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Reid Says Tea Party Is On Its Last Legs

January 12, 2011 by  

Reid says Tea Party is on its last legsSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) believes that the Tea Party is a fad that will fade when the United States' economy improves.

In a Jan. 9 interview on NBC's Meet the Press, Reid said that the conservative political movement will "disappear" when the nation's financial troubles stabilize. He added that the economy is steadily improving, which could spell the demise of the Tea Party.

"I don't think the Tea Party had the vigor and support that people thought it would," Reid told the media outlet. "You know, a couple of them won [their midterm elections], but most of them lost."

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a Tea Party favorite, responded to Reid's comments on Fox News Sunday. Paul said that the movement is "a force that is critical of both Republicans and Democrats," adding that the national deficit — which is at $13.8 trillion and climbing — is a chief concern of Tea Party members.

Freshmen Tea Party lawmakers ran on platforms that called for reduced government spending. Tea Party legislators have said that earmarks, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are some of the items that may have to be reformed in an attempt to slash the deficit.

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  • Ronald Boehler

    Harry’s reading his own astrology chart again regarding the Tea Party. Wake up Harry, it’s growing not declining.

    • Dennis

      The Tea Party will not go away. The dems and obama will go before the Tea Party. LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY AND THOSE THAT SUPPORT IT.

      • Norm

        Extremists without answers are destined to die out.

        • s c

          N, in just a few words, you have described Reid’s fate. He serves no purpose in American politics. Probably, he never did. He can ‘look forward’ to brothels, sand and vast, empty spaces when he leaves Washington.
          If only the good people of Nevada had been able to send his sorry rump packing in the last election. By the way, Reid is a true space cadet, whack job extremist and has been one for many years.

          • lucy

            I don’t he would have won without help from ballot box stuffing George Soros & his ilk.

        • JC

          What do you mean extremists? They are Americans who stand in opposition of Communism. That isn’t “extreme”, it’s “American”.
          And what do you mean “without answers”? The answer IS The Constitution of the United States of America.
          Where ya been? Singing Kumbaya?

          • Norm

            “Though we may say with confidence, that the worst of the American constitutions is better than the best which ever existed before in any other country, and that they are wonderfully perfect for a first essay, yet every human essay must have defects. It will remain, therefore, to those now coming on the stage of public affairs, to perfect what has been so well begun by those going off it.” –Thomas Jefferson to T. M. Randolph, Jr., 1787. ME 6:165
            “We must be contented to travel on towards perfection, step by step. We must be contented with the ground which [the new] Constitution will gain for us, and hope that a favorable moment will come for correcting what is amiss in it.” –Thomas Jefferson to the Count de Moustier, 1788. ME 7:13

          • JC

            Good quotes. And exactly the reason we need to go back to basics.
            We’ve gone too wrong for too long.

          • Dan Burke

            Jefferson is right. Unfortunately, what too many who are using this quote to justify is not really going to improve the liberties we are granted through the Constitution and create a better government, but rather to imitate and return to the governments of the past. We call it progress and wrap it up in evolved mankind. Sounds great, until you read history and realize that this cycle has repeated again and again and again. It has never ended well, whether with swords or guns, so why should it end any better now that we’ve got atomic weapons? Sure, there is the concept of the nuclear deterrent, but did improved weapons changed the results of the past? Well, yes, people were killed using guns instead of swords. Bombs in addition to fires. So what next…?

            I think of the Israelites leaving bondage in Egypt under Moses. What do they do when given a moment unto themselves? Instead of worshiping this wonderful God of their ancestors that brought them to freedom, they build an idol to worship it as the captors they had escaped did. Later after conquering the land promised to them by same said God according their prophets, they see that all the lands around them have kings instead of the unique government they had. So what do they want and request of their prophets and God? They want to have a king too.

            What are we doing as Americans? Instead of improving on a document of freedom unique in the history of the world, we instead look to the world and see everyone else and see their benefits. We see their universal health care. We see their government jobs programs. We see their free education. Then we want all this for ourselves. And like fools, we don’t consider the costs or consequences that come with these. We don’t see that all these things will change us so that we are no different from the world. Many see this as a good thing for they believe that the rest of world is a better place. But what does the rest of the world have? Ever heard of a democratic dictatorship? How do a people vote into power repeatedly someone who takes away their freedoms? Perhaps all the above benefits might be a good place to start. Now that we have social security, medicaid, and medicare, can a politician vote against these and seriously believe they will get reelected? No. Why? Because these benefits once attained will not be surrendered. We are now bound to our government. If we had to choose between losing these benefits and living under a dictatorship, I believe we as a nation would now choose a dictatorship so we could keep the benefits. We are bound to the benefits and we vote according to that which holds us captive. While we do not yet have a democratic dictatorship, we now have adapted the policies and mindset as a nation that would no more escape a dictator then any other country in the world. And we call ourselves “evolved” and “educated?”

            No country founded on the idea of their people governing themselves has ever lasted. It has always devolved into a dictatorship or anarchy–which typically leads to a dictatorship of some sort too. Quoting Thomas Jefferson proves nothing unless you are looking to actually improve upon their experiment and first draft to bring freedom to America (and the world). If you are looking to be like the rest of the world, then perhaps you misunderstood the American experiment. Or perhaps it was destined to never succeed. We incriminate slavery of the past, but yet we as a people seem to like the benefits of slavery to government–and there are benefits or it would be virtually impossible to convince a free people like ourselves that this “progress” back to thinking like the rest of the world is a good thing.

          • Mike In MI

            Dan Burke – I really love and respect what you’ve had to say. And, no buts.

            Your beautiful logic and the truth it expounds should be heralded all over. I hope many have seen it.
            You know, I as reminded of the verse in Ecclesiaste 4:12 – “And if one shall prevail against him, two shall withstand him. and a threefold cord is not easily broken.” It’s about the marriage bond with a couple who stand strongly together with each indivdually focussed on God, agreeing together on the principles they know of His wonderful Word.
            When the Hebrews stood together on God’s Word in one accord in the OT nobody, but nobody, could beat them. When they worshipped (believed other philosophies) other gods…nobody could help them.
            In the Acts, early church, they stood strong on “the Apostles’ doctrine (just what they knew to that point, not even the full New Gospel as revealed to Paul later) and everybody had their needs met. Good greif, they stood in one accord in the midst of their enemies of the Judaic heirarchy IN Jerusalem (who wanted them dead) and were essentially untouched until it as time for them to move out.
            What a shame America, with its founding documents so deeply based in God’s Word, has become seduced into thinking those are now archaic and impractical ways of thinking (behaving). Weak and undisciplined minds seem to be the order of the day, though, like Norm above. So,I guess we go the way that appeals to flaccid and fallible utopian (senses) logic.
            But, it won’t, can’t last forever…thank Godness.
            Thanks for posting.

