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Relay The Prepper Message

December 19, 2011 by  

Relay The Prepper Message

Sometimes, it gets frustrating continually trying to convince friends and loved ones that there is a need to prepare for hard times and/or complete breakdowns in the economy, the grid and/or civil order. Other times, it’s difficult to figure out how to inject the topic of preparedness into conversations without seeming like “preaching.” Over the years, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing notes on paper or on my phone whenever I hear news stories that relate to preparedness.

To begin with, the simple act of writing down the note makes the memory stronger. But more importantly, when I’m having a conversation with someone, I sometimes step away to look at the notes on my phone to figure out a current story from the news that I can use to introduce the topic of preparedness without giving away the fact that I’m a prepper.

As we go into the Christmas season, this is particularly valuable. With Christmas parties and gatherings with friends and family, this time of year usually has more social interaction than any other time of year and is a great time to talk about preparedness.

Keep in mind that there is enough talk about the need to prepare that it’s not a foreign concept anymore.  Furthermore, you don’t need to be the one person who tips the scales and convinces someone to prepare. When people get the same message from enough different sources (friends, family, TV, radio, newspaper, Internet, etc.) in a short enough period of time, it soon takes more effort to ignore the message than to accept it and act on it.

With that in mind, I want to share a few current stories that are particularly applicable, both to preppers and for preppers to use as a segue when talking with non-preppers.

Last Monday, Verizon sent emergency text messages to customers, telling them to “take shelter now” in Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey.  The message said it was from the U.S. government (actually, U.S. Govern).  It was an accident.  It was supposed to be a test, but evidently somebody forgot to include that minor detail.

Also on Monday, OWS protesters shut down operations at ports in Oakland, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; and Longview, Wash. I’m sure this hurt some big, evil corporation in some way, but the biggest things it did were take money out of dockworkers’ paychecks at Christmastime and highlight this weakness in our infrastructure. I hope they’re proud of themselves.

Similar to what Todd Gitlin, a sociologist at Columbia University has said, it appears as if we’re on a course where OWS protests will become more targeted, more militant and more disruptive.

On Tuesday, a rumor was spread that Iran had closed the Strait of Hormuz, causing the price of oil to spike before the rumor was dispelled. Roughly one-third of the world’s oil supply goes through the Strait of Hormuz and alternate routes are considerably more expensive.

One of the interesting things about this is that the rumor started because Parviz Sarvari, a member of Iran’s Parliament on the National Security Committee said, “Soon we will hold a military maneuver on how to close the Strait of Hormuz. If the world wants to make the region insecure, we will make the world insecure.”

So, the good news is that the Strait wasn’t actually closed, but the bad news is that Iran wants to practice how to close it and isn’t opposed to instability in the region.

And, a couple of weeks ago, one of the big news stories in Texas was that new government regulations are causing so much power generation capacity to be taken offline that Texans should expect rolling blackouts in 2012.

Add to that the National Defense Authorization Act that allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens (even in the United States) based on whatever set of criteria the current Administration hands down, and we really are living in bizarre times.

What does all this mean?

One of the big lessons in these seemingly disparate stories is how vulnerable our way of life is from almost every direction.

Bureaucratic inefficiency, socialists bent on overthrow, extremists halfway around the globe and power-hungry politicians are all factors that could completely disrupt our (relatively) cheap supply of food, water and fuel as well as the ability to heat our homes.

These aren’t crazy conspiracies cooked up by people with too much time on their hands. They are events that are unfolding in real time that are being covered by the entire political spectrum in every form of media.

Oftentimes, it seems like we have so many threats that are so huge in nature that there’s nothing that we can do. Truth be told, there isn’t much that an individual person can do about what Iran does, what businesses OWS protesters disrupt or what regulations create energy shortages.

What you can do is continually make progress toward protecting you and your family from disruptions in the systems that you depend upon on a daily basis.

In some cases, it means stocking up, in other cases it means finding alternative ways of doing things — maybe ways that aren’t as dependent on technology.

