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Reid Confuses Nevada Lawmakers With Proposed Brothel Ban

March 1, 2011 by  

Reid Confuses Nevada Lawmakers With Proposed Brothel BanWith a Federal government shutdown looming, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has another plan in mind: Shut down legal brothels in his home State.

Nevada is the only State in America where the sale of sex is legal, and prostitution is allowed in counties that have less than 400,000 residents. According to media reports, 10 rural counties in the Silver State have brothels, which are buildings that house prostitutes.
"Parents don't want their children to look out of a school bus and see a brothel, or live in a State with the wrong kind of red lights," Reid said on Feb. 22.

However, Reid's efforts have garnered little support from his colleagues. Not only have State lawmakers scoffed at his unusual request — Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea (R-Eureka) told that "everybody is just kind of laughing up their sleeve about it" — but the other Nevada Senator has also dismissed Reid's proposed brothel ban.

Senator John Ensign (R-Nev.) told KTNV-TV that prostitution is a "county by county issue," and these laws should not be enacted by State or Federal lawmakers.

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  • s c

    There you go again, Slimy Harry. So, we’re supposed to believe that a sleazoid has suddenly developed a sense of morality. You? What momumental bs.
    In the first place, you twit, for an elected official who thinks that brothels in Nevada is wrong NOW (after all these years), must be playing with less than a full deck. Without a doubt, Nevada gets some of the ‘aromatic’ American tourists who find their way to Washington. Didn’t you learn your lesson then, Slimy?
    If I had my way, if you ever had a reason to come to my state, you’d be arrested at the state line (or whatever airport you use), and your ass would be promptly escorted OUT of the state and told [in plain language that even a hardcore rockhead like YOU could understand] to go away and STAY AWAY.
    Reid, the day you have a need for morality is the day that Queen Nancy and der Obummer make sense. Keep flapping that big mouth, Reid. Specter did it. Rev. Jesse does it all the time. Der Obummer has probably done it all his life. Queen Nancy specializes in it. It seems to be a prerequisite for every mentally defective progressive in America. If you gave damn about morality, Harrybooby, you’d resign and return 99% of your undeserved retirement.

    • RayLand

      Dear SC

      You give “conservatism” a sorry guise when you refer to the opposition as “slimy” and as “twits.” It is well known they are misguided and lack patriotism!!! Com’on man to use “playground” taunts only exposes yourself.

      • s c

        “Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily
        attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.” Samuel Johnson
        Very little has changed since Johnson’s days. We are surrounded by fence-sitters, wannabe pc Nazis, posers, human imitators and career criminals who call themselves ‘leaders.’ Get comfy with being ‘civil,’ R, as progressives and their ilk are always looking for new ‘talent.’ You seem to qualify. You might even rate a full scholarship.

        • eddie47d

          So you support prostitution SC. That’s okay but if I ever have the urge I’ll make sure I stay out of the one you work at.

        • barbm

          sorry, but i agree. name calling and insults don’t get you respect or trust. i’m sick of being called a tea bagger by the dems (i’m not gay), but it makes them look small. i don’t want us to look ignorant and small.

          • 45caliber

            When they first came out with that term, I didn’t know what they were talking about. Finally a liberal explained it to me. I figured that only a liberal would be into that type of thing and know what it meant. I still think I’m right.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          reid is just mad cause his last visit, they didn’t give him his congressional discount! you know, a freebie!!!

      • Allan Halbert

        I will never forget Reid’s disparagement of our troops and telling them their mission was a failure. I can’t think of a more appropriate word than traitor. His combination of ego and deceit elevate him to that group of the very worst in government. I can picture Reid being elected in Europe somewhere, but it still amazes me that someone with his character would be relected again here.

    • Ellen1

      I like it, SC!!


      Double DITTOs, Mate. The sooner slimy harry moves back to his rock, the better.