          • JC

            Dan, well said.

        • barbm

          you may be right, norm, but the tea party is the only party with answers. that’s because we are not extremists. we are patriots who want to preserve the constitution, our sovereign republic, our freed9om, our way of life. that’s what allows you can make nonsensical statements like this.

          • Norm


            I’ve heard a lot of comments, rhetoric, threats, and BS from the teabaggers and their wealthy backers. Unfortunately the devil is in the details. I haven’t heard anything that vaguely resembles the reality of the situation we are in. Talk is cheap but real solutions require hard work and true dedication by responsible sane individuals.

        • Mike In MI

          Norm -
          It’s very clear after the last two years that Prince Hairy and the bunch he directs are the extremists – beyond any shadow of doubt. Just look at November. Just because he got back in office in Nevada only shows us how many crooked louts populate that state and how low, generally, we’ve sunk morally.
          As far as anything good happening to dispel our economic woes and start a genuine upturn, that’s impossible unless we have something to fuel and lubricate it with – like coal, gas and oil, e-n-e-r-g-y. The Messedupsiah has Executive Ordered us into energy oblivion until Congress decides to wrest back the powers they’ve abdicated to make the decisions that govern our business and finances. Then and only then will our entrepreneurs and venture capital system get out of reverse gear. One thing they’ll have to do is defund and tear down all the agencies that operate outside any check and balance system.

          They’re all on some sort of automatic pilot without any accountability to the people’s welfare – just the one who appoints the Directors. Look at what the FCC did last week – autonomously…it’s CRAZY. And Congress didn’t let out a whimper, even. The goal is certain – to constrain our ability to freely speak and freely gather, like we do here. If they ever require that businesses get a permit or license to do business on the internet that’ll really stifle who can do what. Everything the Messedupsiah does is for his own (or his bosses’) grandiose dreams of personal control and empire.
          He only wants freedom…ours.

        • Norm

          The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it. ~P.J. O’Rourke

          • Dan Burke

            “The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it. ~P.J. O’Rourke”

            Norm, either you are just baiting for an argument, or you have the sweetest irony in your chosen quote.

            So has government made us smarter? It seems our kids are getting lower test scores the more government regulates, dictates, and spends to solve the problem…. This proves the Republicans right in the second sentence.

            So has government made you taller? Well, this is probably figurative. So are we as a nation taller? Depends on your point of view, but it seems of late that our national credit rating is on rocky ground and we are projected to lose our AAA credit rating. There are probably nations that blame our financial crisis for rocking the world and creating financial problems the world over. Our national enemies seem to be flexing their military muscles as if America may not be such a threat. Of course, that might be just testing us since it has been a while since some of them last tested our resolve. Iran is projected to be nuclear soon. The Koreas might be back to a full armed conflict soon. We bash our allies Israel and Britain while striping ourselves before our enemies…. I don’t know. The verdict is still pending on this one. Hard to define. A lot depends on your point of view and whether history will bear out one point of view over the other, though it shouldn’t take a genius to figure that I am very skeptical that America has gotten any taller lately.

            Richer? Really? We are getting richer? It seems like wages have been stagnating but the poverty line is moving up, not down. Foreclosures are high and projected to be five times worse this year than last year. Unemployment has been high for a long time with no immediate recovery in sight. Only government wages seems to be going up (paid for by those taxes on the rest of us–and remember we who pay the taxes are having trouble finding jobs). America is projected to lose its AAA credit rating. Food and gas prices are going up, but not our earnings to pay for them? It seems to me that while you can compile numbers to show that government makes people richer, that history has and is bearing out that the Republicans in sentence two were correct again. And don’t forget that we got a new financial consumer protection bill that is going into effect. I don’t know about you, but I got a notice from my bank a few weeks ago and all my banking expenses are going up, not down. I sure feel richer now? We got health care bill that was to keep prices down, later admitted by those politicians that it would do none of that, and the first thing that happens is that some insurance goes away and the insurance programs which survives the law are raising their rates? The only ones saved this are the ones being granted waivers from the law, or have waivers already built into the law???

            So far two strikes against the claims of the Democrats and favoring the Republicans.

            And remove the crab grass from your lawn? I think he’s making a joke here. Though there are small, local simulations of government known as home owners associations that do provide this service, for a fee of course. And not even all home owners associations deliver quality results with the services you pay for….

            So I grant two for Republicans, one undecided, and one for the Democrats.

            But wait, I am not done. The Republicans claim that government doesn’t work, which not only includes that the government cannot provide all the Democrats claim it can, but that it simply doesn’t work. And the Republicans elected into office do indeed prove it. So the second sentence is completely true, both in stated belief and the result. So my scorecard on this quote is three for Republicans, one undecided, and only one for Democrats.

            Note: the only one that works for the Democrats in this quote is the one that is actually performed on a local level, small scale and is usually considered a business instead of government entity.

          • Mike In MI

            Dan B. – (There’s “but” on this one.)
            Masterful analysis and presentation…really great accuracy, too.

            “But” – even though most of the people who come here will appreciate it, sadly, it wil be lost on the one you’re answerring. He’s afflicted with a genetic condition (caused by DNA mutation) discovered in genetics research by a university on the west coast. The condition, seriously, leads to liberalism with evere socialistic tendencies. One of its symptoms is impaired logic which makes it difficult or impossible for them to comprehend ideas that conflict with their mindset. I don’t know whether it’s kicked off by confusion, frustration or adamacy; but, the block seems to be complete when operating.
            However, the rest of us enjoyed it.

        • marvin

          you say tea bagger, what is that something you gay men do with your boy friend ,could you tell us tea party members and conseritive, what being gay has to do with reid and voting i my self do not care if you sleep with a man but that has nothing to do with reid being a dirt bag and need be voted out of office

    • EddieW

      Dirty Harry….Reid…One of the most corrupt and evil senators in Wash…makes stupid prediction! He clearly is no prophet, or he would understand bringing more and more mexicans in to Nevada, has killed jobs for the Americans living there…They have the highest unemployment in the Nation…Thanks to Reid!!!