John Giduck shares an anecdote in his book, Terror At Beslan, that is very applicable to people concerned about preparedness.

During the space race between the USSR and the United States, people involved in the space program realized that writing pens don’t work in zero gravity. The United States, being a technologically minded country, spent millions of dollars on research and development creating the “space pen” that would write in zero gravity, upside down and, I believe, under water. It became a model of U.S. ingenuity and resourcefulness and it is a really neat pen.

The Soviets decided to use a pencil. It also wrote in zero gravity and upside down. The research, development and production costs were much less expensive.

Since the end of World War II, we as a society have become increasingly dependent on Fisher space pen solutions and have forgotten about having pencils as an option.

As we approach Christmas and the new year, I want to encourage you to thoroughly enjoy all of the Fisher space pens in your life: fully automatic furnaces, cars that always (or at least usually) start, faucets and switches that always work, gas pumps that always pump gas, store shelves that are never empty, high-quality coffee shops on every corner, wide varieties of semi-fresh food in grocery stores, and more. Enjoy these things. Take advantage of them. These things have never been available the way they are right now, are available only to a relatively limited number of people in the world, and may not always be available the way they are now.

At the same time, don’t forget to practice using pencils.  Know how to build a fire, regardless of whether you have a blowtorch, flares, a lighter, matches, fire-starting tools or two sticks. Know multiple methods of purifying water. Know how to defend yourself, whether you’re fully armed and ready or in the shower with shampoo in your hair. Know how to identify threats and spot danger. Know the fundamentals of first aid, CPR and trauma care. Practice bartering, dickering and negotiating. Almost everyone else in the world thinks these are acceptable practices, and these skills have only fallen widely out of favor in the United States since World War II.

The combination of enjoying “Fisher Space Pens” and knowing how to use “pencils” will, in a sense, give you the best of both worlds while times are good. For some people, it will lead to a complete change in lifestyle; but for most people, it will simply lead to more stability — both now and in a survival situation.

Last-Minute Christmas Thoughts

The other day, after I made a purchase, the lady who was helping me said, “Happy Holidays!” I was in a particularly obnoxious mood and replied, “Thank you!  I don’t celebrate ‘Holidays,’ but I wish you a Merry Christmas!” The lady who was helping me and the lady next to her broke out into two of the biggest grins that I’ve seen in quite a while and said “Merry Christmas!”

If you’re still looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, one that you should consider is a deck of Urban Survival Playing Cards. They were featured on Glenn Beck’s 2010 My Favorite Things Christmas special as a must-have gift to buy for the people you love.

In addition to being a deck of playing cards that you can use for entertainment, they also include 52 survival tips, tricks and tactics that people are likely to forget in high-stress survival situations. I released these two Christmases ago, and they’ve been a hit since then.

–David Morris

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • Robert Smith

    “On Tuesday, a rumor was spread that Iran had closed the Strait of Hormuz, causing the price of oil to spike before the rumor was dispelled.”

    Goes to show that it isn’t the value of the product but the percieved value that is importnat in the world of today. And those perceptions are manipulated in so many ways…


  • Ken

    Becoming self sufficient is the best way to defeat the global elite’s quest for control of our country. Get ready America. Collapse is less than ten years away!

    • dan

      I’ve been here on the homestead in the Great North Woods for over twenty years….and I don’t know if it’ll be in ten years or tomorrow,
      but the day to begin is today. Organic isn’t easy but it is sustainable.
      Off the grid is possible,but power is a good thing when it comes to living instead of surviving. money is greatly over-rated but fresh eggs and milk or produce from your garden are not. Get out of the city and beyond the sidewalks before the elites drive you crazy :)

    • Mary

      Ken I think you are giving America to much time for collapse. Food riots are not a topic for immediate thought in America, but the pressures on world food prices are strong and constant. Overpopulation is the problem. Unfortunately our global gatekeepers-our political, commercial, spiritual and media are in denial and cannot act even though we are able to see the approaching train in the tunnel and have the ability to bring it to a timely halt. The universal language in our planet is Mathematics. I remember a quote from Paul Ehrlich. ” All causes are lost causes without limiting human population”.

