Reid Seeks $1 Trillion Debt Limit Hike Until After 2014 Midterm Elections

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is supporting a new effort led by Congressional Democrats that would increase the Federal debt limit by an additional $1.1 trillion, while pushing the expiration of the new debt limit to December 2014. Midterm elections will be held on Nov. 4, 2014.

Reid’s tactic, if successful, would delay another Congressional fight over the Federal debt limit until after the 2014 midterms, kicking down the road one of the most divisive and, obviously, revealing debates that distinguishes Representatives and Senators for their stances on fiscal policy.

In keeping with Reid’s sine qua non rejection of other attempted spending measures sent over from the House, his new proposal would demand a so-called “clean” resolution that would not address spending reform as it resets the debt ceiling just south of $18 trillion. The debt limit stood at $11.3 trillion when Barack Obama was first sworn in, which means the two-term President is on track to nearly double the Federal debt limit during his eight year in office, just as the debt limit had doubled during George W. Bush’s two Presidential terms.

The Hill, which first reported the Reid proposal Tuesday, observed:

In 2011, President Obama insisted the debt limit be pushed until after the 2012 election so that he would not have to deal with it again before Election Day.

Now it is Senate Democrats who don’t want to face double jeopardy before voters decide whether they get to keep their majority.

Only it’s not double jeopardy. Those who aspire to public service accept the responsibilities that come with the public’s vote of confidence even before they’re elected to office.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) criticized the absence of any semblance of spending reform in Reid’s proposal, saying Reid wants to “raise the debt limit by $1 trillion but not do anything about the debt.”

But fellow Republican Lindsey Graham is among a group of Senate RINOs that have indicated they would be open to supporting short-term debt ceiling extensions, even if those proposals are “clean” of any provisions that would rein in future Federal spending.

Breitbart’s Mike Flynn pointed out a revealing truth that subverts Democrats’ “blame the GOP” mantra during the current funding stalemate:

Reid’s move runs against the conventional wisdom that debt ceiling fights are damaging for Republicans. The media and pundits have been saying that the GOP is on a “suicide mission” for wanting negotiations over a debt ceiling hike. The GOP brand was supposedly badly damaged as a result of the last debt ceiling debate, in 2011.

If that’s true, wouldn’t Reid want to have the debt debate just before the midterm elections? If the debate is so damaging for Republicans, it seems Reid and Senate Democrats would be eager to have the debate in the weeks ahead of voters going to the polls.

The truth is, the public sees the debate over the debt ceiling as a consequence of out-of-control spending in Washington. A strong majority of Americans, 61%, think significant spending cuts have to be part of any package to increase the debt.

That is a debate Reid doesn’t want to have in an election year. The GOP should embrace that debate.

He’s almost right on that last point. But an election-year debate over Federal spending could be the kind of public discussion that brings into focus, for voters, exactly where incumbents from both parties stand on government profligacy. And there are plenty of GOP incumbents who, like their Democratic colleagues, would fear a debate like that — unless it occurs after they’ve won the midterms.

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Ben Bullard

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  • peter

    How far down the road can you kick the can until a wall appears before you and the can won’t budge further? Is putting off the inevitable really the solution. A cancer patient can prolong his stay on this planet with chemo and other meds, but what is the point of living in pain?

    • Gentisle

      Humans do things like that, Peter. Last ditch efforts to get a little more out of life, so government will do the same in a last ditch effort to maintain their power and position. Problem is that they don’t in any way represent those who they are sworn to protect, but instead they cater to their own kind. Only an rude
      awakening by the masses will change that, but as long as humans remain essentially a lazy bunch, it won’t happen. The “5 monkey theory” is the solution at this point.

  • terryk

    As usual no sign of fiscal responsibility by the democrats and Reid. if they were they would accept leaving the the debt at the level where it stands. At a trillion a year the country willl be over 22 trillion by the end of 2015. This is not sustainable and will eventually lead to the country delaring default on its debt.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    When are we going to stop listening to this quack! He obviously knows nothing about economics except how to take from some and give to others, which does nothing but change who spends it! None of his ideas work! I, and many others, have seen his marxist work and are sickened by it. Why even give him the credibility of acknowledging any remark he makes! Quite unremarkable to say the least! This man is not majority leader material, and a thief!

  • Motov

    Harry Raid!,…You need to be put out to pasture, Your Democrat spend and spend policy must END NOW!