  • David Dean

    Reid is either a senile old man suffering from delusions or he is a consummate prevaricator. (I personally subscribe to the belief that he is the latter – although with him being a Democrat it could be the former.) The economy is not improving. Recent reports indicate that the unemployment rate is steady at 9.6% of the workforce based on active claims for unemployment compensation benefits, but when factored for those who are unemployed or underemployed and not eligible for benefits either due to insufficient quarters or exhausting their claims, the actually number of unemployed or underemployed is now over 15%.

    I myself have been out of work for almost four months. I am not considered “unemployed” according to their statistical methods because I opted to start receiving early retirement benefits since it was a better deal financially than receiving unemployment benefits.
    It doesn’t change the fact that I cannot find another job without relocating.

    • lkar

      Some facts and simple mathematics:

      - Roughly half of the population is what constitutes the work force in the United States (it’s actually more than that, but this actually works out in their [the administration’s] favor to call it only half and makes the math easier to follow).
      - The population of the United States is 300m (actually more than that – again the easier-to-follow nature of the math works out in their favor)
      - Population growth is roughly 1% per year
      - With a workforce of 150m, a drop in the unemployment rate of 1% requires 1.5m net new jobs. A drop of 0.1% requires 150k.
      - Population growth requires 125k net new jobs to achieve stability (300m x 0.5 x 0.01 x [1/12]) in the unemployment rate.

      For the unemployment rate to drop 0.4% in one month, ceteris paribus, 725k net new jobs are required (use the actual population of 310m and the actual workforce participation rate of ~60% and the requirement becomes 899k net new jobs). So, how can this be that it dropped 0.4% in one month with only 113k net new jobs? Clearly, 612k (or 786k to use actual numbers) ceased looking for unemployment (ie, dropped out of the workforce – ceteris paribus didn’t happen). The obvious question to ask then becomes, with all of the positive news on the economy in recent months (which is propaganda – that will be my only opinionating [what follows at the end is conclusive speculation] in this otherwise fact- and logic-laden piece), why would such a large number of people, equivalent to the entire population of Milwaukee, WI (or Columbus, Ohio if the actual numbers are used), drop out of the workforce in a single month? Is it mere coincidence that this occurred the same month that unemployment benefits were extended? One must acknowledge that the left is correct when it claims that unemployment benefits reduce the unemployment rate – give people means to cease looking for employment (ie, provide money if not working), and they’ll certainly do so (ie, drop out of the workforce). We need only look at December, 2010 as proof of this.

      • wandamurline

        First, let me send my condolences to the brain dead people of Nevada who re-elected this clown. Second, the tea parties of which I serve on about seven are not going anywhere…this is wishful thinking on Mr.Reid’s part. The economy and housing market are not getting better, we have not hit the bottom yet…there is more to come, and when the unemployment benefits run out at the end of this year, I can tell you that they will not be redone for another year…enough is enough, even though I feel for the unemployed, you can just take care of them for so long… and three years is long enough. When this happens, you are going to see a lot of pain in this country, and when the pain hits, you can send a thank you to Reid, Pelosi and Obama, who have made it their mission to completely kill the middle class by spending trillions of dollars and having nothing to show for it. What I see for the future is if the Republicans do not do their job as representative of the people and the tea parties…at some time in the future, there will be a very large and powerful new party to run agains both the Demorats and Republicans. We must continue to cleanse this government…RINOS like Snowe, Lugar, Collins, Graham, Brown who feel that they need to cater to the liberal left need to be replaced with more conservative candidates…not to mention Demorats that need to be fired like Frank who caused a lot of the pain we are now suffering through his actions with Fannie and Freddie, Pelosi, Waters, Waxman, Schuler. Fortunately we got rid of Bayh and Dodd, but not before they could again stick it to us through legislation in the lame duck session. The swamp cleansing needs to go forward with every election cycle and we must stick together and become even stronger in the years to come.

        • eddie47d

          Evan Bayh was a pretty darn good guy.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            eddie47d… Being from Indiana I feel I should comment. I agree with your statement. Evan Bayh was more in tune with the people than Richard Lugar is. In fact, Richard Lugar doesn’t even resemble a Republican. How he got back in I don’t know! My thoughts on Evan Bayh is that he was done with the corruption in Washington and no longer wanted to be a part of it. I can only assume that he was under a lot of pressure from his party to go farther left than he wanted to. Actually we didn’t ‘get rid’ of him, he made the choice!

          • eddie47d

            I liked Birch and Evan Bayh and thought they were more traditional politicians. I was from Illinois for 19 years (long ago) and looked at this father/ son team as smart and involved. Thanks for your response Robin.

  • Robert

    I think Harry is on his last leg or should be. He just does not get it…

    • Norm

      He beat a teabagger to keep his job. He doesn’t sound too dumb to me.

      • electricmamabear

        Harry Reid just ensured that the TEA PARTY will continue to grow. It is that attitude and the attitude that you just displayed that will bring the liberal social agenda to an end. Ya’ll are just too nasty and you will reap what you sow.

        • bob wire

          yes! we have reap what you have sowed ~ I should be grateful?

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Norm… I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out there was some voting fraud going on there. I have nothing to back up that statement, so don’t ask. It’s just a gut-feeling.

        • http://AOL Joe

          There are a lot of us that think the same way. Joe

        • Norm

          Robin from Arcadia, IN
          Your gut feeling and a buck might get you a cup of coffee.

        • Cathy

          You’re darn right something fishy happened here in Nevada. Many of us are disgusted with the way the election went down. The clueless Hispanics and Asians were bused to the polls DURING THEIR SHIFTS at the casinos and told it would be best for them to vote for Reid.

          Union members were called (all of Harrahs’ employees, for instance)and urged (instructed) to vote for the scumbag posing as a senator. Yuk!

          Not all of us here are stupid although it looks that way!

          • bob wire

            yea, some seem to always think that every time they lose an election.

            Whats stopping the left from thinking the same thing with their losses?

          • Mike

            Reid is wrong, I am a member of a tea party and we will not go away.
            We are going to standfast and see that all these anti-american, socialist, haters of our constitution are cleaned out of office.

      • JC

        Hey Normy…explain what Tea Bagging is…you seem to like the term. ;)

        • Norm

          Teabagging is an extremist political movement based on legitimate ideas but carried out by mainly fools and liars and oh yes gun toteing throwbacks to a time long gone.

          • JC

            Actually no. It’s some sort of homo sexual activity the nature of which evades me.
            The “Tea Party” is a name chosen to be reflective of the throwing off of tyranny. And it’s perfectly appropriate at this time.

            “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

            Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

          • bob wire

            Kinda makes one wonder why you brought it up? Did Norm use the term? maybe he did.

