lyndon Johnson robbed and emptied our Social Security fund to pay for his failed War On Poverty and the Viet Nam War. The news reported him saying that if Congress passed the War On Poverty Program…”THE NIG*RS WOULD VOTE DEMOCRAT FOR THE NEXT THOUSAND YEARS”…he said it…and they have.

    • Vagabond

      so very true David. but the damned democrats dont want anyone to know why the social security fund is broke. it’s because them sons of bitches and lyndon johnson stole it snd transferred it to the general fund where they have been stealing it ever since, there has been NO social security fund since 1964 when the SLIMEBALLS put it in the general fund to pay for the vietnam war and johnsons great society to buy votes, I HATE DEMOCRATS ever since,

      • rosina

        I found this out some years ago when I switched from the lying AARP to another senior paper called the United Seniors Assoc.(which I believe was bankrupted by AARP for telling the truth)
        Anyway, it is amazing how the government gets away with talking about how this entitlement is bankrupting the nation WHEN IT HAS BEEN THE GOVERNMENT WHICH HAS STOLEN ALL THE MONEY EVERYONE PAYS EACH TIME THEY EARN!
        I would make the govt. REPAY the Social Security BEFORE anything else such as increasing their salaries, whilst the seniors get no Cola increases, and HAVE NOT HAD AN INCREASE IN 3YEARS DUE, THEY SAY, TO NO INCREASE IN INFLATION!

        • eddie47d

          AARP didn’t cause United Seniors to go belly up it was there hateful attacks against any competition that drove them out and lack of solid membership.

          • DaveH

            Ditto for Air America.

        • DaveH

          And don’t let them kid you, Rosina, they could sell some of that 30% of United States property that Government owns and make it good to the SS recipients instead of making the young people slaves to us. The fact that Government regularly jumps all over unfunded private pension funds, tells me that they know damn well what they are doing when they strip the funds to pay for other programs.
          We need to get Government cut back to the 1950s levels, which is about half of what they spend now in real dollars (inflation adjusted), and then some more. We aren’t going to get that with the Democrats or the Republicans.
          There is only one Political Party that knows what real Freedom is.
          For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and PEACE (in so many ways) — Vote Libertarian!

          • Larry

            Libitarian would be fine if they had a viable canidate but they don’t.The trick is to not listen to a bias media about how bad a true conservative republican is and support him/her.Support them from the get go and stay with them.Do the same with our congresional elections also and maybe we can finally get thru these bad times

          • Patty

            Ron Paul is viable.

          • DaveH

            They never will, Larry, if we don’t start supporting them and boosting their numbers to the levels that will start getting attention from the less involved voters.
            Besides, with the exception of Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and a handful of others, the Republicans don’t understand freedom any more than do the Democrats. I won’t vote for evil, lesser or not.

        • Larry

          Now u hit the nail squarely on the head.I might even go so far as say decrease their salaries and benifts.Super post Rosina.

        • Patty

          Rosina – Generation America is an alternative to AARP.


      It is supposed to be on tape in the Johnson Library. If so, I wish the conservatives would get a copy of it, and play it every day until the 2012 election.

      • DaveH

        More on that from a youtube poster Oldmac1:
        Robert Caro pointed out in his extensive biography of LBJ, shortly after signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, in a phone conversation (on tape at the LBJ Library) with Senator Richard Russell of Georgia, LBJ said, “That’ll keep the n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

        • meteorlady

          I consider LBJ one of the nastiest politicians of all times.

    • meteorlady

      Actually LBJ used SS mostly to pay for Medicare/Medicaid as he campaigned for it’s passage by saying it would be revenue neutral. This is exactly what Obummer said to get his health care plan passed….. history does really repeat itself. Most people at the time said Medicare/Medicaid and messing with the health care system of this country would eventually bankrupt this country.

      • Marty S.

        The burden of socialized medicine will fall mainly on recipients enrolled in the program in the form of severely reduced quality of care and very long waiting periods. Do what you can to stay healthy, schedule that surgery you’ve been putting off because soon the rules change. The only thing thats free in life is that little piece of cheese in the mouse trap.

        • denniso

          The existing medical system was and is bankrupting our country and making it more and more difficult for companies to compete w/ foreign companies from countries w/ much less expensive medical costs. Obama had the courage to try and do something to fix the crisis. He angered his base for not pushing a single payer plan and giving in to the insurance industry and some republicans for choosing the stupid ‘mandates’. The Repubs favored that plan 20 yrs ago and some did early on in the debate,until the party pulled them back into line,in opposition to Obama. Obama thought it was the only plan that could pass so he went w/ it. I say it was his worst policy blunder to think the repubs would go along.

          For the people who deride Obama for trying to fix health care,where is your plan? And forget the mindless,’sell insurance across state lines’,and ‘tort reform’…those are jokes.

          • Matt Newell

            Denniso — You have obviously NOT looked at the bill passed for Obama to sign (known as Obamacare) or you are the bleeding liberal I think you are.

          • denniso

            The bill is way past signing and is now law. I hope the mandates get dumped by the Court. The plan was made worse by the utter refusal of the repubs to cooperate on any real fixes to the pathetic system we have. The rightwing has done all they can to maintain the status quo even w/ all the evidence of a ridiculously expensive and broken system. A Medicare style healthcare system paid for through taxes rather than insurance payments would make the most sense and be about half as expensive,and would cover all people…something any modern,compassionate country/society should do. Bleeding heart? Better than a stone cold and hard heart.

    • http://WeThePeople Jean

      The only thing good that came out of his mouth – was when he was sitting on the toilet – that just goes to tell you – that nothing good came out of his mouth.

  • Alex

    Anyone “…torn between filling their gas tanks and putting food on their tables” is a moron.

    • exbuckeye35

      When youre out of work and out of money or youve reached the end of your SocSec/pension check and dont have enuf money to do both THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU A MORON, you [insult removed]!!!

      • Vagabond

        so very true exbuckeye,

    • Carlucci

      What do you mean by that, Alex? Please expound on your ridiculous comment.

      • Alex

        Expound on my ridiculous comment?
        Umm….if you cannot walk to work you live too far away. Anyone who would not provide food for her/himself and family while gassing up their latest Ford Excretion IS a moron.
        The automobile, one or two tons of metal wrapped around a lazy slob too frightened by other people to press for adequate public transport, is terribly inefficient.

        • DaveH

          There you go, Folks, the Liberal Alex knows how to live your life for you, whether you like it or not. In the Liberal Elite world, one size fits all. If you don’t like it, leave “their” country.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Okay Alex… You don’t live in the midwest, do you? I live about 10 miles from work. A little too far too walk in Indiana winters. There isn’t any public transportation from the little town I live in to the little bit bigger town I work in. I drive a 2001 Chevy Trail Blazer. I can’t afford to buy a more efficient car; besides this one is paid for. You may think you have it figured out, but you don’t.

        • meteorlady

          Poor Alex….. my mother never drove nor did many of the people that she lived with in her Assisted Living facility. I watched as people moved out of there because their savings were wiped out by the crash of 2008. I attribute this crash to a lot of things, but mostly Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall and the signing of Fair Housing. I blame the federal government for excessive regulation and taxes on business and most of all I blame the Federal Reserve for the monetary policies. Now the place where my mother used to live is half full because the value of the dollar has decreased because of QE1 and QE2 so what’s your point here Alex? That people should just be happy because the government is making it impossible for business and people to make a living?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Alex,

          Your comment demonstrates a profound ignorance. I suggest you get out of the shell you live in and travel a bit… see America. There is much beauty out there, and very little of it is found in big cities where walking to work or taking mass transit (which is a bottomless, inefficient money pit ) is not possible.

          Best wishes,

        • Carlucci

          Wow – Did or ACORN plant you here Alex?

          Oh yes, I would love to “walk to work”, but I live in a sprawling city very similar to Los Angeles, where it can take over an hour to get across town due to the distance, traffic, and never ending construction on the highways and city streets.

          Please go away and join your fellow looney left morons back in jovi-ville.

        • Michael J.

          If your comments pass for logic in your mind, then you’d have to agree that jet-setting Nancy Pelosi is a moron in the truest sense of the word.
          Thanks for posting, little liberal reminders like yours make it clear who’s actually ruining this country.

        • Bleh

          You are a flaming moron if you think we can afford to pay to expand public transportation nationwide which includes more Vehicles, more employees and a butt-load of new infrastructure.
          Apparently you missed the memo that current Public Transportation is a sinkhole for money and that we already have a $1.5 trillion deficit and $14+ trillion Debt with no fix in site from our fearless leaders.
          Seriously, that is asinine.


      No, anyone torn between buying beer and cigarettes, as opposed to other necessities of life, is a government dependent moron.

    • DaveH

      Alex is probably a Government employee who is paid twice as much as his private sector equivalents for half the work, so it is difficult for him to understand regular peoples’ struggles.