  • FreedomFighter

    “Reid’s tactic, if successful, would delay another Congressional fight over the Federal debt limit until after the 2014 midterms,”
    The 2014 election cycle will be crucial to ousting Obama and all the other progressive scum from congress.Get organized, become politically aware, support candidates that will fight the take-over, recall, remove scumbags like Harry Reid the “White Viper”. We must take both the house and senate then proceed to IMPEACHMENT..
    Laus DeoSemper FI

    • Robert Messmer

      Obama a) is not in congress, b) doesn’t face re-election in 2014, and c)is ineligible to run for President/Vice President ever again.

  • wavesofgrain

    This man shouldn’t even be in the Senate! Sharon Angle/Nevada knew voter fraud got him elected (eg: Union maintained voting machines rung up Reid no matter what the voter chose, among other things). Reid’s son was County Commissioner, which may have had a part in rigging. Of course, the Dept of Justice will do nothing with the complaint. The partisan Dem Nevada Sec of State ignored pleas of the Republicans reporting this fraud with their own votes. BTW…G Soros gave huge amounts to Dem Sec of State candidates to be sure of winning key states. Dems (thanks to corrupt mafia Unions) are practicing rampant voter fraud to steal elections. Reports throughout the US are ignored…
    Google headline
    Claims that Harry Reid Stole Nevada and Other Claims of Voter Fraud

    Nevada Election Fraud Scandal: Vote Rigging for Harry Reid Stealing Election youtube..

    Google….headline below
    Sharron Angle: Harry Reid stole the election

    “””””””In the “Right Angle,” the former candidate asks the question, “Did Harry Reid steal Nevada?” and, in the interview, Angle suggests that she thinks he did unfairly take the election from her. “We have a complaint filed with the Department of Justice,” she said.

    Prompted for evidence, Angle pointed to connections between Reid and the state’s casinos and the Service Employees International Union.

    Republicans allege that ballot fraud by the SEIU helped lead Reid to victory last fall. Voters in Clark County reported on Election Day that their ballots on electronic voting machines were initially checked to Reid’s name. But the county’s registrar denied that there were any problems with the ballots, saying voters’ claims were “patently false.””””

  • Kat

    Spend, spend, spend! It’s not YOUR money, so why not Right! Get a grip idiots! NO MORE WASTEFUL GOVERNMENT SPENDING! None, no more, done! Pay your bills first and QUIT taxing us more and BLOWING our money on NEW debts! We should not EVER borrow from other countries!

  • indiana_conservative

    Harry is a actual walking zombie. While I did not believe in such things and thought they were fiction I have had a change of mind. He is brain dead yet functions on primal Democratic instincts to kill whatever intelligent life there is out there. He is focused right now on devouring Ted Cruz which would make a prize meal for his brain dead a$$.

  • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

    “Senator Pick Pocket Robber Dirty Harry Increase YOUR NATIONAL FEDERAL DEBT Reid”, thinks of all U.S. Citizen Tax Payers as his own Federal Tax Payer Slaves who are enslaved to and who work for the Democrat’s Debtor Tax Payer Slave Plantation known as the Federal government in Washington D.C. led by the “Let Me Make You A Deal That You Cannot Refuse” Democrat Increase YOUR NATIONAL DEBT Gangsters and Mobsters named OBEY YOUR Obama and Dirty Harry Rapacious Robber Reid by increasing YOUR DEBT for you Mr. and Mrs. Tax Payer Slaves and by increasing YOUR DEBT for your own children, for your grandchildren, for your great grandchildren and for your great great grandchildren even before many of them are even born to be born as ready made and purpose made brand new Federal TAX PAYER SLAVES from cradle to grave and born into perpetual TAX PAYER SLAVERY OR SERVITUDE TO SERVE AND TO OBEY SENATOR HARRY REID and to Serve and Obey Your Barrack Obama AND TO SERVE AND OBEY ALL OTHER rabid insatiable Federal Democrat Debt BLOOD SUCKING AND TAX SUCKING LEECHES and Federal Debt Tax Payer Slave Owners at the Democrat’s Federal Debtor Tax Payer Slave Plantation in Washington D.C..

  • Michael Shreve

    It is TIME for fiscal responsibility, which does NOT include INCREASING debt.