  • Sarah Jensen

    Let’s get real for a minute. Fed money is being taking away from the state, in turn the state is taking money away from the local government. Who benefits from the brothels? Local government folks, between business licenses, work card fees, room tax (tourism) and property tax (secured and unsecured) that’s who. Harry Reid wants to take away local revenue! You take that away, the local governments have to look elsewhere for that revenue, because someone has to pay for that lose. With the re-districting issue at the table, that means 15 counties of the 17 in Nevada are looking at less representation in the Legislature. Bear in mind that Reid won with Washoe, Clark and Mineral counties and out of those three only two ban brothels. With mining reductions (Canadian backed) companies in otherwise solvent revenues within Nevada, banning brothels just enhances the public safety within Washoe and Clark counties. (They can’t handle it as it is) How dare Harry Reid attack the same campaign backing he won on!


      I find it so ironic that the biggest Prostitute in the Senate is trying to get rid of brothels. The legal prostitutes are only selling their bodies, while Reid has sold his soul to the people who have made him a multi millionaire, as well as doing it on the back of the taxpayers.

  • LES

    Apparently the brothels did not kick in enough for his reelection

    • http://oklahoma1 ajbokie

      Reid is a total idot he cant even think for himself maybe to much boxing has given hit brain damage it looks that way

    • Carlucci

      Good point, and most likely true, since that kind of work is all about capitalism.

    • 45caliber

      He probably didn’t get a penny from them.

  • Wandamurline

    Well, if he shuts down the brothels, you only have to look at his constitutents who voted him into office again. Nevada loonatics re-elected this elistist piece of crap, so now they will ge to deal with him for another 6 years. Should have thought about the consequences of their vote before they cast it for him. Can’t say that I uphold the brothels, but prostitution goes on everywhere…it is part of America’s morality going into the stuper. When sex sells, America has problems…immorality is a sin and we are living in the return of Jesus time…people today have no conscience (killing unborn babies), having sex with a complete stranger, prostitution, purchasing the votes to get you elected POTUS, the unions and their grunts…better be praying to the Lord for we are at the end.

    • 45caliber

      When they began the early voting, they discovered that the voting machines would count every 3 of 4 votes for his opponent for him. They called in SEIU men to correct the problem.

      He was running WAY behind his opponent until the last hour. Then it seemed that everyone voted for him. (But surely there wasn’t any problem with the machines again, right?)


      I live in Nevada 6 months of the year. The funny thing about Reid’s election is, I CAN’T FIND ANYONE WHO ADMITS VOTING FOR HIM!!!! Election fraud, anyone?

  • Raggs

    Reid must have been laughed out of a brothel when he took off his clothes. :)

    • Carlucci

      LOL- !!! Another good point! Never thought of that, but it is probably true. I’m sure prostitutes see their fair share of slime balls, but Harry Reid is very likely the most repulsive of all.

      • 45caliber

        I suspect they all have a sign up that says, “We reserve the right to deny business to any customer.” And he fit.

    • Palin12

      When Dirty Harry strips down to his underwear even the Fruit of the Loom guys start laughing.

      • Carlucci

        Yes, and he looks like he could be the author of the Polish Sex Manual.
        (No offense to any Polish people).

        • 45caliber

          The one with the title of: “All that Polocks know of sex”?

          • Carlucci

            What is the Polish Sex Manual?

            In. Out. Repeat if necessary.

            (That was one of my late husband’s favorite jokes).

          • 45caliber

            No the Pollok sex book was blank …

      • Raggs

        Palin.. that was funny :) .. I’m sure that the grapes got a big kick when they found that they were not the smallest balls around.

        • Raggs

          Come to think of it … raisins where laughing at reid.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          don’t know about that, but Speedy Gonzales of cartoon fame said ” I finally found someone smaller and faster than me!”

  • Robert Morrow

    I keep asking the same Question, Why hasn’t Reid been impeached on bribery charges? Answer, Reid is being protected by the Brotherhood of Corrupt Senators. Reid broke the bribery laws of all 50 States, but of course the Elitist in Washington D.C. have proven to everyone that they are above the laws. Reid bribed two Senators for their votes to pass a Republic Destroying bill like OBAMACARE, which has very little to do with heath care but total Control by Bureaucrats and Commissions of our freedoms under the Constitution. These People I did not vote and expect my Elected Representative to represent the Citizens and not the Nanny state and total tyrants they have sold out too. We have been sold out so that they can receive the Blood stained 30 Pieces of Silver. If you do not believe this just search out the FDA which approves Poison Drugs, murdering thousands, and all for the profits of the Pharmaceuticals which in turn pay the Politicians like Reid with the blood money. Impeach Reid as he is a Criminal and not fit to serve.