      • Patty

        No. I am pretty sure Alex is a college student, on grants or loans that he has no intention of paying back (it is owed to him). And by the way mom and dad, you should give me my inheritance now so you can see me enjoy it while you are here……Pretty much nailed it, didn’t I Alex?

        • Carlucci

          And speaking of what Patty just said, has anyone read about reported pending legislation regarding people who cannot pay back their student loans? Apparently Fedzilla wants to force them into serving in the military to forgive the debt.

          I just read about this last week and now I can’t find where I saw it.
          Damn menopause…..

          • Carlucci

            Well, I must have experienced a brain fart, because I remembered I might have seen that forced military service thing on Lew Rockwell’s newsletter, and VOILA – I was right!


          • DaveH

            Either that or they’ll perform a military-style raid on your home for your ex’s student loan:
            Oh yeah, the DOE denies it. That makes it so.

          • meteorlady

            If that’s the case then why not let welfare recipients pay us back by doing community service? It’s the same gig right?

          • DaveH

            How could they buy their votes if they made them work for the money?

        • DaveH

          Don’t expect an honest answer, Patty. I generally try to avoid personal questions on this board, because there’s no way of knowing whether their answer is an honest one or contrived.

          • Patty

            I know. I just wanted to let him know where people think his maturity level is at.

          • Alex

            Wrong, Patty.

            Fifty-four year old Artist who talked both son AND daughter out of joining our baby-killing military after 911—they BOTH wanted to join up!! HAA!! Got them to look at the truth though, through the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz smokescreen that cost 5000+ OTHER families a loved one. Dumb sheeple (I mean, I do have a heart, and I feel bad for those who lost their lives, but hey, that is what mercenaries get paid for). Score one for great parenting!!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Alex… Do you live on this planet? How dare you call anyone a moron for having to make a choice such as that! Are you an elitist? Or are you receiving government handouts? I just don’t think you fall into the middle class. It’s a struggling world here, but you obviously are not affected.

      • Randy G

        Actually , ” Moron” means More-on the ball !!

    • Dan az

      The only moron here is you with that statement.You really have know concept of reality do you.Are you one of those freaks that stand on a corner with a sign asking for money?Get a life moron!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    I remember mcdonalds having 15 cents burgers and having fries with a milkshake and good ole steak and shake.

    • http://WeThePeople Jean

      Wasn’t that Malts?

  • Reuben Grassl

    I remember back in 1938-1939, walking “uptown”,by myself, across a state highway to the local “cafe”, @ 11:00 A.M. & getting a “.10 cent ” hamburger (with no ungions), in a small south Texas town, and I was only 4 years old!!
    Imagine, today, our “Big Brother” allowing such actions as to a “Minor” having “high-cholestrol” hamburger, in the A.M.,walking alone, on the streets (not being transported in an auto w/ an approved car seat) & unaccompanied. Probably would constitute some new Federal Legislation to prevent it from ever happenig again & a new “czar” & department to oversee it’s enforcement!!!!

    • DaveH

      When my daughter was about 3 years old, we bought a baby seat for her. That was before the Federal Government UnConstitutionally coerced the States to make it illegal not to use them. But we wanted our child to be safe. She didn’t care about her safety, but she did care about being constrained in the baby-seat and much of the time would scream her bloody head off. Twice, I almost got into an accident being distracted by her screaming. This is an issue that should be decided by the parents and only the parents, not a busybody do-gooder Government.
      Also, I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve seen a mother looking back at the backseat giving instructions to her child who was “safely” strapped into a baby seat. That’s safe?
      And when a child loses their life due to Government mandated air-bags, we can’t even sue the Creeps, even though they were directly involved in the cause of death.
      We have given our Freedom away in a hand-basket.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I remember words like freedom,liberty,happiness,graciousness,civility,politeness,friendship,compatriotism,loyalty,prayerful,wholesomeness,virtuous,gratitude,merciful,judicious,plentiful,loveliness,giving,courteous,benevolent,neighborly,the list goes on forever…….but these words are seldom spoken in todays world.A fact which leads to my being asahmed that I do not bring them into other peoples lives on a more regular basis.We need to share words of encouragement as well as words of condemnation for the crimes which we see being committed everyday on our nations people.Send someone back to the past,when things were better,by saying a word of encouragement today.-CC.

  • Chuck Case

    My memory of inflationary shock came when a telephone call (pay phone) went from 5 cents to 10 cents! Doubled overnight!
    I am 67 years old and remember gasolene wars and bought a gallon of gas for 13.9 cents. Movies on Saturday for 12 cents bought newsreeel, couple of cartoons, a serial and at least one feature movie. Was at the theatre for 3 1/2 hours!

    Now, a mid-priced family resutrant for my wife & I is $40.00 (more if you have a beer or mixed drink).
    ow, I’ve lost over $600,000 in home equity for the (2) houses I own. There goes buying a condo in the South for the Winter and another in the North for the Summer. Lost my a$$ in my 401K and am still working because I can’t afford to retire.
    Thanks politiciancs (especially Obama).
    Lots of luck for 30 somethings who are trying to make a good life!

    • exbuckeye35

      I too remember such things in the late 40′s into the 50′s.
      Going to the movies (10yo with my 7yo sister),(by ourselves),2 miles
      to walk and come home after 10PM when the movies let out. Didnt have
      to worry about any kind of perp or druggie.
      Gas was 17.9 a gallon when I started driving in 1955; McD’s was only
      a dime and with a coke you coughed up 15 cents.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Liberty

      Chuck, I empathize with you, now in my 60′s and having lost much of my life’s savings; I look at most 30 year olds with disdain, they, and the entitlement classes are electing the fools destroying every aspect of our lives. Most of these Kool Aid drinkers lack the basic education (thanks to our failed education system) to comprehend how free societies work, versus the Socialist/Marxist model.

    • Firewagon

      One-upmanship seems to be the game here, so, going the gas price war one better, in 1963, on my trip back to Camp Lejeune, N.C., I pulled into a gas station in Columbia, S.C. that had their price @ $.12 per gal. I looked across the intersection and the attendant there was lowering their price to $.10 – so natch, I drove across the street and filled up. Don’t remember the total, but it could not have been much over $1.20, if that, for around 12 gallons! Put that much in the other day for the ‘cheap’ ($3.479) cost of $41.75…………..

      BTW, to whomever ran down memory lane with the Saturday matinees, what a glorious time, return home and nearly fight over who would be Lash Larue, Hoppy or the bad guys – kids today, with their myriad electronic toys haven’t a clue!! About the only thing left from those times, I think, is you can still find Black Crows in some theaters.

      • Bob Marshall

        Semper Fi One thing the present government can never take from we ole timers is our memories of a better time. A time of less government and more freedom.

    • Patty

      I’m going back to the 40′s. The Walton’s. I will have my son & family move into my ranch in the burbs. Between all of us, we will be able to afford it. Then he can just have it before I die. Night John-Boy…..

  • Chuck Hinners

    A forty bagger hamburger in fifty years! That’s 7.65% inflation over that period/. Look at the website shadow statistics for more.

  • Dave

    Nixon’s economic policies caused massive inflation, Reagan’s economic policies left us with the largest national debt at the time, and G. W. Bush’s economic policies almost put us into the largest recession in history that we still have not recovered from. I think we are all being hornswoggled by the Republican Party.

    • Conservative at Birth

      You have been brainwashed or, you are totally ighnorant of history and economics. I will not waste my keystrokes, in the attempt to explain all of those subjects.

      • exbuckeye35

        You beat me to it. Libs and dems just dont get it.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Liberty

          Many libs and dems get it; it’s just many are either trust fund babies, entitlement mentality (gov’t workers), Kool Aid drinkers, welfare recipients, and products of the failed public school system. Where money, value, and production come from is beyond their understanding, and the words freedom and liberty are foreign to them.

          • Dan az

            Thank you well put an accurate!

      • Stephan F.

        Your roman-candle emotional reaction to Dave’s post is unjustified, especially within the context of the many posts I read here. Like you, my first response was one of contention, but without the desire to flame. After carefully considering his assertions, point by point, Dave in-fact has it right. And if you’d like to argue these points with me, let’s get it on. In the meantime, I, for one, feel you owe him an apology.

        BTW, unlike those others who sensed a philosophical bias or twinge in Dave’s piece, I don’t see it.

        • Stephan F.

          Preceding comment for Conservative @ birth, btw.

        • meteorlady

          Dave is in fact entirely wrong. As a history major with a strong interest in economics, I can tell you that it was LBJ (Great Society Programs and Social Security theft), Carter(run-away inflation and 21% interest rates) and Clinton (Fair Housing and repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act) who brought the economy down and the named villains in Dave’s post inherited the problems. You can also check to see who was in power in the Senate and House during those times to be real accurate.

          • Tom Anderson

            I disagree.

            If we starved the MIC we could have:

            1) A chicken in every pot

            2) Massive infrastructure expansion – new highways, schools, airports, hospitals

            3) A new free cadillac for each black welfare family

            4) free school breakfasts, lunches, dinners for each black child in USA

            5) give 10 free 50 calibre machine guns to each Conservative in the USA with all the ammo they want

            6) bibles in every hotel room

            7) condoms for EVERY school child

            8) free weddings for each gay/lesbian couple

            9) you name it – fill in the liberal/conservative agenda cost here

            OK History buffs – what is the cost per kill in Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya?