            I think it’s a sick day when sub-cultures can hyjack the English language and it can be propagated with your acknowledgment and offering sub-cultures a sense of validate. What “word” is next on this hit list?

            The Tea Party is a poor choice of “Labels”

            first, there is not tyrant threat

            second, civil disobedience was carried out in disguise to defer guilt and blame to innocent parties.

            third, the ambiguity offered no face, no responsibility, no balls, no forwarding address.

            forth; Taxation without Representation is not the Tea Parties contention, but the “dislike of representation” that was duly elected by constitutional rule that they themselves took part in.

            Now you can wear this label that hangs on you like a cheap suit until it’s starts coming apart like a cheap suit.

            Or you can wake up and smell the coffee.

            The choice is the Tea Party’s to make.

          • JC

            Wrong Bob. there is a threat of tyranny and it a clear and present danger. We as Americans and patriots must be on gaurd to fight all enemies foreign and domestic.

      • barbm

        why is it that so many left leaning people know so much about “teabagging?” i never heard the term until dems started using it instead of the correct term tea party. i actually thought it was just people being ignorant of the correct term until i read about it on a blog. are you and most of the dems gay, norm? is that why y’all are so knowledgeable of gay actions and fascinated with the term?

        • Norm

          The term fits the situation.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Harry is in the same league as the senile sheriff in Tuscon . . . are you senile Norm?

        • Mike In MI

          No, Dale -
          Theyre not senile. Didn’t you see the article that came out of a Washington or Oregon university around Thanksgiving? There is a genetic defect associated with being liberal that affects and renders inoperable a normal neurological function. Thereby producing brain damage and antisocial thinking patterns if during youth one is surrounded by foolishness.

          • Norm

            Mike In MI
            How clever! Would you care to post your IQ. Negative numbers are acceptable.

          • Mike In MI

            No, Abnorm -
            I’m not THAT clever. Nor do I have the tools, labs, personnel and funding to carry out such a task and figure out how and what areas of the brain are involved. All I know is what I read about the work.
            Out of all the variants and combinations that exist related to brain functions people who identify as strongly democratic or liberal were disproportionately found to have a certain combination show up consistently in their genetic makeup.
            Scrambled eggs, just scrambled eggs compared to normal patterns. It doesn’t contravene nor contradict freedom of choice nor ability to accumulate information – interpretation seems greased one way – left. It is like a condition I learned about some 15 years ago that shows up subsequent to certain brain injuries or diseases that affect focal areas of the brain. One of the symptoms is an inability to “see” abstract relationships or comprehend stories that have a point -like parables.
            I have often wondered if that is why Jesus Christ spoke in parables to illustrate certain ideas or elucidate wisdom. The common people could get it but the supercilious, high-minded and self-righteous wouldn’t pick it up. They tend to be pedantic, focus unduly on minutiae (make sure the flowers are on the altar right), they make and live by meaningless rules and regulations THEY make up (but flaunt or disobey worthwhile stipulations, rules and customs). Stuff like that.
            So, norm, it wasn’t just being clever. There’s something behind it. And either you get humble to the truth you so assiduously try to avoid…or you may miss out. Your choice.

          • Mike In MI

            PS. Abnorm -
            It is something that shows up commonly in males who have been homos for awhile. There are chemicals in the semen that disturb production and distribution of certain neurotransmitters and neuro-modulators.
            One result is disruption of tight controls on brain blood pressure regulation.
            The result is death of a certain set of sensitive brain cells which are highly represented in the forebrain and some areas responsible for speech functions (and other stuff). That’s undoubtedly why the Bible says homos have a “reprobate mind” in Romans 1:28. That’s why the Catholic priests and members of other groups like NAMBLA and butt lovin’ child molesters should be tried for capital crimes and pu in solitary. They can’t be cured or comprehend what they’ve done to be sorry So, they’ll always do it again…and again…and—–

      • ValDM

        Reid didn’t “beat” anyone. He usurped that election by fraud.

        • Norm

          Sure he did. Just like everyone else who you don’t agree with.

      • juswonderin

        Norm: It was not Harry that caused his re-election; it was the people that voted for him that got him back to his office! We have the same issues in Illinois; a whole lot of people just don’t get it! WE ARE BEING DESTROYED IN EVERY ASPECT & WE’RE LOSING OUR SOVEREIGNTY, NOT ONLY DUE TO THE MESS ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER, BUT TO THE U.N. ALSO & THE “ONE WORLDERS” THAT WANTS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD BY BREAKING DOWN OUR ECONOMY!! All this is not a mistake or something that just happened, it’s a planned takeover & becoming a dictatorship unless WE THE PEOPLE, stand for OUR country! Just look at how much of U.S. dollars are being shipped off to ‘GROW’ other countries, to clothe & feed them. How about we feed our own children & build our own economy & then send resources to other places! God knows, we have a huge population already that’s below the poverty line!!! The elderly is hardly mentioned anymore, so maybe the writing on the wall is to have them all “put to sleep” like the new Obamacare wants to kill so others can live. I have a lot more to say, but does it really matter? Are WE THE PEOPLE going to be able to get our country back? How will we take care of those that are REALLY POOR & DESERVE A HAND UP? All you have to do is go to the Social Security Office & the Public Aid offices & see how many elderly is there….not too many!! There are many more there under the age of 30 getting benefits that SHOULD go to Social Security & elderly that can no longer work because, 1) not enuf education, 2) have already spent their physical abilities to get a job, 3) because YOUNG women are having more & more babies & no papa to help raise them! 4) more grandparents are raising their grandchildern while the mom gets public assistance. It’s happening in my own family. Having babies, living with daddy & they’re both working,but because mommie is on public assistance; she get’s FREE cell phone with 200 minutes a month; she gets FREE formula for her baby; she gets FREE childcare while she’s holding down a job; she gets many more benefits than some people have to live on! And then we have all the illegal aliens taking & breaking our systems & giving them drivers licenses, almost free housing, and all the same or more benefits than the babymakers! Many millions of dollars have been STOLEN from Social Security & MediCare; so let’s just give them a tent & a blanket & put the old folks out in the rain or just do away with them! GRRRRR!

      • lucy

        You are both truly stupid. Teabaggers are not allowed in the Tea Party! How dumb of you to not know the difference.

    • bob wire

      Oh ! he gets it alright Robert. Reid is hopeful that people will act and behave like people. I’m hopeful as well.