    • 45caliber

      They ought to be able to impeach him on voting irregularities – you know, things like rigging the voting machines to give him 3 of every 4 votes for his opponent.

  • tim

    I guess they wouldn’t give lil pinky his bag of cash

    • 45caliber

      I doubt if they are unionized. Perhaps he is trying to get them into a union. That’s where his support comes from.

      • Raggs

        Good point .45…

        I wonder who will be the union president?… michelle obama?

        • 45caliber

          Reminds me of an old joke:

          Dubya and Oblama go into a barbershop and get shaves. The barber finishes and turnes to Oblama, “Would you like for me to put this on your face?”

          Oblama smells and shakes his head. “No, Michelle would think I’ve been in a whore house!”

          Dubya smells and tells the barber, “Go ahead and use it. My wife doesn’t know what a whore house smells like.”

          • Palin12

            LOL, love it!

  • Willy the Geek

    If he wants to close brothels, why don’t he start with the one in D.C. Theres a lot of that going on over there.

    • 45caliber

      Sorry, there isn’t just ONE. I suspect every hotel there has a thriving business – and there are a LOT of hotels there.

  • Andy

    Old Harry’s pissed. He probably didn’t get any freebies from the aforementioned businesses.

  • Jeepdriver 97

    Interesting. According to Article III, Section 3, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act , or on Confession in open Court”. We are in many wars – Afganistan, Iraq (tho’ our President said we won there) the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, etc.

    As to the War on Drugs, the President is giving Aid and Comfort to our enemies (the drug cartels) by not securing our border. Isn’t that Treason?

  • mom1954

    I live in las vegas, we see on the news time and time again young girls into prostitution some as young as ten. The legal brothels are regulated and you won’t find anyone under age there. The ladies are protected from abuse,addiction and disease.Some are there by choice others are trying to survive and feed their kids. One brothel here pays $350,000.00 per year in taxes not counting business license ect ect. In this economy where there is very little enforcement for laws that already exist it would be a waste of money to enact a new law to try and enforce.Prostitution is one of the oldest profession and exists everywhere legal or not.I say regulate it,tax it. Reid makes it sound as if these brothels have flashing lights and graphic pictures on their signage, most are inconspictous and look like someones home.Walk the stip look in the las vegas phone book under entertainment,more pages than attorneys and thats going some.just so you know prostitution is illegal in clark county. Hispanic harry needs to pay ayyention to the other illegals in nevada and stop worring about the ones trying to make an honest living and concentrated on cutting our welfare rolls.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. I think he is on this simply because he believes that most of the people in the US might be against it so it makes it seem that he is working on something – instead of sitting on his backside pouting.

      • Bert

        I think your wrong, Reid is like a reformed smoker, that is, as long as you are using the product it is good. When you get caught using that product it is bad. Reid twenty years ago was caught in a whorehouse, reformed smoker?

  • bus

    If it weren’t for brothels, prostitution, and gambling, Nevada would dry up and blow away. Not a bad prospect.

  • Bert Heyne

    Perhaps Reid tried to unionize the brothels and they refused to give him his customary rake-off. Or perhaps the Pink Panty Bregade refused him a job because his official White House knee pads were to worn out.


  • Jack B

    This week in the news: Senator Harry Reed of Nevada says Nevada’s brothels are about to hit the mat. Reed said he wants to end legal prostitution in his state, but the working girls say their not taking it lying down. He should be moving to end prostitution in congress and a good first step in this direction would be stopping Barney Frank.

    From Jackie B on line

    • 45caliber

      You are right. Barney would be a good place to start.