            Go on – even count the women and children which we our military has killed by accident in Afghanistan and you will probably find that we are spending some $200,000 for each kill. THAT is even worse than Viet Nam. But YOU don’t care!

            Twenty cents for a gallon of gas in the 1950′s???

            Gasoline in our remote outposts in Afghanistan costs some $400 per gallon. Yes, go ahead, argue about GOP or DEMO, Socialism or Conservatism, tweedle-dee versus tweedle-dum while the MIC plans for your and your kids’ demise and enslavement.

            Vote Ron Paul before the MIC kills him!

          • Stephan F.

            Hmmm, thought I’d be going up against C.A.B on this one.


            Perhaps you didnt give considerable thoughts to your post before hitting the send button (I do it as a matter of fact) as I feel you’ve made it somewhat easy for me to respond. With all due respect to a person who sounds like a formally educated person — as opposed to a laymen like me who is strictly self-educated — your arguments against Dave’s three points are very simply what I believe are called “specious arguments.”

            If I may suggest, & you want to take the time, please provide arguments to substantiate the following, to wit:

            1. Nixon’s policies did not cause massive inflation.
            2. Reagan’s economic policies did not leave us with the largest national debt at the time.
            3. W. Bush’s economic policies did not almost put us into the largest recession in history that we still have not recovered from.

            Now, to help you out, I will gladly suggest a few to put up for point #1, as Dave’s argument here is, in fact, not completely accurate. But your on you own with the rest.

            Oh yes, I almost forgot. In addition, please provide evidence that your not a Republican Party stooge. Thanks for listening and Best Regards!

    • Vagabond

      dave you sound like an average brain dead yellow dog democrat. and everone knows they are too dumb to come in out of the rain,

      • eddie47d

        When are you all going to get it? It’s the Democrats and Republicans who have screwed things up. Both Nixon and Johnson and the rest have been complicit ever since.

        • Patty

          They have both had a hand in it, some more than others. Vote Libertarian.

    • meteorlady

      “Nixon’s economic policies caused massive inflation, Reagan’s economic policies left us with the largest national debt at the time, and G. W. Bush’s economic policies almost put us into the largest recession in history that we still have not recovered from. I think we are all being hornswoggled by the Republican Party.”

      WOW as a history major I have to disagree. Nixon pulled us out of the mess that was created by LBJ and his Great Society Programs (which by the way have gutted SS). Reagan pulled us out of Carter’s mess. Weren’t interest rates around 21% during his administration?

      Now more current:

      Clinton signed Fair Housing sending the housing market into a tail spin.

      Clinton then went on to publicly and aggressively defend the concept that everyone should own their own home. He pushed Fannie and Freddie into accepting bad loans and package of crap derivatives.

      Clinton signed for the repeal of Glass-Steagall thus letting the banking and Wall Street elites run while with glee without checks and balances in place. The along comes Chris Dodd and Barney Frank to give us a new set of banking laws… they are worthless and in favor of the banks.

      Clinton signed various one sided trade agreements.

      Clinton left George Bush a deficit of $17.9 BILLION the first day Bush took office. The “surplus” he claimed was because he counted income from the Social Security system which was already allocated. The next full year of Bush’s term he was under another Clinton signed budget and that drove the deficit to $133 BILLION. This can be verified on the US Treasury website.

      Even with both wars Bush had the deficit coming down until his last two years, when guess what? The Democrats gained a majority and started their spending spree.

      Bush went before the Senate Banking Committee on two separate occasions requesting oversight and audits of Fannie and Freddie. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank both told him he has nothing to worry about, they were fine and well run.

      While I didn’t like Bush either, give me a break and actually look things up before commenting on them. That’s the problem with you liberals, you believe everything someone says or writes and never check as long as it meets your preconceived notions of how things are.

    • DaveH

      See here to see what party controlled Congress during the Nixon years (1969-1974), and the Reagan years (1981-1989):

      Also, keep in mind that Reagan vetoed 78 Congressional Bills. That’s more than any other president since Eisenhower. And 9 of those vetoes were overridden by Congress. A President can only do so much against an out-of-control Congress.
      Nice try, Dave.

      • Stephan F.


        “Also, keep in mind that Reagan vetoed 78 Congressional Bills.”

        Those who look back at the Reagan presidency must believe that the fabled president did nothing all day long but veto spending bills served up by an avarice congress controlled by democrats. In fact, of all the major spending bills that crossed his desk, he only vetoed five. FIVE !!!!

        Intentionally or unintentionally, you managed to leave out an important and mind-numbing “fact”.

        p.s. According to the Cato Institute, government spending increased by an inflation adjusted 7% under Reagan.

        • Patty
          • DaveH

            Thanks, Patty.

        • DaveH

          I see no facts in your comment, Stephan, only innuendos and equivocation, such as “under Reagan”. As I said, 9 of the bills that he vetoed were overridden. If you’re going to post contradictory statements, how about some references to back up your very vague claims?

          • Stephan F.


            Here’s yet another case where you’re confronted with facts that contradicts one of the statements you make that’s in error — whether made intentionally or unintentionally, who knows. And when confronted, you bring out the insults, accusations, innuendo, personal attacks and childish behavior.

            Last time we had one of these I said you should stop acting this way as you were too smart for that. I was wrong.

            I need to post nothing else here today — the “FACTS” speak for themselves!

          • Patty

            Stephen – I gave you facts to dispute your claim of 5. WHERE are your facts?

          • DaveH

            OMG, are you related to Vigilant?

          • DaveH

            In other words, Stephan, you can’t support your “facts”. So, instead you take the Liberal approach of name-calling and personal attacks. Sorry, Stephan, that doesn’t work here. We’re intelligent people. Go to DailyKos or some other such place where your adolescent techniques might work.

          • Vigilant


            You’re responding with talk insulting to me. I will respond to you ONLY regarding assertions of fact, and I will provide the facts, no insults.

          • DaveH

            No insults?
            I would say slandering a person would be pretty insulting, wouldn’t it?
            Here is an example from Vigilant, accusing me and DiLorenzo of being apologists for slavery:
            “I said you were “apologists” for slavery”. Go here to follow the thread and see how Vigilant, no matter how exposed, will go to great lengths to CHA:

            And notice how he never answers my question to show evidence that I (or DiLorenzo), am a slavery apologist. Instead he dances all around choosing to argue semantics.

          • Vigilant

            “And notice how he never answers my question to show evidence that I (or DiLorenzo), am a slavery apologist. Instead he dances all around choosing to argue semantics.”

            I just love it when the pot calls the kettle black.

            Any “historian,” in the face of the 1856 Democrat Party platform, who claims some high-minded states rights arguments for causing the Civil War, needs to have a long session with a psychologist.

            DiLorenzo cites the Kentucky and Virgina Resolutions, which NEVER talked about secession but which established the nullification doctrine, something quite different from secession. That’s a fact. Challenge it if you can.

            Said platform, secession ordinances from 3 states, and the CSA constitution, make it abundantly clear that the secession was about slavery and the desire to perpetuate that evil institution. That’s a fact. Challenge it if you can.

            DiLorenzo, like his fellow slavery apologists, will have you believe it was about tariffs and taxation. It clearly wasn’t. That’s a fact. Challenge it if you can.

            Anyone who claims it was about “state’s rights” (a term that wasn’t even invented yet) is beating around the bush. The term sounds so lofty, doesn’t it? The fact is that the 10th Amendment was used as a cover and subterfuge in a dishonest rationalization to keep slavery alive and well. It was a fatally flawed argument that essentially said, “we demand the freedom to deny freedom to millions of people in bondage.”

            In using the spirited words of the Declaration and Constitution, the Southern leaders were as evil and dishonest as you can be. Their main aim was to perpetuate the execrable institution of slavery, and they seceded for that very reason, IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

            The reasonable person knows that ANYONE who claims it was done for a higher reason is a de facto apologist for slavery, either wittingly or unwittingly.

          • Vigilant

            Just as I expected. Cite facts, subject to debate and provability/disprovability, and Dave either runs away without comment, or invokes the Alinsky technique of insulting and belittling. Arguments are not won by decibel level but by cold, hard, facts.

            C’mon, man, challenge my assertions with facts and substantiation, not insult.

    • Larry

      Even as bad as repubs spent the economies under them were far better than any dem control,omitting only one of course being Clinton.That being that repubs controlled the congress and he was more worried about his pants and let repubs work the economy.Only when the dems took that over did the economy tumble.

      • meteorlady

        Seems that American elect Democrats when times are good and based on their empty promises. Then when then run things into the ground we shift back to the right and elect Republicans to get us out of the crap we are in. Someday though, this isn’t going to work because our leaders have sold us out to money and elite powers.