    • thinking

      Reid is making money hand over fist, he is not in this for the people of Nevada. He owns much land and is making it more valuable with bridges and highways paid by the tax payer. He is a con man and found his easy target the US senate. People need help in nevada, jobs, not a con man, but then he works for the unions so he can’t be removed.

      • Norm

        I thought your mantra is the rich are sacred and must be treated as the lords that they are.
        What’s your problem with Harry. He’s not even that rich.

        • Cathy

          EXCUSE ME? Harry Reid is worth millions. Where have YOU been?

          • Norm

            He’s not nearly as rich as Rush, Sean. Glenn, or Sarah.

            One million these days is really not rich by the way.

  • Nancy

    He is a dip-stick!!!

  • Bob Shapiro

    The Tea Party movement will be over with when we have finally cleaned house in Washington DC and the entire country of Progressive Liberal Policies that do not work and are bankrupting the country – meaning you and me as citizens of the US.

    • Norm


      • Mike In MI

        Proud of that acomplihment aren’t you, Abnorm.

    • JC

      “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. ”
      George Washington (1732–1799)

      • bob wire

        so do weeds

        • JC

          Unbelievably witty Bob…
          you certainly upstaged Washington there didn’t you.
          Dork! :)

  • Jack Dumbauld

    And Harry said that “when the economy improves”. What the he!! makes him think that this is going to happen?

    Have our balance of import to exports improved? Has sanity and common sense returned to society? Has our government stopped spending money that we don’t have? Have we stopped policing the world with our armed forces? Have the bankers suddenly developed virtue? Has religion and morality returned to the populace? Have we made it a priority to develop the energy resources that we have?

    These are some concrete things (among many others) that must happen if we HOPE to turn around the direction that we are going and begin to regain the ever increasing standard of living that I experienced through my life.

    I’d really like to know WHY he thinks the economy will improve. I believe that most people know that their standard of living is still decreasing and that it hasn’t hit bottom yet.

    Our politicians have their heads in the sand and act like the three monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. They know what is going on and continue to ride the car already gone over the cliff. I’m afraid that their is no hope. WE ARE DOOMED!

    • Mike In MI

      Jack –
      Of course you are right. NO TURN AROUND ECONOMICALLY IS POSSIBLE UNTIL WE CAN GET READY ACCESS TO OIL, GAS AND COAL. E-N-E-R-G-Y, we’re stuck at the starting gate until Obama gets off the hose. He knows it as well as anybody. That’s why he’s standing on it. Why do you suppose Obumster bowwed and kissed the Sheik of Arabee’s ring? They’re brothers under the crescent moon. That’s why.

  • Charles

    May I question if Senator Reid is aware of the millions of Bible beleaving Christians, here in America and around the world, who are more than on their legs, but quietly on their knees in prayer to the G_d of heaven that the eyes of those in Washington may be opened.
    For a while truth may be held down and silenced, but not of ever.

    • Norm

      Keep God in the churches not in the US government. If you want a cleric run country go to Iran.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Norm… You really don’t get it, do you? God doesn’t run only our country. God rules the world. It’s when our government leaders think they are bigger, better, and badder than God is when He allows us to run things. See how that is working out for us?

        • Nancy


        • Mike In MI

          TOUCHE’ and skewwered.

      • Sam

        That’s where you should be-Iran. You clearly have Iranian thinking. Oh yeah, Its not Harry Reid- Its “DIRTY” Harry Reid. Ha Ha to you Norm.

      • lucy

        God has been in the government since it was founded. Read about the founding of this country and you will see that God was their guiding light in their decisions. Look at all the Christian signs and words on all government buildings. There is nothing in the Constitution about the separation of Church & state.

  • sausagefingers

    I don’t believe Harry Ried is so naive that he actually believes the economy is improving. That would make him a traitor. Do you know how to tell when Ried is lying? His mouth is open. He is leading the sheeple down the path. Don’t worry everything is OK. National Dept, Unemployment Inflation Deficit, Food control, global warming, carbon tax, gun control, yep nothing to worry about here.

    • JC

      yep…he’s a communist sycophant loyal to the One Worlder’s.
      Which is by definition anti-American.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I think he is jumping the gun. It will stop being a factor when the Koch brothers stop pouring money into it.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Doc . . . you’re ok with Soros owning the WH . . . but upset cause Koch gives a few bucks to a grass-roots group? . . .

      • Doc Sarvis

        Ha ha…grass roots…Good one.

  • Mick

    am from Nevada and after talking to so many people I can’t believe he made it back to DC….If there is to be an investigation on voter fraud and coercion it should begin in Illinois and move down here..

    • Norm

      The agony of defeat. Get over it.

      • Mick

        Norm says:
        January 12, 2011 at 8:21 am
        The agony of defeat. Get over it.

        Norm . This isn’t a sport event my friend and the Dems many tricks will soon and come back to bite them in the ass…………

        • TIME

          Saddly the the Moreoff class is still based deeply in their sporting events and prime time movies. These valueless tools aid the mindless mass’s so as to avoid facing the “truths that they have failed not only themselfs, but the Human Race as a whole.”
          Thus the mindless retots as seen here daily from the same brain trust whose mental abilities are at best stunted.

          If these people could bifurcate real life from the Telie drama’s of what ever format they use that aid them in sublimating thier emotions with that warm fuzzy feeling such that these worthless events present.

          We as a nation may stand a chance. But As it stands now its all but over as most have set themselfs within a tight very little box’s of warm brown waste matter that they find of such comfort.

          • Mike In MI

            Time -
            It’s a genetic defect that affects neurologic function producing scrambled eggs for brains.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Harry Reid is only hoping the Tea Party will go away. What his statement should have been is: ” it will go away if we, those of us who have been in Congress long enough to know how to work the system, are able to coerce the Tea Party people over to the side of corruption that reigns in Washington.” That would have been a believable statement!

  • Richie

    Dear Senator Reid,
    Don’t think for a moment the Tea Party or their concept is or ever will be dead. As long as there are idiots like you in the Senate and Assembly, be assured that the Tea Party will exist in some form and will monitor and bring your errant spending policies to light. You amaze me with your self-richeous egotistical ideas that float out of your mouth.

    • Norm

      Anyone can criticize. It’s curing the problems that take real skill, tact, and talent. Waving around a weapon and screaming platitudes just doesn’t solve anything.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Norm… How about solving problems in our country by: 1) turning back to God. 2) adhering to the Constitution as it is written. 3) balance the budget. 4) obeying and enforcing our laws. 5) downsizing the federal government. 6) abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax. I could go on, but you will find something to comment against these things which really are common sense ideas. It seems the left is somewhat lacking in common sense…

        • Mike In MI

          Excellent Robin -
          Norm disparages the act of criticism with simple criticism, but no answers or viable direction that has ever displayed any hope of success. Evidence of a very weak mind that can’t even comprehend the subtle foolishness of his own words.
          You are to be commended in giving both an answer and direction.
          Congratulations, you conservative, logical, thinking, problem-solver.