    • Raggs

      the working girls are not going to take i laying down…. Good one :)

  • Jonathan Gartrner

    Actually the story goes he was out with the wicked witch of the west Nancy and she told him in bed that it was way to small he went to get a second opinion he got it and found out that Nancy was being nice and now is trying to close them down. When the immigration laws are applied it will come to light that he lost the last election by at least 15 points.

  • karolyn

    Prostitution should be legal throughout the US like it is in Germany! It would probably help the economy more than any cuts they can make in the budget!!

    • 45caliber

      What I don’t like about prostition are the pimps who prey on the women. As long as the women want to be prostitutes, I have no problem – even though I have no interest in visiting one of them. If this will eliminate the pimps, then I am certainly in favor of it.

      • karolyn

        It’s like legalizing drugs to get rid of the dealers. If prostitution was legal, the hookers wouldn’t need pimps and could have legitimate businesses. Of course, I’m sure there will always be slavery conducted on the black market.

        • 45caliber

          One reason I want to have all of them shot …

  • 45caliber

    All these national problems in economy and he’s worried about some school kid in Nevada seeing a brothel? It sounds as if he has gone into his twilight years.

    • mom1954


      • http://?? Joe H.

        he had to walk because it was before busses were invented!!! he’s the only one I would say is older than Nancy P-lousy!!!

  • Pete from Australia

    Absolutely agree Karolyn. Prostitution is legal here in Australia, takes graft and criminality out of what is a human need.
    I was surprised it was not legal in US. I would have thought it was a basic human freedom to do what one wants with one’s body!
    An allied prohibition is “the war on drugs”. It is one of the most corruptive series of laws on the planet. It corrupts police, judges and politicians. Drug addiction should be a medical, not a legal issue.
    Criminals and drug barons need prohibition to operate.
    If marijuana was sold it could be taxed, and narcotics like heroin could be made available at minimal charge to registered addicts from chemist shops. Also fewer addicts would start down the addiction road because it wouldn’t be “cool” to just queue up and get your dose!
    This would empty half the jails, and the cops could concentrate on finding out who stole your car, repatriating illegal immigrants, and crimes of that nature.
    Actually crimes of theft would diminish, because probably half of all crimes like theft and break and enter are perpetrated by addicts.
    Legalising prostitution would also wipe out police time and a fair amount of corruption and blackmail associated with illegal prostitution.

    • karolyn

      The US is too puritanical, Pete. The Chistian right would explode at the thought! That’s why abortion is always under attack. We’ve had the discussion about the “war” on drugs. Same premise.

    • karolyn

      Another thing about the puritan nature of the US is that it helps to perpetuate sexual assault. In countries where sex is discussed openly and seen as a natural function, where sexual language is accepted in the media and sexual comedy is also, there is less incidence of rape. Women in those countries are, in general, more respected also.

      • 45caliber

        karolyn: You need to do some more studying. Rape is seldom done because some man wants sex. It is done to humiliate and harm the woman. Many rapes end in beatings or death.

        • Carlucci

          Exactly. Rape is all about power and control. You know – it is what Obummer and Fedzilla are currently doing to America.

      • coal miner


        I agree with you 100 percent.Lets legalized prstitution.