    • Bob

      Yes Dave, You accurately pointed out Nixon’s Act of breaking the relationship between Gold and the Dollar helped future leaders expand many social programs. Could you imagine how much worse things would be if McGovern won instead. So you are correct, Nixon was not a great president. Nixon also campaigned on ending the Vietnam War (started by a Democrat). Nixon did end it, but only after expanding the war first.

      Your point about President Regan is correct, at the end of his presidency the National Debt did increase. But you are wrong that Regan’s economic policies were the cause. Regan’s Tax Cuts resulted in one of the longest peace time expansion of the U.S. economy. As a direct result of his policies, government revenue grew. The problem was that the Democratic Congress spend $1.65 on every dollar in increased revenue.

      I guess you would prefer the policies of Jimmy Carter and his pathetic response to challenges of his day. Jimmy Carter not only has the distinction of being one of the worst presidents, but he even has managed to be one of the worst ex-presidents. The only thing you must do as an ex-president is keep your mouth shut. But, don’t worry he is another “brilliant” liberal that utterly failed.

      Our problems stem from Progressive Policies. They have been pushed by Democrats and Republicans alike.

      You would think that we could all agree that running 1.5+ Trillion dollar deficits is a really bad idea.

      You would think that “digitizing” our debt (the modern way to print money) is also a really bad idea.

      I am not sure if it is possible to change the direction of where we are headed, but one thing I am sure: Obama will not solve our problems. In fact, Obama appears to be accelerating the problem.

      What we really need right now is someone who really believes in the founding principals of the country of limited government. We need to drastically reduce the size of the federal government.

      Our government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.

      Ultimately, it is us the voter, that needs to hold our elected politicians accountable.

      Lets hope we do that this time. It may be the last time we have the liberty to do so.

    • Bob Marshall

      Under Reagan the Economic recovery Act reduced unemployment from 7.1% to 5.5% but raised the National Debt from 997 Billion to 2.85 trillion USD. Most of this was military spending. Reagan said it was necessary to bring about the fall of the USSR. Today the US outspends the rest of the world combined in military spending.Great idea! A military capable of the destroying ever country on earth while jobs are lost, people are starving and homes are lost. The economy is worse than the great depression yet the military buget was just raised to 50 billion USD. Obama promised change! So, to blame Bush or Obama for this mess is wrong. You have to go back to Kennedy according to the global elite.

  • Polski

    I remember 15 cent burgers from McDonald’s, 5 cent 9 scoops of ice cream, 10 cent Saturday movies that were double feature, an hour of cartoons, the latest episode of a serial like Captain Marvel or The Invisible Man, and the latest RKO Pathe News.

    I remember that prices for food really jumped with Richard Nixon.

    I agree with you that Jimmy Carter was the 2nd worst president of the US, and that Dubya was by far, the worst president of the US.

    I remember Harry Truman holding up the newspaper that had the headlines, DEWEY WINS…..LOL…..

    • DaveH

      Oh come on, Polski. I’m sure that Robert wasn’t referring to Bush when he left the worst unnamed. He, no doubt, was referring to Obama.
      I’m sure most of the government-owned History Book authors, the same ones who created “honest Abe”, will agree with you though.

      • Vigilant

        You want to atart this up again?

        • Vigilant

          Make that “start.”

          • DaveH

            Oh lordy, I’m scared. Vigilant is threatening me.

            What Ron Paul (a man of integrity) says about the man (Thomas DiLorenzo) who Vigilant (a man without) loves to trash:
            “One of the leading economic historians working today. Combines knowledge of the principles of economics, solid historical research, and a passion for liberty.”
            From the Washington Times:
            “Thank heaven then for the economist Tom DiLorenzo … a modern-day Adam Smith.”

            For those who want to read what the mental-bully Vigilant doesn’t want you to read:

          • Vigilant

            I threatened nothing, I asked a question.

            From the Washington Times:
            “Thank heaven then for the economist Tom DiLorenzo … a modern-day Adam Smith.”

            I’m afraid you are mixing up history with economics. Adam Smith dealt with economics. DiLorenzo may be the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to economics, I wouldn’t know. As an “historian,” his two books on Lincoln can hardly be called history. More like an agenda of hate against one of our greatest presidents.

          • Vigilant

            …”mental-bully Vigilant?”

            In the traditional sense, bullies have superior physical power and are over-willing to use it to intimidate. If I’m a mental bully, that means I have superior mental power. And bullying eith facts is not bullying at all.

        • DaveH

          Must be break time at the Institution. It’s Vigilant. The person who thinks double-speak and verbosity equate to logic. The person who will put words in your mouth, lie about your beliefs, and personally attack you, as if those tactics somehow lend validity to his fabricated facts and conjecture.
          Then after disparaging you to the best of his abilities, he will offer you an “olive branch”, as if that somehow makes up for his dishonest manipulative tactics.
          By the way, Vigilant, the extreme efforts which you expend to belittle me show your real character to any really “logical” people.
          Imagine a world, folks, of pushy, controlling people like Vigilant, who will go to any extreme to win. Not a pretty picture. That’s where we’re headed if we don’t shrink Big Government.

          • DaveH

            By the way, for those of you who think my comment is coming from left-field, go to this board and follow our threads:

            There are many others, where Vigilant’s choice of debating techniques usually devolves into personal attacks on me, as if that somehow elevates the validity of his comments.

          • Vigilant

            And all this from the man who STARTED with the insults. I only repaid in kind.

            I’m not taking the bait this time. Continue with your insults.

          • DaveH

            Yet another lie from Vigilant. What else?
            Long ago you devolved to personal attacks to win the debate. I provided a link for one such volley. There were many others before that one. You know that. I know that.
            Seek help, Vigilant.

      • Vigilant

        May I ask how many books about Abraham Lioncoln you’ve read?

        • DaveH

          You can ask, but it would be meaningless. To exchange personal information with you would be like me bringing a knife to a gunfight. I’m an honest person. You’re not. So, bugger off, troll.

        • DaveH

          By the way, Vigilant, I have two four-year degrees, one Mathmatics, the other Biology, and graduated both with honors. In my fifties I took a year of Computer Science at NAU.
          And I’ve spent a lifetime home-studying economics, politics, and investment techniques.
          Does that make me more correct than you about Lincoln? Of course not. No more so than reading a preponderance of biased books about Lincoln written by bought-and-paid-for Historians would make you correct.
          My mission here is to get people to read “The Real Lincoln” and the “Lincoln unmasked” so as to open their eyes to never before imagined truths.
          If you want to encourage them to read your favorites, then do so, Harpy.

          • Vigilant

            “Does that make me more correct than you about Lincoln? Of course not. No more so than reading a preponderance of biased books about Lincoln written by bought-and-paid-for Historians would make you correct.”

            How strange your view. I’ve quoted source document after source document, and virtually no quotes from historians, so what do “biased books about Lincoln written by bought-and-paid-for Historians” have to do with the price of tea?

            Tell me, what “bought-and-paid-for Historians” wrote the Democratic Party platforms of 1856 and 1860? Did they write the secession ordinances and confederate constitution? Or perhaps they were there to advise Stephen Douglas when he got the unconstitutional Kansas-Nebraska Act passed. Maybe they prodded Lincoln to endorse and see passage of the 13th Amendment?

            Perhaps the words in Lincoln’s last speech are written in some kind of code only you and DiLorenzo can decode for us. Yes, that’s the speech that got him killed because he advocated for full citizenship and voting rights for blacks.

            Do you think these nefarious “biased” historians somehow snuck into the Library of Congress and changed all the words to make Lincoln look good? Do you imagine when the South threatened to secede ONLY because of the slavery issue that that was some kind of doublespeak that really meant tariffs and taxation?

            Unless and until you read the source documents, NOT the words of historians biased for or against Lincoln, you will never understand the history of the Civil War.

            No sir, the source documents, unlike DiLorenzo, do not lie. Like it or not, that’s what they said.

          • DaveH

            Oh sure, what Vigilant reads is truth. What anybody else reads is not.
            We get it.
            The thing is, Vigilant, you can bluster about source documents all you want. It means nothing to me, because you have no credibility with me.
            Whine to somebody else.

          • DaveH

            Obama makes a lot of statements also. Are they true? Usually not.
            But then, I guess as they say, birds of a feather flock together. That includes you, Vigilant, the guy who has lied about me “apologizing” for slavery, as well as many other lies and personal attacks. And no, I’m not going to list them. Anybody who wants to investigate your drivel can do a search on “ + Vigilant”.

          • DaveH

            While I’m on this subject, Folks, I want to say that especially these days, it is imperative to judge people by their actions, not their words. Because honesty seems to be fading fast in this country.
            That is exactly what Thomas DiLorenzo does in his books. He judges Lincoln not by his words, rather by his actions. Talk is cheap.
            Any good chronic liar (e.g. Politicians) is going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear. You need to think beyond that and do some research into that person’s past actions.
            I know, Vigilant is going to copy that statement and try to make something negative of it. Poor tortured guy.