      • WickedPickle

        You hit the nail on the head, Mary.. It is over-population bringing us down and though all g’ments are working hard to nullify this reality (by warring), there hasn’t been a true global reduction (population) since the two (great?) wars. It’s a problem that none of our brainiacs can remedy.. The wars keep going while the population keeps growing, hell they can’t even balance the two.. So, what’s on the horizon? Too many people, too little farmers.. Big farming doesn’t work, it will take millions of small farmers to keep up with the populous and THAT’S a corporate no-no. Soon legislation will pass that will ban small farming altogether then we’ll all be willing to ingest their soylent green.

        • Mary

          WP we are screwed already. This is a very important topic and people do not comment. We are entering a vastly different time the “be fruitful and multiply” is killing us. Civilizations have disappeared becuse they were unable to comprehend the interrelatedness between human activity and natural forces. We have widespread publicity about oil diminishing supplies with population, the information lockdown by our government, media, academic institutions and churches has been almost total. We need national discussions and policies about food/population equation.

    • http://na Jim

      God I hope your right on the ten years. If it happens next year I’m going to be screwed. No money, no work, bills piling up. Not a good time at all for me. But I do know how to survive in extreme conditions. But thats not living.

  • grama

    A few thoughts:
    overpopulated ?—under-educated
    over-fed on fast food—under-educated
    over-stimulated to play—under-educated
    over-anxious about themselves—under-educated about responsibility for others
    over-extended financially
    under-educated in fiscal responsibility
    Is responsibility a “DUH” factor here?
    It would solve the worst of problems any where at any time..
    How about a try……each one teach one.

    • s c

      grama, please consider yourself the equal of either W H poser. You ‘get it,’ and you didn’t have to be prodded or reminded that most politicians tend to seek power for themselves FIRST. As far as I’m concerned, you could replace most of the worthless elected and appointed yahoos in Washington.
      Please consider yourself as an info source who can ‘translate’ so some of the resident utopians on this website can understand simple concepts.

  • Core

    With the “National Defense Authorization Act ” being passed… wouldn’t trying to get preped and stocked up.. maybe give off the wrong vibe to a lot of parinoid sheep?

  • Thinking About

    Wouldn’t this be a time to encourage wind and solar power? Preparation is always good to do but the conspiracy thing is somewhat overboard. A world without those around me which I love and care for will not be any fun. Write our Congress and push for GREEN

    • BDUBB

      I think you need to look into these green ideas more. If it actually worked there would be more of it. I have read alot of articles and all of these things do not work very great. Look at some of the plants that are doing it. I read an article about the one in nevada and it still has a natural gas burner. Why? The idea of being green is great but not at the price and actual output in power. I dont know everything about it but what I have read so far is that it is not a good alternative to what we use now. PLus I wonder at the response other countries would have to us if we had our own power and no longer needed the oil they provide us. Would they all be willing to drop their main supply of income and wish us well or would this cause them to be in a similar situation that we are in(They needing food with no source to pay). If we have a large oil reserve and we dont use it now when we need it greatly it makes me think that others would try to destroy us more so if we had our own energy. I think it may be the real source of our problems. But like my wife always accuses me, I may over think things

      • s c

        BDUBB, consider for a moment that some of the insanity playing out lately is the handiwork of MANY groups, including tree-huggers, power-mad and ultra-rich SOBs, politicians, social justice mule
        muffins, supposedly ‘educated’ academicians and quasi-religious tyrants who want America’s resources for their own.
        An easy way to get those resources is to make enough people think they give a damn about the planet. Strangely enough, their guiding motto is ‘the enemy of my enemy (us) is my friend.’ Their mantra is ‘the ends justify the means,’ and their real religion is ‘do what thou wilt.’ On the whole, these people will cut each other’s throats to get what they want. In the interim, we are considered expendable and ‘THEY know what’s best.’


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