    • Mick

      Richie says:
      January 12, 2011 at 8:15 am
      Dear Senator Reid,
      Don’t think for a moment the Tea Party or their concept is or ever will be dead. As long as there are idiots like you in the Senate and Assembly, be assured that the Tea Party will exist in some form and will monitor and bring your errant spending policies to light. You amaze me with your self-richeous egotistical ideas that float out of your mouth.

      You’ve said it Richie………………

  • Norm

    The teabaggers, like all radical groups, thrive in difficult times.
    If it were not for the great depression Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco would not have come to power. Distress, starvation, and oppression in China and Russia caused the communists to seize their governments.
    If and when things improve the extremists causes and lunatic rhetoric will become unnecessary.

    • bob wire

      On the offset, I agree with you Norm. It was fabricated from general discontent and poor election return but I do believe it’s grown beyond that.

      The Tea Party is at a point today much like all other political organization, left to take stock in it’s membership and it’s purpose. Along with all the good it has done, it’d done some bad. There will be those that want to claim the good and reject the bad, but that would be very unwise as they would only be seen as a loose 1500 pound cannon on a pitching deck. A serious threat to any and everyone present.

      It’s up to the Tea Party membership what their future maybe but I think Harry Reid is overly hopeful as “ideas” are hard to kill.

      It’s my hope the Tea Party does this “house cleaning” and comes back strong enough to continue promoting true conservative ideas that’s found in line with the American values we all hold so dear.

      If I had any input to offer them, I’d say, distance themselves from those who wish to use veiled threats of violence of any kind. Perhaps change their name to the American Reformation Party, something more befitting and in tune with what they are all about.

      The Tea Party title, is ill suited for such large ambitions and if they wish to continue their fight, it’s high time to take off the war paint and feathers and step into the light.

      • eddie47d


      • Dale on the left coast

        Norm talks about some of the great Socialist movements of the past . . . but, the comparisons of the “Won” and the German Socialist of the 30′s is errily similar.
        Norm and Bob . . . guess you just want the Big Spend to continue.

        • bob wire

          I want “judicious”, equity oriented spending to continue and you better too!

          Simple words like big & little fails to describe or address the true issue before us.

          That say, 13.8 trillion dollars down and paying interest on, is insane.

        • bob wire

          9.5 trillion was insane! and we were in no position to launch one unfunded war, much less two!

          • JC

            Liberal Morality comes with a Price…don’t it?

  • http://YAHOO ED FOUTS


  • Mick

    Norm says:
    January 12, 2011 at 8:20 am
    Anyone can criticize. It’s curing the problems that take real skill, tact, and talent. Waving around a weapon and screaming platitudes just doesn’t solve anything.
    And letting our elected officials use the people as doors mats certainly doesn’t solve anything it just makes it worse, we’re seeing today the result of what many decades of platitude can bring to even the best country in the world……

  • Jim in TN

    Whatever Reid is SMOKING / DRINKING…….
    I want some….

  • bjholmes

    Norm thinks we can keep God where he wants? We must include Norm with Reid among the dimwitted. Reid won by coddling unions and Mexicans. One of the stimulus projects was providing new signs for the casinos in Las Vegas. Wow!!!

    • eddie47d

      Your cheap shots could be your downfall or even the oppositions downfall.

    • bob wire

      “Reid won by coddling unions and Mexicans”

      and they have as much right to vote as anyone else.

      • JC

        “Americans” have a right to vote. All others need not apply.

  • hundabuxt

    To all of you ignorant liberals like this enemy of the people of America, an irascible giant has awaken and its called the Tea Party. We outnumber you and we’re paying attention. Efforts for developing a third party have failed in the past but we have the radical left to thank for the momentium currently and there’s no turning back now baby. The political left has become a cancer on American society, destroying it more effectively than any enemy from outside our country. That’s coming to an end like it or not. We’ll probably suffer far worse than we are now economically for a while given the madness in Washington but we will survive and restore America to the greatness our brilliant forefathers invisioned. We owe it to our children and more to those who’ve sacrificed to preserve it. Some giving the last full measure. We can’t fail them.

    • Mick

      hundabuxt says:
      January 12, 2011 at 9:07 am
      To all of you ignorant liberals like this enemy of the people of America, an irascible giant has awaken and its called the Tea Party. We outnumber you and we’re paying attention. Efforts for developing a third party have failed in the past but we have the radical left to thank for the momentium currently and there’s no turning back now baby. The political left has become a cancer on American society, destroying it more effectively than any enemy from outside our country. That’s coming to an end like it or not. We’ll probably suffer far worse than we are now economically for a while given the madness in Washington but we will survive and restore America to the greatness our brilliant forefathers invisioned. We owe it to our children and more to those who’ve sacrificed to preserve it. Some giving the last full measure. We can’t fail them

      hundabuxt,,,You’re right on all count, the dems have to be ousted for good……………

      • bob wire

        Go team Go! ~ is that your understanding of political government leadership?

        My team have qualities I like and yours doesn’t ?

        It’s people Sir. People. You take the people out of it and only see teams, you are as lost as Amelia.

        • hundabuxt

          What the he!l is this supposed to mean? This isn’t a football game pal. Its survival no less critical than defeating the British.

          • bob wire

            exactly ~ it’s not a team sport! right vise the left.

            But no! ~ what we engage does not compare to the Revolutionary War.

            and if you think that it does, you are either very misinformed or ill.

    • electricmamabear

      AMEN! You said it all.

  • s c

    Blabbermouth Harry, how long has it been since you said anything that made sense? Almost everything that comes out of your overpaid, under-worked, hack mouth smacks of political rhetoric designed to inflame and divide.
    You need to realize that your career’s clock is ticking. You have disgraced Nevada for many years, and it’s high time for someone else to have a chance to make Nevada look like a state that gives a damn about America.
    Hit the road, twit. Just because the unions own your posterior doesn’t mean you can be productive. Slink away, stinky. Al Gore needs you at the south pole. Go hug a tree. Get the **** out of Washington, airhead.

    • 45caliber

      I second that motion.