          • Vigilant

            “The thing is, Vigilant, you can bluster about source documents all you want. It means nothing to me…”

            Fine. Source documents don’t fit into your comfortable world of the DiLorenzo Lincoln fantasy because they don’t support his faulty case. And you’ve never responded to them because I doubt you’ve ever read them. Can’t argue with a man like that.

            I rest my case.

        • Vigilant

          “To exchange personal information with you would be like me bringing a knife to a gunfight.” And then you provide personal information.

          Let’s stay with the question: how many books about Lincoln have you read? Two? And both of them derogatory? Here’s your chance to answer.

          • DaveH

            Okay, let’s analyze this. The issue is whether or not DiLorenzo’s books about Lincoln are valid or not. Vigilant, the self-proclaimed “logical” man thinks my reading list has a bearing on that validity.
            I know it doesn’t. Anybody with half a brain knows it doesn’t. But the “logical” man apparently doesn’t.
            Here is DiLorenzo’s other book on Lincoln, for those curious about what Vigilant doesn’t want you to read:

          • Vigilant

            Well, that clears it up. You’ve read TWO books about Lincoln, both derogatory, and that’s the sum total of the your basis for attacking him. It’s not just about the legitimacy or delegitimacy of DiLorenzo’s works. It’s about looking at all sides of an issue. You have not, yet claim superior knowledge.

  • Koma

    In 1972 at the local drive in a hamburger, fries and a drink was 45 cents, with cheese 50 cents. Gas was 35 cents a gallon, minimum wage was $1.60. Minimum wage would purchase 4.6 gallons of gas, today at $7.25 minimum wage will purchase less than 2 gallons of gas.

  • Tom Anderson

    The MOST dangerous moves to socialism are always initiated by the GOP – - – only the GOP can get away with it.

    Who would have imagined that Nixon would delink our currency from gold – - NOT a flaming democrat!

    Now Senator Boner is golfing and complicit with Obama in raising our debt ceiling. Don’t worry about Democrats and their big-eared leader. The TREACHERY ALWAYS comes from the GOP – insidious treachery! There is no difference between Pres. Obama and Senator Boner.

    Our ONLY hope = Ron Paul, but the CIA and MIC will murder him before he can gather any REAL power.

    • DaveH

      They would be fools to do that, as they would create a Martyr.

      • Tom Anderson

        You are wrong, DaveH. The MIC blew JFK’s brains out and NO PROBLEM! He did no become a martyr.

        With JFK’s brains on his Lincoln’s trunk the:

        1) CIA was reinvigorated (he had just FIRED Dulles – a BIG no-no). JFK swore that he would split the CIA into a thousand pieces – NO! His brain ended up in a thousand pieces.

        2) Nam was ramped up BIG TIME – MORE MIC MONEY

        3) Within a week, Israel started getting A-Bomb technology which JFK had adamantly refused. LJB was Israel’s loverboy – gave it the A Bombs and called back the fighters (TWICE) from protecting the USS Liberty from MURDER by Israel.

        4) Silver dissapearred from all US Coins

        5) Nam and the Grate Society caused a run on our silver and gold supply forcing Nixon to take us unilaterally off the GOLD standard

        6) Our sailors were murdered on the USS Liberty and no vet even gives a damn!!! SOME MISTAKE – my [removed]! SHAME ON OUR VETS! They turn their back on the murder of their own brothers in arms.

        7) The MIC with both Bush’s and Obama have NOW taken over all facets of gov. Obama, his Mommy and his GrandMommy were ALL CIA (MIC) assets. Obama is simply the pawn of the MIC and will do what his Masters order – doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with GOP or DEMO or Socialism or Capitalism – - IT IS ALL THE MIC – - Ike and Washington warned us and most readers here simply IGNORE THEIR WARDNINGS!

        • DaveH

          There’s only one way to find out, Tom, who’s right and who’s wrong, but I’d prefer that be one debate that can never be proven.

    • Patty
      • DaveH

        The MSM will be pushing hard for the RINO Mitt Romney. They always push for the most Liberal Republicans.

        • Patty

          Well, I guess we need to start emailing them and letting them know how we feel. PLUS, VOTE IN YOUR PRIMARY!!!!!!!!!

          • DaveH

            I can’t. I’m registered Libertarian, and will be until I die.

  • Barry

    Phillip Cagan defined hyperinflation as a general price increase of 50% a month that extends for a period of months; this still seems a good definition.

    By that definition, we are a long way from hyperinflation.

    What we do have is even more interesting. We have the Federal Reserve charging us for the service of issuing our money supply. The Fed issues money by buying the Federal debt, thus collecting the interest on the debt they bought. This interest is a tax on our money supply, payable to the banks.

    It doesn’t have to be this way, and wasn’t before the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through in 1913. The goal of the Federal Reserve Act was to provide a steady source of income for banks and to provide for the stability of the value of the dollar. The dollar has since lost 98% of its value.

    Stated inflation statistics are worthless, due to a statistical trick named hedonic pricing. If a good increases in price but the “perceived” quality also goes up by the same amount, then the price of the good is considered not to have changed. These tricks are used, among other reasons, to keep the cost of living of Social Security recipients within limits the country can afford.

    If we break the link between debt and the currency, we will take the first step toward solving this mess we are in. Jefferson and Hamilton argued over this; Kennedy tried to reverse this policy. We can and must do it or we are finished.

    • DaveH

      Hamilton plied his trade (building a mercantilist centralized government, much like that our founders fought to escape) with name-calling and double-speak, like our modern day Liberals do.

      • Pappadave

        Correct you are! And, it was long-running arguments over Hamilton’s penchant for promoting elitist-run government that got his butt shot off by Aaron Burr that morning in New Jersey!

      • DaveH

        From the book “Hamilton’s Curse” by Thomas DiLorenzo:
        “Jefferson, for his part, believed that Hamilton larded his reports with high-sounding rhetoric to intentionally befuddle and confuse the average reader”.
        Sounds like a few people that I’ve dealt with on this site.

        • Vigilant

          I know just what you mean, and agree.

          • DaveH

            Begone, Harpy.

          • Vigilant

            Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Iris

    You doubt it would have FAZED you!

    • ValDM

      Thank you Iris, for pointing this out. I’m constantly amazed by the number of people that flat can’t get the difference between phase & faze. I see it in a lot of published materials, and have to ask myself “Where are the editors?”

      • William

        The editors are just as dumb as the writers-they did not have to learn in college they just had to “go through”a toilet paper diploma like Obamas..

      • Patty

        You can thank our wonderful public educational system. Dumbed down educational system.

    • DaveH

      The surest way to stop curious people from listening and commenting — pick on their spelling. Let’s not get picayunish.

  • Bob Sheffield

    When are we going to stop blaming republicans and democrats or socialicsts or etc?
    Anyone that wants to play the political career game is after one thing a safe job paid by us sheep:
    No responsibility Do they get fired ? Do they produce ? do they actually hold any responsibility? If it doesn’t work out, will they lose their pension?
    Apart from the party scandals and the sex scandals, when do they have to pay for their mistakes?

    The only businesses that get baled out are the bankers, I don’t like to use the word conspiracy, but it seems that all over the world, governments of ALL persuasions bale out the banks and then the bankers lend them money that we have to pay back in taxes. Is this NUTS?

    Wake up everyone. start exchanging work, don’t use dollars. Avoid using money. If we could all stop using money – they couldn’t take 50% in tax, The banks couldn’t charge you interest.
    I realise this is cloud land but…If there’s no money transferred then I don’t think the career politicians would last very long on no pay and the banks would have no reason to exist.
    In Argentina, when TSHTF, the banks closed the accounts, even the accounts filled with cash. ATMs limited to distribute paltry sums.
    The people started exchanging stuff and services, they even invented a parallel “monetary system”. NOT because they were commies or republicans – simply because the banks shut them off.

    Let’s hope that it doesn’t HAVE to happen here…

    Our reliance on the current monetary system is our noose. Pay off your debts – stop using dollars

    • Patty

      I already do that as much as possible. The IRS hates the barter system.

  • Jan Scallan

    Guess I should have sunk my money into hamburger all these years instead of losing it in 401ks. Government HAS become an intolerable evil. Thanks Democrats and Republicans!

  • steve in AZ

    “Invest in inflation – it’s the only thing that’s going up.”

    Will Rogers

  • RW


    You obviously aren’t taking OBAMA into account.
    OR you my friend are just sweetening the kool aid for the young!

  • Daniel

    This article reminds me of something I read several years ago–”Nostalgia is the ability to remember yesterday’s prices while forgetting yesterday’s wages.”

    • C. R.