        By Danielle on February 13, 2010 12:52 AM | 2 Comments | No TrackBacks
        This is a feminist issue because…legalizing prostitution.
        Here is a website that focuses on the pros and cons of many different topics. This specific article focuses on legalized prostitution. I personally believe that prostitution, as well as drugs and many other things society considers inappropriate, should be legalized. I’d like to address each of the ten arguments:
        1) The argument that prostitution is not a victimless crime is specifically based on the idea that pimps are a necessary part of prostitution. Prostitution is victimless when a woman is willing to sell her body and she does so by her conditions. Setting up a prostitution service that is similar to an escort service would make it very easy for men to pick out a woman (or a woman to pick out a man, prostitution is NOT just women selling their bodies) that is WILLING to do whatever fantasy a man is looking for based on a simple profile.
        2) In this case, I partially agree with the con-side. Some women (or men) may see prostitution as a last resort for money and not want to do it, but have to. There are a lot of jobs that degrade men, women, and children because of their economic status, at least prostitution offers something that can be pleasurable to the woman and the man involved.
        3) Morality is just perspective. Legalizing prostitution wouldn’t force anyone to take part in it. This is similar to legal abortion, many people find it immoral, but no one is forced to take part in it.
        4) If prostitution is legalized, the demand for women (and men) can be met in a safe and willing manner. However, legalizing prostitution would not have an effect on the ever growing human trafficking problem in regards to children.
        5) Women (and men) would feel more comfortable talking to the police if something violent or illegal happened to them while taking part in prostitution if they didn’t fear for becoming the criminal themselves, rather than the victim.
        6) HIV/AIDS prevention needs to be taken in every sexual situation. Legalizing prostitution may even help to enforce safe sex by using condoms. If women (or men) choose to have sex without condoms or have sex with condoms but still believe themselves to be at risk, then if prostitution were legalized, they should have to be put off of work for a certain time or make their clients aware of the risk. Unfortunately, too many people don’t want to find out if they’re positive or not and will not risk what they want by telling their partners whether or not they’re positive.
        7) For the pro: I think logically that Dr. Cundiff’s research would stand to be correct. For the con: Women have always been seen as objects for men, before prostitution ever began, the blame for rape cannot solely be place upon prostitution. However, against both of them, in most cases, rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power and control, so it really can’t be compared to prostitution at all. The current system (the illegal one) set up for prostitution just makes it easier for rapes to be committed because women (and men) make themselves vulnerable.
        8) Unfortunately the con is right in this case, the majority of society puts their morals in front of their rights.
        9) Legalizing prostitution would not just be for women or men in poverty, many people like having sex on a regular basis and don’t have morals to hold them back, why not get paid for it?

        10) This would be a great Tax alternative and it harms no one.

        • 45caliber

          “3) Morality is just perspective. Legalizing prostitution wouldn’t force anyone to take part in it. This is similar to legal abortion, many people find it immoral, but no one is forced to take part in it.”

          This is exactly what is the biggest difference between Christians and non-Christians. “Morality is just prespective.”

          To a Christian, morality is following a standard set of rules as handed down by GOD. It is not a prospective that changes from person to person – or from liberal to conservative. And because it isn’t a prospective, people can’t create laws to force others to accept their own prospective.

    • CJM

      I agree with you in part, but legalizing all manner of illicit drugs is NOT the way to go. Sweden has done this and now has an uncontrollable population of addicts that cause a great deal of stress and harm (including criminal activity). I don’t think illicit drugs are legal in Australia either, so why have the US go that route? Legalizing prostitution is one thing, it’s another ball of wax with illicit drugs and I am not for that at all.

      • 45caliber

        I agree.

    • barbm

      off-topic, but i want to say how much i admire your prime minister john howard and treasurer peter costello for taking a stand against muslims trying to take over your country. my youngest son’s band is touring in australia in a couple of weeks. he’s sooooooo excited.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I visited Sydney in 1970 on RnR from RVN. Beautiful city and people as well!!!
      what is the incidence of AIDS there?? The reason I ask, is what is to stop a man from cheating on his wife with a hooker right after she is with a man infected with AIDS? The protection tears a little, she is infected, and badda bing! he’s got it. now he doesn’t know and goes home and the next nite he gets withhis wife. Badda Bing! they both are infected and the wife is guilty of NOTHING! What do you say to her??

  • Raggs

    Reid, Bloomberger, Hummm something smells fishy…

  • CJM

    There are more important things going on in this country and the world without getting hung up on brothels! Quite frankly, if prostitution was legalized, there would be legitimate controls for reducing and/or preventing STDs and even reducing the number of rapes that occur annually (a fact that has been proven). It would also get rid of pimps and other garbage groups that use women for profit. Harry Reid is so out of touch with reality, one wonders how he is able to get up and dress himself in the morning. Who gives a rats behind what Reid thinks anyway–his opinion doesn’t count in my book. And SC, I support your viewpoint!!!!!!!