  • Robert Morrow

    I keep asking, WHY hasn’t Reid been impeached on bribery charges? Reid bribed two Senators to pass a bad bill written by someone behind closed doors, no one read and they needed to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill, that most citizens did not want. Bribery is against the Law in all 50 States, but maybe Reid and others are above the Laws of the Country. So, I ask again WHY hasn’t Reid been IMPEACHED? I can tell you why, because Reid is protected by the Brotherhood of Corrupt Politician. I have called and written my Totally Corrupt Senators about this and ignored for they are to busy giving increased powers to the FDA which murders over 200,000 citizens a year with poison approved drugs. At this point I want to include a Quote from Herbert Ley, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner, “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIAN!” Just like the Senators from my State would sell their own children into slavery to get their 30 pieces of silver. Robert from here in the land of enchantment.

    • s c

      Robert, the main reason why “people” like Reid can
      have a long career in ANYTHING (let alone politics) is because we have so many Americans who REFUSE to understand that which should be obvious. That is, a career politician gets away with his/her crap because so many voters aren’t willing to be rational, functional adults who have STANDARDS for the slime they send to Washington.
      Until/unless we band together and make it IMPOSSIBLE for any politician to have an easy, long career in Washington, we do NOT deserve to have politicians who can be thought of as leaders or people who serve a purpose.
      A career politician is a PARASITE who feeds off the American people, Robert. To hell with politics. END the misery, and send the bastards and bastardettes packing.

  • Freddie Freeland

    Reid does not want to accept the fact about Tea Party I for one will not go away. All liberals like himself will not get my vote and yes my family and myself vote but not for the liberals who are hell bent on destroying America

  • Erik Osbun

    Harry Reid has got another think coming. He barely won his campaign
    with support of the gambling unions and a botched Angle campaign, not to say much about finagled voting machines.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Don’t forget the illegal votes cast by out of state SEIU members and others, mostly from Ca. Both Reno and Las Vegas reported more votes than registered voters. Why his re-election was never challanged is an important question. I know, things are diffrent when you’re a demorat. It’s the Chicago way.

  • Gidge

    Sorry Reid, but you are 100 per cent wrong. They are here to stay, and you should be worried. If you are not worried you are dumber than I thought. The Tea Party nor Palin, Engle, Rush, O’Reilly, Nannity, Beck and the rest are not at fault for the Arizona tragedy. Even Obama and other Liberals talk like that. Obama in 2009, said if they bring a knife we will bring a gun. Of course the Liberal stations will not air that comment or any others made by their beloved Liberals.

  • jopa

    The Koch brothers have billions and more money being made every day to pour into the teaparty.The sad thing is most teaparty folks think the Koch brothers are in step with their agenda.When they go to capitol hill with money in the envelopes they want legislation for corporate America, big oil and the lumber industry.Drat folks foiled again.Americans are so easy to manipulate and don’t ever catch on to who their friends or enemies are.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Didn’t bother you none when the Bumster closed the Gulf??? Some of those rigs went to Brazil . . . did you know that?? Why you ask? To drill for Petrobras. And who is heavily invested in Petrobras? Why little Gorge Soros . . . a frequent visitor to the WH the last couple of years . . . and owner of the dimmicrap party!!!

      • 45caliber


        I thought it was supposed to be spelled “dummycrap” party.

  • jopa

    Why hasn’t Reid been impeached? He just does busineess in Washington the same way it has and will always be done.You scratch my back and you know the rest.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Reid’s comments are the dying gasp of a egomaniac.

  • http://none Henry Stumpf

    Reid, you are the main reason the TEA PARTY will continue to GROW !!!

  • eddie47d

    The Tea Party is relevant but might not be the driving force it was in the 2010 elections. Most members went back to supporting the Republican Party. They will be more inclined to do the same thing in the 2012 election. That makes Reid right on the issue yet these same Tea Party people will still be out there. They will be working for the traditional Parties and that could make them an even stronger force to contend with. So I doubt if their political awakening will disappear.

  • James

    It is time to eliminate the Electoral College and go to the Popular Vote to eliminate buck-o’s like reid and obama.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Will never happen . . . why you ask? Cause it will give hi population looney states like California and New York a huge advantage . . . which would be a disaster for the Red States. The US is not a democracy it is a Republic.

  • hundabuxt

    The traditionsl so called “Republican Party” has been preverted by greed and corruption and they’re are only marginally better than the Democrats having sold their souls to the Abramoff’s lurking in the halls of OUR legislature. They rationalize their taking of so called “campaign contributions” as necessary for remaining in power to ostensibly use their seniority for the benifit of their constiuents, which is BS because they only benifit their masters not the average voter. They throw us a few bones which they tout as justification for staying in power but its all about control, which they owe to the power brokers and the rich not the American people. If you don’t get this then the screwed up American education system has succeded.

  • http://none Richard Shraker

    Come on Harry,Nobody in Nevada voted for YOU,
    Computer Glitch

  • steve


  • 45caliber

    It always amazes me when an opponent of something insists that it’s “on its last legs”. That seems to happen regularly even to things that outlast the person saying it.


    To solve all the problems that are being discussed here can summed up with one phrase: “Career Politicians”! To paraphrase what some famous person said about politicians–many, many years ago–:”Go to the Congress, and serve your one or two terms of office, and make as many good changes as you are able during that time. Then, go back home, and get back to work as a regular citizen, and help those who come after you continue to keep our country strong!” Nuff said!