      Yesterday’s wages allowed me to have a growing bank account, buy lunch before going to work after morning in college, buy clothes and use the bus or streetcar – $200 a month! Couldn’t begin to do all this on wages today which seem large but truly purchase little of value.
      I miss the hamburgers at Katz’s drugstore in Kansas City with great and
      real potato chips and tomato, lettuce, onion and mayonnaise for 25 cents. Never have like McDonald’s so didn’t even buy any when the first McDonald’s opened and I had one. The best steak house in KC had a fabulous soup to nuts steak dinner for $2.98. Try that today with everything with the meat is “extra” and the meat is just so-so. Inflation, dollar devaluation and plain greed because most people do NOT understand the intrinsic value of the dollar and will spend unwisely on most things and then wind up in debt, losing homes, etc. We learned the value of a dollar in our home and school, so we don’t have any of the today’s current problems. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • DaveH

      Try telling that to Mom and Pop, who saved their meager earnings for decades in cash accounts hoping to retire comfortably in their old age.
      Besides that fact, wages generally don’t keep pace with the inflation.
      I bought my first house in 1977. It was 1800 square feet in a nice neighborhood. I bought it for $27,000. We were earning about $15,000 a year (a modest income at the time). Try doing that now, even in this calamitous market.

    • DaveH

      No doubt, when the Hyperinflation starts, the Liberals will still be trivializing the situation while smiling smugly at us.

  • http://LibertyAlert Mark T

    We used to go to the Saturday mantinee at the local movie theater. We’d get a cartoon, newreel, serial (i.e. Flash Gordon) and a feature movie all for 25 cents.
    Hey have you noticed, there is no cent symbol on a key board. But there is one for the dollar $$$$.

    • JLC

      Mark T — For the Cent symbol: On a standard keyboard (the one with the 10 keypad over there on the right) Make sure that NumLock is on. Hold down the Alt button (there is one on each side of the space bar). Then, on the 10 keypad, type in 0162.Voila! ¢

  • slickporsche

    I ask all of you, what are you going to do about this countries continued downhill slide.What ever happened to all that American Spirit? Like Ben Crystal says, iiiiittts tiiimmme! [removed] You must know there is no other way.

  • Robert

    I remember Irwin Schiff who said that he would not pay taxes because it was unconstitutional and we did not have money to pay taxes. when the constitution defines money as gold and silver and we do not stand up and demand constitutional money we are our own worst enemy. when they stopped coining silver coins and the people did not raise hell then I and a few others knew we were in an alice in wonderland world. when a car cost 500 dollars we were on a Gold and Silver standard. today an automobile costs twenty thousand dollars. that is what happens when you do not have money(gold and Silver coin). in 1900 you could take a twenty dollar gold piece and go into a tailor shop and buy a suit tie socks and and shirt and pay for it and get change. today if you went into a tailor shop with a twenty dollar bill you would be lucky if you got a pair of socks. now today if you took that twenty dollar gold peice down to you local coin dealer and traded it in for current dollars you would get arround fifteen hundred you could go into a tailor shop and get a good suit, tie, shirt, socks and still have about 300 dollars left for other things. our founding fathers were brilliant. there is just so much gold and silver and everyone knows that. so gold coin will buy whatever you want in any country or time period because it is real money. the allowing the politicians to take us off the gold and silver standard and then raping the people in this country and ingnoring the constitution and voting for the politicians to take from those who have to give to those who have not to get voted into office is one of the worst things to do. all who believe in government rather than in the constitution and Gods laws of not to steal this is what we have today. you asked for it and you got it and you deserve it. we who beleive in the constitution and God will survive under hard ship but I have no pitty for all you who believe in false gods and politicians who lie like a rug.

    • Patty

      Robert, isn’t it ironic that you can buy a house for the price of a car nowadays? With bankruptcy and short sale, you can get a pretty decent house for about 35k in MN. Hmmmm. Maybe I will quit paying my mortgage, stash my house payment in cash, let them go through the 1-2 year process to evict me and pay cash for a house. hmmmm.

      • meteorlady

        You might be right. There is absolutely no benefit to owning a home anymore. The property taxes are going up faster than the house price is dropping. The add on the expense of maintenance and it’s all eaten up way before the house has appreciated enough to get some money back out of it. If I didn’t own a home right now and it was worth what I paid for it, I would be living in a nice condo somewhere or a rental house and letting someone else loose money.

        • Patty

          Exactly. I’m going to turn my house over to my kid and rent from him.

  • William

    At 72 one of my last wishes before leaving this world was to taste a hamburger that tasted like they did in the 40′s and 5o’s. Well I just found a chain that has just that and I am so glad even though it cost almost $10.00 my wife and I split it so that 5 bucks each and cheap. It was greasy, and drippy and soooooo damn good-I’m going back as often as I can. As we say in the south “it was lip smaken, chin drippen, elbow liken,———good! Oh the chain: Red Robin!

    • Patty

      Or you could buy grass feed organic beef and grill your own. I can’t believe the difference in flavor.

  • Robert

    by the way untill the thirties we dictated to the government, today we have a government that dictates to us. we have to use compact light bulbs, cloth or paper bags instead of plastic, and many other directives every day. there goes freedom and the constitution.

  • jopa

    Daniel: Great quote” Nostalgia is the ability to remember yesterday’s prices while forgetting yesterday’s wages”.Back when unions were strong only one parent had to work in order for a family to make ends meet.Now in today’s world it is acceptable for both and crucial that both parents work to provide a mediocre living and the kids running around without supervision.American standards are falling with the decline in union membership.For the good of America and everything that is great about the USA sign up today.

    • Patty

      ha-ha-ha. Whatever. Why do you need someone else to make what you think your pay grade should be. Get off your butt and get it on your own tiger. Try starting a company, then you let me know what you think about your employees telling you how to run it.

    • meteorlady

      I used to work for Boeing when I was first out of college. I watched the Unions as each cycle of contract negotiations began. The people would go out on strike for something (wages, cost of living adjustments, health care, whatever) but they never once made up what they lost by standing on a picket line and paying $50.00 per month to the Union. I figured it out each time for my brother who then worked there and was forced to be union because of his job rating, even though he didn’t want to be.

    • http://WeThePeople Jean

      My neighbor bulked the Union and was found dead in the trunk of his car. My Cousin had his front porch blown to pieces. THUG

  • david

    I remember when a hamburger at McDonald’s was $0.10. Today, I can get a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s for $0.99. So, inflation at McDonalds over the last 50 years has not been too bad. To compare prices, you need to compare comparable items in comparable restaurants. Prices at Outback don’t bother me – I don’t know how much their prices have gone up, as I have never been able to afford to eat there.

  • Rick

    a bit of history…..

    By acts of Congress in 1933, the domestic economy was taken off the gold standard and placed on the silver standard for the first time. The Treasury Department was reempowered to issue paper currency redeemable in silver dollars and bullion, thereby divorcing the domestic economy from bimetallism and leaving it on the silver standard, although international settlements were still in gold

    This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vaults, the U.S. government (not the Federal Reserve) could continue to issue money against it. These silver certificates bore the name of the U. S. Treasury, not the Federal Reserve; they were shredded upon redemption since the redeemed silver was no longer in the Treasury. With the world market price of silver having been in excess of $1.29 per troy ounce since 1960, Congress repealed the legal foundation for Silver Certificates on June 4, 1963; but President John F. Kennedy responded with Executive Order 11110 that the Treasury should continue to “issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury”. This Series 1958 introduced an additional $4.29 billion worth of United States Notes into circulation, consisting of $2.00 and $5.00 bills; and although they were never issued, $10.00 and $20.00 notes were in the process of being printed when Kennedy was murdered in 1963. But the Treasury was being emptied of silver rapidly; in March 1964 issuance of the Series 1958 Silver Certificate was stopped and redemption in silver dollars was suspended; June 24, 1968 was the last day for redemption in silver bullion.
    Finally, President Richard Nixon announced that the United States would no longer redeem currency for gold or any other precious metal, forming the final step in abandoning the gold and silver standards.

    and the rest is history…

    • meteorlady

      Many people don’t understand the importance of EO 11110. It would have effectively put the federal reserve out of business. That’s why some people believe Kennedy was assassinated. LBJ never once mentioned this again nor has anyone revoked it.

      • Tom Anderson

        Three KEY people implicated LBJ in the assassination of JKF:

        1) LBJ’s longtime mistress Madeline Brown states that LBJ told her that he was complicit in JFK’s murder

        2) CIA Station Chief E. Howard Hunt states that LBJ was in on the plan to murder JFK

        3) Jack Ruby (Rubinstein) also implicated LBJ in JFK’s murder. Ruby had worked in Chicago for Nixon.

        I don’t have any evidence to support this but I believe that the actual killers and technology was from the Mossad. Which country benefitted the MOST from killing JFK? You bet it was Israel.

        Our news organizations NEVER tell us that JKF adamantly refused to allow Israel to have the A-bomb or related technology. Within a week of JFK’s death LBJ transferred massive amounts of A-Bomb technology and material to Israel. Do you get the picture?

        Add that LBJ called back the fighters sent to protect the USS Liberty. If LBJ was willing to kill a few hundred US sailors, certainly he wouldn’t have any problem blowing out the brains of his hated rival.

        • Bob Marshall

          Nice post! LBJ said sink that damm ship. Meaning the USS Liberty. A nuclear strike was minutes away on Egypt.