    • 45caliber

      I don’t know about getting rid of STDs. The Feds have already ruled that it is wrong to keep a prostitute with Aids from working. It takes away her freedom to make a living. And all the Aids help lines the government runs will tell you that if you have Aids that you should never tell your sex partner until after you’ve had sex. Otherwise they might not have sex with you and that wouldn’t be fair to you…

  • Seth

    I support legalized prostitution… I have no personal need for prostitution… i get quite enough sex without paying for it- so im not biased but it is quite irritating that so many politicians what to take away the rights of adults to do as they please when it’s not hurting anyone! (spare me the talk about stds and social deterioration because that it IRRELEVANT to this issue). you can’t ban a private activity like this just because some people get offended. if we banned everything that was offensive to anyone – EVERYTHING would be illegal…

    Repubs, Dems, and your christian supports: please stop telling other people how to live their lives!

  • Raggs

    I’m surprized legal prositution is not in obama-care.. or is it?

    Oh yeah the government rapes the people and charges the people a fee…

  • 45caliber

    Just occurred to me. The state is wondering why Reid is interested in the brothel problem instead of national ones. Perhaps he knows he’s on the way out in Washington and is campaigning for a state job?

    And perhaps he wants the brothels closed down so the women can get private sites. Then when he visits one, there is less likelihood of him being spotted.

    • Raggs

      Or maybe he is in bed with ben bur-yank-he and he has a wart on his foot? maybe a pimple on his ass?.. Who knows who cares as long as this fool finds a fast way to china.

  • Don Cordell

    If you want to be intercoursed, the government does it 24hrs/365days. The Brothels can’t compete with that, and you don’t even know what illness your going to get from the Government, but it leaves us sick and tired.

    • barbm

      good one!! :)

  • http://com i41

    Easist way to cure drug use and AIDs is users get treated like China has done. Just dig a trench and dispose of them, like we used to do with horse theifs and rustlers clean and no repeat offenders. A good tight rope, Harry Reid got the muilt-million dollar bridge built by tax payers money and he want a full service motel. It will probably will go broke ince the government couldn’t run the Chicken Ranch, even with a full staff and government health care thrown in. Maybe Harry is going to run a Hairy Hog Barn for brothers who like biggens and to keep muslims out, of course he will have a Ninny Nanny Rodeo Range hotel for the goat abusers.

    • Semper fi do or Die

      Historical fact it was the Mustang Ranch not the Chicken Ranch!

  • Raggs

    Well just look at scott the brown-hole-rino that sleeps with reid the raisin nut brand and michelle provides the low fat milk from none other than the chicken legged barrack..

    • barbm

      scott brown has turned out to be such a disappointment.

  • Charles

    Isn`t it something,the crazy left- wing Marxist, want to all of a
    sudden, look like the good guys. Ever since, they got their ass
    kicked in Nov 2010, they sure have tried to change their image. I like Obama, all he wants to do is fly around in his big airplane,at a cost
    to the tax payer, that would scare the hell out of you. He loves to get
    of the plane and salute, wave and give a big smile, so everybody thinks
    how nice he is. The man is a wolf in sheep clothing. He is doing nothing but getting ready for 2012. The Progressives fooled the Democrats once,
    I hope they can`t do it again. As for Harry Reid,the people of Neveda
    deserve him,even after all the proof of him being a Socialist Progressive,
    they still voted him in. I wouldn`t trust him as far as I could throw him.
    So, live with it Neveda.

    • mom1954


      • Palin12

        Hi mom,
        I live in Nevada too. I really do believe the election was rigged by SEIU. Several people have stated they voted for Angle but the printout said Reid. Also he was the last name on the touchscreen so one could easily bump it with your sample ballot. Of course we also know about union coercian of the casino workers. They were told if Reid lost they might not have a job anymore. On the morning of the election I checked the latest poll on RealClearPolitics and Angle was up by 3.8%. I must say I only saw ONE pro-Reid bumper sticker from March to November, and many,many Dump Reid stickers. Very fishy indeed!

  • Semper fi do or Die

    Goes to show Dems don’t like anyone that puts in an honest days (or nights) work. The working gals in Nevada choose to work not go on wellfare!


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