  • Teresa

    The Obama administration is eying a secretive tax deal critics charge is an indirect bailout for Puerto Rico to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars.
    The U.S. territory, desperate for revenues in the midst of the recession, surprised industry with a $6 billion tax on foreign firms – including a significant bloc of U.S. pharmaceutical firms – late October in a rare weekend legislative session without any public debate in advance.
    But now U.S. taxpayers, not the firms, could end up footing at least a significant chunk of the bill.
    Gov. Luis Fortuño signed the new tax into law Oct. 25. That day, the Washington, D.C.-based whiteshoe law firm Steptoe & Johnson issued him a legal brief arguing U.S. firms should receive money from the U.S. government to offset the Puerto Rico tax increase, which Fortuño sent to the Internal Revenue Service, where a decision is pending.
    The international tax law in question is complicated, but experts agree the tax, and the request, are an unusual use of portions of the tax code intended to avoid double taxation on U.S. firms in countries that have reciprocity treaties with the U.S.
    “We would call it creative,” said James Hines, an expert on international tax issues and the L. Hart Wright Collegiate Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. “It’s an unusual tax for sure.”
    It’s an “indirect bailout,” said Dan Mitchell, an international tax expert and senior fellow at the Cato Institute.
    Factions within the IRS are fighting over the decision.
    “The IRS is very careful about giving away U.S. taxpayer dollars,” said Roberto Monserrate, assistant executive vice president for the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association. “This is big money we’re talking about.”
    Fortuño promised worried businesses the matter would be decided by Dec. 24 but the IRS had not made up its mind late Monday.
    The IRS could deny the request by deeming the tax increase a “soak up” tax designed to prey only on firms that could offset the increase with tax credits from the U.S. government.
    Hines explained the credits are different from how state tax increases are treated, though Puerto Rico is an American territory and receives federal funding.
    “It’s a difference, but it’s only a difference of degree,” he said. Taxes paid by U.S. firms to U.S. states can be subtracted from the income level by which those firms are taxed by the federal government. For instance, a firm with $1 million in income that paid $100,000 in state taxes would be taxed by the federal government for $900,000 worth of income.
    In this case, some firms could receive a dollar-for-dollar credit for the increase in Puerto Rico taxes. For instance, a firm with $1 million in income that paid $100,000 in the new Puerto Rican tax would have its U.S. tax burden reduced by $100,000.
    Monserrate said his organization estimated that if international firms with subsidiaries in Puerto Rico did not change their business structure to additionally benefit from the credit they could offset $3.5 billion
    Businesses are already racing to take advantage of the credits and otherwise shield themselves from the surprise liability.
    The tax increase has roiled relations between the Puerto Rican government and the sizable bloc of international businesses which house subsidiaries there.
    “The international sector have taken this as a betrayal,” said Monserrate. “I’ve seldom seen a situation where firms are so enraged.”
    “I think they’re playing with fire,” said Hines. “The last thing you want to do is discourage firms from investing in Puerto Rico. It’s a tough time to be putting up new taxes on businesses.”
    Experts disagreed whether the tax credits would only apply to income generated in Puerto Rico that is “repatriated,” or sent to their U.S. parent corporations. But it is clear that there are some cases where the credits would not cover the tax.
    One potential instance is if the U.S. parent corporation sustained losses in its U.S. business, but enjoyed profits in its Puerto Rican affiliate.
    In that case, the firm would not be paying U.S. corporate income taxes, so there would be no tax burden to credit.
    Still, the amount credited would likely be in the billions of dollars.
    The deal would not send U.S. dollars to the Puerto Rican government. Instead, a tax paid to Puerto Rico would be credited from U.S. firms’ U.S. tax burden, ultimately reducing revenues to the U.S. Treasury.
    One tax expert downplayed the issue, saying it is a technical legal dustup without clear answers. “This is the kind of issue high-priced lawyers spend years battling out,” said J.D. Foster of the Heritage Foundation.
    Legally, Puerto Rico is treated for tax purposes as if it is a foreign country. Citizens and businesses located there do not pay U.S. income taxes.
    But it is a U.S. territory that receives federal funding, including money from President Obama’s economic stimulus package.
    Many U.S. pharmaceutical firms are located there because of decades of tax breaks that rewarded sectors with significant intellectual property assets.
    A pharmaceutical industry source blasted Puerto Rico for the tax, which the source said has companies scrambling to plan for.
    “Companies need certainty,” said the source, who noted that the implementing regulations were promulgated after only a ten day comment period.
    The request by Puerto Rico for tax creditability was first reported by John Marino in Caribbean Business.
    A spokesman for the IRS did not reply to a request for comment sent Friday. No one answered a phone call to Fortuño’s office Monday.

  • Andy

    I think Reid is on the way out.

  • crystal

    Harry Reid doesn’t think the Tea Party is on the way out. Harry Reid WISHES the Tea Party was on the way out.

  • http://google ernie

    I dont have a President im my own party is called the Chingseng roundhouse Lipton tea party.I dont like your party cause your party kills kids and elderly friggin no brainer idiots.

  • bob wire

    Well, for whatever it’s worth to you, the Boston Massacre had fewer fatalities then this Arizona killings. Little need to remind you of the ramification as the news resonated through the colonies. It became the spark that lite the fires of revolt.

    That the “Tea Party” has used the state of Arizona as a butt boy to afford them the media coverage and hammer old issues like they might be something new and the current failing of a setting administration for political mileage is misfortune.

    For now, the Tea Party and Arizona is connected at the hip in the eyes of the nation.

    A very poor choice of states on the Tea Party’s part to inflict “their will” and ideas of conservatism. It should come as no surprise we might witness such an event at the epica center of fevered media focus.

    Arizona is a poor choice of state to start hating and bashing Mexicans for one thing. Most of the contentious ones that live in Arizona MIGHT be second generation Arizonian at best and moved there on their own free will!

    You don’t move into a state full of Mexican and start complaining about Mexican.

    Arizona’s government is huge! ~ it’s must be, considering the population and that government is Arizona’s largest employer!

    The second largest employer being Walmart and that is only due to Mexican Nationals crossing the border to shop. Mexico does not have anything to compare with Walmart inside a 14 hours car travel, making Walmart a huge attraction for 600 miles.

    I have little doubt the good people of Arizona feel put upon and feel taxed to death. My guess, it’s full of snowbirds living on “fixed income” and ripe for the picking for the Tea Party and the ideas they champion.

    well? fine.

    The Tea Party has hooked it’s horse up to this wagon and it’s now their to pull.

    Political expediences over good judgment, will bite you in the a$$ “every time” it might take weeks or years for the bill to come due. You can only hope to be miles away and they people have forgot your name.

    This is not the case today.

  • john

    If Mr. Reid is counting on the economy to save his party I wonder how good things will look for him when the bond market crashes. The “bought and paid for recovery” by the Federal Reserve can only last so long and it will unravel.



  • texastwin827

    Poor old Harry….he’s delusional now. Those who subscribe to what the beliefs of the Tea Party will not be going away any time soon. It is our hope that our grassroots movement will continue to grow.

    And Norm….you really should take you meds as your doctor ordered. By the way, you are good at throwing out quotes, but I’ve yet to see any valid “Solution” come from you.

    Norm, try reading many quotes of our Founding Fathers, not just the ones you want to use.

    But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. John Adams

    Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.
    John Adams, Letter to Benjamin Rush, 18 April 1808

    Laws made by common consent must not be trampled on by individuals.
    George Washington

    The basis of our political system is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government.
    George Washington

    The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.
    George Washington

    The people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several branches of government hold their power, is derived.
    James Madison

  • mike

    there are reasons that las vegas is not being visited
    so much anymore. can anyone guess why?


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