  • Dajeno

    Reid is Obozo’s puppet and useless as a representive of the people. He’s a vile old man who should be put out to pasture or better yet sold to a glue factory. He cares nothing for the citizens of the USA, only his own greedy power grabbing intent.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    NO WAY! Kiss the American taxpayers butt because we are done contributing to your fascist hand! Cut the Debt Ceiling! MAKE A BUDGET and Live within your budget, just like the rest of us have to do! No more money to the debt ceiling! LOWER the debt ceiling! Tell Obama his vacations have been CUT from the budget! Cut Funding to NSA! Cut funding to the Middle east terrorists, AQ and MB! Cut funding to the White House and decrease staff !
    Shut down Obama’s golf course! Don’t fund it ! And while we are at it, since he lives in a house on federal land and has shut people out of their houses because they need the federal roads to get to them. Quit funding the White House and make him find someplace else to live, like he did to these people! Quit funding the White House! Close Camp David! Throw the bum out!

    • smilee

      The debt is money we have already borrowed and you can only lower it if you pay it down and that takes more revenue which the GOP refuses to provide and as they have enough power to block and do and also do not provide enough in the budget we have a deficit then you have to borrow more or default. When you default on your mortgage you lose your house same here there will be big loses to all if the debt ceiling is not raised. You seem to be spinning maybe you have become dizzy as your statements are nothing but spin.

  • Jana

    Of course Reid wants the Debt hike until AFTER the 2014 midterm elections. They think this would be a shoo in for them because they know people have a short memory. It is to the Democrats heavy on the RATS advantage.

    As Ben Bullard said, ” That is a debate Reid doesn’t want to have in an election year. The GOP should embrace that debate.”

  • rwm44

    every house member and republican senator shpuld repeat this to reid and obozo
    ‘The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.’

  • Terrence

    In case you didn’t know…ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    Debt Limit:

    The debt limit is the total amount of money that the United States government
    is authorized to borrow to meet its existing legal obligations, including Social
    Security and Medicare benefits, military salaries, interest on the national
    debt, tax refunds, and other payments. The debt limit does not authorize new
    spending commitments. It simply allows the government to finance existing legal
    obligations that Congresses and presidents of both parties have made in the

    Failing to increase the debt limit would have catastrophic economic
    consequences. It would cause the government to default on its legal obligations
    – an unprecedented event in American history. That would precipitate another
    financial crisis and threaten the jobs and savings of everyday Americans –
    putting the United States right back in a deep economic hole, just as the
    country is recovering from the recent recession.

    Congress has always acted when called upon to raise the debt limit. Since
    1960, Congress has acted 78 separate times to permanently raise, temporarily
    extend, or revise the definition of the debt limit – 49 times under Republican
    presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents. In the coming weeks,
    Congress must act to increase the debt limit. Congressional leaders in both
    parties have recognized that this is necessary. Recently, however, a number of
    myths about this issue have begun to surface.

    • Robert Messmer

      Your statement “It would cause the government to default on its legal obligations – an unprecedented event in American history.” Is not technically true, there has been a default although not a deliberate one. Back office glitch….

  • Terrence

    How did we get into this huge national debt
    mess? Notice below how…

    …under every Republi-con administration we’ve had except for Bush # 1,
    spending growth EXCEEDED Revenue Growth during their terms, and

    …under every Democratic administration we’ve had, revenue growth exceeded
    spending growth during their terms.




    …………………………………… REVENUE ………….. SPENDING

    1st Budget Year (1978) … $314,169,000,000 ……… $369,585,000,000

    Last Budget Year (1981) … $469,097,000.000 ……… $542,956,000,000

    Growth = ……………………….. 49.3% ……………….. 46.9%

    NOTE: During the Carter Budget Years, revenue growth outpaced spending growth
    by 2.4%.




    …………………………………… REVENUE ………….. SPENDING

    1st Budget Year (1982) … $474,299,000,000 ………. $594,892,000,000

    Last Budget Year (1989) … $727,439,000.000 ………. $932,832,000,000

    Growth = ……………………….. 53.4% ………………… 56.8%

    NOTE: During the Reagan Budget Years, spending growth outpaced revenue growth
    by 3.4%, thus leading to the nation’s first “multi-trillion” dollar
    debt increase under 1 president (Ronald Reagan). Reagan accumulated more debt
    in his 8 years, than the combined debt of all 39 presidents before him in 205




    ………………………………….. REVENUE ………….. SPENDING

    1st Budget Year (1990) … $750,302,000,000 ………. $1,027,928,000,000

    Last Budget Year (1993) .. $842,401,000.000 ………. $1,142,799,000,000

    Growth = ………………………. 12.3% …………………… 11.2%

    NOTE: During the Bush # 1 Budget Years, revenue growth outpaced spending growth
    by 1.1%… therefore, Republi-minions fired him.