          • Tom Anderson

            Bob Marshall,

            Yes! Sink that damn ship and MURDER all of our sailors!

            But posters on this site will still think that the GOP and/or the DEMOS are our saviors. There is NO difference!

            Most people on this site don’t KNOW anything about the USS Liberty and when they actually investigate they simply CANNOT HANDLE it because it shows that there is no fundamental difference between the GOP and the DEMOS – they are all ponds of the MIC.

            When our beloved country is taken over and reduced to a Slave state GUESS who will do it? Yes, the MIC just like in NAZI Germany and pre-war Japan.

            Bush and Obama were both MIC insiders as was Daddy Bush. Prescott was a NAZI lover and helped fund Hitler – what MORE do you need to know? W beating off in the coffin in his “skull and cross-bones” group at Yale – his Dadday and GrandDaddy did the same.

            No wonder John Kerry doesn’t want to talk about what HE did in that coffin. Did he also require the help of the female “facilitator”?

    • Bob Marshall

      Ben Bernanke was asked by Ron Paul was there gold in Fort Knox? Bernanke said no. They federal reserve only had gold certificates. Like Ron Paul i believe all od Americans would love to be the Federal Reserve both audited and investigated.Inspector general Elizabeth Coleman admitted in May 2009 that the feds couldn’t account for nine trillion dollars in off balance sheet transactions. In Dec. 2010, a one time peak into the Federal Reserve revealed a secret taxpayer-funded bailout of foreign banks in the amount of 12.3 trillion dollars. Congress was never notified. While don’t agree with some of Ron Pauls’ policies i agree with some. I can’t where see legalzing cocaine would benefit Americaa. I don believe our jails should have more dangerous prisions than young men who had a small amout of marijuna in their possession. most of the accident and deaths on our hiways are because of alcohol, not marijuna useage. Many studies have shown marijuna useage doesn’t lead to cocaine usage. I do believe he is a Patriot and believes in the ideas in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      • Patty

        Just as they make abortion an issue that isn’t going to get changed, they also say they will legalize everything. Personally, I think they should and tax the hell out of it.

  • Pappadave

    Heck! I remember 12-cent hamburgers at White Castle!!! They were also called “sliders” for good reason, but they were wonderful…still are, even though WC removed some of the salt–probably under pressure from the busy-bodies in the federal government! You could get a dozen of those things for a bit under $1.50 and, in those days, I could eat them all and never gain an ounce. Today…not so much.

  • Dons621

    I am 84 today. I remember in 1941 $.50 would buy me a ticket to the roller skateing ring, a hot dog, a soft drink. I had a “A” sticker for gas so I had to improvise. I wraped copper tubing around the exhaust manifold to heat up the kerosene I swiped from my mothers cook stove. I would start my chevy with a squirt of gasoline until it got hot and then it would run on the kerosene. I also remember that when I brought troops home from Germsny in 1946 the RED CROSS charged them $5.00 for coffee and doughnts and counted the money in the back seat of Her Mercadies. Great Country, lousy Politicians.

    • Carlucci

      Like I’ve said many times before, the Red Cross is one of the most corrupt so called “charities” in the world. I would never donate to that scummy organization.

    • Patty

      Happy Birthday Don!

    • Bob Marshall

      Happy birthday Don621. I bet you never though you would see our country in such a mess. I certainly didn’t.

    • Carlucci

      Happy, happy birthday, Dons621 -! 84 years young – that’s awesome!

    • meteorlady

      Happy Birthday…. many more we hope.

  • anne-ology

    The silver market was eliminated at this time; the gold market was eliminated decades earlier.

  • Bert Cundle

    In 1965… Macaless Burgers were 10/$1.00 & Weeknds 13/$1.00 in Colorado when I was in the U.S.A.F.
    When I was in Hi-School (Class of ’61) Gas was $0.20/Gallon.
    Just Good Memories…

    • Firewagon

      Hey Bert, any of those ’61 classmates still kickin? As yours, my 50th class reunion (SC) would have been this year – not sure anyone left alive even attempted such;)

      Have never heard of “Macaless” burgers, only been to Colorado a time or two. Krystal was our 10¢ ea bonanza. They were across the street from the 6thMCD headquarters in the Peachtree 7th bldg (prostitute row, now, I think?) and almost every lunch time, a couple green machine types were designated to make a Krystal run – have eaten 10-12 of those w/ a bowl of chili and fries on many occasions circa ’64, ’65, ’66. Ran too many ‘honor guard’ funeral details, even that early in the war for those times to have been ultimately great, but I still remember those Krystals……….

      • Bert Cundle

        Sept ’11 Costa Mesa Cal. OUR 50th Reunion ( Got to get Tickets.) I’m not sure of the spelling, for Macalis ( Trying to spell it like it sounds.) We had what we called Woodzieez… Get Burgers & Fries Case of Beer Each, Go up in the Mounyains Stop under Big Trees, With a Cold Streem flowing by, Wax Our Cars With the Radio Blarring. That much fun is UNLAWFUL Now!

  • Harv

    How about White Castle burgers for a nickel. In 1946 when I got out of the navy anyone with a dollar [a lot of money then] could get 20 burgers. “Buy them by the sack” was their motto in those times.

  • Mike

    Here in Cincinnati, back in the late 50′s we use to go see the Reds play at old Crosley Field (a great ballpark) for about 2 bucks! This included 25 cents for a roundtrip express bus ticket on the privately owned Cincinnati Transit Co., 75 cents for the game ticket (bleachers aka sun/moon deck or the right/left field seats, and a buck for popcorn, a hotdog, soft drink & the gameday program! The souvenirs were dirt cheap & the service was great. Fast forward to 2011. No express bus service by the publicly owned Queen City Metro. $15/$20 to park near the new taxpayer financed $480 million Great American Ballpark so you don’t have to worry about getting your car broken into or robbed. Ticket prices are from $20 to $50+ a game. $4 for a mostly ice soft drink, $6 for a beer, $10 for a sub, get the picture?
    Besides that, the service is mediocre & the obnoxious behavior of a few of the fans attending is disgusting, to put it mildly. And yes security in all forms, cameras, guards, scanners is omnipresent. Is this suppose what fun is in the 21st century? If so, good riddance! I’ll take fintailed cars, 45 r.p.m. records & telephone booths back anyday!

  • Burt James III Esq.

    I guess you have never been to Alaska. The least expensive burger is ten bucks. A burger meal for two averages 45 fed reserve notes and you may even get a smile.

  • chuckb

    during the depression around 1936, in kansas city. mo. white csstle hamburgers could be purchased for $0.05 ea., gas was $0.09 per gal. a loaf of bread $0.05. even at those prices some people had a hard time surviving.

  • nw

    Ron Paul in my opinion is the only candidate that is credible. I found his autobio at Wikipedia and he is truly a patriot. He will get things done for this country like no other. Oh, I remember the 15 cent burger and 18 cent gas when it was called regular and ethyl. Remember the drive-inn movies?

  • http://com i41

    Any thing that gets tied up with the”gubermint”, will fail as costs climb. LBJ’s “Great Society” medicare plan sure proved what a f==k up it was in 2 years. The costs of food climbed in prices as government created more bs waste programs to limit food production. Starting since the first Dept of Ag, was created in 1930′s and growing in power and control, all the way to present. With 30 million ACRES of farm ground that has been idled for over 3 decades, under the soon to draft the New Farm Programs. Which are going to be redrafted to give more control over to the government appointed agencies, with out any real control over them. Agencies like the EPA, Land Use Agency, Sustainable Growth Agency (a UN global control group) all who want more infringements on private owned land. Next year our Congressional staffers will be putting in the rules for the Congress to rubber stamp and not know what they signed again. Most pus brain libatards forget all these regulations that the paper pushers have created, increase costs of everything we buy. Our litigist society will sue anyone and everybody for a supposedly injury, what sorry pukes do we thank, the sorry bunch of lawyer leeches in the Congress and law schools. Ever see a law or a contract written with out some loop hole of escape “mistake’ in it? As foo production becomes more completely verticaly intergrated from womb to your plate. All approved by the government over the years, and never overseen by the supposedly Congress or the President. Yet the citizens will blindly let it happen, even if it is to their determent. Next week the Fed Game Fish & Parks will be trying to gewt land owners to sign up to never alter their land in any way and give control over to the government, that means no draining if flooded, no farming only letting it remain as a native ground, this is a 100 mile stretch on either side of the Missiouri River. Remember the UN mandateand Onumnutts plan to take back and end all privately owned land ownship rights, as stated under 2007 UN mandate. Again if you like higher prices, keep electing more bastards who love government control over themselves and the property, and everyone will be starving and be just a bunch of morons picking s–t with the chickens!

  • Bob Marshall

    If this does’t wake up African Americans , nothing will. The general population unemployment is 9.1%. African Americans it is 16.2% Black males it is 17.5%. Black teens it is 41%. Is Obama really watching out for Americans? How is change improving things?