    ………………………………….. REVENUE ………….. SPENDING

    1st Budget Year (1994) … $923,541,000,000 ……….. $1,182,380,000,000

    Last Budget Year (2001) $1,483,563,000,000 ……….. $1,516,008,000,000

    Growth = ………………………. 60.6% …………………… 28.2%

    NOTE: During the Clinton Budget Years, revenue growth outpaced spending growth
    by 32.4%, thus leading to Clinton’s surpluses for the ON-BUDGET accounts during
    his last 3 years.




    ………………………………….. REVENUE ………….. SPENDING

    1st Budget Year (2002) … $1,337,815,000,000 ……… $1,655,232,000,000

    Last Budget Year (2009) .. $1,450,980,000,000 ……… $3,000,661,000,000

    Growth = …………………………. 8.5% …………………. 81.3%

    NOTE: During the Bush # 2 Budget Years, spending growth outpaced revenue growth
    by “72.8%”…LOL!…thus leading to G.W. Bush having the first
    “5-trillion” dollar debt increase in the nation’s history.

    A result of the “Bush Tax Cuts” combined with the costs of two wars,
    a new federal department (DHS, now the third largest federal department w/
    180,000+ employees), MEDICARE Part D, and all the interest accumulated on that
    “$5 trillion” worth of debt (racked up by Bush).

    • Robert Messmer

      $7 Trillion racked up by Obama and still climbing. Clinton’s budget surplus was because he followed the Republican playbook and lowered the Capital Gains Tax from 28% to 20%, increased the value of estates that escaped the Death Tax from 625,000 to 1 million, and insisted on sound monetary policy. Obama has done something that no other President has been able to do, tax American citizens not on income or property owned but for NOT buying a product.

  • Terrence


    …………………………………….. REVENUE ……………….. SPENDING

    1st Budget Year (2010) … $1,531,037,000,000 …….. $2,901,531,000,000

    Last Budget Year (2012) .. $1,896,459,000,000 …….. $3,290,381,000,000

    Growth = …………………………….. 23.9% ……………………….. 13.4%

    NOTE: During the Obama years, revenue growth has outpaced spending growth by10.5%. Also notice that Obama’s spending growth is smaller than all presidents except for Bush # 1.

    The proof is in the pudding. GOP “Tax Cuts” (without ever dealing with the spending cuts) are EXACTLY what put this country in this huge debt mess.

    The problem is “Tax Cuts” (introduced during Republi-con administrations), without them EVER dealing with the other side of the coin (“spending cuts”) while they control the White House… Oh, yes, only after they lose the White House do they start worrying about “spendingcuts after their damage is already done.

    And so, voting for Repubil-cons again (to do the same thing over again, as with
    Reagan and Bush) is not the answer?

    • smilee

      Increased deficit does not come from increased spending as there has been big cuts in spending it just means we are borrowing more to pay the bills because the GOP refuses to increase taxes but borrow instead so the result means more debt unnecessarily. Remember the sequester, major cuts in spending. Your numbers are deficit increases not increases in spending and it has no relationship to it.

      • Terrence

        FACT: Obama is Lowest Government Spender Since Eisenhower -> FORBES: POLITIFACT:”

        • smilee

          Your right but that fact does not fit the bias of most on here so they will just say it is a lie and have many times.

          • Terrence

            That is what is wrong with our politics…there is a segment of the American public who will only believe in conspiracy theories and propaganda which supports those theories and completely disregards facts.

    • Robert Messmer

      Also note that Obama has spent more than a trillion dollars every year he has been in office over and above the amount of revenue. Call me when he starts spending LESS than revenue coming in.

      So why can’t the Democrats EVER bring up spending cuts? Even if they were unsuccessful at least the public would know that they tried. But they never do because according to them the government needs to be everything, do everything for everyone.

      And so, voting for Democ-Rats (to do the same thing over again, as with Clinton (say goodby to the jobs NAFTA) and Obama (arm international terrorists) is not the answer?

  • Irate

    The sooner we get Obama out of there the better!!!!!!

  • Guest

    I wonder how much money the U.S. Federal government would spend in one year if there was no debt ceiling limit?