    • Bert Cundle

      Blacks were emancipated from slavery!

  • Tom Anderson

    What is WRONG with these posts? ALL of this inflation is simply the result of delinking our currency from GOLD and SILVER. Is THAT so hard to understand?

    And for all of those GOPers out there – the GOP is on record for making our US Dollar ONLY paper and ink. NIXON (GOP) was the guy who finally delinked our currency – - I remember the EXACT day when he announced it. I remember THAT DAY as the beginning of the END of the US Empire.

    OK – you History buffs – WHY did Nixon delink?

    Because a guy with a BIG nose saw thru US duplicity and called our bluff – who was THAT big nosed guy??

    Descartes said, “EVERY currency eventually returns to its intrinsic value = ZERO . the GOP (not the DEMOS) did it.

    Vote Ron Paul or kiss all our sorry asses good bye.

    • chuckb

      The United States’ abandonment of gold as the foundation of its monetary system came in two steps. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt ended Americans’ right to surrender paper dollars for gold and even to own gold bullion. Step two came in 1971 when President Richard Nixon “closed the gold window” and denied foreign governments the right to turn in paper dollars for gold.

      Roosevelt’s move was a major step in shifting the world from the gold standard to the gold exchange standard. Under the gold standard, governments fixed the prices of their currencies in terms of a specified amount of gold and stood ready to convert their currencies into gold at the fixed prices.

      Under the gold exchange standard, governments could hold U.S. dollars and British sterling as reserves because those currencies were “exchangeable for gold.” The move to the gold exchange standard became official with the adoption of the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement. When Nixon closed the gold window, those nations counting paper dollars as reserves found themselves holding paper instead of gold.

      Although in 1974 President Gerald Ford signed legislation that permitted Americans again to own gold bullion, that legislation did not put the United States back on the gold standard.

  • chuckb

    palin and bachmann, the only ones who can upset the muslim in the white house.

  • 45caliber

    Well, the Bible says that the day will come when you will buy a single loaf of bread for a full day’s pay. We are gatting there fast.

  • Bob Marshall

    Between entitlement programs,excessive military spending, supporting the IMf and taking part in the UN is it any wonder we are in the financal sitution our governments finds itself? The USSR collapsed because they tried to out spend the US with military spending. Now the US is headed in the same direction.Obama and congress are leading the way.Sure, there are programs that need to been cut but when we spend 1.1 trillion dollars for a war and now are involved in four more there seems to be no end. All we are doing is making companies like Lockheed Martin reap high profits. I found 200 companies that greatly profit from war. I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. The US spends 53% of the budget on its industrial military complex while Russia spends 11%. I am always hearing we have to be the most powerful to protect America.I think we have arrived.Do we need 1800+ bases in America and around the world.I bet some of those troops would love to be home with their loved ones. Te Fed contunies to have the U S Treasury Dept. print money like there is no tomorow. Even the CFR said the US is on a dangerous path there are war mongers in congresscould care less. It is not their ass on the line. They as we used to say in the Marines they are in the rear with the gear.

  • Pete

    It’s very simple to fix the problem.

    1) Don’t let the Federal Government borrow anymore money.

    2) If Americans want BIG Government programs – raise taxes.

    3) When you raise taxes – make it a flat tax across all income levels. Do this until people want to get rid of the IRS.

    You see what this would do ? Voters would have to PAY NOW to have all these programs. That sure would be a turn off. After awhile people will just want to pay for less social spending … thus cutting taxes …

    Military spending can be optimized. But seriously, if we withdraw our forward deployed bases we will reap the consequences. But being in Libya is dumb – where are our allies ? If we tell our allies – “no more free ride your defense is now decided by you” then the military budget can be used more for research and development and spare parts …plus the pay increase our servicemen and servicewomen need.

    • Patty

      Pete – 80% of the population did not want Nobama care and we have it. A majority of people do not want to raise the debt ceiling, it will be raised. Get the point. YOU or I are not going to stop them in thier path to destruction.

    • Bill Sharp

      Good ideas, Pete. But better still perhaps, eliminate all the federals taxes and fees, including federal corporate tax, everything, and run DC government by a ssales tax on all new goods and services except couple items like food, medical items, rent, items where tax might be difficult for low income people. then citizens would know exactly what their “servants” are spending on their behalf, and citizens indeed will be able to decide if they want more programs and are willing to pay the price.

  • Dave

    So is it the policy of the forum modulator to delete posts that are anti- Republican?

    • Patty

      I don’t think so. I have read plenty of them. Maybe they were laced with such profanity as when the profanity was removed, the post no longer made any sense.

  • LJM

    In 65 I took a part time job at McDonalds they had a policy “if you lean, you can clean”, therefore, dead wood was culled. Also, one Saturday morning hamburgers went from 15 cents to 19 cents. Back then, burgers were fresh, not frozen, milkshakes had milk and ice cream in them, and Fries were freshly made, not frozen.

  • jopa

    Don621: First of all Happy Birthday and I do remember my uncles that were in World War II talking about the Red Cross and how they were being charged for everything by that organization.Thanks for the reminder and I do donate to the Salvation Army.

  • chuckb

    jopa, loading on a troop transport during ww2, the red cross was asking for donantions, the salvation army was handing out survival kits, which included fishing gear and various items plus a small bible, i still have that bible. to this day i refuse to donate to the red cross.
    the red cross sold coffee and donuts in manila right after the city was

  • Bill Sharp

    Not necessarily a big fan of Red Cross, but in Korean War, when I was there, a couple times Red Cross ladies did hand out free donuts and coffee. They also sometimes handed themselves out to officers at top. Have no idea if this was free.

  • chuckb

    bill sharp, the red cross nurses i ran into offered their services for a price and if you got caught they screamed rape.

  • Sol

    My allowance was a quarter when living in a small southwestern town. How about seeing a movie for 10 cents, buying a popsicle for 5 cents and a bag of popcorn for 10 cents. My mom was a single mother earning 25 cents an hour plus tips. Those were my good ole days.

  • 50s cars

    I wrote an article that is available on, look at misc articles for “I HATE PAYING $4 FOR GAS” Back in 1960, I made 50 cents an hour packing groceries at Kroger. Gas cost between 20 cents and 30 cents a gallon. I doubt that my 1950 Ford of 1960 delivered 15 MPG under my 16 year old foot in town; there were no freeways, so comparing the mileage with the 50 Ford I now own is not all that accurate, since the one I have now does not burn oil, and has enough compression that it is not necessary to put a brick behind the wheel to keep it from rolling into the street, however, I don’t get 15 mpg on the freeway now.
    In 2002, my son made $8.75 an hour packing groceries at the exact same Kroger. His car was a 1994 Crown Victoria. It had a digital dash. One of the displays was average MPG. When I gave it to him, (an old company car; at 180,000 miles, they sent me the title and told me to “dispose of the car”); I did. He got it. I chose to send him to a school 15 miles away that didn’t provide bus service. He could get himself up at 5 AM, deliver his papers, and be at Football practice at 7. AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO DRIVE HIM!!! After games, we didn’t have to go back to school and pick him up, either. When the bus got back there, he just got into his car, and drove home himself. Giving him the car and paying the bills seemed like a real good idea to me! He drove that car almost 60,000 miles, never put a scratch in it, and never got a ticket. When we got rid of the car at over 240,000 miles, the digital dash said that he car averaged 21 MPG. I blame the Navy Recruiter for that. My son wanted to be a Navy SEAL. He told a recruiter that when he was 12. The recruiter told him that he had to do well in school, not get in trouble with the police, stay away fron drugs, alcohol, and be a leader in school, church, and the community. The recruiter also called him every few months, just “checking in”. Sure made high school easy for us. My son already had a goal, and between parents who wanted him to succeed, and the guy who could make it happen, and of course, his own efforts, he actually made it.

  • Ken Danagger

    Inflation is nothing more than a slow motion pick-pocket. A looter who claims that the slow loss in the value of the money you earn is a “good” thing. The looter claims it represents economic growth.
    The brainwashing has been extremely effective.
    For people who are able to think independently, the absurdity of this is astounding.
    Increased productivity via technological advances and innovations always drive DOWN the cost of producing things. Technology also allows us to preform labor and services faster. The price of everything should be going DOWN. This is a good thing – repeat – THIS IS A GOOD THING. It raises the standard of living.
    The consumer electronics market is about the only thing today that is actually able to gain ground on the looters. Their is comparatively less interference by the government and the advancements are so fast that prices are still coming down. There is an economic boon (not chaos) in this market.
    When looters are permitted to steal and pillage from the working class, the standard of living goes down. This IS of course what is happening. It is difficult to imagine where we would be today if true free-market capitalism (not crony capitalism) had been fully unleashed. Our standard of living and technology would likely have far surpassed the visions we had 50 years ago. Instead, it has barely changed in many areas. We are being held back. We must throw off the chains of bondage that have been placed upon us. The parasites must die. The immense and useless spending on both the welfare and the warfare state must STOP. The future of humanity depends on it.


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